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Title: Destined to Live, Destined to Save, Destined to Kill, Destined to Die
Rating: R (over all, probably not that abd for this part)
Disclaimer: I own none of Roswell. I do however own all of my original characters.
Summary: It's 30 years in the future. That's all I'm giving you. I'm being elusive like that.

The raves dancefloor coursed with people. People pressed together, dancing dangerously close. People doing flow with glow sticks. All kinds of people. Most of whom were drugged up and liquered up to believe that life was great no matter what.

In this crowd a petite blonde danced with a man. The blonde had blonde hair with a sprinkle of brown here and there. Her eyes were like deep blue puddles, almost entracing. And she was about 17, dancing with a man that looked to be at least 35. When she noticed a nod from one of ehr friends she leaned in and whispered in the man's ear,"It's showtime." She pulled away with a grin and placed his hand on her shoulder as she turned ehr abck to him and began to elad him out of the main part of the warehouse and into one of the attached halls.

As soon as they were out of eyesight the blonde let go of his hand and turned to face him. She handed him a new ID and a few various other papers. "Your new identity," she told him with a broad grin, but still all business tone. "You take this and leave the state. You settle down somewhere. You live the life that you want this man to have."

She then turned her back an started walking towards the doors at the end of the hall. She looked out the windows and spotted his car, his new car. Government issued. "And your rids here, so get going," she reached into her pocket and pulled out the keys.

The man graciosuly accepted them and headed out into the night, into the car, and drove off into the distance. The girl watched with satisfaction as she saved another person.

As she stood watching she suddenly got the intent feeling that smeone was watching her. She focused on the space behind her and saw in her mind a hand reaching out towards her. She stiffened her body ready for attack when she saw a person emerge from the shadows. "Oh Jesus Damian you scared me," she commented without turning around.

Damian chuckled. He'd never get used to that power that she had. "Well, Leena, everything else ahs been taken care of Kevin Harold is officially dead," he stated to her.

"Did it look convincing?" Leena asked him, still nto turning around,"I mean nobody will be on our guys trail anytime soon will they?" She observed Damian shaking his head from behind ehr and smiled. "Good because I think Kevin ahs a chance with the new life we've given him." Yes, they'd saved a man's life by faking his death. All in a day's work for Leena Valenti and her friends, or rather family, since that's what they'd become over the years.

That's all for the first part...the next part will include quite a few flashback scenes to catch everyone up, and fill in some holes...kinda.


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Leena turned to face Damian and he nodded. Sending everyone the telepathic message to get out of there. it was time to go home. Their work was done for tonight. They could go back to being one big dysfunctional extended family.

When Leena could tell that his attention was completely back with her she reached out an took his hand,"Come on big boy," she teased as she began walking out of the building with him. They got into the abck of one of the cars waiting for them outside. Upon quick observation Leena realized they weren't alone. Outside of the government folks Ricky and Marissa were in the car.

"Tonight went well," RIcky commented from his seat. he received a nod of aggrement from everyone in the car.

"If you consider well meaning that we got a dead body from a morge, ripped out it's jaw, replaced it with a copy of some real guys jaw. But the body in the real guys car and blew it up, so he'd look dead and be able to get away well," Marissa said. She had thi way of blending the words of both of her paretns into alarming or disarming statements sometimes. But she was right, that was exactly what we had done. We'd faked a man's death, so that he could go freefrom the people that were after him. So that he could acheive the great things he was meant to achieve. The things we knew he was meant to achieve because Liza can read destinies. So in our book tonight ahd indeed gone well.

"That's what we'd call a good night," Damian reminded her.

Okay, the bantering between all of us will be never ending, so Leena let herself drift away. She tried to think of how this ahd all started. Had it started with their births? Had it started when their parents met eachother? Had it started when a ship crashed many years ago? She guessed the best place to say anything had started though was the beginning. ANd the beginning took place on a far away planet that none of them knew much of. Hybrids of Zan, Rath, Ava, and Vilandra had been created and sent to Earth.

These people, aliens, creatures, whatever you want to call them became Max Evans, Michael Guerin, Tess Harding, and Isabel Evans. As with any good story, romance steps in. And oh the places it can lead you.

Okay, so maybe that was too early. Maybe she should start more recently. So much had apparently happened, but there was some good. Humans had found them out, and as abd as that sounds, it wasn't. They found their soulmates in these humans: Elizabeth Parker, Maria DeLuca, Kyle Valenti, and Alexander Whitman. This happens Sophomore year. Fast forward to Senior Year. And what a year that was. It was the year that tess came between Max and Liz. it was the year that Zan was born. It was the year betrayals were discovered. It was the year they thought Tess had killed herself. it was the year Michael admitted his love for Maria. It was the year that max and Liz got married. ANd it was the year that realy began it all. The year their parents had started running.

"Hello?" Marissa demanded again. Glaring right at Leena, waiting for an answer to the question she'd obviosuly asked.

