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Okay here's the deal with this story. It's not a new story, but a very old one. But, it's one that I hadn't posted. It's only 10 parts, so if you guys like it, I'll post a part a day. If not just let me know and that's okay too. Anyway, here is the first part, let me know what you think.

Title: Internship
Rating: PG13-NC17
Category: M/L
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, they belong to the dream killer himself.
I only borrowed them for a short time period.
Summary: Max and Liz go away for the summer when offered an internship. Little do they know they are the experiment. Takes place after Destiny eppy.
A/N - I wrote this story prior to the season finale airing, so some things may mesh, other's may not. I hated the whole destiny storyline and wanted to write something to correct the error. How little did I know back then, how much worst it was going to become for those of us that still believed in the dream.

Part 1

Setting Liz's Balcony:

It's funny how things turn out. At the beginning of this school year, I was a normal teenage girl. Living a normal teenage girls life. I worked at my parents cafe. I went to school. I even dated a normal teenage boy. That was all before Max Evans. Tomorrow is the last day of my sophomore year at school. Not having to see Max at school everyday may bring relief to my soul. It tears me apart inside everytime I see him. I know it bothers him to see me everyday just as much. He loves me, that I know for sure. Not only has he told me this, but I can feel it. With every look or touch he gives me. I guess that's why this is so hard on both of us. We both feel so much for each other, but we both know it was never meant to be.

At lunch next day:

"Maria!" Liz shouted as she seen her best friend.

"Hey girlfriend. So what's got you so excited. Did you and Max finally get back together?"

Liz's turned sad the moment Maria mentioned 'him.' "No." Then she remembered the reason why she was so excited. "Ms Hardin just stopped me and told me I have been selected to be an intern this summer with Professor Stein at the University of New Mexico!"

"An intern, okay first off who is Professor Stein? And does this mean you are going to be gone All Summer?"

"He is known for his research on the molecular structure of our DNA. He has made some fascinating discoveries." Liz tried to explain to Maria, who even looked more confused.

"Okay, I guess you've already decided you are going to do this. So, when do you leave and how long will you be gone." As Liz's best friend, Maria knew how important things like science, school, her future was to Liz. She too understood how difficult the part few weeks have been on her. Hell, she was going through the same, well, almost the same kind of heartache herself. So, she did understand why Liz would be excited to get to go away from Roswell for a while.

"I'll only be gone for one month. I leave a week from Monday. Maria...I need to do this. I mean...I think it will be good for me to get away from...things."

"You mean Max." Liz's head slumped downward and just nodded. Maria took note of the pain her best friend was feeling. "I'm going to miss you sooooo much." She finally relented, knowing she needed to support her friend and let her grief her lost in her own way.

"Well, we have a week to have some fun. What do you say we have a girls night out tonight?" Liz quickly suggested, knowing that her best friend was also suffering the heart ache from one of the alien trio. She knew she needed this, wished for something like this. Just to get away from Roswell, away from reality of her life, away from Max. But, she still needed to be there for her friend and for the next week prior to her leaving that was exactly what she was going to do.

"Sounds great! Seven o'clock my house Okay." Maria exclaimed, she knew Liz needed this time, but she was grateful her friend was going to be there for at least another week to help her through her own ache. That's why they were best friends, they had each other's back no matter what and this only emphasized that point.

At the same time Max was walking down the hallway when Ms. Hardin stopped him in the hallway. "Max, may I have a word with you?"

"Um..Yeah, sure." Max stuttered nervously. Teachers rarely stopped him with regard to anything. He lived his life being as invisible as possible. Especially with what they had just learned, Max's guard was up.

Ms. Hardin motioned Max to step inside her classroom. "Max, you are one of my most gifted students." She noticed the surprise look on Max's face at her comment, but continued speaking. "Well, I have a unique opportunity to offer you."

"What kind of opportunity?" Max questioned, still feeling a little suspicious of anyone.

"Professor Stein of the University of New Mexico has requested two of our most promising students to join him at his ranch this summer for an internship on his current project. You are one of those students chosen!" Ms. Hardin beamed, showing her own excitement to have an offer such as this to give one of her students.

Max immediately thought of Isabelle and Michael. Then he thought of Liz. "I'm sure this would be a great learning experience, but I don't think my parents would agree and I do have a job already at the UFO Center." He began his decline of the offer. As much as a summer away from everything seemed like an ideal scenario for him, he just couldn't chuck his responsibilities. Especially now that he knew how much a responsibility he truly had. Time away from Liz to give her the space she needed was so tempting, but he just couldn't leave Isabelle, Michael or even Tess much to his despair. He was their leader, their King. He was needed here.

"Max, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a boy of your age. Now as far as your parents are concerned, they have already given their consent to the principal
this morning. They were very proud that you had been chosen. I'm sure your boss would agree to give you a month off of work for something this important."

Even though he was still a little hesitate to leave Isabelle or Michael for a month. He thought it might be a good idea to get away from everything. Maybe if he gave Liz some space she would be able to understand everything that had happened. He knew he wanted to be with her more then everything, but he also understood what they had discovered was a lot for anyone to accept. "Thank you Ms. Hardin for thinking of me. I think it sounds like something I would really enjoy. But, before I can say okay I do need to verify with my boss that I can make arrangements to be gone for an extended period of time prior to making a commitment." What he was really thinking was he needed time to speak with Isabelle and Michael before he could really leave. He defiantly wasn't going to ask Tess for her permission. If Michael and Isabelle agreed then that was all that mattered to him.

"I'm sorry Max, but I really need to let Principal Redon know your answer immediately. That's why he had already gained your parents permission. I know this is a big decision and you would probably like some time to think about it, but we just don't have that kind of luxury." She regretfully informed him, not understanding why a young man with such a promising future in front of him wouldn't jump at the opportunity she was handing him.

Max was just about to decline the offer then, when he looked out the window of the classroom they were currently standing in and saw Liz and Maria speaking. Liz needed him to give her space and no matter what his responsibilities to Michael, Isabelle or Tess were. He wanted this opportunity, no he needed it. Not to mention how hard it would be to try to explain to his parents why he had turned it down, since they had already agreed to it. Nodding his head in agreement, he stated. "Thank you for thinking of me. I'd be honored to go."

Reaching inside the folder she was carrying, Ms. Hardin handed Max an envelope that had his itinerary in it. They shook hands, while she congratulated him once again and Max went on his way. He needed to find Isabelle and Michael and try to make them understand why he had agreed to go away for a month.

Ms. Hardin let out a sigh of relief when Max had left the classroom. She thought it was very odd that the professor had requested Max Evans and Liz Parker personally.
Usually the school chose the students to go. But then again they were both gifted students and they had earned this opportunity.

In the quad:

Liz was trying very had not to look in Max's direction. He was sitting with Michael and Isabelle as usual. But try as she did, she couldn't help herself. After all she still loved him more than she would ever admit. Each time she glanced his way she notice how he was staring at her with his intense soulful eyes.

Max knew Liz was sneaking peeks in his direction. He was no longer trying to hide his feelings for Liz. He was in love with her. He also knew she was in love with him. This damn destiny thing was a bunch of crap as far as Max felt. He was now glad for the current opportunity. He knew if she had time to think about it, she would realize, destiny or no destiny, they were going to be together.

"Now Max, when will you be leaving again?" Isabelle asked. He had filled them in on what Ms. Hardin had offered. Both Michael and Isabelle knew what Max was going through
since this destiny thing had affected them too. Both were almost green with envy that he had the opportunity to get away and they didn't. So when Max had told them about it and begged with his eyes for them to understand why he needed to do this, the both understood.

"Is, I leave next Monday." Max said and then continued speaking without taking his eyes off of Liz. "It will be good for me to get away. I need to let things calm down here for a while anyway."

"Maxwell we all feel a bit.." Michael was trying to think of the right words to use without hurting Isabelle. Finally he just said. "Yea, maybe getting away from everything
will be good for you."

"I'm just going to miss you a lot." Isabelle said sincerely.

"Is, it's not like I'm leaving for the rest of my life. I'm just going for one month." Max stated trying to ease Isabelle. "It will be okay, OK." Max was still focusing on Liz and now had to figure out a way to tell her he was going away for a month.

The Saturday before they were scheduled to leave at the Crashdown:

Maria and Liz had been busy waiting tables. The two of them plus Alex had a blast during the past week. They had done everything from shopping to bowling. All of them
were still hurting by the pod squad's discovery of their destinies. But, during the past week everything had seemed to be just like old times. They laughed and enjoyed
being together. Only once had they let their conversation become a heart to heart regarding the three, but they were there for each other. Giving them the support they all

"I can't believe you are leaving in just two days." Maria complained.

"Only 42 hours and 37 minutes and I'm on a plane for Albuquerque."

"Liz we are not in school right now. You don't have to do the math that quickly." Maria joked. "By the way, have you had a chance to tell Max you're leaving?"

"No, I've been trying to keep my distance. I guess he has too since he hasn't been coming here to eat either. I was planing on calling him tonight and tell him." As on cue the chimes on the cafe rang. Max and Isabelle entered the cafe and went to their normal booth.

"Well, here's your chance. Go take their order. You know something like, what can I get you, not me I'm off the menu for at least a month!" Maria laughed at her friend.

Liz gave Maria a look that said be quiet. "Maria...I guess I can't put it off any longer." She started to walk over to their booth.

At the same time Isabelle was asking her brother why she had to come with him. "You know it is hard for me to face Maria these days?"

"I know, it's just I need to tell her that I'm leaving. I thought it would be better for her if I wasn't alone with her right now."

Liz approached their table trying not to look at Max. She kept her waitress face on and asked the aged old question. "What can I get you guys today?" She asked trying to keep her voice from sounding nervous.

"Do you have a break coming up, I need to talk to you." Max said noticing her not looking at him and realizing there was no more delaying it. He needed to tell her he was leaving for a month and he needed to make sure she understood why.

Thinking something was wrong she brought her eyes up to meet Max's. Once she looked into his eyes her heart began to melt and in that instant she knew how much she still loved him. "I get off in about 30 minutes when Agnes comes on. Do you want to wait or would you rather come back?" She asked glad for the opportunity to be able to tell him of her plans for the next month. She didn't want Max to think she was avoiding him or unable to deal, although that was exactly why she had eagerly accepted the offer.

Max could see his presences was affecting Liz the moment their eyes met and knows he is going to miss her terribly, but only hopes that she will get past the pain of hearing the news about Tess and come to terms that she is the one he wants to be with. It was going to be tough, knowing he wasn't going to see her for a whole month, but knew this was the best thing for both of them. He immediately stated. "I'll wait."

It didn't pass Isabelle's attention the starring match that was going on between her brother and Liz. She glances around the cafe and notices the look Maria was giving her. She had come to loath that look. "Well, I have to go shopping. Can I have the keys to the jeep please?"
She wished so badly that she could reassure Maria that she had no intention of being with Michael. That she had no feelings for him in any kind of romantic way, but as it stood right now. Everything was just so confusing and she did the one thing she had been doing for the past couple of weeks. Avoid and refuse to face the realty as of yet.

Without diverting his eyes from Liz. He handed the keys to his sister. She scooted out from the booth quickly and walked out of the cafe. As Isabelle left Liz regained her control. Darting her eyes away from Max's and again asked. "Do you want anything while your waiting?"

"Uh..a cherry coke please." Max replied.

Liz turns to the counter to retrieve Max's drink. When Maria approached her she questioned. "So did you tell him?"

"Not yet, he's going to wait until my shift is over. Then we are going to talk."

"Liz do you think it is a good idea for you to talk with him alone. I of all people know how easy it is to get sucked into the alien bliss." Then added as a friendly reminder, not wanting to hurt her friend, but only trying to keep her from being hurt any further. "Remember destiny."

Under her breath Liz whispers "How could I forget."

End Pt1

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I'm so glad to hear eneryone's positive FB on this story. Like I stated before, it's an old one I just never really posted. As I read through it though, I find myself revamping to my style now versus the style I previous wrote in, so the story concept is old and yes the destiny issue is long gone, but now that I'm into it it must be told. Anyway here is the next part as promised. Hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think.

Title: Internship
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 2

Forty-five minutes later:

Liz had changed into some jeans and a simple pink sweater. Looking at her, Max can't believe how beautiful she looks in the most ordinary clothes as she approaches his booth. "Would you like to go for a drive?" He asked her without even thinking twice about it, all he knew was this was probably going to be the last night he would most likely see her for at least a month and he wanted to go somewhere private with her in hopes that he could plead with her one last time that she was the one he wanted.

"Max..uh you gave the jeep to Isabelle, remember." Liz stated with a slight smile, knowing it was her that had effectively made him forget about giving his sister the keys to the jeep. Although she knew she wasn't his destiny, it still felt good to know that he still was effected by her.

Max was lost staring into Liz's eyes. 'How can I make her understand I need her.' He thought to himself. "Oh yea...How about a walk then?" He stated trying to recover from his earlier mistake without Liz taking notice of the reason his mind had forgotten.

"My feet are killing me from working all morning. Would you like to come upstairs instead? My parents won't be home until late tonight." Liz was thinking something must be wrong again and she wanted Max to know they would have privacy to talk. Besides she wanted a private
moment to try and explain to Max why she needed to leave town for a while.

Max noticed that Liz wanted their conversation to be private also. He hoped that somehow Liz realized they could be together. But, that would be too much a dream come true. "Let's go out to your balcony, okay." He got up from the booth and followed Liz up the back stairs. As they walked into Liz's bedroom to go out to the balcony Max spoke. "Liz...I"

Liz turned around and stopped him in mid sentence. "Max could you please just hold me for a minute?" She knew it was wrong, but she just couldn't stop herself from needing to feel his arms around her one final time. Their break up at the cave had been so bittersweet, that she hoped their good bye for now could at least bring them to a point where they could be friends once again after she returned. Even though he had a destiny to fulfill that didn't include her, she still wanted to be a part of his life. She hoped after a month away from him, her broken heart would mend enough for her to be a part of his life and could live with the fact that friendship would be the only thing they would be able to have.

Without hesitation he wrapped his arms around the girl he was deeply in love with. It seemed to Max he had waited an eternity to hold her again. Liz felt his warm arms around her body and tears formed in her eyes. It was so hard to tell him she was leaving. She knew she was going and couldn't help wanting to feel his touch just one more time before she left. At the same time they both said "I'm leaving."

They broke their embrace and just looked at each other. Then once again at the same time asked. "You're leaving?"

Liz froze, her body tensed with fear. When she heard him say the same thing she said she thought the worst. He has found a way to go home. Max, could see the way her entire body seemed to freeze with fear. He suddenly realizing her fear, from what he had said. "I'm not going home if that's what your thinking." He could feel her body relax a little in his arms. "You first." He said while still holding her.

"Max, I need some time away. I was offered a very good opportunity this summer. It's only for a month, but I thought it would be good for me..Well, to have some time a part so we can come to terms with what's happened."

Max couldn't believe his ears. Was she saying she wanted to come to terms with his destiny to give them another try or was it just to come to terms with their break up? As much as he wanted to press the issue, he knew now wasn't the time. "I understand." He then added his reasoning for leaving. "Like you I also got offered a chance to get away for a short period this summer. I thought it would be a good idea to give you....some space. Away from me...I mean."

All she knew was that Max was not leaving earth and she realized how she would regret for the rest of her live if he had left and she had never got the chance to show him how much she loved him. Still in his embrace she whispered, "Why does this have to be so hard?"

"Liz, it doesn't have to be that hard." He wanted to show her how much he loved her, he wanted to reassure her that no matter what any message said, she was his destiny. Slowly he leaned down so his lips were only an inch away from hers giving her plenty of time to pull away if she wanted.

Liz's control was melting away. She knew she should pull away from him. But, her body, mind, even her soul wanted to kiss him. She lifted her lips the final inch to his. Their lips caressed slowly at first. "Oh Max." She moaned into his mouth as she felt the tenderness of his lips against hers once again.

When she moaned his name Max deepened the kiss as he sucked gently on her bottom lip. Pleading with his tongue for entrance to allow him to have one last taste of her prior to their departure. His request was granted without hesitation and their passion started to explode. Max knew if he ever had the chance to hold Liz, let alone kiss her again. He would allow all the feelings he had for her to flow into the woman that held his heart. At that moment Max completed his vow. Kissing her passionately and letting his feelings flow from his soul to hers with each passing second.

Liz could feel all of the emotions Max was pouring into her soul with his kiss. Most of all she felt his true love for her. She knew this was wrong. It was not meant to be, he had another destiny. But, she needed to show him how much she loved him too. They would be away from each other for a month to deal with the consequences, but for now she didn't care. Liz returned Max's kiss with just as much passion he was giving her. No longer caring what was meant or not meant to be. This felt right now.

Making a quick decision for once in her life, not planned out, but going with her gut feeling. Liz pulled away from Max and walked to her bedroom door. After she closed and locked it. She turned back around to Max and began to undress herself. She pulled her shirt
off and then her jeans. She stood in front of him in only her bra and panties. It was a bold move, a bold offer. One that she never imagined herself doing, but with the thought of this being their last night together. She knew without any doubt, how much she would regret not sharing the most intimate experiences of her life with her one true love. Even if it was only this one and only time, so be it. She knew it was selfish on her part, but she also knew Max had just as strong of feelings for her that she had for him and she wanted her first experience to be with the man that stood before. The only man that she would ever really truly love.

Max was shocked into silence by Liz's bold move. He stood there not sure how to react. Liz could see how shocked he was at what she had just done. When he still continued to stare at her, asking with his eyes if she truly understood what she was doing. She walked over to him and started undoing the buttons on his shirt. After she pulled his shirt down over his shoulders, she then ran her hand down his chest. Down his stomach muscles to the top of his jeans. She continued by undoing the button of his jeans. Liz looked up into Max's eyes and kissed him quickly. Before Max could deepen their kiss she pulled away from him again. Leaving one very shocked alien hybrid in her wake she stepped over to her bed, climbed in and waited. Liz knew she wanted to be with Max in the most intimate way a man and a woman could be. Now Liz needed to know if Max wanted her in the same way. It was up to him to decide.

It only took Max about a second to understand she was waiting for him to make his decision. He removed his jeans and joined her in her bed. Pulling her body flush against his, Max caressed her lips with his once again tenderly, but didn't deepen the kiss. He needed to know that this was truly what Liz wanted. That she understood that if they did this, there was no turning back. For Max knew, if he ever had the honor to make love to her, he would never be able to give her up. Call it instinctual, but it was a fact he knew with every fiber of his body. "Are you sure this is what you want?" He asked her while keeping her pressed tightly against him.

Liz didn't answer with any words. She looked directly into his beautiful brown eyes and put her lips to his once again. That was all the confirmation Max needed. Max's feelings for her took over, he didn't care about anything else in the world at this moment. He started
kissing her deeply. His body was on fire with passion for her as he let his hands roam up and down her body. Not believing that this beautiful women wanted him as much as he wanted her. Unable to get enough of her as Liz reaction to his touch let him know she needed him as much as he wanted her. They both took time exploring and memorizing each others bodies. Neither were in any hurry to rush their first time together. Their touches were gentle, loving and their love for each other showed in the way they cherished each other's bodied.
After carefully making sure Liz was ready, Max moved his body over hers. He looked into her eyes one last time before taking that final step. When he only saw love and acceptance, he moved slowly inside of her forming their bodies into one person, while he kept his eyes trained on hers. A connection formed almost instantly between the two of them as their bodies became one. Slowly Max moved in and out of her body, letting her adjust to the feel of making love for the first time. Through the connention they were not only making love, but knew they were joining their souls. They both felt the others feeling of ecstasy. Max knew without a doubt he had found his true destiny. Without even realizing it, their bodies were quickly moving in a heated frenzy. Screams of pleasure sailed through the room as reached their climax together. With their bodies still joined Max said, "God Liz...I love you. You are my destiny."

Liz's heart melted and broke at the same time as he spoke of his destiny. The reality of what they had just done made Liz begin to pull away from him once again. "Max...this was the most wonderful experience of my life, but we both know... I'm not your destiny." She could feel the tears well up in her eyes as she started to sit up.

Max knew of Liz's fear, he could feel her trying to pull away from him again and he knew he couldn't live without her now. He knew he needed her as much as he needed air to breath. So he was quick to grab her before she was able to get up and begun his plea. "Liz, I know how worried you are about our future together. But, after what we just experienced together." Max cupped Liz's chin with one hand pulling her face to look into his and continued. "I love you and I want to be with you and only you. Please don't have regrets now. I felt your feelings for me and I'm pretty sure you felt mine."

Knowing without a doubt that Max spoke the truth, as when the connection between the two of them had opened and they bared their soul's to each other, there was no doubts, no way to even try to deny what they felt. "You know I did and I could never regret making love with you. You know how deep my love is for you, I could never try to lie about my feelings for you even if I wanted to. But, what happens when Tess and Nasedo comes back? Can you honestly tell me you would not be drawn to her again?"

Tess had left with Nasedo to head to Washington to help break up the Special Unit of the FBI upon Max's orders. She had only be gone for a week, but Liz knew she would be back. As much as she loved Max and as much as she knew Max loved her. He couldn't deny the attraction he had felt for Tess when she first arrived and that was the part that scared Liz the most. Would someday Max realize he truly did love Tess and want to be with her. It was easy to dismiss those things when Tess wasn't here, but she would be back and that Liz knew for sure.

"I never loved her Liz." Max admitted easily. Yes, he had felt this alien pull towards her, but it was nothing to do with love. He only loved one person and that person was still currently in his arms.

"Maybe not in your heart, but you are drawn to her. Maybe it's your mind telling you she was the one for you." Liz reached up and gently touched Max's face. "I think we both need this month away. I want you to be a part of my life forever. But, I won't share you. I deserve better than that." She spoke honestly from her heart. What the two of them had just shared was beyond anything she could have ever imagined it to be and as hard as it was to give him up before it was going to be even harder for her to give him up now. But, her insecurities regarding Tess would always be there until Max knew without any hesitation, without any doubt that he would no longer be attracted to Tess. She would have to be the one to let him go.

Max took the hand that was touching his cheek and kissed it. He looked into Liz's eyes and knew she was speaking from her heart. "One month or a lifetime away. I know what my heart, body and soul is telling me. It's you Liz. Maybe in another life I was with Tess, but I think it was only because I hadn't met you yet." There was a million reasons he could think of off the top of his head why he had married Tess in their previous life. An arranged marriage, a marriage of duty to strengthen two separate countries on his planet. Yes, love could have been a possibility, but he was certain without any doubt, that there was no way he could have ever felt for Tess the way he current felt for Liz.

The tears in Liz's eyes fell as she listened to Max's words. He wiped the tears away and said, "I understand everything you are fearing about us. I will wait for you for however long it takes for you to trust in our love again. Just please don't ever ask me to stop loving you." His own tears were beginning to fall at just the thought that Liz would ask that of him.

"Oh Max...I love you too!" She fell into his arms and they held each other tightly for a short time. Knowing it was getting let and that their night was coming to an end, she reluctantly pulled out of Max's arms. "Come on we better get dressed before my parents get home. Besides we have a lifetime to worry about our future." She half joked and prayed with all of her might that it was true.

Max agreed reluctantly and the two of them helped each other back into their clothes. As Max walked to the door to leave. He turned back to face her one last time. "Liz?"

"Yea, Max."

"I just wanted to make sure you were...okay?" They had just made love for the first time and he needed to make sure she was okay, both physically and emotionally before he left.

She understood Max's question. They had just made love for the first time. She stood in front of him very sure of herself. "Max, I am fine. No matter what fate has planned for our future. I will never regret this moment we've spent together."

Max reached out and hugged her one last time. "Have a good trip. I'll see you when you get home."

"You too Max. Bye." He walked out of her room and to herself she whispered. "I already miss you."

As Max stepped out of her room he heard what she had whispered and thought to himself. 'I already miss you too.'

The rest of the evening Liz spent packing for her trip. She had a sense of loneliness inside her that she just couldn't explain. She felt the need to call Max but she knew they needed time away to be sure of what they wanted. The need to talk to him kept growing inside her until she couldn't stand it any more. She reached for the phone just as it rang. As she picked it up she already knew it was him. "Max."

"Liz, how did you know it was me?"

"I just knew. So what's going on?"

"Nothing really, I just really needed to hear your voice again."

"It's funny that you said that. I was just about to call you when the phone rang."

"Liz, I just wanted to make sure you were....okay." He asked one more time, his body had just felt such a sense of loneliness when he was packing that he just couldn't explain it. He had wanted to call Liz just about every second since he had first left her and finally he just had to hear her voice. Giving up trying to pack, he reached for the phone and dialed her number quickly.

Liz could sense the worry in Max's voice and wanted to ease his mind. "Max I'm fine, except I feel..."

"Empty." Max finished her sentence for her, knowing exactly what she was feeling. Without her even acknowledging he was correct, he could almost feel her nodding her head in agreement to his word. "I know I have the same feeling. It started happening almost as soon as I left you."

"Max, what do you think this feeling means?"

"I'm not sure, but I don't know how I'm going to live the next month without seeing you let alone not touching you." It was the truth. His hands were almost aching with need to hold her close to him once again.

"I feel the same way, but I think we have to do this. If for nothing else. We need to do this for us, for our future." She was determined to see this through, she needed time to make sure she could deal with Max's destiny, Tess, everything before they went any further.

"Can I at least see you again tomorrow?" Yes, please say yes he pleaded in his mind. He couldn't do it, he was having a difficult time not rushing back to her house and taking her in his arms right now as it was.

"My parents have me tied up most of the day, but if you want to stop by after dinner I would love to tell you good-bye one more time." She stated, hoping that he would agree. She just simply ached to be in his arms once again.

"I'll be there." Thanking the heavens for her gift to allow him one final moment with her before they parted for an entire month.

"Bye Max" Her voice was deep with regret.


"Yea Max."

"I love you."

"I love you too." Two hearts soared as the words of love filtered across the phone lines.

Max hung up the phone and felt the feeling of lost inside his soul once again.

Both Max and Liz spent the entire day on Sunday with their parents. They both were experiencing a feeling of emptiness inside their bodies that neither of them could understand. By dinner time they were both feeling almost ill. Max told his parents he wanted to say bye to his friends before he left and drove over to Liz's house.

When he got to her door, she opened it and threw her arms around his neck. Max held her tightly. Neither cared that Liz's parents were both staring at the two of them. They both felt the illness ease away from inside their bodies as they stood there holding each other.
"Care to go for a drive for a while?" Max finally asked when he finally took note of Liz's parents sitting in the living room watching them.

Liz turned to her parents "I'm going to go out with Max for a while."

Mrs. Parker couldn't deny her daughters feelings for the young man that had come to their home. She could sense his feelings for her daughter too. "Liz, you have an early flight tomorrow, just don't be out too late."

"I won't Mom, thanks." She took Max's hand and he led her to the jeep. "So where are we going Max?"

"I don't care, I just need to be with you alone." Before she could climb into the jeep. His hands came up to hold her face. He leaned in and kissed her. As they broke the kiss for air, but still staying close to each other Max said, "God, I really needed to do that."

Liz felt the same way. "Max, how are we going to leave tomorrow?" The thought of being without him for the next month sent a chill throughout her body.

"Let's go for that drive and try to figure out what we are going to do." He offered his hand to her to help her climb into the jeep. They drove out of town toward the desert. Max pulled off the main highway onto a side dirt road. After a few miles he pulled off, turned the engine off and jumped out of the jeep. He grabbed the blanket out of the back and walked around to help Liz out. They were both silent not needing to speak, just needing to be
close to each other. "Liz, I know I'll never be able to leave you or let you leave me again." He stated once they were sitting comfortably on top of the blanket.

"Max do you think when we made love, we like bonded. I mean I know we bonded, but what if your...kind."

"Bonds for life." Once again finishing her sentence. "I have been thinking the same thing. Maybe that's why my mother said Tess and I were supposed to be together." He noticed the frown start to form on Liz's face. "Liz, I'm sorry, I'm not trying to hurt you by bringing up Tess. I'm just trying to figure this whole destiny thing out."

"I know Max, please bare with me. It's just hard to think of you with her...I mean in the way we've been together."

"There is one major difference I know for sure."

"What's that Max?"

"Liz we not only bonded together, we gave each other our souls. That is not something we can ignore. I know there isn't anyway I could have shared my soul with both you and Tess. Bodies may live and die, but souls don't die. We are soulmates Liz. You can't deny it anymore."

Knowing he was right, she couldn't deny it. Maybe that's why they had been feeling so empty since they separated after making love. She quickly agreed with him and then asked. "What about tomorrow, when we leave."

"Liz, I think I have a way to deal with us being away. I don't know if I ever told you about our ability to dream walk." Liz shook her head no. "If it would be all right with you I would like to visit you in your dreams." Max went on to explain in detail about dreamwalking. He explained how it was mainly Isabelle's gift, but he could do it if he tried hard enough and he had no doubts in his mind that he would be able to find her in his dreams. After he was done explaining how it worked Liz agreed.

They sat and held each other for a while longer. When they arrived back to Liz's house. Liz leaned over to Max, kissed him passionately and said "Good night, hope I have a good dream tonight."

Max knew she wanted him to try it tonight so she could see how it would work. "Good night Liz, sleep tight, I'll see you in your dreams." With that he watched Liz go inside her home. Max sped away quickly, hoping to go right to sleep as the feeling of emptiness started to take hold the minute she left his jeep.

End Pt2

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Thanks so much for the encouraging FB. You guys know just how to make a person want to post often. I'm glad to hear you want to read more, like I said before this is an old fic that I'm revamping. But, it deals mainly with the destiny issue. Anyway here is the next part and if you still enjoy it, I'll post the next part tomorrow. Let me know what you think.

Title: Internship
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 3

That evening Max could hardly wait to go into Liz's dream. He was laying on his bed waiting patiently for the time to pass so he would be sure Liz was asleep. When Isabelle rushed into his room interrupting his thoughts. "Where did you go in such a hurry after dinner tonight?"

Taken back by her abruptness, he questioned. "What's your problem, Is?"

Knowing she had come off a little more angry sounding than she had meant, she softened her tone and said. "I was just worried about you. It doesn't take a masters degree to figure out you spend most of your afternoon yesterday with Liz and now tonight you disappear for hours. You're not still hoping you and Liz can be together are you?" She finally asked, wondering if Max was tempting to deny his destiny. Secretly she was praying he was, but did they have the right to deny it.

Max didn't want to discuss his love life with his sister. He knew she would never understand what had transpired between him and Liz. "Is, I love Liz. You of all people know how much she means to me."

She did understand, but understanding how her brother felt and what was supposed to be was totally two different things. "Max, you still don't get it. You were designed to be with Tess, not Liz." Her voice was soft, but firm. Not wanting to hurt her brother, but not seeing any other way.

Getting defensive immediately, Max spat back. "I might not have been born, but I am human. I'm not in love with Tess. I will never be in love with her! Don't you understand!" I LOVE LIZ!"

Isabelle understood what Max was going through. She almost envied him trying to control his own destiny. She knew he was trying to win a losing battle though. "Max, I know what you're trying to do. But, you need to think of everyone else too. What about Tess, how do you think she feels knowing she is destined to be with a man that she knows is in love with someone else. And what about Liz, my God Max. I really like Liz as a friend and she has been so hurt. You can't keep hurting her this way. Sooner or later Tess will be back for you and when that happens no matter how hard you try to fight it, you will be with her." She had seen the effect Tess had on her brother first handed and no matter who he loved, he was drawn toward Tess and she feared in the end that draw would not be denied. She herself, had experienced the dreams to be with Michael and it scared her to death to even consider being with Michael in that kind of relationship. But, she couldn't deny the way she was drawn to be with him in those dreams.

"You don't understand Isabelle. Liz and I are together. No one will ever be able to break us apart again." Max had almost told Isabelle about Liz and him sharing their souls, but for some reason it was too personal to share with anyone right now.

"I hope your right, well you leave tomorrow for a month. Maybe by the time you get back, you'll be able to think more clearly about the situation." With that she left his room. Torn in two by what was meant to be and what she wanted herself. She only prayed that her brother knew what he was doing and didn't end up hurt beyond repair for tempting to deny what was truly meant to be.

Liz's Dream:

She was sitting on her balcony looking up into the stars. Max came up to her and knelt down beside her. "Can I ask which stars have your attention?"

Liz looked up puzzled at Max. She still wasn't sure about this whole dream walking thing. It just wasn't logical and Liz's brain looked for the logical side in everything. "Is this really a dream?"

"It's your dream Liz, I'm just a visitor in it." Max stated.

"Can I touch you?" Curiosity got the better of her, she needed to know if he felt real to her touch.

"Yes, if I can touch you." Max admitted boldly, his ache to hold her in his arms had been in his heart every since they parted ways earlier in the evening and he was becoming desperate to hold her again. At least being in her presence, even in the dream world was making that empty feeling he had been experience seem to disappear slightly.

She reached out to touch Max's face gently. She wasn't sure what to expect. Before she knew what was happening Max grabbed her into his arms and lifted her out of the chair. He pulled her body flush against his and began to kiss her wildly. The passion he was sending through her body was unlike anything she had ever experienced. Liz found herself more aggressive in her dream too. The next thing she knew, they were both naked and he was pounding deep inside of her body as she was pressed against the wall on her balcony. He drove inside her holding back no control. The need to be one with her was so overwhelming, Max couldn't stop if he wanted to. His movements were fast and furious. In the dream world their was no need to be slow and gentle. So he repeatedly thrusted deeper and deeper inside of her body. She held on to him tightly, urging him to continue with her moans of pleasure. When they finally gave each other what they so desired inside their bodies. They stood there still not willing to let their bodies pull away from each other. Finally Liz found her voice to speak. "This was by far the best dream I've ever had."

"I know what you mean." Max replied hoarsely. His total body was spent and that peaceful feeling he got when he was one with her filled his soul completed once again.


"Yea, Liz."

"I think the dream thing is a good idea." She was so apprehensive about what the dreams between the two of them would be like before, but now she was positive this would help soothe her ache to be with him. No matter if they were together in the real world or not for the next month.

Max couldn't have agreed more with her statement and found himself wanting to ask her how she felt about naps in the afternoon. Figuring he would wait and ask her in one of their other dreams together, not wanting to push his luck. He reluctantly pulled away from Liz and she was amazed how they seemed to be dressed once again instantly. "I guess I better go, I'll see you tomorrow night. Okay?"

"I have this funny feeling I'll be going to bed early tomorrow."

Max couldn't help but laugh at her words. It was just simply amazing to him how things had changed in a matter of 24 hours. "Good night Liz." With that Max was gone and Liz was once again sitting on your balcony watching the stars.

When Max left Liz's dream he couldn't believe how much he had lost his control. I'll have to try and control myself more tomorrow, I don't want Liz to think I'm a sex animal. Suddenly his own dream was interrupted. It was Tess again. "Come back to me Max." Was all she said, then leaned in to kiss him. It took every ounce of willpower in his body to turn his head before she could kiss him. Then as fast as she had come into his dream she left.

Max awoke in a sweat. 'Not now, how could this be beginning again' he thought to himself. The dreams he had shared with Tess before had stopped and Max had only hoped they would never start again. Now he knew that wasn't going to be the case. Max just sat on his bed for a second, the need to call Liz came over him and he couldn't wait another second to hear her voice. He didn't want to tell her about his dream yet, but he needed to hear her voice all the same. He noticed it was really early and thought he should wait before calling her. In the end the need to speak to her won out and he reached for his phone, just then it rang.

"Liz?" He was almost positive it was her, but needed to question to make sure.

"Hey Max, how did you know it was me?" She questioned even though she already knew the answer to that question.

"You are joking right." He half joked, trying to make light of the situation.

Liz laughed softly at his attempt to make a joke. She had been feeling so empty, the moment she had awoken from her dream, she had wanted to call him. Knowing how early it was she wasn't sure if she should, but her need to hear Max's voice won out. "Max, I wanted to talk about last night. That was..."

"Incredible!" Max said finishing her sentence yet again. "I'm sorry if I got a bit...rough." Suddenly wondering if she was having second thoughts about the dreams or if she was hurt by the way he had lost so much control. Then reality came into to his mind as he remembered it was only a dream, so he really couldn't have hurt her physically. Emotionally, now that was an entire different issue.

"I'm not." She stated honestly, amazed at her own admission. "We are both so usually in such control. So guarded but, last night. It seemed there was no need for control. I like it when you lose that control of yours a little. It's kind" She finally admitted shyly.

"Liz...I" He was about to apologize once again for being so rough, when her final words sank into his brain. "S.Sexy?"

His boyish charm rang loud and clear in her ears. He honestly had no idea how truly sexy he was. But, she was too shy to admit it again, then once again thought about the dream and the way they seemed to lose all their inhibitions. "I guess you don't need to have any control in a dream. It was just a dream...Wasn't it?" Needing him to confirm it once again.

"Yeah, it was just a dream. A really great dream!" He added quickly, needing her to know how much being with her meant to him, even if it was just in their dreams. "So you are okay with me coming into your dreams? It didn't scare you or anything?" Scaring Liz was the last thing he ever wanted to do and he of all people understood how logically her brain thought of things. Dream walking was defiantly not something that could be explained with logic.

"You could never scare me Max. The only thing I regret is..."

"What?" Fearing she was going to admit that the way he behaved in their shared dream did in fact scare her.

"You never came to me like that in my dreams before." Then feeling shy about admitted what she had just said, she added. "I better let you go. Max?"

"Yea, Liz."

"You will come into my dreams tonight, won't you?"

"After last night, I didn't think you would have to ask. Yeah I'll be there. I love you Liz Parker."

"I love you too, Max Evans." Their two hearts soared once again at hearing the words of love that passed between the phone lines.

As Max hung up his phone, the feeling of emptiness began to take over already so he got dressed and then went to speak with Isabelle. "Isabelle, are you awake yet?" He asked as he walked inside her bedroom.

"I am now. This better be good Max." Isabelle said in a droggy sleepy voice.

"Tess came into my dream last night." Max told his sister in a very worried voice.

Isabelle knew this day would come. She felt sorry for her brother knowing in his heart he was hoping this day would never come. "Max are you okay?"

"Is, there is something I didn't tell you. But, I think you should know. I'm pretty sure we can change our destines." He stated firmly, then added quickly. "If we find the right person that is." Max saw his sisters questioning look so decided to continue. "Liz and I made love the other day." He finally admitted.

"Oh God, Max. How could you have done that knowing what your future holds for you?" She knew what a huge commitment that was to both her brother and Liz and she didn't want to see either of them hurt. No matter how much Max thought it was possible to change their destinies she just didn't see how.

Max knew his sister didn't understand what he was saying so he quickly went on. "I don't think you understand. We didn't just make love. We shared each others souls. Liz is my true soul mate, I know that for sure now. There is no doubt." He stated firmly.

Isabelle knew her brother was telling her what he thought was true. She wasn't sure if she could believe him or not. "Max, how can you be so sure?"

"You know how Liz has affected me most of my life?" He questioned and when his sister nodded he continued. "Now I finally know why. It's not just a crush on a girl, or lust for... you know. She is my soul mate. I know Tess and I were together once in another lifetime. Maybe our species mate for life and that's why our mother thought we would be together once again in this lifetime. I'm not sure, but the one thing I don't think they imagined was Tess and I were never actually being soul mates. And they probably didn't count on me, in this lifetime that I would actually find my true soulmate in Liz."

"Max, do you know how crazy this all sounds? I don't think our people would go through all the trouble to send Tess along with you if you two weren't soulmates." She wanted to believe her brother, she could see that he believed what he was saying. But, that didn't stop the facts from what they were. Max and Tess were made to be together, just like she and Michael were. The thought caused a shiver to run down Isabelle's spine.

Max thought about what his sister had just said. "All I know for sure is what I experienced with Liz the other day wasn't something everyone experiences every day." Max then sat next to his sister and looked like he was pondering what to think next.

"I'm sure what you shared with Liz was very special, but what your saying...I don't know Max. It just sounds like you want to be with her so badly, that your trying to come up with anything to get to be with Liz. I'm sorry Max to doubt you, but I do understand what you are feeling. I mean did you ever in your wildest imagination picture me with Michael?"

"I'm telling you it wasn't just sex. It wasn't even the fact that we made love, Isabelle. We actually shared our souls. Isabelle, you don't think it is possible to have two soulmates, do you?" Suddenly Max was wondering if that was possible. Could the alien side of his soul have one soul mate in Tess and his human side share the same fate with Liz?

"Max this is crazy." She saw Max was totally serious and was reaching out for her help. "No, I don't think it is possible to have two soulmates." She finally confirmed.

"Then I need your help with Tess. I need to make her understand no matter what we shared in another life time isn't going to happen in this life time. Please Isabelle I need your help." He pleaded with his sister, he needed her to believe in him. If he couldn't convince Isabelle, there was no way he would be able to convince Tess.

She could see the pleading look in her brother's eyes, she could hear the pleading tone of his voice. Not being able to refuse him, she finally relented. "You're leaving today for a month, right?" At Max's nod, she continued. "I'll try my best to get in touch with Tess and try to persuade her to come back when you get back so ALL parties involved can come to an understanding. Do you think Liz will be willing to help Tess understand?"

"I'll talk to Liz and let you know. Thanks, Isabelle I don't know what I would do without you in my life." He had never meant those words more in his life, then he did in that moment as he realized that his sister did believe him and would be willing to help him out.

"Sure, what are sisters for anyway. I just hope this works out the way you want. Because if you are wrong about Liz, you are probably going to destroy her. You do realize that don't you?" She knew her words were harsh, but she had to prepare him for the worst just in case.

"I'm not worried Isabelle, I'm not wrong about this." He had never felt more positive in his life about what he was feeling.

"Go finish packing, I'll drive you to the airport Okay." She stated as she shooed her brother out of her bedroom.

Max leaned over and gave his sister a kiss on her forehead. "Thanks again." With that he left his sisters room. He had no doubts that he was meant to be with Liz. Now he had to convince Tess that Liz is his soulmate and not her. Plus, he knew he was going to have to convince Liz she would need to help him with Tess. That worried Max more then anything. He didn't know how Tess would react and he was scared for what she may do to Liz. 'What was that old saying about a woman scorned' Max thought to himself.

End Pt3
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Some have asked why Max is still attracted to Tess after he has made love and bonded apparently to Liz. I did say this fic was going to delve into the destiny question so your answers are coming. Keep reading and I'll keep posting. Thanks for the FB. Here's the next part, let me know what you think.

Title: Internship
For Disclaimer & Summary See Pt1

Part 4

Max sat at the airport terminal awaiting his flight. He was looking out the window watching the planes take off when he felt her.

Maria had dropped Liz off at the airport, she had checked her bags in and headed for the gate that would fly her to Albuquerque. When she approached her gate she saw him.
'He came to see me off.' She thought happily knowing she was going to get to see Max one final time after all. The entire morning she had been feeling so empty and was tempted to call Max on more than one occasion, but when she finally gave into the feeling and called his number all she had gotten was his answering machine.

Max slowly turned around to see Liz approaching him. 'She came to see me off.' He thought extremely happy to be able to see her one final time before he got on the plane.

"Max, what are you doing here?" She asked as she approached him, not that she minded him being here, she just needed to hear him voice that he was there to see her off.

"I'm flying to Albuquerque for an internship with a Professor Stein. What are you doing here?"

"Oh my God, I'm going to do an internship with Professor Stein too!"

Max couldn't believe his luck. MS Hardin had mentioned another student going, but he hadn't even thought the other student to be Liz. "I can't believe we are actually going to the same place!" He exclaimed, happy to know the other student was in fact going to be Liz and the realization that they were going to be away from Roswell, their friends and family alone together for the next month sent his entire body in a wave of excitement.

"I know, well we got so caught up in... you know. That I don't even think we got around to mentioning where we were going to." It was true, although they did know each other was leaving for the next month, neither had bothered to think to mention where they were actually going. Then Liz thought about what that truly meant, her heart soared with the thought of being alone with Max for the next month. Jokingly she asked. "Does this mean you won't be coming into my dreams for the next month?"

"I think we can still manage that if you would like." Max joked back. "So what's your seat number?"

"12A, what's yours?"

"It doesn't matter, it will be 12B now." Max looked at his ticket. He was going to change it using his powers until he noticed it was already 12B. Just then the flight attendant announced their flight was now boarding. "Ladies first," Max said as he motioned her towards the boarding gate.

The flight was only about 45 minutes long. Max had debated whether he should or shouldn't tell Liz what happened with Tess after their dreamed. In the end he decided to be honest with Liz and tell her about Tess. When he finished telling her everything he could think of he looked into her eyes, searching for what she was thinking.

Liz had sat quietly while Max had told her about Tess coming into his dream again last night. About what he and Isabelle discussed this morning and about the plan to try to make Tess understand. She was in shock to say the least, but her heart knew the truth and she was so grateful Max had told her the truth. She noticed him staring at her with a worried expression hoping she would understand. "Max, we'll get through this. As long as we are together, we can get through anything. I no longer have any doubts about us." She confirmed.

Max could feel the weight of the world slip off his shoulders when he knew Liz was with him. He wrapped his arms around her waist and hugged her tightly. "What did I ever do to deserve your love Liz Parker."

"Other than saving my life, and giving your soul to me. I'm not really sure." She joked back at him.

Max gave her his smirk smile and leaned over to take her lips with his. The two of them got so lost in the feel of each other's lips that they continued their liplock until the plane jerked when it touched the ground. Breaking a part, they both felt a little embarrassed realizing they had gotten so carried away with their passion they didn't even notice the other people on the plane.

They retrieved their bags and headed out of the terminal. "Should we rent a car or just take a taxi? Liz questioned. But her question was answered for her when a man approached
the two.

"Ms. Parker, Mr. Evans, I am Professor Steins personal assistant Henry Howard. You can just call me Henry." He reached out his hand and shook both Liz's and Max's. I have a car out front waiting. Neither Max nor Liz had expected this and were still a little leary of anyone they didn't know personally. Hesitantly they followed the man before them, ready for anything.

