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Title: Holding On To Faith
Author: Ashley
Email: ashley3eb⊕
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Author’s Note: All the characters that are not mine or are owned by Jason Katims and the Roswell crew. All that I have are a few ideas and a computer.
Summary: (NO ALIENS) This story is set in the early 1900‘s. Elizabeth Parker is a lady and is married to Sean Deluca. Sean is the owner of many ships and on one of those ships is Max Evans. That ship is attacked and Max is seriously injured. With no where else to go Max stays at the Deluca home while he regains his health. Liz despises Max as he her. They fall in love and they sneak away and move to another part of England. Sean, who is furious, hunts them down planning to kill Max and Liz.
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If Elizabeth could think of the biggest adrenaline rush she had ever been through, it would have to be the time when she discovered that she was to be a lady. But that was before she had met Max Evans. He was the rouge, the man that she and her husband had taken in for charity. He had stayed at their manor, The Deluca Hall, for a short period of time, while he recovered from his injuries that he had received when the ship he was traveling on was attacked by pirates. That is, the ship that her husband, Sean Deluca, had owned. The men that were traveling on that ship were guaranteed a safe trip and when that hadn’t happened, Max had received the worst of the injuries, being stabbed in the leg and having several bruises, was permitted to stay in one of the many guest rooms with a private nurse while he recovered.
Those were the months that had changed her life in ways she had never expected it to. She had loved Sean, even though, since it being 1902, their wedding was arranged. He had courted her for a while before he had proposed. That had been the most exciting day for her family. Elizabeth, also, was excited, but she couldn’t help but wonder about the mad desire that was found in passion. She couldn’t help but wonder about kisses that were so full of heat that they could send you over the edge into a whirlwind of pleasure. But those were things that she dreamt about, things that were meant to stay in her and only her dreams. These were things that she could tell no one else. Except Max, for he was the one that gave those feelings, those fleeing emotions. But that was all it was, fleeing emotions. They only were fleeing, quick, and only lasted for the couple of months that they were together, even after they left the Deluca Hall, they had there few moments of passion before he left her. But no more than that. After that there were cold, dreary days, and timeless thoughts filling the time until Max came back, but Max never came back.

Part One

It was a cold day outside in the country of England, but Elizabeth didn’t feel the cold nipping at her bones. Instead, she felt excited, warm, and most of all happy. She was to be a lady, someone of real importance. She had already finished grammar school and was soon to start her first lessons in becoming a lady. Of course, she was taught right and wrong when she was growing up, but today would be the first day she would be begin her lessons with a family that went back several generations, the Deluca family. Oh her family was rich, but there’s was of no importance compared to the Deluca’s. In fact, they were one of the richest families in the country. Elizabeth was ten years old when she first went to that large, home that was to be living in, in seven years. Ever since she was born she knew that she was to be wed to Sean, the Deluca’s eldest son. He was four years her senior, and when he turned 21 they were going to get married. Since she always knew that her wedding was arranged, she never gave a thought to the fact that she would never meet him until he started courting her, which would be at the age of 15. It seemed really young to Elizabeth but it was the way it was supposed to be. Liz looked outside at the gloomy sky, waiting for her mother to come and get her so that they could leave. She was waiting for her life to begin.


Seven Years Later.....

