My Loss
Rating: R
Summary: Isabel goes for a walk in the grave yard and the truth comes out.
Authors Note: I usually write M/L fics but I figured I would write an A/I fic this fic takes place after the last eppy of the 2nd know the one where Tess goes back to their planet. I had to write this, its a semi POV fic but not totally. This is not a real happy ending fic its probably gonna be my only one ending like this. Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much. And now, on with the fic...

Isabel walked through the graveyard she was alone as she always was with one destination in mind, Alex's grave. She hadn't meant to come here but she NEEDED this. She needed to talk to him, it may be the last time she would be able to.
She found his grave and walked over to it, she pulled the 5 different candles out of her backpack and lit them. She got in a comfortable position.
"Well, I guess I should begin with why I am here." She said nervously.
There was no response.
"Tess killed you. I found that out today. I stayed Alex, I stayed here. I am not sure why but I found out that if I went home I would have instantly been killed. I'm not sure what's worse. Living with no heart or soul or dieing so I could at least be with you. Probably death because then I would be with you, but then I wouldn't have my friends who care for me." She paused.
"The truth is Alex, I-I just can't be, I lost you, I lost my soulmate." That is when the tears came, they instantly rolled down her cheeks. "What I don't get is how she could have done this, how that little bitch could have taken the only thing that meant the world to me, she took it and it wasn't even hers!" Isabel took a deep breathe to try and regain her composer, but failed. "You were mine Alex! I don't have you anymore. You know the thing that sucks the most. Max has Liz, he went home with her and I could only 'guess' what they are doing. Michael has Maria, Kyle is alone but its not like he minds. But I do." A sob escaped her lips.
"I need you Alex just like I need to air to breathe..." She trailed off unable to continue. Thats when she found the hand on her shoulder. She turned around to see Alex's beautiful eyes staring at her with concern."Isabel." Was all he could manage to say. He pulled her up to him and kissed her with all the intensity possible.
"No." She said weakly, "your not real, atleast not yet."
"What do you mean?" Alex asked.
"I'm not gonna live anymore Alex."
"Isabel no! You need to live." Alex said.
"I can't not without you." Isabel said more tears spilling down her cheeks.
He hugged her to him. "I have already consumed the drug." She said.
"You did what?" Alex asked in shock.
"I don't feel so good." She said sinking down to the ground.
Alex crouched next to her shouting "Isabel! Isabel!" Isabels eyes drifted close.

Isabel opened her eyes and stood up, she saw Alex! "ALEX!" She cried and hugged him.
"Isabel how could you do that? Why?"
"I needed you. Your worth anything Alex, everything." She looked down at the ground to she, her, well atleast what was left of her on earth. She had finally found her heart and her soul.
"What about the others?" Alex asked.
"I left them notes, they will understand. They found themselves, I needed to find me; and I have." She answered looking up at him and smiling. They both dissappeared together, for they not only found their hearts and souls, they found each other.
I am sorry this was not a happy fic but I figured if Alex and Isabel couldn't be together in life, they might at least be able to be together in death. They deserved that much! One more thing, I think Alex and Isabel should live on.To all the stargazers, keep writing and believing! Check out my new fics soon to come to this board! Feedback would be great!*bounce*