"So how long have you worked with the Professor?" Liz asked trying to gauge the Professor's assistant.

"I've been with the Professor for over 10 years now." Henry answered, then asked. "Have either of you been to Albuquerque before?

"No." They both said at the same time.

"Well, then let me be the first one to welcome you to our beautiful city. We will be driving past the University on our way to the Professor's ranch." Max helped Henry load their bags into the trunk of the car and then climbed into the back seat next to Liz.

Henry noticed the two teenagers seemed very close. 'These two will be an interesting two to study' He thought to himself, even though he didn't have all the details of the professor's current study, he knew enough to know that the two people in the back seat of the car were very important to his studies. During the drive to the ranch Henry had pointed out various sites. He seemed very friendly to both Max and Liz which made them less suspicious of the man. As they pulled onto the ranch Max noticed how isolated it seemed. Liz noticed Max tense slightly, reached out and touched his hand. Just her touch put him at ease once again.

When Henry stopped the car at the front door of the ranch Max and Liz got out. "This place is breathtaking." Liz stated taking in the scenery before her.

"Yeah it is impressive." Max agreed. Henry told them to go on inside and he would tend to their bags. Without thinking about it Max put his arm around Liz's waist and they walked up to the front door. They walked in expecting to be greeted by the professor. But, to their dismay no one else was around.

Henry came in behind them. He noticed Max's arm around Liz's waist. 'Very interesting indeed' he thought. "Let me show you to your rooms. The professor is still working in his lab and will be joining you both for lunch." He motioned them to go up the stairs to the right. "The first door is your room Ms. Parker"

"Please call me Liz." Liz stated as they walked into her room. The room itself was bigger then she had expected. It was elegant, but yet had a homey feeling to it. "This is wonderful."

"I'm glad you like it Liz. Mr. Evans if you would follow me. Your room is just down the hallway here." He took Max to the third room down and opened the door for him. His room was just as nice as Liz's. "Let me know if you need anything."

"Thank you Henry, this is very nice. Oh and please call me Max." Henry nodded and left Max alone in his room. Max walked around taking in the floor plan of the room. Each wall had a door. He walked over to the door on the right, but it was locked. He almost opened it using his powers and then decided against it. The door directly across the room led out to a balcony. The view was wonderful and Max wondered if Liz also had a balcony in her room, knowing how much she enjoyed hers at home. The house itself sat on the edge of a cliff so the balcony looked out over a ravine. He came back into his room and decided to try the door on the left. When he opened it he almost ran right into Liz who was reaching over to open the door herself. "I guess we're sharing." Max said as they looked over the adjoining bathroom.

"So how's your room?" Liz inquired.

"It's great, come on in and see for yourself." Max moved out of the way for Liz to slide by him into his room. She only got a foot ahead of him when he grabbed her back to him. Wrapped his arms around her and started kissing her deeply, the need to kiss her had overwhelmed him as soon as she had passed by him. He walked her over to his bed while still kissing her he stated in a deep voice. "I have been wanting to do this since that plane ride."

"Oh Max.. yes." Was all Liz could get out. She pulled at his shirt. Needing to touch his skin. Max could tell Liz needed him as much as he needed her. He didn't even hesitate to pull off her shirt as well, then worked her out of her skirt. He broke away from her and undid his own jeans. Liz helped him take them down and as soon as they were off he was climbing back onto Liz and slid inside her quickly. Their bodies moved in sync with one another and once again they both felt inside each other's soul. Their love making was slow and sensual in real like, unlike their experience they had shared in the dream world, but it was more than anything they could have hoped or wished for. When they finished Liz didn't want the warmth of his body to leave hers yet. "How much longer do we have before lunch?" She asked while keeping a hold of him, so he wasn't tempted to think he was too heavy for her or anything along those lines. She reveled in the feel of his body still joined with hers and the way he held her in his arms.

Max looked over at the clock sitting on the nightstand next to his bed. "We only have fifteen minutes." Reluctantly he pulled himself away as he stated. "We better get dressed and get downstairs. Before I'm not able to let you go." Both felt the loss immediately and we're tempted to say the hell with lunch and continue to stay in each other's arms. But, they knew that wasn't an option, so they both once again helped the other back into their clothing.

They walked down the stairs and was greeted by the professor. "Ms. Parker, Mr. Evans, I'm sorry I wasn't here to greet you properly when you first arrived. I'm Professor Stein." He reached out and shook Liz's hand, but he only nodded to Max. "I hope your rooms were adequate for both of you?" He inquired and was satisfied when they both nodded. "Well, Henry has lunch set up for us out on the patio, shall we go?" As they dined Max noticed the way Professor Stein seemed to constantly touch Liz. They were friendly gestures, a hand on her back while she sat, a soft pat of her hand when he answered a question of hers. Nothing that Max could put his finger on, but there was enough subtleness to them that it made Max start to take notice. He also noted how the professor was just as cautious not to touch him. During lunch the professor explained that they would not need to start work until tomorrow. "Take the rest of today getting to know the ranch. I want you to feel at home for as long as your here. Henry will have your dinner ready around six. I'm sorry that I won't be able to personally show you around, but I need to get back to work. I would advise you both to get a good night's sleep though as I will ask that we start by 7am and will expect you ready to work by then." With that he excused himself and left the two teen lovers alone once again.

After lunch Max and Liz did as they were instructed. They spent the rest of the day going around the ranch becoming familiar with where things were located. Max noticed more and more how isolated the ranch was, he finally decided to let Liz in on his concern. But, before he had a chance to speak Liz spoke. "Max, this place is really amazing. But, have you noticed how we seem to be out in the middle of nowhere, with nothing else around?"

"You are really something, I was just feeling the same thing. I was thinking it was just my imagination, but if you are getting the same vibe maybe we should be worried about this. If it would be all right with you, I think it would be best if we weren't separated."

"So my room or yours tonight?" Liz said as she put her arms around Max and hugged him tightly. She hated the thought of spending the night alone in the strange place, but was too shy to admit it to Max. So when he made his suggestion she was eager to jump at the offer. "Do you think we should try to get a hold of Isabelle or Michael?"

"I was going to call Isabelle anyway tonight. Just to let her know I made it here safe and all. But, I really don't want to alarm her just yet." Max knew his sister had enough on her mind with all they had learned from their real mother at the cave a few weeks back to want to make her have any further concerns without any real reason.

The professor did not join them for dinner that evening. When it came time to retire to their rooms, Liz didn't even hesitate when Max offered his room to her and together they spent the night in Max's room. They made love once more prior to falling asleep in each other's arms. As they slept in each other's arms they shared their dream. As with their previous shared dream there was no shyness, no inhibitions and especially no control when Max took her completely with a driving force. As before Tess came into Max's dream, but this time she took note of how he was not alone. Max could see Tess's confusion of why Liz was in his dream. She watched as Max protectively stepped in front of Liz. "Max, I know you think she is the one for you, but you cannot deny your destiny. Come back to me Max." Tess said and stared deep into Max's eyes.

Liz knew Tess wasn't going to give up easily, but neither was she this time. Not after all that her and Max had shared. When she noticed how Max seem to be in some sort of trance, she didn't hesitate to take matters into her own hands. Stepping around Max, she stated firmly. "Tess, you are not welcomed in Max's dreams anymore. I will not step away this time." Letting the other woman know that she wasn't walking away from Max again, this time she was going to fight for what she now knew was meant to be.

As Liz spoke her words Max came out of his trance. It was as if a haze had clouded over his mind for a moment in time, but hearing the sound of Liz's voice brought him back to the realty of the dream plane. "She's right Tess. Liz and I are together now and forever. Please leave." He didn't want to be rude, but then again she had taken it upon herself to invade his dream without his permission. The intrusion made Max feel violated and as much as he didn't want to be rude, he still needed to be firm to make sure she understood what he was saying.

"I'll leave for now, but someday soon you will realize the truth. When you do, I'll be waiting." With that she left their dream.

Both Max and Liz woke up immediately. "Max, I can't believe that just happened. It was like she was controlling your mind or something."

"Until I heard your voice." He stated gently, then looked her over as if to make sure she was okay. Not only because of the situation with Tess, but also because of the way he had lost all his control in the dream world when they had made love. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine Max. I meant what I said. No matter what happens I'm not stepping away again. How about you, are you okay?"

"As long as your by my side, we will figure someway to make her understand. Do you want to try to get some more sleep, it's still pretty early."

"Just hold me Max, please hold me." Max did as requested, he couldn't deny her even if he wanted to. She held his heart in the palm of her hand so without hesitation he pulled her closer and held Liz tightly until they were both once again asleep.

The next morning the professor was standing by the front door when Max and Liz walked down the stairs. "Good morning you two" the professor said. "Henry should be back shortly with the other students." He informed the two of them, he also took notice of the way Max's hand was held against the small of Liz's back in a gesture that told so much more than they were just class mates.

"Other students?" Liz questioned. She hadn't realized anyone else would be joining them to help the professor out, but then again she hadn't even known Max was the other student from her school that was going to be here until they had met at the airport the previous morning.

"They will be here shortly and then we can get started with my research." Was all the professor offered.

"Can I ask what type of research you are doing?" Max inquired, he still didn't trust easily and the professor was not an exception. It also didn't help not knowing about the research as images of the white room experience flashed in his mind and his imagination started to go on over drive.

"I think you both will understand more when the other students arrive. Trust me when I say you will be grateful in the long run." He looked out the front door and saw the car pull up. "Ah, they're finally here."

Henry and the two students step out of the car. Liz and Max couldn't see them too well. They could tell one was a guy and the other a female. As they walk inside the house both Max and Liz's mouth drop open. "Tess?" They both questioned at the same time.

End Pt4

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Okay everyone I know the arrival of Tess is dreaded, but you have to remember when this fic was actually written. Long before S2 fiasco of the Tex incident or before the discovery of both Tess and Nasedo's deception. Besides how can you not deal with the destiny situation without Tess being part of the ride. Just remember, an insurance policy will be issued for those who need it. Even though things may get sticky for our dream couple, I hope you trust me enough to stick through the sticky times. Anyway thanks for the FB, it's truly appreciated. Here's the next part, hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think.
Title: Internship
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 5

"Ah it's nice to see you again Tess and you must be Mr. McGomery. Welcome to my home." The professor greeted both students with a firm hand shake. He then turned to introduce the male student to Max and Liz. "Liz Parker, Max Evans, allow me to introduce Robert McGomery. I
believe you both know Tess."

Max nodded his head not taking his eyes from Tess. Liz stuck out her hand to Robert and greeted him suspiciously. "Hello, it's nice to meet you." She said not really meaning it. She too, noticed how Max was still looking at Tess and her own insecurities began to take root all over again. But, this time she was determined to fight for their love and if Tess wanted Max, she wasn't about to hand him to her on a silver platter again.

Robert was immediately taken with Liz. There was something about her, not only was she beautiful. But, he could feel his heart skip a beat when he took hold of her hand to shake it. "Hi." Was all he could get out of his mouth. He then turned to Max and said, "It's nice to finally meet you. Tess hasn't stopped talking about you since we boarded our flight." He too noticed Max had not taken his eyes off of Tess since she had stepped inside the front door.

While Liz continued to watch Max staring at Tess. It finally dawned on her what was happening to Max. Just like in their dream, Tess was using some kind of mind control on him again. She just wasn't sure what she could do about it, but she was not going to walk away this time. Remembering how she was able to break the spell in their dream, Liz finally stepped in front of Max blocking his view of Tess. "So how did you and the professor meet?" Liz asked Tess not really caring about her answer, but wanting to make her presence known and hopefully pull Max back to the reality and away from the control Tess seemed to have on him.

As soon as Liz blocked Tess's view from Max, he became aware of what had just happened to him again. "What the hell is going on?" Max screamed, he was beside himself with anger and he was determined to make whatever it was to stop immediately.

The professor ignored Max's outburst and turned his attention to Henry who was busy carrying in Tess and Roberts luggage. "Henry why don't you show Mr. McGomery to his room and let him get settled." He waited for Robert to follow Henry up the stairs and then turned to face Max and Liz who were staring at him with questioning expressions upon their faces. "Let's go into my study and I'll explain everything." He motioned for them to the doorway down the hall. Max looked at Liz who still seemed in shock and nodded.

When the three students were seated in the study, Max and Liz sat on the couch next to each other. Tess sat on a chair on the other side of Max. The professor leaned against his desk still standing in front of them. "First Max you should know who I really am." The professor stuck out his hand and with a flash of light his true identity was known to both Max and Liz.

"Oh my God, Nasedo." Liz whispered in a shocked voice.

"Yes, Liz. It's nice to see you again too." Nasedo said with a condescending voice.

"Okay Nasedo, you have our attention. NOW WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!" Max's voice was filled with anger. His patience at the situation were gone and he wanted answers and he wanted them right now.

"Max, I am going to explain everything, but I must ask you keep your voice down. Robert is human and does not know our true identity." Nasedo stated, his voice lacking any true emotions as he made his statement.

Max nodded understanding what Nasedo had just said. "OK you have two minutes to explain all this before Liz and I are out of here. Do you understand what I'm saying?" As far as Max was concerned, he was all ready to bolt out of there. With or without any answers.

"I am not keeping either of you here, you both are free to go. I'm just trying to help you all with a question that none of you can seem to answer on your own." Once again Nasedo's voice held no emotion. To Liz it was utterly creepy, the way he was able to speak without any emotion what so ever in his voice. Tess on the other hand had lived with Nasedo most of her life and his emotionless statement didn't even phase her in the slightest. Max, of course, was so filled with anger he didn't even take notice. All he could think about was getting Liz far away from both Tess and Nasedo, fearing the worst for her safety.

Liz didn't trust Nasedo and she knew what ever answers he was about to give them to whatever question he was referring to she would not accept. Max could feel her anxiety and grabbed her hand to reassure her he was there for her and wouldn't let anything happen to her. He then looked back over to Nasedo and asked. "What question?"

"Why the question of your destinies, of course." Nasedo replied with no emotion what so ever.

Liz tightened the grip on Max's hand. She was too nervous to even say anything. The word destiny was a word that she was learning to loathe and at that moment she couldn't have hated a word more. Max on the other hand wasn't scared, he was pissed. He figured this conversation would have happened with Tess sooner or later, but to be goaded into it by Nasedo was just unacceptable. He looked at Nasedo, then at Tess and finally back to Liz. "Liz is my destiny." He answered firmly, he wanted them to understand once and for all that he was in control of his own life, his own future and nothing any book, nor what his mother had said was going to change that. "I love her and only her." He looked over to Tess and said with sympathy in his voice. "I'm sorry, but I don't love you."

Tess started to say something, but Nasedo stopped her with his eyes. "I understand you think you love Liz now Max, but is she truly your destiny." Max started to reply and he too was silenced by Nasedo's eyes. "I want to help and I think you all need to know the truth before any finale decisions are made." Max once again started to protest that he already had made his decision, that this whole conversation wasn't going to change how he feels about Liz. Nothing was going to change that fact, especially now that they had given themselves to each other in every way. But, as before Nasedo was able to halt his dispute with a raise of his hand to silence him and continued. "Now you say you love Liz and Liz, it is apparent you have feelings for our young King as well. But, how would you feel if Max was unable to control his destiny and left you to be with Tess down the road?" He paused for a moment to see the reaction Liz showed at his words. He wasn't disappointed, it was obvious he had hit a sore spot and her insecurities with regard to Max and Tess was still there. The pause was quick, because he didn't want anyone to interrupt him just yet. "I do have to give you credit though for being stronger then either Max or Tess. You had enough feelings for Max to take a step back from him to allow him to fulfill his destiny. So you must have strong feelings toward Max, Tess on the other hand. I raised you and have told you about your destiny with Max from day one. But, even though you knew what your destiny was you never seemed to me you were willing to fight harder for it." He gave Tess a look that was deadly.

Max finally stood unable to allow Nasedo to continue any longer and although he held for feelings of love toward Tess, he felt the need to defend her from Nasedo. After all she was one of them and he felt it was his duty. "That's enough!" He shouted out, forgetting all about Robert being there. He hated the way Nasedo was making it sound like Liz should have walked away and Tess should have what exactly he wasn't sure, but he had enough of this destiny crap. "Look, I've never tried to hide my feelings for Liz. I've been in love with her for as long since I've first set eyes on her. There was nothing Tess could have done to change those feelings. It might have been presumed that Tess and I would be together in this life, because of our previous life. But, I can't change the way I feel, nor do I have any desire to try so just stop with all the destiny crap. It doesn't exist for me any more."

Nasedo eyed his young King for a moment before he continued. "Is it Max? Is it fair to presume a destiny doesn't exist when you yourself have never acknowledge it's existence." He paused once again, letting his words sink in, his eyes looked to Max, then to Liz. "I believe you want to know the answer, even if Max is unable to ask the question himself." His voice still void of emotion, but Liz still found herself nodding without even realizing that she was doing it. At her subtle nod, Nasedo proceeded. "Now I think we all know the question of your destinies is one you all want answered. I'm not sure if any or all of you will be happy or not with the answers. But, I think you all need to know the truth."

Max had heard enough, he knew in his heart what the truth was. He had felt it in his body and soul. "I know Liz is my destiny. She is my true soul mate and I don't need any answers from you to know what my heart and soul already knows."

Liz felt a tear come down her cheek, she hadn't even realized that she was crying until her tears started to fall. Yes, she was insecure when the subject of destiny or Tess came up, but she wasn't going to let Max go this time without a fight. For the first time since acknowledging Nasedo's presence in the room she spoke up. "I have no doubts about Max and me any more. I feel it in my body, mind and soul too." Take that she thought, proud that she was able to stand up for the love her and Max shared, even to Nasedo who literally scared the crap out of her.

Nasedo had listened to their confession of love, it's then that he had heard it and knew he was correct. "Ah that's funny. Now I know where the doubt is between you two." Nasedo stated, his voice still without emotion.

"What doubt? Didn't you just hear what we both said?" Max said, with anger coming back into his voice.

"You see I did, but apparently you are the one who wasn't listening." Nasedo replied in a calm voice.

Tess who had been sitting quietly said in a soft voice. "I heard it too." It was the first time she had spoken since coming into the room.

Liz could tell Max was about to explode with anger. She was replaying their words spoken in her mind and then put her hand on Max's shoulder. "I know too." She said in a quiet whisper as she looked directly at Max. It frightened her to have to admit it, but it was there and now there was no denying it. Nasedo was correct, she did need to know the answer to the destiny question.

Max was taken back by Liz's words. He still didn't know what the doubt was. "Liz?" He looked over to her and saw the worry in her eyes.

Taking a deep breath as Liz looked deeply into Max's eyes, she tried to explain what was wrong. "Max, I have no doubt that you love me in your heart and soul. But, in your mind, you are supposed to love her." She motioned to Tess and hating every second, every word that she spoke. But, knowing it was the truth.

"I have felt your love for me in our minds, Max. But, I never felt it from your heart." Tess admitted then looked at Nasedo for confirmation before she added. "I guess that's why I never tried harder."

Max was going to try and deny what was being said, he didn't believe it was true. He sat quietly for a moment and really looked inside his mind. The realization scared the shit out of him. He loved Liz with every fiber of his body and soul. There was no doubt there, but as he glanced over at Tess it finally hit him. Their destiny was programmed in his mind, that's why he felt the way he did when he looked at Tess. It wasn't love from his heart, he was drawn to her by something in his mind. He looked back over to Liz who still had tears running down her cheeks, hating himself in that moment for being the one to cause her this kind of pain. He wanted to deny it, but he knew he owed Liz the truth. Unable to think of anything else to say, he spoke from his heart. "Liz, I'm so sorry."

Before Liz could even say anything Nasedo jumped in again. "I think we all understand why the destiny question needs to be answered now. It is obvious the two of you share a strong bond." He stated motioning to both Max and Liz. "Although, the two of you were made to be together." He stated motioning in between Max and Tess.

Hearing Nasedo say those same exact words once again made Liz's skin crawl. She recalled him saying those words when they were at the carnival that night he had turned himself to look like Max. Max felt the way Liz shivered and was quick to wrap his arm around her and pull her closer to him. Although he had to admit he was drawn to Tess by something in his mind, he wasn't about to lose Liz. He couldn't, she was the air to breath for him. "So what are you suggesting?" He finally asked, not sure if he wanted to hear the answer or not.

"That is why you are all here, to figure this out. I do not understand human emotions, but the two of you are at least part human, while Liz is completely human. The human mind is powerful, more powerful than I feel any of you realize. This emotion of love, although I do not understand it, it is obvious it is also powerful. Now the question is which is more powerful. Want it or not, Max. You cannot deny your destiny, nor can you deny the draw you have toward Tess. If you do not acknowledge it, someday you will be unable to control the draw and to be with her." Nasedo stated, then turned his attention to Liz. "Can you accept that? Are you willing to share the man you say you love knowing that his mind will always be drawn to another?" Before either Max could attempt to deny Nasedo's words or Liz could answer he turned to Tess. "For that matter, could you accept the knowledge that Max's heart would also belong to another, even when he comes to you to fulfill a destiny that has been programmed inside the two of you to fulfill?"

Still holding Liz tightly against his body, Max spoke out, but his whispered words were mainly to Liz. "I would never betray my love to Liz."

Nasedo leaned back against the desk and pondered Max's words. "Are you sure? You've already been drawn to her enough to kiss her once, even though you were still with Liz at the time. As your mind grows, so will the draw you have to be with Tess."

Liz finally understood why Nasedo was doing this. She remembered the night that Max had come to her, vowed to her she was the one, the only one he wanted to be with and then only moments later she had witnessed him kissing Tess. The more she hated to admit it, Nasedo was probably right and the more she needed to know the answer to the destiny question. Then a thought occurred to her. "I know why we are all here, but who is Robert? Where does he fit into this picture?"

"I can answer that." Tess said with a slight gleam in her eye. "He is the one who has my heart, but he should have been your destiny Liz."

"What?" Liz and Max questioned at the same time. This bit of news was obviously quite shocking to the both of them. Not so much that Tess admitted that she was in love with this Robert guy, but how would it be possible for her or Nasedo to know that he was the one that Liz was supposed to be with.

"If Max, Isabelle, Michael and I had never came to live here on earth, Liz and Robert would have been predestined to be together." Tess replied.

"How do you know that?" Liz asked, unsure if she was hearing what she thought she was hearing.

"Trust us Liz, Tess speaks the truth. Max could possible confirm this for you also, if he allowed his powers to see it." Nasedo confirmed, Max, Michael, Isabelle and Tess were all given the power to use every aspect of the human mind. If Max allowed himself to look deep inside his mind, he would be able to sense the same thing that he and Tess had already discovered. That was one reason they had seeked Robert out to begin with. It had never occurred to Nasedo at the time, that Tess would possibly fall in love with him when they found him. The emotion of love was such a baffle to him.

"Okay let me see if I got all this straight. I love Liz with my heart, but my mind is supposed to belong to Tess as we were predestined to be together. Tess, although she is predestined to be with me, loves Robert with her heart. And now we are to believe that Robert and Liz are also predestined to be with each other. Did I get it right?" Max questioned, his mind was racing with the newest bit of information. His heart also felt the tinge of jealously begin to stir with regard to Robert and Liz hardly said anything except in greeting to the other man.

"That is exactly the situation Max. Now to finally get the answer to this destiny question. We are all in agreement that Max and Tess have a bond in their mind that can't be denied."
All three of them looked like they were about to argue with Nasedo's words, so he was quick to add. "It's obvious you all would like to deny it, but I think it is a fact we need to deal with. If the pull the two of you share." You motioned to both Max and Tess. "Can grow into something more, then I think we will know the answer to the destiny question." To Liz's surprise both Max and Tess jumped up to protest as she sat silently, but Nasedo stopped both of them from speaking. "Before either of you start your protests, I believe you owe it to both your planet and to those who you claim you love to find the answer to this question now."

Liz could clearly see Max wanted to deny Nasedo's words, but she knew he was only denying the words because of her. Even though she agreed with some of what Nasedo was saying, she still didn't trust him. He may be the pod squad's supposed protector, but she knew he had no feelings, no emotions. Why was he suddenly claiming to be concern with her feelings?
"Just what are you suggesting Nasedo?" She still wanted to fight for Max, for their love, but she needed to know exactly what it was that he was trying to have them do in order to discover the truth about this stupid destiny.

"I think it is obvious. Max, you have been denying your destiny because of this so called emotion of love that you claim you have for Liz here. For the next two weeks I am going to suggest you embrace your destiny."

Standing immediately in protest, Max screamed out. "WHAT? You can't be serious? I am going to say this one final time. I Love Liz. I am NOT going to embrace a destiny that I never asked for and that I don't want." He turned toward Tess. "I'm sorry, I don't want to hurt you, but my feelings for Liz aren't going to change no matter if I want to embrace this Damn Destiny or not." He looked back over to Nasedo and stared him directly in the eyes as he spoke again. "I may have some weird alien pull planted inside my mind that draws me to Tess, but it doesn't change my feelings for Liz. Like you stated before I am part human. And that part of me does have emotions unlike you and no amount of time is going to change those emotions." Just the thought of putting Liz through something like that was just unacceptable to him. He would never dream of betraying Liz and no matter what kind of alien pull he had for Tess, he was determined to deny it until his dying breath left his body.

Nasedo stood straight and returned Max's glare. "You talk of your human side so effortlessly, what about your alien side? I may not understand the human emotion of this so called love, but I DO understand the pull you have toward Tess. You can try to deny it all you want, but you won't be able to deny it forever. You and Tess were made to be together, you are encoded to mate with each and conceive a child together. Your alien side will not allow that encoding to be denied forever, so I suggest you stop acting like a child and step up to be the man you were made to be." His voice still lacked emotion and the way he spoke so calmly with regard to all of their emotions was disturbing to both Max and Liz. He held back the one vital piece of information. Antarians mate for life. He made no secret of his thoughts as to the human race. They were beneath him and his charges. He knew if Max and Tess were made to embrace their destinies, the pull inside of them would grow until they gave into the need to mate with each other. Once they mated that would be it, the human emotion of love they felt toward the human boy and girl wouldn't matter. As once they mated they would be bond to each other and that was what Nasedo was counting on.

When he and Tess had first found the rest of his charges and he discovered how close Max was to the human girl that sat before him now had become. He feared he may have been too late, but as he continued to observe. There was one thing that became obvious to him, Max and the human girl Liz had not yet mated. When the two of them broke up due to the message they received from the orb, Nasedo knew the time was now that he needed to set the record straight and get Max and Tess together. He had been a little shocked to see how close Max and Liz were acting together during their stay so far, but he was still positive he wasn't too late. He had tried to connect with Liz the day before, but she held her emotions in check for the most part. The only thing he could feel for sure was that she did have strong feelings for Max.

Max was about to lose it and his body temperature was boiling with anger at Nasedo's words. It was Liz's voice that shocked him into silence. "He's right Max." Was all she said, her words were almost a whisper, but he heard her loud and clear.

Turning to face her, with a desperate questioning look. "Liz?"

"I love you Max, you know I do. But, I told you before I won't share you. I need to know that what you and I share is stronger than this alien pull you have inside of you to be with Tess. It scares be to death to think that I may lose you, but it scares me even more to know that someday, you won't be able to deny that pull. I don't know about you, but I can't live with that kind of fear or doubt. Wondering every day if that would be the day you will no longer be able to deny the pull. I won't live my life like that. I can't, please don't ask me to. I know you, I know what your feeling and as much as it scares me I know you have to do this."

"She's right Max." Tess spoke up sadly. "I'm in love with Robert, I want to spend my life with him. I don't want to come home one night to try to explain why I'm pregnant with another man's child." What Nasedo had scared her. She didn't have any knowledge of the mating for life situation. All she knew was that she did feel a pull to be with Max and as much as she wanted to deny it, she knew she wouldn't. If Max came to her, she would give herself to him and knowing this, it did make her scared.

Max was torn, he knew for a fact that he was bonded to Liz. When the two of them had made love he felt it in his soul. No matter what kind of alien pull he had or would have toward Tess, he knew he would never act on it. He didn't see what good spending time with Tess was going to do. Nothing would make him betray Liz, nothing. Wanting all the facts straight, he turned back to Nasedo. "What if I agree? What if Tess and I do spend time together and we still don't want to be together, what then?" He wasn't sure why they needed to do this, since he knew the truth. But, he thought he at least owed it to Liz to get all the facts before he committed or denied any further.

Now Nasedo knew he had to be careful of his reply. It was apparent to him that both Tess and Liz were willing to give the original destiny some consideration. It was also apparent that Max still had reservations. He didn't want to admit that once he and Tess gave into the pull to be together, they would be bonded for life and they would be together no matter what because the bonding would ensure it. Once an Antarian is bonded to another, they would be unable to live without each other and their destiny would be fulfilled. Bonded mates were not joined at the hip, small separations could be tolerated, but they would feel the loss of their mate until they were rejoined. But, any length of time would cause them harm. If two bonded mates were separated for a long period of time, their bodies would begin to shut down and eventually death would occur. "I do not have all the answers for you that you seek. If you are asking if the pull between the two of you will cease to exist, I cannot answer that question."

Although Nasedo did have the answer to that question, the encoding pull can be relinquished and Max did have the power to do so with his healing hands. But, that was not what he believed was in the best interest of his two charges so he was not willing to give that piece of information to Max at this time. "So what would be the point of this experiment then? I don't understand why you feel we need to persue something that isn't going to change anything. All it will do that I can see is hurt Liz and I won't be a party to that."
Max's mind was made up, he wouldn't betray Liz anyway so why even put her through the hurt to begin with. It made no sense to Max and hurting Liz was the last thing he would ever willing do.

"That is precisely why you should go through with it though Max." Nasedo stated, but it was Liz who's voice he listened to.

"May Max and I have a moment alone?" She requested.

Nasedo nodded his agreement and both he and Tess left the study to give the two young lovers a moment. Nasedo knew Liz was all ready to give the destiny experiment a try, so if she wanted a moment a lone to convince his young charge that it would be a good idea, then he had no problem with that. For reason, she seemed to have a great deal of power over the young King and if she played into his plan than he didn't see any reason not to grant her the request.

As soon as Nasedo and Tess stepped out of the room, Max turned to Liz to tell her they didn't need to do this. She was his destiny and no alien pull would change that. But, before he could say anything Liz asked. "Do you love me Max?"

"God, Yes. I love you more than anything Liz." He admitted honestly.

"Do you trust in our love for each other?" She questioned and when Max nodded that he did, she continued. "Then I want you to do this."

"What? Liz, this isn't going to prove anything. I don't have feelings for Tess, I never will. I only want y..."

Liz interrupted his speech by placing her lips upon his. It was a small kiss, but one that held so much meaning to it. When she pulled away, she stated her case. "I know you love me, Max. I've seen inside your soul, just like you've seen inside of mine. But, as much as I love you I need to know that a year from now, or five, or ten. That you won't have the desire to be with Tess. As insecure as I am about Tess, I do trust you. I do trust in our love. But, neither of us really have any idea what this pull you have to be with Tess is really like. Because you've never really given into it, because of me. I want to be with you Max and I'm ready to fight if I have to for you, but I need to know what I'm up against or I can't fight it and neither can you. As much as I want the two of us to run out that door and as far away from Tess, Nasedo and all this destiny crap, we can't run forever. I say we make a stand here and now. The only way we'll know for sure is if you give in and embrace your destiny like Nasedo said."

Max turned his back away from Liz, his shoulders were slumped in defeat. He knew she was right, he knew he owed it to her to show that this pull wouldn't someday come between them and simply denying it wasn't going to be the answer. "I don't want to lose you Liz. I can't bare the thought of being without you. You mean everything to me." The thought of being drawn to Tess and betraying his love to Liz made him sick to his stomach. The thought of losing Liz to some alien encoding in his brain literally made him want to puke.

"Good. Then you go out there and prove to that son of a bitch that the power of love is the strongest thing in the God Damn Universe!" The anger Liz was feeling for Nasedo, for Tess, for destiny and for all this alien crap was beyond her capability to keep bottled up any longer.

Max spun around, surprised by Liz's outburst. The look of determination upon her face made his own face break out in a smile. "God, I love you." Was the only thing he could think to say. He stepped beside her and pulled her flush against his body. Kissing her deeply, passionately before he pulled back. Resting his forehead against hers, he asked one final time. "Are you sure you want to do this? Say the word Liz and we're out of here."

"I'm sure Max. I know what I feel in my heart is forever and no alien pull is going to take that away. I think it's time we stood up for our love and show them what true love is all about."

"I know what I feel in my heart is a million more times stronger than anything my mind can tell me what's supposed to be. If you need be to do this, I'll do it. But, no matter what I need you to know that you are the one, the only one I will ever love."

"I know Max. I know."

"Then let's do it." Finally agreeing to embrace the alien side of his destiny, if only to prove to Liz that she is the one that is his destiny and not Tess." Hand and hand they walked out of the study to find Tess and Nasedo in the living room. "Liz and I have decided to agree with your silly little experiment. But, just so you know. When this is finished and you realize that what Liz and I have is forever. This is it, I will hear no more talk of a destiny that is not my own choosing. Do you agree?"

"I can agree to that. For the next two weeks, you and Tess will spend your time together, embrace the alien side that is encoded in your minds. At the end of that time, I will accept whatever destiny you choose." Nasedo quickly agreed, knowing his plan was working beautifully. By this time two weeks from now the human girl before him would no longer be a threat to the destiny between two of his charges.

End Pt 5

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Okay, first off thanks for the FB. Now to answer a few questions. Yes, Nasedo does have an adgena and I do understand everyone's feelings toward Tess. I myself never understood the need to bring her into the storyline. It was stupid and never in my wildest dreams had I imagined that the Tex would have happened when I had written this story. This story was my way of explaining the stupid destiny storyline and correct the situation. Now once again I will issue a dreamer insurance for those who still need it. Anyway, here is the next part, hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think.

OH - Just a reminder, we are talking NC17 in this part!!!

Title: Internship
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 5 continued

Before any of the teens had a chance to say anything else, Nasedo dropped his next bomb. "I have already arranged for Robert and Liz to be part of a two week training lesson with the real Professor Stein at the University."

"WHAT? You never said anything about Liz leaving or being with that Robert guy for the next two weeks. Forget it!" Max didn't know what bothered him more, the thought of not having Liz around to seek comfort and reassurances of their love if he needed it or the fact that she would be spending the next two weeks with the guy that she would have supposedly ended up with if he had never came to Earth. Either way it didn't matter, the prospect of being without Liz for the next two weeks was just unacceptable to Max.

Nasedo had already been prepared for this outburst from his young charge. Speaking as calmly as he usually did, he stated. "Max, you need to be reasonable here. You've stated yourself that you do not wish to hurt Liz. How do you think it will be for her to have to stay and watch you embrace your alien side? Besides for this experiment to work, you will have to open your mind to Tess and can you honestly stand there and tell me you could do that with Liz's presence here." When Max look down, Nasedo knew he had succeeded in making Max understand the need for Liz to leave the ranch. If she found herself attracted to the other young man, than he only saw that as a plus for his plan anyway.

Tess also was feeling the effects of jealousy. She had already lost Max's heart to Liz Parker and now Nasedo wanted her Robert to spend time away with Liz. Although she wasn't bonded to Robert the same way Max was already bonded to Liz, it didn't mean she liked the idea of Liz having the opportunity to steal Robert away from her any less. But, she had to agree with Nasedo on one point. She knew if Robert was around, she would find it difficult for her to open her mind and her heart to Max. So as much as she wanted to protest she remained quiet and let Max do the protesting this time.

Liz squeezed Max's hand to get his attention. When he turned his head to look at her to acknowledge the gesture, she said. "We trust in our love, remember." She herself was having a difficult time thinking how she was going to coupe being without Max for the next two weeks, but she was determined to get through this. She wanted to be with Max and she didn't want to have anything standing in their way. She could tell Max was worried about her being with Robert and that thought made her feel happy in a strange way. Yes, she did think Robert was an attractive individual, but she felt nothing toward him. To know that Max was jealous of Robert only told her that he did care for her and not for Tess. For he had no problem with Robert when Tess admitted her feelings for him. It was only when he discovered who Robert was that Max had a problem with him. "I guess I should go get my stuff together." She stated as she let go of Max's hand.

Instantly Max felt the lost and without hesitation he quickly excused himself. "I'll help."
Together they walked up the steps toward Liz's room. Max closed the door to Liz's said bedroom and she was in his arms in the following second. Breathing in her scent, while his fingers ran through her hair. "I don't know if I'll last two weeks without you." He finally admitted.

Liz's body was quickly reacting to the way Max was stroking her hair and rubbing her back.
"I feel the same way, but Nasedo is right. As much as I hate the thought of being away from you, I don't think I could handle watching you and Tess getting close though and I doubt you would be able to fully open up to Tess if I was around. As hard as this is going to be for both of us, we have to do it."

Not being able to help himself he placed his lips upon hers and began to devour her with want and need. Hoping to have enough of her taste to last him for the duration of the next two weeks without her. His body already reacting to the taste of her and the closeness of her body. Then a thought occurred to him. "Can I at least visit you in your dreams?" He knew what her answer was going to be before he even asked the question, but he had to try.

Liz pulled away and sadly she answered the only way that was possible. "You can't Max. It wouldn't be fair to either of us if you did. It would be the same as if I were here, you still wouldn't open to Tess completely if you were to come into my dreams. You have to do this, you have to give one hundred percent to Tess and if you came into my dreams you wouldn't be able to do that. We have to know our love is strong enough to overcome this alien pull that they encoded in your brain or we'll never be free of your alien destiny. Please Max, I need to know your mine and mine only." She stepped over to retrieve her suitcase to repack her things together.

Max walked up behind her and gently turned her back to face him. "I am yours, only yours. These next two weeks are only a formality. Nothing in this world or any other world for that matter will change the way I feel about you. I just hope you feel the same when you return from spending the next two weeks with Robert."

Liz let out a giggle. "You are so cute when your jealous."

"I'm not jealous." Max denied immediately.

"Yes, you are. Here I am totally trusting you to spend the next two weeks with Tess. Not only spending time with her, but explore your feelings for her and all your worried about is me spending the next two weeks with some guy I've barely only said hello to. Now, that's funny."

"Okay, I admit it. I don't like the idea of you spending the next two weeks with Robert. I can't help, but think about what Tess and Nasedo said and well, I just don't like it." His mind raced to find the truth in what Tess and Nasedo had told him, but he had no idea how to find that kind of information. It didn't matter whether it was true or not, just the thought of it being true was enough to make Max jealous as hell. The more he thought about it the more jealous he became. But, he knew Liz was correct in her statement. If she loved him enough to trust him to seek the truth about his alien destiny, the least he could do was have enough faith in her that spending the next two weeks with Robert wouldn't mean anything to her. But, God, how he was loathing the name Robert.

Liz reached up and cupped his face in her hands. "You don't have anything to worry about, no one could ever come close to holding a candle to my heart the way you do. My heart belongs to you Max, only you." She leaned forward and placed another small kiss on his lips. "Now are you going to help me pack or not?"

Reluctantly letting go of her waist. "Okay, I give. What all do you want to pack?" He asked knowing she had brought enough items for an entire month in her luggage. Plus, he wanted to verify that she didn't take anything that would entice Robert too much into thinking she was available in any way shape or form. Hell, what was he thinking, even sweats made her look incredibly sexy.

Liz hesitated briefly at Max's question. Suddenly she was feeling that tinge of insecurity she always felt when it came to Tess. What if Max did explore his feelings for her and discovered that he did love her too and wanted to be with her? Would she be expected to come back here for the remaining two weeks and watch Max and Tess fall deeper in love? No, she had complete faith in the love that her and Max shared, but she didn't want to take any chances just to be safe. "I'm not sure what I'll need, I guess I should take everything just to be on the safe side." She stated nonchalantly, hoping Max didn't pick up on the real reason she was suggesting on taking all of her stuff.

Her subtle attempt didn't get past Max though, he could her what she was saying without her needing to voice it. She was afraid that he would follow his alien destiny if he opened up to it. No matter how much she voiced that she was secure and trusted in their love, it was clear to Max she still had some doubts. "Liz, don't."

Trying to brush it off innocently, she asked. "Don't what?"

"Liz, you don't have to try to pretend your not scared of what's going to happen in these next two weeks. I'm scared to death, but I also know in my heart that your the one that my heart will ever belong too. Now what do you need to pack for the next TWO weeks?"

Her heart soared with happiness at Max's reassuring words. Knowing her insecurities were uncalled for, Max loved her and she loved him. Alien pull or not, in the end she knew they would be together. She just had to live without him for the next two weeks and then they would be free to love each other for the rest of their lives. She threw her arms around his neck and admitted freely. "I love you so much Max. I love you so much."

"I love you too." He confirmed once again, their lips drawn to each other and they embraced each other tightly. Passion ignited between the two of them and all thoughts of packing were the farthest thing from either of their minds. Hands began to roam over each other's body. "God, Liz. I want you so much, I need you." Max mumbled against her throat while he continued to suck and lick at it.

"I need you too Max, but we can't. Their waiting on me." Reality of where they were and what they were supposed to be doing seeped back into Liz's brain. Reluctantly Max began to pull away from her. Then the thought of leaving Max all hot and bothered to be with Tess registered and she knew there was no way she was going to allow that. Pulling him back into her embrace her hands immediately went to the button of his jeans. "Forget what I said, let them wait. I need you Max. Make love to me."

It didn't take any further encouragement on Liz's part for Max to go into motion. His hands moved quickly to unbutton her shirt. Lifting her up into his arms he moved the two of them over to the dresser and quickly lifted her skirt around her hips. He removed her panties and then not even bothering to remove his clothing fully he quickly slid his pants down his hips along with his boxers. Within seconds he was thrusting full force inside of her.

At first Liz's legs dangled slightly around his waist, but soon that wasn't even close to allow him to go as deep inside of her as he needed. Bringing his forearms up and under her legs he drew them up higher, giving him the ability to drive further and harder in and out of her sweet passage. In all the previous times they had made love, Max had always held back. Loving her slowly and tenderly, cherishing every inch of her body. Except for when they were in their shared dreams where they had no inhibitions. Here and now though the thought of her leaving. Knowing that he wouldn't be allowed the pleasure of seeing her, touching her, tasting her just overwhelmed him with a need of desire to possess her completely. Bringing her legs even higher until they were laying over his shoulders he drove into her harder, faster and deeply then he had ever imagined possible.

In her current position Liz had no choice, but to hang on for the ride of her life. With her body basically bent in half and Max leaning over the top of her, that was exactly what she did. Their mouths melded together forcefully, their tongues danced with hunger unknown to either of them as Max's body continued to move in a frenzy pace. He was unable to stop himself, the need, the want, the desire too much to try an attempt at any form of control. Embedding himself further and further inside of her, faster and faster in a primal urgency.
Driving harder, almost animalistically in and out of her body. Her moans of pleasure were swallowed into his mouth as his was hers. The sounds of her moans only encouraging him to move even more faster, more deeper, more urgently inside of her.

The more the thought of separation from Liz dwelled inside of Max's mind, the more his movements became frantic. Unable to get close enough, deep enough. He pumped harder and harder. Ramming his over erect manhood in and out of her body. He was completely out of control, he knew it. But, yet he was unable to stop himself from the need and desire to be with her. If he could, he would have climbed inside of her body completely.

To Liz it seemed his hands were everywhere at once, her hair, her face, her breast, her hips. Putting her body to memory and what amazed her the most. No matter how urgent or rough their love making would look to the human eye, the way he touched her every inch of her body was tingling with the sensation that spoke of love. He was driving do deep inside of her, Liz could swear he was touching her womb. Wave after wave of pleasure surged throughout her body as he continued to drive in and out of her. Her inner walls would tingle with pleasure, tightening as her body's juices flowed over his steel hard cock only to release and find herself feeling the same sensations build and release over and over again as she rode out the orgasmic bliss of pleasure that Max was instilling in her body.

Max knew by now he should have cummed at least a thousand times with the way her tight passage seemed to be milking him, begging for him to release his seed inside of them. But, he couldn't. He wanted to remained joined with her forever and he knew when he finally did release their time together would come to an end until the two weeks of hell was over and done with. So even with all the control he had was gone as he thrusted as hard and as deep inside of her as he could, he held back from his own release. Holding back until it was becoming almost painful, but he didn't care. This is where he wanted to be, this was the only woman he would ever love and he needed her as much as he needed the air to breath.

By this time Liz was complete sated with the way Max made her body come to life. She could feel through their connection the way Max was holding himself back from allowing his own release. A release she desperately wanted to give him. Before she could consciously think another thought she felt another wave of pleasure building, begging for release. But, this time she wanted Max to be there with her, for them to go over the edge together. Without the availability to voice her needs, as her inner walls began to contract she screamed in her mind. "Cum with me Max. Cum with me!"

Max's release was immediate, crying out into her mouth from the sheer force of pleasure that rippled throughout his system. Together they found themselves flying to the stars and when they finally came back to Earth, Max all but collapsed on top of Liz. Their lungs gasping for air, their bodies trembling with the pleasure that flowed through their veins. It took Max a few minutes to allow his body to recoup from the frenzy state his body had previously worked it's way into. When he was finally in enough control he pulled himself off of Liz, withdrew himself reluctantly from her body and allowed her legs to finally fall downward.

It was taking Liz a few more minutes to recover from the sexual experience than it had Max. Her breathing was still erratic, her heart was still pounding wildly against her chest. She was leaned back against the wall that the dresser sat against and her legs dangled over the edge. Max took in the sight of how ravished she looked and knew he had gone too far. "Oh God, Liz. I'm so sorry. Are you all right?"

