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Title: Curtain Call
Author: Jeremiah
Category: M/L
Rating : Anything.
Summary: This is a challenge by blake. I hope I can do it justice. Max and Liz are both inspiring actors on Broadway. One day they meet and fall in love.
Disclaimer: I own nothing!

Part One

Liz Parker was nervous as hell. This next gig could be the one that either made her or break her. Broadway was a tough place to be for an actor. The competion may not be as rough as it is in LA, BUt There are few plays and a few roles for starving artists as herself. Maria told her not to be nervous that she would do fine. But Liz was telling herself another story. She was petrified. She had always dreamed of this. The stardom the fame that came with it. But what she loved most about it was the creative freedom that she got from it. She was able to escape from her worries and into another world that was not her own.

When she was a little Girl Liz would picture herslf on the Great white way doing performance night after night. hearing alll the applause that was for her. While all the other kids were off playing with barbies and Gi Joes, Liz was putting on plays. She would always invite her parents and grandparents to watch her. Liz knew that her parents had thought that this would be a phase for Liz. But soon she had proved them wrong and they accepted it. In fact you would never tell by looking at them now that they onced objected to it.

Liz was in thought when the producer called her into the office.

"Liz?" Kathleen Topolosky called out to Liz, Finally bringing her out of her daze.

"Yes." A Nervous Liz asked. This was it. This was now or never.

"I just want to say that As Much as I would love to have you in this play, I am afraid that you were not Right for th role. I am so Sorry. But You did an amazing job. I am sure that you will find another job. I wish you much success, Maybe we will have a chance to work together in the future." Kathleen said. She truly hoped it was true. She had personally thought Liz was right, It was just her male sexist pig of a boss that decided to rewrite the part as a man.

Liz was completely devastated. She had truly wanted this part. Maybe this was a sign to let her know that maybe she was not talented enough.

"Well Thank you for the time." Liz said as she shook Kathleen's hand. Liz was always thought to be a gracious loser. Even if it hurted like hell. Liz turned to walk away when she Ran into someone.

"Excuse me." Liz said as she looked into the most gorgeous eyes that she has ever seen.

"No Problem." Max replied. He was looking into the eyes of an angel. He couldnt express it. She was sp small and petite. She had the most beautful hair and those eyes. Thier eyes you can lose your self in.

"No, I should of been looking were I was going." Liz said.

"No, I was the one that came crashing into you as bat from hell." Max replied with a smrik.

Liz and Max were lost in the trance that they were in, Totally forgeting that Kathleen was still in the room. Who noticed the heated looks between the two strangers. I Just hope that they are careful, a Lot of things happen to a couple in this business. Kathleen thought. All three were brought out of the silence by another voice.

"Max! So Glad you are here! I cant wait to start this show! I was so Right about Rewriting this Role for you." Jim Valenti said as he caught sight of Broadways up and rising star. he was going to make a fortune off the Revenue for this. Not knowing that the person that He Rejected was still here until it was too late. he loked Liz, he really did, But He wanted someone that he KNEW Could bring in the money. Liz was dumbfounded. Max got the part that she WANTED? How unfair of life! Liz just stood there and looked at Max with a glare. She couldnt believe this.

"I Got to Go....Bye." Liz said as she Rushed out of there. Not even giving Max enough time to ask her name.

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Part 2

Still Nothing. it has been over a mont and she was still out of work. I mean this is pathetic. Maybe she should just go back home. back to her small little world with nothing but broken down dreams and selling hash. But a part of Liz couldnt imagine doing that. It had been over a month since the whole fiasco with the play and Max. Liz guesses that was his name. That was the name the director used him by.

The person that took her role away. The Role that was made for her.

Liz was completely heartbroken. She felt like a complete failure. All of her friends tried to warn her. This was a difficult business to be in, But Liz couldnt listen This is what she has been dreaming about since she was a little Girl. So Liz decided to move to New York to see what her dreams would take her. She moved here , Luckly finding an alright apartment that she is sharing with her best Friend Maria DeLuca. She came out here to follow her dream to be a singer. Both Liz and Maria were meant to be more than small town Girls.

Liz was lost in thought when Maria came through the door.

"Hey Chica."

"What is up maria?"

"Nothing Much. Just getting back from the lousy gig at Tony's" Maria said with a disgusted sigh.

"Sorry tp hear it. Tony still trying to get in your pants?" Liz said with a smirk. Knowing that Tony DeAngelo was a born pig.

"You know it. I mean Today he laid this lame ass story about windex and My pants! I wish I can just cut off little Tony!" Maria Replied.

Liz laughed. It was so Great to have Maria here. It helped with the loneless. Plus it just helped to have someone here to help listen to her problems. They had meet back in preschool. Liz was being dropped off by her mother when she saw a little girl over by the tree . Liz went over and that was when a lifetime friendship started. Liz didnt know what she would do If she didnt have Maria in her life. Enough being sppy Liz told herself.

"So were do you want to go to dinner?" Liz asked as she got up from the couch to the bathroom to get a shower.

