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Title: Takin' Back What's Mine

Author: Jessica aka Faith Evans

Category: M/L all the way though I'm going to try to add a some Mi/Ma, A/?

Rating: This will very much be NC-17 later, both in sexual situations and adult themes I.e murder.

Disclaimer: Characters are not mine you all know who they belong to, if they were mine do you think Isabrat would be the lead while more interesting characters were pushed to the sidelines so that Isabel could moan and whine to her hearts content or Max would be wasting his time looking for that spawn of his while ignoring Liz who is reduced to the role of doormat, Or Gerbil would be on Antar living like a Queen after the way she murdered Alex. No I don't think so.

Summary: Max and Michael are LAPD Homicide Detectives who are looking for a murder suspect who is going about killing prostitutes in the most brutal manner possible. Liz is working at a top Lab in LA, and going for her PHD, Maria is a Doctor finishing up her residency who is also pregnant but not by Michael. (Sorry Candies) Max and Michael's suspect is some how connected to either Liz or Maria it will be up to you later in this fic to guess who, cause he will target one of them once he gets his courage up.

Esther and Mikyla shh don't tell anyone you hear *happy*

Also Max is an only child there will be an Isabel but she is in no way connected to Max, In fact she will be the first murder victim you will see in this story. The Gerbil will be the 2nd so if you like either character this may not be the fic for you. Alex is off living the life he should have had if the Gerbil hadn't killed him on the show. That of an ultra rich Computer tycoon, He may pop in to say Hello though.

I also ask that you ask me first before putting it up anywhere else, Thank You.

Chapter 1

“So are you ever going to tell me what your doing.”


“Michael why?”

“Max, it’s my lunch hour I’m off the clock, and it’s in no way police related, why do you care?”

“Cause everyday since you moved here 6 months ago. With out fail, you go out with what I can only call a really goofy hopeful expression on your face, only to return with such a glower kinda like your dog just died. And you know what, as your partner the mystery is ready to kill me. So come on and tell me already were partners for God’s sake!”



“Max, No, and just drop it. It’s my business, leave it at that.”


“No.” And with that Michael Guerin got of his desk, grabbed his car keys and walked out the station.

Max Evens rolled his eyes at his partner and followed suit, careful to stay far enough behind him and not be noticed. “Oh no buddy, what ever is going on with you, I’m going to find out, you better believe me on that.”

# # # # #

“Maria where do you want these?”

“Umm Liz, just put it anywhere for now, I’ll figure it out later. Kay”

“Kay” Liz Parker put down the box she was carrying down by the nearest wall, and turned to walk out the door and get more of Maria’s boxes, but Maria stopped her before she even made two steps toward the door.

“Liz wait…” taking her hands in her own “I just wanted to thank you…”

“Maria it’s not necessary…”

“Liz, please, yes it is, your going out of your way, helping me out like this, letting me move in, helping me with the baby when it comes, I..I just can’t thank you enough….”

“Maria, please, your like the sister I always wanted, I’m glad I can help you, and please enough with the Thank You’s, It’s no problem really I just can’t wait till your baby gets here, just watch I’m going to be the best Aunt any baby in this world has ever had.”

“Argh! Between you and my mother I’m going to have the most spoiled baby, in this world”

“Loved baby, not spoiled, Loved.” Liz answered with a giggle. Maria rolled her eyes at her. “Anyways you hungry, it’s lunch time and I really don’t feel like cooking, wanna go out?”

“Yeah, I’m starved, but I think this baby is in the mood for some nice juicy hamburgers.” Maria almost drooled as she spoke, not noticing till that moment how hungry she really was.

“Burgers, huh, I thought you hated them, Cravings already kicking in, Ria.”


“Alright…” Liz said holding out her hands in mock surrender with a smile on her face. “Come on there’s a In-N-Out not two blocks from here.”

Liz grabbed her keys and both girls walked out the door.

# # # # #

Neither girl realized as they joked and giggled there way to the car, that Michael less than half a block away was watching them, with a big grin on his face.

# # # # #

“So Ria, have you talked to Dr. Carl about your pregnancy, and how that will effect your Residency at the hospital?” Liz asked between bites of her food.

“Yeah yesterday, he’s cool, Lucky for me I’m due when the semester ends, so it won’t interfere with my becoming a doctor to much.” Maria answered.

“Cool and with me going after my PH D and my lab hours being what they are I’ll have plenty of time to baby sit. It’ll be great you’ll see.”

“Yeah, I just wish…” stopping what she was going to say with a long sigh, as she put her food down focusing her gaze behind Liz shoulders as she began thinking of the past. Liz looked at her friend with a look of compassion before saying.

“Maria enough with the long sigh’s he had his chance and he blew it, you did right by leaving him.” She took Maria’s hand and squeezing it with comfort.

“I know Liz, but I know what’s it’s like to grow up with out a father, and to have my baby grow up like me, I never wanted that.”

“I know Maria, I know, but this baby will have so much love, she or he won’t know what hit him or her, it won’t be the same I promise.” Squeezing her hand tighter to emphasize her point. At which point Maria shook her head and flashed Liz one of her famous smiles, shaking of her melancholy mood.

“Yikes look at me, I’m never like this, must be the hormones kicking in, let’s talk about something more pleasant…” Clearly ready to change the topic she began “…like have you seen the new blond Alex is dating?” Liz ever ready to help her friend was happy to go along with her.

“Oh yeah, have I, all hair and boobs with not much above the neck, but what else would you expect a billionaire software giant to be dating anyways.”

Both girls giggled, happy to have one another to lean on.

# # # # #

“So this is what you do with your time? Stocking young women as they eat, Huh?” Max asked Michael as he slid in the car next to Michael in the parking lot of In-N-Out.

“Max! You followed me!” Michael exclaimed clearly outraged, “How could you!”

“Well first I got in my car drove a little behind you, no problem really, you really must be off your game to not have noticed.” Max replied offhand, while continuing to look out the window like nothing was wrong. All he saw was a blond laughing as she told her friend who’s back was to him, some story he assumed, all animated and happy.

“Max this is private…” Michael was angry and not afraid to let him know it.

“No it was private, Michael you’ve been nothing but a mystery since you moved here, but in the last few weeks you’ve been getting down right careless and as your partner I feel it’s my right to know what’s going on, I’ve tried being nice and that hasn’t worked, So I’m not taking no for an answer anymore, so spit it out what’s wrong with you.”

“Max,” he responded defeated “It’s just that … ”

“Michael…” said with a clear warning in his voice.

“Look our lunch hour is almost up, we have to get back to the station, we’ll talk about it later.” Max gave him a hard look but reluctantly agreed.

“Fine if you promise on your badge and honor as a cop, you will tell me what’s going on today.”

“I promise.”

With that Max got out of the car, and watched Michael drive back to the station. Shacking his head he walked to his own car and did the same.

# # # # #

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# # # # #
Later that night, inside a cop bar, in front of their police station

“Ok it all started back in high school, I was a rebel….” He gave a small smirk when he heard Max snort with mock disbelief. “…I know I know hard to believe…” He joked.

“…But I made it a point in life back then to do anything and everything to get myself in trouble, the only thing I did right back then was date Maria Deluca, she was the town sweetheart, everyone and I mean everyone loved her, and no one could understand what she saw in me…” Michael reluctantly began. Max just sat back in his chair and listened to Michael tell his story.

“…Hell I never understood it either, but I didn’t care, I loved her to and that’s all I cared about, but one day I burned down the school gym on a dare, I was lucky I was never caught though everyone knew it was me, but with mo proof well you know, but that was the last straw for her, she dumped me. I was a fool, I played it off like I didn’t care, I continued doing what I was doing, while on the inside I was breaking inside.” Michael stopped to take a sip of his bear, clearly uneasy in bearing his soul like he was.

“This went on for like a year then one day I didn’t see her around school anymore. Just poof one day she was gone, turned out she graduated early and went to college, where to no one would tell me no matter how much I begged. I got drunk that night and ended up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning. The local sheriff took me under his wing after that and this time I listened to the adults trying to help me and I got straighten out. I even became a cop cause of him. But I never forgot about Maria I looked and I looked but never found a trace of her anywhere. Her Mom moved out of our town of Roswell traveling around the country taking it easy as an armature photographer, never giving a clue to her whereabouts. Then 7 months ago I got a strong tip while working at the Boston PD, that she lived in LA now, so I moved here 6 months ago in the hope I could mend fences and get her back and to show her that I had changed.” Michael stopped again and took another long sip of his beer, looking at anything but Max before continuing.

“I found her today, there now you know my secret, go ahead tell me I’m a sap for doing all this for a girl I haven’t even seen in years.” Michael said dejectedly.

“Michael, I don’t think you’re a sap, and even if you were Love makes sap’s of us all.” Max replied. Michael for the first time that night looked at Max straight on, clearly surprised.

“Oh come on, you’re the biggest tease in the department, A guy can’t do anything wrong with out you riding him. You honestly going to tell me you aren’t going to do the same here with me?”

“Ok first of,” Max shot back “you were right there with me each time I did and I didn’t hear you complaining then. 2nd you’re just as bad as me, and we both know it’s all done in fun, Were homicide detectives with all the evil we see in the world day in and day out we both know we need some kind of release on the job. And 3rd though I’ve never been in love like you clearly are with Maria, even I know that kind of thing is no laughing matter.” Michael flashed him a grateful smile upon hearing that.

“So you finally found her today.” Max stated.

“Yeah she was the blond at the restaurant.” Michael answered.

“So what are you going to do now?” Max asked.

“I don’t know, I’ve been dreaming about this day for so long, now that’s finally here, I don’t know what to say. All I know is that I’m going to see her tomorrow for sure, since it’s our day of and all.” Michael answered glumly.

“What if she already has a man in her life?” Max asked hesitantly.

“Then I feel sorry for the sucker, cause I’m Takin’ Back what’s mine, and if I have to fight dirty then you better believe I will.” Michael confidently stated back. Max laughed and got up from the table.

“Well then I wish you luck, man…” Taking a roll of bills from his pocket. He left enough to cover this round and plenty for the next, Michael looked at his partner in surprise and Max said, “…Take it, as my way of apologizing for today. See ya man.” And with that he walked out the bar.

Michael watched as his partner left and couldn’t help feeling a good weight being lifted of his shoulders, that had gone better then he could have ever hoped. He never felt right, keeping things from his partner like he had been, as cops you put your life in each other’s hands and keeping secrets only left the door open for disasters so it felt good to have this finally out in the open.

Max was a good man a bit of a joker, but a good man, Michael had liked him right of from the first moment he had met him, when they had been partnered together. They had easily become friends, although to look at them that would be hard to believe. They were such polar opposites. Max and only child came from a rich family who had long given up trying to make him into something he wasn’t I.e. Business CEO, Max needed danger, a challenge, problems to solve, Company take over were not his thing. Max was a handsome devil and all the women openly drooled as they saw him walking by, what with his muscular physique handsome face with just a hint of danger in the way he moved, at home in a suit mandatory for a detective as in a pair of jeans and t-shirt, he was any women dream come true, he could get any women to tell him anything down to there darkest secrets, just by having them look in to his deep amber eyes, he was a department legend. But the funny thing was he was oblivious to these looks, a fact, which only made women want him more.

Michael on the other hand looked ill at ease in the mandatory suit, his hair looked like it was ready to escape the confines he combed it in. Both men were tall and handsome, but while Max was comfortable in his own skin, Michael wasn’t and it showed, the only time he had ever felt at home was in bed with Maria, watching his sweet angel sleep. A feeling he was dying to recapture, and he hoped was just around the corner now that he had found her again. Michael sat back and signaled the bartender for another drink, as images of Maria flew threw his mind.

# # # # #

Max parked his car in the Universal City Walk Parking Lot at the Universal Studios Hollywood, still dressed in his work clothes though he left his jacket in the car and while walking to his favorite restaurant Gladstone’s to eat dinner, he unbuttoned the front of his shirt and started to roll up the sleeves of his shirt to mid elbow giving him an air of rumble ness that more than one women stopped and appreciated as he walked by them. Max never even looked their way. To lost in though over what he and Michael had talked over.

Equally as uncomfortable as Michael had been about talking about such private things (Must be a guy thing.) Max was glad everything was out in the open finally, and he wished Michael well, but he couldn't help but question if he would ever find a woman he could love like Michael loved Maria. Sure Max had had girlfriends lots of them, though he had only 'slept' with a couple of them (if you could call it that), none of them had ever touched him deeply enough to ever stay with them for very long. And part of him, the part of himself deep inside he never really looked closely at, felt well lonely, almost like a part of himself was missing.

Max deep in thought never noticed he had walked past Gladstone’s and straight in to a petite young woman. Feeling her hit him straight in the chest he quickly grabbed her, and helped steady her.

“I’m sorry….” Ever the gentleman Max had quickly began to apologize only to stop abruptly when he looked down into the softest most beautiful chocolate brown eyes he had ever seen in his life. Utterly mesmerized by them and drowning quickly into their beauty. The only thought running threw his mind was ‘Question answered I’m in love.’

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cyberchic121 - Esther I know I already told you this on IM, but no harm in saying it again, You my friend are the best, with out you I would never had the nerve to begin writting this, so thank you my friend your the bomb!

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Midnight Magi - Oh my one of my fav authors left me feedback, I'm so honered you like my first attempt at at fanfic. Thank You *happy*

BLS40 - Yeah I wrote that on the spot Hee Hee, me in my glory posted in a rush before I realized I needed a disclaimer, I'm glad you liked it! LOL!

abbs007, roswellluver, angelbaby6977, Nana, babyitsyou, ILYMEFOREVER, frenchkiss70, Pegleg, Nikki, Strawbehrry Shortcake, soppysophs, Vicky Anne - You guys are the bomb I'm so beyond honered that my first attempt at long fanfic has gone over so well you all inspired me so much I hope the next chapter is to your liking and doesn't come out to be to lame. *happy*

Well here goes!

Disclaimer on page one.

Chapter 2

“Sir, you can let go of me now.” His sweet angel spoke to him.

“Umm Kay” Max answered while making no effort to do so. He was lost in her eyes, lost in the beauty of her face, her lips, even the pert shape of her nose.

“Umm Sir,” she spoke again, this time Max came out of the fog his beauty had put him in, and let her go, quickly coming to terms with their surroundings. A sheepish grin graced his features as he looked down at the heavenly creature he felt sure must have just fallen from heaven, meant for him and only him.

“I’m sorry, my mind was else where’s and I … I’m sorry…” Max was clearly still out of it and fumbling for words, something that had never happened to him before, quickly trying to come to his senses he held out his hand to her and said, “My name is Max, Max Evens.”

His angel took his hand and he could have sworn he felt an electric current at her touch. “Liz Parker.”

Liz, Liz, Liz, it suited her, he repeated it over and over again loving the sound of her name in his mind, though he couldn’t help but think it would sound even better being chanted from his lips as he buried himself deep inside of her while lying between her sweet soft thighs as she urged him deeper into herself…

‘Whoa, Whoa down boy, your going to scare her of with thoughts like that.’ Quickly trying to control his thoughts and his rapidly hardening body, he kept a firm hold on her hand, trying to come up with some type of conversation that would keep Liz with him longer.

Liz for her part was quite content to keep her hand in his much longer one, enjoying the warmth his body naturally radiated. And Ohh god his body it called to her own so much so she was aching right down to her feminine core, she could feel herself getting wet for him, she wanted to feel his body on her, in her, feel his lips on her own whispering to her all the different ways he would take her and make her his own, branding them together forever.

‘Whoa, Whoa, down girl, what’s wrong with you, you’re not like this, Hell not even with Tim did you ever act this way. If your not careful your going to make him think your some slut who jumps any good looking man who bumps in to you.’

“So umm Liz …” Max savored the name as he spoke it aloud for the first time “… why are you here?” Doh! ‘Lame Max Lame, what a stupid question to ask someone in a shopping center, Get a grip Max, get a grip.’ He couldn’t help but think to himself.

“Umm nothing really…”

‘God, can you be any more lame Liz you have to get a grip this isn’t like you’ she couldn’t help thinking to herself, as she continued to stare deep into his beautiful eyes.

“… I was umm just heading to Gladstone’s, I’ve never eaten there so…”

Max smiled at Liz and her knees weakened at its sheer beauty. “Well what do you know so was I, wanna go together?”

‘Did she want to go with him, now there was an outrageous questions if she had ever heard one.’ Liz thought.

“Yes.” She softly answered. But not softly enough cause Max clearly heard her, and he so wanted to jump for joy at her answer, but somehow he found the strength to keep his dignity in tack and instead took her arm into his and escorted her towards the restaurant.

# # # # #

Dinner with Liz turned out to be the single best meal of Max’s life. Liz was witty, charming, and sweet beyond words. He learned so much about her in that short meal and long talk they had afterwards, like that Liz was a student at USC getting her PH D in Molecular Biology that she had gotten her Bachelor and Master’s at Stanford but had moved here in combination of a great job and position offered to her at one of L.A. top Labs, but also to help out a friend with a problem she didn’t want to go in to, and because he respected her privacy didn’t push for.

He also learned that she was ‘California baby’ meaning that even though she had always dreamed about attending Harvard one week spent in Boston in the dead of winter had convinced her she just couldn’t live in a place where the temperature fell below 50 degrees for more than a week.

That her parents had died when she was a baby and that she had grown up with her grandmother and her Mammy not far from here in Burbank. Liz explained her mammy real name was Luz Perez who was her Grandmothers neighbor until 2 years ago, when her Grandmother Claudia had died of a stroke, he learned Mammy had immigrated from El Salvador to the United States cause of the war; with her 7 strapping sons the youngest of whom was 10 years her senior. Luz had always wanted a little girl but after 7 boys she had stopped trying. So to her great pleasure when they moved in to the neighborhood she had right away had fallen for Liz and taken her under her wings and become Liz’s surrogate mother so to speak and her Grandmothers best friend.

And because of her she spoke fluent Spanish with no trace of an accent (A talent he shared, not an easy feat for a non native speaker.) a great love for Spanish food, Other loves included White Roses, Rock Music (Which he to loved, Though her favorite band was a somewhat unknown group named Kane who played country with a bit of rock, who he never heard of but made a point to find out about if it meant a chance he could spend more time with her.), Action Movies, Rollercoaster’s, Clubbing with her friends, and collecting rare archeological artifacts, a hobby passed on to her by her grandmother.

He told her about being a cop with out going in to much gory detail, being an only child, and how his parents wanted him to follow in the family business which he just wasn’t cut out for. His love for old 1st edition books, Rock/Alternative music, Action Movies, Cars, Cooking, He told her about some of the best practical jokes played both on him and others. And hearing her laugh over them was a joy to him, the sound of which played like beautiful music in his head.

# # # # #

“I had a wonderful time, Max.” Liz shyly said to Max, he being the perfect gentleman had insistent that he walk her back to her car.

“Me to, Liz…I was wondering…” he nervously began to rub his right ear a habit he had lost after high school, but was making a roaring comeback Thanks to Liz. Liz found it charming.

“Yeah, Max…”

“Tomorrow’s my day off, I was wondering if you would like to spend the day together, that is if your free, of course other wise, you know, or if you want to, it’s not like I want to pressure you or umm….” Liz stopped the torrent of words by placing her finger over his lips. Max had to fight the urge to take her finger and suck on it, it was touch and go there for a moment but he controlled himself, though barely.

“Max, you’re babbling…” Liz replied softly, smiling shyly “… and yes I would love to, but I have plans…”

“Oh, yeah of course you would. I’m sorry…” Max rushed, Liz clearly seeing he was ready to start babbling again, placed her whole hand over his mouth. The heat of it made him want to groan in delight.

“Actually I was going to invite you to come…” Liz self concisely removed her hand and pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear in a nervous habit of her own, she to had not gone unaffecting by his touch. “…There’s a Cultural Fair happening tomorrow in Northridge people of different culture’s come together bringing food, music, games and so on my mammy owns a restaurant and will have a booth there representing Salvadorian food, I promised I’d help her in the mourning but in the afternoon I’m free, It’s actually a lot of fun, wanna come?”

Max couldn’t help but smile at the prospect of spending the whole day with Liz. “I’d love to.” Liz smiled back; they stopped speaking and just stared into each other’s eyes lost in the moment happy to be in each other’s presence. Only to have the moment broken by loud ringing of a passer by’s cell phone.

“Soo…” The both sheepishly said.

“Here let me write down the address,” Liz took out a loose piece of paper writing down the name of the park and directions on how to get there. “Umm also here’s my cell number in case you need anything.” Max gladly took both and he in turn gave her his number. With that they said there final farewell’s and Liz took off for home.

# # # # #

Liz entered her house with a big grin on her face, taking of her shoes as she walked to her room. She knew Maria was most likely fast asleep since it was well past midnight. Upon entering her room she fell back on her bed with a dreamy smile on lips.

Tonight had been so perfect, never in her wildest dreams had she ever thought she would meet someone as handsome and sweet as Max. Just thinking about him made her heart race. He was just so perfect with his deep amber eyes, tall muscular physique, and deep smooth voice, but it just wasn’t the outside that made him so dreamy, Max was highly intelligent, well informed, and could carry a conversation on a wide variety of topics, he was any girl’s dream guy. And for some insane reason he was interested in her. It was unbelievable, it was insane, but she wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth, But as wonderful as the feeling was it also scared her, she been hurt in the past, badly, and she had no desire to repeat the experience, but there was just something about Max, sighing sadly, she got of her bed and began to strip, she had a long day tomorrow, she didn’t have to time to dwell on a past that could not be changed.


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Thank You Everyone for your awesome feedback, you guys are so the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah Woodwinds this is my first long fic, I've written a few smutt peices for Roswell Hospital but this is my first attempt at fic with a plot, Hee Hee

Chapter 3

Note: Words written in bold means spoken in Spanish, but for all you non – Spanish speakers I wrote it in English so everyone can read it.

“Lizzy honey hand me the red chili, at your right there.” Seeing Liz didn’t move from her position over a chopping block where she was chopping green peppers, she tired again. “Lizzy, mihija, Lizzy!” she tried a little louder.

Liz jumped at the sound of her name seeing she had clearly been out of it she sheepishly asked “Mammy! I’m sorry what did you ask.”

Seeing Liz clearly flustered brought a smile plus all her maternal instincts to the fore front lighting fast, all her senses telling her Liz’s mind wasn’t just wondering off in to no where’s but that she was thinking about a boy. Hence the smile on the older woman’s lips, Liz too saw the smile and she could virtually see the wheels turning in her Mammy’s head, Liz sighed and waited for the 20 questions to start.

“Never mind, I’ll get it.” She replied in a slight sing - song voice. Liz inwardly groaned and waited. Luz Perez called Mammy by everyone was a 70 year old mother of 7 boys ranging in ages from early 50’s and late 30’s, who had taken Liz under her wing from the age of 5, becoming her surrogate mother almost immediately. And Liz never made her regret it, she was in everyway the daughter she had always wanted, her only regret being that her dearly departed husband never got a chance to meet Liz but Luz was never one to dwell on things that could never change. And right now she had a more pressing concern, getting to the bottom on the new man in Liz’s life.

“So what’s his name?” Liz rolled her eyes playfully, but knowing better than to lie, which Mammy would catch her on right away anyways Liz decided to bite the bullet and just get it all out at once.

“His name is Max Evans, He’s a L.A.P.D Detective, he’s in his late 20’s he loves old books, Spanish food, specks fluent Spanish, he’s parents are form California… ”

“And you meet him, where?” Mammy interrupted loving the way Liz’s face seemed to light up from the inside while talking about her new man. A good sign that.

“At City Walk, last night, I was walking to a restaurant for dinner when he kinda plowed right into me, we got to talking and had dinner together, it was nice.” Liz replied almost shyly.

Since Liz had never been shy about anything Mammy’s internal radar went up a notch, shy was good it meant there was real feelings there. The fact that Liz had only met Max last night meant nothing Love doesn’t work on a time table, besides since this was the first guy since Tim that Liz had even bothered to think about meant that there was something special there, for him to have breached the wall of ice Liz had surrounded her heart in since Tim had so badly broken it. Argh! Tim even after all these years she still couldn’t think of that guy with out the sudden urge to break his legs and a few other things for that matter, but Tim didn’t matter anymore she had better things to worry about like this new guy Max.

“Nice, huh? So when do I meet this Max?” She asked impishly.

“Mammy, I just met this guy, it’s not like we’re going steady or something, and don’t you think it’s a little early to meet the family.” Liz asked slightly embarrassed.

Loving Liz rise in color the wheels in Mammy’s already turning went into over drive, instead of answering with a flip comment like she had done with all her past boyfriends (if you could even call them boyfriends since most never lasted past the first date.) She was becoming embarrassed, now she just had to meet this guy. So she asked “So, what does that matter, when do I meet him?”

Seeing that her Mammy wasn’t going to let up any time soon, Liz replied “Actually I kinda invited him to the festival today, he should be here this afternoon.” Since she had turned her back on Mammy she missed the huge smile that broke out on the older woman’s face, a smile that she quickly got under control before Liz saw her and called her on it, bursting at the seems to ask more questions but sensing she would probably learn more when Max arrived, all she said was “Good, can’t wait to meet him.” And with that she quickly got back to work, cooking for the masses at this festival. Liz breathed a short sigh of relief by most counts this had been an easy inquisition almost to easy, and not for a long shot did she believe this was over. With a sigh Liz too got back to work hoping for the best.

# # # # #

Max was sitting in his car in a dusty parking lot, out side the fair grounds. He was early 2 hours early. She had said she would be working in the mourning so he was hesitant to go looking for her, he didn’t want to get in her way, even though every bone in his body called out to her. He had spent the whole night dreaming about her, for a woman he had only known for a couple hours he was obsessed with her, it was amazing really he had never felt this way about any one before, and he was afraid that if she ever got a full inking on what was going on his head in regards to her, she would take off running thinking he was some kind of obsessed stalker, Ok Maybe that was a little over dramatic but still he was just…just…just a man in love.

There he said it to himself he was in love, he had just met her but he knew that didn’t matter he was in love. He didn’t question it, questioning it wouldn’t change anything so he accepted it for the gift that it was besides he liked this new feeling. No the real question was how did Liz feel about him. Well as he saw it there were really only 2 answers to that question 1) She felt the same as he did in which case he was the luckiest man on earth. 2) She didn’t in which case he was a very resourceful man and he would happily spend as much time as was needed so that she grew to love him to, well at least he hoped he could.

Once that was settled in his mind he got out of his car and with purpose in his step he started walking towards the fair, before he remembered his earlier problem, he was early looking at his watch and noticed only 15 minutes had passed since he last checked it. Oh well he could always say he was already in the area and hungry, so he stopped by early, yeah that would work, happy with that he went forward paid the entry fee and went looking for Liz.

He found her 10 minutes later serving food to customers with a smile. That smile took his breath away, it was so beautiful, so sweet, it gave her face such a beautiful glow, oh yeah he had it bad for her he ruefully said to himself, but boy he wouldn’t have any other way. Taking his gaze from her face he let his eyes room the rest of her, noticing she had her hair tied in a pony tail high in her head, with no bangs, with just a touch of makeup, not that she needed any, she was perfect. Looking further down he noticed she was wearing a small black t-shirt that left her belly button behr and he couldn’t help but groan at the sight of her cute tummy, he had the insane urge to get down on his knees in front of her an kiss that behr flesh.

Shaking his head to better clear it he noticed her walking around to the front of the booth in order to fix a sign that had come down and saw she was wearing a tight old pair of jeans that hugged her curves in all the right places and displayed her perfect bottom to perfection, The groan from earlier turned in to a hungry growl coming from deep within. He had the over whelming urge to just walk up to her turn her around and kiss the living day lights out of her marking her as his, so that everyone who was watching her as he was would know she was taken.

Closing his eyes from the beautiful sight in an effort to better control himself, he took long deep breaths, ‘OK Max get a grip, don’t screw this up.’ Opening his eyes he saw she was behind the booth again talking to an older woman. And with purpose in his step he walked up to her.

“Hey.” Max said interrupting Liz’s conversation with the older woman.

“Max, you made it!” Liz replied breaking out into that same beautiful smile he was admiring before only this time he could look into those beautiful chocolate eyes of hers and seeing that smile reflected in those rich depths only made her look even more beautiful in his eyes if that was even possible, she seemed genuinely happy to see him and his heart soared because of it. ‘Life is good.’ He couldn’t help but think to himself.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t miss this for the world.” He replied gazing lovingly at her face. Liz felt herself blush and felt her stomach do flip flops but she couldn’t make herself look away from his warm amber gaze. Both stopped talking and for a moment the rest of the world fell away, leaving two people staring into each other’s souls.

Mammy stood on the sidelines watching them intently a huge smile breaking on her face taking a good 10 years off her face. Clearly liking what she saw. Mammy was a good and fast judge of character and all her senses told her that this Max Evans was perfect for her adoptive daughter; she could already tell he was in love with her Lizzy. But even knowing that she still needed to know his intentions towards her little girl. But seeing that customers were piling up, and her other helpers were busy, and Max and Liz had no intention of breaking their eye contact, Mammy reluctantly interrupted them.

‘Cough - cough’ Both jumped and looked at her, Liz had the grace to look sheepishly at her mother. “Mammy, I’m sorry, Um, Mammy this is Max, Max Evans, this is Luz Perez my 2nd mother.”

Luz held out her hand at him giving him a wide smile and said “Please call me Mammy all my family and friends do, and I have a feeling you and I are going to be very good friends.”

Max shook her hand noticing the firm way she squeezed, and liking her instantly. “Thank you Mammy, I’m very happy to meet you.”

“Well Max I have to go the customers you see…” pointing to the front of the booth “…So later?”

“Of course, can I help?” Max asked. Always one to offer a helping hand when needed, Mammy seeing the crowd getting larger she gladly agreed to his offer.

“Please, Thank You! My sons and grandsons will be coming this afternoon to help me, goodness I didn’t think it would be so packed this early, last year it didn’t pick up till mid afternoon. Liz could you please, I’m going to go help Ana.” With that she smiled at Max and Liz and got back into the fray of things.

Liz shook her head and then looked at Max taking him by the hand and feeling the sparks fly form his touch. Max to felt them and smiled a smile that took Liz’s breath away. “This way, Max.” she said breathlessly. Max followed her happily he was on cloud nine.

# # # # #

Across town, at Liz’s house

Michael was nervously walking up the door for his first meeting with Maria. Part of him was beyond happy that this day had finally come and the other half of him was scared shitless that Maria would slam the door in his face. Ok maybe that last part might not happen but the closer he got to the door the more reasonable that outcome became.

It was one nervous Michael that finally rang the bell, after a couple tries he could hear the little thud, thud of running feet, before the door opened with a whoosh!

“Tony, finally your here, Wow, Michael?” Maria said breathlessly clearly shocked to see him standing there.

“Hi, Maria.” Michael replied shyly, ‘God she looks beautiful, he couldn’t help thinking to himself dressed in a white halter top and cut of jeans no shoes and her little pink toes bare for the world to see, to him she was perfect.’

“Hi…” she answered back “… How…” clearly seeing she was at a loss for words he answered the questions he was sure were at the fore front of her mind but which she couldn’t get herself together enough to ask.

“I saw you yesterday but couldn’t catch up to you to talk, so seeing as how I’m a cop these days it was kinda easy to track you down, it’s good to see you again, ummm I hope you don’t mind…” he said.

Ok so that was a bald face lie but what could he have said ‘Hi Maria see ever since you left Roswell I’ve been searching for you non stop and when I finally found you I moved clear across the country in the hope that we could get back together and if you had a guy in your life already I have every intention of giving him a run for his money and play dirty if I have to.’ Oh yeah that would go over real well. Maria’s eyes couldn’t help but light of in mischief at the thought Michael as a cop and even said so.

“You a cop, ah huh, sure, let me see your badge.” She asked impishly. And when he did she got the 2nd shock of the day. “Wow, never in my wildest dreams would I have thought Michael Guerin Roswell’s resident rebel would turn out to be a cop defender of all things law and order when he grew up.”

“Yeah back then I never would have thought it either, but I changed a lot after you left. I grew up and made something out of myself.” He wanted to add that he did it to be worthy of her, so that she would be proud of him and maybe take him back, but it was to soon for that, so he refrained there would be time for that later if he’s dreams came true.

Maria’s eyes softened at that, “I’m glad Michael, I’m really glad for you.” Noticing they were still standing outside her door she stepped aside and invited him in. “Eeek where are my manners, come in come in, I thought you were Liz’s brother Tony he supposed to stop by today and add a new phone line for me. Come in, Come in.”

“Liz?” he asked.

“Oh yeah, umm she’s my roommate, well actually this is really her house but she let me move in with her, she’s like my long lost sister we met in college and been tight ever since, Tony’s real name is Antonio and he hates to be called Tony but I love to bug him, it’s fun…” She replied with an impish smile.

“You haven’t changed,” he said with a smile as they both sat on her couch.

“If you say so.” she smiled back at him. “Well you have and for your sake I’m glad, when I left I really thought you were going to kill yourself the way you were heading, I’m glad I was wrong.”

“I’m sorry about that Maria, I really am, I put you threw hell back then and I’m really, really sorry…” Michael began but Maria stopped him by placing a finger over his lips.

“Michael all that is in the past and I for one am quite content to leave it there, OK.” She softly said to him. “OK, Michael? It’s past.”

Michael smiled shyly at her but the smile this time didn’t quite reach his eyes. “OK.” He answered. “So, I told you a little about me, tell me about you now.”

“Well I’m living here with my best friend Liz, I’m a Doctor now, I doing my residency over at USC medical center, umm I just got out of a relationship with this real preppy jerk, and I’m having the time of my life.” She was also pregnant by said jerk but she didn’t want to get into that right now with him.