His voice thick with concern and worry as he let his hands roam over her body to see if he needed to heal any part of her body from his assault. Unable to catch her breath as of yet, let alone voice that she was fine. She loved him so much and knew he thought he had hurt her the way he had lost so much control. But, that couldn't have been more further from the truth. The truth was, he had brought her so much pleasure that he literally took her breath away. Not wanting him to continue to think he had done something wrong, she gasped out in a hoarse voice. "F.Fine..N.Need a minute."

She found herself in his arms instantly. His hands smoothing down her hair, rubbing her back as he whispered words of endearments into her ears. "I love you Liz. I'll always love you, only you. I'm sorry if I got too rough. I love you so much, so much Liz. You mean everything to me, your my everything. I love you...I love you...I love you so much."

After a few more minutes Liz was finally able to begin to breath again at a somewhat normal pace and finally able to find her voice. She reached up and began to caress his cheek with the palm of her hand. "I love you too Max. Forever and always only you." When Max pulled back so he could look into her eyes to see the truth in her words, he was amazed at what he saw. Pure and unconditional love, love for him and him alone. Giving him a pure smile she whispered softly. "You are the most amazing lover. You don't ever have to apologize for loving me so completely or giving me as much pleasure as you do. You could never hurt me Max Evans. The way you make me feel is...cherished beyond words."

Their lips slowly came together, in a slow, sensual kiss. A kiss that sealed their love to each other, their commitment to that love. A kiss the spoke of a future, their future as one. When they finally parted lips, Max knew their time together for now was at an end. "I guess we should get you packed now." He stated as he pulled reluctantly away.

"I think dressing first would be more appropriate." She joked back as she took in the way their clothes seemed to be still hanging on their bodies.

Together they helped each other put their clothing back in the right places. But, Max quickly grabbed a new pair of panties for Liz to put on and shoved the ones that he had removed from her body only a short time ago into the front pocket of his jeans without Liz seeing him. He knew what he needed to do this week to prove his future was to Liz, but he also knew he needed something of hers to make the next two weeks bearable. And what better piece of her clothing, that had her scent sequeted in then her wet panties.

Packing was quick as they knew they had already spent way too much time in pretense of just packing as it was. Together they walked down the steps hand and hand with Max carrying her one piece of luggage that contained only half of her clothing inside that she had brought. They were met at the bottom of the steps by Nasedo who was back to looking like Professor Stein, Tess and Robert.

Although he was secure in their love, Max couldn't help but give Robert a stern warning look. Robert was quick to give Tess a small kiss good bye while Max put Liz's luggage in the trunk of the car. Not caring what anyone thought or if he should or shouldn't, he pulled Liz into one final tight embrace and kissed her breathless in front of the back seat window where Robert was sitting. Tess and Nasedo watched onward as Max practically devoured Liz's lips for one final taste of her before they parted ways.

Reluctantly the two finally pulled away and Liz climbed into the back seat of the car beside Robert. Max stood and watched the love of his life drive off with the man she was supposed to have spent her life with and the empty feeling of loneliness already began to consumed him.

End Pt 5b
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I'm going to warn tose of you now that can't handle reading any kind of Max and Tess interaction, to please not read these next two parts. Nothing happens that is willing on eithers part, but this is where I had to come up for a reason that Max would be drawn o Tess to begin with. Rememner back to S1 when Tess was first introduced, If only I would have known then what I know, this story would have never been put to paper. Just remember Max and Liz are bonded and hopefully that reminder will help everyone digest these two parts.
Anyway, here's the next part. I won't ask if you like it, I mean really I don't and I wrote the stupid part. But, please leave FB on what you thought of the concept.

*Warning M/T pairing*
Title: Internship
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt

Part 6

Max continued to watched long after the car that was carrying Liz and Robert had vanished from his sight. The emptiness inside his soul was filling with such dread. Tess noticed how Max was rooted in the same spot still that he had given Liz that final kiss good bye. She felt a twang of guilt about coming between what was obvious a very special bond between the two of them, but then thought how it was her that was supposed to have that kind of bond with Max. Being raised by Nasedo, she was told from day one, that Max would be hers. That they were made for each other and their destiny was to bond in this life time like they had in their last. Nasedo filled her head with the knowledge that Max would be drawn to her instantly, unable to resist falling in love with her. In all her time she had spent with Nasedo he never showed any type of emotion and the knowledge that there was someone here on this planet that would love her the minute they met was the one thing that had always kept her going. Finally getting up the courage she knew it was time to give the two of them a try. Even though she did have strong feelings for Robert that confused her, she walked up behind Max and touched his arm gently. "Why don't we should go back inside?" She asked as she tugged at his arm.

Max already knew this so called experiment wasn't going to work. He knew in his soul Liz was his destiny. But, for all of them. Michael and Maria, Alex and Isabelle, even Tess and Robert. Especially for Liz, God how he missed her dearly already and she hadn't even been gone a half an hour yet. He had no idea how he was going to make an entire two weeks without her. He shoved his hands inside his pants and with his right hand he felt her panties that he had placed in his pocket earlier. Just the simple touch of those panties gave him some sence of happiness. Knowing he had to know the truth if he could give himself totally to Liz. He reluctantly followed Tess back into Nasedo's house.

"So just what are we suppose to do now?" Max questioned Nasedo who was waiting for the two of them to come back inside. Max was still missing Liz, but the feel of her panties in his hand helped relieve the ache of loneliness, but not completely. Because he was not just missing her, but needing her.

Hiding his discomfort at the lost of Liz's presence, he tried his best to listen to what Nasedo was saying. He was determined to get through these two weeks of hell. He owed it to Liz, to prove that what he felt in his heart and soul was for her and her alone. "As I explained before. The two of you need to spend time together. As much time together as possible for the next two weeks. Just let the nature of things take their course. Remember you both will need to try to let your feelings for one another come out or you will never know the truth." Nasedo said knowing that once Max let down his guard, he would easily be drawn to Tess enough to fulfill his destiny. He was less worried about Tess, he had raised her, told her from day one what her destiny was to be and he knew once Max came around, Tess would gladly accept their destiny. With that said he left the two to discuss things themselves. Thinking his presence would only hinder the natural course of things to come. He had enough security monitors installed that he would watch the two of them any way without their knowledge of him doing so.

"Max, I know how you feel about Liz.." Tess began, but Max interrupted her before she could finish her sentence.

"I am only doing this for Liz. For the next two weeks, I will be with you Tess. In two weeks though, I will be with Liz for the rest of my life. Until the two weeks are up I would appreciate if we would not speak of her." He didn't mean for his words to sound as harsh as they did, but it was what he was feeling and he needed to make sure Tess understood where he was coming from right from the beginning of this stupid experiment.

Tess approached Max slowly and gently touched his face with her hand. "As you wish, I think you are right. We shouldn't speak of either her or Robert for the next two weeks." Then she asked. "Are you scared?"

"Scared?" He questioned back, unsure what she was getting at, but knowing in his mind already the answer. He was scared shitless. Just the thought of betraying his love to Liz made him feel queasy. But, he had to find out the truth, he owed Liz that much. That was the only reason he was in the current situation he was in, for Liz.

Tess noticed how Max's face started to drain slightly in color and knew she was correct in her assumption. As much as Max admitted that he loved Liz, he was scared that the possibility of what Nasedo had told them was true. That someday he wouldn't be able to control himself around her and betray his love he held for Liz. Softly she stated. "It's okay Max, to be scared. I'm a little afraid myself. I don't even know for sure how I feel about spending the next two weeks with you. I know I'm drawn to you, but I have all these feelings for Robert and it confuses me. All my life, I've been told I was made to be with you. That we had a destiny to be together and now, I don't know what I'm supposed to feel."

Max looked down at Tess. He knew his mind was physically attracted to her, drawn to her by some unknown force. He didn't feel the attraction in his heart though, his heart belonged to Liz and Liz only. Hearing her voice her own insecurities, he knew he wasn't the only one to be apprehensive about these next two weeks. He had no idea what laid ahead for the two of them, but he knew he was secure in his love for Liz. Offering her his hand, he stated. "Let's go for a walk and talk, okay?"

The first day they spent with each other was awkward for both of them to say the least. The more time they spent together the stronger they felt the pull to be with each other. It wasn't a comfortable pull or a pull that came to them naturally. It felt more like an unwanted intursion of their minds. Whenever Max felt drawn more to Tess he reached inside his pants pockets and reveled in the feel of Liz that came with that simple piece of silk. He found it odd that although his mind was pushing him to fulfill one destiny, his body was reacting badly to it. Every time his mind would make him think he wanted to be with Tess, his body reacted in a sickly way. It was almost as if his body knew he was tempted to betray Liz and it was having no part of it. He hid this piece of information the best he could and tried to really get to know Tess for the first time since her arrival in Roswell.

For the next few days Max and Tess did just about everything together just as Nasedo had instructed them to. They ate breakfast, lunch and dinner together. They were both amazed at how much they shared in common. They liked the same foods(including the hot sauce), enjoyed the same kinds of music. They both even thought math was their best subject at school. It was almost eerie how much a like they were to the other one as far as liking the same things in almost every subject until Tess confessed that she thought a lot of it had to do with the up bringing she had from Nasedo. He had programmed her from day one to like certain foods, music, even certain school subjects. None that he ever showed much interest in and she always wondered why had insisted so liked those things. Over time she did find herself enjoying the things that Nasedo had influenced her to like. Now the more time she spent with Max, the more she came to realize why Nasedo had been so persuasive for her to like those things.

Nasedo basically left them to themselves for the first few days. They went horseback riding, swam in the pool together. Mostly they sat and talked about what it was like to be them, aliens on this planet. Max continued to carry Liz's silk panties in his pockets at all times, they were hidden in his towel when they went swimming and even at night he found himself holding them tightly like a young child would hold onto a teddy bear. But, neither brought up Liz or Robert in any of their long talks. Each day that passed Max could feel his body fill with emptiness more and more, but he knew he had to see this experiment through to the end. On the third day, Max and Tess had gone swimming again and afterward they returned to their rooms to shower and change prior to dinner. While Max was in the shower he left his only life line to Liz laying tucked safely inside the pants pocket that he had worn earlier in the day, expecting to put them on once he got out of the shower. He didn't even hear Henry come into his room to collect his dirty laundry. Nor did he understand when a wave of complete loss took over him as he dried himself off until he walked out into his bedroom. Finding not only his pants that were lying on his bed gone, but along with them a certain pair of panties that were inside of them. Panic strickened he rushed out of his room in search of his only life line he had of hers. The other clothing that she had left behind were all cleaned so there was no trace of her essence on them.

Only wrapped in his towel he stormed into the study to find Nasedo sitting calmly behind the desk. "Where Are They?" He screamed out, the pain of loneliness consuming him.

"Where's what?" Nasedo asked back calmly, unsure why Max was acting so beside himself.

"My PANTS!" Max screamed out. He knew he sounded foolish, but there was no way he was going to admit to Nasedo that what he was really looking for was a pair of Liz's underware that he had taken off her body only minutes before she left him alone.

Still not getting what Max was so in an uproar about, he stated once again in a calm voice that held no emotion. "Did you look in your dresser?"

At that moment Henry knocked on the door. "Professor Stein, I've put dinner in the oven for you and your guest." He was saying as he opened the door to see Max standing in only his towel, his hair still wet from his shower. "Hello, Max. I took the liberty to wash your clothes for you while you were in the shower.

"YOU WHAT?" Max swirled around in anger upon the unsuspecting assistant. "Oh God, NO!" He stormed passed the man in the doorway and rushed to the laundry room. Not seeing his pants anywhere, but hearing the washing machine running, he quickly opened the lid and began throwing pieces of wet clothing out onto the floor. It didn't take him long to locate the piece of clothing he had been searching for, but it was too late. Her scent was gone, along with the peace of mind that had given his soul the small relief it had offered. His life line to Liz, the last piece of her he had held tightly to was gone. In that moment Max let out a cry of despair before turning back to return to his room. There he stayed for the duration of the evening. Now truly alone and his ache for Liz grew stronger by the second.

By the end of the first week Max was literally becoming ill with the emptiness inside of him. His need to see Liz, to touch Liz was becoming unbearable. As much as Max tried not to let his illness show Tess began to notice it. "Max, are you sure you are okay? I mean you don't really look to good." She finally asked.

"I'm fine." Would all he would answer. He wasn't about to discuss his need for Liz with her. The thought of dreamwalking Liz kept coming into his mind. He wanted to go to her if only in her dream. But, in order for him to be able to commit to Liz fully he knew he had no right to her dreams. He had to confirm there was no feelings for Tess in his heart. He was bound to finish the rest of the two weeks out even if it killed him. If he only knew how much Liz needed him, he wouldn't have hesitated in dreamwalking her.

During the first week away Liz was absolutely miserable. She felt the loss of Max the minute the car pulled away from him. At first she tried her best to push the empty feeling she had inside of her soul to the back of her mind. Making light conversations with both Robert and the real Professor Stein. Even the work the Professor was having her help with wasn't enough to preoccupy her need to just hear Max's voice. It felt strange to her to be around Robert, knowing what Nasedo and Tess had told her who he was supposed to be to her. She found herself sizing him up, thinking he was attractive. Through their casual conversations, she discovered his love for science. How he was going to be a senior and how he had already applied to Harvard to study microbiology. In fact the more she got to know him the more the possibility that if she hadn't ever met Max she would find herself attracted to him came to mind. But, as she thought about her attraction that could have been, her body immediately became ill. By the end of the first week Liz was completely sick. Actually physically sick, it just happened one evening the wave of naseau feeling came upon her and by midnight she was literally heaving until there was nothing left but dry heaves. By the time Robert had come by her room to pick her up to walk with her over to the lab the following morning Liz was passed out on the bathroom floor.

The night Liz became ill, Max and Tess were doing their normal routine after dinner. They would sit in the living room and talk together. On this particular evening Max decided to put on some music for them to listen to while they sat down in their usual spots. The pull to be with Tess had increased dramatically without his life line to Liz for him to use to give him that small piece of reassurance. Finding it hard to ignore the unnatural pull he felt toward Tess, he finally came to a decision, it was time to open his mind to Tess. "Would you like to dance Tess?" He asked her caustiously, in all the time they had spent together they had kept a comfortable distance between them. Max knew Tess was follow his lead. This time however, was the first time that Max had even approached the subject of the two them touching in any way.

"I'd love to dance with you Max." She replied almost instantly as she took Max's hand and came into his arms for a slow dance with him. She had no idea why she had accepted his invitation, but she suspected she would accept any invitation that he offered her and that scared her more then anything. It was like she had no control to deny him. A brief thought of him ordering her to suck his dick flashed in her mind and to her horror she knew she would do it if he requested that of her. As the song came to an end, Max couldn't resist what his mind had been telling him to do any longer. He leaned down and kissed Tess on her lips. He felt his mind exploding at the joy of feeling her lips against his as he deepened the kiss.

That's when he felt it, the first feel of sickness that he had ever experienced in his life. As Max parted his lips from Tess's his body reacted to his betrayel of Liz and began to shake slightly with the feel of naseaum claiming his insides. "I'm sorry Tess...this isn't right...I mean...I can't do this." He stammered out as he tried to pull himself away from her, but the alien pull inside his mind wouldn't allow it.

Tess felt Max trembling and wasn't sure why. She knew it had to be one of two reasons. He really wanted her and felt guilty, or he did not want her and he was feeling really guilty. Usually she could read him well, but she didn't understand this at all. "Max, it's okay. I know how you are feeling right now. I feel it too." She said trying to figure out which of the two reasons made Max tremble so.

The more he looked at Tess the more his body responded badly. He felt like he was actually about to throw up for the first time in his life. The battle raged inside of him, his body demanding he step away, his mind forcing him to stay. Afraid he would lose his dinner in Tess's face if he stood in her arms any longer, he finally found the strength to pull away while saying. "It's late Tess, I think we should call it a night. I'll see you tommorrow, okay." With that Max made his way up to his bedroom, leaving Tess still standing there in shock wondering exactly what had just happened to cause Max to shake so badly. Her own battle had been raging at the way her mind had responded when Max had deepened their kiss. Never in her life had she ever experienced anything so electrical, so enticing she shameful had to admit Nasedo had been right all along. Her mind was demanding more, but Max had left so suddenly she barely had a chance to figure out what she was feeling. After she had time to focus on what had happened to her, she had never been more grateful that Max had pulled away so abrubtly like he had in all her life.

As much as she found herself enjoying Max's company, one thing she was learning about her feelings. She knew what she felt was love for Robert just as much as she knew she wasn't in love with Max. Yes, she was drawn to him. She would even admit she found him irresistably attractive and she did have feelings for Max, but she wasn't in love with him. Her feelings were more of a friendship, a true friendship and nothing more. She found herself understanding Liz's relationship with Alex. How Liz and Maria both were always claiming they loved Alex and he them. Being raised by Nasedo she found herself having a hard time understanding her emotions since he never showed any emotions at all. So when Max pulled away she was extremely grateful, because if he hadn't. If he had wanted more from her, although in her heart she wouldn't have wanted to she would have given all that he requested of her to give.

Max laid down on the bed and tried to stop his body from trembling. His mind was racing with thoughts, first of Tess and what she must be thinking now that he gave in and kissed her. He had been shocked by the way his mind had exploded with wanting more from her than that one kiss they had shared. Then with the way his body reacted with guilt that he felt when he kissed her instead of Liz. Max was finding it impossible to sleep that night. Between all the emotions he was feeling he just couldn't fall asleep. He had never been more tempted to dreamwalk Liz in the entire week as he was in that moment of time. Fighting it as long as he could, knowing it was more his guilt driving him, but unable to stay away from Liz any longer. He let his mind drift into the dream plane world to locate and reach out for Liz, but to his dismay she wasn't dreaming as of yet. Looking at the clock on the night stand by his bed he wondered where she was at 12:30AM in the morning. Figuring she was sitting up reading or possibly writing in her journal, he decided to wait a little while and try to dream walk her later. He had tried again at one, then again at two, by two thirty he was still unable to reach out to her dream plane. Max's mind began to grow concern and then the thought of Robert came to mind and he saw visions of the two of them in the middle of a heavy make out session. He knew it was just his jealous nature of Liz playing mind games with him, but that little seed in the back of his mind kept flustering around his mind.

By three in the morning Max literally passed out from exhaustion from his attempts to dream walk Liz. Anger filled his mind as the green eye giant reared it's ugly head over and over in his own dreams until he found himself standing in Tess's bedroom. She was sitting up in her bed as if she had been waiting for him for awhile. "Is this my dream or yours?" He asked unsure of how he got here in the first place.

"It's both and neither." She answered in a sultry voice as she lowered the cover that was held above her breast to reveal her naked flesh to his eyes.

He let his eyes feast upon the sight before him and he knew for sure this had to be some kind of dream. Because only his mind was in a actual dream. His physical body laid in his own bedroom and without his body to react against the pull of his mind toward Tess, he didn't know if he would be able to stop himself from doing what his mind was insisting on him to do. The two of them had shared dreams before, very visual dreams actually of them having sex together. His mind conjured up the picture of one where the two of them were having sex on top of the hood of his jeep and Max found himself moving toward Tess. This was it, this was his test. He wanted to stop himself, he wanted to stop looking upon her naked breast that stood out proudly for his eyes to take in. As he stepped next to her bed he voiced his reservations. "I don't want this."

"I know you don't." She reached over and unbuttoned his top button of his jeans.

Max wanted to move away, wanted to stop her, but the draw to be with her over powering him so completely. As she unzipped him, he attempted her to try and stop them. "You don't want this."

She reached in and took hold of his penis as she admitted. "Your right."

She began to stroke the full length of his manhood as he asked. "Then why?"

"Because I can't deny you. You can tell me you don't want this, but your still here. You have the power to stop me, but yet you don't." She continued stroking him with one hand as her other hand reached in to cup his balls lightly. Max found himself pulling his pants down around his hips to release himself from the restraints of his jeans. "This isn't real Max. This is only a dream, a dream that your mind is trying to tell you what you want."
She moved so her face was directly in front of his erection. Her tongue snaked out and wet her lips. "What do you want Max?"

He watched her tongue wetting her lips and he couldn't hold back any longer. "Suck me!" He demanded, he watched her mouth open and her tongue slide over the top length of his penis. Then her mouth opened wider and she sucked him deeply inside her mouth
and Max's mind screamed out in the pleasure of having her mouth surrounding him. He knew it was wrong, he didn't really want this, she didn't really want to be doing this, but instead of pulling away he found himself pumping forward. It was an eerie feeling, to be enjoying something so much, but yet hating every second of it. He found himself grabbing a hold of her head to give himself better leverage. It seemed the harder he fought against it, the harder he pumped into her awaiting mouth. He felt himself beginning to feel the effects of the blow job, he knew he was close to release. A picture of Liz filtered into his mind and he screamed out "NOoooo."

The next thing he knew he was sitting up in his bed drenched in sweat. The experience fresh in his mind with what he had almost done. What he had actually did and it scared him more than anything. He quickly ran to the shower and jumped in the coldest setting he could get it on. Letting his hard on dwindle down to nothing. Once he was completely satisfied every thing that Tess had done to him in the dream was gone, he began to stroke himself as he constantly filtered through his mind of moments he had shared with Liz. Stating over and over in his mind. "Only for you Liz, only for you." When he reached his release it was Liz's face that brought him to his final release and he cried out her name as he came. "Lizzzz. I love you, only you." Then dropped to the floor of the shower and cried. Ashamed at what he had done, the betraying guilt of being with Tess. Even if it was only in his dream, he still knew it was wrong. Wondering at the same time, if eventually in the real world would he give into the pull to be with Tess like he had almost done in the dream.

The next morning Nasedo noticed Max's pale complextion. But, Tess could hardly look at him.
Her mind kept replaying the dream they had shared the night before. Trying to figure out if there had been some way she could have stopped it, but knowing she couldn't have. It was Max and Max alone that held that kind of power. In the end he had stopped it, but it wasn't soon enough and for the rest of the night she had stayed awake, afraid to fall back asleep, afraid he would come back and afraid if he did, would he stop them from doing anything else, or would he demand more.

Max noticed how Nasedo seemed to be watching him more closely than ever and he also noticed how Tess still had yet to look at him. He knew Nasedo was getting suspicious of the way he was looked so sickly. The prior night had taken it's toll on Max, both emotionally and physically. He tried to cover by saying he must have had something to eat last night that didn't agree with his system. The two other aliens knew this to be untrue, but didn't want to press the issue. Nasedo figuring his illness was only because he was still fighting his true destiny. Tess figuring it had to do more with what they had shared during the dream. As she too was feeling quite ill regarding the whole matter.

Max knew he needed to talk to Tess, to try and figure out why they were in that dream together to try to prevent it from happening again. But, he had no intention of discussing their experience last night with Nasedo around. So after breakfast Max asked Tess if she wanted to go for a walk. Hesitantly she agreed and followed Max outside. They walked in an uncomfortable silence until they made their way to the barn. "Tess....about last night...when we.... when we kissed."

"You want to talk about the kiss we shared? Or are you just beating around the real topic you want to discuss. The topic where you forced your dick in my mouth. What's next Max, you want to make me ride you right here in the barn so the horses can get a good look at my tits too!" She yelled at him. Throughout the rest of the night, she had never felt so violated as she had felt when she awoken from her dream. Then through breakfast she was so humilated from the experience that she couldn't even face Max. As the two of them walked out to the barn, anger started to bubble inside of her as the realty of the situation came into play. She wasn't the one that had any control, it was encoded into her brain to do as Max requested of her or at least do what he requested sexually. The more she had thought about it, the more she grew pissed until Max had spoken and then she just blew.

"What? Tess, I didn't..." Max was so surprised by her outburst that he didn't even know where to begin.

"You didn't WHAT?" She screamed back at him.

Max saw how upset she was, he knew what they had done in their dream together was wrong neither of them really wanted to go where they had, but yet they were drawn to each other. Seeing Tess as upset as she was, the guilt of his actions tripled ten times over. Had he really forced himself upon her. "I'm sorry Tess, I really am sorry. It wasn't me, you have to believe me."

Taking a deep breath to calm herself down, she stated. "I know Max. But, it doesn't changed what happened or what is going to happen. Nasedo was right, last night proved that much. As much as we try to deny it, someday the pull inside of you will force you to come to me and when you do there isn't anything I can do to stop it."

Max wanted to protest it, wanted to tell her how wrong she was. Physically his body would not allow him to betray Liz. Just kissing her last night had proven that much to him. But, then again would he be able to fight the pull to be with her in their dreams. Even though it wasn't real, it was only a dream, it still felt real leaving both of them disgusted with their actions. They had to find a way to fight this pull, they had to figure out a way to put it to a stop once and for all. Then he thought about what she had just said. "What do you mean there isn't any way for you to stop it from happening? Are you saying this is all my fault?" He would admit last night, he had instructed her to take him inside her mouth, but she was the one sitting on the bed exposing herself to him first. She was the one that had undone his pants and reached for him. Yes, he took responsibility for his part in their dream, but surely she had to take responsibility for her part too.

"You don't get it yet, do you? We were both encoded to be drawn to each other, but our encoded pull's differ. You are the one with the control to choose where and when. I am encoded to be there whenever you make that choice. I guess on our world they haven't heard of woman's lib yet." She attempted a small joke, but her words were serious. "I can't deny you if you want me. It's encoded in me to please you at your bidding." She admitted sadly.

This piece of information was new to Max. He just assumed they both had the same kind of pull. He suddenly realized why she had become so upset about last night. It was her dream he had entered. He had come to her, leaving her no choice but to react to what he wanted. Recalling the dream with a fresh view of it. He had to admit to himself that he had wanted to see her, he did want her to expose herself for his eyes. He was the one that had wanted her to touch him, to suck him, to bring him pleasure. Guilt washed over him, this time not just for his betrayal of Liz, which was already skyrocketing. Even though it hadn't been real, only a dream. It was still a betrayal to the woman he did love in his book. But, now he also felt the guilt at what he had put Tess through. It was too much, it couldn't be true. This wasn't who he was, he never would force himself upon another. Even if he didn't have Liz in his life, he still never seen himself as that type of person. The thought was so unnerving he had to deny it, it couldn't be true. "That's not true. We both have this pull to each other. I have no more control over it any more than you do. I don't have a choice either." That much he knew was true, he felt like he didn't have a choice in what was happening. Last night in their dream, when his physical body wasn't there to prevent him from doing anything, he hadn't been able to stop himself from approaching Tess. He couldn't stop her when her hands were upon her and he had no control to stop himself from commanding that she take him into her mouth. Not until he finally was able to bring Liz's imagine into his mind, had he finally been able to escape from the dream and the pull that was controlling him.

"Fine, don't believe me. I'm telling you right here and right now, that I am not in love with you. I have no intention of preforming any kind of sexual acts with you and I absolutely have no desire for you to see any part of my body that are private. Now ask me to do something that you desire for me to do. Tell me to do something that you know neither of us really want and see what happens." She demanded, she needed to prove what she knew was true. But, before Max had a chance to say anything she added quickly. "Just remember, we both have to live with the actions of your request." Letting him know she was willing to do this to prove a point, but not to take advantage of the situation.

Max looked Tess straight on, he could see her determination. Knew she was speaking the truth in her revelation that she truly did not love him and didn't want to be with him in any sexual kind of way. He too wanted to prove what she was saying wasn't true. It couldn't be all his fault. Thinking of what would be the least humilating thing she could do and still not touch him so his body wouldn't have the physically reaction to betraying Liz, he stated. "Expose your breast to me."

Tess turned her back to Max, her reaction though to his command was immediate as she began to remove her top. "Tess, wait!" Max yelled out quickly, he really didn't want her to do it, at least his heart didn't want her to do it. His mind of course was screaming for her to reveal herself for his eyes again. With tears streaming down her face she turned to face Max, her naked flesh staring him right at him. He could see how uncomfortable she felt, how much she truly didn't want to be standing there showing him her breast, but yet she had done it. Even after he had told her to stop. "I'm sorry Tess. You didn't have to do this."

"Yes, I did. Just like I'm about to let you touch me, even though I'm praying you don't."
She knew he wanted to touch her, she could feel it in her mind screaming loud and clear his desire and she also knew she was powerless to prevent him from doing so.

Max's eyes drank her in, he wanted to turn away. To tell her to put her shirt back on, but once again he found how correct she was in her commit. The pull he felt toward her in his mind demanded the feel of her breast upon his hands. Even though at the same time his body was demanded that he didn't. Slowly he found himself stepping closer to her, even as his body started to tremble trying to stop him. Tentatively he reached up and cupped one breast in his hand, while he heard himself whispering. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." Taking both her breast in his hands he grabbed them roughly and pulled her closer. Leaning down his mind demanding another taste of her lips upon his.

Their lips crashed together as he roughly massaged her breast. The alien pull inside his mind driving him onward, but the minute his tongue thrusted inside her mouth and he tasted her, his body's reaction was quick. Yanking away from her quickly, Max Evans threw up for the first time in his life. Sick with guilt, sick with the knowledge that what Tess had said was true and more than anything else, sick with betrayal of his beloved Liz.

As he heaved uncontrollably Tess quickly grabbed her top and threw it back on. She reached down to soothe him, knowing how hard this was effecting him to discover the truth. "Don't, I don't deserve your comfort. Just leave me alone Tess. Please, just leave." He pleaded as his body continued to shake and the feeling of wanting to vomit took root all over again as he replayed what he had just done in his mind. As he requested, she took her leave both of them felt violated, both were miserable and as both of them realized the truth. Neither of them could deny the alien pull that was destined to be fulfill.

End Pt6a .

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Thank you guys so much for the wonderful FB. I was so upset myself when I had first read what I had written. Reminder, this fic had been written prior to S2 even starting and I had NO idea how much a dream killer JK was at the time. Nor did I have any idea how BAD it was going to get. Rereading it now with you guys, I feel icky right along with you all. Anyway, this is the worst of the worst for the story. So try to hold down the stomach contents and it will get much better from here.LOL Anyway on with the nightmare, here's the next part. Once again I won't ask you to enjoy, just FB on the concept will be appreciated. Thanks!

Title: Internship
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 6B

After the incident in the barn both Max and Tess spent the day a part in their separate rooms. What they had discovered was so difficult to accept. They were bond to a destiny that neither of them seemed to be able to control. But, unlike Tess, Max was also bond to another and even though Tess didn't know the true reasons behind his illness other than thinking he felt guilty. Which was true, but was only a small part of the truth. His body was literally sick with need to see Liz, touch her, hear her voice. What Tess didn't fully know was that no matter how much his mind was screaming for him to fulfill his alien destiny to her. His body would have nothing of it, his heart and soul was bond to Liz. Max wanted so badly to see Liz, he ached for her deep inside his soul. His mind briefly wondered where she had been the previous night and he knew Nasedo would never allow him any contact in the real world with her during the day. But, nothing would stop him from seeing her in her dreams tonight. That was the only thing keeping him going at the moment. His entire body felt like it was wanting to shut down, it felt so empty without Liz to fill the void in his soul.

Henry was the one to take the phone call from Robert. He was sure that the guy Max he had only met briefly before leaving with Liz to help Professor Stein at the University while Tess and Max stayed to finish the work in the lab back at the ranch would want to know. The real Professor Stein was a very private man, who worked alone tucked away in his lab at the University at all hours of the night and besides the initial tour and the explanation of what he wanted both Liz and Robert to work on, Robert really hadn't had too much of any sort of conversations with him. Henry was their main contact between the Professor and the two of them. At first he thought it was slightly strange, but he did respect the Professor's work so he respected the man's need for privacy too. When he had gone to Liz's dorm room that she was occupying during their stay for the two weeks, he had knocked on her door. But, when no answer came he thought she had just gone to the lab already. He was really attracted to her, she seemed like everything he had ever imagined the woman he would spend the rest of his life to be like. But, he could also sense how she held herself back from him.

He assumed it had a lot to do with that guy Max, that had stayed at the ranch. He had seen the way he had practically devoured her when they were getting ready to leave. Much to his dismay he could tell that she was totally smitten with the guy. It was weird really, as before he had met Liz, he truly felt as if he was falling for Tess. He liked Tess a lot and he could tell that she returned his feelings. In fact, he would have gone so far to say that he was in love with Tess. But, now he wasn't so sure any more. How could he be so taken with Liz, if he truly did love Tess? Throughout the previous week his feelings for Liz continued to grow. Not only was she dropped dead gorgeous, but the way her brain worked so efficiently amazed him and only made him want to know more about her. He found himself wanting to spend more and more time with her. Now Robert never considered himself a player,
he didn't move from one girl to the next like a lot of his classmates seemed to do. In fact he rarely dated, his school work a top priority in his life. He had goals set and he was determined to achieve those goals. One main goal was to get into Harvard next year and you didn't achieve that by slacking off.

Tess coming into his life was unexpected, but it was a great feeling. She was beautiful, yet had that certain amount of both sexually alluring while being shy and quiet at the same time. It didn't take him long to figure out she was also intelligent and soon he found himself taking her into his arms. It felt odd at first as he never thought a person such as Tess would ever give him a second glance being the book worm type he was, but she did and it wasn't long before his feelings for Tess began to grow. No one had ever stirred his emotions the way she had, no one until Liz that is. That's why he had gone to her dorm room to walk with Liz to the lab, wanting to spend as much time with her as possible.

After going to the lab, he was surprised by the lack of appearance of Liz. Not only had she not shown up for them to work on the project they were supposed to work on in the morning, but she didn't show up at their usually lunch spot. By late afternoon, his concern for her grew more and more until finally he talked the dorm mother into checking on Liz. The ambulance had been called immediately upon finding Liz laying on the bathroom floor passed out.

The doctors had run a battery of tests with Professor Stein's consent, after all Liz's parents had signed all the legal paperwork in case of an emergency when they agreed to let her go for the internship to begin with. The doctor's couldn't find anything physically wrong with her except for the fact that she was in a coma and was running a high fever. All her test's had come back negative. No drugs, no physical injuries except for the high fever that they were having trouble trying to control no matter what was attempted.

At the moment Robert was sitting at her bedside and finally decided he had better call out to the ranch to inform that Max guy of Liz's condition. As much as he wanted to be the one to sit beside Liz, he knew it wasn't his place. He figured Professor Stein might not have thought to inform Max as of yet, since he hadn't shown. He also found it strange how Liz's parents or anyone else hadn't shown up as of yet either. Little did Robert know that on the consent contact form, was the number to the ranch where Nasedo posing as the Professor had taken the call from the hospital. He had given his consent for them to do what needed to be done, thinking that Liz was simple just experiencing one of the human illnesses that made their species weak to begin with. He had also reassured the hospital staff that Liz's parents were very busy people and he would be the one to get in touch with them. He had no intention of bringing Liz's illness to the attention to anyone back in Roswell until his two charges had fulfilled their destiny. Knowing that somehow word would get back to Max and he wouldn't be able to keep him under his wing any longer.

When Henry had gotten off the phone with Robert he immediately sought out Professor Stein and informed him of the Parker girl's condition. Nasedo politely acknowledged that he had already been inform of the situation and asked that he not disturb Max with the news. Nasedo knew his time was running out and decided he needed to move things along with a little more urgency than before. Later that evening at dinner Nasedo knew the two young people were finally starting to come to terms with their alien side by the way the two of them were acting toward each other. It was apparent even to him, that something had happened and he was determined to give them that little extra push they seemed to need. "Well, you two have had a week to spend time together. I think it's time to take this experiment a little further." Nasedo said.

"Further, what do you mean by further?" Max asked knowing this plan was not working the way Nasedo had expected it to, but he wasn't about to reveal why he knew it wasn't.

"I think for the next week Tess should move into your room with you Max." Nasedo answered calmly, his voice still lacking any emotion.

Both Max and Tess looked at each other uneasily, because they both already knew the truth. A truth neither of them cared to acknowledge and just the thought of sleeping in the same room with each other made both their stomachs turn. Tess was the one who spoke first. "Are you saying you want me to sleep with Max?" She knew that was exactly what Nasedo had been expecting the two of them to do, but she had to hear him say it. To acknowledge that was his true intent of these two weeks to begin with.

"Forget it, Nasedo. That was not part of our deal." Max said firmly when he saw the fear light up in Tess's eyes. Physically he knew his body would not allow it, emotionally his heart screamed against the idea and spiritually his soul wanted to die out at the thought.

"The deal was for the two of you to discover if you really belong together or not. That means you need to do whatever it takes to confirm or deny your destinies." The
older alien stated with a strong tone to his voice. It was the first time he had ever showed any kind of emotion at all, but even then it was only the raising of his voice. "I will have Tess's things brought to your room after dinner." The finality of his voice made both Tess and Max realize there was no arguing this point with him.

Max and Tess walked into his bedroom still unsure of what they were going to do. "Tess you take the bed, I'll sleep on the floor. Nasedo will never know the difference any way." Max told her, trying to reassure her they were not going to actually sleep with each other. He didn't care how much his mind was screaming for him to take her into his bed, he couldn't do that to her, to himself or to Liz.

Tess could feel the conflict he was having, but she could also hear loud and clear the pull that told her what he wanted was to take her into his bed. No matter what he voiced, what his mind was saying was what her mind reacted to. "Is that what you want Max? To sleep on the floor."

His mind screamed no, but he voiced a weak. "Yes, I'm trying Tess, please don't make this any more difficult."

"You need to try harder Max, I can feel what your mind wants. Whatever your mind is thinking that's what I'm encoded to react to. You can say the words, but until you control your minds thoughts I'll be forced to react to them." She tried to state her warning, hoping he would get his mind under control.

"What are you saying, that you kind like read my mind." Max questioned, knowing he didn't have that kind of ability and the thought frightened him. Could she know that he was bonded with Liz, could she feel the way his body reacted so violently when they would simply touch?

Hearing the concerns in his voice, she stated truthfully. "No, Max. I can't read your mind, but your mind's wants are what I'm designed to fulfill. So you can say you don't want to sleep in the bed with me, but my mind is telling me that you do want to take me into your bed. Hence, I know what your mind wants. Do you understand?" Max nodded and as he looked over at her to let her know he understood what she as saying, his mind raced with thoughts of wanting to see her naked flesh once again before he had time to process what he had just thought, Tess began to undress before his eyes.

Wanting to stop her, knowing he had to stop her. This wasn't a dream, this wasn't even a test to see what would happen. This was for real and it was happening and Max's vain attempt to deny it obviously wasn't going to make the reality go away. "Tess, please don't." He voiced as his mind was already taking in the skin that she had already exposed to him when she removed her shirt and already begging for more. "I don't want to do this and I know you don't want to do this. We have to fight this, whatever this is or we'll never be free."

"Then tell your mind that, please Max. Before it's too late. Your the only one to put a stop to this." She stated as she removed her bra.

Max's eyes feasted upon them, his mind screaming for him to touch them. As Tess approached him, he realized what her intent was. Slowly she reached for his hand and brought it to her breast. Tess closed her eyes and let Max do whatever he intended to do. In reality she wanted to slap his hand away, scream at him for even wanting to touch her when she didn't want his touch, but she knew her attempts would be useless. The pull to please him was too strong, leaving her powerless to fight against it. He tried to visualize Liz, tried to see her face in his mind to help pull himself away from what he was doing. His body was already starting to trembling in reaction to his touching Tess so intimately, but his mind wouldn't allow him to stop. Wouldn't allow him to have any thoughts of Liz, the alien pull inside of his mind demanding him to take Tess. To suck her nipples into his mouth and for her to take him into hers once again like she had in the dream.

Tess reached up and began to pull his head closer to her breast, just as his mind had requested so he could tease her nipples with his mouth and tongue. Slowly his mouth took her breast inside his as his tongue rolled around her nipple, teasing it, tasting it. All the while his body was slowly dying inside.

As intrusive as it was, Max's mouth still provoked feelings of want and desire inside of Tess's mind and all she could think of was the thought of Max sliding his cock inside of her wanting mouth. Just as his mind wanted her to do. Max moved from one breast to the other, his alien side taking over his body as he consumed his fill of Tess's breast with his mouth. Releasing them from his mouth, his hands roughly pulled them downward, essentially pushing Tess to her knees as he did so. Her hands worked feverishly at his pants to undo them and before either knew how to stop it, Max grasped her hair and roughly started to push himself inside of Tess's awaiting mouth.

At first Tess began to choke by the force of Max's penis being shoved in her mouth, but her mind wouldn't allow her not to take him. So she opened her mouth wide around her, allowing him the ability to pump faster as she bobbed her head back and forth with his movements. Max desperately reached out once more for the thought of Liz in his mind, knowing that was the only thing that would stop him at this point. Tears were in both Max and Tess's eyes as they worked together to bring Max to release.

It didn't take Tess long to get Max to the point of no return and as much as he wanted to stop her, didn't want to have the pleasure he was about to enjoy, he was powerless to fight it. He didn't even bother with a warning, didn't even attempt to pull away instead he pushed her head further into his groin holding her there captive as he shot his seed deep inside her throat.

As soon as Tess released him and moved away Max raced into the bathroom and threw up. This wasn't the first time it had happened to him now and he feared it wouldn't be the last. It took Tess a few minutes to recuperate herself from the invasion, but the sound of Max losing it in the bathroom the way he was caused her concern for her friend to come into play. After all she had never been sick a day in her life and until today she doubted that Max had either. The thought sickened her to know that it was their actions of being together was causing him to get so violently sick. She rushed into the bathroom in a panic. "What is it, why are you so sick?" She asked him in a very worried voice.

Max could hardly stand up, his body refused to work. He had gone too far, he knew it and no matter how much he knew Liz would hate him for it, she wouldn't even touch the pain of hate that he felt for himself at this moment in time. Tess helped him back over to his bed and then seen his skin tone was almost white. Now she was starting to become scared for him. Yes, it was true she wasn't in love with him, but she did love him as a friend. Even after what they had done, she couldn't pass judgment on him. She knew he hadn't wanted that as much as she hadn't and in the end she was thankful that all his mind had requested of her was a blow job versus something more prior to him becoming ill. Not even wanting to think of the other possibilities at the moment that would more than likely come. Seeing how bad off he was she asked again. "Max, what's wrong? Tell me what I can do for you?"

Max didn't have the strength to say anything. He looked at her with pleading eyes and suddenly passed out. Tess immediately ran out of the room to find Nasedo, putting her shirt haphazardly back on as she did so. She only hoped that he would know what was happening to Max. When Tess found him and told him about Max's condition, the older alien ran straight into Max's bedroom. Nasedo knelt down next to Max and put his hands on his head to make the connection. Within seconds he pulled his hands away, turned to Tess and said to her. "Tell Henry to bring the car around, we need to get Liz here immediately."

"Liz, why? What's happening to him?" Tess asked with both confusion and concern in her voice.

Nasedo stood and looked deeply into Tess's eyes, revealing his first sign of emotion toward her since the day she had emerged from the pod. "I'm sorry child, you have no future with this man. He has already bonded to another. Now tell Henry to be quick. We need to get to the hospital, now."

Still in a state of shock, she questioned. "The hospital? We can't take Max to the hospital." She stated thinking Nasedo had truly lost his mind.

"We're not taking Max anywhere. Liz was admitted to the hospital yesterday afternoon. We need to retrieve her immediately or it's very possible the two of them could perish. Now move child." His voice filled with urgency as Tess once again raced out of Max's bedroom.

As she ran out, Nasedo picked Max up into his arms, muttering under his breath. "I only hope it's not to late.

End Pt6B
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I know there is much debate over the issue with Max's behavior. First off, unlike the horrors of S2 and how they explained the Tex in S3 as Max just having to explore what it was like to be with someone like himself. This Max, has no control over his own actions. The encoding in his mind is extremely powerful. Even though the encoding did force him and Tess to share a sexual encounter, his body did reject and reacted to that act, because of his bond to Liz. As far as him allowing Tess to stay in the room with him, at this point Max knew he was the leader, but he still doesn't know that he can command Nasedo to do his bidding. He actually never learned that point until he discovered it with Langley if I remember correctly. I'm not going to argue the point that it was extremely hard to read. I had a hard time myself when I had read what I had written. Of course, this story was written a LOOOOONG time ago. Just so everyone knows, that was the worst it will get. I agree with Liz not being a doormat so I hope I'm going to do her justice in everyone's eyes. Just remember she is also bond to Max. Here's the next part, let me know what you think.

Title: Internship
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 7

Nasedo placed Max in the back seat of the car while he instructed Tess to sit with him as he drove the three of quickly to the Albuquerque hospital. Time was essential at this point. Nasedo now understood the consequences of what he could possible cause. Even though he held no emotions, he even found emotions to be a weakness. He did have a determination to live.
Max was his King and he was encoded to ensure Max lived. He also knew ultimately the separation of his King with his bonded mate was his doing and the encoding in his brain would find that unacceptable if Max died, therefore causing a chain reaction to him. In other words if the two bonded mates were separated for too long and died, he himself would perish.

He did find it odd that Max and Tess were able to come as close as they had. Surely Max's body would have rejected any attempts he made to get close to Tess with him being bonded to Liz. Was the bond not strong enough to override the encoding to mate, was it because Liz was a pure blooded human? Nasedo's thoughts then went to Liz, when he had been informed that she was sick in the hospital. It hadn't even occurred to him that she was having a reaction from being away from her bonded mate. How was it possible? He still didn't understand how it was possible for Max to bond with Liz, she was an inferior human after all. For that matter how had Max been able to bond to Liz when he was engineered to bond with Tess? There were so many question, it was the first time that Nasedo didn't have the answers. So he drove as quickly as possible to the hospital. First priority was to get Liz out of there and get her with Max. Then he would get the answers to his questions.

Once they arrived it didn't take Tess and Nasedo hardly any time to acquire the necessary information. Where Liz was located and who the doctor was that had been assigned to the Parker girl's case. Nasedo was quick to shape shift into the doctor's form, got the appropriate papers needed taken care of to transfer the girl from Albuquerque's hospital to Roswell Memorial hospital in pretense the girl's parents had requested the transfer. A second shape shift job and Nasedo was an ambulance operator and with Tess's mind warping ability within a short time period Liz was quickly now in the back seat of the car along with Max.

