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Author: JBehrsGurl
Title: Just Emotions
E-mail: swtlatinakisses⊕
Rating: R for language
Category: M/L a little AU but mostly CC
Summary: Okay, so lets say that the pod squad DID leave earth… And Two years later, they come back… Can things go back to normal?
Disclaimer: None of the songs are mine, none of the characters except for Midea! Are mine. After a song is posted I will have a small caption stating the singer and title of the song as well has what CrashDown it’s on… e.g.: (Emotion [#10], By Destiny’s Child - Survivor)

Link to Ch. 1-13: JE

Ch. 14
The Beginning of The End
Isabel’s POV

I love how Alex and I can go back to being lovers again. I love how he holds my hand tight as if he’s never going to let go. I love how he keeps glancing at me whenever he can. I love everything about this man. My Alex. My baby. My love. I love him.

Am I sappy or what?

I kiss Alex’s soft cheek and smile at him. His profile a bit different than I remember from before. His face seems more rugged, as if from lack of sleep. His nose prominent and his eyes gentle. His chin was a bit fuzzier than I remember, I grinned and swiped my palm against his chin, erasing the stubble that grew.

“You don’t think it makes me look sexy?” He teased rubbing a hand over the now smooth skin.

I laughed and kissed his lips, “Oh Alex, everything about you is sexy. Just the way you are.” Never had I felt so consumed by happiness, and frankly it was a bit scary. It was as if I was becoming emotionally and physically attached to Alex.

But then again… Isn’t that what loves all about?

Now glancing towards the back in Alex’s rearview mirror I saw a quiet and lost in though Midea.

Midea seemed lost in wonder of her new surroundings. No longer could she use her powers freely and no longer would she be in pain. Pain from a man who was greedier than the Grinch. I look behind me to see two lovers reunited. I look to my left to see Alex, my love, smiling happily as he drives us home.


How wonderful it finally sounds. How wonderful it is to actually call earth home. Where I live is of no importance to me as of now. As long as I’m with Alex I feel I can conquer any obstacle ahead of me.

Nothing could stop me now, I would wait a while longer.


I will have my revenge…


*Special Unit Watchers*

“Units have been spotted leaving target and heading towards California.”


“Affirmative, I see them heading my way.”


“Units on the move, one gray Navigator and one red Firebird trailing.”


“I’ve got target on lock. Fire?”


“Do not fire, I repeat do not fire.”


“One unit appears to have been left behind sir.”


“What? How? Give me visual McCarney.”


“I see something…”


“What is it?”




“We’ve lost visual sir, Target is on pursuit.”


“Where is McCarney?”




“Yes McCarney! Where is McCarney GOT DAMMIT!”


“McCarney’s… dead sir. Oh God!”


“Yolander! Yolander do you copy?!”




“Yolander! Yolander is that you? Speak now or I will fire! I will fire!”


*Gun Shots Fired*

BoOm! BoOm! BoOm! BoOm! BoOm! BoOm! BoOm!






How Max managed to change the subject of that mark on his arm is beyond me. I can’t even remember if I even saw anything. One second I see a tattoo on him, the next his lips are on mine and… Well, now he’s sleeping. I’m not threw with that issue yet, we will get to that later.

First I’d like to just set the record straight before someone here catches a hot one. (By “hot one” I mean a sock in the face… Subtle –yes. I know, can you see my smirk?) I took Max back. Yes. I know I should have made him grovel for a lot longer than I did. I in fact intended on never getting back with him, even if the world population were to become extinct and Max and I were to repopulate this forsaken planet called earth; I still wanted no interaction with this asshole.

Now. Enter Max. Enter all the past memories I have of him. Insert all the pain and tears that were shed. Every sleepless night I’ve had since he left. The hole in my heart, the loneliness. I never thought I’d ever see his face again, feel his sweet lips against mine. His hard chest against mine, his warm amber eyes burning into mine seeing into my soul. A bit extreme I know I must sound like an idiot. But let us put you in my situation. Okay. Are you there yet?

Now lets set Max Evans in front of you, right at the exact moment all the passionate memories come flooding through you like lighting. And then lets have you there while he takes your hand and whispers forever. Let’s have you there listening to this man express his utter devotion, his life, and his pain… Let’s have you try and turn him away then.

You DID push him away after all. Let us not forget this now. You were there the day Future Max came and told you… told you all that fucking bull shit stuff. Now remember you made Max think you slept with Kyle. So now Max thinks he’s lost you. Granted this does NOT mean he can go running into the open arms of one particular Tess Harding but he was weak and he was sad and the bitch has powers of mind manipulation.

BoOm! BoOm! BoOm! BoOm! BoOm! BoOm! BoOm!

What the fuck was that?

I know it’s not my imagination. I heard it. I know I did.

“Max?” I say shaking him awake. “Max. Max! MAX!” I scream.

“Hmmm?” He groans, “What is it?”

“Max I heard something.” I whisper cuddling into him scared. –Hey, I’m a girl. What do you expect?

“Liz? Baby what’d you hear?” He says wrapping me in his arms, his voice groggily with sleep deprivation.

I almost felt like telling him to go back to sleep. I mean he had been through hell and he definitely needed the rest… I said ALMOST.

“Max I heard gunshots.” I say.

“What?!” He sits up at once. “Where? How long ago? How many shots were fired? In what direction did you hear this from?” He bombards me with questions.

“That way.” I point behind him, “I heard 7 shots. South direction. I’m scared. You’re my fiancé. Hold me.” I say grabbing his torso and holding on for dear life.

I don’t wanna die. I mean, what if the FBI or something is coming? What if aliens followed them home and want us all dead? I just got Max back into my life. There is so much we have to talk about. I want children. I want a life. I want love.

“It’s okay Liz. I won’t anything happen to you I promise okay?” He takes my face in his hands and kisses my lips gently.

This only HALF eases my worries.

Because now I’m terrified when I look ahead and I don’t see the Navigator…

a/n: How was that?

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