Author: Donnie/Faith
Disclamier: I do not own roswell or its charcters
Summary: Liz Leaves roswell 6 years later she returns on count of her father, a new women, and her scars are shown to the ones she called family, can she heal, or is the new Liz for good?
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AUTHORS NOTE- """ The first partis teh only part, that is not LIz's POV. I think, lol"""

~New York~

She had a brisk walk through the city, her black high heeled boots cutting through the ground, her hair was beautifully messy, and her black long fur coat swayed open as she hurried through the doors to her office building.

She took the elevator up to the top floor, and tapped her secatary on the shoulder, and pointed to her stack of messages, before grabbing them, and heading to her own office.

The back wall, was glass, a window over looking everything in the city, her desk was big round, metal and glass, with a space for her in the middle, the chair was plush and fine black leather, the black Italian leather couch matched perfectly. There were no pictures, floors, nothing that would tell u about the person that spent long hours in that very office.

Her manicured fingers went over the messages, until she came to one, that her eyes lingered on, and grew even colder at, if that was possible. She threw it to one side of the desk, and there it remained for the next 6 hours until finally at 1:00 before she went out for lunch she looked over at it, and picked up the phone.

Dialing the number wrong three times, and then finally getting it right, she waited, and waited, until a voice that was unexpected picked up. The voice on the other end was warm and friendly, which seemed to echo inside the walls of her dleicate ears.

“Hello, this is Elizabeth, I received a message, from my mother, about my father, Maria, do u know what this is about?”

She had not talked to anyone in Roswell for 6 years, and in that six years while her looks had not faded a bit, she was much older then 24.b The day she left was still vidid in her meomires, and the reason as well.

“Lizzie is that you? You sound so different, yes im afraid there is something the matter with your father he suffered a mild heart attack, but he has stabilized a lot over the last 24, hours and is out of ICU..

“Oh, well then there is no reason for me to come to Roswell then.”

“Of course there is, im sure your father would love to see u, and your mother as well Liz, it has been six years, and u never told anyone why you left, in the first place god dammit!”

“Maria, I go by Elizabeth now, and stop being so dramatic, I will be in Roswell with two days. I assume the Crashdown is still open?”

“Yes” Maria grunted out, her anger held back.
“Alright then.”

The phone was dropped back in its cradle, and Elizabeth went back to work, staying until 3 in the morning to finish all of the work for tomorrow, as well, and she would still take at the least 5 hours of work with her. On her trip to Roswell. She slipped out if the building and hailed a cab.

She looked up at her apartment building, it was tall and gleamed, down at her, with the shine of all 56 floors of plush apartments. Her sat at the very top. She walked in the building, greeted the door man with a look, and headed up to her, penthouse. The floors were marble, and the walls a stark white, this was the house of a bachelorette, at the peek of her career.


“I herd from Liz today Michael”

“Oh really? When? What did she say?”

“Earlier, she got the message about her dad, but got Michael she was so cold, she was a hell of a lot worse the Isabel was. She did not even want to come, at first, and oh yea, She goes by Elizabeth now. But she is coming in two today’s.”

“Well, we will just have to wait and see what happens not wont we?”

~ Two days later, the Airport~

Her plane landed, and she woke form the light sleep that had overtaken her, for the last 15 minutes, the rest of the flight she had been working, she was the youngest, Junior Partner at the office, and the only women also.

But now as she looked around the airport and out the windows and saw what was so familiar to her once, she gave a slight shudder as she remembered the old Liz Parker.

No one noticed the silent tear that trailed down her cheek as she walked, but almost everyone noticed her, she was an enigma to the people in the airport, she walked with elegance and grace, but everything about her was ice. Her now jet black hair, was cut in sharply and straight, as were her bangs, giving her Chinese looking hair. Her eyes were lined in deep black eyeliner, and her lips were a perfect.

Her long black fur coat, flew open revealing, a sheer black gucci tonic shirt, and a ultra mini black lace skirt, with high black knee length boots. She glided into her lack stretch limo, and it speed to her old home, and her new hell.