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Ok... I started this story about three years ago, but never finished it, so I decided to start it up again. Here's the first four chapters, and if you like it and reply I'll put another couple of chapters up. At the same time I'll also be working on the newest chapter for you!!

Here we go!!

The New Girl (1/?)
Author: Ragingred_99
Rating: PG-13
Category: M/L
Summary: What would happen if Liz were the new girl?
Disclaimer: Don't own, don't sue. You'd never get any money out of me
Any ways…I'm a college student!
· *Hey all, this is my first fanfic, even though some of you may know me because of my challenges. Please be kind! I highly recommend
suggestions! Hint, hint! If anyone has an ideas for what to do next or a way to make this better please tell me, just be nice about it! Thanks!*
They were all sitting around the booth. Everything around them was new:
the booths, the paint, the pictures, the entire restaurant.
"I can't believe what they did to this place, it looks awesome!" Maria looked around in wide-eyed wonder.
"Yeah, just what Roswell needs, another 'alien' attraction!" Michael remarks, in his usual sarcastic tone. Maria slaps him upside the head. "Hey, watch it with the hair!" Maria just roles her eyes.
Alex laughs at his best friend and her boyfriend's obvious flirting. "I heard that the family that bought this place came from Indiana."
"I still can't believe that 3 months ago this was the worst rundown building in Roswell. "Max looks around him taking everything in. There was a lot of alien 'artifacts' around the place. He noticed a middle-aged couple behind the counter, talking to the chef, if that's what you want to call him. He looked at everyone around the booth, his sister, Isabel, was sitting with her boyfriend, Alex. It took Iz awhile to open up to Alex, and allow him in. He looked at his best friend, Michael, and his girlfriend, Maria. Michael was even worse than Is, but Maria finally broke through his bad boy exterior. Maria and Alex knew what they were, where they were from, and still accepted them, including himself and his girlfriend, Tess. They've been seeing each other for about two years. They were made for each other, literally. Max was happy, he cared for Tess, but he didn't love her. But given enough time, he knew he would, or better yet hoped he would. "I really like this place, it seems very suitable for Roswell."
"I met the new girl today," Tess adds, rubbing Max's knee, something she knew he hated, but she enjoyed it, so she kept doing it. Max grabs her hand and puts it back on her knee.
"Yeah, I met her too. She seems very nice and very smart as well. Have the rest of you met her yet?" Maria asks, Isabel nods while Max, Michael, and Alex shake their heads. "Well, her name is…"
"LIZ!! You have customers! I'll take care of the rest of the
inventory, you take their orders!" yelled the middle-aged man.
"Liz." Maria finishes, with a smile and a shrug.
Maria kept talking, but Max becomes distracted when a dark haired angel entered the room through the swinging door from the back. 'She's beautiful! Her hair, it looks like silk, what I wouldn't give to run my hands through it. Her face, her smile and I bet she smells great. She probably has the voice of an angel. And that body, what I wouldn't give to…' he stops suddenly when he hears Tess' voice in his head, 'You seem to forget that I CAN HEAR EVERYTHING YOU ARE SAYING!' she practically screams at him. Is and Michael are chuckling to themselves too, because, of course, they heard it too. Tess glares at Max, and he bites his lip.
"Hello! Welcome to the Crashdown! My name is Liz; I'll be your
waitress for today. What can I get you?" Liz asks, with Tess glaring at her, Is and Michael laughing, Maria and Alex looking totally confused, and Max looking at her with a dazed, almost lusty look in his eyes.