“Are you excited, Liz? Oh, of course you’re excited, it’s your wedding day!” Maria ecstatically shouted.
“Okay, Maria, that’s my ear that you’re yelling in to, not a megaphone,” Liz said while fixing her hair.
“Sorry, but you didn’t answer me, are you excited? Or wait, are you nervous?” Maria again pushed her for answers.
“Maria, I’ve known this day would come my whole life it’s not like there’s anything to be excited about, or nervous.”
“Well, there’s always the wedding night to think about Liz. You can’t tell me that you haven’t had one nervous thought about it.”
“Yeah, well....who wouldn’t be nervous about it, I mean, are you going to be nervous about it when you get married?”
“Of course, what girl wouldn’t. But, you’re a virgin... and virgins are inexperienced. I mean, you’re pure, you’re untouched. Every man loves that. They love to be the teachers,” Maria commented with a smile.
“Liz, all I’m saying is that once he does.....once he does ruin you’re innocence he’s going to go bragging to his friends how they got the virgin and they didn’t. Are you willing to except that Lady or not you are going to the talk of the town for a while and the talk isn’t going to be just about the wedding.”
“You don’t think that I know that Maria. That’s why, before it happens, I am going to talk to talk to him about that and ask him not too. I’ll tell him that I would not like to be the “talk of the town” as you so put it, and I’m going to ask to him to keep his confessions within the family.”
“I highly doubt that he’ll do that, but you will me tell everything, right? I want to know all the details, and I want them tomorrow.”
“Does it hurt you that he isn’t going to be there when you wake up in the morning. I mean, what kind of guy goes on a boat ride the day after his wedding,” Maria mumbled, “jerk.”
“I heard that, and I wish that you would stop talking about my future husband like that. And he’s not going on a boat ride, he’s has business to take care of.”
“Do you even know what he does?,” Maria said and then saw the look on her friends face, “You don’t do you! You are about to marry this guy and you have know idea what he does to make all this money. He could be breaking the law and you wouldn’t have a single idea.”
“Okay, first of all, it’s a family business and they have been doing it for centuries. Second of all, I don’ really care.” Liz did some finishing touches on her makeup and look at herself in the mirror.
“You have to care, Liz! This is going to be for the rest of your life. I’m telling you now, come with me and we’ll sneak away before the wedding and me and you can live outside the wall. It will be exciting, the life I know that you would love to have. This is your last chance,” Maria warned.
“I would not like to spend the rest of my life living outside the law Maria. My place is in the Deluca home, I’m obliged to do this.”
“Your head may think that’s right, but the real question is, does you’re heart?” Maria asked seriously. She knew her friend and know matter how much she denied it, Maria knew that she did not want this to be her life. Like Maria, Liz longed for adventure, she was like a wild fire that could not be kindled. Liz was about to answer when there was a knock on her door. Liz’s mother, Nancy poked her head in the door and asked, “Elizabeth, honey, it’s time.” Nancy closed the door, and Liz took Maria’s hand and together they walked out the follow Liz’s pre-planned destiny.


Sry that was so short but I wanted to end it there. The next part should be longer though! Oh, and Max will have a small part in the next part. He won’t actually be really introduced until the third or fourth part.

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Part Two

Last Time....
“Your head may think that’s right, but the real question is, does you’re heart?” Maria asked seriously. She knew her friend and know matter how much she denied it, Maria knew that she did not want this to be her life. Like Maria, Liz longed for adventure, she was like a wild fire that could not be kindled. Liz was about to answer when there was a knock on her door. Liz’s mother, Nancy poked her head in the door and asked, “Elizabeth, honey, it’s time.” Nancy closed the door, and Liz took Maria’s hand and together they walked out the follow Liz’s pre-planned destiny.

