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Somebody Help Me
written by: guess831
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Disclaimer: I own everything there is to own about Roswell including Jason *smiles devilishly*…just kidding…I own nothing but I can keep Jason in my dreams…
Category: I’m a dreaming, stargazing, candy girl but this is mainly a Max/Liz fic but there’s a little bit of everyone else too…all conventional.
Rating: PG13 but maybe more someday…
Summary: It’s junior year in high school for everyone and there are some things you need to know. This is an alternate universe fic but only halfway. The shooting at the CrashDown happened but Liz wasn’t hit, ergo-no evil gerbils and no psychotic shapeshifting asses…yet (maybe). No destiny and the aliens no nothing about where they come from that they didn’t know in the beginning of season one. Max, Michael, and Isabel are aliens and no one else. Still interested…?

Somebody Help Me: Chapter One

Liz sat in her English Literature class watching the three guys in front of her curiously.

Something had always fascinated her about these three guys. Everyone has at least one in their high school; those people who you could just tell had led a bad life that had scarred them deeply and they are having serious issues now--the main trouble-makers. They did drugs, so everyone said, skipped class, and were still wearing all black.

She didn’t think they were creepy or scary, just in need of a positive person in their life who could accept them for who they were and not what they did.

She’d been watching them from afar for at least two years, knowing that something was going to happen and it wasn’t going to be good. Call it intuition, clairvoyant, or just down right crazy, she knew, and she wanted to help them before they made a big mistake.

Lately, her bad feeling about them had been growing into a fear like feeling. She wasn’t afraid for herself as much as she was afraid of what they would do to themselves.

Liz had made up her mind that she was going to talk to at least one of them before the week was over to at least become an acquaintance. She wanted to be all of their friends.

The bell rang loudly, disturbing Liz from her thoughts. She hurried to grab her books and go to lunch.

~In the quad~

“Here she comes,” Maria said as she spotted Liz walking towards their table.

“Hey guys, sorry I’m late. I had to stop by my locker. My new schedule has me in classes with tons of books right before lunch.”

“I can’t believe we’re actually juniors now!” Maria exclaimed. “It seems like only yesterday we were throwing dodge balls at Alex in fourth grade.”

“I’m glad those days are over,” Alex smiled as he picked up his backpack.

“What are you doing Alex?” Liz asked curiously.

“I brought that cd I wanted you to listen to, remember? P.O.D.-satellite?” he asked as he rummaged through his bag.

“Oh right,” Liz said nodding her head. “What’s so special about this one?”

“They’ve got some cool songs and I think you might like them.”

“Cool,” she said reaching across the table to grab the cd from Alex.

“He’s doing it again…” Maria trailed off. Alex and Liz both knew exactly what she was talking about.

Just like Liz was interested in what was going on with the three troublemakers, Maria was always watching Max Evans watch Liz.

“He isn’t watching me Maria, we’ve been over this. Max doesn’t stare at me, you’re just imagining things again,” Liz sighed in frustration. She knew that there was no way Max Evans, the hottest guys on campus, would ever stare at her. There was nothing to stare at. Maria was convinced that he had been in love with her since at least freshman year.

“He stares at you everyday and I’m not the only one who notices, right Alex?” Maria said, swinging her head in Alex direction searching for confirmation.

Alex didn’t watch Max, instead he had the hugest crush on Isabel and watched her watch Max staring at Liz. He was sure that one or two times they even argued about him staring at Liz. It was like Isabel didn’t want him to look at Liz and Maria said that she’d seen arguments between Max and that Michael kid about Liz too. Why didn’t he just ask her out anyway? He obviously wanted to…obvious to everyone but Liz.

“He does stare at you Liz; you’re the only one who hasn’t noticed yet.”

“There are prettier and better girls here than me, he must like one of them,” Liz argued.

“Then why hasn’t he ever had a girlfriend? Why doesn’t he notice any other female but you? He likes you, there’s just something in the way…” Maria explained.

“If he really likes me soo much, then what’s taking him so long? He’s supposedly been looking at me for at least two years now, if not more. What’s holding him back?” Liz asked in firm conviction.

“It might have something to do with Michael and Isabel. I think they’re the only friends he has and I swear they argue about you all the time,” Alex told her with the same conviction. “You know you’ve liked him since fifth grade, so what’s holding you back?”

