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Title: Angel in you

Author: Benz AKA ps_dreamer

Category: M/L of course! AU fic, no aliens.

Summary: Response to Sugarplum17’s challenge #15 with a twist of my own.
Max turns into a indifferent, insensitive man after his fiancée, Anna, died. Liz is a fortuneteller. Will Liz be able to soften Max’s cold heart? Will Max be able to love again?

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything, sadly. Not Roswell, not the characters, not even Max.



‘5 days until the wedding,’ Max thought happily.

He’d been counting the days until the wedding. Oh, who was he kidding? He’d been counting every minute, every second that passed by! Who wouldn’t if they were going to marry the love of their lives, the perfect dream girl any guy could wish for?

Anna Watson.

Soon to be Anna Watson Evans.

His fiancée. Just thinking about her made him all giddy. Normally, Max Evans was known in the business world as cool, calm and diplomatic. Some would even say that he was a bitter man. But that was the old Max who had lived a rough life. He’d grown up in the Roswell orphanage and fought his way through life. That was, until Philip and Diane Evans adopted him and his twin sister, Isabel, when they were about 11 years old. He was always thankful for that.

As he grew up, he never had a serious relationship with anyone. Not that he didn’t date, there wasn’t just anyone ‘right’ for him. Until one day in his senior in college. He was rushing to Professor Douglas’ class. That was when he believed in God because he bumped into an angel, a beautiful angel, by the name of Anna. Her beauty had silenced him. Her sheepish smile after apologizing for her clumsiness wasn’t like anything he’d ever seen. Her soft, gorgeous blonde hair cried out to be touched and stroked. He knew right then, this was it. He was finally in love.

It took him a while to gather enough courage to go talk to her. It was awkward at first, but later they’d become great friends. Then, a great couple. People envied them. A dream couple, two parts of a soul that finally found each other at last. Or so, that was what their friends said. Max could have easily believed that because he and Anna were so in tune with each other. She was the one who cracked his stonewall, awakened his romantic side. He didn’t even acknowledge that it was there, but with her, it was natural.

Anna…so small and exquisite…yet so strong. Believe it or not, during their 4 years of relationship, she had been his rock many times. She’d seen his manly tears and stood by his side when life became hard. She helped him to be a better person. The day she accepted his marriage proposal was the best day of his life. Suddenly, everything is all right in the world again for Max Evans. He couldn’t remember a time when he was as happy.

Everything was already prepared and ready for the wedding ceremony. The only thing, or rather, person that was missing was Anna. She was on a business trip in New York, but she was flying back today. Max was supposed to pick her up at the airport about 10 o’clock in the morning.

Hmmmm…he couldn’t wait. He really missed her.

Feeling bored, Max turned on the TV. “Crap, crap, crap,” he muttered as he flipped through the channels. There’s never anything good on TV late at night.

Suddenly the news caught his attention. Apparently, a plane crashed at JFK airport, just as it was taking off. Something about the engine. But what the news anchor said next, knocked him off balance.

Flight from New York to Albuquerque.


Anna! Max thought in panic. She’s on that plane!

Swiftly, he was up on his feet, frantically searching for the airport number. But before he could find it, the phone rang and Max snatched it as quickly as possible. Maybe it’s Anna and she’s just calling to say she’s fine? Please God, let it be her…

What was said on the other side of the phone call shocked him to the core. The only sound that was made reverberated throughout the hallway as the phone dropped to the floor.


The earth shall soon dissolve like snow
The sun forebear to shine
But God who called me here below
Will be forever mine

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound
that saved a wretched like me
I once was lost but now I’m found
Was blind but now I see…

Maria Deluca’s soft voice drifted from the stage. Her eyes were still red from all the crying. Anna had been her best friend since forever. She never would have thought that her friend would leave her so soon. She pictured them growing old together, raising kids together. She pictured so much more than this.

As soon as the song finished, Maria walked slowly back to where Mrs. Watson was and embraced her. This was not easy for any of them. Mrs. Watson and her mother, Amy Deluca had been friends since grade school. She and Anna grew up together, went to the same grade school, the same high school and even the same college.

Quietly, Maria turned to look at Max. Poor Max. He took this the hardest. Considering his unshaven appearance and tired look. The man probably didn’t sleep at night. Maria walked slowly towards him and called softly. “Max.”

He turned around and she gasped, his eyes looked…dead. The usual sparkle was gone, leaving only deep pain and sadness.

“Come here.” She hugged him, sharing the grief and pain. “Everything will be okay.” At least, she hoped so. However Max’s next words broke her heart.

“No,” came Max’s stern voice. “Everything won’t be okay. Nothing will ever be okay again.”


Sooo...guys. what do you think? good/bad? leave feedback!

Just a little note: It’s gonna be a little angsty at first. But don’t worry, this is suppose to be a romantic-comedy.


