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“Crazy, with family” Lame I know, if someone thinks of anything better, tell me!
Author:Britterz8 AKA Brittany
Rating: R, maybe with NC-17 Havent decided yet
Disclaimer: Nope nothing is mine, well any of the original Roswell people
Summary: After 10 years, the gang has decided to come home to Roswell
after Liz has a scary premonition she cant ignore.
AN: Max and the gang has already defeated the FBI, and you will got filled
in on how. So they are not a problem.

“Oh my God, this is crazy!” Liz spoke to her husband.

“You’ve got that right, it all still looks the same. Max looked out the
window of his black Denali, to the main street of Roswell, his home town.

Sure, the gang of 6 teenagers had left, but that didn’t mean that
Roswell had changed one bit. Max looked to his left, and saw the UFO
Center. He saw a kid, who looked to be no more than 17 sweeping the front.
‘The good ole’ days,’ He thought. He looked to his right, and saw the
Crashdown Cafe. In the window he saw his once nemesis, Mr. Parker, now
his Father-in-law.

“Can you believe this Maxwell?” Michael’s voice came over the
walkie-talkie “It looks the exact same. Its been 10 fricken years, and it looks
the exact same!” Michael was never one to flower his words.

“Lizzie, its Maria, this is so weird. Hey, since were here, why dot we
stop and talk to your folks. I know Max said, and I know you can here me
Max, we are to come out gradually. But why dont we just jump out from
behind the curtains?” Maria hopefully expressed. If they got to talk to the
Parkers, then that meant she could see her mother. She had some things she
was dying to tell her mother.

Max looked over to his wife. “What do you think?” The decision was
up to her. But if she said yes, that meant he could see his parents.

“OK, we have some people to introduce them to anyway.” Liz was
ready. It had been 10 years, and she was ready to face them. Actually, she
was practically jumping out of her skin to see them.

“Maria, do you still like Saturn rings?” Liz asked her bestfriend.

“Oh my goodness Lizzie! Lets go see your parents.” Maira was really
exited. Mr. and Mrs. Parker were always like her other family. “Wait, should
we bring everyone with us?” Maria was still cautious.

“Lets just talk to them first, OK.” Liz was also just as careful. Liz set
the walkie talkie down, just to pick it back up again. “Isabel, you’re awfully
quiet. You to Kyle, whats up?” Isabel had long since shed her “ice princess”
attitude, and had adopted beautifully to her knew roles in life.

“Oh, im fine, but you are all making it very difficult to put an infant to
sleep. Alex wont fall back to sleep.” Isabel handed the walkie talkie to her
fiancé. “Here, you talk to them while I try to put him back to sleep.” Kyle
took the communication device, and started talking to his friends.

“You people ready for this?” They had just pulled up in front of Liz’s
parent’s restaurant. He pulled his blue Dodge Ram up to the parking lot.

“Ready and willing.” Michael and Maria pulled in their red Expedition
next to Kyle.

“Wait for us, geez, their my parents.” Liz pulled in right next to them.

All six of friends jumped out of their cars.

“OK, whose gonna stay with the kids?” Liz knew they couldn’t leave
them alone, and she didn’t want to overwhelm her parents. “How about us
dads stay with them this time.” Max volunteered.

“Thanks Max, know we are all stuck.” Micheal complained. Just then
he felt someone smack him on the back of his head. “Ouch!”

“Serves you right.” Maria smiled smugly.

Max pulled Liz into his arms. “Hey don’t worry about the kids, I’ll
take them over to the UFO center, maybe we will see Brody. You just think
about what to say to your parents. And put in a good word for me, I don’t
want your father to kill me.” Max tried to lighten the mood.

“I love you! But I am so scared. What if they don’t want me back?
What if they thought they were better off without me? I mean, my vision,
what if coming back here causes them problems-” Max cut her off with a

“You know that you parents miss you dearly, and they have probably
been sick with worry about you. Now go, and tell me when we can all go in.”
Max tried to calm her fears.

“Have I told you how much I love you?” Liz kissed him.

“Just a couple minutes ago, but I never get tired of hearing it, now go!”
Max was just about to drag her in there himself.

“OK, and um, Gabe and Gabby were just fed, but um you knew that.
You might need to change their diapers. And um Annabel can eat when you
come into the crash.” Liz was so nervous, she was babbling.

“Liz, if you don’t stop, you will never go.” Max tried to reason with
his wife. She was a scientist, she should have understood.

“You’re right.” She took a big breath. “OK I am ready. Let me just get
Maria.” Liz walked out from the side of their huge vehicle. She saw Maria
standing with Michael, who was holding their little girl, Michayla. Liz could
tell she was making sure Michael was not going to forget their only daughter

“Ok Micheal. She just ate. So you will probably have to change her
diaper soon. But you can do that, right?” Maria sent her husband and
inquisitive stare.

Micheal scoffed at her. “Of course I can change my own daughter’s
diaper. what do you take me for, a beast?” Michael cradled her closer to his

Maria can him a dead pan stare. “Dont make me answer that space
boy. Now let me say goodbye to my little girl.” She reached out and stroked
Mikey’s face. “Be good for daddy, okay. He can get a little hopeless at times,
I know, but he loves you. And so do I. Bye baby girl.” She reached up and
kissed Micheal. “Bye Spaceboy. Wish me luck.”