“Wow a doctor, good for you Maria.” He said with obvious pride in his voice. He was proud and thankful Michael couldn’t believe his luck that she was single this was perfect for him. Maybe the big guy upstairs was finally ready to give him a break in life.

“Lucky for you I was home today, I’m always at the hospital these days and actually I have a shift today starting at 2, and for some reason Tony isn’t here yet, so you caught me at a good time.” The sentence had just left her mouth when the front door opened and a guy with all kinds of equipment came in, Maria jumped up and helped him.

“Sorry Maria, Traffic you know.” He said with sheepishly.

“Tony! No problem, I know the deal this is Cali home of the never ending traffic jam.” Maria replied laughing when he rolled his eyes when he heard her calling him Tony. When he saw Michael standing behind her Maria quickly introduced them.

“Tony, this is an old friend of mine from Roswell Michael, Michael this is Liz brother Antonio Perez, but just call him Tony he loves it when you do that.”

Antonio just rolled his eyes at her and said “Nice to meet you Michael, tell me was she always annoying like this?” he asked with a grin. Michael instantly liked him and answered him in kind. “Afraid so man.” He said with a long-suffering sigh, the effect of which was spoiled when he saw Maria eyes narrow at him.

“I’ll have you know I was an Angel then, and I’m still am now.” She tartly replied.

“Well that to.” He softly replied with love in his eyes. Maria didn’t see this though cause she turned to lead Antonio to her bedroom so he can get to work. But Antonio did.


Question I need a place for Michael and Maria to go on their 'first date' well Maria thinks of it as outing with a friend, Michael thinks it's a date, Hee Hee, this is for later in the story, anyways I need a fun thing for them to do, and I'm drawing a blank, Help, please.

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Note: Thank You to all who gave me ideas on the date Eraser Room, dancepixie, wild_child_uk, Dreamy I used one by Eraser Room and another given to me by Esther and wild_child_uk but the ‘date’ isn’t until a bit further in the story, Sorry, Hee Hee I guess you will just have to wait until then to see what I picked.

The other suggestions I saved and they will be used in the story so Thank You all for all your suggestions and support. It gives me a great thrill people are loving this story and to see the names of my own favorite authors is just icing on the cake! Again Thank You.

Hope this part is to your satisfaction! *happy*

Chapter 4

The next 2 hours flew by pleasantly for Max despite being grilled by Liz’s Mammy, behind Liz’s back of course, He could tell though that Mammy like his answers and liked him very much for Liz, which trilled him, and when 12pm finally rolled around and Liz slipped into the back to get ready for their date at the fair. Mammy took him aside and warned him that if he so much as hurt a hair of her baby’s head that the fate her 7 sons would have in store for him would be nothing compared to what she herself had planned for him. She then hugged him and welcomed him to the family. At Max’s stunned expression she only laughed lightly and went back to work.

But Max forgot his surprise when Liz came back with her purse in hand looking so lovely his heart constricted in utter longing. Liz kissed her Mammy good bye and took Max’s hand they began walking, Since they had already eaten lunch back with Mammy, they went out looking for ice cream.

“Trust me Margarita makes the best home made ice cream, it’s worth the wait.” Liz excitedly told Max while they waited in a very long line.

Max smiled at her enthusiasm and asked while looking around at his surroundings. “You know I’ve lived here in Southern California my whole life almost and I’m amazed I’ve never heard of this place before especially it being so big and all.”

“Actually it’s not that surprising this fair started oh 20 years back, back then there were really only 10 restaurants who sent up booths, and they were all related to each other in some way or another since those early ones came from the same village in Mexico as time went on ant they started making friends around the area it got bigger and bigger with more people participating but most visitors were still family members or friends of the owners. As a way to keep in touch with each other and share recipes between cultures the result being a place where once a year you can find the best food in California it hasn’t been until recently that they added fair games and rides and made more open to the general public.” Liz said.

“Wow, how long have you and Mammy been participating?” Max asked.

“10 years, I’ve come every time to help out and later to play the games, it’s a lot of fun.” Liz replied.

By that time they noticed they had finally reached the booth where the Ice Cream was being served where a petite looking woman in her 40’s squealed in delight when she saw Liz after exchanging animated conversation with the woman Liz introduced as Margarita while still feeding the hungry masses. After 5 minutes Margarita served Liz a big bowl of vanilla ice cream she assured her she had made and saved just for Liz, and taking Max’s order of Chocolate Raspberry she sent Max and Liz of with a Kiss on Liz’s cheek and a pat on the hand and a wink to Max.

Max and Liz sat on some grass near by in some shade eating and talking.

“So do you like it?” Liz asked between mouthfuls of vanilla.

“God! Yes!” Max replied virtually pigging out on his own plastic bowl “God this is absolutely sinful!”

Liz laughed at that, and the musical quality of it warmed Max’s heart.

“Well don’t eat it to fast I don’t want you getting sick on me now, we have a long day ahead of us.”

Max stuck out his tongue at her, which only made her laugh harder, but he heeded her warning and ate slower.

They stayed there for a while chatting and getting to know each other, Liz told him about the time Mario when she was 12 put a rubber snake in her bed for her birthday and how she retaliated by sewing the arms pits to his sleeping shirt which Mario only put on if it got to cold at night. And all the other childhood pranks her brothers and her took part in.

Since he didn’t have any brothers and sisters to torment or be tormented by he told her about the time in junior high he had bubbled gummed the bottom of the principles desk in the middle of the night and how said principle’s pants had gotten all sticky with the stuff, and that despite his best efforts he never found out who the culprit had been.

It was a wonderful time for both and when they were done they went in search for some carnival games to play. Max doubted he would ever look at carnival games the same way again. Liz attacked each game with such gusto and energy but what she lacked in skill she more than made for in determination she was quite a little spitfire, at the last game she had thrown some pretty wild pitches trying to over turn as many milk bottles to claim her prize, but despite her hard work she only won a small stuffed cat, but she wasn’t deterred and she was now on the hunt for a new game to conquer. It was the cutest thing Max had ever seen.

Despite Liz’s best efforts thought Max had only played one game, a shooting game where if you shot down 10 milk bottles in a row you won a big exquisite looking teddy behr. No one had come close to winning it something about the toy guns used in the game made shooting a bit tough but that’s when Max experience as a cop paid of so now Liz was walking around with said teddy behr tightly wrapped in her arms leaving Max to feel utterly jealous at the behr’s position in Liz’s arms.

Liz for her part couldn’t help looking at Max every chance she got he was so tall and strong yet his touch was so gentle she couldn’t help but wonder what such a man was doing with her here in this small fair. She couldn’t help but think that he should have gotten bored long before now, but he didn’t look bored and that beautiful smile that never left his face gave him a air of boyish charm that literally made her knees weak. He was every woman’s dream man, and she couldn’t help the thrill that ran threw her that he was here with her of all people.

“How bout shoot the ducky you haven’t played that one yet?” Max asked.

“Nah to violent I can’t see myself shooting those poor defenseless duckies.” Liz replied.

“Well it seems we played every game there is here then.” Max teased.

“Well then why don’t we try visiting the haunted houses, those are always fun?” Liz asked him with a soft smile.

“Sure…” Max begins to look around spots a short line to the haunted house Alice in Creepy land and pulls Liz over to it. “… Promise you wont be to scared.”

“Oh please, I’ve been in these before, plus I grew up with 7 brothers, there nothing in there that can scare me compared with what they used to pull on me.”

Famous last words those turned out to be.

# # # # #
Other side of town…




He sang to himself happily he just loved looking at his handy work, and he just loved blood especially the way it felt in his hands, the way it smelled. There was something purifying about blood. Something he couldn’t get enough of.

And the bitch on the floor had needed purifying he said to himself the stupid whore had dared to laugh at him, but she wasn’t laughing anymore.

Him of all people to, But he had showed her. And now she was dead, just like she deserved to be.

Society should be giving him a medal for riding it of one more useless whore he thought, But oh well he knew that would never happen so he just congratulated himself on a job well done. No one would miss her, of that he was sure, no one in this town would care. Yes he had done a great public service in killing her, she was useless completely useless.

Quietly, patently, he removed his rubber gloves from his hands and dropped them into a near by trashcan. He then took a match from his pocket and lit the gloves on fire, before quietly walking away.

That will teach her never to laugh at a man again, he laughed to himself.

# # # # # #

“You’re never going to let me live that down are you.” Liz said from behind her teddy behr.

Max laughed softly and wrapped her in his embrace teddy behr and all. “Nope, I’m going to hold that over your head for the rest of our lives.” He chuckled softly. He laughed harder at her answering groan.

“What! It wasn’t my fault they were picking on me! I didn’t see them go after the others quite as much as they went after me.”

“They liked you and maybe that was there way of showing you, but my poor ears I’m sure they will be ringing for days what with all the screaming you did.” He teased. Liz only groaned again.

The haunted house had been an adventure. They had walked in hand in hand while Liz clutched her stuffed kitty and huge teddy in her other hand. But they had only been in for a minute, when it became clear that the workers inside whose job was to scare travelers in their maze had taken a keen interest in Liz. They followed her sometimes turning in to corners and blending into the wall in wait only to pop out and scare the hell out of her. Others would throw things in her face only for them not to hit at the last minute as the string that held them pulled the objects back. They did those things to everyone but it was mainly a couple of the workers one dressed in black the other as the mad hat-er, who took Liz as there own personal victim in the maze.

Max had found it amusing cause he knew they couldn’t really touch her and it gave him the perfect excuse to hold her in his arms like he had always wanted to do since the moment he had met her. And hold her he had, Midway threw the maze Liz and her animals were so wrapped around Max there was no telling where Liz or Max began or ended. And Max loved it.

Now they were sitting on a bark bench outside the maze as workers in full Halloween costume prowled the outside of the maze looking for more victims for their little maze. Liz groaning into her Teddy in embarrassment over her actions inside while Max wrapped her in his warm embrace, with his chin on her head as his hands soothed her back while he laughed at her expense.

But his laugh didn’t bother her in the least, he felt to good plus his strong male scent was filling her nose and making her a bit light headed and she felt so safe so warm where she was she never wanted to move, it felt like… home. She stayed that way for a little while before she noticed music playing in the background probably from the dance floor that was set up a little ways back.

Would you dance
if I asked you to dance?
Would you run
and never look back?
Would you cry
if you saw me cry?
And would you save my soul, tonight?

Liz recognized the song Enrique Iglesias’s Hero, Liz tightened her hold on Max completely flattening the poor teddy between them. Losing herself in his embrace and the song.

Would you tremble
if I touched your lips?
Would you laugh?
Oh please tell me this.
Now would you die
for the one you loved?
Hold me in your arms, tonight.

Max also heard the song and couldn’t help applying the words to Liz. Max wanted nothing more than to touch her lips with his own, to hear her laugh the rest of their days like he had heard her laugh today, To hold her in his arms and caress her all night long like he was doing now.

I can be your hero, baby.
I can kiss away the pain.
I will stand by you forever.
You can take my breath away.

Liz couldn’t help but think that she wanted Max to be her hero, he had been in the maze, but that wasn’t enough as scary as the thought was she wanted him everyday she wanted him to be the one to erase the pain of Tim’s betrayal, a betrayal that had cut her deeply and made her completely wary of men until now it seemed. Inside she knew Max could do it if she let him that being the key question would she let him could she let him? Would he even want to?

Would you swear
that you'll always be mine?
Or would you lie?
would you run and hide?
Am I in too deep?
Have I lost my mind?
I don't care...

God how she wanted to run and hide from him she had known Max a day and a half and already she knew she loved him, she didn’t know why or how it had happened but she knew she did, and it scared her that in one day Max had more power over her than Tim had ever had and she had know him her whole life almost. What if Max didn’t feel the same way? What if she told him her story and he turned away from her and found someone else who wasn’t as damaged as her? What if…

You're here tonight.

I can be your hero, baby.
I can kiss away the pain.
I will stand by you forever.
You can take my breath away.

Oh, I just want to hold you.
I just want to hold you.
Am I in too deep?
Have I lost my mind?
I don't care...
You're here tonight.

Max tightened his grip around Liz. God how he loved her! He was in deep when it came to her and he didn’t care. Some how some way he was going to marry this girl soon, she was his soulmate his heart told him, he had lost his mind that night he bumped into her in Citywalk. He needed her, she was his air, his water his reason for being now, his existence before meeting her now seemed empty, utterly meaningless he wondered how he could have possibly existed with out her then. Because there was no way he could do so now.

I can be your hero, baby.
I can kiss away the pain.
I will stand by your forever.
You can take my breath away.

Liz tilted her head up, and Max moved his head to accommodate her. And she found herself looking into one of the most beautiful warm pair of amber eyes; she looked deep into them and watched so many different emotions flash across them. They held her completely mesmerized.

Max to looked deeply into her warm Chocolate ones and fell even more deeply in love with her, a feat he didn’t think was possible. He moved his hands from her back to her face cupping her cheeks as his thumbs rubbed gently back and forth. The desire to kiss her was becoming over whelming.

I can be your hero.
I can kiss away the pain.
And I will stand by you forever.
You can take my breath away.
You can take my breath away.

I can be your hero.

So they both acted on it on the same time. Their lips met softly a light feather light touch their first kiss was. But both wanted more they needed more so Liz took the initiative opening her mouth she slipped her tongue out and traced his lips with it, he answered her caress with a groan that came from deep within his very core and he moved his right hand to her neck and arched her into him at the same time he took her hint and deepened their kiss.

Her mouth was so warm so sweet he thought he had died and gone to heaven, cause only heaven itself could be that good he thought.

Liz wrapped her arms around his neck and completely gave herself away to their kiss. Which fast became a wildly erotic hot melding of souls.

Only one thought ran threw both their minds at that moment.

‘I love you’


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I'm glad everyone loved this new part, I had a fun time writting it!

But as to your question Eccentric One

From Chapter 2 when Max and Liz went to dinner:


That her parents had died when she was a baby and that she had grown up with her grandmother and her Mammy not far from here in Burbank. Liz explained her mammy real name was Luz Perez who was her Grandmothers neighbor until 2 years ago, when her Grandmother Claudia had died of a stroke, he learned Mammy had immigrated from El Salvador to the United States cause of the war; with her 7 strapping sons the youngest of whom was 10 years her senior. Luz had always wanted a little girl but after 7 boys she had stopped trying. So to her great pleasure when they moved in to the neighborhood she had right away had fallen for Liz and taken her under her wings and become Liz’s surrogate mother so to speak and her Grandmothers best friend.

Antonio and Mario are both her 'adoptive' brother's along with 5 more who will all be popping up in this story. Also I mentioned their were 7 of them in the first paragraph in chapter 4 to, you might have missed those.

Also I'm sorry about the gore I should warned you it was coming, espically in the middle of such a happy moment, sorry!

Thank You all for the great feedback!!!!!!!!! *bounce*


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Note: Sorry this took so long I went back to school two weeks ago and my first week was a bitch that I so want to forget about, although thank you Mikyla for listening to me vent, and Esther for sticking with me, you guys are best anyone could ask for. My 2nd week was a little better and I got a chance to write today.

I hope this part doesn't bore you it's a little filler on the victims. Also keep in mind I did warn you Isabel would be the first victim so please no rants on how mean I am, this is my way of dealing with the TV Show, and frankly I just don't like her, sorry.

Chapter 5

“Your in an entirely to good a mood, what happened did you get laid or something last night?” Michael teased when Max entered the squad room with his cup of coffee in hand, Max smile only got broader he put his coffee on his desk put his feet up and replied.

“Better, I met my future wife 2 days ago, went on our first date yesterday, and now were set up for dinner tonight.”

“Wait, future wife? You? I don’t believe it, Mr. Confirmed Bachelor Himself is head over heals? Nah! I can’t picture it.” Michael replied incredulously. At that Max smile only got broader.

“Don’t really care if you believe me or not, I …” Max’s reply was cut of by the ringing of the phone on his desk, putting his feet down he reached for the phone in one hand and a pad of paper with the other. After a quick minute conversation Max quickly wrote down an address thanked the person on the other end and hung up. To Michael he said “Come on they found another dead prostitute over on Fairfax, another nasty piece of work, it might be by the same guy as before.”

Both men stood up all hint at teasing left both their faces as they picked up their jackets and coffee and heading toward the garage in silence. This is the part of the job both men hated although both being police men for a number of years now had seen quite a lot of gore in their careers one never really got used to it. Oh Cops always joked around the bodies and to most people outside the department they took that as yet another example of rude and callous behavior by the LAPD, but it wasn’t, cops were human to and humor was the best mechanism to keep the horror from getting to ‘real’.

But on this particular case Max and Michael didn’t joke around with each other, as they normally would have done. If this latest murder panned out it would make the 5th such prostitute killed in a very particular brutal matter that not even the most horrible of criminals deserved. (Well except maybe child molesters cause they were inhuman themselves. But that’s beside the point.) So it was two very grim detectives who entered their un-marked white police car and drove to Fairfax.

When they finally arrived they both took in the scene, 2 beat cops were standing in an alley a little in front of the body both protecting it and shielding it from view from the crowd of tourists who were trying to sneak in a picture of the murder victim, 2 others were busy setting up police tape to keep the crowd back. Standing to the side of the street next to the small crowd was the coroner’s vehicle with two forensics people who quickly got out of their car when they saw the detectives drive in. A team of Crime scene personal pulled up beside the detectives.

It was procedure for no one to touch the body until both detectives and forensics personal were in the area in order to better insure a better protection of the evidence to ensure a conviction against the perp who committed the crime. In this particular case that procedure would prove to be useless the perp they were looking for never left any evidence no blood traces, traceable semen, hair samples, or fingerprints to give the officers some kind of clue as to who he was. He was as clean as a cat and it angered both detectives to no end.

“Ok, since I unfortunately answered the phone I’m the primary for this case.” Max told Michael as they walked up to the scene. The role of Primary (Slang among cops for Primary Lead Investigator) shifted between partners case by case so no one partner was always the lead in every case, the remaining partner then took the role of secondary (helper) in a case. Though both are equal and necessary in an investigation it was the Primary who took the heat from upstairs if for what ever reason the bosses felt a case was moving to slow or if political or press pressure became to great it was the primary who took the brunt of it all.

“You talk to the beat cops and get the details and I’ll stick with the coroner and the body and see what we can learn there.”

Michael nodded and both men separated and began doing their jobs.

“Mattie move these people back further there much to close where they are. Jennifer put up the police tape I want no one near the body.” Michael yelled out.

Mean while Max approached the lead tech a woman named Frederica Brown who only answered to ‘Freddie’ of the coroners office a plain though endearingly charming petite woman who he had worked with before on other cases, She was good at her job and he was glad to have her working on this case.

“Hey Freddie how’s the hubby?” Max asked her while donning a pair of rubber gloves. Freddie was married to high school coach, size huge, who looked like he could tear limb from limb if anyone so much as hurt a hair on his little Freddie.

“Fine, Fine he’s team won last night and he’s strutting around the house proud as a peacock, it’s so cute.” She answered while she and her assistant set up her equipment around the body she gave orders to the rest of the personal to start combing the area. Max only smiled cute wasn’t a word he would use to describe her husband but he knew better than to say that aloud, cute was Liz last night hugging a teddy behr all night. Quickly pushing all thoughts of Liz into the back of his mind before he started daydreaming about all the different things he rather being doing with her at the moment, and got his mind back to the problem at hand solving this girl’s murder.

Freddie, her tech Sam, the crime scene personal, and Max quickly got to work, taking samples, photographs and writing down the details of the scene once that was done they turned over the body on to her back.

“There no way for me to tell right now which of the many wounds on her body ultimately killed her but by the amount of blood around her face she was already dead when he bashed her head into the pavement if her heart were still pumping there would be a lot more then there is. Most of the blood loss took place around her stomach from all the stab wounds there. I can tell you that the time of death by the rigor of the body was somewhere around 11pm last night.” Freddie said aloud.

“Plus there no out ward sign he raped her panties are still on and that area looks to be untouched there are some light bruises but they could be from any of her other John’s. But the happy face carved on her back confirms she was killed by the same guy as the others.” Max replied.

“Yeah we’ll know more once we get her to the lab, are you done Max, were ready to take the body.” Freddie asked.

“Yeah, about when do you think the autopsy will be done?” Max asked her getting up from his crouching position.

At that Freddie let out a un-lady like snort and replied “ What with the murder rate in this town don’t expect it until late and I mean late tomorrow for the preliminary report at the earliest.”

Max smiled grimly at that and but only said “Thanks Freddie.”

Stepping back so as to give Freddie the room she needed to wrap the body in a body bag. Taking a quick inventory of the items collected he walked over to where Michael was sitting on top of their car talking in to his cell phone. Saying a quick hello to the patrol officers Mattie and Jennifer first who were busy controlling the crowd.

“It’s the same guy” Max started once Michael put down the phone.

“Damn…” Michael softly replied shaking his head softly and then he began listing what he knew so far. “…Officer Jennifer Hernandez recognized the girl as Isabel Ramirez she recognized the tattoo on her left foot, says she a regular working girl on these streets turning tricks to support her drug habit, no pimp though one of the few here to work independently. Body was found by a homeless man Jake whose sitting right over there…” Michael pointed to a homeless man sitting on the curve with his shopping cart by the patrolman’s car. “He flagged them down immediately. Other than that no one really knows that much about her. I just got off the phone with G, who seemed to be in a very cheerful mood, which means your about to get your ass whooped by our dear Lieutenant.” Michael couldn’t help but smile at Max groan of frustration over that bit of news.

Lieutenant Gonzalez or ‘G’ as all his men preferred to call him was a huge man of African Cuban and Italian Decent, known to quote Sicilian and Spanish proverbs equally especially when he didn’t like how cases were going. He spoke softly and never raised his voice, he didn’t need to when G spoke everyone listened he inspired both great love and fear in his troops, men would do anything to keep him happy cause if you didn’t well maybe we shouldn’t get in to that. The Men loved him, the bosses upstairs loathed him, G wasn’t above using the press when the bosses started to play politics with his officers lives or cases, no one could do his job better which is why he has survived in the department as long as he has.

G talking in a cheerful note instead of his usual glower meant only one thing he was disappointed in Max probably the lack of progress was grating his nerves and a disappointed G was never a good thing. But the thing was short of a surprise witness, or any evidence magically appearing out of thin air on this latest victim there really wasn’t anything either Max or Michael could do. With that thought in mind and a heavy heart and once the body was bagged and loaded and Max slipped Jake a couple bucks he had on him to buy himself lunch and maybe some dinner Max returned to the squad room ready to face the firing squad.

# # # # #

Liz – At work

She had kissed him! Yesterday she had been so caught up in the moment the feeling of his arms around her, she had just gone with the flow but now in the light of day, she just couldn’t believe herself they had only known each other one day, ONE DAY! And she had kissed him! Ok so he had kissed her back but still what the hell was she thinking!

‘How bout how beautiful he was, how gentle and caring and fun and funny…’ a little voice in her head said.

‘Oh shut up!’ she shot back at that voice.

‘Why should I! You enjoyed it! You more than enjoyed it, admit it, it was heaven on earth and you want to do it again!’

‘No, I…I have to end it, yeah that’s it, it’s to much to overwhelming yeah it’ll be better for everyone if I end it…’


‘Shut up! It’s better this way, I…I’m not ready for this!’

‘Umm excuse me but if last night was any indication you are more than ready, come on don’t do this to yourself, you want him, you need him, YOU LOVE HIM!’ her little voice shouted back at her.

‘I don’t even know him! How could I possible love him!’

‘Who cares! You do! Don’t deny this for yourself he’s the one, you know he’s the one! Take a chance be a woman he won’t hurt you!’

“Liz, ummm Liz.” With a start Liz shook her head and looked at her lab partner Cindy at work.

“Umm sorry Cindy what did you say?” Liz asked sheepishly.

“The sample is it ready?” She replied.

“Oh! Oh Ok, I’m sorry I spaced out there.” Liz replied quickly getting back to work.

“I can see that, would you like to talk about it?” Cindy asked kindly.

“No, No I’m Ok I just had to figure something out.” Liz replied.

“And did you figure it out, what ever it is?” Cindy asked.

“Yeah, Yeah I did don’t worry, truly I am. Don’t worry it won’t happen again.” Cindy seemed satisfied by that and got back to work herself.

‘God! I can’t believe you your going to dump him just like the others! Girl your making the worst mistake of your life, think girl think!’

But Liz was no longer listening she had made up her mind for better or worse she was going to end it before things got even more complicated.


Ok before you all start throwing stones at me, or worse yet stones with pictures of Isabel and Gerbil on them, please trust me, with out giving to much away I promise you Max will fight for her and play a little dirty your going to love it I swear! *big*

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Note: The killer shows up here again and it might be disturbing to some, so read with caution.

Chapter 6

“Max, Max, Max. My dear boy, you know I’ve been standing here for a little while looking at our board here, it’s a thing of beauty isn’t it, come here and take a closer look….”

Max inwardly groaned he had just returned from his crime scene and Michael had gone off somewhere on some trump upped errand they both saw threw, leaving Max to face the ire of the there Lt alone. G had spotted him right away from where he was standing in front of the homicide board, a plain white board where in erasable pen the case number and the last name of the victim is placed under the name of the primary detective’s name, in black if the killer has been found and caught, red if the case is still open.

And under Detective Evans name there were currently 8 names in red, 5 including the latest victim Isabel were the prostitutes killed by there madman, and 3 others from separate cases still waiting to be closed. Of all the detectives on his shift he had the most red, a fact of which G was clearly unhappy about.

Once Max was standing next to G, the Lt continued slowly taking the time and care to pronounce each word distinctly. “… Yes a thing of beauty all the black and red flowing together in harmony, put low in behold lookie here…” Pointing right at Max’s name. “…There seems to a built up of red here, and it’s upsetting the balance, now we can’t have that now can we, no that is completely unacceptable, So Max my boy how are you planning on fixing this.”

“G, I’m trying…” Max spoke up.

“Try harder Max, all the red is hurting my eyes, and I’m sure that is the last thing you want to do. So why don’t we step in to my office here and you can tell me what we have so far.”

G’s nice fatherly behavior scared Max deeply, G was never nice he brooded, and stalked their department like a caged bear. No Max like every homicide cop knew this behavior meant one thing G had reached the end of his rope. Once inside the entire friendly demeanor fell away fast and G was all business again.

“So run everything by me again what do we know?” G began.

“Almost nothing, all the women are prostitutes local to the area they are found, they have no pimps, all are blondes within the ages of 20 – 29 with a happy face carved in their backs. Some show signs of anal penetration but we did find semen in the mouths of two of them and we believe it’s from our perp, it fits the time of death and when the semen was deposited but the lab tells us the semen was classified as ‘nonsecreter’ which we all know means he can’t be identified using it which affects 20 percent of the population.

There are no hair samples in either places of penetration, which we take to mean he shaves and is very careful to not leave any evidence. A pair of burned rubber gloves is found next to the body, which further prove that to us. The fact he’s not worried about leaving his semen behind makes us believe he’s aware of his nonsecreter status so were looking at a man with some kind of medical background he enjoys the kill the manner in which he kills these girls is brutal damn right animalistic it’s almost like he just stabs and hits them at will with no control or finesse but once the madness leaves him he’s very through in the clean up process to make sure he leaves nothing behind to incriminate himself so with out more evidence we are at a dead end here.” Max said.

“I see, a real sick basted with this type of MO it wont be long until he moves away from easy targets such as prostitutes and unto the more general population looking for harder and meatier thrills.” G mused.

“Exactly, G if the victims weren’t street walkers this case would be a red ball already I can’t solve this case with just me and Michael I need more officers, more resources not only to stop these killings but to make sure that it doesn’t escalate like you just stated.” Max pleaded urgently.

“Max I hear you, and I conquer, but you know the bosses as long as it’s just prostitutes some of them won’t lift a finger, the media doesn’t care there more interested in the latest Hollywood scandal not what is or could be, So with out the Ok from upstairs I don’t have the authority to help you.” G replied.

Max furious was about to say something completely nasty about the bosses and their way of handling cases when Michael knocked on the door before bursting in. “Hey, I pulled Isabel’s rap sheet seems our hooker was pulled in last week with a one Pam Troy, not the first time to maybe they worked together and she saw the face of her last John.”

“Well then go to it, this could just be the break we are all hoping for.” G swiftly replied. Max at once got up, and followed Michael out the door.

“Were they picked up in the same area?” Max asked.

“Yeah like 5 blocks down.” Michael answered. “Though it might be hard to find her, there are lots of places to hide in that area and if she saw something she isn’t going to want to be found.”

“She’s a working girl maybe even an addict like Isabel she’ll need money she’ll be hitting the streets one way or another We’ll find her.”

# # # #

Later that night at Liz’s house

Max had called her telling her he wouldn’t be able to meet her like they had planed, Liz didn’t know if she was relieved to be given a reprieve or disappointed she wouldn’t be able to see him again, something about a lead in a case he needed to check out and couldn’t put off. He had sounded so dejected at the prospect of missing their date her heart constricted at what she had planned for him when they did meet.

So lost in thought was she, she didn’t notice when Maria walked in the door, home from work. Maria took one look at her and immediately knew what was up. Walking to her room she quickly undressed and put on a pair of sweats and tank top, bare foot she walked to the kitchen and took out two quarts of ice cream, Vanilla for Liz and Chocolate Mint for herself. Grabbing a couple spoons she walked back to Liz and dumped herself on the sofa where Liz was curled up staring at the phone.

Startled Liz looked up at Maria, taking the ice cream and spoon Maria offered, after getting herself comfortable Maria quickly got to the point.

“So who’s the unlucky fellow who getting the axe this time, and what imaginary evil did the poor fool commit for getting said axe.” Maria asked teasingly while digging in to her ice cream.

“Imaginary Evil?” Liz asked confused.

“Yeah, don’t play dumb with me Liz, I know you, you date a guy at most 3 times before you see some fault no matter how small that you use as your excuse to never see him again. So what he do this time, forget to shave to much like the last one.” Maria said between mouthfuls of ice cream.

“I don’t do that!” Liz said horrified.

“Oh yeah name one of the many hopefuls you have dated since I’ve known you that you’ve gone out with more then 3 times.” Maria shot back undeterred.

“Umm…” Liz racked her brain for a name and finally said, “…How bout Zan we went out for 2 months.”

“He doesn’t count, he was gay, you could tell by looking at him, which is why you dated him for so long no chance of him being attracted to you and later turning into a Tim.” Maria countered.

Knowing she was right and unable to think of anything to say to that, Maria continued.

“Tim is gone, you know he has been for a very long time now, living your life with him like a ghost over your life only hurts you in the long run, you’re the one giving him the power, you have to move on honey, stop doing this to yourself.” Putting her ice cream down she took Liz’s hand and said the last part looking straight into her friends eyes.

“Maria, I don’t want to get hurt, I’m not ready to take the chance yet.” Liz softly replied.

“Liz life is about taking chances, of embracing the unknown, do you think if I hadn’t taken the chance and left Roswell, when everything I had ever know and loved was there, I would have been happier then I currently am. Look at me I gained a sister I always wanted, I became a doctor, have a life full of possibilities that I would never have had in Roswell.”

“And Damian?” Liz asked.

“Yeah ok he has a dick head, and I still don’t know what I ever saw in him, but he did give me a baby, and I will never regret that, no matter what ass it will have for a father. I’m happy Liz and I want that same thing for you, how bout giving this new guy in your life a chance a real chance who knows he just be Mr. Perfect.” Maria pleaded.

“No not with Max, I’ve only know him a couple days and he already has me so tied up in knots, I mean God I behrly knew him 24 hours and we were already kissing at that fair yesterday…” Liz babbled.

“Kissing, you kissed him.” Maria said flabbergasted, Liz never kissed any of her many dates EVER, and then something else Liz said threw her for a loop.

“Wait, wait yesterday you were at the fair with Mammy, he met the family already!”

“Umm yeah he met Mammy they seemed to like each other.”

‘Oh my god this was big none of the many Liz dated ever met the family this guy must be truly special if he got that far in such a short amount of time, she had to make it a point to go to Mammy’s tomorrow and see if she could pump some details out of her because she knew full well Liz was in no state of mind to give her any now.’

“But that isn’t the point Maria!” Liz agitatedly went on.

“So tell me what is the point then.”

“It’s that I’ve behrly known him 2 days and I feel he already has this big hold on me it’s like I’m no longer in control of myself, my thoughts are consumed by him, I don’t like this feeling I don’t want anyone to have this much of a hold on me I can’t do that to myself again.” Liz cried.

Having no answer to that Maria just sat back looking at her friend in stunned amazement. Hearing no comeback to what she just said. Liz continued. “I’m ending it with him tomorrow.” With that she grabbed her ice cream and walked to her room slamming the door behind her.

Maria upon hearing the door slam quickly made a grab for the phone dialing Mammy home number from memory getting and answer on the 2nd ring.

“Hello.” Maria heard Mammy ask.

“Mammy, it’s Maria I was wondering if I could stop by the restaurant tomorrow for a late lunch to talk.”

“Oh course Mija, you sound happy, can I get a clue on what it’s about.”

“Max.” was her only response.

# # # #

In another part of town in a mind of a killer.

He liked to do his fucking in the ass; sometimes he preferred the mouth both guaranteed a tight fight for his cock. But unfortunately that wasn’t the case this time, he had picked her cause she was short, which usually meant a tight fit unlike the Amazon he did last time, not wanting to plow his manhood in a stretched out twat, she was likely to have like the rest of her kind and be just one of many, and not liking the look of her mouth he had opted for his favorite position the ass.