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Thank you for all the encouraging feedback!!! keep it coming! *wink**wink* hint,hint *big*

oh, and I have absolutely no idea on how to read Tarot if there's any mistake...please forgive me!

without further ado, here's the next part.

Part 1

Two years later…

“Come on Max! Come with me please?” Maria, now 24 years old, pleaded and begged. She knew that Max Evans was as stubborn as hell. Two years of being close to him taught her that. She’d grown much closer to him after Anna’s death. It seemed that they turned at each other for comfort, sharing the one precious thing in common. The memory of Anna. But they were never a couple. Just friends. Close friends, despite the 3 years of age difference. For Max never laid eyes on any other women after Anna’s death. Although constantly, there were many women who would throw themselves at him.

“No! Maria, no! I won’t go to the stupid fortune teller with you. I don’t even believe in it.” Max said in exasperation.

“Please? Pretty please with strawberry on top? Max? Please?” Her lips started to quiver.

Oh hell! She’s going to cry. “Maria, Maria! Don’t cry!” Uh-oh. Too late. The salty drops came tumbling down like a waterfall. “Okay! Okay! I’ll go with you! Stop crying!”

“Thank you Max!” She squealed. Suddenly, all traces of tears were gone. Ah-ha! Maria thought. The one thing that can bring men, even a tough man like Max, down to their knees…is a woman’s tears. Yep, men’s weakest point. “Come on then. Let’s go.”

“Wait, will you?” Max pressed on his intercom. “Sarah. Cancel the appointment with the Jackson’s. Postpone it until Thursday.” After a muffled answer from his secretary, he turned Maria. “You owe me.”

“Yeah, yeah.” With that, she dragged him out of his office.

After about 30 minutes ride in Max’s Porsche through the streets of New York City, they reached a beige building with a big sign that said, “Madame Liz. Know your destiny.” When they walked into the building, Max was met with a bohemian atmosphere, with colorful wallpaper and exotic furniture. It made Max’s $40,000 Armani suit seem out of place.

An old lady walked out and greeted them. “Hello Maria. This must be the Max you’ve talked about. Hello Max. I’m Claudia Parker and I’m the owner of this place.”

“Max Evans,” Max introduced himself and shook the offered hand. “Pleasure meeting you.”

“Likewise.” Claudia replied with a smile.

“So…where’s Lizzie, Grandma?” Maria asked cheerfully. Apparently, she’d been here many times and got acquainted with the owner. Claudia Parker and her granddaughter who was the fortuneteller, Liz Parker. Maria learned of this place by the recommendation of Madame Vivian, her mom’s life/love consultant in Roswell. When she decided to move to New York, Madame Vivian said that if she had any problems, then Madame Liz’s was the place to go.

After arriving in New York, Maria had struggled and faced many problems. Auditioned to be a superstar was never an easy process. Coming to Madame Liz’s was very relaxing and Liz was very understanding. They’d become good friends. Maria was like another granddaughter to Claudia.

“She’s inside.”

“Thank you. Come on Max.” Maria led Max into a big room, even more bizarre than the first room. In the middle of the room stood a velvet red cloth-covered round table with a magic ball on it. Max couldn’t believe he let Maria drag him to this place. Sitting down, he glanced around the room again. This Madame Liz must be some crazy chick. Max thought. She’s probably old and ugly with some crazy hair-do. I won’t be surprised if she came out, holding alien voodoo and started chanting in an unfathomable language. This place is weird.

“Hi Maria,” came a soft, sweet voice that pulled him out of his thoughts.

Turning to where the angelic sound came from, Max was completely stupefied. There stood a petite young woman with chocolate brown hair and big doe-like eyes, wearing a burgundy gypsy-like dress and a lot of accessories- necklaces, bracelets, rings, hair pins, earrings. The eccentric outfit couldn’t hide the fact that she was beautiful.

“Hi Liz!” Maria greeted, walking to embrace the woman.

LIZ? This is LIZ??? Don’t tell me this is Madame Liz? He thought, totally taken aback.

“Max! This is the Madame Liz I talked about!” Maria said cheerily.

After the introduction, they seated themselves at the round table. Max looked on, bored, as Liz did her card thing. Tarat…Tarot…or whatever it’s called. And Maria asked questions about love and life. He mentally rolled his eyes. Like they were true. Max then, turned his attention to the mysterious Madame Liz. The way the light shone through the window gave her some sort of a…what’s the word…ethereal glow to her.



“I said it’s your turn now,” Maria said.

“Oh no, no, no! You’re not pulling me into this. You said that I just have to come with you. That’s it.”

“Yeah, yeah. Pick the cards.” Maria ordered as Max obeyed. He sighed. The things I do for Maria…

Once all the cards were picked out from the deck, Madame Liz began her reading. “Hmmm…” Liz scanned through the cards, her eyes serious in concentration.