Ch. 2

~The next morning~
Maria and Liz are walking down the hallway. You would have sworn they've been friends for life, the way they were talking to each other.
"So, how are you liking Roswell? This is you first day, isn't it?" Maria asks.
"Yep. Mom and dad wanted to have everything in order before I started school. I like Roswell, the entire alien thing takes a while to get use to. Is everything here based around aliens and the crash?" she asks.
"So, do you believe in aliens?" Liz's voice becomes a breathless
whisper when she sees Max Evans walk by, accompanied by Is and Michael.
"In more ways then you will ever know!" Maria laughs. She noticed the look in Liz's eyes when she saw Max. Maria was finally able to get Michael talking about what he was laughing so hard about at the Crashdown. She couldn't believe it, Max having impure thoughts about someone, let alone someone other then Tess! That's one of the reason's she liked Liz so much, Maria hated Tess. There was something very fake about her, and Maria hated people who put on acts. She never thought that Max and Tess made a very good couple, Max was a giver, while on the other hand, Tess was a taker. 'I'll have to do everything I can to get Max and Liz closer together. Screw destiny, Michael and Isabel did, now it's Max's turn!'
"Well, all I have to say is; if there were aliens walking around, and they looked anything like Max Evans, I'd be very willing to be abducted! He'd be able to do all the evil experiments on me that he wanted! Impregnate me with his beautiful babies… Oh my God, I can't believe I just said that out loud!" Liz's face is as red as a ripe cherry; she covers her face with her hands. 'Why did I just say that? Most of all to one of Max's friends, to one of Tess' friends!' Maria was the first friendly face Liz met at Roswell. Liz accidentally bumped into Maria outside of the Crashdown. Then she saw her again in the Crashdown, since Liz was their waitress. Maria introduced Liz to everyone around the booth. Alex, Is, and Michael were very nice to her. However, Tess just glared at her, Liz remembered wondering what the hell she did to her. Then she was looking into the most beautiful pair of eyes she had ever seen. She remembered melting under his look; it was so intense and passionate. It was almost like she could see into his soul; there was something very different about him, something special. She soon found out that this dark eyed hunk was Max, Max Evans.
Maria just laughed, putting her arm around Liz's shoulders, "I think this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship!"
Maria and Liz walk into Biology together, Maria still chuckling and Liz still looking extremely embarrassed. "There's your alien man now! I'm damn sure you have a pick up line he's never heard before!" Maria winks at Liz.
"Class we have a new student with us today. Her name is Elizabeth Parker; she comes to us from Indiana. This has to be a big change for her, so everyone please make her feel comfortable. Lets start by getting her a lab partner. Ok, lets see… well… ok, lets try this. Max Evans will be your lab partner."

Ch. 3
"But Max is MY partner!" Tess whines.
"Someone's insecure about her relationship," Maria says in a staged whisper. Tess glares at her, while Maria just looks at her with raised eyebrows, using her 'I dare you to mess with me' look. Tess looks away.
"Tess, you're doing very well in this class, Liz is new and she need a strong partner, and Max is the strongest in the class," Mr. Teacher Man said.
"I'm sure you noticed that right away, didn't you Liz? Ya know, how strong Max is, in biology that is, of course!" Maria teased Liz. Max looks at Liz with a smile, Liz just looks at the floor.
"You're going to make me regret that alien statement for the rest of my life, aren't you?" Liz asks Maria.
"Oh, hell, yeah! Just wait until I tell him!" she teases again.
"Don't you dare!" Liz looks at her with a pleading look.
"Don't dare what?" Max asks, purposely grazing his hand against her butt.
"Nothing!" Liz yelps.
Tess gives an infuriated shriek, while Maria laughs and winks at Liz.
"Class, calm down! Let's get to work!" Mr. Teacher Man yelled over the class.
"Max, I saw what you did!" Tess accuses him.
"What are you talking about Tess?" he asks.
"I'm talking about you casually groping the new girl!"
"I was not groping her, I was… nothing, I was doing nothing to her!"
"NOTHING!!! You were flirting with her! I saw those lovey, dovey eyes she was giving you! And you seemed to like it an awful lot. You seem to forget that you can't be with anyone else, you were made for me!"
"Tess, you're becoming paranoid. I know damn good and well that I can't be with anyone but you, it was destined that way."
Maria walks in at that time. "It was also destined for Michael and Is to be together… and are they? No. Has anything happened because of that? No."
"When I want the peanut gallery’s opinion, I'll ask for it!" Tess snaps at her. She always thought about that, and it scared her shitless. That was why she always made sure that Max was near her as much as possible. She was not going to let this new slut ruin all of her plans.

"Well, I have one more thing to say. Think about it long and

hard Max, because this is just for you. You keep talking about how you

guys are different from us, and how things are destined to happen.

However, were they destined to happen here or at your home planet?

