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Ok this story had plaguing I am going to write it...
Rating -Nc17-M/L
Summary: Liz was adopted by the Parkers and was never told.
She believes them to be her real parents until they move to Roswell New Mexico and she starts having dreams.
Lots of other little twists and stuff too...Just read it ...You know you wanna, lol!!!! Please leave feedback!!!!!

Chapter one

Liz Parker sat on her bed thumbing through her photo album, smiling. She was moving in two weeks and soon would be leaving all her friends in L.A. It was her junior year and moving and readjusting would be tough but her parents needed this move. Jeff and Nancy Parker had just bought a resturaunt in Roswell, New Mexico called the Crashdown. It had always been their dream to own a buisness and now that dream was a reality.
Liz didn't argue or put up a fight when they told her because they always gave her everything she wanted or needed. How could she take away the only dream they had? She didn't want to leave her friends or her school,but they all would only be a call away and she could come home for weekend visits with her friends.
Liz laughed aloud as she stopped at a picture of her and Serena. They were such good friends and she would miss her dearly. Serena was the only thing that was making this move so hard . They had been best friends since the second grade. Neither of them wanted to be parted. Liz almost felt like asking her parents if Serena could move with them but that was impossible because Serena's parents would never allow it.
Liz got off her bed and started getting dressed for school. "No more sulking." she whispered to herself. She was strong and would get through this. Liz stared at herself in the mirror. She had on hip huggers and a black belly shirt to show of her new belly ring. Her long chocolate tresses flowed to the middle of her back and laid flat and straight today. She felt grubby today, not that she looked bad, but she just felt bad. A loud honking noise startled her from the mirror.
She ran down the stairs to Serena's car and hop in.
"Why do you look so sad Liz? I thought we talked about this already. We have phones and weekends remember?" Serena said with a weak smile.
"Yeah I know it's just so hard ya know. I am losing my best friend in two weeks. What am I going to do with out you?" Liz said as tears flowed from her red swollen eyes.
"Your not losing me Liz, we'll just be a little further away. I will always be here for you. Don't ever doubt that. " Serena said as she embrace Liz. " Now stop that crying crap and give me a smile. You will be alright in Roswell Liz . You will make friends fast and hopefully you will find some hottie over there, cause Lord knows you need to get rid of some of that pent up fustration."Serena said jokingly.
Liz wiped at her face trying to dry her eyes.
"How do I look?"
"Like crap, your face is all puffy and your eyes are swollen and red. I told you not to cry, now Brandon is going to see and wonder if I kicked your ass or something." Serena said playfully.
"Not that again ..It is definitley to late for us to get together. I am moving to another state and you know he couldn't be faithful to his own hand." Liz said with a smile as they exited the car. Serena slung her arm over Liz's shoulder and walked towards the school entrance.
They had only ten school days left together and they needed to make it good.

Present day
Liz cried as she thought about her tearful goodbye with Serena. Their parents had to literally drag them apart. It was an emotional day for Liz . She looked out the window and stared out in to the desert . It felt like they had been driving for days. When were they going to get there? It was taking forever. Just as Liz's eyes closed her mother yelled something to her.
"Mom I didn't hear you. What was that?" She asked with a question.
"We are here Lizzy. Why don't you get your bag and go on in."
Liz swung her heavy bag on her shoulder and began walking in to the Crashdown. She was shocked when she saw all of the alien decorations. Hopefully her parents would do some massive remodeling she thought to herself. She turned around to wait for her parent s and slammed right into someone knocking her off her feet.
"I am s-so sorry." she stammered as she looked up at a good looking guy about her age.
"Don't even worry about it. It was my fault completely. " He said as he offered his hand to pull her up. Liz grasped his hand lifting herself from the ground.
"Kyle Valenti. Nice to meet you ..."
"Oh Liz - Liz parker."
"Well Liz you parents just bought the Crash right?"
"Yeah about a month ago."she stammered.
"Well since you probably don't know anyone , can I offer you a ride to school tommorrow?"
"Umm sure. I would like that." Liz said smiling.
"Ok I will be here around 7:15 . I will see you Liz . Oh and welcome to Roswell." he said as he walked out.
Maybe Serena was right about her finding a boyfriend out here. Kyle was definitly hot she thought to herself.
Liz walked out to see what was holding her parents up, only to find herself slamming into another hard body.
"Dammit.' she swore loudly.
"That's the second time in ten minutes. I am really sorry about that."she stammered before looking up.
"It's no problem really, I should pay more attention." spoke the soft masculine voice. Liz looked up and found her self lost in the most amazing eyes she had ever seen.
Amber colored eyes gazed at her, and all she could do was stare back at them. She had seen those eyes somewhere before, but where?
"Max Evans..sorry about knocking you down." he said softly shaking her hand. Liz became dizzy and visions started flashing through her mind.
(" Push Liz. Keep pushing. You're almost there. I can see the baby now. One more push and you'll be done." He said trying to soothe her.
"I-I can't do it . I'm so tired Max. I just need a break." She screamed out in pain. He kissed her passionetly, sucking on her lips and dipping his tongue in her mouth.
"You can do it . I love you . Come on one more push . Do it for me Liz." Her body ached everywhere and she could barley handle the pain that was ripping her body apart, but she pushed for him and was rewarded by a loud whaling baby.(flash over)
"Are you ok?" he asked worried about her. She just had zoned out for a moment and it scared him. She looked familiar . He knew he knew her but from where?
"I sorry . It has been a really long day. I think I need some rest." She said as she turned and walked away from him.
The vision scared her. Where had that come from? It must be from exhaustion or something.
Max stared after her when she walked away. There was something plaguing him since the exchange between the two. He didn't even get her name. He walked out the doors of the Crash head to his job.

