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Title: Soulmates Song
Author: Masweetthing
Category: Liz and Zan (not dupe Zan, But the Zan king of Antar):But Zan is Max, how? you'll have to read and find out. – Au fic
Disclaimer: Have to do this again? You the drill, own nothing of Roswell, the charcters, or the situations. Please don’t sue my ass…Although there will be a few characters that are mine, Mine, MINE….JK you can’t have them!!! You’d only hurt them!!! (I know you’re all going…ooookaaayyyy)

Summary: This is an answer to a challenge made by Tamira. Liz is on Earth, Zan on Antar. Zan is newly crowned king of a planet that will be ravished by war, only finds solace in his dreams, with Liz, who sings to him, but he can’t see her. Liz is on Earth tormented by dreams of destruction on a far away planet, her only solace is her waking hours of the day. (She also sees her dream man in these dreams, but can’t make out his features) Then one day she wakes up to find her dreams were reality, captured by her dream man’s enemy….For all of you that like Tess…well I was going to write her into this fic…NOT….sorry I really don’t like her. I really, really tried!! Anywho, there will be Rath (not skanky dupe Rath, warrior Rath), Maria, and Alex….not sure about Vilandra/Isabel yet we will see…..if I can find a place for her.

***A/N: I have some concern writing this fic. There is some hint that it may have already been written. If so, and you know the name and by who please b-mail me. I don’t want to be accused of plagiarism. I will stop this thread, and story immediately. If you feel that a mod may know please inform me so I can b-mail them also to ask if they have seen it. Thank you!!***


Zan looked into the mirror before him, adjusting his belt one last time. Turning behind him, he took the sword that was being held for him by his personal servant. Today was the day of his formal coronation, the one that proclaimed that he was the heir to the throne of Antar, and the four surrounding planets. The day he was raised for, the heritage he was born to. Placing the sword into the scabbard, he adjusted the his coat on last time. Looking in the mirror, he tried to judge his appearance, "So how do I look, Dexa? Okay?"

"Yes your highness. You are a befitting prince to our planet, if I may say so." Dexa looked at the handsome young man standing in front of him. He had known Zan since his the day of his birth on this planet. He had watched the mischievous boy become the young responsible man before him. He was proud, very proud. He would make a fine leader to his people.

Zan looked affectionately at the older gentleman beside him, a teasing glint coming to his eyes, "Since when do you say anything but what’s on your mind, Dexa? Are you not the same man that used to box my ears for pulling pranks on the neighboring princesses? I am sure that is why they stick out so much!" Zan’s tone was full of love, admiration, and respect for the older gentleman.

"Be that as it may, young man, you will be late, if you do not leave now," Dexa shooed Zan out the door, and into the hallway. "You can not be late for your own coronation. Now hurry."

Zan walked down the opulent hallways of the palace. The ceremony was to be held in the great ballroom. His mother had order all the decorations, and food to be no less than perfect. Zan who was rather shy by nature, was dreading standing in front of all the representatives of the existing planetary delegation. There were probably hundreds, if not a close to a thousand people there for the ceremony. This was his destiny. To one day, he hoped in the far away future, to become king, to have a heir, to continue the family line. A frown creased his brow at his last thought. He was in no rush to be married, not having found any one girl who made him feel….feel…he didn’t know. But his heart just knew that there was someone waiting for him out there. His other half, his soulmate. He just didn’t know where to look, or if he should look. If was meant to be, wouldn’t it just happen? He would just know. A push to his side brought him out of his revelry.

"Aren’t you supposed to be happy today? Your mother would kick you if she saw the look on your face right now!" Rath ribbed his friend. Rath had known Zan since childhood. Zan had always been quiet, pensive and extremely shy. If it hadn’t been for Rath constantly pulling him into pranks with him, Zan would never had any fun.

Zan looked at his friend. Remembering all the trouble they had gotten each other into over the years. Zan raised to be a king, Rath raised to be his second in command. A leader of the people, and a leader of the army. That they had come such close friends was a relief to both his mother and father, never having to worry about where Rath’s loyalties would lie if there was ever trouble. Both were equally loyal to the other. "Well we just know that you’re going to check out all the new faces in the crowd. Female that is!" Joking with his long time friend.

"Anything to keep the kingdom safe My Liege!!" Rath shot back. "Let’s go before your mother sends out the guard looking for her son!!" Running he looked back at his friend who was trying his best to keep up.


"I can’t believe that you actually did it!" Maria said as she put the last of the bleach on the ends of Liz’s hair. Always the partner in crime, she decided that she would help dye Liz’s hair before her concert tonight. "I mean I can’t believe that you actually broke up with Kyle! I would have loved to seen his face."

"He took it rather well actually. He was just you jockish for me, I think." Liz looked at the jar of ‘Manic Panic’ dye in her hands. She had decided to dye the ends a burgundy color, figuring why the hell not. She had already dye the rest a deep black, why not add a little spice to the ends too? The truth was she was feeling a little restless. She didn’t know what was wrong with her, but she had this feeling in the pit of her stomach that something was coming. She needed a change, hence the hair, and break up with Kyle. "Do you think that the band will like it?"

"Girlfriend, I love Alex and all, but the truth is that without you there is no band. The people come to see you. I mean who doesn’t love you?" Maria knew that she was speaking the truth. Liz had a beautiful voice, deep and sultry, she could sing anything from Metallica, to Pasty Cline. That’s why her fans spanned such a wide range of people, cowboys, to preps, to goths, to bangers. There wasn’t one group of people she couldn’t touch. She was awesome on those times on stage. Usually playing the guitar or piano just to add to the authenticity of the concert. No one could accuse her of ‘Milli Vanlli’ ‘in it.

