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Summary: read to find out.
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~Part 1~

-San Diego Memorial Hospital-

"Did you hear about the single pregnant woman who came in here earlier." One of the nurses stated.

"Yeah, she's only 20 year's old, her baby's in nicu, and she's in a coma." the nurse shook her head. "The poor thing, maybe we should send her flowers or something."

"Good morning ladies." The doctor said. "Gossiping about patient's again are we?"

"Dr. Evans, sorry."

"Do I have any patient's on my schedule?" He asked.

"Well, if you consider Dr. Gurien a patient, then yes. He called in and said that he was going to be late and for you to cover for him."

"Of course. Why wouldn't I?" Max said rolling his eyes. "Anybody know where Tag is?"

"He's examining a patient right now in icu. But you do have a premi in. Here's the chart." Miss Hardning said batting her eyelashes.

"Thank you Tess, do you have something in your eyes?" Max asked.

"No." Tess smiled than walked away mumbling leaving a smiling Max. Tess had been trying to get into his pants since they got back on Antar. He told her he wasn't intrested and his heart belong to someone else, but she just wouldn't get the clue. 'guess it's true what they say about blond blue eyed aliens.' Max shook his head and headed to nicu.


"Hi Dr. Evan's."

"Hey, what do we have Gina?" Max asked reviewing the chart.

"Well, we had to deliever her a little bit early. Only six weeks early. We're montioring her heart and lungs. She seems okay. Her mother is in a coma in the icu."

"What happened?" "Car accident, she was hit by a drunk driver." Gina said shaking her head. "Poor thing doesn't even have a first name. All we know is Parker." Max looked up.

"Parker? What's the mother's name?" He asked looking at the baby.

"I believe Elizabeth. Is everything okay sir?" Gina asked.

"Yes, the child's name is Claudina Anne Parker." Max swallowed hard.

"But..." "No buts about, if her stats change page me immediately!" Max walked out of the doors.

Max went down to a pay phone. "Hello?" A female voice answered.

"Isabel, she's in a coma. She had the baby. A girl. I don't know if anything weird happened. She had a car accident for crying out loud. Look get down here and call Micheal. Yes, bring him!" He hung up. Just as he hung up he saw Tag walking down the halls. "TAG!!"

"Hey Evans. What's up?"

"Actually, one of your patient's. Elizabeth Parker." Max stated. "I wanna take over the case."

"Why?" Tag asked stopping and looking at him.

"I already take care of the child, plus there's alot of personal reasons." Max said.

"You know we can't get personally involved Max, but I know you...You owe me big time." Tag signed the case over to him.

"Thanks man." Max took off to her room. As he opened it he slowly crept in. He made sure it was locked than stepped over to Liz. As he touched her he got a flash.

*Dear journal,
My alien boyfriend left me pregnant at 19. He said he come back to me. I don't know weather or not to believe him. I wanted to go with him, he didn't say anything we made love, he left the next morning. He had good reason to go, but it's her I don't trust. TESS. The one name. Me and Max always wanted kids and to be married. It's our fantsay. Claudia always makes me happy. Thats the baby's name. Claudia Anne Parker. I will always love him, forgive him? I don't know. He's the father.....

"Oh my god. Liz I'm so sorry." Max said. "I promise to make it up to you. First let's get you better." Max connected to Liz. Suddenly started to glow. Liz's eyes started to flutter.

Liz looked around, "Where am I?" Liz looked at Max.

"Hey." Liz looked at him and then punched him straight in the nose. He landed on his back. "Son of a bitch, where's my baby and where am I?"

"Whoa!" Micheal said.

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Author's Note- Thank you all for all the feedback. I never expected so much! Max got Liz pregno at 19 and left Antar for the war the next morning. Came back at the age of 20 to be a doctor.

-Part 2a-

"Holy shit! She broke your nose!" Micheal started laughing.

"This is not a laughing matter Micheal." Isabel hit Micheal upside the head. "Max heal your damn nose and get up!"

"Thanks Isabel, I'm fine." Max got up and healed his nose.

"I don't care right now." Isabel went over to Liz. "Both of you leave now!"

"Isabel!" Max said in a stern voice. "This..."

"I need to speak to Liz alone."

"What makes you think I want to talk to you? And where is little Tessie? If your three are here where's the gerbil. And god damnnit where's my baby?!?!" Liz screamed.

"Liz, you need to calm down. Please. I will explain everything. All I need is for these two dumb idots to do is to leave." Isabel said looking at them.

"Fine." They both said.

"Alright. Your baby is fine Liz. She's stable. There just watching over her cause she was a little early. No need to worry. She's beautiful." Isabel took a breath as Liz looked down. "Liz, I know your upset with all of us."

"Upset? Upset, doesn't begin to describe it. Let me tell you the story Isabel. See if you remember how it goes."

"Fair enough. Should I get the other's?" Liz smiled.

"Yes, why don't you get the gerbil, the deserter, and the rebel!" Liz stated as she nicknamed them all.

"Would you like to call Maria and Alex?" Isabel said looking down.

"Do you not know? Maria and Alex...Maria lives in Flordia and Alex, well Alex travels. They both rather not be involve with you guys, as would I. But bring them in so I can tell the story of my hellish life!"

More coming real soon!