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Author: Ripley

Summary: Max Evans moves to the small town of Roswell, New Mexico. There he meets the wild and crazy Liz Parker.

Rating: PG-13 - ?

Category: M/L - w/ CCoupling

Disclaimer: Go ahead and try to sue me - you won't get much. (Nothing belongs to me)

Author's Note: A couple things you should know. I am a sophomore - school is tough, so if you like this story and are eager to read more, you'll need to bear with me. I am extremely slow and I tend to switch my priorities around a lot. Now, about the story, I wanted to take my own approach with the whole M/L thing. I am a fan of a disgruntle Max or Liz (mostly Liz, cause she ends up a pain in the ass - Girl Power!) Yeah, anyway, you'll going to have to read and find out.

Title: Trouble with a Capital L

Thank you to Lorastar For the beautiful banner!

Part 1

The paint was chipping off the office walls and the place reeked of an acrid odor. The waiting chairs would sink down ten feet at the slightest weight, and it seemed as if it would collapse at any given moment. The secretary was reclining precariously on the hind legs of her chair, going at her nails with an emery board as she chopped obnoxiously on bubble gum. It was nothing she hadn't seen before...

Liz Parker lifted a long, slender leg and crossed it over the knee of the other. She stared down at her own nails and frowned at the chipping black paint. She'd have to add another coat soon. During College English would be the perfect time. Mrs. McCarty's droning would put her to sleep anyway, she might as well have something productive to do.

With a sigh, she laid her hand down on her leather clad thigh and started clicking her tongue ring against her teeth with impatience. She glanced at her studded wrist watch and groaned. Damn, she was missing biology. Shoot. Liz rolled her head back against the crumbling wall and banged it lightly several times.

It's no fun. It's no fun. Looking at the wall.

The office door creaked open and Liz suddenly perked to life. Finally! Principal Gordon walked through, carrying on about one thing or another. Liz stood and grabbed her bag, waiting for him to take notice of her. However, his attention was focused on a student behind him.

All right, all right, let's move buddy, I've been waiting her for thirty minutes. I've got things to do, people to piss off.

Liz lifted to her tip toes and strained her neck to see who was taking up all of Gordon's time. She noticed a head full of dark hair and leather clad shoulders, but the face was out of her view. She strained to listen to what was being said, but Principal Gordon was talking in a hushed tone.

Liz groaned loudly and crossed her arms - the distressed sound went unnoticed by Gordon. She tapped her booted foot impatiently on the floor and waited for him to turn around. He did, but he didn't look at her.

"Well, here she is now," his deep voice boomed through the tiny office. He encompassed a giant hand towards the entrance of the office. "Mr. Evans, this is your tour guide, West Roswell's very own Maria DeLuca."

Liz groaned again. Figures it would be Maria DeLuca or that Tess Harding bitch. That poor soul. She went to catch a glimpse of the mysterious Mr. Evans. Once she got a good look, her eye brow quirked and her lips pursed in approval. Very nice. He had to be the best looking, fresh meat, to ever set foot on West Roswell's campus. Deep amber eyes, and cute protruding ears. Damn, she said cute. Liz clicked her tongue at the sight of a golden loop in his left ear, she loved a man with piercing. Long, muscular arms extended down his sides, to where his hands were hiding deep in his pockets. Lean, and equally long legs gave him his towering stature. Liz also loved a tall man.

Maria DeLuca stepped into her view. Damn, this girl had the best timing ever. She watched bitterly as the two exchanged pleasantries, and Maria gave him that killer smile that he could die for. This was so freaking typical - all guys go for the blondes. The blondes with big boobs and - Damn, he has a good smile.

Liz shook head from the cob webs that were being mindlessly spun, and watched as the two exited the office. Cute butt too.

"Liz Parker?"

She distractedly turned her head towards the voice. Gordon, finally!

"What did you do now, Parker?" he said with a disapproving frown.

She adjusted her bag on her shoulder and grinned at him. "You know, the usual."

He shook his head and stepped aside to let her enter his office.


"Wait, wait, no, this can't be it," Maria DeLuca said as she spun slowly in a circle. "Let me see your paper again."

Max Evans shook his head and handed her the slip of paper with his locker number and combination. They had been wandering the hall for ten minutes, and they have yet to find there destination. He had asked her several times if she knew where she was going and she had replied with an "Of course I do!" and a hand rotating airily above her head. He had nodded politely, of course, not daring to ask if they could just pop their heads into a class room and ask for directions.

"Okay, all right, I have it!" she exclaimed excitedly and latched on to his arm. "This way,"

Max trailed behind her helplessly and silently prayed that she knew where she was going this time. She led him down a hallway with more and more lockers aligning the walls.

"1302, 1303, 1304, aha, here you are my friend," Maria smiled as they stopped in front a tiny locker, the gold paint chipping off. "1305, is your locker."

Max smiled down at her, she looked so pleased with herself that he couldn't help but laugh.

"What?" she asked incredulously and crossed her arms.

He placed a tender hand on her shoulder and gave her a friendly smile. "Nothing," he answered.

"Well, then," she said and clasped her hands together. "Let's put away your things and get this show on the - "

"Excuse me, you're blocking my locker," came a voice from behind them.

They whirled around and Max lost his breath, while Maria tried to glare intimidatingly at the girl in front of them.

Liz took a step forward and they parted, she grinned to herself and took another step towards her locker. She could feel his eyes on her and she grinned again. She could have some fun with this.

"So, what are you in for this time, Parker?" Maria asked and leaned back against the locker beside of her. She was really trying to be civil. The girl intimidated her, and she didn't want to have her as an enemy.

Liz looked at her and cocked her head to the side. "Nothing major, 5 days ASD," she answered. "Quite honestly, I think my stunt deserved at last 2 days ISS."

Maria choked on her giggle, and then noticed Max staring distractedly at Liz. Clearing her throat, she straightened. "Liz, this is Max Evans. Max, this is West Roswell's prankster, Liz Parker."

Max waited for Liz to lift her head to meet his gaze. He smiled warmly at her. "Nice to meet you," he said.

"Yeah," Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to have fun with him. He was the kind of guy Liz could ruin easily. Too easily. "See ya,"

With that, Liz closed her locker and walked down the hall, a slight sway in her hips.

"Pick up your tongue Kujo, and wipe the saliva from your chin. She's trouble," Maria told him and continued down the hall in the opposite direction. "With a capital T,"

Max continued to stare after Liz until she rounded the corner. Only then did he allow his mind to clear. She was beautiful - nothing like the girls had his old school.

"Yo, Max, c'mon." Maria called after him.

He jogged after her, eager to know more about Liz.


The door squeaked as Liz turned the knob and pulled it towards her. All eyes were on her as she entered the room, walking straight to Mrs. McCarty, she handed her a pink tardy slip.

A towering woman, with white puffy hair, and skin so wrinkly that it literally sagged from her face, Mrs. McCarty lifted her glasses and peered at the slip, then eyed Liz disapprovingly. Liz shrugged and turned down the row to her seat.

As she passed Alex Whitman, she squeezed his shoulder triumphantly. "Five days Whit," she whispered as she seated herself in the desk to the back of him.

Alex turned in his seat and lifted an eyebrow at her. "ISS? That's serious." He commented.

Liz pouted. "No, ASD." she confirmed and reached into her pack for her black nail polish.

"No way," he said and gave her an astonished look. "That stunt deserved at least two days of ISS."

Her eyes widened and she answered with an obnoxiously loud, "I know!" Which, of course, gathered everyone's attention.

"Mr. Whitman, please turn around in you seat," Mrs. McCarty instructed. "Miss Parker, I don't think you need another visit to Principal Gordon, do you?"

Liz rolled her eyes and shook the bottle in her hand. Once the teacher turned to face the board again, Liz whispered, "I think he did it to make me angry, Al,"

Alex frowned in confusion and turned his head slightly. "Who?"

"Gordon, duh. I mean, he knows that with one more, serious, insubordination slip filed against me - I could easily get suspended from school." She went on as she stroked the brush across her nails. "I don't think he wants to give me the satisfaction."

Her friend rolled his eyes and this time, turned all the way around in his seat. "Liz, this is serious." He cringed at the pungent fumes, wafting off of the nail polish. "You are already at a loss of credits. You probably won't even graduate this year."

Liz rolled her eyes. Graduate. Smaduate.

"Besides," he continued. "Mr. Gordon likes you. He liked your parents, he doesn't know what else to do, and you're not leaving him much choice in the matter."

She glared at him. "Shut up, Alex." she muttered and leaned over her nails to catch the shine. "Turn around."

"Don't be mad at me for being a friend, Liz," he whispered to her before he finally turned in his seat.

She rolled her and brought her nails an inch away from her lips, blowing warm air across them. Who gave a rat's ass if she graduated? She surely didn't. Liz was only sticking around until her friends graduated anyway. Then she was going to hit the road, become the bands manager. Shit, that lame excuse Alex coped at her about Mr. Gordon liking her. Pulease. What principal wouldn't want to suspend a kid for insubordination?

Switching to attend her other nails, Liz chewed on her bottom lip, guilt building inside of her. Giving in, she tapped Alex on the shoulder, only to have a piece of paper fall on her desk in his response.

Careful as not to smudge her nails, Liz unfolded the paper and read what was inside.

"Shut up, Parker. I know you're sorry for snapping at me and I forgive you. You know why? Because you are my best friend and I heart you." Liz grinned as she read over his note. "Signed, The One and Only - Alex. Charles. Whitman."

Shaking her head at her best friends antics, she stuffed the letter into her bag and sighed.

Life was good.


Liz decided she was going to skip Mr. Sedera's Psychology class and she headed down the hallway towards the science lab. Mr. Dawson was the coolest science teacher to ever walk the planet, and Liz loved annoying the heck out of him. He was so cool about that. She'd get a kick out of the way he'd glare at her in that disapproving manner when she'd use his first name. Mr. Dawson was the bomb.

She slipped into the room silently - going completely unnoticed by Mr. Dawson himself, for he had his back turned towards the board, in mid-lecture. Liz ignored the gazes of the students and perched herself on the stool he usually sat at. She flipped through the grade book, that rested on the podium in front of her, until she found her biology class. Skimming her finger down the page, she found her name. Damn, she had an D for the six weeks. And to think, she didn't ever try!

The grade book was snapped shut and she jerked her head upwards to meet Mr. Dawson's disapproving glare.

"Miss Parker - " he started.

"Jackson, how ya doing buddy?" Liz asked and grinned at the sound of the giggling students.

"Miss Parker, I am in a middle of a lecture." He said in a devastating adorable British accent that all the girls swooned over.

She shrugged and removed herself from the stool, only to sit in the chair at his desk. "Please," she said. "Continue."

Dawson shook his head before he continued wit his lecture. He was the youngest teacher in the building. He transferred to the states from Britain, and just last year he had served six weeks as a Student Teacher for his college course. Now, he's a beloved member of the staff. He had medium length sandy blonde hair that he could easily pull into a pony tail if he wanted too, and emerald green eyes. Adorable gold rimmed glasses perched on his nose for his diagnosis of being near sighted. Almost every girl in WR had a crush on Mr. Dawson - he was definitely a looker.

Liz, however, wasn't interested. Of course she found him devilishly attractive, but she merely considered him a friend. After Mr. Price retired last year, Mr. Dawson became her homeroom teacher, so naturally he was willing to do more for his homeroom students than any others in the building. That even meant allowing her to bug the hell out of him in the middle of a class.

Mr. Dawson was the only teacher who knew how to put up with her.

Liz grinned when he sat down on the stool across from her. No matter how much he tried, he couldn't keep the amusing grin from crawling on his face. "What do you want, Parker?"


Instead of doing his assignment, he watched with interest as the two of them laughed and talked in front of the class. It was obvious that there was "something" there, but what that was, he couldn't quite place it. Hopefully he wasn't witnessing one of those student/teacher relationships that went above and beyond.

But of course, all girls went for a man with an accent.