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Chapter two
Jeff and Nancy Parker entered their newly owned resturaunt with satisfying smiles on their faces. They both finally felt accomplished, they could finally provide their only daughter with the best. Nancy looked for Liz and found her sitting in one of the booths holding her head. She was instantly worried about Liz , all the stress of the move was finally taking a toll on her.
"Liz your father is upstairs setting up your bed in your room. When he is done I will go throw some sheets on it and then why don't you go upstairs and get some sleep."
"Mom I am ok. Stop worrying about me. I 'm not made of glass , I won't shatter and break." Liz stated somewhat upset by her mother's concern.
"Honey I'm sorry, it's just that you never really discussed your feelngs with us about the move. I know this an extremely stressful cituation for you. A new school were you don't know anyone and a new neighborhood with no friends, I know it is gonna be hard Liz. I just wish you would let me know you alright." Nancy said as she embraced Liz.
"Mom I swear everything is ok. I'll adjust , just don't worry about it. I wasn't upset while I was sitting here anyways , I just had a dizzy spell and it made me feel a little disoriented.
Oh and one more thing mom, I already have a ride to school with a very good looking boy .'' Liz stated as she kissed her moms cheek and ran through the swinging doors and up the stairs to her new bedroom. Nancy smiled her daughter was something else.
Liz climbed to the top of the steep steps and entered a long hallway searching for her new room. She walked down the hall and saw a big bright blue bow on one of the doors with a note that read Liz. Liz smiled, her parents were great. They were always doing things like this and it made her smile. Liz opened the door and gasped. The room had been completely remodeled and all her old furniture replaced with new. Her heart sung with happiness, her parents were the best. She should of knew they would have done something like this.
Her new bed was huge, her parents had painted the walls with a wine colored paint and it also looked like they replaced all the woodwork. There were little notes on everything, the note on her nightstand read ...Lizzie your father and I had your own seperate phone line installed so you and Serena could talk your hearts out, but you will work some shifts downstairs so you can pay your bill ~lOVE Mom and Dad. Liz looked around and had found that all her dressers were new and they even added some really nice candles and candleholders. Then she turned and stoped at the window, there was a note on it that read..Go on and climb out on to your new balcony Liz , Your father and I picked this room for you because we knew you would appreciate this the most~~
Liz was in awe , her parents had put up indoor outdoor lights and tons of plants and candles everywhere. The had even put a lounge chair out there for her to sit on . She couldn't even begin to express how much this meant to her or how it helped her cope with the move. For the first time today she finally felt good about the move.
Liz walked to the end of her new balcony to see what kind of veiw she had. She could see the deli across the street and the UFO center. Liz chuckled to herself as she thought about all the tourist that actually paid money to go in there. What were those people thinking?
She looked down at the ground and saw the boy she had slammed into the second time. She was intrigued by him. She felt like a stalker or a peeping Tom, until he looked up. He was staring right at her, and she was staring at him . The dizziness started again and this time Liz couldn't fight it ... she blacked out and started dreaming.
(Flash... " Liz our parents have annouced our marriage already you can't back out now. We will make this work , you'll see." Max sobbed holding Liz.
"It won't work Max , I just can't forget about her and what you did. You hurt me and now I am numb. Nothing you can say will change my mind."
"Liz I love you and I made a mistake."
Max advanced on her backing her almost into the wall. Liz was frightend , she knew if Max kissed her she wouldn't be able to stay mad at him. She tried everything to avoid his lips,but it was a lost battle the minute he decided to kiss her. He crushed her body to his and devoured her lips. She struggled at first but soon he won her over and all was forgotten. She forgave him for his indiscretion with Tess, besides it was only one date and now she knew she held his heart.(flash over)
Max saw the same girl from the Crashdown fall to the ground of her balcony floor. He raced across the street tripping over his own feet almost falling himself. He pulled down the stairs from the side of the building and climbed up.
He knelt beside her and tried waking her up but he didn't even know her name . He moved her hair out of her face and carresed the side of her cheek. Her skin was like silk, it was soft and smooth and creamy. He never usually had this kind of reactions to girls but this girl took his breath away. She looked like a goddess.
She stirred and opened her eyes.
"Max?" she whispered softly.
"Yes.." he replied.
Liz reached and pulled him down on top of her and brought her face to his . She couldn't get control of herself. Her mind was telling her to stop but her body was proceeding. She pressed her lips to his and sucked on his lower lip. Max couldn't believe this was happening. He didn't even know her, or did he? He felt a strong pull to her and could stop himself from touching her.
His hands were all over her body , moving and exploring every inch. He slipped his tongue in her mouth and began rubbing his hardness on her hot spot. She moaned and that only encouraged him more. He continued to grind ontop of her and explore her body with his hands.
"Lizzie are you ok honey?" Her father yelled from the hall.
Liz heard her father's voice and finally gained control. She pushed Max up and tried to think of something to keep her father occupied.
"I'm ok dad I was just getting changed ." she yelled back.
She listened for a moment to see her father was still approaching her room, but he had already decended down the stairs.
"I am sorry. I swear I have never done anything like that before."Max Evans said scared that she would hate him.
"I should be apologizing to you , I mean I attacked you.

