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Here I am, starting a new fic. If you read "The Club", don't worry, a new part is coming. I just had to get rid of this. I've had it for a while and I am feeling gutsy, so I decided to post it.

Category: A/U, C/C (mostly).
Rating: NC-17 (just in case.)
Disclaimer: Dont own nothing!!!!!!!!
Summary: Well Tess is in this fic, but not for long, I assure you...So please don't leave. Basically Tess is murdered and the killer has not been found.
I want this to be a mystery-like fic, so you have to try and figure out who the killer is.
I have never wrote a fic like this before, so I may not be very good, but I am trying.

Author's Note: Due to the recent plagirisim (sp?) This idea is loosley based on the movie "Gossip", but the story-line is very different. There is a reference to a rumor that goes bad, but that's all there is to compare. I'm just trying to be safe.

The beginning takes place in court, it is Liz's testimony, but it will go back into the past as the events unfold.
I don't know shit about court, so if it seems unrealistic, sue me. (Pun intended.) Ha ha!!!!!
I know that Roswell probably does not have a big court system to handle a murder case, but it's my story.

So enjoy and let me know what you think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Present Day

The only courthouse in Roswell, New Mexico was filled to capacity. People who had known each other for most of their lives and people who barely knew each other were in attendance. But they were all there for the same thing. Justice.

Outside, it was well over 100 degrees and the occupants of the courthouse all had, at one point, silently thanked God that there was air conditioning inside. But even the air conditioning did not erase the stuffiness that filled the room. A stuffiness that made everyone restless and wishing that they were somewhere else.

The room consisted of a large judge’s bench looming the front of the room like a giant. A giant that would decide the fate of one of the people in the room. In front of the judge’s bench were two long rectangular tables at opposite sides of the room. And finally, there were the twenty individual chairs set up throughout the back near the exit door. All of these chairs were occupied.

It was after ten in the morning and the second day that all these people had been in attendance of the hearing. This was the last day. Judgment Day.

The judge, an honorable fifty-two year old named Bruce Wilkins, had just entered the room and took his place in his seat, high above all the other’s to show that this was His room and no one else’s.

After he had taken his place everyone else joined him in sitting in their own seats and then the prosecution attorney rose.

Court was in session.

The attorney was a forty-six year old mother of three, named Marlene Bennette. She had been practicing law for over fifteen years and she knew this case was hers. She walked away from her place at the long rectangular table located to the right with an air of confidence that only lawyer’s possessed and made her way in front of the judge’s bench.

“Your Honor, I would like to call to the stand our first witness of the day, Miss. Elizabeth Parker.”

The judge nodded his approval and all eyes turned to Liz Parker.

She was seated in the first row of the twenty chairs that lined the back of the court room. She felt her hand being given an encouraging squeeze by her mother, Nancy Parker, who was seated beside her. Liz gave a small smile and made her way to the front of the room.

On her way, Liz noticed that her shoes made that really annoying clickety-clack sound on the tiled floor. She wondered ridiculously why she chose to wear those particular shoes.

Liz passed by Marlene Bennette and made her way to the witness stand beside the judge. Liz remained standing and looked out all the people that were there.

They were all looking back at her. Over a hundred eyes were looking at her, waiting for her to tell her part of the story. The thought sent a shiver down Liz’s spine.

Liz watched with anticipation as the officer on guard approached her with a bible in his hand.

“Please place your right hand on the bible and raise your let hand.” The officer told her.

“Do you, Liz Parker, swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God?” The officer asked her.

Liz hesitated for a split second. The truth could hurt her. Humiliate her.

“I do.” She said and cleared her throat. The officer then left his place in front of her and Liz sat in the witness chair.

There were more than twenty people in the little room. But to Liz only six of them really mattered because it was because of those people in one way or another that she was there.

She looked to her best friend, Maria DeLuca, who was resting her head on her mother, Amy DeLuca’s shoulder. Maria gave Liz a quick glance and then averted her eyes.

Liz shot a glance towards Michael Guerin, who sat staring at the floor in front of him. He was sitting stiffly in his chair and ran a hand over his face, as if in defeat.

A few seats over, Kyle Valenti, sat stone-faced. Liz saw that he had his jaw clenched and she knew that he was probably grinding his teeth. It was a habit that really drove her crazy.