He glanced over at Maria who was hurriedly scribbling down answers from her notes. She had warned him that Liz Parker was a tease. Not a slut, persay. She wasn't "the town bicycle", as Maria had put it. She just liked to mess with people. Guys in particular.

"Tess Harding, on the other hand. Is the biggest frigging bicylce you'll ever come across." Maria had said.

Max cautiously looked over his shoulder to the blonde behind him. She smiled sexily and wiggled her fingers at him. He gave her a shy smile and turned back around in his seat. He definitely didn't want to get mixed up in that.

His gaze focused back onto that of Liz Parker. She tucked her dark locks, with bright red highlights, behind her ear as she talked with and teased Mr. Dawson. Max felt a pang of jealousy, and then quickly dismissed the feeling. He didn't want to get involved with her either. She was trouble, with a capital T.

Max felt rough tapping on his shoulder, and he turned to see a jock behind him.

Kyle Valenti latched onto his shoulder and squeezed. "She's a fox, isn't she?" he whispered and nodded his head towards Liz.

"Um, yeah.." Came Max's meek response.

Kyle grinned and licked his lips. "Yeah, man, she's a real tiger in the sack, let me tell you."

His interest piqued, Max turned sideways in his seat. "And you know this for a fact -" he looked down at his letterman jacket. "Kyle? You know this from experience?"

Kyle shrunk back into his chair, caught off guard from his challenge. "Well, no, not exactly."

Max lifted his head. "Ahh, I see," he said and went to turned around again.

"But, my buddy Paulie, he knows from first hand experience," Kyle nodded his head slowly and let his gaze trail up and down Liz's form.

"No he didn't," Max said with an incredulous look.

Kyle stared into space behind of him for a moment. "Nah. He didn't, did he." He muttered. "All right, all right, just turn back around in your seat, preppy boy. Ya kid."

Max shook his head and turned back around in his seat. Liz Parker was no longer in the room.


Liz jogged out to the quad and threw her books onto her designated picnic table. The rest of the gang wasn't there yet and she wasn't going to wait either. Instead she ran to the cafeteria and cut in line. Ignoring the protests of the people behind her she grabbed a tray and silver ware and made her way down the line.

Picking up a bowl of salad, a cup of jello, and a shiny green apple, she once again passed everyone in front of her until she got to the hot food bar.

"Hey Doris," she called. "How about you hook me up with some of that scrumptious Mac n Cheese."

The cook smiled at her and went to get another tray of the school food. As Liz waited patiently for her return, she felt someone approach her from behind.

"Hey," Max said once she turned around.

Caught off guard, she eyed him warily. "Hey." She turned back around to look for Doris.

"You kind of skipped ahead of everyone." He commented, holding his own tray of school food.

She quirked an eyebrow at him and was about to retort when the cook came back with a large tray of macaroni and cheese. Liz smiled and placed her tray a top the counter as Doris shoveled a spoonful of macaroni on her tray. Thanking the cook, Liz turned and walked away.

She knew he was following her, and her interest piqued. "You have a lot to learn, Max," she tossed over her shoulder. "I skip line all of the time, you'll just have to get used to it." Liz glanced over her shoulder to check his reaction. He had stopped in his tracks.

She continued on her way until she reached the table her crew was now sitting at.

"Well, well, well, Liz," Sean DeLuca commented. "Looks like the new boy has an eye for you."

Liz scoffed and dropped her tray on the table. "Don't I know it?" she grinned and looked over her shoulder again to watch as he seated himself at Maria DeLuca and Kyle Valenti's table.

Alex and Michael walked up to the table. "Hey guys," Alex greeted and sat down.

Liz eyed Michael with a sarcastic glint in her eye. "Michael, you've decided to grace us with your presence instead of joining your other friends?"

Michael glared at her a moment before he sat down. "This is the only lunch period I have with you guys, I'll sit with Maria tomorrow," he answered and dug his fork into his macaroni.

"And, Pixie doesn't have a problem with that?" she asked and casually looked there way. Maria's glare burning a hole through the side of Michael's head.

"Nah, she's cool about it,"

Liz only nodded before she went back to her lunch. She could feel his eyes on her, and she grinned triumphantly. She had no doubt that she was one of the most desired girls in school. However, many of the guys were intimidated by her, and those who weren't, she merely considered them as friends.

And she didn't want it any other way.

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Author: Ripley

Summary: Max Evans moves to the small town of Roswell, New Mexico. There he meets the wild and crazy Liz Parker.

Rating: PG-13 - ?

Category: M/L - w/ CCoupling

Disclaimer: Go ahead and try to sue me - you won't get much. (Nothing belongs to me)

Author's Note: Hey guys, thanks again - sooo much - for the feedback, you all are awesome. Sophia - of course I used you title - it is soo hilarious, thank so much.
All right - about my story, this is an AU Fic, I just hope that after you read this second part, I don't scare some of you off. The Pod Squad are aliens, and it's going to be a long drawn out thing - probably - process until they find out who is who...Lots of trust issues will be going on, especially in Liz's case. Cause if you think about it - she and Michael are best friends (as you will find out in this part) and to find out your best friend is keeping a secret fromyou can suck a monkey's ass. lol. All right.
There are a couple of questions. Yes, Liz will bond with Maria and Isabel - cause every girl needs her own girls, right?? And I especially love the relationship between Liz and Maria and then the girls and Alex...
All right, I am done rambling, I hope you enjoy this next part..

Title: "Trouble with a Capital L"


Part Two

Max sat on the steps of the school entrance, his gaze flowing down the road across from the parking lot. The sun's heat sweltered down on him, causing him to swipe the sweat from his brow.

His sister was late. As usual.

He cursed Isabel in a thousand ways and finally stood up from the steps. He'd just have to walk home. As he crossed the parking lot, a red Jetta cut into his path. The passenger's side window rolled down and he bent at the waist to catch a glimpse of the driver.

"Maria?" he quires.

"Hey, Max, you're lucky I caught you. I was getting ready to leave from the Key Club meeting," she smiled at him and opened the door. "Hop in, I'll give you a ride."

He sighed with relief and stepped inside of the air conditioned car. Max smiled thankfully at her.

"Just give me some directions Max, and we'll be on our way." Maria said and drove out of the parking lot.

"I live on Murray Lane." He said and then described the house.

"Oh, great, that's on the way to the Crashdown." Maria told him. "I hope you don't mind, but I have a bone to pick with Space Boy. It's a cute little restaurant owned by the Parker's, since you didn't like the school food, maybe you can grab a bite there."

Max nodded. "Liz's parents." He stated. It made sense.

"Actually, she's Jeff and Nancy's niece." She responded. "And, um, she doesn't live with them."

He looked over at her, an eye brow raised in question, but the look she gave him said that she didn't know the details, so don't ask. "Oh," was all he said.

"She does, however, work there." Maria commented with a sigh. "So, do I. We have to wear these ridiculous uniforms. It's this ugly green with silver bobbing antennas, and a silver head of an alien apron. You'll just die of laughter once you catch a glimpse."

Max was already snickering at the mental image he had conjured up...He wondered how adorably cute Liz would look in one.

Just then they pulled up to the cafe. Maria showed him the inside, but once she saw her boyfriend, she left him behind. He took it upon himself to be seated at a small booth. The smooth counter top was decorated with alien heads all over. He frowned. It was Roswell after all.

"Hey there."

Max lifted his head to see none other than Liz Parker seated across from him. Had it been anyone else, he would have laughed at the horrendous uniform she was wearing, but she somehow turned it into a sexy outfit. Her hair was piled up on top of her head, with several pencils sticking out of the messy bun, holding it in place. Her make up was different from it was in school, earlier that morning. Her cheeks sparkled and her eyes were adorned in silver, glittery eye shadow. Her lips were also painted in a sheer silver color, and Max thought about brushing his own against them.

Taken back by his unwelcome thoughts, Max sat back in his booth and crossed his arms. "Hey."

Liz took the opportunity to lean her elbows on the table and prop her chin up, seductively on her hands. "May I take your order?" she asked in a sultry voice.

Max's eyebrow quirked in a way that Liz was beginning to notice was habitual. "What's on the menu?" came his calm response. He allowed his gaze to wander below her neck line before they returned to her own gaze.

Liz bit her bottom lip to keep from grinning. Maybe she had been wrong. This guy could be fun. "Anything you want."

Max's face cracked into a grin, and he then relaxed from his defensive position. He leaned his own arms on the surface of the table and stared at her. Then, he reached between the gap of her arms for the menu that was sitting vertically on her lap. He eyed it carefully before ordering.

"A Sonic Hot Dog and a basket of Orion Onion Rings."

Liz's tongue darted out to moisten her lips. "Is that all?" she quires.

"Yup." Came Max's sure beyond a shadow of a doubt response.

Liz almost laughed at his teasing. This was most definitely going to be interesting.

"How's it feel?" he asked her out of no where.

Unsure of what he meant, she cocked her head to side. "Excuse me?"

"I hope you know you aren't the only one who can be a tease." Max said and sat back with his arms crossed again. "I've heard a lot about you Liz Parker. You are The Tease. You flirt with guys unashamed and lead them on only to drop them once things get hot. You're trouble."

Liz's gaze skitted from his to the only other person who would have told him such information.

"Maria." She said out loud.

Max's nod confirmed her suspicions. She tightened her jaw and pulled a pencil from her hair, the other pencils keeping her hair still in tact. "What was your order again?"


Once Maria DeLuca was detached from Michael's hip, Liz stormed up to the cooks counter and slapped down her order. "Michael Guerin, I swear if your girlfriend does not keep her brown-nosing honker out of my -"

He held up a hand, silencing her. "Listen, Liz, I just fought with Maria over her petty problems, I don't want to hear yours too." He grabbed the order, skimmed it and then got busy at preparing it.

"Michael, she told that new boy I was a tease and a flirt and a - God knows what else."

Michael stared at her in disbelief. "Liz, you are all of those things." He told her. "Here this goes to table Saturn."

"Yeah, but I don't want him to know that!" she exclaimed and reached for the plate of food.

"Liz just chill, all right. It's not a big deal." He told her as he swiped the sweat from his brow with his bandana.

"If I ever find out she's talking about me behind my back again, I'll -"

"Suck it up and take it like a man," Michael finished for her with a grease-dripping spatula pointed at her face. "Leave Maria alone."

Liz shook her head and scoffed. "Unfreaking believable, Michael. Once again you're going to take her side over mine." When Michael threw his hands to the side and rolled his eyes in exasperation, she continued. "I don't say shit about her, Michael."

"No, Liz, this is unfreaking believable. It never ceases to amaze me how you can get mad at the same thing over and over and over again!" he yelled at her. "Just drop it already!"

"Just drop it? You're constantly choosing her over me, Michael. Twelve years of friendship to three years of dating, and you're still picking her side!"

Michael gritted his teeth and dropped his spatula. "Liz, just...just...Go! Go serve the food." He yelled and pointed in a new direction. A direction away from him.

"Fine!" she spat and roughly grabbed her orders.

Maria walked out of the back room, clad in her uniform, to see Liz storm off. She looked over at Michael who was flipping burgers angrily. "Sheesh, what's up with Liz?"

When Michael simply glared at her, Maria took the hint and walked back over to Max.

"All right, buddy, you ready to go?" she asked and rubbed her hands together anxiously. "My shift starts in fifteen minutes, just enough time to get you home and back."

Max frowned for a moment. "But I just ordered my food." He told her.

Maria's shoulder's sagged. "Well, then, I guess you'll have to wait until after my shift is over. Or you can use the phone in the back to call your folks." She suggested.

Max nodded. "Yeah, that'll be good."

"All right, the phone is through that back door and you can call once you finish your food." With that Maria walked off to tend to the other customers.

A few moments later, Max's food was dropped carelessly in front of him. Before he could so much as get a word out, Liz was gone. He eyed his food for a moment and then waved to another waitress.

"Can I get this to go?"


