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Author: Daydreamer

Rating: Eventually NC-17

Category: Max/Liz (of course)

Summary: You'll have to read it to find out! *wink*

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Author's Note: This was my very first fic and I thought I would post it on here to see if anyone wanted me to continue it as well. Please check out my other story, The Crown & the Commoner. Thanks! Oh, please leave feedback. It's the only way I know whether to continue or not!!

PROLOGUEMy heart jumped to my throat as he extended his hand to help me out of the limo. I graciously took his hand as I climbed to my feet praying that I wouldn’t make a fool out of myself tonight. Here I was a little nobody being escorted to the Celebrity Gala on the arm of not only one of Los Angeles’ most handsome bachelors but a famous director’s son as well. I released the breath I was unknowingly holding as he leaned over and whispered, “You absolutely take my breath away tonight”.

As we walked to the entrance, he handed the security guard his invitation. With a quick once over, the guard smiled and waved us through wishing us a good evening. As the doors opened, I couldn’t help the gasp that escaped as I stared in awe. The entrance hall looked like something out a dream. The room was huge with a staircase on each side of the room leading to the higher levels. The room was accented in gold and I found myself standing there wondering if it was real gold or just a inlay. ‘There was no way paint would shine that bright’, I thought. My escort chuckled, “Come on Liz. The party’s in the ballroom.” I sheepishly bowed my head as I felt the flush rise up my neck and to my face. ‘He must think I’m a silly fool!’ I thought as I clutched tighter to his arm.

As we made our way in the ballroom, I again stared in awe. This room made the entrance hall appear to be that of a closet. People were scattered throughout the room. There were tables lining several of the expansive walls with different foods and champagne on them. Gorgeous ice sculptures adorned the centerpieces of each of the tables. On the far side of the wall an orchestra was set up playing classical music. There was a space cleared out for a dance floor where several couples were dancing. As I looked around I saw several famous faces. I tried not to stare but failed miserably. After all this was not a normal occurrence for me. Working all the time, I barely even got out to see a movie much less a movie star in person.

He leaned over and asked if I was okay. I hadn’t even noticed I was trembling. I looked up into his questioning eyes and nodded. He smiled that smile as if to say he understood that I was out of my element. Once again, I felt the blush spread over my cheeks. “Come on, Liz. I want to introduce you to one of my best friends.” I just hung tighter as I was led to a small group of men standing together talking and laughing. I silently wondered which of these men was his “best friend”. “Hey man!” my escort exclaimed as he slapped his hand down on the man’s shoulder with his back to us. I nervously glanced down. “Hey! About time you showed up!” “You know me I always like to make an entrance. I’d like to introduce you to my date, Elizabeth Parker.” I slowly looked up to see broad shoulders sheathed in a traditional black tuxedo, slowly higher to a long, muscular neck, up over a chiseled jaw, beautiful pink lips, a cute nose, then finally to the most incredible amber eyes I believe I have ever seen. Those eyes held mine as my jaw dropped. Standing before me was none other than the Max Evans.

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I posted it back in either June or July. Didn't get much response then so I didn't finish it. I thought I would try again and if people liked it, I would continue. I need to do a search and see if I can remember what I titled it the first time! LOL! I've slept since then and can't remember! That's pretty sad, I know! Thanks for the feedback!

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Just wanted to let everyone know....I plan on posting the next part either tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for the feedback and the bumps! They are really appreciated!

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Here's the next part. Please let me know what you think.


“Elizabeth Parker….I don’t believe I’ve heard of that name. Are you an actress?” Max asked as he shook her hand. “No, I’m afraid I’m not.” “No, I didn’t think so. You don’t look much like an actress and I knew I couldn’t place the name,” Max said rather disappointedly. Michael raised an eyebrow at Max before addressing Liz. “Liz, pay no attention to Max. Although I consider him to be one of my best friends, he really can be quite an ass.” Liz just blushed as Max shrugged his shoulders and looked around the crowded hall.

“See, Max here has this idea that if you’re not an actor or a director, you’re really not much to bother with. He won’t even date a woman if she’s not in the same occupational realm as he is.” Max turned his attention back to Michael and Liz, “Well, I guess it’s fortunate for you that Elizabeth is with you then, huh? How did you two meet anyways?”

