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Title: Letting Go and Holding On.
Author: Jeremiah
Rating : Anything from PG 13 to NC 17
Couple: M/L
Disclaimer: I own Nothing.
Summary: This is a Challenge by Lindsay. Max believes that his wife is dead and finds a new love. But It is not as easy as it should.

By AnniePoo and posted By Lindsay!

Part One.

It has been a week since his world came to an end. And Max didnt know what to do. He felt like that everything that he use to know died when his wife did. Serena was killed while on assignment. She had been one of the top journalist's in the country. He could still remember the day that She came Home to Tell Him about the promotion that she had just recieved.

" Max." Serena called out to her husband. She was on cloud nine. All her proffesional dreams were coming true. And she had to tell her soulmate the good news.

"I am in the den, Baby." Max called out to his wife. They have been married for almost a year. It had been love at first sight. He was majoring in Law and she in Journalism. They looked to be the odd couple from outside apprence, but to them it didnt matter. All that mattered was how they felt about each other. They meet at college and they were together ever since.

"Guess what happened to me today?" Serena asked Max trying to tell him to good news. She hoped that Max would be happy for her. She knew that he would. But there was soething that he wouldnt like, and Serena just hoped that she could make him understand.

"What? Max asked with a grin. He just loved it when Serena got excited about something. Her whole face would light up. Max loved to see his wife happy.

"You know that promotion, That I had my eye on? Well My Boss, Jeff Parker He came up to me and offered me the postion to be Anchor of the Mourning News show!" Serena said with a grin.

"I am do proud of you baby!" Max shouted while he lifted up his wife and turned her around. he was so excited for her. He had knew that this was what she had always wanted. He was not the kind of man that would bregrudge his wife for a career. Max had always believed in her, no matter what.

"I am so Glad that you are happy for me. But there is something else." Serena said trying to ease the tension that she was feeling. She knew how Max felt about something like this, She just hoped that he understood.

"What?" Max asked.

"You see, I have an assignment that I have to do. One that I WANT To do."

"What is it baby?" Max asked wondering what his wife wanted to tell him.

"I have to go to Africa to cover the events that are going over there." Serena finally got it out.


"Max..Please this is my career, and I know you dont like for me to go on assignments that are or could be dangerous. But Baby I have to do this. For me. I hope you understand."

"I do. I just want you to be safe. I dont know what I would ever do If anything took you away from me." Max spoke from the heart. He knew that Serena wanted to do this. And when she wanted to do something, She would do nothing but achieve it. It was one of the many things that he loved about her.

"But Max, anything can happen to me here as well. You never know. But it wont. And you want to know why?"


"Because there is No way in Hell that I am going to leave you. I love you so much." Serena said as she moved into her husbands arms. Max just wrapped his arms around her and gave her a kiss. She was going. There was no doubt about that.

They then proceeded to make love for hours.

That was a week before. When he had everything. before he became a broken down of his other self. Max couldnt believe how things could change so drastically. His wife was dead. The person that he thought that he was going to spend the rest of his life with, was gone. Max was on the bed that many nights of love making took place. His mind returned to one pertaculiar night.

Max was kissing her everywere. he kissed her firely lips, slowly making his way down her neck. His wife was so beautful, He couldnt have enough of her.. he kept his jouney going as he moved is mouth to her perky breasts. Slowly showing each one with the passion and tenderness that he was feeling. The one that was going through out his entire body. Serena felt like she was going to die. Max was always a Great Lover. She was one lucky women. He knew what wa woman wanted. To be treated with delicate and yet knew how to make it rough with the right amount of desire.

He slowly moved her legs apart, then entered her wet area.





It became wild, they couldnt have enough of each other. Max bgan to thrust into her wihout abandoment. Serena loved it. She came right away.

That was the night before that she left him. Left him to be alone in this damn world. The world that turned it's back on him. The one that laughed at him. Mocked at him. Everyone else had their significant other. But him. He had no one. Not anymore. He was going to die alone. Max thought to himself. he was suppose to get his golden years with his wife? hee tjey were suppose to have children. But now they were not going to get that. They got nothing. They were good people. decent people. they followed all the rules. They did what was Right. But were did that get him. No were but with a broken heart and memories. The hell with memories. all He ever wanted was to be with her. Who was going to hold his body when at sleep? Who was going to help him when he had a bad day? Who was going to love him? Life sucked. It just showed that life gave a shit about Max Evans. Max got angry by the thought and slammed his glass against the wall. The tears couldnt help but fall. He was crying for everything that He lost.

Max didnt know how long he had been crying for, but it must a been for a while, Since it was almost dawn out.

"Great another day." Max said as he dragged himself out of his bed. This was the day he regreatted to come. It was to say goodbye to his wife. And in a way. His life. He just didnt know that something was about to change everything .

AN: I Really hope you guys like this. Please let me know what you think.

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AN: All I have to say is wow! I cant believe the feedback. It truly means a lot to me. And I want to Thank Lindsay for coming up with such a Great Challenge. I plan on updating this weekend on all of my stories. So keep an eye out for this. Thanks again. Sends out Hugs and kisses.
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Part 2

Max was completely Dead inside. The light that was in his heart perished the night that his wife was taken from him. It has been about a month now that this all occured. But what Really torn Max apart was that he wasnt going to get a chance to say goodbye to his wife. Because of the region that she was killed, the goverment refused to let anyone near that area. Which meant that Max couldnt go over there and bring Home his Wife's body. Max tried as hell to be able to go over there. He wasnt even allowed to go to the so called service they had for her. How dare strangers are able to say goodbye to his wife, and not him! He was her husband.Didnt that count for anything? So Max was here wasting away thinking about how his wife didnt get the proper burial that she deserved. She didnt deserve to be buried in the first place, She should have been able to live the rest of her life with him. So they could live out the futre that they had always planned. Now their dreams have gone by the waste side with the rest of his heart. All of his friends and family were worried about him.Ever since that Serena's death, Max kept away from the people that cared about him. How could he face them , Knowing about what happened? How could he face them knowing that they are going to judge him? Hell He was Judging himself. If only he had kept Serena at home , Then this would have been prevented. How could Max look at anyone again, knowing that he killed his own wife.


