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Author: Lindsay!!
Category: Max and Liz all the way baby!!
Rating: NC-17
Summary: This is a challenge by Elena (JbehrsGurl)! I won’t tell you the details… but if you want to find out, check out her challenge thread over on the discussion forum but BEWARE!! Her ideas are addictive! LOL!!

A/N: Okay, I know my readers are probably wanting to KILL ME right now for starting yet another fic! But this idea was just too good to pass up so please forgive me! I hope I can do this justice!


Part One:

“So chica, what do you think of this one?” Maria DeLuca said with flourish as she held out a magazine with a picture of a pretty blonde wearing a skimpy blue dress.

“I’d say it depends on where you’re planning on wearing that,” Liz wrinkled her nose as she opened her locker door.

Maria rolled her eyes dramatically and studied the picture with bright eyes. “I’m planning on wearing it to the Prom.”

Liz’s eyes bugged out as she stifled a groan. “The PROM?? Maria, that… dress… is it even a dress? It looks more like a nightgown!”

“Liz, it’s perfect! And for your information, it happens to be a Vera Wang! She doesn’t make nightgowns,” Maria replied informatively, placing the magazine back inside her backpack.

“Well, it certainly appears she made an exception this time,” Liz smirked and Maria groaned.

“Oh… can’t you just say that you’re happy for me? I’ve only been chasing Michael for three years and he finally asked me out!” she exclaimed excitedly.

Liz smiled at her friend. “Congratulations, Maria. I really believe you two will be good for each other.”

“Who’s good for each other?” Alex Whitman asked as he walked up to his two friends.

“Oh, hey Alex! We were just talking about Maria’s big date with Michael Guerin,” Liz wiggled her eyebrows and Alex grinned.

“Ah… decided he couldn’t take it anymore, eh? Well, it was only a matter of time before he succumbed to that DeLuca charm,” Alex said and Maria beamed.

“Thank you, Alex. So, what do you think of this dress…”

Liz quit listening as Maria began berating Alex’s opinion on her outfit, turning to her locker in search of her English book.

Someone called her name and Liz smiled in greeting as Betty Halliwell, one of her fellow employees, walked by.

Liz’s parents owned the CrashDown Café, the local teenage hangout of Roswell, and Liz worked there herself as a waitress.

While many of her friends wouldn’t dare to be seen serving the starving masses, Liz loved being a waitress. She loved getting to know her customers and being able to give them what they wanted, even if it was only a Will Smith burger or a Blood of Alien smoothie.

She was also one of the smartest girls that attended West Roswell. She was the only junior taking senior level classes, so that made her quite friendly with many of the upperclassmen.

All said and done, Liz Parker was the epitome of the All American girl next door.

She was smart, sensitive and kind to everyone.

And with her long dark hair and flawless features, she was also considered to be one of the prettiest girls at West Roswell.

Of course, Liz didn’t realize any of this.

Although she had a ton of friends and was always turning guys down, she was still very shy and refused to acknowledge the fact that almost every guy at the school had a crush on her.

But Maria and Alex were no fools as to the looks people gave Liz.

Maria was often trying to convince Liz to get out and enjoy herself more, that life wasn’t all about her studies, but Liz was determined to get into her dream school, Harvard, and therefore didn’t have time for the games that often came along with high school relationships.

Not to mention the fact that the one guy she actually did like considered her as nothing more than a friend.

As if on cue, Maria cleared her throat.

“Hey, Liz! Prince Charming is headed this way!”

Liz Parker looked up from her locker and scanned the busy halls of West Roswell High anxiously.

As her best friend had announced, Prince Charming, a.k.a. Max Evans, West Roswell’s big-man-on-campus, was indeed, headed in their direction, a swarm of jocks and cheerleaders following his every move.

Max Evans.

If there was any guy who could make Liz Parker’s blood boil at just the sound of his name, this was him.

Dark black hair that curled at the nape of his neck and feathered lightly across his forehead, a tanned muscled physique that left Michelangelo’s David looking like a lanky teen, and golden eyes that saw right into your soul…

Max Evans was every girl’s dream, Liz included.

He was also a senior, and the captain of the varsity football team as well as President of the student body.

Liz wasn’t sure why, but he had befriended her when they had become lab partners at the beginning of his junior and her sophomore year.

Since then, he had gone out of his way to stop by the Crashdown whenever she was working, if only to sit and drink a cherry coke, and he always walked with her from biology to her AP Honors English class.

She had to admit, she liked the attention he bestowed on her, even though she knew it went no further than purely platonic.

At least, not for Max.

Maria had once actually tried to mention that maybe Max liked her more than just a friend, but the idea had been too ridiculous for Liz to even consider it.

There was no way that Max Evans, West Roswell’s male god, would be interested in mousy Liz Parker, small town girl extroidinaire.

Just the fact that he wanted to be friends with her was enough. And she had no intention of ruining that, no matter how much she desperately dreamed of feeling his warm lips against hers…

“Hey, Liz!”

Liz broke out of her daze to find Max staring at her, his sexy grin on his face. She pushed her hair behind her ear, a sure sign she was nervous, and tried to appear casual.

“Hey, Max. What’s up?”

She noticed Maria and Alex watching the exchange with interest out of the corner of her eye and cursed when she felt the familiar pink tingeing her cheeks.

Max nodded to Maria and Alex, then turned his attention back to Liz. “Not much… so you coming to the game tonight?” he asked, his amber gaze penetrating her eyes.

“You know it,” she joked, feeling herself falling into the daily routine of hiding her feelings for Max. “As if I would miss Max Evans scoring another winning touchdown and leading the West Roswell Comets into yet another victory.”

Max smiled broadly and leaned against the locker next to hers. “So… what are you doing after the game?”

Liz rolled her eyes, tossing her silky hair innocently over her shoulder. “Who knows… probably head home and get a little Trig in before catching some shut-eye.”

“Uh, no way girl! Tonight is girl’s night!” Maria declared vehemently. “No studying allowed! It’s time we got back in touch with those special men in our lives!”

At Max’s worried expression, Maria quickly added, “I mean, Ben & Jerry of course.”

A slight smile broke out over his handsome features and he nodded. “Right. Well, maybe I’ll catch you at the game?” he said, his hopeful expression evident.

But Liz didn’t notice, as she nodded. “Yeah, sure! Good luck!”

He flashed her another dazzling smile before turning back to his friends and heading towards his locker.

Liz watched him go, a sigh emitting from her throat as she admired his toned backside clad in a pair of well-fitted jeans.