“Here this card.” Madame Liz pointed at one of the cards. “It represents the sense of destiny. You will be open to luck, find opportunity in an accident. You will experience change in your life that will alter the present course. This means being swept up in new developments. And this card, it means that you will be heading into the unknown…beginning an adventure. Now you might be faced with many problems but the best thing to do is have faith. Trust your heart’s desire and be true to yourself.”

“Oohh,” came Maria’s voice. “And what’s this?” She pointed at the Lovers card, her face hopeful. Is there a chance that Max will be falling in love again? Let’s hear what Liz has got to say…

“That card represents intimacy, sex.” Madame Liz answered gently. “According to the position of the card, it means that he will be experiencing desire, feeling a physical attraction with someone new. But in order for them to fully be together, he must learn to move on because his past is holding him back. And this card-”

“Enough.” Max cut her off, angrily. What do these cards know anyway? He refused to believe any of this! This was totally a bad idea. Move on? And forget Anna? “I think that’s enough for me. I have a meeting at three. Excuse me.” With that, he left.


Walking inside his bedroom, Max untied his tie and threw it on the bed. He unfastened his shirt, feeling tired from the meeting. It had been another long, tiring day of work. Nothing new. He sat himself on his sofa while grabbing the cool bottle of red wine that his butler had left out for him. He grabbed the remote and pressed play. Hmmm…there’s nothing as relaxing as Jazz music.

Max closed his eyes and drowned himself in the waves of Jazz tempo and the deep rumble of the singer’s voice. This was his ritual. Coming back from work and sitting alone in the dark listening to Jazz music while sipping red wine.

Suddenly, his mind wondered back to that afternoon. Madame Liz’s words still rang in his head. He tried to shook it off but it wouldn’t go away. It was still nagging him.

No. Max thought. I won’t meet anyone new. He had made a vow to himself that there would never be another woman. Just Anna. Only her.

His mind began to wander again, and he drifted back to the days when he was completely happy. The days when he was young, innocent and totally in love. The days when he was not alone.


Meanwhile, up in heaven…

“I can’t take this anymore!” cried a blond angel in exasperation, after looking down on what had been happening on Earth.

“What’s wrong Anna?” asked another angel, her attention now focused on her friend, not on her new set of wings like it had previously been.

“It’s Max, Serena!” Anna threw her hands up. “He won’t move on! It’s been 2 years since my death and he hasn’t moved on. As flattered as I am that he still loves me and doesn’t want to forget me, if this keeps up, he’ll end up alone for the rest of his life! And I love him. I won’t let him torture himself like this. He deserves to be loved and cherished. He needs to learn to love again.”

“So what are you going to do?”

“I need to do something.” After a few minutes of thinking and pacing on the white fluffy cloud, Anna said with certainty, “I’m going down to Earth.


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Guys... sorry for the long wait. Thank you for all the feedback&bumps! Here's the new part. Don't forget, feedback is much appreciated. *happy*

Part 2

“Hi Max!” a tall woman with blond hair ran up to hug him. A tall lanky man and a small girl followed closely behind.

“Hi Izzy,” Max greeted his older sister. “Hey, you dyed your hair back to blond!”

“Yeah,” Isabel Evans-Whitman touched one of her shoulder-length blond curls. “Well, I got bored with the brown color. I mean, blond is more fun right? Besides, Alex loves my blond hair better. Don’t you sweetheart?” She turned and asked her husband of 4 years. Alex Whitman, son of Charles Whitman who was the owner of one of the most well known computer company in the world. Next to Bill Gates, that is.

“I love it. Hey Max,” Alex smiled, holding a three-year-old girl in his arms. “Say hi to Uncle Max.”

“Hi Uncle Max.” The girl said brightly in her cute, sweet voice.

“Hi Jackie.” Max looked at his niece in wonderment. How had the time gone by so fast? The last time he saw her, she was still a small girl…well, smaller than she was right now. Then again, he didn’t get a chance to see her that much since he was always busy with work.

Although he wouldn’t admit it aloud, Max was jealous of Isabel and Alex of their marriage. He’d always picture his future with Anna, living in an all American house with white picket fences, a garden, a dog…and of course, children. But it was just what it was. A dream. Never could have come true.

“Come on, let’s sit down. I’m starving,” Isabel rubbed her tummy playfully. She had just flown back from Albuquerque. She had been visiting her parents in Roswell. They’d been asking about Jackie nonstop. Like, how was she doing? Or, how big was she now? Typical grandparent questions. So she and Alex decided to take a short vacation and visit them in Roswell and now they were back in New York.

So the minute they arrived in New York, they called Max and arranged a lunch meeting.

“So how’s mom and dad? How’s Roswell?” Max asked.

“Oh well, you know. Everything’s the same. Nothing’s changed really. Mom still tries to make those Frittatas from Martha Stewart’s magazine. And dad, well…he still tries to make excuses to go out for dinner,” Isabel chuckled, remembering her dad’s pained look when eyeing the Frittatas.

That elicited a soft smile from Max, “Yeah. I told you, you shouldn’t have persuaded her to subscribe those magazines.”