“Luck.” He once again cradled his daughter against him, and walked
over to Max. Who was currently watching Liz try to convince Isabel to go in
with them.

“C’mon Isabel, you are my sister, come inside with me.” Liz pleaded
with Isabel.

“But Liz, they dont even really know me. And I dont want to intrude or
anything.” Isabel was truly scared of walking in there with them. She didn’t
now these people well, and she had come to trust only a few designated

“Please Isabel, it would mean a lot to me.” Liz begged her

Isabel sighed, If they were good enough to hide their secret, then she
could at least give them a try. “Okay, just let me say goodbye to Alex and

Isabel walked over to the truck, where Kyle stood. “Hey. I guess I
really am going to go in there. Um take care of the kids for me, okay.” She
reached out and grabbed him for support.

“You know I will. I love you.” He grabbed her chin so she could see
his eyes. “I will forever.”

“I love you too.” Isabel told him. She knew that coming back was hard
on him. It brought up things like the fact she was technically still married.
“You know that right, I. Love. You.”

“I know, now go in there with Liz and Maria.” He watched as she
walked over to the girls. Together, the walked in the restaurant.

Kyle walked over to Max and Michael. Michael was tossing Mickey,
and Max was putting Gabe and Gabby into their double stroller.

“So what are we doing?” Kyle questioned.

“I was thinking we could go over to the UFO center. Annabel and
Jessica might like it.” Max referred to his and Kyle’s daughters. “But I still
have to wake Anna up.”

“Yeah, Jess fell asleep to. Let me go get her and Alex.” He walked
over to his truck. “Hey sleepy head, wake up!” He walked up to Jess and
tickled her. “Come on, wake up.” He whispered in his 10 year old daughter’s

She was awake instantly. She tried to get him to stop in-between
giggles. “Stop daddy...hahaha....I am awake..hahaha” When he finally
stopped, she sat up. “Geez daddy, why da have to do that?” She jokingly
gave him her best stare.

“Becuase we are in Roswell, and we‘re going to the UFO center
princess.” He returned her stare full force. “C’mon. lets go.” He picked her
up and sat her outside. “Why dont you go over with Uncle Max, and Micheal
while I get your brother.”

“Okay daddy, but wheres mommy?” Her brown eyes searched for her

“Um, she is busy, but we will see her in a little while, I promise.” Kyle
lifted Alex out of his car seat, and settled him onto his chest.

“Ok.” With that, Jess skipped over to her uncles. Kyle laughed, and
followed her.

Max’s time waking his 6 year old up was much the same. “Anna,
come on angel, you have to wake up.” He tried to gently pick her up. “Angel,
you have to wake up. We are in Roswell.”

“No, to seepy.” Came her muffled response.

“Come on Anna, if you wake up, you will get ice cream.” Max knew
this would work. Anna was just like her mother. Tell either of them they
would get ice cream, and they were wide awake.

Annabell’s amber eyes snapped open. “Ice cream, where is ice cream.”
She sat straight up. “Daddy, was you jus bein silly?” She knew her father
would never lie, but she just had to be sure.

“No angel, if you wake up right now, you will get ice cream, I
promise.” Max picked her up now that she was fully awake.

Anna knew her father always kept his promises, no matter what. “Otay
daddy. What are we doin?” She wrapped her little arms around her father’s
neck. He always felt so warm, and smelled so good. He was everything to
her. Her father was always her knight in shining armor.

“Well, we are going to where daddy used to work. And then were are
going to go eat lunch with mommy.” He closed the car door, and joined the

“We aren’t less manly, are we?” Michael asked his friends. Michael’s
maleness was being tested, he knew it. He was trying to see it from another
person’s point of view.

Three grown men. One of them pushing a double stroller with one and
holding his daughters hand in the other. Another one of them holding his son,
while his daughter walked beside him. The last, holding his daughter close to
his chest. All of them waiting to cross the road

He knew it. He was losing his strong dominant male appeal.

“No Michael, we aren’t any lass manly, we are just fathers. There is a
difference.” Max tried to comfort his friend.

“Yeah man, we are still studs.” Kyle chimed in.

With that, all of them crossed over to the road to the UFO center.

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Ok, new part out probably tonight. Make that diffinelty tonight. BUT Smallville is on right now, and I just recently started watching that, so I will finish writing in commercial time*wink* so, see you soon! And by the way, YOU GUYS ARE THE ABSOLUTE BEST! YOUR FEEDBACK IS SO AWESOME. I love it. So kudos, and I will ba back with more praise later
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Guys I have to thankyou for the feedback it was awesome. And just so you now, I enjoy writing the kidsparts rather the adult well anyway I hope you guys like this but now I have to go to sleep.

Part Two

Liz grabbed onto Marie and Isabel for strength. She walked threw the
swinging door, and saw her father serving a customer at the register. ‘You
can do this Liz, they are your parents for crying out loud.’ Liz tried to coach
herself. She looked around the establishment. It was the same as she
remembered it. Still looking as corny as ever But she loved it, it was so nice
to be home. She looked over to Marie. “Marie, I dont know if I am ready for
this.” Her fears were starting to win again. “Who am I kidding. I am not
ready for this.”