“Do you, Sean Deluca, take this woman, Elizabeth Parker, to be your lawful wedded wife, to have and to hold, for better and for worse, through sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer, till death do you part?” Reverend Wise asked.
“I do,” Sean said. His voice was loud, yet Liz could tell that it held no emotion, it was like he was just putting up and act. But wasn’t she doing the same thing? Putting up an act for the public’s eye?
“And do you, Elizabeth Parker, take this man, Sean Deluca, to be your lawful wedded husband, to have and to hold, for better and for worse, through sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer, till death do you part?”
“I do,” she said and plastered a fake smile upon her face.
“The rings please,” Reverend Wise looked at Maria who walked forward and handed them the rings.
“With this ring, I thee wed,” Sean said slipping her new, diamond wedding ring unto her finger. Liz did the same.
“By the powers invested in me by God and our Savior Jesus Christ, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss the bride.” Sean leaned forward and lightly brushed Liz’s lips with his own. Before Liz could respond he pulled back, smiled at her, took her hand, and led her back down the aisle. Liz kept the smile on her face even though for some strange reason she felt like she had just made the biggest mistake of her life. But she wouldn’t allow herself to think like that. This was the way it was meant to be, it was good for her family and it was good for her. But aren’t I supposed to be happy? Liz asked herself. Liz’s thoughts were interrupted when she felt a stare grazing her neck. She let go of Sean’s hand who was now engrossed with a serious conversation with his father, and she turned to follow the heat of the stare. Liz gasped when she saw a man standing off in the corner by himself. He was tall and had broad shoulders, he was very built, Liz could tell, even though she couldn’t see his arms. His hair was dark and his bangs fell across his forehead. Liz suddenly had an urge to walk over there and move them for him. Liz shook the thought away. He seemed dangerous, his eyes were glaring, as if he would kill anyone who came within a ten-foot radius of him. But those eyes, those beautiful amber eyes made Liz shiver to the bone.
“Are you cold?” a voice asked, tearing her gaze from the mysterious man.
“No. I’m fine Maria,” Liz said quietly. She couldn’t seem to get out of the whirlwind of confusion the man had left her in. She sneaked a gaze at him to find that he wasn’t there.
“What are you looking at?” Maria asked, glancing in the direction in which Liz was staring.
“Nothing, it’s nothing. I just thought I saw something.”
“Okay, sure. Anyway, it was a really beautiful service. You looked great. I mean I know I promised myself that I wouldn’t cry but I couldn’t help it. My little Lizzie is all grown up now,” Maria faked cry, and turned to embrace Liz in a warm hug.
“Thank you.”
“Something’s wrong. Your not happy are you? Oh, I knew I should have kidnapped you in the middle of the night and taken you far from this place.”
“Maria, calm down! I’m fine, I’m just tired that’s all,” Liz soothed and again put on her fake smile. God, I really don’t want to be here, Liz thought.
“I hope that you’re not to tired for tonight,” Sean said with a smile, wrapping his arm around her shoulders.
“No, I’m not that tired.”
“Well, I’m going to leave you to alone,” Maria pulled Liz into another hug,” bye Liz. Don’t forget, details,” Maria said that last part more quietly in case that Sean was listening.
“Okay. Bye Maria.”
“Well, I’m guessing that we must go circulate amongst our friends before we retire don’t you think?”
“Yes, okay,” Liz answered and walked off to find her mother.


“Liz, it’s getting late. Maybe we should get back to the manor,” Sean suggested. Liz hadn’t realized how much time had passed and when she looked up she could see that the sun was starting to set. “Okay, let me just say goodbye to mother.”
“All right, but make it quick, I want to get home before it gets too dark.” He looked after Liz as she hugged her mother goodbye. He looked around noticing that some people were leaving. He was about to look after Liz again, when something caught his attention. He looked to where the motion was and what he saw made him growl with anger. What the hell is he doing here, he thought angrily. He wasn’t invited and he has no right to be here, he glared silently at the dark haired man, whose eyes met his. The dark haired man noticed that Sean had noticed him and he walked off, leaving Sean steaming to himself.
“You ready to go,” he turned to look at Liz who had appeared at his elbow.
“Come one,” he took her arm and led her to the car that would take them to their new home.


Liz looked up at the house that loomed tall before her. It was a rather large house, being the largest one in the area. It was made of brown brick and had large whit columns in front of it. It was long as it was deep and having up to thirty rooms, Sean had once bragged to her. The grounds seemed to go on forever and they were absolutely magnificent. The lawn was trimmed perfectly and the trees seemed to made of glass for they shone with beauty. Liz could already tell that her favorite place would be the garden. Even though she had been here several times before, it seemed different now that she and Sean owned all this. Well, at least Sean owned it, not that many women were allowed to own property.
The driver came around and opened the door for Liz, who got out of the car. It was dark and there was no moon out.
“What’s wrong? Are you still tired?” Sean asked.
“No, I’m just daydreaming, that is all.”
“Daydreaming about what is about to happen huh? Well, there is no need to worry, I’ll teach you. You’ll be safe in my hands.” He walked to the front door and opened it. He allowed Liz to walk in first. He followed her and shut the door behind him. “I’ll show the way to the room that is to be our bedroom.”
“Have I seen it before?”
“Never. It had been kept from your sight since you first came here. The wife is never supposed to see the bedroom in which she loses her virginity in before the wedding night.”
“I’ve been coming here since I was ten, and I’ve been almost everywhere in this house. Except the one room at the end of the hall. They always kept that door closed.”
“That is because you were not to see. That is our room. One of the largest rooms in the house, too.” Sean stopped in front of the door and turned to look at her, then he slowly opened it. “Welcome to our honeymoon sweet, since we didn’t get a honeymoon, that is.” Liz peered around the room and found that is was beautiful. The walls were covered in fine, expensive silk. It was cream colored, and it matched well with the deep red that covered the bed. Liz looked to her right and saw the door that must lead to the bathroom. “That is the bathroom, you can go in there to ah....get more comfortable, if you know what I mean. There is robe hanging on the door waiting for you.” Liz walked towards the bathroom to prepare herself for the night that was soon to come.