"Yeah I guess….Well we’d better hurry or we’ll never have it done in time." Liz said as she looked at herself in the mirror…..


Zan stood in the receiving line, smiling and shaking hands with what seemed like an endless stream of well wishers at the ball. Rolling his head from one side to another, he glanced in the direction on Rath, who was talking to a beautiful young woman. Rath looked up with a smirk on his face, raising his glass to his friends plight. ‘Thanks for not rubbing it in, Rath’ he silently said with eyes, before his attention was once again taken away to a person who held his hand out.

"Lords and Ladies, His Royal Highness, Lexian of Antar, and the Queen Mother, Krystyne of Antar." The thunderous applause exploded in the room at the entrance of the beloved royal couple.

They made their way towards Zan, he smiled in response. He loved his parents greatly. He was a lucky in his youth that they seemed interested in the growth of their only son, unlike so many of elevated status that seemed not to care about what accomplishments their children had achieved. "Mother," Zan placed a kiss on her cheek, "Father," Zan hugged the older version of himself, proud to have him as a father. "I trust that you are both well."

"Fine, son fine. Are you ready to begin?" Lexian asked.

"Yes father I am ready." With that the three walked up to the podium…


Liz added the final touches of make up to her face. The band had loved her hair, exclaiming that the lead singer should always be different, so people would have something to remember them by. Now Alex was talking about dying his hair blue. Oh the horror!!

It was time to go on stage and entertain the crowd. She loved seeing people’s happy faces beaming out to her as she sang. It seemed the only time that everyone put their differences aside and felt free for the hour and half concert. Singing was a part of her soul, hell she was singing before she could even talk her parents would tell her. The concerts on the weekends were a wonderful escape from the mundane life in Roswell, home of the alien invaders, and school. One more month then she was off to New York, to make her singing career take off she hoped. She had stayed in this town long enough to graduate, now she was ready to test her wings and fly. She rose, walking out and grabbing her guitar on the way. She made her way to the stage that already had a piano on it for later numbers. The crowd was getting restless as she heard the chants of "Liz, Liz, we want Liz!!!" Stepping on the stage in front of the crowd, she turned to Alex, "Hey Alex, I’m ready…"

~TBC??? Leave some f/b, if there is enough then I’ll continue this story.!!~

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***Forgot the rating in the beginning. SO RATING: What’s a story without a little nookie? (Up to NC-17)

Thanks for all the f/b guys! I know that I have two other stories going, but this one was so sweet to pass up. (For those of you who were reading my fic-The Journey. I decided to give it up for now and to rewrite it later on. Where it was going, was not where I wanted to be.) Anywho I forgot to mention that in this fic when they are dreaming of each other, they can hear and see everything in the other’s reality. If it gets confusing let me know, and I’ll try to change it around. Thanks!! Let me know what you think!!

Disclaimer: the songs provided by ‘Puddle of Mud’ and ‘N-Sync’.

**(Caution the first song contains strong language. I put it in for two reasons. One- it just seemed to describe poor Alex to a tee. Two- I wanted to show Liz’s diversity in singing. Just a word of caution!)**



Liz took another swig of her water bottle, and looked at Alex skeptically. They were in between sets, and Alex was asking her to sing a song that they had just practiced. "Alex, I am sooo not singing that song! Let alone dedicating it to someone!"

Alex looked at his best friend, she just had to do this. It wasn’t everyday that some female broke his heart…ok, well maybe every other day. "It’s not like I ask you do this all the time, Liz. Please it’s a personal statement of my life right now. Please do this for me. You don’t have to say any names, just a general ‘This song is from Alex’."

"I’m NOT singing that song Alex. We just practiced it as a joke I thought."

"Please Liz? For me?"

"I’m not singing that song."

Then Alex pulled out the big guns…The lost puppy dog eyes. "Please Liz?"

"I’m not…" Then she saw the eyes, "Okay fine! But know that I’m doing this under protest!" Liz set her water bottle back down with a thud, walking back onto stage.

Waiting for the rest of the band, she decided to talk to the audience. "You guys having fun out there?" A resounding ‘Yeah’ and ‘Hell yeah’ thundered in the air. "Good!! This next song is from Alex!" The strains of the new song began, crowd started to go wild. What looked like a mosh pit being formed in the front of the stage. Liz grabbing her guitar, getting into the part of the song, she took a deep breath, and began….

"Met a girl found thought she was grand
fell in love found out first hand
went well for about a week or two
then it all came unglued

In a trap trip I can’t grip
never thought I’d be the one who’d slip
then I started to realize I was living one BIG LIE!!!


I tried to hard and she tore my feeling like I had none!
And ripped them away!

She was queen for about an hour
after that sh*t got sour
she took all I ever had
no sign of guilt
not feeling bad

In a trap, a trip I can’t grip
never thought that I’d be the one who’d slip
then I started to realize I was living one BIG LIE!!



Zan walked back to his rooms, lost in his thoughts. The passing of the royal seal had went well, not one hitch that Zan could find. (Only that his best friend Rath had claimed once again to have fallen in love.) He was relieved. There were whispers in the wind that a faction was forming, claiming his cousin Kivar should be the next king, not him. The reason behind this he knew was that Kivar’s father was Zan’s uncle. He had passed away several years earlier, but some people felt that he would have made a better ruler over the planets. Hence the loyalty to his only son. Zan didn’t know how much faith to put into the rumors, though. Kivar and he had never been that close, Kivar always trying to out do Zan in everything and not succeeding, had left hard feelings between the two the men.

