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Chapter four

“Welcome home Zan.” Three words that seemed sharper than any knife cutting through his skin could have. Max tried to keep his cool, standing there, only ten feet away from his enemy. The air around them seemed charged with energy; past and present memories seemed eerily present around them as they stood, staring at each other. Looking at Khivar, Max could almost remember him and all the pain he caused his family and his people in the past. He saw the man fiddle with a chain around his neck, immediately drawing Max’s attention to it.
Something about it was so familiar, but before he could say anything, Tess’ sudden movement to embrace her father that broke the glaring match.

“Father,” she spoke happily embracing him. “It’s been so long. I…”

But her sentiments were cut short when the elder man moved coldly to push her away, barely speaking her name.

“This is not the time Ava. Go to your room while I see about your husband.” He stated condescendingly. Max didn’t fail to miss the despondent expression that only briefly graced Tess’ face as she left.

“Is that the way you always treat your daughter?” Max finally spoke. Khivar turned back to face him, only mildly surprised that Max knew the truth.

“My daughter, your ‘highness’” he spoke, vehemently “could never keep her mouth shut.”

“I think she did quite well. She kept your secret until a few minutes ago, when she thought she was safely ‘home’. And I still don’t think she told me everything.”


“Maybe she doesn’t know everything.” Max added suddenly thoughtful.

He saw Khivar’s smirk as he moved slowly, threateningly around the room. “I hope your son turns out to be as determined and as persistent as you are Zan. Then your people would bow down to me.”

“No!” Max stated angrily, lunging at the age-old enemy. But nothing happened, Max didn’t move. He seemed frozen. “What’s going on?”

“Tsk tsk…Your anger was always your weakness. You were impulsive and headstrong, which always made you a worthy opponent Zan…but it also made you easy to destroy.” Khivar retorted shaking his head as he let his arm drop back to his side. Just then, the whizzing sound of the door opening, revealed four armed figures – Guards dressed in dirty green suits labeled with a strange emblem that Max guessed belonged to Khivar.

“Your eminence I have important news.” One of them reported. The young man, head held downward seemed to cower in Khivar’s presence.

“And you always ruled by fear Khivar…I see that has yet to change.” Max remarked,

“Take him away.” He heard him say.
Max glanced behind him as the guards moved to take a hold of his arms, just in time to see Khivar’s expression change to a smile as the young guard whispered his news so only they could hear.


Liz held the brown leather-bounded book in her lap, knowing just how much of her life was translated into words on its pages. Ever since Grandma Claudia had given it to her, Liz had kept the book as a near and dear reminder of every special moment of her life. She hadn’t been able to write much of anything in it for a while however, but now, it seemed to be calling out to her. She opened its cover, turning slowly to a new, clean page and began to write. This time, she addressed it differently:

Journal entry 45

My darling Max,

I have so many things to tell you my love. I guess the first and most important thing is that I’m pregnant. We’re having a son Max… a little boy. I know it seems impossible, after all, we kept saying how different we both were, but you were half human.

God, I wish you could be here with me.
I spoke to Isabel today. You should be very proud of Michael. He’s keeping his promise to you. He and Maria were the ones to get Isabel and I together to talk, and it really did help. I guess I’m not alone after all.

I miss you so much. I’ve been having some really strange dreams and horrible nightmares. The memory of the day you died just wouldn’t leave me alone Max. Each night I have to come out here under the stars just to be able to sleep.

I try to think about the baby… Hmmm, I already know he’ll look just like you… and with each passing moment, I love him even more. He’ll be our little miracle Max.

I haven’t told anyone about him yet. I’m just afraid that if I do, the Skins would get to know and come looking for us. I can’t end his life before it’s even begun. He deserves so much better than that…

Liz looked up at the V constellation above before closing her eyes in that moment. She was beginning to feel tired and knowing the baby needed the rest as much as she did, she closed the book and placed it back into its hiding place.


“Goodnight Mom, Dad.” Isabel called before closing her room door. They were happy to see that she had at least left the house today, and Isabel was glad that she did. Talking with Liz made her feel like she had someone else who felt exactly what she was going through, and it was comforting. Moving under the covers, she thought about all that Liz had said. She’d given up so much because she loved him. Now, all she was left with were nightmares. ‘None of this seems fair.’ Isabel thought, laying back and closing her eyes. She could feel something else was amist with Liz, she just didn’t know what it was.

