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Author's Note: Hey there. Well, this based off a challenge by Elena (Jbehrsgurl). I wasn't going to do it, but it was calling to me! lol. I'll post what the challenge was a little later, but right now I had to get this short part out to introduce the fic. Let me know what yall think okay? I'm not sure if to continue. Anyways, happy reading everyone! *happy*

Part 1

“I’m bored.”


“I’m bored.”

“We’re always bored.”


That’s my life. See that? Up there? That’s a

conversation that my best friend, Isabel Evans, and I

have at least twice a day. Oh, did I say day?

I meant hour.

I guess that’s the price you have to pay for being too

rich and too pretty- so filthy, fucking rich that you run

out of Express shirts,skirts and god knows what else to

buy. So grossly gorgeous that by laws of supply and

demand, you get bored and run out of guys to date.

Did I say guys to date?

I meant to fuck.

Yeah, we’re nymphos. Actually, strike that, reverse it.

Technically, Isabel is the nympho. And as for me, Liz

Parker? I’m the addict. The junkie. Always fiending for

whatever drug that Iz and I are doing that week, or

haven’t tried (which as you can imagine, isn’t much).

Take this week, for example. We’ve decided that we

have underestimated the powers of X. Rolls. Ecstasy.

And right now, we’re fixing to pop one of those magic pills

Pause. Insert Pill.

and take the magic carpet ride that Steppenwolf

promised us.

I mean, who really gives a flying fuck that it makes your

spinal fluid run backwards? Ha Ha.

“X makes your spinal fluid run backwards?” Isabel said

suddenly, breaking into my whacked out inner [or so I

thought] monologue.

Oops, must have said that outloud. Ha Ha.

“Do you really care?” I asked, squinting my already fuzzy

brown eyes at her.

She laughed, an abrasive half delirious and half drunk

noise. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that we just

finished off a bottle of my good friend Jack? Yes, that’s

right. Meet my new best friend, Mr. Jack Daniels. C’mon

Jackie Pooh, come and take a bow!

“Fuck no,” she said, glaring at me. She shook back her

blonde mane and, almost defiantly, swallowed two pills.

I giggled. “Isabel. That doesn’t. Seem Safe.”

“Who cares?”

We collapsed into a fit of laughter together, not giving

two shits about anything. Not that her straight and

narrow twin brother was in the next room, or that we

had just abused large amounts of alcohol and drugs, and

not even that we had to leave for school in five minutes.

After all,

We’re rich.

We’re seniors.

We’re pretty.

We’re popular.

We’re bitches.

Whose gonna fuck with us?

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Hey guys! Thank you so much for the feedback! I'm working on the next chapter, so it should be out as early as this weekend or the first of next week. Thank you to RosRox90, Jbehrbabe and Rosbaby.

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OKAY I'm officially taking the walk of shame guys! *hangs head* You've made me feel like shit, but it's a good, I-feel-loved kinda shit! LOL. Anyways, I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I have next chapter written out *cough*, well I've had it written out for some time but I just haven't been happy with it! So anyways, I will be posting that soon- maybe as early as tonight, probably no later than tomorrow. College and real life crap have just been killing me...bastards, all of em! *happy*

Anyways, I wanna give a huge thanks to my sis Elena(Jbehrsgurl) and I_LOVE_NICK. Y'all crack me up! THANK you so much to everyone who has bumped me and put up with my lazy shit, such as:

Searching the Stars
Lady Without A Clue
Ripley Rip Tide-Where oh where have you gone dear?!

PS: Those of you who have read my other fic, Shadows of Antar might be interested to know that I'm working on that update right now. Yes yes, hell has frozen over!

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Hello people. True to my word, here I am posting part two. *happy* Isn’t it a miracle? But seriously, I’m going to try to be more often with my updates. I really love this idea for a fic, so I’m gonna see where it takes me. My depressive mood is probably gonna shine through in this chapter, considering that I’m listening to Jimmy Eat World’s “My Sundown” right now. For all of you who are avid fans of the show, I’m sure you’ll understand the importance of that song. Anyways, here we go.

Part Two

I hear them and I want to stop them.

I want to so fucking bad, but I know that it will end with Isabel screaming (or worse, crying) and telling to me to get the fuck out of her screwed up life. And Liz? Liz will stand there, laughing mirthlessly, sometimes squinting at me with those glittering


brown eyes, but never angry and worse- never caring

although there was that one time

about what was going on around her.

Strains of Wheezer’s “Hash Pipe” floated to my ears through Isabel’s walls into mine.

Damn you Evans, I berated myself, Why do you have to be such a little pussy who can’t step up to his twin sister and her best friend,

(the love of your life)

whom you’ve known your into life?