It only took Max minutes to react to Liz's presences. His arms wrapped around her body pulling her closer to his almost immediately even though he had yet to awaken. Tess watched in wonder how Max's complexion started to turn from the ash white he had been looking to his more natural tones she had come to admire. It amazed her how their bodies seemed to mold together easily and she felt a tinge of jealously at the ease of their closeness. Even with the two of them still unconscious it was easy to tell how much they needed each other.

By the time they reached the ranch again, Max was starting to come around. His senses to Liz's presence were instantaneous. He paid no attention to where they were nor did he care how she came to be with him. All he knew Liz was in his arms and as he breathed in her scent his soul filled with life once again. He hadn't realized just how empty it had become until it started to fill with her love. His heart was bursting with joy as his fingers wove through her hair. He wasn't fully together as of yet, so he didn't realize that there was a reason to be concern with why she hadn't awoken as of yet. His ministrations of her back was interrupted by Nasedo's voice. "We need to get her inside." Was all he had instructed and Max became more aware of the circumstances that surrounded him.

They were in the back seat of a car. Liz was lying against him and in a hospital gown while Tess was seated in the front seat. Holding Liz and seeing Tess at the same time made the guilt Max had felt earlier begin to rise once again. He had betrayed Liz, betrayed their love all because he was too weak to fight against that damn alien pull. Memories of what he had done with Tess, what he had actually forced Tess to do to him weighed heavily on his mind. His voice not yet back to normal, but needing to know what happened, he asked. "What's going on?"

Nasedo gave him a stern look, before replying. "You should have told us that you had bonded to Liz. Now let's get her inside before it's too late."

Nasedo opened the back car door and started to reach for Liz, who still laid silently in Max's arms. "Don't touch her!" Nasedo immediately removed himself from his attempts, he was encoded to follow Max's directions, but he needed his young King to be reasonable.

"Max, your still too weak to carry her and we need to get the two of you inside. Now let me take Liz and Tess can help you walk. Liz needs you or she will perish and if she dies so will you." He stated harshly, he knew what needed to be done to ensure Liz's survival or least what needed to be done if she had Antarian blood, but since that's all he had to go on, he went with that knowledge.

"What do you mean Liz is going to die, what's wrong with her?" He was already sitting more upright and his healing hands were already trying to scan her body to see what was wrong without waiting for Nasedo's reply.

"Her body has already begun to shut down from the separation between the two of you. She needs you to rejoin with her before she can be revised. Now do you wish to do your bonding here in the back seat of the car and would you like for me to assist the two of you to your bed chamber?" Nasedo inquired, his voice lacking any emotion. If any human had said those words they would have been laced with emotion, but not him.

The entire time Tess had stood quietly on the side of the car. She didn't know how she was feeling at the moment. Deceived, betrayed, guilty, humiliated. She didn't love Max, she didn't really want to be with him, but her mind was telling her he was hers and she was more confused than ever. Max's words brought her out of her deep thoughts though. "Take her inside." He had instructed Nasedo and Liz was out of the car within seconds of the command with Max trying to follow close behind them. His body still not together though and he was having a hard time trying to keep up. Tess was quick in her reaction, she scooted up next to him and offered her own body as support. Her close proximately was causing a reaction once again in Max. "Tess please don't. Not now." He couldn't handle the inner battle that was still taking place inside of him. He didn't want Tess, his body demanding that she move away from him, but his mind reveled in the feel of her closeness.

"Max, please. Your bonded to Liz, Liz is the one that needs YOU! Please let me help you and fight whatever your thinking about me. Keep your eyes on Liz, just Liz." Tess insisted as she moved to help him once again. It was one of the hardest things she had ever had to say. Knowing the man that she was made to be with, needed to be with another or he could perish. They still had no control over the alien pull that was between the two of them obviously, so the only thing she could think to keep Max's mind from being pulled to her was to make sure his mind was occupied with the thoughts of Liz instead. The alien pull they would have to deal with some way, but it appeared as Max allowed her to help him up the stairs and his eyes remained focused on Liz she had time to think of some way out of this mess.

Once Nasedo placed Liz's unconscious form on the bed, he moved to help Tess with Max. Max didn't fight them and soon found himself curling next to Liz. Holding her tight in his arms. "We will be down stairs when you are ready to discuss the situation at hand." Was all Nasedo informed him prior to closing the door to the bedroom, leaving the two lovers on the bed.

Max was torn, every fiber in his body wanted to rejoin with Liz just as Nasedo had told him he needed to, but the guilt he felt at his own betrayal of that special bond was consuming him. Not wanting to take any chances of Liz being harmed physically, he moved over her and in one swift motion their bodies were joined as one. His filling so completely it almost overwhelmed him to the point where he could barely breath. His heart rate rapidly increased as the blood in his veins began to boil with need and desire. This is where he belonged, this is who he loved and no matter how much he knew he was going to destroy this love when he confessed his betrayal to her. At this moment in time all he could feel was Liz wrapped so completely around him, not just around his body, but in his heart and his soul. His movements were slow and delicate, watching as Liz's color started to come to life again. Her body responding to his, just as his had to hers with each movement of his hips. Her arms sought his body out and wrapped around him securing his body more tightly to hers, then he watched in amazement as her eyes began to flutter open as he continued to move his body in and out of hers.

"M..Max?" She questioned unaware where she was or what had happened to her. All she knew for sure was Max was filling her soul once again. Taking the emptiness she had been feeling for far too long away as his body moved effortlessly over hers. As the first wave of true pleasure crashed throughout her system, all thoughts of the how's and why's were gone. It didn't matter, Max was here with her. Filling her completely, bringing her back from the darkness she had been in and her life was once again back. "Oh Yes..YES!" She cried out unable to prevent the scream of pleasure and cry of happiness to be back with Max again.

Max's own release came with hers and the two held each other tightly as they rode their way to pure bliss. Smothering her face, her lips, everywhere his mouth could reach with kisses.
"I love you Liz, I love you so much."

"I love you too Max." Tears of happiness were falling from her eyes as she reveled in the feel of Max's arms around her once again. Her body becoming fully alive now that Max had filled her soul once more, she moved to sit up to get a view of her surroundings. They were back at the ranch, in Max's room at the ranch. Were the two weeks up? How did I get here? Did Max find a way to be with her completely? Was their future now secure to be together freely? So many questions rushed through her mind. But, the most prominent one that stood out was the first one out of her mouth. "How did it go with Tess?" The look of complete devastation that swam over his entire body, made Liz fear the worst. Sitting completely upright, she looked Max directly in the eyes and stated. "Tell me everything." Then steeled herself to hear what was sure about to be the greatest pain she could ever feel in her entire life.

Max pulled away from Liz, unable to face her. His guilt took root deep inside his soul, tears sprang into his eyes. As he tried to think of a way to tell her what he had done. What was still happening to him in fact? "Liz..I.."

"You slept with her didn't you?" She yelled out.

Max turned abruptly back to her. "NO! I did not sleep with Tess, but I did betray you. I didn't want to Liz. I tried to fight it, I did. I just couldn't stop it from happening."
He pleaded with his eyes for her to understand, even though he had yet to explain what had actually happened between him and Tess.

Liz was confused, he was acting as if he had slept with her, but yet he denied that he had. Not able to look at him, her eyes wandered around the room. Something caught her eyes and she moved to see what it was. Hanging on the back of the chair in the corner of the room was a night gown. A gown that wasn't hers. She immediately opened the closet door of Max's room and there staring her in her face was Tess's things hung neatly beside Max's. Feeling ill again, Liz ran to the bathroom and slammed the door behind her. Splashing cold water on her face to keep herself from vomiting on the spot. Tess had stayed in Max's room, he said he had betrayed her, but yet he hadn't slept with her. What exactly had happened between the two of them? She wanted to know, yet she couldn't bare the thought of hearing any more.
All she knew is she had to get away, away from Max, away from Tess, away from their God Damn Destiny. She threw open the door that led to her previous room and quickly started to get dressed, before grabbing her other bag of luggage and throwing her things very uncaring into the bag. With her bag in hand she darted from her room only to run smack into the elder alien. "You cannot leave Liz. You are bond to Max. He cannot survive without you, so I must insist you stay." His words were final and the look upon his face told her he had every intention of making her stay.

Knowing it would do no good to beg, but she couldn't stop herself from trying. "Please, just let me go. I..I can't stay here."

"You are bond to Max. Do you not understand that? You made your choice, now you must live with the consequences of that choice."

His unemotional statement unnerved to the point where all she could see was red. How dare he stand there and act like whatever happened here was her fault. "GET OUT OF MY WAY!" She snarled back at the alien.

"I cannot allow you to leave. If you would like to discuss the situation then I suggest we go down stairs and discuss this, but I won't allow you to harm my King." Inferior human or not, she had bonded to Max. Like it or not, she had to deal with the consequences of her actions. The two of them had not been reunited long enough, the effects of such a quick separation would be severe and he would not allow this human girl to hurt Max in such a manner. Human emotions were so weak, he had never loathed them as much as he did in that moment.

It was at that moment Max opened the door to his own room. Taking in what was obviously going on, Liz standing there with her suitcase in one hand and Nasedo standing in front of her blocking her way. He had been devastated when she had run into the bathroom. His heart broke at the thought of her leaving, but he knew he deserved whatever pain he felt. She had every right to run away from him, he was the one that betrayed her. He was the one that caused her to feel the pain that she was obviously in. When he heard her voice in the hallway he immediately responded to it and went to see what she had been yelling about. Liz looked over to Max with a death glare in her eye, then back at Nasedo. "Fine. Let's get this over with." She raised her chin upward and pulled her shoulders back as she dropped her bag on the floor, before walking around the elder alien and without looking back to see if the two of them were following her or not she stormed down the steps and into the study. Knowing that was where they would be having this so called discussion. Inside she was a wreck, her body already starting to feel empty without Max beside her, but she was so distraut over the thought of Max and Tess sharing his room together she ignored the feeling to want to be close to Max as best she could.

Nasedo, Max and Tess were soon to follow her into the study. Max wanted to go to her, every part of his body screaming to stand beside her, to wrap her in his arms, but one look at the way she held herself stiffly told him to stay back. They all took their seats as they had the previous week, Tess in the arm chair to the side of the couch, Max on the couch and Nasedo leaning against the desk in front of the two other aliens. Liz was the only one that refused to sit, she stood rooted in her spot. The tension in the air was thick, and the three younger individuals that were caught up in what seemed like a never ending curse sat there trying their hardest not to look at each other. After a few moments of silence Nasedo spoke up. "How long have you been bonded to Liz?" His question obvious directed toward Max.

"That's none of your business." Max replied coldly, he wasn't about to discuss his and Liz's love life with Nasedo of all people.

"Fair enough. But, it does appear you have a problem. Believe it or not, I do wish to help, but I cannot do that if you are unwilling to provide me with the correct information."
He watched as all three of the young ones shifted nervously in their spots. Moving forward he turned his gaze on Tess. "How does it make you feel to know that Max has bonded with another?" When Tess sat in silence, not wanting to answer the questions as she herself didn't know exactly how she felt he turned to Liz next. "What about you, Liz? Are you willing to remain bonded with Max, knowing that he will be unable to control the alien pull he has to be with Tess?"

Liz looked down at Max for just a second, then glanced quickly over to Tess. Before she looked Nasedo in the eye and stated firmly. "Yes." This answer clearly shocked all three of the aliens before her. Max was on his feet in a matter of seconds to tell her how sorry he was, but Liz quickly raised her hand in the air to stop him in mid stride. "But, than it doesn't seem to me I have a choice any longer does it?" She continued to look at Nasedo and her words were directed toward him, replying to what he had stated just minutes earlier to her upstairs. Her heart was breaking on the inside, but she refused to back down to the older alien. She refused to give him the pleasure of seeing her despair.

An eerie silence fell on the room for a moment until Tess broke it with her whispered words. "Neither of us seem to have a choice any more."

These words shocked Liz, she had always presumed that Tess had always wanted Max, but as she looked closer to the female hybrid she saw for the first time how distraut she appeared at their predicament. Her face held the look of pain, guilt and something Liz couldn't believe. Almost like she was humiliated by the turn of events that had occurred during her absence. Tess rose out of her seat and faced Nasedo. "You asked how I feel, you want to really know how I feel. I feel disgusted! That's how I feel!" Her voice trembling with hatred as she continued. "I'm in love with someone that no longer loves me because his in love with her after being with her for only one week." She pointed toward Liz, before continuing. She had saw the way Robert had been siting by Liz's hospital bedside when her and Nasedo had arrived to acquire Liz. The look on his face and the amount of concern he held for Liz was obvious to Tess just prior to her mind warpping him. "I'm forced to perform acts against my will by him." She pointed to Max this time, then added. "And the worst part is, I know I'll be forced to continue performing for him at his will no matter how sick it makes me or him everytime it happens, because he is also bonded to her. That's how I feel." She yelled out before turning her back to the other three in the room while the tears she was holding back began to fall.

Max sank back on the couch, knowing he was responsible for all the pain both women felt. He wanted to sink into a black hole, never to be allowed to be released. It was Liz that distinguished his punishment though. Stepping over to him, she pulled his hands away from his face, then slapped him hard across the face. "You Raped Tess? How Could YOU?" Her voice spoke of disgust against him, she raised her hand to strike him a second time needing to release the anger and hurt he had caused not only her, but Tess too.

But, before she could offer her second blow, her hand was halted in midstrike by Nasedo. The moment she had started her attack on him, his protective encoding to his King took hold and he was forced to stop any further attacks against him. Liz tried to writher away from his grasp on her wrist, but the alien's hold was too tight. It was Max that came to her defense immediately. "Let her GO!" Liz's hand was released immediately. Max knew what Liz thought of him, what Tess thought of him, that he was so kind of monster, a rapist. But, he couldn't allow the woman that he loved to think of him in such a manner. Even though he had been the one to ram his dick into Tess's mouth, she was just as much a willing participant of their act, or just as unwilling truth be told as he was. He knew it was going to be hard for Liz to hear, it was going to be harder for him to explain, but he had to do it. He owed Liz that much. "I did not rape Tess, Liz. We never had sexual intercourse. But, we did things together that neither of us wanted." He looked over to Tess, she had turned back to face them at Liz's outburst and she nodded her head to confirm what he had said as the truth.

Tears were streaming down Liz's face, Max's face and Tess's face. All three were contorted with pain, living a nightmare of hell that none seemed to be able to escape. "I..I don't understand. Why is this happening?" Liz broke down in sobs as she leaned against Max's chest giving into the fact that she did need his comforting arms at the moment. Steeling herself once again, she withdrew herself from the warmth of his arms and stated firmly. "I want to know."


"Max, don't. I need to know everything or I can't be with you. So tell me...Tell me Damn IT!"

Max couldn't say the words, there wasn't words to explain what he had done or why or how he felt. So he did the only thing he could think to do. He raised his hands and placed them on both sides of her face and starred deeply into her eyes making a connection instantly between the two of them. Everything that had happened, everything he had felt in the past week's time crashed into Liz's mind. The pain of her leaving, the awkward first moments, him holding onto her panties as his only life line. The deep sorrow when he had lost even those. The way his mind sought out Tess, even though his body wouldn't allow it. The guilt, the anguish of being forced into something he had no desire to be a part of. The way his body reacted to his betrayal. The rape of his body by his minds demands. The feeling of losing his soul as his final betrayal ended. All his pain, hurt, disgust, and misery, even the anger of having no control over what was happening to him flew from his soul into hers.

By the time he released his hold on her, her heart was not only breaking from her own pain, but for his also. "Oh God, Max. Oh GOD!" She cried out as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Max held her tightly against him for a few moments before pulling back and staring Nasedo down. "I won't go through that again. There has to be some way to stop this or I swear to God I'll kill myself before I go through that again." He threatened.

Nasedo had watched the three of them carefully. Taking in what had transpired before his eyes. The human girl was strong willed, there was no doubt in his mind. And she displayed a loyalty to his King beyond measure. Tess, on the other hand appeared weak in his eyes at the way she had displayed such a dishonor to her encoding. Finally coming to terms, he spoke. "There is only one way to stop the alien pull. It cannot be destroyed or removed alone. The only way to stop your mind from desiring Tess is to transfer the encoding from her to another. The encoding was placed to ensure an heir would be conceived, rather it be Tess or another."

At this admission all three heads shot up in shock to meet Nasedo's eyes head on. Nasedo seeing their questioning eyes continued. "But, for it to take, it must be agreeable to all parties. If one doesn't agree, it will not take." The three stood in silence, it was obvious that the three of them were in their own private debate. For Tess, would she or could she willing give up what was rightfully hers in the first place. For Max, would Tess allow him to transfer her encoding for him to Liz. More importantly, would Liz allow him to encode his will upon her. For Liz, who had only had Max's view of the encoding to go by and would it be something that she would really allow to put upon her. Even if she would allow it, would Tess allow her to have it. "I suggest the three of you make your decision together and when you decide, I can show you the procedure if you all decide that is what you want." With that said the elder alien left the three alone in the study to make their decision.

End Pt7
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Okay the debate is still on, should Liz accept the encoding to remain with Tess and live with the fact that he will continue to be drawn to her for the rest of their lives. Or take the encoding inside of her own mind and be willing to be at Max's beckon call. Neither choice is totally acceptable, but if you had to make the call ,which would be more tolerable if you were Liz? Anyway here is the next part, let me know what you think.

*Warning - A small bit of M/L/T*

Title: Internship
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 7B

Max, Liz and Tess stood rooted in silence once again, none of them knew where to begin or how to even approach what they needed to discuss. Max could see neither of the women were even close to speaking their minds and knew it was going to be up to him to get them started. But, what could he say? Tess, I want you to give the encoding to Liz so she would have to be at my beckon call whenever I want to be pleasured without getting sick. Just didn't seem like the correct thing to say. Finally taking the first step he started. "Liz, you know you are the one I love, you are the one I want to be with, but I can't ask you to do this. I wouldn't wish this alien nightmare on my worst enemy."

"So you want to continue to live this nightmare with Tess?" She inquired, still a little uneasy about the whole encoding issue, because she really didn't understand it herself that much. But, the thought that Max would want to continue to be drawn to Tess if she didn't accept it, was also unacceptable.

"NO! That's not what I'm saying. You don't understand what it's like. What it will force you to do?" His mind relieving the nightmare of the past evening, then quietly added. "What it will force me to do to you?"

At his admission, Liz knew what he was referring to. Even though it sickened her to think of Max and Tess in that kind of way, she knew in her soul it hadn't had anything to do with love or pleasure. The sexual act that had occurred between the two of them, was forced upon both of them, or at least she knew it had been forced upon Max for sure and by the way Tess had acted and spoken earlier she was pretty sure it had been forced upon her as well. The more she thought about it, the less uneasy she felt about the encoding. Because the one main difference between what had transpired between Max and Tess because of the encoding and her and Max if she had the encoding instead was love. Max and Tess felt no love for each other, yet the encoding was forcing them, violating them dramatically. Whereas she did love Max and Max loved her. There wouldn't be a need to be forced, there wouldn't be the violation. Because they did love each other. They wanted to be close and share an intimacy with each other. But, even has she begun to really consider taking the encoding from Tess, she still needed to understand it better before jumping right in. She also needed to know how Tess felt about giving her encoding to be with Max to her. As Nasedo had stated, all parties would have to agree. Turning from Max, she approached Tess. "What are your thoughts? I saw how it affected Max, but what about you? Does your encoding work the same as Max's?"

Tess sized Liz up, not sure if she was willing to let go of something that belonged to her, but yet Max never really did belong to her. The two of them were already bonded, no matter if she kept the encoding or not, she would never truly belong to Max. Deciding to be upfront and honest was the best way to proceed, she answered. "Yes, and no. Yes, I do feel the same type of pull to Max, that Max feels toward me, but..." Her voice trailed off, unsure of how Liz was going to react to what she was about to reveal. After taking a moment to brace herself, she continued. "I don't have any power to deny his will."

Confused by her statement, Liz encouraged her to elaborate. "What exactly does that mean? You don't have any power to deny his will."

"Exactly that. My mind can sense his wants when he wants them and my mind demands that I fulfill those wants. I'm not sure how much you saw when Max connected with you, but I can assure you everything I did, I didn't want to do it. But, I couldn't stop myself from doing what I did. Do you understand?" She paused for a moment to make sure Liz was getting what she was saying before continuing. "It's not a gift that you may think it is. There's nothing romantic about it. If Max wants you to do anything, anywhere, you will have to do it. You won't have any choice. Your mind will demand it of you to do his bidding."

Liz's heart went out to the girl before her. She had felt everything that Max had gone through, but to hear Tess's side was just as heartbreaking. "Oh Tess." She said with sympathy as she reached over and touched her shoulder.

Needing the comfort that Liz was surprisingly offering, she leaned her head onto Liz's shoulder as she wept for the injustice of it all. Max was right when he had said he wouldn't wish this on his worst enemy. "You can't blame Max either, as much as I would like to place the blame on him, it's not his fault. He can't control what's happening to him any more than I can control my actions. It's not at all what you think it is, you've got to believe me."

With Tess's words coming to haunt her, Liz wanted to deny that she was even still considering taking the encoding from Tess, but she couldn't. She looked over to Max who's head was hanging with shame and knew what had happened between the two of them would kill them both if it happened again. And she knew if she didn't step in, no matter how much they would hate themselves or hate what they would do, she knew it would happen again. Pulling back for Tess, she looked her in the eye and asked. "If I wanted it, would you be willing to allow Max to give it to me?" First things first, before she made her final decision she needed to know that she ever had a decision to make. Tess had to be willing to give up the encoding in her mind before Max could try to transfer it from her.

Max's head shot up at Liz's question to Tess. "Liz, don't. Please don't ask me to do that to you." He begged, he didn't want Liz to be forced upon him. He wanted her love freely, unconditionally as it had always been.

Liz turned to face Max, but still held onto Tess. "I didn't ask you to do anything to me yet Max. It's not my decision to make yet. Tess, your decision must come first before we go any further. All three of us have to agree, but it's you that has the first choice to make here." All three of them knew Liz was correct. If Tess wasn't willing to give up the encoding to begin with, then it didn't matter what the other two wanted. The decision had to be mutually agreed upon.

Tess looked at Liz in amazement. Then looked over to Max, seeking deep inside of her for what she truly wanted or didn't want. She did love Max as a friend, but she wasn't in love with him. She knew that much to be true. She hated the way the encoding made her feel and the way it made her do the things she had done and would continue to do if she didn't allow Liz to take it. She knew that much was true also. But, still somewhere inside of her there was a small part of her that she knew would regret losing that part of herself. Why, she didn't know, but she knew it to be true. She battled deep within herself weighing all the pros and cons to having the encoding removed from her and given to Liz. After a few moments she realized that small part of her that was fighting to keep it, was her own mind. Once again making her feel as if she wanted to keep it, when she knew deep down she didn't. In that moment she couldn't get rid of the encoding fast enough for her liking. "I would." She whispered almost afraid to say it too loud, thinking the encoding would attack her from inside for trying to rid herself of it's intrusion in her mind.

Max watched the two women embrace before him. He knew at that moment, he would be the next one Liz would be asking to make a decision. There was no doubt in Max's soul which of the two women he was in love with, which women his body desired to be with. His answer was easy, Liz. Only and Always Liz. Did he want to continue to be pulled to Tess? No. Just the thought of it made his stomach turn. Did he want his Liz to be forced into feeling a pull toward him? No. He was torn in two, neither option was acceptable and the worst part was he knew Liz was considering it, even though she truly had no idea what the encoding would be like for her.

Liz's arms slipped around Tess and she hugged the other girl wanting to give her comfort, wanting to ease the pain that she was obviously feeling. But, most of all it was her way to show her thanks for allowing her to have Max completely if she and Max choose for her to have the encoding Tess held inside her mind into hers. Max continued to watch the two girls embrace and an idea popped into his mind. A way to make Liz understand, truly understand what she would be getting herself into before any more decisions were made. As seeing the woman that his mind was drawn to and the woman that his body desired embraced was actually a turn on. All his life, or at least ever since he was old enough to understand a sexual desire, Max had heard other guys at school joke about how hot it would be to see two women together. But, until this very minute he never thought how true that statement was. Seeing Tess's head buried in Liz's neck, with Liz's arms wrapped around the blond girl's body his mind started picturing what it would be like to witness the two women embrace in a kiss. Just the thought of it was making his body react. It was wrong, hell he knew it was wrong, but that didn't stop him from desiring to see it.

Tess lifted her head from Liz's shoulder and turned to look at Max. She had felt what he was desiring of her to do to give him pleasure and she was shocked to say the least. The pull inside of her to do whatever he wanted her to do to please him was demanded her to comply with what he wanted. Leaning her head back on Liz's shoulders, her face inching closer to her neck and before she could stop herself, she found herself placing her lips on Liz's neck. Max's desire spiked higher as he witnessed the exchange. Startled Liz started to pull back when she felt Tess's lips pressed against her neck. It was unexpected and never in her life had she been more shocked, but she was soon shocked further. When Tess wrapped her arms more tightly around Liz's waist, pulling her against her and before Liz could protest or attempt to pull away Tess's mouth moved over hers.

Max was drawn to the two women that were kissing before him. One because his mind wanted to be closer to Tess as his fantasy of joining them became wanting. The other because his body couldn't stay away from Liz if he tried. He moved behind Liz, sandwiching her in between the two alien hybrids. Pressing his body up close and personal against the woman that he loved as his arms raised around hers that were still around Tess. Engulfing both women in his arms, but careful only to touch Liz. His arousal becoming intensely tight in his pants with the feel of Liz's body so close and the sight of Tess's mouth moving demandingly over Liz's. Both women could feel his excitement growing, Tess by the way her mind was acknowledging it and Liz because of the way he was pressed against her backside.

Max bent his head and started to nibble at her neck on one side as his hips began to move seductively against Liz. Liz's head leaned back into Max's chest and Max envisioned Tess kissing her way down Liz's chest, while stroking him as she did so. Liz was so caught up in the lust between the other two individual's that she could barely move, she had no idea what was happening to her, but she was unable to move away from Max or Tess. No sooner had Max pictured his fantasy in his mind, when he saw and felt Tess beginning to comply with it. Her hands that were around Liz, still holding her in her embrace slid from Liz's back to the front of Max's pants. Unlike all their prior sexual encounters, the feel of her hands on him didn't make Max ill and he figured it had to do with Liz's body being in such close proximating to his that was making the intrusion of Tess's hands upon him tolerable. At the same time Tess started to fondle the bulge in front of Max's pants, she began kissing down Liz's neck, down across her upper chest. While Max nuzzled Liz's head with his own to turn her mouth to his. Liz found herself complying with his request easily needing to taste Max suddenly.

Their mouths melded together, as Tess begun to undo Max's pants to release him from the constraints of them and allow her to stroke him more thoroughly just as his mind's desire was demanded her to do. Max's hands went to Liz's shirt and begun unbuttoning the top few buttons as his tongue thrusted inside of her awaiting mouth. At the same time Tess freed his manhood from his trousers, Max's hand had freed Liz's breast from her shirt and bra by pushing both to one side. When he first thought to have Tess kiss Liz, it had only been to prove a point, but the alien lust he had for Tess and the love he held for Liz drove him with more want and desire. He knew he needed to stop this, it was wrong and he was afraid how his alien lust was going to frighten Liz to death. But, the moment his hand cupped Liz's breast and Tess's hand began to stroke him in what seemed to be the perfect rhythm for his mind's desire he was totally lost in the sensation of sharing the two women. It also didn't help when he felt Tess's mouth kissing the nipple of the breast that he was currently holding in his hand or when his ears heard Liz's moan of pleasure that vibrated into his mouth as his tongue danced passionately with hers.

His body moving more earnestly in time with Tess's stroking, their pace picking up speed as his desire demanded more. Liz brought one arm around to stroke Max's hair as her other one went to Tess's head. Lightly stroking, encouraging her to continue. Max's left one hand on her breast, the other traveled down Liz's body and begun to undo her the button of her jeans. So driven to touch her, so needing for Tess to continue touching him at the same time. He unzipped Liz's pants as his hips still moved seductively behind her and his tongue teased and tempted her mouth more and more. Sliding his hand into her pants, he let his fingers seek the treasure of their desire.

The moment Max touched her so intimately Liz's lust induced haze lifted as reality of what was happening to her, to them hit her. Yes, she was loving the feelings that Max was evoking within her and it was obvious that Max was clearly enjoying himself too, but what about Tess. That's when it hit her, what Tess had meant earlier. She had no choice, this was obviously some kind of fantasy of Max's and Max's mind was demanded her to fulfill and here she was being a willing participant. She pulled her hand away from Tess's head where she had been holding it to her breast immediately as she turned her head from Max and grabbed his hand pulling it from inside her pants all in one quick motion. That's the moment she felt what was truly happening behind her. But, even though she had stopped all of her actions of encouragement, the two of them continued to hold her in place and attempt to give her pleasure while Tess continued to give Max his. Fire burned in her soul at the thought of Tess touching Max so intimately and to know he was enjoying it. Not being able to stand there taking part of this sick twisted fantasy of Max's any further she pushed Tess away, then turned her rage on Max. "You Bastard!" She screamed out as Max once again felt the sting of her hand across his face. "Zip your Damn pants up!" She demanded when she seen his throbbing manhood standing so erect before her.

Immediately complying with her request, he quickly turned his back and as painfully as it was, he reconfined his erection within his pants. Then turned immediately back around to face the consequences of his actions. "I'm sor..."

"Don't even go there Max. I don't want to hear your GOD DAMN apology. I can't even hardly look at you right now."

"Good, then you finally realized what sick, twisted SHIT your considering putting inside that beautiful brain of yours. Now do you understand why I don't want to put the encoding inside your mind. Do you get it NOW?" He turned his attention to Tess. "Did you want to do that to me, to Liz?" He questioned already knowing what her answer was going to be. When Tess shook her head shamefully in the negative confirming she hadn't wanted to, but didn't have a choice in her actions either. Max turned back to Liz. "Do you know, this was the first time that Tess was able to touch me in any kind of intimate manner without me puking afterward. Do you think I really want Tess to touch me, to touch you? God, Liz. I hate this, I hate myself for having no control over what this thing in my head is demanding me to do. I hate the fact that Tess does what I'm commanding her to do, even though every inch of my body demands that she doesn't, but yet I can't stop her from doing it. Do you have any idea of how many times I fantasize about you in a day and the kinds of fantasies I've thought of. How you would feel if you had Tess's encoding transferred inside of you and one of the several thousand of fantasies that runs rapid in my brain starring you makes you fulfill them. Cause it will happen. What happened just now proved that? You won't be able to stop yourself any more than Tess was able to stop herself from doing what she just did. No matter how much you think you want this damn encoding or no matter how badly I'd rather my mind be drawn to you instead of Tess I can't do that to you. I can't, please don't ask me to." His voice finally softening from his angry rant to a whisper plead.

Liz's anger began to subside has she finally came to realize what had just happened and why.
Max had been trying to prove a point and the alien lust inside of him had taken control over him and Tess. In fact, it had been so strong it had also succeeded in sucking her into the abyss along with them for a short time there. Squaring her shoulders she stood straight as she made her next shocking announcement. "I want the encoding transferred to me."

"WHAT? Didn't you just hear what I said?" Max couldn't believe after what had just happened she would ever still be considering having the alien encoding device transferred from Tess to her.

"Yes, I did. I heard every word, but the one thing you seem to forget in that thick brain of yours is I want to star in your fantasies. Tess doesn't, she doesn't love you and it's an intrusive feeling between the two of you because you don't love each other. But, I DO love you. I DO want to touch you and I DO want you to desire to touch me, with your body, heart, soul and MIND! Don't you get it Max. Your fantasies about me don't scare me, I would welcome them. And I plan on keeping you satisfied enough in private that you'll be able to control your thoughts in public so fantasize all you want as long as I'm the one your fantasizing about. Don't you see Max, I'm in love with you. All of you, your alien side along with your human side. I want all of you to love me too. I deserve all of your love. Tell me you understand, tell me your okay with giving all of yourself to me. Not just the parts that are safe for you to offer me. I mean I think I'd prefer your fantasies over jumping off of bridges for you." She finished with a small joke, hoping he would finally understand what she was trying to say.

He took a moment to let what she had said process through his brain. She was right, she did deserve to have all of him love her, if she herself was offering all of herself to love him in return. She was also correct regarding the feelings he had for her versus Tess and why he felt like such a violation when Tess did touch him. Before he could agree, he had to positive, 100% positive she wanted what she was saying she wanted. "Liz, are you sure?"

Looking him straight in the eye, she answered him with a sounding. "Yes, I'm more than sure." Walking directly in front of him she stepped up on her tiptoes and gave him a tender kiss, sealing her confirmation to him. Then pulled back and grabbed hold of the stiff bulge that had yet to completely deflate. "Besides, this is mine. If I ever catch any notion it's been anywhere except at my beckon call, I'm going to cut it off. Do we understand each other?" She tightened her grasp on him once prior to releasing him.

In a voice that was three times higher in octave then normal, he squeaked out. "Yes."

"Good, then I think it's time we got Nasedo and got this over and done with because all that kissing made me horny as hell." She whispered into his ear, causing him to groan in response. His body already back at attention as a result of her words.

End Pt 7B
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Well, I think anyone who is still reading, has read the worst of the worst by now. I know some parts of this story were very hard to take and I believe it or not, I do understand it. I do want to thank everyone that has left the FB. Good, bad or indifferent. I knew posting a story that dealt with the alien pull side of the destiny storyline was going to stir up a few emotions as the whole issue of the destiny situation was emotional for all of us to begin with. But, it happened so I had to deal with it myself. Anyway, here's the next part of the story. Hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think.

Title: Internship
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 8

When Nasedo returned he instructed Max how he was the only one with the power to transfer the encoding of Tess's alien pull to be with him, to Liz instead. He also gave them all fair warning that it wouldn't take hold unless all three parties agreed completely. Max once again looked from Tess to Liz, waiting for their confirmation that they were both in total agreeance with the transfer. When both girl's nodded for him to continue. He place one hand behind Tess's head and one behind Liz's. A connection was made between the three of them and a soft glowing light exhaled from Max's hands. It felt like they had been standing there connected for quite some time, but in reality it had only taken a couple of minutes to complete. When Max pulled his hand away, he quickly asked Liz. "How do you feel?" She being his top priority.

"Good, nothing strange, nothing different then before." She admitted honestly and started to wonder if the transfer had been a success. She felt drawn to Max, but nothing different than she normally felt in his presences.

Max looked over to Tess and questioned her next. "What about you? Any differences?"

Tess smiled widely before she replied. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure it worked." It was an odd, but freeing feeling. Whenever she had looked to Max before, she always felt this pull to be with him, to please him. But, now all she felt was a kinship to him. A friend, a family member type relationship, but there was no pull to be with him, none.

Nasedo was the one that shocked the three of them though with his words. "The transfer has taken root."

"How do you know?" Max asked how the older alien had knowledge if it had or hadn't worked.

"Because I am no longer bond to protect Tess. My loyalty is now bond to protect Liz." He stated without emotion, but they could all tell he hated the idea of having to protect Liz, a mere human. An inferior being in his book and Liz couldn't help but smile at the thought.

Max turned back to Liz. "Are you sure you don't feel anything different?" He questioned, thinking it was strange that she wouldn't feel the pull if it was truly inside of her.

Shaking her head to confirm she didn't feel any difference at all really. Yes, she felt the need to be with Max, to please him, but then she had always felt that way. So in reality nothing really had changed for her as far as she could tell. "Why don't you try something?"
She wasn't sure what she was asking of him, but she wanted to see if this alien encoding was really inside of her and she wanted to see what it felt like when Max used it.

Max looked to both Nasedo and Tess before complying with Liz's request. "Could you two give us a minute?" Both the other two aliens understood what Max was requesting and were quick to leave him and Liz alone for a private moment so they could test the waters of the alien pull. Once the two were alone, Max turned to Liz and just like she had stated. He really didn't feel any difference toward her, he was always drawn to her, he had always loved her and wanted her. So the pull to be with her was not any different then before and if it hadn't been for the fact that both Nasedo and Tess had confirmed they had felt the transfer had been a success or the fact that he no longer felt drawn to Tess. He might have also thought that it hadn't worked. "So, you want to just test the waters or do you really want to know the extent of the pull?" He asked, for he knew how his mind could easily take advantage if the transfer had in fact worked and he didn't want to scare Liz immediately upon receiving the encoding.

"I want to know Max. I want to know it all." Curiosity of how this encoding was going to effect her making her want to know exactly what she was getting herself into. Max nodded his understanding and began to open his mind to Liz, allowing the alien pull that he had always felt for Tess to come forward, he yearned for the taste of Liz's lips on his.

Liz's movements were quick and swift. Her lips were upon his in seconds and they were in the middle of a mind blowing kiss when Max's mind conjured up the fantasy of Liz lying on the desk and opening herself to him to feast upon her. Before he knew what was happening, Liz had pulled away from their passionate kiss and she was stripping before him. Not wanting to make her feel like she had to fulfill a fantasy of his if she didn't want to, he told her. "Liz, you don't have to do this." Even though his mind was screaming for her to continue undressing.

Liz hadn't even realized that she had been undressing until Max spoke up and even though she felt the slightest reservations about doing something like this where Tess or worst Nasedo could walk back in on them, she still found herself removing more clothing. "Does this fantasy of yours at least have you locking that door?" She questioned as she proceeded to climb on top of the desk stark naked.

Max didn't hesitate in his actions, he moved quickly to the door and with one swipe of his hand he sealed it shut, then gave the door knob a little extra boost of his energy so even the other aliens in the house would be unable to undo the lock. Just as he had fantasized he pulled the chair from around the desk and sat in front of Liz, who was laying back with her legs spread wide open for him to feast upon. He placed a gentle hand on her thighs and asked. "How are you feeling about this?" He questioned wanting to fight the urge to continue with his fantasy if it made her uncomfortable at all.

"Excited, breathless and extremely impatient. Please, Max. I need you to use those hands and that wonderful tongue of yours. I can feel how much you want this, but I want this too." She said in a low sultry voice, being as honest as she possible could be. Her mind was demanded for her to allow him to do as he wished to her, but at the same time her body was craving he did it.

Not able to resist the pull he felt to feast upon her any longer his hands opened her folds to him and he let his tongue quench the over powering need to feed upon her. Licking her entire vagina before he began sucking on her rosy bud into his mouth. Then teasingly he let his tongue lick her sensitive sweet spot and as her first wave of pleasure hit, his tongue eagerly lapped away at her juices. The alien pull inside of him demanding more at the same time his body did was such a blessed feeling. He felt complete for the first time in his life for the love of the woman that was allowing him to have so much pleasure by giving her body so freely to him. "Oh God, Max! Yess..YESSS! Right there, keep going, don't stop, please don't stop." She pleaded, but her pleads were unnecessary as Max had no intention of stopping any time soon. Her taste were so damn delectable to his palette that he had never dreamed of how good someone could taste. The only thing that made him stop his newly required favorite dish was the over bearing strain in his own pants. Not able to stop himself from fulfilling the fantasy to the end, his pants were quickly pulled down and within seconds he went from feasting to fucking and his howl of pleasure could be heard throughout the state he was sure. "Oh YESSSS!" Liz moaned out right along with him as she leaned forward to capture his lips for another soul sealing kiss.

"You are so amazing, you feel so good. God, your beautiful." Max couldn't tell her how absolutely wonderful she felt to him enough. "I love you so much, God, you feel incredible." His body continued to pound in and out of her extremely wet passage as words of love continued to pour from his heart. "Wonderful, your so wonderful. I will always love you. Only you" He promised as his body moved more deeply inside of her. He knew he was close and even though he knew Liz had cummed several times already he wanted to be there with him when he went over the edge. "Baby, I'm going to cum, cum with me. Cum with me, NOW! OH LIZZZZZ!" His release took root and his mind was begging for her to join him and to his amazement she did. Cumming hard in a paradise of orgasmic bliss.

Completely out of breath, but unwilling to pull himself away from just yet. He wanted to feel her tight walls tingle with the sensation that he could feel like they always did when she orgasm around his cock. Not knowing if it was a possibility, he wanted to taste the waters of the alien pull inside of them a step further. Staying perfectly still while he remained buried deep inside of him, his mind demanded to feel that tingling sensation again
as he spoke softly. "Cum again Liz. I want to feel you cum over my dick one more time."

Keeping himself inside her, but not making any movements, he was amazed even further when he felt it. Without any other prompting, but his simple words and the demand from his mind, she came again and she came hard. Completely out of breath and totally sated, she whispered. "Like that."

Max smiled mischievously at her and nodded his head in approval. "Oh Yeah. Just like that." Then knowing her body needed a moment and also now knowing just how powerful the alien pull was, he knew he had to be careful. Not wanting to take advantage of her love for him, he slid out of her and helped her to her feet. "So, what'd you think?" He asked wanting to make sure she was still okay with what she had gotten herself into.

"I think I'm going to die a very satisfied person." She confided, then added. "That was amazing Max. But, I can see what you mean about how powerful the need is and before you even start to think I might be regretting it, I'm not. Trust me, after the pleasure you just gave me, regret would be the last word I would use to describe your fantasy. But, we do need to work on getting this pull under some kind of control. I don't want to start riding you senseless at the Crashdown in the middle of the lunch rush if you know what I mean. So maybe we should try to monitor your mind's fantasies while we're here for the next two and a half weeks before we get home." Her logical mind starting to go into scientist mode once again.

"I know, trust me. Pictures of your Dad shooting me, is enough to see the logic in your thinking." He half joked.

"You know, this alien destiny of yours didn't just affect you and Tess. What about Michael and Isabelle? Do they have the same kind of pull to each other that you and Tess had?" Now that her mind started thinking logically, she couldn't help but think about their friends and how they had all been affected by this alien destiny crap.

"I know they both feel a pull toward each other, but I couldn't tell you if their pull is effected the same way as it had Tess and I. All I know for sure was the alien book that shows our destiny in it, has pictures of both Tess and Isabelle pregnant in it and the dream that Isabelle had when she thought she was pregnant with Michael's kid really tore both of them up. So I'm not sure if it's the same, but I'm betting it's close." Now that Liz had brought the subject up, Max started to think about it. Before now, he was so consumed with thoughts of his own destiny to have thought too much about Isabelle's and Michael's. Of course, he did recall how Isabelle had been so adamant about not being able to deny his destiny when he had told her about Liz. Maybe she had the same kind of pull to comply with Michael's wishes that Tess had to his. Maybe that's why she had spoken the way she had. The more he thought about it, the more he knew he was going to have to do something for his sister and best friend. Liz was right once again, this destiny crap didn't just effect him, but many people were involved. Isabelle, Maria, Michael, even Alex to some degree.

"So what are we going to do about it?" Now that she had time to think and once Max had reassured your own thoughts, she wanted to help her friends out.

"What can we do?" He wasn't sure where she was going with this, but he did trust her completely so he looked to her for advice. Just like everyone always looked to him, Liz was his confidant.

"Maybe we should have Nesado invite them here as well so we can at least explain to them what we know. The unknown can sometimes be worst then knowing. Don't you think we at least owe it to them for them to know what to expect and see if their willing to do anything to change what's going to happen?"

"Your talking about Alex and Maria, aren't you?" Max knew he had guessed correctly by the way she nodded ever so slightly her agreement. Even if she hadn't acknowledge it, he knew how much she cared for her friends. He might not be as close to Alex and Maria as Liz was, but he too considered them his friends. "You do realize that Michael and Maria are currently broken up and Alex and Isabelle's relationship is basically a newborn one to say the least. You know what needs to happen to break the pull Michael and Isabelle have toward one another. The encoding would need to be passed to someone else. Even though Michael and Isabelle may not want it, I doubt they'd be willing to pass it on to someone else that may or may not end in a permanent type way."

"But, we did it." She enthused.

To which Max replied simply. "And we were already bonded to one another before we did. Think back to right after I took that stupid step back from our relationship because I was so scared at how fast I was falling for you."

"You were scared because you were falling for me to fast?" She questioned not knowing that piece of information. She had always assumed he had taken the step back because of how she had responded when Michael had become sick or because he was trying to protect her from the alien unknown.

"Yeah, but that's not the point of what I was trying to say. Let's go back to the time for just a few minutes here. If I asked you then to take the encoding, explained what it was and asked you to do would you have still been so ready to take it. Or better yet, how about when we first just started to hang out, even before the heat wave and I approached you with an offer like this. How would you have responded?"

Looking him straight in the eye, she answered honestly. "I would have said yes. You still don't know how long I've been in love with you do you? I've wanted to be with you for so long, I can't even remember a time in my life when I didn't have some fantasy regarding you. Of course, when I was too young to understand sexual fantasies my fantasy's were of you simply coming up to me and talking to me. Asking me to be your friend, then we graduated to girl friend fantasy's way before we got to as lover's fantasy." She admitted with a blush.

"You know if you allowed me to see some more of your fantasy's I could make them happen now." He only half joked to her, he already planned on fulfilling the shower at school fantasy sometime before they graduated from high school. His eyes sought out her lips and the need to feel them against his prevailed.

Rolling her eyes, but leaning over she placed her lips on his for a sweet small kiss. "You know I don't need an alien pull to draw me to kiss you. If you wanted to kiss me, why didn't you just do it?" At Max's silence she continued as she started to pick up her clothing and begun to get dress. "This is the kind of things we need to work on. You are allowed to kiss me whenever you want so don't feel the need to use the pull between us. Okay?" When Max nodded she finished dressing and tried to get them back on the subject at hand. "I do think we should tell Michael and Isabelle what we discovered. It's the only fair thing to do."