Only to find to his bitter disappointment that this part of her like the rest of her was all stretched out so here he was pounding away and fighting hard to keep his erection, but it was a losing battle finally disgusted he pulled out. She turned around baffled in his minds eye he saw what seemed like a smile on her face.

Flying into a rage at the though she was laughing at him for not being able to find pleasure in her stretched out hag of a body. He began beating her. Teaching her that no one laughed at him ever.


Note: I should say I have no background in medicine or genetics I read about nonsecreter's in a book but I'm sure our medical community has found a way around this problem but for the purposes of this story it sounded cool to use. So please don't hold me to this.

Also the use of the board and the writting of victims names on it is taken from the show Homicide Life on the Street, some of you may even have reconized G, what can I say I loved that man.

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A little Author's note:

Yeah shorty828 Zan was gay, my online buddy Esther who reads my chapters before I post them doesn't really like him although I love him to death, but I just threw that in for her, she got a kick out of it *wink*

Phaedra223 My Perv-fu Master, that the nicest complement anyone could have given me, Since that was the whole vibe I was going for. This story is what happens when a girl watches to many cop, lawyer shows like, Homicide Life on The Street, Law & Order, Murder One, and the Profiler, along with a slew of others.

ILYMEFOREVER, Eraser Room, roswellluver Yeah the killer is creppy and it will get a little worse and as to which girl he will go after and why, well I'm no where near letting you know yet, so just sit back and enjoy.

Pegleg, dancepixie About Maria and Michael I should warn you the next few parts are more Dreamer oriented, I'm not trying to ignore them, but I really don't write with an Outline, I have an idea where I want to go, and right now Max and his quest to get Liz back is dominating, but I have plans for Mi/M and they are a very big part of this story, so please sit tight I will be getting back to them, soon.

Lelea, Shelly 2, Araxie HRH, Strawbehrry Shortcake, FehrBehr, sydniepaige Gald you liked. Just wait till you see Max has planned for our girl Liz.

Mikyla where's my new part, I need my story fix

BLS40 I loved that show, but I have a hell of a time finding it on Court TV, I need my G, Pemplton & Ballis Fix *tongue* Ok so my spelling sucks but you know who I mean.

On With the story!


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Chapter 7

The next day, Liz at home her POV.

It hadn’t gone at all well she had met him for an early lunch at the LA Mall under City Hall and not trusting herself she had plowed right threw, God she could still see the look on his face.


“Max we can’t see each other anymore.”

“Liz!!!!!!! What, Why, Did I do something.” Max urgently asked unable to believe what he was hearing.

“No, Max!!!!!” She cried distraught over what she was doing. “…It’s me I’m not ready for this, I though I was but I just can’t…My past…I’m sorry Max for leading you on…”

“Liz you did lead me any where I didn’t want to go, but please tell why not, what happened to you, Please I love you.”

“You what, but, but you don’t even know me Max.”

Taking her hands in one of his and with the other taking her head forcing her to look him deep into his eyes. He said “My heart knows you Liz, how ever crazy that sounds, I knew the first time I looked into your eyes I knew that you were the one, my thoughts have been consumed with you, There will never be any other, Liz, I know your scared but please trust me, trust in us, let me help you.” He pleaded.

Pulling away form his hypnotic gaze and wonderfully warm body she said, “No, I have to go now.” Desperately trying to get away form him, his hand clamped down hard on one of her hands and looked her straight in the eye and said “I’m coming for you Liz, this isn’t over not by a long shot.”

Finally wrenching away for his grasp Liz quickly walked away, feeling his hot gaze bore holes in her back as she walked away.

~End Flashback~

‘No it hadn’t gone well at all.’ Liz sighed to herself.

# # # #
Max at Mammy’s restaurant.

“Ok so are you going to tell me what happened, you were supposed to meet with your girl, I was sitting there calmly waiting for lunch when you pulled me away and I’m starving.” Michael complained.

“Were here, don’t worry this place has the best food in California, I’ll buy you lunch and make it up to you.” Max replied.

“So are you going to tell me what happened with your girl?” Michael asked, walking up to the restaurant behind Max.

“No.” was Max’s only reply.

Michael chuckled at that and replied. “Don’t bother I know that look you’re wearing, I had the same dazed and confused angry look when Maria dumped me…” He would have continued but by then they were already in the restaurant and spotting Maria sitting at a booth talking to an older woman made him stop in his tracks.

Max walked right up to Mammy and Maria not even sparing a glance at the blonde he bluntly asked. “You told me that day of the fair, Welcome to the family. Did you mean it?”

Mammy had seem him approaching and since Maria had just told her what had happened last night with Liz she knew full well why he was here and it pleased her greatly. “Yes.” She replied with a smile.

“She left me today, I can’t let that happen, will you help me?” Max asked breathing a sigh of relief at her answer.

“Yes I know she did, and it doesn’t surprise me, as for helping you, you better believe I’m 100% behind you.” She answered.

Sitting down next to the blonde still not looking at her, Max continued “Ok then tell me what happened to her that she’s so afraid to let me in?”

“I’m afraid we can’t tell you.” Maria answered instead. For the first time he turned and looked at her, Maria smiled impishly at him extending her hand she introduced herself. “I’m Maria her housemate and sister in all the ways that count.” Max always the gentleman took her hand surprised by her firm grip.

“Why not?” He asked her.

“Because it’s private and it’s something she should tell you herself. I can tell you his name was Tim and what he did to her was unconscionable and since then she won’t allow herself to get close to any man, that is until you. And now that I have seen you I can see why…” Looking over his shoulder Maria paused “…why Michael what ever are you doing here?”

“Umm I’m here with Max, he’s my partner.” Was Michael’s sheepish reply trying to keep from showing too much how happy he was to see her. Max for the first time really looked at Maria and realized she was the same woman he had caught Michael staring at that day at the In – N – Out, when Max had tailed him.

“Wow, small world…” Maria smiled patting the seat on the other side of her “Sit, I bet your hungry, besides this thing with Max is going to take a little while.”

Mammy quickly took a seat on the other side of the counter and singled one of the waiters to take the men’s order, and they got down to business.


Note: A little short but oh well also just a small plug I started a vampire type fic called Light To His Darkness, take a look if you haven't already *big*



Thanks everyone your the best!

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Chapter 8

Thanks to Maria and Mammy he learned that Liz was going to be at charity auction. The Lab were she worked was one of the leading research cancer facilities, The auction was meant to be both a way to give thanks to all the donors who have given them money and as a way to make more.

He hadn’t gone to one of these functions since he went to college but his mother was big on charities especially when it came to cancer research being a survivor of cancer herself. So it was quite easy for him to get an invitation to the event, it paid to have connections.

Another thing that worked in his favor was what this auction was auctioning was dates, some celebrity models along with some of the more pretty researchers would be up for bid to the highest bidder, they were required to dance one dance at the party with their winners and go on one date with them on a day of both their choosing. Liz was going to be one of the people auctioned and Max had every intention of winning her for himself. Operation ‘I’m coming for you Liz’ was in full gear.

He arrived at the party and made a point to keep Liz in his sights at all times and yet make sure she didn’t spot him, not wanting her to find a way to escape him before he could get a chance at bidding for her. Not an easy feat when so many of his parent cronies walking around, but some how he had managed it and the time he waited for the auction to begin he thought over the days events at work.

They had found Pam Troy at the hospital seemed her last john had, had and urge for some S & M and Pam’s face as a result looked like a wreaking ball had done it’s worse on her, but the stab wounds on her stomach were the worst. She had no clue about Isabel claming she hadn’t seen her in over a week, a fact that was proven by the doctors. So their big lead turned into yet another dead end. Dead Ends was proving to be the given with these cases and Max was beyond frustrated. Brought out of his brooding by the charity’s host asking everyone to please sit down the auction was beginning.

Most of the models went for 5, 000 a piece 10 if they were truly famous or notorious the researchers held there own the highest one had been bided for was 4, 000. The atmosphere was so relaxed and merry Max easily got into the sprit of it, waiting for Liz’s turn. So focused was he on his task he never noticed one of his old enemies was also in the crowd. Staring intently at him.

# # # #

Liz for her part was back stage trying to control her nerves and trying to remind herself why she had agreed to do such a thing in the first place, she hated being the center of attention and here she was about to step up on stage and be bidden on.

But more then her nerves at what was about to happen, her heart was just not into it, no matter how good a cause it was for, her mind just kept replaying Max’s face form earlier and his words kept replaying in her mind “I’m coming for you…I’m coming for you…I’m coming for you…” non stop, she couldn’t wait for this to be over and maybe hit a club in the hopes she could finally make herself forget.

“Miss Parker, it’s time.” One of the charity’s coordinators kindly told her, taking her by the hand leading her to the stage where she would be next. Taking one last look at the mirror on the side of the stage, she ran her hands down her lovely red dress it had a slit on the side which showed her legs to perfection, the top was tight and showed off her figure perfectly. It was a designer gown donated to the girls to be auctioned off to wear for this one party and before the night was over would be returned. Her hair was up in a messy bun that looked like she had just moments before put up her hair instead of the hour the hairdresser had spent to create it.

She didn’t wear any jewelry; unlike the others she did need any, she looked like an exquisite princess ready for a night of pleasures she just hoped she didn’t screw up the effect by falling flat on her face. Hearing her name being called by the announcer she slowly walked on stage towards him.

# # # #

She walked on stage like a queen, literally taking his breath away, he had seen her threw out the night but this was the first time he could see her clearly, and she was so beautiful. It took him a moment to realize the bidding had started. Quickly composing himself he began biding.

# # # #

1, 000
2, 000
5, 000
7, 000
9, 000
10, 000

The amount of money being bided for her staggered Liz when they had reached 5 she assumed it would stop till now the highest a researcher had gotten was 4, but when it jumped to 7 she quickly looked up to see you would have made such a bid and came into contact with the warmest pair of amber eyes, recognizing them instantly, Max.

She couldn’t believe he was here, when a blond bided 9 she broke her gaze form Max and looked with confusion at him. She had never seen him before in her life and he wasn’t even looking at her but at Max it seemed.

Max also took notice at this new bidder, recognizing him at once Sean Harper from one of Beverly Hills most influential families and who had made it a point to try to make Max life a living hell for what ever lame reason. Taking his eyes off Sean and moving them to the more pleasant sight of Liz Parker. When it was clear the bid for Liz was only between himself and Sean, Max upped the bid from Sean’s 13, 000 to 25, 000 ignoring the collected gasp of the room, Daring Sean to beat his bid, prepared to go to 50 if Sean continued. Sean didn’t and it was one very surprised Liz that was lead to Max Evans.

Taking her hand he walked out the room and into the next one hading his credit card to the desk at the back of the room set up for the auction to pay up the winning bid once done they walked toward the dance floor where Liz was still staring in shock at him.

“Max, you’re a cop where in the world can you come up with $25, 000.” Liz asked still in complete shock.

“Well definitely not from my policeman salary, I told you my parents wanted me to go into the family business which I was never cut out for what I didn’t tell you was the family business was Evans Inc. I have a deep savings account, stock in the company and all kinds of other holdings my father opened for me at my birth which he couldn’t take away from me when I told him I was going to be a cop. I never touched it until now, but trust me that 25, 000 didn’t even put a dent in it….” Looking at her thoughtfully he continued “…You know I would donate it in a heartbeat if it would guaranteed you’d come back to me.”

“Max I told you…” Liz pleadingly began.

“I know what you told me, and I remember very clearly what I told you to, and I’m sorry Liz but I’m not letting you go…” Max interrupted her, Liz looked ready to argue with him, but he placed his finger on her perfect lips and continued. “…No honey, we can argue till your blue in the face, but I’m not going anywhere.”

“Max…” she would have continued arguing but the sudden presence of the blonde who had bidden against Max for her interrupted them.

“My I cut in.” He said all oily charm; Liz instantly disliked him something in his air reminded her of a snake reading itself to charge. Max for his part didn’t even bother looking at him recognizing his oily voice instantly and answered with a swift and strong “No.”

Sean only smiled widely he loved getting under Max’s skin and if Max was interested in this pretty brunette then he would do everything in his power to take her away from him. It was tradition.

“My, you’ve gotten rude with your old age, Max is that anyway to treat an old friend.” Sticking his hand out to Liz he introduced himself all smooth charm “I’m Sean Harper an old friend of Max’s, don’t mind him he’s afraid after you meet a real man you’ll leave his ass behind.”

Loyalty to Max flared in Liz and something about him disgusted her though she couldn’t quite put her finger on it so she didn’t take his hand and answered him with a cool rebuff “Not Interested, plus Max knows he has nothing to worry about so I highly dought that’s the case.”

“Oh a spitfire, Max my boy your taste has improved.” Sean fake smile became even more fake. “How bout you dump the prude and I’ll show you a real good time.”

“Wow, deaf and dumb didn’t know they made men like you anymore.” Liz countered.

“Sean, take a hike clearly the lady isn’t interested.” Max said in a low and dangerous voice.

“Pity, well I’ll be around when you finally wake up and need a real man.” Taking one last look at Liz raking her up and down like he was undressing her, Max felt and overwhelming urge to deck him but Liz’s calming hand restrained him, and Sean was gone.

“I’m sorry for that, Liz…” Max began apologizing sheepishly. But Liz stopped him “No it’s Ok, he was clearly scum, you did nothing wrong. But I better go backstage and change, I think it’s time I go home.”

“You can’t.” Max said with an odd twinkle in his eye. Liz saw it and her brow furrowed in suspicion.

“Cause Maria took your clothes, purse and your car for that matter so if you really want to go home you’re going to have to let me take you.” Max impishly said.

“But this dress, I have to return it tonight and…” Liz sputtered.

“Ahh yeah the dress, well the dress is yours I bought it for you.” Max said.

“Max!” Liz said outraged.

“Liz.” Max calmly said back.

Unable to find the words to tell him off so angry was she, she turned on her heal and proceeded to walk out the door heading for the exit. Max followed close behind, collecting his coat at the door he placed it on Liz’s shoulders, she didn’t bother looking at him or say thank you.

He drove her home in silence though it didn’t bother him he was just glad to be near her. When they got to her house she looked at him in surprise ‘How did he know where she lived.’ Seeing it, all he said was “Maria.”

Getting out of the car she walked briskly to her door only to stop when he blocked her entrance.

“As for that date we have to go on, I’m thinking Saturday, alright with you…” seeing her about to protest he quickly cut her off “Liz you have to, you signed an agreement with the charity and I plan on holding you to it other wise I take the money back.” Max said smugly.

Liz sighed in frustration $25, 000 was a lot of money and it was sourly needed she just couldn’t turn her back on it no matter how much her brain told her to. Admitting defeat she softly said “Saturday’s fine.”

Max smiled quickly kissing her on the mouth he then said “Good, see you then.” He watched her enter her house and he hummed a happy little tune to himself on the way to the car. There was no way he would make it until Saturday to see her again so he picked up his cell phone and began planning his next stunt to win her heart.

# # # #

Maria and Michael heard Liz enter the house; Maria giggled fully expecting her to blow up in her face for helping Max. Sure enough Liz stalked to the kitchen where she heard music playing with the full intent of giving Maria a piece of her mind only to stop short when she saw Michael. Quickly turning around she stalked to her room and slammed the door.

Maria laughed outright and Michael just said, “I guess that went well.”

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Chapter 9

After Maria got off work, she drove to Max’s home he had given her the address before he and Michael left the restaurant to go back to work. They had planned their attack on Liz’s senses and tonight they were implementing their plan. From there a formally dressed Max, had driven with Maria and Michael to the charity. Using Michael badge him and Maria had broken in back stage collecting Liz’s clothes and purse. Driving back to Maria house in Liz’s car.

Maria felt no qualms in what she was doing, she liked Max, loved the reaction he had drawn out of Liz, and upon hearing that Mammy had welcomed him to the family, Max could do no wrong in her eyes. Knowing how stubborn Liz could be she predicated 2 weeks before Max wore her down and got her to bed. And she was sure they would be married within a month’s time. The fact that if her prediction proved true she would be losing a room mate and 24 hour support for the baby she had moved for in the first place didn’t faze Maria. She wanted her friend to be happy and she was certain Max would accomplish that, so she was happy.

Once Maria was home she parked the car and Michael took Maria out to eat and have a little fun…

“Umm Ok so my music professor was about 25 at the time, and he was soooooo in love with Liz, when ever she came to cheer me on he would start stumbling around trying to impress her, he ended up looking like a klutz each time…” Maria was regaling Michael with one of her favorite college memories. They were sitting at a cozy little Italian restaurant sharing a large plate of pasta. Michael looking at her with a large smile on his face, laughing uncontrollably at each of the antics the 2 girls had played together during their college days.

“…Liz of course knew he had feeling for her but she played him no mind which despaired him to no end. After a while he started to get more and more bold, I in utter disgust finally decided it was time to take matters in my own hands so I came up with a plan…”

“Oh no what did you do!” Michael exclaimed seeing the wicked twinkle that lit up her eyes.

“Nothing…” she said in mock hurt which dissolved into a girlish giggle. “Well Ok something … I told him we were bi, and I didn’t like the way he was looking at my girlfriend and that we already had a boyfriend and his looks to her were not appreciated. He didn’t believe me and since I knew he had a habit of just dropping by our building in the hopes Liz would go out with him, we were waiting for him and lucky for us he picked a day when our dorm floor was empty. Brendan my boyfriend at the time stood as lookout and using a walkie-talkie he let us know when he was getting closer to the door. So Liz and I started groaning and moaning like we were in some great orgasmic ecstasy then to top it all off our friend Alex who was in it with us started groaning adding his voice to ours, Liz and I started shaking the bed against the wall and then all of us went quite, Brendan told us the teacher was still standing outside the door red with embarrassment. So to finish it all off Alex looking all messy like he just got threw some messy love making dressed in pants he hadn’t completely zipped up opened the door…” Maria giggled and took a sip of her drink before continuing.

“Alex asked him if he needed anything, the professor just stammered and Liz sweet innocent little Lizzy, who I had to con and almost literally beg into doing this with us, in the most seductive voice calls out to Alex and says ‘Alex baby, Maria and I are getting awful lonely here forget the water come back to bed.’ God!!!!!!! It was all I could do to hold back my laughter…”

By this point Michael is gasping for air he is laughing so hard easily picturing all this. Maria for her part was trying to keep from joining him trying to finish her story.

“…So after that Alex dutifully closes the door and Brendan tells us the poor guy runs out of the building like his on fire. The 4 of us after that partied hard for a plan well done, and Brendan and I broke up the next day it was really strange but anyways, the teacher never looked Liz or me for that matter the same way again and when the semester was over he transferred somewhere else.”

Finishing Maria finally succumbs to the out right laughter she was trying so hard to control, after they both had calmed down enough Michael asks “How old were you?”

“That was the 2nd semester of our junior year. I still had big dreams about being some rock star so I was minoring in music, but then after graduation I went with the doctor route and never regretted my decision.”

“Sounds like you and Liz were quite a terror back then.” Michael said with a proud smile.

“Nah, Liz was an angel, I was the one who was getting us in to trouble and Alex would tag along he said he couldn’t sleep nights if we were off doing something outrageous and he wasn’t there to bail us out. We pulled so much crap the 3 of us on our fellow students and teachers who ever we felt treated us unfairly. We never got caught although we came close a couple times…I miss Alex you know during medical school he came up with this revolutionary software and he formed his own company after that he soon became so rich he rivals Bill Gates, he calls occasionally but it’s not the same.” Maria said a little sadly.

Not trying to make their evening go into a sad note. She forced herself to snap out of it, perking up immediately she started in on some hers other capers. After they finished their dinner they went back to Maria place, they sat on in her kitchen playing a fun game of M&M poker, which soon degraded into a huge farce as they both began cheating and dealing each other outrageous decks in order to beat the other, that was how Liz found them she got back from the charity.

Michael stayed a little while after that before he reluctantly called it quits and went home, one happy man, they made plans to see each other again, though he was sure Maria saw him as a long lost friend he didn’t mind he could work with that.

Maria for her part went to bed she wanted to go and talk to Liz but she knew her friend she would probably be sitting on her bed cursing the world for plotting against her. But it wouldn’t last long Liz couldn’t hold a grudge so by mourning they would make up on the promise Maria would never do such a thing again, Maria would promise and they both knew she wouldn’t keep it. But they were sisters and it would take more than a man to break that bond.

But she couldn’t sleep but it wasn’t thoughts of Liz that kept her up but Michael. To say she was surprised when he showed at her doorstep was an understatement the fact they had met 3 times so far and not fought once was down right shocking to her. Back when they were dating all they had ever done is fight their whole relationship had been one long never ending fight really.

The change from that rebellious bad boy who could never sit still for anything longer than a minute to the handsome law abiding ‘almost’ shy man now before her, Maria couldn’t help but snicker at that, oh he still looked the same as before despite the suits his job forced him to wear that air of danger still radiated from him, But there was a muted sense of power that radiated from him now that was there before, like despite everything he was a man in full control of himself. Max had that same air but it fitted him better maybe because unlike Michael he had always been in control of himself. But on Michael that air somehow called to her, deeply it called to her and it slightly scared her. But the idea of Michael Guerin as a cop, never in her wildest dreams would she ever have imagined that. But she was happy for him, Michael had been the love of her life and if she was honest with herself he still was.

She had left Roswell cause she had loved him so much and yet she saw no future for them he had been on a one way path to self destruction and some inner pride had welled up inside of herself giving her a sense that she could be so much more, that she couldn’t throw her life away because of one man no matter how much she loved him. So she dumped him graduated early and made something of herself.

It had taken a year to work up the courage to even think of dating other men but she had finally done it trying to wipe out Michael’s memory from her heart, dating guys the complete opposite of Michael, preppy guys that never roused her passion that is until Damian. Damian was from a rich family who went into medicine to spit his family. They had had fun together she had even thought she had finally found the one, but when she had told him she was pregnant he had demanded she get an abortion which she had refused he kept at her until she was so sick of him she had dumped him in a huff he moved out of state never to be heard from again.

It had hurt, badly but she was surprised that it mostly had hurt her pride not her heart. She felt bad that her child wouldn’t have a father she knew how hard growing up like that was. But she didn’t even miss Damian, and it was at that moment she knew that despite all these years of absence her heart still completely belonged to Michael.

And now he was back in her life, he had survived Roswell and made a life for himself and she was so proud of him. And if she was reading him right he still had some feeling for her, but that could be just her wishful thinking. But even if he did harbor something for her, most likely all that would fly out the window when he found out she was pregnant by another man.

With that thought Maria finally fell asleep with a heavy heart.


Note: Ok I'm not happy with this part, I couldn't help but mutter to myself that something was missing here, that it needed more, but for the life of me I could figure out what that was, so I figured I'd move on.

Sorry it took me so long to update, but I had 3 midterms, 2 of those in Math courses, plus a 20 page paper to write for my Computer Ethics class. So School has been a pain. Spring break is coming up for me soon s I should have time to write more then. Thanks to all the feedback and bumps, hopefully this was worth the wait, if not I apologize ahead of time.

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Chapter 10

On the absence of any other leads on their prostitute killer, Max and Michael were working on a lead on the Stevenson case one of Michaels open cases. Meredith Stevenson had been killed in her home with one of her own kitchen knives the most likely suspect was her husband the only one with the motive a million dollar insurance policy. The trick was finding a way to prove he was behind it since he had the perfect alibi, dinner with the in-law’s who were adamant he was innocent on the death of their precious daughter.

Michael had gotten a tip to meet someone at a near by restaurant when they got there they found Sara Brannon, Charles Stevenson’s secretary. Only a raised eyebrow from Michael to Max did Michael betray he’s surprise at seeing her there. Right away they sat on her table, she never looked up taking a sip of her wine she only slipped a paper facedown toward Michael. Picking up the paper he turned it over and read it.

“Why are you giving me this now?” Michael asked her angrily. With that little slip of paper she had handed them Charles Stevenson in a silver platter for the death of his wife. Seeing how Michael had spent countless hours working the case many of them questioning everyone who knew the Stevenson’s including Sara over and over. Why she was giving him this now was beyond him.

“I couldn’t hold it in any longer.” Was her hesitant reply.

“You’re lying.” Was Max’s sharp retort. He hadn’t seen the paper but Max was a master on reading people, being a detective made that a mandatory skill. Sara was flustered and looked pleadingly at both Michael and Max.

“I…I…I don’t know what you mean…” she looked like a doe caught in the headlights but both men were unsympathetic.

“Lady, were both seasoned Homicide detectives we come face to face with some of greatest lying masters this world has to offer, and lady you don’t compare, so cut the crap and for once tell us the truth. Why now? You’ve obviously known for quite a long time.” Michael said lowering his voice to a deadly murmur passing the paper to Max at the same time.

Truly frightened now she answered truthfully “He…He…gave me a bad evaluation.”

“A bad evaluation?” Michael asked confused.

“See…See…I was sleeping with him…He promised me he would marry me, but he took so long and when I saw that paper I thought finally, his wife was a total bitch and I thought he was doing it for us so I pretended I didn’t know what was going to happen, but after she was dead I though the road was clear for us, but he didn’t follow threw with his promises, but I had a good job and I was up for a major promotion as long as I got that I didn’t care. But he gave me a bad evaluation so I didn’t get my promotion…”

“So you decided to give us the evidence we need to get him and pay him back for screwing you over.” Michael finished, shaking his head at the stupidity of the situation. Sara only lowered her head.

Michael gets up and takes out his handcuffs “Miss Brannon please get up, you have the right to remain silent…” he drawled on her maranda rights handcuffing her, and took her outside to sit in the car, and drove her to head quarters where they called in the District Attorney who on the view of the evidence filed a warrant for the arrest of one Charles Stevenson. And Michael got the pleasure of removing one red name off the board.

# # # #

Liz was at home, trying to work on her research paper for class, she had made up with Maria that mourning before she went to the hospital to work. She could never really stay mad at Maria for long, She knew Maria was doing what she thought was best for her, how could you be mad at someone with a reason like that, plus it didn’t help that little voice in her head also agreed with Maria. Nor did it help that Max was being so adamant about being with her. The man shelled out $25, 000, bought her an ultra expensive designer dress, then tells her he is the only son of the world famous Phillip Evans of Evans Inc, all like it was nothing.

Plus the way he looked at her, the way he talked to her, the way he made her feel, only made that voice so much louder. In all the time she had been with Tim he had never made her feel the way Max made her feel. She couldn’t help but believe he was telling her the truth but she was still so scared. She had no idea what to do.

So lost in thought was she, she didn’t hear the doorbell start ringing. Startled she got up saved the last changes she made on her lap – top and went to answer the door, looking out the window she saw a flower deliveryman and a couple flower trucks up front. Confused Liz opened the door.

“Delivery for Miss Parker.” The deliveryman said.

“I’m Miss Parker.” Liz said.

“Sign here, please.” Once she had he stepped back and walked back to his truck the man in the 2nd one soon got out and between them they started delivering vase after vase of beautiful flowers, into her home, until the whole house looked like a garden paradise straight out of the bible. To say Liz was shocked was an understatement. They left without saying a word.

She noticed each of the vase’s had a long plastic stick with a number at the top, assuming she was supposed to go in numerical order she found the card with the number one behind the card were lines that read like song lyrics, she also found another card between the flowers that stated the flower’s name and it’s meaning, She collected the numbered cards careful to keep them in order, and read the meaning of the flowers.

Card 1 – ALTHEA - Consumed by love – Because since I met you I’ve been consumed by love for you.

Card 2 - ANGELICA - Inspiration, magic – Because you are my Inspiration, and your presence in my life is pure magic.

Card 3 - ARBUTUS - You only do I love – The meaning alone says it all.

Card 4 - ASH - with me you are safe – All you have to do is trust me.

Card 5 - BLUETS - Contentment – Because that’s what you are when I think of you.

Card 6 - CAMELLIA (White) - Perfected loveliness, without blemish – Cause that is what you are Perfected Loveliness and you are completely with out a blemish.

Card 7 - CARNATION - Fidelity, love – Cause this what I’m promising you all my love and fidelity.

Card 8 - CEDAR - I live but for thee, think of me – Need I say more.

Card 9 - ESCHSCHOLTZIA - Do not refuse me – Please don’t I can’t bare it when you do.

Card 10 - FLOWER-OF-AN-HOUR - Delicate beauty – No one can say anything different once they had one look at you.

Card 11 - HONEY-FLOWER - Love sweet and secret – Because that’s what my love is for you though in no way is it secret.

Card 12 - JASMINE (Spanish) - Sensuality and JASMINE (yellow) - Grace and elegance – Cause you are all that is Sensual in this world, but you are all Grace and Elegance when you walk.

Card 13 - JONQUIL - Can you return my love? I desire a return of your affection – This is my heart’s, heartfelt desire.

Card 14 - LADY'S-TRESSES - Bewitching grace – Cause your grace has completely bewitched me, and I wouldn’t have any other way.

Card 15 - LILY (water) - Purity of heart – Cause my heart and its desires are completely pure for you.

Card 16 - MOONFLOWER - I only dream of love – Which in this case means I dream completely of you.

Card 17 - PEACH-BLOSSOM - I am your captive – Do with me as you wish, for I am completely yours.

Card 18 - PETUNIA - You soothe me – Like no one has ever in my life.

Card 19 - ROSE (Austrian) - You are all that is lovely – Need I say more?

Card 20 - ROSE (Jacqueminot) - I am true – Believe me, after you I have no desire for anyone else.

Card 21 - ROSE (white) - I am worthy of your love, humility – Though I am no where near your perfection I will do all I can to be worthy of your love.

Card 22 - SHEPHERD'S PURSE - I offer you my all – If you’ll just have me.

Card 23 - SUNFLOWER (large) - You are splendid – You are, and I’ll lay the world at your feet if you’ll have me.

Card 24 - VIOLET (blue) - Faithfulness, love, loyalty – I promise all this to you.

Card 25 - WITCH-HAZEL - Inspiration, Mysticism, a spell is upon me – You are my Inspiration, Mysticism, and a spell is upon me, how else to explain how fast and hard I have fallen for you.

Card 26 - YARROW - Cure for heartache – I’ll be that for you if you let me.

By the end Liz was a wreck of tears on the floor, she couldn’t believe how utterly beautiful this was she couldn’t believe Max had gone to so much trouble for her. After a while of crying and looking at her beautiful flowers through teary blurry eyes, She remembered the other cards she had collected she laid them down on the floor, putting them in numerical order and read.

I Just Don't Understand
Why You Running From A Good Man, Baby?
Why You Wanna Turn Your Back On Love?
Why You've Already Given Up?
See I Know You've Been Hurt Before
But I Swear I'll Give You So Much More
I Swear I'll Never Let You Down
'Cause I Swear It's You That I Adore

And I Can't Help Myself, Baby
'Cause I Think About You Constantly
And My Heart Gets No Rest Over You

You Can Call Me Selfish
But All I Want Is Your Love
You Can Call Me Hopeless, Baby
'Cause I'm Hopelessly In Love
You Can Call Me Un-perfect
But Who's Perfect?
Tell Me What Do I Gotta Do?
To Prove That I'm The Only One For You
What's Wrong With Being Selfish?

Verse 2:
I'll Be Taking Up Your Time
Til The Day I'll Make You Realize
That For You There Can Be No One Else
I Just Gotta Have You For Myself
Baby I Will Take Good Care Of You
No Matter What It Is You're Going Through
I'll Be There For You When You're In Need
Baby Believe In Me

'Cause If Love Is A Crime
Then Punish Me I Would Die For You
'Cause I Don't Want To Live Without You
What Can I Do?

You Can Call Me Selfish
But All I Want Is Your Love
You Can Call Me Hopeless, Baby
'Cause I'm Hopelessy In Love
You Can Call Me Un-perfect
But Who's Perfect?
Tell Me What Do I Gotta Do?
To Prove That I'm The Only One For You

Why Do You Keep Us Apart?
Why Want You Give Up Your Heart?
You Know That We're Meant To Be Together
And Why Do You Push Me Away?
All That I Want Is To Give You Love
Forever And Ever And Ever

You Can Call Me Selfish
But All I Want Is Your Love
You Can Call Me Hopeless (Hopeless)
'Cause I'm Hopelessly In Love
You Can Call Me Un-perfect
But Who's Perfect?
Tell Me What Do I Gotta Do?
To Prove That I'm The Only One For You

Repeat 3x's:
Selfishly I'm In Love With You
'Cause I've Searched My Soul
And I Know That It's You

~Max Evans~

Liz had never cried so much in her life, or so wanted to believe.


The Song is by 'N Sync – named Selfish, Thank You Esther for finding it for me. You my friend and cyber sister are the best. I have no clue what I would do with out you.

Note: The first part was just a look in the life of Max and Michael besides the main killer in this story, since they do work more than one case. Hope you like.

As for the flowers I got the listing and meaning on:

If the flowers are to small to be used in the way I have writen them I'm sorry some of these I don't know what they look like I just used them cause of their meaning.

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Note: Remember I don't like Gerbil or Isabel and I'm really mean to them here, so no nasty comments on what I'm doing with them. I did warn you in the begining so if you like them be warned, this is my therpy for the show, k.

Chapter 11

It had been one long day for Max Evans, Charles Stevenson had been an easy guy to break, all his bravado had left him once Michael had gotten him hauled in, and into the integration room, kindly nicknamed by the cops as ‘the box’. So for once in a long time Max was leaving work on time. Michael had stayed behind to finish his paper work.

He drove to Coello’s Flower shop, John Coello was an old friend, Max had helped out his younger brother a couple years back, when the kid had gotten into some trouble. The kid had gotten way over his head and had almost come close to being charged for murder, Max had caught the real culprit but the incident had served as a good wake up call for the kid, and he was now going to college and living a good life on the straight and narrow.