Zan rubbed a weary hand over his face, Kivar. Kivar was….well, according to rumors around the planets, cruel and ruthless to say the least. He had heard unsavory rumors of his cruelty to servants, and people under his rule, but they were just that, rumors. Nothing to prove or disprove them at all. Whispers of the servants that went unnoticed. But soon Zan would realize that some rumors were based in truth, and whispers could become a dull roar of discontent.

Entering his apartments, he threw off his formal attire with haste. Climbing into bed ‘al-fresco’, he pulled the covers over him. The excitement and business of the day finally catching up to him. He fleetingly thought that Dexa was going to kill him for throwing his clothes around him in abandon, uncaring that they littered the floor. A small smile came to his face as he thought of the lecture he would receive in the morning. That was the last thought he had before he fell into a deep slumber….

He was in someplace that he had never been before. The trees and grass were green, full of life. There was only one sun setting in the horizon, casting the sky into different shades of red, orange, and yellow. It was breathtaking. The sky was turning a deep purple, fading into a dark blue. He could here strange birds chirping in the twilight of this strange place. As he walked forward he saw that there was only one moon, silently making it’s way into the sky. Where was he? He had never been to a planet like this one before. Curiosity made him keep going to where he heard a crowd of some sort in the distance.

Finally reaching the crowd, he suddenly remembered that he was stark naked. Looking down that he was back in his uniform from earlier. He thanked the stars for small favors. Walking through the strangely dressed crowd he noticed that not one person looked at him, even with the way he was dressed. He decided to try something. Waving his hand in front of one the men’s face, he noticed that the man didn’t even blink. I must be dreaming, he silently thought.

Seeing that everyone was staring in front of them, he looked in the same direction. All he saw was a slender girl, well slender seemed to be the wrong word to describe her she had all right curves in the right places. He gaze traveled up the length of her body. Long slim legs, a tiny waist, and a small proud chest, not to big, but just enough to fill his hands. He suddenly wondered how those legs would feel wrapped around him. He felt himself harden in response. Zan blushed at his own bold thought, since when did he wonder how a woman’s legs would feel wrapped around him? Even though he couldn’t see her face because of the light behind her, her voice suddenly filled the air, and she began singing as if only to him…


Liz was about to start the second song of the last set, when she felt something shift inside her. She couldn’t describe it…Peace? Contentment? Wholeness? Whatever it was it took away the restless feeling she had been experiencing for the last couple of weeks. In it’s place something else took over, shyness. She didn’t have a shy bone in her body, not that she could remember. But suddenly she felt like this was her first time on stage, self-conscious of her singing ability. That’s when she knew. The someone she had been waiting for was somewhere out in the audience. Her eyes scanned the people in front of her, seeing no one special, she still couldn’t shake the feeling.

She faintly heard the bars of the next song begin, she knew that it was the wrong song. Holding up her hand for the band to stop, she walked back to tell them what song she wanted to sing. She usually saved the slow songs for the last at the end of the night, tonight that seemed wrong. The band nodded in agreement. Alex grabbed his guitar and his stool, while the drummer went in back to dim the stage lights. Sitting his stool next to Liz’s piano, he watched as she took her seat in front of it. The lights were dimmed down, Alex started playing, then Liz. Their acoustic version of the song was met with several lighters being floated in the air. Liz then began to sing…

When the visions around you
Bring tears to your eyes
And all that surround you
Are secrets and lies
I’ll be your strength
I’ll give you hope
Keeping your faith when it’s gone
The one you should call
Was standing here all along

And I will take you in my arms
And hold you right where you belong
‘Til the day my life is through
This I promise you
This I promise you

I’ve loved you forever
And lifetimes before
And I promise you never
Will you hurt anymore

I give you my word
I give you my heart
This is a battle we’ve won
And with this vow
Forever has now begun

(Zan listened enraptured by the girl before him. She was facing his direction. Did she see him? He still couldn’t see her face because of the dimness of the lights, but the song he knew was for him. The words…Were they a foreshadowing of days to come? He didn’t know, and right now he didn’t care. He lost himself in the beauty of her voice, and the words of the song.)

Just close your eyes
Each lovin’ day
And know this feeling won’t go away
‘Til the day my life is through
This I promise you
This I promise you

Over and Over I fall
When I hear your call
Without you in my life, baby
I just wouldn’t be living at all

And I will take you in my arms
And hold you right where you belong
‘Til the day my life is through
This I promise you….


Zan was woke up from the dream in a cold sweat. He could still hear the strains of the song ringing in his head. The dream had been so real, so vivid, he would have swore that he had been there. He could still hear the birds chirping in the distance, the slight chill in the air as the day settled into night. He could still smell the faint scent of strawberries that had been her, carried on the slight breeze, still lingering in the air. Had it only been a dream?

Why had he woken up? It was still pre-dawn, the sun just barely peeking over the horizon, the last moon barely sinking into the sky. It was too early Zan thought with a groan. Rolling over he tried to return to sleep, to capture the beauty of the dream he just had. The sudden pounding of footsteps down the corridor made him suddenly come awake with a start. A cold sense of dread ran down his spine, as his down was flung open, revealing Rath.

"Zan something horrible has happened! You have to hurry!" Rath looked at Zan with tears in his eyes, "Something’s happened to the King…You’re father….You’re father is dead," he finished with a sob.

