After Michael left Isabel started crying, last night she had remembered the girl that was one of
her best friends, she also remembered that Ava was also pretty close to Kysa and couldn?t help but feel extremely guilty for both their deaths. Between sobs she turned to Max ?Michael has all the right to hate me now, I?ve ruined his life so many times?
?Is, it?s not really your fault, non of this is, I?m sure that as soon as Michael calms down he will talk with you, he knows it has never been your intention to hurt him? Max said trying to comfort her. Liz stood up and motioned Maria to come with her, Max then was able to hold Isabel while she cried.
Kyle was really overwhelmed, he needed air, he needed to clear up his head, he didn?t want to imagine how it would feel like to learn that you had this great love and never be able to get it back. He muttered a good bye to the siblings and left.
In the kitchen Liz was trying to make Maria tell her how she was feeling. ?Come on Maria, you and Michael were together for more than 2 years, you have to feel awkward with this, at least??
?I guess that we were never really meant to be, maybe that?s why we couldn?t be together, yeah we sure had something special but I know that deep down we both knew it wasn?t right, we need to move on, I need to really move on and?we have to find someone that can really make us happy, that?s what we agreed to do last time we talked and now I know why, he has this predestinated love, he has this model now, he always did, maybe unconsciously he was comparing her with me all the time. God Liz, suddenly it all makes sense, we sure loved each other but?it was like training, now I can really go out to the world and search for my true real love, now I am sure that there is one perfect man for me, someone predestinated to me!!? Maria said that last part in a cheerful tone that really amazed Liz.
Maria are you sure youre ok??, I can?t believe you?re actually saying that?
?Liz, you?ve found your soul mate, the love of your life, your true love, and well think about it?maybe the reason why Zan was never able to find love in his planet was because his other half existed in another planet.? Maria said in a confident assuring tone though she was crying in the inside.
?I had thought that too, and I think so did Max, I?m sure we are going to talk about that later? Liz said in her dreamy voice. Maria stared at her and they just laughed.
Michael was walking to nowhere special, he was trying so hard to remember her, she had had a dream about her last night, he remembered the moments they shared but was never able to see her face, only her eyes, God those eyes, so deep, so expressive, so full of love towards him, so peaceful, he could drawn them forever, it was his safe place in his and this world, he knew that all those memories had been hidden in the back of his head for a long time but that he had been denying them. He decided he needed to get far away from Roswell, he needed a new life, new sightings, Maria was in N.Y. and so were the dupes, he really didn?t want to go there, Max and Liz were on san Francisco but that didn?t sound exiting enough, maybe LA, that was it, he was moving to LA.
By the end of the semester he asked to be transferred to UCLA and was accepted, Laurie wanted to pay his studies, he had talked to Is and explained her that she wasn?t the cause for his departure, he just needed a change, a new start, alone.
He promised to keep in touch with her and visit Max and Liz when he could or wanted. He never spoke to Maria again, but he knew Liz would keep contact and would inform him if she ever needed something .
Kyle decided to travel all over the states, visit the important places and send them all postcards to let them know where he was and if he was ok..
Max, Liz, Isabel and Jesse are in LA to visit Michael.
?No answer??? Isabel asked Max as he snapped closed his cell.
?Something worse, hear for yourself? Max said while re-dialing the number Michael had given them and handed his phone to Isabel.
Isabel took it and jumped when she heard Michael?s voice say ?If you?re a member of my old squad look for me near college otherwise leave a message? the last part was in a weird cheerful answering machine tone, she knew he was just being sarcastic.
?Great, gee is so hot in here? Isabel complained
?At least its not a dry heat like in Roswell? Liz stated trying to dissipate the growing tension
?How can he be soooo inconsiderate!! He knew we were coming!!? Isabel almost yelled.
?Well, we never really told him what time we were arriving Is? Jesse said almost laughing at how upset his wife was
?Why don?t we go sit there and get an ice-cream maybe? Max said and pointed at the ice-cream shop in the next corner, there were tables outside, under the shadow, he thought that maybe if Isabel had something refreshing she would calm down
?Sounds good to me? Liz motioned the others to the shop and took Max?s hand on hers.
Jesse took Isabel?s hand and followed them, Isabel just growled but walked.
She was immerse thinking which flavor she should pick so she didn?t saw when the other three suddenly stopped, she looked up and saw a clearly surprised Michael.
Jesse smiled at Michael, he couldn?t stop but noticing he wasn?t wearing his usual dark outfit but a pair of kaki shorts and a white shirt and looked more relaxed than ever.
He wasn?t the only one to notice than new attitude and expression, Max was surprised when Michael smiled at him. And were those sunglasses on his head??
Liz was about open her mouth to say hi to Michael but stopped dead in her tracks when she noticed a tall brunette girl with sunglasses approach him and was even more shocked when he looked and smiled at her.
?Here, they didn?t had pistachio but I thought you may like this, its mint with chocolate chips, if you don?t like it I could go back and change it?? the girl trailed off when she noticed two girls and two guys in front of Michael.
?This one?s ok thanks? He took the ice cream, grabbed her by the waist and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

Only in we use the word 'politics' to describe
the process so well: 'Poli' in Latin meaning 'many' and 'tics'
meaning 'bloodsucking creatures'.


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