Max finished dressing then agreed. "You're right, I'll talk to Nasedo about making the arrangements." Max walked over to the door and unsealed it for him and Liz to leave the room. As they walked into the living room they were surprised to see Robert sitting along with Tess and when he looked up and basically checked Liz out in front of Max, Max saw red.
His mind screamed out immediately that Liz was his and that quick her lips were sealed with his as he mumbled. "Mine." Into her mouth.

"Always." She mumbled back as she continued to kiss him deeply.

Robert stood immediately and waited for the two people to break a part from their heated lip lock. As he watched Liz practically devouring Max's lips, he found his mouth suddenly going dry as his mind thought how her lips would feel against his. It was crazy, this feeling he had when he was around her. For God sakes she was inhaling her boyfriend, that she obviously has a lot of feelings for and your staring at them thinking how that tongue of hers would feel inside his mouth. It was utterly crazy. Clearing his throat twice to get their attention, before Liz was able to stop her mind's demands on pleasing Max to show him that she belonged only to him. "It's good to see you up and about, Liz. I was really worried about you when we found you passed out on the floor in the bathroom." Robert admitted as he stuck out his hand to Max. "It's nice to see you again, Max." Nodded his head to Max.

"Robert." Max stated a little more curtly than he had meant, he just couldn't help the feeling that this guy was going to be a problem. "What brings you back to the ranch?"

"Actually I came here to find out news about Liz. The hospital would only tell me that she had been discharged, but since I wasn't an immediately family member they wouldn't give me any further information. I tried to locate Professor Stein at the University, but since he wasn't around, I assumed he had come back out here. So, here I am." He answered Max's question then looked back over to Liz. "I'm really glad your okay." His voice turn soft as he spoke to her and Liz blushed as she pressed her hand on Max's chest, knowing how he was going to react to Robert.

"I'm doing fine. I just had forgot to eat, it happens sometimes. I didn't mean to scare you. So you don't have to worry about me, Max here filled me up pretty well. Now if you'll excuse us we we're just heading upstairs for a few things. Tess, why don't you take Robert down to the barn and show him the horses, they really are beautiful. We'll see you two later." With that she was basically pulling Max up the stairs so she could do to him in private what her mind was screaming for her to do in front of Robert. They barely made it inside the bedroom before Liz was tearing at his shirt and ripping at his pants to get him naked and have her way with him. As she was placing small nips and licks on his chest once his shirt was gone, she whispered. "Control, Max. We need to talk about control."

Over an hour later the two of them emerged from the bedroom completely satisfied once again, with Max swearing he would behave and try to control himself for at least until they were back in the confides of their room to retire for the evening. At dinner Max spoke to Nasedo requesting he bring Isabelle and Michael to the ranch for them to have the chance to work on the experiment. Careful with his wording as Robert had opted to stay for dinner at Tess's request. When Tess insisted Robert stay at the ranch for the evening, Liz asked Max if he would take an evening stroll with her around the ranch. By the time they had returned Robert had already retired for the night and Nasedo informed the two of them that Henry would be picking up both Michael and Isabelle in the morning.

When they finally called it a night, both were exhausted from the day they had. As they cuddled into each other's arms for sleep, Liz placed a small kiss on Max's chest and requested. "Max, will you make love to me for me. I want to feel your love for me tonight, not because of the pull we have in our minds."

Max leaned down and cupped her face with his hands and slowly he kissed her with such passion that Liz was in heaven. His hands roamed slowly, languidly caressing, cherishing her completely. Their love making was slow, unrushed and that night Max poured his love he felt into her with every kiss, every touch and every stroke of his body. Letting her know she meant the world to him. When they came in unison, it was out of their love for each other and not because of some alien encoding that forced them into something. They fell asleep soon after secure in each other's arms, the warmth of each other's bodies and completely secure in the love they held for each other.

End Pt 8

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Title: Internship
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt 1

Part 8B

When Henry pulled the car carrying Michael and Isabelle inside, both Max and Liz were quick to exit the house to greet them. Seeing Liz with Max was quite a shock to say the least for both of them, but it was when Tess appeared at the front door that Michael asked. "What's going on, Maxwell?"

Tess knew it was an opportunity to mess with Michael, she found him easy to fall into traps as she had witnessed Maria proving that time and time again with him. So she quickly stepped up on the other side of Max and with a serious face offered. "Oh, Max didn't tell you. Liz and I decided we enjoyed being a threesome so we're all good. How was you trip?"

Both Michael's and Isabelle's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets at Tess's nonchalant statement as Tess winked at both Max and Liz letting them know to play along with the joke.
"Th..Thr..Three.some!" Michael stuttered out as Isabelle still stood with her mouth opened in shock watching as both Liz and Tess snuggled against Max. Now that he had no pull to be with Tess her touch no longer felt intrusive or repulsive to him and this friendly banter was easily accepted. Especially the way Liz was rubbing her hand over his chest.

Max had to bite his lip to surpass the laughter that was about to erupt if his sister didn't close her mouth or Michael didn't stop staring at both Tess and Liz like they had each grown a second head or something. Not able to stand it any longer, Max burst out laughing. "You two are so gullible, I swear." He had tears in his eyes laughing so hard.

Nasedo as Professor Stein and Robert joined the rest of individuals still standing out in front of the house. "Tess why don't you take Robert down to the stables. He was just talking about how he would love to learn how to ride them. Since your the best rider of the group, I'd say that qualifies you as the best teacher. I'm sure Ms. Evans and Mr. Guerin would like a chance to get settled before lunch." Nasedo stated so he could have a chance to talk to Michael and Isabelle without worrying about Robert. He then motioned to the rest of them to come inside.

Isabelle was shocked beyond any comprehension to see not only Liz here, but also Tess. She wasn't sure what was going on, but she was sure she wanted answers quickly. The little joke they had played on them out front made her wonder if this was Max's solution to the destiny scenario. But, once they had started laughing, it only made her want more answers. "Max?"

Max understood the concern look on Isabelle's face and just nodded for her to follow and it would all be explained. As of the moment, they really didn't have any idea what was going on. When Nasedo had contacted Michael, he was very vague in his reasons for them to come. Just stating Max wanted to show them something. That was about it.

On the flip side of the coin, Nasedo and Max had disagreed with the fact that it was not in Isabelle and Michael's best interest to divulge the ability to transfer the alien encoding that was inside Isabelle's brain right away. Nasedo argued it would only be fair that the two of them try to discover their true feelings and that they wouldn't do that if they knew there was an out to the encoding they had to be together. Max's side was of course, they had a right to know what to expect. He had no desire for anyone to go through what he and Tess had gone through. Much less his best friend and sister, without them knowing it would be possible to make a choice if that was what they wanted. Michael watched as Max walked back and put his arm freely around Liz without hesitation. Curiosity getting the better of him, he followed them quickly inside.

Max and Liz were once again in the study sitting next to each other on the couch. Isabelle sat next to Max on the couch and Michael took the chair that Tess had sat earlier. Nasedo leaned against the desk and once again saw the shock faces on Michael and Isabelle as he revealed his true identify to the both of them.

"Okay, could someone please tell me What The Hell Is Going On Now?" Michael yelled one more time.

Nasedo started to explain, but Max stood up and told him with his eyes it would be better if he explained everything to his friend and sister. Max went into detail about how his and Tess's destiny was no longer possible because of Liz. "Liz and I have discovered a way to be together without my alien destiny coming between us." He then went into a good bit of detail explaining the alien pull he had felt in his mind toward Tess, but how he had bond himself to Liz. He explained how Antarian's apparently bond for life and then much to Nasedo's disapproval, Max told them about transferring the encoding that Tess held in her mind into Liz's.

"How could you have done that to Liz?" Was the first thing out of Isabelle's mouth. She knew what she was experiencing inside her mind and she hated it. Once her and Michael had started having those dreams it seemed to awaken a part of her that she never wanted to feel.

"Max, didn't do anything to me, that I didn't want him to do." Liz picked up the story at this point and explained how all three parties had to be willing participates in order for the encoding to transfer freely. She explained how difficult of a choice it had been, even though she was totally in love with Max and they were already bonded to one another at the time. It was still a hard decision for her, Max and Tess to make and how in the end it was the only correct decision they could have made. At this point Liz of all people understood the alien pull of the encoding even better then Isabelle did, as she had already opened her mind to embrace it with Max and as strange as it was, she would never regret her decision.

Upon hearing Liz's confession and Max's tale of the two of them bonding so completely, Isabelle came to the same conclusion that Max had already figured out. "So when you were telling me Liz was your soulmate, you weren't just saying it because you wanted it so much. She really is your soulmate?" Isabelle inquired remembering her conversation with Max prior to him leaving.

"I know it must have sounded strange then, but can you understand it is true now." Max replied.

"So you and Tess are just friends now? No more feelings of need toward each other?" Michael asked wondering if it was possible to actually deny the feelings he also felt, but not wanting to hurt Isabelle at the same time.

"My only feelings for need is for Liz at this time. Tess and I both feel the same way about each other. We still have strong feelings for each other, but only in friendship." Max tried to explain so they would understand that his pull toward Tess was no longer there, but he still felt a responsibility toward her. The same way he felt a responsibility toward both of them.

"But Max, I have always loved Michael. I love him like I love you.... As my brother. Now I have this force over me like it is controlling me to need Michael in a way I never thought was possible." Isabelle didn't want to hurt Michael, she truly did love him. Just not in the way she was supposed to love him. She looked at Michael trying to apologize to him with her eyes.

Nasedo watched the exchange between Isabelle and Michael. He observed how they too had a strong bond between them. He finally spoke in a very calm voice. "Now we know your
destiny can be changed, but only if the two of you and the person you are willing to change it for is willing to accept the responsibility of the encoding to be passed to them." He looked at his other two charges, noticing how they both shifted nervously at his statement.
"May I presume neither of you have yet to bond to each other or to anyone else at this time." It was more a statement than a question, but he had already made an error in judgment on this matter and he didn't want a repeat of what had occurred.

"That's none of your business!" Michael yelled obviously upset by Nasedos bold personal question.

"Michael, it's okay. He is just trying to help. Max and I had to answer some pretty personal questions ourselves." Liz said softly knowing Michael's lack of patience or trust.

"She's right Michael. I am here to help you answer the question of your destiny. If you have already bonded, then there is no need to continue with this discussion. Max, however, had held back that information and it nearly cost him his life, so please answer the question." Nasedo asked for an answer once again.

Isabelle shook her head obvious embarrassed at having to reveal such a personal issue with the group. "I'm not bonded to anyone." She finally openly admitted.

"Yeah, what she said." Michael admitted also.

Now it was Nasedo that had a perplexed look upon his face for only a slight moment before his face became detached of any emotion was again. "You do feel the pull to be together though, correct?" This time neither answered with words, they both hung their heads downward as they both nodded. "Then why haven't you bonded to each other yet?" It was a direct question and at the sight of how uncomfortable both his sister and his best friend looked, Max was quick to jump up to try to defuse their embarrassment from the emotionless alien before them, but was quickly halted when Nasedo added his next question. "Is it because you haven't really wanted to or is there something else that's holding you two back?" Nasedo's question lingered in the air for a minute. The moment of truth was here and now.

"I'm not really sure." Isabelle finally admitted, I feel the need to be with Michael and I do love him, it's just..." She stopped her admission mid sentence as she didn't really know what she was trying to say. She liked Alex a lot, she had never felt so comfortable around anyone or the ability to show the real her before Alex came into her life. Except for Michael, he had always been a part of her life. Was it possible that her feelings for Michael went further than just a love for a brother. The thought scared her and immediately she stopped what she as about to say.

Michael kept quiet, he too was in deep thought about his feelings. Yes, he had strong feelings for Maria, but were they stronger than those feelings he felt toward Isabelle. The feelings were different, but they were both strong. So not knowing how to reply he remained silent.

"Then I think you two need to find out the answer to that question. You won't have to go through the same process as Tess and Max did, since you two have known each other all your lives. However, I do think you need to find out what is in your hearts as well as what your minds to find the answer to the question at hand."

Finally Michael spoke up. "I don't understand how we are supposed to do that? I already know I love Isabelle. She's like a sister to me and I would do anything for her. I understand she is my predestined mate, I know that much in my mind. But, how are we supposed to know what we are feeling in our hearts is any more than just love for a sister or brother in her case?" He asked not sure where Nasedo was going with this.

"Ah, I think you just answered the question yourself." Nasedo answered.

"I heard it also." Liz commented softly.

Max squeezed Liz's hand tightly and whispered. "I heard it too this time."

"Heard what?" Isabelle and Michael asked at the same time.

"We were born with the implant of our destinies more or less programed into our minds. Now as I understand it you both feel love for each other in your minds as someone you are to mate with. But, in your hearts you only love each other as close friends." Max replied to
their question feeling proud that he now understood the situation of the encoding a lot better now than he had a few weeks back when he had first arrived here.

"Now you must find out if the same love you share in your minds can also be shared in your hearts? You both need to look into your hearts and figure out if it beats for each other or someone else." Liz tried to help explain further. She was also thinking of her friends, if Michael and Isabelle wanted each other, it would be best for all of them to find out now than later on. Because no matter how much Alex desired Isabelle, she knew Isabelle wouldn't be ready to allow Max to transfer the encoding to Alex and have her do his bidding to her. Their relationship was just not at that point as of yet. The same for Maria and Michael, she could never see Maria agreeing to be at Michael's beckon call for sexual satisfaction. Their relationship was just too hot and cold for that to take place as of yet. Still, if Michael and Isabelle truly did embrace the alien pull and discovered that they really did not love each other in that kind of way, there was still hope for them to discover love with someone else. Especially since both of them had admitted they had yet to bond to anyone.

Isabelle thought of Alex for a second. Michael's thoughts went immediately to Maria. "Okay, so how do you suggest we find out if we can change our destiny or not?" Michael inquired.

"Before you try to change your destines, you should first discover if it is something you want to change." Nasedo stated, they were his last hope and he wasn't ready to allow them to make the same kind of mistake that Max had already made. The fact that they weren't bonded to anyone else was already a plus, that at least one alien destiny could be fulfilled. "I think you should spend time together here and persue your feelings for one another. Look to your hearts for true love. Not love that is programmed into your minds and you will find the answer to your true destiny." He was once again thinking how if he could get the two of them to open their minds to their alien side, the pull inside of them would bring them together and at least one predestined couple would be together.

Max leaned over and kissed Liz's forehead. "I found my true destiny." He whispered to her. With that he stood and pulled Liz up. "I think we should leave these two alone to let them decide what they want to do. We'll see you guys at lunch." He then walked Liz back upstairs to his bedroom and closed the door behind them. "I hope you don't mind if I need a prelunch snack first?" He inquired and let the alien part of his mind open to the joy of needing Liz.

"Just as long as I get my fill too." She joked back at him. Her laughter didn't last to long as she stared back into Max's eyes seeing the playfulness in him had disappeared and had been replaced with the hungry need of his passion for her. Her mind then also filled with the need to please him and allow him to please her. That was one thing that was different between her having the alien encoding inside of her versus Tess. When Tess had it, Max's mind had made him need her to please him. But, since there was no love between the two of them, he had never felt the need for him to please her. With Liz, it was the complete opposite, his need to please her was even greater than his need for her to please him.

Max cupped her face in his hands and leaned down for a much needed kiss. Liz was eager to comply with his request and soon the kiss between them became explosive. He then lifted her up in his arms with ease and carried her over to the bed while still kissing her. It didn't take long for them both to remove each other's clothing and let their love for each other
flow into their bodies as they entwined into each other and became one. Their minds exploded with passion as their body's reveled in the feel of being so intimate, while their hearts soared with happiness at the amount of love they could feel from each other. Then as they finally peaked with the ultimate pleasure their souls entertwined and no words could describe the beauty, the wonder, the amazement of such completeness. "I love you, Liz. I cannot live without you, literally." He told her as they held each other after they satisfied their hunger for one another.

"I can't live without you either Max." She breathlessly said. "Max? How do you feel about the possibility that Michael and Isabelle may decide to be together? I mean do you want them to be with each other?"

Max knew that Liz was thinking of Maria and Alex without evening needing to be able to reading her thoughts. "Isabelle's my sister and Michael's my best friend. If they truly love each other I would be happy for them I guess. But, if they are just together because it was programmed in their minds to be together. Then I would say No I wouldn't want that for them. I understand what they are going to go through though. I felt that same pull toward Tess, even though I knew in my heart I loved you. But, with the two of them, they don't have the same kind of relationship with Alex and Maria, that you and I share."

Liz sat up and pulled away from Max slightly. "Max, you don't think they would be forced to be together because of the pull. I mean..You don't think they would do something they may regret because they wouldn't be able to control what they do. Do you?"

Max pondered Liz's question, he had thought of that same thing and wondered if it hadn't been for his bonding to Liz, would he have been able to resist the urge to be with Tess. Thinking it over for a minute, he finally answered honestly. "I don't know. I'll talk to Michael though, as much as I think of him as my brother, I don't want him taking advantage of my sister. I mean obviously they haven't done anything about their alien pull as of yet. So chances are they still might have the ability to defy the urge of the pull and work on their true feelings instead." Max stated and then made a mental note to put the fear of God in Michael in hopes that he could scare him enough to keep any urges he might get far from his sister until a mutual decision was made. Thinking back to what he had made Tess do, it was just unacceptable to allow Michael to do the same thing to his sister. He shivered at just the thought.

At the same time in the study:

As soon as the others had left the study. Isabelle and Michael looked at each other. They both were wondering what they should say, it was Isabelle that spoke up first. "Michael please tell me what you're feeling right now and please be honest with me."

"I really don't know. I mean you know I have cared for you all my life. I thought of you as my sister and now I am drawn to you and I'm not sure what to think. I can't imagine my life without you, but on the other hand being with you in the way we are meant to be together..."

"Michael, it's okay. I feel the same way about you. You are my brother in my heart. I do feel drawn to you, but that kind of freaks me out. It would be the same if I was drawn toward Max."

"Isabelle, I would like to try what Nasedo suggested. I don't know the answers for sure, but I think we should try so there isn't any doubt for either of us about what our future holds."

Isabelle nodded, even though she wasn't sure if she was ready to allow the alien pull to open any wider than it already had. She knew what the possibility was and the thought scared her, knowing no matter what they decided. She was just not ready for that kind of relationship, with her predestined mate or anyone else for that matter. She did trust Michael though, she only hoped that when they did this she wouldn't end up regretting this decision by being forced to do something she just wasn't ready to do. Taking the hand Michael offered her, they got up together. "Let's go tell them we made our decision. By the way what do you think about this whole soulmate thing between Max and Liz? Now that is truly bizarre!"

"I know, but then again we have both known for years how Max has always been drawn to her." He got up and followed Isabelle to locate Max and Liz. When they got to the stairs they both saw Max and Liz coming down the stairs holding hands. Both noticed the smile of contentment on their faces. "I wonder what you two have been doing?" Isabelle couldn't help giving her brother and his girl friend a hard time. It just felt normal to do it and right now she was really needing some normality in her life.

Liz's face began to turn red, but Max squeezed the hand he held tightly. Trying to change the subject quickly he asked. "So did you guys decide anything?"

"Yeah, we are going to take Nasedo's advice." Michael answered.

"I'm glad to hear that Michael." Nasedo said as he, Tess and Robert all walked into the house. "I'm sure everyone is a little hunger, what do you all say about some lunch?"

During lunch Robert found himself looking at Liz a lot. She was busy eyeing her boy friend Max, but there was just something about her. The past week with her at the university had blown him away. She was not only very smart and beautiful, but she was truly one of the nicest people he had ever met. He found himself wanting to be closer to her each day. He could see how obviously in love she was for the other guy, Max. But, he just couldn't stop his feelings for her. He wasn't sure what to think. He had strong feelings for Tess, but there was just something about Liz he didn't understand.

Robert's glances at Liz did not go unnoticed by Max. He realized he never did ask Liz about her week at the university. He made a mental note next time they were alone he was going to ask her about it. He thought about what Tess and Nasedo had told them about Robert. How he would have been the one Liz would have chosen to spend her life with if he wouldn't have come to earth. Something inside him felt uneasy suddenly and trying to use some of his control that Liz had mentioned earlier, before his mind had time to start taking advantage of the alien pull he suggested. "Hey, would you like to go swimming?" He asked Liz.

"I'd like that." Liz answered, she had felt the beginnings of his need for her, but was proud of him how he seemed to try to keep himself in control. Squeezing his hand and giving him a small grateful kiss, the two rose from the table together to get changed for the pool.

Robert couldn't help himself when he heard his own voice say out loud. "Yeah, that sounds like fun. Mind if I join you guys?"

Tess, Michael and Isabelle all agreed also. So it was all six that went to change and stated they would meet each other down at the pool. While Max and Liz were changing into their suits Max took the opportunity to inquire about Liz's past week. "So you never told me what you did at the university?"

"Oh yeah, the real Professor Stein was amazing. Robert and I were both totally impressed with his mind." Liz continued to tell Max about her week away from him. Although she had admitted how empty she had felt and their week a part had ended in almost a total devastating disaster, he could tell she had enjoyed being in the midst of the university. It wasn't until she said. "You want to hear something funny, Robert is going to be applying to Harvard next year and is going to study molecular biology. That's what I always dreamed of doing my whole life." Max could feel the jealousy of Robert begin to swirl inside his body and in that moment he knew what Nasedo and Tess had said about Robert's destiny to be with Liz was true. Liz noticed Max's face fall when she had mentioned Robert. She gave him a sideways glance and said. "Thank You."

Her words shocked Max. "What for?" He inquired.

"For being jealous."

"I'm not jeal...." He tried to deny it and then knew he couldn't hide his feelings from Liz. "I know what Tess had said about who Robert really is, is true Liz. I can't explain how I know it, I just do and I guess hearing you talk about him...It affects me, I can't help it."

"Max you are my life, my lover and my soulmate. You will never need to worry about Robert or any other man in this universe. I love you Max Evans and only you." Liz said as she wrapped her arms around him.

"I love you too." After a brief pause, he then asked. "So what do you say about a quickie before that swim? You know, to take the edge of all these jealous feelings I'm harboring."

Liz looked at Max with seductive eyes. "Just a quickie." She said as she removed her bathing suit top. Max didn't need to be invited twice and the need to be one with her took over. It was over an hour later that the two of them finally made it to the pool, but neither cared about the looks they were giving. They had finally found their true home in each other and that was all they cared about.

End Pt 8B
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Title: Internship
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 9

Before Michael and Isabelle went any further in opening their alien side of their minds, Max made a point to have a certain discussion with Michael. During there meeting in the study, Max hadn't gone into much details about what had happened during the time he had been separated from Liz and tried to open his alien side of his mind up to Tess. Much like Nasedo was requesting Michael and Isabelle to do now. With it just being him and Michael, Max opened up completely to his best friend. Held nothing back, what he had done, how it had felt, everything. Michael was stunned to say the least, he had always assumed like Max had that the pull he and Isabelle shared reacted in the same manner. It finally dawned on him why Isabelle had been so distant from him. The way Max told it, if he requested her to pleasure him, she would have to comply with the request. It was an overpowering thought to say the least and he could understand Max's concern for his sister.

Max and Michael had talked for a long time together, he had also told him what it was like now that Liz had the encoding inside of her that had once belonged to Tess. How it was beautiful and with each time they came together, it just amazed him more and more. Nothing like what it had been when he had been forced to be drawn to be with Tess. Max emphasized the intrusion, the way he hadn't really wanted what had happened to happen, and the guilt of knowing that ultimately it had been his fault. After Michael understood the power of the alien pull and what it could cause him and Isabelle to do, he assured Max he would do whatever it took to ensure he didn't take advantage of Max's sister. Knowing Michael understood what was at stake and knowing there was nothing else he could do for the two of them, because at this point it was up to them. Up to this point they hadn't acted on their impulse to be together, they hadn't even kissed each other unlike he and Tess had done several months before. Maybe the fact that the two of them grew up together and their feelings of respect and love as brother and sister were so strong that nothing would ever happen. Until they really opened up their alien minds to each other, no one would really no for sure.

So for the next week Michael and Isabelle tried to look at each other as a couple and not as brother and sister. They wanted to know if their so called destiny is something they could be happy with for the rest of their lives. Or were their feelings as brother and sister too strong for them to overcome. They spent many hours together. Talking, laughing and in general just enjoying each others company. But, each time they saw Max and Liz together as a couple. Michael immediately thought of Maria and Isabelle couldn't help but think of Alex. It didn't go unnoticed to Nasedo, how they seemed to hold back from each other whenever they witnessed Max and Liz being together.

At Tess's request, Robert had also been invited to stay for the week, stating it was only fair for her to be with the one she loved since she had willing given up her right to Max. As much as Max hated the idea of Robert being around Liz, he knew he owed Tess at least that much. So he had told Nasedo he should allow it, not being able to decline Max's wishes he had allowed Robert to stay. Through out the week though, Nasedo also couldn't help but notice how often Robert seemed to glance at Liz.

At the end of the week, he finally brought Tess into the study to discuss the Robert situation with her. "Child, I know you have told me that your heart wants Robert. Do you know if his heart feels the same way as yours?" Nasedo asked Tess knowing she had wanted to share her true self with the human male.

"I...." Tess tried to answer, but found herself not really knowing the answer to his question any longer. At first she had such strong feelings toward Robert, she was even contemplating sharing their secret with him. But, throughout the week she too had noticed the way Robert looked at Liz. When she had first met Robert. Her breath was taken away. A feeling that was strange to her and totally unexpected. Originally, Nasedo and Tess had searched for Robert just to get him together with Liz so Tess could take her place by Max's side. But, when she first met him they seemed to hit it off almost immediately. She couldn't explain what she was feeling, since she was destined to be with Max. But, something inside her just felt like he could make her happy. She thought he was wonderful, kind, smart and very attractive. As she continued to know him more and more, the more she wanted to be with him. She was sure he had the same emotions for her. But now, she wasn't
sure of anything anymore.

"You have noticed his glances at another? And now it has confused you. Made you uncertain of your future." Human emotions were so weak in his mind. Since the transfer of the encoding had taken place, it was true that he didn't feel the need to protect his one time charge that he had for years. But, she was still one of them and the thought that she had wanted to reveal her true self to another human made him unsure if it was a wise choice. In his book there were already enough humans that knew their secret, all who were devoted to his charges apparently, but he had reservations about another human discovering the truth of their origins. So before he could allow Tess to do her bidding, he needed to be sure that she was sure of her weak human emotions. He had been sure Tess and Max would have fulfilled their destinies once they had spent time together. He hadn't planned on Max being bonded to Liz before they had arrived. Everything he had knew to be true was not, so he was trying to decipher the right course of action, regarding Tess, Robert and Liz.

"I know I was predestined to be with Max. I also know that my feelings for Robert are very strong. What I'm not sure of anymore is Robert's feelings for me? I mean I thought I knew what he felt for me." She then looked sadly toward Nasedo and asked. "What does Liz have that I don't have? Why is it that Max loves her and now I am fearing Robert is also drawn to her? I gave everything up for her and she is still going to take Robert away from me."
The bitterness in her voice did not go unheard by Nasedo. He knew it would be a mistake for Tess to give up the encoding, but he could not go against his King's wishes. If only Max hadn't have bonded to Liz before they had arrived. Seeing his once charge so distraught, he knew at that moment he had failed them.

Wanting to make her understand that the insecurities she was feeling toward Liz was unnecessary, he tried to explain why Robert was drawn to Liz and that since Liz was bond to Max, it didn't matter if Robert wanted Liz or not. She would not be able to betray Max. "You do understand that Robert and Liz were to be together in this life. This could be why Robert has been drawn to her. He has no idea that his fate was Liz. Nor that, that fate was changed by Max's presence. He is drawn to her, just like Max was drawn to you. It was his destiny. As far as Liz goes, she is not a threat to you. She has bonded with Max. They have become one and she could never betray him. Just like Max's body rejected his pull to you because of his bond to Liz, Liz's would reject any advances to her."

"But, that doesn't mean Robert could still want her." Tess argued back.

"You are correct. It may be possible that Robert will continue to be drawn to Liz as she was to be his destiny. That is why you must make sure he feels for you the same as you do him prior to revealing yourself to him." Nasedo stated in his usual unemotional calm tone.
Knowing he had said what he needed to say to her, he left her alone with her own thoughts. He still had to ensure one alien destiny would be fulfilled.

Tess wanted to scream at the injustice of it all. She wanted to shout how unfair it was that Liz Parker had stolen not only the man she was destined to be with away from her, but she was also stealing the man that she loved with her heart away and the worst part of it, there was nothing Tess could do at this point. She had already given up the encoding of her own free will so now she had no claim to either man. Not in their mind or in their heart.
Refusing to accept that she had no way to win, her mind already begun to plan her revenge.
Revenge that she was now on her own to take as Nasedo wouldn't be allow to harm little Lizzie Parker, because she was stupid enough to even give his loyalty away to her when she had given up the encoding. No, this was something she would have to do on her own and when she did, she would have to make sure no one else would be around to stop her.

After leaving Tess in the study, Nasedo went to Max's room to speak with Liz and Max privately. He knocked on the door and when Max answered he stated simply. "We need to talk."

Max opened the door wider to allow Nasedo to walk into his room. "What's wrong?" Max asked knowing something had to be up for Nasedo to come to his and Liz's room privately like he had. Usually when Nasedo wanted to discuss something with them or him alone, he requested them or him to meet him in the study.

"We have a few problems. I believe they can all be solved easily though." Nasedo stated, not menacing words and getting down to the subject at hand.

"What kind of problems?" Max inquired as he walked back over toward Liz. He still didn't trust Nasedo around Liz, he didn't care if she was now encoded for him to protect or not. He knew how Nasedo viewed humans and encoding or not, Max's first instinct were to protect Liz.

"I think it would be best if you two went into town and stayed there for the next week." Nasedo saw that neither Max nor Liz knew why he was asking them to leave so he continued. "As long as the two of you are here, Michael and Isabelle can't really find out if they're desires for each other could grow into real love. The two of them see both of you and they wonder about the other humans they have both left."

Liz understood what Nasedo was saying. "They see us and it makes them think of Maria and Alex, don't they?"

Even for a mere human, Nasedo had to admit the human girl his King had choose to mate with was intelligent. "Yes, I think they need to figure out their destiny on their own. Without any distraction to pull them away."

"But they have already been trying this whole past week. I'm not sure if anything will honestly change if we left or not." Max said honestly not believing Michael or Isabelle would feel any differently. The alien pull inside of them was obviously not the same as it had been for him and Tess. Either that or it was the fact that the two of them had basically raised thinking they were brother and sister, with their human nature of that kind of kinship taking precedence over their alien pull.

"Max, you bonded with Liz prior to coming here. This was something I had not anticipated since I knew that Liz had left you to follow your destiny. I'm not sure you and Tess would have been able to stop your destiny if you had not already bonded with another." Seeing Max wanting to argue with him, he held his hand up to silence him. "But, Isabelle and Michael have not bonded with anyone yet so their destiny is still possible to fulfill."

Max wasn't convinced he would have fulfilled his destiny to Tess even if he hadn't actually made love to Liz before they came here. He was connected to her long before they had actually bonded. But, when he remembered how it felt, the way his mind had demanded him to be with Tess, he wasn't completely sure so he decided against arguing the fact with Nasedo. Especially since it no longer mattered. He was bond to Liz in everyway possible now and forever. It also made him wonder why Nasedo was so gung ho to push the alien destiny thing anyway when it was obvious that neither Michael nor Isabelle were going to want it. "Why is it so important to you for Michael and Isabelle to fulfill their destiny?"

"What is meant to be, should be. Our kind must survive. I know you cannot be the one to ensure our survival since you have already bonded with one who isn't one of us. By doing that you have not only taken away your chance to reproduce, but Tess's as well. This leaves Michael and Isabelle to continue our survival." Nasedo's words were in a calm, but strong toned and that's when it had finally hit Max.

"Wait, what exactly are you saying? That Liz and I can't ever have children together? That Tess would only be able to have children with me?" Max had so many questions from Nasedo's statement, he heard them coming out of his mouth without thinking.

"Our kind has never bonded with an earthling before. I don't know if our bodies are compatible or not with them. Though until the transfer of the encoding had been completed with Liz here, I hadn't thought that would actually happen. Besides right now, there are other matters to be concerned with as well."

"What other matters, what else is going on?" Max asked directly.

"It has to do with Tess." Nasedo replied.

"Tess? I thought Tess loved Robert." Liz said nervously. She suddenly feared Tess wanted Max back and briefly wondered if she would be able to take back what she had given to her. Max could feel Liz's body tense up. He knew what she was thinking and pulled her body close to his to reassure her he wasn't going to let anything come in-between them.

Nasedo had also sensed that Liz feared Tess's feelings for Max had changed. "Liz, this isn't about Max and Tess. This is about you and Robert. Robert is drawn to you. You would have been the one he would have spent his life with if we hadn't come to earth. Do you understand that?"

"But, I'm bonded to Max, I haven't even paid him two seconds of thought. For some reason whenever Robert is in the room with us, my mind seems to have a mind of it's own and is busy taking care of other matters." Liz answered quickly as she gave Max a meaningful look.

Max shrugged his shoulders at Liz's statement. It was true though, Max couldn't help it. Everytime Robert had been around Liz, his mind automatically wanted her to prove she was his and she found herself either kissing him senseless in front of everyone or her body would be clinging to him or even one occasion she had actually started groping Max before she found herself being pulled into the nearest private room before Max had attacked.

Nasedo choose to dismiss the comment and continued on in his explanation. "You are not drawn to Robert, because you have already bonded with Max. Our kind bond for life as you now know." He held back the part of until one of the lifemates pass away. The only hope for Tess to complete her destiny now was for Liz to meet an untimely death, something that he was now forced to prevent. But, if it did occur, the encoding would automatically be sent back to the original individual it had been transferred from. "Since you bonded with one of us, you are only drawn to the one that you bonded with. Robert on the other hand has not bonded with Tess, so he is drawn to you." Nasedo explained to Liz.

"I haven't noticed him drawn to me." Liz replied, not that she would have had the opportunity to notice with the way Max had been whenever the two of them had been in the same room together. Not that she was upset with Max's behavior. It was actually good to know how jealous and possessive he could become when it came to her. Throughout their whole relationship she had been the only one to show any kind of jealously and that was due to Tess. So it was nice to feel the human side of Max reacting in a total human way when it came to Robert.

"I have." Max admitted. He had noticed how often Robert had looked at Liz. Everytime he saw him, he felt jealous and that was the reasoning behind his behavior which he now realized that Liz understood what he had been doing and why.

"Now I have made arrangements for the two of you to stay at my apartment in town. Henry will be up soon to get your bags." He didn't bother to wait for them to confirm they would agree to go. It was what needed to be done, so it would be. "I also think it would be best not to tell the others the true reasons you two are going. Just inform them you want to be alone together. Henry will bring you back at the end of the week and by then we should all know if Michael and Isabelle can truly be happy if they fulfill their destiny." As Nasedo finished his last statement he went to the door and let himself out.

Liz looked into Max's eyes and very seriously said, "I will love you and only you for the rest of my life. You will never have to be jealous of Robert and me."

"Thank you for saying that and I swear I will try to control feelings of being too overly possessive of you. I love you. You and only you." Max said as he rested his forehead against hers. "So do you think we should take his advise and leave without telling Isabelle or Michael of the true reason we are leaving?"

"Max, I'm not really sure of anything at this point. I think this needs to be your call and I will be behind you no matter what you decide. Either way I like the idea of being with you alone, no interruptions!"

"Liz Parker, I love how your mind works. Let's get packed I know where my destiny is now, I think Michael and Is need to find their destinies too without our influence." Liz nodded showing she accepted his decision and moved away from Max to pack up their things.

As Henry put their bags into the car Max went to explain to his friend and sister about him and Liz leaving for a week. "Hey Michael, where's Isabelle?" He asked as he saw only Michael walking down the hallway.

"She wanted to lay down for a while and rest. We've been staying up pretty late talking the last few nights and I think it was beginning to take it's toll on her."

"I wanted to let you both know that Liz and I are going to go into town for the next week. You know... to spend some time together...alone. Nasedo has already made the arrangements for us, but I was hoping to tell Is too."

"So your gonna spend a week alone with Liz, uh. I don't know how you two made it through this destiny thing of ours. I hope Isabelle and I can figure ours out soon." He spoke the truth too, it hadn't been as bad as Max as said the pull he had felt toward Tess had been. But, Michael had felt it and he fought against it. He respected Isabelle too much to even think of making her do something against her will. It didn't help that if he did, Max had already threatened to beat him to a living pulp stick. A threat he knew to take serious.

"Just listen to your heart Michael. If Isabelle is not truly the one for you, it will tell you. I'll be here for you both no matter what you guys decide." Max gave Michael a pat on his back to let him know he understood exactly what he was going through. Max then started to walk toward the door, but stopped and spoke softly to his friend. "Remember, when we bond together with one person. We bond for life. Don't let anyone else influence your
decision." Max stated both knowing he was referring to Nasedo.

Michael knew what Max was saying. "Don't worry Max, we won't do anything that we don't make the choice ourselves to do. Go have fun with Liz. I'll let Isabelle know where you went." With that Max nodded to his friend and started once again for the door. As he stepped through the door he heard Michael whisper under his breath. "God how I envy you Max Evans."

Max opened the car door for Liz and the two drove off. Michael waved farewell to his close friends then returned to the study where Nasedo was waiting for him. "I have had your things moved into Isabelle's room for you." Michael stared at Nasedo about to question why, but Nasedo stopped him. "I know you feel for Isabelle more than you have let on. Max and Tess have chosen the wrong path. I know Tess would have made the right choice if it had not been for the influence Liz has over Max. You must choose the right path."

"Hey, Liz is not influencing Max to do anything he didn't want to do. I know you don't understand what they have, but I can assure you the feelings they share is mutual." Michael felt the need to defend both his friend and Liz. He knew of Max's feelings for years, even way before the shooting had occurred. Alien destiny or not, Max was happier than he had ever seen him and he wasn't about to let Nasedo make it sound like they had done something wrong by choosing to be with each other.

"I may never understand how Max was able to bond to Liz. But, they are a different story. Now is the time for you and Isabelle to bond." Isabelle walked into the study just in time to hear Nasedo's last statement.

"I'm not going to bond with anyone until I'm sure it is right for me." She yelled staring at both men.

"Isabelle, I...." Michael was at a total lost for words. He knew she was thinking he was agreeing with Nasedo, but she couldn't be further from the truth. He looked at her with sincere eyes. "We are not going to do anything that we don't decide together." He finally stated as he turned to look at Nasedo. Telling him with his look that the two of them bonding was their choice to make not his. Max's warning ringing loud and clear in his head.

Isabelle approached Michael and put her arm around his waist as if to thank him. "Nasedo the choice is ours and ours alone do you understand me."

"Child there is no choice. It is your destiny, both of yours. You cannot deny what you are feeling forever. You both can lie to me, but you cannot lie to yourselves forever. You know I am right about this. Even if it doesn't take place this week, someday soon it will."

"What do you mean there is no choice? Max made a choice and he is the happiest I have ever seen him. We do have a choice! It might not be the choice that was supposed to be, but we do have a choice!!!" Michael's voice was loud, but he hadn't actually started to yell yet.

"Max seems happy now. But, he will regret his decision someday and when he does it will be too late for him to do anything about it. I am just trying to protect the two of you from making the same mistake." Nasedo's voice was as calm as ever.

"How can you say Max only seems happy. He has been in love with Liz for so long. I don't think you understand what they have together. He will never regret his decision to be with Liz. Just like I would never regret being with Ale....." Isabelle stopped herself mid sentenced.

"Being with Alex." Michael finished for her. "I know Is, I wonder about Maria and me the same way. You don't have to hide your feelings from me. I am still your brother in my heart."

"NO! You are NOT siblings! You will NEVER be siblings!" Nasedo said, finally letting his voice raise slightly. "Michael, you and Isabelle are destined to be together for a reason. Our kind must survive and if you make the wrong choice then our kind will die with you. Max and Liz maybe happy now, but what kind of future will they have knowing they can never have a happy future." Before either of them could say anything to rebut his statement, he turned to Isabelle and asked. "Do you want a family Isabelle?"

"Yes, of course I do someday. So, what are you saying if I don't have a family with Michael I won't be able to have one with anyone else?" The thought scared her. Family was important to her and not just to her. She knew how Michael felt, he had always wanted family his whole life. Remembering the dream she had when she believed she was pregnant with Michael's child and the way he had stood by her. The thought that not only she wouldn't be able to have a family of her own someday, along with the thought that if she didn't comply with her destiny to be with Michael wouldn't take away Michael's chance to have the one thing he had always wanted in life, frightened her.

"That is exactly what I am saying. Yes, you may have some human DNA, but you are not human enough to mate and reproduce with a human. Michael is your only hope for a future. The future that you want. That you both want. So you see, there is no choice. You must fulfill your destiny to one another. It is the only way."

Isabelle sat down into the couch as what Nasedo had just told them sank inside of her. Family was the most important thing in the world to her. She could not fathom not being
able to have children. She also couldn't fathom being the one to prevent Michael from having what he had always wanted. Would it be that bad to be with Michael, she did love him. Not the passionate kind of love that Max held for Liz, but she did respect him, trust him and even though she wasn't truly in love with him. Wouldn't her respect and trust be enough for her to be happy in order for her to have the future they both seeked desperately to have? Michael sensed what she was feeling and touched her shoulder gently. When she turned to look up at him she knew he understood the words Nasedo had said also. They didn't have a choice anymore. They both could feel it. "Nasedo moved my things into your room earlier. I would like to ask you if it would be okay to leave them there?" Michael asked in whispered voice.

Her reply was a simply nod.

End Pt 9

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I think everyone is in agreeance regarding Nasedo. Don't worry too much regarding him, the one that always comes through will rise to the challenge once again. As for Tess, now really, let's be honest here. Who really thought she could be trusted?? I knew aloong with 99.9% of all the dreamers not trust her even back then.
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Title: Internship
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 9B

It was a solemn Michael and a very nervous Isabelle who Nasedo had left alone in the study after their conversation. An eerie silence fell over the two of them. Neither knowing how to even start to say what they were feeling. Both felt bond to commit to each other for the sake of the other's future happiness, but both knowing they would never be completely happy in the arms of one another.

Isabelle was thinking how she had just started to open her heart to Alex. Their relationship was so new, so raw, she didn't know if it would continue to grow in that ever after type of love that obviously Max and Liz shared. But, Alex was one of the most amazing guys that she knew. He was witty, charming, intelligent, attractive and the best part was he knew her. The real her on the inside and not just the pretty face on the outside and he still wanted to be with her. No, she didn't know if their relationship was heading in the direction of forever until death do us part. But, she wanted to continue to discover what that relationship could possibly go. But, could she let down Michael. The man she was supposedly made to love, the man she was supposedly to mate with and bare his children. The man she trusted with her life and she respected him dearly. The man that she loved with all her heart for as long as she could remember. But, she was not in love with him. She didn't think any amount of time would change that.

Michael's mind wandered between Isabelle and Maria, like he was comparing the two of them. Isabelle was like him. Isabelle was the woman that was made to be with him. Isabelle was the woman that his entire planet was counting on him to be with. Isabelle was beautiful and was most likely the only woman he could have a family from according to Nasedo. But, Isabelle wasn't Maria. As hard as he tried to come to terms with what was expected to happen between Isabelle and himself, he just couldn't because of one blond haired pixie that had wormed her way into his heart. For all the reasons he could think of why he should be with Isabelle, there was only one that held him at bay. That reason was named Maria. It wasn't that she was more beautiful than Isabelle, they were both highly attractive in his book. It wasn't that Maria's body was so much more well endowed than Isabelle, because there again it was obvious who's body was more voluptuous. But, to Michael when he held Maria in his arms, she was his perfect fit. It wasn't that Maria was more intelligent than Isabelle. Isabelle was smart, very smart. But, Maria was street smart like him and as much as he enjoyed spending time with Isabelle. It just wasn't the same as it felt like to spend time with Maria. No, there were a hundred different reasons that he should be with Isabelle, it was his destiny after all. But, when it came down to it only one mattered. He wasn't in love with Isabelle, he was in love with Maria.

With that last thought, Michael knew what he had to say. "Isabelle, I can't do it."

Snapping her head over to look at him, making sure she had heard him correctly. "You can't?"

Shaking his head even as he began to speak. "No, this isn't us. You know I love you and I'd do anything for you, but I can't do this. Please forgive me Isabelle, but I'm just not in love with you. I'm in love with Maria."

"You are?" She asked so excitedly, it hardly even sounded like a question.

He nodded his head before seeking her eyes for acceptance to his decision. Without any hesitation, Isabelle threw her arms around him and hugged him dearly to her. He didn't hesitate to return her gesture, knowing she was letting him know that she felt the exact same way as he did about their feelings for each other. While they embraced Michael's mind suddenly exploded with a need to feel more from her. Isabelle responded immediately and scooted closer to him and hugged him tight against her body. He instantly found himself hugging her back. To his surprise, he had this over powering need to hug her back just like she was hugging him. Before his mind could have any further thoughts, he jumped out of her arms quickly. "Oh My God! It happened!"

As soon as Michael had removed himself from her so quickly, his mind had shut out any other thoughts regarding her and Isabelle was left in a state of confusion. "What? What happened?"

Michael eye balled her in disbelieve, had he only imagined what he had thought? Was it possible that Isabelle hadn't felt the pull begin to take hold of her? Or was she forced to hug him like she had and not even realized she had done it? Or worst did she want to hug him like that? Thinking hard Michael realized, she had never really responded to his confession about loving Maria instead of her except with a question. His mind racing, could it be possible that she is in love with me. A sudden dreaded feeling washed over him, with the thought of her actually wanting to fulfill a destiny he had just decided with finality that he didn't want. Still looking at her with a questioning stare, he asked. "You didn't feel it?"

Still slightly confused by his sudden change, she asked. "Feel what?"

