A/N: This is an NC-17 companion piece to my PG-13 fic American Dream , but you don’t have to be reading that story to follow this. Just note that Leggs is Liz. All other disclaimers can be read on the original American Dream thread.

I actually wrote this scene a long time ago as part of another Roswell fic that I will NEVER post, but it somehow seemed to fit right into the theme of Part 19, so I adapted it as such. I thought I’d give my faithful readers some kind of nookie scene since Eyes of Fear Max and Liz won’t be getting it on any time soon, and American Dream Max and Liz are just too innocent to do this anywhere but in a dream.

Hope you enjoy.


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It was an especially humid night and even at eight in the evening, the temperature hovered way over 85 degrees. After spending the day in the air conditioning, Leggs almost regretted that she had agreed to meet Max at Whitman’s pond so they could lay together and watch the stars. Almost. Her long hair was pinned up to keep her neck cool, and she wore the skimpiest bikini she had so that the light breeze might give her body some relief from the stifling heat. Max was already there when she arrived, his arms folded behind his head as he lay on a blanket, wistfully staring at the glistening specks of light above. Leggs, noticing he was only wearing a pair of cut off Levi’s, decided to protest. “You guys have no idea how easy you have it. It’s a million degrees outside and you get to walk around with no shirt on. Meanwhile, we women have to suffer,” she whined as she sat down in the grass.

“If you want to walk around with no top on, you won’t hear me complain, but I don’t think I could handle all those guys leering at my beautiful angel,” he teased.

She leaned over him and gave him a gentle kiss, her lips barely grazing his. “I guess since you’re the jealous type, I’ll just have to keep my top on and suffer.”

“Or we’ll just have to find another way to cool you off,” he said in a deep voice. He sat up and grasped her hips, guiding her to straddle his lap. Tenderly threading his fingers into her dark silky hair, he gently pulled her towards him, bringing her lips to his and kissing her eagerly. She boldly slid her arms around his neck as she returned his kisses, pressing the perfectly rounded mounds of her thinly covered breasts into his strong, bare chest. His mouth languidly wandered down the column of her throat as she leaned her head back in loving submission, exposing a tempting expanse of willing flesh for his lips to eagerly devour. He fervently planted open-mouthed kisses over nearly every inch of her upper body until she finally moaned out in a breathless voice, “This is doing anything but cooling me off, you know.”

She quickly felt the loss as Max pulled his lips away from her heated skin. “Hold that thought, Angel,” his voice tickled her ear. “Keep your eyes closed for me, okay?”

She shook her head yes as she sensed him moving underneath her, felt him reaching for something. A familiar jingling noise lingered in the heavy air, but she wasn’t quite able to place it. Max’s voice resonated against her throat, “Are you ready, my love?”

She was about to ask, “Ready for what?” but before she could get the words out, she gasped as a small spot on her shoulder suddenly burned with frozen heat. Slowly she felt the cold trailing across her collarbone and up the side of her neck, Max’s hot mouth quickly following the path left by the frosty object. The contrast of arctic chill and searing heat was incredibly arousing, and she had no choice but to emit a series of lusty moans at the enticing sensation. Soon the cold was being pressed against her lips as she realized that Max was using an ice cube to create the marvelous feeling that was quickly consuming every one of her thoughts. He rubbed the frozen square across her bottom lip before capturing her mouth with his own, and she groaned with pleasure as she savored the intoxicating taste of Max mixed with strawberries. When they finally broke apart to catch their breath she gasped, “Oh my gosh, that’s amazing. What is that? A strawberry ice cube?”

“Do you like it?” he asked as his tongue captured a stray drop that teasingly rested against the upper edge of her bikini top. “It’s Kool-Aid. My mom used to make them for me when I was little.” Flashing her a seductively sexy smile he added, “Of course, I don’t think she ever intended for me to use them this way.”

“Mmm…this tastes great,” she moaned as she darted her own tongue out to trace the corners of his mouth.

“Yeah, but does it feel good?” he whispered against her lips with childlike curiosity.