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Chapter 3b

Liz felt awful for attacking Max . He probably thought she was some kind of freak. She looked up at him and found him starting to get up from the ground.
Max stood up and grabbed Liz's hands and pulled her up with him causing her to lose her balance. Liz felt herself falling again and wrapped her arms around Max's neck.
After regaining her balance she blushed .
"You must think I am some clutsy weirdo huh?" She asked.
"No I don't think your weird. I think you need to go to a doctor though. You passed out again and earlier you almost did too. I just happend to look up and see you fall that is why I am here now."
"Well thank you for helping me. You are my hero." She said giggling.
"I wouldn't laugh at me cuz next maybe I won't come in help you. " he teased.
"So your Liz and your parents own the Crashdown?"
"Yes. What did they do advertise it on the news?"
"No it's just a small town and news travels fast especially when there is supposed to be a new girl on campus at school."
Liz reached out and wiped a speck of dirt off his face. She was having a hard time not touching him. He was absolutley gorgeous. He had dark brown hair that curled at the bottom of his neck and his eyes were a perfect match for the jewel stone amber. His lips were full and his smile was warm , but most of all his body was solid form of muscles just begging her to feel them. Liz pulled away quickly before a repeat performance of five minutes ago happened again.
Max stared at her, she was flirting with him and he was loving it.
"So I know we don't know each other well but can I offer you a lift to school tommorrow?'' He asked politley.
"Ye-No. I am so sorry I already have a ride." She said wanting to smack herself for making plans for Kyle to pick her up.
"Just tell your parents you got a ride ." he said hoping she would change her mind.
"My parents aren't taking me, Kyle Valenti is." Liz stammered out wishing she would of never accepted his offer.
Max flinched, Valenti was always snagging all the girls. Why her too? He wanted her and for once thought he had a chance until she said Kyle's name.
"I am sorry Max. He asked me first and I really didn't know anyone yet so I accepted. I swear if I had his number I would cancel." she said remorsefully.
"Don't worry about it. I catch you in school Liz." Max said as he climbed down her balcony stairs.
Liz wondered why Max was being cold all of a sudden. Great they probably hate each other and now I am going to be stuck in the middle. Liz ran to the stairs and caught Max by his shirt. She pulled him up to the third step so they would be at eye-level.
"Could you drive me home tommorrow and maybe when we get here we can grab something to eat?" She said not wanting him to leave like that.
He smiled, and his heart started racing wildly as he reached up and pulled her down to his lips . The kiss was gentle at first and heart was roaring in her ears. His lips pressed into hers and he wrapped his free arm around her tightly and deepend the kiss. What started off as a simple kiss was quickly turning into full fledge passion. He chest crushed against hers and her nipples tightend in response. He abruptly ended the kiss and spoke softly
"I 'll see you in school ." and with that he was gone.
Liz sighed and wondered what the hell was wrong with her. She barley even know him and she was acting like some big slut. There was just something about him and the dreams and visions she was having seemed so real . She knew him , but if she could only remember where from?

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Chapter four

Liz went to her room after Max left and laid on her bed. She wanted to call Serena to tell her all about her first day but she wasn't home yet. She wondered were her best friend was. With no one to talk to Liz became restless and decided to take a walk around the city. It was just about sunset and that was her favorite time of the day. Everything had so much color and life at sunset. Sometimes she thought the colors in the sky represented her feelings perfectly. Happy, sad, anxious and excited and unfortunatley Liz was plagued by all these emotions and to her the sky represented all of her feelings.
"Mom I am gonna go walk around and try to get familiar with the area" Liz yelled down the hall to her mother.
"Lizzie just take the peper spray your father bought you . Oh and grab my cell phone out of my purse. Have a good walk honey" Nancy Parker yelled back.
Liz proceed down the stairs and out the back exit of the resturaunt into the ally. She walked down the ally onto the main sreet and walked for fifteen minutes until she got to a park. She walked to the swings no one was occupying and sat down and swayed back and forth. Dizziness started to overcome her again and yet another vision past over her. (flash.... "Higher gramma! Higher !" screamed the little brown haired girl .
"Honeybear Grandma doesn't want you to fall and hurt yourself. Why don't you let Grandma slow you down so you can get off and come sit on grandma's lap so we can talk."
"Ok Gama." The little girl jumped off the swing and flung her arms around her grandma.They walked over to the park bench and sat together.
"Honeybear grandma has something very important to tell you. Grandma has to go away for a little while and it isn't safe for you to come. So you are going to go and live with some very nice people Lizzy.
"No Gama ! You can't leave me , I dont want you to go" She said as tears poured from her eyes.
"Honeybear calm down. It will be for a little bit not forever. I have something very important that I have to do . I promise I will be back to get you " she said as she embraced her baby.
"Pl-please don't leave me . I want to stay with you . Are you mad at me. Have I been bad Grama?" the little girl said sniffiling and rubbing at her eyes.
"Lizzy you didn't do anything wrong . You are a good girl and I promise I will be back as soon as I can. You are going to stay with Ben and Racheal . They are grandma's very close friends and they will take good care of you. When I get home I will buy you that puppy you wanted as long as you were good for Ben and Racheal. ok ?"
"Ok I will be a good girl I pomise. How long till your back Grama?"
"Three weeks tops. Grandma will be back on the full moon. So when you see the moon at it's biggest you will know I coming."
Claudia hugged her grandbaby tightly trying not to cry.
(flash over)
Liz broke out of her haze and tears rolled down her cheeks. She remebered this woman and her heart was breaking. How is this possible she thought to herself? Who was this woman and why did she keep having flashes of Max and this lady.
Liz got up from the swing and started walking home. The faster she got there the better.
Claudia Flannigan walked through the park thinking about the past. This was a ritual for her ever since she left her little honeybear with those people. She would never see her baby again and it was all their faults. Claudia had gone to Ben and Racheal's house to pick Lizzie up but when she got there the house was empty and grandaughter gone. That had been twelve years ago.
A tear rolled down her face as she thought about the last thing her and Liz talked about . She was going to get her a puppy, but that never happened because she was gone .
Claudia wondered if Liz started recieving the dreams yet. How was she going to know about her destiny without Claudia to guide her. It just wasn't fair. The consulate should have never asked her to come and leave Liz alone.
Now they were missing the key and they would probably never fulfill her destiny.
Claudia approached the swings and saw a girl walking away rubbing her eyes and in that moment she could of sworn that girl was an older vision of her Honeybear. She had to stop torturing herself , Liz was gone and she needed to be strong so she could prepare Max, Michael and Isabelle.

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Chapter five

Liz finally made it back to her house after five wrong turns. The only reason she found it was because of the glowing sign of the UFO center, she silently thanked whoever was responsible for that sign . Without it her little walk around the area could of turned into an all night trip. Liz walked through the front doors of the crashdown and was headed for her room. She was almost through the doors until a blonde girl around her age screamed at her.

"Um Read much? Here let me spell it out for you EMPLOYEE's ONLY! Bathroom is on the right." Maria said agitated . People were always trying to walk back there , couldn't people read . Signs were everywhere.
"Yeah I knew that , but since I live upstairs and it's dark I firgued instead of walking throught the alley I could walk throught the frot door. Is that a problem because if it is I can just walk around back?" Liz asked impatiently.