Laughing, a loud crash and then muffled voices met my ears. I knew they were high -and whatever else- and felt the need to stop them from leaving for once. Maybe just once if I tried to make a move, I would feel better about myself.
Jumping up, I peered out my door and saw two stylishly messy ponytails, one blonde and one brown, disappearing down the stairs.

Rubbing my forehead in frustration, I sat down on my bed heavily and started to tie my sneakers.
Damnit. Too late.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Laughing and stumbling a bit, I walked with Isabel out of her room, knocking her lamp over while doing so.

“Hey! My grandmother gave me that,” Isabel mumbled indignantly.

“Your adopted Isabel, you don’t have a grandmother,” I said patiently, flipping back my brown ponytail. Grammy Evans, who was like my own grandma, obviously slipped my mind for the moment.

“Oh yeah,” Isabel giggled, grabbing on to my arm for support. Her long, manicured fingernails dug into my skin, but I felt no pain.

Linking arms as we went down the stairs, I could feel a pair of eyes on the back of head my head.

Must be Max I think disjointedly. For some reason, spark shot through through my body at the thought of it. That’s whacked- he’s like my brother. Must be the X .

Okay this is oober short, but I swear I have tons more coming. I just wanted to introduce Max into the scene for now so you all could see where he stood and what his thoughts were. Anywayyyyyy, I’ll be back!

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Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that I'm working on the update for "My Life..." so that should be out, hopefully, by tomorrow. Just to warn ya, it's probably going to be hella long- ya know, to make up for my freakin slackness.
Just wanted to hella thank all yall faithful bumpers out there *cough* I_LOVE_NICK *cough*. LOL! And also, welcome LizParkerEvans4Evax and Blink1Lit to the fic! Thanks for bumping. *Hugs* Also to RosBaby, SearchingtheStars, my sis Elena *hugs* and everyone else for repeat bumps!
Much love!!!

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Hello everyone! This part didn't exactly turn out the way I wanted it to, but oh well, lol. It's also fresh off the presses and totally unbeta-ed. I got to introduce Tess though, and some other parts that were necessary. The next chapter is gonna have more Max, I swear, and...*drum roll* Maria! *gasp* lol. Anyways, here goes.
OH YES! Thank you Allie1031 for bumping me! I swear, it's like having a celebrity read my fic. *wipes away happy tears*
Happy reading everyone!

Later That Week

After a thirty minute drive -which normally takes five- (Isabel insisted on stopping everytime something her high mind thought was pretty…and uh, my driving wasn’t exactly up to par), we finally arrived at our stomping ground. Our territory.

W. Roswell High.

I pull my 2003 Black Mercedes into the best parking spot there is too offer. Adjusting my Gucci shades and putting the gear into park, I pat my black leather interior lovingly. Some might wonder how the daughter of a tourist trap restaurant owner could be so wealthy, but that would be before they found out that the restaurant was merely his side hobby. Jeff Parker, owner of the Crashdown Café, was also known as Governor Parker to the citizens of New Mexico. But I call him daddy.

“You’re taking too fucking long Liz,” Isabel said, stepping out the car and adjusting her skirt. “I know you we want to make our typical grand entrance and all, but my eyes can’t take this sunlight this morning.”

She squinted at me and scowled. “You’re wearing my sunglasses!”

“Not quite dear,” I said witheringly, taking my keys out the ignition and stepping out of the car. “You stepped on yours at Pam’s party last Saturday, remember.”

“Oh yeah. I’ll have to order another pair,” she said casually. Oh yeah. Isabel is fucking loaded. Her dad started off as a plain DA but worked his way to being one of the top lawyers in the entire Southwest. Ever seen Clueless? Think scary litagator. That’s Papa Evans.

We started walking towards the school, waving at different parts of our crew. I stopped as a saw a bright blue Eddie Bauer SUV fly by me and swerve haphazardly into the spot next to mine. The door swung open.

I smiled.

Isabel groaned.

“Hello girls!” smiled Tess Harding, sauntering up to us and rolling her eyes good naturedly at the catcalls and whistles her skirt, or er, lack of skirt evoked from the male population.

Tess was the epitome of the blonde haired and blue eyes teen dream. She could have easily been the most beautiful girl in West Roswell, that is, if it wasn’t for Iz and I. With her shoulder length white blonde curls and fantastic body, she rivaled even our popularity. She was co-captain of the cheerleading and dance team along with myself, and although she didn’t broadcast it, she contained an extremely smart and shrewd mind. For all these reasons, she part of our clique and close circle. She was just too damn dangerous to have as an enemy. It also didn’t hurt that we have known each other forever.