Liz walked out of the bathroom, wearing only the robe that Sean had said would be there. She glanced at the bed and saw Sean already laying there. It was obvious that he had already taken off his clothes. The light was out, and the only light in the room was coming from the stars above. Liz got into bed beside Sean, she took off the robe after the covers were fully covering her.
“A little shy, are we?” Sean laughed. “You won’t be anymore after tonight,” he said and he moved in for a kiss. Once again their lips brushed against each other, but this time he kissed her longer then the first time. He ran his tongue along her bottom lip, prying her lips apart, deepening the kiss. Liz had no choice but to give in, so she opened her mouth giving Sean full access. His tongue invaded her mouth, moving fast, stroking hers, trying to get it to participate. Wanting to make him happy, Liz kissed back, their tongues dueling each other. Liz noticed how Sean’s hand had started on her hip, but had started moving it’s way upward, until it was soon touching her left breast. He was holding it, molding it with his hand, swirling his fingers around her nipple that poked out eagerly. It felt good, but it didn’t feel right, if that makes sense. Liz’s body liked what Sean was doing to it. It liked the soft kisses that he now pressed on her breasts, working their way down to the small of her stomach.
It liked the pleasure that it was going through, but Liz knew in her heart and in her mind that Sean wasn’t about pleasing her. He was about pleasing himself. She proved herself to when he stopped his caresses to move on top of her, placing his erection in front of her opening. “This is going to hurt only for a minute, then the pleasure will consume your body,” Sean explained. Liz could only nod, the butterflies in her stomach breeding. This was the last moment in her life she would be a virgin. She was only seventeen. She was still a child, yet here she was doing adult things, doing things that she wasn’t sure she wanted to do anymore. But it was to late, there was nothing she could about it now, as Sean started to slide his throbbing penis inside her. He stopped right before he reached her barrier. He hesitated only a moment before he thrust into her, sending her into a whirl of dizziness and pain. Sean continued to thrust into her like there was no tomorrow, not giving a care about the tears that now fell off Liz’s cheeks. Liz moaned, but only in pain, she felt no pleasure that Sean was obviously feeling. He hovered above her, moving in and out, in and out, grunting as he went. He must of thought that she was moaning in pleasure because he smiled at her. Liz could tell that he was close, for he sped up and went deeper into her. After a few more pumps into her limp body, his whole body tightened and she could feel his hot juices spurt into her. A few moment later he rolled off of her and went to sleep. Liz waited a while to make sure he was asleep before she went into the bathroom to wash the blood of herself, to wash the memories of a bad night away.


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Part Three

Last Time...
He hovered above her, moving in and out, in and out, grunting as he went. He must of thought that she was moaning in pleasure because he smiled at her. Liz could tell that he was close, for he sped up and went deeper into her. After a few more pumps into her limp body, his whole body tightened and she could feel his hot juices spurt into her. A few moments later he rolled off of her and went to sleep. Liz waited a while to make sure he was asleep before she went into the bathroom to wash the blood of herself, to wash the memories of a bad night away.