"What do you mean, feel what? Right then, just a second ago. You hugged ME!" His voice began to raise the more he thought about it, the more concern he got about it.

Seeing he was starting to become the Michael that jumped first before he thought things through, she quickly jumped to her feet in front of him. "You mean your freaking out because I hugged you. Michael Guerin, I have hugged you like a zillion times in our lives and just because we both agree we don't want to go through with our destiny doesn't mean you have to make me feel like I have some kind of...I don't cooties or something, just because I hugged you.

Michael's mind was still trying to process everything and once again he jumped in before he allowed his mind to process it all the way through. "Okay, then why did you hug me like that. Just when my mind was thinking it, you did it. Just like Max said would happen."

Eyes going wide, because she had yet to be told of Max and Tess's true experience during their so called experimental week together. "Just like Max said what would happen?"

Now Michael stood with his mouth opening and closing, not sure how to even try to respond. Finally he broke down and simply blurted out. "Your encoding is to please me, when I want you to."

"WHAT? Michael, have you gone insane. Do you honestly believe I would be at your beckon call whenever you wanted me to be? Oh please, swelled head much or what." She stated with eyes rolling. She wanted to laugh in his face at the audacity of him thinking she would be at his beckon call to have her do whatever he felt he wanted her to do to give him pleasure.
She truly thought he had begun to go insane. Michael remained looking at her, as if he was sizing her up, trying to see if she truly meant what she had been saying. When she saw that he wasn't just thinking what he had said, but believed it to be true, she questioned. "Michael?"

"I don't know, it's what happened between Max and Tess. Maybe our encoding is different because we aren't the King and Queen of a planet." His last sentence was said out loud, but it was more himself thinking out loud then speaking to Isabelle.

"I think you need to tell me what exactly happened between Max and Tess." She stated firmly, truly needing to know exactly what he knew about their encoding. So for the next half hour, Michael proceeded to tell Isabelle everything that Max had told him. Some parts were embarrassing, some parts were really hard to actually admit and he hadn't even been the one to experience it. He had thought he envied Max, but as he retold Max's version of the encounter, he was anything except envious. By the time he was done, Isabelle sat in shocked silence. Finally understanding why Michael had freaked like he had. She thought back to what had happened while they were embracing and then how she had pulled him tighter against her own body. Had it been some kind of alien pull to do as Michael had requested of her to do? Would she be forced to do the kinds of things that Tess had, but to Michael in lieu of Max? A shiver ran down her spine at just the thought of what her brother and Tess had been through. Finally gaining the nerve to eye Michael to pass judgement and what she saw unnerved her. He was scared of the same things that Max had obviously been scared about. Not the part about betraying Liz or even Maria to Michael. But, to be forced to perform or have her perform any kind of sexual assault on him just because his mind thought for her to do it. "Michael look at me."

When Michael looked at her, she spoke calmly, even though she was scared shitless. But, she needed to know the truth. "I want you to really look inside of your mind, toward the pull you have that's encoded inside of you. Feel, what it is that it's telling you and fantasize about...about me caressing your arm. Let's see if this works, but Michael Guerin I swear to God, I can control my powers a hell of a lot better then you. So if you so much as fantasize about anything more than me stroking your arm, you'll be dead as soon as that sick mind of your fantasizes about anything else. Do we understand each other?"

Michael nodded his head quickly. Not many people scared Michael, but a pissed off Isabelle did and he had no desire to see her let loose on him. Slowly he looked inside of himself and pictured Isabelle's hand caressing his arm and conjured up the feeling of excitement that he would receive if she would just go for it. Isabelle stood holding her breath waiting for something to start to force her into it. After a few minutes she let out her breath and realized that it wasn't working. She felt no desire to fulfill his fantasy. None. Yes, she did feel drawn to Michael, but she wasn't drawn to him to fulfill a fantasy of his for his pleasure alone. Sighing with relief, she dropped back down on the couch in the study. "Well, I guess that answers that questions."

Michael too, let out a swoosh of breath as the relief washed over him. "Of thank God. I didn't know what I would have done if you had stepped over here and started caressing my arm." He finally admitted.

Isabelle leaned back against the couch, her mind was replaying everything she had just learned and heard. Thinking it over for a minute she looked inside of her own mind and thought how the effect of the pull truly worked. The tension from their failed test was causing her neck to stiffen up. Rolling her head from side to side to loosen it up, her mind went to Michael and how good it would feel to have him massage her neck for a moment.
No sooner had her mind thought it, Michael stepped behind her on the couch. His hands moving to soothe the tension in her neck. As soon as she felt his hands on her neck, Isabelle straightened her back immediately. "What the hell do you think your doing?" She screamed out, even though she really didn't want to loose the feel of Michael's hands on her neck, as it did feel good.

"I'm rubbing her neck. What the hell do you think I'm doing?" He replied gruffly and wanted to pull his hands away, but something inside of him just couldn't stop him from giving her the pleasure of the massage that she had wanted.

"Well, stop it." She commanded using her best ice princess voice, but her mind was loving the feel of it.

Wanting to stop, trying desperately to stop, but unable to remove his hands from her neck. He finally admitted. "I can't. Oh GOD! I can't, Isabelle?" The panic in his voice was heard loud and clear by Isabelle who was just as shocked.

The pull was there, the intrusion was there. Just the thought of what was happening to them made both of their blood drain from their faces. Isabelle made her mind race with anything and everything she could think of, pigs rolling around in mud puddles, an old man picking his nose, having a bird's poop land in her hair. Anything disgusting that came her way she pictured it in her mind and suddenly Michael's hands were off her neck and they were both banning with anxieties at what had just occurred. Isabelle wasn't the one that had to do Michael's bidding, for their pull was just the opposite. Michael had been the one encoded to do her bidding. "I guess this puts a whole knew meaning to you better be nice to Isabelle, now doesn't it." Isabelle jests trying to come to terms with what this actually did mean.

Michael cocked his head at her, while saying. "This isn't funny okay. We need to figure this out." He had prepared himself to make sure he wouldn't take advantage of the woman that he always presumed was his sister. He had no idea how to handle the thought of being the one that was at her beckon call versus her being at his.

Laughing uncontrollably, Isabelle tried to say. "I..I...Knooow. I just can't help it." Bringing herself more together she finally admitted. "It makes sense though doesn't it. I mean Max was our King, so of course he would be the one to have the power over Tess to make her do his bidding. While, I might not be King, I was his sister. Which would make me a princess, therefore giving me the power over you." She thought about it out loud as she spoke.

"I can't believe this! I can't fucking believe it!" Michael shouted out, shouted. "NASEDO!" He screamed out, he wanted answers and he wanted them right now. When the elder alien didn't come back to the study and with Isabelle once again in a fit of laughter, Michael stormed out of the study to get the answers he desperately needed.

Once the door to the study slammed shut, Isabelle quickly pulled herself back together once again and attempted to run after Michael to apologize. It wasn't every day you discover you had to be someone else's play thing and she knew she had handled it badly. She knew she should have been more sensitive to Michael's feelings, it was just that it struck her as so funny, she simply couldn't help it. Walking into the living room, she saw Tess sitting on the couch with her head in her hands. "Tess? Are you okay?" The taller blond asked the shorter one.

Tess tried to wipe her tears away quickly, not wanting to show how weak she had become. Letting her human emotions rule her, but she failed miserably to keep Isabelle from seeing how upset she had been. Now Isabelle had always wanted another female like her to be able to confide in and when Tess had first arrived, she had felt the need to become friends with her. Then, all the crap went down and her and Tess had never really dealt with their feelings toward each other. Yes, Isabelle had accepted the fact that Tess was one of them and yes, she had accepted the fact that Tess had been destined to be with her brother. But, the two of them had kind of went their own ways after the destiny issue had arisen. As Isabelle looked upon Tess attempting to not show how truly distraunt she did appear, she asked. "Tess? What is it?"

Not being able to hold it in any more, Tess cried out. "Ro..Robert, he's...He left." She sobbed out.

"Left? You mean as..."

"As he doesn't love me any more, left. He is in love with Lizzz." She cried out. She had seen it coming, knew it in her heart that she had lost Robert to Liz the minute she had seen him at the hospital sitting next to Liz. But, she had tried to tell herself that he would still want her once he realized Liz wasn't available.

"Oh Tess, I am so sorry. I really am, is there anything I can do for you." Isabelle asked sincerely. She truly did feel sorry for her fellow hybrid, it was obvious the girl had strong feelings for that Robert guy.

Not really answering Isabelle, but talking mainly to herself out loud, Tess rambled. "It's not fair. I gave up everything. I don't have Max, I don't have Nasedo's protection anymore. I don't even have Robert now. All because of Liz." Lifting her teary eyes to Isabelle, she asked. "Why, what's so wrong with me? Why didn't Max love me? He was supposed to love me, not her. Why did Robert still fall in love with her, even after he saw how committed Liz was to Max? What's wrong with me?"

Now Isabelle wanted to comfort Tess, she could see how desperate the girl needed comforting, but the way she was talking sent shivers down Isabelle's spine. It was obvious that she was hurting and when people hurt they sometimes lashed out at other people. The thing was, she was lashing out at one of the few people that Isabelle Evans did consider to be a real friend, not to mention how Max felt about Liz. "Tess, I know this doesn't help right now, but you can't help who your heart loves. You and I both know that Liz doesn't want Robert.
She's bonded to Max now. As far as Max goes, he has been in love with Liz since I can remember. It has nothing against you. There isn't anything wrong with you, it's just that he has always felt that way about Liz and he can't control what his heart wants anymore then you or I can control the way we feel."

"But, that's just it Isabelle. How could Max have fallen in love with Liz in the first place? I was the one made for him to fall in love with. I was the one he was encoded to love. Now, I have nothing and she has everything!" The hurt in Tess's heart was quickly turning to hatred.

"I don't know Tess. I'm supposed to love Michael, which I do love him as a brother. But, I'm not in love with him. I just don't think our people understood the way the human heart nor the way human emotions come into play when they thought to encode as to have this pull toward each other. Besides, you haven't lost everything. You've still got me, you still have Max's friendship and Michael. As far as Nasedo goes, who needs him. Together the four of us are kick us alien hybrids and we can kick some serious butt when we want to." Isabelle tried to joke hoping to bring Tess out of her current state.

Tess gave Isabelle a small smile, thanking her for her words. But, on the inside the anger was still rising. She knew what she had to do, even if she was on her own now. Once Liz Parker was out of her life permanently she would get back what was rightfully hers. Max.

End Part 9b
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I'm glad everyone enjoyed reading Michael's reaction. At first I originally had it set up for Isabelle to have the encoding to do Michael's bidding, but I changed this around and was glad that everyone seems to agree with the decision so far. Anyway, thanks so much for the FB. Here is the next part, let me know what you think.

Title: Internship
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 10

Once Max and Liz arrived at the apartment Nasedo had set up for them, they walked through the entire place to get the feel of it. There was plenty of food for them in the cabinets and fridge to last for quite a bit longer then just a week, but neither took too much note of it. Both of them had quite a bit on their minds, mainly Michael and Isabelle. Would they both give into the alien pull and end up being together? Max had felt slightly guilty about leaving his sister in the dark, but he had always trusted Michael. Besides threatening his life was a pretty start to ensure he could trust Michael was a plus in his book, knowing that Michael had taken the threat very serious.

When they made it into the bedroom, Max's mind went straight into thinking of what he wanted to do with Liz while they were there. Liz immediately leaned over and kissed him deeply. "You realize you are out of control here, don't you?" She didn't really mind what his mind was picturing as it was exactly what she was wanting to do too. The two of them in a passionate embrace, making love until the wee hours of the morning. No, that part didn't bother her at all. But, her logical mind wanted to work on this pull to do Max's bidding.
She loved Max with every fiber of her body, but for a relationship to work, it had to be a mutual feel of respect for both of them and if she was always at his beckon call then someday it could become a problem.

"Does it upset you? I mean..the way my mind thinks about you sometimes." He questioned, he knew Liz had made the right choice about making him give the encoding to her. He wouldn't have survived if he had to continue to be drawn to Tess. But, he didn't want Liz to feel that sex was the only thing that he felt toward her.

"Upset me, no. We made the right choice Max. But, it does feel weird sometimes. Not that I mind staring in your fantasies or living them with you. But, the fact that it's there to begin with. Like right this minute I want to kiss you because I love you, I want to feel those wonderful lips of yours that set my toes tingling with the way they make me feel when you do kiss me. That's my heart and soul acknowledging what I want to do."

Max quickly leaned over to place a small kiss upon her lips, with her words, he couldn't have stopped himself if he wanted to. When he pulled back, he kept his arm around her waist as he leaned his forehead against hers. "Go on." He truly wanted to know everything she was thinking and feeling from having the encoding inside of her.

Lowering her eyes in a shy manner, she took a deep breath then looked back up to continue with how she felt. "Then there is the way my body basically craves your taste, your touch. The need to see you, hear your voice because of our bonding is incredible. I don't even know how to describe the need I feel for you." She gave his body a slight squeeze and inhaled his scent that intoxicated her.

She didn't need to describe it to him, for he felt the exact same way regarding her. He returned her hug, then encouraged her to continue. "And." Knowing she wanted to discuss the encoding issue also.

"I guess it feels weird sometimes, because while my heart wants to kiss you and wants you to kiss me in return and my body is craving the same thing. My mind is demanding that I kiss you because you feel the same way as I do with your heart and your mind is commanding me to kiss you because of the alien pull you have for me now. Oh, I don't know what I'm trying to say." She pulled back to look him in the eye, before continuing. "Even though I want to kiss you, I crave to kiss you, and my mind is screaming for me to kiss you. It still feels weird when I do kiss you, because I don't know if I have the choice to choose to kiss you or not. Do you understand?"

"I'm sorr..."

Pulling abruptly away, she held her hand up to stop his apology in mid sentence. "Don't, don't apologize about the choice we made together on this. I don't regret my choice in what's happened. Even though I still plan on making you make it up to me for what you did with Tess." She said it in a joking manner, but Max could hear that she was still feeling hurt about how he had betrayed her.

Guilt ran through his veins with just the thought of what he had done. Degrading himself for being as weak as he was and not able to control what he had done. "Liz, I know I can't make it up to you, what I did. But, I do want you to know that nothing that Tess and I did was because I wanted it to happen. Your the only one I have ever and will ever want to be with." He stated truthfully. "I know it might be hard, but if you want to talk about, we can." Not that Max wouldn't have wanted to forget that it had ever happened, but if Liz needed to talk thing through, it was the least he could do for her. No matter how hard it was going to be, he knew it was the right thing to do. It wasn't like Liz didn't know everything that happened already between him and Tess. For when he had connected with her, he held nothing back.

This conversation was one that they both had avoided for the past week. Neither of them really wanting to discuss it, but both knowing they needed to so they could get past it and move on with their future with a clean slate. Liz stepped away and sat on the bed. "I guess we should." Max moved to sit next to her and she slipped her hand into his hoping to use the strength he always made her feel, to help her get through this one. "I know what happened. I also know how much you didn't want it to happen. But, I guess there are a couple issues I have as to how it did happen in the first place. Not, the alien pull that caused it, but the fact that you didn't fight Nasedo harder about Tess moving into your room to begin with. I mean, you knew what the encoding did to both you and Tess. So why did you put yourself in a position that would allow what happened to happen?"

Max hung his head slightly, once again Liz was correct. It was obvious that she understood why it had happened and now that she had the alien pull inside of her, she understood all to well how it worked. But, he should have put his foot down and refuse Nasedo's request. "I don't know why I didn't. I mean at first I did, but then Nasedo was making this case about how these two weeks were supposed to be about Tess and I figuring out what our true feelings for each other were. Until the episode in the barn had happened, I didn't even realize that our encodings were different. I guess I wanted to prove that I could handle the situation. Since it was obviously me that was the one with the control. I had every intention of sleeping on the floor and I had every intention of keeping myself from submitting to the pull. As the bonding I shared with you, made me sick just thinking about being with Tess. I assumed physically I wouldn't be able to do anything and I felt pretty confident that would keep both Tess and I safe from our alien pull." He glanced over toward Liz, to see if he could tell if she accepted the weak excuse. "I wish with all my heart I had been stronger Liz, I would never intentionally hurt you or want to cause you this kind of pain. I wish I had stood up to Nasedo more, now that I have had time to think about the way he pushed me into doing something that neither Tess nor myself wanted to do."

Liz started shaking her head as she processed things in her mind. She had seen for herself what had gone down and the more she thought about it, the angrier she became. Not directly just at Max, but more at Nasedo. She thought how Nasedo had admitted that he felt the need to protect her now instead of Tess and she swore the last thing she would ever want was for Nasedo to be the one to give her protection. I am encoded to protect Liz. Nasedo had stated when she had first been given the alien encoding from Tess. The more she thought about it the angrier she had become as a new realization dawned on her. Nasedo didn't have any control, he wasn't there leader. He was encoded to protect them, he was their servant to do their bidding in a sick sort of way. Max was the King, Max was the leader, Max had all the power. "God, I can't believe I didn't think of this before." She turned to face him still sitting on the bed and said. "Max, you know I love you with all my heart so please don't take this the wrong way. But, honey, your an idiot and I'm the fool that just followed right along with you."

"What?" He whispered, knowing he had heard her correctly the first time, just needing to be sure he was correct.

"Max, who's the leader of the aliens from Antar on Earth to date?"

"Uh..I guess I am." Max stated, hating the fact he was, but knowing he couldn't deny it. He still was a little unsure where Liz was going with all of this.

"And who is the protector, the one that is encoded in his brain to serve the leader, YOU?"

Finally getting where she was going, he whispered. "Nasedo."

"Exactly, all this time he has been playing you. Making demands on you to do his bidding, but that is the exact opposite of the truth and we've just played right into his hands." She was fuming with the realization that Nasedo had taken advantage of Max's good heartiness
Everything they had been through, everything that had happened was because Nasedo had instrumental it to happen. The only thing that he hadn't controlled was the fact that Max and her had bonded. Putting all of them together to make Max believe he needed to look into his alien side and explore the pull he had with Tess. Making her believe that it was in her own best interest to leave Max alone with Tess so he could truthfully explore what his mind was telling him he should do. Then placing Tess's things in Max's bedroom and Max believing he had no right to argue against him. How many other things had Nasedo manipulated? There was no telling, Robert. Tess. Michael and Isabelle. "Oh God, Max. We've got to stop them. Michael and Isabelle have no idea what they really are dealing with, they don't know what will happen if they give in to this alien pull." She cried out frustrated with herself that she hadn't realized before how truly evil Nasedo could be. Her thoughts went to her friends and how it would affect the two of them, if Isabelle and Michael did end up together.

Max could tell Liz's mind was whirling. To him, her mind was as beautiful as her physical appearance was. That was one of the main reasons he had reservations about transferring the encoding that Tess had in her mind to Liz's. Max loved the way Liz thought thing through, how she could come up with the plans that helped them through thick and thin. He didn't want to control that mind, he wanted to worship it. He maybe a supposed King, but Liz was his equal in every way. In his heart, mind, body and soul. Hearing her fear for Isabelle and Michael, Max quickly wanted to ease that beautiful mind of hers. "Michael understands Liz. I told him all about what occurred with Tess and I. I always told him about our bonding and how it is permanent. Besides, I don't think he will allow anything to happen, I basically threatened his life if anything did, so..."

Liz beamed a bright smile for him, she had gotten herself so worked up thinking of the horrors that Michael and Isabelle might be persuaded to do by Nasedo without even realizing what they would be getting themselves into. "I still think we need to have a discussion with Nasedo. What he did was unacceptable? He put your life at risk, my life at risk, basically caused the rape between you and Tess to occur. I'm sorry, but I just can't forgive him just like that. He needs to be taught that you are the one in charge and from here on out, he will be the one doing your bidding and not the other way around."

"And your too." Max confessed, making Liz realize that it wasn't just him that Nasedo was encoded to protect now, Liz had the power over him too since she now held the encoding inside of her mind.

"Yeah, well, the juries still out on that one. But, I guarantee if it's true he is going to rue the day he ever messed with me and my relationship with you. I told you before, I was going to stand up and fight for us from here on out." She stopped her rant and Max could see her mind twirling with thoughts again. "What else do you think he has kept from us? I know I feel the bond between us is permanent. But, is there some kind of loop hole that he is just waiting to take advantage of because we don't know about it. And is it true that the encoding can't just be undone, that he had to be transferred?"

Her words made Max's own mind begin to think, could it be possible? Was he such an idiot, like Liz had said to believe in the words that Nasedo had spoken? "Liz, I think your right. There are too many unanswered questions out there that Nasedo obviously has the knowledge to give us the answers. I'm not too worried about Michael and Isabelle, the pull they seem to share to each other doesn't quite seem to be as strong as the one that I share with you. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that the two of them were raised as seeing each other as brother and sister versus how Tess was raised. So the encoding you have from her is developed more due to Nasedo's influence. But, I do think Nasedo was right about it not being able to be removed completely. I did feel that when the transfer had taken place. As far as our bonding, I know that's permanent. I have no doubts on that one, except maybe..."

"Except what?" She could tell Max was thinking out loud, sharing his thoughts as he thought them with her. Proving to her once again how he viewed her as an equal and not just a sex object that he could control with his mind. Not that she minded what he had done to control their situation so far. In fact she was looking forward to the next fantasy that his mind would come up with, even though she knew they did need to work on making sure fantasies weren't carried away with at the wrong time.

"Well, what happens if one of us dies? Does that mean both of us die? But, that doesn't make sense, because my mother was apparently still alive since she had been the one to record that stupid destiny message to begin with. But, then my father must not be alive any longer, otherwise why would I be the King. If he was still alive, wouldn't he be the King still? And since Isabelle and I are around, we can only assume that our parents did bond. At least to conceive the two of us."

"That's it, that's the loop hole Nasedo is hoping for. Max your a genius!"

"First I'm an idiot, now I'm a genius? A genius that has no idea what that genius brain of yours has figured out." Max joked with her, but was serious when he stated he wasn't sure what she was getting so emotional about.

"Don't you see, our bond is permanent as long as the two of us still live. The encoding can't be destroyed, only transferred. Let's say I suddenly meet an untimely death, what happens to the encoding that I now possess?" Seeing Max was getting what she had said so far, but nodding for her to continue with her thought process. "Tess, Max. The encoding would be transferred automatically back to the original host it came from. I'm betting Nasedo knows this and he knows there is nothing he can do about it right now, but I'd bet my life he is trying to come up with a plan that will ensure my demise and the transferring back of the encoding to Tess. Our bonding was never part of the plan, but once we had bonded...."

"It was too late for him to force me to fulfill a destiny with Tess because physically my body would reject hers like it had done overtime we became close." Max finished Liz's thought process. Their minds were so acutely aware of how the other thought, it was easy enough to jump to the same conclusion. "What about him being encoded to protect you? How could he plan your demise if he is programmed to protect you?"

The two of them looked at each other and both made the same realization at the same time and stated it together. "Tess."

"But, there lies his problem. Tess doesn't really love you, so she doesn't feel threatened that she gave up the encoding to me right now. She's in love with Robert."

"Then we have a bigger problem then we thought." Max stated and this time it was Liz that gave him a questioning nod for him to continue, as she was unsure where he was going with it now. "Robert isn't in love with Tess. At least he doesn't have the same feelings for her that she has for him, because Robert's heart found someone that enchanted him more than Tess and I have to agree with his choice, but it will be a cold day in hell before I step aside and give him the opportunity to let his heart have who his heart wants." Liz still gave him an innocent look that she still didn't get it. "You, Liz. Robert is fulfilling a destiny that he would have had if I hadn't come to Earth. Liz, Robert is falling in love with you."

The look of shock spread over Liz's face. She knew both Nasedo and Max had stated that they had witnessed him giving her looks, although she had never really seen it. Of course, she had been a little preoccupied with Max to notice, but still the revelation did shock her.
Max couldn't help the feeling of jealously that took control, just thinking about what was supposed to be, made him jealous. His mind suddenly commanded at the same time his body did. Within the next moment their lips joined in a mutual need to satisfy each other. Max's mind had screamed at Liz's to satisfy his need to be with him, at the same time his body had screamed to take Liz. Together their lips danced across each other. Breaking the kiss, but keeping their lips as close together without actually touching, Max whispered. "I want you Liz, I need you. Say you want me to, say you need me as much as I need you. Not because my mind is wanting you to say it, but because you want to say it." He needed to hear her say that she loved him, only him and he needed her to say it because she wanted to. Not because of the alien pull that they had for each other.

"I need you Max, I love you, only you. Fantasize away and take me to the stars." She whispered back before their lips came together for another taste of heaven. Max's mind was only beginning to form the fantasy in his mind. It was only one of a thousand more he had in mind and someday he expected to fulfill all of them and hers.

End Pt10A

A/N - Now originally this story was only 10 parts long, but as you can see we aren't quite there. Mainly because I've revamped quite a bit of the story and I want to add a few more things in before I can round it out. Sorry to those who were looking for a quick story, I honestly didn't mean for it to become as long as it has already. Those silly fingers of mine won't stop typing though, it really isn't my fault. So as long as you all don't mind me looking into a few more details, I'll continue to write them otherwise, just let me know and I can do the ending just about anytime from here.

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Title: Internship
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 10B

Kissing, caressing, touching, licking, nibbling, feeling. Together Max and Liz fulfilled Max's latest fantasy. Their love making went from slow and sensual to fast and frenzied. Only to return to slow and sensual before they both collapsed into each other's arms. "I guess that's three down and many more to go." Liz joked to Max regarding the way his mind kept changing the fantasy they were fulfilling for a new one almost immediately. The alien pull was intense, she had no will power to say no or deny what he wanted. At the moment was not a problem as she was loving the way Max's mind came up with the things he had. Her body craved him as much as her mind was demanding that she fulfill the fantasies he was requesting of her. All and all it was a win, win situation for them for now. But, Liz was logical and knew they needed to figure out a way to get the alien pull under control or one of these times this alien encoding would come back to haunt them. "Max?" She whispered while still laying snuggled closely beside Max.

"Yeah." His voice deep, yet soft. She could tell he was completely sated and the excursions his body had been through had taken it's toll. She knew exactly what he was feeling since her own body was filling the same way.

"You know that control we talked about."

"Uh.huh." He replied already starting to doze into a peaceful sleep.

"I think maybe it would be a good idea to try to ignore the alien pull, just to see what would happen if we did." As of yet, they hadn't even tried to fight against it. Neither really felt any kind of need to do so. They both were completely head over heels in love with the other, they both craved the feel of each other's bodies and they both loved the sensation when their joining bodies entertwined their souls with each other. So neither even thought twice about the alien pull. Yes, it was there. Yes, it still made it's demands. The difference was the demands it made was demands they wanted to do anyway, so it really hadn't caused any problems at all as of yet. But, Liz knew they didn't live in a fairy tale world and they had to live in reality. In reality they wouldn't always have opportunity to fulfill a fantasy or there could be times when she and Max wouldn't be on the same page. Being logical she knew even the most perfect of relationships had differences, so it was probable that they wouldn't be on the same page all the time. What would happen if they couldn't control the alien pull? Would she feel the same way Tess had felt? Would Max feel the same way he had felt when he had been with Tess? She didn't even want to think of that possibility happening so she knew they needed to figure it out now, before those days arrived.

"Okay." Max sleepily replied, he was only half in the real world as his mind was already drifting to his dreams of Liz in his arms. With Max's agreement, her mind eased into sleep along with Max. Feeling, safe, secure, loved and completely satisfied in the arms of her soulmate.

The following morning Max was the first to awaken, he immediately sought Liz's lips out as he pulled her body even more secure against his. Waking up to the feel of Liz's soft, warm body next to his made his body respond immediately. It didn't help the fact that he had dreamed of making love with her all night long and his body was more than ready to go for the release it was demanding. With both of them falling asleep naked and with one of Liz's legs thrown over the top of his hips Max easily found his way home.

The moment Max had kissed her lips, her body responded automatically. Even though she was still in a state of sleepiness, but the moment his body joined with hers. A smile appeared on her face as the moan escaped her throat even before she began to wake. Her body felt as if it was being loved and cherished. That was the only way she could describe how Max made her feel. Even with the alien encoding to do his bidding, he never really took advantage of it and still made sure to love her for her. He always seemed to make a point to show her how much her loved and adored her. Loving her for her and not because of an encoding he had to love her inside of his brain. It was a wonderful feeling and as Max moved in and out of her body, she wondered if he knew just how much she truly did love him. "I love you." She whispered, her eyes had yet to open, but her heart was a live and beating loudly as he continued to give her such pleasure.

"I love you, only you, always and forever you." You returned huskily, continuing to pump his body over hers. The alien pull he had inside his mind driving him to mate with her, but at the same time his body was reveling in the fact that she was his. He still found it amazing that she was willing to take the encoding from Tess. Liz wasn't the I'll be at your beckon call type person, he hardly could believe that she was actually willing to go through with it. But, now that she had, everything just seemed like it finally fit. Instead of his mind calling to a person he had no desire to be with in anyway, it was calling to the person his entire being called out to. He had no desire to take advantage of his situation, even though a few times his jealous instincts regarding Robert had taken slight advantage. But, all and all he was determined to make sure Liz knew how much she meant to him. Not, because of an alien encoding told him to be with her, but because he loved her. He loved everything about her.

Together they climaxed and when Liz finally got her breath she looked over at Max who had rolled to her side. With her eyes finally opened she breathed out seductively. "Good morning to you too."

"Your incredible, you know that. You literally take my breath away." It was an honest comment as he was having trouble regaining his breath after the explosion of pleasure she had just given him.

Liz leaned over and kissed his chest before tenderly letting her fingers play over his strong muscular body. "Max?"


"I know we agreed to practice on controlling the encoding, but even if we get it under control will you promise me something?"


She smiled up at him, knowing he meant what he said. "As much as I know we need to have control over our pull to be together, I still like it when you lose some of that control of yours. So, will you promise me to continue to lose it every now and then." As much as Max being in control was a turn on to her, Max being out of control totally turned her on. She had no problem with him demanding with his mind some of the fantasies he had so far and she didn't want him to think she never wanted him to continue to share those fantasies with her ever again once they got the alien encoding under control.

Max rolled over and pinned her to the bed. "Why Liz Parker, I never knew how much you liked me out of control. Now that I have that knowledge, I think maybe we should rethink getting the encoding under control. I kind of like the fact that I can lose my control and it turns you on." He joked with her, but his mind and body was already responding to their current position. No matter if they had just shared an awesome love making experience and he had been completely satisfied only a few seconds ago. When it came to Liz, he was always ready to lose his control and become all cave man on her.

Liz responded eagerly to the demands in his mind, her hips raising seductively underneath him as she raised her head and began to kiss and suck on his neck. Her hands moved to his and pulled them up to her breast before moving back in-between their bodies to grasp hold of his manhood and bring him home once more. "I need you Max. I want you to show me how much you need me." It only took Max a second to respond to her request. His body once again began to move in and out of her already wet passage. "Harder Max, harder." She commanded and he once again complied. "Faster, faster." She was moaning out, commanding with such need, that Max was in no position to refuse. His body slammed into hers at an alarming rate, driving to give her what she was requesting. "Deep..Deeper, please I need more." She couldn't get enough of him, she wanted him to fill her so completely it was uncanny. She lifted her legs around his waist to give him more free reign, but still she wanted, needed more.

Max was moving at the speed of light or at least that was how it felt to him. Their love making was always different, from earlier when they moved slow and tender with each other, to how they were like sex craved maniacs. Passion was exploding in his mind, driving him to fill her so completely. His movements becoming frantic, with hard deep thrust to the point where he felt like he was ramming her insides with his male organ. His lungs were burning with heat, trying to grasp some amounts of air, but nothing could stop his movements. He was completely out of control, just as Liz had requested and loving the way her body so willing accepted his rock hard rod. He had only really lost this kind of control with her once before and that was when she was going to be leaving him for two weeks. But, now he had no idea what was driving him forward in such a way. All he knew for sure was that he needed to possess her, mate with her, seal their fate together forever.

Not able to contain the scream of pleasure that flowed from her mouth as she felt her walls tighten around his swollen member or the feel of satisfaction when she felt his own release shot inside of her body. This was exactly what she had needed and Max hadn't disappointed her in the least. Max's body collapsed on top of hers unable to hold himself at bay after he had released the load that she had milked out of him. Their bodies sweaty, their breathing erratic and their love for each other had never felt so complete in all their time together. It suddenly dawned on Max why, this time had felt so unusually satisfying. In all their times together, he had been the one initiated, commanding. But, this time it had been Liz in control, she had issued the commands and he had complied easily. As he finally caught his breath enough to move off to the side of her, he knew in that moment, alien encoding or not. He and Liz were equals and that was exactly what he had always wanted in the woman he would love. Someone he could and would accept as his equal. Not someone who did whatever, whenever they were told to do it and follow him around like a dog on a rope.
"I supposed we should get dressed and head back to the ranch." He stated, even though it was clearly not what he was looking forward to doing.

Liz could sense that Max wasn't looking forward to his confrontation with Nasedo. She of all people understood how much Max had wanted to be able to look to Nasedo for the answers, he had never had. To look to someone else to finally have to make the decisions in lieu of everyone looking to him. Only to find out that very individual was the one he would never be able to truly trust and the answers he would received would only be the ones that Nasedo wanted to reveal. "I guess your right, we should. I just..."

"Just what?"

"I would have liked to have gotten just this one week to spend with you alone." She admitted finally. It was selfish to wish to keep Max all to herself. He wasn't just her bonded other half of her soul, he was a King. That meant he had other responsibilities to attend to, even if that meant cutting their week short. Besides it really didn't matter where they spent the next few weeks with Liz as long as she got to spend it with Max.

"I'm yours Liz, whenever or where ever you need me. Besides if what you think is correct we need to make sure Nasedo doesn't do something to force the issue with Michael and Isabelle."
The threat to his life would only go so far. Remembering the times he had spent with Tess and what had occurred made Max sick to think that the very same thing could be happening with his own sister and best friend. Reaching his hands out to her, he calmly stated. "Come on, let's get this over with."

"Okay, but I need to take a shower before I can even think of getting dressed." Liz stated and felt Max's reaction from his mind at her words. Cocking her head to the side she simply smiled before saying. "Max, if you want to wash my hair, you could have just asked."

"I guess my mind thinks about things before I have time to think about what I'm thinking."
Max surmised with a shrug of his shoulders. Then looked Liz directly in the eye. "Liz, I have always loved your hair and I would love to wash your hair if you would allow me that honor. May I join you in your shower and wash your silky hair?"

Smiling brightly back at him, she replied. "I can't think of anything more appealing to me then to feel your hands in my hair while your naked body is pressed to mine. Are you sure washing my hair is the only thing you want to do while we're wet, soapy and naked in the shower together?" She teased at him as she turned to walk toward the bathroom.

Wet, soapy and NAKED! Oh, I think I'm going to love this shower, Max thought as he practically ran to catch up with Liz in the bathroom. With the temperature just right, the two stepped inside the shower together wrapped in each other's arms. Kissing passionately as the water began to spray their bodies, Max was in heaven reveling in the feel of Liz all around him. His hands began to roam through her hair, down her body, unable to get enough of her. He tried to deepen the kiss, but Liz pulled back. "I thought you were going to wash my hair?"

She was loving the feel of Max's mouth and how his hands were worshipping her body, but she had loved the idea of feeling Max's hands washing her hair so she had stepped back. Intent on getting back to the feel of her body close to his again, he quickly turned her around and grabbed her bottle of shampoo. His thought was to wash her hair quickly so he could get back to what they had been doing. But, the moment his hands began to weave through her silky strands of hair, the feel of her long locks in his hands was his undoing. He massaged her scalp, then allowed his hands to run through the length of her hair, loving the feel of it as his fingers slipped through the strands. In fact he had gotten so involved with the feel of her hair, he temporarily forgot that he had initially wanted to do it quick. He had obsessed over Liz's hair for years and had fantasized about this moment for so long, that he no longer wanted to rush it.

Liz found herself leaning more and more against his hard chest as his hands did their magic.
His touch was so gentle, so loving that she was finding it harder and harder to stand up on her own two feet. Slowly Max leaned her more against him and stepped back into the shower so he could tend to rising her hair. The water along with his hands caressing her made her entire body quiver with desire. When Max stepped forward to block the water once again signaling her hair was completely rinsed, Liz started to turn in his arms. But, his hands held her tightly against him, preventing her from turning. "I believe I still have the conditioning to do." He whispered in a deep husky voice, causing more shivering to occur in Liz's body.

"I..I..I think your right." She whispered back barely able to form that much of a sentenced with the way his body was pressing so intimately against hers, holding her close. Liz didn't even notice him grabbing the conditioner, until his magic fingers once again began to massage her scalp of her head and began to weave through the strands of her hair did she even know that he was continuing in his current job at hand.

Now Max was trying extremely hard not to think of his own desires, this was Liz's time not his and he wanted to give her this time. Not that he wasn't enjoying himself immensely in the mean time, but he wanted to make sure that she understood even with the encoding inside of her to do his bidding. Her pleasure was important to him, if not more so. Once again taking his time to make sure each strand of her lovely hair was thoroughly conditioned from root to tip. That thought was becoming harder and harder to keep in mind as Liz's body kept leaning back into his with every minute that past. He loved the knowledge that he was the one having such an impact on her. Making her be the one to lose that control that she always showed. Yes, he was a control freak, but the fact was, so was Liz. They were two of a kind in so many ways. Now with her soft body pressing more firmly against his, his own body started to react. Determined to finish the job he had started before his mind went into cave man status and he lost his control, he attempted to take a step back to put just enough space between them so he wouldn't lose it before she was ready.

Taking his step back didn't have quite the response he was looking for, as before their bodies were pressed up close and personal to each other. But, once he tried to recoup himself by taking that step back, it only gave Liz the ample room she needed to do what she had wanted to do ever since she felt his hardness against her back side. Reaching her hands behind her, she wrapped one hand around his hard length and gently cupped his sacs with her other hand. "OOHH! Lizzz!" Max sighed heavily against her neck as his head automatically came down to where her neck and shoulder met unable to stop his reaction when she touched him so intimately.

His hands stopped their ministrations on her hair as he tried to catch his breath for a moment before Liz cooed out. "Keep going Max, it feels great." Then let her hand slide up and down his hard on.

Unable to deny her, his fingers instantly started their massage of her head and hair once again. Not able to say any words, as his voice was currently caught in his throat from her actions on his body. He began sucking and nibbling on her sensitive parts of her neck and throat with an agreeable. "HmmMmm."

She continued stroking as did Max. Little did Max know, this had always been one of Liz's fantasies. Well, just about, but she was determined to fulfill her own fantasy. One she didn't think Max would mind at all. She turned to face him slowly and looked the man she loved more than anything, the man she would do anything for and at that moment knew she wanted to do just that. "Don't stop, Max. Just keep going." She gave him a seductive smile before she bent her knees to come face to face with his male member.

Max's eyes went wide with shock, when he realized what Liz's intent was. His eyes continued to watch in amazement, as she leaned forward and placed a hesitive kiss upon the very tip of his erection. His hands continued to glide through her hair as the water of the shower beat down his back. When her pink tongue snaked out to take her first taste of him, he couldn't hold back the loud moan that escaped his own throat. "I take it, you like this." It was more a statement then a question as she looked up into his eyes to see his reaction to what she had just done.

"Uh..Huh." Was the only thing he could get out of his mouth at that moment in time. Liz smiled happily once she knew he was happy with her actions and opened her mouth. At that precise moment Max's mind exploded with want, need and desire for her to take him inside her wetness, to allow him full access to her awaiting mouth and to suck him deep and hard. Liz's eyes were the one to go wide this time as she felt the encoding kicking in. Even though she was a little shocked, as up until that moment their actions had been because they had wanted to do it, not because of the alien pull inside of them had demanded they did it.
She opened her mouth and started to move her lips back and forth his length. Moving slowly at first, tentatively, as this was the first time she had ever even thought to do something like this and she wasn't all that sure exactly what she was supposed to do.

Before she had time to think about it, Max's hands that were still weaved in her hair pushed her head forward. Making his cock slide deeper inside her throat as his hips began to move forcefully against her. In fact he was forcing himself so far inside her mouth, that she could feel herself begin to choke from the impact. Not able to deny him, but yet feeling for the first time that she had to try, just for a gulp of air if nothing else, she attempted to pull back. Only to find herself being held tightly to his groin area and his enlarged cock being pushed further inside her mouth. Now if Liz had any experience in this kind of sexual act, it wouldn't have bothered her so much. In fact this is exactly what she had actually wanted to do to him. She was the one that had initiated it to begin with, but the way it had turned so quickly made her realize for the first time how little she really knew about oral sex and feelings of insecurities began to form. The harder she tried to continue giving Max pleasure the harder it became for her to actually do. A single tear drop escaped her eye, not for what was happening, but how it was progressing and the feelings of being inadequate in Max's eyes.

Max's mind was screaming to push farther, deeper. But, the moment he looked down and saw what he was doing to Liz. His heart suddenly realized what he was doing. Although every ounce of his mind was encoded to continue, he fought back against it and pulled himself away from Liz at the same time he pushed her away from him. "Oh God, Liz. I'm so sorry. I don't know how I could have...Oh God, are you okay?" Tears were in his eyes as guilt filled his heart at the thought that he could have done such an unimagined thing to the one he loved so completely. He had never hated the encoding inside of him as much as I did in that moment, knowing that Liz freaked because he was forcing himself upon her.

She coughed once, then a second time before she was able to reply. "I'm okay, Max. Really, I'm okay. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to freak like that. It's just..."

Her words were interrupted immediately. "Don't you dare apologize for me being an asshole. God, Liz. I was the one that lost control, not you."

"And I'm the one that told you, I like it when you lose that control of yours every now and then." She knew he had gotten the wrong idea, she knew he was thinking she was upset because of the way the encoding had started to effect what they had done. But, that wasn't it at all. So she once again tried to explain. "It's just that.."

"What, tell me? Whatever it is, I'll do. Whatever you need, just say it." He was so filled with guilt over what he had just done, he didn't even know where to begin to apologize.

"It's just that I've never, actually done something like that before and well, I didn't want to disappoint you because I was having trouble...I mean...God, Max, do you realize how BIG you are?" She finished slightly embarrassed over the fact that she was having a hard time taking him all the way inside her mouth. She had heard girl's talking about giving their boyfriends blow jobs for quite a while now. Heck, even her and Maria had once discussed what it would be like. It was even her fantasy to do it, in the first place. But, she hadn't realized how difficult it actually was. Her true feelings had nothing to do with the alien encoding, but how inadequate she felt not being able to do what she had wanted to do.

"Big?" He looked at her with questioning eyes, not understanding what she was getting at.

Nodding now with a slight smile. "Yes, Mr. Big Man. I didn't know it was going to be sooooo BIG, OKAY!" She shouted in embarrassment, knowing that Max must be disappointed in her completely now.

Realization finally dawned on him, she wasn't upset because he had forced himself upon her. She was upset because she thought she had disappointed him by her inexperience. "Your amazing, everything about you is amazing." He spoke honestly.

Looking him in the eye, she asked. "Your not disappointed in me?"

"Liz, honey, you could never disappoint me. I thought...I mean, I didn't want to scare you."

"You mean, you thought I was upset because the pull kicked in?" Nodding his head, she lifted her hand to his cheek. "No, Max. You could never scare me, but I do have a favor to ask."


"Will you let me try that one more time?"

End Part 10B
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Those that were wondering about Michael & Isabelle's night, I hope you find this part fun to read. Anyway here is the new part, hope you like it. Let me know what you think.

Title: Internship
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 11

Max was quick to pull Liz into his arms at her innocent question. God, he loved her so much. "As much as I would lovvvve it, I really think we need to get going back to the ranch. I don't want to take any chances that Nasedo will play Michael and Isabelle like he had Tess and me. But, can I take a rain check?" He asked, truly regretting the fact that their week together was being cut short like it was going to be, but knowing neither of them would be able to forgive themselves if something happened between Isabelle and Michael that neither of them wanted to happen and they found themselves in a permanent situation not of their choosing.

Liz nodded her head, knowing he was right and she gave him a small reassuring smile that didn't quite make it to her eyes. After all it wasn't like they wouldn't have any time alone at the ranch. Besides she wanted to test her theory, was it possible that Max had the power to control Nasedo. If it was true, then she couldn't wait to help him making some decisions to make sure Nasedo got a piece of her mind as well as Max's for the things he had put the two of them through unnecessary. "You're right, we should get going." The two of them helped each other up, finished washing themselves quickly. Afraid if they washed each other it would only cause them to get carried away once again. After all they had the rest of their lives to learn the different ways to pleasure each other completely. Now was the time to help their friends.

After they got dressed, Max debated calling out to the ranch to have Henry bring the car to them, but in the end both he and Liz agreed it would be better to make a surprise entrance. That way Nasedo wouldn't be able to prepare any further lies. So Max called a cab company instead. They had packed up their belongings rather quickly and while waiting for the cab, Max realized neither of them had really eaten anything. "You want something to eat while we wait?" He asked as he started looking over all the food that the kitchen was stocked with.
"There seems to be quite a bit to choose from. What sounds good to you?"

Food hadn't even entered Liz's mind until Max mentioned it, she moved beside him to stare at all the food in the refrigerator that Nasedo had supplied them with. She began to reach for an apple, when suddenly she pulled her hand back. It was strange how there seemed to be so much food to her, then realized how all the food seem to be separated. Like foods she knew Max would eat versus foods that were more her taste. She knew from years of experience of serving Max and with the additional knowledge of the alien taste buds, how he seemed to like foods that were sweet and spicy. While she tended to eat more healthy and as she observed further, that was exactly how the foods in the frig were set up. Either extremely sweet and spicy types or extremely healthy. Once that Max was sure to only eat and ones that she was surely only to eat. Max also began to reach for the package of pepperonis when Liz stopped him. "You know what? All this food looks tempting, but you know what I'm really in the mood for? A double cheeseburger from McDonald's for some reason. What do you say we stop on the way? Think you would be willing to buy me a burger?"

