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Title: Third Strike
Rating: PG-13 (Only because of swearing)
Disclaimer: As much as it pains me to say it.. Roswell is and will never be mine
Summery: This is a M/L fic with some M/M and A/I thrown in. Max is a bad boy and now he has to serve the time. He gets sent to the Parker Ranch were he must learn to be a hard working honest young man. There he meets Liz Parker who distorts his views on life and makes him long to be the someone to change her life. I don't know whether to add aliens. you let me know
Authors note: This is my first time at a fic and I could really use the feedback!

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Part One

Max Evans was nervous for the first time in his life. He straightened his only suit as he stared unblinking at the judge who would decide his fate.

The judge sighed and glanced at the papers in front of him.

“Mr. Evans, you are charged with auto theft and the endangering of two innocent individuals. How do you plead?”

Max’s shoulders sagged. “Guilty your honor.”

“ I sentence you to a two month stay at parker ranch, a rehabilitation center for misguided youths like yourself. Hopefully your stay there will be helpful to you in your path to right yourself. Court is adjourned.”

With the clang of the mallet Max’s future was decided.

Max’s twin, Isabel, met him on the way out.

“I don’t know what you expected, but you got off easy.” She said looking at the brochure of Parker Ranch.

“So what am I supposed to do there for two whole months?” Max asked bored.

“Well, when they say ranch they mean ranch. It’s a genuine cattle ranch, complete with horses and cattle. According to the lawyer you will have to learn how to ride and take care of a horse, hard cattle, and basically learn how to be a rancher. Its supposed to enlighten you.” Isabel said rolling her eyes.

Max groaned.

“I have to spend two months of my life with a bunch of cowboys trying to teach me the meaning of life.”

Isabel frowned.

“You brought this upon yourself. I’m not the one who thought it would be fun to steal a car and run into a tree.”


Max just shrugged and hopped into the car.

It seemed like the last week before Max had to leave went by in slow motion. The meeting with the parole officer, the packing, and the shopping. By the time a week was over, Max felt like it was an eternity.

Isabel tried to comfort her brother on the way to the airport.

“Its not so bad. Horses are cool and maybe there are girls-“

Max snorted.

“Yeah like I really want to hang around with a bunch of weird fat country girls.”

Before Isabel could answers they were there.

“Were here!” Diane Evans said in a sing-song voice.

Max turned and saw the piece of junk that was going to take him to the ranch. After a tearful goodbye, Max stepped aboard.

The flight was uneventful as Max stared out the window at the desolate landscape.

‘Grass after grass after grass and oh... wait what’s that?! More grass!’ Max though sarcastically.

Just than the seat belt sign went back on and Max had to prepare to land.

‘Oh goody, were there.’ Max thought bitterly as the plane landed.

Max walked off the plane and a noisy Jeep parked in front of him. In the drivers seat was a boy about his age wearing a pair of well worn jeans and a Matallica shirt. He had brown, messy hair and piercing brown eyes.

“Hi, you must be Maxwell Evans. I’m Michael Parker and I’m taking you to the ranch.” The boy said bored.

Max smirked as he hopped in the back seat. The motor roared to life as they sped off down the road.

The trip was silent until Michael let out a chuckle and Max turned around to see a big brown horse with a girl on top galloping after the car.

“Yee-haw!” The girl yelled as she galloped past.

Michael chuckled again and sped up the car.

They met up with the girl at what Max deduced was the ranch.

The girl halted the horse.

“Howdy!” She said waving.

Max sucked in his breath. The girl was beautiful. When he had said that all country girls were fat and ugly he was dead wrong. The girl had chestnut hair down to her waist and brown doe like eyes that Max wanted to stare in all day.

Max nodded to acknowledge her as he followed Michael in to the house.

“Hey, Michael who was that girl?” Max asked curious.

“That’s my twin sister.” Michael said, putting a note of finality on the conversation.

“This is your room.” Michael said bluntly, dropping the suitcases on the floor.