John Coello was big on family and when Max had gone out of his way to help out his kid brother, he considered Max a blood brother. So when Max came to him in a hurry to buy the best and most beautiful flowers for Liz, John had been more than happy to oblige going out of his way to get them to her as soon as possible. So now Max was here to pick up the last to packages to finish off Liz flower surprise for the day.

“Max, Max, my boy, so glad to see you!” John came from behind his counter and shook Max’s hand warmly.

“…Come here, come here, I have your last to pieces right here, I’m sure your anxious to go see your girl and give these to her yourself.”

John moved to the back where he kept his prized flowers and brought back two beautifully wrapped bouquets of flowers one were long stemmed red roses, the other was a bouquet of red, yellow, and variegated tulips.

“Ok just like you wanted, Red roses, and tulips. Which if I remember correctly were your favorite from the list of flowers and their meaning I gave you to pick out from…” John said with a twinkle in his eyes. “… Oh and the cards are there just like you wrote them too, so your ready to go.”

“Thank You, I just want everything to be perfect.” Max said dreamily.

“Ahh yes you my friend have got it bad, I wish you all the luck by the look of it she must be very special in deed.” John said with understanding ‘Ahh to be young again’ he could help but think to himself.

“She is, she really is. Are the other arrangements for Sunday going well?” Max asked.

“Oh yeah, don’t worry, it will be perfect, you’ll see.” John answered.

“Thank You, I know I’m putting a lot on you in such a short notice. I swear I’ll make it up to you.”

“Max please, your family, all I ask is that I get first dips on the wedding arrangements.” He teased, Max just blushed but answered with a dreamy “Yeah.”

He said his goodbye and drove to Liz’s house. He knew Maria was at work and hopefully Liz would be home. He really wanted…no…he needed to see her. When he parked in front of her house he was happy to see the lights were on. Taking care with his packages he walked to her door his heart in his throat. He rang the doorbell and Liz answered right away.

Seeing him standing at her door, made her lose all her breath. He looked so handsome, his hair was rumpled just a bit like he had rubbed his head one to many times. He was wearing a rolled up white button sleeve shirt that was opened a bit and showed his chest to perfection. His hands were behind his back and his eyes were fairly glowing, and Liz lost herself in that gaze.

Liz wasn’t the only one breathless, each time he saw her she became more and more beautiful in his eyes, and today was no exception. He had to kiss her, and seeing no reason why he shouldn’t he moved one of his hands from his back and drew her to him fast. Placing his hand on the back of her head he began plundering her mouth.

It was a hot meshing of mouths, and tongues, filled with passion, and deep want a true melding of souls. And it was fast becoming a one of the most erotic moments of their lives. Max pushed her body backwards into wall, and with out a care he dropped the flowers he was carrying to the ground and wrapped his now free hand around her body. He needed to get as close to her as he could trying his utmost to become a part of her.

Her hands started roaming his body, all thoughts of why she had wanted to break of with him gone wiped right out her mind. She needed to get closer to him, it was an uncontrollable urge and she began working his shirt out his pants needing to feel his skin on her hands. At that first touch they both moaned into each other mouths. Her hands felt warm and so good, he’s skin was so hot and so smooth, it was a down right drunken experience. Max followed her lead and worked her shirt up until he to was rubbing and caressing her behr skin to his pleasure she wasn’t wearing a bra, he worked the soft globe with his hand loving the texture of it’s perfect fit in his hand. He started working the nipple pinching and stimulating it to erect attention. But soon they needed more and they were stumbling into the house when his blasted cell phone rang, reluctantly breaking them apart.

Slightly pulling away from her, yet keeping her pinned to the wall, he fished for his phone and answered it with frustrated bark. “What, the hell do you want?”

“My we are in a happy mood, did I interrupt something important?” Michael dry voice teased.

“Michael.” Max bit out, to say he was beyond frustrated was an understatement, plus it didn’t help that Liz was looking at him with frustrated desire in her eyes, panting, each breath she took only rubbed her breasts into his chest, painfully reminding him that just seconds before his hands had been playing with her perfect globes.

“Ok, Ok, hate to break it to you, but working girl psycho hit again…” after giving him the address he quickly hung up.

“Liz, I…” Liz shushed him.

“You have to go, I heard.” She softly replied.

“Yeah.” He replied back just as softly. With a great Herculean effort he finally pulled away form her. Remembering the flowers he had intended to give her, he looked around the floor for them; quickly picking them up he saw they were undamaged and with a sheepish grin he gave them to her.

“Max what are you trying to do, turn my house into a garden.” Liz softly asked, she loved the flowers and she couldn’t help but take in the sweet smell of the roses.

“Liz, all a place needs is your presence to become a garden.” Max said just as softly, giving her a quick hard kiss, he reluctantly left to get back to work.

Liz watched him go, and when she could no longer see the taillights of his car she weakly walked back inside collapsing down the frame of the door to the floor. It wasn’t until now that her brain had finally decided to return to her, she couldn’t believe how wild and out of control things had gotten and on her front porch too where anyone could have easily seen them. She could still feel his hands on her breasts. She touched her lips feeling how swollen and good they felt. She had no doubt that had his phone not rang when it did that they would be currently be on her bed wildly making out if not more right about now.

She couldn’t believe herself, all it had taken was a few flowers form him, a visit and all her carefully laid down reasons why she couldn’t get involved with him just flew out the window. Looking at the latest batch of flowers he had given her, she saw similar cards like the ones from earlier with a shaky hand she brought the flowers close to her and read them.

On the roses the card read...

Red Roses - meaning unity and romantic love – I think the meaning clear on it’s own plus I can’t help repeating how much I love you.

On the Tulips the card read...

Tulips - red for Declaration of Love, yellow for Hopeless and perfect love, and the variegated ones for Enchantment and they also mean your eyes are beautiful - The first thing I noticed that first night you came crashing into my life was how beautiful your eyes were I virtually drowned in their beauty, I had never been so enchanted by someone as I was by you that night. I came over this night to give you these in person to further declare my love, please baby don’t turn your back on me, please…

Liz couldn’t help but start crying again; with this new declaration plus the wild kiss they had just shared moments before she didn’t think she had the strength to fight him any longer. Her brain was telling her to run to hold strong, her heart was telling her to stop and let herself be happy, that Max was different he wouldn’t hurt her. She thought of her Grandmother and wished with her whole heart she was still alive, so she could bury her head in her ample shoulders like she used to do when she was little.

# # # # #

It was a much calmer though no less frustrated Max Evans that arrived at the crime scene where he noticed Michael directing the crime scene personal, cops, writing down details the coroner was dishing out as she examined the body. Seeing Max walking towards him he quickly called out to him.

“Max, good of you to join us this fine evening, seems our killer here bagged himself a real gerbil this time.”

“A gerbil?” Max said with confusion, loath to put on the required gloves before being able to touch the body especially the hand that not to long ago had been gently squeezing Liz’s soft breast. So he took a long look at the body taking his time with donning said gloves.

“Yeah, no one seems to know her real name, the shop keeper who found the body said she was a regular around here, he started calling her that cause of the way she carried herself, a real bitch he said, the kind who would eat her own young to score some pot…” Michael went on.

“Well looks like our dear killer took it upon himself to make her look like her namesake.” Max stated, gloves firmly in place he began searching the body for the tell tale carved happy face on her back.

“How do you know she didn’t already look like one before he go his hands on her?” Michael teased.

“Well if she did I can’t say much for her client base then can I?” Max shot back, easily finding the mark he was looking for.

“Please like a pretty face is really what a John really cares about. If that last hooker Isabel is any indication it isn’t even a requirement. Anyways victim has been dead close to 24 hours maybe more the M.E will get back to us on that, their appears to be Anal penetration but she’ll have to get her on the table to see if she was rapped or not…” Michael moved away form the body and Max followed. “From obvious blows she has sustained there should be more blood on the ground then there is…”

“…Which means our killer killed her some where else and dumped the body here, but if she was a regular it could mean she killed near by, why dump her body somewhere else then he’s never done that before.” Max finished for him.

“Yeah my thoughts exactly, it could mean he took her far away and just returned her body where he picked her up in the first place. Why go threw all that trouble for this one and not the others.” Michael stated perplexed.

“You know it could mean he stepping up his killings, keeping them longer, and playing with them a little, he could be getting more confident, like we always assumed he would. I wouldn’t be surprised if on this body we found some elements of torture.” Max mused.

“Oh ani’t that just great, we have a psycho, who’s now branching out and trying new things, well if that don’t keep me up nights, nothing will.”

“Yeah I know, but it just might be what we need to catch this guy, if he becomes to confident he might slip up enough for us to catch him cause barring any new evidence on this body which seems highly unlikely we’re no where.” Max sadly replied.

“Fuck! You know sometimes I really hate this job.” Michael muttered.

They went back to work, once the field work was done and the body was shipped Max and Michael went home and tried to go to sleep thinking of more pleasant thoughts, like the girls they loved, it didn’t work, it was 2 tired men who reported back to work the next day.


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Chapter 12

“So is there is any reason why our house now resembles the Garden of Eden?” Maria teased.

It was bright an early the next mourning, A very tired Maria was just in from pulling an all nighter and all she wanted was a healthy breakfast and a nice soft bed, but upon entering the living room the sight and sweet smell of the flowers had thrown her for a loop, but being the smart girl she was she knew right away Max had hit just like he had promised last night.

She had to hand it to him the mountain of flowers were a really nice touch, She looked forward to having him as a ‘brother in law’, despite not knowing him to well she got a nice vibe from him, he would be perfect for Lizzie, beside if for some slim reason she was wrong, he would rue the day he hurt her sister, Hell had no fury like the fury Hurricane Deluca would bring down on his ass.

“Max, came over last night, he had the flowers delivered earlier in the day, he came over last night and umm…” Liz suddenly stopped and a becoming pink flush spread threw her face.

“Liz you didn’t! So soon, you go girl!” Maria cried, all evidence of tiredness left her; she was beyond excited for her friend.

“NO! No, we didn’t go that far.” Liz exclaimed. ‘Although it sure wasn’t because I stopped him or anything, let alone made an attempt to.’ She thought to herself.

“Oh, but you did stuff, cause a girl doesn’t blush like you just did for nothing.” Maria teased.

“Yeah…” Liz smiled the memory of last night still fresh in her mind.

‘YES!’ Maria screamed in her head ‘It was about damn time!’ Not one to push her luck, Maria didn’t go any further on the matter of Max, she knew on that front things would be A OK now.

“Sooooo, Guess who showed up on my door step the day of the fair?” Walking to the kitchen she began warming the breakfast Liz was in the habit of leaving for her when she worked late, a habit from their college days, Liz loved to cook and always made to much then she could ever eat, Alex and her back in college always made it a point to be near Liz’s dorm room back then.

“Who, not Damian?” Liz asked concerned.

“Ohhhhh god no, Thankfully I haven’t seen that creep since I dumped him. No my old boyfriend Michael from Roswell.”

“Michael, how in the world did he find you?” Back in college over ice cream and a couple shots of tequila they had told each other all the details of their lives. Liz knew it had been the hardest decision of Maria life to leave Michael and later Roswell as she had, that Michael was the love of Maria life and none of Maria’s relationships had ever come as close as the one to Michael. Liz also knew Michael back then had been something of a wild child doing anything and everything that could get him in trouble; the reason Maria had left him to begin with.

“Said he saw me on street, and he’s a cop now so it didn’t take him much to find me, actually he’s Max’s partner, small world, huh?”

“You’re kidding me, right.” To say Liz was surprised was an understatement what were the chances that the love of Maria’s life worked side by side with her own (Yes people she is finally admitting it) a man she had bumped into on the street less than a week ago.

“Nope I kid you not, and to say he’s changed is an understatement, oh don’t get me wrong he still has that same air of danger he did back in high school, but for the most part he has this air of calm he never had back then, although I’m not sure if calling it calm is right, Argh, I don’t know exactly he’s different in a very good way.” Maria tried to explain.

Once her food was nice and hot she placed her plate down on the kitchen table sitting opposite Liz.

“Do you still love him?” Liz asked, cursing herself for being so involved in her own love life she hadn’t been there for Maria, This was big and what kind of friend was she that she had been completely clueless this was going on.

“Yes, I won’t lie to you, I do, I spent a restless night just thinking about him it was strange I dated so many guys since him and it wasn’t until that night that I realized all of them were the polor opposites of him…”

“You were trying to drive him out of your heart, I know the feeling.” Liz said

“Yeah, I didn’t really realize I was doing it until he showed up on my door step, and I began thinking about it.”

“Do you think he might feel the same way about you?”

“I didn’t get that feeling, Why should he I left him and it’s been so long and he’s such a different person now, it felt more like he was saying hello to an old friend rather than an old flame, Plus even if he did have romantic attentions toward me they would fly right out the window when he found out I was pregnant with another man’s baby.” She stated matter of fact-ly, taking a bite of the Spanish omelet Liz had made, loving the way the food almost melted in her mouth. No one could beat Liz when it came to cooking, well except maybe Mammy.

In fact it was said to matter of fact-ly and Liz saw right threw her friend. “Maria just because you’re going to be a mother doesn’t mean your life is over and no man will ever look at you again.”

“True, but then I’ll have a child to think about and you watch the news as much as I do how many times have you heard of children being abused by their step fathers both sexually and physically. I’d rather be alone then risk my child going threw something like that.”

“That only happens when theirs bad communications between families, that is one thing your child will never have to worry about, your not the type of person who will turn a blind eye to what’s happening in your own home. Nor with a family like ours will he or she ever be shy to voice his or her opinions.” Liz said.

At that Maria had to smirk, Liz and her mother Amy were some of the most outspoken people she had ever met when it came to protecting their own, and when you add Mammy and her seven strapping sons with their families who by being Liz’s best friend had adoptive her into their family as a long lost kid sister, she couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for some imaginative step-dad who thought he would get away with hurting her baby.

“Well, true. Anyways like I said it’s doubtful Michael really feels anything for me besides friendship. I will be seeing him later tonight though, were going to a dodger game and …”

“A date, so much for you saying he saw you only as a friend.” Liz teased.

Maria scrunched her nose at her friend and said. “It’s just an outing with a friend, Antonio gave me the tickets, you know how he is always giving us tickets so you and I can go out since he has all kinds of contacts for that kind of thing, but I figured you wouldn’t mind if I used them for Michael instead, he’s been living here six months but he rarely goes out much his job and all, I figured it would be nice to show him around, it’s no big deal…” she would have said more but the telephone stopped her.

Liz went to pick it up, and by the look on her face she wasn’t happy with what she was hearing after a curt Ok, she hung up, with an apologetic face she told Maria.

“Sorry that was the Dr. Thomson, at the Lab, they fired one of the workers for contaminating one of the projects and they want me and few others to come in a help straighten that out.”

“Sure, no problem, we’ll catch up later besides I’m heading straight to bed I’m so tired, late shift and all.” Maria said with a small smile, Maria knew Liz and Dr. Thomson didn’t get along so the curt reply made perfect sense. The head researcher Dr. Kenneth knew all about this and made a point to put them on different shifts it really had to be important for them to call Liz with Thomson working in the lab too. Maria had met Thomson once and hated him instantly poor Lizzie.

“Sorry Ria.” But before she flew out the door she said “Maria give it a chance if you feel you love him try to find out how he feels, you might be pleasantly surprised, this could be your 2nd chance, there’s no harm in finding out. Think about it.” With that Liz flew out the door, leaving a thoughtful Maria behind.

# # # # #

Later that same night

Michael picked up Maria at her house and drove to the game for their date, Baseball wasn’t really his thing he liked football better but Maria had a hell of a time she booed she cheered, she yelled at umpires, and since they had great seats next to the dodger dug out, more than one player had winked at Maria threw out the game.

It had been fun and it wasn’t long until she had him whooping and hollering right with her. He had never had as much fun in his entire life. After the game the night was still young and neither wanted to go home they found a near by bowling ally and decided to play a game.

“Ok, so tell me a little about yourself, Michael, you said you lived in Boston before moving here, that’s quite a change do you miss it? ” She asked sitting beside him after bowling a strike.

“Nah, it was to cold, while it snows in Roswell, in no way does it get as cold in Roswell like it does there.” He said.

“So just because of the weather you didn’t like Boston?”

“No I didn’t say I didn’t like it, I did love the flavor of the city, the architecture the history, and the people were fun, I liked it, but I as sure don’t miss the cold.” He said.

“You sound like Liz, she hates the cold. How bout a girlfriend, break any hearts when you left?” She tried to say with out sounding to hopeful; she hid her face by looking down and taking a sip of her coke.

“Nah, nothing serious, and it was mutual.” He said with a carelessness that belied the fact he was lying threw his teeth. He had never dated another woman after Maria had left. But he sure wasn’t going to tell her that, it wasn’t time for that, it was to soon. There was no telling how she would take the news this stage in the game. He got up and took a swing with the ball knocking down most of the pins except for 2; at his next try he was only able to take out one.

Groaning he sat down again, as Maria got up for her turn. She bowled another strike and Michael let out another playful groan.

“How bout you, why did you and your boy friend break up?” he asked with interest.

“Eek turning the tables huh, (long sigh) mostly we didn’t see eye to eye on something and I didn’t like his attitude so I dropped him, I didn’t even miss him, really made me wonder what I saw in him to begin with.”

Michael really had to work to hide his smile on that, letting out a simple “oh” as an answer. They went back and forth, she told him about her mother, her job that despite her odd and long hours she really liked. He told her how he got cleaned up, the difficulty he had in Roswell in people trusting he wasn’t just playing games and wasn’t going to burn down another building in town, how the Sheriff had believe in him enough to pay his way on becoming a cop, a dept he quickly repaid and they still kept in touch, to lighten the mode he also went into some of his most funny situations he had came across as a beat cop.

Like when a transvestite prostitute had drunkenly come in to a police station in the hopes one of the cops would test her heroin to make sure his dealer hadn’t shafted him on his drugs. A task Michael was all too happy to comply with and when he proved that the drugs were in fact pure heroin he had arrested him on the spot.

After a little while they both became hungry and Michael went across the street to an Islands restaurant and brought back some hamburgers and chili fries, when Maria took one look at the melted cheese on the fries she turned green and ran to a bathroom. Michael followed her concerned, he had no idea whether or not to follow her when an elderly woman came out, seeing his worried face she smiled, walking up to him and patted him on the arm and said.

“Don’t worry, honey, all pregnant women go threw this she’ll be fine, I’ve had 3 of my own and I should know.”

With that she walked past him, Michael had never been so shocked in his life, Maria pregnant? He was beyond confused, and just a little scared.

After what seemed like forever to him a weak and sheepish looking Maria walked out of the bathroom. “Sorry the smell of the cheese just really made me sick.”

“Maybe I should take you home, you still don’t look so good.” Michael pushed all his questions aside; right now his primary concern was her health. When he saw she was about to complain he insistent walking back to their lane and collected their stuff and walked her to the car and drove her home. Once in front of her house he noticed her color was back to normal. He stopped the car and looked her directly in the eyes.

“Maria are you pregnant, was that the thing you and your ex couldn’t see eye to eye on?”

She didn’t regret her pregnancy and she loved her baby so though surprised she answered him truthfully. “Yes. How did you know?”

He gave her a faint smile and said, “I’m a detective, Maria, I have my ways.”

She smiled at that, getting out of the car and closing the door she leaned in and said. “I’m sorry our evening ended so badly…”

“Nah, Maria, next time I’ll know to keep the cheese away form you.” He joked. She smiled and waved him goodbye.

He drove home with a deep concentration careful to keep his mind blank when he reached his home he parked his car went inside his apartment, turned on the light noticing the punching bag he had hanging in his living room he began hitting it with all of his worth once he had no more strength to hit with he fell to his knees and cried.

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Chapter 13

Michael cried like he hadn’t ever cried in his life before, when he was done he dragged himself to a nearby wall and took stock of his life.

So Maria was pregnant, did he love her any less?

Big fat NO!

He had always prepared himself, knowing with the number of years they had been apart that Maria had dated other men, and as passionate as Maria was, had in fact slept with a couple of them. He didn’t have the right to hold any of that against her; he was the reason she had left in the first place. Plus, this wasn’t some stupid soap opera where a couple breaks up because one was told in order to save the world the other had to hook up with the town slut, get her pregnant while the ho killed innocent people left and right. Considering what kind of life he was leading back then, it was the right thing for her to have done. His heart and mind agreed on that. If she hadn’t left they would most likely be living in a trailer park with a great many kids that social services would be taking away as soon as they were born. What kind of life was that?

So no, he agreed with her decision despite how much it had hurt him at the time.

He had used the years apart to grow and get his priorities straight and planning all kinds of different speeches for when they finally met up again. He had even come up with a plan if he found her married.

So why did this hurt so much, she was single, she had made it clear that the father was no longer in the picture. She viewed him as a friend and he knew if he played his cards right he could win her back and live happily ever after. The baby was innocent, not some stupid plot device like on TV, this was real life.

So again, why did it hurt so much?

Maybe, because despite all the scenarios he had come up with and planned in his heart of hearts he really hadn’t believed he would have to use many of them. Despite everything, he had been deluding himself into believing that somehow Maria had been waiting for him. He had never said it out loud or really thought about it, but deep down inside he knew that had been the case.

And deep inside that same heart, he had always hoped that he would be the one and only man to have a child with Maria, that he would be the man that would create life with her, and have the perfect little being, showcasing the best of him and her.

And now reality had come crashing down, she was already pregnant with someone else’s child.

The question now was could he live with that?

If Maria would have him, could he be a father to her baby, and love the baby like it deserved to be loved, was he man enough?

Did he really love Maria or had the past few years in his life been a complete sham, was he really one of those men that went after what he couldn’t have, for the love of the unattainable or was it true love?

And looking back on his life honestly and examining his feelings, he could honestly say, Yes he did love her, he had always loved her. Frankly, now that the shock was leaving and he looked at the situation with a cool mind, he found he could easily love this baby.

Maria said the blood father was gone, she had dumped him. He must have turned into a real bastard once he found out about the pregnancy. In his line of work he saw a lot of that. Those types of men made great boyfriends but when reality hit all that fell away.

The baby was half of Maria and would be a great kid with a mother like her; he could never not love anything that carried a piece of Maria. The more he thought of that very important fact, the better he began to feel and after a while he began to smile.

Yeah, he could love this baby, and if he was able to get Maria back he knew he would make a great father. With the childhood he had had, he knew all the do’s and don’t on good and bad parenting. And what was the old saying, something about a child being the product of nature and nurture. What did blood mean anyway, it was the way you raised and loved a child that really made the child yours. Anyone could father and have a kid, but not everyone could raise one, he could.

He picked himself off the floor, feeling a lot better about the whole thing. He took a quick shower and went to bed and fell into a deep sleep, content with the decisions and answers he had come up with this night. And now the trick was getting Maria back, that was all that mattered, really.

# # # # #
Back at Maria’s

She entered her home with a heavy heart. Michael had acted pretty cool about the whole thing, just like a concerned friend should. And that was all they were, right, friends?

Then why did she feel like she had given him quite a blow back there? None of this made any sense.

She heard the TV so she knew Liz was back. Taking off her coat, she walked into the living room seeing her friend dressed in sweats with a tank top. She went down to the couch and sat next to her and rested her head in her friend's lap. Liz immediately began running her hands threw Maria's hair in a soothing manner.

“Rough night?” Liz asked.

“You could say that I had one of those queasy pregnancy moments. I took one look and whiff at the cheese on the hamburger he brought us to eat and I turned green and ran to the bathroom. I guess he put two and two together and figured out I was pregnant.” Maria sighed.

“Did he take it badly?” She asked concerned.

“No, he was quite cool about it, but I don’t know…I just got this weird vibe like I had given him quite a blow. Maybe, I was projecting or something.” Maria mused.

“Maybe, though I doubt it, you're very good at picking up vibes from people. It's what makes you such a great doctor, maybe he feels more for you then you're allowing yourself to see. I mean, if he loves you it would hit him hard, but if he really loves you he’ll get over it soon” Liz suggested.

“I don’t know.” Maria hedged.

“Time will tell.” Liz said in a soothing manner. Nothing was said after that, they watched TV while Maria allowed herself to be soothed by Liz’s gentle touch as she mulled over Liz’s words.

# # # # #
In The Mind of a killer

He watched as the body of his latest victim rolled down a small hill. Despite the amount of time he had spent with this whore, she hadn’t been much fun. She had been like all the others, a stretched out junkie who had dared to laugh at him, but he had shown her.

He had taken his time and really showed her who was boss. He had loved the feel of the blood running threw his fingers and the screaming had been a big plus. Stupid bitch had thought someone would come to help her not realizing no body could even hear her in the first place. But once she was dead he found it really hadn’t been as satisfying as it used to be.

Maybe cause he was fucking and killing them too close together, just maybe, the anticipation of the kill was really the fun part and not the kill itself. Hmmm... maybe he should test his theory; he was going out of town for a few days anyway. That should be enough of a wait before he went on the next hunt to see if he was right.

Once the body stopped rolling he got in his car and drove away.


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Chapter 14

“Maria, why in the world would I need a bikini, and why of all the ones I have did you pick the skimpiest.” Liz wailed at her friend.

It was Saturday mourning; Max had called last night telling her to be ready by 10am. It currently was 9:50am and Liz had come out of her shower after blow-drying her hair to find Maria packing a suitcase of Liz clothes. Currently she was throwing in Liz’s skimpiest red bikini, the thing left nothing to the imagination and Liz face burned at the thought of Max’s ever seeing her wearing that.

“What it never hurts to be prepared!” Maria said not once looking at her friend as she headed back to the closet looking for something else to pack.

“Maria! It’s just a friendly date, I’m not spending the night or anything!” Liz exclaimed. At that, Maria turned to her friend for the first time giving her a secret Mona Lisa smile.

“Maria? Do you know something your not telling me?” Liz demanded.

“Shh, please would I hold out on you, sis?” Maria teased careful to keep her eyes wide an innocent. Liz wasn’t fooled for an instant. Seeing her friend’s eyes narrow on her, she got back to her packing and told Liz over her shoulder. “Don’t you have to get dressed although I doubt Max would mind if you greeted him at the door in your bath robe?”

Liz would have continued to argue with her friend but the doorbell rang making both girls jump. “Ahhh lover boy is here!” Maria exclaimed she ran back to the open suitcase she closed it with a bang and left the room in a run with it in hand, leaving behind a scrambling Liz.

# # # # #

Max was 10 minutes early, but he couldn’t help himself. He had worked like a dog on his cases in the past 2 days trying to keep his thoughts away from Liz, but the memory of their last kiss was still fresh in his mind and the feel of her breasts and her wild abandonment kept him awake at night, rock hard in want for her.

However, despite his hard work he was no closer to closing his cases, it was frustrating, he was happy that at least for this weekend he could put death, murders and crime scenes on the back burner.

He walked up to her home and with a boyish smile of anticipation, he rang her doorbell, He waited less than a minute when Maria opened the door and threw a suitcase into his arms.

“Your early she’s still getting dressed so save time and put that in your car, and I’ll put this in the back seat to make sure it doesn’t wrinkle.” Maria said in a rush.

Max’s smile broadened and while walking back to the car and opening the trunk, he asked her, “You didn’t tell her anything did you?”

“Nope lover boy she’s in the dark, completely…” securing the dress that was wrapped in plastic in the back seat, Maria walked back toward Max, “… Ok, all done, I’ll go check if Liz is ready.”

# # # # #

Liz wasn’t ready, she was dressed in a pink skirt that showed her legs to perfection, and a pink spaghetti strapped shirt with a pink semi long sleeved over shirt that she could take of in the afternoon when it became warmer. The problem was she was missing a shoe; she looked up and down under her bed, in her closet, everywhere with no luck.

When Maria entered her room, she was desperately looking for her missing shoe.

“Maria, have you seen my shoe?”

“Which one?” she asked, Liz stood up and lifted the shoe she had up.

“Ummm…” Maria looked behind Liz’s small table and there on the side was the missing shoe.

“Thank You!” Liz sighed with relief “Oh so where that suit case you were packing?”

“In Max’s car.” She replied impishly. Seeing Liz was about to protest she reminded her quickly that Max was here waiting for her. With a sigh and a mock glare, Liz left her room and walked to the living room.

Max quickly stood up when she entered the room, his face broke out in to a huge smile when he saw her, his heart constricted like it always did when in her presence.

“You look so beautiful Liz, you take my breath away.” He said, taking her hands in his staring directly onto her eyes. At Maria’s cough, he had the grace to blush.

“See you around, Maria, My lady shall we leave?” he held out his arm in a true gentlemanly fashion. She took his arm, answered him with her own musical voice, and said, “Yes by all means, kind sir, I think we shall.”

Saying a quick good bye to Maria, Max and Liz walked out the door. Maria smiled and waved them goodbye, Maria couldn’t help but think that the next time she saw her friend things would be very different, that this moment was a turning point.

# # # # #

“So are you going to give me a little hint on where we are going today, that I require a such a big suitcase?” Liz asked.

“Nope, I want it to be a surprise.” He said with a boyish smile. She couldn’t help but smile back his joy was just so infectious.

They talked of little things in the car as Max drove them. When they pulled in at the Getty Museum, Liz look at Max in surprise, reading it he said “Maria said something about you liking art, and they are having a special exhibit of the 18th century, I thought you might like to see it.”

“Thank You, I love Art, I don’t always understand the whole meaning of it, but I love the history and the beauty of it.” Liz said shyly.

They parked the car and walked to the museum where they were met by one of the curators. He shook Max’s hand bowed to Liz and walked them to a special room. Where he left them alone to roam around to their pleasure, Surprised Liz looked at Max questioningly.

“The exhibit doesn’t open until tomorrow, but because of my family connections they are letting us in for our own private viewing, we can leave anytime we want and later tour the rest of the museum.”

They had fun, completely alone surrounded by beautiful perfect art, Max would explain all the hidden meanings and the work that went into creating each piece. Liz would contribute the history of when the piece was made. They discussed each piece debating the importance of each comparing it to different pieces of the same time.

It was surprising how in sync they were, how they both honed in on the same issues, how they liked the same paintings, for the same reason.

They were sitting in front of a very large painting of a woman sitting on a stool a white wrap on her lap her chest bare as she stared at single candle of light that was flickering in the room. The painting was beautiful and it seemed to Liz like they were intruding on the woman privacy and at any moment the woman in the painting would turn to them asking them to leave.

“She’s very beautiful.” Liz whispered softly somehow afraid to break the silent spell the painting was weaving.

“Not as beautiful as you.” Max whispered back using the same tone Liz had.

Liz blushed and looked at Max, who was staring at her like he would like nothing more then to devour her alive. Captivated by his gaze she couldn’t help but ask the one question that had been in her mind since they met.

“Why me, Max, of all the girls you have met in your life why did you pick me?”

“Cause, It Was You…” he reached for her face caressing it softly with his right hand. “I don’t know, and I don’t care why, all I know is that from the moment I met you, you have been here…” he pointed to his heart with his left hand “… in my heart, I never felt anything like it before, but it feels right.”

Desperate for her to understand he continued trying to explain better, “You know I’ve never made love to a woman…”

“Max you don’t have to lie to me, I know a man such as yourself can’t be a virgin.” Liz protested.

“Liz I would do anything and everything for you, but I would never lie to you. Let me explain, please, it’s true I’ve never gone all the way with a woman, I’ve done stuff, almost everything a man and a woman can do with each other sexually, that I regret now that I’ve met you, but when it came to joining my body with a woman in that final act I just couldn’t. It just didn’t feel right; maybe it was the fact that I was kind of a wimpy kid growing up. I was much to thin for my age, and the girls back then saw me as more of a friend then boyfriend material. Moreover, when I started gaining weight and working out during my senior year it was almost comical how these rich and spoiled Beverly Hills girls just started falling at my feet. When I found one naked in my bed, what can I say, like any teenage male I let her give me my first blow job, I started using them just because they would let me.”

“They saw me as good husband material, and they were willing to sell themselves for a diamond ring, I hated them for it. Things got worse in college no matter how much I tried to hide my family connections they always found out and I would always see the dollar signs in their eyes. It made me feel dirty; I read a lot to escape, too much my father often said. That I should stop looking for the perfect love I kept reading about and except the reality and enjoy it to the fullest. To a point I listened to him, but only to a point, no matter what I just couldn’t shake the feeling that making love to a woman has to mean something. That it should feel and be special, but after a while I stopped looking, I rebelled from my father, starting living my life for me not for him, and I was happy, I lost myself in my cases, and then you came crashing into my life and I knew you were what I was waiting for.”

“You had no idea who I was, and I could see in your eyes the same something I was feeling. And when you wanted to break away, I just couldn’t let you. And when I dropped $25, 000 for this date and you learned who my family was, you didn’t blink an eye, you still wanted to break from me, and at the same time I could feel your love, and I just couldn’t help but love you more, I had finally found my dreamgirl.” He said that incredible speech straight into her eyes and she could help but cry at his so ardent declaration of love, he wiped her tears with his hands his touch so gentle and loving.

“And so you fell in love with a woman, who is afraid to love and might hurt you because of it.” Liz said turning away from his beautiful eyes, but he would have none of that he gently brought her face back to meet his eyes.

“Why are you afraid to let yourself love, tell me darling.” He asked softly.

“I…I” she stammered.

“You can tell me.” He coaxed softly.