Maria knew Liz would do this, and she was prepared. “Chica, there is
your father. You haven’t seen, or talked to him in TEN years. He doesnt even
know he has three grandchildren. Doesn’t he deserve to know them? You
know he does. And your mother. Aren’t you always saying you have a new
appreciation for her since you had Anna? C’mon, get over there an talk to
them!” Maria tried to reason with her.

Liz shot a worried glance at Isabel. Isabel tried to support her as well.
“Liz, they are your parents. You can always count on them. Just like your
kids will always count on you. Now, you need to go talk to them.” Liz looked
up with teary eyes at her friends.

“You guys are the best!” She pulled them into a three way hug.

Jeff Parker looked around his restaurant with tired eyes. It was pretty
busy. He saw a group of three young women right next to the door. One of
them reminded him of his daughter. But then again, they always reminded
him of his Lizzie. Thinking of fer made him think of the last 10 years. At
first, there always seemed to be FBI agents around. But after a year, he
started seeing them less and less. Until finally, a year after the kids left, they
stopped coming all together. IT was strange. It was one of those days. There
seemed to be an agent on every street corner, but all of a sudden, they were
gone and he hadn’t seen them since. But even after they left, his daughter
didn’t come home. After 5 years, him and Nancy lost hope. They hadnt heard
a single thing, exept when Liz sent her journal home, but that was about 3
months after they had left.

He hardly recognized his wife anymore. She was so different, only a
whisp of her former self. But he hadn’t fared any better. He was pale, and he
only put on a fake smile when the customers were around. They still
celebrated her birthday. She was 28 years old.

Looking once again at the group of three young women, he was sure
one of them was his lizzie. But he was always sure, and it always lead him to
heartache. He stopped looking at her, he had to or he would run over to her.

Liz let go of her friends. She was ready to “face the music.”

She walked over to the counter. “Excuse me sir, I’d like to order.” She
decided to tease him, because hopefully, it would calm her nerves.

“What would you like miss?” He asked without looking up.

“Um, could I get my parents please, with no sides.” Liz hoped he
would get the point.

Jeff was just about if that was some sort of joke when he looked up He
looked into a pair of eyes he never thought he would see again. “Lizzie?” He
didnt dare hope, did he?

“Yeah Daddy, its me.” She waited for him to say something, anything.

Jeff stood stock still. He was to shocked to move

“Well, aren’t you gonna hug me or something?” Liz’s fears started to
resurface. What if they didnt want her back, and he was to angry to say

As soon as Liz spoke it pulled Jeff from out of his haze. He didnt even
go around, he was over the counter in seconds. The first thing he did was
wrap his little girl in his arms for the first time in almost 10 years.

“Oh, its so good to see you Lizzie.” Everything about her was
wonderful. The way she smelled, the same as she had since she was a baby.
Yup, it was his Lizzie, the same little girl who begged for hours for him to
push her on the swings, the little girl who would scrape her knee and need
daddy to make it better. “Where have you been? What have you been doing?
God, I have a thousand questions!” He was amazed, his little girl had come
back to him.

Liz savored being in her father’s arms. Something she hadnt felt for 10
years. “I missed you so much! I wanted to call, to write something! But it was
so dangerous. I am so glad to be here with you now though.” Liz loved seeing
her father again. But, she still had to see her mother. “Dad, where is Mom?”
Liz was anxious to see her mother. She had been desperately needing her
mother since her children were born. It made her so sad that her kids didnt
have a grandmother or grandfather to have spoil them, or bake them cookies.

It hit Jeff then, Liz would probably want to know what was going on
upstairs. He wondered if she even realized what today was? He would
deffinelty tell her, but he had to be sure of one thing first. “Lizzie, did
everyone come back with you?”

“Of course Daddy,” She turned around to face the diner. Her
wandering brown eyes caught sight of two weeping girls known also as
Maira and Isabel. They had seated themselves at a booth near that back. “See,
over in the booth, thats Maria and Isabel. The guys are just out taking the ki-,
taking a walk to see the surroundings since we left. Max wanted me to be
able to have some quality time with you.” Liz didnt want to tell him of her
babies just yet. They were a wonderful surprise she would save for a little

Jeff couldnt believe it. They were back, all of them. ‘Everyone gonna
be so happy!’ Jeff couldnt wait to see all of them, just to make sure they were
all right. “Well, go get them. I have something to show all of you.” Liz kissed
her father’s cheek.

“Oh, its so good to be here!” Liz hugged him one more time, before
walking over to the booth where her family was.

“Oh guys, c’mon, you have to come with me.” Liz started to physically
pull Maria out of the booth.

“Hold up, a minute.” Maria took the handkerchief out of her pocket to
wipe her nose. “Geez, you cant expect a girl to see something like that, and
be able to just rush away do you?”

Isabel was also wiping her eyes. “Oh, I am so happy for you. I hope
my parents are as happy to see me.”

Once both of the girls stood up, Liz hugged them both. “I love you
guys. thankyou for being here with me!”