“Wipe the drool, chica,” Maria said in amusement and Liz’s face heated up again.

“I’m not drooling,” she lied and swallowed as Max bent over to place a book in his bag.

As if he realized she was staring at him, he turned and met her gaze.

His lips curled in a sexy smile as Liz quickly turned and looked at Maria and Alex.

“So… what time do you guys want to meet up tonight?’ she chirped brightly, a little too brightly.

“Liz… why don’t you just ask him out?” Maria sighed, watching as Max continued to sneak looks at Liz.

Liz bit her lip, knowing what Maria was hinting at. “Who?” she asked lamely.

Maria and Alex exchanged a knowing look.

“That guy is totally in love with you, Liz,” Maria declared confidently. “Why don’t you cut the bull and ask him out for coffee or whatever you brainies do. Or at least say yes the next time he asks you!”

“Maria! I have no idea what you’re talking about! Max is NOT in love with me – he probably thinks of me as his kid sister! I am not asking him out and… what do you mean say yes the next time he asks me?” Liz asked without pausing.

“I have a kid sister and I sure as hell don’t look at her like that,” Alex mumbled and Liz shot him a look.

Maria smirked. “What I mean is that Max is always showing up wherever you are and casually asking you to go somewhere and hang with him! And you always say no – that you have to study or you have to work – when you know damn well that you are just scared of being alone with him!”

“And why would I be scared of that?” Liz asked, crossing her arms in what she hoped like hell looked like a confident stance.

“Because you know if you go then you have to deal with the fact that something may happen and you aren’t ready to face the fact that he may actually like you, because then you’d have to face the fact that you like HIM!”

Liz opened her mouth to retort, but could find nothing to say. She dropped her arms and turned to Alex hoping to find help.


Alex shook his head. “Sorry, kiddo. She’s right about this one.”

Maria smiled smugly. “See? Even Mr. Computer Geek knows I’m right. No offense, Alex.”

Alex rolled his eyes and stuck out his tongue. “I am NOT a geek. I’m a genius.”

Maria waved a hand dismissively. “Anyway, Max likes you and you like him. So what’s the problem?”

Liz sighed, leaning back against one of the lockers, a faraway look in her eye. “I’m so out of his league, Maria. There’s no way he would like me.”

Maria stared at her friend incredulously. “Liz, are you nuts! You are like one of the most gorgeous girls in Roswell! And with those cheeks – Precosita tan linda!” she rambled off in Spanish as she affectionately squeezed Liz’s face.

Liz bit her lip. “Maria, you’re just saying that because you’re my best friend!”

Maria shook her head. “Chica, you know I say what’s on my mind and right now the only thing there is GO FOR IT!! What’s stopping you?”

Just then, a loud giggle was heard and the three turned to look as Tess Harding strutted down the hall, her blonde curls bouncing and her hips swaying as she headed towards her destination.

A group of cheerleaders followed close behind her as she stopped and stood by Max.

Liz watched through red eyes as Tess sidled up to Max and began flirting shamelessly with him.

Tess was the captain of the cheerleading squad and as of late had made it her personal mission to get Max.

Max said something and Tess threw her head back and laughed, smiling seductively at him as she trailed a finger down his arm.

Liz swallowed against the bile rising in her throat and turned back to her friends. “You want to know what’s stopping me? There you go. There’s no way I could compete with that. He’s better off without me.”

Before Maria or Alex could answer, she rushed off to her next class, not noticing the longing look in a pair of amber eyes.

Max stared as Liz’s dark hair flew past him, down the hall and finally disappearing from his view.

Sighing, he wondered for the millionth time why he didn’t just come right out and tell her how he felt.

Right, Evans. Tell her that you’re in love with her. Tell her that every time you see her in that cute little uniform she wears at work or whenever she wrinkles her nose when she’s thinking you want to grab her and kiss her senseless. I’m sure THAT won’t freak her out.

Especially since she had on more than one occasion shown him she didn’t have any feelings towards him in that way.

He bit his lip in frustration. How was it that this tiny girl had managed to create such an impact on his life?

He still remembered the first time he had met her, last year when they had been assigned as lab partners.

Sure, he had seen her around before, even thought she was cute, but he had been so busy with his life that he hadn’t really given her much thought.

But after hearing her voice that day and staring into those beautiful doe eyes of hers… he had been lost.

He had tried everything to become her friend – talking to her during class, walking with her between classes… he had even begun eating all his meals at the Crashdown for awhile.

And a friendship had developed between them.

But now Max feared that she saw him as only a friend and he couldn’t decide if it was worse to not know her at all or face her every day knowing she didn’t feel the same way he did.

But as bad as it felt sometimes when he would see Liz laughing with another guy, he knew that he wouldn’t trade anything to be able to go up to her and start a friendly conversation.

Just then, he felt a hand trailing down his arm and he looked down into the blue eyes of Tess Harding.

“Max… you didn’t answer me,” Tess pouted.

Max stifled the groan and gently pulled away from her. “What was the question, Tess?” he asked politely.

“I asked if you felt like doing anything later… after the game?” she said seductively and Max smiled wryly.

If Tess thought she was being discreet, then he could only imagine what it would be like if she were to be direct. Can you say, baseball bat?

“I don’t think so, Tess,” Max admitted. “I’ll probably be pretty wiped out and I’ll end up crashing in bed.”

Tess licked her lips at the thought of Max in bed. “Well… if you change your mind, you know where to find me,” she murmured, before turning and leaving.

Max watched her go, shaking his head. “Sorry Tess. But there’s no way I would change my mind about that.”

TBC… Elena, I hope you liked this!

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OMB!!! I go away for a little while and here's all this beautiful feedback!! You guys are the greatest! *hugs* Okay, since I pretty much have the idea for this planned out to an extent, I will be updating again today. SO look for it!! Oh, and I'm doing Invisible and Soccer Sweeties too!

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New update coming sooonnn!!! Heeheeheee!!! I am loving writing this one!

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banner by our own ELena!!!

Part 2

“Liz! Liz over here!”

Liz sighed thankfully when she caught sight of Maria and Alex waving their hands anxiously from the front of the football stands.

Quickly she headed over to them, smiling at people along the way. Taking a seat next to Maria, she sipped her coke and asked, “So… what’s happened so far?”

“The other team threw an interception and Max caught it and got a touchdown!” Maria squealed, her blue eyes twinkling with excitement as she watched the progressing game.

Liz looked out onto the field and watched the unfolding events.

The ball was snapped and Max fell back into the pocket, prancing around carefully as defenders attempted to break their way towards him.