As Liz undressed from her uniform, she muttered incoherent curses towards Michael and Maria. Every time. Every single time he would do this to her. It never failed. When she was looking for support from her oldest friend, he always chose the only person who will allow him to sleep with her!

Relationships suck.

Liz hastily untied her apron. Screw work. She tossed it inside her locker and started to unbutton the front of her uniform.

The thundering of feet descending the stairs caught Liz's attention. Jeff Parker came to a halt at the last step.

"Liz." He said softly.

Quickly she clutched her uniform together to keep from exposing herself to him.

"Jeff." She said with undeniable resentment in her voice.

He eyed her in the way that made her feel so unbearable uncomfortable. Liz straightened her back and lifted her shoulders defiantly. He stepped down from the staircase and took a timid step towards her. She stared him in the eye. Waiting.

"Nancy is in the supply room," she finally said. "I don't feel like playing right now."

The way his eyes shifted, she could only imagine that he was seeing red. Had it been a few months before she would have felt scared, and would have been on her knees and apologizing profusely. Now, she refused to allow him to see her afraid.

Another person entered then, and he stopped in his tracks, eyeing the two people in front of him.

Jeff turned and smiled. "May I help you?" he asked warmly.

Max's gaze flitted to Liz's. She wasn't looking at him, or anyone. She was staring at the wall across from her.

"I, um, Maria said I could use the phone to call my parents." Max answered. Something about Jeff unnerved him, and he was eager to get away from him at all costs.

"Oh, yes," Jeff turned to Liz then. "Would you mind showing him the phone?"

Liz nodded and went to walk past him, when he latched onto her arm. "And don't use your slutty ways to try and seduce him," he whispered harshly into her ear.

She risked a glance at Max, and the astonished look on his face let her know he had heard Jeff's cruel words. Liz stood rigid and still until he left the back room. It took a few moments to collect herself before she turned fully to Max.

"C'mon, I'll show you the phone." She said in her normal voice. Liz didn't want him to think of her as vulnerable. Even if she were, at the moment just the slightest bit vulnerable, she didn't want anyone to know.

Max followed her to the doorway leading into the office. She stopped between the entryway and turned sideways so he could pass. As he did, Max stopped and peered down at her. Her eyelids covered her downcast eyes and wanted nothing more than to lift her chin so she'd meet his gaze, but before he could do so, she turned and walked past him.


Liz finally stripped free of the hideous uniform. As it pooled at her ankles, she stepped away from it, leaving her clad in only her white panties and matching bra. Liz reached inside the locker and grabbed the hanger, she then neatly hung and stored her uniform inside.

She heard him enter the room behind her, and she tried to pretend she hadn't noticed. Though, she couldn't help but think what might have transpired if he hadn't walked in when he did.

Liz grabbed her leather skirt and pulled the up her legs. "If you've made the call, you need to leave the room now. It's for employees only." She tossed over her shoulder. "Maria shouldn't have even permitted you to come back here."

Max didn't say anything, instead he silently watched as she pulled on a her button up shirt. He didn't know what to say. He knew he should say something, but what? Besides, he didn't really know what has happened in the room before he entered, and it was really none of his business.

Liz turned towards him just then, her messenger bag slung over her shoulder. The look in her eyes told him that he was to never question her about what he saw. She made him think it was nothing. Almost as if he hadn't seen it....Whatever "it" was.

She stared at him a moment longer before she exited through the back alley.


Liz entered her apartment and threw her keys down on the table beside the door. Today had put her in a pissy mood. She didn't even want to think about it. And she wasn't. She was not going to think about all the shit that had happened to her today.

Liz fell backwards on to her sofa and sighed.

She would definitely have to avoid that new boy at all costs now. Whatever he saw, whatever he thinks he saw, he was probably one of those goodie-goodie boys who life goal is to be a peer mediator for the friggin school.

Liz gritted her teeth and groaned. Just stop! She stood abruptly and turned on her stereo. She turned it up so high that she would be sure she'd get phone calls from the landlord to yell at her about complaints. But she needed the music to drown out her thoughts.

The rhythmic beat of the drums filled her ears, and her throbbing headache soon throbbed in tune with the drums. She closed her eyes and bobbed her head lightly to the music, already feeling calmed and soothed.

Liz poured herself a glass of orange juice and then walked to her room. The sheets on her bed were crumpled and wrinkled from her sleep, and clothes were strewn out like a tornado had struck. She had really meant to finish painting her room, anything to hide the ugly spruce color, but things kept taking up her time. The paint, in fact, was still sitting in the corner of her room, with the paint brushes. It was a beautiful midnight blue, to match her bed set, she later intended to paint a huge, yellow sun on the South end of her wall and a moon on the North end. Then she'd paint little silver stars all over the adjacent walls.

However, other things had occupied her time. Like making a pair of super cool pants. She went to Old Navy and bought a pair of cheap flared khakis, and with her artistic mind, and lots of fabric paint, she while have created one pair of Ass Kickin' pants. Literally. "Ass" on one cheek, "Kickin" on the other.

Seating herself at her desk, she got busy at creating her kick ass pants.


"Where the hell were you Isabel?" Max snapped as he hopped into the jeep. "I told you could borrow my car as long as you came to pick me up from school. On time."

Isabel Evans rolled her eyes. "Shut up, Max, all right? Something came up."

Max was silent for a moment until the pulled away from the cafe. "What happened?"

Isabel sighed dramatically. "Oh you know, the usual. Trying to hide our true identify from our clueless parents, almost exposing ourselves in the process." She said and glanced at him. "Nothing we haven't been doing for the past twelve years."

Max sat back in his seat and stared out of his window. He could still see the resentment in his sister's eyes every time she looked his way. Resentment for making her move with them. She was in college now and had the choice of where and when she wanted to move. Isabel didn't want to move. Especially not to Roswell, New Mexico. However, Max had played his I'm-The-King hand won the battle. It had been difficult to convince Isabel, not so difficult to convince his parents.

The Evans' wanted to move Max's father's practice to a smaller and quieter town. Max had immediately suggested Roswell. Philip and Diane were simply too excited to have their son participating in family discussions that they instantly put it in the "To Think Over" pile. Roswell had won, and now here they are.

Max heard his sister sigh exasperated at the dusty air, surely it was wreaking havoc on her complexion. Isabel had had enough credits last year to graduate. With all of the honor's classes she had taken during her years in high school, she had easily obtained 27 credits by her junior year. While, Max, was forced to continue one more year, just because he didn't feel like taking Honor's Geometry his Freshman year.

They pulled into the drive way of a large, two story, white house. The house was definitely more spacious than their old one. His room is twice the size of his old one, even with all of his stuff, he still has one side of his room completely bare.

As they entered the house, Max's mother came out of the kitchen, wiping her hands with a dish towel.

"Max, you're home," she said and walked towards her son to place a kiss on his cheek. "Isabel finally decide to pick you up?"

Isabel rolled her eyes and shrugged off her Jean jacket. Tossing it over the couch she excused herself and went upstairs to her room.

"Supper will be ready in about an hour," Diane said and glanced at her watch. "Your father should be home in half the time, so why don't you go upstairs and freshen up."

Max nodded. "I have some homework, call me when dinner is ready?"

Diane nodded and retreated to the kitchen, as Max climbed the stairs two at a time.

Once he stepped inside of his room, he shut and locked door. Then he walked over to his book shelf, and pulled an ashen looking spiral book. The cool smooth surface felt like no other material he had ever skimmed his fingers across before. And the cryptic design is one he had only seen in his dreams....



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Author: Ripley

Summary: Max Evans moves to the small town of Roswell, New Mexico. There he meets the wild and crazy Liz Parker.

Rating: PG-13 - ?

Category: M/L - w/ CCoupling

Disclaimer: Go ahead and try to sue me - you won't get much. (Nothing belongs to me)

Author's Note: A couple things you should know. I am a sophomore - school is tough, so if you like this story and are eager to read more, you'll need to bear with me. I am extremely slow and I tend to switch my priorities around a lot. Now, about the story, I wanted to take my own approach with the whole M/L thing. I am a fan of a disgruntle Max or Liz (mostly Liz, cause she ends up a pain in the ass - Girl Power!) Yeah, anyway, you'll going to have to read and find out.

Title: "Trouble with a Capital L" - thank you Sophia


Hey guys, aren't you excited?! I got this part out before the weekend! Hehe, I'm glad too cause I would have been too busy other wise! All right - I hope you guys like this part - and leave me gobbles of feedback. Even though, I am not very happy with this part and it's not that eventful. But I hope you enjoy it none the less.

Here we go!



Part Three

The next morning was Tuesday. If there was any day that Liz hated more than Monday, it would definitely be
Tuesday, if only because it reminded her further that it was the beginning of the week and school was now in session. However, Liz had told herself: "Self, you will not have a pissy day today- you are wearing kick ass pants and you will revel in your self confidence."
Liz grinned once she entered the commons area. Everyone was seated at the breakfast tables, either eating or conversing with their friends and fellow classmates. Liz spotted Alex standing by their usual table talking with Sean and Michael and immediately
bounded over to her friends, a huge grin on her face and a skip in her step.

"Alex!" she called excitedly. "Hey, look at my butt. Look. At My. Butt."

Alex grinned and quirked an eyebrow at her. Liz turned around and flipped up her shirt to reveal her derriere. Alex choked on his laughter when he read the neon blue words across Liz's cheeks.

"Kick ass!" Sean exclaimed once he got himself a glimpse.

Liz turned around proudly and nodded her head. "I know," she said confidently.

Michael shook his head, though he couldn't hide his own smirk.

Liz adjusted her shoulder bag comfortablely and just stared at Michael. She was still holding a grudge towards him because of what had happened the other day. He rolled his eyes when he took notice of her less than discreet glare.

"Please, Liz, you know you can not go five minutes with out talking to me," he told her with his own self confident grin. "You might as well forgive me now and get it over with."

"So you admit that you -"

He lifted his hand again to silence her. "Liz, you know I never admit anything. In fact this is the closest I've ever come to it, so you might as well take what you can get."

Liz seemed to accept that, for she plopped down on the chair next to him, wrapped her arms around his neck and placed a wet smooch on his cheek.

"I forgive you my Mikey G," she said and pinched his cheek.

Someone cleared their throat just then, and both Michael and Liz lifted their heads to see the one and only Maria DeLuca.

Liz scowled while Michael smiled. "Hey Pixie," he said lovingly, and pulled her into his lap.

Liz took that as a sign to move as far away from them as possible. She looked over at Sean who was equally disgusted by their public display of affection. Sean and Maria were cousins, and complete opposites at that. Sean had spent some time in Juvie, while Maria had spent a little too much time in her mother's Aromatherapy Shop. The fumes had obviously gone to her head.

Sean was Liz's boy. She had dated him for a total of two weeks, but broke up with him soon after that. They had, however, stayed close friends and were there for each other when need be.

"Michael, I want you to meet my new friend Max Evans," Liz heard Maria said. As much as she wanted to, Liz refused to allow herself to look up. "Max, this is my boyfriend Michael Guerin."

Liz imagined Michael's set jaw and penetrating gaze. He didn't like newcomers and was openly wary of them. She saw him stand up to greet Max out of her peripheral vision.

"Hey," came Michael's curt response.

Liz could see his curled fists. She didn't know why, but he always thought of anyone outside of their clique as trouble. Michael had major trust issues, to say the least.

Thankfully Alex jumped in then and extended a friendly hand. "Hello, hello, hello, I'm Alex."

Max smiled and took Alex's hand in a firm shake. "This is my friend, Sean DeLuca, and my best gal pal, Liz Parker," Alex introduced.

Liz lifted her head then, and raised her eye brows at him. "Hey."


Maria looked between the two with interest, and then removed herself from Michael's lap, ignoring his protest.

"Well, Max, we should be going," Maria said, looping her arm through his. Michael's glare went unnoticed by her, but not so much by Max. "We need to see if we can get Max into some of our clubs."