“I wouldnt miss it for the world chica.” Maria hugged Liz back

“Your my sister, of course im here.” Isabel squeezed her extra tight.

“Well, lets go. My dad has to have something important to show us.”
The three girls started toward the back of the restaurant where Jeff was

Meanwhile at the UFO center, Jessica and Annabel were grossing out
at the aliens. “Daddy, that not zesty.” Anna complained to her father. The old
exhibit Max used to constantly work on, was considerably more high tech
now, 10 years later.

“No sweetie, I dont think so.” Max picked up his little girl. “Guys, do
you remember anything like this?” He looked to his friends, only to see them
trying not to stare at the life-like exhibit.

“No man, I dont think so.” Kyle went and shielded Alex’s eyes, while
grabbing Jess’s head and hiding it in his shirt.

“Hey Kyle, I dont think that will help Alex there.” Micheal laughed at
his attempts to shield his children.

“Hey Micheal, wheres your little girl?” Kyle questioned him.

Micheal looked down at Mikayla. He had flipped her in the chest
carrier so that she was facing him. “Well, she is a girl. She is more sensitive
to these things.” Micheal tried to cover quickly.

“Yeah sure Guerin, keep on telling yourself that, you protective softy!”
Kyle jabbed his friend.

“Ok, thats enough boys. Why dont we go see if we can find the owner
of this place.” Max, always the mediator, broke them up.

The three men, and all the kids, walked up to the desk. “Um, hi. I was
wondering if a guy named Brody, still owns this?” Max asked the young girl.

“Of course he does. Let me just go get him.” The young girl walked
back through and ‘employees only’ door.

A few minutes later, a slightly balding man, walked out of the same
doors. “Hi can I help you?” Brody asked the young men. They seemed
familiar, but he couldnt place them.

Kyle almost laughed out loud at Brody, he didnt recognize them. “Um
yeah. We were wondering if you believe in life beyond?”

Micheal laughed out loud at Kyle’s antics. Max snickered, but decided
to give the poor guys a break. “Hi Brody, its me, Max Evans.” Max stood,
waiting to see of he would recognize the name.

“Oh my god. Max Evans, it has been a while.” Brody stuck his hand

Max returned the gesture. “Its good to see you Brody.”

“Micheal Guerin, and the sherrif’s son Kyle Valenti. God how long has
it been?” Brody stared in wonder. All three of these men seemed to be

Kyle and Micheal were vaguely surprised Brody remembered them.
After all, they hadnt known him like Max had. “It has been a while. We’ve
been gone for 10 years.” Micheal threw out for him.

“Daddy, who is that man?” Anna hid in her father’s collar, and
whispered to him.

“Yeah Daddy, who is that?” Jess asked her father.

Max laughed. “Sweetie, This is my friend Brody. I knew him a long
time ago. Why dont you say hi.”

Brody reached up to shake her hand. “Now you know my name, can
you tell me yours?” As soon as her father introduced him, she knew he was
okay. Her father would never tell her to say hi to someone bad.

“Hi, I’m Annabel Mari Isabella Evans. I am 6 years old.” She took his
hand and shuck it in her own little girl way.

Brody gave her a smile. “Well hello. How about you, whats your
name?” he turned a questioning glance at Jessica. “Im Jessica Elizabeth
Valenti. Im 10.” She gave him a smile, then hid behind her father.

“Sorry, she is a little shy.” Kyle told Brody.

“Its okay, Sydney was just like that. So who are these guys?” He
noticed all of them were sporting younger children.

Micheal, always the proud father went first. “This is Mikayla Isabella

Kyle went next. “This is Alexander Maxwell Valenti.”

Max went last. “This is Gabrielle Micheal Evans.” Just then Gabriella,
who had been good all day started to cry. “And this fussy one is Gabriella
Taylor Evans.” He set Anna down, and picked Gabby up.

“Well you men have certainly been busy since you were gone. So, how
have you been?” Brody, like the rest of Roswell, wondered what happened to
the kids.

“We have been fine. We went out to California to go to school.” The
lie slipped easily off of Kyle’s tongue

“Yeah, we just moved back.” Micheal added.

Just then, Max felt a tugging on the back of his mind. he recognized it
as Liz trying to talk to him. He didnt want to start a conversation right now,
so he told her to wait a minute.

“Brody, it was so good to see you, but we really have to be going. Liz
an the girls told us to meet them at the Crashdown at 4.” Max covered.

“Of course, of course. but call me any time you want to talk. Id love to
catch up.” Brody shook Max’s hand one more time.

“Ill be sure to do that.” Max and the others, made their finals
good-byes, grabbed their children, and left.

“So Maxwell, what are we doing?” Micheal wondered.

“Liz just called, lets go.” Max took Anna’s hand, grabbed the stroller,
and started to cross the street.

“Great, now we get to talk to Liz’s parents.” Kyle snickered.

With that They both grabbed their kids, and headed over to the

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Part three

Jeff ran up the stairs of his apartment. He flew through the door, and
ran into the living room. “They’re back.” He made no delay in telling.

Five sets of eyes turned his way. “Who is back?” His wife asked.