"What?" Leena asked as she was shaken from her thoughts. What did marissa want?

"I asked if you were okay girl, you sorta zoned out on us," Marissa stated calmly with a smile.

"Oh, yeah, fine," Leena answered,"Just thinking."

"About what?" Ricky asked curiously.

"About it all," was Leena's short reply. One that made little sense to anyone but her.

((This takes place sort of on my own timeline as you'll see, lol. And of course more about hwo they got where they are will be revaeled in later parts.))


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They all filed into the house in their own little groups. Relatives, friends, love interests. Mikayla did her regular ritual. Which emitted a smile from some and an eye roll from some of the less sentimental. There was a picture of their parents all together that hung in the foyer. Mikayla smiled at it and waved. "So another day," she noted to their parents,"Another win for the home team." She kissed her hand and blew it at the picture.

There was some discussion before everyone slowly drifted towards their rooms.

Mikayla made her way to her room slowly. She was always more sluggish on the nights when things were over. It made her think about her family more. As imperfect as it may have been.

She sat down on her bed and picked up the picture on the nightstand. In the picture was everyone in their "family". Her parents, Michael and Maria, Liz and Max, Kyle and Tess, and Alex and Isabel -it may ahve taken a while, but they' all figured it out and eventually more or less mended their relationships-also in the picture were all the children. Leena, Kylie, Marcus, and Malakei: Tess and Kyle's children. Damian and Tristan: Alex and Isabel's children. Rick, Cassandra, and Tristan: Max and Liz's children. And then there was herself and her sisters Marissa and Faith. And last but not least there was Zan.

She felt sorry for him sometimes. He came in late. he knew none of them and he undoubtedly had to feel like an outsider. And he had been thrust into the family even mroe deeply and abruptly when their paretns had died on a case that went horribly long.

She set the picture down and leaned back against her pillows. "I guess I should try and sleep," she muttered to herself. She felt so miserable on these nights. She flicked off the light and tried to go to sleep. "Live in the cloud," she murmured to herself. Something their parents said when things got rough. She didn't understand it, but it made her feel better. She was soon alseep.
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Okay, I know I ahven't been around in forever and I'm super sorry about that, but well life sort of took over. And I'm still in the flashing back point before I can get to the good action stuff that is coming. I'm going to try and mix it in as soon as possible. Just trying to establish a dynamic in the group first though, lol.

Leena arose in the middle of the night and moved down the stairs and into the kitchen, getting herself a glass of water. She ehard sniffling in the next room and walked into seeing Mikayla sitting there, watching her parents wedding video. Maria looked really beutiful that day, belly bulging with Mikayla and all. And she and Michael looked like they were just in heaven they were so happy. She sat down next to Mikayla and smiled softly,"Hey. You doing alright?" Mikayla was the most emotional in the group in the heartfelt area.

"Yeah," Mikayla siad with a nod and a sniffle,"It's just another missions over. At elast when I'm working I feel like I'm doing soemthing. I don't have time to feel empty or feel like an orphan. And it's almost like I'm doing something for them..." She trailed off no sure if she made sense. "She was bueatiful wasn't she?" Mikayla said about her mother in the video.

"Gorgoues," Leena agreed with a nod, wrapping an arm around Mikayla's shoulders. "Just like you." She glanced up at the video just in time to see Michael kiss the bride and then get down on one knee to kiss ehr stomach and his child growing inside. And as he did maria burst into tears. "They loved you so much," Leena said to Mikayla,"So don't ever feel orphaned. They still love you so much. They just love you from somewhere else now."

Mikayla smiled over at Leena,"Thanks." It was her mom Maria who had decided one day that she was sick and tired of running, never settling down. And now she wa pregnant and she couldn't raise a baby in that environment. So without telling anyone she went to the government and turned the aliens in. Only to her surprise that's not waht shew as doing at all. The government ended up offering them all jobs, since their powers could help out. And the people who were always trying to study them were a renegade group of the government. It had always seemed a little too much like Alias, but she figured no one in this situation would be lying. And that's how their parents began working for the FBI. And that's why they as the children continued to carry that torch adn do that job. As return for agreeing to work, the government offered them protection from people who would persecute them, paid for them to stay in their parents house, fairly inconspicuously, and made sure that those that weren't eighteen yet didn't get put into orphanages and seperated from everything they knew. So she didn't see it as a bad trade at all.

"No problem. Anytime," Leena said, giving her a kiss on the forehead,"But now you should try and get some sleep, huh?" She said softly, knowing Mikayla had stayed up pretty late having trouble falling asleep to be up now. Leena finished her water and then reached for the remote, using it to turn off the TV and VCR. "Come on," she said, walking upstairs with Mikayla. "Now you try and sleep. We'll be abck on a case soon adn you'll need it."

Mikayla smiled and nodded,"I'll try. Night." She waved to Leena as she started wlaking down the hall.