"Goodie," Liz muttered under her breath. Apparently Maria had heard and was throwing death rays at her. Michael lightly jabbed her in the ribs and shot her a warning glance. "Owie," she exclaimed, nursing her side and tossing her own glare his way.

With that, Maria pulled a reluctant Max after her.

Liz stood abruptly also. "Well, if you'll excuse me, I have to admire my Kick Ass pants in the bathroom mirror." And then, she too was gone.


Because she had admired her pants a little too long, Liz was late for first period. However, she had Mr. Dawson first block, so she didn't even bother heading to the office for a tardy slip.

She strolled into the science lab like she owned the place and sat down at her station. Mr. Dawson did little in the aspect of punishing her for her characteristic tardiness, as usual. Instead he just glanced up at her and rolled his eyes.

Mr. Dawson stood from his desk then, pulled off his glasses and placed them neatly on the desk."Today we will be assigning lab groups. I have divided you in groups of five, each holding four members - or less," he said as he posted a piece of paper on the bulletin board at the back of the room. "So, if you will all - one at a time - in a nice fashionable order, go see who you are paired with -"

Liz watched with an amused grin on her face as everyone jumped from their seats and stampeded to the back of the room. She and Michael were the only ones left at their stations. Liz tossed him a grin in which he half smiled back. She had no doubt that she and Michael would be paired together - if Dawson knew what was good for him.

Books were slammed on her lab desk, and Liz looked up to see a pair of annoyed eyes.

"Pam Troy," Liz spat. Pam was one of the biggest bimbos at school, and good lord how she hated her.

"Looks like we are paired together, Elizabeth," Pam said as if it didn't bother her.

Okay. All right. It's all good. Everything is all right. There are four people in a group, Michael could still be paired with me.

Liz tossed him a pleading look, and he reluctantly got up and went to check his name. He came back and squeezed her shoulder.

"I'm with ya, Parker." he whispered.

Liz let out a breath she didn't know she was holding and shot Pam a 40 watt smile. "Please, have a seat," she muttered, not trying to sound hospitable in the least.

Michael then seated himself on the other side of Liz as Pam sat across from them.

"All right, now that everything is in order, we will begin with - " Mr. Dawson was cut short when the door opened.

Everyone turned to see who it was. Girls started swoon while Liz just groaned."Mr. Evans?" Mr. Dawson asked, stepping forward. "I believe you are in my 3rd period class."

Max's face turned a cute shade of pink and he handed Mr. Dawson a slip. "I had to get my schedule changed," he confessed.

Dawson put on his reading glasses and read over his new schedule. "Very well," he picked up his lab sheet and skimmed down the page. "Ah, it seems we have room for one more at lab table seven. With Liz, Michael, and Pam."

Max's gaze found hers and she simply stared. What else could she do? She was in shock that the PTB would do this to her!

"Yo, um, Jack -" Liz started.

When Mr. Dawson looked at her, her throat shut down. "Yes, Miss Parker?"

"I, um, nothing. Just wanted to say hi," she lied. To prove herself, she gave him a little wave.

"Good morning, Miss Parker," he replied and then turned towards the board.

Max seated himself next to Pam Troy, much to her pleasure. The pure look of ecstasy on Pam's face was enough to make Liz want to vomit.

Michael seemed to be sitting more rigid next to her, and Liz stared at him, trying to gage his reaction. Michael’s face was set in stone and seemed to be silently challenging Max.

Shift gaze to Max. He was finding great interest in his hands. Shift gaze to Pam. She was finding great interest in Max's pan-

"Woah, now," Liz burst out. Three sets of eyes turned to her, and she was caught off guard with nothing to say. "What do you say we get to work on that assignment Mr. Dawson gave us."

Michael continued to stare at her doubtfully, knowing she wouldn't have done the work normally.

"You feeling all right Liz?" he asked her.

Liz nodded vigorously. "Yup. Education. It just gets me all excited!" she exclaimed with fake cheeriness. "Hurry, let's check out this molecular...Stuff."


Lunch time. Her favorite time of the day. The school food isn't even that bad- it was actually quite good.

Liz was skipping line as usual and waiting for Doris to come back with a extra helping of potatoe
wedges when she felt someone tap her on the shoulder.

"Hey, Liz," Max said as he stood behind her with his own tray of food. "I need to talk to you."

Just then the cook returned and Liz got her some more delicious potatoe wedges.

As she turned away, Liz started speaking. "Listen, Max, if you're here to talk to me about the escort service that you read on the bathroom stall, let me tell you, I had to end that last year," she said, tossing him a sad smile. "Parental units weren't too thrilled with that one."

Max's brows furrowed and then he shook his head. "No, I was wondering if you could help me catch up on my biology. I'm taking Human Physiology too, so I could use all the help I can get on catching up."

By then, they had approached her table. "Why don't you ask Pam. I'm sure she'll be more than willing to help you out with that," she told him and sat down.

He scratched behind his head nervously. "Yeah, I don't know - I mean, Pam is nice and all, but....I..." he stammered over his words as Liz looked on with a quirked eyebrow. "No."

Liz shrugged. "Simple enough." she said. "Sorry, can't help you."

Michael smirked and Sean chuckled. "What? Why not?" Max asked in shock.

Alex took the opportunity to speak up. "Liz never does her school work, Max," he confessed. "So, therefore, I'll help you. I have Mr. Dawson 5th period so I know what you'll be doing."

Max smiled gratefully and turned to walk away. "But there is a little something I'd like in return," Alex added, causing Max to turn back around.


"Is there anyone you know - that would....Do you have a.....Could you -"

"What my friend Alex is trying to say is," Sean interrupted and slung an arm around his neck, "Do you have a sister. Preferably blonde. Long legged. Nice rack. You know, so my man here won't feel like he's tutoring you for nothing."

Michael dropped his head in his arms to muffle his laughing as Liz watched in amusement as Alex's face turned ten shades of red.

He grimaced and turned to Sean. "Thanks. Thank you, Sean. You got my point across exactly," he said sarcastically.

Sean gave him a few hard slaps on the back. "No problem, Whit."

Alex turned back to Max. "Well? Do you?"


After school Liz's gang retired to Alex's garage. His band, The Whits, was holding auditions for a new singer. Today was the last day for auditioning and the gang was anxious to make their final selection. Though Liz didn't participate musically in the band, she would quite often sing with them at practices if by chance their lead singer was running late.

"All I did was walk over
Start off by shaking your hand
That's how it went
I had a smile on my face and I sat up straight"

Liz pretended to play an electric guitar as the band behind her performed. Michael was the drummer, Sean handled the acoustics, while Alex offered the bass.

"Oh, yeah, yeah
I wanted to know you
I wanted to show you"

"You don't know me
Don't ignore me
You don't want me there
You just shut me out
You don't know me
Don't ignore me
If you had your way
You'd just shut me up
Make me go away"

"I'm so unwanted"

Just as Liz was getting into the song, loud clapping was heard at the front of the garage. Maria DeLuca stood at the door way with a huge smile on her face.

"Wow, you guys rock."

Everyone said thank you, while Liz just stared in shock. What was she doing here?

Realization hit her and she turned to look at Michael. He was sitting at his drums, twirling his
sticks around his fingers with a goofy smile on his face. He was staring intently at Maria as she made her way over to Alex and they began to chat.

There was no way she was trying out for lead singer - was she?

Michael felt Liz's gaze on him, and he turned his head to look at her. She was glaring, and he simply shrugged.

"Michael? A word please?" Liz said and stepped over to the corner of the garage, waiting.

"Liz - before you blow up -"

"What the hell is this Michael?" she asked.

Sighing, he lifted his shoulders in a shrug. "I thought maybe this would give you two a chance to get along," he said. "You know, be nice to each other."

Liz laughed and pulled her cellphone out her pocket, placing it up against her ear. "Hello, Hitler? How's hell, is it cold yet?"

He glared at her and snatched the phone out of her hands. "Liz, I mean it. You and Maria are the most important people in my life, and I want to be able to spend time with both of you," he told her.

Liz crossed her arms and stared at him. Michael wrapped an arm around her shoulders and gave them a squeeze. "Can't you just try to get along with her? For me?"

Liz rolled her eyes skyward and bit her lip in thought.She sighed. "Yeah I suppose I could try," she muttered and smiled when he kissed her on the forehead.

"Thank you Liz," he whispered.

The band dispersed to their respective instruments as Maria stepped up to the microphone. Liz knew from experience that Maria had a set of pipes on her. She was constantly singing and whether she realized it or not, she was excellent at it. Maria’s voice was like none other than Liz had ever heard before, and her eyes lit up every time she'd express her talent.

Liz couldn't help the smile that crossed her face as she watched the group of people before her. They definitely knew her better than anyone. They knew her secrets, her fears, her goals. And she knew she could trust them with her life...


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Thanks for the feedback you all!

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Author: Ripley

Summary: Max Evans moves to the small town of Roswell, New Mexico. There he meets the wild and crazy Liz Parker.

Rating: PG-13 - ?

Category: M/L - w/ CCoupling

Disclaimer: Go ahead and try to sue me - you won't get much. (Nothing belongs to me)

Author's Note: Hey guys, I'm back. I hope you all remembered this story. And I hope you all enjoy.

Title: "Trouble with a Capital L"

Part Four

Liz was working another horrid shift at the Crashdown. She worked five days a week at the Crashdown, and then she worked weekends as a secretary at Roswell's only doctor, Dr. Rahamian. Two excruciating jobs with lousy pay, but it paid for the lame ass apartment she lived in. Anything was better than living with the Parkers.

Finally the last costumer left and Liz was alone in the dining area to close down. The silence was comforting. No more buzzing of the alien-crazed tourists and the smell of the greasy food was now a distant scent.

Liz pulled the several pencils from her hair and placed them in her apron pocker. She gave her head a shake, causing her dark tendrils to fall down her back.

She couldn't wait to get home and shower. She yearned to get the stickiness of today's dining off of her skin.

In a hast, she began to clean up. Scrubbing the tables thoroughly, placing the stools atop the counter, and sweeping the floor. All of the chores had to be finished before she left for home. Home, to more comforting silence.

Liz decided she had done her share, tossed her rag into a bucket, and carried it back to the supply room. Then, she went to her locker to change back into her street clothes. Michael's locker was wide open and his belongings were gone, he must have left all ready. She shut his locker for him and then went to her own. She lifted the latch and pulled it open with one hand, while her other hand worked the buttons on the front of her uniform. Liz would probably have to take the blasted thing to the cleaners to rid it from the stench of her job.

Liz finally stripped free of the uniform and kicked it aside so she could step into her khakis. She looked over her shoulder, to the corner of the room so she could check out her kick ass pants again from the mirror. What she saw instead made her breath hitch.

Jeff Parker was staring at her reflection in the mirror from where he was standing at the entry way of the office. She immediately turned around and calmly pulled on her shirt. She didn't move, didn't speak, she didn't dare breath when she heard his footsteps approaching her. Instead she carried on with her routine as if he wasn't even there. Liz grabbed her bag and bent to stuff her uniform inside. Once she straightened and turned around, he was practically on top of her. She could feel his puffs of breath on her forehead. Her downcast eyes watched as his hands slowly slide up her arms. The touch so unwelcome that she shivered and took an involuntary step back, now flushed up against the lockers.

When Jeff didn't say anything, she lifted her gaze to meet his, it was unreadable. Months of staying with him had her convinced that she could read his every expression, but this was different. A mix of rage and something else she'd never seen before.

Jeff opened his mouth to speak when someone called Liz's name - causing them both to jump.

Michael stood at the bottom of the stair case, holding his pay check in hand. His glare was pounding into Jeff Parker and his fists curled at his sides, the check crinkling loudly. He shifted his gaze to Liz, her form straight as a pole and her eyes boaring into his. Pleading.

Her silent plea was clear to him and he urged himself to relax. "C'mon, Liz, I'll take you home."

"Great, thanks, Michael." Liz commented. Her voice did little to show what inner turmoil she must have been going through. Michael sometimes wondered how she did it.

