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Ok, advice taken, let the breaking begin(paragraphs I mean*wink*)

Those eyes, those beautiful amber eyes. I would recognize them anywhere. My heart is racing, my mind is screaming, my body is aching. This is the man from my dreams. Every sense in my body is reaching for him.

"Hi, I'm Max" I hear him say. That voice, so rich. I feel like I am melting into my shoes. I can hear myself telling him my name and that I'm glad to meet him, but that seems so distant. Everything feels like it is in a thick haze.

I see him reach out his hand. I'm trembling. I'm fighting a losing battle to gain control of my body. I slowly reach out my hand and accept his. The instant I feel his fingers against my skin, my whole body is on fire. I can hear every cell in my body scream that it is him, the man in my dreams. I know his touch, the texture of his hands, better than I know my own name.

Get ahold of yourself girl, I can hear my head screaming. This guy probably thinks you are a looney tune, suck it together! Ok, even breathing, ok, feeling better.

"Well, I guess you 2 ladies could show our new students around campus. It'll be much easier to navigate the halls without the everyday herd here yet,"the principale laughed at her own joke. Everyone else just nervously laughs.

"Micheal and I are gonna show Isabel around, her and I have a class together,"I hear Maria say excitedly.

"Then I guess you are my tour guide" Max looks right at me, his voice is like liquid velvet.

"Yeah, I guess," I stammer. I look down at my feet, because I can't look at his eyes without feeling faint. "Let me see your schedule", That's it Liz, focus on the task at hand, not on the hands of the task. "Oh, you and I have Bio together, Cool."

"Oh,ok" is all he says. Why is he looking at me like that. I feel like he is going to stare a hole into me. I hope he cant' see me blushing. He probably can, oh well, great first impression you have made Liz Parker.

"Well, if you'll follow me, I'll give you the grand tour," Good thinking, get him behind you, then you won't focus on how attracted you are to him.

Max's POV

I am going to thank my parents the minute I get home for taking new jobs in Roswell. Sure, I'm in the middle of no where, but if this girl is any representation of the types of girls they hide out here in the desert, then I have died and gone to heaven. Gosh, she is even beautiful when she blushes. She seems to be looking at her shoes alot, she must be shy. Oh well, you aren't Captain Outgoing either.

I follow behind her down the halls of my new school. She takes me to my locker, it is right down the hall from hers. She looks down at her feet again when she realizes that. I wonder why. I try the locker and it pops open easily. She comments that most of the lockers do and that I may want to buy a lock for it. Things won't have the tendency to walk away she comments. Her and I both nervously laugh. She is beet red and her feet are crossed over each other. I wish she would look up more.

Liz's POV

I wish I could look at him, but every time I look into those eyes, I get flashes of my dreams. I can hardly keep my body under control. My mind wants me to give up, it has gone against me too.

"Well, I'll show you where all the class rooms are." Keep moving forward, keep your eyes and hands to yourself.

"And this is the eraser room," Liz says before even thinking. She blushes from her collar to the tips of her hair.

"what is that room for?" Max asks innocently.

"Umm, well, at one point it was used for clapping erasers, but, umm, now it is, umm, ah, ah, ah make out room." Liz gushes. Her blush just went a shade and a half deeper.

"Oh" Max's eyes light up with understanding.

Liz's mind is racing as she contemplates what it would be like to have Max in the eraser room. Her body is definately game. Why are you even thinking such things, he probably has a girlfriend or something.

Max's POV

"Oh" he hears himself say. I think I'm gonna like this school. I wonder what shy little Liz would be like in the eraser room. I'd love to find out. Oh, she probably has a boyfriend or something anyway.

I guess I'll just have to wait then. I can feel myself forming a plan to try to get this blushing beauty. I think I have a goal for the year. Get Liz Parker, into the eraser room, and maybe several other places.

We finish the tour of the school and head back to the main lobby.

"Maria is probably going to take a really long time to show your sister around. She is trying to get out of a test." Liz says.

Oh,ok," I say. Can't you think of something more original I ask myself. I can't even believe I'm thinking let alone thinking straight with this beauty so close to me.