“Dinner is at 6 0'clock sharp. Your wanted early to help set the table. After dinner you will help wash the dishes. Then in bed no later than 9. You will be woken up at 5 and help feed the horses and other animals. Most of your day will consist of a riding lesson.” Michael said and than promptly left.

Max looked around the room. It was tiny with a small bed and a dresser. Above the bed was a tiny window. Max peered through and could see the stables. The girl that Max had seen earlier was still riding the brown horse and was jumping fences.

Max watched for a little while longer until he decided to unpack.

A while later he glanced at his watch.

“Shit!” He exclaimed realizing it was six fifteen.

He quickly ran into the dining room.

“Your late.” He heard Michael snarl.

“Michael please. He is our guest!” said an older woman which Max could only assume was Mrs. Parker.

Max quickly sat down.

“Now Max, I would like to lay down a few ground rule. I am Mr. Parker and this is my wife. You have already met my son Michael and our daughter Liz is over at a friend’s house. We expect you to be her at six for dinner every night-“ Mr. Parker was cut off as the door opened.

“Hey sorry I am late-“ Said the girl who had just came in.

Max’s mouth fell open.

It was that girl, Liz, he had heard Mr. Parker call her. But that wasn’t why Max was so shocked. It was because she was in a wheelchair.

The girl glanced shyly at him before taking her place at the table.

Max still had his mouth open and she caught him.

“You shouldn’t keep your mouth open like that, you’ll catch flys.”

Max quickly shut his mouth.

Max ate really fast and than stood up.

“Son, were do you think your going?” Mr Parker all but yelled.

“I’m done.” Max said bluntly.

“I can see that. You have to say ‘may I please be excused.’” Mr. Parker said sternly.

Max sat down.

“May I please be excused?” Max asked glumly.

“No.” Said Mr. Parker simply.

Max looked dumbstrucked.


“Yes Max no. It is polite to help wash the dishes and to stick around for family discussion.” Mr. Parker said calmly.

Max was in shock. No one had ever said no to him. He had grown up in a house were his parents were always out of town and Isabel and him would be with themselves.

“So Liz, how was your day?” Mr. Parker said, going on as if nothing had happened.

Liz smiled.

“I’m helping Maria train Starlight for the competition next Saturday. He was really wild but we made a lot of progress.” Liz said laughing.

Max watched the interaction with the family. The Parkers actually seemed to really care about their kids and it seemed to be such a happy household.

After helping with the dishes, Max went up to bed. As usual he couldn’t go to sleep. Usually at this time he would probably be at a bar getting wasted with his buddies Sean and Paulie.

Max sighed and looked at his watch. The indiglo numbers showed him that it was only nine fifteen. Max decided to take a look around so he snuck out to the stable.

Most of the horses were sleeping, but a couple poked their heard out in greeting. One stall in the way back caught his attention. A rather large black shiny head poked out.

The hours was very tall and the way he held his head make Max think of the horse as the leader of the herd. In between the horse’s eyes was a white crescent moon. Max reached out to trace the moon with his finger, but then a voice broke him out of his thoughts.

“He usually doesn’t like people.” The soft voice said.

Max whipped his head around to see Liz gazing up at him expectantly.

“What’s his name?” Max asked softly.

“Moonbeam.” Liz whispered looking at the horse with tears in her eye.

Max looked at the stall door. Pinned all over were ribbons of all colors and pictures of Liz and Moonbeam. One picture in particular showed Liz on Moonbeam smiling as she held up a trophy. Around the pictures were newspaper articles with headlines like: ‘Liz Parker; on her way to the Olympics’, and ‘Liz Parker; the horse world’s newest talent.’

Max turned to Liz who had her eyes locked on a photo. Max followed her eyes to a picture of Liz in all her riding gear. She was standing without a wheel chair.