Zan hastily threw on a shirt and a pair of pants, running down the corridor to his parents rooms. His mind refused to accept what Rath had just told him. He had just seen his father earlier, they had celebrated his coronation together. No, Rath had to be wrong. It wasn’t true…It couldn’t be true! Reaching the rooms, he raced inside to see his mother being held back from his father’s still form, in hysterics. A tortured cry ripped from his soul, "NOOOOO!!!"


Liz finished brushing out her hair, putting it into a braid before she went to bed. Her thoughts once again turned to what she had felt tonight. She couldn’t explain it, but after she had finished the song, it was gone. The restlessness returned in full force, along with some kind of sadness. Like she had felt the other side of her soul, only to have it taken away from her. Weird. She shrugged her shoulders. Maybe all she needed was some sleep. Yeah, a good night’s sleep was all she needed, then everything would be better in the morning...

She walked down the hallways, in what looked like some kind of palace. Looking down she saw that she was still wearing her flannel pants, and cropped tank top. She had to be dreaming. She saw that everyone in the palace was racing to somewhere all at once. Following the rush of people, she walked in that direction. She wanted to explore more, but something inside of her told her that she was needed in that room. Continuing to walk forward, she noticed that none of the people seemed to notice that she was there. When she finally entered the room, she moved as in slow motion. She saw a beautiful woman weeping openly in the arms of a younger man. But that’s not what caught her attention. It was the dark haired man sitting next to the bed. She couldn’t make out his features, because his head was turned away from her, but she felt like she knew him. She saw that his hand was on the older man’s chest and it was glowing. What the heck?

She heard the man behind her speak to the man next to the bed. "Stop it! You’ll drain yourself! You can’t bring back the dead, brother, you know that. He’s gone." She saw the younger man come forward, and place a hand on his brother’s shoulder. The dark haired man shrugged him off, and looked like he was trying to do what the other man had told him to stop.

Liz’s heart went out to him. She figured out that this must be his father. She knew the pain in losing a parent, she had lost her own mother to cancer a couple years before. Suddenly she wanted to wrap her arms around him, stroke his hair, and tell him that everything was going to be alright. She caught by surprise at the tenderness she felt towards this man that she couldn’t see and didn’t know. She then did the only thing that felt right. Walking up behind him, she wrapped her arms around his broad back, laying her head on his shoulder, trying to take some of the despair into herself.


Zan looked at his father again, he had to try. The despair was ripping him in two. What good was the power to heal, if he couldn’t heal the most important man in his life. Shrugging off Rath’s hand, he placed his hand once again against his father’s chest. There was no flutter of life, no flicker of the man that he was. Zan felt like his life was ending also, he couldn’t lose his father.

Then he felt it. Just a slight flicker at first, but slowly becoming stronger. He felt a sudden peace enter into his soul. It felt like the presence of the other half he had been waiting for all his life. Turning and seeing no one, it shrugged off as wishful thinking in time of sorrow. About to place his hand on his father again, when he felt a warmth surround his very soul. A comforting presence that calmness into the storm. The sense of pure love and understanding enveloped him like a blanket, taking away some of the despair. Somehow he knew that she was there, the one he had been waiting his whole life for, his soulmate. He couldn’t see her, but he could feel her presence like a light in his soul, in his time of need. He slowly rose to his feet, the sensation still there, hovering on the edge of his mind, and kissed his father on the forehead, saying his final good-bye.

Walking over to his mother, he held her as she cried. Saving his own tears for later in private, he looked at Rath. "Find out what happened. I want answers, and want them now!"

"Yes, King Zan. I’m on it." Rath bowed in respect, but nodded in understanding. Zan didn’t miss the use of his new title. The title that he hadn’t wanted for many years yet. But Rath understood that this was the first command to come from the new King. He turned to leave to find the answers that they all needed. For his old King, and his new one.


Liz awoke with a start. She didn’t know what actually had happened, but she felt emotionally drained by the whole dream. Looking over at the clock she saw that it was three in the morning. She knew that she had heard the dark haired man’s name in the dream, but for the life of her, she couldn’t remember it. She must have drank to much caffeine today, that was it. But if it was simply a dream, then why had it seemed so real? She could hear the hushed voices, and smell the light cinnamon that hung in the air of the room.

Rolling onto her stomach, she willed herself back to sleep, knowing that she had an early morning shift at the Crash. As she closed her eyes hoping that she wouldn’t dream about death and the pain it brought again tonight. Liz tossed and turned all night, the man in her dreams reeking havoc in her brain with worry. A part of her couldn’t help but wish that she was with him comforting him….


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Thanks for all the wonderful feedback guys. Sorry the parts are taking so long, but finding songs to use in the story is proving harder than I orginally thought. Anyway here's the next part! Let me know what you think,Please!*big*It's fairly short, but hopefully the next part will be longer.

Dedicated to: Jessibelle47(x2), StrawbehrryShortcake, begonia9508, RealisticDreamer, roswellluver.

Chapter 3


Zan was tired, he just wanted to be alone. The events of the day finally catching up to him. The shock, and the sadness were finally seeping into his mind, leaving him numb in the process. Reaching his apartments, he entered his rooms alone. He wasn't surprised that Dexa wasn't there, he had a way of knowing when Zan needed his space.

Shedding his clothing, he laid down on his bed. The thoughts he had pushed to the back of his mind, came forth with ferciousity. The tears he had held at bay, to appear strong for his mother, suddenly spilled forth from his amber eyes. The day after his father's death had been entirely fruitless. No answers that they all so desprately needed, just more and more questions. He had a feeling there was a traitor in his midst, but no clue to who it was. He refused to accept the fact that everyone was telling him that his father had passed on from natural causes. His mind screamed that it was impossible.