“My parents died when I was a baby, I lived with my grandmother Claudia. My first day of school, the boys were all so mean to the girls, like little boys all are, except for one, his name was Tim, Tim Truman, we were both loners and so we stuck together, all the way up to high school, my life was perfect, except for the tragedy of my parents, nothing could go wrong. When Tim asked me to marry him after high school, it seemed like the most logical step to take in my little perfect life, Mammy and Grandma protested but I was firm and they reluctantly agreed, if I promised never to leave my studies. It was an easy promise since I had no intention of not doing so, then the day of our wedding came…” Liz stopped taking a deep breath even after all these years it still hurt to think about that day. Max sensed her distress and in answer wrapped his arms around her rubbing her back in a soothing motion, waiting patiently until she was ready to continue. Feeling his strength and warmth and love threw his embrace she found the strength to continue.

“… I arrived at the church early; I must be the first bride in history to arrive at her own wedding early. The priest showed us to the waiting room I entered first only to get the shock of my life, Tim was in there on a couch sitting with his pants down getting a blow job from my maid of honor, a girl I though was my friend. I gasped and he heard me and right away started to make excuses. But I just turned and ran, my family was with me and they left with me, Only Mammy stayed behind to tell everyone that the wedding was canceled. He tried to see me but my brothers wouldn’t allow it, I never saw him again, I heard that he was in the hospital, and I knew right away my brothers must have done something to him, but he never called the police on them and for that I was grateful.”

“I went to college after that summer and I dated a lot, and I mean a lot of guys. But I never went out with them more than once, I didn’t trust men, I had no warning that Tim was cheating on me, and I thank God I never slept with him he had been so adamant we both remain virgins. I thought it sweet and never questioned him the hypocrite who knows what kind of dieses he would have exposed me to if we had married. All the other guys never went past the first date I always found something in each that reminded me of Tim. After a while I didn’t want a man in my life, I had fun, I had friends, I loved school, and later my job, I didn’t need anything else, and the you came along and I’m scared now.”

“Of what, Liz, that I might turn into another Tim? Liz what he did to you was inexcusable but I swear to you on all that is holy that I am nothing like him, I could never do that to you, I would sooner kill myself then ever do anything that would ever hurt you.” Max swore with a vengeance.

“I thought Tim would never do that either, and I was wrong.” She softly countered.

“True, and I know what I’m saying right now are only words, and action is needed right now, but you have to let me prove to you what I’m saying is true, and for that you have to give me a chance, can you do that baby, no will you do that baby, will you give me that chance?” He pleaded he knew that if they were ever going to have a future together her answer to that question would decide that for both of them.

She knew it to, she looked at her past, and looked into his eyes and saw the future he was promising her. She wanted to believe him her heart believed him, and was pleading with her to accept him and let him prove his love for her, a thought crossed her mind something her grandmother had said to her after her missed wedding.

‘True love is never easy, and sometimes it hard, but what is worth fighting for always is, Tim wasn’t meant to be, but honey when that special someone comes into your life, don’t turn him away because of what happened this night, your true love is out there somewhere, keep your heart open for him.’

Looking at Max she knew her heart accepted him as her true love, and so she took her grandmothers advise and pushed back her fears and answered his question.

“Yes, Max I can.”


Note: If anyone here watched Sunset Beach on NBC back in 97 – 99 you recognize Tim Truman and the history of the character. I just borrowed him a little for this story. I intended no harm it’s just when I was thinking up a creep of a boyfriend for Liz, Tim or The Moron as we lovingly called him back then just popped in my head and wouldn’t let me go. Plus, I only borrowed the name and a bit of the history, nothing more, don’t look to S.B for clues to this story.

As for Max and his technical virginity, I know it sounds a little out of character for the Max in this story to be a virgin but I still have the show fresh in my mind especially that Gerbil and I just couldn’t bring myself to give him a sexual past. So just, go with me on this one. Each time I tried I just got so angry remembering the show. Crazy huh ;)

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Chapter 15

They left the museum and had a quick lunch at a near by restaurant the mood between them was considerably lighter now that their secrets were revealed. Max refused to tell her where he was taking her next though so Liz spent the time in the car driving Max insane with her closeness and her attempts to extract information from him. How he managed to drive the car and not into one of the many palm trees that lined the streets, he would never know cause she was merciless. He loved every moment of it.

Liz for her part felt like a great weight had been lifted from her shoulders and she felt down right giddy and a bit light headed, so giddy was she that she was flirting and teasing Max for a clue to his next surprise. Liz loved every moment of it.

# # # # #

“Max, what the?”

“It’s a heliport, and where going somewhere special.”

Before she got a chance to ask any more, Max whisked her on to the waiting helicopter, they donned some hearing helmets so they could talk and enjoy the flight.

Liz had never been on a helicopter in her life, she loved it, the city was so beautiful watching it from the air moving quickly underneath them when they began moving toward the ocean, watching the endless expanse of water sweeping by was awe inspiring. Max loved watching the different emotions play about Liz’s lovely face.

They quickly got to their destination the pilot dropped them of at an exquisite looking mansion like house on an island walking around a little she found the island was a wonderful little paradise. The beaches were so clean the sand so white she didn’t think any such thing existed so near California it felt like some kind of Caribbean paradise.

“Max where are we?” Liz said in awe.

Taking her in his arms he tipped her head up to look at him and said “My father’s little get away, he bought the island about 10 years ago and then poured a whole lot of money…” a funny frown crossed his face but he continued “… He only comes here once a year or so, he never really appreciates it, I think he did it more because he could and he likes that feeling.”

A small frown creased Liz’s forehead as she viewed Max thoughtfully. “Your not really close to your parents are you.” It was a statement not a question spoken softly and it broke Max from his thoughts.

“No, my family and I don’t have the easy loving relationship your lucky to share with your family… (Shaking his head he continued) …but enough of that, this is about having fun and just because my father can’t appreciate what he has doesn’t mean we can’t.”

With another shake of his head to ban the memories from his mind, he dragged her into the house, leaving the bags outside for one of the servants who lived on the island to bring inside.

They walked threw the house and toward the beach, Liz took off her outer shirt leaving her in her spaghetti strapped under shirt and pink skirt. Max took her on a little tour of the island walking bare foot on the beach, they talked, flirted, and began playing with each other, So they were chasing each other around the beach not an easy feat to manage in a skirt, Liz began throwing water at him every chance she got. It was a very happy time for the two lovebirds.

# # # # #

Later that Evening

Max had shown her to a room where her bags were waiting for her since she had brought so little with her it was mostly unpacked. Although a few items were, out for her connivance an easy access. Max told her to take her time take a shower a nap what ever she wished but to meet him down stairs in 2 hours dressed for dinner in her red dress from the auction.

She did just that, after a luxuriating shower letting her hair air dry dressed in a simple robe she sat down by a window and watched the waves come in to the shore. Thinking about what tonight might bring about in her relationship with Max. When he had walked to her room he had assured her that he wasn’t expecting anything from her later on, he wanted her to stay the weekend but if she didn’t want to it would be no problem to call back the helicopter.

She had believed him, but inside herself she just couldn’t shake the feeling that when they left this island something was defiantly going to change between them, that something was going to happen.

When the two hours were up, she walked down the beautiful staircase looking like perfection itself, unlike the night of the auction she had swept her hair up in a loose ponytail with a few wisps of hair hanging loose framing her face. Max met her on the bottom of the stairs dressed in a beautifully tailored suit that clung to his body like perfection. His dark hair was swept back and his eyes virtually glowed when they looked at her.

“Are your ready mademoiselle?” He said as he took her arm into his.

“For anything.” Was her reply.

He sat her down in a nice comfortable chair opposite himself dinner was elegantly served. The food was exquisite so unlike anything she was used to eating, but the company was even better, when desert was served Liz had the overwhelming urge to learn more about the engaging man she was in love with so she began questioning about himself.

“Did you always want to be a cop?” She began.

“Not really, when I finished college, my dad had my whole future planned out for me, business school, the looking for an appropriate wife to bring in better business connections you know the works, you wouldn’t believe the things he had planned for me. I don’t know something about it all was so overwhelming not to mention boring, one day when he was lecturing me about the responsibility I would be taking on, I snapped and I told him I wanted nothing with his plans and I told him exactly what he could do with them.”

“I shocked as both, I had no clue where all that came from, of course my father being the control freak didn’t take at all well. He threatened me with disinheritance, and I told him what he could do with his money. I walked out of the house and never walked back in for a visit longer than a couple days, any thing more than that we would probably end up in blows.”

“Obviously he never followed threw, if the auction is any indication you still have quite an account.” Liz couldn’t believe her ears, she was a product of a loving very close family environment and even though not everyone could be as lucky as her. She still couldn’t conceive of a family environment that Max had obviously grown up in, Praying for at least a slimmer of hope that Max’s situation wasn’t as dire as he made out to be.

“Oh he tried but, it was to late I already fulfilled the age requirement he put on my funds so they were in my complete control so he couldn’t touch them, but what really goaded him was despite the fact I had all that money I never touched any of it. I lived completely on my salary as a cop.” He said.

“What made you want to be a cop in the first place?” she asked intrigued.

“Not sure maybe I read one to many books when I was younger, it seemed like a worth while profession and the day after leaving my father’s house I drove over to the academy and signed up. I never regretted it. I found I liked the action, the meeting of new and sometimes very strange people and when I became a detective, I found I like the challenge of sifting threw clues, putting the mystery of a case together and finding the bad guy. Till that point I had rarely been challenged intellectually everything had been handed to me on a silver platter, but my cases aren’t like that, they are pure and pure me and my brains, no silver platter in site.”

Liz smiled at his enthusiasm and pride in his work, and with obvious pride in her voice, she said. “I pity those on those who come and try to take you on and willing break the law, it’s a good thing I’m such a law abiding citizen.” She teased.

Max smiled a down right sexy smile, grapping her hand he lazily rubbed his thumb on her wrist and with a down right husky breath, said. “Oh I don’t know, you might like it, and beside I get free handcuff’s who could beat and offer like that?”

Liz’s insides pooled at the sound of that voice, and the promise of ultimate pleasure it held for her. Liz shifted a bit uncomfortably in her chair as and ache for him began to form between her legs. Max saw this and his smile changed to that of what a wolf must give to its prey when it sees it within site and eating distance.

Tearing her gaze away from his mesmerizing eyes, she tried to divert the topic back to a safer place, before she lost complete control of herself and demanded his taking of her.

“What about your mother, how’s she like?” she asked a bit breathlessly.

Clearly seeing threw her divergence tactic he answered her anyways, he hadn’t meant to turn their conversation into a sexually active one but when it came to her he sometimes well he couldn’t help himself.

“She’s the great lady the complete and utter opposites of my father when I was younger she was the warmest most lovable person you could ever meet but after her cancer scare, she changed. It was like something inside her broke and you would never know by meeting her now, that she had ever had a warm bone in her body, she’s so cold sometimes. It only because of her sickness that my father and I patched up some of our differences, but even that never brought the light back to her eyes.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry Max.” she took his hand in both of hers, desert forgotten as she tried to comfort him as she saw that the last thing he said had hurt him a lot to admit. Max gladly accepted her comfort but not one dwell on things that can not be changed, he snapped himself out of his mood and stood up walking beside Liz he gently brought her to her feet and said. “Lets forget about my parents, and take a walk outside, it’s a beautiful night out and you can see the stars clearly.”

They walked to the patio where a nice cool sea breeze was coming in. A small CD player was outside and Max left her side to turn it on, soon a song Liz had never heard before began to play.

Right now
Baby somehow I got to keep control

Walking back to her he took her hands in his lacing their fingers together and asked “Liz do you like to dance?”

“I love to dance.”

“Well I’m really not that good, so if you don’t mind dancing again with a guy with two left feet would you care to join me?”

“I’d loved to.”

Bringing her body flushed into his they began to dance slowly to the music.

Slow down
Catch the long time
I need your body and soul
Let me make you see
Let me show you
how I know You're meant for me '

“You know you’re really not that bad for a guy who says he has two left feet.” Liz teased.

“Maybe it’s just being with you that makes me want to excel,” he teased back.

“Hmm, maybe, or maybe you just need a better teacher and more practice.”

“Are you offering your services, by any chance?”

“Could be, but I have to warn you, I’m not a traditionalist by any sense of the imagination, I believe you should go with the flow of the music to where ever it might lead you, you may not be able to follow my teaching methods?” she said with a long suffering sigh, clearly teasing him.

“Hmmm tricky, but I think I’m man enough to take It.” He teased back.

Cause now's the place and now's the time
Baby, real love is so hard to find
Have you got the rest of your life?
Every single morning, noon and night?

Closing her eyes, she lost herself into the music and the warmth of his body, hugging him tighter in her arms they continued to dance.

That's how long baby
It will take me
The rest of your life
Just to let you know
It feels so right
Girl, it's gonna take
The rest of your life

Lifting her head from his shoulders she put a little more sway in to the movements of her body, rubbing her body teasingly a bit into his. He drew in a harsh breath at her movements, his body naturally hardening at this new contact.

She didn’t know why she was playing with fire, or why she was acting so bold now; all day she had felt like something was going to change between them. And now that the moment was at hand the funny thing was she didn’t fear it. This was a turning point, she wanted him, she needed him. It might be to soon, but at that moment she recognized what she had sensed all day long she wanted to make love with him, she wanted to go to the next place in their relationship, Something inside her said it had to happen now.

She had to make love with him.

Girl, there's so much to say I swear I'll find a way
Have you got the rest of your life?
Every single morning, noon and night?
That's how long, babe It will take me
The rest of your life

“Make love to me, Max.”

“Liz?” he asked shocked.

“Make love to me, please Max.” she stopped dancing and looked him straight in the eye as she said it, pleading softly with him.

“Liz I meant what I said earlier, I’m not pressuring you into anything.”

“I know that Max, and I more than appreciate it, but I want…no I need you to make love with me.”

Seeing how he was going to protest again, she silenced him with a kiss, a kiss where she poured all the longing she had tried to deny in herself for so long, all the love she had for him, and a good measure of the lust she was feeling for him. He was helpless against her assault. He wanted to make love with her with everything in his being but he didn’t want her to look back at this moment in regret, he couldn’t take it if she did.

Seeing that he was still going to protest she untied the strings in the back of her dress that were holding it together once undone it was a simple matter for the dress to come off leaving her dressed only in a skimpy red thong. Max couldn’t breath he had no air in his lungs to do so. Seeing Liz in all her glory robbed him of all thought and protests, she was beautiful, more than beautiful she was heaven sent to earth to test all mortals and he could do nothing more then posses her.

He quickly pulled her to him capturing her mouth in his blundering kiss, his hands cupped her breasts squeezing and testing their firmness and softness. She gloried in his touch wrapping her arms around his neck she poured everything into their kiss.

Just to let you know it feels so right
Girl, it's gonna take me The rest of your life

TBC? Nookie in the next part, if you haven’t guessed it yet ;)

Song is called THE REST OF YOUR LIFE it was played on NBC’s now dead and cancelled Sunset Beach, I have no idea who sings it or who wrote it, just that I loved it and wanted to use it here.

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Chapter 16

The kiss became a mating of souls and despite his best intentions, there was no way he could stop what was happening between them. Beside, if Max was really honest with himself he would acknowledge to himself that he didn’t want to stop this. Unlike all those other women he had used because they were willing, this felt right. This with Liz is what he was born to do.

He picked her up in his arms and carried her a short distance down the patio deck to where a double chaise lounge sat. He sat her on it and quickly began to strip his own clothes off under her watchful and curious gaze. He didn’t worry about someone coming and seeing them since only a few servants lived on the island. Max had asked them kindly to please leave them alone after dinner since he wanted some alone time with Liz. They were used to such requests and they had their own homes on the island so it wasn’t a big problem.

Once he was completely behr, he sat down next to her and devoured her mouth in another boiling kiss. Her hands caressed his back, his arms, his chest, and he gloried in her soft loving touch. No woman had ever touched him like she did, like he was the most wonderful treasure. Breaking their kiss, they were both breathing heavily. He watched as her hands glided over his skin, he had never felt so loved as he did at that moment.

Leaning back on the chaise, he easily picked her up and had her straddling his hips. His manhood stood erect, poking her stomach; she looked down on him and gently began rubbing herself on him. He groaned deeply at her actions, the pleasure she caused him was indescribable. He wanted more, no he needed more.

Liz had stopped immediately at his groan, worried that she had done something wrong. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

Seeing her concern, he smiled gently. “No, you gave me great pleasure.”

“Really?” She asked still concerned

“Touch Me, Liz. Let me show you how much pleasure you give me, that only you can give me.”

“Where?” She asked hesitantly. For a girl who had boldly started this little encounter between them, she was becoming more unsure of herself by the minute. She had never done this before, never allowed herself to ever come this far, she felt so gauche and uncertain.

Max easily read her thoughts. Her worries were plain on her face, the way she was biting her lower lip, knowing actions more than words would help her overcome those unfounded fears of hers. So flexing his muscles and stretching his hands over his head, he said.

“Anywhere, Liz, just please touch me, I need your touch.”

Hearing such a big powerful man tenderly say he needed her, melted her heart. She pushed her fears to the back of her mind and instead concentrated her energies on the more pleasant thought of how to touch and pleasure her man.

She began by caressing his chest, feeling the different textures of his smooth muscles, feeling them ripple beneath her hands. She found that the area under his arms was smoother than the skin on the other side. Tempted to see if his skin tasted as good as it looked, she bent down further and began licking and kissing his chest.

Max was in heaven or hell, depending on how you looked at it. Her touch was soft and wonderful, feeling like a wonderful massage, but her tongue was arousing beyond belief. She looked like a little kitten and he was her big meal. His heart jumped with each, lick, suck, and kiss. She was driving him mad, but he wanted this to be her show, he wanted her to know that he was under her control that she gave him great pleasure. So he curled his hands into tight fists but made no move to hide his body’s reactions from her, he let her play what felt like a good long time. How he lasted so long, he didn’t know, but his manhood was virtually on fire and he was grounding it, despite himself, into her flat firm belly.

Liz had never felt so powerful as a woman. Max's ragged breathing was pure music to her soul, but she wanted to give him the ultimate pleasure. With a mischievous smile, she sat up and scooted back sitting on his thighs not giving him time to think about her next actions. She firmly took his long thick length in her hands and squeezed him gently. Max groaned long and hard at this new bold move. No longer able to take it, he grabbed her hands in his and showed her how to hold him, where to squeeze and caress, how to rub him to give him the ultimate pleasure. She was a quick and eager student and soon began experimenting with him, playing with his balls, rolling and gently squeezing them in her hands. This was the final straw for him and with a great cry of pleasure, he came in her hand, covering it completely with his hot boiling cum.

Liz had never seen anything so beautiful in her life as when he reached his release. Leaning down and lying on his heaving chest, she kissed his lips sweetly and with much love in her voice, she said, “Thank you for sharing that with me and for letting me be in control our first time. You were really beautiful to watch.”

He blushed a little at her last words and he was pleased she no longer looked like she feared what would be coming between them now. “You're welcome, my love, now how about you let me return the favor?”

She nodded her head and he slowly flipped them over so now he was on top, kissing her lips in a deep soulful kiss. Leaving her perfect lips, he moved taking tender love bites on her neck slowly moving down until he reached the perfect globes of her breasts taking a minute to savor the sight of them moving up and down, his mouth literally watering. He took one nipple into his mouth and played gently with it with his teeth. Once it had a nice hard tip, he swallowed the breast into his hot mouth.

Liz moaned at the pleasure Max was giving her and she laced her fingers in his hair trying to bring him even closer to her, an almost impossible feat. Her breast tasted better than any fruit or food he had ever eaten. Once that breast became too sensitive, he quickly moved to the other breast and laved it with the same attention.

Clearly smelling her arousal, he began to crave a taste of her. Leaving her breasts, he trailed his mouth down her stomach going lower when he hit her thong. He looked up to her eyes to see if she had any objection of his clear intent. While she was a bit uneasy with what he clearly wanted to do, she wanted what was between them to be completely open and honest. Besides, she was always taught that lovemaking was the natural extension of love between two souls. It was a beautiful thing and nothing one did with their partner could ever be wrong. With that thought in mind, Liz nodded her assent for Max to continue.

Seeing as how it would require for him to move to remove her thong and not having the patience to do that, he instead ripped the flimsy thong right off of her. Quickly moving her legs over his shoulders, he came face to face with the most beautiful site in the world, her steaming wonderfully smelling female core open just for him.

He took one long lick of her open core, and instantly became addicted to her taste. She was the sweetest, most utterly consuming thing he had ever tasted. He dove right in like a thirsty man who has been given his first taste of water in a very long time. He sipped, he sucked, he nibbled, and he licked to his heart’s content, every so often letting out a moan of pure pleasure. The vibrations which went right through her, heightened the pleasure he was already giving her. It wasn’t long before Liz was out of control and humping his face in a mad attempt to lessen the ache he was creating in her.

He forced her hips still with one hand and pressed two fingers into her hot churning core. Liz had never been penetrated before and his fingers felt as large as a penis, but he was gentle with her so she felt no pain. Once he was sure she was accustomed to the feel of his fingers he began to slowly thrust in and out of her.

Liz loved the feeling of his fingers inside of her; the feeling of fullness he created inside of her was unlike anything she had ever felt before. He was driving her insane and with her hips immobile, the pleasure was rapidly building until it hit in a crescendo of pleasure. She came violently and Max fed from the river of cum that she released for him.

Once, only aftershocks shook her body, Max gently laid over her, kissing her neck and her breasts. She took his face in her hands and looked deep in his eyes and said. “Max, I want you inside of me.”

Max closed his eyes as he wanted that too, but he wanted to protect her and looking around he saw his pants. He said, “Wait, let me get my pants, I have a condom.”

Loath to get up and leave her warm body, he forced himself up. He picked up his pants and searched his wallet, taking out the condom he kept there. He had bought it and others like it the first night he had met Liz, just in case they ever got to this point. Now he was glad he had, although now he wanted to kick himself for not bringing more than one. But that was something to worry about later, right now, he had a goddess to pleasure and make his.

He ripped the package open and put the condom on his very hard member. He quickly settled between her legs and guided himself to her entrance and slowly began to push inside.

Despite his earlier penetration with his fingers, she was still tight and he was huge. He slowly worked the blunt mushroom tip into her tight passage as she held her whimpers back. She wanted this, she wanted him to become one with her. He was slow and as gentle as he could be working himself inside trying to block out the extreme pleasure her tight passage was giving him. He felt for her barrier but to his surprise, as he penetrated her, no obstruction presented itself. He dug deeper and deeper, inch by slow inch, until he was in to the very hilt.

Max wasn’t one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Liz was as tight as a virgin, and she had said she was, to him. They had no reason to lie to one another. Liz was just one of those girls his biology teacher back in high school had told his class about. He had gone on and on about how a hymen wasn’t a good way to judge virginity since it was easily broken sometimes when a girl was really physically active, say like riding her bike too much.

And Max was glad of it, he knew taking him in had been difficult enough for her; he hadn’t been looking forward to causing her greater pain so this was very welcome news to him. He gave her time to adjust, kissing her forehead and murmuring sweet nothings in her ear until she began thrusting her hips up trying to get more of him.

With their eyes locked, Max drove slowly into Liz, her sheath was tight, but Liz felt no pain, just a wonderful fullness and a feeling of rightiousness came down on her. She met each of Max’s slow thrusts. The pleasure they gave each other was soulful and beautiful and it wasn’t long until she came. The feel of her sheath tightening more on his manhood was awe inspiring and it was all he could do to keep the tight reign of control over his passion.

He didn’t let her come down form her high as he kept thrusting and worked her into a 2nd more powerful orgasm and yet he kept going. Liz stopped counting how many orgasms he brought her to, they all seemed to swell and flow into each other. Liz’s hands worked their way to his bottom and she dug her nails into his flanks. Max couldn’t keep going under the pleasurable strain and he began working his hips that much faster, digging that much deeper. He thrusted deep and fast, desperate for release. Liz, to her wonder, felt Max’s manhood swell and become even bigger inside her and when he finally found his release, it triggered her own one last time. This one felt different, more wondrous because it was them together, becoming one, and it was perfect.

Note: See Esther I can write non-kinky nookie *happy*

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Ok imagine you are Liz and had seven brothers the youngest of which is 10 years older then you, and you were bringing the love of your life (Max) to meet your entire family what embrassing but nothing bad things would they do to your boyfriend just to test him out a bit.

Help please?


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Thanks for all the help you guys helped a lot, I was in a rut cause I couldn't think of anything, so thanks ton you guys!

While I have you can I ask you guys something I’m a bit bummed because the nookie part didn’t get the type of reaction I thought it was going to get, outside my core feed backers.

I'm beginning to wonder if I’m loosing my touch with nookie was it just blah after I posted so much kinky smutt right before this?

Any help would be great cause I'm really scratching my head here. Or maybe I'm just being delusional anways it's late see ya around. Chapter 17 should be out soon.

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Chapter 17

After Max and Liz had left, Maria changed into a pair of loose fitting cutoff shorts and a tank top. Taking a long look in the dressing mirror, she noticed her stomach still looked flat. If it weren’t for the ill-named morning sickness you couldn’t even tell she was pregnant. It was a strange yet wonderful feeling to know that her body was no longer her own, that a small person who was half her was growing inside her and being nurtured by her body.

She wondered if the baby was a boy or a girl, would he or she look like her or Damian. Would he or her understand why its daddy wasn’t around and wanted no part in their lives, knowing Liz would kill her for going down this road when in fact it was all for the best. She went to her room and took out all her CD’s. She had quite a collection from all forms of music styles and different eras. In the mood for some blues, she put in a CD of Bessie Smith’s greatest blues songs.

Hearing Bessie’s mournful songs, she couldn’t help but think about Michael. He had taken the news of her pregnancy in stride like it was no big deal, yet something bothered her about that night she just couldn’t put her finger on.

She wondered what he was doing this weekend, was he out on a date like Max, or at the beach taking advantage of another great California day. Or was he off riding a dirt bike like he used to do back in Roswell or had he gotten another hobby since then. There was still so much she didn’t know about him now.

What Maria didn’t know was that Michael was outside her door in his car, working out his plan to get to the bottom of how Maria felt for him once and for all. He wasn’t a very patient man. He had tried to take it slow and maybe slowly seduce her back to him. But now he had to throw that right out the window. If he played his cards right he might have her back by tonight, if not, well he might end up with a broken heart but he’d be back, one way or another she was going to be his again.

Finally getting his courage up, he walked up to the door and rang the bell. He had to ring it several times before he got a response. He was beginning to think that maybe she was at work or something and he had gotten her schedule wrong. But the door opened finally.

“Michael?” She was a bit shocked, she had just been thinking about him.

“Hope you don’t mind, I was kinda bored so I came over.”

“No of course not, I was just listening to some CD’s, come in, come in.”

“Really? What kind of music?”

“Some blues, Rural, Classical, and Urban styles, currently, to some Bessie Smith. She was the leading black performer of her time, she commanded over a $1000 a night for her performances back in the 20’s. Using no mike, no amplifier, it was just her voice singing loud. She reached the back of the room easily without one. Oh sorry, I don’t want to bore you…” always animated when she talked about music. She wanted to kick herself for probably boring the hell out of him so she said the last a little sheepishly.

Michael loved seeing her so animated and he wanted to keep her this excited. “I’m not bored, it sounds very interesting. I'd like to hear more.” She gave him a shy smile and taking his hand, lead him to her room where the CD was still playing.

His eyes went right to the bed. Hey, he was a guy, remember? Her bed was covered with mountains of boxes filled with CD’s. She pointed to one of the throw pillows on the floor and he sat on it. The CD player was on a small ledge under the window which showed off the beautifully manicured and garden like back yard of the house. Maria followed his gaze.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Jose, another of Liz’s brothers, is a master gardener. He commands quite a salary in Beverly Hills, sculpting their gardens but he did this for Liz for free. He comes by every 2 weeks or so and keeps it up or changes the style of it to what ever is in vogue at the moment.”

“It’s beautiful,” was all he could think to say.

Maria just smiled, bringing a box from the bed, she sat on the other pillow on the floor and began looking thrrough it for something to play for him. Michael smiled at the cute picture she made.

“So this is Bessie Smith?”

Maria looked up and smiled putting aside the box; she put a little more volume to the song.

“Yeah, isn’t she great! She sang for Columbia Records and single handedly saved it from bankruptcy. Unfortunately, she was put out of business with the depression and Columbia, being the loyal business managers that they were, fired her. Yet, they kept their white artists, great bosses weren’t they? She was also famous for her temper and cussing. She and her husband gave a whole new meaning to the term domestic violence. They slept with knives under their pillows and each night when they went to sleep, they threatened each other, or so the story goes.”

Smiling ruefully, Michael said. “Hmmm.... sounds familiar.”

Catching his drift, Maria stuck out her tongue at him and responded. “Yeah, but we never brought weapons to our fights back then.”

“I don’t know, I remember a trash can that couldn’t be called anything but a weapon.” He teased.

“You only ended up on the bed when I hit you. I sure as hell didn’t take it to bed with me, besides you deserved that one.”

“So I did.” He said impishly.


“Michael, where the hell are you? I’m sooooooo going to kill you for this one!” Maria shouted.

Maria was more then just mad or simply angry, she was livid. Yesterday, after getting off work at the Crashdown, a restaurant co-owned by her mom, she walked to her car only to find that the driver’s window had been broken with a brick that was sitting on her seat. She had cleaned up the glass as best she could and drove home, mad as hell. She thought it must have been one of Michaels ‘buddies’ paying her back for breaking up their card game yesterday when she stopped by Michael's place looking for a night out with her boyfriend.

She had told her mom and Amy had taken the car to get the window repaired only to return mad as hell. One of the junior mechanics said the car didn’t need repair. The window had just been rolled down. Maria had gotten the lecture of her life thinking Maria had pulled an April fool's joke on her, as a result, taking valuable time from her job.

Amy had returned to the Crashdown, and after being grounded Maria was out looking for blood, Michael’s blood. This stunt was right up his alley and frankly, Maria was getting tired of them.

She found him lying on his bed listening to Metallica, what else. Seeing the look on her face, he couldn’t help but smirk in reaction as he got off the bed. Maria saw that smile and after the lecture of the century she had received from her mom, she saw red.

Just when he was going to hug her and begin soothing the fire in her and maybe stoke that fire into some great angry sex, he saw her pick up a small trash can he kept on the desk he used to throw paper basketballs in when he was bored. She was going to hit him in the arm, but miscalculated and ended up hitting him on the head instead. Stunned and in pain, he fell back on the bed.

Surprised by her own actions, her anger left her and just when she was going to go to him and apologize for hitting him like that, one of his buddies walked in beer in hand. Upon seeing Maria, he began laughing and asked,

“Hey Maria, how’s the car?” before dissolving in snorts of laughter. He was clearly drunk but he helped to remind her why she was here to begin with.

Taking one more look at Michael, she yelled. “We're so through, Michael, you here me, through!!!” With that, she slammed the door behind her.

Michael wanted to go after her but with Scott in the room watching him, he made no move to do so. He’d never seen Maria that mad before. And something told him getting her back would take a little longer then the last time. But there never was a question he would get her back, she always came back to him.

Later that day, when she was getting ready to go to bed, Maria was thinking the same thing. If history repeated itself, Michael would show up and apologize till he was blue in the face. He would take her in his arms and they would make love. The next day life would go on like nothing had happened.

Frankly, she was tired of it, it never changed, Michael had so much potential to become so much more, yet had no desire but play practical jokes on people and hang out with his loser buddies. Maria wanted out of this quiet little town. Her teachers said if she applied herself a little more, she could graduate early. She wanted that, but whenever she broached the subject with him he just shrugged his shoulders and began making love with her instead.

She went to bed waiting for him to come, but he never did. In the morning she found out why, someone had burned down the school gym. Without being told, she knew who had done it, just like everyone else in town. That night she had calmly walked up to him and firmly broke up with him. She wanted more out of life, and by god, she was going to get it!

*********** END FLASHBACK******************

She saw that smile so she reached behind her and threw a throw pillow at him. He caught it easily and threw it back at her, always one to retaliate she threw it back at him with more force. He quickly got back on his feet and an all out pillow war broke out. They went at it full force. The poor pillows were too soft to stand the abuse they were getting and it wasn’t long before the room was full of cotton stuffing. Michael was laying flat on his back with Maria sitting on top of him. Using her slight weight to full advantage, she held his hands over his head and demanded he say uncle.

“Say it! I’m not letting you up till you say it.” She demanded.

Michael kept blowing air out of his lips trying to dislodge cotton stuffing that was threatening to make him sneeze, but he refused to give up. For one, he didn’t know how the hell petite Maria was able to get him in this position but now that he was here he liked having Maria on top of him again. And only feeling his lower body begin to respond to her presence on him did he finally give in before he embarrassed himself.

“Fine, uncle! But only because you’re pregnant and I don’t want to hurt you with my big manly strength.”

Her response to that outrageous lie was to dig her elbow into his stomach before letting him go. She gave him an evil eye while he rubbed his stomach in pain.

“It’s nice to know you’ve kept your violent tendencies intact. You keep this up and you might start to rival Bessie Smith in that department.” He groaned, gingerly, he got to his feet. Maria didn’t respond this time. She just walked out the door and came back a minute later with a vacuum. Dragging it back to him, she put the handle in one hand and the cord in the other and archly told him.

“Since you're such a graceless loser, you get to clean up this mess while I go in search of snacks. And if this room isn’t clean by the time I get back, we'll just see if your Bessie prediction doesn’t come to pass much sooner then you think.” And with that she flounced out the room.

Michael being no fool, got right to work. When she got back, the room was pillow stuffing free. She came in carrying Onion rings, Ranch Doritos, Onion Sour Cream and Ranch Dressing, with Nachos, and 2 Cherry Cokes.

