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Summary: Liz's musing the day she was shot. I was just wondering what was going on in her head that day.

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The Object of my Secret Desire

My day began as any other. I was waiting tables at the Crashdown Café, my family’s restaurant, as I had done everyday after school since I was twelve. It was an average Friday night, despite the influx of tourists who had gathered religiously in Roswell for its annual Crash Festival. Around that time of year every kind of kook and nutcase you could imagine came out of the woodwork and made a pit stop in Roswell. The Crashdown should have been a zoo, but on this particular Friday it was pretty tame which disappointed me because my tips weren’t looking all that hot. The predictability of the tourists and their endless streams of question concerning the rumored ‘47 UFO crash only further annoyed me. I couldn’t help but think of how ridiculous these people were to believe in aliens and couldn’t resist poking fun at them. And so for most of the afternoon I fed my customers fabled stories about government clean up and so forth. It was definitely an amusing way to pass the evening.

I guess for the most part I was just generally aggravated with all the hype that surrounded Roswell. Had it not been for the supposed UFO crash in 1947 Roswell, New Mexico would have just been another speck on the map. And that would have suited me just fine. It wasn’t as if I found it exactly glamorous to be known as one of the citizen’s of that “UFO town.” And if I had to hear just one more tasteless UFO joke I was sure I’d gag. There was nothing I wanted more in my entire life, aside from becoming a molecular biologist, than to get away from Roswell, New Mexico. My family had lived there for four generations. I thought it was high time that a Parker venture beyond the city limits. Besides who wanted to carry around the stigma of coming from Roswell anyway? It was an embarrassment really. I mean, I didn’t even believe in aliens, for crying out loud!

As I sauntered behind the counter to refill my current customer’s coke Maria gave me a sly wink. Standing two inches taller than me and in my opinion a blonde bombshell Maria DeLuca had been my best friend since the third grade. “You’re going to be Grade A ground chuck if your dad catches you flashing that picture,” she observed as she casually buffed her nails against the bodice of her uniform. She nodded towards my apron pocket where I had the picture conspicuously hidden. The photo was a gag I’d purchased at a novelty shop downtown and was supposedly a picture of an alien baby. Said picture was also one I’d assured my dad I would burn not three days before. Despite Maria’s laughing warning I merely shrugged and stuck the empty glass I held underneath the fountain. “Like he’s gonna know? What is he psychic now, Maria? He’s half way across town.”

Maria smirked at me. She always said that any attempt I made at being a bad girl always fell flat. And I guess she was right on some level. I felt absolutely horrible about lying to my dad even though I pretended to be cavalier about it. When it came to going with my gut or following my heart I most always took the opposite road. Which actually, when you thought about it, was the right thing to do. Following your heart and listening to your gut almost always led to the wrong decision and I was Liz Parker therefore ordained always to make the right ones. Maria was different. She didn’t give a rat’s rear end. She did what she pleased and everyone else could lump it. As much as I chided her for her attitude I secretly envied her. Maria DeLuca was my hero.

Maria suddenly jumped beside me. “Hottie alert!”

I turned my head in the direction Maria was looking and froze. The coke I was refilling ran over. I was hardly aware of the cool, sticky liquid running over the back of my hand. “Uh, Liz, you’re making a mess.” But I hardly heard Maria. My thoughts had suddenly scattered and I was incapable of speech, incapable of motion. I could only stand there and stare. Only when Maria began to blot my hand dry with a towel did I look at her. She was grinning at me knowingly.

“What!” I cried out in feigned innocence, but I was blushing and I knew it. I tried to compose myself, but my heart was suddenly beating double-time. “Do you want to take them?” I asked her as calmly as I could.

I could tell from the expression on her face that Maria was on the verge of laughing at me. “Oh, I think I’ll let you have the honors, babe.”

I tried to brazen it out. “Maria, they leave really good tips….I mean you can have them this time, really.”

Maria rolled her eyes, but for the sake of my pride, I suspect, she played along. “I’m sure Max Evans would be much more comfortable having you wait on him since you always do.” It was impossible not to notice how she drew out the word always. “Besides you’re his lab partner, you two are practically friends.”

Practically friends?, I thought. Hardly! In fact outside of our Biology class I never even spoke to Max Evans. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to. I did, I really did….there was just something about him that asked to be left alone. Not that I thought he was some bad boy rebel because he wasn’t. He was actually a straight A student, (at least he got them in Bio), who seemed really dedicated and responsible. He just didn’t talk. Ever.

Now not having a guy talk to me would not have bothered me under normal circumstances because, at present, the male sex had done nothing to impress me. But Max Evans was….different somehow, special? I didn’t know. All I did know was that he fascinated me and it had nothing to do with his looks, although I had to admit that they didn’t hurt. There was just a vulnerability about him that I wanted to touch, to soothe, but I suspected he would never let me, or anyone else for that matter, close enough to do it. It was a lost cause anyway. I was dating Kyle Valenti and that was that.

I looked at Maria and smiled. “Okay, you talked me into it,” I told her.

“Like I really had to twist your arm, Liz,” I heard her mutter under her breath as I made my way over to Max Evan’s table.

I didn’t have to be a genius to know that his best friend, Michael “who gives a beep about school” Guerin, hated me thoroughly. It could have had something to do with the look of distaste that fell across his face when I approached. I squelched the sudden urge to shoot him the finger. It wasn’t a total act of restraint on my part, more because I was totally flustered being in such close proximity with the object of my secret desire. Self-consciously, I tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. “Um, hi, Max.”

When he looked at me I thought I’d melt right into the floor. His eyes amazed me. They were such a startling color, so vibrant that I couldn’t describe them, couldn’t quite find the words despite my extensive vocabulary. They were just….breathtaking. “Hey, Liz.” He kind of sighed his greeting, dragging out my name a little. I loved the way he said my name.

Off to my left Michael Guerin gave a loud cough. I ignored him. “So how’s your, uh, Bio project coming?” I asked Max. What a dunce! Couldn’t I think of anything besides school? Everyone knows you’re a nerd, Parker, I thought self-depreciatingly, must you show it?

“Uh, yeah…it’s good,” he said. I could tell I was making him uncomfortable just standing there staring at him but I continued to do it like some big, dumb stump. He actually began to squirm under my scrutiny and still I didn’t move. I thought it would take an act of Congress to budge me from that spot. In reality it only took a rude comment from Michael Guerin.

“Hey, aren’t you our waitress?” he shot out suddenly.

The sound of his voice momentarily startled me and I reluctantly dragged my eyes from Max Evans’ ever reddening face. “Yeah,” I replied in distracted annoyance.

“So how about waiting on us then?” I’d like to think that I’m not a violent person, but at that moment I could have cheerfully slugged him. What a jerk! But dutifully I pulled out my pad and took their order. So much for laying my major mack on Max Evans.

When I went to the counter to place their order Maria was there trying very hard to keep from laughing. I knew without asking that she had seen everything. “Not go as well as you hoped?”

“Shut up.” But she laughed and so did I. It wasn’t like I ever had a chance with Max Evans to begin with. He was the object of my secret desire…nothing more.

The End

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