The tears fell faster and faster, bringing his whole body to racking sobs torn from his soul. He didn't comprehend how long he cried for the man he had considered more than a father, but a true friend, but suddenly there were no tears left. Only a hollowness that was deep inside him as he fell into a fitful sleep.

He was walking behind her. He knew that it was the same girl from the night before. He tried to catch up, to see her face, but the fates were teasing, not letting him. He could smelll the strawberry scent of her hair, as she continued walking to her destination. His mind didn't register the strange surrounding, only the beautiful girl walking before him.

He didn't have to see her face to know that she was beautiful. His heart knew it. Beauty was only skin deep, and his heart knew that her soul was a beautiful thing to behold. He followed as she entered the gates of what seemed like a huge field with stone markers, wondering to himself why she was carrying what looked like flowers. Who had she come to visit?


Liz continued walking, not looking where she was going. She knew the way by heart. Lost in her own thoughts, she again wondered why the dream from the previous night had effected her so. Yes, it had brought up memories of her mother, but at the same time she had come to terms with that long ago. This sorrow was new, feeling like she as lost her mother yesterday, instead of two and half years ago.

Her heart had went out to the man in her dreams, knowing what kind of grief he was about to face. Her sympathy for him had expanded into the waking hours of her day, making her melancholy. A little black rain cloud had settled itself on her doorstep, refusing to go away. She was so depressed that eventually she had decided to come here.

Finally reaching her destination, she sat down on the grass, laying the white roses next to the stone marker. "Hello mommy."

Liz laid down, her head resting next to the gravestone, as her fingers traced the letters carved there. "Sometiimes it feels so wrong that this is what the world will remember you by, you know? You were so much more than that, especially to anyone who knew you." The tears started to pool in her eyes as she continued, "I miss you mommy. There are so many things that we never got to do. You'll never see me get married, or your grandchildren. It's just so unfair. But I know that you're in better place now. One where you don't hurt anymore, and everything is beautiful. I just needed to see you today. I'm sad, and I don't know why. But coming here, talking to you always makes me feel like you're still kinda around."

Zan watched and listened in silence to the girl in front of him. He felt as if he should look away, but wasn't able to tear his eyes away from the heart wrenching scene before him. He understood her loss, but at the same time he knew she had found the quiet strength to go on. Seeing her in that light, he too knew that he needed to be strong, for the others who needed be the leader and king his father had raised him to be.

Suddenly he wished she would sing to him again. If only for a few minutes, he wanted to lose himself in the beauty that was her voice.

"I want to sing to you mommy. I think that I'll sing your favorite song, ya know that one from 'Highlander'? The really good one....." Liz stroked the headstone, memories of the past slowly creeping into her mind. Things like her and her mother staying up late to watch the movie of love and redemption while eating popcorn, and twizzlers.

Softly began to sing.

There's no time for us
There's no place for us
What is this thing
That builds our dreams and slips away from us

Who wants to live forever
Who wants to live forever

There's no chance for us
It's all decided for us
This world has only one sweet moment set aside for us

Who wants to live forever
Who wants to live forever

Who dares to love forever
When love must die

Liz stared off into space at the next words, thinking about the man in her dreams. This part was meant for him. She wished the wind would carry her words to him, so he would know how she understood his pain....

Touch my tears with your lips
Touch world with your fingertips
And we can have forever
And we can love forever our today

Who wants to live forever
Who wants to live forever
Forever is our today

Who has forever anyway....

Liz quietly finished her song, placing a kiss on her fingertips, she then placed them on the headstone. "I love you mommy, always. I'll see you next week." Liz rose to her feet, wiping the remaining wetness off her cheeks. She noticed that somewhere along the line, the sun had set, in it's place was a full bright moon. She shivered a little, a sense of being watched creeping over her. She began to walk to the gates, turning to see who was behind her...

Zan listened to her song in awe. The last words of it seemed to pentrate into his soul, filling the hollowness that he had earlier felt. He wanted to know where he was. He wanted to know where she was. He saw her start to turn, finally hoping for a glimpse of the angel in his dreams....


Zan woke up from his dream suddenly, only to find that sun had risen in the sky. Falling back on to his pillows, he silently cursed the powers that be. They kept teasing him with what his heart needed the most, but at the same time giving him no clue of how to obtain it. Throwing off his blankets, he got up to get dressed. He had a knew found strength to go on today. She had given him that gift, the gift of her quiet strength. Today he would have answers, no matter what.


Kivar awoke from his dreamwalk, fully aware of his cousin's dreams. He knew now his weakness. True he wasn't able to see the girl's face, but he could tell from the way that Zan had looked at her that she already meant something to him. Unseen by Zan he had stayed in the dream to find something, anything that would help him get the throne. Now the question was how to use the new found information?

**Song- 'Who Wants to Live Forever' by Queen (One of the most beautiful songs ever written.*wink*)

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Dedicated to: LizHalliwell, roswelluver, Jessibelle47, begonia9508, frenchkiss70(x2), Strawbehrry Shortcake, tamira(x2), thanks guys....
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Turning to look, but seeing no one behind her, Liz once again headed in the direction of her house. She found it weird, she could have swore that someone had been standing there, listening to her song. For a moment in her mind, she had held the illusion the man from her dreams the night before, had been there. But he had to be someone her over-active imagination had cooked up, a figment of her mind, made to comfort her in time of loneliness, right? Her dream man didn’t really exist.