"I dont know. Maybe we can try that New Place out, Spaceboy's?" Maria Replied.

"Sure sounds good. Let me get Ready then we can go." Liz said as she called out from the bathroom.


"Hey man how did rehersals go?" Michael Guerin asked his best friend.

"It was Alright. Just trying to get Ready for opening night, Just glad to have the break." Max said as He was walking into his apartment that He was sharing with His Best Friend of childhood Michael Guerin.

"So what to you want to have for dinner?" Michael asked. He was always hungry. He needed to get something in his stomach.

"Maybe that New place Spaceboy's?" Max asked. he didnt care. In fact He just wanted to stay home and think about his dream girl. The girl that He ran into that fateful day. Ever since that day he has been hoping that he would Run into. But with no such luck. Maybe He will Run into Her. At least Max hopes He does.

AN: Next part Dinner Run In. I hope you guys enjoy this. Thank you for the wait. Feedback please.

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Part 3

It seemed like forever, But they finally arrived at the Resturant. Maria was hungry. Hey dont look at her like that, She hadn't ate anything at all today. She was busy busting her butt today going on audition after audition. She and Lizzie came to New York to follow their dreams. But sometimes It was nothing but Hard Work. For Lizzie, It seemed nothing but trouble. Liz had lost a part that was promised her's to a Guy that she was attracted to. That must of hurt. But Liz was a strong person she would get through this. Liz would get the part that would make her a star.

"We are finally here! Now we can feed your endless stomach." Liz joked.

"Ha Ha! Very funny! Now let's eat." Maria said as she and Liz made it to their table. Only to Run into someone Or Someone's.

"Excuse me!" Maria said as she bumped into someone big. Only to find out it is Michael Guerin and Max Evans.

"Nice to see you too Spitfire!" Michael said with a smirk. He didnt know what it was, There was something about this little pixie that got to him. It was something that He hasnt felt before. As Michael and Maria were lost in thier own little staring contest. Max and Liz Just couldnt and not take their eyes off each other.

"Hi." Max said softly. Here standing in front of him Is the Girl that has been haunting his dreams. Ever since that day.

"Hi." Liz said softly. Here was thee Guy that haunted her dreams evry Night since that day. But the only problem was that this was the Gut that she lost the part too. Liz couldnt help the anger that was Rising. Liz was about to say something when the Manager came up to them.

"Excuse me. Miss Parker, Miss DeLuca. I am Sorry to say, But Your table had already been reserved. I am so Sorry for the mixup! I mean this has never happened. But It turns out that the table has been reserved for Mr. Evans and Mr. Guerin." The Manager said with Regret. This little News brought smiles to the Guys face's and It just pissed off the girls.

"This is Just Great! Just Great So what are we going to do Now! I am Hungry!" Maria complained. Liz on the other hand was pissed. It might have been something small, It was just another thing that she lost out to Max. She turned to speak to Max, When Max beat her to the punch.

"Well We would be honored , If you lovely ladies would join us?" Max said as she bowed a little In a joke kind of a way. He didnt know that it would piss Liz off even more. Liz was seeing red, She couldnt believe the nerve of this guy!

"That is nice of.." Maria said as Liz cut her off.

"Why Thank You , But I Rather crawl over Broken Glass In bouls of hell, Then to eat with you. Or Even spend one more second in your presence. So why Thank you, But No Thank you." Liz said coldly while grabbing Maria's hand dragging her out of the Resturant. There was No way In Hell that she was going to waste her time on Max. Liz's little outburst shocked Maria, Michael and Max.

"I didnt know you had that in you! Wow Liz, I have to say That I am amazed." Maria said as she and Liz were making their way down the street.

"I dont know what happened I just lost it." Liz said as she continued to storm down the street. What she failed to realise that max and Michael were following them.

"LIZ! Wait up!" Max yelled. He was shocked that thils little petite creature was a little fiesty one. He wanted to see what He did wrong. Max had no clue to what he done to have Liz mad at him, BUt he wanted to Clear the air. Because he wanted to be able to see If They have the future together. Thier was just something about Her that got to him.

Liz couldnt believ the nerve of this creep! First he stole Her part, Then her table and Now He wants to talk? Yeah Right. Like Liz was going to let him say anything. it was just probably some smooth lines to try and Get her into bed.

"What do you want?" Liz asked as she turned back and stood facing Max.

"Chill There! Wont you? Max just wants to talk to you, You can watch the attitude!" Michael said sternly.

"Excuse you? Did I say you can talk to my friend? No, I did not! So Shut your hole!" Maria fired back, There was no way In Hell she was going to allow Michael Guerin Give attitude to her Friend.

"Michael, Would you mind If I talk to Liz in private." Max asked as he face Liz. His eyes were begging for him to be heard. But Liz wasnt in the mood to deal with it. She was still carrying around a lot of hurt.

"I have nothing to say to you. So Please stop following me around, Or I will call the cops!" Liz said as she was about to turn around and Leave, Max grabbed her arm.

"What did I do?" What did I do To make you so mad? I...We barely meet and You are pissed at me? What did I do?" Max asked, He asked confused. Why wa she so angry?

