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Title: Crazy
Category: Odd-fic, slight AU.
Summary: Alex is dead. Tess has just died in the military base explosion. Prophecy time. Disclaimer: Prologue inspired from the season premiere of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Several quotes taken from that episode. This is not, I repeat NOT a crossover.


She sat in the middle of the dark room, rocking back and forth wrapped up into a small ball. She shook her head as she muttered to herself. A voice came from behind her and she quickly covered her ears to block it.

The voice spoke full of amusement, “It’s no use Lizzie, I’m not leaving anytime soon.” The image of Nicholas appeared behind her, his young teenage face smiling. “I’m not that easy to get rid of. You can’t even begin to comprehend how. . . “

The figure transformed into Tess Harding, the deceased alien queen. She shook her head, blonde curls flying, her blue eyes were cold and distant. “. . . how impossible that task would be. You think that this is ending? It’s just beginning. I’m something that you’ve never seen before. I’m. . .”

Tess sat down on a chair and held her hands out, transforming into a red haired, black eyed woman. The woman only known as Serena, and she was holding baby Zan in her arms. “. . .I’m more than flesh,” she cooed to the baby Zan but the comment was directed towards Liz, “I’m more than blood. I’m. . .”

Serena and baby Zan then transformed into Pierce, an FBI agent, complete with suit and badge. “. . .I’m something you can’t possibly dream about. People will be saying my name on their lips,” he smiles a wicked smile, kneeling down towards Liz, “assuming that they haven’t already been torn off.”

Pierce stood back up and transformed into Nasedo, the alien’s past shapeshifter. “But not just yet. I can be patient. You’re right where I want you. Everything is almost ready.”

Nasedo walked around Liz in a complete circle, transforming into Kathleen Toposkly. “You make me sick Elizabeth. Always trying to do the right thing, just like them. Right from the beginning, so. . .”

Kathleen sat down directly in front of Liz, transforming into Hank Guerin, Michael’s old foster parent. “. . . so that‘s where we‘re going to go. The beginning. Before the bang. Before the word. The true beginning. When are you going to realize. . .”

Hank knelt in front of her and smiled, transforming into Alex Whitman, her best friend. Liz whimpered as Alex knelt in front of her, a smirk on his face. It wasn’t Alex, but it looked just like him. This is wrong, she thought as she whimpered again. “. . .realize, it’s not about right. It’s not about wrong.”

Alex reached out a hand towards Liz and titled her chin up, connecting his blue eyes with her. He transformed the moment they touched and Liz found herself staring into the eyes of the man she loved. The most beautiful eyes she’d ever seen. Amber and gold. She was staring at Max.

Max had a small smile on his face as Liz’s eyes widened. He leaned closer until their lips were an inch away from touching. “It’s about power,” he whispered before he kissed her hard on the lips. Liz whimpered as this THING kissed her.

It pulled away from her and licked his lips, smiling like a Cheshire cat. “It’s always about power,” he repeated again as he faded away.


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Thanks everyone for the feedback! It gives me those nice feelings inside-

IMPORTANT Author’s Note: The content of this story deals slightly with God. Please nobody get offended, it was just some Crazy idea that popped into my head. I need to drink less caffeine.

So if you want to stop now, STOP NOW!

>Crazy 1

a week earlier

Liz stared at the flames of the military base, as they flew up into the air shaped as a dome. The sky was lit so that she could see each and every star illuminated in the sky. Tess was dead. And she didn’t feel any sympathy. Maybe, a time before this she might have, when Alex was alive, but Tess didn’t deserve any sympathy now.

She slowly turned the key to the ignition and listened as the engine started. Every time we kissed, every time we touched, he was thinking about you Liz. She shifted the car into reverse and backed out of the quarry, driving away from the explosion.

The FBI would leave them alone now. They had the alien they wanted. They could all go back to their normal lives. Well, as normal as it could get. She drove towards Isabel and Jessie’s apartment, the place where everyone would be. She couldn’t help feeling. . .unsettled.

She drove out onto the paved road and scanned the road for a signs of people of animals. Her mind was cartwheeling in circles and it wouldn’t stop. She needed to stop thinking about everything. Stop thinking about Max being a King, stop thinking about the Skins and Khivar, stop thinking about Max’s son. Everything.

Yet, when she attempted to do that, she thought mostly about Alex. She missed him. Intensely. In reality he’d only be gone for a couple of months, but it felt like it had been a lifetime since she saw him. She missed his laugh, his offbeat sense of humor, the way his eyes crinkled when he laughed. But, mostly she missed the way his eyes would twinkle whenever he was happy.