Also, in the room was Isabel Evans. Liz glanced over at her and saw that the rims of her eyes were red. Although, Liz had not witnessed it, she knew that Isabel had been crying earlier. Liz also knew that she would cry again, before the day was over.

Isabel’s twin brother, Max, was also there. Liz looked at him and saw that he was chewing at his lower lip, a habit she also despised.

Then there was Alex Whitman, Liz’s best friend besides Maria. The three of them had been friends since grade school. She looked at him and saw the far-away look in his eyes. He was fiddling with his fingers and she thought that he was wishing that he was somewhere else.

The whole process had not taken her more than thirty seconds, but she knew that all her friends were remembering the past couple of months and all that had happened.

“Miss. Parker, are you ready to begin?” Mrs. Bennette asked.

“Yes.” Liz said and placed her hands in her lap.

“Okay, as you and the rest of the people here know, we have already received statements from Isabel and Max Evans, Michael Guerin and Kyle Valenti. Today we are hearing from yourself, Maria DeLuca and Alex Whitman.”

Liz nodded her head slowly and Mrs. Bennette continued.

“I would like you to first state your relationship with the people that I just mentioned.”

Liz shifted her weight in her seat and cleared her throat.

“Well, Maria, Alex and I had been friends since I can remember. We grew up together and did everything together. We were inseparable. I don’t know what else to say.” Liz said uncertainly.

“So, you knew them pretty well?” The attorney asked.


“Okay well what about the others?”

“Well…” Liz started. “I’ve known Michael almost as long as Maria and Alex, but we weren’t close like that. I only knew him because we went to the same school and stuff. But I’ve gotten to know him a lot better since him and Maria started dating two years ago.”

Liz paused for a moment and saw Michael glance over to Maria who had her eyes closed as if in prayer.

“And the same story with Kyle, I had gone to school with him forever, but never hung out with him and then about the same time Maria and Michael got together, Kyle and I did.”

“What happened with that relationship?” Mrs. Bennette interrupted.

“We decided that we would be better off just being friends.”

“And was that a wise decision?”

“Yes. We became very close.”

Mrs. Bennette nodded for Liz to continue.

“With Isabel, I didn’t really know her that well; she was more of Maria’s friend than mine. We were always civil to each other, but we would never get together and hang out or anything.”

“But you got to know her better when you began to date her brother, Max Evans, right?”


“Tell me about that relationship.”

Liz hesitated for a moment. She didn’t know what to say. It was embarrassing to her, even though everyone already knew; it was still hard to say it aloud. It was a secret that she had kept only between Maria and Alex and herself. She knew that she had to tell the truth, but it would make her sound like an eight year old, instead of eight-teen.

“Miss. Parker?” The attorney pressed with a polite smile.

“Well…” Liz said and scratched the top of the head. “I was in love with him. He didn’t know it. I didn’t even think that he knew who I was. And then when Tess… Well after that, we began to see each other.”

Liz had had her head down while she spoke and then raised it to look at Max, but couldn’t. She looked Mrs. Bennette straight in the eyes instead.

“And what about Tess? Did you know her?” Mrs. Bennette asked.

“Not really, I knew who she was but I didn’t really talk to her.” Liz hesitated, but knew that she had to go on. “She was nice and everything, but I was jealous of her. So that’s why I never got to know her. I didn’t want to talk to her. She was actually Isabel’s best friend and I rarely talked to either of them.”

“So you are friends with all of the people mentioned, correct?”

“Not including Tess, that’s correct.” Liz said and felt her stomach roll over inside of her.

“Okay. Well I think that is about it.” Mrs. Bennette stated and then came to a stop in front of Liz. “Now I just want to hear how you think that all these events tied together and then finally concluded. It’s just your opinion I want to hear.”

Liz sat up straight and let out a deep breath. “It’s all my fault.”

“Is that so?” Inquired Mrs. Bennette.

“Well, I think that the main reason all of this started was because of a rumor.”

“A rumor?”

Liz glanced at all of her friends, most had their eyes averted from hers and she knew that they were remembering everything that had gone on. Liz looked down and began to play with the hem of her black skirt. She couldn’t believe that she was here. A few months ago, she was a normal teenage girl and now she was in court about to testify against one of her friends.

“Miss. Parker, what rumor?” Mrs. Bennette asked again.

“A rumor I started.” Liz sighed.


*Edited to say that I just read it over and I know it may seem a little boring, but I promise that it will get better!!!