She had dreamed up a list long ago, one she knew who standards were too high to obtain, so couldn’t really exist. The list started off normal enough, tall, dark haired, handsome, built, and of course the eyes, eyes you could lose yourself in. Ones that mirror every thought in his soul to the woman he loved, ones that only saw you across a room full of people. It was a man who love her despite all of her little inconsistencies, or because of them, a man who would want to protect her and cherish her no matter what the cost. Where were all the thoughts, she had pushed to the side long ago, suddenly coming back anyway? She was hanging around Maria too much, she finally decided.

Reaching her house, she let herself in the back door. The house was dark, signifying that her father was still at work at the Crashdown, where he was a manager. Her nights were often spent alone in the dark, doing nothing, until it was time for sleep. It wasn’t that she blamed her father, she loved him. He couldn’t help that his schedule took him late into the night doing deposits and such. It was just sometimes she missed him. Things had changed so much since her mother had passed away. Liz sighed, not bothering to change into pj’s just falling onto her bed in a heap, still clad in her t-shirt and underwear. It wasn’t long before her breathing became even, falling into a deep sleep.

She was once again in the opulent hallways of the palace. The demeanor had changed from it was the night before. No was one hurrying anywhere, only shuffling along doing various tasks. An eerie stillness filled the air around her, stillness that went with mourning someone who was loved and lost. Taking in her surroundings, she took note of the way the people were dressed. She reflected that the style closely resembled what could be close to the romantic era the women wore dresses that had the high empire waist line, and the men wore those high pointed collars and snug fitting pants with coats.

She continued walking, peering into different rooms trying to get a feel of where she was. The big question was why was she here? It was definitely somewhere she had never been before. She entered several different rooms to watch, what could only be classified as servants, doing their daily chores. Although their style of dress was old, their technology she soon noticed was not. It seemed far more advanced than that of Earth –wait, that of Earth? Where the heck was she anyway?

She was about to enter another one of the rooms, to get some more snooping done, when she heard a familiar voice yelling in the distance. There was anger in his voice that definitely peaked her curiosity. Should she venture in there and find out what was going on? He sounded really angry, but it wasn’t as if he knew she was there, right? Curiosity finally won out, and she headed in the direction of the commotion….


The newly crowned King of Antar was losing his patience. He had always been the epitome of calm and rational thinking, but slowly he was losing control. The council before him kept saying over and over that his had just died of natural causes, patronizing him until all he wanted to do was lose control. Stupid, arrogant bastards, they had no idea what they were talking about. He glared at the latest person to offer his so-called sympathy.

“We understand that his majesty is upset about recent events. We understand that it may cloud his judgment of the facts. The fact remains there is no evidence that any foul play….”

“ENOUGH!! I will not sit here and listen to this! My father was murdered, why is that so hard for you all to see?” Zan rose from his seat to walk to the cold fireplace. He placed an arm on the mantle, turning his body away from the door, his gazing into the empty fireplace. “Let us change the subject. What other news do you have for me?”

Rath leaned forward with bad news of his own, “There are whispers in the Amon region that there will be an uprising of some sort. The Duke of Amon is rumored to be having thoughts of declaring war against the house and planet of Antar.”

Liz walked into the room, looking at all the arrogant, pompous men sitting there. Some were thin, some were fat, but all looked like they were simply indulging the young man in front of them. She knew that the loss may be blinding him a little, but if he thought there was foul play involved, shouldn’t they be doing more than patronizing the man in charge? Liz glared at the men at the table, “You guys all suck.” Then scrunching up her face, stuck her tongue out at the offensive men in the room. She only felt mildly better for her childish display, so she crossed her arms in front of herself again, continuing glare.

Her gaze fell one person in particular, the only one that seemed generally interested in what the young king had been saying. The only man in the room that seemed to not be full of himself was the young warrior she had seen the night before. He looked strong and confident, someone you could rely on in their time of need. His features were strong and proud, brown eyes, chiseled jaw line, the works. His sandy brown hair hung just below his collar, curling at the ends, the longer front was parted in the middle, not severely, but softly, giving him a mischievous, boyish quality. She noticed that his build wasn’t too shabby, broad shoulder, nice arms, but not her type at all. She fleetingly thought that he was more Maria’s type.

Taking another glance around, she then saw him. He was standing at what looked like a fireplace. This time was the same as the last. His back was to her hiding his face. Damn this dream anyway! Why couldn’t she ever see his face? She could tell from the back though that he was built much bigger than his brother.He had dark brown hair, that was shorter in the back, she had no idea about the front, since she couldn’t see it. It could be green for all she knew. But the rest of him, WoW! Broad shoulders gave way to a nice back, and backside Liz cocked her head to the side in appreciation, “Nice butt” she thought to herself as a soft smile touched her lips.

Zan rubbed a weary hand over is face, the stress was starting to get to him. He needed a distraction. Maybe later he would ask Rath if he wanted to go with him to work on their powers…blow some things up. “Where are these rumors from Rath?” Zan asked wearily.

“Well they were from our informants in the region. The situation looks imminent. We’re going to have a war on our hands Zan. I can almost guarantee it,” Rath said with deadly certainty.

“Set up a conference with the Duke of Amon immed…” Zan never got to finish as someone burst through the doors.

“Your majesty, the Duke of Amon has declared war! He has killed the emissaries that were on the planet. Our radar has picked up battleships headed this way! We await your command,” The soldier bowed out of respect, out of breath from running, then reciting all he had learned.

“How far are they from Antar? Can you tell as of yet? How long do we have?” Zan ran past Liz, then out the door, followed by Rath.