The colored just drained from the girls face . Liz just about laughed in reaction.
"Oh my God I am so sorry. It's just that people always seem to do that and the old owner hated that because he always said it was a lawsuit waiting to happen. Anyways it's your resturaunt you can do whatever you want. By the way I am Maria Deluca." Maria said as she reached her hand out to shake Liz's.
"Liz Parker." She said taking Maria's hand.
"So are you going to school tommorrow?"
Yeah tommorrow is my first day."
"Well if you want we can meet at lunch and I can fill you in on all the gossip and introduce you to my very best friend Alex Whitman." Maria spoke fastly.
"For a minute I thought you were gonna ask me if I wanted a ride. You would of been the third person to do that. Yah I would love to hang out at lunch." Liz said with a smile.
"Ohh who asked you if you wanted a ride?"
"Kyle Valenti and Max. I'm sorry I don't know Max's last name." Liz replied.

Maria was shocked . Kyle was the star quarterback and very popular . Maria almost chocked when Liz said Max had asked her. Max was the most elusive hottie at school and shuned all the girls that chased after him.
"Girl you are so lucky Kyle is a social God and I am assuming Max Evans was the other guy . Max is the hottest guy in Roswell and he never dates any girls around here. I have to finnish my shift but we can gossip more tommorrow." She said with a smile.
"Ok See ya tommorrow." Liz replied as she head through the swinging doors and up the stairs. Liz walked down the hallway to her room and flung her shoes off and plopped herself on her bed.

So Max was the hottest guy in Roswell and he never dated anyone. Maybe she could change that because they defintley had something going on. Liz reached over and grabbed her phone and tried to call Serena again. There was no answer and for the second time today Liz wondered where Serena was. She sighed loudly and plopped her head back on her pillow and let sleep over take her.

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Chapter six
"Lizzie, wake up sweety. It is almost 6:10." Nancy said rubbing her daughters arm.
"Mom wake me up tomorrow when it's time to go to school. I am really tired." sighed a groggy Liz.
"Honey it is 6:00 am and it is time to get ready for school." Nancy replied back.
Liz jumped up out of bed instantlly causing her to have a instant headache. She had to take a shower and find clothes to wear and they were still packed. She was never going to be ready for her ride with Kyle.
"Mom why didn't you wake me up last night ? I didn't even unpack any clothes." Liz said panicing.
"I unpacked your clothes last night, they are all hanging in your closet. I also unpacked all your bathroom stuff and put it all your bathroom. Oh and Liz do you remember your dream? You kept saying the name Max and I don't remember any of your friends names being Max." Nancy said curiously.
"I don't remember my dream mom, but did I ever tell you that you are the best mom in the world." Liz said as she placed a kiss on her mom's cheek and scattered into the bathroom.

Liz got in the shower and turned the hot all the way on. The steaming hot water was very relaxing and calming and she definitly need that . She was extremly nervous about her first day Not because of the classes but because of one boy, Max . Liz recalled the dreams and flashes from yesterday hoping that nothing like that would plague her today. She turned the water off and hoped out of the shower. Wrapping a towel around herself quickly she scurried over to her closet and chose her clothes for the day.

She didn't want to flashy , but she didn't want to be conservative either. She chose a pair of lowrider jeans and her white halter with her blue sheer mesh tee. It was a good choice not too revealing and not to prudish either. She blow dried her hair and used her big curling iron to add some body to her ends. Today was actually a more flattering day, perfect for her first day at a new school. She checked her self one more time , threw on her shoes and ran down the stairs hoping to catch a bite to eat before leaving.
Liz was able to grab an apple before the horn from Kyle's car was blowing. To Liz that was a huge turn off, most guys would of came in and picked her up. She thought the way he did it was kind of rude, but atleast she wasn't walking. She hoped in his red mustang and smiled.
"Hey Liz ready for your first day?" Kyle asked.
"As ready as I'll ever be."
Kyle continued to talk on the way. He told her who to stay clear from and who was the socially acceptable group. Liz frowned to herself Kyle metioned Maria and had said she was alright , but Liz thought she was nice and thought they would be great friends . He also metion Max and tld her to steer clear from him. He was supposedly a player and trouble maker. Kyle already had two strikes he was rude and well he was rude. She didn't like that he was trying to tarnish her views on people before she had got the chance to make that decision herself. She just smiled and pretended that she cared. They would be at school soon and then she could steer clear from him.

He pulled into the parking lot and parked his car. Liz literally jumped out and was ready to walk away from him. She thanked him for the ride and made up a story about having to be in the office early to get her schedule. He waved and told er he would see her later. Liz hoped it was way later. She walked to to the front doors and entered the hallway immediatley searching for her locker and Max's face. Her stomach was churning with excitement.

She finally found her locker and started to unpack her bookbag contents into it. She emptied the whole bag and felt a tap on her shoulder. She swung around to find a very perky Maria.
"Hey chica ! How is it goin' so far?"
"Um ok considering I have only unpacked my bookbag. Oh and Kyle is a jerk. He is snobby and very arrogant , both which are big turn offs." Liz replied.
"He can be a total ass sometimes , so I can see where you wold feel that way. Have you run into Max yet?"
"Not yet. Is it that obvious that I hoping to see hm."
"Definitley chica. You are glowing, but don't get to upset when you see him. Girls are constantly following him around. He usually hangs with his sister Isabelle and this kid Michael. Be forewarned Isabelle's nickname is Ice princess, so when you do finally see Max and go to talk to him don't be threatend ber her looks. I am positive she will be nasty." Maria said spoke softly not wanting to advertise she was talking about Iz.
"Believe me I won't be intimidated . I can hold my own. So where can I find him?" Liz asked.
"Turn around he is coming this way."

Liz's breath was caught in her throat , he was absolutley breathtaking. His clothes fit him perfectly showing all contours of his muscles. Liz had to wipe at her mouth to make sure she wasn't drooling all over herself. He looked up and her eyes caught his. She was staring at him, wanting to go over to him and wrap her arms around him.