Max smiled brightly at her, he hadn't even noticed how the food was separated. Nothing had occurred to him in the least. "Sure, I could go for a big mac anyway." He agreed quickly and shut the refrigerator door. Liz, didn't wasn't sure if she should voice her suspicions or not. It wasn't like she had any proof, it was simply a gut feeling. But, she found her gut to usually be the correct way to go here lately, so she kept quiet and moved away from the kitchen.

They had barely gotten two steps out of the kitchen when there was a knock on the door. Max looked out the peep hole and saw a man he assumed to be the driver on the other side of the door. Before he could even question the man stated to the closed door before him. "Did someone call for a cab?"

Max quickly opened the door. "Yeah, just a minute. We'll be right out." He stated and went to grab their bags. At the last minute Liz ran back to the kitchen and hurriedly pick an apple out of the frig, placing it inside her purse before running back just in time to see Max holding their bags in his hands. The two walked hand and hand down to the cab. Once they were secure in the back seat, Max stated. "We've need to make a quick stop at the nearest McDonald's before heading out of town."

The taxi cab driver only gave him a slight nod as he put the car in gear and headed off down the road. The ride to the ranch was pretty much in silence as the two of them were thinking of what they were going to do once they got there. For Max, it was the thought to make sure that Michael and Isabelle didn't do anything and praying they weren't already too late. Liz, on the other hand was thinking of the apple she had taken and why it bothered her so much. She wanted answers and she needed to get them.

Neither of the two lovers in the back seat of a taxi cab noticed another car following them as they were both lost in their own thoughts. Robert had come to the city after leaving Tess at the ranch. She had told him how Max and Liz had left to spend the week together at Professor Stein's apartment in the city to have a week to themselves, before having to return back to their home town of Roswell. That was all before he had dropped his bombshell on her, explaining how he truly did care for Tess, but had discovered that he wasn't really in love with her. "Is there someone else?" Tess had asked with tears in her eyes.

"I'm not sure." He had replied honestly, he knew he was drawn to Liz. But, he also knew Liz was clearly involved with Max. He had no idea if what he felt for Liz was love or not, but he knew he needed to find out. The only problem was his relationship with Tess and Liz's with Max. Once he had left Tess, he had gone into the city to find Liz and Max. It was crazy, the girl was undoubtedly devoted to another guy, but he couldn't stop himself. Maybe if he just got an opportunity to talk to her, to explain his feelings to her that maybe, just maybe she could feel something for him. This wasn't like him, he would have never even considered approaching another guy's girl. He wasn't that kind of guy, but he couldn't stop his feelings, but either way he had to try. So he had came to the apartment building the following morning to just talk to Liz, only to find her leaving with Max in a cab and from the looks of it, they were heading back out to the ranch. Without even realizing what he was doing, he found himself following them. He would just have to wait for an opportunity to get Liz alone and see what she would do once he revealed his feelings for her. He knew he didn't stand a chance, he knew it was insane of him to think he did, but he just couldn't let it go until he told her how he felt about her. If there was only a slim possibility that she felt anything toward him at all, he had to find out.

He pulled back from them once he was sure of their destination, knowing he had to bide his time. Wait for the right opportunity, so he pulled back not wanting Max to know he was following them. After all, he knew Max wasn't going to let Liz go without a fight and Robert wasn't stupid. He had seen the way Max was built, the guy definitely had muscles. No, Robert wasn't stupid, he just had to wait for the right opportunity.

Max helped Liz out of the cab when they arrived at the ranch. He removed their bags, paid for the cab ride which was quite high and then led Liz into the house. At first neither of them could see anyone around. The house was eerily quiet with no sign of Michael, Isabelle, Tess or even Nasedo. They decided to head directly to Isabelle's room. Max knocked once, but when he got no answer he opened the door. The two walked hesitatively inside the room. Nothing seemed out of place until Liz took a closer inspection. "Michael's clothes are in here." She stated and they both looked at each other, knowing that Nasedo had obviously convinced Michael to move into Isabelle's room. More than likely as soon as the two of them had left, considering they had only been gone one night. Liz could see the guilt wash over Max's face as they were both coming to the same conclusion. They were already probability too late. "Max, don't. Not yet, let's just see if we can find them before we jump to assumptions."

Nodding his head in agreement and trying to keep a positive attitude that Liz was right as usually, but the dread inside his gut couldn't stop him from feeling like he had let both his sister and his best friend. "Your right, let's just find them." The two of them moved quickly around the house, from Michael's room, to the study, kitchen, living room and even checking out the lab that was located at the ranch. As they walked into the lab, Liz had an idea of her own regarding the apple that she had taken from the apartment. She wasn't the same trusting soul she had been before, she just would wait for the opportunity once they found Michael and Isabelle and run some of her own tests. If her gut instincts were correct, tests that would prove without doubt just what kind of alien Nasedo was and once she discovered her instincts were correct. She would let Max know, but until then she kept her suspicions to herself.

Once they had searched the inside of the house with no success they started outside, from the pool down to the barn. "Michael!" Max shouted when they stepped inside the barn as Liz shouted.


"Max? Liz?" Michael's head popped out from the rafters of the barn to verify he had heard their voices.

"What the hell are you doing up there?" Max asked as he seen his friend.

"What the hell do you think I'm doing up here. I'm hiding for my life." Michael retorted with bitterness in his voice.

Max's protective instincts took over, thinking the worst of course. "Why, what's happened?"

"Your sister, that's what happened!" Michael yelled back.

Confusion set in almost immediately at Michael's statement. "Isabelle? Why, what's going on with Isabelle? Michael, what the hell are you talking about?" Max's confusion was obvious in his voice.

Michael started to climb down from the rafters while ranting. "Rubbing feet, painting toes, waiting hand and feet. I'd love to read that magazine. I'm really in the mood for some hot chocolate. Wouldn't you enjoy listening to my latest CD in lieu of that Metallic CD of yours." He made it down to finally come down face to face with Max. "I don't think you have any idea what kind of person your sister has turned into Maxwell. And while were at it, why didn't you tell me what this alien encoding was really going to be like for me. I prepared, I coached myself and for what. Nothing, that's what! You better talk to your sister and I mean you better talk to her immediately or neither of you are ever going to see me or her again, because I'm going to end up killing one of us if it doesn't stop!"

"Michael, calm down. What the hell are you talking about?"

"You know how you threatened my life not to take advantage of the encoding situation with Isabelle. Well, guess what? You threatened the wrong person Maxwell. Isabelle isn't encoded to please me or do my bidding. I'm encoded to do hers! I had to paint her toes, for God sake Maxwell. Painting your sister's toes because she thought it, is just sick okay. So you've got to talk to her and I mean it or I'm going to have to kill her." Michael was beside himself with what Isabelle had been pulling for the last twenty four hours. Isabelle hadn't taken advantage of him in any kind of sexual situation, but as for him serving her like he was her servant was a whole other story.

"You're encoded to please Isabelle?" Max questioned, he hadn't even thought of that possibility.

"Yes, now are you talking to YOUR sister or am I going to have to KILL HER?" Michael questioned right back, completely serious in his tone.

"How is that possible?" Max asked instead of answering Michael's question. He was just floored at this turn of events.

"It makes sense. Isabelle is your sister, which technically makes her a princess since your the King. So in a monarchy society Isabelle would be considered a higher ranked individual than Michael, even if he was your second in command." Liz stated thinking the situation over out loud.

"That's what Isabelle said, but I still don't like it. I don't like it one bit and I swear Maxwell..."

"I know, I know, I either talk to her or your going to kill. So where is she now?" Max interrupted Michael's rant before he could really get started again.

"Tess was apparently upset when Robert left..."

"Robert left?" This time it was Liz who interrupted Michael's tale. "Why did Robert leave?"

Michael raised his eye brows at her as if to ask if she really needed to ask that question, but it was Max who figured it out and answered for him. "His in love with Liz isn't he?"

Michael looked down, but nodded his head to confirm Max's statement. "Yeah, at least that was what it sounded like, I really didn't get much of the details. Tess mainly spoke with Isabelle and her highness was so busy giving me orders to serve her that she didn't bother to fill me in with the exact details." Michael answered bitterly, then continued. "Anyway, Isabelle thought a day of shopping would help Tess so the two of them went to the mall together or at least it sounded like they were going to go. All I know is the minute Isabelle talked about going shopping, I high tailed it out of there before the Princess started thinking how much it would please her for me to go with and carry all her shopping bags."

"So where's Nasedo?" Now that Max had gotten the jest of what was going on between Michael, Isabelle and Tess. He knew it was time to deal with Nasedo's deceptions. He also wanted to test Liz's theory and if it turned out to be true, then he planned on making Nasedo one very sorry alien for messing with his relationship with Liz to begin with. Not to mention he knew Liz had a few specifics that she would want him to take care too, as far as Nasedo was concerned.

"I think he went with Tess and Isabelle. At least that's what it looked like from my spot up there, but I was too busy hiding to worry about Nasedo's fate to have to take them shopping. I was just happy Isabelle didn't find me." Michael answered honestly.

"Come on, let's head inside and I'm sure when Isabelle gets back, we can all sit down and discuss what happen yesterday." Michael gave Max a speculating look, it was obvious he didn't have as much faith in discussing the situation with Isabelle as Max did. Noticing his friends hesitation, Max offered. "I'll talk to Isabelle Michael, I promise."

"Fine, but if it doesn't work..."

"I know, you're going to kill her. Now come on, let's get back to the house. Liz and I have a few things we think we figured out and want to discuss with you before Nasedo gets back."

The three of them walked back to the house, but once inside Liz was eager to do a little work in the lab. With Nasedo gone shopping with Isabelle and Tess, it just seemed like this was her best opportunity. "Max, I need to take care of a few things. Why don't you fill Michael in and I'll meet up with you two in a little while, okay?"

End Part 11
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It's a little later than usual, but it's still early enough to make my daily quota. Anyway thanks for the FB, you guys know how much I appreciate it. Here's the new part, let me know what you think.

Title: Internship
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 12

Moving quickly as she knew time was not going to be on her side. While she knew Isabelle could shop for hours, there were other factors involved. Mainly Tess and Nasedo, so as soon as she excused herself from Max and Michael, Liz ran to the kitchen. There she retrieved another apple, thinking the first thing she needed was some kind of base to establish her tests on. Then it was off to the lab, taking the fresh apple that she had just retrieved from the ranch kitchen. She sliced it and took a small sample before applying it to a slide to look and study the apple she didn't suspect anything about it in the microscope. She had to have something to base her theory on and her scientific mind needed proof to confirm her gut instincts. Once she felt convenient with her notes and studies, she removed the apple she had taken from the apartment Nasedo had set up for her and Max to stay the week at. Doing the same procedure on the second apple, she looked once again into the microscope to make notes and study what she had with the first apple. At first glance, it was easy to see there was something different with the two apples.

With her suspicions confirmed that something was defiantly up with the apple she felt uneasy about to begin with, but not knowing how to prove what that someone was without further testing she pondered what she should do. By this time at least an hour had past and she knew her time was probably running out, but she still didn't know what the difference between the two apples were. She was just about to get Max when a sound at the doorway to the lab caught her attention. Turning in surprise at the individual's presence. "What are you doing here?" She asked cautiously.

"I just needing to talk to you for a minute." Robert stated as he stepped fully inside the lab, but as he noticed the slides and instruments on the lab table, he could see that Liz obviously was in the middle of an experiment. "What are you working on?" His curiosity getting the better of him, as he had the same love for science, just as Liz did.

"Oh, I'm..Uh..." Liz had to stop and think about what to say. She was just about to go to Max with her discovery, but what had she really discovered? The apples defiantly had a distinct difference, but what that difference was she still didn't know. Although she knew Max was intelligent, he wasn't really into science experiments like she was or like she knew Robert was. Thinking about it for a second, she realized this might be her opportunity to figure out more facts prior to going to Max with her suspicions. Spending those few days in the lab with Robert had proven one thing to Liz, his mind loved to dig into the facts of a science experiment. Even as empty as her soul had been, with missing Max. For the few days she had been able to work in the lab with him, she had to admit to herself. She had been impressed with the way his mind worked. Making a quick decision, she replied. "Actually, Professor Stein gave me an assignment to complete here. I'm just trying to figure it out."

His mind perked up immediately, his love for science taking over instantly. "So what's the facts that you know so far and what's the objective?"

Liz gave Robert a small smile, she knew she had made the right decision. He was the right choice to ask for help and she was grateful that he was taking an interest in her small project. She only hoped that Max would understand why she had asked for Robert's help versus his help when it came time to reveal the results to him. "Actually, the only fact I know so far is the two apples have a difference between them and the objective is to figure out what the two differences are." She answered honestly.

"Sounds intriguing, want some help?" Robert offered almost immediately. The few days he had gotten to spend working with Liz was one of things that made his feelings for her grow like they had. She wasn't only breathtakingly beautiful, but she was extremely intelligent. Together the two of them worked well together and he was eager to share another experiment with her. Feeling it might be possible to gather his courage to speak with her regarding his feelings easier, if he was on familiar turf. And a science laboratory was the best place he knew that felt familiar to him. Heck, it was the one and only place he could remember in his life that he truly felt comfortable being.

Liz's smile grew even more when he made his offer and it melted Robert's heart strings completely. "Actually I could use the help, if your sure you don't mind." Liz also felt this would be a good opportunity for her to explain how she felt about Max. Hoping if she told him up front and personal that she wasn't available, maybe Robert would realize his mistake with Tess and help the two of them get back together. The last thing she needed was Robert pining away for her, when he didn't stand a small smidgen of a chance and she wanted Tess to be happy. After all it was Tess's sacrifice that allowed her to love Max freely and completely and for him to return that love in the same way. Even though she didn't trust Tess one hundred percent, Tess had never given her any reason after the transfer of the encoding to really not trust her. "Let me show you what I've discovered so far and then we can go from there." She offered hoping he would agree.

Robert nodded and the two of them walked back over to where Liz had the slides and microscope set up. She showed him the first slide and then the second. Before waiting for him to make his own judgment. After a few minutes of watching going from one slide to the next, finally Liz's patience gave out. She knew they were running short on time and she had no intention of getting caught by Nasedo of all people before she had the truth and the proof to back up that truth. "So, what's your thoughts?"

"There's obvious a foreign substance that has been placed in the second apple." Robert observed out loud, but in order to figure out what the substance is we need further access." Robert surmised and glanced around the lab, spotting the computer to the side, he moved quickly over to it, turned it on and began to log on to the Internet. Within seconds he found the web site he had visited many times throughout the years and continued to key in the information he had regarding the apples. Pictures of what a true apple cells should look like took form on the screen, looking exactly like the first apple did. Then he continued typing and did search after search. "It looks to be some kind of chemical or drug substance that's been injected into the apple. Why don't we try adding different substances to the ordinary apple and see if we can determine what the substance could be?" He suggested, his mind really getting into the experiment.

Liz was thinking on the same page and was already moving to make several different slides to see if she could duplicate the same cells that the second apple had. Robert moved right along with her and together they tried different from iodine, to a poison. Liz wasn't sure if Nasedo's intention was to sedate her or to kill her or what exactly, but it was obvious he was trying to make her take something that she wouldn't normally be willing to take. Now she wished she had grabbed a few other food items from the kitchen at the apartment to confirm her instincts. Was it possible all the food that was obvious foods she would have eaten poisoned? There wasn't any color difference or any order so the different chemicals that they applied to the good apple that caused those obvious effects they dismissed as the possible intrusion to the apple. To her surprise even the different types of poisons that they tried, didn't pan out as likely candidates. After trying almost everything they had on hand in the current lab Liz was becoming frustrated. She still was no closer to finding out what Nasedo was trying to do to her then when they had first started. "I guess this isn't going to be as easy as I thought it was going to be." She finally admitted.

"It may seem that way now, but that's only because we have limited resources here to look in to the possibilities. We can pretty much eliminated the possibility that it is a chemical as I think we went through most of those, but we need a drug lab in order to continue this. Why don't we head back to the university? I know there is one there and we could also be a lot more thorough with the technology there then we could here. What do you say?" Robert was hoping she would agree to go with him, in the time they had spent on the apple experiment he had become so engrossed with the experiment he hadn't thought to bring up the subject of them as of yet.

Doing an experiment down the hall from Max with Robert was one thing. Leaving with Robert and not telling Max why was totally another. She still didn't have any answers to what she was trying to prove at the time, so regretfully she knew she wouldn't be able to continue on with Robert like she had wanted to with the experiment. "I can't Robert. Max is probably already wondering where I'm at." She took a quick glance at the clock and realized her and Robert had been in the lab for over two hours. I can't believe he hasn't already begun to wonder what's taking me so long, she thought to herself. Realizing she could feel his presence in the house, so his absence from her side hadn't bothered her as much as it had when they separated before. With that knowledge she assumed Max could also feel her presence still and figured he knew she was still around giving him time to fill Michael in and to calm him down. That in itself could take several hours.

The mention of Max's name, gave Robert the opening he had been wanting since approaching Liz in the lab to begin with. "You and Max seem pretty close." He started.

"I love him. I've always loved him. He means everything to me." Liz admitted freely, knowing this was her opportunity to let Robert know there wasn't any chance for him to even bother trying to win her heart. For her heart, mind, body and soul belonged only to Max and Max alone.

Seeing the way her eyes sparkled when she spoke of her love for Max, it was easy to see he wasn't going to stand a chance in hell of winning her love away from Max. Before, he had seen them physically together, but it seemed everytime they were around him. Liz was kissing the guy or physically being pulled toward him. He had thought maybe the two of them had a physical connection, but as he watched her face light up at her words, he knew what the two of them shared was more than just a physical relationship. It was much more deeper and even though it broke his heart to finally have to accept the truth, he still wanted to remain friends with Liz. Maybe even become someone she would consider a close friend, after all they worked so well together it would be a shame not to have the opportunity to work with her in the future sometime. "You really love him don't you?" He had to ask just once more to be certain he wasn't wrong.

"More then anything, his like the air to me." Liz answered honestly.

"Does he love you back the same way?" Knowing the answer already, but needing to make sure Liz knew it and she was happy. For some reason her happiness meant the world to him and even though he didn't stand a chance to be together with Liz in the way he would have liked to have been, it didn't mean he didn't want her to be happy.

"Yes, everytime he looks at me or touches me or we kiss. I feel loved, more than a person deserves to feel anyway. Robert, you're a great guy and I hope we can always be friends, but..."

"I know, Liz. Friendship is all you'll ever be able to offer me." He continued her sentence for her, knowing exactly what she was going to say.

"Well, I know an individual who's eyes sparkle when your names mentioned. Maybe you should think about that before you make any drastic decisions regarding your future." Liz hoped she could help Tess out with the man she said she love, just like Tess had helped her out by allowing her to have Max's love freely. At this point, Liz had no idea that Tess had started to regret her decision and was scheming even at this time to figure away to get back what was rightfully hers.

"Your talking about Tess aren't you?"

Liz nodded her head. "She really cares for you quite a lot, Robert. You know, Tess had a very difficult childhood and she doesn't let her emotions open up easily. But, when she's around you. It's easy to see how much she cares." It was the truth as far as Liz knew, whenever Max allowed her actually take in their surroundings whenever Robert and Tess were in the same area as the two of them, Liz could see how much Tess did care for Robert. Of course, most of the time her mind was commanding her to pay attention to only Max whenever Robert was around.

Robert let out a heavy sigh, realizing that he may have been too hasty with his break up with Tess. He did care for her quite a bit, it was just his heart had been so confused that he thought he needed a clean break. "I might have already blown it with her. I was confused and I said something's, I doubt she'll forgive me." He did enjoy being with Tess, he even had thought he was in love with her, but then Liz entered his life and he had such a strong pull toward her that he thought he couldn't have loved Tess. Now he was back to being just as confused as he had been before.

"You never know, until you talk to her. She just might surprise you. Never try to figure out the human heart or the emotion of love. Especially a women's." Liz joked, then she looked back to all the slides that they had created and the mess that they had made. "I guess I'll just have to tell Professor Stein I wasn't able to solve the mystery."

Robert followed her line of sight. "Maybe not, I know you wanted to help, but I could still head over to the university and continue to work on it. If you want me to, that is?"

"Really?" She was surprised he would still be willing to help her, knowing that he wasn't going to stand to have the kind of relationship with her that she knew he had wanted.

"Yeah, why not? We're friends right and I want to offer help to my friend."

"Oh Robert, I don't know how to thank you." Liz stated excitedly and threw her arms around his shoulders to give him a hug. There was no meaning behind the hug in a sexual way. She had hug Alex and even Michael in this same manner many times. So she didn't even think twice about it.

Robert was quick to respond to her friendly hug and returned the gesture easily. Pulling back just enough to look into her face, he stated honestly. "That smile on your face is enough thanks for me."

"Your the best, you know that." She leaned forward to give him a small peck on his cheek in a friendship meaning.

At the same moment Robert turned his head just slightly enough for the corner of theirs mouths to touch ever so slightly. It was also at the same moment another person stepped into the doorway of the lab just in time to hear what Robert and Liz's last statements were and to see Liz lean over and kiss Robert.

Max stood rooted in his spot during the exchange, his heart breaking. His blood draining from his face with only one thought. Liz wanted her human destiny.

End Part 12
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Title: Internship
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 13

Max's mind exploded with possessive, screaming MINE! As his eyes took in the sight before him, Liz standing in another man's arms, kissing him. Not just any man though, the man she was supposed to have ended up being with if it hadn't been for his unearthly arrival. Liz felt him and felt the effects of his mind in hers the moment it happened. She immediately pulled away from Robert. "Max, I..."

She barely got that much out before she felt the alien encoded demanding that she was his and wanted Robert to know it immediately. It was obvious that Max had gotten the wrong idea about what had just taken place, but she didn't have a second to explain because Max wasn't waiting for an explanation. His mind demanded action and she had no choice but to comply with his demands due to the encoding. Without hesitation she ran over to Max and threw her arms around him, placing small kisses on his face, but Max denied her lips to touch his. He was angry and wanted to push her away, but neither his mind nor his body would allow it. Instead of his eyes being drawn to what Liz doing, they set upon a very uncomfortable looking Robert.

To Max, Robert looked like a kid who had just gotten caught stealing a cookie out of the cookie jar. Even though what had gone on between Robert and Liz was completely innocent the way Max was looking at him, made him feel like he had done something wrong. The look of guilt swam over his features and he had no idea why. Trying to defuse the situation quickly, not wanting to make trouble for Liz because he now knew it was Max that Liz would always want. "We were just working on an experiment..."

Max's eyes narrowed even more, thoughts of the word experiment and what he had been through with Tess circled his brain as a result of an experiment. He wanted to scream at Robert to get out, he wanted to punch Robert in the nose, yet at the same time he wanted to make Robert understand Liz was his. Rationally he knew it couldn't have been what it had looked like and he knew both Liz and Robert were trying to explain, but all his mind could do in that moment was scream for Liz to prove she was his and his alone.

As soon as Max's mind made his desire known to Liz, Liz pulled back and once more tried to explain what he had walked in on. "Max, please. Robert was just helping me to..."

Pulling his angry eyes from Robert, he looked at Liz. "I could see how he was helping you and you were more than willing to help him too." His voice was filled with anger and it was obvious to Liz he didn't want to hear the truth in the moment, he wanted something else from her. He wanted her to prove that she belonged to him and he wanted Robert to see that proof.

"I love you Max. Only you and you alone." Liz spoke up honestly and clearly so both men in the room could hear her words. "I'll always love you, no one else will ever come close to touching my heart like your soul does."

At her words of love Max finally looked into Liz's eyes, knowing in his heart she spoke the truth and realizing for the first time how he had let his jealous feelings take hold, he cupped her face with his hands. "I'm sorry Liz, I didn't mean to jump to conclusions. I just love you so much. Please forgive me." He placed a tender sweet kiss upon her lips before pulling her into a tight embrace. All remembrance of Robert still being in the room was gone, Liz was the only person that mattered and he let all the love he felt for her flow through his heart to hers.

Seeing the tender way Max held her, spoke to her and held her, Robert knew for certain now. Max Evans loved Liz Parker as much as she loved him. He watched in amazement how the two of them seemed to get lost in each other and the warmth of watching the two of them together made a smile appear on his face. Yes, he still felt drawn to Liz and cared deeply for her, but he accepted what was so obvious and could only be happy that Liz found true happiness in the arms of Max. "Liz, I'm going to get going. I'll let you know what I find out at the university labs."

Hearing Robert's voice, Liz and Max finally realized that he was still in the room with them. They both turned their heads to acknowledge his presence and to bit farewell to him.
"Thank you, Robert. I do appreciate your help." Liz acknowledge as Max simply nodded his head.

Robert placed a large portion of the apple that he wanted to still experiment with into a baggy, then started toward the entrance. Just as he was about to walk through it, he turned to Max. "She's a special lady, take good care of her."

"I plan to do just that." With that stated Robert left the two lovers alone. "Liz, I am sorry, I don't know what came over me. I saw you hugging him and I my mind just reacted with jealousy. I thought you may have decided that you wanted to follow the destiny you were born to follow instead of being with me and I just..."

"Max, it's okay." She stated as she placed a finger softly against his lips. "I know it must have looked bad when you walked in, but Robert means absolutely nothing to me. I was only thanking him since he offered to finish the project we were working on by himself, because he understood I didn't want to leave you." Liz tried to explain, but knowing Max was going to ask about the project she was speaking of and just on cue, Max asked.

"What project? What is all this stuff anyway?" He walked over to what seemed to be bits of apple on several different slides.

"This is me trying to prove Nasedo was up to something, but I wasn't able to figure out exactly what it was because this lab has limited resources for me to go on. That's why Robert agreed to take a further look into it at the university lab."

Shaking his head, feeling a little lost, he asked. "I think you should start at the beginning. First off how is cutting up an apple going to prove Nasedo was up to something?"
Liz could see Max wasn't judging her, but seriously wanted to know what she was up to, so she told him. About the food at the apartment in the city, about the difference in the two apples and how her and Robert had figured out that the apple from the apartment was laced with some kind of drug, but that was as far as they were able to get. By the time she was done, Max was amazed at her brilliance once again. "Someday, you are going to be one of the most renowned scientist of our day, Liz Parker and I plan to support that brain of yours every step of the way."

Liz blushed at his words. "Well, someday that may true, but I still don't know what was put in the apple. All I have to go on for the moment is my gut feelings."

"I'd stand by your gut feelings over most people's facts any day of the week. So, your pretty sure, it's not some form of poison?" Max asked fearing that Nasedo would try something like this so he would be forced back into his original destiny with Tess. But, then Max realized Nasedo was now encoded to protect Liz and if that was correct, then how was it possible for him to try to poison her.

"Yeah, we had access to most of the different poison bases here in the lab and there wasn't any that appeared to be what was injected into the apple." Liz confirmed even though that was what she had been expecting to find, so she had made certain to try all the different types of poisons and toxins she could think of.

"I would have guessed that was what it would have been at first too, but remember Nasedo is now encoded to protect you. I may not have the scientific mind you do, but poisoning someone would defiantly not qualify as protecting them in my book. So, I doubt that would have been it, unless Nasedo was lying about the protecting issue. I guess that's another questionable fact we need to look into."

"Maybe we should just confront him, if my assumption is accurate. You could always order him to tell you what he put in my food at the apartment. Then he would have to answer you truthfully." Liz deduced thinking my to herself out loud than to Max.

"First, let's test the assumption that Nasedo has to follow my orders before we go giving away your discovery. If that doesn't work, then maybe Robert will be able to come through with what the food was injected with. Let's get this cleaned up before they get back. I don't want to give away anything until we know more okay."

"Thank you Max. It's means a lot to me, that you don't think I'm just being paranoid and are willing to help me. I'm sorry I didn't trust you enough to support me from the beginning."

"Tell you what, I'll help you get this cleaned up, then you can thank me properly." He raised his eye brows up and down seductively, letting her know exactly what he was getting at. Liz giggled at his antics, but nodded her head in agreement. It was amazing how quickly the two of them had everything in the lab sparkling clean now that they had a reason to move quick.

As they finished, Liz walked up to Max while his back was at the sink. Wrapping her arms around his waist, she whispered. "You know how many times I wanted to attack this beautiful body of yours when we were in biology class together." She let her hands wander from his chest down to the front of his jeans.

Her touch was Max's undoing. Both his body and his mind screamed for her to continue to touch him. Liz could feel his request in her mind, but encoding or not. She had no intention of stopping what she had started. At least not until she finished what she wanted to do earlier. Her hands worked the button of his jeans open, unzipped the zipper and worked his raging hard on out of the pants. Stroking him intimately as Max held onto the counter trying to keep his knees from giving out as her touch was making standing difficult at the moment. "God, Liz." He moaned out wanting to turn and touch her, but at the moment not able to move as she held him completely captive with her hands.

"Turn around Max, I want to try to please you again." Liz whispered against his back.

"You don't havvve to try, you doooo please me." Max stuttered out, finding it difficult to talk as her hand glided so wonderfully over his shaft. But, unable to deny her request he forced his body to turn to face her.

Liz leaned forward and gave him a heated kiss, as she continued to stroke him, but as Max reached for her. She pulled back. "Let me do this, please." The last thing she wanted was for Max's only memory of oral sex to be of her inability to do it and of Tess's ability to perform upon him. For some odd reason, it was important to her to be able to pleasure him herself in this manner and if it took her fifty years to get it right she was determined to keep trying until she succeeded.

Max could see how important it was for her to give him pleasure via oral sex. He swore to himself right there and then, even if it killed him, he would hold still and not choke her this time. He was pretty sure he knew it had a lot to do with Tess, why this seemed so important to her, but what she still didn't understand. Even though he had ejaculated due to the sexual act that had taken place between himself and Tess, he hadn't enjoyed it in the least. In fact it had made him literally sick, the memory of heaving into a toilet for the first time in his life was still a vivid reminder just how disturbing it had been. Holding onto the counter top he watched as Liz knelt before him once again. Just the sight of her tongue snaking out made his cock enlarge even more if that was possible. He was rock hard and he knew if he lost his control, he would choke her. The thought of her innocents was making him grow harder and fuller by the second. Not able to stay quiet he voiced his agreement even before his mind had time to scream it's own demands. "Yes, please."

Liz bent forward and placed a small kiss on the tip of his arousal, causing a moan to escape from Max's throat. He tightened his grip on the counter top, steadying himself for what was sure to be an exquisite torture. Hearing his moan from just the kiss of her lips, encouraged her. She wanted to experiment, to experience everything about this type of sexual act, hoping to increase her knowledge and be able to give Max the kind of pleasure she wanted to. Her tongue swiped around his entire head as her hand continued to lightly stroke him. She knew she could bring him to completion with her hand alone, but she wanted to know it wasn't her hand that brought him to release this time. So she only stroked him softly, teasing him while she continued to kiss, lick and lightly suck on just the mushroom shaped head of his now very rock hard penis. "Oh God, Liz. That feels great, keep going."

At the moment Max felt as if he was being tortured to death with pleasure. The way she was just working with his head alone, was enough to want cum. But, as much as his body was enjoying the sweet torture of her hand and mouth, his mind was beginning to demand more, wanting to feel her take him more inside of her mouth. His desires taking root and soon after he felt Liz's mouth begin to take more of him inside her then just the head of him. She allowed her mouth to slide about a quarter of the way over him, form a suction with her lips and then pulled back, only to tease around his head once again before sliding back again. Over and over for a few more minutes until Max's body was so ready, he found himself actually starting to tremble with need to release, but his mind still wouldn't allow it. Still demanding more and Liz complied once again to the demand of the encoding. This time she opened her mouth wider and took about half of his length inside. Using the same technique, while her hand continued to work on the other half.

He couldn't believe that he was lasting as long as he was, his body was more than ready, more than willing and in desperate need to release his seed, but still his mind stopped him from receiving the ultimate pleasure until it was satisfied. Liz was totally getting into the act of pleasuring Max, sucking, lapping, licking and stroking all at once. His manhood was rock hard and so ready for release. His moans were deep and nondescriptive of words, but more of an animal in need. As much as Max swore to himself he wasn't going to move, he was finding it impossible to keep his oath. His hips so slowly began to rock against her mouth and he fought to keep his hands in place. Knowing if he allowed them to weave into her hair, he would force the issue and he was enjoying what she was doing so much he had no desire to make her think otherwise or risk making her choke and ending the sweet torture before she finished. Yes, it was an awesome experience to Max, but as much as he was enjoying it, he knew how important it was for Liz to complete the job on her own.

When his hips moved slightly, helping her slide himself back and forth in and out of her mouth, Liz heard her own moans. Now she was taking at least three-fourth of him inside of her mouth and it was a wonderful sensation, but he was so large she was already feeling him beginning to slide into her throat. She was truly enjoying what she was doing, just as much as Max appeared to enjoy it, but she feared like last time, she wouldn't be able to bring him to completion as she barely could take what she had of him inside of her mouth now. And she knew, his mind was preventing him from the pleasure she seeked to give him until she had been successful taking him completely inside. Knowing this, she was determined more than ever. So each time she slid her mouth over his arousal, she took a little more, then a little more. "Yes, Liz! Keep going babe. That's it, you've got it. Keep going." Max urged her on, as his hips found the rhythm of her mouth easy enough and together they continued to work to satisfy his mind to allow him the release he was dying to encounter.

She was sucking harder and deeper then she ever thought possible, unlike their last experience like this together, Liz was also learning the art of it and each time he slid deeper inside her mouth she relaxed her throat muscles allowing him even deeper without causing her to gag. She was just about there and Max could no longer keep his hands from touching her. His fingers weaved into her head until they reached the scalp of her head. One final thrust of his hips and one final sliding of her mouth over him until her nose was basically pressed against his tight curls. Max held her in place for just that one last second and when she deep throated him, that was it. He let loose and never in his life had he experienced such a sensation. Letting his seed flow down her throat as she continued to suck him expertly until ever last drop was swallowed. Then and only then did she release him as Max released her head.

His body dropped to the floor of lab, spent as the feeling of his climax still coursed through his entire system taking his breath completely away. His arms went swiftly around her body and pulled her into a tight embrace. His heart was pounding wildly inside his chest, his body shaken in the quake of delight and both his mind and soul felt the satisfaction deep within himself. Liz lifted her head, smiling shyly, she whispered. "I take it, you enjoyed that one."

Kissing her breathlessly, tasting only a slight remnants of himself in her mouth as she had taken his release directly down her throat. "Words can't describe how awesome you are." He stated honestly. "Are you okay?"

Nodding her head against his chest she looked back up into his eyes, before answering. "Yeah, I feel great!" She enthused and she did. It was as if a heavy weight was lifted off her shoulders knowing that she had given him such pleasure and the act hadn't been a violation or an unwanted sex act. She had literally made love to Max orally and she felt proud that she had been successful in her attempt this time. Knowing that when Max thought of oral sex from here on out, his thoughts wouldn't be of Tess or of not wanting to choke her because of unsure feelings if she could handle it or not. No, from this moment on this was the moment would be what Max's memory of oral sex would conjure up and it felt great to Liz.

He understood exactly what had just happened and knew exactly what she was trying to do for him and he had never loved her more. He nodded his head accepting that she was okay and then his eyes turned to passion as the amber coloring took a dark heated look. "Good, then you won't mind me having a turn because I've had several fantasy's regarding you and our biology lab myself."

End Part 13

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Title: Internship
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 14

Max's words made Liz's own heart race with anticipation, God she wanted him and she wanted him in the worst way. Max didn't wait for her approval, he was way too far gone. He twisted the two of them so Liz was laying underneath him. Kissing her hard and with such passion, Liz was finding it difficult to breath. Max's mouth started sucking and nipping down her jaw and neck. His fingers busy undoing the front buttons of her shirt as his need to show her the same kind of pleasure she had just given him and then some became unanimalistic. Sucking hard on her neck, making sure he left his mark there before he traveled down her body. His fingers caressing the tips of her nipples softly, teasingly until she was literally arching upward to force him to cup her more fully. "Please Max! Grab them, grab them harder." She requested, from her earlier performance she was so hot, so in need of his touch, she was literally begging him to give her the release she needed.
At that moment, she didn't want slow and sensual. She wanted deep, hard and powerful.

Cupping her entire breasts with both hands, using his finger and thumb to twist her nipple roughly causing them to peak to their full potential in a matter of seconds. "Yes, just like that, don't stop. YES!" The power of his hands giving her exactly what she wanted, allowing her the pleasure she needed to experience.

Max could tell by the way Liz was demanding with both her voice and her body, how she wanted him to take her. Even though he had original thought to give her the same sweet torture using his mouth just like she had on him, he knew that time would have to wait for another time. He made a mental note with the word rain check running in his mind. Leaning over her his mouth latched onto her breast and began sucking hard, while his hand moved to undo her jeans. Making sure he had left his mark on several places on one breast before switching his mouth to the other one while switching hands. His fingers worked their way inside both her jeans and panties. "Hurry Max, please I need...YES!" She screamed out as he drove one finger inside her already wet passage. Swirling it deep inside of her before pulling it out slightly to plunge it back inside of her over and over again. Liz was lifted her hips greedily asking for more, wanting more, demanding him to fill her desires.

Not knowing what had caused Liz to be so wanton, but reveling in her actions all the same. "I need so much Max, God don't stop, please don't stop." Her back still arching and twisting to push both his head and his hand on her breast more forceful. As her hips lifted up further, needing him to continue to work his magical fingers in her. Her own hands demanding his continuation, one wrapped behind his head holding him a prison to her bounty as one hand held his other hand in place where it was plunging in and out of her center core. "Yes, Max! Yes, I'm going. OH YESSS!" She screamed out as her orgasm hit hard drenching her panties along with Max's finger.

Thinking now that she had some release she would allow him to continue to undress her in hopes he could drive home easily. But, the moment he began to withdrawal his finger from her body, Liz let a frustrated cry of denial out while continuing to hold his hand exactly where it was. "Babe, I need to be inside you just as much as you want me there so I either need to remove your jeans or you are going to have to do it for me." He whispered against her breast, unable to pull away due to the vice like gripe Liz still held over his head.

Liz had no idea what was coming over her, she had never been this, well..horney in all her life. She felt like she was in a total state of horniness, practically forcing Max to let her have her way with him and now unable to allow him to stop having his way with her. It wasn't the encoding forcing the issue, she knew that much. It wasn't Max at all, it was her and she had no idea what was coming over her. All she knew was that she needed Max to fuck her and fuck her hard. She wanted to feeling him buried so deeply inside of her she felt like she would explode with need if he didn't fill her soon. But, she was so out of it she didn't want to let him remove what little he had inside her, even for the short time that it would take to remove her clothing to allow him to bury himself inside of her. She heard Max's words and knew she had no choice in the matter. "Okay, but hurry Max, hurry."

Her voice was desperate and Max could hear the pleading tone in her voice. In one swift move he pulled his hand out from the constraints of her jeans and pulled them down and off of her along with her panties. As soon as she was free Max didn't even have time to lay over her before Liz pounced. She was on him like a wild tigress in heat and in a blink of an eye, Max found himself on his back with Liz on top of him. His arousal that had harden back to life once her felt her wetness almost instantly was buried deep inside of Liz and she was riding him like there was no tomorrow. "Help me, Max. I me..Deeper, please." She couldn't get enough of him to satisfy her need.

Unable to deny her, Max grabbed hold of her hips and forcefully began to ram his rod up into her awaiting sex. With his help the pace quickened and Liz swam in a see of orgasmic bliss as she rode one orgasm after another, after another. But, she wasn't satisfied as of yet, she knew nothing was going to satisfied her until Max shot his seed deep inside of her. Her heart beat was becoming erratic, her body was covering in sweat and her temperature was rising, but she kept going and she kept urging Max to keep going. When he let go his release inside of her, she collapsed against his chest in exhaustion.

During their love making, Max had gotten so into the fact that Liz had become so aggressive and loving every minute of it, that he wasn't paying too much attention to what was actually happening to her. It wasn't until she literally collapsed against him that he felt how erratic her heart beat was or how hot to the touch she was. It wasn't until that moment Max knew something was up, he quickly rolled them over and his hands began to scan her body. The first thing he did was slowed down her heart rate using his healing hands, then came her temperature that he dealt with. Cursing himself the entire time for being so sex filled with need that he hadn't really noticed how she was being affected physically. "Liz, open your eyes." He needed to see for himself that she was okay, but the fact was he had no idea what had just caused her to drive herself to such a sexual frenzy it didn't stop even when she was obviously having trouble breathing. Not to mention the fact how high her body temperature had risen. Something was definitely off here, but at the moment Max was more concern that Liz was immediately okay versus the cause.

When Liz opened her eyes, she could feel the wanting need for Max to make love to her all over again. "M.Maxxx, what's to me?" The sound of fear in her voice was enough for Max to take action. He quickly swooped her up into his arms, not even bothering to dress either of them and carried her out of the lab and up to their bedroom where he turned on the shower in the bathroom as her body temperature was starting to rise once again. Waving his hand through the water, he set the water temperature to a cool luke warm setting and then stepped inside the shower still holding Liz in his arms. The cool shower seemed to have an effect immediately. Her eyes that were glazed over, seem to start to come back to life and Max could feel the fever she was beginning to spout again start to disappear. "My knight in shining armor." She joked as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Yeah, a knight in shining armor that just got the hell scared out of him. What happened?"
Max knew for a fact it hadn't been the encoding, something else had been driving her and even though he would have loved to think it was because she craved his body and just had to make love with him. He knew it was much more than that.

"I'm not sure, but one minute was doing, you" Her eyes cast downward shyly as she continued. "Then something inside of me just snapped, it was like I couldn't get enough.
It was like a force took over, but it wasn't the encoding, it felt different. Like chemical." Liz's eyes widen in surprise as a realization took hold. "Max, the apple in the lab. Do you think Nasedo had put some kind of aphrodisiac in my food? Maybe to ensure I would comply with the encoding or something." Now, Liz was beginning to think out loud more to herself then talking with Max.

Max could already tell she was getting back to being his logical, scientific minded girlfriend. Whatever it was that had happen was obviously finished now. Listening to what she was saying, he voiced the question he had. "But, you didn't eat any of the apple, right?"

"No, but maybe just ingesting the smell could cause a reaction. Oh, God. I had Robert take the apple to the university lab. What if it causes the same reaction in him?"

"At least he wasn't still here, he seemed like a decent guy and I would have hated to have to kill him." Max half joked. If what Liz's mind was thinking could be true, then was it possible for whatever was in the apple cause a reaction in both Liz and Robert and if it had would it have caused them to do something that all parties involved in this to regret. Max's nostrils began to flare with anger and that anger was directed to the one person that had caused so much trouble already. Nasedo.

"Max, that's not funny." She looked around the shower as the water continued to spray it's cool stream over their bodies. "Uh, Max. How did we get in the shower and where exactly are my clothes?" She asked realizing she had no memory of leaving the lab.

"Uh..they're still down in the lab. My powers could only bring her temperature down temporarily and without knowing what was causing it, I just carried you up to the shower.
You seemed to respond almost instantly. Are you sure you aren't feeling any more effects."
Now that Max had time to think about it, it did seem strange how Liz had begun to burn up with fever only for it to disappear the minute the water started to hit them.

Liz looked inward to herself and she found no effects of whatever it was that had taken over her. Like the water had washed away the effects immediately. "That's it!"

"What?" Max asked always ready to hear how Liz's mind thinks.

"I didn't eat the apple, right?" Max nodded letting her know he was with her so far. "So, whatever was injected into the apple, I didn't ingest." Once again a nod from Max, this time to urge her to continue with her theory. "Maybe whatever it is that's in the apple is so powerful just touching it, allowed the mysterious substance to absorb into my skin. Once you brought me into the shower, the water removed the trace of it off my skin..."

"Bringing you back to your normal self. Although I do have to admit, when you lose control. God, you really lose control by the way." He raised his eye brows up and down in a jokingly manner.

Slapping him playful on the chest, then smiling back at him she retorted. "Now you know how sexy it is when you lose your control to me."

"Uh..Liz, I think we better get out of the shower before that control of mine you talked about starts to lose it's hold on me." Holding her naked body close to his in the shower, wasn't exactly a way to keep himself in control he thought as he could already feel his body begin to respond to hers.

Understanding what he was saying, but knowing they really didn't have time to go another round as she knew Isabelle and them were going to be coming back any moment. She eased herself out of Max's arms. "Why don't you go ahead and get dressed? I think I'm going to wash, just to make sure to get the substance off my skin, in case my theory is correct."

Max nodded in agreement, as he slipped out of the shower, dried off and went to retrieve some new clothing for the two of them. He had barely gotten his pants pulled up and was reaching for his shirt when Michael stormed into his bedroom and shut the door behind him with the look of fear covering his face. "Michael! What's wrong?" Thoughts of the FBI discovering them or an army of alien enemies finally catching up with them passed through his mind at the sight of Michael standing quaking in fear with his back pressed against the closed door of the bedroom.

"She's back, she's out there and I can feel her looking for me. I know she wants me to carry in her damn shopping bags. I'm not going out there until you've talked to her, so get your ass down those steps and get this taken care of NOW!"

Relaxing a bit as he understood what had gotten Michael in such a fit, Isabelle was back from shopping. But, with Isabelle being back, that meant Nasedo was also going to be back and even though he had assured Michael he would speak with his sister. Right now, his mind was more on Nasedo and getting Liz's theories confirmed and once confirmed, letting him have it. "Look stay in here, Isabelle won't look in here for you. Let me tell Liz I'm going to speak with them and when the coast is clear I'll come get you, okay?" With Michael's quick nod and him moving further inside the room, clearly not willing to go out the bedroom until Max had fulfilled his promise and got a chance to get Isabelle back to thinking clearly. Max gathered the clothing he had retrieved for Liz and moved inside the bathroom. "Liz, Michael's in our room so I'm bringing you your stuff in here. Apparently Isabelle's back and he doesn't want to be found so his going to hide out in our room for a while until I can talk to Isabelle and get this whole encoding issue between the two of them worked out. If you want to be part of the fun, I suggest you hurry because I can't wait to test your theory out on Nasedo."