Liz not one to be left behind, chased after them. Rath and Zan, Rath and Zan. She had to remember those names. But damn he had ran past her so quickly, she didn’t even get to glance at him. Hurriedly she ran out the door, peering both ways, she saw there backs fading into the distance down the hall. She ran as fast as she could to catch up. This dream world was getting pretty exhausting, and dangerous in her opinion.

Zan raced down the hallways, into the monitoring room. According to the reports they only had about a half a day before the ships would arrive in Antarian air space. That only left him a few precious hours to rally his allies, get his mother sent to a safe planet, and organize his own troops. “Kyro, send a dispatch to my cousin! Tell him that his forces are needed.” The young soldier left to do his king’s bidding. Turning to the soldier closest to him, he then ordered, “Seth, you and tell my mother to prepare to leave. Take at least ten guards with you. You ARE NOT to leave her side until her feet hit safe ground. Is that understood? The ship will be prepared immediately. NOW GO!!” The young soldier quickly bowed, then ran down the hall to follow his commander’s orders.

Rath looked at Zan immeadiately going into battle mode, “Zan we need to call up the fighter ships. It will take at least a day for our allies from the other four planets to get here. King Amon will probably send attack vessels before that. We have no clue where he will attack first; the palace being the least likely place he would. The security is to tight here, he’s sneaky that way.”

Wait. Attack? War? What the hell had she missed? They were going to war for real? This wasn’t some kind of drill? This was for real? Liz stood in the back ground as she listened to orders being barked out by the new king. Inside Liz was scared . . . so scared. Scared of the implications that war would bring, the destruction that follow, and the danger these two men had been facing.. War meant death and destruction, not something she would wish on any race. . . . or alien planet. . . or whatever. . .

Zan took Rath’s words seriously. His second in command was given that position for a reason and the fact that he trusted him with his life, “You have a point Rath. We don’t when or where he finally attack. Why is this happening? Does anyone have a clue?” Zan looked at the messenger that had burst through the council’s doors moments before. “What did you hear?”

“Not that much, your majesty, just the news on what he had done from one of your spies planted there. Then he sent official word that he had declared war. I’m sorry there is not more information.”

No information, not enough information, the wrong information, what the hell was the difference? There was none. Once again too many questions, not enough answers. A frown covered Zan’s face as he turned his gaze out the window, into the late afternoon sky. Time to put into action the training and skills his late father had instilled in him. Let the test begin. . . “Rath let us go and change into our battle attire. I will not be sending the men into a danger I, myself, would not be willing to face.”

“Zan, that’s foolish and you know it. You are the only heir. The planet needs you more than I, anyone for that matter…” Rath never got finish as Zan turned and walked out the door.

“Be that as it may,” Zan said as he headed out, “I will not be staying here, so you either come to watch my back or I’ll go alone. The choice is yours.” Zan then exited the room, headed towards his apartments…..


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Chapter 5~


Liz threw her bookbag over shoulder, thanking God that it was Friday. She was exhausted. Her dreams slash nightmares keeping her awake every night, hadn’t helped much either. It wasn’t that whatever was happening on that make believe planet was extremely violent, but the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. The man she could never see was constantly on alert, weariness rolling off him waves. There had been several times when she had just simply walked up behind him, trying to infuse him with her calming strength, taking into herself some of his burden. Sometimes when he was alone, he would wrap his arms around himself, covering her hands with his own, as if he knew that she was there. Shaking her head, she knew that it was impossible. It was only a dream. But it always felt so real. She hadn’t had a good nights sleep in the last couple of weeks now.

From what she could gather the ships had pulled away for some unknown reason. The perpetrator never made any contact to explain his actions, but the threat was still there. Left with a million unanswered questions had worn down the two warriors in there own way.

Shaking herself from her thoughts, she made her way to Maria’s car. Opening the door she slid inside, praying for the day to end before she knew it.

“Gee chica, you look like hell,” Maria stared wide eyed at her friend. It looked like she hadn’t slept a wink in a while.

“Gosh thanks Maria. I knew that I could always count on you to make me feel good about myself.” Liz replied sarcastically.

“Look who woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning,” Maria said as she put the car into drive, taking them to school. “Actually you look worse than hell, I was being nice.” She looked over at Liz just in time to see her giving her another glare. “You know I’m just kidding chica. You just look exhausted is all. Is there something on your mind?”

Liz sighed. Her exhaustion was making her extra testy, and she knew it. She regretted snapping a Maria that way. “Sorry ‘Ria, I’m just Miss Cranky Pants today is all. Maybe if you just leave every other word I say it would be better. I just haven’t been getting much sleep is all.”

“So I repeat, is there something that you want to talk about? I’m all ears.” Maria said, pulling into a parking space, and shutting off the car. She reached in back to grab her bag, waiting for Liz to answer.

Liz got out of the car, leaning against the trunk, “No nothing really. Just these crazy ass dreams is all. Maybe there’s just to stress in my life right now, with the college, moving, and all. Maybe I just need a distraction. You want to come over tonight for girl’s night?”

“Sure. I’ll rent the movie, if you get the ice-cream and pop the corn. What kind of movie do you want to watch? Comedy chick flick? Serious chick flick? Cinderella chick flick?”

“How ‘bout Comedy chick flick? I could use a good laugh.” Liz walked up to her locker, trading books for the others that she would need.

“How about ‘Sixteen Candles’? Gotta love that eighties movie.” Maria walked beside Liz doing her best impersonation of the dongster. “No more yanky my wanky, the dongster needs rest!” Both girls shook in hysterics at the memory of the movie.

