Painful Pleasure
By: Michelle
Rating: NC-17
Couple: M/L
Spoilers: None
Summary: Max and Liz have been going out for about a year and getting busy in the process, Max wants to give Liz a unforgetable night full of painful pleasure.
Authors Note:This is my first time posting one of my NC-17 stories so feedback would be greatly appreciated. C'mon doesn't a dreamer deserve some? *happy*

Plainful Pleasure
Max Evans had been dating Liz Parker for about a year and they had made made love. Many times but Max wanted to give Liz something more. He walked out of the Starbucks with his coffee, hell he knew it was bad for him but it helped him get through his college life which was tough as it is. He quickly created the perfect night for his girlfriend, now all he had to do was set his plan into action...
Liz woke up with no Max by her side, this surprised her, usually they would have breakfast together, instead of Max she found a note. Liz read the note
'Liz, make sure to be home at exactly six, I have a unbelieveable night planned for us -Max'
Liz smiled, she couldn't wait to find out what this night had to hold in store for her.
Max walked around the store, school had already let out os he was browsing around a store, when he found the certain 'toys' he was looking for he quickly bought them and left, he only had about a half hour to get ready....
When Max arrived home he quickly got the 'toys' in the nightstand drawer, showered and got the other 'needs' out of the refrigerator and freezer. All he could do now is wait for his goddess to get home.
Liz came home, it was dark and she was five minutes late, when she told Maria about Max having 'plans' for them tonight she wouldn't let her leave until she knew the whole story. She walked to where she knew he was, she could feel him. She quickly walked into the room only to see Max resting with his eyes closed laying back down on the bed. "Your late, not that it much matters because your here now, thats all thats important." Max said his eyes still closed.
"Sorry, there was a lot of traffic." She excused for Maria, it was the only explanation she could think of. Max opened his eyes and smiled He knew she was lieing because she told Maria and Maria being Maria had to know what was going down tonight. He walked over to her and quickly began to undress her. She went to lift up his shirt but Max stopped her. "Can't I undress you?" She asked. "No." Max replied, even thought he wanted her right then and there tonight was for her. He layed Liz on the bed and lifted her arms above her head.
"What are you.." She began to ask but Max silenced her by placing a finger to her lips. Liz tried to get comfortable in this akward position but found it to difficult so she gave up. Max began to kiss her, Liz tried to deepen the kiss but Max pulled away before she had the chance. Liz wimpered at the loss. Max began to kiss his way down her body. When he came to her breasts he stopped to tease them with his talented tounge. Max got up and leaned over her, he got four items off the night stand. Liz looked at what Max was holding. When she saw a ice cube she was about to ask but when he placed the freezing cube to her nipple she took a sharp intake of breathe and cried out as the cool ice cube made her nipple harden to its full potential. 'Hes gonne be the dreath of me' she thought.
Max repeated his actions with her other nipple. He stucked the water that had trickled down her breasts off 'till she was sure there was no water left. Max then took the two other items, he first placed the chocolate sauce on each nipple, then the whipped cream and finally the best one, tobasco. Max began to eat his creation off of Liz, enjoying the flavors including his Liz's with the other sweet and spicy combinations. When Max licked every single drop of his creation off Liz he mumbled "Good." Then worked his way down. When he reached Liz's pussy he picked up the ice cube and placed it against Liz's clit. Liz cried out from the experince it was over shocking and exotic. Max removed the cube and put some whipped cream on top of her clit. He began to eat it off of Liz, Liz began to moan and buck her hips up which caused Max to smile at how responsive she really is. Lix kew she was close so she begged Max to bring her to climax. Max began to work his tounge faster, circling her clit until finally LIz came more then she ever thought possible. Max then opened the drawer from the night stand and got out a toy her inserted it in Liz's wet pussy to see her arch in response, she didn't know what Max was doing but she liked it. Max then smiled and turned the vibrator on. Liz screamed as her second orgasim ripped through her. Max removed the toy and placed it higher right on her clit again he turned in on to see Liz scream out in esctacy as a third orgaim ripped through her. Liz was so sure she would black out from the amount of pleasure she was in. Max then climbed up her body and quickly undressed himself and entered her. Making sure that his strokes he hard fast. Liz seemed to like it because while Max was doing these she kept crying out "Yes...Max...Harder....Faster....God.....YES!!!" Max smiled and kept up his actions, he was pretty sure the other neighbors in the apartment would complain but he didn't care, the only thing he cared about right now was his Liz. So he kept up the pace until he cummed with fury into her body, this is when Liz's forth orgasim took over her. When she came back to earth she looked at Max, he was just as sweaty as she was. "Thank you." She managed to whisper.
Max smiled, "Anything to please my love." He pulled the covers up over both of them and they drifted off to a peaceful slumber, two soulmates, in one bed, that are amazingly in love.

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