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Thanks for the replies so far.

Eccentric One: I'm gonna b-mail you.

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Here's the next part. Hope you like it.

As for The Club, I can't seem to get the next part right, I'v gone over it like three times. Be patient. As for this it was already written, so here you go!!!!!!!!!!!


A few months earlier

“Maria, I swear, if you don’t stop complaining I am going to come over to your house and kick your ass.” Liz Parker threatened her best friend over the phone.

“Someone’s in a bitchy mood.” Maria retorted from the other end.

Liz sighed.

She was working her shift at the Crashdown and it was a Wednesday night and the busiest of the week so far. Liz dreaded the thought of what was waiting for her on Friday. One of the girls had phoned in sick, which left Liz all alone with Agnes. And if that wasn’t bad enough, her parents had gone away for two weeks, leaving her in charge of everything. So Liz had to deal with every complaint and question that came up.

“I’m sorry. It’s just so busy in here and I have to deal with every stupid problem that comes up.” She apologized to Maria as she made her way over to the order window. She slumped to the side and held the phone with her chin and shoulder as she tried to wipe a huge grease stain off the uniform she was being forced to wear.

“Tough break chica.” Maria told her.

“Yeah, tough break.” Liz mimicked. “Say, why don’t you be the best friend that you are supposed to be and get your ass down here to help me out.”

“Because Liz.” Maria complained. “Michael is supposed to be coming over.”

“Isn’t he already supposed to be there?” Liz asked and smiled as a family of eight paid their bill and left the restaurant.

“Yes.” She heard Maria reply through gritted teeth.

“So ditch him.”


“Okay okay.” Liz said and smiled again as more people left the restaurant.

“Besides Liz, it’s almost closing time, then you can kick everyone out.”

Liz glanced at the clock in shock. Maria was right, soon she could get everyone out of there and then have some peace and quiet.

Liz’s order came up and she told Maria to hold on. She left the phone on the counter and made her way to her table.
“There you go. Is everything okay?” Liz asked putting on her ‘look-at-me-I’m-such-a-good-waitress’ face.

“Yes, thank you.” The elderly woman told her as she cut; who Liz assumed was her grandson’s, hamburger in half.

“Your welcome.” Liz said and walked away. She made her way across the Crashdown and winced as laughter that sounded like nails on a chalk board hit her ears.

She glanced over and was not surprised to see Pam Troy sitting with all her air-head cheerleader friends.

Slut.” Liz muttered under her breath and told Agnes she was going on her break because it wasn’t as busy now.

Liz grabbed a glass of cherry coke, picked up the phone and made her way to a booth.

“Hey.” Liz said as she slumped down and took a sip of her drink.

“Liz, I swear to all that is Holy, I am going to kill Michael Guerin.” She heard Maria yell into the phone.

“I don’t think Holy forces are going to help you out on that on babe.”

“Oh, but they will. Do you want to know why?” Maria asked and didn’t wait for a reply. “Because he is evil, pure evil.” She whispered dramatically.

“And you are a nerd, pure nerd.” Liz said back in the same voice.

“Liz, why do I have to be stuck with the world’s worst boyfriend?” Maria whined into the phone.

“Because you are the world’s worst girlfriend.” Liz joked.

“I hate you.” Maria muttered.

“I know.”

“AHHHHH! Where the hell is he? He always does this.”

“Don’t feel bad, I think that I’ve been ditched too.” Liz said and heard another round of chalkboard worthy laughter. Liz cursed to herself as she realized that she was sitting in the booth beside Pam Troy and her dim-witted followers.

“First of all…I have not been ditched. Second of all…who ditched you?”

“Alex. He was supposed to meet me so we could work on our science project.”

“Well, he still has time to meet you. Michael was supposed to be here like hours ago.” Maria told her.

“You know Michael has no sense of time.”

“I know.” Maria agreed. “So is Max there?”

Liz could hear the grin on Maria’s face.

“Nooooo. He hasn’t been in all night.” Liz told her trying to sound casual.

“Oh, don’t cry, Lizzy-pooh.” Maria said and Liz rolled her eyes as she heard Maria burst out in giggles.

“I’m not crying, you dork.”

“Yeah, but I know you. You probably worked your whole shift and every time the door opened you looked to see if it was Max.”

“Not true!” Liz exclaimed as her face turned red.