Maybe, your destiny was changed the moment your ship crashed here on

Earth." Maria left with one last long look at Max, "Think about it,

Ch. 4
After school, at Michael's apartment.
Michael, Maria, Isabel, and Alex are sitting in Michael's small living room/bedroom. Maria was talking excitedly, "and then he grazed her butt, ON PURPOSE!! You should have seen the look in his eyes; I've never seen him give anyone that look, definitely never Tess. Not to mention Liz's look, she was dumb struck, she would have toppled over at the slightest nudge! There was some major chemical reactions going on in that room, and none of it had to do with the experiment we were doing that day. Talk about Kodak moments, Tess' face, that was the clincher!! Oh, my God, she is so gone, it's just a matter of time, and she knows it! She had to remind Max that they were destined for each other. That was when yours truly stepped in and reminded her of Michael and Isabel, and how you two kicked your destiny to the curb. Boy, did she get bitchy when I reminded her of that. Then I left, after giving Max a final thought, which he will most likely be following right now, since he and Liz are at this moment catching up on their experiments for class. Oh, my god, and did she ever say the funniest thing today. She has a pick up line that I'll have to use on you sometime, Michael!!"
"I'm glad that Max is getting interested in someone else, I'm getting so tired of Tess using the "destiny" excuse every time Max tries to break up with her." Isabel mentions. Isabel doesn't really like Tess all that much as well. She liked her when she first can to Roswell about 5 years ago, but once she started dating Max, everything changed. It was all about, 'destiny this and destiny that', Isabel had an idea of where to stick Tess's destiny and it was no where near Max!
"Well, we all knew that given enough time Max would grow tired of Tess, we just never thought it would take a new girl to get him to that stage." Alex says. Alex never liked Tess, she was always trying to come between Is and him, and Michael and Maria. She was very threatened by the fact that those two didn't follow their destiny, and she knew Max could very well follow after them.
"So, Max is working with Liz now? I wonder how long it's going to take them to kiss? We all know what happens when we kiss, the flashes, the connections. I'll give it a week, tops, until Liz knows who we really are. I just hope she doesn't flip out like Maria did when she finds out!" Michael teases.

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Ch. 5
The New Girl (5/?)
Author: Ragingred_99
Rating: PG-13
Summary: What would happen if Liz were the new girl?
Category: M/L
Disclaimer: Don't own, so please don't sue.