The rest of the day was spent listening to music while Maria gave a quick bio of the artist and the times they lived in. Though some of the music wasn’t to his taste, he being a big Metal fan, he really enjoyed himself. After a quick lunch, the impromptu music lesson continued, that is, until it was dinnertime. Turning the Player off, they moved to the kitchen where they tried, the operative word being 'tried,' to make some edible dinner.

“Ok, Ok, I can’t cook, so what? I never said I was some great chef, stop rolling your eyes at me, don’t forget I can easily kick your butt.”

They were making pasta, only thing was Maria was so supposed to be watching the sauce, she hadn’t done a very good job of it. She thought the fire Michael had set looked a little low so she brought it up a notch and it burned it. He had laughed at her disgruntled expression when she realized what she had done. Now she was banished from the kitchen and forced to sit on a countertop while he did all the cooking.

“Tell me how you lived this long without learning how to cook?” Michael asked.

“I don’t know, working at the Crashdown, we never lacked any food. Once in college and being friends with Liz kinda guaranteed me a meal. Now I’m a doctor and the cafeteria makes some great sandwiches and Mammy is always sending me food, so I never had to, plus I don’t have time…” she shrugged while saying the last part.

“So what are you going to do when kiddo gets here, or weren’t you going to feed her?” He teased.

“Well, I was thinking breast-feeding, no need to cook…” she said with a cheeky grin. He only rolled his eyes and went back to cooking his pasta. “Although, seriously the way Liz cooks there is always more then enough to eat, plus with Mammy not more then a stone’s throw away, and my mother moving into town, there is no way this baby is starving.”

“Your mothers moving here?” He couldn’t help the shudder that ran down his spine at the thought of Amy Deluca moving to LA. No doubt the first thing she would do was give him a hard time for all the grief he had caused back in Roswell.

“No need to sound like the world is coming to an end, she won’t make it that bad for you once she sees how much you have changed. Trust me, she won’t hit you that hard.” She tried to tease but when she saw the shudder that ran down his back, she got off the counter she was perched on and gave him a quick hug from behind in friendly reassurance and said, “Don’t worry, you’ll live.”

It was instinct, done without any deep thought, and it didn’t take her long to realize what she was doing and once it registered in her brain she quickly let him go. Embarrassed that she reverted so easily to her girlfriend behavior of the past when she saw him upset, especially since they weren’t going out anymore, and by his behavior she could detect nothing that showed her he viewed her as anything more then a good friend.

Covering up her confusion, Maria headed over to the fridge and took out an orange juice, opening up the top she took a big swallow; she didn’t notice that Michael from the corner of his eye was watching her drink. He found the way her neck arched and swallowed a very erotic sigh. The fit of his jeans changed accordingly, plus, the feeling of her arms hugging him from behind was still with him. He had enjoyed her spontaneous action. No woman had hugged him since she had left and he missed that.

Stopping his train of thought before he lost all control, he stopped looking at her and got back to cooking. He didn’t turn away from his cooking until his hard on was under full control, and gone. Once dinner was ready, Maria got two plates out and dinner was served.

But it didn’t quite turn out to be the great evening he had hoped it would be. When Maria was half way done with her plate he forgot to add the parmesan cheese to the meal. Remembering seeing an unopened can when they had been searching for ingredients he quickly got up and got it, opened it and began adding it to his plate. Turning to ask her if she wanted some for herself, he looked up at her only to turn white as a sheet at what he saw. Maria was a pale green while she looked at his plate, flinging her chair back she dashed to the nearest bathroom where she puked her guts out.

He followed her in an instant and he kept her hair out of her face as she emptied the contents of her stomach. Once she was done he flushed the toilet and with a wet towel cleaned her face trying to refresh her. She gave him a weak smile and explained.

“Morning sickness, though, that’s a crummy name for it seeing how it shows itself any time of the day it pleases…” Taking a deep breath in a effort to calm down before continuing “…plus when I saw you with the cheese, I just got sick to my stomach. That’s the 2nd time that’s happened. I just get a whiff of cheese and I want to throw up.”

“Here I thought I had inadvertently poisoned you.” He had tried to tease but he couldn’t quite pull it off.

“No, No, Your cooking was excellent. I loved it, I truly did, it wasn’t your fault it’s just one of those pregnancy things.”

Nodding his head in understanding though still looking scared shitless, he picked her up and let her rinse her mouth. She still looked a little weak to him so he picked her up took her to one of the other rooms. He kicked the door open and knew right away that it was Liz’s bedroom. Not sure when she was coming back, he moved to another room, a guest room that was all prepared. He couldn’t take her to her own bed since it was over flowing with CD’s and he didn’t want to mess up the order in how she kept them.

Looking down he saw that she was asleep. Still worried about her, he couldn’t bring himself to leave her so he took off his shoes and laid down next to her, telling himself he would only stay long enough until he was sure she was completely better. He didn’t know how long he stayed there looking at her beautiful face before he too drifted off to sleep. For the first time he slept the sleep of angels, an easy feat seeing how he had one wrapped in his arms.


Note: The Cheese thing is true I took it from my mother, she kept telling me that I ruined cheese for her since she got pregnant with me. She said she never knew when the whiff of it would send her into bouts of morning sickness, but it was especially bad when she saw or smelled it in a hamburger, or as in this case spaghetti. She has since gotten over it, except for the hamburger thing, for some strange reason. (shrug) Just thought I’d impart some useless knowledge on my family *wink*
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Chapter 18

Michael was in the middle of an incredibly erotic dream where he and Maria were making beautiful love and she was telling him she loved him over and over. Not an unusual occurrence for him, he had had dreams like that since the day she broke up with him for good, back in Roswell.

But this time it felt so real. He could actually feel her in his arms. Not wanting to lose this wonderful dream by opening his eyes and seeing he was alone in his bed like he did every night, he decided to lose himself in it.

Finding her warm lips, he began kissing those lush lips when they began kissing him back. He groaned deep in his throat and began deepening their kiss putting his heart and soul into it.

Maria, for her part, also thought she was caught up in an erotic down right pornographic dream of her own where Michael was playing the lead role to perfection. Not wanting to face reality and find herself alone in her bed, preferring to lose herself in this beautiful world where she was in Michael’s arms safe and aroused beyond belief, she kissed him back with all the ardor in her.

Michael’s arms roamed her back, her bottom, and thighs, anywhere his hands could reach. The clothes she wore annoyed him. He needed to feel her skin against his. His fingers worked the button of her cutoffs working the zipper down. He worked his hands down into her panties stroking her very wet core. Feeling her slickness only made his mouth water. He had to taste her.

When exactly he opened his eyes he didn’t know. It still didn’t register with him that this wasn’t a dream. Pushing her on her back he slowly began working the cutoffs and panties off her. Once her lower half was bare, he moved to remove her top until she lying on the bed naked and beautiful.

Lowering his head, he engulfed one of her breasts in his mouth, stabbing the nipple with his tongue until it was a sharp point. Moving his head he began serving the other one with the same attention. He caressed her thighs with his hands loving the feel of her smooth skin.

Slowly leaving a trail of kisses, he worked his mouth down reaching his target, her steamy hot core. He moved her legs far apart until she was completely open to his view. His heart just about stopped at this first unrestricted view of her femininity. It was just as beautiful as he remembered.

Starting at her inner thighs, he slowly worked his way to the center just like he remembered she liked it. Once he reached her center, he licked and nibbled to his heart's content. Maria moaned and groaned her pleasure. This was a wonderful dream for her. The man she loved was eating her like she was the only food available for miles.

She grabbed his head and brought him closer to her trying to draw out the wonderful pleasure he was giving her, riding his face like her life depended on it. Michael put a restraining hand on her stomach and with the other he pushed first one finger then with out giving her time to adjust pushed in a 2nd and slowly began rocking his hand back and forth inside of her. With his tongue, he caught any juices that leaked out of her.

He slowly worked her passion with a frenzy easily reading her body's demands for more pressure and a deeper joining, and giving it to her. This was all for her, he wanted to give her everything in his power and so much more. Soon, his fingers were moving with almost lighting speed and when he felt she was close to coming apart in his arms he curved his fingers inside her, hitting her g spot. She dissolved in his arms crying his name.

Removing his fingers and under her heated gaze, he licked his fingers clean. He loved the taste of her, and god, how he had missed doing this with her.

It was a very satisfied Maria with a predator’s gleam in her eyes that knocked the wind right out of his lungs. She pushed him back on the bed, laying flat on his back, legs outstretched. His hands were on her back messaging and caressing every bit of flesh within reach. But Maria had plans of her own. Finding the touch of his jeans on her skin offensive, she hastily set to work on removing them. Once the offending jeans and boxers were off and his manhood was free and pulsing under her gaze, she slowly engulfed it whole into her mouth with no problem.

Michael arched off the bed until only his shoulders and legs were on the bed crying out with a feral shout. God, he had almost forgotten how good her mouth felt, the operative word being almost. And boy, did she know how to use it. Back in Roswell after each of their fights, they had always made love, not that they needed a reason to make love. They were as horny as rabbits in heat back then, and Maria had spent a lot of time perfecting the way to give him the ultimate pleasure with her mouth. She put all that training to very good use now.

She suckled, nibbled, and licked to her heart's content, deep throating him for all he was worth. It wasn’t long until he shot his steamy load down her throat and it was with a satisfied pop that she finally let him go. She moved her body over him kissing his chest as she went until she reached his mouth. He kissed her deeply, tasting his essence in her mouth, but he didn’t mind it was proof of the incredible pleasure she had given him. She rested her sopping wet core over his now limp manhood grinding herself a little on him. That was all the stimulation he needed and much to her pleasure, he was soon rock hard again.

Slowly, she lowered herself on him taking him in slowly. Once he was deeply embedded in her, she began riding him with nice slow thrusts. She threw her head back, which forced her breasts to jut forward, her back arched and she placed her hands on her breasts pinching the hard tips of her nipples as she gave herself pleasure.

She looked like a pagan goddess to him, like one of those statues of Roman gods he had seen in art books. Her skin was so pale, her hair golden and the sun coming in through the windows made it looked like her head was surrounded by a golden halo. A true goddess who had come down from Olympus to bring pleasure to an unworthy mortal, and god, did it feel so good.

She rode him with deep sure thrusts; he kneaded her hips as he begged her to go faster, to take him deeper. Soon, her movements became shakier. She moved her hands from her breasts down to her hips over his hands, forcefully squeezing them until with a shout of pure pleasure, she reached her climax. She fell over his body completely spent.

He quickly turned them over so that now she was flat on her back. He got on his knees never breaking contact with her. Placing her legs over the crooks of his arms, he opened her up nice and wide as he began slamming home. His hips moved in a blur of speed as he tried to find his own release.

The muscles on his back and neck corded with the strain yet he didn’t stop. He needed release and he needed it so badly. It wasn’t until he felt the tell tale signs of her sheath’s contractions in another release that his balls finally contracted and he finally let loose in a powerful release that seemed to never end.

It was one shaky Michael who collapsed on Maria. She welcomed his weight with what little strength she had left. She wrapped her legs high around his hips cradling him protectively within her arms and legs.

It wasn’t much longer before Maria's full senses came back to her and reality came crashing down.



Note: One more Michael/Maria part then we go back to the island for lots of and I mean lots of Max and Liz nookie. Just incase your wondering *big*

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Reposting Chapter 19 - 23 Cause they were lost in the move.

Chapter 19

It was Maria’s stiffening body underneath him that fully woke Michael up and realized that the wonderful life-like dream he had just experienced was completely and utterly real. Lifting his head and opening his eyes, he looked into the panicked eyes of the woman he loved and who he had just shared the most beautiful experience of his life. He quickly took in the ramifications of what they had just shared and while he wasn’t sorry that it had happened, it wasn’t the way he had hoped they would have come together. Now he didn’t know what to do and by the look on her face, this wasn’t going to be pretty.

He reluctantly withdrew from her body, sitting back a bit and waiting for the fireworks to start. Maria sat up also and quickly covered herself with the bed sheet she had been lying on. She tried not to look at him, focusing on some invisible spot on the bed in front of her as she tried to come to grips with what they had just done.

She remembered him coming over, listening to music, dinner, throwing up, and a vague memory of him taking her to a bed and falling asleep. He had obviously stayed with her during the night and this morning they had made love.

‘Oh God!!!!! Why couldn’t I have woken up and stopped it from happening! Why did it happen? I know I wanted it, I’m honest enough to admit that to myself. Yet, until now he’s acted like nothing more then a good friend with me. Plus, I’m pregnant with another man’s baby, not exactly the biggest turn on for another man. Was it just a man’s natural reaction to waking up to a warm body? Was he just flashing back to Roswell when this would have been a natural occurrence between them? God so many questions and I don’t know what to do.’

Taking in a deep breath, she tried to calm herself and look deep within herself looking for a solution or something anything to say to make this right again. Michael was looking at her with a heavier and heavier heart with each passing minute. He loved her, he loved her more then life itself and he was prepared to lay down his heart and pride and find some way to make her understand that. If she didn’t feel the same way for him, well, he didn’t want to think about that right then besides the passion they had shared this mourning gave him hope.

“Michael…(long sigh) … I really don’t know what to say…” she tried to begin.

“How bout that you liked it, it might be a good place to start.” He tried to keep his voice even but with the roar in his ears, he couldn’t be sure if he had pulled it off.

She whipped her head up and looked at him straight on for the first time this morning, stunned. Michael took a deep breath and prepared to hand her his heart on a silver platter.

“I know I did, I more than liked it, I loved it, I’ve been dreaming about sharing this very thing and so much more with you, for such a long time, since the day you disappeared from Roswell…”


“No, let me finish, I’m not used to baring my soul like this and I want you to know everything. I loved you so much, I still do, maybe even more. When you dumped me back then I fully thought you would change your mind and come back to me. When you didn’t and you disappeared graduating early and going to college, I went nuts. No one would tell me where you went and I did a lot of things in my grief. It landed me in the hospital, that was like a wake up call. The Sheriff went to see me and gave me a good lecture. Nothing new there but this time I listened. He took me under his wing and I changed my ways. I followed in his footsteps but becoming a cop was more then just making him proud of me. It was a way of being able to find you again.”

“And boy, did I search for you and in the process I learned to enjoy my job, even come to love it but I never lost sight of my goal to find you again. I made friends with my co workers but I never dated…”

She gasped when she heard that but he went on as if he hadn’t heard her.

“… When I made detective I used all the resources at my disposal to find you. Then one day I finally got a lead that you were living in LA so put in for a transfer and up and moved here. That day I said I saw you walking down the street and found you through my job was a lie. I knew where you lived and when I went to confirm the address I followed you and your room mate who I now know as Liz, to the local In - N - Out, and I came to ‘visit’ the next day. What I’m trying to say is this whole time I’ve been in love with you, and I guess now I’d just want to ask how you feel about me?”

To say that Maria was stunned was an understatement; he had said everything she had wanted to hear for what seemed like forever to her. Yet, thinking about what he had said it almost sounded like an obsession. No, he was obsessed with her and something about that didn’t seem right to her and slowly with great care she began…

“Michael, you say you love me but what you’ve done in the last few years almost sounds like an obsession to me…”

“I knew that would be your first thought,” he began clearly a bit agitated while running a hand threw his hair. “… And maybe it is but I do love you. I loved you then and I never stopped. I need you, I love you…”

“How can you say you love me. You don’t know me anymore, Michael, people change and we haven’t spent enough time together for you to really know the person I am now, You’ve cherished this image of me of when I was a teenager. How can you really say you love me now…”

“You're wrong, I’ve seen you with Liz, I’ve seen you go all out for her, I’ve seen you with Mammy and you’ve told me a little about your past and I’ve read between the lines. You haven’t changed, not where it counts…” He took one of his hands and placed it over her heart. “… Here in your heart, you're still the sweet beautiful woman I fell in love with all those years ago.”

“Michael, I’m no saint, please don’t make me into one…”

“I’m just stating the truth…”

She shook her head, she just couldn’t grasp what he was telling her and somewhere inside herself, she knew he believed everything he was saying to her. However, she couldn’t grasp anyone could ever feel that much for her so she rejected it. It just couldn’t be true. He was obsessed, living in the past, making her into something she probably never was. It just couldn’t be true, it just couldn’t, right?

“Michael, it can’t be real, back then you always wanted what you couldn’t have. When I left, that’s exactly what I became, something you couldn’t have. Later, when you finally hit rock bottom and you needed something to fight for, you made me into more then I ever was. It can’t be real, Michael, all this time you spent looking, searching for me, you built me up as the answer to all your problems. How can you love someone you no longer know?”

He could see her mounting agitation. Why was she so adamant against what he was telling her? Wasn’t the very foundation of love to do things that sounded crazy, isn’t that what love does to a person. Nothing she has just said to him was new. He had had a lot of time to go over his motives and he knew it was love that motivated him. He loved her as he loved no other. He could see she needed more time to come to terms with the bombshell he had laid on her feet. He couldn’t help but hope that maybe the reason she was resisting so much was cause she cared for him just as much and was just fighting it, well, at least that was his hope.

“Maria, you're babbling a bit, I already told you I do know you, so why don’t you answer my question? How do you feel about me?” He got up from the bed walking around it toward her side. Seeing him coming, she stood up and started backing away from him, taking the sheet with her.

“It could never work out between us, unlike you, I did date, and now I’m pregnant…”

“So, after what I put you through it was your right to find someone who could make you happy. I never expected anything else, as for the baby, if you're looking for a father I’d be more then happy to apply…” He slowly stalked her across the room. He tried to tease as he said the last part but he couldn’t really carry it off. This was a very serious moment. If they were going to have a future together it was being decided right now. It wasn’t in him to make light of it.

Maria's mind was whirling. This was going too fast for her and she wanted to slow it down. She rankled her brain for excuses or issues to help her stall for time and with each excuse her voice got higher and higher.

“I’m a doctor and I really don’t have time for a relationship now…”

She was reaching and they both knew it. She had time to be in a serious relationship and become pregnant but he refrained from saying that aloud.

“Maria, what do you feel for me?”

To her surprise, her back hit a wall and he was on her leaving her nowhere to go. Helplessly, she looked at him, he leaned into her body and she closed her eyes trying to force her body not to react to his closeness but it was useless.

“Maria, what do you feel for me?” he whispered in her ear.

“My mother hates you,” she whispered desperately.

“I’ll live, you said so yourself, come on, Maria, it’s one simple question, how do you feel about me?”

He brought his lips to hers and repeated the question, before moving down to her neck. He knew exactly what he was doing to her and she was becoming more and more helpless. She ached to tell him the truth but she didn’t believe he really meant it. Given time, he would realize she just didn’t live up to the expectations he had built up about her. And she couldn’t live with the emptiness that would result when he left her like she knew he would. Yet, here she was standing in front of a naked Michael with only a sheet separating them as he did his utmost to seduce her.

When he started lowering the sheet moving further down kissing and asking his question, Maria’s restraint finally broke. She grabbed his head and captured his lips in a deep soaring kiss. The sheet fell to the floor, forgotten, the kiss quickly got out of control and Maria wrapped one leg around his hips, he quickly took the hint and lifted her taking her weight off her feet, she wrapped her legs around him impaling herself on him.

He took her fast and furiously against the wall. When they finally reached release, he walked them back to the bed where they rested once again, both very aware she hadn’t answered his question yet.


Note: Max and Liz island nookie coming up next…

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Chapter 20

It was one satisfied Max Evans who woke up the next mourning; he was laying on his back with a beautiful angel curled up on his side, correction a beautiful nude angel. Her small hand was on his chest while her head was buried in his neck, laying on her other arm.

Max scooted a bit, away from her trying hard not to wake her. He stopped when she moaned in protest but when she settled back down and just buried her head in the pillow he knew she wouldn’t wake. He turned to his side and just looked at his beautiful angel sleep.

The light coming through the window gave her skin a beautiful glow and her dark soft hair fanned out on the pillow behind her. He curved the impulse to run his hands through it. Her lips were parted softly with each breath she took; her lips were so wonderfully full and pink, just perfect for kissing. Moving his gaze further down he took in the slight rise and fall of her perk breasts, the same breasts he had so loving fondled, caressed and suckled last night. Going further down he took in her flat tummy, her creamy thighs and her tiny feet.

Again, he was amazed on how beautiful and how perfectly she was put together, almost as if she had been made just for him. And although he knew she would disagree with him, she looked just as beautiful in the early morning with no makeup and her hair a bit messy. She was an angel, his angel. Yesterday, she had completely given herself to him and it had been utterly beautiful and satisfying. It had been everything he had dreamed it would be. Back when he was nothing more then a weak high school kid dreaming about the wonderful life he would have with the woman he would give himself to, and despite all the odds, fate had stepped in and given him Liz.

Max never believed himself a very religious man but this morning with this heavenly angel in his bed he was willing to believe in a higher power. His gaze never leaving her beautiful face, he began planning their day. Last night he had used up the last and only condom he had brought to the island. They couldn’t very well make love again. They had moved into this relationship so fast they weren’t ready for a baby. They still needed to get to know each other first. After yesterday they had all the time in the world to plan a family.

While deep in thought, he noticed that Liz was slowly waking up. Her eyelashes slowly fluttered open while she fought the inevetible by burying her head even further in her pillow. Max had never seen anything so cute in his life.

Liz was never a morning person and today was no different. Yet she never remembered ever waking up this sore and yet so content in her life. Reality was slow in coming but when the warm weight in front of her began to register and all the wonderful memories of last night ran through her mind a slow satisfied smile spread to her lips. Opening her eyes fully, she found Max’s deep amber eyes looking down at her. Despite never having woken up with a naked man before, she didn’t at all feel uncomfortable about it. He was the man she loved with her whole heart and she felt no shame in baring all to him either emotionally or physically now.

“You have a beautiful smile. Can I hope you were thinking of me with a smile like that?” He asked, he brought a hand up and began brushing her hair from her face. She rubbed her face into his rough hand loving the feeling of having his hands caress her.

“Maybe, or it could just be that other incredible lover I met up with last night...”

“Is that right? I’ll show you incredible lover.” He asked with a feral light in his eyes. Not giving her a chance to respond, he quickly covered her body with his own both pinning her to the bed and giving him perfect access to her whole body. She naturally cradled his body in between her thighs. His manhood naturally rose to the occasion drawing a deep moan from both of them. Teasing forgotten, they lost themselves in a deep soulful kiss. Their hands roaming everywhere, Max only broke it when he felt it getting way out of control and he reminded himself they didn’t have a condom to go all the way with.

“Umm, Liz…(long kiss)…Liz …(nibble) … Liz we have to stop.”

“Why?” Liz asked she wanted him inside her again; stopping was the last thing in her mind.

“I don’t have a condom, Liz.”

“Oh.” Reluctantly, she let him roll of her and onto his back. His very aroused state was plain to see and her heart went out to him. Getting on her knees, she raised herself over him sitting on his legs.

“Liz, what are you doing?”

“Giving you some relief, Shh.. just lie back and enjoy.” With that, she took his manhood in her hands, repeating the rhythm he had shown her last night. Squeezing and stroking gently, he relaxed under her ministrations keeping his eyes open and trained on her face. She was so focused on her task, looking at him with love touching him with such care as if he was the most precious thing in the world to her. No one had ever treated him as such and his love for her only increased 10 fold a feat he didn’t think possible considering how much he already loved her.

Liz, for her part, was enjoying her front seat view of her lover; his body was so beautiful to her, his responses to her touch so uninhibited and she loved knowing she could bring him so much pleasure. Watching his face contort in pleasure, she got an uncontrollable urge to taste him. Lowering down a bit, one hand took hold of his heavy sacks, the other the base of his huge manhood as she took a long lick of the mushroom tip. Max almost bowed off the bed trying to get closer to that wonderful warm mouth. She really did like the taste of him so she did it again.

She was far from an expert to this type of loving but what she lacked in experience she more then made up for in enthusiasm. She could only take the tip into her mouth but she made the most of it. Max was in a virtual heaven as he tried so hard not to drive himself deep into her mouth, but what she was doing was more than enough…

“Liz…Ohhhh God… Liz, I’m going to cum, Liz…” He didn’t want to gross her out and he was so close he had to warn her.

“Shhh, baby, let go, I want to taste you, let me taste you.”

Hearing her plea and never able to deny her anything, he let go. She took his cum drinking down as fast as she could but it was too much and a lot spilled landing on her chest and his thighs. Licking her lips and her fingers, she let his limp manhood go and she scooted up and sat on his stomach.

“I think we need a shower.” Liz teased.

“Hmmm...” Was all Max could say at that point. He was still working on finding his voice after the release he had just had. He brought Liz down to lie on him unmindful of the sticky mess.

“Max, really, we need a shower.” Liz giggled.

“I know, I know, but man, Liz, that was so good I don’t think I can move right now.” Max said with a very contented smile.

“You're welcome.” Liz said sweetly. Seeing her smile he just had to kiss those lips. Wanting to return the great pleasure she had given him, he forced himself off her and unto his feet where he took her into his arms and carried her to the shower.

Once inside he set her on her feet. To her surprise she noticed that the bathroom walls were covered with mirrors instead of wallpaper. Wherever you stood you saw 5 reflections of yourself as you turned towards each of the four walls and the fifth when you looked up towards the ceiling.

“Your father really must be vain if he likes looking at himself this much.” Liz said in passing never in her life had she seen such a thing, in department stores dressing rooms maybe but never in a bathroom like this.

“That’s one word for him all right, but I must say right now I can think of a rather pleasant use for them.” He said.

Turning her around so that she was facing away from him, facing the closest mirror paneling, he brought her arms up. He leaned down so that his mouth was next to her right ear and he wrapped her arms around his neck. Next with his hands, he spread her legs a bit apart so that her femininity was clear for them both to see.

With one hand, he covered her trim tummy while the other began to rub and pluck her little nub of pleasure, which was standing at full attention. Though Liz wasn’t ashamed of showing her body to him, there was something truly decadent about standing in front of a mirror completely naked watching as he played with her. She tried to shield her eyes away but he wouldn’t let her.

“No Liz, I want you to look at yourself, I want you to see how beautiful you are as you respond to me. Look baby, look…”

A nice flush of pink spread through her body in response but she didn’t look away.

They continued to watch as he played with her, carefully he inserted his middle finger into her tight passage causing her to moan. Her arms tightened around his neck as she fought to keep her eyes open.

“I’m not hurting you am I, Liz?”

A little breathless she answered. “No, I’m a little sore but it doesn’t hurt. It feels really good in fact…”

“Good.” With that, he inserted a second finger into her tight passage. Her breath hitched at the intense sensation he was creating inside her body. But it was nothing to what she felt when he started thrusting inside of her.

“God, Liz! You're so hot and wet, you feel so good around my fingers, so soft, so tight and all mine, mine, mine, mine...”

Liz had no breath to respond with. She was completely incapable of speech. She watched as he pushed his fingers into her tight sheath all the way to the hilt only to slowly pull them out shinning with her essence. Max began licking and lightly biting her ear.

“Hmmmmm, Liz I can smell your arousal, so sweet and spicy. I can’t wait to taste it. Do you want me to taste you, sweetheart, I need to feel your lovely nectar on my tongue. Would you like that, honey?”

“Yes!” Was all she was able to answer but it was enough. He laid her down on the plush white carpet all the while whispering endearments and graphically telling her what he wished to do next to her.

Once she was comfortable he spread her legs wide placing his hands on her bottom he lifted her up until she was level with his face. She wrapped her legs around his head, giving him the feeling he was being beautifully smothered by her fragrant core. He slowly licked his lips in anticipation as he took in the bounty before him; she was so wet her outer lips glistened with her juices, giving them the look of beautiful pink rose petals wet after a light spring rain. He ran his tongue up her inner lips taking in her sweet taste, the soft texture of her sex. He found her hidden jewel and using his teeth gently, he played with her nub of pleasure.

Liz’s breathing changed as he continued to play with her. What he was doing to her was so wonderful. He seemed to know her body so well like they had been making love with each other for as long as they had drawn breath. Her hands tightened into small fists as she held on to the carpet for dear life. She sighed, moaned, whimpered, and softly screamed her pleasure with every lick, nibble, and suck he used on her. Liz was floating on a giant cloud of pleasure, which she never wanted to come down from ever. Mirrors were also placed on the ceiling and through half closed eyes she watched him pleasure her. It was almost surreal but it felt and looked all so good.

Max was floating on his own cloud of pleasure. Here, he was kneeling on a plush carpet, knees spread wide, his manhood hard and pulsing in the air as he suckled on her like a baby desperate to be fed. Her taste was so intoxicating, a drug so pure, that he would no longer be able to live without it now. He was addicted and he needed more, making his tongue as hard as he could and drove it home into her deep cavern. Her legs tightened around his head harder and her whimpering became that much louder in reaction.

“Please, Max, I can’t take much more of this…(whimper) Please, baby…(whimper) I need…(whimper) I need…(whimper)… Oh, God…I don’t know what I need…” she begged.

Max took in every word but he didn’t let up on his torture. He needed more of her sweet nectar trying to drink in as much as he could get. The outside world lost all its focus for Max. There was only this moment of them together totally in love mutually giving and taking pleasure. He felt her release on his tongue as her inner muscles tightened and released around his mouth. His face became coated with her juices but he didn’t stop. He just kept pushing her into a higher and higher orbit of pleasure. Liz never knew when one orgasm ended and the next one started. But despite Max’s best efforts, it couldn’t last forever after giving Liz one of the biggest orgasms in their short history together and feeling so in tune with her, he cum-ed right along with her in exquisite release, completely turned on by her pleasure.

He gently lowered her legs to the floor where he laid down next to her, taking her shaking body in his arms, soothing her as best he could.

“Thank You.” She said to him after finally finding her voice.

“Trust me, it was completely my pleasure.” He replied.

“Well, not completely your pleasure.” She teased as she wiggled her eyebrows up and down at him.

He started to laugh drawing her closer to his body. Max had never been so happy in his life. Every moment he spent with Liz just proved to him that he was right in believing she was meant for him. That their lives together would be beyond imagination and now that she was no longer fighting their fate together he knew from this day forward they would have a wonderful life together.

“You know, I did say something about a shower, didn’t I, my love? We made it to the bathroom. Do you think we can make it the few steps to the shower?”

“That you did, we did get a little side tracked, now didn’t we?”

“Umm... pleasantly so, If I do say so myself.” She purred into his chest. Max chuckled at that while getting to his feet helping her get up. They walked into the big glass shower in the back of the room.

Max was in the mood for some water *cough* fun *cough*.

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Chapter 21

Liz laid down her head on Max’s strong arm while with one hand she was freeing his hard manhood from his pants. Max was driving his car to his home. They had left the island where they had shared countless hours of pure hot passion. They were going to his house because Liz didn’t want to go home and sleep alone, and because the condoms were at his house.

Ignoring the fast moving scenery all around her, she put all her concentration on torturing and pleasuring her lover as he tried his best to ignore her manipulations of his body. But he made no move to stop her; instead he drove like a mad man both hands holding tight to the steering wheel, eyes firmly on the road, his manhood in her hands, while he tried desperately to control the bucking of his hips and not lose control of the car and have a cop pull them over.

With her head full of all their naughty and absolutely sinful behavior on the island, she just couldn’t keep her hands to herself. Images of them in the shower on the beach where he had given her free reign over his body to learn and do as she pleased, in full daylight outside where any passing ship or servant could have easily seen them only helped fuel her passion. She could believe that just 2 days ago sweet innocent Liz Parker would never have contemplated what she was doing, she couldn’t help but giggle to herself and hold on to Max’s manhood that much tighter.

Max growled low in his throat but he didn’t look at her, or what she was doing to him. If he did that, he would lose all control and take her. They were on a freeway there was nowhere to pull over and take her as he so badly needed to take her. Moreover, they still had no condoms and as sweet and perfect as her hot little mouth was he needed more this time around. She was driving him crazy with her teasing, but he couldn’t stop her it felt so good he wanted more of her touch not less of it. So the teasing continued.

His manhood stood rock hard in her hand; pulsing and vibrating with life, she saw it clearly with the dim lights of the dashboard. With a fingertip, she traced his manhood up and down, lightly fondling it. After a few passes she started concentrated on the base of his manhood, digging her hand into his pants she cupped his balls and started massaging them. Max’s already hard breathing turned even more troubled he shifted around in his seat trying to ease the incredible ache between his legs. His groans turned into soft deep growls. Liz smiled a secret smile that if Max had been able to see it would have made his blood boil with even more lust, easily.

Liz wanted to taste him, but she knew if she gave in to her desire Max would easily wreck the car, he was already driving way past the speed limit it was a wonder they haven’t been pulled over because of it. So Liz just continued with her teasing she left his balls and started gently squeezing his manhood, up and down it’s full length. When she reached the tip, she stroked the large blunt mushroom tip with her thumb, wiping away the drops of precum leaking from the small slit at the tip. She used the precum to lubricate his manhood so that her hand better glided up and down its rock hard length.

However, Liz kept her strokes long and slow, just the right speed to keep him nice and hard but not enough to make him cum any time soon. How Max was able to last under such extreme torture, both had no clue. Nevertheless, Max continued driving as if his life depended on it, which in many ways it did. *wink*

Needing to be closer to him, Liz sat even closer to Max almost sitting on his lap so that her breasts were now rubbing his arm, she began to rub her own legs together so as try to elevate her own strong ache in her very sopping wet core. Max felt her very hard nipples rubbing against his arm and his hands on the steering wheel tightened even more then he thought possible. But it was the soft smell of her arousal filling his nose that finally drove him over the edge; luckily, for both of them by that time he had finally reached his home.