But it was true, she did it every night. She would almost get whip lash from turning to see if it was Max coming inside. And if he did, she would make someone else wait on him, because she knew if she did her face would turn red and she would probably begin to hyperventilate. He never came in alone. He was either with his sister, Isabel or Michael, who was his best friend, or Tess, his girlfriend.

“Hey maybe Michael is with Max.” Liz said.

“No, Max called here looking for him.”

“Max called you?” Liz almost squealed.

“Yeah. And I think he was naked on the other end, cause he was breathing all heavy and stuff.”

“Shut up!” Liz told her as Maria started laughing again.

“Why don’t you just tell Max that you like him?” Maria said after she composed herself.

“Yeah, right. I’ll just go up and say ‘Hi. You don’t know me but I am in love with you. Actually I have been in love with for like four years. Oh and I really want you to drop your slut girlfriend and runaway with me.’” Liz said sarcastically.

“That’s not so hard.” Maria said.

“Whatever. He doesn’t even know me and besides he is Tess’ boyfriend and they have been together for how long?”

“A couple years.” Maria muttered.


“Don’t worry, we’ll find you a nice hot guy to fool around with.” Maria said.

“Very funny.” Liz said. “Why does he have to be so perfect?”

“Beat’s me.”

“Seriously. He’s like movie-star gorgeous, has the highest average in school and is like the ultimate boyfriend.” Liz said and watched as Pam Troy’s friends all piled into the bathroom together. Liz shook her head not wanting to know what was going on.

“Oh, I know what to do!” Maria exclaimed.

“What?” Liz asked curious as she finished off her drink.

“My mom did this when she had a little crush on that married guy from the Pizza Pan.”

“Isn’t your mom getting married to Sheriff Valenti?”

“Yeah, this was a long time ago, anyway, you want to try it?”

“Sure.” Liz replied.

“Okay all you have to do is talk bad about him. Make him seem like an asshole.”

“How does this help?” Liz asked adjusting the antenna on her head.

“It’ll make you hate him.” Maria said excitedly.

“I don’t want to hate him.” Liz whined.

“Stop being a baby and try it.”

“What do you want me to say?” Liz asked.

“Um…Well, talk as if he is a bad boyfriend.” Maria instructed.

“Okay….” Liz hesitated. “He cheats on her?”
“Was that a question?”

“I feel like an idiot.”

“Look just make up a story about him.”

After a moments hesitation. “Okay he bea-”

“Use names. You gotta get the names out of you. Trust me.”

“All right.” Liz said and began to play along.

“Did you hear what happened?” Liz asked Maria.

“No. What?” Maria asked faking excitement.

“Well, it turns out that Max Evans beat’s up his girlfriend. You know that blonde girl, Tess? Well yeah, he beats her up but makes sure that all the marks can be covered up with her clothing. She had to go to the hospital like five or six times.”

Liz stopped as Pam’s friends came out of the bathroom.

“And?” Maria pressed.

“This is stupid Maria. We both know that Max would never do anything like that.” Liz told her as the dumb cheerleader’s sat back in the booth behind her.

“I know. Sorry.” Maria apologized. “Just trying to help.”

“It’s okay.” Liz said and left the booth and walked over to the counter. She glanced around the restaurant and saw that it was almost cleared out.

“So that worked for your mom?” Liz asked.

“She’s not marrying the Pizza Pan guy is she?” Maria asked.

“Yeah, well I gotta go. See you at school tomorrow?”


“All right. Bye.”

“Oh wait Liz…” Maria called.


“Michael Guerin is an asshole.”

“I don’t think that game is gonna work.” Liz said seriously, noting that it had done nothing to change her opinion of Max.

“I’m not playing. It’s the truth.” Maria said and hung up.

Liz laughed silently and wiped the sweat of her ear. Her and Agnes began to clean up as the customers began to leave.

Liz was so busy that she never noticed Pam Troy talking to her friends excitedly and all of them leaving with looks of shock on their faces.

Half-an-hour after Agnes left to go home Liz was left alone in the Crashdown. Everything was cleaned up and she was just about done sweeping the floor when there was a knock on the door.

Liz made her way over and un-locked it.

“Mr. Whitman. Glad you could make it.” She said and stepped aside to let Alex in.

“Parker. I’m sorry, I couldn’t make it earlier.” He said and sat down at the counter.