Her heart skipped a beat as she saw a small animal run out on the road. She slammed hard on the brakes and her body slid forward but was stopped by her seatbelt. She stared out through the hair covering her eyes as she scanned the road for any sign of the animal. She pulled to the side of the road and unbuckled her seatbelt, stepping out the car. She hoped the animal was alright.

She left the headlights on for light and she searched the road for the animal. She finally spotted it on the side of the road in a bush, hanging limply. It was a cat. A calico it appeared. She loved cats. She gingerly picked it up, careful to support it’s head. The cat meowed a small one and she held it closer to her chest as she felt the pain for the cat. It didn’t deserve to die. Alex didn’t deserve to die.

She hummed a little song under her breath as the wind blew through the desert. The cat meowed again and she placed it on the ground, wanting to give it a proper burial.

To her surprise, the cat jumped out of her hands and hissed, running across the road. The cat looked healthy, like it had never been run over. She looked down at her blood covered hands and shirt and she carefully got up. She felt an impulse to walk out in the desert more and she dropped her hands to her side, stepping over the splattered blood of the cat.

She walked for a minute until she couldn’t see her car anymore.

“Crazy,” she hummed under her breath as she followed the north star, “when I’m awfully lone.” Her blood-soaked shirt and hands were drying in the warm desert night. “And the world is cold,” she hummed again. The moon shined down upon her making her illuminate. She wiped at her shirt in an attempt to remove the stain but it didn’t work. Oh, well she thought as she continued walking through the New Mexican desert.

She walked and walked and walked, out into nothing. And her mind was still whirling. Still humming her song, she knelt down underneath the shading of a small cliff. The ground was hard and dirty but she couldn’t feel it. She was so tired. . .

and she slept. And slept. And the coyotes howled towards the full moon and in the distance, the moon looked down upon her. And for a moment, it looked as if the moon winked at her.

And she slept.


Across the stars, a room was full of many people, discussing many things. But the room was silent.

Every head turned towards the open window above the room at the same time. The stars that looked down upon them were winking at them. This wasn’t good.

He was sitting at the head of the table, and tried to calm them down. Once they were calm, he told them that it was true. The signs were correct, it had started. He wanted everyone to go back to their homes and warn their people. The prophecy was true, trouble was ahead.

What are we going to do, someone asked. He shook his head, glancing quickly at the stars again. What we have to do, he replied. We’ve been waiting from the beginning. We’ve been preparing for all our lives. This is our day.

Everyone silently nodded and stood up, leaving quickly. They had families, their people to go home to. He had no doubt that there would be chaos. He sighed as he rubbed his eyes. Why did this have to happen now? Just when we were united. We’re not ready, it’s too strong.

He had hoped with everything he was that the prophecy wasn’t true, that there was something they could do. But, in the end it was futile. The prophecy would be fulfilled and there would be a very thin line between winning and losing.

If they lost, it was over. Everything. Nothing would exist except space. The entire universe would be a big black hole, sucking everything in and letting nothing out. Antar would do that. It was that powerful. And that pissed off.

He stared once again at the harmless looking stars where trillions of creatures lived. No matter how hard life got he didn’t want it to end.

They had prepared for this myth their entire creation. But, the chances for winning were slim to none. Antar had lived before them. It had lived before everything. For, yes, God created life.

But Antar created God.


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Sorry I've been gone, but I'm back with a new part. I probably won't be updating really quickly because I'm swampped(sp?) with school crap.

>Crazy 2

The apartment shook and Max woke up at once, his mind foggy. Zan was crying and it felt like there was an earthquake. He got out of bed and checked in on Zan, who was just laying there, crying. He picked him up and rubbed his back gently, and slowly but surely Zan crept back into sleep.

He rubbed his eyes wearily, sleep, now that’s something I haven’t seen in a while. Stepping out of the guest room, he closed the door softly. Maria, Michael, Kyle and Liz were sleeping in the living room. He walked over to Liz to talk to her about the Tess thing. Liz voted no, not to send Tess in. And Max had voted no also. Not because he felt sorry for her, but because he knew how it was in those ‘rooms’. He could still see the white walls, the instruments, and he could still smell the sterile smell.

He knelt down to the couch and leaned over to wake up Liz.

Only she wasn’t there.

He jumped back up and searched through the entire house, waking up Maria in the process. Once he realized Tess was gone too, he wasn’t so happy. What if Tess hurt Liz? What if they were duking it out somewhere, using their alien powers?

“Max, what are you doing up?” Maria said with a yawn. She looked over at the clock on the table, “It’s only 4:15.”