Abruptly parking his car inside his garage, Max slammed the door open and stalked to Liz side of the car. Dragging her out of the car, Liz couldn’t help but giggle over his caveman behavior he literally carried her over his shoulder and like a mad man ran to his bedroom. Where he not so gently dropped her on his bed; she bounced once but said nothing just began undressing. Removing his own clothes was the last thing on his mind he ripped apart the box of opened condoms on his dresser. With a condom in hand he ripped open the small package and placed the condom on his painfully hard manhood. He made a grab for Liz who by this point had stripped most of her clothes except for her skirt and panties.

He didn’t care his mind was clouded with lust for Liz he needed to bury himself in her tight sweet body. He dragged a giggling Liz across the bed turning her over so that she was now on her hands and knees, he spread her legs and ripped the panties off her body, moving the skirt out of his and with out a 2nd thought he trusted his full length into her sopping tight passage.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!” Liz screamed as he speared himself to the hilt.

That scream was enough to sober him up fast, God he never met to hurt her, feeling awful he pulled out while stammering out apologies.

“God I’m sorry Liz! I didn’t mean… Please baby how badly did I hurt you?” Max stammered out, his self disgust clear in his voice.

“No Max, you didn’t hurt me, It felt so gooooooood, it just took me by surprise that’s all, please baby don’t stop I need more.”

“Liz, I don’t know you sounded like you were in pain and…”

“Max please I need you, please you didn’t hurt me…” Liz responded.

She reached behind herself, took a firm hold of his still hard manhood, and brought him back to her dripping opening, once in place she pushed backward slowly taking him fully in again, inch by slow inch.

Max wanted to be reassured by her assurances but a little voice in the back of his head still held back and he started thrusting slowing into her body barely controlling the urge to let go and take her as wild man. But it wasn’t enough for Liz. She wanted him to be as wild as he had been when he had first trusted into her. He had taught her not to be shy about voicing her desires to him on the island and now that lesson was going to be put to good use.

“Max, I need more, I need you harder, I need to feel your manhood deep, deep and hard inside me. Please baby, give it to me, let go baby, just like before give it to me hard…” To make her point she began tightening her core muscles around his thick manhood making her passage that much tighter. She placed one hand on his thrusting hip digging her nails trying to force him to move faster, deeper.

It all proved too much for Max, and he gave in to her demands, he started move faster, his manhood digging in deeper with each thrust. Liz let go of his hip she dug her nails into the bedspread she met each and everyone of his thrusts, whimpering and moaning her pleasure of being taken this way.

He felt so good to Liz, he felt huge this way, he was touching places inside herself she didn’t know she had. She felt like he was sawing her in half, she felt so stretched and full it was a wonderful feeling for Liz. And it kept getting better the deeper and deeper he penetrated.

Max for his part was also in heaven, her soft sounds of pleasure-helped ease his mind and her body felt so good and tight all around him. She was so soft, and so wet, the loud sucking and slurping sounds of sex filled his head and fueled his passion that much more. His hips moved with a blur of speed his hands took a firm hold of her hips, he stopped her movements keeping her perfectly still, as he proceeded to pound that much harder into her petit body.

His manhood began to grow bigger and bigger in her tight sheath, and Max began to grunt and pound that much harder, as Liz chanted, “Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!!” over and over again, until finally both exploded in and incredible orgasm together.

They fell onto the bed still connected, exhausted but completely satisfied. On shaky legs Max finally disconnected from her beautiful body to remove the condom before it leaked. Once up he weakly took of his clothes. He went back to bed completely nude where he helped an equally shaky Liz to remove her clothes; they settled under the covers together and slept the sleep of angels.


Note: Some mindless nookie, what can I say when the mood hits, LOL *big*
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Chapter 22

Max woke up from a very pleasant dream filled with Liz, to the very pleasant sensation of something soft, warm, and all so good on his manhood. Lifting his head and looking down he saw a beautiful Liz kneeling between his legs with his manhood in her mouth. She still couldn’t take him all but it didn’t matter what she was doing to him was driving him crazy. It was a wonder he didn’t cum right then.

He brought his hands to her head and started caressing her ultra soft hair. Helplessly, he started bucking his hips despite himself but Liz adjusted her movements to accommodate his hip movement.

Liz hadn’t been able to sleep for long. Her life had changed so much in the past few days and she was so happy, happier then she had ever remembered being in her whole life. Some part of her still believed that all this must be some kind of dream, that Max was nothing more then a figment of her imagination. That she would wake up one day in her bed completely alone. It was irrational she knew but she still couldn’t help herself.

Moreover, ever since they had first made love she had become a bit of a nymphomaniac. She felt safe and complete when they were making love. Besides, what woman in her right mind would be able to sleep next to Max Evans and not give in and do what she was doing right now?

She lovingly teased the large mushroom head of his manhood, nibbling the tip with her teeth as she had learned what he loved. She licked him from base to tip, taking her time and enjoying the unique musky taste of him.

Max couldn’t take it anymore. With one hand he blindly searched for a condom on the dresser. Once in hand, he ripped the package open and nudged Liz out of the way placing it over himself. He then dragged Liz up to him and planted a hard passionate kiss on her lush mouth. He pushed Liz onto her back and settled himself between her legs where his manhood drove home unaided.

Liz took him in easily with a satisfied sigh as he penetrated her deep and hard. She wrapped her legs around his hips tightly and arched into him with each thrust. Liz raked her nails up and down his back leaving love scratches everywhere with out breaking the skin too much.

Max was in heaven, literal heaven, penetrating her was always a wondrous pleasure. She was always so warm, so wet plus add in the feeling of soft moist flesh parting and welcoming him in just kept getting better and better each time. Max brushed stray strands of hair out of Liz’s face which was illuminated by pale shafts of moonlight giving her an almost angelic look. ‘Almost’ Max thought to himself because no angel ever wore such a look of rapture currently on her face, she was so beautiful to him.

In and out they moved in perfect rhythm. Liz needing to feel him more deeply inside herself, unlocked her legs from around his waist and opened herself really wide, as wide as she could go. This new position pushed Max further inside her and Max groaned deeply in his throat. He grabbed her head in his strong hands and plundered her mouth with deep scorching kisses. Liz lowered her hands form his back to his tight butt taking each cheek in her hands and both vocally and physically urging him even deeper into her.

“Ahh, Oh God, Max, deeper, Max, I need more of you, God, you feel so good baby, so good…” Liz chanted over and over again.

Max never one to deny her anything, reared back on to his knees and he took each of her legs in his hands and pushed them forward toward Liz. Liz was flexible enough she easily accommodated him; Max never stopped thrusting as he did this and this new position drove him even deeper then he thought humanly possible. Liz loved it and she stretched out her arms at either side of her to better anchor herself to the bed as she met each of his deep thrusts.

Their heavy breathing and the strong scent of sex filled the room. Eyes locked to each other they finally came in a torrent of passion. Closing his eyes, Max let loose a river of cum that bathed Liz's walls in a torrent of exquisite heat, that triggered a 2nd equally powerful orgasm in Liz.

Max let go of Liz’s legs and fell on top of Liz; she welcomed his weight on her body. Sweaty and contented, they wrapped each other in their arms and kissed chastely, innocently on the mouth as they let their hearts and bodies calm down. Max finally moved to withdraw from her heat and remove the condom. Both groaned at the loss. Needing sleep despite it being 4am, Max and Liz just sat back and talked.

“You're going to be the death of me, you know that, right?” Max teased Liz.

Liz couldn’t help but giggle in response. Max couldn’t help himself and kissed her quick in the mouth.

“I swear, first that thing in the car, and with what we just did right now, I’m so going to die early,” he said with a dramatic sigh.

“Well, if you do go early, at least you’ll go very happy!!!!” Liz teased, she started laughing outright when Max rolled over on top of her and started dramatically play biting and kissing her neck in retaliation. Finally pushing Max away from her and back on to his back she leaned her elbows on his chest looking down at him with flashing eyes.

“Well, my love, you only have to blame yourself for this one. You’re the one who made a nympho out of me, what with that great bod and sexy smile, is it any wonder I always want you inside of me.”

Max's chest puffed up and with a smirk, he said, “Yes, Yes, I am a God, aren’t I? Woman just can’t get enough of me, it’s so hard being me.”

Liz straddled his stomach and pinned each of his hands on either side of his head, giving him a perfect view of her pert breasts and Max’s mouth began to water with renewed hunger as he watched them sway so enticingly inches from him.

“Well, your godliness, those women may want you but you're all mine all. And don’t you forget it…” She started kissing down his chest soft nibbling kisses.

“Mine…(Nibble) Mine (Nibble)… Mine…(Nibble) Mine (Nibble)… Mine…(Nibble) Mine (Nibble)…” Once she hit her destination, she showed him how serious she was while Max could do nothing more then moan his acceptance of her possession.

# # # #
Still early morning…

“Where are you going?” A sleepy Liz asked as she watched Max get out of bed walking around naked and laying out clothes on the bed. At the sound of her voice, Max walked to her side of the bed, kissing her forehead before answering. “Work, it’s Monday, honey, I have to be there in an hour, what hour do you have to be in?”

“Ahhhh, not to till late in the afternoon. Ohh wait I have a class at 10am though. What time is it?”


“Oh, god, that is way to early. It should be against the law to wake up this early.” Liz dug her head under her pillow. Max laughed softly at her, he would have teased her but having a naked Liz so close would lead to things he didn’t have time for. If he didn’t fear G so much he would have chanced it, as it was, he just kissed her bare shoulder and went about getting ready.

He took a quick and very cold shower, went to the kitchen and made himself breakfast. He thought of making something for Liz but thinking of her reaction to being awakened early, he thought better of it. Breakfast in bed would just have to wait for another time, one where they had all the time to enjoy it.

He went into his back yard and brought in a blood red rose, laying it down on his side of the bed, with a little note and a key. Seeing she was already asleep, he chuckled, he lovingly brushed her hair out of her face and with a last longing look, walked out of the house to go to work.

# # # #
Over at Maria’s

Maria grabbed onto Michael's ass, as he thrusted hard into Maria's welcoming core. They had been doing this the whole weekend. Each time Maria would start to argue about his real intentions, Michael would grab her, kiss her senseless and make love to her. The stamina he showed it was clear Michael was making up for lost time in the space of 2 days.

Needing to get deeper into her, Michael rolled onto his back bringing her with him. With his hands firmly on her hips he helped her ride him. He arched his back and thrust firmly in a constant rhythm until finally she fell apart over him. That was all he was waiting for, quickly rolling her onto her back he thrust for all he was worth into her tight body until he too finally reached completion.

Looking at the clock on the wall, he noticed he only had 20 minutes to get ready and get to work. Kissing Maria quickly on the mouth, Michael dragged his tired bones off the bed; Maria was asleep completely worn out by the morning and nighttime activities. Taking a nice hot shower to relax his muscles, he quickly got dressed, left a note on her pillow and walked out the door whistling as he got in his car and went to work.


Note: I don’t know too much nookie? *big* Ok sorry this took so long and that it’s short, but I had computer trouble plus school started so my free time has gone out the window. This was mostly transition there’s still a lot to go.
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Chapter 23

Freddie walks into the ‘clean area’ looking in at the ‘dirty area’ where the body of the last murdered prostitute was laying flat on her back ready for the autopsy. The clean area was the area outside where the autopsy was going to be performed where usually depending on your local morgue, there were seats behind glass that separated the two areas where the investigating officers, medical students, or other medical practitioners can come in and observe the autopsy.

The performance of post - mortem examinations is a potentially hazardous process and stringent health procedures apply. Freddie was dressed in surgical scrubs, rubber boots, her hair was slicked back and away from her face and she wore an air mask so that she didn’t have to breathe in the oders and toxins that came with every dead body. She entered the dirty area; once inside she donned a fresh pair of surgical gloves and over those, she wore a pair of cut proof gloves. With one last look at the body's face, she got to work cutting up and investigating the body.

# # # #

Max and Michael arrived at the coroner's office where Freddie took them to the room they had performed the autopsy on the body of Max’s latest serial killer victim. With masks on their faces, Freddie proceeded…

“Ok we performed the primarily autopsy a couple of days ago…” she saw Max was going to interrupt her, and she forged ahead. “…Yes, I know it’s behind what I told you earlier but what can I say, we’ve been busy and a dead prostitute doesn’t rate too high with my own bosses, so here we go…”

Standing at the head of the victim, she started reading her report, to the two men.

“Victim’s name is Tess Harding. She was killed by a sharp blow to the head although she was heavily beaten and tortured before that…” She moved to the middle of the table and moved the sheet to show the victim’s legs, “see these prong marks here, a teaser was used repeatedly because you’ll see them all over her body…”

Moving around she showed different places on the body where the prong marks were visible to show case the extent of the damage.

“You’ll also notice that her upper body is covered with stab marks, those were done after death. The bruises were done before death, though we determined about two days before death. We found no evidence of sperm and this girl by our estimation has been a working girl for a very long time so we can’t really tell if she’d been raped. We found no fingerprints, no hair but we did find dandruff on the body…”

“Now, it could be from some homeless man who looked over the body. It could be from our killer but this body, like the others, is relatively clean. I doubt he’d mess up like that but then I’m not a cop so I sent it for DNA analysis…”

“… I did find a rich dark soil in some of the wounds on her back. Upon analysis, we found it was a fertilizer relatively common which can be found in any Home Depot. That’s about it; everything else is in the report in your hand and fits in with the rest of the victims.”

“Dandruff and fertilizer, well, at least it’s something,” Max said.

“Well, boys not everything is a smoking gun. I wish you luck on the case,” Freddie said.

“Can you tell if she was awake while she was tortured?” Max asked because he didn’t have the heart to look at the report just yet. He had had such a great weekend with Liz and he knew it was a taste of what they would have together and looking at the chart would just really bring in the real world back into his life. Plus, no one deserved to be tortured like this, to beg the torturer to stop.

“We found no evidence of drugs in her system in the primary exam but that’s not to say there won’t be some found later. So other than that, there would be no way to tell you now how this goes.” Freddie answered.

“Yeah, thanks, Freddie.” Max said back.

Max and Michael then took a quick look at the report and asked a few more questions. Then said their goodbye’s and went back to the station to inform G of the latest on the case.

# # # #

Liz arrived to an empty home. She had taken a quick shower over at Max’s and had gotten dressed using one of the outfits in her suit case. She read the note Max had left on her pillow over again.

He had stated his love for her over and over again and giving her a key to his place to come and go as she pleased. Plus, the number of a cab agency he asked her to use to go home with since he, himself, wasn’t able to take her. He knew the guy who owned it and he wanted to make sure she got home safe. Then he repeated how much he loved her.

The cab driver brought in her bags and she generously tipped him. She checked her calls and found nothing so she went to her room and changed into more appropriate clothes for school and later work. School was uneventful and she went to work soon after eating lunch quickly at a close-by Big Boy.

When she arrived at work, she noticed many people looking at her and smiling a lot. She smiled back at each of them and tried not to look confused as to why people might be staring at her. She boarded the elevator and went to her floor going to her desk. She saw three other female researchers waiting for her at her desk.

When they saw her they all got up smiling at her.

“What?” Liz asked when she reached her desk.

“The Director was in very fine form today. His secretary let it slip that the guy who bought your date, just transferred the last of the money to the lab’s account, which means you went on the date. How was it?” One of the girls asked eagerly.

“Nice.” Liz said.

“NICE! The guy was a hottie, and he paid $25,000 just to spend the day with you and all you can say that it was nice?” Lisa said.

“Ahhh... you want all the gory details, huh?” Liz teased.

“Are there any gory details to tell?” Sharon asked.

“Well that’s for me to know, and for your imaginations to conjure up.” Liz replied.

“Liz!!!” The girls cried out at the same time.

“Ladies, don't you all have work to do?” Dr. Thomson asked. All four of them turned toward the sound of his voice.

“Yes, sir.” They all said at the same time.

“Then get to it.” He replied they all left reluctantly leaving Liz behind. They stood facing each other, before he went on.

“Don’t worry; I’m working on a different floor so there's no need to go running to Dr. Kenneth for protection from the big bad me.” He didn’t give her a chance to reply just started walking toward the elevator.

“What a jerk.” Liz said under her breath. Choosing to wipe him from her mind, she started getting ready for her department's weekly meeting.

# # # #
Liz’s meeting…

“Thanks to our little fundraiser last week, we earned a lot of money for our little cause. I’m not going to kid you, this is only pennies to what Cancer research eats up every year but for the meantime this is a nice chunk of change.” Dr. Kenneth said to his staff of 14 managers.

“Now, with that said, we’ll move on to other things. Seems our parent company, Antarian Labs, has acquired a new smaller Granolith Lab which specializes in new types of DNA research. Don’t worry, this will not affect our own jobs in any way. But they will be moving along with us to the new buildings built for us in LA…” Dr. Kenneth went on.

“Now, if there’s nothing else, I think that covers it all for the week. See you next Monday in our new location, you all will have the directions to the place by then. Work on your projects like normal but by Wednesday I want you to stop and coordinate with Liz, Cathy, and myself on how you want everything moved. And what we should beware of since we are in charge of the move for our department. Any questions?”

When no one moved to ask any questions, Dr. Kenneth went on. “Well, then that’s it for today but before we go let’s all give a round of applause to our own Liz Parker for single handedly bringing in the most money to our little fundraiser. Stand up Liz and accept your prize…”

Embarrassed, Liz stood up, as her fellow employees clapped and whistled at her; she took a bow and laughed outright when she saw her prize.

“… As promised and seeing as you’re a woman, here is your naked men of muscle beach calendar and your coke in a sock which I’m sure will come in handy sooner or later…” Handing them to Liz, Liz again took a bow as her colleagues continued to cheer and snicker at the gifts.

Once the fun was over, they all left the room to go to work.

“Liz, can you stay a moment?” Dr. Kenneth asked. Once everyone was gone, Dr. Kenneth continued.

“I just wanted to make sure that Dr. Thomson wasn’t giving you a hard time or anything. I know what an asshole he can be. If I could some how fire him, I would, but despite his behavior the higher up’s seem rather keen on keeping him for some strange reason.”

“It’s alright, and no he hasn’t bothered me, a few snide comments but I have a thick skin, so I don’t let him bother me. And once we move to our new building, I’ll be glad when I won’t have to see him anymore.”

“Yeah, you and the rest of the team.” Dr. Kenneth answered. “Well that’s it, I’ll let you get back to work or to enjoy your prize…” he said while pointing at her naked men calendar.

Liz turned a bright red and left the conference room to get back to her desk, put her papers away and go to the nearest lab to work. She wasn’t looking where she was going and when she reached her desk she heard a voice she rather wished she never heard again.

“Hi Liz, fancy meeting you here.” He said.


Note: I was thinking of the TV show Alex when I was writing The Gerbil’s autopsy scene. And as much as I wanted to really torture her like she did Alex I think I did enough. Hopefully this part wasn't too boring and people are still interested in this story, sorry for the delay.

Plus: That takes care of all the chapters that were lost in the move, now that they are reposted, I should have a new part soon in the next couple of days, ML nookie included.


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Chapter 24

“Sean, what are you doing here?” Liz asked her unwanted guest, her annoyance on seeing him was very clear in her voice.

“I was in the area and I wanted to see you, is that a crime?” Sean asked.

“In the area, right, well you've seen me so you can go now…” was all she said to him as she turned and went about her business. When she was done, she took out her white lab coat from the bottom drawer of her desk.

When she looked up she noticed he was still there. “Do you need something?” Liz asked clearly annoyed.

“Are you always this rude?” Sean asked.

“Only with people I don’t like.” Liz said.

“You don’t even know me, how can you already know you don’t like me.” Sean pouted trying to ooze charm in her direction but Liz wasn’t buying it.

“I have a good set of eyes and read people easily. So if you’ll excuse me I do have a lot of work to do.” She made to move around him only he wouldn’t let her. He grabbed her by the arm to prevent her leaving.

Liz quickly and expertly twisted her arm right out of his grasp and she was free of him before he even knew what was happening.

“Sean, I really don’t know why you’re here and frankly I don’t care, but I would think twice before laying a hand on me again and believe me you'll lose it. Now excuse me I have work to do,” Liz said.

With that, she turned and walked away, leaving a stunned Sean behind.

He had no idea what had just happened. Most women fell at his feet with a smile. Why this one showed no interest in him he couldn’t fathom. If she were anyone but Max’s girl, he would have just dumped her and moved on to the next willing babe. There were plenty of willing fish in the sea and to waste time on a snobby bitch was ludicrous. However, she was Max’s girl, which automatically kicked in his Max Competitive Meter. In High school, Sean had always taken anything and everything that was Max’s though Max never seemed to care very much which really angered Sean. However, in Liz he knew he would finally get under Max’s skin when he stole his girl right from under his nose.

So deep in thought was Sean that he never noticed someone had walked up behind him and had witnessed the whole exchange.

“She’s quite a bitch, isn't she, always so high and mighty…” Dr. Thomson said.

“Yes she is.” Sean said, turning back toward the sound of the voice.

“Dr. Thomson…” the voice said introducing himself to Sean.

“Sean Harper.” He replied.

“I’d move on from that one. Once she's set her mind to not give you the time of day, she won’t change it.” Dr. Thomson went on.

“That’s half the fun of the chase.” Sean replied before excusing himself politely and going on his way. He was planning his next attack on Liz’s senses. However, for now he had to head home. His wife wanted him to take her to Palm Springs to visit her parents.

# # # #

It proved to be a long day for everyone. Liz’s day didn’t finish until 10:30pm. Maria’s shift didn’t end until midnight and once Michael was done, he went to her house to wait for her. He arrived 15 minutes after Liz left to spend the night with Max. After spending the whole day away from her love, Liz needed to feel his closeness once again. Max was beyond happy to have her there.

# # # #

“Oh God, Max, more please more…” Liz moaned aloud as Max only grunted his agreement.

They were on the couch in Max’s living room. They had intended to go to the bedroom but one thing led to another and they lost all control. Somehow they ended up naked with Max’s manhood sheathed by a condom as he proceeded to pound into Liz’s small frame.

Lying on her back, she welcomed his heavy weight as she clawed her satisfaction on his back. Max didn’t even feel it, so focused was he on trying to bring her to completion before he lost control of himself and found his own release. She was so tight and felt so smooth with each powerful thrust into her. The heady smell of pure sex began to fill his senses and it almost proved too much. Gritting his teeth to prevent from cumming too soon, he leaned his head back; Liz opened herself up wider bending her knees toward herself. This forced Max that much deeper into her and continued to pound for all he was worth with each thrust drilling that much deeper into her willing core.

It was in the back of his mind to slow down as they were much too new at this for him to be taking her this roughly. But he pushed all those thoughts back and with a high cry of utter satisfaction, Max felt Liz’s fingernails dig deep into his butt and her walls clamp again and again on his hard manhood and at that moment Max let go of himself completely. With three hard deep thrusts, Max joined Liz in oblivion.

“I don’t think I can move.” Max nuzzled into her neck moments later.

“So don’t, I like you just where you are.” Liz replied softly.

“Hmmmm…” Max hummed.

Max was in pure heaven. He had put in one exhausting day at work. He got his ass chewed out by G again. But now that he was home with his Lizzie underneath him, after a beautiful bout of lovemaking, his awful day disappeared completely. Life just couldn’t get any better than this, he sighed to himself.

# # # #

Maria opened the door to her house and was surprised to see Michael sitting in the living room dressed only in a pair of boxers. When he saw Maria he turned off the TV and walked up to her.

She felt that she should argue with him over his still staying with her but she just lacked the energy. She’d been up all day and the ill named mourning sickness had struck again. Noting her wariness, he took her bag from her and led her to the kitchen where he fed her a light chicken with rice dinner he had made for her. When she was finished, he took her to her room. He had cleaned out the CD boxes when he had arrived and he took her into the shower and washed her body of the day’s grime. He washed her hair and gave her a nice message at the same time. Then he lathered his hands with body soap and gave her body a full body message. When he moved to wash between her legs, he found her wet with the juices of her desire. Knowing she couldn’t take much more, he got on his knees in the shower and draped her legs around his shoulders. With his hands firmly on her bottom he gently began eating her core licking and stimulating her in all the right places until she fell apart in his arms.

Gently, he lowered her limp and satiated body back on her feet. He then turned off the water and dried them both off with a towel. Naked, he carried her to the bed where he laid her down wrapping her in his arms, he let her fall asleep. He had a raging hard-on but he controlled his desire for her and soon enough fell asleep himself.

# # # #

“I saw Sean at work today.” Liz said.

They were in bed now though neither was tired enough to sleep yet. Liz was on her back and Max was lying on his side playing and sucking on the fingers of her left hand. At her words Max paused and looked at her straight on.

“What did he want?” Max asked.

“A date, I think. I didn’t really give him much time to talk to me. For some reason that guy really gives me the creeps.” Liz said.

“Some things never change.” Max said grimly.

“What do you mean?” Liz asked as she sat up on the bed so that now she was looking down at Max.

“In high school he liked to always take what was mine. If I dated a girl, the next day he would be seducing her away. I didn’t care and I guess that goaded him more for he kept pushing and pushing but I never gave him the time of day. Now that he knows you’re with me, of course, he’s coming after you.” Max said as he flopped back onto the bed.

“I love you, Max, I don’t care what he does or says, nothing is going to change that.” Liz said while caressing his beautiful though worried face with her fingertips. Max captured them and proceeded to lightly kiss each fingertip.

“I know, but I still don’t want him bothering you.” Max sighed.

“I’m a big girl. I can take care of myself so don’t worry about him. I have my hands full with a handsome devil of a lover, a little pest like Sean doesn’t even appear on my radar.” Liz tried to tease the frown from his face.

“If you had known me back in high school, you would have called me the little pest I was the size of a thin twig. There's no way I would have appeared on your radar then.” Max said deep in thought.

Liz shifted on the bed and straddled Max’s body. She pinned his hands over his head and leaned down so that her face was millimeters from his own. Shaking her hair from her face, she said.

“If I had known you back in high school, I would have dumped Tim on his ass and gone after you with a vengeance and your virtue would have been in great danger back then…” she said wiggling her eyes up and down. Max laughed but his eyes remained unconvinced.

“… You know, the first thing I noticed about you back when you plowed right into me in Citywalk?” Liz asked.

“No.” Max answered.

“Your eyes, I know that sounds so cliché but it’s true. I lost myself in them. They were so warm, so beautiful, so alive. I really tried to force myself to look away but I couldn’t. Even now, looking at you I see the same look you gave me then. Tim never looked at me like that, no one ever had. If you had looked at me like that in high school, neither heaven nor hell would have kept me away from you. I was brought up to look beyond the outward beauty and look inside and I’d like to think I’m one to follow the principles I was brought up with.”

He looked her straight in the eye with the eyes of a cop trying to read truth from fiction and saw she fully believed what she was saying. And he couldn’t help but give her a bright little smile that made his face glow with an inner beauty that stole Liz’s breath away.

“For someone who was a virgin up till a couple days ago, I just can’t picture you 'raping' me of innocence back then.” There was clear mischief in his voice this time and Liz responded in kind.

“It wasn’t my idea to stay a virgin back in high school, afterwards, I just couldn’t find the right guy….” Letting go of his hands she sat up on his stomach and raised her hands to her hair lifting it up to expose her neck to his full view. This position also forced her pert breasts to bounce a bit in the air. Max took it all in and Liz could see Max openly drooling over her body. That look alone made her feel so powerful and sexy in her femininity.

“… Besides, would I really have had to resort to rape so that you would give me your virginity back then, Max?” Liz teased.

Max responded by grabbing her hips firmly and rearing up so that he was sitting up face to face with her. Her aching core was now grinding itself into his body and his hard manhood was rubbing itself up and down on her behind. Liz let down her arms and wrapped them around his neck.

“No, if you had been at in my high school, nothing would have kept me from you.” He whispered.

Groaning deeply in his throat when she started rubbing her behind on his manhood harder, he lay back down and stretched one of his arms back blindly reaching for a condom. Once he finally found one Liz took it from him. Scooting back she then took hold of his manhood and gave him a good lick. With shaky hands she ripped the small package and donned it on him. Once the condom was firmly in place, Max helped Liz settle herself on him. She took him in one sure stroke downward taking him to the hilt.

Both groaned at the joining and they stayed that way for a time just enjoying being one body and one soul. With a shaky hand Liz pushed all his hair out of his face as she lowered her mouth so that a few millimeters separated them.

“I love you Max Evans, only you, only ever you.” She said.

He deepened their kiss and started thrusting upwards as if his life depended on it. They moved back down to the bed and Max took her with him wrapping his arms tightly around her. They moved in perfect rhythm each thinking only about trying to give the other the maximum pleasure, guaranteeing each other the most explosive orgasm. When it was over and there was nothing more to give, they fell asleep in each other's arms to the sound of Max softly chanting…

“I love you too, God, how I love you Liz Parker…”

Drawing her even closer to him, he just couldn't stop saying it aloud.

“I love you, I love you, I love you…”


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Chapter 25

Liz tried to be quiet as she entered her house. She was up way earlier then she cared to be because she had forgotten to turn in an important paper at work so she was now home. Max had gone to work but not before some good hot morning sex. Ruefully, she shook her head at herself, god, she had become a sex addict. All she had to do was look at Max and she wanted him, she was so bad.

“I’ll be back later tonight, I’m so late. G is going to have my head, are you sure you're alright? Liz heard a man say.

She heard Maria reply an affirmative and then she watched a tall man walk out of her kitchen. He stopped shocked when he saw her standing in the living room.

“Umm, Hi Liz, right…” at her nod he went on “… I’m Michael and, umm, I have to go,” he said.

Liz smiled and extended her hand. “Nice to meet you, finally. Go, we’ll talk some other time.” Seeing he was in a hurry.

Flashing her a bright smile, Michael walked out the door. Liz walked into the kitchen and found a green Maria sitting down at the table.

“How you feeling?” Liz asked Maria, sitting at the table opposite Maria.

“Awful, morning sickness hit again, god, I can’t wait until the first trimester is over,” Maria said weakly.

“But it looks like you had help. I’m sorry I wasn’t here for you Ria.” Liz said apologetically.

“Don’t sweat it, as long as you had a great weekend that’s all that matters. And you did have a great weekend, right? Rigggght…” Maria teased.

Liz didn’t say anything, she was too busy blushing. Maria looked on in pure amusement as she never thought anyone could ever get that red and she was a doctor for god's sake.

“I knew it, I knew it, you got some, you go girl!!!” Maria cheered. Already Liz could see that Maria was pinking up and losing her green color.

“Umm... ok, moving on, how bout you and Michael. I heard him saying he would be back later, care to share?” Liz said trying to change the subject of her and Max.

Maria knew what she was doing but she so desperately wanted to talk to someone about the Michael situation. She welcomed the change in conversation. Besides, it was clear Liz was happy with Max. Hell, Liz was practically glowing so she knew her work for the couple was done.

“He stayed over the weekend, said his place was being fumigated or something and he needed a place to stay, so he came here. I got sick, he took care of me and one thing lead to another and we made love. Then he tells me he loves me, that he’s loved no one but me and his coming here that first time wasn’t an accident. He’s been looking for me ever since I left Roswell…” Maria sighs deeply but she continues.

“Then if that isn’t enough, he lays the ultimate bomb on me. He’s loved me so much his whole life it seems. He never dated or made love to any other woman since I left him and he wants me back, baby and all.” She finishes.

“Wow, sounds like true love to me.” Liz said softly and awed.

At that, Maria jumped up from her seat, angry, “Damn it, Liz, you're supposed to say how stupid and idiotic it sounds, this isn’t normal!!! No guy would go that far for a girl, he's obsessed, it just isn’t normal!” Maria yelled.

“And what’s so great about normal, Maria! You have a guy who’s head over heels for you and who’s feelings you yourself return. You say he’s obsessed, well, what is love but a healthy form of obsession. You told me about his past back in college and I’ve seen you talk about what he has become. I don’t see what is wrong, Maria. What, you think he’s some kind of stalker, are you sensing some kind of evil vibes from him? You made love to him, so that can’t be the case, so what is it exactly that’s bothering you, Ria?” Liz asked her friend fervently.

“I don’t know.” Maria said, but her voice said otherwise.

“Tell me Maria, what is it, what is it that’s bothering you? You can tell me.”

When Maria still didn’t answer, Liz sat back in her chair and in her mind she went over everything she knew about Maria, as a person and as a friend. After a long pause, Liz spoke again.

“Is it the fact that he waited for you, saving himself only for you, but you didn’t? You left and had other relationships and spent the time trying to forget him. So successful were you that you were in a serious relationship with someone else that you became pregnant by him, now Damien is gone, Michael is here. Do you feel some how unworthy of that love?” Liz asked her bluntly.

Maria looked down and softly said, “It’s silly, isn’t it? I believe what he tells me, I truly do, but what the hell could I have ever done to be worthy of such love, why me? It scares me thinking about it; it truly, truly scares me. I’m not worthy, I’m not.”

“Oh Maria…” Liz cried, she got up from her chair and wrapped her friend and sister in her arms. “… You're more than worthy and Michael is proof of that. You can’t blame yourself for leaving, you had to, he was going to bring you down if you hadn’t. Look, it was losing you that motivated him to change. And you had every right to look for happiness and to work towards something for yourself. You have done nothing wrong. You had no way of knowing he would pull himself together and be the man he is today. It could have gone either way, it wasn’t up to you to save him. He wasn’t ready to be saved when you were there. You had to take care of yourself first and you did that…”

“… But now fate has given you another chance no one is telling you, you have to marry the guy but give him a chance. Don’t close yourself off because of past regrets, make the most of here and now, you're already half way there. Go for it, Maria, or at least think about it. Don’t be like me, afraid of love.”