“You have a good excuse?” She asked and sat beside him.

“Would you believe that I was abducted by aliens?”

“No.” She said and grinned back at him.

“My dad made me clean out the garage.” He said with his head lowered.

Liz laughed softly.

“Lame but true.” Alex said and Liz began to laugh harder.

“Alex, you’re eight-teen and you have to clean out your father’s garage. That is lame.”

“Hey! A lot of that shit in there was ours.” He exclaimed.

“Like what?”

“Well I found a dollhouse that you and Maria must have left at my place when we were kids.” Alex said defensively.

“That was probably yours.” She joked and slapped him on the back.
“That’s what my dad said.” He said and they both started laughing.

“It took you that long to clean out your garage.”

“Well I had to shower. It was dusty in there. Not good for my allergies.” Alex said and got up to go around the counter and pour himself a drink.

Liz smiled. Alex had been her best friend since she could walk. They along with Maria had been friends forever. A lot of people thought Alex was a dork, but Liz knew the truth. He was a great guy if you got know him. He just happened to be very tall and lanky, extremely smart. And he had allergies. All the criteria that people thought helped to make up a nerd.

“I also found Maria’s Barbie. The one with the horrible hair cut I gave it when I got my back to school supplies in grade one. It was the package that came with those safety scissors.”

“Don’t tell Maria. She hated you for like a week.” Liz said took off her antenna that she had forgotten to discard earlier.

“It’s not my fault those scissors were perfect for cutting doll hair.”

Liz laughed as she remembered the look on Maria’s face when she found the doll.

“So…” Alex trailed off.

Liz smiled. She knew what was coming.

“Did Isabel come in tonight?”


“Nope.” Liz said smiling.

“Did Max?” Alex asked her matching her smile.

“No.” She said and her smile faltered a little.

“They’re here like every night.” Alex said passing her his drink.

“Yeah, well not tonight.” She muttered.

“We’re pathetic Parker.” Alex announced. “We let the Evans’ run our lives.”

“Can’t help it if they look like they just walked off the cover of a magazine.” Liz muttered thinking of Max’s handsome face and incredible body.
“I know. Plus they have to be so nice and funny.” Alex muttered.

“They’re perfect.” Liz sighed.

“Perfect.” Alex agreed.

“We need lives.” Liz said after a moment of silence. They both began to laugh at themselves.

“So, did you want to work on our project?” Alex asked changing the subject.

“It’s been a long night. How about tomorrow?” Liz asked.

“You got it.” Alex replied and walked towards the door with Liz following him.

“Good night.” She said.

“Sleep tight.” He said and kissed the top of her head.

“And don’t let the bed bugs bite!” They yelled at the same time as she was walking down the side walk.

Liz locked up and a while later she was in bed willing herself to go to sleep because the sooner she got to sleep, the sooner she got to school and saw Max.

Liz arrived at school the next morning in a foul mood. She had slept in and didn’t have time to shower. Then she had missed her bus and walked half way to school by the time another bus showed up.

She walked onto the school property and immediately knew something was wrong.

There were a lot of people outside, which wasn’t unusual. But they all seemed upset. She took some steps toward the school building and felt dread creep its way up from her toes to her chest.

She noticed that people were crying. Mostly girls. They were crying and talking at the same time.

“What the hell?” Liz whispered to herself.

She was just about to go over and ask a group of girls (who looked as if they were about to cry) what was going on when she saw Maria running towards her.

Maria’s blonde hair flew behind her and her eyes were wide in shock. Liz vaguely saw Michael following, he was walking solemnly with his hands deep inside of his pockets.

“Liz!” Maria yelled almost slamming into her.

Liz grabbed both of Maria’s arms to steady her.

“Maria, what the hell is going on?” Liz asked.

“Tess is dead.” Maria gasped out of breath.

“What?!” Liz said and brought a hand up to cover her mouth.

Maria was silent for a moment as she sucked in a deep breath. She looked at Liz with her eyes wide in terror.

“Tess was murdered last night.” Maria finally spat out.

“Oh my God.” Liz said as she felt her stomach roll over.

“That’s not the worst part.” Michael said as he came up behind Maria and looked Liz in the eye.

“What could be worse than that?” Liz asked in wonder.

“Liz…” Maria said and grabbed Liz’s hand. “Tess was murdered last night and Max is the prime suspect.”


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