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Title: The Beginning Revisited

Author: chica

Category: M/L

Rating: PG-13

Please note Tess did come back but she NEVER dies!!! They never get chased by the FBI!!! this changes it!! Liz is at home and currently attends Harvord!!! She is missing Max!!! Oh and Tess NEVER KILLS ALEX!!!

Author's Note:
This is the first fic in a while so please ignore big gaps in the middle!!!

Liz Pov

As I walked the corridoor, click, clacking as usual and suddenly thought "What if I've him and my only chance of true happiness!" And sadly enough I had missed Max and his proposal of marriage and I never saw him again.

Although keeping in touch with Isabel was easier I felt to guilt ridden to talk to Max and anytime Isabel would mention him coming over whilst I was there I literally bolted!

I felt so suddenly... empty. No-one to love me, no-one could even dream of my pain and all because of that stupid biology lesson and I was let o... *RING RING!!!*

"Hello, yes this is Liz Parker, Yes I'm single, why do you want to know??? Yes 2:30 at the crashdown is fine!!! I'll see you then!!"

Suddenly one phone call changes my life! This will be the beginning, revisited!

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Max is NOT with Tess!!! But she is an important key to the finish!!!!
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I'm going to use something called 1471 it's basically a number you call to see who called you last!

Part 1a:

So I'm sitting there this... this mysterious phone call, absoulately no idea who it is and it hits me!
"1471" I moan complaining how small the buttons on my phone are and this numbers blarring out.
"No, no it cannot be!!!" I'm sitting there that thought escapes my mind and my mouth! To top it who should be knocking at my door but...

TESS!!!! Who'd you think it'd be... Max????? She blasts the door and starts dragging me cos she thinks I need to be in a nut home!!! Look who's talking!!!

So we go to the CrashDown and we walk in and who should be there but Maria, Isabel and Jesse!!! Of course Isabel trys to shoot Tess on sight but she explains she's over Max and just wants to talk to them.

So after about 1/2 an hour the bell rings once more and Kyle and his dad walk in. So now the mysterious caller is down to 2!

So as everyone's talking (Tess is ignoring the gloss overs) and then for like the thousandth time the bell rings and who should walk over but...

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Part 1b:

Max Pov

"Oh Where can Liz be!!!" I knew she won't miss me unless... unless her answer was... was no. "But I can't live without her... she must know that much!"

And didn't she turn up but then again it may have been for the best...

Ding, "Stupid doorbell" I muttered as I walked into the CrashDown. Alex, Kyle, Jim, Isabel, Jesse, Tess, Maria, Michael and... and... and...

She looked so ood with her long, brown hair, her hazel eyes and the top made me drool...

"Maaaaaxxxx," her voice was soft... Just the way I remembered... I almost fell asleep just listening to Liz.
"MAX!" Liz bellowed at me, suddenly we were alone, abonded by friends so we could make up. She better have a good reason for turning me down...

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Part 2:

"ME??? ME??? HAVE A REASON TO TURN YOU DOWN???" I don't know what took over me! I became I raging demon! But then again Max was worse!

"YES YOU, YOU, YOU, yo..." Suddenly I was drawn into a passinate kiss, it had grown so quickly out of anger! But we didn't care!

"You WHAT My BROTHER?????" I wish Isabel didn't shout sooo louuudddd! It was headache giving!

"YOU WHAT WITH LIZ!?!?!?!?" Maria yelled at Max, it was funny to listen about after!

But painful because I soon learned a difficult secret which made me feel awful...
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