That same night, in the backroom of the Crashdown.
Max and Liz are trying to work on their experiment, but they are so nervous around each other that they keep messing things up. Max spilt a bottle of iodine on his pants, at least we hope it's iodine, or else we will all be very worried. Liz messed up measuring an ingredient, and it blew up in their faces. It was quit a funny site; they had to wash their faces because they were covered in soot and smoke. Max broke a bottle of water, when Liz brushed against him, or actually rubbed against the front of him. Max couldn't believe how adolescent he was being! He was never like this, but then he never really liked someone before, and he really liked Liz, there was something special about her. If he were honest with himself, he'd know that what he felt for Liz was the most intense feeling he had ever had the pleasure of having. He kept having fantasies about her, of kissing her, everywhere. Of being with her, everywhere. He could walk into a store and see a display table, and all he could see were him and Liz making out on it, actually more then making out, but then Tess would hack onto his wave link and ruin the entire fantasy. He would be kissing Tess, and then suddenly it was no longer her, but Liz. He remembered on one particular night when the fantasy was getting really
good, and instead of saying Tess's name, he moaned for Liz. He still
had the hand print on his face to remind him daily of it. But, he couldn't help it, it was more then attraction, more than desire, infatuation, he know that Maria was right, his destiny had definitely change, and for the better.
Liz wasn't doing any better. She kept having fantasies about being strapped to a table and Max doing very naughty things to her. Ever since she mentioned the whole alien thing to Maria that was all she thought about. In biology, most definitely; all of those tables looked very enticing. In the Crashdown, all those booths could really be put to better use, not to mention the counter top! She'd walk by a chair and all she could see is her and Max using it for other purposes then just sitting down! She was going through sexual hell!
"Well, it looks like tonight has been a total flop. We were able to get more stuff on the floor and on ourselves, then in any of the bottles. Well, maybe we should try again tomorrow. I don't know what has gotten into me! I'm usually the one who knows exactly what to do. My mind must be on other things." Liz mumbles, great now he's going to think I'm a total nerd!
"I know what you mean, I'm usually the first one done with the
experiment. But, I think I know what my problem is." Max says, he's
decided that he's had enough of this, it's time to put an end to it.
"Oh, yeah? Let me guess, you're mind is on something else as well."
"No, actually, my mind isn't on something else, but on someone else."
"Did you and Tess have a fight?" Liz tried not to sound so hopeful, but she couldn't help it.
Max smiles his sexy smile, coming in closer to her. "Yea, but that's ok, because we had a fight over the someone I keep thinking about, well actually, I keep fantasying about." Max keeps pursuing her, until she's backed against the wall.
"Oh, really?" she yelped. This was more then she ever hoped for.
"Fantasying, uh? That can be quit…"
"Unsatisfying when all you really want is to be with that person, not fantasying about her"
"Well, I'm sure Tess wouldn't like that." She mumble, she didn't know what else to say. She couldn't very well tell him just to shut up and kiss her now could she?
"I don't really care what Tess likes, I'm breaking up with her tomorrow any ways, there's this dance, and I want to take someone else." He leans in closer, until his lips are right against her ear. "Can you guess who she is? Do you think she will say yes?"
"Oh, yeah, I'm pretty sure, if you're talking about the same person I think you're talking about," she sighed breathlessly.
"Good." With that, his lips were on hers, drinking from her like he was a starving man. He couldn't get enough of her. He ran his hands through her hair, just as silky as he imagined it to be.
Liz being cuddled by a puppy dog.
Max walking in the desert as a child.
Liz crying after falling of her bike and hurting her knee.
Max seeing her for the first time, and all the thoughts going though his mind at that time.
They came apart gasping for breath. "Maria was right, you are my alien boy!"
Ch. 6.
The next day, between classes.
Max and Michael are talking at Max's locker. Max told Michael about what happened the night before.
"… alien boy! I asked her what she meant by that, and she said it was a private joke between them. But, she started to blush, and look down at floor. I tried to get to her tell me exactly what it was, but she just shook her head, saying she's too embarrassed. I'm going to ask Maria. But, you know what was great? She didn't freak when she found out, she was obviously curious, she's my little Curious George. I like that, MY Curious George!" Michael just rolled his eyes at Max's dreamy look. He raised his eyebrows, and gave a gesture to finish. "We started to kiss again, and we made a few more connections, and I thought my fantasies were naughty. Oh boy, that girl has a very sexy mind, she thought of me and her doing it… Oh, sorry Micheal, got kind of carried away there. Well, so I told her that I was going to break up with Tess. But, Tess won't talk to me. I tried to talk to her before 1st hour but she just ran off saying she would see me at the dance for our date. I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE HER!! I've already told Liz I'd take her, and I'm not breaking my promise to her. What should I do about Tess, I guess I could leave her a note in her locker, but that seems kind of harsh."
"Well, I say you go to the dance with Liz. I have a feeling Tess knows what you want to tell her, that's why she's avoiding you. Don't worry about telling her unless you see her at the dance, then take her aside and tell her as gently as possible," Michael said.
"Ok. Are you going to lunch now? I'm meeting the others, including Liz, outside," Max said.
"Yeah, lets go."
Max and Michael headed to the doors, once outside they wait for a few
seconds to let their eyes adjust to the brightness. They look over the
yard and see the gang eating under the shade of a tree. They walk over
to them.
Max goes to sit behind Liz. She has her knees to her chest, so he was able to put his legs on either side of her, and pull her against his chest. "Hey, sexy, have anymore fantasies you want me to find out
about?" Max teases her.
Maria heard this. "Liz!!! You told him about the whole fantasy! I can't believe you had enough courage too, I could never tell Michael I'd fantasized about him doing naughty experiments on me and impregnating me!!"
"I DIDN'T TELL HIM!! Oh, my God, I can't believe this, now everyone knows!" she is so horrified. She takes a peak at Max and is shocked by the absolute look of lust in his eyes.
"So that was what you meant by that statement! I'll have to remember about that for future reference!" he winked. He kisses her ear and her shoulder.
Everyone was still laughing over what Maria said. "I'm sorry Liz, sometimes Maria starts to talk before she thinks!" Michael apologizes. Maria slaps him on the arm.
"Liz, I'm sorry, but I haven't been able to talk to Tess yet. I've tried a couple of times, but she just runs away." Max whispers in her ear, at the same time kissing and licking it. Liz shudders under the tender assault.
"It's ok. I know you will when you are able to. Are we still going to the dance tonight together?"
"Oh, hell yeah, I can't wait till I get to hold you in my arms!"