A ray of sunlight hit Liz’s face through the window that faced the bed. Liz stirred in her sleep, turning away from the light from the only time that she could find peace in her life. Yet, the ray was didn’t move and Liz was forced to wake up. She opened her eyes to find that she was alone in the bed. He must be an early riser, she thought. Liz threw the covers off her naked body, then realizing that when she had rinsed her off it had not donned on her to put some clothes on. She quickly scooped up the robe from where it was laid the night before and put it on, securing it around her tightly. She walked into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. There were dark circles around her eyes, and her face pale. She looked as if she had demon. But I have, Liz thought, I saw the demon side of Sean when he makes love. Uses her is what she should say. All he did was use her to satisfy him. For the first time her life she felt like a violated thing to be used and then tossed aside. He had done nothing to soothe her pain, but only hold her down while he went on with it.
Liz looked at her arms at where he had held her down the night before. There were faint red marks on both of them around the wrists. She hadn’t realized how hard he had holding her until she those marks. She felt faint, as she discovered that he had more or less rapped her...and she had gone willingly. Well, maybe not willingly ,but she had done nothing to fight him off. The tears that had haunted her last night returned and this time she allowed them to fall now that no one was around to witness them. Witness the pain that this suddenly hellhole had caused her. Her first instinct was to go and see Maria but Liz decided no to. Maria knew that she would not be happy and for some stubborn reason, Liz did not want to prove Maria right. She would stay here and go on as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. But everything that had happened wasn’t out of the ordinary and Liz didn’t think that she would ever be able to get rid of the circles that looked like a new feature on her face.
Liz showered and washed her hair and tried to get rid off the circles around her eyes. Liz walked back to the bedroom and opened the closet door, looking for something appropriate to wear before she went downstairs. She chose a long deep green dress with a white lace trim. It reached the floor and the sleeves were longer and covered most of her hands. It wasn’t too low cut but it was tight causing her cleavage to show more than most of her other dresses did. Liz fixed her hair into a tight bun at the top off head. She was always taught that it was not proper to let down your hair in front of others. It was considered as vanity and it was rude to others, especially men. Making sure there wasn’t a strand out of place, she walked out of the bedroom. When Liz approached the dining area, she was surprised to find that Sean wasn’t there. She looked around for someone, a maid perhaps, to ask if they knew where he was, but she saw no one. She walked into the kitchen and saw a young man sitting at a small table eating.
“Excuse me sir, but do you happen to know where my husband is?” Liz asked politely. The man stood as soon as she asked him and Liz found that he didn’t look much older than her. He was tall and lanky and had short brown hair. He had a warm smile and Liz knew that she and this man would be good friends. She immediately felt that she could trust him.
“I believe he is gone off to the port m’ lady. Off on that sea voyage of his.”
“Oh, I didn’t realize he would leave so early,” Liz said, she sounded disappointed.
“Personally, I think that it’s rather rude to leave the day after your wedding,” he said an attempt to make her feel better.
“Oh well, I guess it’s just me and you this morning. Relax, you look like you have a rod iron in your back,” Liz smiled and sat down in the chair across from his. Liz realized that she didn’t know his name so she asked him.
“Alex Whitman. Son of England’s best blacksmith,” he said proudly.
“Nice to meet you Alex. I’m Elizabeth. You can call me Liz. All my friends do.” Liz reached out to shake his hand. She liked him already.
“Friends?” he asked cautiously.
“Yes, friends. I’m not some snob who orders people around like slaves. If I expect you to like me than I have to learn to like and trust you.”
“Let me warn you then, Lord Deluca doesn’t treat us like humans and I don’t think that he would like it very much if your nice to us.”
“Well, this will just have to be our little secret then won’t then. Now, tell all the servant names so that I learn to get to know them.”
“All right. Well, there’s Sophia, the housekeeper, Rupert, the groundskeeper, Michael, the cook, and Isabel, she well, she just does pretty much whatever she wants. Except when Lord Deluca is here, then she helps with the housecleaning.”
“Do have a thing for any of these maids.”
“No!” Alex said a little to quickly. “I mean, we have all been here for only about a month and I don’t really know any of them. Why?”
“Nothing, it’s just that you had this kind of dreamy tone in your voice when you mentioned Isabel....”
“Yes, I’m Isabel,” Isabel said, “is there anything you need m’ lady?” Isabel had just walked in the kitchen to get something to eat when she heard her name.
“Oh, Alex was just telling me all of the names of the servants.”
“Why do you want to know our names?” Isabel asked, she sound annoyed.
“So that I can get to know everybody.” Liz looked at Isabel. She had long blonde hair that cascaded around her shoulders. Liz was sure that if Sean was here, she wouldn’t be allow her hair to flow free like that. She was tall and was very beautiful. No wonder Alex liked her.
“You better not act like that when your precious husband is here,” Isabel said and she left the kitchen.
“Everybody seems to know Sean well for only being here a couple of weeks.,” Liz said. She looked at Alex who was practically drooling in his seat. His eyes were still planted on the door that Isabel had just walked out of. Liz waved a hand in front of his face, bringing him back to reality. “Don’t like anybody, huh?”
“What are you talking about,” Alex said trying to act casual.
“You were staring at her like a puppy in heat!” Liz exclaimed.
“I was not!”
“Anyway, what about you. What do you do around here?”
“I’m the stable boy, I take care of all the horses.”
“How many horses are there. I mean I was never allowed to go outside when I came here.”
“they’re about 50 or so.”
“Can you take me to see them?”
“Yes, now is fine.”
“All right.”