Liz Parker was at her desk trying to finish the story that was due before the Five o Clock Newscast. But her heart wasnt in it. Not since the day that she found out that her Friend and collegue Serena Davis was killed on assignment. She and Serena were the closest of friends, Ever since she came to the station. Liz was basically the only female there at that time. But Then when she found out that her father hired another female to do the mourning show, Liz couldnt been More thrilled. Liz and Serena bonded right away. They always had lunch together just gossiping and having a wonderful time. It was what both of them needed. It was tough being a woman in the news business, even with her father as the Station owner Liz still got Razzed about being a woman in a proffession that was suppose to be only for men. But Both Liz and serena proved them wrong. Jeff even promoted Serena to anchor of the morning show. Liz could still Remember the day that Serena got the news.

" Lizzie!!!!!!!!!!" Serena screamed out her friends name. this has got to be the best day of her life and she has got to tell her Best Friend.

"What is up?" Liz asked her friend. She had a clue of what was going on. Last night her father told her that he was going to promote Serena to anchor of the mourning show. Liz was happy for her friend. She knew how hard this was for serena to get. She Knew how hard Serena worked for the job. Liz couldnt have been more pleased.

"I Got It! I Got the Job! I am the new anchor for Good Moruning New York!" Serena was on cloud nine.

"Congrats! You deserve it! I know how hard you worked for this." Liz said.

"Thank you so much Liz! I mean I dont know what I would do If you werent here supporting me. You are truly My Best Friend." Serena replied as she pulled Liz into a hug. They might have only known each other for a short amount of time but Serena considered Liz as a sister.

"Dont thank me! you got the job on your own merit! Now I want you to go show those pigs! Who the real Journalist is!" Liz said with a giggle. it was so going to be worth it to see those creeps who thought women were only suppose to work in the kitchen, Now taking over thier work space.

"I Know! But before I start, I have to go on assignment. It Is to cover the war that broke out in Africa, and I get to go! Now wish me luck Lizzie, I am going to need it."

"No your not! you are going to kick ass, over there then your coming back to start an exciting new chapter in your professional life." Liz replied.

Too bad Liz didnt know that was the last time that she saw her Best Friend Serena Davis alive. Liz couldnt handle the memories anymore. She finished typing up the copy and giving it to the producer. Then liz left the building on her way to anywere. She didnt care, the memories of Serena were still too painful to bare. How could a Beautful and lively woman with a keen spirit perish so suddenly? How could her life be taken away like it didnt even matter. Just the thought of that made Liz angry. she was so out of it, she didnt even realise that she pulled into a parking lot for a bar. Liz turned off the engine to her car, and looked up at the sign.

Pixie's Spaceboy Bar and Grill. Maybe this would help dull the pain a little, Liz thought to herself. Even if it didnt, Liz would try anyway. as liz went into the bar, she could tell they were busy. As she walked up to the bar, she noticed that their was only one seat available so she took it. As she ordered her drink a scotch on the rocks, she noticed the man that was sitting next to her. He looked like hell. He looked like how she was feeling. Liz couldnt help but feel the need to talk to him. Liz couldnt explain it, But it was like something inside of her was telling her to reach out to him. But Liz just ingored it. Liz continued to nurse her drink when he spoke.

"I lost my wife."

Liz was taken a back. She didnt expect him to open up to her like that.But He was going through something awlful just like her, So what else was she suppose to do, she decided to help.

"I am sorry.I know that dosent help much, But I know what your going through. I lost someone that was close to me too. It hurts like hell." Liz finished speaking.

Max didnt know what possesed him to talk to this stranger about his pain, But it was like something onside of him was telling him to tell her his life story. Something about the eyes. It called out to his soul. Which made him feel extremly guilty. Here he was sitting with a gorgeous woman, Max couldnt help but feel attracted to her. It was like an instant connection , Max couldnt explain it. But Serena just died. How could he feel something for someone else? But he did.And it scared the hell out of him.

"Im sorry for your loss, It sucks dosent it?" Max asked with a bitter laugh.

"Sure does." Liz replies with the same bitter laugh that Max had. Liz was attracted to him instantly. It was something about him that drew her in. She was scared at the same time as she was ready. She didnt even know his name and here she was sitting her wondering what it would be like to be with him. Liz's face turned bright Red as she tried to stop the impure thoughts that were going on in her head. Liz get yourself together!

"Are you ok?" Max asked. the beautful stranger that was sitting here with him, looked like she was about to burst into flames.

"YES! I mean I am fine, Just thinking about something personal. By the way the name is Liz."

"Max. Nice to meet you, Liz." max said . He thought the name fitted her. A perfect name for an angel. Wait What was that? He just meet her? And how about Serena? That made Max sober up and went back to his drink. Liz could feel something wrong, But didnt push it. She dint wont to force him to tell her what was wrong. So she waited. They both had a couple more drinks before they started to relax. Then a song came on, Max asked her to dance. Which caught liz and himself off by suprise. So they danced, or tried to in thier drunken state, to Sheryl Crow's " I shall Believe." It was a perfect athem to what they were both feeling. At the start of the evening they came into this place as two souls that were hurting. Liz looked into Max's eyes and he into hers, and they both realised that they both wanted to go away for at least a night. so Max held out his hand to her and Liz took it. They both left the bar. Head for a way to forget. To just forget.

AN: I Really hope you guys like. I want to Thank Everyone that has left me feedback. I Just want to say to my faithful readers that Read my other stories, I shall have a new part to Roswellian Idol and Turning Points and The other stories I need to finish this weekend. I hope you enjoy.Like always Feedback please!

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As they were walking out of the bar, Max and Liz were enjoying each other's company. They came in as two lonely people looking for to stop the pain for at least for a while. Not knowing that a complete stranger would be able to do that. As Max walked Liz to her car, he realised something. He didnt want the evening to end. He didnt want to go back to a lonely apartment. To think about what he has lost.

"So Liz, do you like coffee?" Max asked trying to extend the night as possible. Max truly enjoyed having someone to talk to. It felt good about getting what was on his chest, To be able to express what he has been feeling for the last month. Max couldnt also feel a litte shocked in knowing that he had completely spilled his guts out to Liz a complete stranger no less then three hours ago, But He felt like Liz would understand. There was just something about her that drew him in.