“Yeah that’s good, get that one. Oh and can you grab ‘Never Been Kissed’? Poor Drew Barrymore’s love life is worse than mine. And who can resist the part with the ganga brownies and the feather boa. Classic.” Maria nodded her head in agreement, telling Liz that she would rent the two movies before coming over tonight. Liz gave her a quick hug, then ran toward her first class.

By the beginning of the last period, Liz silently wished she had something besides study hall. The weariness was setting in making her eyelids extra heavy. She had trouble concentrating on the trig that was lying right in front of her. Okay she knew this it shouldn’t be this hard. Once again she attempted to figure out the equation in front of her with no success. Damn, could this day get any slower? Was she in some kind of time warp or what? No, this had to be hell. Long, drawn out, hhhheeeelllll!

Suddenly she felt the air change around her. She couldn’t explain it, but it was kind of like there was some electrical charge. She could feel someone’s eyes on her, watching her. Not in scary way, but in a warm familiar way. Looking at her, through her. Making a quick scan to locate the source, she saw that only ‘Scary Len’ was leering invitingly act her. Okay she had said ‘Not scary’. Answering his lewd intvation with her own, she rolled her eyes, giving him the one finger salute, turning back around in her chair. God, she was losing it. She so needed a night off. Liz looked at the clock, watching as the second slowly ticked and ticked and ticked. Would this day in prison never end? What had she done to deserve such torture? Looking at the clock, she silently started her own mantra, tick-tick-tick, one minute down, and thirty to go. Tick, tick, tick, another minute down...


Zan finally laid his head down on the pillow. His race didn’t need much sleep, it was more of a self-indulegent pleasure than it was necessity. Only a few hours was needed to keep going. With the things going on the way they were on the planet, it was a pleasure he had denied himself to the point of passing out from exhaustion earlier. The little cat naps that he had been taking throughout the weeks had just not been enough. He smiled at the memory of his mother and Rath shooing him from the conference room, and telling him that he was to have a full nights rest. Rath had even gone as far as to order a guard put outside his door to make sure that he didn’t try and leave.

Weariness entered his being, as he allowed himself to relax. Knowing that with his mother and Rath pulling together, he might as well just give in. The last thing that crossed his mind before he drifted off was if is whole army had such conviction, if a war did come, they would surely win.

He was walking in the hallways of sort of strange institution. He noticed that the walls were lined in metal. Were they holding cells of some sort? He wasn’t quite sure. Everything was quite sterile and cold looking. It had to be some kind of prison. That had to be the only explanation.

He felt the familiar pull to go into one of the rooms, so he went with it. He knew who was there waiting for him. It was her. It had to be. He didn’t question it anymore, didn’t wonder why. He just welcomed it. It felt like coming home. The feeling was always welcomed, cherished. He had never seen her face, he didn’t have to. He knew that was inside made her more beautiful than any other person he had ever met.

Walking inside, he saw that he had come in the back way. All the people were seated at tables, with one intimating woman sitting at the front lording over the rest. Seeing some kind of writing board at the front of the room, he assumed that his first impression had been correct. This had to be a learning area of some sort. What worse prison was there than that?

Scanning the room, he found her. She was shaking her head at book in front of her. Suddenly her stance became a little more rigid, as if she sensed something. Could it be could she sense him? He saw her turning, and his inside clenched. Maybe now he would be able to put a face to his soulmate. Seeing her turn one direction then the other, she stopped. He followed her line of vision, and saw a young man staring at her. Why was he looking at her like that? Like she was going to be his next meal? And what had he just done with his tongue? Zan suddenly saw red. If he so much as tried to lay a finger on her, he swore by all the stars he would…Zan never completed his thought as laughter fell from his lips. He didn’t see her face, only a finger, but by the astonished look on the boy’s face, whatever it meant, it must have been bad.



Liz kept her mantra up for what seemed to her like hours, but in reality was only about twenty minutes. She couldn’t do it any more and soon Liz began nodding off. She caught herself a few times as her head fell forward in sleep induced slump. Finally she gave up the fight and laid her head down on the desk. She just need a few minutes, that’s all just a few minutes…

~Somewhere in between~

Liz was in the classroom, but she wasn’t. She saw herself sleeping at the desk. What the hell? Okay this was new and kinda weird. It wasn’t everyday that you saw yourself sleeping. Not to mention, ‘oh my God’ she thought, ‘is that drool??’ Wake up you, you’re drooling all over your books, moron!

Zan kept his eye on the offensive young man, not noticing that he now had company. He finally decided that there was nothing could do him, besides glare him out of existence. Scanning the room once again, he saw her. Not that it was much different than the other times. Her back was still turned to him, and he couldn’t see his face. But then he looked down, and saw that she was also sleeping. Was she now on the same plain of existence as him? Yes she must be, because she was staring down at her sleeping form in shock. He began to move towards her.

Waaaakkkkeee upppp, drooley. If she kept drooling like this, Disney would be coming up with a new dwarf. Her…Drooley. Wake up, wake up, wake up! Then she heard the sound of her salvation, the bell signaling the end of the period.

Zan was almost there. Just a few feet away. He could almost feel the silkiness of her hair. Almost. Just a few more inches. He reached out to touch her shoulder. It felt solid and warm beneath his fingertips. She started to turning slightly in his direction. He could just see the outline of her face, when suddenly she disappeared.


Liz woke with a start. She felt as though she had just missed out on something very important. She wasn’t quite sure what though. She raised her hand in a daze, running her fingers over her shoulder, where she had felt the whisper of a touch….

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