"Did you pick up my check too?" she asked - her voice so cool that Michael could have thought that nothing had happened. If he hadn't know any better.

"Yeah." Michael's voice on the other hand, spoke mulittudes of hate he felt for his employer. He continued to stare at Jeff Parker until Liz pulled him out of the back room and into the alley.

Her arms crossed over her chest, in a defensive manner, with her head down, as she walked in a hurried pace to Michael's bike. Her stature let him know, clearly, he wasn't to ask her about what had transpired in that room.

Michael didn't have to. He always knew...


The water swirled slowly down the drain as it glided down her body, taking with it the awful smells of grease and fat of her day at work. A slight tint of red mixed with the water, and Liz frowned.

Her red highlights were fading.

Sighing, she turned around underneath the shower head and titled her head back. The watered rained down upon her, soaking her hair even more. She ran her fingers through her hair, combing out the tangled mass. She was deadly tired. Work sucked. And most of the time, her life did too. Liz groaned in frustration. She couldn't wait to get out of this shitty town.

A small smile crept on her lips as an image flashed before her eyes. The small group of people, consisiting of only those who hold the small pieces left from her heart, run out of the school building, caps and gowns thrown high into the air, laughter drifting from their lips. They all piled into a van and sped off into the horizon. Away from school. Away from their problems. Away from Roswell.

That had been Liz's dream since she had moved in with her aunt and uncle. The second her senior class graduated from Roswell, she would flee from this hell hole. She'd spend the rest of her life with her friends. The only people who mattered.

Deep amber eyes, those of whom belong to a one Max Evans, then flashed before her. Startled, Liz turned off the shower and rubbed her eyes. Shit. She was so tired she was hallucinating.

Liz stepped from the shower and pulled on a flannel, plaid t-shirt. Alex had left it at her place on one of the many nights her boys stay over, since then she has been using it as a night shirt. Taking only a second to towel dry her hair, she then left the bathroom and crawled beneath her warm covers.


Alex shut his book with a yawn, and stretched his long legs out in front of him.

"Well, Max, that was fun, but I have to head home now," Alex mumbled and rubbed his face with his tired hands.

A yawn escaped Max's lips as well, and he too shut his text book. "Thanks for your help, Alex."

He grumbled. "Yeah no problem," He had come all the way over here to meet the infamous Isabel, only to find out she wasn't home. His stomach growled, he was hungry too.

"I'm sorry you didn't get to meet my sister," Max said with a smirk. "She's a college girl you know. Comes and goes as she pleases."

Alex waved off his comment as if it were nothing. "It's all right my friend, there are other fish in the sea."

Max grinned and nodded. He leaned his head back against the wall where he was sitting on the floor, beneath his window, and stared at his hands. "What's up with Liz," he asked before he could stop himself.

Alex wasn't at all surprised at his sudden question. It was obvious Max had a thing for her. He stood and skimmed his eyes over Max's book case.

"She's cut from the mold of the anti-social." he answered with a shrug. "Liz is Liz. I've known her for years and I still haven't found out what makes her tick." Alex looked at Max then. "She's a really good person, life has just screwed her over, that's all. From guys to her family. Liz is just bitter."

"But you love her." Max said softly.

He chuckled. "How can I not? She's the only girl I know who gave my grade school bully an ass kicking. My friend Michael was even too big of a coward to go after him, but Liz - " he laughed again. "The moment was priceless."

Max let a smile creep onto his lips at the mental image Alex provided for him.

"Allow yourself to grow on her, that's all I can tell ya," Alex gave Max a thumbs up and then left his room.

As he was bounding down the stairs, he collided into a soft body. His arms instintictivley went out and went around the person's form to prevent them from following.

"God, I'm sorry, I'm such a klutz."

"Yeah you are," a voice he hadn't heard before.

Alex lifted his head to stare at the beautiful woman in front of him. He had expected it to be Mrs. Evans, but it clearly was not.

"You're not Mrs. Evans," he mumbled stupidly.

Her laughter drifted to his ears like the Hymns sung by an angel. "No, I'm not." and with that, she walked past him and down the hallway.

It took a full minute for Alex to regain himself. He could still feel her soft, golden hair against his fingers tips, from when he got the brief second of touch. Deep, brown eyes, with speckles of gold were still staring into his.

"Hot damn, I met Isabel Evans,"


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Author: Ripley

Summary: Max Evans moves to the small town of Roswell, New Mexico. There he meets the wild and crazy Liz Parker.

Rating: PG-13 - ?

Category: M/L - w/ CCoupling

Disclaimer: Go ahead and try to sue me - you won't get much. (Nothing belongs to me)

Author's Note: Hey guys, I'm back. I hope you all remembered this story. And I hope you all enjoy.

Title: "Trouble with a Capital L"


Thanks all for the feedback on both of my stories. You all are awesome!


Part Five

Liz buried her head into her pillow as the sun's rays warmed her face and shone into her eyes.   The happy chirping of a robin, perched on her air conditioner caused her to cover her ears with her hands.  God, it was too freaking early for all this...Cheeriness.

Liz groaned and rolled to her back.  She turned her head to catch a glimpse of the glaring, red digits of her alarm clock.  11:30.

What?  11:30!


Liz stumbled out of bed and tripped over her hair dryer.  "Ah, shit,"  she groaned and bent down to rub her toe.  How the hell did she over sleep five hours?

Liz scrambled to the bathroom and hopped into the shower.  In her haste to wash her hair, she realized, she didn't attend the classes anyway.  Where the hell was the fire?  She laughed at herself then.  She couldn't remember a time when she had been so stressed out about being late for school.  Not even in her Elementary years. 

With a sigh, Liz took her time in preparing for what was left of her classes.


By the time Liz stepped on campus grounds, first lunch was ten minutes underway.  Not bothering to get a tardy slip, Liz cut through the quad and searched for her posse.  The mass of students made it difficult to pin point their exact location, and their usual table was deserted.  With a frown on her face, Liz hoped onto the table and peered over the crowd of people. 

Michael's spiked hair immediately caught her attention.  They were all seated at a completely different table.  What the fuc -

Maria's laughter drifted to Liz's ears, and she finally caught a glimpse of the blonde pixie.  Her arms were wrapped securely around Michael, as his were wrapped around her.  They were both laughing at something Alex said.

A twinge of jealously pierced Liz's heart, and she felt like she should do something.  She needed march over there and get her friends back.

Liz hopped from the table and walked towards the group.  As she neared them, she turned abruptly and walked past them, defeat over taking her.

Who the hell was she to say who her friends could and could not hang out with?


"Hey, was that Liz?"  Sean DeLuca interrupted the groups fun and pointed to the brunette with fading red highlights.

Maria frowned.  "Looks like it,"  she said softly.  "I thought she didn't come to school today."

Michael smirked.  "She probably overslept."

Max, who had stayed silent most of the lunch period, followed Liz with his gaze.  He thought he had saw her approaching them, but her sudden change in direction had convinced him that it wasn't her, until now.

"Don't you think someone should go get her,"  Max said.

Everyone turned to look at him.  "I mean, she's probably looking for you guys."

Alex grinned and patted his back.  "Sure Max, why don't you go get her."

Michael glared coldly at Max as he stood from the table.  Max definitely had a thing for her, and it pissed Michael off to no end.  No one deserved Liz, and this Max character, he seemed too much a goodie goodie to even breathe the same air as his Liz.

"Michael?"  Maria asked, bringing him from his thoughts.

He turned his head to look at her.  "Max is a good guy, Michael, he won't hurt her."

Sean chuckled.  "It's Max he's worried about."


Max lost Liz in the hallway, and was now roaming them helplessly.  What was his infatuation with this girl?  She definitely wasn't his type.  Max needed someone who would stand quietly by his side, and from what he saw, Liz neither stood in one place for very long, and she was hardly silent.

Loud dribbling from the gymnasium caught his attention, and Max poked his head through the double doors.  Liz stood at the foul line, dribbling a basketball between her bare feet, before she scooped the ball into her hands and tossed it into the basket.

Max grinned and entered the gym completely.  "Hey, Liz,"  he called, his voice echoing through the room.

She glanced at him, before returning to the foul line.  "What do you want, Evans?"  she asked, her voice expressing how much of a foul mood she was in.

He shrugged and pulled off his grey sweater.  His undershirt got momentarily snagged and Liz caught a nice glimpse his firm, rippled stomach.  Her throat went dry and she averted her attention back to the sport at hand.

"I thought we could play a little one-on-one."  he said.

"Oh?"  she asked incredulously and tossed the ball towards the basket again.  She missed.  "Damn."

Liz retrieved the ball again and walked up to Max.  "All right,"  she agreed and checked him the ball.  "Let's play."

He tossed the ball from one hand to another as he stared at her thoughtfully.  "How about we make it interesting?"  he challenged, with a grin on his face.

Liz straightened, her interest piqued.  All ready formulating embarrassing situations she could put him in.

She took two steps toward him, then, smiled sweetly, and took the ball from him again.  "Name the terms." she instructed with a grin.


Liz stormed from the gymnasium, the double doors slamming against the walls with a thundering sound.  Max followed her chuckling.

"Now, Liz, it was just a game."  he said with a smirk as he pulled his sweater over his shoulders.  "Nothing to get mad about."

She whirled around and poked a finger in his chest.  "You cheated!"  she accused.  The thought was ludicrous and she knew it.  She squinted her eyes at him angrily.  "I don't know how you did, but I know there wasn't an ounce of fairness in the game you played."

He lightly removed her finger from his chest, all the while smiling smugly.  "Liz, if you wish to forget about the bet, that's fine."  he said and crossed his arms over his chest.  "I don't mind."

She debated over doing just that.  The terms...Ugh - humiliation was the first word that came to her mind.  Liz stared him down.

No.  She wouldn't give him the satisfaction.  Hiding the defeat in her voice, Liz agreed.  "No.  I never back out of a bet.  You won.  I'll do it."  she told him and then turned to walk away.

"Are you sure?"  he called out.  "I mean, if you don't want -"

"I said I'd do it!"  she snapped and sent him a glare over her shoulder.

She hated losing!


Michael leaned casually against the side of the school building as his eyes scanned the parking lot.  Only one car was left.  The Evans' jeep.  His head fell lightly against the brick wall and waited. 

The double doors sounded and Michael straightened, his eyes staring around the corner.  He watched with interest as Max hopped down the school steps and jogged towards the parking lot.  He didn't seem to be in a hurry, just eager to get to where ever he was going.

Michael moved away from the building and walked in the opposite direction.  He glanced over his shoulder to see Max unlocking the car door and getting inside.  Michael rounded the school building where his bike was waiting.  As soon as he heard the engine of the jeep, he started his own engine.  He grinned to himself as it roared to life, and slowly walked it to the end of the building.

Max had made it to the end of the parking lot, as he waited for traffic to go by so he could pass.  Michael waited until he pulled out onto the road, before he followed closely behind.


Liz pounded anxiously on his door as she cracked her knuckles with impatience.  The door squeaked open and Sean DeLuca stood on the other side.

"Hey, Sean,"  she muttered and walked through.  "Let me borrow your shirt."

He frowned thoughtfully as he took in her tiny white T-shirt with two stick figures.  A girl surrounded by doodled hearts and a boy with a mohawk.  In scribbled writing below the the picture, it read "Chicks dig mohawks."

"Well, okay,"  he agreed, and then pointed at her shirt.  "But only if I can borrow yours."

Liz rolled her eyes and began rummaging through his clothes strewn out over the floor.  "Which one?"  he asked and leaned against the door.

She sighed and tossed another shirt aside.  "You know, that one..."  she described.  "With the saying."

He nodded and made an "ohhh" sound.  "That one."

Liz giggled and grabbed a white shirt from beneath his playstation.  "This one!"  she exclaimed. 

It was a white, long sleeve shirt, with the phrase "This would look good on your bedroom floor" written in blue.  She sniffed it tentatively.