"Yeah, I like coffee. Why?" Liz asked. A little hopeful that they would be able tospend more time with him. Liz didnt know what was calling out to him, There was like something about Max that she couldn put her finger on. It was like how could she feel so attracted to someone that she just meet that night? Usually Liz nevered believed in Love at first site, and she wasnt sure if this was Love. But she knew that she had never felt this way, Yes it scared her. But it also thrilled her Excited her.

"Because I was wondering...Now you dont have to say Yes Or anything....I was wondering If we could talk over a cup of coffee....I mean I Really enjoyed your company tonight. I ...." Max was bumbly getting the words out. Liz couldnt help but laugh.

"Are you laughing at me?" Max said with a hurt expression on his face. He thought Liz would say yes. But Why would she want to spend time with someone like him. Liz stopped her laughing when she saw the hurt expression on Max's face. That was the last thing that she wanted to happen.

"NO! I was Not laughing at you. I thought It was cute how you were bumbly out the words. I would Love to talk over a cup of coffee." Liz said with a smile. Max couldnt help but feel relief. He smiled back.

"Good. Now I know this great little hole in the wall. It has the best coffee." Max said.

"Well take me there, Kind sir!" Liz said jokingly.

"Why Yes, My Lady!" Max relied as a laugh escaped his throat. Something that he thought he would never hear again. What was it about Liz that made him feel alive again.He didnt know what it was. he was Just glad for the moment of freedom from the pain.

Max and Liz went to the Coffee shop on 4th and coors. It was called The Crashdown cafe. They talked about everything from thier childhood to their love of science. turns out that Max and Liz even went to the same college. Which suprised the hell out of them both.

"You went to Harvard?" Liz asked. Shock covered her face.

"Dont be to shock! you know I do have a brain." Max replied with a laugh. He was shocked as well that they went to the same school.

"I didnt mean it like that! I mean, we went to the same college and nevered knew it." Liz was blown away. They were so close to each other. it was like destiny. Liz couldnt help but think to herself If Max and she would of gotten together if they knew each other back then.

"I Know. If I knew you were there I would have made it a goal of mine to get to know you." Max answered.

"Oh Really Why is that?" Liz couldnt help but ask.

"Because I would probably have asked you out." Max sliped out. He couldnt help it. He was atrracted to this woman that was sitting across fom him. A blush came across Liz's face. Max thought that she looked really cute.

"You would of?" Liz Replied. She was starting to feel warm. Max had just admitted to her that he would of asked her out! Come on Liz! Stop thes thought. She told herself.

"Why wouldnt I want to be with the most beautful Girl there." Max answered honestly. Max looked into Liz's eyes and lost himself. He was feeling things that he never felt before. Not even with Serena. Max didnt even notice it, But he was moving his face a little closer to Liz's, while he lifted he face with his right Hand. he cupped her left cheek. She was the most beautful woman he has ever meet. He couldnt help it. He moved his eyes down to her lips. wondering what it would be like to kiss them. Liz subconciously licked her lips with her tounge, which in turned made max groan. There was no fighting it. He lowered his lips to touch hers. As they touched they both could feel a eletric spark run through their bodies. it was something that neither have experienced before. Max pulled away suddenly, causing Liz to open her eyes and wanting to know what was wrong.

"Max..." Liz didnt get to finish. Max got up from his seat and pulled her up. Looking into her eyes once more, Max kissed her agian. This time he deepened it. His tounge begging for entrance to her sweet mouth, Liz happily obliged. Both lost in the passion of the kiss, it was like they couldnt help it. they needed more. max incircled Liz wih his arms, bring her closer, Liz in turned wrapped her arms around his neck playing with the hair on the back . Liz was in complete heaven. Max's kisses were like none other. he definetly knew how to kiss. Max was just as lost as Liz. He never felt this way before. He felt like his whole body was on fire. He couldnt even remember ever feeling this way with Serena.


His wife.

His wife that just died a month ago.

Here he was kissing Another woman while he was suppose to be mourning for his late wife. The gult cut Max deep. Making Max stop the kiss. He couldnt believe that he just did that. Plus he mauled Liz in a public place too! What kind of Man was he. He couldnt take it anymore. He Looked at Liz and could see the hurt that wa sin her eyes. Man he nver wanted to hurt her! But He was being unfaithful to both Liz and Serena. He had to get out of here.

"I am sorry Liz...I have to...I have to Go!" max said rushed as he turned around to see her one more time. Tears were falling down his face. " I am so Sorry. Goddbye Liz." Max said as he went out the door. Leaving a confused and broken hearted Liz behind.

"Goodbye Max." Liz said as tears were falling down her face now. she got her things and paid for the coffee. And left to go home. Back to feeling the pain and sorrow. But this much worse then before. Now that she had a taste of what happiness could bring. Liz wasnt sure if she could settle for anything less.

AN: Ok. I Really hope you enjoy this. I am not too sure about it. So please feedback, Feedback Please!

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New part coming up shortly.
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Part 4

It has been over a month since the kiss with liz in the coffee shop. As hard as hell as Max tried to forget it, he just couldnt. But what max couldnt forget was the look of hurt on Liz's face. Just to know that he was the one that put it there. Well It was killing him. Liz was a good person, She didnt deserve to know any kind of heartache. But Liz will move on. She will find someone that is worthy of her love. That thought made Max jealous.As much as he wanted for Liz to find someone else, he couldnt help but wish that he was the one. Then the guilt would hit him all over again. Here he was just getting over the loss of his wife, and here he is preoccupied with another woman. Max too lost in thoughts that he nearly missed the phone that was ringing.

"Hello." Max asked.

"Max. It's your favorite sister." Isabel said with a slight sarcastic tone. Isabel called her brother because she was worried about him. It had benn nearly two months since Serena died. And Max did nothing. she knew It was normal to grieve for a person that you thought you would spend the Rest of your life with. But isabel knew that there was a certain point when you got to let go and move on with your life. And she was going to help her little brother move on with his. Isabel also knew that Serena wasn't the one for him. She loved Serena, but deep down she knew that Serena wasn't the one that would be the Love of Max's life. And what she was planning, He wouldnt right away, It was just to get him to have some fun.

"What did you need?" Max asked. Isabel only called when she needed something, or was planning something.

"Can I just call My brother to see how he is doing?" Isabel said in her little sweet voice.

"Isabel, I know you. we're twins after all." Max said with a slight smirk on his face.

"Fine. What are you doing tonight."

"Nothing, the usual." Max replied. he was afraid of were this conversation was going.