Liz remained quiet as Michael told Max about their meeting. Liz had been introduced to Michael’s father, the infamous director, Chad Guerin by her publicist. Liz was a writer and her first book to be published was already in the #1 Best Seller list just after 2 weeks on the stands. Garrett, her publicist, had arranged the meeting with Chad and a few producers in hopes that her book would be made into a movie. That’s how she met Michael.

Michael happened to be sitting in on the meeting as well and found Liz to be absolutely charming. He knew right away that they would be great friends. While the plans were being discussed, Michael found himself telling Liz everything about himself. She was a great listener and was roughly the same age as he was. When he found out she was in town for a few days, he invited her to the party as his date. “It’s really quite boring and I would hate to go by myself. I would love it if you would join me. Strictly as friends, of course, if that would make you more comfortable.”

Of course, Liz jumped at the chance. She was rather bored here by herself. Garrett was the only one she knew and she had stayed relatively alone in her hotel since arriving. “I would love to go. It would be nice to have a change of scenery!”

So here she was on the arm of one of LA’s most prestigious bachelors at the biggest party in Hollywood. Her attention was brought back to Michael as he finished telling Max the story. “So anyway, we talked for a while and I asked her to join me. I don’t think I could have chosen a prettier partner for this evening if I would have tried.” He looked down at Liz and smiled letting her know just how much he meant it.

She did look beautiful. Any man in the room could tell she was gorgeous. Simple but gorgeous. She was wearing a black halter dress, cut low in the front to show a little cleavage, which hung just above her knees. It was made of a light rayon material accented by small beads that were sewn all over the dress. She had her chocolate tresses piled loosely on her head with soft tendrils falling down around her face. She needed very little make-up due to her natural beauty and Michael thought she was absolutely radiant.

“Yeah, I guess so,” Max stated as if he was bored, “if you’re in to that kind of thing.” He gave a flip of his hand towards Liz to make his point. Liz could feel the blush color her cheeks and bent her head to hide her embarrassment.

Michael sensing Liz’ discomfort, scolded Max. “Damn, Max, that was totally uncalled for.” With his arm around her shoulders, Michael apologized, “Please excuse him, Liz. He’s had a few too many drinks tonight. He’s usually acts a lot better than this.” Before Liz could respond, Max interrupted, “Don’t make excuses for me. I am far from being drunk. As a matter of fact, I’ve only had one glass of champagne.” He held up his glass to prove it.

“Well, then you ought to be ashamed of yourself, Maxwell. You are being rude.” “Oh good grief, Michael relax. Liz doesn’t care what I say. Besides she’s too excited about being around all these famous people to care what I think. Isn’t that right, Liz?” Trying to save face, Liz agreed, “It’s okay. I know I don’t actually fit in here. I mean, I’m just a small town girl from Roswell. I know I could never measure up to any of these women here.” She blushed again and looked away as if trying to be indifferent.

“Liz, you are just as beautiful as any of these women here. Even more so,” Michael assured her. Liz just smiled. “Thank you, Michael. You’re really sweet.” She looked over at Max and noticed him rolling his eyes in disgust. “Michael, could you point me in the direction of the Ladies Room, please?” “Yeah, it’s through the double doors there, third door on the right.” “Thanks. If you’ll excuse me?” With that Liz hurriedly walked away.

Once Liz was out of ear shot, Michael pounced on Max. “What the hell was that all about?” “Oh please, Michael. Give it a rest. It’s obvious the girl is out of her league here. What were you thinking by bringing her here?” “I was thinking that she was a really sweet young lady and that I would enjoy her company. I was also thinking that I could introduce her to my best friend without him making a total fool of himself. I apparently was wrong in regards to the latter. Just for your information, I purposely left out why Liz was meeting with my dad. She’s a writer, Max. Her #1 best-selling book is in negotiations for a movie deal. She had actually requested for you to play the leading role, thus the reason for introducing the two of you. However, with your actions tonight I doubt very seriously she’ll still entertain the thought of you as her leading man!”