"Well, that is the first bell, I'll see you later on. If you want, I'll eat lunch with you or something, we have that right after Bio. And if you get lost, you know where to find me." Liz calls from over her shoulder as she waves. Her dark tresses cascade around her. She is a flourish of beauty.

"Ok, I'll see you later," I really wish we were meeting in the eraser room instead of the cafeteria. But oh well, I'll just have to wait for that meeting. And wait I will.

Ok, is that better? I hope so. Thanks for reading my fic, I'm nervous about being a first time writer.
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Major thanks to who ever rated my fic 5 stars, you are my hero! *bounce*
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Yes shae02, yes we would. I promise to post the next part tonight, after I get done my homework and study for an exam. I've had a really long day. I'm gonna go spend some quality time in the arms of my boyfriend-the true love of my life. TTYL
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"How was school Max?" Max's mother asks him as he walks in the door.

"Ok" I say and I walk over and kiss her on the forehead. "I have some homework to do."

"Dinner will be ready at 6: called a confused Mrs. Evans to her son going up the stairs.

"Ok mom" I shout back over my shoulder.

I get back to my room and sit down on my bed. the events of the day repeat over and over in my mind. School wasn't ok, it was GREAT! Bio with Liz was great, lunch with Liz was great. I got to talk to that Micheal guy. He seemed cool. He has that rebel without a cause personality. Not the kind of guy I usually hang out with, but his girlfriend is Liz's best friend, so I think I can get used to him. His girlfriend seemed nice, in a bubbly, pixie kind of way. Isabel seemed to be enjoying herself, considering every guy in the school was drooling on their shoes.

The best part of the day was when Kyle Valenti walked by. Liz got this scowly look on her face, almost identical to his. I asked her what was wrong. She told me that her and Kyle had just recently broken up and it wasn't a nice break up at that. I asked her if she had a new boyfriend. When she said no I had to keep from shouting for joy. She asked about my love life and I said that I had dated before, but I didn;t have anyone in my life now. She started blushing again and she had a big smile on her face.

The rest of the day had gone pretty fast. Some blonde named Tess sat next to me in English and she kept moving her desk closer. She kept knocking her pencil off her desk, but I was preoccupied, thinking about Liz.

I am feeling kind of tired, I thik I'll rest before dinner. I lay my head back and I can feel myself slowly drifting off.

Soft, so soft and silky. I can feel something so soft under my fingertips. I can't see what it is, but that is because I am concentrating so hard on what it feels like. My senses tell me its hair, soft silky hair, brushing against my face, my skin. Everywhere the hair touches my body tingles.

I can feel skin, soft warm delicate skin against my own. Fingertips trace the sides of my face, down my neck, my arm, over my hand and down each finger. I feel the hand press itself inside mine, matching all my fingers. Its much smaller than mine and very tentative. I look down at the hand and I can see it in mine. It fits perfectly. I look up to find the soft hair I had felt. It is all around my face. I can feel it on my arms. It is so dark that I cannot see the face it belongs to. At this moment that doesn't much mattter to me. My body feels so alive, every cell is tingling. I can feel the breath of whomever this is close to the side of my face, closer, closer. I feel a soft pair of lips on my cheek. The pair of lips begin to inch their way closer and closer to my own. Please, I need to kiss you, my body screams, please! Closer, closer, I can feel the lips just centimeters from my own, closer closer, their breath, their lips, their closeness, yes, please, closer...

"Dinner time Max" POP, my dream disappears. I slowly sit up and grown.

"Yeah, be down in a minute," I sit up and realize other parts of my body are awake too. I look down at the tent post in my dockers and fling my head back in exasperation. I guess dinner will have to wait, can't go down stairs like this.

I don't know about you guys, but I'd like to be the ringmaster in that circus tent. *big* Thanks for filling me in on some of the ways this works. I hope you guys like this new part. Sorry it wasn't yesturday, but at 2 am the next day is close enough, right. I kinda fell asleep in the arms of my love, he is so darn comfy*angel*
Well, I need to get to bed, sleep just never seems to last long enough around here.