‘His eyes,’ Liz thought to herself.

~Other side of the quad~

“He stares at her everyday and every moment he can, Michael. I don’t think this is a passing crush. I think he’s serious about her,” Isabel whispered to Michael while keeping an eye on her brother.

“It’ll go away Iz, don’t worry about it,” he told her in annoyance.

“You’ve been saying that since third grade. He’s not getting over it,” she pointed out.

“So what’s the harm in looking? He knows he can’t tell and he’s too scared that she’ll hate him anyway, plus he’s so shy he can’t even talk to her outside of the science room,” he shrugged.

“The harm is that he’s torturing himself with the image of a normal, everyday life with her. He’s making himself crazy and we’re just watching it happen. That’s the harm, Michael. Open your eyes; he’s going to crack one of these days,” Isabel said fully facing him now to point out the seriousness.

“Fine,” Michael grumbled, “I’ll talk to him.”

“And say what? ‘ Stop staring at her because you’re an alien and she’ll hate you for it,’ like the last time? That worked out well,” she shot back sarcastically. Isabel shook her head as she remembered that long drawn out fight between her brothers.

Michael had been blunt and harsh enough to get Max to actually yell. She’d only heard him yell once before and that was when Isabel was going to dream walk Liz and Maria to see what they knew about them. Maria was always string at them but Liz seemed to keep Maria just under enough control to stop her from coming over and saying something to Max.

They were a peculiar group, but it’s not like she had room to talk. Her two brothers were the only friends that she had and that was only because they were aliens like her.

~Far end of the quad away from everyone else~

“Are we sure that we all want to do this?” Tommy asked.

“You’re not chickening out are you man?” asked Jarrod incredulously. “You know they deserve it. They never once tried to understand or even get to know us. They don’t know what it’s like…”

“I’m not chicken I just don’t want to have someone change their mind at the last minute,” Tommy explained. “This is gonna be…” he trailed off.

“Huge,” Shawn finished for him. “It’s gonna be huge. They’ll understand once we make them understand.”

Tommy nodded in agreement and turned to look at the masses out in the quad. To them Tommy and his friends were the troublemakers—the bad boys on campus. They would never know their isolation, or how they were singled out at home as the one to get the beating, or the pressure they were under at school with all the teachers and students judging them by how they look. They would never understand.

As his eyes were sweeping back to his friends, they met someone else’s penetrating stare.

Liz Parker was starting at him. The popular, brainy, only child that was loved to no end was staring at him with this odd look on her face. He held the stare with her refusing to back down until she did something that he didn’t expect. She smiled.

It wasn’t on of those fake smiles but it wasn’t sarcastic either. It actually seemed sincere-almost as if she were saying hello.

Tommy broke the stare awkwardly and turned back to his friends.

The bell signaling that lunch was over rang and true to any other day, Tommy, Jarrod, and Shawn got up, went to the parking lot, and drove away.

~Biology Class~

Liz had bio with Max again. He was sitting a few rows back and a little to the left of her which made it impossible for her to look at him.

She, along with everyone else, was waiting patiently for the bio teacher to tell them their seating chart. She desperately hoped that she was seated with Max again…

Max sat behind Liz and watched the emotions cross her face. He was sitting a few rows back and a little to her left—perfect angle for not getting caught looking at her. He wished that he knew what she was thinking.

Both Liz and Max perked up as the teacher started calling out names.

“Okay class, here is the seating chart. First row, first table-Vikki Delaney and Joshua Andrews. Second row, first table-Pamela Troy and Cody Hughes. Third row, first table-Amy Belle and Anna Blakely.
First row, second table-Robert Rankin and Tabitha Redding. Second row, second table-Elizabeth Parker and Maxwell Evans. Thir….” They had stopped listening.

Max and Liz were seated together again.

‘This is incredible!!’ Liz thought as her face lit up in a smile.

“Liz?” Max asked from their designated table.

“Oh, right…” she blushed.

“Partners again…think it’s destiny?” he asked with a smile.

“Maybe,” she smiled back. ‘But why should I be so lucky?’ he mind spoke.

“Now take out some paper and we’ll start taking notes,” Mr. Clarke told the class.

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