“He’s beautiful,” Liz said as she looked at the black stallion that stood in front of her.
“What’s his name?” she asked, not moving her gaze from the beauty that stood in front of her.
“Zan. He’s the meanest horse we have. Just like his old owner.”
“He doesn’t look mean.”
“Oh, he is. He won’t let anyone get near him. We have to distract him just so we can get his food and water to him.”
“What about his old owner. Did he get near him?” Liz leaned against the railing of the fence, looking into the pen that held the horse in. It was black and sleek, it’s muscles gliding beneath the skin.
“That’s about the only person who’s ever touched him.”
“What happened to him. The owner, I mean.”
“Oh, well, I don’t really know that much about it. The old stable guy told me what he knew before he retired. That guy was here when Lord Deluca was growing up.”
“Tell me about this owner. I would like to know what happened to him.”
“Well, it’s a long, sad story.”
“I have all day.”
“The owner’s name was Maxwell Evans. When he was born, he and his twin sister were put into different homes. His mother died during childbirth and they didn’t know who the father was. Max was placed here. He grew up with Lord Deluca, they were best friends, brothers for the longest time. Lord Deluca’s father had always liked Max better then his own son, thought he was the better choice to take his place, and he bought him everything. He bought him a colt, Zan, for Max, and Max raised him. Zan never trusted anybody else but Max, because he was abused when he was born by his previous owner. See that scar on his belly, that was from a sword, just after he was born, they managed to save him in time, and he was sold to the highest bidder. Max had won the horses trust, and he only trusted him. No one else was allowed to get next to him. He even bucked the stable boy once and broke his leg.”
“What happened to Max?”
“Lord Deluca’s father disowned him. He punished him to spend the rest off his days at sea, he is banned from land.”
“Why? What did he do?”
“One night, when he was 17, he came home so mad, and for no reason at all, he started yelling at the his father, talking about insane things like how he killed his real father. He blamed Lord Deluca’s father for killing his real father. He had made up this ridiculous story about pirates and such. He was disowned from the family and was told that he was to stay on one of the ships he owned for the rest of his life.”
“But how would Sean’s father know if he got of the ship or not?”
“He had spies, people watching to make sure that he stayed on that ship. If he got off, then he would be hunted down and killed.”
“Being on a ship can’t be all that bad, can it?”
“That I wouldn’t know. Never been on a ship, and I don’t plan to either. I can’t swim.”
“What happened to his sister?”
“You know Isabel?”
“Yes,” Liz said, laughing at the thought that he couldn’t keep his mind off of her.
“That’s his sister.”
“Yes, she is. She learned later that he was sent here to live and when she got here Max was already gone. She was allowed to stay here to work for a place to live and food to eat.”
“That’s so sad,” Liz said, feeling for Isabel. No wonder she had an attitude about everything. It was just away to cover up the pain that she felt. “How long ago was this?”
“About three years, so he’s 21 now. Same age as Lord Deluca.”
“Three years. I’ve been coming here for lessons for seven years. How come I’ve never met him. Never heard his name mentioned.”
“He was sent to boarding school. He brought a knife to school and was kicked out of grammar school.”
“If he was the favorite then why wasn’t he ever mentioned? How come I’ve never heard his name before?”
“That I don’t know. Sorry.”
“That’s fine. Thank you, though, for telling me all of this. This family has a very depressing history. You seem to know more than I do. Do you happen to know what Sean does when he’s at sea?”
“No, I’m sorry. I guess he doesn’t like to tell anyone of the way he makes his money.”
“Yeah, I guess not. Though I wish I knew, I am his wife.”