“Hmmm, ‘good’ doesn’t quite describe it,” she said pensively. Her eyes lighting up impishly, she said, “Why don’t you let me show you?” Before he could respond she took a cube from the tray next to him and meticulously repeated what he had done to her. When she broke their kiss, the passionate look in his eyes took her breath away.

“I see what you mean,” he replied with unconcealed desire. Bringing her hand up to his mouth, he gently cleansed each of her fingers of the ice cube’s sticky remnants. As his tongue grazed the pulse point throbbing in her wrist he asked, “So, uh, are there any other places on your body that need cooling down?”

Leaning into his ear she said in a heady whisper, “Oh, Max, I’m hot all over.”

“I’ll just have to take care of that, won’t I?” he said in an inviting tone. Grabbing another ice cube he drew it down the left side of her neck in a circular motion, making a path to the top of her bikini as he lovingly followed up with his lips and tongue. He unhooked the butterfly clasp that kept him from certain paradise, letting the thin ribbon of fabric flutter down her body to expose her luscious breasts to his adoring gaze. Her beauty was flawless.

Taking a few steadying breaths to calm his overly excited body before continuing his ministrations, he returned to rubbing the cube over her skin by circling one nipple then the other, watching with fascination as they stiffened against the invading cold. He looked up to gauge her reaction to his loving attention and felt himself grow harder as he relished the ecstasy clearly displayed on her face. He reached up to caress her cheek, gently coaxing her to look at him. “You are so beautiful. I just love touching you, kissing you. Do you know what you do to me just by feeling your soft skin against my lips?”

She opened her eyes and was immediately mesmerized by the intense love reflected in his features. Struggling to gather her thoughts she realized that she knew precisely what she did to him, because he made her feel the exact same way. “Max…this…you are so incredible. You’re driving me absolutely crazy,” Her moans vibrated throughout both their bodies as he returned to gliding the cube over her heated flesh, his mouth eagerly savoring her strawberry flavored skin.

As much as she was enjoying his sweet torture, she simply had to stop him so that she could take her turn teasing his body with the cold treat. Running her hands up his strong, smooth chest, she gently grabbed him by the shoulders and pushed him back until he was laying down. He reached up and ran his hands down her sides and up her front, gently caressing her breasts. “You are truly a goddess, and I want the spend every minute of the rest of my life worshipping you.”

Stretching to retrieve another ice cube she adoringly replied, “I’m only a goddess because you treat me like one, but right now I believe it’s my turn to worship you.” Leaning over him, she placed the cube in her mouth and covered his face and body with strawberry kisses. Her caressing lips stirred a desire so deep that he didn’t think anything could be better than having her breasts pressing against his chest as she devoured him until she slid down his legs to bring her face was even with his crotch. She made quick work of liberating him from his cutoffs, tossing them next to her bikini top before removing her bottoms and adding them to the small pile. Once she was comfortably settled between his legs she gradually took his erection in her mouth, using her tongue to press the partially melted cube against the sensitive underside of his cock. The cold rubbing against him while being surrounded by her hot mouth was going to push him over the edge quickly, and he fought hard to remain in control even as his mind screamed for release. She wasted no time in setting up a steady rhythm, swirling the ice cube around his swollen tip and down his shaft, lingering in the places that seemed to affect him the most. The low moans in his throat were music to her ears as she instinctively undulated her core against his leg in an identical rhythm to her oral ministrations, both places where their flesh met rapidly becoming wet with uninhibited desire. As soon as the ice cube disappeared she removed her mouth from his pulsing erection and wantonly impaled herself on his hardness, a breathy moan escaping her strawberry lips as he filled her completely. He lurched forward as her silken passage enveloped him, the coldness from the ice cube making her tight walls an unquenchable inferno by comparison. He was certain every nerve in his body would explode the minute she began to move. Knowing that neither of them could hold out for very long, he frantically grasped her hips and suckled her breast as he matched his thrusting to her grinding. Hearing her fervently panting his name as her orgasm began to course through her, Max let himself go, chanting her name like a prayer as he was swept away by the profound love and ecstasy he felt for the exquisite angel in his arms.