"It's clean."  he confirmed.

She quirked an eyebrow.  "Are you sure?"  she asked though she was already pulling it over her head.

He nodded.  "Yeah, the pile behind the couch is the dirty ones."

Liz pulled free the wrinkles and then walked up to him.  She placed a kiss on his cheek.  "Thanks buddy."  she said and reached for the door.

Sean stepped aside.  "Where are you heading?"  he asked and held the door open for her.

"UFOnics is opened early this evening.  I'm heading down now to beat the crowd."  she answered and raised her eyeborws at him.  "Wanna come?"

He shrugged.  "Sure why not?"  came his answer and he grabbed a sweater from the couch.  He met her outside his apartment and gave her a grin.  "Let's roll."


She entered the club and surveyed her surrounding with disgust.  The room was packed with sweaty bodies, grinding in the most unbecoming way. Some of them bumping into her, causing her skin to become wet with someone else's sweat.  She made a gagging sound and removed herself from the crowd, rubbing angrily at her flesh.  She spotted him at the counter, sitting comfortably in a stool, and she glared at him.

"Interesting place for a meeting Max."  Isabel chided.  "This place is simply perfect for the matters we need to discuss.  Hundreds of people around - any one of them able to hear what is being said."

Max lifted his head and stared at his sister.  He opened his mouth to speak, but she silenced him.  "Don't give me that bull on how we are supposed to be acting normal."  she stepped beside him and leaned close to his ear.  "We are not normal, Max, and we are not in the place to discuss what is needed to be said."

He stood up then, and glared hard at her.  "Maybe I didn't come here to discuss things with you Isabel.  Maybe I brought you were so we could have a good time."  he said harshly.  "We never have fun anymore, so maybe I was just being a brother and invited my sister join me at this club.  So that then, maybe, we could be normal for once....Or at least act it."

Isabel's shoulders sagged, and she sighed.  "Well, you obviously don't know where to take me to have fun."  she said and glanced around again.  "This is a little much for me."

Max too looked around before he started laughing.  "Yeah - I guess it is."

She grabbed his hand then and squeezed in reassuring.  "Thanks anyway."  she whispered with a smile..

They sat down together, silenced hovering over them for a moment, before they found a conversation to engage in. It was nothing of their origins, or what they're going to do about finding them. It was of simply details. School. Work. Family.

For the first time, for as long as they could remember, the two siblings felt normal.


Michael sat and watched the two of them at the counter. So there was another one.  It didn't matter, there was definitely something up with them. He coudl feel it in his bones, and he would continue his tracking until he found out.

"Hey, Mikey."  someone said and the chair squeaked from someone's weight.  "You didn't say you were coming this way."

He averted his attention to Liz.  "Hey, Liz,"  he muttered and took a sip of his cherry cola. He turned his form away from the two suspects and towards her. 

Liz watched him a moment.  He was hiding something from her, she could tell.  "What's wrong?"  she asked, and bent her head to get him to look at her.

He lifted his gaze slightly.  "Nothing's wrong."  he replied, taking another sip from his glass.

She sat back and nodded.  "Right."  was all she said.  Liz didn't feel like fighting with him in order to get him to open up.  It was more hassle than it was worth.  "Well, you've stopped being fun now, so I am gonna head that way."  she said and jabbed her thumb over her shoulder.

He nodded. "Later."

Liz shook her head and then left.  If he wasn't going to talk to her, she'd find someone who would.  She tapped Sean on the shoulder to obtain his attention.  He turned from the girl he had been dancing with and immediately started to dance with Liz instead.  They had danced several times before, both when they had dated and after they had split.  It was completely natural. The way his hands fit comfortabley on her hips as they danced to the beat of the music.  The crowd so large, that it was difficult not to bump into someone in the process.

Liz had closed her eyes and swayed to the music when Sean dipped his head towards her ear. "Max Evans is staring at you again." he whispered to her.

Liz's eyes snapped open and she stared at Sean, her eye brows raised. He confirmed her silent question with a nod, and pointed over her shoulder. She turned her head and indeed there he was. Max Evans.

He was leaning casually against the counter, a glass of cola dangling in his hands, while his gaze met hers. She tossed him a grin and then turned back to Sean.

"He's been watching you for a while, now." he told her as he stared Max down.

Liz smiled, despite her efforts not to. He was an intriguing character, and she was eager to learn more about him.

"Shit." she heard Sean mutter.

"What?" Liz asked looking up at him alarmed, but he wasn't paying attention to her. "Sean?"

Sean darted, pulling Liz after him. "Michael's talking to Max." he answered, but the tone in his voice let Liz know that it didnt' appear to be a very pleasant one.

She hopped a little to look over Sean's shoulder, and there they were. Michael standing in front of Max, his form rigid, and Liz could see hostility in his eyes, while Max stood relaxed, though his jaw was set. Liz looked at Sean as they struggled against the mass of people, her eyes filled with worry.

"What are we going to do?" she asked him, and then frowned. "What the hell is Michael's problem, anyway?"

They finally reached Max and Michael, but not soon enough to hear the end of the conversation.

"Hey, Mike." Sean said casually and shoved himself between the two males. "Can I get a coke?" he asked the waiter behind the counter. Then he turned around and leaned against the surface. He looked between Max and Michael and grinned. "What's going on guys?"

Liz rolled her eyes at Sean's acting, but waited for the answer nonetheless. Neither of them replied, it was silent for what seemed like an eternity. Then, finally, Max turned to Liz, though he watched Michael out of his peripheral vision. "Nothing, Liz," he answered. "Michael and I were simply getting to know each other." He turned to Michael again. "It seems we have more in common than we realized."

A tall, beautiful blonde stepped in then, and Liz was taken back. Who was she? "Why don't we get out of here?" she suggested, looking between her brother and the stranger.

Michael, who had been silent, removed his gaze from Max and it landed on Isabel. "Yeah, lets."

When he started to follow them, Liz's hand snaked out and grabbed him tightly. "Michael, what the hell is going on?" she asked him, hear eyes boring into his face.

He didn't meet her gaze, but just glanced at her for a moment. "I've gotta go, Liz, I'll see you tomorrow." He slipped out of her grasp then, and left her there confused and hurt.

Sean wrapped an arm around Liz and gave her a squeeze. "Looks like Michael made some new friends.."


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Author: Ripley

Summary: Max Evans moves to the small town of Roswell, New Mexico. There he meets the wild and crazy Liz Parker.

Rating: PG-13 - ?

Category: M/L - w/ CCoupling

Disclaimer: Go ahead and try to sue me - you won't get much. (Nothing belongs to me)

Author's Note: A couple things you should know. I am a sophomore - school is tough, so if you like this story and are eager to read more, you'll need to bear with me. I am extremely slow and I tend to switch my priorities around a lot. Now, about the story, I wanted to take my own approach with the whole M/L thing. I am a fan of a disgruntle Max or Liz (mostly Liz, cause she ends up a pain in the ass - Girl Power!) Yeah, anyway, you'll going to have to read and find out.

Title: Trouble with a Capital L

Yeah, sorry it's been a while, and it couldn't have been even longer if I hadn't gotten so impatient. I decided to just do what little revision I was capable of doing myself...(Sorry Jess!) Anyway, so here it is, and sorry about the mistakes!

Part Six

Part Six
Liz strolled into the school building, dressed in her usual rebellious attire. Her hair was pulled back into a sloppy
bun, practically covered by her black, Weezer beanie. She was adorned in camouflage flares and a black, one
strapped tank top. Her messenger bag was slung lazily over her shoulder and bopped lightly against her side with
every step she took.

She approached the gang's table and stifled a yawn. It was entirely too friggin early for school to begin.

"Suck it up, Parker, it's Friday." she heard Michael say from behind his bottle of orange juice.

Liz contained her yawn and glared at him instead. "You've got a lot of explaining to do, buddy." she said harshly, and lifted a slender eyebrow at him. "Lotsa explaining."

Michael stared at her a moment, before he rolled his eyes in a dismissal manner. Liz was about to retort when Sean interrupted.

"I was just saying Liz," he started, trying to remove all focus from the tension between the two friends. "That Pam Troy had the greatest pair of underwear on last night."

Her gaze drifted to her friend. "And you think I'd care to hear that because..."

He pulled her down beside him. "Because you are one of the guys, Lizzie." he said and squeezed his shoulders.

"Don't you like hearing about my -"

"No." she inserted before he could go any farther. "I'd prefer if you'd keep your hoe-rides to yourself, mmmkay?"

Sean smirked and nodded. "No problem."

The table fell silent a moment. Everyone completely aware of the tension between Michael and Liz. Alex sat
drumming his thumbs rhythmically on the table to the song he was listening to, as Sean sat with his arm draped
protectively around Liz.

"Besides," Liz mutters and shifts from Sean's grasp. She was tired of the silence. "No one, and I mean no one, has
cooler underwear than I do."

She grasped the hem of her undergarment and pulled it up as she pushed down the sides of her flares. "Take a look at mine." she said triumphantly.

Everyone shifted to catch a glimpse of her underwear. Michael and Alex leaning over the table a smirk on both
their faces.

"Dude." came Sean's response.

"They're duckies." Liz said softly. "They're cute."

Michael sat back and shook his head, the smile evident on his face. Though, Alex stayed rooted in his place,
catching his first glimpse of female underwear. "I thought it was supposed to be silk, or something." he said out loud.

Liz ignored his comment and tilted her head. "I like 'em."
Alex frowned. "They have the body of a chicken, but a head of a duck.." he pondered.

"Dude," Sean said again. "They're dicks."

Liz snapped her underwear in place and then pulled up her pants. "Well, that's about enough of that." she said and glared at Sean.

He laughed at her and wrapped an arm around her shoulder again. "Hands down, you do have the coolest
underwear, Parker."

Liz smiled happily until his voice rang in her ears.

"Just wait until you see my underwear."

Everyone looked up to see Max and Maria standing at the end of the table. Max was already lifting up his shirt to reveal his boxers.

"Green alien heads," Sean commented. "Like, where did you get those?"

Maria smiled. "My mom gave them to him." she answered and then perched herself on Michael's lap. "Morning,

Liz rolled her eyes, vaguely aware of Sean leaning next to her ear. "You still have the coolest panties."

She gave him a smile for his effort and watched the sickening scene in front of her. Liz had to say to herself that Maria wasn't all that bad. They didn't know each other and that was the only reason they weren't getting along. She inwardly groaned, for she knew she'd have to voice that thought out loud.

She tossed a menacing glare at Max, but he was too busy talking with Alex. She hated him.

"All right, well, I've had just about enough of this PDA," she said as she stood from the table. She glanced at Max
for a moment, and he held her gaze. Finally, Liz shifted her line of vision. "I think I'm going to skip class today.
Don't wait up,"

Liz walked away from the table, Sean jogging after her. "Wow, you could cut the sexual tension with a knife." he commented once he was in step with his friend. "You want him."

She scoffed at the thought and tossed a glare his way. "Please. I hate him."

Sean laughed and squeezed her shoulders. "You want his jock, Lizzie," he teased in a sing-song voice.

"Ugh," she groaned and pushed him away from her. "You're right, because I am just an all around slut, aren't I?" she asked, challenging him with her gaze, before she continued on her way.

"Now, wait a second," Sean called as he jogged to catch up with her again. "That's not what I meant, and you know it. Don't get all defensive."

Liz sighed and rubbed her forehead. "I know, I know, and I'm sorry," she told him, rubbing his arm reassuringly. "I've just had a bad couple of days is all."

He thrust his hands in his pockets and shrugged. "What? Did someone beat you at basketball, or something?"

Max leaned leisurely against the locker as he waited for the bell to tone. He was supposed to be meeting Michael so that they could "talk", but instead his thoughts were focused on a certain brunette. He smirked as he remembered her fiery gaze when he'd beaten her at basketball.

She was right, he had cheated. He couldn't make a three-pointer no matter how long he practiced.