A couple of tears rolled down her cheeks. Max looked down. He had only been here a day and already he felt the effects of the environment. He had just met the girl but as he looked into her tear filled eyes Max realized that he could be a lot worse off and that he needed to re think his priorities. He bent down and hugged the girl letting her sob into his shoulder. So far not so bad

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Part Two

Max was woken up bright and early by a rooster. The COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO rang throughout the house as Max struggled to get out of bed.

“What time is it?” Max grumbled looking at his watch.

“It’s time to get up silly.” Max heard Liz say from behind.

Max whipped around to look at her.

“Breakfast is on the table, but you better hurry up because you get to help feed the animals. Then I get to give you your first riding lesson.” Liz said joyfully.

When Max stood up, he noticed that Liz was blushing. He looked down and noticed he was just wearing boxers. He blushed and grabbed his clothes.

After dressing he ran down stairs.

“Hello Max, eat up, you have a long day ahead of you.” Nancy Parker said as she put a plate in front of him.

Max ate hungrily and fallowed Michael outside.

“Here.” Michael grunted, handing him a bag of oats.

“Now listen up, your highness, you pour the oats up to the fill line. You think you can handle it?” Michael asked dryly.

Max narrowed his eyes.


“Great!” Michael said with fake enthusiasm.

“Get going.” He growled.

Max hoisted the oats over his shoulder and got to work.

An hour later he was done and covered in sweat and oats.

“Thanks.” Max said to a horse that had stuck his head out and licked some off.

Max than heard a giggle and turned to see Liz who had ridden by.

“I see you met pig.” She said amused.

“I see why his names pig.” Max said as he watched the horse.

Liz laughed.

“Well it’s time to start your lesson.” Liz said as she led Max outside.

Max looked out and saw five horses in a huge ring. There were people there too. Max recognized Michael who was laughing with a petite girl with strawberry blond hair. They were laughing at a tall wiry kid who was waving his hands around.

When Liz got closer, the boy ran toward her yelling, “Lizzie!”

Max surprisingly felt a pang of jealousy as he saw Liz’s smile get broader.

“Max let me introduce you to my best friends. This is Alex Whitman and this is Maria Deluca. Michael’s girlfriend.” Liz said introducing the friends.

“These are the horses. You will be riding Butter Cup.” Liz said pointing to a palomino.

Max fallowed Liz’s directions and put his right foot in the stirrup and found himself facing the wrong way. He quickly turned around and sent an evil look towards Liz who way hysterical with laughter.

“Hey ease up bro. It was only a josh.” Joked Alex.

Max sighed.

“Fine, whatever.”

Max watched as Maria got on a grey horse he found out was named Hurricane. Alex clumsily jumped on his white black spotted horse named Whit. Michael swung himself on a big bay he called Thunder.

Max watched amazed as the horse Liz was riding walked right over and lowered his head. Liz grabbed the reins and effortlessly lifted herself up.

“Ok Max,” Liz said steering over.

“Kick her really softly and she will begin to walk.”

Max did as he was told and the horse right away responded.

“Good.” Said Liz encouragingly.

“To turn, you take the reins in one hand and pull the horse in the way you want to go.”

After Max had gone around the arena a couple of times, Liz taught him how to trot.

Michael and Alex snickered as they saw Max try to post.

Max let out a frustrated sigh.

“I just can’t do it!” He yelled out in frustration.

The horse, spooked by his yell, bolted and jumped the fence.

“Waoh! Waoh!” Max yelled, flapping the reins like he thought he saw cow boys do in the movies.

“Pull the reins! Pull on the reins!” Heard Liz yell.

Max yanked on the reins, but it didn’t work.

“Oh God I am going to die!” He thought, frightened.

Max than heard hoofbeats behind him.

‘Thank God’ He thought when he saw Liz, Michael, Maria, and Alex galloping behind him.

“Hold on!” He heard Liz yell.

Max saw that Liz had a lasso and he watched as she flung it around and had it land on the neck of his saddle.

“Pull on the reins again!” She said as she pulled herself closer.

Max yanked on the reins again and the horse stopped abruptly. Max, not expecting it, flew over the horse’s head.