Max saw Liz standing at her locker with Maria Deluca. she was absoulutley gorgeous. He wanted to grab her and throw her in his car and go to his house , but he needed to play it cool around his sister. Iz would definitley not be enthused by this. She would tell him it was too dangerous for him to take on a love intrest , that he had responsibilities. She ws a huge walking double standard. She was always dating, but rather than get in an arguement with his sister he would just talk to Liz when she wasn't around.

Liz watched as Max passed right by her not even tossing a glance her way. She was floored. Why was he ignoring her. He wanted to play that way, well so could she!

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Chapter 7

Liz's anger had been a show, a disguise to hide the terrible hurt she had really felt. Liz still didn't understand why Max had ignored her. From that moment on Liz had decided not to even think about Max Evans, She figured she would be better without him. She tried not to remember anything that her and Max had done, but that was easier said than done. She had seen him on the way to every class and he still continued to ignore her. Lunch was a relief, no sign of Max.

Maria stood outside on the quad looking all over for Liz. She finally spotted her leaning against a tree. She walked over and noted the look of aggitation on Liz's face.
"Still ignoring you huh?" Maria said sadly, hating to see Liz upset.
"Max can kiss my ass! I don't need him , I can find someone better. He can just go piss up a rope."
Maria giggled , trying to make Liz smile.
"Piss up a rope? Haven't heard that in a while. Well don't let it get to you chica, there are plenty of guys here. Speaking of one here comes my annoying cousin Shaun."
Shaun approach Liz and Maria. He had ben waiting all day to get a look a the new girl and it turned out perfect because she was friends with his cousin.
"Hey Shaun Deluca."he stated as he shoved his hand into Liz's.
"Liz Parker." she replied taking her his hand into hers.
"So what do you think of the infamous Roswell?" he said rolling his eyes.
"Well it could be better. Shaun your a guy. Why don't you tell me why men are arrogant bastards?" Liz said matter-of-factly.
Shauns almost chocked. " Man hater huh? what did Valenti do to you?"
Maria spoke before Liz could comment. " Actually Shaun she is speaking of Max Evans."
"Evans is a fag. He has never dated any girl since we've been here, and to me that spells homo."
Liz giggled . " Nope definitley not a homo, just ignorant and pompaus and the list could go on forever.

Max watch Liz talking to Shaun from the other side of the quad. He was getting insanley jealous. Shaun kept touching har arm and moving hair from her face and Max was just about to a boiling point. He wanted to go over there and rip his arm of for touching her. She kept smiling and laughing and Max wondered what Shaun was doing to get that reaction from Liz. Every time her eyes lit up with a smile , he got closer to leaving his seat and going over there to claim her.

Liz saw Max from the corner of her eye. He was staring at her. She deemed it the perfect time to get back at him. She flirtatiously laughed at everyone of Shauns jokes and touched his arm . She hoped Max was squirming in his pants. He deserved it. The more she flirted , the bigger Max's frown would get. She was in control now and was loving every moment. The bell finally rang and Liz parted ways with Maria and Shaun , telling them she would meet them later at the Crash.

As she approached the main door she felt someone pull on her arm.
"Liz you still need that ride home?" Max asked her.
"Umm no actually I am getting a ride from Maria." she said cooly.
"Can I meet you for a bite to eat?" he said trying to meet with her somehow.
"Actually I have plans with Maria and Shaun."
"Shaun Deluca? He's bad news Liz , stay away from him."
"I think I can decide for myself who is bad news and who isn't Max. Besides why do you care anyways? You ignored me like we never even met."
Max lost any self control that he had . He pressed his lips against hers with tender passion. His hands were all over scorching her skin . His tongue drove deeper and deeper into her mouth and Liz was begining to feel a wetness between her legs. He was driving her crazy. He pressed his hard body against hers and Liz could feel his errection pressing against her heat. He buried his lips in the curve of her neck sucking and licking the sensitive skin. Liz moaned out unable to hold it in any longer. She was loosing control She began nibbling on his ears, her hot and ragged breath breathing in his ears. Max had never heard anything sweeter and than the bell rang breaking them out of there haze.

Both Max and Liz were flushed from their errotic behavior.
"Stay away from Deluca . He is a juvenille and he will just get you in trouble. I will see you tonight Liz , be home. " and with that Max Evans walked away leaving a very confused Liz. When did she loose control and he gain it. He caused things to happen to her body that she had never felt before and she could stop herself from letting it happen. She could barley contain any composure, and the warning bell had just rang. She walked to class and her thoughts were of Max , she definitley was not going to learn anything today in biology.

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Chapter 8
Liz walked to her next class with a bright smile on her face. Biology was the last class of the day and she couldn't wait to get home and call Serena. She entered her ap biology class and frowned at the view in front of her. Max Evans sitting down next to some blonde girl who was gropping him all over and he was smiling.

Liz was feeling dizzy and her eyes became blurry. She felt like she was on some spin and puke ride that just kept getting faster and faster. She tried so hard to gain control of the situation, but she had lost this battle.
(Flash~~~ "Liz I swear I never touched her. You're it for me. You only saw one side of what happened , have I ever given you any reason to not believe me?" Max said trying to keep his eyes from watering. The love of his life was going to leave him and he couldn't bear the thought of being without her for one moment.
"I saw you Max ! I saw you kissing her and you know what the saddest part is Max? You are lying about it. Admit it and stop making me look like a fool. I trusted you , I gave you everyting and you threw it all away to kiss some .... You know I don't know what she is because there isn't a word that could do her justice. She trapped you and you fell for it. Your a king Max , you are supposed to be smarter than that. But I guess I was wrong about you and us." Liz said as the waterfalls poured from her eyes. Her heart was broken in to a million pieces. She had wanted to tell him about the child he was going to have but when she got to the palace atrium she found some blonde girl kissing all over him and he wasn't do anything to pervent it .(Flash over)

"Liz ! Earth to Liz " Maria said waving a hand in front of her face. " You can come in to class you dont have to stand in the hallway.
"YOu know I think I am ditching this period, I am feeling kind of sick , I will see you at the crash Later ok ." Liz said as she walked briskly to the end of the hall. Liz inhaled deeply trying to get a grip on things as she walked outside. Why was she having these dream about him while she was awake. People were going to think she need some serious mental help.