That night at the dance.
The DJ suddenly stops to talk. "Ok, this is a request for Tess. Is there a Tess here? If so will you please come to the front for your song dedication."
Tess walks up to the front. She is so excited, 'Max must have figured out how wrong he was!' She gets to the front of the room. There was Max, Michael, Alex, Isabel, Maria and Liz with their backs to here. Suddenly the music starts.
"Hey, hey, hey… bye,bye.
I'm doing this tonight
You're probably gonna start a fight
I know this can't be right
Hey baby come on
I loved you endlessly
When you weren't there for me
So now it's time to leave and make it alone
I know that I can't take no more
It ain't no lie
I wanna see you out that door
Baby bye bye bye"

Max starts to sing to the audience, while the others are dancing.

"Bye bye
Don't wanna be a fool for you
Just another player in your game for two
You may hate me but it ain't no lie
Baby bye bye bye
Bye bye
Don't really want to make it tough
I just wanna tell you that I had enough
It might sound crazy but it ain't no lie
Baby bye bye bye
You just hit me with the truth
Now girl you're more then welcome to
So give me one good reason
Baby come on
I live for you and me
And now I really come to see
That life would be much better ounce you're gone
I know that I can't take no more
It ain't no lie
I wanna see you out that door
Baby bye bye bye"

By this time all of the guys are singing, while the girls are dancing.
Max goes to Tess and brings her to him, and starts to sing to her.

"Bye bye
Don't wanna be a fool for you
Just another player in your game for two
You may hate me but it ain't no lie
Baby bye bye bye
Bye bye
Don't really want to make it touch
I just wanna tell you that I had enough
It might sound crazy but it ain't no lie
Baby bye bye bye
I'm giving up I know for sure
Don't wanna be the reason for your love no more
Bye bye
I'm checking out, I'm signing off
Don't wanna be the loser and I've had enough
Don't wanna be your fool in this game for two
So I'm leaving you behind
(Bye bye bye)
I don't wanna make it tough
(Make it tough)
But I had enough
(Bye bye)
And it ain't no lie
Bye bye
Don't wanna be a fool for you
Just another player in your game for two
You may hate me but it ain't no lie
Baby bye bye bye
Bye bye
Don't really want to make it touch
I just wanna tell you that I had enough
It may sound crazy but it ain't no lie
Bye bye bye
Bye bye"

By the end, Max made his point very clear. The others were all gathered
around Tess, in their final pose. "I'm sorry, Tess but you wouldn't listen to me. So I thought I would just have to tell you in no uncertain term, that I'm kicking my destiny to the curb!" Max said and with that grabbed Liz and kissed her breathless……
That was when Max woke up from his afternoon nape. He had wanted to get
enough rest for tonight, he something special planned for Liz. Well,
now he finally figured out the way to break it to Tess, that it's time for him to screw destiny over!
Ch. 7
That same night in Liz's room.