Just when it seemed that a particularly large player was about to tackle him, Max launched the ball towards an open Michael who was further down the field.

The West Roswell crowd cheered as Michael ran for a first down and was tackled down on the 20 yard line.

“Liz! Did you see that!” Maria exclaimed. “Michael was sooo good!”

Liz could only laugh at her obvious pride for her new boyfriend, and her eyes fell back onto one Max Evans who was heading back towards the benches to grab a drink of Gatorade as the other team called a time out.

He took his helmet off and shook his head, droplets of sweat flinging from his dark hair.

As he held the tiny cup to his mouth, Liz could practically hear the satisfied moan that filled his throat as the refreshing liquid satiated his thirst.

He stood off on the sidelines, just past the cheerleaders who were bouncing up and down doing their best to get the crowd frenzied and pepped up.

Liz swallowed as her gaze fell his tight pants and she shook her head to dismiss any impure thoughts that were coming to mind.

Max laughed with another teammate and turned and searched the crowd, his eyes landing on Liz.

A bright smile broke over his handsome face and he waved, causing Liz’s eyes to widen.

Was he waving at her?

She looked around and didn’t see anyone else waving back at him, so she turned and gave a hesitant wave back.

Max’s smile deepened and he nodded his head before turning back and heading back out on the field.

“So… Max is playing pretty good tonight,” she said casually, sipping her coke as the teams set up to go for another play.

“Bah, he does good every night,” Maria said dismissively. “Now my baby is having a GREAT night!”

Liz glanced at Alex and they both rolled their eyes in humour.

After the game was over, everyone began leaving the stands, no doubt headed to another victory party at Kyle Valenti’s house since his parents weren’t home.

Liz stayed behind for a bit, hoping to get the chance to talk to Max after he finished changing.

Maria had stayed with her, saying something about seeing her Spaceboy and giving him a reward.

That had given Alex reason enough to beat it out of there, promising to hook up with the girls sometime later that weekend.

As Liz waited around, she caught snippets of conversation from the cheerleaders as they packed up their gear.

“Gosh, Tess. You aren’t actually expecting to get lucky with Max Evans tonight are you?” Pam Troy said doubtfully.

Tess tossed her blonde curls and smiled. “I’m planning on doing more than getting lucky. If I have my way, Max will be eating out of the palm of hand come Prom time.”

“Yeah, like that would ever happen,” Serena Williams, one of Liz’s friends, said confidently. “Max has better taste than you, Tess. Besides, he totally has the hots for Liz.”

Liz’s eyes widened at that. What was UP with everyone? Max didn’t like her! He couldn’t…

“Ha! Little Miss Scientist Liz Parker?” Tess wrinkled her nose. “Please! The only reason Max even talks to her is because she’s his lab partner and he wants a good grade!”

Liz felt like walking over and belting Tess across her perfect little surgically-enhanced face. But someone beat her to it.

“Tess, the only person around here who is oblivious to the fact that Max wants nothing to do with them, is you,” Isabel Evans said as she walked up to the shorter blonde.

Liz watched in fascination as Max’s sister continued chewing Tess out as she placed her pom-pons in a bag and tied her long blonde hair up neatly.

Liz was watching the scene with such interest, that she didn’t even notice that the football team had begun leaving the locker room.


She whirled around, a hand over her heart as she met Max’s amused gaze. “Max! Oh geez… you scared me!”

“Sorry… I thought you heard me call your name,” Max said apologetically. “So… you made it.”

Liz smiled, her heart still racing as Max continued to smile at her. “Yeah! Um… you did a great job! I mean… you always do great, but this time…”

Max smiled brightly as she continued babbling. “Liz?”

Liz blushed as she quit talking. God, she was such an idiot. “Yeah?” she asked in a small voice.

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Of course, Max. You know me… I’m the answer girl,” Liz laughed nervously. Oh god, that sounded stupid!

But Max just smiled. “I was wondering if maybe you… maybe you wanted to… come to the Prom with me?”

Liz released the breath she had been holding and stared at Max in trepidation. Was he asking her out?

No. No way. That was impossible. She was mousy Liz Parker. Max only liked her as a friend.

She opened her mouth to reply when she realized that Max was still wearing his football clothes.

Or, to be more exact, he was still wearing the tight pants, pads, and a cut-off jersey.

Swallowing hard at the sight of his toned, muscled abdomen, she shook her head. “Max… I…”

Max got the idea and quickly hid his disappointment. “Oh, okay. It was just an idea. I mean, I couldn’t think of anyone else so I thought I’d ask a friend.”

A friend.

The words echoed in Liz’s mind, further implementing the fact that Max had no romantic feelings for her whatsoever.

She was glad that he hadn’t given her a chance to respond to his question because now she knew there was no way she could have gone with him as just friends.

“I’m sure there’s someone else you’d rather go with,” Liz said, her eyes dropping to the ground.

Max bit his lip, resting on one foot as he held his helmet limply in his left hand. “Yeah. I guess…”

“Hey, Liz! You ready? I hear Ben & Jerry calling our names! And I rented that new Josh Hartnett flick so get moving chica!”

Liz and Max looked at each other.

“Well, I better get going,” she said softly, a sad smile on her pretty face.

The look on Max’s face mirrored her own. “Yeah… wouldn’t want to risk the wrath of Huricane DeLuca,” he joked.

Liz stood there a moment longer, then turned and headed toward Maria, leaving Max standing there looking after her wistfully.

TBC!!! Sorry guys… all this background info is just so much fun to write!! But I’ll be getting to the real heart of the story in the next chapter!!!

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ps_dreamer: No, Liz is not going with Max. She actually didn't get the chance to answer, Max just assumed that she didn't want to when she hesitated.

Everybody... I know that you all want to strangle me for making Max and Liz seem so naive... but it is part of the challenge! LOl, you can blame Elena!! I encourage you all that have questions to go check out the details to this story on JBehrsGurl's Challenge Thread. It's #6! And don't worry... Max and Liz romancin coming soon!

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A/N: Sorry for the delay!!! Okay… to answer a few questions that have been brought to my attention.

1. Yes, Maria/Majandra has green eyes. I’m an idiot! What can I say… I’ll fix it!
2. Max played both sides of the team and that was why he was able to catch an interception and still be the QB. Also, and I noticed this myself… the football season is usually over by Prom time, LOL!! Um… can we just overlook that one?
3. Okay, this wasn’t a question, more of a warning of things to come. I know that realistically, Shiri Appleby isn’t Italian, I think she’s Jewish, but the fact that I am Italian and Jason has Italian in him... I took some artistic license! Besides, Liz looks like she could have some in her! So anyway….