Not long after she’d fallen asleep, Isabel found herself standing in a familiar room. The glowing purple and green light was enough for her to realize just where she was…the Granolith chamber.

“Max stop! It was Tess. Tess killed Alex!” she heard Liz’s voice as she screamed the words again. Isabel moved back against the wall, knowing everything that was going to happen.
Max and Tess were already in the Granolith. It was happening again. The menacing look in her eyes as everything happened in slow motion. Isabel saw herself staring, unable to move. She looked over at Liz’s expression of terror as Max’s body dropped to the floor. “No!” she heard Liz scream.
She was in Liz’ dream.

As the chamber began to crumble the scene seemed to wabble about her, suddenly changing to another familiar place - the Crashdown balcony:

“Liz, you have to help me fall out of love with you.” Isabel turned in the direction of her brother’s voice, not expecting to see someone who looked so much older, and emotionally worn… ‘Future Max.’ she whispered, staying back and watching the scene unfold.
“The world will end if we get back together Liz. We needed Tess. She made the three of us a unit. Without her, we couldn’t face the Skins and Khivar won.”
“No…” Liz replied, shaking her head.

The scene wabbled again as it shifted,

“What happens now?”
“I don’t know. We did all we could. I guess that’s it.” The older version of Max replied, moving closer to Liz.
“Would you dance with me?” she heard Liz ask, “I’d like to have my wedding dance.”
Isabel looked on as Max took Liz into his arms and they danced. She felt the loss that Liz had gone through. Then, as Max spun her around, he disappeared and again, the scene changed.

They were back in the chamber…but this time Liz was alone, watching helplessly as Tess killed her beloved over and over again.
“Liz,” Isabel whispered, walking up to her, but it were as if she wasn’t there. Liz didn’t respond. She kept on staring, crying. Before Isabel could reach her though, everything around her seemed to melt away, leaving a dark void.

“Liz?” she called, trying to move around. She knew someone was there, she could feel it, but somehow it didn’t seem familiar. A loud drumming noise filtered through the darkness… a rhythmic beat…a heartbeat.

“Who’s there?” she called again, closing her eyes.

As if in answer Isabel felt herself being bombarded with a plethora of emotions: love, terror, happiness, but most of all – fear. Opening her eyes, several different scenes flowed like a river quickly in front of her…too quick for her to see much of anything, but the last three went the slowest.

- Max and Liz, in bed together…Isabel watched as he kissed her before leaving, whispering ‘I love you’.
- A group of stars that seemed to flow together, forming what looked like the whirlwind symbol with one difference…instead of a triangle in the middle, there was a strange new symbol, that slowly seemed to magnify.
- Suddenly the last image flashed in before her eyes…it was Liz, and she was holding a baby boy with the same symbol laying on a chain around his neck…

He seemed to reach out to Isabel, as if he knew she was there.
“Oh my God.” Isabel whispered, shooting up in bed as realization dawned, “Liz is pregnant.”


Deep in the Forests of Antar, off the boundary of the castle fortress someone else was reporting important information to his superior. The elderly man knocked on the door, trying to contain his excitement.

“Come in.” the gentle female voice stated from behind the door.

“Your highness. I have news from the planet Earth.”

“Yes Talek. Is it my daughter? My son?” The queen questioned, worry evident in her voice. Talek looked up to face his Queen. She had been so strong for so many years. Holding on to the alliance and working night and day to make sure that her children were safe. Now he had to inform her that one of them wasn’t.

“Your highness. Princess Vilandra and Lord Rath are fine. They are still on Earth with the humans, but Zan is here, in Khivar’s hands.” He saw Queen Talia’s expression change as she reached to sit on her bed. “He’s with Ava.”

“How did this happen?” she asked, looking over at her faithful friend. “We sent them the warning. The guards down there were to make sure this didn’t happen until they were ready.

“Rumor has it that Ava’s pregnant, and the child could not survive on the planet.”

Talia frowned in thought, her son had moved quickly. Then, Talek’s last statement registered.
“That couldn’t be right…Ranna and Jalem ran the tests over several times. They were certain that any children produced by my son and his wife, would survive…on both worlds!”