Love Undercover
Author: Schurry
E-mail: schurry⊕
Category: A/U M/L
Summary: This is based on a challenge by Lillie. Max and Liz have been married for seven years with a six year old son named Adam …only things aren’t exactly what they seem.
Rating: up to NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t any of the characters and they have no affiliation with the Roswell tv-show. I also borrowed the title from a book, but this story has no connection to it.
Author's note: Bear with me. I'm not a writer ..I'm just doing this for fun.

~ *~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~

“Bye honey,” Liz called out while Max was on his way out the door. “Have a good day at work, and don’t forget to tell Adam good luck. He’s so excited for his first day of ‘big kid’ school.”

“Already did. He’s growing up so fast …next thing you know he’ll be moving out of the house and getting married.” Max chuckled to himself as he rerouted his way to the kitchen.

As he came around the corner, Liz lightly batted him on the shoulder. “Don’t say that! He’ll always be our baby. I prefer to live in the past and pretend Adam will always want to stay with his parents.”

“aww baby…” Max cooed as his circled his arm around Liz’s waist. “Then we’d never get time to ourselves,” he said as his hand slid between the closure of her robe to cup the warm breast underneath. “plus, when he moves out I can devote all my time to pampering you.” He felt her shiver as he slowly massaged smooth flesh, tweaking the nipple as she moaned.

Liz arched her back pressing her bottom into Max’s growing erection. Her hand reached around and cupped his bulge as Max continued to nibble down her neck.

”As good as all this feels, you better get to work.” Liz pulled away, turned him around, and smacked Max’s bottom to get him going out the door. "You have a big meeting this morning regarding landing that new client." Liz reminded

”oh yeah… but you’re seriously going to kill me one day leaving me like this,” Max said as he tried to cool down his raging hormones.

”You started it! Next time don’t start something you know you can’t finish.” She gave him a quick kiss shoving him out the door towards Michael’s waiting car. “Oh look, Michael’s already here and you know how pissed he gets waiting on you.”

”yeah, yeah ..I know. Love you.” He quickly pulled Liz to him crushing her to his chest as he devoured her lips. The neighbors be damned. He was going to enjoy the woman he married.

After lingering a little longer on her, he let go because of Michael’s persistent honking. “Love you too,” Liz replied a little breathless.

Max gave her a little sexy grin then took off towards Michael’s ’68 Mustang. After opening the door, he gave Michael a look that said back off. “Let’s go.” Max said.

”Dude, next week you’re driving. I’m tired of waiting on your slow ass.” Michael complained as he sped down the street.

”You can’t just leave it alone, can you? At least I have a steady woman in my life unlike ‘Mr. Bachelor’ over here. When’s the last time you had sex?” At Michael’s silence, Max continued, “Let’s just say I was a little….occupied this morning.” Max grinned.

“..whatever.” Michael replied. “At least my platter is open so when the next buffet of women comes along I’m digging in.”

At Max’s roar of laughter, Michael pressed on, “Speaking of Liz, any word yet from her father?”

The car suddenly fell silent. “We haven’t heard from him in seven years, what makes you think he’d show up now?” Max hesitated, “…I think we can probably say the case is as good as closed.”

“I don’t know man,” Michael replied. “I’ve just got this feeling that we’re in for a big surprise.”

“Don’t say that …If Liz ever found out I was anything other than an accountant, I don’t know what she’d do. It scares me to not know.” Max shuddered.

“You could have at least picked a better job than accounting.” Michael laughed trying to lighten the mood. “of course nothing sounds better than the truth …’Hey baby, I’m a secret government agent. I think we need to investigate your deadly good looks.’” Michael joked while pulling into the underground government facility.

“Ha ha Michael, real funny. Like I could ever tell her the truth. No matter what job it is, lying to Liz is pure torture.”

“Don’t worry man,” Michael continued while getting out of the car. “I’m sure this will all be over soon.”

”Yeah, but which one? The case or my marriage.” Max replied glumly. He then removed 2 9mm Hi-Power guns from the glove compartment. Positioning one in the small of his back under his coat and tossing Michael the other one.

“Jeff Parker will be locked up by the end of the year. Even though Michael wasn’t married, he sympathized with his friend. “Let’s get inside. We’ve got a debriefing in 5 minutes. The chief will have our ass if we’re late.”

“yeah, this will all blow over soon.” Max mumbled to himself hopefully.

~ *~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~* ~

When driving to work, Max and Michael failed to realize the man sitting in the bench across from the garage. Over the past week, he sat there everyday watching them ….waiting. He couldn’t blame them for not being on the look-out for him. Not even he thought he would come back.

Adam. Just because he’d disowned his ungrateful daughter didn’t mean he couldn’t love his grandchild. “Looks like it’s time for a family reunion.” Jeff slowly got up off the bench and headed home.


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