"Not anymore. I have plans made for you." Isabel said with a slight excitement in her voice.

"Oh God! No Isabel, What ever you have planned you can just forget it. I am NOT Doing it." Max said with an angry tone . Max was pissed. His sister was ALWAYS pulling this crap.


Why does he always fall for it! Isabel was good, he had to admit that. But Tonight had been the last straw. Turned out what isabel had planned was a blind date for him. Actually It was a Surprise blind date. At first Isabel only said to meet her at the new resturant " Gary's" to have a dinner with her. Max thought it was Innocent enough. Isabel told him to dress nice. So he did. But when he got there, It was a total diffrent story. She had a Date there waiting there for him. He was extremly pissed about it, And he was about to go, But Isabel being Isabel roped him into staying. Damn he was too much of a softy. And It turned out to be even worse. The girl was named Tess. Well It was just bad. he never knew that a person can be so annoying. Let's just say that he is not talking to his sister at the moment, and leave at that.

Max was about to Go to Bed when he heard a knock at the door.

"ISABEL! That better not be you!" Max screamed as he opened the door. Only to find his best friend there. Michael Guerin.

"Hey. Max It's just me.Man by the tone of your voice, isabel must have pulled her usual crap." Miicahel said with a smug smirk.

"Sorry Michael. Of course when dosen't she?" Max moved over to allow Michael to come in. That was when he noticed the suitcases and boxes full of Michael's stuff.

"Michael? What is this?" Max asked while pointing to the stuff.

"That's my things, Maxwell. I am Moving in." Michael just stated,Not even bothering to to ask. Basically he pulled a typical Michael guerin move.

"Oh Really? And Why?" Max asked . He didnt even sound upset by Michael's revelation. he was use to this. Michael always does something like this.

"Because I got kicked out By Maria. She was pissed. so I am staying over here." Michael replied.

"Fine." Max wasnt in the mood to argue. Maybe It was a good thing to have the company.


Liz was completely upset. As hard as she tried to put what happened with Max behind her, she couldnt though. There was something about him that attracted her. And she thought the feelinghad been mutal. Liz wasn't evn that upst that Max left aprubtly the other night. She knew that he just lost his wife. But after tonight. Liz finally lost all hope.

He was on a date with someone else. Obviously he was ready to move on. Just not with her.

AN: Let me know what you think. If I get a lot of feedback. I might be tem,pted to post another part tonight!*wink*
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New part coming shortly.
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Part 5

"Come on! Chica you know that you want to see him again." Maria DeLuca said to her best friend Liz Parker. Liz told her about the encounter that she had with Max. Maria knew Right away that Liz had feelings for him, Liz tried to deny it but Maria knew the truth. Liz told her that Max's wife died a few months ago, So there Really wasnt someone that was in the way. Except if you count a memory of a ghost. In all of the years that Maria knew Liz , Maria hasnt seen Liz act this way for a guy ever. Not evn when she was dating Sean. Liz dated Sean DeLuca, Maria's loser cousin. Liz had thought it was something more. They had dated for about three years. But Liz NEVER acted this depressed. It was like Liz lost the light that was in her soul.

"If I Do, I dont even know how to contact him. We didnt even exchange numbers. Maria, That must be a clue that I wasnt meant to be with Max. I mean I shouldnt even considered it. He is still mournig his wife." Liz replied to her best friend. Hoping that she would quit with the third degree. But Knowing Maria that wasnt going to happen.

"Please. You guys spent the night talking and looking into each other's eyes. I mean you guys even Kissed!" Maria stated with euthiusim. She was so excited with the possiblitys of helping Liz get her soulmate. Yes Maria believed that Max was Liz's soulmate. I mean who connects on a level on one night of knowing each other? Liz's grandmother always weer saying stuff like that.

"He was just probably just seeking comfort from a stranger. Nothing More Nothing Less. That was all to it." Liz said. A part of her hoping that it wasnt like that. She hoped that Max felt what she felt when thier lips came together for that fantastic kiss. It was like a kiss that she has been waiting for her whole life. Sounds corny, Liz knows but out of all the Guys that she kissed, few she might add, She had never felt the fire that was in the kiss that she shared with Max. Sometimes when she is lying awake at night, She could still Remember the feel of Max's lips. And how much she wish that she wasnt alone.

"Liz! Are you there! Hellooooooo!" Maria tried to bring Liz out of her daydream. Maria assumed it had to do with one certain tall dark and handsome stranger.

"Sorry. but Maria It is over. I probably wont ever see him again. You know it was one of those things." Liz said as she wanted Maria to drop this. Liz was getting depressed thinking that she and Max would never meet again. Maria knew how to take a hint.She knew when Liz didnt want to talk about something. a lifetime of Friendship told her that.But Maria wasnt going take that as a no. She was going to do what ever it took to reunite Liz and Max.

"Ok. Now I would love to stay here all day and talk, I am hungry so we are going by to Pick up Michael and go to Lunch." Maria said to her best friend. Michael was her boyfriend, But he was also Liz's cousin. Yes they got together when Liz was with Sean, It was a little strange that they were dating each other's cousins. But that proved that Sean wasnt the one for her.

"Finally, I am starving. Has he told you were he was staying since you kicked him out? And also why are you inviting him out to lunch when you did kick him out?" Liz couldnt help but ask. She knew that Maria and Michael always had a volitale Relationship. But she knew that they loved each other. She just took their fighting as a way of foreplay.

"You know how we are. I Love him. What can I say, he's my Spaceboy. We just moved in together to soon." Maria explained.

"Sure come on.Do you know were he is staying at?"

"He said he was staying with a friend from college."

"Lead the way." Liz said as she followed Mria out the door.


So far the whole thing living with Michael wasnt too bad. In fact Max was glad that he did. It was helping him deal with all of this crap that he was going through. As much as it stilled hurt him knowing that he lost Serena, he was glad that he was not alone in this big house alone. It Helped. But Michael couldnt even help him forget Liz. Max could still feel the feel of Liz's lips on his. The fire that he felt. Something he had to admit that he Hadnt felt with Serena. That was what scared him the most. How could he feel things for someone that he hadnt even felt for His wife? What kind of man did that make him? But even as much as he would like too, Max couldnt regret that kiss. But he did Regret leaving Liz like that. A Part of him was screaming that he couldnt move on, Another was screaming that he needed liz. That Liz was what he needed to help him. Max was sitting on the side of his bed going through serena's things. It took him about a few months but he figured it was time to start the healing part. He was putting her clothes into boxes as he came across thier wedding picture.