He had to admit, his terms were quite interesting. He was giving everyone the chance to see the side of Liz Parker than no one as ever seen before. Probably never even thought existed. Max had suggested that Liz turn over a new leaf for an entire week. Meaning, she could no longer dress in such rebellious, revealing clothing, and she had to lose the attitude. He had also said she had to be nicer to Maria, more for Maria's sake than his own pleasure. She could no longer flirt with guys so unabashedly...Now that was for his own good. His blood boiled just at the thought of Liz leaning over the cafeteria table, thrusting her cleavage into some jock's face, and batting her eyelashes at him.

It wasn't classy....But then again, neither was Liz Parker.

Would he want her any other way?

Max removed himself from his thoughts just as Michael came into view. He straightened and nodded his head in

"You're Highness," Michael greeted with sarcasm.

Max rolled his eyes and started to walk towards the exit of the building. "I'm thinking you should show me where
the cave is today," he said, the order evidence in his tone.

Michael latched onto Max's arm, preventing any further movement. "I don't think so. I don't trust you just yet." he said. "We'll talk more, and then we'll see."

"We'll talk on the way to the cave."

Michael shook his head. "No." he said firmly, and stood his ground.

Max quirked an eyebrow at him. "You're defying me?" he asked.

"Damn straight."

They stared at each other for a long moment, Michael's smoldering gaze piercing into Max's own cold, amber eyes.

"All right," he said after a moment. "All right, we'll talk."

Michael's shoulder sagged slightly with relief, before he straightened even more. "We'll go to my place - it's more

Max extended his arm out to the side, encompassing the hallway. "Lead the way,"

Liz set her tray down at the lunch table, her senses immediately telling her Michael wasn't there. "Oh, where the hell is he?" she asked out loud.

"That's what I'd like to know," Maria said as she approached the table. "He was supposed to meet me second block in the eraser -"

Liz held her hand up, silencing her. She didn't want to hear anymore.

"Anyway," Maria continued, clearing her throat uncomfortably. "He didn't show."

She shrugged and sat down, ignoring Maria entirely. She didn't have to play nice until next week, there was no
way in hell she was going to start now.

Liz heard Maria sigh. "What is your problem?" she asked, her hands placed defensively on her hips.

She quirked an eyebrow at the pixie. "I don't have a problem," she stated. "Do you?"

Maria scoffed. "Please, you've had a problem with me since Michael and I started seeing each other. So what is it?" she continues. "Are you in love with him or something? Because I am not good with competition."

Liz's mouth fell slight agape. Maria DeLuca was talking to her like this? Damn, she had guts. She smirked
slightly, Liz could still hear the slight wavering in her voice.

"Nooo," Liz said slowly. "I -"

"Then are you jealous that you can't find yourself a decent guy?" Maria continued relentlessly.

Liz slowly stood from the table, vaguely aware of Sean and Alex standing at the side lines. Their gazes transfixed
on them, their trays hanging loosely in their hands.

"And what is that supposed to mean?" she questioned.
Maria scoffed again. "Please, everyone knows the story of you and Andrew Zirkle."

"Oh, really, enlighten me," Liz says, interested. "What's the story?"

She shifted her weight between her feet and looked at Liz uncomfortably. "I don't think I need to remind you. You know the story well enough," she answers, her voice beginning to quiver even more.

Liz nodded and seated herself again. "That's what I thought," she muttered. Maria knew nothing of her
relationship with Andrew, or the lack there of. "Scamper off, Maria, you're wasting my time."

"No, you're wasting my time," she threw back, her voice raised. "I can't go anywhere with Michael with out you

Liz rolled her eyes, and gathered her belongings. She didn't need this shit.

"Backing away, Parker?" she asked. Liz shifted her gaze to Maria, her arms were crossed and smirk held her face -
her eyes held a challenging glint.

Liz glared at her, until Maria turned her head to look away. "You don't know shit, about shit, Maria. Michael is my best friend, and I'm sorry if he decides to take you places where he knows I'll be. Maybe you should talk to him about it and not me."

With that, Liz walked past Sean and Alex and to the parking lot. She need to get the hell out of there.

Michael watched Isabel with amused interest as she picked the slice of pizza off the couch. She locked her gaze onto his and scowled.

He shrugged. "What do you expect?"

Isabel sighed and dropped the pizza on the floor, before she sank uneasily into the cushion of the couch. "You're
right, what did I expect?"

Max pushed himself off of the wall with his leg and took a step towards Michael, his arms crossed. "So, what do
you want to talk about?"

Michael sank down into his chair, feeling at ease in his own apartment. On his own turf. "The book." he answered.

"The book?" he questioned. "What about it?"

"Let me see it,"

Isabel looked between the two men, as Max shook his head. "You can see the book when we can see the cave," he told him. "I don't particularly trust you either."

Michael nodded in understanding and pursed his lips together. "All right," he reached into the cushion of his chair, his hand digging deep, before he pulled out a bluish colored orb.

Isabel gasped and Max grinned. "You hid that in the cushion of a chair?" Isabel asked with astonishment.

Michael ignored her.

"Maria and I found this out in the desert one night a couple of months ago," he explained as he tossed the orb
between his hands. "Things were getting pretty heated, when we started hearing this beeping sound. We dug a
couple of feet until we found this."

Isabel gasped again and stared at Michael. "We shouldn't get involved with humans."

They looked at her, eyebrows raised. "Obviously you two have no problem with endangering other people, so just
ignore me." she muttered.

They did.

Max extended his hand, waiting for Michael to give him the orb. He stared at him a moment, before he finally
tossed it to Max.

His hands skimmed over the smooth surface, around the swirling symbol circling a tiny triangle. It felt the same,
with the same weight and size. It radiated the same warmth. Max reached his hand into his book bag and pulled out the other one.


Michael stood quickly and went to stand beside him. Isabel sat back into the sofa, picking lint off of her clothing.

"Our father brought us back to Roswell one year when we were kids. We went camping in the desert, and found
this one," he explained and handed it to Michael. "Their identical."

Michael examined the orb, a smile spreading across his face. "Are you ready to see the cave?"

"I am going to kick her ass, Michael,"

Everyone jerked their heads to see Liz storming into the apartment. Max and Michael's hands went quickly behind
their backs.

Liz studied them skeptically. "Why are you guys playing with paper weights?"

"Liz what at you doing here?" Michael asked exasperated. "Didn't you see the sock on the door?"

She quirked an eyebrow at him. "Cheating on Maria?" she asked, and then looked at Max. "With him?"

A deep blush crossed both the guys' faces. "Tsk, tsk, Michael, your taste seems to get worse every time." she finally took notice of Isabel. "Who are you?"

Her eyes widened. "I - um -"

"Nevermind, I don't care," Liz said, waving her off. "Michael, I need to speak with you. Outside. Now."
He sighed. "No,"

Liz raised her eyebrows, looking at him in shock. "Excuse me?"

He clenched his eyes shut. "Liz, just go, all right?" he told her. "We'll talk later."

She shook her head, a laugh escaping her lips. "No, no, no, no, we are going to talk, now." she demanded, her
arms crossed over her chest.

Michael handed the orb to Max, and walked up to Liz. Stopping only briefly before he bent down and swung her
over his shoulder.

"Michael!" Liz yelled. "What the hell?"

He walked out of the apartment, placed her in the middle of the hallway, and walked back inside.

She stood there for a moment, stupefied before she ran up to the door just as it closed.


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So, on with the thank yous:

BillyHoliday - lol, you'll learn to love Maria. They kind of come to terms with each other in this next part. *wink*
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I'll be back guys, as soon as I can! Thanks so much!

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Author: Ripley

Summary: Max Evans moves to the small town of Roswell, New Mexico. There he meets the wild and crazy Liz Parker.

Rating: PG-13 - ?

Category: M/L - w/ CCoupling

Disclaimer: Go ahead and try to sue me - you won't get much. (Nothing belongs to me)

Author's Note: A couple things you should know. I am a sophomore - school is tough, so if you like this story and are eager to read more, you'll need to bear with me. I am extremely slow and I tend to switch my priorities around a lot. Now, about the story, I wanted to take my own approach with the whole M/L thing. I am a fan of a disgruntle Max or Liz (mostly Liz, cause she ends up a pain in the ass - Girl Power!) Yeah, anyway, you'll going to have to read and find out.

Title: Trouble with a Capital L

Banner by Lorastar

Thanks to my beta [StardustDreamer she is the groovy-est. *wink* And thanks to frenchkiss70



The rhythmic music boomed from her stereo as Liz bobbed her head to the beat of the drums. Inside her head, she was the one sitting behind an expensive drum set, sticks in hand, beating mercilessly against the instrument. She swung her head around, her hair following her movement in a wild haste to catch up. Her eyes were shut tightly as she screamed the words at the top of her lungs.

"Blah blah, blah blah, blahblahblahblah. That's what it sounds like you said to me!"

Her hands gripped the imaginary drum sticks in her hands and pounded them against the stereo speakers

"You nag and you brag and I gag," she continued to sing. "There's so much beauty in what we had…"

She continued on by simply listening to Kelly Osbourne's voice as it flowed to her ears. She tossed her head back and spun around, picking up a hair brush carelessly thrown on the floor. Liz brought the brush a few inches from her lips and began using it as a microphone.

"You must have better things that you can do, or does your life revolve around me too?" she lifted her slender shoulder and gave it a roll before she threw the brush back to the floor. Her legs and feet moved on their own accord, taking her around the entire living room. She hopped onto the couch, kicking off the cushions.

"Round and round, but the conversation always ends where it began! Round and round and I need a vacation, I got a headache from you..."

"Shut up! Don't want to hear your voice! Shut up! I'm sick of all the noise! There's nothing you can say that means a damn thing to me! Shut up! Don't want to be polite! It's messed up, how you always think you're right. There's nothing you can say that's gonna change the way I am..." She tossed her head back again, her hair flowing down her back. "Shut up!"

Her hands grasped at the imaginary guitar in her hands and strummed at the strings in a frenzy. She twirled her head in tiny circles, wind milling her wild locks with incredible speed. Liz continued to play the guitar solo, pretending as if she knew exactly what she was doing.

Liz was so lost in the song, she didn't see the door creak open, and a figure lean against the door jamb.

"Round and round, and the conversation always ends where it began! Round and round and I need a vacation, I got a headache from you!! Shut up!! Don't want to hear your voice! Shut up!! I'm sick of all the noise! There's nothing you can say that's means a damn thing to me! Shut up!! Don't want to be polite! It's messed up, how you always think you're right! There's nothing you can say that's gonna change the way I am...Shut up!!!" she finished and whirled around towards the door. Her hair fell back to it's place, framing her face. A few strands covering her eyes.

She glared angrily at the person she saw the next moment, an amused smirk playing on his lips. How long had he been there?

"What's up, Parker?" Max asked and pushed himself away from the door. He entered the apartment fully and kicked the door shut with his heel. "Venting?"

"Venting?" she asked, a bit out of breath. "Hell no, I do this on a regular basis," she explained and placed a hand on her hip. "Kelly and I, we're like this," she crossed her fingers, emphasizing how close they were.

"Oh," he said with a quirked eyebrow. "I could hear the music all the way down the hall."

"Ah, damn, I'm sorry," she muttered, not sounding the least bit sincere. "Did I interrupt your conversation with Michael...and that blonde chick?"

Max shook his head and absently flipped through a text book on her coffee table. "Isabel, she's my sister," he said and looked up at her, noting her uninterested look. "And for your information, I wasn't with Michael. I decided to come see you."

"Charmed," Liz muttered and picked up a bottle of water, bringing to her lips.

He shoved his hands deep into his pockets, his eyes glancing around her apartment before they finally fell on her again. Liz had his back to him as she played with her stero. His gaze traveled up her form, taking in her long, drawstring pajama bottoms that were decorated with red, fire-breathing dragons. Futher up, he noticed the waist band of her pants were rolled down, revealing a tiny tattoo on her back. Up still, her black tank top rode up, and he prayed she'd turn around so he could get a nice view of her stomach. Her hair was a mess from her previous head banging, but it suited her. It only showed how truly attractive she was to him.