Part 4 - 1 year later…

Max lay flat on his bed, his arm flung over his face and his leg hanging limply over the side of his queen size mattress.

“Mmm…. Liz…” he murmured, a lazy grin sliding over his face as he slept. “Mm… baby… I love you, t-“

Suddenly, the blaring sounds of Metallica began pouring out of the alarm clock on the table next to him and he fell off his bed, emitting a shout of surprise.

“What the hell?” he yelled, groaning as he rubbed his arm. What the hell happened?

One minute he was dreaming quite happily about Liz Parker and the next…

He glared over at the bed across the room where Michael Guerin continued to sleep like a baby.

Max stood and started to hit the snooze button on the clock, when a malicious smile overcame his handsome features.

Slinking quietly over to where his unsuspecting roommate/best friend slept, he held the clock out to Michael’s ear, turning the volume up.


Max laughed his ass off as Michael fell out of the bed, his disheveled form cursing as he glared at Max.

“What the hell did ya do that for, Maxwell?” Michael shouted angrily as Max held his sides in laughter.

“Maybe next time you’ll get up when this stupid thing goes off,” Max replied, yanking his shirt off and heading towards the bathroom. “I got class in thirty minutes, so I call first shower,” he called, leaving Michael rubbing his eyes sleepily.


“So how was your date last night?” Maria wagged her eyebrows expectantly as she leaned against a locker.

Liz sighed, closing her locker door before turning to face Maria. “You mean before or after he broke into the bowling alley and we got chased by the cops?” she asked sarcastically.

Maria’s eyes danced in laughter. “Ooh… a bad boy,” she teased, laughing when Liz gave her a look. “Okay, so maybe Sean wasn’t the right guy for you.”

Liz snorted. There was no maybe to it. After six months of begging, Liz had finally agreed to go out with Sean Thompson, a fellow senior.

She hadn’t expected it to be moonlight and roses, but when Sean had taken her to the Crashdown - um can you say DUH??? - Liz had realized that the night was to be a disaster.

So why didn’t she know something was up when Sean decided that he wanted to ‘show her something’ at the bowling alley. The CLOSED bowling alley?

“Well, it doesn’t matter because I am not going out with anyone again anytime soon,” Liz said confidently, wrinkling her nose in disgust. “I have had enough of guys and their… guyness. I am totally concentrating on studying and getting into college.”

Maria raised an eyebrow. “Liz, you’ve already been accepted to every college in the United States. It wouldn’t matter if you quit school at this point. Why not have some fun?”

“Fun? Maria… have you not been listening to me the last few minutes? Cops, Maria! I got chased by the cops!!”

Maria snickered. “Okay! But not every guy out there is like Sean!”

Liz crossed her arms in doubt. “Oh yeah? Name one guy who isn’t a complete sex-obsessed idiot.”

“That’s easy,” Maria replied. “Max Evans.”

Liz’s mouth fell open and her gaze faltered. “M… Max? What does he have to do with this?”

Maria grinned. Exactly the reaction she was looking for. “Oh, I’m just proving my point that not every guy is a sex-obsessed idiot. Well, maybe Max is sex-obsessed… who knows… but he is no idiot. He was valedictorian last year for God’s sake!”

Liz rolled her eyes. “Fine. You find the one guy who isn’t an idiot. But that doesn’t make any difference.”

“Why not? Max likes you, you like Max even though for some reason you sit here and deny it till the cows come home!”

Liz felt like screaming. “Maria! For the last time… Max does not like me! Why do you keep bringing this up? He went to Prom with Tess for God’s sake!”

“More like he went stag and Tess decided to drape herself over him the whole night,” Maria muttered in disgust. “And weren’t you at graduation? Max’s whole speech on ‘Not letting the moments get past us’… could he have been staring at you anymore than was possible?”

“Maria, he wasn’t staring at me,” Liz said uncomfortably. Truthfully, it HAD seemed that Max was searching her out during his valedictorian speech. But that didn’t mean that he… liked her. Besides, he was a freshman in college now.

He couldn’t possibly remember her.

“Whatever Lizzie. Deny it all you want, but one day that boy is going to get snatched up and you are going to miss your chance!”

“I have to go to class,” Liz said, not meeting Maria’s serious eyes. “I’ll talk to you later, okay?”

Maria sighed as she watched her friend run away. Poor Liz, she was completely in denial.

But Maria wasn’t about to let that stop her.


Max ran a hand through his short hair as he chewed on his pencil thoughtfully, carefully studying the photograph in front of him.

“Good morning everybody,” a deep voice rumbled and Max looked up to see his photography professor enter the classroom.

“As you all know, the annual photography fair is next Thursday and you all will be expected to submit a piece of work for judging.”

Some people in the class groaned, but Max perked up. He had always loved photography and the idea of his work being viewed by other people was a bit exhilarating. However, the professor’s next words made him think.

“But… the piece must go in accordance with our next topic of study,” Dr. McDowell continued, reaching out and uncovering a photo that was tacked against the blackboard.

The class stared at the black and white photo of a naked female sitting on the edge of an old claw-foot bathtub. Her back was to the viewer, but her face was turned so that you could see her serene expression.

“This week’s topic is the human form. Everyone here is an adult, so I don’t expect to be having any… problems,” he said wryly. “There will be a mandatory workshop this weekend that everyone will be attending that will further enhance your skill on this topic.”

“Geez… can you believe this? I was gonna party this weekend, now I’m stuck watching some old geezer talk about naked girls,” Kyle Valenti whined to Max.

Max listened to his friend in amusement, but didn’t answer.

“There will be a nude model at this workshop, so I hope that you all will take into consideration the time and effort that is being put forth to teach this topic and you will put the same effort into your projects.”

At this, Kyle whistled. “Nude model? Damn… I retract my last comment. I’ll be there with bells on.”

Max rolled his eyes and tuned Kyle out as his professor continued talking about the upcoming fair and the rules and guidelines for their projects.

He was going to win this thing.


“Tell me again why I decided to take this class?” Alex whined as he took his newly developed picture out of the fluid.

Liz glanced over and stifled a grin at the blurry photo streaked with white lines. “Alex, did you remember to let it soak in the fix for at least five minutes?”

Alex groaned and slapped his forehead. “Oh man! I thought it was supposed to soak in the stop for five minutes. I hate this!”

Liz giggled. “Yeah, but you need a fine arts credit, remember? And I don’t think you want to take interpretive dance.”