Both girls were crying by this point but neither noticed.

# # # #
Later that night…

Maria didn’t have to work today and that helped greatly and by mid afternoon Maria felt 100 percent better. Liz had dropped off what she had forgotten at work and they met up again at Mammy’s restaurant where Mammy had grilled Liz (with Maria’s help) with thousands of questions on her weekend date. It had been an interesting conversation as Liz turned all shades of red during the questioning.

Mammy had taken it all in stride and finally let up but only on the promise that Liz would bring Max to Liz’s eldest brother, Diego's barbeque for the whole family to meet this weekend. And to tell Max she wouldn’t take it too kindly if he didn’t show up. Liz had promised to tell him and she had gone back to work and help with the move to their new building. Maria had gone home and listened to some music, waiting for Michael to come home.

‘Home’, Maria thought that was an interesting thought to have. One would think they were married and she was the little wife waiting for her husband to come home. At the thought of that, a little ripple of pleasure went right through her. Maria shook her head ruefully at herself. She really was hopeless.

Flopping down on the couch, she listened to the timeless music of Mozart as she thought of what she was going to tell Michael. Talking with Liz had opened up many doors in her mind that Maria hadn’t been able to look at alone. Now she just wanted to see him before she lost her nerve completely.

She must have fallen asleep because the next thing she knew Michael was kneeling down next to her on the couch.

“Hey, I didn’t wake you, did I?” Michael asked softly.

“No, I must have dozed off cause I was waiting for you.” Maria answered.

“Yeah?” He tried to say it casually but he failed miserably.

“Yeah, I talked to Liz and she made me realize a few things.”

“Like what?”

“That I love you, that I always have, and that I don’t know what I ever did to get your love the way I have but I would be a fool to turn my back on it and…”

Maria would have gone on but she was cut off by Michael's burning hot kiss. Michael pushed her back down on the couch and settled himself comfortably over her. It was a hot meshing of mouths filled with burning passion and overwhelming love.

Michael was light head as if a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders and he just couldn’t get enough of her. Soon clothes came flying off and two very naked bodies were left on the couch with Maria on top.

Maria took his hands and placed them over his head. She ground her lower body into his, loving the low moan that action drew from him. Starting with the top of his face, she started giving him open-mouthed kisses making sure to not miss any piece of flesh within reach. When she reached his mouth, she fed him her tongue sweetly. Michael gratefully took it as their tongues danced this way retreating, plundering, and teasing each other mercilessly.

Once she had him where she wanted him, she straddled his midsection and took him into her tight body. She laid herself down on his chest burying her face in his neck and slowly rode him. With each downward stroke, she took him deeply and hard.

Michael wrapped his arms around her back and with all his might, thrusted upward. When he felt his release close at hand he shifted them to the side so that they were now lying face to face, her leg thrown over his hips and his hands on her butt until they came in an incredible release that left both shaking.

Once Michael stopped shaking, he caressed Maria’s face reverently and hoarsely said, “I think you should talk to Liz more often…”

Maria couldn't help but giggle at that.

# # # #

Despite Maria’s acceptance of Michael, she was not ready to move in with him nor do anything too serious yet. She needed some space to think everything out. Too much had happened in such a short amount of time that she needed a little space to breathe. They talked it through and Michael agreed to give her the space she needed as long as she didn’t shut him out of her life. They set up a series of dates to spend time together.

Liz, for her part spent all her nights at Max’s home, 80% of the time taking part in some good hot nookie. The other 20% of it was spent in each other's arms just getting to know each other better.

As promised, Liz invited Max to her family’s barbeque and he happily accepted, although the thought of meeting all 7 of her brothers at once unnerved him a bit.

No other bodies had been found and with nothing new to go on, Max had more time to work on his other cases. Liz’s lab move to a new building went well with very few errors and everyone was happy with their new spacious accommodations. So far, so good, life was good. But we all know things rarely stay that way.


Note: I think that's it for the deep Candy love interaction, I'm drawing a blank on their relationship from this point on.

They will still be there but not as heavy so much. Expect the fic to get darker now, the killer will be coming out of the woodwork.

Plus as I am a dreamer expect more dreamer goodness. *wink*

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Chapter 26

Note: Everything in bold means it was spoken in Spanish but for all you non-Spanish speakers I wrote it in English.

Inside a Killer’s Mind…

Guess who's back, back again
Shady's back, tell a friend
Guess who's back, guess who's back,
guess who's back, guess who's back,
guess who's back, guess who's back,
guess who's back...

He had arrived in town a couple days ago but despite the incident that will not be remembered, not much had happened. The trip had been boring, his return had been boring and the job was still boring. It was time to shake things up a little.

And it's a disaster such a catastrophe
For you to see so damn much of my ass you ask for me?
Well I'm back (*Batman Noise*) fix your bent antenna
Tune it in and then I'm gonna enter
Into the front of your skin like a splinter
The center of attention back for the winter
I'm interesting, the best thing since wrestling
Infesting in your kids ears and nesting
Testing "Attention Please"
Feel the tension soon as someone mentions me

Currently, he was driving around his favorite hunting grounds, hookers were everywhere selling their well-used wares. He saw girls giving blowjobs between alleys, others were giving a nice quick fuck. It was the perfect place to go hunting. And just a little ahead of him was the perfect whore for his sick little games, he was going to paint the town red for sure.

Now this looks like a job for me
So everybody just follow me
Cuz we need a little controversy,
Cuz it feels so empty without me

I said this looks like a job for me
So everybody just follow me
Cuz we need a little controversy,
Cuz it feels so empty without me

# # # #
Next Day

“Don’t worry, my brothers are not going to try to kill you.” Liz said to Max who let out a disbelieving snort at her claim.

They had left early in the morning to drive to her brother, Diego’s ranch house near Palm Springs. The closer Liz told Max they were to the ranch, the more worried Max became. He knew what they had done to Tim when he had betrayed Liz and she had told him how over-protective they had all become afterwards. He had a real sense he was putting his life in danger by going to meet her family this weekend. Liz repeatedly tried to reassure him but he still wished he had brought his gun with him instead of it being back home in his gun safe.

But when not worrying about his life he took in the beauty of their surroundings. They were driving by some of the most beautiful deserts he had ever seen. When most people thought of Southern California they conjured up images of beaches, and sun, Hollywood starlets at every turn, not large expanses of never ending deserts and hot dry heat. Liz took a winding side road that ran parallel to a large rock mountain until they hit a more open flat. Little by little, some of the desert started falling away and the landscape started sprouting more and more green, no doubt from the canals built to supply water to the area. Large fences dotted the landscape and you saw a couple of horses running around enjoying themselves in their large pastures.

They took another off-road which was on private land. A mile in, they finally reached a large house in the style of an early Spanish plantation, beautifully made from local stone and wood. There was no grass in front of the house, the ground was covered by large slabs of stone. Where the slabs ended the ground was covered with small pebbles to keep the dirt out from the front archway. Large pots of beautiful wild flowers softened the look of the house over-all. Max was very impressed by what he saw.

Liz read his face and smiled, and proudly said,

“Diego bought the house about 5 years ago. It was so run down and the land was covered with so much over-growth where the desert hadn’t come back in, but he loved it and he spent the last 5 years fixing the place. The whole family would come up and help fix it. Actually, there's still a lot of work to do, the stables have to be rebuilt, some of the land still needs to be reclaimed, but the main house is finished. I could go on but it’s better if you see it for yourself.”

She grabbed his hand and led him in toward the archway, then through the cobble-way toward the courtyard in the middle of the house where a small water fountain did nothing to drown out the sounds of people having fun. It was still morning so the courtyard was filled with shade, Max could see people cooking and children running around and getting in the way trying to steal a bite of food when their elders weren’t looking.

When the women saw Liz coming they let out a squeal of delight. They all ran to her, hugging and chattering in Spanish so fast it was a wonder Liz could talk to them all at once. A tall man who was deeply brown skinned, leaned with a deep air of confidence, took pity on Max and lead him a short distance away and introduced himself.

“I’m Diego Perez, you must be Max, welcome to our home.”

Shaking his hand and meeting his firm grip Max said, “Gracias, I’m happy to be here.”

By this time, the women’s commotion had died down and Liz was once more by Max’s side, glowing and happy to be among her whole family again.

“Diego,” Liz said while moving in to hug her brother. He returned her hug and spun her around just as he used to do when she was a little girl. When he finally put her down on her feet, Liz had a big smile on her face. She took Max by the arm and partly led him, partly dragged him to the others, introducing them all.

“Max, this is my family…” pointing to each person as she named each one, nodding when named. “This is Alberto, his wife Lily, Mario and his wife, Ana, Carlos and his wife, Julia, Roverto and his wife, Laura, that over there is Antonio. You met Diego, I could try to name all the little ones but getting them all to stand still to be introduced is next to impossible. You’ll get to know them all today and mammy is around here somewhere…” Liz said looking around for her mother.

“She’s in the kitchen adding the last spices to the meat before she wraps it up for later.” Lily answered.

“It’s great to finally meet you Max, we’ve heard so much about you.” Julia teased, the way she said it made it sound as if what she had heard was really naughty. Liz blushed a little and she only looked at her with a mock frown and said. “Julia you have your own man, stop looking at mine, I don’t share.” Both women burst out laughing and Carlos took his wife from behind and with a long suffering sigh said, “What am I going to do with you, I can’t leave you alone for a minute before you start going after half decent looking men.”

“Ahh... poor baby.” Turning in his arms, she proceeded to start kissing him in front of the whole family. The rest of the family turned away in mock disgust, going back to work on the family outing. Liz turned to face him trying to gauge his reaction to her family. There was a look of wonderment on his face. When he felt her gaze on him, he smiled and said, “Everyone here is very close, I was kinda expecting it but it’s different to actually see it first hand.”

“Yeah, they’re a riot, always playing with each other.” Liz said.

“My family wouldn’t know how to even pretend to be close or playful, this is nice.” Max said wistfully.

“Well if you play your cards right, they could be your family to.” Liz said with a soft smile.

“Yeah, hmmm... even if I’m only a half decent looking guy?” Max teased her, taking her beautiful face in his hands.

“Yes, it would be a challenge, but I’m sure I would be up to it.” Liz sighed.

“Is that right?” Max whispered before taking her mouth in a tender kiss.

They heard catcalls with some booing behind them they turned toward the noise and heard. “Could you please knock that off, it’s bad enough we have to deal with that from Carlos and Julia, one more lovey dovey couple is just too much.” Antonio said while faking to gag.

Liz would have come up with a witty come-back but she was beaten to it by mammy, “You leave Lizzie and Max alone. Why don’t you go off and find yourself a nice girl friend, I want some more grandchildren and the way you're stalling, I may not be getting some anytime soon.”

Antonio had the grace to blush and turn away. Mammy welcomed Liz and Max and then quickly put them to work. With her careful overseeing, she made sure Max smoothly entered the family unit and was never made to feel like an outsider.

# # # #

Max was inside the house where Mammy was making him chop the last of the vegetables for her. When a tiny hand began to tug on his pants, looking down he saw a little seven year old boy and what looked like two more boys hiding and laughing behind a door.

“Hi, what's your name?” Max asked him.

“Juan...” He said giggling. “Do you want to see Liz naked.” Before Max could say anything, the boy pushed a picture into his hand, and ran away with the other boys hot on his heels. Max looked down at the picture and saw a little baby girl getting a bath.

Liz entered the kitchen, “Hey, honey, you almost done?” She looked down at the picture in his hand, and blushed. “My God! where did you get that?”

“Juan gave it to me. He asked me if I wanted to see a picture of you naked, now how could I resist that.” Max teased.

Liz blushed as she took the picture from his hands, “This was my first bath after my 1st mom, Nancy brought me home from the hospital. Those are her hands, Grandma Claudia always said I had her hands.”

Max took the picture and looked at it closely, then took her hands in his examining them closely, and saw she was right they did share the same hands. “How did she die?” Max asked.

“When I was one, they had me buckled up in the back seat in my baby chair. A drunk driver hit them head on and they died instantly but I was unhurt which surprised everyone because the car was totaled. I went to live with my grandmother from my dad's side who gave up a successful archeological career to raise me. I wish I could remember Nancy but I don't.”

“I’m sorry.” Max said.

“It’s ok, I have a great family and wishing doesn’t change anything, I came to terms with all this a long time ago. I didn't mean to make you sad.” Liz said, she took his face in her hands giving him a great kiss to help change the mood and because she couldn’t help herself. He was just too sexy standing there with an apron looking all concerned.

Like all their kisses before it soon got to be quite heated until they were interrupted by the gagging sound of children. When they turned, the kids quickly ran out of the room, singing an age old song of two love birds sitting in a tree, while making further gagging noises.

Max and Liz laughed and broke apart. They finished chopping the last of the veggies and went outside with them. They gave the veggies to mammy and Max sat down on a chair outside with Liz on his lap. but as he sat down a loud fart-like sound went off, making them both jump to their feet while everyone around them laughed. Max fished around under the patting of the seat and came up with a whoopee cushion. Juan’s laughter could be heard somewhere in the background. Liz shook her head, placed a light kiss on Max’s lips, and said, “Excuse me, love, I think it’s time I had a little talk with Juan there.” With that she left Max, hot on the heels of Juan who saw her serious expression and took off in the opposite direction at a dead run.

Everyone including Max was left laughing at the sight. After awhile the women and men found themselves with a break period from cooking and began sitting down, beer in hand, enjoying each other's company. Most of the men by purpose found themselves surrounding Max and Max knew the inquisition was about to begin.

“So Max, have you slept with my sister yet?” Antonio started off by bluntly asking.

Max had the grace to blush but answered firmly, “You may be her brother but that is between Liz and me and is none of your business.”

“Fine, so answer this one. What are your intentions toward my sister?” Diego asked.

“I fully intend to marry her whenever she’s ready to have me.” Max answered truthfully.

“So did the last one who came here asking for her hand. What makes you any better then him?” Jose asked.

“In the first place, Liz told me all about Tim and I am nothing like him. I love and, most importantly, completely respect Liz and I have since the first moment I laid eyes on her.” The truth behind his words were clear for all to hear and while it helped settle the men’s minds, the inquisition was far from over.

“How bout your family, what do they have to say about the woman in your life?” Mario asked.

“They don’t know about Liz yet. We don’t exactly have the close relationship you all have with each other. I have no idea when they will return to the states. And if they have any objections, this isn’t the 1800’s, I don’t give a rat’s ass what they think. I’ve lived on my own for a long time now and they have no say in what I do.” Max answered.

“But family is important to you?” Carlos asked.

“Very much so, knowing first hand how I grew up, I would never do that to my own child and I’m sure Liz would never allow it.” Max said.

“Do you have any other children by other women?” Alberto asked.

“No, none.” Max answered.

“But there have been other women, how many?” Alberto persisted.

“Whether there have been or not is between Liz and me, and no one else.” Max answered shortly.

The questions went on like that back and forth, Max tried hard not to take offense at how personal the questions got. He knew they were doing it for Liz's safety after the Tim fiasco but the more time passed the more Max wanted to get away from it. It was uncomfortable and he was beginning to lose his temper. Mammy felt enough was enough and she walked over and interfered.

“Boys, leave Max alone, that’s enough, he's family now, leave it be,” while giving them a hard look that made them all feel like they were 10 years old again. One by one, they gave Max their hand and welcomed him to the family.

“Why don’t you go find where Lizzie went off to, if I know Juan, he probably went on to hide in the stables over there.” Mammy pointed. Max flashed her a grateful smile, and took off after Liz.

# # # #

He found her in the stables just where mammy said she would be giving Juan a good talking to. When she saw Max she pushed Juan to him and the boy looked sheepishly at his feet. “I’m sorry Max, I promise no more jokes today.”

With a quick look at Liz, Juan broke free from her grasp and giggled his way back to find his cousins to play with and plan his pranks for tomorrow because his promise didn't extend to them.

Liz shook her head at her nephew and then wrapped her arms around Max’s neck and kissed him. With a long pleasurable sigh, he returned her kiss. This is where she always wanted to be, in his arms safe and happy.


Note: If you don’t recognize it the song used is Eminem’s Without Me

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Chapter 27

Much later, Max and Liz were lying on a new horse blanket on a bed of fresh hay, kissing and making out like a couple of teenagers.

“Do you think anyone is missing us?” Max asked. “I don’t want your brothers to send out a search party and hunt me down for trying to steal their sister's innocence.”

“Mmm.... It's a little late to protect that…” she said in between kisses. “What time is it?” she asked.

“Ummm…” Looking at his watch with out breaking contact with Liz, “Umm noon...”

“Nah, they put the kids to bed for their noon nap and some of them have gone to bed with them, mammy and Julia are probably looking after the food, we won’t eat until 2 so we are completely free till then.” Liz answered.

“Hmmm.... whatever will we do with ourselves in the mean time?” Max said while wiggling his eyebrows up and down.

“Mmm... I can’t wait.” Liz sighed.

And Max didn’t make her wait long; he worked his hands under her shirt where he undid her bra giving his hands freedom to roam and kneed her breasts freely. Despite the fact that he knew the children and her family was napping, he wouldn’t disrespect them by doing their daughter right outside their door. But it didn’t mean they couldn't have any fun at the moment and he was all for that. The heat of the day didn’t touch them in the stable and for that, Max was very grateful. He didn’t mind as Liz worked his shirt over his head leaving him completely behr from the waist up. Liz flipped them over so that Max was now on his back with her straddling him touching his chest reverently.

“I love the feel of your skin. I could spend all day touching it.” Liz sighed.

Lowering her head, she captured one of his nipples in her mouth and worked it to a fine point with her teeth. Her hair flowed over his chest as he let her play all the while running his fingers through her soft tresses.

Liz languidly lifted her head looking down at Max with soft desire filled eyes. “I love you, Max.” she said softly.

"I love you too, Liz. I love you so much." He repeated to her reverently.

She brought her lips to his and they kissed softly reaffirming their love.

“Liz, how big a family do you see yourself having?” Max asked out of the blue. Liz looked down at him surprised but answered him truthfully, “I kinda see myself with 4 kids, not too big, yet, not too small. A modest home, you know, the whole white picket fence dream. Why? Is mammy already hitting you up for grandchildren?” Liz teased.

“No, though I think it’s on the tip of her tongue…” he teased back. Liz rolled her eyes playfully and he continued, “No, just wondering. I see you here with everyone so happy and glowing and it just made me start thinking about it, seeing as how I passed the brother test.”

“Oh, god!!! They got you, didn’t they? The moment I turned my back, they just couldn’t wait. Was it bad? What did they ask you?” Liz groaned.

“It was kinda embarrassing but, hey, after what happened with Tim I completely understand their point of view, but it did get me thinking about our future.”

“Our future, it has a nice ring to it, although sometimes I can’t help but worry I’m going to wake up one day and realize this is all a dream. Everything has gone so fast, so perfectly, it seems so much like a dream.” She said the last part while not looking at him and Max turned her face fully toward him.

“Liz Parker, you are so stuck with me. I love you, you're it for me. And if I have to repeat myself until you finally fully believe me, then that is just what I’ll have to do.” Max said feverently.

“Max…” Liz sighed.

“We share the same dream and I can’t wait until the day we can get started on it. I love you, Liz Parker. I love you more then life itself.” He lowered her head and they began kissing and touching all over again.

# # # #

When two o'clock finally rolled around, it was two very happy and fully dressed people that rejoined the rest of the family. They ate and talked about a wide variety of topics, both local and national. Along the way the men slowly began accepting and talking to Max as a true member of the family. Toward dusk, the last of the evening meal was being cooked and an impromptu dance contest started among the women as to whose mate would crack first and reach for his wife, or in Liz’s case, girlfriend.

The men sat on their hands to better control themselves as their women swayed and danced to the tune of some spanish instrumentals in front of their men. They were doing their absolute best to seduce the men and have them give in and touch their woman. Max’s mouth was literally watering as Liz showcased what a great dancer she was. The women soon joined forces and started dancing with each other, although, their eyes were locked on their respected male partners. They showed they really knew what they were doing, quickly showing skin and then hiding it again in a flash so the men never knew exactly if they saw what they actually thought they saw.

Max was the first to make a grab for Liz when she started twirling her skirt giving him a peek of the perfect legs underneath. Liz let go the hands of the other woman and backed away from Max continuing to dance at the same time. The men, when they saw Max had broken first, quickly got up, started chasing their wives, and began dancing with them. While the children watched on the sidelines, the boys began copying their fathers, the girls their mothers as mammy looked on with humor and pride.

Max and Liz were oblivious to all of this as they had only eyes for each other. Max tried to get his hands on Liz but each time he thought he had finally caught her she quickly evaded him until he backed her up to a table filled with food. Giving up, she let herself be swept up in his arms kissing him passionately. They only stopped when the children started making gagging noises. Liz giggled at how easily they forgot the world around them. She took his hands and led him back to the other dancers where she began teaching him the steps and how to let his body flow with the music.

They danced until mammy finally called out that dinner was ready. It turned out to be one of the best weekends of Max’s life and he easily saw himself as a member of this close family. It was then that Max resolved with himself that before this month was over, he would ask Liz to marry him. He already had the ring, he had had it since he was 18 and his father had sent him to Italy as his graduation gift. It was a beautifully hand crafted diamond ring, neither too big nor too small, set in white gold. He found it in a little shop and fell in love with it at first sight.

The store owner was an old woman whose husband had just died and she had parted with it on the hope that whoever owned it next would have as much happiness as she and her husband had had in the very long life they had shared together. Since they had no children it had seemed fitting to the woman. When Max had walked into her store, she knew it would belong to no other than his future bride. Max had eagerly bought and had it appraised to assure that the diamond and setting were real.

Now he just had to find the right moment to ask her.

# # # #

Inside a killer's mind

He hated his job. He hated the endless number of people who came in, always coming in, making his bitch shit-faced boss come down on him hard ordering him to do this, to do that, and do it all yesterday. She wanted it all rushed and always berating him when he didn't do something exactly like she wanted it.

The bitch didn't know her place, didn't know it was to serve a man, to serve him and do what he pleased, not the other way around. What he wouldn't give to kill her like all his other whores. He had no doubt she had slept her way to the top. How else would she had made it above him in so little time when he had been here for years. But killing her would bring the cops too close to him; he'd have to plan something special just for her. He was smart, he was smarter then any woman. He would come up with a great plan, all bloody and gorey just the way he liked them.


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Chapter 28

“Sam, what do you have for me?” Max asked the street cop who was walking toward him.

“Hey, Max, Michael, got a robbery victim named Derek Holder. A Mr. John Smith, the victim's boyfriend, found him lying unconscious on the floor of their living room. He was rushed to the hospital by the paramedics, seems he took quite a beating. Crime scene personnel are already working their magic. One of the neighbors, a Mrs. Sara Morgan reports seeing a blond man, relatively tall, arrive with the victim then walk out alone with a bag. She isn’t sure if anyone else arrived at the house. She went shopping for groceries and didn’t know anything had gone down until the victim's boyfriend called the police using her phone. It seems his was busted, all the phone lines were cut. We sent out an APB with the description of the car she gave us and the blond visitor. And that’s about it.” Sam reported.

“Thanks Sam. I’ll talk to everyone last. Show me where the boyfriend found his partner in the house.” They walked inside and Sam showed him the area. Max proceeded to take in everything and work the crime scene. Michael was off with the crime scene personnel checking the other rooms.

The more Max looked why Derek Holder was beaten was unclear, one thing was for sure, it wasn't a robbery per say. Some items were clearly missing as there were dust circles where an item had been standing, But many valuables in clear view and easy reach were left standing. He would have to talk to the boyfriend to get an idea of the worth of the missing objects but his gut was screaming at him that this was no robbery.

# # # #

Max and Michael walked into the hospital heading straight to the ER where they talked to the attending doctor in charge.

"It was a nasty beating as the force of the blows was rapid with no real sense of direction. They were wild and went everywhere; you would think he was an animal the way this guy left him. Here's his chart it would take forever for me to tell you all his injuries. He has a long road to recovery, the poor guy." The doctor said sadly.

"Is he conscious?" Max asked.

"No, and he won’t be for a while yet. The pain killers we have him on will keep him under for a good while, plus he's scheduled to go into surgery to repair some internal damage, not sure when you'll be able to talk to him."

"Thanks doc."

"Anytime, officers, I think you know the drill on where to find the surgical ward." The doctor says before he rushes off as a new victim is rolled in needing his attention.

Max and Michael take the elevator up where they see the boyfriend sitting alone in the waiting room, recognizing him from the pictures they found in the house.

"Mr. Smith, I'm sorry for your pain, I'm Detective Evans, this is my partner Detective Guerin we're handling your partner's case."

Smith turned to them and with an angry voice, "It was a gay bashing wasn't it?"

"We're not sure what it was exactly, early indicators say robbery but it's still early in the investigation." Max said.

"Robbery? But why beat him to such a state if it's robbery?"

"That's what we're going to find out, Mr. Smith." Michael said.

# # # #

The two men walked into the police station and Michael went off to make some calls while Max headed straight upstairs his head engrossed in the case. But to his confusion on his way up, some of his fellow detectives started shaking his hand and patting him on the back.

“Max, you lucky dog, you.” Patrick, a fellow cop, said with a well-stacked monster sandwich in his hand and an ice-cold coke in the other.

“Ahh, Max, if I were 20 years younger, I’d give you some serious run for your money.” Bennie teased on his other side as he took a huge bite of his delicious looking burrito.

“Max, what is it that girls see in that ugly mug of yours, that you could have been blessed with such a beauty?” Willis yelled out as all his fellow cops broke out in laughter.

Max just looked around him in confusion. When he entered the rec room he saw all the cops out of their desks and digging in to many boxes of sweet smelling food. He spotted the top of an empty box in the trash can which sported the name of Mammy’s restaurant. Quickly, he looked around looking for a soft sweet face. Seeing none, he walked out ignoring all the catcalls and teasing congratulations from the cops in the room. He walked out to where the offices were and there sitting on his desk was Liz.

She was dressed in a sleeveless Hawaii yellow, red, orange print shirt tied at her waist. Her legs were clad in a pair of tight jeans and her feet were encased in a pair of floppy sandals, a picnic basket was sitting on Michael's desk behind her. Her hands were flat on either side of her; her hair was pulled up in a sloppy ponytail, kinda as if she had absentmindedly pulled her hair up unmindful of what she looked like. Small wisps of hair gently swayed with the breeze of the air conditioner. She was smiling at a story G was telling her in between bites of his food which was clearly from Mammy’s restaurant also. She made a charming picture and his mind captured it totally so that in years to come he would be able to picture her in every detail. It was one of the many pictures his mind took of her, she was so beautiful to him. He walked toward her and watched as her legs swung back and forth like a little girl. When she saw him walking toward her, her smile became wider and she seemed to glow with her love for him. Max’s breath caught in his throat and he returned her smile.

“Hi,” Max said to her, “Hi,” She answered back to him. G noticed no one was paying any attention to him so he picked up his food and said aloud, “Don’t mind me, I’ll be in my office. Liz, if you ever have an overrun of food again or not, you're more than welcomed here.” Liz stopped staring at Max and blushed. However, she answered him, “I’ll remember that and thank you for the warm hospitality.”

G walked away and Liz turned back to Max, who asked “Over run with food?”

“Mammy got a huge order of food for a private party but for some reason the party was canceled. But since the food had been paid beforehand, she gave a lot of it to a homeless shelter. I was heading this way to surprise you with some lunch and I brought some extra with me. I figured you guys didn’t have time to look for a well cooked meal and your partners might like it.”

“That’s very sweet but you know now all these hungry men are going to be after you to marry them. They’ve all fallen in love with you. They’ll be waiting for me to mess up now so they can tell you and they can swoop in to take you.”

“Yes, if you want a man’s heart, go through his stomach. It's all part of my evil plan to keep you in line.” Liz sighed dramatically.

“Evil plan, huh, I think I’m scared now.” Max teased.

“We both know you love to live dangerously.” Liz teased back.

“Get a room, guys.” They heard Michael say when they were going to move in for a kiss.

Max flushed and looked around to see that they were still alone except for Michael. Liz hopped down from Max’s desk and walked around to the picnic basket. She opened it up and took out a large Styrofoam box filled with hot juicy smelling food and gave it to Michael.

“Here, I saved it just for you. I hope you like it. I had to ask Maria for your favorites,” Liz said as she handed him the food.

“Thanks, Liz.” Michael said gratefully.

“Hey, tell G, I’ll be back at the end of my lunch hour.” With that, he grabbed the picnic basket, took hold of Liz’s hand, and led her out of the station.

# # # #

Max and Liz were in a park in a little secluded area close to the police station and she was sitting on his lap feeding each other. There was something incredibly sexy about feeding a man in public where you know you really couldn’t go very far yet you teased each other anyway. Because there were children nearby no matter how tempted you were to forget the world around you and lose yourselves in each other. It had been a week since they had last made love, thanks to their conflicting schedules. However, despite the temptation, they held themselves in check and enjoyed their time together.

It wasn’t often they could see each other during the day. Liz's job kept her in the lab and Max’s on the road here or there solving cases. Therefore, this was a rare treat.

“Are you sure you don’t mind taking me to the fundraiser tonight? I know how much you hate them.” Liz asked as she fed him dessert of freshly cut fruit that she knew he loved.

“I don’t hate them, they're for a good cause. They just remind me of my family, my mother used to love dragging me to those. That’s all. Besides this is different, I’m going to have the most beautiful woman on my arm. If I let you go alone someone might try to take you from me.”

Liz blushed but she asked instead, “Are they still in Rome?”

“Yep, I called them to let them know about you but they were too busy to call me back which isn’t unusual for them.”

“Oh.” Was all Liz could think to say.

“Forget about them, Liz, they’re a strange pair. Lets just concentrate on us.” Max said, kissing her tenderly on the lips.

She sighed deeply and when their lips parted, she said, “I can live with that.”

# # # #
Later that night…

“Remind me again why I agreed to this. Can’t we just stay home and have some wild monkey sex?” Max playfully whined as he sat on Liz’s bed all dressed up waiting for Liz to come out of the bathroom so they could leave for the charity.

“Cause I asked you to and you agreed because you didn’t want me picking up some young stud and having some of that wild monkey sex.” Liz, teased, her voice muffled by the semi-closed door.

“Young stud, I’ll show you young stud…” Max mumbled to himself.

After a few more moments, waiting for her to do whatever it is women do to make themselves ready, Liz finally came out and Max wasn’t quite ready for her appearance.

Liz took it all in and laughed, “I know the dress is hideous. The man who is donating most of the money tonight is one of those huge ultra-right christian republicans. Who, if he sees a woman showing just a little leg, he swoops right down, giving you a huge lecture on morality. I’d rather we avoid all that as he’s not worth the trouble; we go make an appearance and leave after an hour. That should be enough to make sure he doesn’t visit the offices to find out why everyone didn't show up. He doesn’t care about the research, all he cares about is having people come to him and thank him which makes him feel all moral and above everyone. He won't notice when we leave.”

She walks up to him fixing his bow tie and said in a low seductive voice, “Besides, if you're good tonight, I just might have a surprise for you.”

“Yeah? Oh, tell me.” He asked using his best little boy voice desperate for a treat. He was so adorable Liz couldn’t help but start giggling. “Later, big boy, you haven’t shown me how good you can be…” with that, she grabbed her overnight bag and led him out of the house and to the charity.

# # # #

They arrived at the party and the first thing Max noticed was that most of the people attending were dressed in the same conservative and plain manner that Liz was. This guy must really be donating a whole lot of money for people to adhere to this type of dress code, Max couldn’t help think to himself.

They went inside and mingled, shaking lot of hands, as Liz introduced him to all her co-workers and friends. Most of them recognized him from the auction so they had to suffer through some kind teasing.

“Miss. Parker, how good to see you.” David Miller, the bigwig everyone was honoring today, said while shaking her hand. The man was in his 70’s and conservatively dressed. His hair was shock white with a constant air of disapproval hovering over him as he took everyone and everything thing in at the party almost as if he were looking for something to find fault with. He shook Liz's hand and then Max as she introduced them.

“Mr. Miller, this my boy friend, Max Evans, Max this is Mr. David Miller.”

“Charmed to meet you, you seem quite familiar. Are you by any chance related to Phillip and Diane Evans?” Mr. Miller asked.

“Yes sir, they're my parents.” Max answered.

“Ahhh.. I just saw them in Italy. Great people your parents. I’m so glad the Evans' are here making their presence known. Liz is a good girl, I’m sure she’ll make you an excellent wife and she can finally return to the home and stop working.” Mr. Miller said candidly to Max. Insulted for Liz's sake, Max got extremely angry with Miller and it was only Liz's restraining hand that stopped him from tearing the man apart. Miller saw a reporter and left them never noticing Max’s anger.

“Don’t, Max, he only says stuff like that to get you to react. If you fall for it he’ll start screaming on the evils of women working outside the home and all kinds of other extreme conservative causes, which the reporters will gladly cover, giving him his 15 min of daily fame. It’s not worth it. But his money helps the search for a cure for cancer so we put up with him, in this case the ends justify the means.” Liz said calmly. Max covered her hands with his and let himself be calmed. “Besides, it’s only one night. Let's mingle a bit and leave, trust me, he won’t care or notice that we left early.”

Liz led him to the dance floor in the opposite direction of Davis Miller. He wrapped his arms around Liz and danced with her. As he ran his hands up and down her back, he noticed that she wasn't wearing underwear of any kind. Liz knew the precise moment Max discovered this important fact and she looked up at him with desire lidded eyes and said one word, "Surprise." leaving Max hard and rapidly looking for a way to escape this party unnoticed. It was too late though because Sean had seen them from across the room.

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