Leena waved back over ehr shoulder. This group was a weird one of that she was sure. And their powers weren't as standard as their parents. They'd all gotten freakish variations. Like hers. Leena could see in her minds eye things behind her, or from any angle to her. A strange combobulation of her mother's power of mind warp and father's power of premonition. Apparently he and Liz had manifested the same power, oddly enough. And though like their parents they were at each other's throats a lot, they were still an unbreakable group.
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The next morning Mikayla woke up, not feeling all the rested, but better. She moved downstairs and smiled at Tristan. "Hey," she said as she poured herself a glass of juice and sat down at the kitchen table.

Tristan turned his attnetion to Mikayla. "Sleep well?" he questioned ehr, sitting across from her with his cup of coffee.

"Mmmhmm," Mikayla muttered as she yawned slightly.

"And that'd be a no," Tristan answered, calling her on her lie with a laugh.

"So Iw as thinking about going down and seeing if there were any cases open, or opening," Mikayla stated as she swirled ehr juice,"You want to come with?"

Tristan laughed and shook his head,"I'd rather enjoy my time off. And I think you should too for a change. Don't be so eager to jump back into things."

"What things?" Zan questioned moving into the kitchen. Sometiems he thought it was nice living in this hosue with so many people, but sometiems it irritated him. Mostly because sometimes he felt like everyone fit together so much better than he did. he would always be an outsider. No matter what. He was the only child not from one f the pairs. He was Max and Tess's. And sometimes he would swear the others saw him as expendable because of it.

"Work things," Tristan said, not giving Mikayla a chance to respond.

"Yeah, you should leave it be. Don't you find it a little unhealthy that you're always rushing off to the next case? Do you think you should just be able to be alone with yourself? Or just be in general without one?" Zan questioned her.

Maybe he was right. But she didn't want to pretend he was. She didn't want to say that anythign was wrong with her. Because nothing was. Absolutely nothing. But his words still cut like a knife. "You just don't understand," she said softly, averting ehr eyes to look at the floor. This was the only way she could be close to ehr parents. Maybe that wasn't important to him but it was to her. She sighed, taking in a shaky breath and then looked up,"So I'm gonna go get ready and if anyone wants to come with me, feel free."

As Mikayla walked out, Tristan looked at Zan. "What's your problem man?" he asked him. He knew Zan didn't eman anything by it, but he also knew that veryone knew how delicate Mikayla was. She was very emotional. And honestly, he hated to see her upset.

Mikayla walked out of the house about an hour later with her sister Faith.

"So what's the deal?" Faith asked abruptly as they made their way to Mikayla's car.

"What do you mean?" Mikayla asked her confused.

"Why do you really want to get out of the house? Zan giving you problems? Tristan wiggign you out? Wann hit on that new hot guy in evidence?" Faith raised her eyebrows suggestively as she drew out her voice, making it more sexy for the last question.

"No, no, and no," Mikayla answered simply as she began the short drive to the FBI building. "I just wanna see if there's a new case."

"If you say so," Faith said, raising ehr hands in defeat. She wasn't going to push the issue,"But I think there's more going on. And usually when you act weird it's because that jerk Zan's ran his mouth to you."

Mikayla refused to respond and the rest of the trip passed in silence. When they reached the building and got inside Faith looked to her sister. "The reason I came was to give you someone to talk to, but since you don't want to talk and don't want the evidence man, you'll know where I'll be."

Mikayla rolled ehr eyes slightly as her sister moved away. "Figures." She made her way to her superior's office and was about to knock when she heard voices on the other side. She moved to wait until whoever it was emerged when the words caught her attention.

"Why don't we know anything else about them yet?" she heard a superior ask another man they usually worked with,"Don't their powers grow?"

"We haven't been able to study them recently," the other man answered,"If we keep things quiet we can't exactly go around autopsying them. But we've gotten all the information we can from their DNA and close contact."

Mikayla's eyes widened and her rbeath caught in ehr throat. What was she hearing? Was everything they'd told her a lie?

"Then maybe oen of them should go missing," the first speaker suggested more as a command to the second.

"But it won't be easy. And it'll be wholly tracable by the others," the second man answered,"It's too risky. They have powers. Maybe stronger than they tell us. There's no way we can pull it off."

"Powers that we know about. We know what they are. And we'll find out how to fight them," the first man answered,"Just get it done. We need more information."

Mikayla's eyes widened. This couldn't be true could it. She ehard the footsteps moving to the door and couldn't bear getting caught. She hurried down the hall and then made ehrself invisible. Her father could blow thigns up. Mikayla could blow her own particles away from eachother to make herself into so many small parts that no one could see her. She knew where she was going. To a room she spent minimal time in. One that she believed held the truth. One that held some things she'd never seen before, let alone read. Her parents diaries in the evidence locker that held all the info on their parents' death. In the evidence room.