Liz, Maria and Isabel were all getting ready at Liz's house, this was new for all of them, usually the girls got ready at Is' and Liz never had really close girl-friends to do this stuff with before. It was really nice to know that they could talk freely now, too, since Liz now knew about them. Isabel loved to show off her powers in front of the girls, she would change the colors of their outfits, makeup, and hair, anything that her hands can touch.
"So, how do I look? Do you think Max will like it?" Liz asks. She was wearing black capri pants with red shirt that tie in the back, Liz thought that Max would like the idea of having free access to her back the entire night.
"Do the words 'heart attack' mean anything to you? Because Max will go into cardiac arrest when he sees you," Isabel said. She was wearing a skimpy red dress; she loved to wear red for Alex because she knows how much it turned him on.
"Actually I was thinking more of the word 'arousal', as in erection, hard on, boner. I will be that the first thing he will try when he's alone with you is to untie that shirt. That's why we have to double knot it, you know, to make him really work for it!" Maria said, already doing what she suggested. Maria was wearing tight leather pants with a white shirt, she know Michael loved her leather pants.
"Maria! Please! This is my brother you are talking about!!! Any ways he's to gentlemanly for that, he'll make sure it's alright with her before he attempts anything!" Is laughs.
"You guys! We just started seeing each other. I mean he's had to have had other girl friends before Tess, did he act like that with them, or with Tess for that matter?" Liz asked. She already knew Max and Tess never did anything other then kiss, he told her so and he connected with her to prove the point.
"You're right, he's never been like that. But, his never gotten close enough to anyone to let them know that he was an alien, either. I mean Tess knew, but she knew before she came here. She knew how we were, what we looked like. But you know what, I think she made up the whole destiny thing because she wanted Max for herself." Is said.
"How did you and Alex find out, any ways?" Liz asked Maria.
"Well, one day Alex and I were walking home from school, when a gang rumble broke out. Alex got hit, and Max was there, and he saved him. Ever since then we've known and we've kept their secret."
"Liz, Isabel, Maria! Max, Alex and Michael are here!" Mrs. Parker shouted from down stairs.

You can hear a collection of shrieks go off in the room, an 'oh, crap I'm not done with my makeup! Is help me quick!', an 'my hair! Isabel, help!', then finally a 'would you guys just calm down, I'll get it!' A minute later the girls glide down the stairs, Isabel then Maria and finally Liz. The guys are frozen in place. They can't believe how sexy their girls look.

Michael had to remind himself that there were parents around, or he would have taken Maria back upstairs and kept her there all night. Forget the dance, they'd be doing their own bumping and shaking!

Alex had to remind himself that Max and Michael were there, or he would have taken Isabel right there on the couch. She knows what her wearing red did to him. It was going to be a long night!

Max had to remind himself that Liz's parents were in the room along with all of his friends, or else he would have taken Liz to the kitchen and put that table to better use. Ever since this afternoon and finding out about the joke, he kept remembering all of Liz's fantasies he'd seen that involved a table and him tying her down.

Max, Alex and Michael gave a consecutive cough. "Well, are we ready to go?" Alex asked.

"Wait, kids, when will you be back, girls?" Mr. Parker asked. The girls were spending the night at Liz's tonight and Mr. Parker didn't like the looks in these young men's eyes, especially Max's.

"Oh, daddy! We'll be back by Midnight, at the latest!"
At the dance.
Max couldn't believe how good it felt to hold Liz as they were walking in. He had his hand on her lower back to guide her, and her skin was so soft and smooth, he wondered what the rest of her felt like.
They all found a table and were just relaxing before the music started, the arrived about 15 minutes before the dance would actually start. They were talking, just having a good time, until Tess reared her ugly head. I mean it was actually ugly, it looked like she hadn't showers for a week, her makeup was all smeared, there wasn't a hair in place and her clothes, well they were just a lost cause!
"Max, I think we need to talk. Will you come with me please?" she snapped.
"No. If you want to say something tell me here. They'll find out what you said any ways, why not let them hear it first hand?"
"Fine, Max," she said through clinched teeth, "what happened between us? We were so happy, don't you remember. You loved me. I know you did. I'll be better to you then that slut will ever be, I can pleasure you in ways she's never dreamed of!"
"I know for a fact that that's not true. You see we've already connected, she knows everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. And the good times, what good times? I only stayed with you because you kept pointing out the whole destiny thing, I felt sorry for you, knowing that you could never be happy. I never loved you, I thought I cared for you, but Liz proved me wrong. And I swear that if you ever call her a slut and anything else again I won't be responsible for my actions. Do I make myself clear?" By this point Max was standing up, towering over Tess.
"I'll make you regret this, I swear to you, if it takes me till the day this plant dies I'll get you!" she screamed, then she stormed off.
”And your little dog too!” Maria laughed at her retreating back.
"Well, everyone, it's time to party," the DJ shouted over the speakers breaking the silence.
Ch. 8
At the dance