“Yeah, well, how come you’re so good at this?” Alex asked as he watched Liz remove the water from her photo expertly with a squeegie.

Liz shrugged. “I just really like it, I guess.”

Alex nodded but then grimaced when he looked again at his ruined photo. “Well, this isn’t going in the UNM fair.”

After leaving the darkroom and heading back to their seats, their photography teacher clapped her hands to get the class’s attention.

“Everybody, I have some exciting news!” she declared. Alex gave Liz a skeptical glance, but Liz’s entire focus was on their teacher.

“I have just received word that UNM will be having a weekend photography seminar and it will be taught by Miss Angela Blake!”

While many of the class, Alex included, stared at their teacher with blank faces, Liz’s expression matched that of their teacher.

“Did you hear that, Alex?” she whispered in excitement. “Wow… Angela Blake!”

“Who’s Angela Blake?” Alex whispered back.

“She’s like the best still-life photographer today! She also does a lot of nude photographs. She’s completely amazing!” Liz sighed, and Alex smiled at the adoration in her voice.

“Fortunately, it is an open workshop, and I have gotten permission to allow a certain number of you to attend if you are interested. So if you are, please come talk to me after class and I will give you all the details. Also, since it is a weekend long thing, you should make arrangements to stay at UNM for the duration,” the teacher continued.

Alex nudged Liz. “You should go.”

Liz turned to him. “Do you think? I mean… what if I totally suck? Or I do something completely embarrassing? I would have to wear a bag over my head for the rest of my pathetic life…”

“Liz,” Alex laughed. “It’s just a workshop. Everything will be fine. And if you don’t go, I have a feeling I’m going to have to sit here and stare at your sad puppy-dog eyes for the rest of your pathetic life,” he teased.

Liz slapped him on the arm, but giggled. “You’re right. I am definitely going to sign up.”

After the bell rang, Liz hung behind and approached her teacher’s desk.

The teacher looked up and smiled. “Miss Parker! I was hoping that you would stay! This news must be especially exciting for such a budding photographer as you!”

Liz smiled shyly at her teacher’s praise. “Thank you, Miss Joiner. Are there still any openings?” she asked earnestly.

“Of course!” Miss Joiner responded. “In fact, I was saving a spot for you! Now, will you have any way to get there and back?”

“Yeah, I have a car,” Liz replied. “And I know someone I could stay with also.”

She was sure that her cousin Tamara wouldn’t mind it if she stayed with her for a few days.

“Great! Well, here’s the info and I hope you have a great time!”

After thanking her teacher, Liz left and met up with Alex and Maria in the cafeteria.

“So you’re going to be gone all weekend?” Maria pouted. “Dammit. I was going to persuade you to go on a shopping spree with me!”

“Sorry, Ria! I promise I will make it up to you,” she replied apologetically.

“Yeah, well… maybe I’ll have to call Michael and tell him to get his sorry ass down here for the weekend. I went there last time.”

As the lunch continued, Liz’s mind was filled with possibility as her excitement brimmed at the possibility of meeting her idol.


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Okay... there is a really funny story to this update! So I haven't been feeling very well the last few days, baby stuff, and I have been meaning to write more to ALL my fics. But the first one I was going to update was this one. So, I finally started feeling better today and I went and opened this story up, and lo and behold... I HAD ALREADY WRITTEN THE NEW PART!!!! ACK!!! I feel so stupid, I don't even remember writing it, LOL!!! Anyway, this part is a bit fluffy, so WARNING!!! Also, it may seem to be out of place with the storyline, but TRUST ME!! Enough rambling, here ya go!

Part 4

“So you’re spending all weekend looking at naked ladies?” Michael asked in amusement as he and Max ate in the quad outside of the dorm buildings.

“Not necessarily,” Max replied, biting a chunk out of his cheeseburger. “It could be a guy.”

Michael choked on his chips. “Ugh! That’s disgusting, Maxwell! Man, it’s time you had a date!”

Max rolled his eyes. “Michael, I already told you. I’m here to study – not mess around with random girls.”

“Max… when was the last time you had any fun?” Michael asked seriously.

“Who’s having fun?” Kyle asked as he joined the two, chugging from a bottle of Yoo-Hoo.

“Not Maxwell, here,” Michael replied, thumbing in Max’s direction. “I don’t know when the last time he got out was. All you do is sit in our room and study or have wet dreams about Liz Parker! Don’t think I don’t hear you at night!”

Max’s face turned dark red as he scratched behind his ear, suddenly engrossed in his potato chips.

“Oh man! That girl was hot!” Kyle added enthusiastically. “I remember I asked her out myself a coupla times, but she turned me down. Damn… but she had the best ass…”

“That’s enough,” Max snapped, causing Michael and Kyle to look at him with knowing looks. “Listen, I have to go study for a test so I’ll see you guys later.”

“Not so fast, Maxwell,” Michael called, halting Max’s movements. “Kyle’s throwing a party tonight and we’re going.”

Max opened his mouth to protest, but Kyle beat him to it.

“Oh yeah, man! You have to come! This hot chick… Stephanie… she’s been asking about you and I promised her you’d be there if she brought a bunch of her fine friends. And I’m meeting this girl Tamara there, she’s fucking hot dude! I’m gonna see if I can convince her to do a little ‘lamp trimming’,” Kyle wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

“Dude, I don’t understand it when you talk about that Buddhist crap,” Michael complained. “But I’ll definitely be there. And so will Max.”

“What about Maria, Michael?” Max asked, wondering what his best friend’s girlfriend would think about him going to some college party without her there to supervise.

“Dude, Maria trusts me,” Michael claimed. “Besides, I’m not the one who is looking to get laid.”

“I’m not looking to get laid either,” Max replied, smirking at Michael.

“No, but you need to. Give it up, Max. Tonight, you become a man.”

With that, Michael began pounding his chest and Kyle howled as Max rolled his eyes and walked off.


Sighing, he turned and found himself suddenly bombarded by a group of girls, all wearing cheerleading outfits.

“Yeah?” he asked hesitantly, as one of the girls shifted on her foot, causing her extremely short skirt to ride up even more.

“Hey, Max. I was just wondering if you were planning on going to that party tonight. At Kyle’s?” a blonde asked, presumably the one who had called his name.

Max stared at her, trying to place how he possibly knew her. Suddenly, it hit him. “You’re Stephanie, right? From English 101?”

The blonde giggled and nodded her head in the affirmative. “So are you?” she asked again, taking a step closer till she was practically right against him. “Because I was really hoping to get the chance… to know you better…”

Max stepped back, raising an eyebrow. “Right. Well, I have to go so maybe I’ll see you tonight. Bye!”