"I Guess Forever was meant to be for us. I want you to know. It kills me to do this. But I know you want me to be happy. But I wasnt ready. I dont think that I am ready. Not Yet anyway. But You will always be with me. I Just want to thank you for all the time that we had. And I will always Remember the love that we shared. I hope you are up there were you belong. With the stars. I ...I Love you." Max said to the picture expressing of what he was feeling. It was time and he knew that He had to start living his life again.


Michael answered the door to find his girlfriend and Cousin standing there.

"What's up baby?" Michael asked as he gave a kiss to the love of his life. as much as he and Maria fought the love was always there. In fact it was more.

"Nothing Much. Just wanting to know If you would be intrested in going to Lunch with two amazing babes." Maria said with a smirk.

"I Guess. Hey were is the hug cuz?" Michael asked Liz. He and Liz had always been close but for the past couple of years they werent. Something that he hoped could change.

"I am so Sorry Mikey G. Here you go. Now come on We are starving!" Liz replied with a laugh. It was good to see Michael again. The last time she saw him was Right before he left college to go live out his dream as an artist. Liz had always been a little envious of him. He knew what he wanted and he wnt after it. Liz was proud of him for that.

"Sure, Just let me tell my Roomate that I am going." Michael said.

"Why dont you invite him?" Liz asked.

Michael knowing that Max was in his room Packing Serena's things. He knew that he was not in the mood. Max needed to be left alone. To be able to say goodbye.

"He is busy at the moment. But maybe next time." Michael said as he went to tell max that he was leaving. Michael knocked on Max's door softly. Knowing how hard it would be on his best Friend to let go. But Michael knew that he had to do this. Max needed to live again.

"Yes." Max's emotion filled voice came through the door. Michael could tell that Max had been crying.

"Dont mean to interrupt. I just wanted to let you know I am going out with Maria and My cousin." Michael said.

There was silence.


"Fine. Go have fun." Max said as the tears were letting up.

As Michael turned to go back to Maria and Liz He turned and said to Max." I am proud of you.And I know that Serena would too. Just remember I am here for you." Michael said as he left. Leaving Max alone to face the fact that he needed to Let Go of the Past and Hold on to the future.
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Part 6

"PARKER! You have Five!" Yelled Scott Baldwin, The Producer for the newscast. Even though he was doing his job, It still pissed Liz off. She knew how to do her job and she didnt need some Ass to come here and try and hold her hand. Liz thought as she was sitting at the desk for the five o clock newscast. It had been about a week since the lunch with Michael and Maria, It had done her some good to have some time not to think about Max. But of course that ended about the time that she got home.

"Liz!" Jeff Parker called out to his only daughter.

"Yes." Liz asked curiousty. Her fauther Never interupted her while the broadcast not even during the breaks. So this had to be big.

"Good Job! By the way. Now I have a favor to ask of you. You know Serena's belongings. Her Husband is here to pick them up, So I was wondering if you could help him out when he gets here." Jeff said solemly. He knew this was hard on Liz as well. She was Great Friends with Serena. Hell he was even friends with her. Serena was a Great Journalist. Too bad that she was cut down in her prime.

"Yeah. I Guess this will be the First time that I will see the ever elusive husband of hers. As Long as I known her I had never meet him. I guess It Is best that I also offer him my condolences." Liz Replied.


Max pulled up to the building that his wife worked at. All the years that he was married he never came here. Not that he wasnt supportive of Serena, In fact Max had always wanted to check where she worked but Serena said that spouses werent allowed. Too late for that now. Now he is her to pick up the last of her belongings. Max decided to mail back her belongings to her parents. It was only Right. They were the ones to put her through school so that she can het a Jornalism Degree. It was only Right that they had Reminders of her acclaim. He carried what was most inportant in his heart. Max got out of the car and headed to the door to the News Station.

As He entered he noticed a small old lady that was at her desk. Assuming that she would know were he could go, He stopped and asked.

"Excuse me." Max asked.

"Can I help you?" Maddy Stone asked the handsome man that was standing in front of her.

"I was wondering if You can tell Me were I can go to pick up my wife's belongings." Max asked softly. As much as he was trying to move on, It still hurt to know that She was gone. Even though he wasnt sure if it wasnt more due to the fact that he hasnt seen Liz.

"And what Is Your Wife's Name?" Maddy asked. Suprising Max. She must be new, Not to know who is wife is. Serena must of told her co workers about him.

"Serena Evans."

"Serena...Oh You Must Mean Serena Davis. Oh I am So Sorry to hera for your lost. Serena was special , She had this little light about her."

Max was dumbfounded. he knew that she used her maiden name on air, But She told him that she used her married name off the air. Max couldnt think about that now.

"Yeah. So can you please let me know." Max asked.

"I will just take you." Maddy asked. As she took Max down the hall to the NewsRoom.

"So this is were she worked." Max said to himself. Not knowing that Maddy was trying to tell him something. Until he felt her touch his arm. " Yeah?" Max asked as he turned to look at her.

"Sorry I was just wondering why We Never saw you around here?" Maddy asked.

"Arent Spouses not suppose to come here?" Max asked. He was confused Why did Maddy think that he was able to come here? Serena told him that as much as she wanted to, Max couldnt come buy to visit.

"Are you kidding? Everyone that is Married always has thier spouses with them when they are not busy. It is like a little family here. Oh well. Let's get you Serena's things." Maddy finished as she moved to the area that they kept Serena's things.

"Here you go." Maddy said to Max. Poing to were Serena's desk was. Max noticed the boxes. He picked them up and thanked Maddy for helping.

"Thanks for the help. I got it now. Thanks." Max said.

"No problem. Have a Good day young Man." Maddy smiled to Max, There was something about him that was special. She knew that he would Not spend the rest of his life alone. That there was someone that was waiting for him. His Soulmate. As Maddy stood there lost in thought. Liz came up to her.

"Hey Maddy. Has Serena's Husband came by yet?" Liz asked. She was anxious to meet him. To express her own grief over the loss of Serena.

"He just left." Maddy replied.