Isabel laughed. “Yeah. I know that now.”

“So where’s your buddy Maria?” Alex asked, at the same time, trying to keep Jackie still in her seat.

Maria was Alex’s cousin. They were really close, despite the age difference. He knew Isabel through Maria. Although annoyed at that time, it was Maria who tried to play cupid. Now, he was very grateful.

“She’s got a date,” Max replied nonchalantly. Maria always went on dates.

“A date? With who?” Alex raised his eyebrows in question. Okay, so he couldn’t help but feel protective of his cousin.

“I don’t know. Just some guy she met. I think his name’s Michael.”

“Michael what?” Alex pressed on.

“Oh stop it Alex. Maria can take care of herself,” Isabel reprimanded. Alex could surely go hyper protective. It would be really irritating if he weren’t so darn cute. “Oh Max, mom asked me to give this to you.” She pulled out an envelope out from the purse.

Max reached to get it. He opened it and groaned, “Not again. I swear, mom’s matchmaking scheme never did work and never will. Who is it this time?” He scanned the letter in his hand.

For the past year, his mom tried to find him a wife. She had this whole album of girls who were willing to go out with him. She’d been sending him picture of girls and attempted to make him meet them. Yeah, right. Like he would.

“Tess Harding,” he read the name distastefully. Even just looking at her photo, he loathed her already. Max saw a blond girl who put on so much makeup it looked like someone had thrown paint on her. He winced inside. This was who his mom tried to match him up with? Argghh.

This just ruined his appetite for the day.


Flying down to the streets of New York City, Anna looked around in amazement. Thank God that He gave her a vacation time. No more monitoring earth people but actually joining them! This was her first time on Earth since her death. She was so happy that at least, she could mingle in the crowd and pretend to do things like she used to when she was alive. Oh the good old days. There was so many things she missed doing! Even though now nobody could see her, hear her or feel her, it was better than nothing.

Well…except if she decided to possess a body. Then she could experience all the worldly happenings through that person. But that would last only a few minutes. At most, half an hour, because in order to do so, that person’s energy got used up. Most humans were not that strong, compared to angels.

Right now, she didn’t have a concrete plan to help Max yet. Sooo…I’ll just enjoying myself for now. I don’t get to come to earth that often. This is my vacation and I’m enjoying it to the fullest! Well…before I get to work that is.

However, after running around here and there, Anna’s excitement dwindled. She wanted to feel everything. She wanted to feel human again. And being an invisible angel couldn’t do that. Damn!

ARGHH!! This is so boring! I think I’ll just possess a body. Just for a little while. It’ll be okay. It won’t do any harm. Anna thought as she walked on 34th street. Let’s see…who will I pick? She scanned the crowd for the perfect body. Her eyes squinted in focus.

Then her gaze stopped at a cute brunette girl. And we’ve got ourselves a winner! Anna smiled. Sweetie, you’re the lucky girl that gets to go through once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Anna slowly walked up to the unaware girl and little by little, moved her translucent body over the girl’s. After a ‘whooshing’ sound that only angels could hear, Anna was inside the girl’s body. She was looking through the girl’s eyes and feeling through the girl’s senses.

“WHOO-HOO! I got in! I did it!” Anna screamed excitedly, earning strange looks from the people passing by.

“What do these people know anyway?” she muttered to herself. Suddenly, she found herself running in and out of shops, touching things and eating hamburgers. Hey, there were no hamburgers in Heaven!

Later, Anna learned that she used quite amount of the girl’s money. Oh well. She would repay it back somehow. Maybe help the girl to win lottery? Angels have powers too you know.

Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, Anna saw Max.


Without thinking, she ran to where he was standing and jumped into his arms. Anna started placing small kisses over his face- his forehead, his cheeks, his nose and his mouth, completely ignoring his shocked expression.

This is so great! I can actually kiss Max! Anna thought happily. It’s been too long. I miss him. I miss his kisses. Then she proceeded to cover his mouth with hers in a deep, passionate, heart-throbbing kiss.

But just as things were getting good, Max pushed her away.

“Who the hell are you?” Max exclaimed angrily. Then, after taking a good look at the strange woman who, out of nowhere, jumped him. He shouted in surprised, “MADAME LIZ???”

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Part 3

Max’s mind was in a whirl. Now he was trying to pull his thoughts back together. First he parted from the restaurant, walking through the streets of Manhattan, just thinking. Then suddenly, out of the blue, someone…a female someone jumped into his expected arms and embraced him with kisses. Then he pushed her away. He looked into the oh-so familiar brown eyes…

Madame Liz!

It was that crazy fortune teller that jumped him.

“Max?” Anna looked at him, her face hurt. After all these years, she’s been dying to kiss him and this was how reacted? He pushed her away!

Oh wait. Realization began to dawn on her. I’m in another body. No wonder Max couldn’t recognize me!

Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

Anna could hear her internal clock ticking. Geez, this body won’t last long. She shouldn’t have waste time. Right now she needed to tell him everything she had came here for. Then she would find some other way to come back and see Max again.

Inhaling deeply, Anna said in one breath. “Max, I know you think you don’t know me but you do. Well, not exactly. We used to know each other but you don’t know me, the me that I’m in now. Okay, that sounds really confusing. Anyway, I don’t have much time so I guess I’m going to have to say it straight out. It’s going to be a shock to you and you probably think it’s impossible but I’m Anna.”

Anna could see the shock in his face.

Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

She continued, “I asked God to come down to Earth just to see you Max. I miss you. God knows how much I do. You probably think I’m dead but I’m still here. I’m an angel, Max. And I watch over you. Even if you don’t see me or hear me. But I always look after you. The reason that I’m here on Earth is because I want you to know that it’s okay to move on. Our past is the past. We should cherished what we had but you shouldn’t allow that to stop you from moving on and find new love.”

Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

The clock ticked faster, indicating that she had less time.

“I love you so much. I’ll love you forever and I know you know that. But I don’t want to see you lonely and hanging on to things that don’t exist anymore. I’m already dead Max. Why don’t you open your heart and let yourself live again?”


Anna could hear the sound of the wind in her ears. Before she knew it, she was out of the petite girl’s body. Damn! And she hasn’t finished her speech. At the level that she was in, she’d have to wait a couple of days before she was able to possess a body again. Possessing a body could really make an angel tired. She needed to practice more on her angel skills in order for her to do this more often.

Flying back up to heaven, where she could recuperate, she hoped that Max would understand her. Anna couldn’t help but wonder if Max believed her. Oh he would. He’d know me anywhere. Even I’m in another body. He’ll know…


Can a person be more speechless than speechless? Max thought.

He had been listening to this Liz person blabbing on about how she was angel, sent by God from heaven, named Anna and about how she wanted HIM to move on. Who is she? And what had she been smoking? Marijuana?

But what about that Anna part? Was it a mere coincidence on the name part or something more? Could she have known Anna? If she did, then why was she doing this? Didn’t she know, if this was a joke, that it wasn’t funny at all? But then again, she couldn’t have known Anna. Anna never mentioned anybody by the name of Liz who was a fortune teller. No. She couldn’t have.

“-already dead Max.” He heard her say. “Why don’t you open your heart and let yourself live again?”

Before he could react to that question, Madame Liz collapsed on the pavement. He ran to grab her, preventing her from knocking her head on the cool concrete floor.

Damn this woman! One minute, she was talking as fast as a jet plane. The next, she fainted dead on the floor.

“Liz, Liz,” he shook the girl’s body. “Wake up.”


He tried calling her again and again but there was no response what so ever. Holding Liz up in his arms, he asked himself. So what should he do now?

Deciding to take actions, he pulled out her wallet and searched for her home address. At least, he would be nice enough to drop her off at her home. Clearly, she didn’t live at the Madame Liz’s. The place was too small.

It took him a while, but finally Max found her home address. Acting like the gentleman that he was, he carried her to his car and drive off.

About twenty minutes later, he arrived at the apartment where Liz was staying. During the ride, he tried to wake her up several times but all attempts failed. Man! If someone were to say that she was a heavy sleeper. He’d say that it was the understatement of the year!

The rain began to pour down on the Big Apple. Max had to run through the heavy rainfall, with Liz in his arms, into the apartment building. A soaking Max carried a soaking Liz up to the apartment room, 501. He pulled out a key from her purse. Opening up the door, he walked into a clean and very homey apartment. Max examined his surrounding. Very nice. Despite her wacky clothes, this girl’s got a great taste.

Once he found her bedroom, he dropped Liz off on the bed. As he was going to leave, he turned back, looked at the drenched body on the bed. Damn! She’s going catch a cold if she stays in those wet clothes.

After a minute of debating what to do, he started to unbutton her blouse…


The first thing Liz could feel was the throbbing of her head.

What had happened?

Liz tried to recall the past event. This afternoon, she was going to buy grocery. Then as she was walking into the store, she felt a little bit dizzy. Had she passed out? Because she couldn’t remember anything after that.

She struggled to open her heavy eye lids. One slowly opened. Another followed closely behind. Liz could see the blurry view of her apartment ceiling. At least, she was at home now.

Liz looked around the room. Her gaze stopped when she was met with a pair of golden brown eyes. That pair of eyes belonged to a shirtless man in her bedroom. If that part hadn’t surprised her, then his hands on her chest would!

OH. My. God! What had happened to her while she fainted? Or asleep?

Liz couldn’t run. In fact, she couldn’t get her leg muscles to move at all. The only thing that she was able to do was scream.

And she did just that.


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Author's Note:

ack! sorry guys for the lack of update on this fic! I've been busy with exams (ARGHHHH) ...all the studying... anyway, I don't know when I'll be able to squeeze a new part out- but I'll try my best! maybe next week...sometimes...