"I dont have to explain myself to you? I thought you were smart enough to figure it out, BUt I Guess you are just too dumb..." Liz was cut off by Max that was starting to get angry himself.

"I happened to Graduate on the top of My class, So I am Not Dumb, Thank you very much! Now why are you so Pissed off at me?" Max was starting to raise his voice.

"You want to know why, I am pissed? FINE! I will tell you! How about the fact that you STOLED the part that was mine!" Liz yelled.

"What are you talking about?" Max asked confused. Liz just rolled her eyes.

"You Know the play that you are in, The Role that originally strarted off as a woman, But then changed when You stoled it away." Liz said. It felt Great to get it off her chest. But a part of her knew that It wasnt Max's fault. That she shouldnt be treating him Like this, But she couldnt stop herself. Max was completely blown away. She was pissed about that? Over a small pathetic part?

"Is that why you are so mad? Over a part in a cheap little play?" Max asked baffled. he couldnt believe that she would hold a grudge over that. Talk about being petty.

"See that is the diffrence between you and me. To you It is some cheap Role, But to me It is something more. I worked all my life for this, Only to get it Ripped away from. So Thank you, But I am leaving now." Liz said as she left. Leaving Max in the dust.

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Part 4

It had been a few weeks since the encounter with Max and Michael and Liz was still feeling a bit angry. How could she lose a part to someone that obviously didnt deserve it. She would of done anything to get the part. But No It had to Go to someone that thought He was better than anyone else. Liz was In thought when a squel brought her Out of her sulken mood. Liz turned to see One VERY Happy Maria DeLuca behind her.

"What Is Going on Maria?" Liz couldnt help the smile that was crawling On her face, Maria was always a sight to see when she Gets happy.

"My Dreams are coming true Lizzie! I mean They are finally coming true." Maria said as the tears were begining to form In Her eyes. this is what She has been busting her ass For. She Maria Deluca a small town Girl From Roswell new Mexico has Gotten Herself a record deal!

"You Mean...YTou Got a Deal!" Liz said Really Happy, Just because Her Dreams seemed to not becoming true Dosent Mean That she Isnt happy for Her friend. maria Truly deserved this to happen. Liz took Maria in a Hug and Congratulated her.

"Thank You Lizzie. I Know how hard this is for you, But You will See that Your dreams will come true too. I Just know It." Maria said as she appreciated that Liz was truly happy for her, When things weren't going Liz's way. But maria knew that Liz would become a huge star someday. Maria could bet on It.

"Thanks, But I doubt It. Now Is Not the time to Start talking about My lack of a future. we have to go out and celebrate. Come On My treat!" Liz said with a grin on her face. yep, They will go Out and celebrate. maybe this is what she needs. To stop thinking about that Asshole Max Evans.


Max Evans was in one pissed Off Mood. Things havent been going his way. Espically Today at Rehersal. Things were just going wrong, his Leading Lady was sick and her so called understudy fillled In. max dosent want to be Mean and all, But she has no ability to bring a scene alive. Then on the way to his apartment that He shares with michael. A Taxi rushed by him splashing mud on Him from the Gutter, Hot all over his brand new white shirt that He just bought for 100 dollars. Not Only that but He still had Liz on his mind. He still couldnt believe that She would be so Mad over a little thing? All actors have to face rejection sooner or Later. Liz couldnt obviously take it. But Then His mind would Go back and saee her eyes the night of the so called fight in the streets. It hold so much sadness, It hurt to look at. he knew from instinct that Liz had talent that was for sure. Just by the way she seems to hold a thing over him, It was like that he couldnt look at other woman without feeling guilty and they werent even together. Max finaly made it home only To find One happy Michael Guerin. That was Right a Happy Michael Guerin. Max couldnt help but wonder If it snowed In hell.

"What is Going On Michael?" Max asked, Curious to what happened to get the Stonewall smiling like that.

"I Finally made it! I mean I got a call today and They want my painting! I am Finally a Real Artist." Michael said beaming with pride In his voice. this was it, His dreams were finally paying off. But there was a snag.

"That is Great My Man!" Max said as he pulled Michael Into a hug. this is what His roomate and childhood pal had been dreaming about since like forever.

"Thanks Maxwell, But There is a catch.The Gallery is On the other side of town and It would be too hard Going back and forth, And they said they would bve able to rent out an apartment over the"

"You want to Move out." Max said shocked. Michael was Going to Move out. What was He going to do about rent? But Those thoughts left His mind when he saw Michael's face and then he Spoke again.

"Move. It Is simple as that. Michael This would be Great for your career. So I want you to take it. No hard Feelings, After all I still need a Best friend." Max replied with a smirk, Letting Michael know that It was Alright for him to leave.

"Thanks Maxwell, We can always still hang out, I will stay for the Rest Of this month though, I couldnt leave you stranded." Michael said one last time hugging Max as He went off to His bedroom making few calls. Leaving Max alone to think.

"What the Hell am I Going to do Now?" Max said softly to himself.

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