“Did Jesse finally make it?” Amy Valenti asked. She sat her son in her
husband’s lap. Jim pulled the 6 year old against his chest, “Well, its about
time, we were supposed to meet two hours ago.”

Diane Evans stared at the face of her good friend. Her husband Phillip
did as well. They looked at each other, that face something big happened.
Diane didn’t want to get her hopes up. Phillip read her mind. “Jeff, who is
back?” Phillip’s breathing started to get shallow.

Just then Liz, Isabel, and Maria walked through the door. “Dad, where
is, oh wow.” Liz looked into her living room, and saw everyone. This was
sooner than anyone expected.

Isabel looked at first her mother, and then her father. She felt better
just by looking at them.

Maria looked at her mom, then Sheriff Valenti, then at the young boy
in his lap, the to her mother’s ring finger, then to Valenti’s ring finger.
“Mom, did you marry the Sheriff?”

This effectively broke everyone’s silence. Phillip and Diane were up in
a minute. They closed in on Isabel, and wrapped her in a big hug. Isabel
returned it tenfold. She had definitely missed her parents. Even before they
knew her secret, they were always there for her. “I missed you guys so
much.” She squeezed tighter.

Diane and Phillip both reveled in having their daughter in their arms.
This is what had been missing the past decade. “We missed you too.” Diane
felt her eyes start to water. She looked over to her husband, and was
surprised to see tears streaming down his face. “I have both my girls back.
God, I never thought I would see you again.” Phillip referred to the women
Diane had been the last 10 years. Walking around mechanically, bursting into
tears whenever she would see a bottle of tobasco sauce.

Amy Valenti stood up, and yelled at her daughter. “Yes, if you must
know, I am married, now get over here and hug your mother.” Amy
encompassed her daughter. “Oh baby girl, its been terrible not having you
around I have had to sit there, with the sheriff.” she looked over to her
husband, where he sat with a wide jaw. “But I love siting with you Honey. It
is just that it’s Maria, and, well, you understand.” Amy pulled back to look at
her, and then proceeded to hug her again.

“I missed to Mom. I have so much to tell you.” Maria couldn’t believe
she was in her mother’s arms. It was something she didn’t dare dream for a
long time.

Liz saw her friends with their parents, and immediately looked for her
mother. When she saw her, she almost cried out. She looked so different then
her once fiery haired mother. The women sitting in front of her, had dark
shadows beneath her eyes, and wrinkles she was far to young for. “Mom?”
Liz questioned quietly.

Nancy stood, and slowly approached her daughter. “Are you really
here, this isn’t some cruel dream that I am going to wake up from soon?”
Nancy took cautious steps forward. She couldn’t risk her heart being broken

“Yeah mom, I am really here. Its me. Lizzie.” Once Nancy heard it,
she knew it was real. She crossed the space between them in two steps.

“Oh Lizzie, you dont know how bad it has been. I have missed you so
much.” Nancy held on for dear life. She couldn’t lose her daughter again.
This time she knew it would kill her.

Liz’s heart fell at her Mother’s words. ‘It was for the best’ she kept
telling herself. She knew it was true, but that didn’t make it any easier.

Nancy pulled away, looked around to see her husband standing no
more than a foot away, watching with glossy eyes. “C’mon, get in here.” She

Jeff walked to them, not wanting to miss anything.

Once everyone was done crying, they all sat down. Jim decided it was
his turn to ask a question. “So um, not that is hasn’t been lovely watching
everyone get reunited, but I would love to see my own son.” Jim felt a little
left out.

Liz and the other girls looked at each other. “Well, they went to walk
around and get reacquainted with our little town here. Isabel and I only came
to help support Lizzy. We had no idea that you would all be here. Why are
you here by the way?” Maria questioned. Not that she didn’t want them here,
it was a wonderful surprise.

Nancy had a grim smile on her face. “You dont know what today is do
you?” She didn’t guess they did, though it was ironic they returned on this
particular day.

“Yeah, it’s uh Saturday.” Maria told them questionably.

“No, Maria, it is May 24. The day you left 10 years ago.” Phillip added
with a shaky voice.

“Oh, wow, it is isn’t it.” Isabel thought about that. Wow it made it
more real. They had celebrated this day, how weird.

“Well, since you are all here, and I am sure you have questions, why
dont I get the guys over here?” Liz purposed.

“Yes please, I need to see my son.” Diane told her.

Liz closed her eyes and concentrated. “Honey, do you need the
phone?” Jeff asked her.

“Mr. Parker-” Isabel started.

“Please, call me Jeff.”

“Jeff, Liz doesn’t need a phone.” Isabel smiled sweetly. “She just
needs to think about him.”

Jeff stared at his little girl. Sure enough, there she was, hard in
thought. But when she frowned, he wondered what happened. “Sweetie,
whats wrong?”

“He told me to wait a minute.” Her frown disappeared, and she walked
over to Diane like nothing had happened.

“Does she always do that?” Jeff was still in the dark about a lot of the
alieness of his daughter’s life.

“Oh, you have no idea.” Maria added with a smirk. “She will just stop
whenever she is doing something, and nd talk to him. It is so weird.”

“Can all of you do that, talk in each other’s mind I mean?” This was
really weird to Jeff. His daughter had a form of telekinesis.