The dance was rocking. Everyone was having a great time. Once the DJ made his announcement, the dance went into full swing, and everyone forgot all about Tess. Max and Liz were in contact the entire time. There was only one dance that Max didn't dance with Liz and that was when they played "Bye, Bye, Bye"; all he could do was laugh. Everyone gave him a confused look until he finally told them about the dream, and at that point they were laughing with him. Max and Liz danced every slow song together, even most of the fast ones. There was a lot of 'dirty dancing' going on between the two of them. Max couldn't believe how well Liz could dance, and he found out very quickly the she loved to rub against him, she used her entire body to seduce him. Her eyes were always filled with lust, her mouth in a sexy smile, her arms always woven around him somewhere, her legs tangled with his and her butt, while it loved to grind against him. Everyone else couldn't believe that Max was dancing at all, every time Tess dragged him to a dance, and I do mean drag, he would stay plastered in him sit. He'd only dance about one song with her, and a couple with Is and Maria. They were very surprised that he could actually move his body that way, he was able to match Liz move for move, and she had so pretty interesting moves! Is got kind of grossed out, sisters don't like to see their brothers moving that way, even if it wasn't in bed, it got their minds wondering too close to the danger zone. Michael was very happy for Max, but he didn't really pay too much attention, Maria was trying every move Liz did to Max but to him, it was quite heavenly. Maria could pick up the moves pretty quickly. Maria was having a blast! She was learning all of these new moves from Liz, she had to wonder where Liz learned them from, these moves were very much 'bedroom moves', if you know what I mean! Maria was having so much fun teasing Michael, she's have to help him out later tonight! Alex was in misery, have Is dance around him like that, in that dress.
"Are you having a good time?" Max asked Liz.
"Most definitely! I think I'd have a good time with you anywhere we went!" Liz said.
"Oh, really?" They were swaying to a slow song, Liz had her head on Max's shoulder, giving him light kisses here and there, and every so often blowing in his ear, she loved the response she got from that! But Max did his best to torture her as well; he kissed her neck, getting in a few licks here and there. He couldn't believe how good she tasted! He would rub his hand up and down her back, form butt to neck, and lightly over her sides, just grazing her breasts. And then there were the kisses, the kisses they shared together, those open mouthed, passionate, tongue sharing kisses. Now, those were the best. Liz always lost herself in those kisses with Max, Max was no better; it always took someone making gagging sounds (Is and Michael to be exact), or someone giggling (Maria), or someone coughing (Alex), or someone roughly tapping Max on the shoulder (teacher) to finally bring them up for air.
"Umm, excuse me, but could I cut in?" asked a very brave freshman. He made a bet with his friends, saying that he would get the best looking girl to dance with him, and when she did she'd be his. Little did he know who he was up against, and that he was about to loose $50.
"You want to dance with her?" Max asked, trying not to laugh.
"That usually what it means when you ask to cut in."
"Well, aren't you a little smart ass? Well, listen Little Man, why don't you go try to find yourself a little slut, who doesn't know any better." Liz snapped.
"Oh, give me a break, you're just playing hard to get. Why don't you just give me a try, I can make all your fantasies come true."
"Put on your PJ's, little man, 'cause you're dreaming! You couldn't please me, not even in your wettest of wet dreams!"
"I think the lady has made her point, why don't you just pull your tail between you legs and leave like a good little doggie" Max said.
"Why did I even waste my time with a slut like you anyway?" the incredibly stupid freshmen said. The next thing he knew, he was on the ground, clutching his stomach.
"You every say that about my girlfriend again, and you'll be picking up your teeth, you got that?" Max threatened. The freshmen whimpered and scurried away.
"Well, won't this be a unforgettable first date for you, hm, Liz?" Maria asked.
"Oh, God, Liz! I'm sorry, I shouldn't have let my temper get the best of me, but that was the second time someone's called you that tonight, and I couldn't take it anymore."
"It's ok, Max. Lets just try to forget it, and dance, you promised you would keep me in your arms all night. And I'm keeping you to that!!" she said. Then she whispered in his ear, "I'm keeping you to that, ALL NIGHT!" With that she gave his ear a lick.