Max grabbed his jacket next to the front door, “Liz and Tess are missing.”

“WHAT?” Maria shrieked. Michael’s head shot up during Maria’s shriek and he looked around, suspiciously, his hand held out in the air. “What’s wrong Maxwell?” he asked.

Max reached for the front door, “Liz and Tess are gone, wake up everyone, we need to find them.”

Michael just nodded and he and Maria got up and went off to wake everyone. When it was Maria’s turn to wake Kyle, she knelt beside him and shook him. “Kyle, wake up.”

Kyle turned over on his back, “Dad, five more minutes.” Maria shook him even more, “Kyle, wake up doofus.” Kyle just turned on his stomach and yawned, “The words make sense, but I can‘t speak.” Maria was confused at his last comment but ignored it. She gave up and just kicked Kyle on the butt and he finally awoke. “What?”

“Liz and Tess are missing and we need to find them, get your ass up,” Maria said and she walked back over to Michael. Kyle reluctantly got up and everyone left, heading in different directions. Maria, Michael and Kyle went in the Jetta and Jessie and Jim went in his squad car. Isabel stayed with Zan and watched the apartment in case Liz and Tess came back.

Maria, Michael and Kyle headed towards the desert, while Max went towards the pod chamber. Jesse and Sheriff headed towards the Crashdown.

Max drove through the quiet streets of Roswell, the top off his dad’s car and the cool wind flew through his hair. He was going crazy with worry over Liz. Where was she? What if she was hurt, or worse. . . dead. No, he chided himself, she can’t be dead because if she was dead, he would feel it.

Because he’d be dead too.

It amazed him how much he loved her. How he woke up, her name on his lips, how he went to sleep, her face invading his vision, how every waking moment she was all he wanted. And he messed up, he knew that. No amount of apologizing would cover for the fact that he slept with Tess.

And still through everything, she still stayed by his side. That just made him love her even more. His ears perked up when he heard a soft humming in the night. He slowly stopped the car on the side of the road in the desert and listened.

“Mmmhmmm, hmmhmmhmmhmm,” the humming carried through the wind towards his ears. Where was it coming from? He looked around him but saw nothing. After a moment, he started the car again and drove some ways forward, and that’s when he saw it.

His jeep. With it’s headlights still on.

He drove his car towards it and searched inside for any sign of Liz. No one was nearby. He almost tripped on a rock when he saw the blood. There was a lot. It was all in a puddle near the foot of the jeep. Was it Liz’s blood?

He leaned closer and touched it. That’s when he was hit with the flashes that invaded his every sense.

Two eyes, low to the ground, hissing as the wheels to a car hit it. It fell to the side, limping, waiting for the inevitable death. The sound of a car door opening traveled to its ears and the sight of two feet appeared. It lay silently as the person approached it and gingerly picked it up. The sound of soft humming filled the night and it started to tingle. The tingling spread throughout it’s entirely body and then. . . no pain. It jumped out of the girl’s arms and hissed before running down the road.

Max blinked quickly when the flash was over. If he wasn’t mistaken, he had seen through the animal’s eyes. He sighed in relief that the blood wasn’t Liz’s. Then he paled in surprise. Sure, he knew that Liz had received powers somehow, but she could heal? That was big.

He turned his head suddenly when he heard the faint humming again. What was that? Waving his hand slightly over the blood, it vanished. He also turned off the lights on his jeep with a wave of his hand. Grabbing his cellphone, he dialed the number to Maria’s and waited for her to pick up.


“Max, is that you?”

“Yeah, listen, I found my jeep and Liz is here.”

“Where are you?”

“I’m in the desert, near the pod chamber. My car and the jeep are parked out here, so just look for that. I think that Liz is somewhere in the desert.”

“Ok, we’re heading there right now.”

“Oh, and call Jim and Jessie and tell them too.”

“Ok, bye Max.”

Max hung up the phone and listened closely for that faint humming. When he heard it again, he started to walk in that direction, following it with his ears. The desert was dry and the full moon above lit his path.

He wasn’t sure how long he walked, but he lost sight of his car and was surrounded only by the few desert rocks. He had never traveled this far. The pod chamber was closer walking distance. The humming grew louder as he got closer to a particular rock. Who was humming?

Liz. He spotted her sleeping comfortably under the roof of the rock, humming softly under her breath. He crouched down beside her and lovingly brushed a hair off her face. She was so beautiful when she slept. No worries, no problems. She looked peaceful. Again he was reminded how she would look like this all the time if he never interfered in her life.