"Liz get in the car." Max ordered her.
"No I am going home, leave me alone.
"Get in the car now. I wasn't doing anything with that girl if your pissed about that."
"That is what you said last time. Now leave me alone."
Max there the car in park and jumped out and grabbed hold of her arm." Huh? What are you talking about? He replied confused.
"Nothing . Move so I can get in your car."
Max waited for Liz to get in the car and the n drove towards his house. They sat in silience the whole drive there. He pulled in his driveway and got out.
"Are you coming?" he said softly.
"Where? In your house? Aren't your parents home?" She asked curiously.
Max went to the passenger side of his car and pulled Liz out and half dragged her to his room.
She was nervous. She was in his room and no one was home.
Max sat on the bed and patted the seat next to him.
"Sit down."

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Chapter 8b

Liz sat down next to Max feeling a little unsure of herself. She was in his room alone with him and they never could keep their hands off of each other.
"Liz we sort of have this problem . I am drawn to you and usually I concentrate on school . I don't usually get involved, but there is something about you. The way your eyes sparkle when I look into them or how your smile makes me feel like I m the most important person in your life. I feel like I've know you my how life and that makes me feel comfortable with you. More comfotable than I have ever been before. I don't know how that is when I only just met you. So what are we gonna do about this?" Max sighed looking very sexy.

Liz sat there on his bed trying to push out any word that she could but nothing collective was coming to mind. He was absolutley gorgeous. She wanted to tell him she had been having dreams and that she had imagined them together, but she didn't want to scare him. She looked at him willing the words to come out of her mouth but just as she was about to speak he place a hot searing kiss upon her lips. The kiss was soft and loving , it sent chills up her spine. It was like an unspoken promise between the two.

His hands were roaming on her body. Up her arms and underneath her shirt. She didn't want to do anything they weren't ready for but her but her body was suggesting other wise. He pushed her on her back on his soft bed and climbed on top of her. He discarded his shirt and threw it on the floor. Liz was nervous , she had never done anything like this before . Max bent his head down to hers slowly , trying to give her one last chance to back out before they went to far to stop.Liz tilted her head up in anticipation , waiting and wanting. Her lips parted before he even touched them. She made a decision in that moment, she was ready for whatever life threw at her.

Max's lips finally grazed over hers , and the kiss had made her ache. He lifted his head and spoke " I want you more than I have ever wanted anything in my whole entire life Liz. "

Liz melted from his words. She looked in his eyes an her knew he could proceed and she was ready for him. He bent his head down again and kissed her, but this time the kiss was not nearly as gentle as the first. It was hot and demanding and she loved the feelings he was causing in her body. Liz moved against him feeling his hardness press into her. It made her wild , she moaned and bucked beneath him. She wrapped her arms around hiswaist and pulled him closer and tighter to her body. sh was wet with desire. He unbottoned her shirt and gazed ar her beautiful body. He kissed netween the valley of her breast and down her stomach. He was just about to unbotton her pants when her heard a car door slam .

"Max honey , are you home?"
Max sighed and climbed off Liz placing a kiss on her forehead. He tossed her shirt to her and watced her put it back on. She was so damn sexy that it took all he had to not go over there and rip her shirt back off.
"We will finnish this later Liz. I will go talk to my mom, climb out my window and wait in my jeep."
Liz nodded her head and went out th window and sat in his jeep. She was lost in deep thought. She felt like something changed in her. She felt a calming peace and she had Max to thank for that.

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Chapter nine

Liz waited patiently for Max to come out and take her home. It seemed like she had been waiting forever when he finally came out. Max was just about to get in when he noticed Claudia coming up the driveway.
"Liz I will back in a sec."
Liz watched Max in the rear view mirror and saw him talking to an older woman , possibly his grandmother.
Liz watched as the woman scolded Max . She giggled to herself wondering what he did to make her so mad.

"Max who is that girl in your car?" Claudia fumed.
"It's just a friend from school. Don't worry I didn't tell her anything." He sighed.
"Max you have a bethrothed. Doesn't that mean anything to you? I mean she is out there somewhere and you never even try to focus on finding her, Max. I can't be the only one working on these things. Max our planet is relying on us to find her. So please excert your energy on that , not just some play toy that you will have to toss away later. "
"Claudia this girl is different. I can't controll myself around her. I am drawn and no matter what I do I can't stay away from her."
"May I meet her?" Claudia asked .
"Sure, follow me." Max replied as he walked to his car so he could introduce the two.

Liz hopped out of the car when she saw Max and his grandmother approaching her. She didn't want to appear rude . As the woman got closer she grew more familiar. God she knew this woman but where from?
"Liz this is my Grandma Claudia."
Lz stared at the woman , the words Max had said repeated in her head, Grandma Claudia.
Tears started to pour from Liz's eyes. Her Grandma Claudia. She remembered her.
Claudia gasped could it be?
"How could you leave me Gramma. I was so scared."
Claudia embraced Liz as she poured a river on her shoulder.
Max was so confused he had no idea what was going on . Both woman were hysterical and neither of them made any sense.
"I missed you so much honeybear. I swear I tried to find you. I looked for years but I just was so consumed with pain that I had to stop for my own health. I love you so much Lizzy bear."
Liz drew a breath in and try to stop her tears. She needed to get some controll back. A wack of reality just slammed into Liz as she realized Jeff and Nancy Parker were not her parents. The tears were uncontrollable now. Both Max and Claudia tried to calm Liz down with no avail. How could they lie to her all this time? She was so disapointed and hurt.

Liz was torn, she loved her parents and her gramma, but they had alot of explaining to do. Why did they take her from her only family so many years ago? Questions were filling Liz's head. Claudia looked and Max and he knew she would explain later. She couldn't believe Max had found his bride without even looking. Now all they had to do was keep her safe and a secret from their enemies.