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Everyone! Thank you for all the encouraging feedback & bumps!!! here's the new part. Enjoy *happy*

Part 4

Who would have thought that a small person like Liz could produce such a loud sound?

Her scream could probably wake up the dead in the cemetery! He covered his ears with his hands. Just as he was about to tell her to stop screaming, she grabbed a pillow and started to hit him with it.

“You! You bastard! What did you do?” she continued hysterically. “Oh my God, you pervert! You tried to rape me didn’t you?”

“Hey!” Max held his hands up for protection. “Wait, wait. Listen to me.” That earned him another smack on the head.

“Why should I listen to you?” She hit him harder. “You took advantage of me. How could you!”

“Ow! Hey stop!” No such luck. Liz kept on striking him with the poor pillow and throwing the nearest object at him. With the speed of light, Max swiftly seized hold of Liz’s wrists and forced them behind her back, in effect, pulling her soft back flushed against his muscular front.

Max struggled with difficulty to keep her still. Liz thrashed about, kicking wildly. His tightened his grip on her.

“Let go of me!”

“Only if you’d stop hurting me.”

“Why should I? You deserve it, you bastard!”

“Hey, hey! You’re the one who fainted on me.” Max replied in anger. Would she ever listen to him? “Then I brought you back here. It was raining. I had to carry you up to fifth floor because the damn elevator wouldn’t work! You were soaked and I, being the gentleman that I am, couldn’t let you catch cold so I had to get that stupid top off and was going to wrap you up in towel. Now I’m the bastard?”

The silence hung in the air as Liz assimilated what was said.

“I fainted?” Her voice much softer than before. She finally remained still in front of him. “Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“Because you wouldn’t wake up!”

“Oh.” Now if this was in another circumstance, Liz would think that the situation was somewhat…sensuous. Here she was, standing in her bra and jeans, seriously close against a man with the body of a Greek God. Oh, did she mention that they were both wet? Well, not that sense of wet. But what the hell? And the way he was talking…she could feel his warm breath on her… NO! No! Stop thinking that! FOCUS!

“But why did I faint?”

“How am I suppose to know? You know, you were the one who’s been taking advantage of me. I was walking down the street just fine when you kissed me,” Max accused her. “Then you started talking about being an angel-”

“Wait! Hold up!” Did she hear that right? She? Miss Shy Parker kissed a stranger? “I-I…I kissed you?”

“What? Don’t tell me you don’t remember,” said Max irritatingly. Is she trying to wiggle her way out of this?

“I don’t remember!” Hearing his snort, she added, “Honest! I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.”

“Yeah, whatever,” he dismissed her. This girl’s got some serious problem. She doesn’t even remember what happened to her. What is this? Some sort of memory relapse?

It was quiet for a while until Liz broke the silence. “Can you let go of me now?”

Realizing that he held her too long, Max loosened his grip on the young girl. Liz moved away from the handsome male, asking the one question in her mind.

“Hey why aren’t you wearing any shirt?” That factor still seemed a tad bit unnerving to her. Maybe he was trying to…

“See this?” Max held up his bunched up, soaked, water-dripping shirt for her to see.


“Yes. I have no intention what so ever to take advantage of a little girl like you”

“A LITTLE GIRL like ME?” Liz screeched. What the hell does he mean? Better explain himself. Now.

“Yes. A LITTLE GIRL,” Max stressed on those words, “like you.”

If possible, Liz was about to reach the boiling point. The way he looked up and down her petite body only flared her anger more. She could literally feel steams blowing out of her ears. She didn’t like the way he looked at her at all.

“Are you implying that I’m UGLY?” Liz’s voice at the end of the question rose about an octave higher. She knew she was not Miss USA but she was not completely ugly either. And her B-Cup bra size, some would say it was too small but she was completely satisfied. Hardly a little girl’s body. How dare he?

“Take it whatever way you want,” said Max uncaringly.

Max pushed apart the curtains of her room to see the before dark, gray sky filled with impending raindrops, now clear and blue. The rain must’ve stopped sometime during the chaos, he thought. Max walked towards the exit, ignoring the red-faced woman in the room. Max didn’t mean to say what he did, but he couldn’t help saying it. Somehow, in a weird way, he liked seeing her all flushed and angry.

Looking at his watch, he only had an hour before the board meeting. Shit. Before he left, standing on the threshold, Max turned to Liz with a teasing smile on his face, “Au revoir, Gypsy girl. Till we meet again.” With that, he was gone.

Liz wasn’t sure if she was more angry or confused by his sudden action. First, he popped out of nowhere, assuming he’d “saved her” from fainting. Then he had the nerve to call her a ‘Little Girl.’ How infuriating was that? It was like he was insulting her femininity.

ARGHH. The nerve of that man. What’s his name? Max? Liz tried to recall the name that Maria had told her. No one would ever forget that pair of hazel brown eyes. Next time I see him. I’ll show him who’s who.