‘Oh my God! Are you alright?” Liz asked as she slid off the horse.

“Max! Max! She cried, crawling over to him.

“Are you ok?” She asked almost in tears.

Max opened his eyes and saw Liz, leaning over him with her hair forming a curtain.

“Are you an angel?” He asked groggily.

Liz laughed with relief and pulled him into a hug.

“I thought you had died.” She said gripping to him tightly.

Michael than galloped up and jumped down.

“Liz! Is everything ok?” He asked anxiously.

“Yeah.” Liz said moving away.

Max immediately felt the loss of her warmth.

Then Maria and Alex rode up.

“That was so stupid! Don’t they teach you anything at those prep schools?! You never, EVER yell at a horse!” Michael said angerly.

“Shh, Michael calm down.” Maria said soothingly.

“Fine! But that was strike one! Two more and you are off to real military school.” Michael grumbled.

“He didn’t know Michael! Leave it alone.” Liz said struggling to stand up.

Alex ran to help her.

“Geez Mike, calm down.” Alex said, helping Liz on to the horse.

“I’m otta here.” Michael said, leaping on to the horse and galloping away.

Maria sighed.

“I’ll go after him.” She said and galloped after him.

“Ok, I guess this lesson is over.” Liz said, once safely on the horse.

“Yeah.” Max said shakily.

Max got back on the horse and they walked back.

Once safely back Max met Liz at Moonbeam’s stall.

“I’m sorry about earlier. I was just frustrated. I didn’t mean to yell.” Max said sheepishly.

Liz dropped her brush.

“Max, it’s ok, we all make mistakes. And no one was physically hurt.” Liz said lightly.

They stood/sat there for a while looking at each other until Moonbeam leaned over and muzzled Max.

“It’s amazing how he likes you.” Liz said in awe.

“How long have you had him?” Max asked quietly.

“Three years. I got him when I was fourteen. He was just a baby. He was abandoned from the wild herd.” Liz said smiling wistfully.

Max furrowed his brow.

“What happened?” Max asked softly.

Liz’s eyes filled up with tears.

“I was fifteen, I had entered this huge event. I was on my way to the Olympics. The day of the competition, the horse I was going t ride got a stone stuck in her shoe. The only other horse available was Moonbeam. Everyone told me that he wasn’t trained enough and he was too wild, but that didn’t stop me. I was... A different person back than and all I cared about was winning. I tacked up Moonbeam for the show. Dressage was no problem, but than was Cross Country. Moonbeam got spooked at a water jump and I was thrown from the saddle. I landed on my head, breaking part of my spinal cord. I was in a coma for two months.”

Max saw Liz laugh softly, as the tears slid down.

“It’s ok, you can stop.” Max said placing his hand on her shoulder.

“No,no, I have to keep going.” Liz sniffed.

“After the accident... I broke down. I stopped riding. Gave it up. Than... Michael-“ Liz broke off.

“Michael got sick and I had to save him. I rode Buttercup to the doctors.” Liz said in between sobs.

“Michael rides Moonbeam sometimes, but other wide, no one rides him.” Liz said.

Max had been listening intently to her story and he was shocked. Two days and already he felt his cold exterior melting away.

He looked down at Liz who was crouched over, sobbing and he realized his problems were insignificant.

“Shh, it’s ok.” Max said as he kneeled down and hugged her.

“I can’t believe I just did that.” Liz moaned onto his shoulder.

“I never do this.” She said lifting her head.

“I actually told you the story. I never tell anyone.”

Max lifted his head to meet her gaze. They stared at each other in a heated gaze.

‘She’s gonna kiss me!’ Max thought as she moved closer and closer.

“Lizzie! Time for dinner!” Michael yelled, interrupting them.

Liz looked away and blushed.

“Coming.” She said and wheeled away.

As Max went to fallow he heard Michael growl;

“Strike two.”

Max narrowed his eyes and fallowed Michael inside.

So tell me... How was it??
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