"What are you doing here Max?" she questioned and turned from her stereo, her arms crossed protectively around her torso.

His words caught in his throat, as his eyes unwillingly traveled from her neck to her chest. Her arms uncrossed themselves, and straightened her shirt for him to see. It was then that Max noticed the bright orange letters the covered her tank top. "Hey, I'm up here," he read.

Max cleared his throat and met her amused gaze. "I, um," he started and dug his hands even deeper into his pockets. "I came to apologize."

Her eyebrows raised, and she stared at him with interest. "For what?"

"What happened the other day," he answered. "At Michael's."

Liz tensed noticabley and turned her head to stare out the window. "It's fine, Max," she muttered before she returned her gaze to him. "Apology accepted, now get out."

A smile graced his lips, and he averted his gaze. She always kept him on his toes. "Somehow I figured you to be difficult."

Liz smirked. "Yeah, well, surprise, surprise, huh?"

Max nodded and bit his lip. "I guess so."

They stood in silence for a while, until it became too much for Liz. She returned to her stereo and pressed play.

"You say I should do it differently..." she began to sing, looking pointedly at Max, before he finally retreated from the room.


Liz heard his footsteps coming down the hallway, and she quickly raced to the door. She threw on the dead bolt and stepped back, immediately realizing that it wouldn't be enough. He was really good at picking locks.

Adrenaline coursed through her veins as she ran into the kitchen. She clutched a wooden chair in her hands and drug it through the living room, and propped it against the door beneath the knob.

Satisfied, she stepped back and waited.

He knocked briskly twice, and Liz rolled her eyes.

"Liz?" Michael called through the door. "It's me."

She seated herself in the middle of the living room, her knees tucked to her chest, arms wrapped securely around them.

"Ah, c'mon Liz, open the door," he said and jiggled the handle. A second later, she heard the dead bolt spring from it's lock, and he pushed the door open.

"Oomph," he groaned when the chair caught the door. "Liz, move the chair."

Her hand covered her mouth to prevent her giggles from being heard, and she watched with interest as his arm snaked inside and tried to reach for the chair, but to no avail. Frustrated, he let out a groan.


"Elizabeth," Liz mouthed mockingly and rolled her eyes.

"Open, the fucking door, now."

"Oooh," she thought. "Copping me some attitude."

Liz extended her long legs and crossed them at the ankles, supporting her weight on her arms behind her. He won't get anywhere with an attitude. He should know that.

"Liz, I am so not kidding," he continued, his arm grasping for the chair. "Open the damn door."

She tilted her head to the side and watched. He punched the door fiercely before a stream of curses flowed from his mouth. A second later her retreated down the hallway.

Liz stood up, her arms crossed over her chest as a frown pleated her forehead. She had to admit, she was a bit disappointed that he didn't try harder. For God's sake, he could have at least apologized through the door.

She groaned. What-the-hell-ever.


"Yeah, Dr. Rahimian," she faked a cough. "I don't think I'll be able to make it this morning." Another cough. "I think I'm sick."

"No, no, it's all right, I don't need to come down," she said. "Yeah, I know, lots of rest and plenty of fluids. Are you sure you can handle with out me? Well, that's great - see you next weekend." With that, she replaced the phone back on the cradle.

Ditching work and school was a horrid habit- she should really stop doing that.

Soft tapping disrupted Liz's thoughts and she jerked her head towards the door. How many freakin' visitors was she going to get this weekend? She stalked up to the door and threw it open.

"Oh, it's you," she muttered and went to shut the door again.

"Liz, please," Maria pleaded and prevented her from shutting the door with a steady hand. "I need to talk to you."

She shook her head. "I don't think you do. There's nothing that could come out of that mouth of yours that I want to listen to."

Maria groaned and pushed the door wide open with surprising strength. "Why in the hell do you have to be so difficult?" she asked and pushed her way inside. "I came to apologize Liz, and you can't even shove your pride aside long enough to listen to it!"

Liz sighed and crossed her arms. Maria stared at her a moment longer before entering the living room completely. Liz slammed the door shut. "Well just come on in," she muttered sarcastically.

Maria stripped off her jacket and turned to face Liz. Silence followed.

"Nice place," Maria commented.

Liz crossed her arms and surveyed the disaster area. Clothes were strewn about as well as her fabric paints. "Thanks," she muttered.

Maria sighed audibly, and sank down on the couch. "I'm so sorry, Liz," she whispered softly, as her eyes studied her hands. "I shouldn't have said any of that to you."

"God Maria," Liz scoffed and rolled her eyes. "It wasn't that big of a deal. Get over it all ready."

She nodded and looked up at her. She knew that apologizing to Liz would be no easy task, but it was something she had to do.

"I hadn't realized it was Michael, the whole time," she continued to mumble. "You know, setting up our dates so you'd be there some of the time," she groaned irritably. "And that pissed me off so much.."

"Yeah, I can see why it would." Liz muttered and sank to the floor, her legs folding beneath her. "Michael's weird like that."

"And I know you must feel weird, because we're dating, and I know you must feel like I've stolen him from you somehow."

Liz scoffed. "Please, like I would give a shit." Maria stared at her skeptically. "Yeah, okay, so I give a lot of shit."

Maria shook her head. "And I'm sorry about that. I know it must be really weird. Having Michael to yourself for so long and suddenly, there I am…"

"There you are," Liz muttered and raised her eyebrows slightly.

"But, Liz, you have to understand, I hadn't meant for things to turn out the way they did," she said, her voice laced with sincerity. "I thought we'd be friends."

Liz's head jerked up to meet Maria's gaze, but her eyes were downcast. "Friends?" she asked softly.

Maria gave her a small smile. "Well, yeah...I mean, I admire you -"

A laugh escaped her lips, and Liz was quick to conceal it with her hands. "You admire me?" she asked with disbelief, from behind her hands.

The blonde blushed and tried to tuck her short hair behind her ears. "Yeah."

"Well why?" Liz bursted out. "I mean, puhleeze. I am so not admirable material."

Maria shrugged and tucked her legs beneath her tiny form. "You're just different. You don't take shit from anyone, and I like that," Maria said honestly. "I wish I could be like that."

Liz brought her legs up to her chest and rested her chin on her knees. "Yeah, well, you have Michael, you don't need to be like me," she told her. "Any one crosses you and they'll face the Wrath of Michael Guerin."

Maria giggled and nodded in agreement. "At least he's good for something, huh?" she asked her.

Liz laughed and nodded. "Something…"

The two girls fell silent again. Liz played with the frayed strings on her pant legs as Maria tugged at her necklace.

"I shouldn't have said anything," Maria said again. "About you and Andrew..."

"Whatever you heard," she interrupted. "Was a lie. Nothing happened between he and I," she fixed Maria a pointed look. "Nothing."

Maria nodded and swallowed. She realized that it was an area of discussion that Liz wished not to partake in.

Liz watched as her guest stood, her hands running over her clothing, straightening the wrinkles. "I've got to be going," Maria said. "I just came to apologize before I light into Michael."

She smirked and stood up too. "Don't be too hard on the guy, he likes you."

Maria bit her lip. "That's good, because I like him too. A lot," she said. "And as much as I lo- like him, I'd never want to come between two friends."

Liz nodded, both in understanding and thanks, as she tucked a few stray tendrils behind her ear.

"Don't you be too easy on him," Maria instructed and smirked. "He gets off to easily sometimes."

Liz laughed. "Noted."

Maria said a final goodbye before she exited the apartment. Liz shut the door and leaned against the hard surface, her body sagging with relief.

Ah, hell. She was going to have to make nice with her now...


Michael stood quickly from his couch when the door swung open. Liz stormed in, a handful of clothes in her arms. Next, she dumped them on his floor.

"Here's your stuff," she muttered and went for the door again.

"Aw, Liz," Michael started. "Are we breaking up?"

Liz narrowed her brown eyes at him before extending her middle finger at him, and reached for the door again.

"Ah hell, Liz," he laughed and grabbed her arm. "Don't be like that."

She jerked her arm from his grasp and stared at him. "Don't be like what?"

"You know, all moody, like you girls are," he muttered and led her to the couch. "Let's discuss this."

"Let's not and pretend we did, mmkay?" she tried to stand, but he pushed roughly back down.

"No..." he told her and seated himself on the coffee table. "About what happened, Liz."

"I was having a screwy day, Michael," she burst. "I needed my best friend, and you tossed me aside like I was nothing. Literally."

He scrubbed his face with the pads of his fingers, before the raked through his spiked hair. "I'm sorry, okay?"

"No, it's not okay. Sorry just doesn't cut it this time," she told him. "I needed you, Mike."

"Ah, what the hell, Liz!" he exclaimed. "You needed to vent about what a bitch my girlfriend is? Well, I am sorry, but I don't particularly like listening to that shit."

"That's right, ‘cause you have to deal with it everyday, now don't you?"

His face flushed red with anger and he gripped his hands tightly at his sides. "Liz, I'm sorry I wasn't there for you okay, but I had other things to worry about." he said and watched as she leaned back on the couch. "And if you want to get technical, how about all the times you weren't there for me, huh?"

Liz scoffed. "Oh please, when have I never been there for you?" she questioned. "Every time you needed me, every time you didn't need me, I was there."

He shook his head. "No, you weren't," he told her. "What about all those times with Hank? Where were you then?"

She fidgeted uncomfortably. "I had my own problems to deal with," he nodded. "And besides," she adds quickly. "You didn't want my help then."

"Maria was there for me when you weren't Liz, and we just continued to get closer," he rubbed his hands nervously together. "I love her, and I'm sorry if that puts you in a weird position. I don't mean for it to happen, but I can't help the way I feel."

Liz stared at him, tears brimming her eyes, and she blinked them away. "Yeah, well, it's all right." she muttered and cleared her throat. "I just wish you'd stop tossing me aside so often. And I'm not asking you to take Maria on dates where you'll know I’ll be, either..." she gave him a knowing smile. "Just be here. Listen to me vent, that's all I ask."

He nodded and seated himself next to her, an arm going over her shoulder. "So, we're back together again?" he questioned with a smirk.

"Sure, Lover boy, we're back."


Feedback, please!


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Hey guys, I just wanted to pop up and let you know that I appreciate your feedback. (As always) And I have yet to start on the next part. There should be more M/L interaction, even Liz and her buddy-pal teach. And yes, Liz and Maria are well on their way to becoming friends.


Morning Dreamgirl - Eh, I don't think Max is keen on letting Liz know either..But she'll find out...Later...Much later.
aZNroSweLl anglgrl - Haha! Yeah, that's what I thought..I loved that episode..I've got complete platonic polarist feelings in me...So it was all good. *happy* And of course, more Max and Liz...(Loooooove cherries...)
StardustDreamer - Jess! lol - thanks, Looooove feedback! Haha - that was my favorite line too! Thanks!
BelevnDreamsToo - Haha! A new reader! Welcome! I hope you enjoy!
frenchkiss70 - Maybe we'll get into Andrew later...Right now, he was a boy she really liked - before she was Bad Ass Liz...and more Miss Responsibility..Thanks!

All right, guys, I hope to be back soon! And thanks for the feedback!

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I'm excited too because I've really wanted to sit down and write, but - life and school :bleck: it blows the big one. I think I found my muse when I woke up this morn' and found out that we have a flippin' snow day!!! As I was doing my "Chandler Happy Dance" back to my bedroom to get a few more hours of shut eye, ideas just flowed into my head, and I was like "Hallelujah!"

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Thank you all you guys. You flippin' rock!

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roswells_angel285 - Dood - I so understand..I am going to have Serena in one of my fics and it is so totally hard! Ugh! We don't know what she looks like, what kind of personalitly she has..So basically we have to wing it right? But it is sooooo fun - I love it! lol! Thanks for the feedback!
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