“Nope, only those two. I dont know why, none of us do. It just started
the night when, well it started rather abruptly.” Maria bit her tongue. ‘Not
something you tell the Dad.’

Jeff had an idea of what she was talking about, and didn’t want to hear
any more about it. “Well, I guess we wait then.” He sat on the couch, and just
stared at Liz. It was so good just to be able to see her.

Just when Liz was about to finish telling her Mother-in-law all about
her wedding, she felt the pull on the back of her mind. She excused herself
from Diane, and walked into a corner of the room. ‘Hi Honey.’

‘Hey Babe.’

‘Why dont you head on over now.’ Just feeling him around her head
had a calming effect on her.

‘Ok, we are leaving now, see you in a minute.’

“The boys are on their way.” Liz told everyone happily.

“That is just weird.” Amy shook her head. She would never get that
her daughter was with an alien.

After they had talked for a little while, and they had all hugged every
person in the room. As well as Maria telling her little brother how awesome a
big sister she was gonna be, there was a knock at the door.

“I’ll get it.” Liz ran to the door, and opened it quickly, pulling the
person into a hug before she even saw him.

“Hey, your squishing the kids.” Max laughed. Gabe and Gabby were
already grabbing for their Mom.

“Oh I missed you, all of you. She leaned down and kissed her children,
one in each of Max’s arms.

Annabel pushed out from her hiding spot behind her father. “What
about me Mommy?” She gave a look, that Liz thought was an exact replica
of Max’s.

“Of course sweetie. I mished you too!” Liz started blowing raspberries
on her neck. “I love you munchkin.” She kissed her one more time, then
reached in to kiss her husband. “Its been to long since I have seen you.”

“I know what you mean.” Max went to kiss her again when he heard
Micheal not so subtly clear his throat.

“Guys, your not the only one in the hall here, and I want to go in, so
MOVE.” He smiled at his own wittiness.

“Nice one Guerin, very nice.” Kyle chimed in. With that Liz and Max
went inside, and everyone else followed.

Unknowingly to them, the parents had heard everything that happened.
Jeff and Nancy, as well as Phillip and Diane heard everything. As the kids
came out of the hall, and each took their turn in seeing everyone there.

Max looked at his parents. The people he had feared for so long, and
now all he wanted to do was hug them. He gave Gabe to Maria-he wondered
where she came from all of a sudden- handed Gabby to Liz, and walked over
to his parents. Before they could get a word out, he had them in a huge hug.
“Hey guys.” He said a little shyly once he let them go.

“Hi Max.” Diane could tell that now Max was feeling shy. “Hey son,
Phillip chimed in.

Jim looked toward the door, waiting to see his own son walk through.
When he saw Kyle, a baby in his arms, and a little girl next to him, you could
say he was surprised. But that didnt stop him from walking over and hugging
him. “Hi son.”

“Hi dad.” Never one for to much closeness, he just went for the
comfortable approach.

Micheal was having a great time watching everyone see each other
again. But he did feel it, that voice that told him he never had a family. But
then he looked at Maria, who was talking to her mother, and he realized he
did have a family, and they were all in the very room he was standing in.

“So, I think we deserve an explanation. Who are these beautiful
children?” Diane asked.

Max, Liz, and the rest of the gang looked at each other. They came to a
silent agreement.

Maria and Micheal went first. “Mom, and Sheriff, or Jim, or even
Dad, oh I dont know, anyway, this is Mikayla Elizabeth Guerin. She is 6
months old.

Max and Liz went next. “Um Mom, Dad, and uh Mom, Dad, I think
Annabel has somehting to tell you.” Max was quite unsure how to address
him parents-in-law.

“Daddy, do I have to?” Anna begged.

“Yeah Angel, you have to. But they are your grandparents, you dont
have to be scared of them.” Max tried to ease his little girl.

“Ok, my name is Annabel Marie Isabella Evans, and I am 6 years old.”
Just to prove her point, she held up six fingers. She then ran behind her

“Anna.” Liz reached down and picked her up. “These are your
grandparents, they would never hurt you.” She knew her daughter was
always wary of people she didn’t know. It it was happens when you try to
live out of the spotlight.

“I sorry.” Anna wiggled out of her mother’s arms. She walked over to
where Nancy and Jeff were sitting. “Hi, what do I call you?” She wasn’t
sure, she had heard other kids call their parents Grandma and Grampa, but
she didn’t know.

“Well you can call me Grandma, and you can call that old guy
Grandpa.” Nancy laughed. It was rediculous how much she looked like her
parents. She had her father’s eyes, and definitely his ears. But she had her
mother’s nose, and petite body structure. She also had her beautiful long
brown hair. Anna reached up and hugged them.

Anna then walked over to Phillip and Diane. “Hi, what do I call you?”
She liked this having grandparents business. “Well, How about you call me
Papa, and her Mimi.” Phillip pointed to Diane.

Anna seemed to ponder this. It would be awfully hard to try and
remember two sets of people with the same name. “Ok.” She then repeated
her actions, and gave them a hug also.