"HE WHAT! I was ssuppose to get Serena's things for him." Liz said with a bit of harshness in her voice. A bit of disapointment in it as well.

"I am Sorry, I just showed him my self. I wasnt really doing anything. I apologise for any incovience." Maddy said apologetic. She didnt mean to do anything wrong. All she wanted to do was to help.

Liz felt bad. Maddy was just doing her job. She didnt do anything wrong.

"I am sorry Maddy, I didnt mean to snap. I just had a long Broadcast." Liz said.

"No problem. Hey! Maybe you can still catch hi if you Run. He just left a second before you arrived." Maddy said.

"Maybe." Liz said as she started to take off in that direction. She didnt know why but she wanted to Meet Serena's husband. As Liz made it out to the parking lot as she noticed a black nissan was pulling out. Then she disapointed as he pulled out. But then was amazed. As she saw who was in the car.

"Max?" Liz said astounded.

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Part 7

Liz was confused as hell. Ever since she saw Max pull out of the parking lot at the station. Did that make him Serena's husband? Liz had so many questions that needed to be answered. First off, If Max was Serena's husband, Why didnt Liz meet him before? I mean if Liz had a husband like Max she would take every chance to show him off. Serena had always been secretive about her marriage. At the time Liz had Respected her wishes and thought nothing of it. But now it was just bugging her. When two people are Married you would figure they would show it not hide it. Every time Liz had tried to talk to Serena about her husband, Serena quickly changed the subject. It was like she was ashamed of him.

"That has to be crazy." Liz said to herself as she remembers what it was like to be in Max's presence. Liz knew what kind of person Max was. Now who would be ashamed of a person like that. That brought up the fact that she might be in love with her so called husband. Liz knew that she had deep feelings for Max But to know that he might of been her friend's husband. It just made her feel even more guilty. I mean what kind of person falls for her friends husband. Just weeks after her death.

"Liz focus!" Liz told her self as she found her self looking at the folder that was on Serena. Liz is usually the kind of person that would stay out of other people's business. But she couldnt help but try and see what was up with Serena. Especially since she found herself falling for Max. She had to know if He was Indeed Serena's husband. She held the folder in her hand, She was about to open it when the phone rang.

"Hello?" Liz asked kind of pissed that she was interupted.

"Nice to talk to you too." Michael asked. Wondering what the hell crawled up his cousin's Ass.

"Sorry Michael, I was in the middle of something. How can I help my ever so wonderful cousin." Liz said with a bite of sarcasim.

"I think you forgot to say sexy as well?" Michael said wih a smirk. Liz had always been cool to talk to.

"Please, Before I hang up Please stop trying to make me gag. Now what Do you want?" Liz asked knowing full well that whenever Michael called her that he wanted or Needed something. Liz didnt mind it at all, she would just wish that he would just get to the point.

"Now what makes you think that I need something? I mean can I just call to check on my fave cousin?" Miichael said all innocently.

"Not when I am the cousin and you are doing the calling. Now Michael can you please just get to the point?" Liz said starting to get restless as she continued to hold Serena's file.

"Ok since Maria is in San Fransico visiting her mom, I was needing a Ride to work, So I was wondering if you would mind, I would aske my Roomate now, But he is going through some shit now and Plus he is not here. " Michael said all that in one breath.

"Fine. What time do you need to be there." Liz asked she couldnt refuse Michael after all he was family.

"Five minutes ago.Please!!!!!!!!!!" Michael begged.

"I already said yes, so Michael save the begging for Maria. I will be there as soon as I can, Alright?"

"You are the best, I dont care what everyone else says." Michael replied.

"Shutup! Just be Ready!"

"Alright captain!"

"See you when I get there." Liz said as she hung up the phone. She took one last look at the folder deciding that it has to wait till she gets back. But once she does, Hopefull she can get the answers to the questions that were on her mind. What Liz didnt know was that she was being watched. As Liz got into her car and pulled out. The man entered into her home through the back door that wasnt locked. He went looking for the folder. When he found it. He made his call.

"She has the folder. What now?" He asks his boss on the other line.

"Just make sure that she goes to him. I need to know if it is true."


Max just got home from another visit from his parents. He knows that they care and that they are worried about him, But sometimes it was just too much. As He entered He noticed that Michael wasnt there. That was when he noticed the note that was left on the coffee table. Max picked up the note and read it.

Dear Maxwell,

I hope you are feeling alright. I am on my way to work. Maria got back a little bit ago and she is taking me to work. Please tell My cousin that I am sorry for making her come out here. Tell her I will make it up to her.

Thanks buddy!


Max just cracked a smile. he felt sorry for Michael's cousin. Well I guess that well give me a chance to meet some of Michael's family. Max put the letter back down and went to get something to drink. He had a lot to think about. He stilled missed Serena everyday but it was getting easier. I mean easier to expect when you lose your partner. After he picked up serena's things from were she worked, To tell the truth he was alittle hurt that Serena lied to him. Why would she keep him away from were she worked? Why did she lie to him about not being able to bring your spouse to work? He knows it sounds petty but he was seriously hurt when he found out that Serena was hiding something from him. They promised to always be truthful to each other? Then why did she lie? Max was in thought when He was interupted by the doorbell. Max went to open it to see if it was Michael's cousin. Max opened up the door and was suprised to see who it was.

"What are you doing here? How didd you find were I lived?"

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Part 8

"Damn Flat Tires! I can't believe my Luck!" Liz said to herself as she waited for the repair man to fix it. She was on her way to pick up Michael to take him to work when she felt her tire go flat on the road,so she pulled over and now this is were she was. Thank God for the triple A. Guess I call Michael. Liz dialed the number to her cousin.

"Hello?" Michael said with a slight attitude. He was busy getting Reacqainted with Maria. He hated to be interupted.

"Nice to talk to you too." Liz said with a teasing tone.

"Oh, Liz what's up?" Michael asked.

"I Am Just calling To let you know that I am going to be late to pick you up. I got a flattire." Liz said explaining why she was going to be late.

"Oh You dont have to worry about that, I left a note for you at home to let you know that Maria got back so I called in to work so Dont worry. Are you ok? Do you need me to come there and fix it?" Michael said worried about his cousin. Sure he was busy making out with the love of his life, But family was important to him.

"Oh Does Mikey care what happens to little ol Lizzie?" Liz said in a teasing voice. Michael was so easy.