"Gramma , are Max and I related in anyway ?" She said trying to keep her composure. She had really grown attatched to him and she didn't need anymore negativity.
"No your not related , I will explain soon honey. I promise soon my little honeybear." Cluadia said as she embrace Liz . Max looked on with disbelief , who was this girl ?

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Chapter 10

Serena watched the reunion between Liz and Claudia from afar. She smiled to herself as the two embraced. Soon all would be revealed to Liz and Serena could stop pretending to be Liz's best friend . She could finally be the only thing she had ever wanted to be , her family. She hid the truth from Liz for years , always feeling a connection with her but never knowing the truth. Stray tears fell from Serena's face, with a sigh of relief. Claudia would definitley be shocked to see her as well as Liz. Only time was seperating the too know and soon there would be nothing keeping them apart.

"How can I go home when all I can think of is going home with you Grandma? I don't think I will be able to look my parents in the face. They lied to me all these years. How could they keep this from me?" Liz asked with despair.
"Honeybear we found each other and that's all that matters right now. We can figure the rest out later. Lizzie I don't know how they came in possesion of you or why, but anything they kept from you was probably to protect you. Did they treat you bad ?" Claudia asked hoping they were good to her.
"They have been nothing but wonderful. Always the best, like parents should be. I never suspected otherwise."
"Then for the time being you will go home to them until we figure out what happened and treat them like you always do. They will probably be as shocked as you are. I never meant for this to happen, I swear to you I went out of my mind searching for you. Not a day went by that I didn't think of you honeybear." Claudia sai as she embrace Liz again.
Max still was standing there trying to take all of this in. He couldn't imagine what was going on.
"Claudia I should probably get Liz home before her parents call out the national guards."
"Ok Max you take Liz home and you, Micheal, Isabelle and Liz stop by tonight . There is much to be told and the sooner you all know the truth the better." Claudia said as she rubbed her tembles trying to take in the days events.
"I don't know if I can come tonight or not. My parents might not let me since it is a school night and they will probably wonder what I could be doing since I am new to Roswell." Liz sighed as she hopped back into the jeep.

"See if you can get out tonight if not we will make it tommorrow. Your home Lizzie , we have all the time in the world. Max will let me know because he has to come regardless. Now get home and I will see you soon Lizzie." Claudia said as she released Liz to Max her heart breaking at the lost of Liz's presence.

Max got in the jeep and started backing out. Claudia watched and waved as they proceeded to pull out. Liz waved back with a smile and watched until Claudia was out of sight with sad eyes.
"I have no idea what went on back there but I am glad I was apart of it Liz." Max smiled rubbing his hand on hers.
"Max we are alright , aren't we?"
"We are going to be fine we will work this out and get to the bottom of this , but for now just hang tight."

The rest of the drive was in silence . All Liz could think of was Max and Claudia. How did they know each other and how did this pertain to her and Max and his friends. Max pulled in front of the crash and parked. Liz started to get out but he stopped her.
"Just take things a day at a time Liz . Here is my number call me anytime you need too. I mean it call me if you need anything."
Liz took the number from his hands nodding and smiling. He was being so sweet and sensitive. Liz couldn't help but wondering why he was being so great. He leaned and kissed her on her lips and waved as she proceeded to get out of his car and enter her home.
She grabbed the handle to the door and wondered how was she ever going to face her parents......

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Chapter 11

Liz entered the crashdown and tried to put on her happy face. It was so hard trying to be happy on the outside when she was feeling torn up on the inside. She wished Serena was here to help her cope, but she had lied to Liz. They hadn't talked since she left and Liz was feeling abandoned. What kind of friend did that , desert you just because your not there physically. Liz was becoming angry and had to stop thinking about Serena before her parents knew something was up with her.

She quietly passed her fathers workers and slid into the backroom unnoticed. She was thankful for the quick ecscape. She climbed the stairs vigouresly and at a face pace, hoping not to bump into anyone. Quietly and carefully her brain kept telling her. A hot shower and a nap would definetly help her relieve some of the stress she was feeling. She was almost there , one more step till her door.

"Liz honey , where have you been? School was over hours ago." Her mother asked worried.
"Mom I had some catching up to do with some of my classes. So I hit the library." Liz said hating lying to her mom.

"Well Liz that is definitley not like you . You are usually so responsible. Please call next time.'' Nancy Parker said sternly.

"Mom I did call no one answered. It just rang and rang. I thought maybe you guys were tied up down stairs. I am sorry I worried you. It won't happen again." She smiled sweetly at her mother.

Nancy felt bad for scolding Liz. She knew her daughter was telling the truth. Liz was a responsible young lady. She was probably just anxious to get caught up with her school work. Liz had a plan. She wanted to go to Havard and that made both her and Jeff ver proud of there daughter. She knew she should apologize becaause Liz never gave them any reason to worry about her welfare.

"I am sorry honeybear. I was just over reacting. It is just a new town and I worry about you." Nancy said reaching out rubbing her hand on her daughters arm.

Liz flinched. Her mother called her honeybear. How dare she. Only her grandmother had that right. They snatched her away from her only family and then stole that special name her grandmother called her.

"Mom I am not a child anymore , please don't call me honeybear. I am not feeling well . I think I over did it at the library. I need a nap ." She said a little too harsh, wanting just to avoid her parents.

"Oh and Mom I have a project I have to start working on in biology. I have a lab partner and we need to start working on it tonight. I don't want him to think I can't do my own leg work. I will probably start tonight if I feel better if that is ok with you?"

"Sure sweetie, just go and get some rest. I f you don't feel well don't go tonight . That boy will just have to do some work on his own. Let me know if your going though." Nancy said as Liz entered her room and shut the door behind her.

Nancy wondered what was wrong with Liz . She was so cold to her, that it made her wonder what she did to upset her. Liz was probably just under the weather and a little depressed. Maybe she would have to call Serena and have her come down for the weekend. That would probably lift Liz's spirit. She ran down the stairs to tell Jeff her plan. If their daughter was feeling down she wanted to help.