“Hey Tessie bear” I smiled back at the blonde girl. I eyed her outfit, which consisted of a short, printed denim skirt and a tight pink glittery tube top from the Limited.

“Love the outfit,” I sputtered, meaning every word but laughing my ass off. Isabel wasn’t.

“You bitch!” Isabel seethed, “been snooping on my personal shopper much?”

Woah, I thought to myself. All trace of THAT buzz is gone.

Isabel was wearing an identical, but red, sparkling tube top and the same printed denim skirt.

Tess raised one manicured eyebrow at the taller girl.

“Oh yes Isabel, I just love Kmart’s Kathy Ireland fashion line,” she drawled out sarcastically, in a typical Tess fashion. “I just wish that they didn’t specialize in big girl sizes.”

I heard Isabel suck in a breath and I cringed. Here it comes.

Isabel and Tess started to go off on one another and I tuned out- after all, it was nothing new. Although that there were many of us in the same clique, it was no secret that we didn’t all get along. Isabel and Tess, for example, detest one another. I never quite got the gist of why, but there has never been any love lost between them. Maybe it’s a blonde territorial thing. I don’t know. I never really so much cared either, because I loved both of them and that’s all that mattered to me.

I, on the other hand, have no problem with anyone. I’m Miss Mary Fucking Sunshine. Everyone loves Liz. Well, except for that one stupid bitch-

Get out of my way, LIZARD,” someone shoved past me.

Pam Troy.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Isabel, Tess and I strutted into our playground, aka the hallways of our high school. Thank God my best friends realized that we would be changing into our cheerleading uniforms today anyway, otherwise they never would have shut up.

I smiled on the outside, to all the people who looked up to me- someone who was as bitchy as Isabel and Tess in many ways, but also the smartest girl in the entire school also. This made me much more approachable then my cohorts in the so-called popular crowd.

“God, I need a joint,” Isabel muttered under her breath, leaning against her locking adjoined to mine and smiling sexily at the hapless guys who walked by.

Tess preened her hall mirror on the other side of me. “Since when do you ever not need a joint Isabitch?”

“Fuck you Tess. And just for that, you’re not getting a hit of the good shit that Liz and I picked up last night.”

“That’s some greedy shit Isabel. You smoked at least half of my stash last time!”

“Psh!! If I remember correctly, the last time you bought anything was months ago, you fucking scavenger smoker!”





Tess let out a scream of frustraton. I snapped out of my semi-amused state.

“Alright chill the hell out you guys. We have a reputation to uphold, no matter how much you two have beef. Jesus, even you two don’t normally freak out this bad.”

“But Liz,” Tess whined, “she called me a GERBIL again!”

Isabel smirked angrily. “You called me a slut. AND
Isabitch. AND you’re not getting any of our shit, so there!”

Rubbing my forehead in frustration, I started to feel like I was in the Twilight Zone. Was this really my life? Feeling someone staring at me at that moment, I looked up and met eye contact with someone I haven’t really looked at in a long time.

Alex Whitman.

My heart hurt suddenly and the nostalgia that I felt overwhelmed me. All of a sudden the tough confidence had built over the years felt as if it was crumbling to the ground. Memory after memory bombarded through my head.

No no no NO! You’re THE LIZ PARKER, not little Lizzie. No no no no no no.

Quickly, I jerked my head away from the eye contact and blocked out whatever thoughts that had sprung forward at that moment.

I turned my attention to Tess and Isabel’s petty argument and felt my confidence build back up. It was time to lay down the law and give my normal intervention.

And just like that, all was right with the world.

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Ahahahahaha, you two are hilarious! I_Love_Nick, break dancing? Hahaha*hugs*
AND ELENA you hoe, the only reason you have more than three chapters is because you've had your fics out LONGER than me! *blows a raspberry...then stops, because she realizes Lena is making a banner* YAY! A banner!! *dances around the room* I so excited!
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Okay guys- well, I have two things to say. First, this relates to the fic- I'm working on an update for it right now, and I already have about 5 pages written. So, be on the look out for that! *counts on fingers* It's been about 10 days since the last update lol. Sorry! *big*

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Yeah Yeah, okay I know I promised a part ages ago, but- things have been hectic and I haven't really had time.
Due to the strange burst of creative flow, I will most likely have a part out tomorrow or within the next couple days. Go me! Hey, thank the RP I'm currently doing right now... haha.
Okay well, love you guys! Thanks for the hell yea bumping, especially Elena and I_LOVE_Nick! Also, RosBaby, Allie and Abbs007, and whoever else I might have missed (sorry, it's hella early in the morning and I could only muster enough energy to go back one page). *smooches and hugs*

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