Then ran back to her father. “Ok, since we got this munchkin out of
the way, lets introduce these guys.” Max reached over and grabbed Gabe
back from Maria. “Here you have Gabriel Micheal Evans.” He then look to
where Liz was holding Gabby.

“And this is Gabriella Taylor Evans, and they are 8 months old.” Just
then Gabe decided to show his talking abilities. “Hockey, hockey.” He just
kept murmuring over and over again.

“Michael, you are so lucky that wasn’t his first word, I would have
killed you.” Liz shot venom through her eyes. Micheal walked over, and gave
him a high five.”

“Thats my man.”

“Your turn Izzy.” Max told his sister.

Isabel was scared. She knew as soon as they really looked at Jessica,
they would know who her father was. Her little girl was sitting right next to
her, playing with Mikey who was no more than six inches away. She didn’t
want to throw Jess into the craziness that was her life. But now it looked as
though she had no choice. “This little girl right here, is Jessica Elizabeth
Valenti. And she is ten.”

Diane and Phillip looked at Jess. It was obvious. With her dark skin,
and brown eyes, Jesse was her father. “Well, you are a very beautiful girl.”
Diane would have to talk with her daughter.

“Thankyou.” Was her shy reply.

Isabel then looked to Kyle, who was holding Alex. “Oh, uh. This is
Alexander Maxwell Valenti. He is 8 months old as well.”

Alex decided he had to show his cousin up. “Dada.”

Kyle loved it when he said that. “Hey buddy.”

Just then, everyone heard a knock at the door. Without waiting the
door opened, and a proper looking business man walked through the door.
“Sorry guys, I know I am late. But it was horrible to try to get out of Boston
on a Friday, and then I had-” He cut himself off when he saw everyone in the
living room. “Oh wow.”

Then he saw Isabel, an ran over to her. He wrapped his arms around
her. “Im so glad your home
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Ok, here is a small part, not very long, but full of information. I dont know a
whole lot about the colleges and everything, so you have to excuse that. But I
hope you like this!

Part 4

Isabel went stiff for a moment, but then shoved him off of her. “Dont
you touch me!” She was disgusted by him. “Kyle, please take Jess outside.”
She didnt want her to hear what she was about to say.

Jesse was shocked, he didnt understand. And now he wondered who
Jess was. Then he looked over to Kyle, who was holding a little boy in one
arm, and holding a little girl’s hand. At that moment, he knew, he was a
father. “Isabel, what is wrong with you? And who is that?” He pointed to the
little girl.

“She is MY daughter.” Isabel wasnt going to let him touch her.

Jesse walked over to her to take a better look. “Is she?” He sputtered.

“Daddy!” Jess didnt like this man. Her mommy was yelling at him,
and asked her to leave. But she knew her daddy would always keep her safe.

“Hey, hey its ok.” Kyle tried to soothe her. Why dont we go get an ice
cream?” He knew that Isabel wanted to talk to Jesse alone.

Anna heard ice cream, and her eyes perked up from where they had
been playing with her brother’s finger. Her daddy had promised her ice
cream. “Ice cream? Can we get ice cream Daddy?” She was oblivious to
what was going on around her.

Max thought that would be a good idea. “Yeah sweetie, why dont we
all go get ice cream?” He gave a pointed look that everyone knew.

Isabel gave her brother a look that said ‘thankyou’

“Ok, lets go.” Maria sat up, and drug Micheal out the door.

The parents all stood up, not quite sure what was going on, but
catching on none the less.

Liz collected her children as well as Max, and closed the door to the

“What is wrong with you? Aren’t you happy to see me?” Jesse asked

“Happy to see you? My ass I’m happy to see you, you cheating
bastard. But thats not all you have done, have you?” Isabel spit at him.

“What are you talking about?” Jesse was confused, how could she
possibly know?

“Dont give me that. I know. I know about the girls you bring to your
apartment in Boston. And you want to know what else I KNOW. Its that you
are an agent of the godamn FBI. If you werent the biological father of my
daughter, you would have had the same fate as everyone else who worked for
that unit of the FBI. Did you ever wonder why you didnt get disbarred, like
all of the other agents got fired? Huh, did you?” Isabel was beyond mad. This
man that claimed to love her, had defended the people that wanted to kill her.

“You dont know what you are talking about.” Jesse was clueless as to
how she knew about this. “And whats this about my daughter. Why didnt
you tell me? Dont I deserve to know?”

“Deserve to know! You dont deserve to know anything. She would
have been killed if they would have found us. And she is not your daughter.
You are not her father. Jessica has a father. One that would give his life for
her. One that would keep her away from the people that would kill her!”
Isabel couldnt believe he had the here to come here on this day.

“You. Dont. Know. What. You. Are. Talking. About! I was a lawyer
for the FBI. I was trying to keep them away from you. The only thing I told
them was there was 3 aliens, who had kidnapped my wife. I would never
betray you. And if I had known about her, I never would have said anything.”

“So what, you told about my friends, my family. Dont you get it! You
think you were defending me by telling them that! You werent. I would
rather die than leave them.” Isabel didnt want to look at him. He was willing
to kill her family. He had no heart. “Not to mention, how long were you
unfaithful to me for?” Isabel could honestly say, that she had never been
unfaithful to him. She hadnt even considered being with Kyle, till months
after they had found out about Jesse.