With a hardy slap on the shoulder Michael stalked away to find Liz. He couldn’t believe the nerve of Max. Just because she wasn’t famous, didn’t mean she was a nobody. He regretted every mentioning that Max was his best friend. He was a total embarrassment. Once he was outside the restroom door, he leaned on the wall and sighed. How was he ever going to fix this mess?

Max couldn’t believe it. He never would have pictured Liz as a best-selling author. Sure she was pretty, gorgeous really. She was by far the prettiest woman he had ever seen and he had seen a lot. But she was just too innocent looking and young to be a writer. Heck, she probably wasn’t any older than he was.

He knew he had been rude, but Michael should have known better. After all, he and Michael practically grew up together. Michael knew him just about as well as he knew himself. He should have known he would’ve acted this way. Michael should have also told him about Liz. He had the opportunity. It was Michael’s fault all of this went down badly. Yeah, he had nothing to feel guilty about, he thought while shaking his head in agreement. He probably wouldn’t have liked the part anyway. Dismissing the subject, he headed for the table for another glass of champagne.

Liz made it to the restroom before losing control. Max Evans, the man she had secretly worshipped since she had first seen him on t.v., was an arrogant jerk!! He totally humiliated her out there and thought nothing of it! As she sat on the sofa in the restroom, she scolded herself for being so stupid. He was a movie star after all. He could have any woman he wanted. Why did it matter that he didn’t approve of her or her looks? Michael had made it a point to tell her she looked beautiful. Sure she never really considered herself beautiful, but she didn’t consider herself ugly either. Plain, yes. Pretty, yes. Ugly, no.

Liz stood up and wiping at the tears on her cheeks, checked herself in the mirror. Max Evans could go to hell. His opinion meant nothing to her. She had accomplished more in her 23 years of life than most people her age had. She was confident in herself and she wasn’t going to let some pompous jerk make her start doubting her self-esteem. Giving herself one more look over, Liz squared her shoulders back, held her head up high, and walked out the door, determined to enjoy the rest of the evening despite Max Evans.

***Well, should I continue?***

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After coming out of the restroom, Liz had found Michael patiently waiting for her in the hall. Michael had tried to apologize again for Max' behavior but Liz refused to allow him the privledge. After all, it was Max who should have been apologizing not Michael.

The rest of that evening went fairly well. Liz had met some interesting people who were actually quite friendly. She had even met some who were fans of her book! That really surprised her!

As the evening progressed, Michael wined and dined her to say the least. They talked and danced and over all had a very pleasant time together.

That was three months ago and although she and Michael had agreed to only be friends, they had become extremely close. He was quickly turning into one of her best friends.

A lot had happened in the last three months that she had been home. The movie negotiations had finally been agreed upon and casting was soon to start. The director and producer as well as the casting director had requested Liz be present during the casting call. They believed that she would be able to see her characters in the actors as they read and felt who else better than the writer to pick them.

Liz was more than ready to return to LA. What was a lonely time before in a strange city had turned in to a city she found quite exciting thanks to Michael! So when she was asked to come out for the casting call, she didn't hesitate to accept.

"I leave in the morning" she said as she talked to Michael on the phone. "Good. I can't wait to see you. I'm so glad you decided to come earlier. What time does your flight leave again?"

Liz sighed. This had to be the tenth time she told him her itinerary since making the reservations two days ago. "I told you, Michael. I leave at 6 tomorrow morning and fly straight through to LA. Are you going to remember this time? Hopefully because I'll have to get a taxi when I get there if you forget to pick me up!"

"I won't forget you. I promise. I'm just excited that I'm getting to see you again, Lizzie." "I know, me too. Has it really been three months since we've seen each other? It really seems longer than that!" "Yeah, it does. But I can't wait till you get here. There's a new club I wanting to go to but I wanted to wait until you got here. Max has been trying to get me to go with him, but I just thought it would be more fun with you. He may be one of my best friends, but I definitely would enjoy dancing with you more!"

Liz heard his chuckle and couldn't help but smile. "I don't know, I think you and Max would look cute dancing together" she teased. "Ha ha. Very funny." Then with a teasing tone, he added, "Besides, I'm in to little petite brunettes with a few more curves."

Liz laughed. "Well, I'll have to pass the word on to Maria. I'm sure she'll be happy to hear that." "No, now. Why would you go and do a thing like that. Don't turn her against me yet! We haven't even met!" "Yeah, that'll happen after she meets you!" Liz burst out laughing.