Sean looked out at the sea, which was blue and motionless. He was standing on deck of his largest ship and was waiting for them to set sea. The sun was setting and he wanted to make it out before it got dark. “We’re ready to set sail, Captain,” a sailor said.
“Thank you, Ralph.” Sean gazed once more out at the sea before he walked below decks to one of the small cabins. He unlocked to door and walked in.
“We are about to set sail. I thought you might like to know.”
“What are you going to do with me,” the man asked, he struggled against the ropes that held him to the bed.
“I haven’t decided yet. We aren’t going to be gone that long this time. I have to get back home to my new wife. But you know her, don’t you Max.”
“I have seen her yes, and she is very beautiful might I add.”
“I don’t want you to add anything! You have no right! You betrayed my father when you showed up at my wedding. And now you think my wife is beautiful. But that’s the thing Max, she’s MY wife! You are not to talk, dream, or even think about her! Do you understand me!”
“You can’t control what I think more than you can control me!” Max countered. He was answered with a powerful blow to the head that left him unconscious, his head rolling to one side.


Several Months Later....

“Another trip! That’s the third one since we’ve been married,” Liz complained.
“I know honey, and I’m sorry for it, but I have been planning this one for months and I have to go. This is the last one for a long time. A year at least.”
“That’s what you said last time. I don’t mind that you go, it’s just that I have no way to occupy my time while your gone. The only people there are to talk to are the servants.”
“Why don’t you have Maria over. You haven’t seen her since our wedding day.”
“Yes, but what about the other day’s. I get lonely when there is no one here.”
“Oh, your talking about the sex.” Liz didn’t say anything. She wasn’t anywhere near talking about that. She didn’t even enjoy the sex but she nodding anyway to keep from arguing anymore. “I’ll be gone for only a week, you shouldn’t grow to lonely in bed. When I get back we need to start concentrating on having a child so I can pass on the family business.”
“And what is the family business, may I ask?” We’ve been married almost four months and I still have no idea what it is you do at sea.”
“I will tell you when I know that I can trust you.”
“Trust me! I’ve known you since I was ten and you still don’t trust me!”
“Yes, but I have only known you as a wife for four months. There is a difference you know. I have to go now, I will see you in a week.” And with that he walked out the bedroom door.
“I don’t even want kids now,” Liz said stubbornly. “And your not good in bed!” Liz yelled at the door.
“Well, I know we’re close but I didn’t know you wanted us to start sleeping together,” she heard Alex say from the other side of the door. She went and opened the door for him and she hugged him with all her strength. She felt his arms close around her and she snuggled against his warm body. When she pulled back he looked at her confusingly.
“Can you take me to my old house. I need to visit some people today.”


“Ralph, get me my sword!” Max yelled. His ship was under attack and they had no choice but to fight back. He knew who it was too. It was Sean and one of his other ships. He owned both ships but the one that Max was on held the money that wasn’t his. They were shipping it off to America and since the money wasn’t his, he wanted it. He had one of his other ships attack this one and he planned to steal the money that was on it. It wasn’t real money of course, but a lot of trade materials that would make any man rich if he sold them to the right people. So Sean planned to steal the materials and sell them himself. That was how all the pirates made their money. Yes, that’s right, Sean was a pirate. He wasn’t a full time one, with what being married and all, but that was how he earned his money.
“So Max we meet again,” he heard Sean’s voice drawl behind him.
“Hello Sean,” Max said turning to face him, “I’m surprised that you would actually want to do the dirty work.”
“Oh yes, this is the best part.”
“I always knew that you like to kill but I didn’t realize how much.”
“You know me well, Max.”
“Well, we did grow up together.”
“Aye we did. Even though that was over four years ago I’m surprised that you still hold that grudge against me.”
“Well, you did steal my own father from me. He always liked you best, even after you did find out what he did.”
“A little selfish are we. Can’t stand that you were never daddy’s little boy. A little childish, isn’t it?”
“You know what, I’m done talking to you. Let’s just do this once and for all.” Sean swung the sword at Max’s head which he quickly ducked. They raised their swords against each other and they began to fight. They were both excellent sword fighters, Sean having the brains, but Max having the pure skill and strength. Max hit Sean’s arm which immediately began to bleed. After that Sean looked at Max with such fury in his eyes that he looked like he would catch the whole ship on fire. After a few more hits, Max lost his balance and was stabbed in the right leg by Sean.
“Ahhh! Shit, holy shit! Mother fucker!” Max’s body filled with pain, his leg, feeling numb, started to bleed really bad.
“Captain, the stuffs loaded, we’re ready to go!” he heard someone call for Sean and he heard Sean leave but all he could see was blackness. He had shut his eyes to world to try and shut out the pain the now coursed through his veins. I kill him, Max swore to himself, I will kill that good for nothing bastard.