"Hey, I am just being the worried cousin that I am! So Do you need any assitance?" Michael asked once again.

"No, I called Triple A. But Thanks any way. I guess I am just going to Go Home. Tell maria I will call her later for all the details." Liz said into the phone. It was a good thing. Now she can finish Reading the folder that was on Serena.

"Kay. Talk to you later?"

"Later." Liz said then hanged up the cell phone. Then she turned her attention back to the repait guy.

"How is It coming along?" Liz asked, Now that she sisnt have to pick up Michael She had more time to figure out the mystery of what was going through Serena's life. that thought made Liz feel guilty. What kind of friend investgates another friend's life? And a friend that was killed nonetheless? But something was not Right with serena hiding the fact that she wa married. Usually Liz would just let this go, But Liz was getting this strange feeling and she was usually Right on trusting them.

"It is all Done, You can now be on your way, Just be careful for anymore nails." the Mecahnci smiled.

"Thank you so Much! I will." Liz said with a smile as she got in her car and left.


"Nice to see you too, Max!" Courtney said with a smirk.

"Come on, You know I was just joking! Please come in." Max said with a smile. It was always a treat to see his younger sister.

"Why Thank you Big Brother! I Know I can always count on you, So How are you doing?" Courtney asked. She was worried about her brother. Ever since that she heard that Serena died, She was worried about him. Courtney never did like Serena, But She was the one Max wanted so she was supportive. But Serena was ghone so She has to make Max get on with his life.

"So How is college Life treating you? Any Guys, I need to kick their ass?" Max said with a smirk. he would do anything to protect His sister's.

"Maybe...Maybe Not." Courtney said with a smirk." So were is that hunky roomate of yours?"

"Out with his GIRLFRIEND! Now Did you just dropped by your favorite brother to talk about Guys?" Max said in a teasing voice.

"SHUTUP! Now I am here, Because I need to talk to you."

"What is it?" Max asked softly.

"Your Love Life. Or Shall I say lack of a love Life." Courtney said as she heard Max groan.

"Isabel called you." Max didnt even have to ask. it was more of a statement.

"We Love you Max, We want You to be happy." Courtney said trying to convince Max that it was alright to love again. This time Courtney would make sure he wouldnt fall for a Bitch like Serena again.

"I Know, I appreciate it. And I am starting to get on with My life. But to just jump in another relationship. I dunno It is too soon." max said. But at the same time an image of liz popped into his head. making him think, Maybe It was not tooo soon. It has been a few months Now. But then the guilt would come back and hit him full force.

"Look, I am not going to lie to you. You Know that I didnt approve of Serena. I dont know what you saw in her. But I do Know that she wouldnt want you to spend the rest of your life alone." Courtney replied. All she wanted was to see was Max have a little happiness.


Liz came through the door. Now she can focus on What this folder has on Serena. She just wanted to proff to herself and that there was nothing wrong. That she was just being her paraniod self. But then she got a strange feeling.

Someone else had been in her house. She didnt know for sure. This strange feeling came over her. It freaked her out.

"There you ARE!" maria snucked up on Liz, Not realsing the reception she was going to het.

"OH MY GOD!" Liz shreaked. She turned around to find Maria and Michael.

"What are you Guys doing here!" Liz said as she tried to get her pulse under control.

"We just wanted to see If you made it home alright, Are you chica? It seems you are a little freaked out." Maria said concerned. Liz didnt get freaked out easy.

"Yeah, Are you alright?" Michael asked also concerned.

"I am sorry guys. I just have a feeling that Some one was in here while I was gone. I dunno Maybe It was nothing." Liz said as she was trying to convince this to herself.

"Are you alright? oh My God! I am so glad that you werent here when they were. Have you tried calling the police?" Maria asked.

"With what proof? I just say that I had a feeling? Yeah that will work." Liz said.

"Your coming and staying with Me. No Buts. You are and My Roomate will have no problem with it, So dont even bother complaining." Michael said as he wasnt going to take a No for an answer. Even If there was No one in here, Liz's feeling were usually Right though. And there was No way in hell was he going to let anything happen to her.

"Michael.." Liz was about to complain when maria and Michael taged teamed her.

"No I am with Michael on this one. So Let's go." Maria said as she dragged liz by the hand to the car.

"Maria! wait a second. I have to get some things. plus to lock up the house." Liz said as she tried to slow down Bull dozer Maria.

"Michael! get Liz some shit so we can go!" Maria yelled back at her boyfriend. Michael just nodded. He needed to call Max to see if It was alright.


Max and Courtney were getting all caught up when the phone rang.

"Hello?" Max answered.

"Max?" Michael replied. He hoped that Max didnt have a problem with it. But he couldnt let anything happen to his cousin.

"Michael? Yeah whats up?" he asked.

"I am on my way home. I just ..Well." Michael was stubbling on his words. usually meant one thing. he was nervous.

"What's wrong?" max asked. it was not everyday that Michael was nervous. Truth to be told It was making Max Nervous.

"Ok, I am just going to say it. My Cousin's house most likely got broken into, So I was going to bring her to stay with us for a few days. Is that Alright?" There he got it out.

"No Problem, Michael you dont have to ask! This is your place too. Is she alright?" Max asked.

"Yeah, She is Just a little shaken up. But Thanks. We will see you soon." Michael said then hung up.

"Who was that?" Courtney asked.

"That was Michael. His cousin's house got broken into, She is a little shaken up so She is going to spend some time over here." Max said softly. He didnt know what it was, But There was a feeling.

"Have you meet her?" Courtney asked. Not quite sure of what to do about this situation.

"No we Never Meet." Max said.

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Part 9

"So Do Mom and Dad know your in Town?" Max asked Courtney as they continued to catch up. Both were in The Living Room waiting for Michael and maria and Michael's cousin to arrive.

"Yeah. I saw them the other day, Mom tried to make me stay with them, But I said No Remembering how Much I hated Living under thier Roof!" Courtney said with a smile. It felt good to talk with Her brother again. She and Max had always been close. In fact It was Max and Courtney sometimes against Isabel Whenever she went Christmas nazi. They been close since they were Kids. But Ever since Max married Serena, They drifted apart. There was something about Serena that Courtney didnt like. To Her Serena was nothing but a Huge fake. It was good to Repair the Rift between her brother. Even though she Never liked serena She never wished her dead. And as much as Max loved her it was time for him to move on. To start living his life. He says He is, But Courtney wouldnt believe it until she sees the proof in front of her eyes.