"You know, that's two digs you got on me so far and we've only been on the phone for 20 minutes!" "Aw, you know I was just kidding. You know I love 'ya." "Yeah, I know. It's hard not to love me!" "Whatever!"

"So when do I get to meet Maria? She is still coming out, yes?" "Yeah, just later. She couldn't get off work right now so she's going to come out later in the week. I told her we'd pick her up from the airport. Is that okay?"

"You know it is. I can't wait to meet her. The picture you sent of her is wonderful. She's very beautiful. She sounds pretty nice too. I really enjoyed talking to her those few times."

Michael had called a few times while Maria was there and always ended up talking to Maria on the phone. What started out as "tell Maria this" or "tell Michael this" would always end up with one or the other asking to speak to the other. Actually Michael would ask and Maria would just snatch the phone away.

Liz threw her last shirt in the suitcase and laid down on the bed. "Yeah, she did seem to enjoy talking to you too. I thought I would never get the phone back once she started talking." Michael chuckled. "She does like to talk doesn't she?" "Yeah. Sometimes it's hard to get a word in edge wise. But that's Maria. I wouldn't want her any other way."

"Yeah, I understand. Well, Liz, I hate to cut it short but you have an early flight and I have to pick you up so I'm going to go." Liz rolled her eyes. "After 30 minutes on the phone, we're cutting it short?! Ooookay." "Well, it's shorter than some of our earlier phone conversations." "True. Well all right. Have a good night and I'll see you tomorrow." "Okay. Good night. See you soon."

Liz clicked off her phone and threw it to the bottom of her bed. She couldn't wait to see Michael again. She definitely couldn't wait until he met Maria. There would definitely be sparks when they met! With a smile, she closed her eyes and drifted off.

As the plane landed in LA, Liz could feel herself getting more and more nervous. Sure she and Michael had become good friends through phone calls, but what would it be like face to face? Would it be awkward at all?

The "seatbelt" light went off and Liz unbuckled and grabbed her carry-on bag. The only answer to that question was to find out. So standing up and making her way off the plane, she felt her excitement grow once again.

As she came out of the gate, she was momentarily worried that Michael had forgotten her. She stood on her tiptoes and looked everywhere but couldn't see him. She continued to walk on through the groves of people hugging their friends and love ones hoping to spot him at the back of the crowd.

Michael was no where to be seen. She looked around again and thought she spotted his dark hair behind a few people in front of her. As she got closer, the people moved away and the figure was standing in plain sight.

Liz couldn't help but feel the bile rise in her throat as she realized who was standing there. None other than Max Evans himself.

"Liz." Max said with a smirk. She swallowed against the lump in her throat trying to get her voice to work. "Max. What a surprise. What are you doing here? Waiting on someone?" "Yes, actually. You." Liz looked at him questioning. "Michael had something come up and he couldn't make it. So he asked me to pick you up." "Oh. Okay."

Reaching down and grabbing her carry-on bag, Max offered his elbow. "Shall we?" Liz looked at his offered elbow and mentally rolled her eyes. She really had no other choice other than getting a taxi and she wouldn't even know where to go if she hailed one. She was staying at Michael's and he had failed to give her his address.

She looked up in to Max' eyes and fought the urge to get lost in them. He was the enemy she told herself. He was an arrogant jerk who couldn't care less about her feelings. She realized Michael wouldn't have sent Max unless he had to especially with knowing how she felt about him after that party incident.

Pushing her feelings to the side, Liz put her arm through his. "We shall. Thank you" Liz said while trying to sound convincing. Max smiled and led her to the baggage claim area. All Liz could think about while leaving, was how Michael better have a good excuse for sending Max!!!

***Sorry for the delay! Things have been so hectic around here! Work has been crazy. I have a sick 2 mo old that thinks he needs to be held non-stop because of it. So it makes it a little hard to update. But hopefully now that my husband is free so he can help, I'll be able to post more. None the less, thank you sooo much for the feedback and bumps and I swear I'll try to do better. Please let me know what you think of this part! I live for the feedback. My other story will be updated soon for all those who are reading it! Thanks again!***

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