Title: The Angry King
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Category M/L
Rating: R to NC-17
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Time Frame: EOTW
Summary: Just read and find out!
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Chapter 2 Plan B

Max was a man on a mission. He had just gotten done with Plan A, and now it was time for Plan B "Maria Deluca". The only thing is, is that Maria was a lot smarter than Kyle Valenti was when it came to schemes. He would have to be careful not to act suspicious around her. Hell, he had just made it to "girlfriend" status. Even though he once thought of Maria as a close friend of his, he could not let that stop him in order for his plan of getting back at Liz to work. As Max was thinking to himself, he was searching the hallways of the school for Maria. She was usually in plain sight at all times, but today of all days, she was nowhere to be found. "Just my luck," Max thought to himself. "The one day that I actually need her, she's not even around." Max would of gone to Michael to see where Maria was, but he did not want anyone to know that he was looking for her, so they could not link him to what was about to happen to her.

Max growled in frustration as the bell for classes to start rang. He would just have to go looking for MAria later. As he walked up to his first class, he glanced in the window to see if SHE was there {Liz Parker}, and sure enough she was sitting at their Biology table with her head down looking at something in deep concentration. Max could not help the love that he had had before , creeping back into him, and he had to chastise himself by saying "Liz slept with Kyle. She does not want you anymore!" over and over in his head. He just could not see how she could tell him that she loves him, and then turn around and give somebody else what belongs to him, herself. He knew that she was trying to push him towards Tess because of his so-called destiny, but it just was not right for her to do what she did. She had to of had feelings for Kyle for her to be able to give herself to him. Maybe she was stringing him along all this time. Maybe she just thought that she was "obligated" to be with him just because of him saving her life. When Max saved Liz's life he never expected anything in return, except for her to keep his secret. As a matter of fact, he had even pushed her away because of him thinking that she would be in danger because of him, but she did not give up and he finally relented. Isn't that the way it always goes, you give into your feelings about someone after fighting it for so long, only to have them totally turn on you, and turn your world upside down. Max then realized that once again he was obsessing about Liz Parker, and that was so not the right thing to do right now. He had to keep his mind focused for his plan to work.

As he walked into the classroom, he decided that if he did not act like he normally did, then Liz would see right through him, so he decided to put up a front, and act like the "old Max', instead of the King that he was. He went over to their Biology table, as not to disturb her, and leisurely pulled his stuff out of his backpack, and put them on the Biology table. As he sat there, his curiousity go the best of him, and he turned to Liz and casually asked what she was up to. At first Liz did not respond to him, because the truth was that being that close to Max was gradually eating away at her. All she wanted to do is tell him the truth, that she really DID love him, and her sleeping with Kyle was a total LIE. Of course she could not do that though because no matter what her feelings were for him, she could not let the world end because of her own selfishness. She finally got the nerve up, and turned around to face him saying, "I am making a list of all the colleges that I want to go to once I graduate. I already have my applications in a few, but I wanted to make sure I've got all my bases covered." "See, Liz that wasn't so hard, or was it?" Liz thought to herself as she looked at MAx waiting on a reply. Max looked over at her and said,""oh". Right then that was all he could think of because he was in total shock mode. All this planning, and he never once thought about her going to college. Well, it was not going to matter because once he was done with his plan, then he would not ever have to worry about Liz leaving him again.

Whent the class was over, both Liz, and Max went in there own seperate directions. Liz was headed to her next class, while Max was once again scanning the hallways for Plan B. He went to her locker,and waited for her figuring that maybe he was just missing her somehow. He waited till the bell rung, and there was still no sign of her. Leave it to Maria to throw his planning off track. Finally he decided to skip school, and head to her house to see if she was there. When he got there he noticed that the Jetta was gone, and that there was a note on the door. He looked around to see if nobody was watching him, and grabbed the letter then proceeded to run back to the Jeep. After he got in the Jeep, he started to read the letter that Maria had written :

Had to go to Amarillo to pick up a few things for Mom. I'll be back tomorrow.
Love ya,

When Max got done reading Maria's letter, he was thinking that his plans had changed. "Amarillo, here I come!" Max said to himself and he headed over to the highway. "Maria Deluca will never know what hit her by the time I am finished with her.

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