With that, he turned and made his escape.

Stephanie watched him leave, licking her lips.

Max Evans was somewhat of an enigma at UNM.

Everyone knew who he was, even though he rarely went out and did the college party thing. Instead, he tended to stay at his dorm and study or hang with his friends.

The fact that he was drop-dead gorgeous hadn’t escaped the female body’s eyes and plenty of them were captivated by the sexy freshman.

Stephanie herself wanted Max. She was a sophomore, and normally she wouldn’t stand for anyone younger than her.

But one look at Max Evans told her she had to have this luscious man as her own as soon as possible.

“Did you hear he’s part-Italian?” one of the girls sighed. “I bet he’s huge! You know what they say about those guys!”

“I wonder if he can speak the language?” another girl squealed. “Italian is sooo romantic!!”

Stephanie smiled inwardly at the thought of Max murmuring in Italian to her as they made passionate love. “Well, I’ll be sure to let you girls know, because after tonight, I plan on getting to know everything there is to know about Max Evans.”

With that, she confidently walked off.

“Are you sure you don’t mind me coming to stay with you, Tammy?” Liz asked hesitantly as she walked up the stairs to her cousin’s dorm room.

“Are you kidding, Liz! I love hanging out with you!” Tamara Parker smiled, unlocking the door to her room and hauling her younger cousin in. “Besides… you’re family. Anything I can do to be of service!”

Liz giggled. Although Tammy was two years older than her, she had always been Liz’s favorite relative. “Thanks. Wow… this place is pretty nice,” she commented as she entered the spacious two bedroom mini-apartment. “And you live here by yourself?”

Tamara shrugged her shoulders. “My roommate graduated last year, so I have the place to myself.”

“Lucky you,” Liz murmured, taking in the surroundings. “So… tell me all about college life!”

The two girls sat down and began gossiping, catching up on the time they’d been apart. Liz’s eyes widened when Tamara brought up the subject of Kyle Valenti.

“He seems to be really sweet and he’s really cute,” Tammy sighed, causing Liz to snort. “What?”

“Nothing, it’s just hard to believe that you’re talking about the same Kyle Valenti that I know,” she grinned.

“Wait a minute… how do you… he went to your school, didn’t he? He told me he lived in Roswell! I never put two and two together. Wait a sec, was he bad or something before?” Tammy asked curiously.

“Not BAD,” Liz corrected. “More like… well, he was voted class clown if that gives you any clues.”

Tamara laughed. “Yeah, I got the whole joker vibe from him.”

“It’s actually kind of funny,” Liz said thoughtfully. “Kyle used to be this big jerk, real womanizer and stuff. Then his parents got divorced and he went away for the summer. When he came back it was like he was this whole different person. He had discovered Buddhism and was more collected than I have ever seen him,” Liz admitted. “He started being nicer to people and ever since then he’s… been like a different guy.”

Tamara nodded thoughtfully. “He invited me to a party he’s having tonight. You want to go?”

Liz laughed. “Now THAT sounds more like the Kyle I know! Um… sure, I’d love to tag along, as long as you don’t mind bringing your dorky cousin to meet all your college friends!”

Tamara looked at her in amazement. “Dorky? You? Are you out of your mind? Liz… these college guys are going to be after you like white on rice! I’m probably going to have to keep a close eye on you. Besides, no Parker has ever been dorky!”

Liz blushed. “Well… there’s a first for everything…”

“Max! Stop daydreaming about Liz Parker and get your ass out here!” Michael bellowed from the next room.

Max glared at his friend as he walked out the bedroom bare-chested. “For your information, I wasn’t daydreaming about Liz. I was trying to find my black button down shirt from DKNY Men. Have you seen it?”

“Dude, the fact that you even know where that shirt came from is proof enough that you need to get out. And yeah, it’s underneath my bed.”

“Michael! Why is my favorite shirt under YOUR bed?” Max asked in annoyance. “Didn’t I tell you to ask before borrowing my clothes?”

“Geez... take a pill, Isabel,” Michael said mockingly as he walked past Max and retrieved the shirt. “Here’s your precious loot. Now get dressed!”

Max rolled his eyes and stormed back into their bedroom. Quickly checking his shirt for any stains, he pulled it over his head and added some cologne before checking his appearance in the mirror.

Okay… hair.

He ran his fingers through his short hair, giving it a tousled look that drove girls crazy, even though he was unaware of that fact.


Clothes… he eyed the tight black shirt that perfectly showed off his bulging muscles and the pair of khaki’s that rode low on his hips.

Check. Wait a second… was that a stain on his butt? What the… oh wait! Just a fuzz-ball!

Oh God… he WAS turning into his sister!

Maybe Michael was right. Maybe it WAS time he alleviated some of his stress and loosened up a little.

After all, he was in college! These were supposed to be his experimentation years, right? And where better to experiment than at some party where there would be tons of girls running around and…

WHOA!! What was he thinking?? He didn’t want just any girl – he was in love with Liz.

So what if she only liked him as a friend or had completely forgotten him. That didn’t mean he needed to run out and have meaningless sex with some girl!


Max grabbed his wallet and headed out, grumbling at Michael the whole way.


Liz stared in hesitation as she and Tamara walked up to the small apartment.

There was loud music pumping from inside and Liz could see from the window that it was packed already.

“You coming?” Tamara asked as she began swaying her hips to the beat of the awaiting music.

Liz looked at her cousin, suddenly feeling very self-conscious.

Tamara looked great, with her long brown hair swept up and wearing a pair of tight black leather pants accompanied with a red glittery halter top.

Liz looked down at her own pair of stretchy black dance pants and silver tube top and wondered if she looked all right.

She normally didn’t own this type of clothes, but Maria had somehow talked her into buying the top, saying it would add some ‘spice’ to her wardrobe. She already had the pants because she took dance.

“Liz, you look fine!” Tammy said in reassurance. “In fact… I had some doubts about letting you out like that because I didn’t want you to upstage me!”

Liz laughed. “I seriously doubt that would ever happen!” she joked but secretly felt glad for her cousin’s words.

The fact that she was about to enter a party with a bunch of college students hadn’t escaped her mind and she was a little anxious as well as excited.

Exactly how different from high school would it be?

Her question was answered as the door was opened by Kyle, wearing a beer bong on his head.

“Tamara! You made it!” he said happily, then noticed the girl behind her. “And who is this lovely lady?”