He leaned down and gently kissed Liz on her forehead. Liz turned slightly unto Max’s hand which was rested on her cheek. She breathed in deeply and sighed as she smelled the smell only Max had. Max’s heartbeat quickened as he saw Liz lick her lips.

The moonlight was shining directly on Liz, making her look ethereal. She shivered in her sleep and he quickly took off his jacket and placed it on her. “Liz,” he whispered to her like a pray. She sighed again and moved closer to Max. He smiled. Even in her sleep, she yearned for him.

He didn’t want to wake her, so he lay down beside her, trying to keep her warm. Liz, sensing that he was near, pulled his arm underneath her head and lay her head on his chest, also entwining their legs together. All in all, they were practically molded together.

His heartbeat quickened even more and he grew dizzy as her soft scent filled his body. He breathed deeply in her hair, and the strawberry vanilla smell proved to be heaven for him. Stroking her side slowly with one hand and running his hand through her hair with his others, Liz was practically purring.

He looked up at the stars, which shone to the side of the cliff. They seemed brighter tonight, more alive. His eyelids slowly grew heavier and heavier and he found himself drifting to sleep. He felt different. He had Liz, his love by his side and in that moment, that was all that mattered.


Maria closed her cellphone after he conversation with Max and turned to Michael. “He’s in the desert, near the pod chamber. He thinks that Liz is somewhere in the desert.”

Michael nodded and looked behind his shoulder before doing a U-turn. Maria stared ahead, out the window as Kyle talked to Michael about mindless things, no doubt trying to talk his mind off Tess and everything.

“Hey, you ok?” Michael asked her, a concerned look on his face. Maria didn’t even had the strength to act surprised. She just nodded and looked away, “Yeah, I’m fine.”

She shivered as the car grew cold. Turning the heater on the car up, she felt Kyle kick her seat from behind. “Kyle, now it not the time for games.”

The kicking stopped and Maria finally spied the jeep. “Michael, stop, there it is!”

She felt another kick on her seat and she turned around, an angry expression on her face, “Kyle, stop it or I’ll-,”. She froze as she saw him.

“Kyle?” she called in a small voice.


Isabel sat in the rocking chair, rocking Zan slowly in her arms. He was asleep. She looked down at his adorable face and was amazed that something so beautiful could come from some so ugly as Tess.

“Tess is gone.”

Isabel didn’t even have to turn around to recognize the voice. She knew who it was. She could never forget. She smiled and closed her eyes, savoring the sound but continued rocking Zan in her arms. “You’re back.”

“I never left.”

She turned her chair and Alex was there, sitting on a stool next to the counter. She was reminded of all the times she saw him doing that in the Crashdown, back when he was in love with her. Back when things were normal.

“I know,” she said. Alex smiled at her, his boyish smile warming her heart.

“Tess is gone,” he repeated.

“I know,” Isabel replied. “She left with Liz.”

Alex stood up, “No Isabel, Tess is gone. She’s dead.”

Isabel’s smile faded and she looked up at Alex, “She is?”

Alex just nodded, “Isabel, you have to be prepared. It’s started.”

Isabel just looked at him confused as he stared longingly at the baby. “You know, you look so beautiful with that baby in your arms. You would have made a great mother.”

Isabel lowered her head, tears gathering in her eyes. “I miss you Alex,” she whispered.

Alex nodded, “I know Iz, I miss you too.”

Isabel stopped rocking, “Why did you have to leave me?”

Alex sighed and ran his hands through his hair. “I had to Isabel. It was all planned.”

“Planned? But, Tess killed you. How was it planned?”

“Isabel,” Alex said softly, walking towards her and fingering her short brown hair, “I can’t tell you now. It’s too soon. It’s too dangerous. All you need to know is that it’s started. You need to be prepared. Watch over your friends, they’re important.”

Alex turned back around and walked back towards the counter. “Tell Liz and Maria if you ever have the chance that I miss them and love them.”

Isabel sighed, “Why can’t you tell them?”

Alex wrung his hands together, “They wouldn’t understand. They aren’t ready for that step. They wouldn’t have the strength to believe.” He turned back to her, a slight smile on his face, “You’re so strong Iz, you can handle this. I believe in you. I always have.”

Isabel’s throat choked with emotion as she searched Alex’s face. “Will you come back? Or is this it?”

Alex sighed, “I don’t know.”

He smiled once more at her and she was once again reminded of that boy named Alex Whitman. “I love you Isabel Evans.”

Isabel smiled at his words, “I love you Alex Whitman.”

She peered down at baby Zan again and he cooed in his sleep. She looked up and Alex was gone. She knew he would be.