Liz felt sick to her stomach. How could her mother stand there and look her in the eye. They stole her from her home and pretended to be her parents. Liz hoped when she spoke with her Grandma that she would have a
plan. Liz entered her bathroom and removed her clothes and hopped in the bath tub and laid down. She turned the water on as hot as she could stand it and laid back against the porcelain. She was consumed with every emotion you could think of. Rage , anger, sadness, happiness and depression. She closed her eyes tight and tried to focus on relaxing. She felt a memory rise from the farthest corner of her mind.

(flash: " I dont wanna take a baath Gramma !'' Little Lizzie exclaimed.
"But honeybear all little princesses need to be clean. How about this , we can fill the tub up with bubbles and you can take a bubble bath." Claudia said excitedly just to convince Liz a bubble bath would be fun.
"Weally Gamma a bubble bwath. Ok wet's go." She said as she ran to the bathroom stripping her clothes and diaper off.

"OOOW gamma more bubbles pease. I wove bubble bwaths. " Liz said as water and bubbles splashe all over the place. Flash over)

Liz felt the tears pouring from her eyes. They had stole so many memories from her and took away memories they would of made together. She needed to get out of there and soon. She got out of the tub and brushed her hair rough trying to take the anger she felt out on her self . She threw her pajammas on and laid on her bed and tried to fall asleep. It was hard trying not to think of everything that happend. Just as Liz felt sleep overcoming her the phone rang.

"Hello?" Liz replied.
"Hey!" The voice replied back.
Liz was shocked almost to shocked to speak!!

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Chapter twelve

"Why haven't you called me latley? I felt so alone here with out you and you didn't even call to check on me. I have called you everyday since I left and I keep getting no answer." Liz replied agitated.

"Liz I have been sick and all I have been doing is sleeping. Please don't be angry. Well your mom invited me for the weekend , I hope you will let me come." Serena said playing with the cord on her phone , hoping Liz would buy her story. She hated lying to her but she was going to tell her everything this weekend.

"I am so sorry, I had no idea you were sick. I am so selfish sometimes. Of course I want you to come , I have so much to tell you. I met a guy." Liz said as she smiled into the phone.

"Oh Parker you finally took my advice. A guy huh? Is he hot or what?" Serena said smiling because she already saw him and knew who he was.

"Of course he is hot. Well atleast I think he is hot. I can't wait for you to meet him. He is so sweet and Rena he has these gorgeous eyes. I melt everytime he comes near me." Liz sighed.

"Ooh it sounds like you got it bad. Oh liz my mom is calling me. My plane leaves at four , I should be there aroung six thirty. Your mom is picking me up ! See you soon." Serena said waiting for Liz's reply.

"I can't wait , I have so much to tell you. Send your mom my love . Bye Rena." Liz said hanging up the phone.
For the first time since she had seen Max she actually had a smile. Serena didn't forget about her after all.
Liz sat on her bed contemplating on what to do when the phone rang again.

"Hello." Liz said answering the phone.
"Hey it's Max , I am not interupting anything am I ?" He asked .
"No of course not. What's up?" Liz asked questioningly.
"I was woondering if you were coming to Grandma Claudia's tonight. I was hoping I could come by and pick you up early so we can talk or something." Max said hoping she would agree.

"Yeah no problem , give me twenty minutes so I can get dressed and then we can go." Liz said excitedly.

"Ok be there in twenty." He said as he hung up.
Max couldn't help but think about Liz getting dressed as he thought back to this afternoon. She was beautiful and couldn't wait to see her again. She was hypnotic and he couldn't help but be hypnotized by her.

Liz threw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and ran down the stairs to let her mom know she was going out to study. Her mom told her goodluck with her project and Liz ran out the front door of the resuraunt and waited to be picked up. She didn't have to wait long beacause Max was there promtly in twenty minutes like they had agreed on. He waved as Liz approached his vehicle and She hopped in.

Max leaned over and placed a quick kiss on her lips. Liz blushed furiosly.

"That was nice." she replied.
"I have been waiting to do that since I dropped you off earlier. " he replied with a smile.

"Well Mr. Evans I cant even begin to tell you how long I have been waiting to do this." LIz said as she climbed over on his lap , stradled him and began plunginh her tongue in and out of his mouth.

Max couldn't get enough of her but wanted to stop her before her parent s came out and caught them. They weren't going to get anything done at this rate.
"Liz your parents." Max said out of breath.

"Ok let's get out of here so we can talk ." She replied as she crawled back in her seat and he pulled away.

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Chapter 13

The ride with Max had been very quiet. She was starting to wonder if her kissing him was too brazen. He still had his fingers threaded through hers , but he hadn't spoke a word since they left the Crashdown. Liz leaned her head against the headrest and looked up at the stars. They were like sparkling diamonds glistening just for her. She wished she could reach out and touch one. Liz was just about to look away when she saw a flashing star in the middle of a v-like constellation. It was beautiful and it felt familiar.

"Max pull over please." Liz requested .
Max looked confused but did what she asked . "Why are we stopping?"
"Look up Max. Isn't it beautiful?" Liz gushed.
Max swallowed and looked up. How was she able to just pick out Antar ? It had took him and Isabelle years to figure that out.
"Max are you alright?" Liz said as she touched his arm.

A green light came from Max's body as soon as she made contact with him, it knocked her to the ground.
She was frightend. She had never saw anything like that before and he was still not answering .

Liz stood up brushing off the dirt and sand from her pants. Max turned to face her but something was wrong with his eyes. He approached her and she kept avoiding him, moving back everytime he came forward.
"Max !" You are scarring me! What is wrong?'' Liz screamed freaking out.

He grabbed for her arm and she decided it was time to dash. She started running but was tackled shortly after her take off.
"Max get off of me. You are hurting me!" she kept screaming.
Max straddled Liz's hips and proceeded to kiss her roughly. He bit at her lips and clawed at her shirt.
"You are mine! You belong to me! Please don't leave me again Allyiana. " Max said between kissing her.
"I promise I won't leave you but you are hurting me. Please get off of me." Liz said trying to coax Max off of her.

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