“Yeah, cut the crap, Valenti,” Liz replied sarcastically, amused by Kyle’s attempt at host attitude. “Don’t tell me you don’t remember me?”

Kyle’s eyes widened and his grin broadened. “Well, if it isn’t Liz Parker! And what are you doing here, gracing my party with your beautiful presence?”

“She’s my cousin, Kyle,” Tamara laughed, looking at Liz. “Don’t tell me you don’t think we look alike?”

Kyle stared at the two girls, his eyes squinting as he tried to focus. But in his inebriated state, it wasn’t working. “Why don’t you two just come in?”

Liz laughed and walked past Kyle, suddenly feeling a lot more self-assured. If this was college, it wasn’t any different from high school!

“So… tell me about yourself, Max,” Stephanie purred as she curled up beside Max on the couch.

Max took another sip of his beer and turned glassy eyes in Stephanie’s direction. Who was this girl again? And why did her hair look like a deranged bleached poodle?

“You should really do something about that,” Max slurred, taking a blonde curl and letting it bounce between his fingers. “Too much bleach is not good for your hair follicles.”

Stephanie laughed uncertainly. “You’re so funny, Max!”

Max just shook his head. “Well, I’m going to go get a drink of… water…”

With that he stood up and headed toward the kitchen, staggering a little in drunkeness.

Why had he let Michael talk him into drinking? It always made him feel really… stupid. And out of control.

Just then, he nearly ran into a small body and reached his hands out to help steady himself.

“I am soo sorry!” the person said, apologizing as Max tried to focus on the face. Why did that voice sound so familiar?

“I wasn’t watching where I was going and…” Liz’s voice trailed off as she looked up into the warm amber eyes of none other than Max Evans.

“Max? Is that you?” she asked, her eyes searching him in excitement. Okay, so maybe she had a thing for him… what girl in her right mind wouldn’t?

And they were friends…

Max’s eyes narrowed as the petite girl came into focus. He withdrew a breath as Liz’s beautiful face smiled back at him.

“Liz? Is it really you?” he asked sluggishly, reaching out a hand to caress her cheek. “I missed you…”

Liz watched in horror as he passed out, falling face first into her arms.

“MAX! Oh my God! What’s wrong?” she asked frantically, holding his slumped body against her.

Max made a small noise, and let out a small breath.

Liz’s nose wrinkled as she smelled the alcohol on his breath and she looked around for someone to help her.

“Michael!” she yelled, spotting him over by the keg. “I need your help!”

Michael looked up and his eyes widened when he caught sight of Liz Parker.

“Liz? What are you doing here?” he asked, smiling as he walked towards his old friend. Then he caught sight of what or rather who Liz was holding in her arms. “Oh shit! What happened to him?”

“I think he’s drunk!” Liz replied, gratefully accepting Michael’s help with carrying Max out of the house. “He just looked at me and passed out.”

“Probably from shock,” Michael muttered to himself. “Well, I need to get him back to the dorm. Can you help me?”

Liz nodded. “Yeah! Of course!”

She and Michael both placed an arm around Max’s body and began dragging him out the house. As they passed Kyle and Tamara, Liz called out, “I’m going to help take him home! I’ll call you later?”

Tamara nodded with interest as she watched her younger cousin carry the elusive Max Evans out of Kyle’s apartment.


“All righty, Maxwell. Lay down on the bed, here,” Michael said as he and Liz carefully laid Max down on the soft sheets.

Max had partly woken up during the ride back, although he still appeared to be drunk.

“Liz…?” he murmured sleepily as his head hit the sheets.

Liz glanced down in concern, her fingers reaching out and brushing back the hair from Max’s forehead. “Sh… I’m right here, Max.”

“Stay with me,” Max murmured, taking her hand and dragging Liz on the bed with him.

Liz cast a helpless look in Michael’s direction and he simply raised an eyebrow.

“Do you… would it be alright if I stayed with him?” Liz asked timidly, her brown eyes filled with concern for the man she secretly loved.

“Yeah, no problem. I’m sure Max would rather you took care of him than me, anyway,” Michael joked. “I’ll head back to Kyle’s and let them know what’s up. I’ll just stay the night with him.”

Liz nodded as Michael took his keys and headed back out the door.

Looking down, she realized Max had his eyes opened halfway and was gazing at her with a dreamy expression.

“Max… I’m gonna stay right here, okay?” Liz murmured comfortingly. “Anything you need… just ask.”

Suddenly, his arm reached out and gently pulled her down to lay next to him. Liz gasped as he turned slightly, pinning her to the bed with a leg as he gazed into her eyes from above her.

“I need you, Liz…” he whispered, his eyes boring into hers.

Liz felt her heart flutter as his head sank lower, his lips getting closer to her own. Just as she was sure he was going to kiss her, he fell back on the bed and his eyes closed.

She lay there for a moment, breathing heavily as Max snored beside her, and almost laughed out loud.

Somehow she managed to get out of his grasp and walked over to his dresser, taking out a long t-shirt and a pair of boxers.

Hoping Max wouldn’t mind, she slipped her clothes off and slid his on, then made her way back to his bed.

She carefully removed the shirt from his body, trying not to let her eyes linger on the smooth broad skin, and pulled his pants off.

After undressing him down to his boxers, she pulled the sheets up over his sleeping form and laid down on the expanse next to him.

TBC!!! feedback plz!

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Part... oh, who the hell remembers!!!

Faint rays of sunshine shone through the darkened room, alighting on the two figures wrapped together on the bed.

Max’s eyes fluttered as the light began to slowly awake him. Groaning slightly, he tried to remember why he would possibly feel like he had been hit by a mach truck going 745 mph.

Remnants from the night before slowly came back to him – Kyle’s party, the drinking binge he had started, the poodle-haired girl…

Grimacing as a sharp pain filled his head, Max groaned again and tried to cover his sensitive eyes but his arm would not budge.

“Jeez… how much did I drink last night?” Max thought aloud as he tried to move his arm again.

No such luck.

His arm felt like a heavy weight.

Panic began to fill him as he began to ponder the consequences of his actions of the night before.

Was it possible to become paralyzed from alcohol? Was he a paraplegic now?? Why oh why hadn’t he JUST SAID NO!!

His parents had always told him the horrors of alcohol related incidents and now look at him! He WAS one!

He was fated to live forever as Max: the one armed drunk! He would probably have to start over and live in a circus or something…

A small sigh sounded next to him and Max stiffened and his eyes popped open.

What the…

He turned his head slightly and his eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

He shook his head at the sight, imagining that it must be only his eyes playing tricks on him – possibly another result of his hangover, but at his next look, the scene remained the same.

