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Title : #1 A Thousand Miles (Soul Salvation Trilogy)
Author: beehr4shiri
Disclaimer: *looks around* Yep, they're all mine. *sigh**tongue* J/K, of course...:D
Category: Pure Dreamer fic, kinda AU, only not exactly. Check Summary for explanation. *wink*
Rating: PG-13/NC-17
Summary: This is Zan/Alana coupling, but in this story, Alana will be soul predecessor of Liz Parker, and Zan is, well, we all know whose predecessor. *wink* Anyway, this will be trilogy of short stories (1-2 parts), showing snippets of their encounters from past till today, in POV shape. This first story is from Alana's POV. And in here,in this AU, Zan and Alana are leaders on opposite sides of the war on Antar, which was started by Alana's brother Kivar, when he fell in love with Zan's sister Vilandra. Her father forbid him to court her, cause she was promised to someone else and the rest was history. Through it all, life eventually brings Zan and Alana together eventually. Their coupling is not known of and forbidden, and as always, fate will be of importance.
Spoilers: none
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If I could fall into the sky
Do you think time would pass me by
Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles
If I could just see you...
If I could just hold you... tonight

/1000 Miles by Vanessa Carlton/

*Alana's POV*

I can sense him coming closer, as I lay on my bed. It's like he lives deep inside my blood, rooted in my already tired bones. He makes my heart pump faster, makes me sick to my stomach. Even without concious try, he makes me faitn with excitement, everytime I know he is near.

Here he is...I can now see sillouhette of his trained body on the transparent material of the tent. Like always, he carefully looks around the compound and once he's satisfied, he slowly unzips front of my tent and steps inside. n couple moves, I sit up. zoning on him immediately. Our eyes meet in the dark silence of the night and invisible current of understanding and desperation flies through our connection.

Yes, we know it's dangerous, and we know we will never have happily ever after, but somehow, that knowledge doesn't stop our hearts from beating. Or caring.

He makes few steps toward me, still looking into my eyes, saying nothing.

Fantastic thing is, we NEVER say anything. Not a word, not a peep.

We understand each other on much higher level then the rest of the world.
Still, when I look into his eyes, I see so much pain. Love. Desperation. Longing.

It's really amazing how one can say nothing and still say so much...

I never understood that something like that exists. Well,until HE came into my life. Now, I'm a believer.

Finally, his palm comes to rest on my right cheek, as he gently touches my lower lip with this thumb. I sigh and I can see his irises dilating just from hearing that sound. I feel as if I could jump around from joy, but I think that would kill the moment we're having, don't you? It's as exciting for him as it is for me, and we still didn't do nothing.

I lay palm of my right hand on his heart, and come little closer, so I can claim his smooth lips. He closes his eyes, and I can feel his pulse accelerate just a little bit. It's obvious he's loving every second of my subtle conquering, since he's almost at the point of purring.

You know, I've been thinking a lot these last two months . Is this what we have between us leading to anywhere? Is there a way to escape cruel reality and still find our happily ever after?

Because, just him being here makes me wanna pack up all my belongings and run far away with him, leaving all this I worked so hard for behind. Just so I could taste his lips each morning. Over and over again.

His hand gently trails gently over my neck, followed by his warm lips. Oh. My. God. He makes my blood boil! I groan with content. He smile against my colar bone, and I wanna laugh out loud from everything I feel, when he does that, but I can't. It's not safe. For either of us. We're just too different, he said. Noone would understood our betrayal.

But, although his mind thinks that, I know his heart knows different. His soul too. That is the reason why he is here. His heart wants it, wants ME. It wants what my heart can give and that's another night of peace. We're each other salvation, I guess, but like a wise person said, if life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I mentally grin. Yep, that's me, Alana Desavros of the Desavros House, your own philosopher extra-ordinare. I mentally roll eyes at myself. Wow, who'd thunk that all those years of school would actually pay off, as I talk to myself now.

Movement brings me back to reality, as I feel him sitting down beside me on the bed, still kissing me. I close my eyes, hugging him closer to my breast, as I stroke my fingers gently through his scalp, releasing all tension that worries him tonight. I know I can't do much to change our way of life, or our situation, but I can do this. Is that his growl I hear?

Suddenly, I find myself lying on the bed, his body cherishing mine in a frenzy. Almost desperately, he pulls on my top with one hand, as another pulls my pants off. I would laugh at his reverence, but silence is our friend, so I clamp my happiness inside and try to help him by pulling clothes off him. Once our bodies are completely bare, I pull him back on top of him and kiss him wildly, our tongues dueling passionately, neither really wanting dominance.

Playing with my hear, he sucks my nipple inside his mouth, pulling on it as a babe and sending currents of lust through my belly. I can hear myself moan and obviously he can too, and next thing I know, he is deep inside of me, hiking my heels onto his thighs, deeper then any man has ever been. It's a perfect feeling and I can almost feel him inside my soul.

Slowly and gently, he starts moving inside my body rhythmically, making me want him even more, if that's possible. On top of it all, I can still feel his lips on my breast, his tongue playing with sensitive nerves, making me insane with need, so I dig my heels in his thighs, making him stroke faster.

God, I can almost feel myself detaching from my body, from how indescribably perfect I feel. Is reality really cruel enough to take this away from us?

And as I clench my muscles, I can feel him twitching inside and I feel so overwhelmes. So powerful. Feeling that smallest of smalltown girls like me has such power over a man like he is? It's unreal! I guess, they don't say in vain that making love is much powerful then making wars. And much more stimulating, I guess...

As his tense body works his way toward completion, almost desperately clawing for it, I hug him even closer to me, kissing his forehead with genuine affection, while I feel him finally climaxing. Exhausted, he lies down on my breast, eyes closed, and I comb my finger through his his hair.

This is our salvation, our perfect moment, happily ever after WE seized. If time would stop now, neither of us would mind one bit. We never said, that we love each other, though we feel it. I guess,we are scared that we would tempt fate by admitting something like that. We fooled reality long enough and I think neither of us can shake the feeling, that the end of this fairytale is near. Also, unsureness of our time forces us to not believe there will be new tommorrow. We've been thought, that there are no garanties in life. So, for now, we just continue to lay and breathe in darkness, hoping against hope...

***TBC in next story of a trilogy***

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