Feeling exhausted from the day’s activity, she quickly took a shower and changed into her pajamas. The instant her head touched the pillow, sleepiness consumed her, embracing her to the dream world.


Liz groggily got out of bed. It was 8 am already. She needed to get ready to go to Madame Liz’s soon. Slowly, she stepped into the shower. The cool drops of water woke her up immediately. After finishing her daily routine of body lotion, she dressed up, ready for work and ready to start a new day. Her journey to the kitchen was stopped short when she heard noises in the living room.

Liz called out, “Michael?”

“Yeah?” came the reply.

Liz peeked into her small living room only to see Michael plopped on the sofa with chips and pretzels in a bowl in his laps, munching them as he watched ESPN.

Michael was her foster brother. Her parents adopted him before she was even born. Then, he was only 5 years old. But her parents loved him like their own- the son they never had. So Liz and Michael grew up together and were very close. He was a protective big brother who always looked out for his sister. While she was the annoying, cute sister who always helped her brother when he had girl problems.

“When’d you get home?”

“7 this morning.” Michael had a date last night…again. With his 6’1 height and handsome look, it didn’t surprised Liz that her brother had many girls swooning over him. Going out on a date was like his second nature.

Michael glanced at his sister. He could see tiredness apparent in her posture. “Crazy night?”

“Yeah, something like that,” Liz answered, then mumbled to herself, “or more like weird.”

“What’d you say?”

“Nothing.” Looking down at her wristwatch, it read 8.52 am. “Shit! It’s almost nine already! I have to go Michael. Talk to you later okay?”

“Wait!” He called.


“Are you free tomorrow night?” Michael asked, scratching his left eyebrow.

“Yeah.” Noticing her brother’s habit of scratching his eyebrow when he was nervous, Liz asked, “Why?”

“Well, I want you meet someone.”

“Male or female?”


“What’s her name?”

“Maria,” he said with a dreamy smile on his face, which did not go unnoticed by his observant sister.

“The girl you’ve been going out with?”

“Yeah.” The dreamy look remained on his face.

This is extraordinary. Liz thought. “Hmmm…I like her already. So, tomorrow night it is.”


what do you think?

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Part 5

“Psst. Anna, what are you doing?” Serena asked her friend who was busily typing something into the computer. Looking over Anna’s shoulders and wings, Serena’s eyes threatened to pop out. “What are you doing with the soul mate files?”

The Soul mate files were lists of billions and billions of soul mates on Earth. God gave the angels explicit order not to mess with the files. It was fate. It was destiny. It was meant to be. If an angel were to mess it up, then there would be an incurable chaos on Earth.

Anna knew that. That was why she was being discreet and careful not to mess anything up. All she wanted to do was to look up and see who Max’s soul mate was.

“Just looking,” Anna answered in a hush voice.

“Just looking!” Serena exclaimed. Then she reminded her friend, “Anna! Don’t you know you’re not supposed to mess with the files? No one’s suppose to even touch it!”

“Hey, hey! Chill Serena. I’m not messing with anything. I’m just looking through it. I’m not doing anything harmful.” Anna reached out to pat her friend’s wing gently, trying to alleviate Serena’s fear. “Don’t worry.”

“So what do you want with it?”

“Just want to see who’s Max’s soul mate.”


“I’m helping Max out.”

“What? You mean, you’re playing cupid for your once lover and his soul mate?” Serena asked incredulously. Is she for real?

“Yeah…” Anne scrolled down the list, only half of her attention was focused on her friend. She was searching for the words Evans, Max. “Aha!” She’d found it! Ignoring Max’s personal info, she turned her interest to the female name who was Max’s soul mate.

“Parker, Elizabeth,” she pronounced the name carefully. Who’s THAT?

Clicking on the name, Elizabeth’s picture flashed across the screen. Anna wasn’t prepared for the little surprise. Sooo…it was that cute girl! The one that I borrowed her body. Hmmm… Anna’s face was pensive, as she contemplated the plan that was forming in her mind.


Michael sat on his chair in Chez Pierre, tapping his fingers on the white-clothed table in nervousness. The two most important female in his life were about to meet. Who wouldn’t be nervous? Tap, tap, tap. His fingers carried on the quick tempo, which became even faster as his nervousness increased. Tap, tap, tap, tap.

The swift movement of a female hand over his stopped the tapping. He looked up to see the familiar warm, loving brown eyes staring at him.

“Are you all right?” Maria asked her boyfriend in concern. Usually, Michael was more defensive about his feelings, rarely showing his emotions. She’s never seen him like this before- all fidgety and uneasy.

Maria had met Michael three months ago by accident. She was on her way to work when Michael’s car crashed into hers. At first, she was so angry that she screamed at him for being a jerk. After many good verbal wrestling fights between them, she just couldn’t ignore the fact that he was hot and that there were definitely sparks between them. Meanwhile, Michael was annoyed at the feisty girl and was amused by the non-stop working of her mouth. He only knew one way to shut her up and that was to kiss her. And so he did. The surprising part was that she kissed him back. Ever since then, they’ve been a couple.