"It wasnt that Bad!" Max laughed.

"Of Course NOT! Not For you the prodigical Son!" Courtney smirked.

"Please! they love you too you Know thay just want you to be happy." Max said.

"Yeah Their happy! Come on Please Can we talk about something more pleasent! Now Let's talk about your dating life. opps! I mean Lack of one! Now Max, It is time to move on!" Courtney said. Max just groaned.

"Please can we Not talk about THIS! I Told you I am, But Sometimes It is hard Not to Remember." Max said trying to stop the tears that were Forming in His amber Eyes.

"Max...I Personally thinking you are wasting precious time of your life mourning a Bitch that didnt deserve your love." Courtney knew that It was being harsh But enough was enough! Max needed to move on, Serena was not someone that courtney thought needed this Kindness, In Courtney Thought Serena was beneth Max.Max was starting to Get upset He knew that Courtney and Serena had thier issues, But their was No Need In defacing the dead.

"That is enough! you dont need to Call My wife that! she is Dead, So Please show some respect!" Max said with His voice starting to rise In anger.

"Please Why Should I show some Respect to someone that Didnt deserve it!" Courtney started to raise Her voice as well.

"I Think you should go Now." Max said as He started to make his way to the door. Courtney just got Up and followed Max to the door.

"It Is so Nice to Know that You are choosing HER Over Your family AGAIN! Thanks so Much Brother!" Courtney said sarcastically as she Made her way to her car, Not Giving Max a chance to get another word in. Max just slammed the door behind Him as he made his way to the living room Not Three minutes ago he was having a nice conversation with Courtney. And it had to Go to Hell with the mention Serena. Max didnt know what to do. He didnt want to lose anymore time with His sister that He had already had, But he couldnt have Courtney put down Serena down. Didnt she know that he couldnt choose? That He loved them both. But It was always a contest to see who Got his affections. His family Or Serena. But Now she was Gone. He figured that even though that happened he could try and repair His relationship with His sister.

But obviouslt that wasnt going to happen anytime soon. Max was depressed about His situation that he was in. But It wasnt Just about Courtney and Serena.

It was about Liz and Serena. One was His wife that was tragically taken away from him, And the other gave Him so much more in One Kiss then In lovemaking with Serena. Max knew what He thought was horrible, But He had to admit to himself about What he felt. And that was the truth. Thinking about that Night made Max's stomach rumble with butterflies. Something that wasnt always the case with Him and Serena, he grew to love her, It was love none the less, But With Liz , it was instant. Max wasnt sure It was love But there was somethng There. Sometimes at night max would think about meeting Liz again. He Regreted not getting any sorta contact with Her. Max was brought out of His thoughts when the door opened. He thought It was Courtney again and the anger was still there, he wanted to be left alone. Without noticing who It was, Max Just yelled:

"Get the Hell Out!"

Not noticing the shocked faces of Michael, Maria and Liz.

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Part 10

"What The hell do you mean get OUT?" Maria yelled. There was No way In hell that she was going to let anyone talk that way to her. She didnt even let Michael get away with that. Max turned his head to see who was talking to find Michael and his Girlfriend Maria. He was about to say something when He Noticed someone else there too.


Liz was here in His house! He was completely speechless.Which Made Maria think that he was being Rude to her by Not talking about an apology. As Maria was about to say something. Michael covered her mouth and led her to the kitchen. He noticed the way that Max was looking at her cousin. And the look that Liz was giving Max. It looked like they knew each other. michael wasnt too sure that he liked it or not. But they are two grown adults, They can do whatever they want.

"Liz?" Max asked with his voice awed with surprise.

"Max." Liz said with equal surprise. She couldnt believe that Max was here in front of her. She couldnt believe that This was finally happening. After nights of restless nights she was in front of the man that has been haunting those dreams.

"What are you doing here?" Max asked. Not knowing the way that it sounded. Did that mean that She didnt have the same effect on Him that He had on her? Maybe this whole thing was in her head.

"I am sorry, I ..I mean we should of asked. Michael said that it wasn't a problem. I didnt' know that You were his roomate. I mean I figured It was Okay, But I will go find somewere else if It is a problem." Liz just rambled on. Nervous making her a bit shy.

"NO! I mean You can stay here, I have no problem with it. I just want to know why Michael never said anything to me that You were his cousin. I could kill Him For not bring you by sooner." max said with a slight smile crawling across his face.

"I dont know. But Thanks I appreciate the offer to stay here, My house got broken into and I really didnt want to be alone there Right now." Liz said with a slight blush across her cheeks.' he must think I am crazy for rambling on like that' Liz thought to herself.

"Are you ok? You werent there were you while it happened Right?" Max's heart rate when up knowing that Liz could have been hurt. Max didnt know what to do If anything happened to her. Max made peace with the fact thatHe has feelings for Her a while ago. He wasn't to sure if She had feelings for him Or Not.'Probably Not, Why would a beautful angel have feelings for someone like him, Exspically after what happpened after their last encounter.' Max thought to himself while waiting for her to respond.

"Yeah, I am Fine, And No I wasn't there. I just wanted not to be there for at least a couple of know?" Liz said as she looked him in the eyes. he has the most beautful eyes that she has ever seen on any Man or Woman.

"Well Your welcome to stay as long as you want, there is plenty of Room." 'You can stay in My Room." Max thought as he spoke. He couldn't help himself.

"Thanks, I appreciate it." Liz said with a smile. Everything with serena totally forgotten. All Liz could think about was the fact that she was finally here with Max.

"Liz...What happened at the diner..." Max was about to aproach the subject of the kiss when Maria showed up.

"Excuse me, But are we going to eat anytime soon, Because I am starving. You Guys can make moony eyes later." Maria said in her typical fashion self.

"Mind her, Her brain dosent work when there is No food." Liz said as a laugh escaped her lips. Leaving Max thinking that He loved her laugh.

"Come On You two!" Maria said one last time, Leaving Max and Liz on thier way to the kitchen. They will have thier talk later In private. both wanting to confess something that they have been hiding.

AN: I apologise for the long wait between parts. I was having trouble with this, And I wasn tin the mood to writing anything. But Now My muse seems to be back. So feedback as always please!!!!

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