Liz Parker, the one and only, lay sleeping next to him.

On HIS bed.

Her head rested on his arm as her own lay across his abdomen.

Well, at least he wasn’t paralyzed.

Wait a freaking minute!


Max’s mind raced as he tried to think of all the possible reasons as to why his dreamgirl would be laying in his college dorm room… wearing his clothes!

Suddenly, flashes from the night before filled his head again.

Him running into Liz by one of the kegs, fainting in her arms, pining her down on the bed, his lips hovering over hers…

Max’s eyes bugged out. “OH MY GOD!!!” he shouted, staring down at his behr chest and boxers. “I don’t BELIEVE it! I finally lose my virginity to the one girl I’ve ever loved… AND YOU DON’T EVEN GIVE ME THE DECENCY OF REMEMBERING IT!” Max raised his fist towards the ceiling.

“Max?” a sleepy voice interrupted his rant and his eyes snapped to the brunette next to him.

“Um… Liz? Hi!” Max squeaked in embarrassment. “How… how long have you been , um,” -listening-“ awake?”

Liz smiled sleepily at him, stretching languidly as she regarded him. “Just a second. I heard someone screaming… are your neighbors usually that loud?”

Max breathed a sigh of relief and glanced at the ceiling again. “Thank you,” he mouthed. “Um, no not all the time,” he replied quickly.

They stared at each other in silence, before both opened their mouth to speak at the same time.



They both stopped and laughed awkwardly.

“Um, go ahead,” Liz offered, but Max shook his head and Liz continued. “Um, I hope you don’t mind me wearing your clothes… but I just didn’t want to sleep in my jeans and I didn’t think you’d mind so I just grabbed a pair of your… boxers… and well…”

Max stared at her in confusion as her face flushed slightly.

“Anyway… I hope you’re feeling better this morning. You’re head must be killing you,” she continued sympathetically, running a hand through her tousled locks.

Max nodded in confirmation, his mind still spinning in overload.

“I think you really freaked Michael out, passing out like that,” Liz giggled, the sound like music to Max’s ears. “He called a few times last night to check up on you.”

That made Max frown. “Yeah, where is Michael?”

“Oh, he stayed with Kyle,” Liz explained. “You were pretty out of it last night so he figured I could handle you myself.”

“Oh. Right,” Max nodded. Some things weren’t adding up. Liz was acting way to non-chalant considering they had, well, “bumped uglys” as Mike always put it.

Or had they?

Suddenly Max wasn’t so sure. But he couldn’t ask in case they HAD, he didn’t want Liz to know he didn’t remember. He had to be careful about this.

“So… how are YOU feeling?” he baited, figuring it was a safe question.

“Oh, I feel fine,” Liz assured. “A little achy, but that’s to be expected, I guess.”

Okaaay. That was a big affirmative.

“Liz, I’m sorry if I… hurt you,” Max began sincerely, wishing like hell he could remember something – ANYTHING- about their experience last night.

Liz looked at him in confusion. “Hurt me?”

“Well, yeah. I mean, honestly I’ve never done… that… with anyone and I know it’s supposed to hurt the first time for you… it was the first time wasn’t it?” he added as an afterthought. What if he hadn’t been her first?

Oh god…

“Max, what are you talking about?” Liz asked in total confusion. “You didn’t hurt me. I mean, you’re bed is a little small and you kept me up a lot during the night snoring, but I can hardly say you hurt anything but my beauty sleep,” she teased.

Now Max stared at her. “You mean we didn’t…” Oh man. He was an idiot.

“What?” Liz asked curiously. “You asked me to stay and help you last night so I did. Although you hardly needed me. You pretty much passed out right after Michael left.”

Max didn’t reply, he was too busy kicking himself for jumping to conclusions. How could he have thought Liz would sleep with him? They hadn’t even really seen each other in months!!! Then there was that little fact that she didn’t feel the same way about him…

But in his defense, she WAS wearing his clothes and he WAS half-naked. Anyone would jump to that conclusion!

“Max? Max, are you alright?”

“Huh?” he snapped out of his daze and met Liz’s concerned eyes. “What did you say?”

Liz reached over and brushed his hair back. “You must feel awful. Why don’t I leave and let you get some more sleep?” she stood and began gathering her things.

Max tried not to think about how gorgeous she looked in his clothes or how that made him feel, instead focused on the fact that she was about to leave him.

“WAIT!” he called anxiously as Liz headed towards his bathroom to change. She turned around quickly.

“Yes?” she asked breathlessly. Max was struck once again by how beautiful Liz Parker truly was.

“I just… how long are you here?” he blurted. Nice Maxwell, he thought sarcastically.

“Oh. A few days,” Liz replied, pushing a few chocolate tresses behind her ears. “Why?”

Max bit his lip and went for it. “Do you want to get together?” he asked hopefully. “I mean, to catch up and everything.”

A smile lit Liz’s face and she nodded. “That would be nice,” she said quietly.

Max smiled back, a fuzzy feeling overcoming him. “Great. How about I meet you for coffee at O’Henry’s around noon?”

There. That doesn’t sound too invasive.

“That sounds great. It’s a date,” Liz smiled and then her face flushed. “I… I mean, it’s not a date… I mean…”

“It’s a meeting,” Max rescued her, a small smile on his handsome features. “Between old friends.”

Liz smiled, though she seemed a little disappointed. “Right. Friends. Well, I better get going before my cousin starts to worry about me.”

“Your cousin?” Max asked curiously. “Does she go here?”

“Oh, yeah. Tamara Parker? She’s a sophomore. I’m staying with her while I’m here. She’s over in Talbot.”

“Talbot? That’s right across the street. Why don’t I just pick you up?” Max asked, hoping for a chance to spend more time with his dreamgirl.

“Okay, sure,” Liz smiled, “if you’re sure you don’t mind?”

Hardly, Max thought. “No, it would make my day,” he replied honestly.

They shared a sappy smile, which was only interrupted by the door opening.

Michael stepped through and glanced up at the couple, who stared back at him.

“Well, I better go,” Liz said, blushing slightly at having been caught staring at Max by his best friend and she hurried out the door after giving a farewell to both men.

After she left, Max sighed and leaned his head back against the headboard. When he opened his eyes again, he came face to face with Michael, who was appraising his state of undress.

“So… was Liz wearing your boxers?” he asked curiously.

“Don’t ask,” Max moaned, sliding down the wall and hiding under the covers.

“I didn’t say a word,” Michael grinned, shaking his head as he headed towards the small kitchenette to grab some food.



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