Staring at his beautiful girlfriend, he knew that Liz would love her too. “Yes, I’m fine.” Noticing a small figure at the corner of his eye, he turned around to see Liz in a floral dress. “There she is,” Michael said to Maria. Then waved to his sister. “Liz!”

Maria’s gaze followed her boyfriend’s. When the brunette figure caught her eyes, she gasped softly in surprise. “Omigosh! Liz!” Maria ran up to hug the unexpected girl. “It’s such a small world!”

“Maria!” Liz was as equally astonished when she saw who the blonde girl was. She never would’ve thought that the ‘Maria’ Michael dated was the same ‘Maria’ who have been visiting her at Madame Liz’s.

“Umm…you two,” Michael pointed to his sister first then to his girlfriend, “…know each other?”

“Uh, yeah…” said Maria. “Apparently, I’m one of Liz’s customers at Madame Liz’s.”

“Such a small world indeed,” Michael agreed. He was relieve to see the already-there closeness between his girlfriend and his sister. This might go better than I anticipated. He thought.


Anna repeated her plan in mind. It wasn’t a big plan, but Anna knew that it would definitely work. She figured that if two people were destined to be soul mates, destined to be together…then they didn’t need a lot of help. Surely, they would fall in love. But a little nudge here and there wouldn’t hurt right? She had purposely stayed put in order to regain some of the energy loss, which she did. And now, she was ready to roll.

Anna flew down from heaven to Max’s place. She walked through the doors and the walls of his elegant mansion. Ahhh…the benefit of being an angel. You could walk through walls. Since angels are invisible to human eyes, they couldn’t open doors anyway. Angels couldn’t touch worldly things…except when they use their powers. But that was another story.

Walking into Max’s room, she saw him typing on his laptop, his brows knotted in concentration. She slowly approached the oblivious man. “Sorry honey,” she whispered as she moved her translucent body over his. Within seconds, she was inside Max’s body. This is so weird. I’m actually in Max’s body.

She quickly grabbed the nearest coat and put it on. On her way out of the room, she caught her reflection…or rather, Max’s reflection in the mirror. It made her stop suddenly. Anna stood in front of the mirror and gazed wistfully at the image in front of her. He was just as handsome as she remembered. Or even more so. She slowly lifted her finger to trace the contour of his face…of her face.

She closed her eyes in reminiscence and began tracing his strong jaws, his chin. It felt the same. Strong and powerful. Touching his lips, she reveled in how soft it still was. She recalled how he would pepper his kisses on her, making her feel like the most precious thing on Earth. Her hand then moved down his collar to his chest. Even through the shirt, she could feel the firm muscles.


A cough snapped Anna out of her daydream. She turned around to see Max’s butler standing next to the open door. His face was a mixture of surprise and suspicion. It took a few seconds for Anna to realize what she was doing. In the mirror, she could see Max standing with his hand on his chest in an odd, female pose. Oh! No wonder the butler was looking at her, err, him weird.

“Here’s your wine, sir,” the butler gestured to the cool wine in his hand.

“Keep it for later. I’m going out,” Anna told the butler, inwardly wincing at the masculine voice that was uttered. Ignoring the question in the old man’s eyes, she walked out of the room with one destination in mind: Chez Pierre.


The night was great so far. Maria got along with Liz, much to Michael’s relief. The dinner was filled with entertaining conversation. When Liz has asked how they met, she looked on with keen interest as her brother and his girlfriend took turn telling the story. Liz was amused at how they seem to compliment each other. She could see that Michael was more than infatuated with Maria and she, him. Maybe her brother was finally in love. And maybe Maria was ‘the one’ for him.

The conversation shifted to the sibling. Liz told Maria stories about them when they were young.

“Oh my God! I can’t believe you did that!” Maria looked at her boyfriend in shock. She couldn’t believe that Michael set his tomato costume on fire just because he didn’t want to be in the play.

“Yes he did!” Liz confirmed.

“Guilty as charged,” Michael held in hands up in surrender.

Ring, ring.

“Oh, that’s my phone. Excuse me.” Maria excused herself from the table. She walked towards the restroom. On her way there, a tall figure bumped her. Maria swayed, her back hit the wall.

“Hey! What-” The voice died in her throat as she caught a glimpse of that figure. It was Max! But Max was sprawl on the floor like a ragged doll. “Max! Are you okay? I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you.” She apologized as she helped him stand on his feet.

“What are you doing here?” Maria questioned.

It took a while for Max’s foggy mind to clear. One minute he was at home, the next we was here at this restaurant. Slumped on the floor, nonetheless. He took in his surrounding in complete bewilderment. Max couldn’t remember how he had got here. What had happened?

After registering Maria’s question, he answered truthfully, “I don’t know, Maria. I really don’t know.”



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