“You expect me to just be by myself for he whole time you were gone?
And who are you to talk, what about Kyle?” Jesse wasnt going to let her try o
blame only him for this.

“Dont you patronize me! I was only with him after you did this to me.
And at least he loves me. He was there for me, when we were running. He
has been a father to my daughter. He is the father of my son. He loves me.
More than I can say for you. Leave now.” Isabel was done talking to him.

“Fine, but this isn’t over.” Jesse started toward the door.

“Wait. Your right.” Isabel turned to her purse. She took out a folder,
and pulled the document she was looking for. “Please sign these.”

“What are they?” Jesse walked over to where she was standing. He
looked over them. “Divorce papers! I wont sign these.” Jesse backed away
like they had bit them.

“Jesse, sign them. Your not the only lawyer in this room.” Isabel knew
there were ways to do this without him, but she would rather just get it done

“Why are you doing this? So I made a few mistakes, cant we work this
out?” Jesse pleaded.

Isabel let out a mirthless laugh. “A few mistakes. Jesse you made a
mistake when you cheated on me. You made a mistake, when you did it
again, and again. But you ruined everything when you put my children’s, my
friends, and my family’s life in danger. Now sign and leave.” Isabel needed
to get away from him, and then get back to the arms of the man she loved.

“Ok.” Jesse nodded solemnly. He grabbed a pen out of his pocket, and
signed where the little “x” was. He them pocketed the pen, and walked to the
door. “I love you.” He spoke to his ex-wife.

“I loved you once, and I always will love you for giving me my
daughter, but I cant anymore. Not the way you want me to.” Isabel looked
down. She stayed that way until she heard the door close. She then let go of
everything she had been holding in. She cried for he love she lost. For the
way things had been torn so terribly. She had been dreading having to talk to
him, but knowing she would have to.

Downstairs, everyone was talking and eating. They were waiting for
the time when they could go back upstairs. But for now, they were talking
about there careers.

“So, let me get this straight. Liz, followed her dream, and is a
molecular biologist, Maria designs clothes, Micheal is an artist, Kyle is an
automobile engineer, Isabel is a trial lawyer, and Max is a Pediatrician?”
Diane tried to get it all straight.

“Yup, you got it.” Kyle spoke threw his cheeseburger.

“Dad, dont talk with your mouth full.” Jess warned her father. Her
mommy had taught her, her table manners, and she knew that talking with
your mouth full is not a good this to do.

Kyle swallowed his food. “Sorry pumpkin.”

Max and the other’s laughed. Anna stopped trying to suck her shake
threw her straw to see what was going on. After everyone stopped laughing,
she tried to suck again, but it didnt work. “Daddy, I im inna fight with this
milkshake, and it is beating me.” Anna told her father.

Max burst out laughing again, as well as the rest of the table. “Sorry
Angel, but why dont you try it again with a spoon.” He handed her a spoon
from the table setting, and spooned a little bit into it for her. From there he
proceeded to put the spoon next to her lips. se opened her mouth, and the
vanilla shake slid onto her tongue. “There, how is that?”

“Mmm, thankyou daddy!” Anna dug into the cup with renewed spirit.

“Yeah, thanks Daddy.” Liz reached up and kissed him. Sometimes, he
was so wonderful, she wanted to cry.

“You are both very welcome.” He leaned over from where he was
trying to get Gabby to burp, and took Liz’s free hand, where she was also
trying to get Gabe to burp. There was no doubt, both the girls were daddy’s
girls, and Gabe was a momma’s boy.

“Back to jobs, where did you all go to school?” Phillip inquired. He
was so proud of the kids. Especially Isabel, she had followed in his footsteps,
what father didnt like to hear that?

“Well, we all started off at American River Junior College. From there,
Maria, Michael, Isabel and Kyle transferred to Sacramento State college.
Maria took fashion classes, Micheal took a lot of art classes, and Kyle took a
few mechanical classes. They eventually lead him to an engineering class,
Isabel took an interest in law, and went to law school in a small college
outside of Santa Cruise, and the rest is history for them. Max and I both
transferred to UC Davis. Max took the medical path, while I took the
scientist path. We both did our undergrad work there as well. We were
separated for a while, but once we were all done with school, we all went to
Santa Cruise. We were there until we decided to come home. Which was a
whole year, before we got homesick.” Liz took a big breath. That was a lot to

“Just breath chica, the blood will come back to your brain soon,
believe me I know.” Maria tried to coach her friend.

“Pixie, leave her alone.” Micheal spoke to his wife.

“Im so proud of all of you.” Amy was almost in tears. Her little girl
was all grown up, with a little girl of her own. She pulled her son closer to
her. She would have to find a way to stop this one from growing up.

Kyle looked at his little brother. He was a mix of Jim and Amy. “So,
Tyler, how are you?” Kyle would definitely have to make his brother have a
little fun.

“Im fine.” Tyler then his behind his mother.

Everyone laughed until they saw Jesse storm out of the back room. He
ran out the door, and Kyle stood up. “I am going to go check on Isabel.” He
had already started toward the door.

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