Liz understood exactly what Max was saying, the two of them had decided the best way to test the theory was to make Nasedo do the most stupidest things before they laid down the law with him. "Okay, DON'T start without me, I want to see his face when he finds out we're on to him." She had already turned off the shower and was grabbing a towel to dry herself.

Seeing how quickly she was trying to dry off to get ready to join him, Max waved his hand over her body drying her instantly. Then ran his hand through her hair, drying that too in a flash. "You do good work, how's that power of yours on applying skin lotion?" She joked even though every time she got to witness Max using his abilities it still amazed her.

Max was in a hurry to confront the elder alien, but he also knew Liz wanted to be a part of it with him. "I'll show you later, now come on we need you dressed. I want you by my side when this goes down." Max stated as he was already helping her step into the pair of underwear he had grabbed for her. Together they finished dressing Liz and with hands linked the two of them stepped out of the bathroom, leaving Michael in the bedroom and walked down the stairs ready for the long over due confrontation with Nasedo.

End Part 14

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Title: Internship
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 15

The first person they walked into was Isabelle sitting in the living room. "Hey, Is. How was shopping?" Max asked as his head turned to see if he could spot Nasedo.

Isabelle was taken back by the sight of Max and Liz, she hadn't expected to see either of them until this weekend. "It was okay, what are you two doing here? I didn't think you guys would be back until the weekend. Is everything okay?" It was obvious she was concern about her brother and what had caused the two of them to leave their little love nest so quickly. Hell, the way Nasedo spoke. The two of them wouldn't have wasted time to answer their phone at the apartment, let alone leave the place. Seeing how they had been prior to leaving, Isabelle had agreed with Nasedo's thinking. So, seeing the two of them here was a bit of a shock.

"Everything's good, we just needed to speak to Nasedo for a minute regarding a few matters. Is he around?" Max asked trying to keep himself together, the memory of Liz's high fever was still fresh in his mind and he wanted to get this conversation with Nasedo over with as soon as possible. Until he did though, he didn't intend to bring up his or Liz's suspicions to either Michael or Isabelle. He had to have the facts straight first and that meant he needed to speak with Nasedo.

"His in the study, something about taking care of loose ends or something." Isabelle didn't care in the least what he was doing and it was obvious in her tone. After spending the majority of her day shopping, which was one of her most favorite past times. Between Tess and Nasedo she wasn't sure who was the worst to have around. With Tess's depression and apparent newly found hatred toward Liz or Nasedo's unemotional boredom at having to spend the day at the mall. The entire experience had been a miserable one and she for one was grateful for Nasedo's quick escape to his study upon their arrival back at the ranch. But, she also knew she had better warn Max about the way Tess was feeling. She just didn't know if it would be a good idea to mention it in front of Liz. She didn't want to frighten Liz in case there wasn't really anything behind Tess's grumbled words. So she would wait for the opportunity to speak with Max alone. "When your done with Nasedo, do you think the two of us could have a moment to talk? I need to fill you in on something."

Max figured his sister was referring to the encoding she and Michael shared. Remembering his conversation with Michael or more precisely Michael's current threat, he looked at his sister and replied. "Yeah, I think that's a good idea." Then turning back to Liz. "You ready?"

She squeezed his hand and nodded her head, then the two of them started toward the study. The door was closed and Max didn't even bother gracing him with a knock, he barged right in.
"Hey, Nasedo." He stated eerily cheery.

The older alien's normally unemotional face took on the surprise look for only a mere second when Max and Liz both entered the study. He covered his surprise quickly, but not before the two young lovers took note of it. As the two of them were ready for the reaction and actually was looking for it. "Max? I didn't expect you back at the ranch so soon."

"Yeah, I bet you didn't." Max mumbled, then stated. "Liz and I were wondering about something actually."

"What's that?" His face and voice once again the unemotional mask it always was.

"Do you like standing on say one leg?" Nasedo gave him an odd look as if he had just asked the most ridiculous question in the world, so Max continued. "I think Nasedo would look pretty good standing on one leg. What do you think, Liz?"

"I don't know, Max. I doubt he would last longer then a few seconds at the most." By now Nasedo could tell the two of them were up to something and only hoped his suspicions were wrong.

"Only a few seconds really, I'd say he last at least a minute. Nasedo would you like to solve our bet for us and see how long you can last standing on one leg?" Max tone was a joking one filled with sarcasm.

"I don't think I would care to do that actually. Now if you two don't mind I have a few things to attend to." He rose from his chair and motioned to the door for the two of them to leave.

Standing face to face with the elder alien, Max stared into his eyes and commanded. "I want you to stand on one leg." His voice cold as steel and as serious as he could make it.

Nasedo stared him down, but he did in fact lift one leg off the ground just barely. It was hardly noticeable, but it was there. "You figured it out, didn't you?" Knowing the answer already, but as Nasedo looked over to where Liz stood slightly back from Max with a small grin on her face. Nasedo knew in that instant it hadn't been Max that had figured out anything, it had been that damn human girl. Most humans were so inferior he could toss them a side without a second glance, but this one. The one his King had chosen to bond with, was obvious more intelligent then the regular human. He had to give his King correct for his choice, she appeared to be quite attractive, obvious showed signs of intelligence and even with the encoding planted inside her mind. She still didn't seem to take anyone's shit, not even his King. She wasn't a mate that would be at his beckon call, but it appeared she was going to stand by his side as an equal and in that moment. Nasedo knew he had done right by placing Prenatoune in her food. But, then again he still couldn't figure out how the two of them had left the apartment.

Prenatoune was a powerful mating substance used on their home planet. It was often used when a woman who was to be bond was too fragile to relax and bond with her mate. Making the bonding experience more enjoyable for both of the bonded mates. Nasedo had also heard it make the women on his planet that had taken it, become highly aggressive in the act of mating until their bonded mate impregnated them. Not allowing their bonded mate to stop mating with them until they knew they had become with child. Although Nasedo suspected his King and the human girl had little trouble bonding and continuing mating. Once Prenatoune was ingested into the female mate, it usually ensured a successful mating to occur. Nasedo knew the human world did not work the same as the Antarian world did. On this planet, in this country his King and the human girl were deemed too young to consider a family. But, on Antar you were considered old enough to mate the moment you were old enough to choose your bonded mate.

Like it or not, he was bound to protect his King and now bond to the human girl Liz, he had chosen to bond with because of the transfer of the encoding. He didn't believe it was possible for the human female to mate with his King and grant him a child. But, because he was encoded now to protect both of them, that meant also protect their future. So he had arranged the two of them to adjourn to the apartment he had set up in the city in pretense they needed to leave Isabelle and Michael to find their own destiny and to keep Robert's interest in Tess in lieu of Liz. He had laced the different variety of foods he had witnessed Liz would willing eat and expected to see if his experiment had worked at the end of the week. But, looking at the two of them standing before him, it was clear to him that Liz had not touched her food, for if she had. There was no way that Max would have been able to get out of that apartment until she was with child or died trying. The drug was just too powerful to deny it's intentions.

"I guess your theory was correct." Max admitted to Liz as he watched Nasedo standing there in front of him with one leg slightly lifted. His statement acknowledging Nasedo's assumption had been correct.

"So now you know." Nasedo admitted freely, although this discovery was unexpected of Nasedo, he was quick to try to think of a way to make both Max and especially Liz understand what was expected of the two of them now that they were bonded.

Max shook his head in disgust, all this time had been wasted. Why couldn't Nasedo just come clean with them in the beginning? He could have prevented so much pain and heart ache if only he had figured all this out earlier. Looking back toward Liz, he couldn't help it when his mind wanted to kiss her to thank her. Liz smiled as she felt his desire form in her mind and she took the step forward and leaned up to him and allowed him to descend his lips upon hers for a quick kiss of thanks. Looking back at the man before him, Max commanded once again. "I want you to sit down and I want you to start telling me the truth. Starting with what you put in the food at the apartment."

Nasedo complied with the sit down command quickly, but as soon as Max spoke regarding the food his face once again took the look of surprise upon it quickly before he could cover it.
"It is a substance called Prenatoune. It will help ensure a bonding and then the mating to follow the bonding."

Liz thought back to the way she had acted in the lab, the way she was so demanding of Max to release his seed inside of her. The way her body seemed to desire it and wouldn't stop until she got it. She had never in her life felt so hungry for sex, at the time she knew something was up and now she understood all too well exactly what had actually happened. "But, I thought you said I wouldn't be able to have Max's child. You said only Tess would be able to get pregnant by Max and she would be the only one that would be able to carry his child. So why give the drug to me?" At the moment Liz wasn't even concern regarding the issue that he had attempted to force a pregnancy between her and Max at their age. It was just a shock that he had even made the attempt, which meant he didn't really know for sure. He was just assuming that Max would only be able to impregnate Tess. Before, Nasedo could answer her first question, Liz spoke up yet again. "You're not sure. All this talk about the four of them having to fulfill a destiny because it was their responsibility to ensure they had heirs and their blood line wasn't severed was just bullshit. You have no idea if I can get pregnant with Max's child or not. So you were going to use me like some guinea pig and force me to make Max impregnate me because of some alien drug? YOU BASTARD!" Liz went over to the alien and slapped him hard across the face, she was so angry she couldn't see straight. Nor did she even consider the possibility that she had just slapped someone who could kill her with a flick of his wrist.

Nasedo made a move to stand, but Max was right there by Liz's side pulling her protectively into his arms. Encoding to protect Liz or not, he still didn't trust Nasedo as far as he could throw him. "Sit down!" Nasedo once again complied. "Is she right? IS LIZ RIGHT!"
The anger in Max's tone was evident as he shouted for Nasedo to answer him.

"Yes." His answer was short and to the point.

"Did you even stop to think what that shit could have done to Liz? She isn't Antarian, she's human. You could have killed her!"

"You are wrong. Prenatoune would not cause harm to any vital organs, I would have not been able to allow her to ingest any if that was a possibility Max. I am encoded to protect her, do you not understand that yet? I am encoded to protect you both, today, tomorrow and your future. You are bonded to Liz, therefore you must fulfill the right of that bond. I was merely trying to protect the bond you already share with each other by giving Liz's body the boost it may need to allow her to conceive your child."

Max was dumbfounded by Nasedo's words. He had no idea how to respond to what he had just admitted, but luckily for him. Liz wasn't shocked speechless. "You listen and you listen good, if and when Max and I decide to have a child it will be by our choice. Not because you want it to happen or because we have bonded according to your planets guidelines. We don't live on Antar, we live here on Earth and on this planet we have something called free choice. Or at least we have it in this country, so no more trying to control our lives or our destiny. From here on out, you are only to protect us from any dangers that we may run into and aren't able to solve on our own first. You got that! She pointed her finger in Nasedo's chest emphasizing her words as she spoke.

Nasedo sat there quietly taking in the human girl's words, but didn't show any sign of accepting what she had jus stated. Max, however, wasn't about to mince words with this alien any longer. With Liz's strength, Max found his voice to command. "Answer her!"

"I cannot comply with that demand. I am encoded to protect you and your future. I cannot keep myself from trying to ensure the bonding is fulfilled. It was your choice to bond at the age that you did, not mine. It was your choice to commit to the bond, not mine. And it was your choice free and clear to transfer the encoding to Liz from Tess, not mine. So you cannot ask for me to go against the encoding I have inside of me."

Max looked at Nasedo, judging him and knew he was speaking the truth this time for once in his miserable life. He then looked at Liz and could see the worried look on her face before he had a chance to say anything though she spoke up. "Max, I need to talk to you privately."

Nodding his agreement, he commanded Nasedo to wait for them out in the hallway while he and Liz had a moment alone. Once Nasedo was out the door, Max turned toward Liz. "Tell me what you want me to do?"

"I don't want that drug in my system any more. It didn't feel right and I hadn't even ingested any, it was just absorbed through my skin. What if we tell him, we are willing to try to fulfill the bond as he puts it, but we are only willing to do it if we can do it without the use of that Prenatoune crap. Besides he doesn't actually have to know that I'm on the pill anyway. This way his encoding is fulfilled because we will appear to be trying, but we still have free choice of when since I will have to stop taking the pills in order for conception to take place. What do you think?"

"I think you are undoubtedly the most intelligent woman on this planet and that's why I choose to bond with you." He kissed her nose briefly and gave her a genuine hug before going back to the door and allowing Nasedo to step in. Max told the older alien of their demands, leaving out the part about Liz being on birth control, of course.

Nasedo studied Max's face, then Liz's. "You stated you had not ingested any Prenatoune into your system, yet you have had it absorbed into your skin, correct?"

"I can't honestly answer that, that's what we are assuming by the way it affected me. Why?" Liz asked curious why the shapeshifter questioned her.

"So you had Prenatoune in your system and you had mated during that time?" Nasedo inquired, wanting to know if his thoughts were correct. Liz nodded her head, getting an uneasy feeling about what was about to be said next. She was disappointed when Nasedo threw out his final question. "And you are sure you are not pregnant already?"

Both Max and Liz looked at each other, Oh Shit was written all over their faces as the reality of the situation came into play.

End Pt15
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Title: Internship
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 16

"NO, No, Nonononono." Liz denied as she shook her head, she was on the pill. She had been on the pill since her and Max had spent the night out in the desert after the heatwave. Maria had forced the issue that both of them were unable to control themselves when it came to their spaceboys and insisted they both be prepared for whenever the day came when they would get totally lost in the alien abyss. Maria had acted like she had to drag Liz to the clinic that one afternoon, months ago. But, in reality Liz agreed with her best friend one hundred percent. She knew how she felt when Max kissed her and if he had ever pursued the issue, she knew she would cave. She loved him and being with Max in the most intimate way a woman could be with a man, was something she knew she would willing do. So when Nasedo dropped his bomb, she immediately went into denial about the possibility.

Max, on the other hand couldn't be as sure as Liz. Yes, he knew Liz was taking birth control pills. But, he didn't know enough about this alien drug to know if the human birth control pills were powerful enough to react against the alien drug. Taking in Liz's reaction, he knew it would be up to him to discover the truth. He held Liz tightly against him, trying to calm her down knowing Nasedo's comment had taken her by surprise. "Do you want me to verify?" He asked calmly, wanting to put her mind at ease.

Liz pulled away from Max's soothing arms, still completely in denial. "Max, you and I both know it's impossible, even with HIM trying to control our lives." Liz wasn't stupid, she knew the possibility was there. Alien technology was apparently more advanced then human technology. She knew nothing about this drug that had been forced into her system. The possibility was there, she knew it logically. But, at the moment, logical thinking wasn't what came to mind. The thought of only being seventeen and pregnant just wasn't acceptable and denying the possibility was the only thing she could do.

As Liz stepped back and continued to deny, the more Max needed to know. "Liz, please. We need to know." He stated as he looked her directly in the eye, hoping she would allow him the opportunity to discover the truth one way or another. He had to admit that when he had connected with her to bring down the fever, he had felt something different. But, at the time he had been so concerned with making sure she was okay, he hadn't thought to look deeper into what he had felt inside her body. But, the more he let his mind remember that something was there, the more he knew he needed to verify his thoughts of why he had sensed something. "Please, Liz."

His soft, calming voice and the feel of his strong arms surrounding her, brought Liz back to reality. Nodding her head softly against his chest she agreed that they needed to know. Max caressed his fingers over her cheeks and gave her a small smile. "It will be okay Liz, whatever the answer is. I'll be there for you, no matter what we're in this together. Okay?" Receiving another small nod, Max knew she was calming down. He pulled her over to the couch in the study and motioned for Liz to lie down. "Just let your mind blan...

"Blank out, I know." She finished his sentence, knowing he was going to form a connection between them. When he brought his hands up to cup her face in his hands, she whispered softly. "I love you, Max."

Just before he made the connection, Max easily replied. "I love you too, Liz. Forever, no matter what." The connection was opened almost instantly between the two of them. Once connected to her, Max's hand traveled down her lower stomach. Seeking and finding the truth to their question.

His hand remained on Liz's stomach for a few seconds before he finally pulled it away. Liz felt like she was waiting on pins and needles, but once Max broke the connection, Liz knew the answer before he even revealed the truth. "Uh..I..I need a minute." She stated nervously as she ran out of the room in a flash, not allowing Max to say two words before she left. If he didn't say it, it wasn't true. Denial was still possible. She needed air and she needed it immediately. Without any direction in mind, she ran from the house feeling her life taken control of her. Instead of her taking control of her life.

Max was in a state of shock too, but the moment Liz ran from his arms, he knew she needed him to be the strong one now. In every step of their relationship so far, Liz had always been the rock that made him strong, confident and the kind of person he wanted to be. Now it was her that needed his strength and he swore right then and there, he would be as strong as she needed for both of them. It only took him a second to realize that Liz was no longer in his arms and he immediately started to go after her. But, a hand on his forearm held him back. "Let Me Go!" His command was harsh with anger. After everything Nasedo had put Liz through, he had the nerve to try to stop him from going to her when she needed him the most. Max had never hated someone so much as he did in that moment, when Nasedo tried to prevent him from following his soul.

Nasedo's hand fell away, the moment Max made the command, but his words stopped him in his track. "Have you fulfilled the bond between you and Elizabeth?"

Max whirled around toward the elder alien, slicing a look that clearly told him how he felt toward him. "Liz needs me." He stated firmly and once again turned to bolt after Liz.

Just as he made it to the door, Nasedo stopped him once again. "Your child will need my guidance." His statement unemotional as ever, only his words pierced Max's mind with the need to lash out.

"WHAT? YOUR GUIDANCE! Are you seriously ill? When I become a father, I WILL be the one to give that child GUIDANCE! Not YOU! Why would you even think I would allow you to give a child of mine guidance when all you have ever done was lie to ME! Do you truly believe I would ever trust you again after what you did to me, Tess and especially LIZ? God, you are crazy? YOU'RE NUTS! Stay away from me, stay away from Liz and stay away from my family. DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?" With that said, Max ran out of the room with only one thought on his mind. He needed to find Liz, Liz needed him and he was determined to be there for her. Just like she had always been there for him.

His determined strides were halted though as a hand stretched out and grabbed hold of his arm, pulling him inside another room. Max was beside himself, after lashing out at Nasedo only a few moments before, he still didn't have himself under control and whirled around to lash out at the individual that stopped him from getting to the one person who needed him more than anything at that moment in time. Before he was even able to begin to lash out, Michael quickly asked. "Did you talk to your sister yet?" His voice was a bit shaky and Max knew Michael had no idea what had just taken place in the study. He also understood how upset and violated his friend felt. So no matter how much he wanted to lash out at him for stopping his pursuit of Liz, he knew he couldn't. The alien encoding had caused havoc in all of their lives and from the look of his friend's face, Max knew it was up to him to get this all situation under control. But, he had his own priorities and right now those priorities were Liz.

"No, Michael. Not yet. But, I swear I will. Just give me a few more minutes and then we'll get this whole thing straightened out." Max offered, not really wanting to take the time to explain his need to get to Liz. He felt bad for his friend, but right now Liz was who needed him the most and in his book, Liz would always come first from now on. Without letting Michael stop him again, Max turned back to the closed door and opened it.

Michael was beside himself, he thought of all people Max would understand what he was going through and be the one that would help him out. But, Max was acting like he had something more important to deal with. As far as Michael knew, Max had gotten exactly what he had always wanted out of this life. Liz had the encoding, Max was free from his destiny from Tess and was currently bonded to the love of his life, Liz. So Michael couldn't understand why Max was acting like the current situation between him and Isabelle wasn't a top priority. The minute Max opened the door, Michael yelled out in frustration. "Max, you have to help me!"

At the same time, Isabelle just happened to be walking down the hallway. "There you are."
She stated with a slight glee to her voice. She knew what she had made Michael do was so wrong, but it was just so much fun to see him squirm like he had been and as much as she could tell he wanted to scream at her and tell her to go fuck off, he couldn't. He was encoded to do her bidding. Just the thought of being able to make Michael pay for every rude comment he had ever made toward her or to anyone for that matter. No, now was the time for her to get even and at the moment she still didn't feel like Michael had learned a big enough lesson. But, prior to Isabelle saying or thinking any further her brother interrupted her thoughts.

"Isabelle, did you happen to see what way Liz went?"

As soon as Max spoke regarding Liz, Isabelle's mind processed what she should have told him the minute she saw him earlier. "She ran out the front door just a few minutes ago, but Max I have to tell you something about what's been going on with Tess." She got out quickly as she could see that her brother was about ready to bolt toward the front door to follow in Liz's direction. But, she really needed for him to hear all the things Tess had been saying.

Max took a step toward the door, however his sister's last words made him halt his desperate attempt to talk to Liz once again. "Why, what's going on with Tess?"

"Max, Tess and Robert broke up or more precisely Robert broke up with Tess." Isabelle paused briefly to allow that piece of information to sink in before she really dropped her bombshell. "Max, Tess blames Liz. Not just for Robert, but for everything. She's hurting and she's not thinking clearly. She's looking for someone to blame and Liz seems to be the one she's focusing on to pin the blame on. All day today, everything that came out of her mouth was how Liz stole her life with you, took her destiny away from her, ruined her relationship with Robert. I tried to reason with her, but the way she spoke kind of scared me. She kept saying she needed to get her life back, the life she was supposed to have. But, when I reminded her that she was the one that willing gave up the encoding she had to Liz because she didn't really have feelings for you. She trust looked me right in the eye and told me she had made a mistake and she was going to correct it. After that she wouldn't even hardly talk to me, let alone listen to reason. I know she was horribly upset when Robert had left, but the way she was talking. It was like she thought she could get the encoding back. But, that's impossible isn't it? I mean wouldn't Liz have to be willing to give her the encoding back and you would have to be willing to transfer it back to Tess.
The three of you have to agree willing or the transfer wouldn't take place, right?"

Max couldn't believe what his sister just told him, but then he remembered what Liz had said earlier. If something were to happen to Liz, the encoding would automatically be transferred back to the original host. Not bothering answering Isabelle's question, he took hold of her shoulders. "Isabelle, where's Tess right now?" He knew he needed to find Liz, but at his sister's confession, he knew right now it was more important to find Tess and set her straight. Liz's safety took priority so even if he had to take action to ensure Liz's safety, that's exactly what he would do. Tess may not be encoded to do his bidding any longer, but he was the King. He didn't play the King card very often, but if nothing else he knew Tess did respect his role as her King. With or without the encoding he was going to force her to see reason.

Isabelle could see the determined look in her brother's eyes. "She went down to the stables saying she needed time to think." Before Isabelle could say another word Max was gone. She looked over at Michael, who had stood slightly behind Max during the entire exchange asking silently with her eyes if he understood what was going on. But, what she saw wasn't concern over his friend or Liz or even Tess. It was something she never thought she would ever see in her entire life. Michael Guerin had a look of disgust and fear on his face. And they were both directed at her. Michael was scared of her. A guy she always thought of as her protector was now showing fear toward her. That was the first moment she realized that she had gone too far. Yes, she had wanted to get even with Michael for all the times he had been rude, but she hadn't realized until that very moment what she was doing to him mentally. Lowering her eyes, she whispered out. "I'm sorry Michael, I'm really sorry."

Her apology shocked Michael. Isabelle never apologized, never admitted she was wrong even when she was and here she was standing before him apologizing to him. But, Michael was never one to trust easily and although he had always presumed Isabelle of all people would be someone he would be able to trust without any doubt. He found himself doubting her and her apology. She might be feeling guilty at the moment for what she had done, but that didn't mean in the future she wouldn't force him to do other things when she wanted her way.
Even if she didn't do it on purpose, it would still have the same effect. Michael, never was one that took taking orders easily, he was always rebellious and the thought that he would never be able to have complete control over his own actions was enough to break his spirit. "I can't..I can't be around you right now Isabelle." Was all he said and he quickly walked away leaving her standing in the hallway alone.

Isabelle wanted to call out to him and apologize once again for her behavior. To promise him that she wouldn't take advantage of the encoding inside of them again, but at the moment Isabelle understood that she wasn't in enough control of her own mind or how this encoding worked exactly to make such a promise to her brother. Feeling miserable and totally alone for the first time in her life, Isabelle went to her room to try to figure out how she could get the encoding inside the two of them to work to their advantage in lieu of it haunting them. Her feelings for Michael never changed, she had absolutely no romantic feelings for him what so ever. He was her brother in her heart and that was all he would ever be. But, a brother that she loved and had always respected. Even when he would piss her off beyond words. A brother she loved, just like she loved Max. Her mind wandered back to Max and how he had been so lucky to find his true soulmate. To be able to have the alien encoding transferred to Liz. Then she thought about Alex, sure she really liked Alex. He was the sweetest, kindest guy she knew and she knew he had feelings for her just the same. But, their relationship was no where near to the point of Max and Liz's relationship. Maybe someday they would be there, but Isabelle knew as much as she cared for Alex and as much as he could always make her smile. She wasn't ready to commit to anyone, not even Alex. So that meant her and Michael were at a stand still. No matter how guilty to she felt for taking advantage of the encoding Michael had inside of him to do her bidding. She couldn't release him from it and she feared that as long as they were still destined to be together, he would never truly trust her again.

So all she could do was try to come to terms with how to use the encoding to their advantage instead of just using it. That's when her mind came to a conclusion. She didn't want a romantic relationship with Michael, but she did know an individual who did. She also knew without any doubt how much Michael liked Maria. Even if he tried to deny it and tried to push her away. Michael found it difficult to open to people, to trust people, but somehow Maria had been able to make his stonewall crumble. Even though Michael would try to deny his feelings for Maria, she knew without any doubt how much he did care for her. Maybe, she thought, just maybe she could use the encoding to at least ensure that Michael and Maria were happy. The more she thought about it, the more she liked the idea.

When Liz had run out of the house, she really didn't have any imparticular place in mind to where she was running to. She just knew she needed to get away from the reality of her life for a minute. Try to come to terms at what she knew was the truth in her heart, but still trying to convince her mind that her future had already been determined for her. She ended up outside the stables. Stopping to catch her breath, she sighed heavily before walking inside. Casually strolling through the stables, letting her mind try to process the information and accept her future. She stopped in front of a beautiful mere and reached up to stroke the horse when a shuffling sound behind her startled her and she quickly turned to see what had caused the noise. "Hey, Tess. I didn't know you were out here." She greeted calmly, not really in the mood to speak to anyone. Least of all Tess, but she was too polite of a person to just dismiss her rudely. So she greeted her and hoped she would be able to get away from the girl before she noticed how upset she was. The last person she would want to discuss what was bothering her was Tess.

"Hi Liz, I didn't think we would see you until next week." Tess stated just as calmly, neither of their tones were really friendly, but not unfriendly either. Tess saw right off the bat something was up with Liz, but not really wanting to make small talk with the girl that had stolen her entire life, not just from the man she was supposed to be with. But, also from the man she truly loved. A plan started to form in her mind. "You know what I love about these horses?" Liz shook her head, not really caring what Tess had to say, just wanting time to think, away from Nasedo and everything for just a little while. "It's when I go riding. It's freeing in a way. Just you and the horse. It let's your mind just relax and be care free for those few precious moments."

Tess's words were exactly the words Liz needed to hear. The sound of letting her mind relax for just a short time was exactly what she needed. Her and Max had taken a couple rides during their stay at the ranch and even though she wasn't exactly an expert she trusted Max.
He had shown her the jest of riding and she had to agree with Tess one what she had said. When she was on top of the horse, she did feel free and relaxed. But, Liz herself wasn't an expert at horses. Making a quick decision, she asked. "Do you want to go for a ride with me?" Now Liz had no idea that Tess was hoping that she would ask that very same question. She also had no idea that at that very moment how upset Tess was, nor did she know that Tess blamed her and wanted back what was once hers.

Giving her a smile, Tess nodded and then added. "Yeah, but you better let me saddle your horse for you. Max would kill me if anything happened to you because you didn't put your saddle on correctly." She stated as sincerely as possible. With that said Tess went into motion, the horse she had already claimed as hers was already saddled. Tess admitting that she had come down to the stables just a short while ago to go on a ride of her own when Liz had shown up. So she quickly placed a saddle on the beautiful mere that Liz had previous rode on with Max. Tightening the belt just right, but not hooking it into place. Knowing the strap would work it's way loose eventually. Handing the reigns to Liz, she held her hands cupped together to help the less experienced girl a leg up into the saddle. Climbed on her own horse before looking over to Liz. "You ready for some relax time."

"More than you know." Liz answered and the two girls each gave their horses a slight kick and were off.

Max had run to the stable and just reached the opening when he seen to woman he loved more than life itself and the woman he was once destined to be with heading out of the pasture.
They were way too far ahead of him to hear his desperate cries and he knew there was only one way to catch up to them. Taking hold of another saddle, he got his own horse ready and took off after them. Hoping and praying that his Liz radar would lead him in the correct direction as the two women were out of sight by the time he had his horse ready.

End Pt16

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Title: Internship
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 17

Throughout their ride so far, Tess hadn't said two words and for that Liz was grateful. With the wind whipping through her hair and the feel of flying from being on the magnificent mere was exactly what she had needed. Tess was right about the way riding on a horse just made your mind feel free and the further they rode away from the ranch the more Liz began to enjoy herself and leave her problems behind her. She felt slightly guilty about leaving Max the way she had, it wasn't his fault any more than it was hers. She knew the correct person to feel her anger toward and it was Nasedo. Liz literally loathed the older alien and what he had done. Not just to her, to Max and even to her riding companion Tess. He had done so many things to all of them, that she couldn't even comprehend which act was the worst. Raising Tess to believe in her destiny to Max, almost to the point where he basically brainwashed her into believing it. Or the fact that he had been the one to basically throw Max and Tess together into a situation that both felt disgusted and ashamed. Or giving her a drug, an alien drug to be more specific to try to ensure she got pregnant.
Those were only a few of the things that disturbed Liz. They were just the top of the list of things he had done recently. She didn't even want to think about the time he had kidnapped her and gotten Max captured. A capture that ended in him being tortured by the special unit of the FBI.

As she continued to fly through the air on the back of the mere, she knew Max would be worried about her, would more than likely be a tad upset that she had run out on him the way she had and she knew he would feel guilty and take the blame himself for what Nasedo had done to all of them once again. But, right at the moment, Liz needed this. She needed time to just escape for a few moments and then she would make it up to Max. No matter how selfish she was being for needing this time, she knew Max would understand. "Want to race to the ravine?" Tess asked her breaking Liz out of her thoughts.

Without answering out loud, she nodded her head and the two girls kicked their heels once again and started flying even faster across the pasture they were currently in. The ravine sat directly behind the ranch house so Liz figured it was time to head back and face the reality of her life anyway.

Tess on the other hand had her own plan in mind. She knew without a doubt that she wouldn't be able to do anything herself to harm Liz as Max would never ever forgive her for it. But, if Liz met with an accident that she had no control over, that was another different matter.
Liz was just making this way too easy for her. Without Liz's interference's, Tess would be able to live the life she was supposed to live. It no longer mattered to her, if she loved Max in her heart to her or the fact that Max would never be able to love her in his. They were at least compatible to spend their lives together. Once she got rid of Liz, she would inherit the encoding once again and without Liz around the bond Max had to her would also be severed so her and Max could begin the life that they were destined to share.

Max raced on his stallion in the direction he had last seen the girl's going, then he was on his own. The only saving grace was the fact that he could still feel Liz's presence and even though he couldn't see her, he knew she wasn't that far away from him. Following his heart, he steered the stallion in the direction where his heart and soul were. He didn't blame Liz for running out the way she had, in fact he couldn't believe how much she had dealt with so far because of him and what he was and handled it all. Nasedo had crossed the line one too many times though and as soon as Max was sure Liz was okay he would make him pay for what he had done. But, right now his priority was Liz and her safety. He wanted to believe that Tess wouldn't really do anything to hurt Liz. In the few days he had spent with Tess he actually had gotten to know her and found he could enjoy her company. He had hoped they could be friends, as she was still one of them. Even though he would never be able to love her, he wanted to be friends with her. But, his sister's words still made him have doubts regarding trusting Tess around Liz.

His mind raced between wanting to trust Tess and the need to protect Liz. He knew for a fact that Tess really didn't love him, so he was having a hard time believing that she would want him again. But, then again, if Tess blamed Liz for Robert's departure and if she felt like she had lost everything else. Would she revert back to thinking the only thing she had in this life was what she was raised to believe, their destiny? As much as Max wanted to trust Tess and believe she wouldn't harm Liz, he wasn't stupid. And he sure in the hell wasn't about to take any chances with Liz's safety. Kicking his heels into the stallion one more time, he found himself racing faster toward his soulmate.

His senses were on high alert, keening them toward Liz. Desperate to reach out to her, needed her to know he was close and to stay safe until he got to her. After racing for what seemed like forever, he finally saw a glimpse of the two of them in the distance. It appeared as if they were racing back toward the house or toward the back of the house more precisely. The ravine, oh God, NO! His brain processed. Cutting the distance between the two of them and himself he took off toward the same direction, but at an angle in hopes he would be able to catch them before they got close to what seemed to be their destination.

Tess could see the ravine in the distance, her excitement building. Knowing it wasn't going to be too much longer and she would once again be back in Max's life as more than just a friend. Although she knew he would grieve for quite awhile, eventually he would accept his destiny to be with her. She would just have to be there for him and bide her time until he finally accepted his destiny to be with her. She wasn't in any hurry, she didn't need to be with Max tomorrow or next week, or even a month from now. For she knew as long as Liz wasn't in the picture, her day would come. And when that day finally arrived she would be there with open arms. First things first though. Liz had to be taken out of the picture first. Before she could even begin to think about a future with Max. Not only did Liz now have the encoding in her, but Max was bonded to Liz. A permanent bond that wouldn't be severed until death.

She knew once Liz was gone, she would inherit the encoding again, but she wasn't stupid to think the bond Max had with Liz would end at the time of her accidental death. No, their bond together was strong and it would take time before Max would come to her. But, she was patient and knew he would someday be ready to fulfill their destiny. She hesitantly glanced around her and that's when she saw him. Damn, she thought. Then she realized this would even be better in the long run. If he actually witnessed Liz's accident then there would be no way in hell he could place blame on her. It was almost too perfect. All she had to do was to make she her timing was perfect. If she could make sure that he caught up with them just at the right time, he would be her witness.

Max could see that he wasn't going to make it in time from the amount of distance that was still between them. His gut feeling was telling him that something was just not right and no matter how much he wanted to believe and trust in Tess, Liz was his top priority. Not sure if it would work, but desperate to try anything. Max let his mind open to the encoding, commanding his mind to want Liz to turn back to him.

Liz was racing at full speed, with Tess right beside her. The ravine was just up ahead and she was determined to beat Tess. Her competitive nature coming out fully, but just as she was about to let the reigns whip against the mere for that final burst of speed to ensure her the victory, she felt it. It was Max or at least the pull inside of her mind that Max was making a command of her to fulfill. Instead of whipping the reigns downward her body automatically responded to Max's command and she began to pull back. The ravine was just up ahead and as much as she wanted to beat Tess, the encoding inside of her was forcing her to pull back. She turned her head and she saw him, he was racing full force toward her and the sight of him riding his stallion made her heart skip a beat. He was all man and he was all hers.

Of course, she had been going at such a top speed that even though she had began to pull back on the reigns to slow the horse down so she could turn around and go back to meet with Max, even slowing to the pace she already had wasn't that slow. Max could see Liz turning her head in his direction. He was still too far away to shout to her, but he could tell that at least she must have heard his command due to the encoding. Knowing it was working he continued to scream out commands in his mind. For her to come back to him and kiss him breathless. He knew for sure the encoding responded greater to sexual encounters than any other kinds of demands so his mind began to fantasize. Of course, once his mind started seeing the two of them in a passionate embrace, making love in the pasture they were currently riding in, his body also began to respond to his fantasy.

Liz's eyes grew wide as the pictures of what Max wanted from her began to form in her mind. The encoding forcing her to slow down even more, but she was no where close to stopping enough to turn around as of yet. The race against Tess, now completely forgotten. Her mind wasn't even on the ride or what she was doing, it was on the images that Max was sending to her via the encoding in her mind. Her entire body was beginning to tingle with anticipation of what was going to be happening within the next ten minutes or so.

On the other hand, Tess wasn't blind and could see how Liz was starting to slow down. It didn't take a genius to figure out what was going on with Liz. Especially once she looked at the way her face was becoming flush. Just the thought of Max using the encoding on Liz in front of her was enough to make her blood boil with more anger. It was her that should be feeling the pull of the encoding to be with Max, not Liz. The more she watched the angrier she became and knew her time was out. They weren't quite as close to the ravine as she had originally planned before she had set her plan in motion, but then again she no longer had enough control of the situation. Before Liz could slow down anymore, Tess closed her eyes and concentrated on Liz's horse. Sending the image of a rattle snack at the horse's feet to the horse's mind.

In a matter of seconds, Max's world fell a part. "NNNOoooooo!" He shouted as he watched his beloved soulmate's mere she was on come to a dead stop and the love of his life fly off the horse and sail in midair. He watched in horror as her body flew over the side of the ravine. Still racing at top speed in her direction, he watched Tess bring her own horse to a stop and jump off as if to race to help Liz. He saw Tess fall to her knees at the edge of the ravine. He could still feel Liz's life-force inside of him and he raced to the ravine.
Jumping off his stallion and looking over the edge. There he saw Liz hanging about third of the way down on some kind of branch or vine. "LIZ!" He shouted to her to let her know he was there.

Liz looked up and the fear of death was in her eyes. "MAX! HELP ME!" Her screams were full of fear. Max immediately bent down in a desperate attempt to reach her, but she was way too far down for him to even come close to reaching her.

"GET THE SADDLE!" He shouted to Tess who appeared to be in a state of shock. Thinking that if he could use the saddle as rope of sorts maybe just maybe it would be long enough to reach Liz. Tess hesitated only briefly before she was moving and following Max's command. She grabbed the saddle that had previously been on Liz's mere, the one that had fallen off when the horse had stopped so suddenly and raced back over to Max. Handing him the saddle,
he quickly lowered it down to where Liz hung on for her life. Even though it reached further down than Max himself could, it still was about ten feet shy of Liz. "HOLD ON, LIZ." He shouted back to her as he brought the saddle back up to him. Using his powers he started to transferred the leather of the saddle into a long leather belt.

"MAX, HURRY! I'M SLIPPING!" Liz fearfully cried out. The grip she had on the small branch wasn't much and she could feel her grip slipping. When she had started flying through the air and her body started fallen down the ravine. She had reached out and grappled at air for anything when her hands had latched onto the branch that barely stuck out from the side of the ravine. Now she was hanging on a thread, knowing the grip she had on the branch was the only thing keeping her from falling to her death.

Max worked feverishly transferring the molecular of the leather to produce a belt that would be long enough to reach Liz. In his desperation to save Liz, he didn't notice how Tess was also working on the belt's end making it flimsy loose in one spot without looking any different from the tough hide of the leather that the rest of the belt looked like. When Max was sure he had the belt long enough he lowered it back down to Liz once again. "GRAB HOLD AND I'M GOING TO PULL YOU UP!" He shouted down to the love of his life.

Liz quickly reached out for the belt with one hand while she held onto the branch with the other hand. She had complete faith in Max, trusting her life in his hands came second nature to her so she didn't even think about anything except to get the leather belt Max had created for her to save her life once again. Once she had a hold of it she wrapped it around her wrist a few times before she let go of her current life line. Once she let go of the branch, Max began to easily pull her upward. She was so tiny, he felt like he was lifting a feather instead of a person. She was just about half the distance between where she had been and to where Max was standing on the edge of ravine. Knowing she was going to be safe in his arms once again, she met his eyes and gave him a smile. Showing that she trusted him completely with her life.

Even as Max continued to pull her up, he couldn't help but return her smile. He was confident that she was going to be in his arms in a matter of seconds. Just as she was almost within reaching distance to him the leather belt snapped in half and with their eyes locked, Max watched in horror as the love of his life began to fall before his eyes. Without hesitation Max did the only thing he could, he jumped off the edge of the ravine after her.

End Pt17
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Title: Internship
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 18

Tess screamed out in horror. "NOOOO! What have I done?" She couldn't believe it, one minute her plan was working, she was going to have her destiny again. Liz had flown over the ravine only to be miraculously saved by a branch of all things. Then just when she was able to devise a new plan of action to rid the world of one Liz Parker and take back what was rightfully hers and what happens. Max leaps to his death right along with her. She had watched the belt snap, had seen the look in Liz's eyes as she realized that Max wasn't going to be her knight in shining armor this time. Like Max, Tess watched as if in slow motion Liz began to fall back. A brief second of guilt washed over her mind and then the fleeting feeling of relief crashed upon her as she knew her plan was going to work. But, the next second changed everything. She watched as Max jumped off the edge of the ravine right after Liz. Never would she had imagined that Max would willing take his own life to be with Liz.

The bottom of the ravine was about a thousand feet below the edge where Tess currently stood in shock and disbelief. This wasn't supposed to happen, Max wasn't supposed to jump after Liz. Max was supposed to mourn her death, grieve for a time period and then come to her and fulfill his destiny to be with her. From the edge of the ravine Tess watched the two of them fall for as long as she could see them, but by the time they were over half way down the side of the edge she could no longer see them. She watched how Max seemed to immediately catch up to Liz. Their arms wrapped around each other in a tight embrace, holding on to one another until the end she assumed as she continued to look toward the bottom of the ravine.

Inside the ranch, both Michael and Isabelle had heard the screaming that had come from behind the ranch. They had both ran out the balconies of their rooms to see Tess standing on the edge of the ravine and both could make out two other bodies as they fell to their deaths. Neither could really see who the two individuals were, but both had a pretty good idea of who they were. Isabelle dropped to her knees on her balcony, shaking her head, not willing to face what she had just seen with her own eyes. Michael on the other hand was never one to admit defeat until the end. He stormed out of his room and raced to the edge of the ravine that Tess was still standing at. Not wasting a second to find out what had happened, he grabbed a hold of Tess's shoulders. Her face covered in tear streaks and the look of total devastation blew Michael away. "Tess, what the hell happened?" He shook her slightly to get her to come out of her state of shock.

"He jumped. He jumped." Was all Tess was able to say, still in a complete state of shock at what Max had done. Her body was sobbing uncontrollably by this time and all Michael could do was pull her into his arms, trying to calm her enough down that he could get a clearer story from her then what she was able to tell him at this point.

Max didn't even think twice about his decision when the belt snapped. He watched for a half of a second as Liz's body began to fall back down toward the ravine's floor. He wasn't about to live without Liz in his life, but he wasn't ready for either of them to die. He knew he had one shot and one shot alone so he took it. Without hesitation he leaped off the edge of the cliff and followed Liz's body downward. It only really took him a few seconds to catch up with her and when he did, he quickly gathered him in his arms. "Oh God, Max. NO!" Liz had screamed out as she watched the love of her life, her soulmate follow her body and leap off the cliff after her. She knew her time was up the moment the belt snapped, but never in her dreams did she believe Max would literally take his own life and die with her.

As soon as Liz was in his arms, he squeezed her body to his tightly. He knew she thought they were both going to die and the possibility was there, but this was their only shot to live. "Do You Trust Me?" He shouted in her ear, the sounds of the wind whipping across their bodies made it difficult to speak, let alone hear one another.

At his words, Liz knew Max had a plan. She had no idea what it could be, but if there was one person in this world that she trusted her life with, it was Max. So she said just that to him. "With My Life!" She shouted back in his ear and hugged his body even closer to hers.

Their bodies were entwined together as one. Max placed a soft kiss on her forehead to give her reassurance that everything was going to be okay. If his planned worked, they would walk away to live another day together. If not, they would go into the unknown together. Either way was acceptable to Max. But, now that he knew Liz was counting on him more than ever his determination became unbridled. Letting his powers begin to charge within him, his concentration one of determination. He held Liz close, making sure they were in this together one way or another. He could see the bottom of the ravine coming toward them or more accurately they were heading toward it and heading for it quickly. "HOLD ON TO ME!" He shouted, knowing he would have to let go of her with at least one hand to extend it out and use his powers.

Liz didn't even question him, she simple hugged him tighter around his waist. The direction they were falling, Liz had her back to the ravine's bottom with Max laying basically on top of her in mid air so he was the one actually facing the bottom. She felt Max's left arm tighten it's grip around her waist and his right arm pull away. She knew the end was near and all she could think to say was the only thing that mattered. "I LOVE YOU!"

When Max extended his arm, he was thinking of changing the molecular of the ground to the softness of feathers, but all his mind was thinking was the need to protect. So when he extended his arm outward and released his powers toward the ground below them an emerald green shield extended outward in front of their bodies. A shield of protection that Max hadn't even realized he had the power to use came out of his hand and as their bodies crashed to the bottom of the ravine, they came in contact with his protective shield in lieu of the ground and both were held just a few feet off the ground by the shield. Liz felt the jolt of hitting something soft on her back and turned to see what it was that she had landed on and her eyes nearly popped out of their sockets at the sight that laid underneath her. "Max?"

The sound of his angels voice brought Max out of his concentration and the shield evaporated, dropping the two of them the last few feet with a thud to the ground. With Max laying over the top of her body, the wind was knocked out of her lungs as they dropped onto the hard ground. Max immediately rolled off of Liz and brought her close to his body. "Are you all right?" His voice laced with fear and concern that he had crushed her.

Unable to grasp what had just happened and unable to speak just yet, Liz nodded her head slowly before she looked at Max with questioning eyes. She had never seen him release that kind of power before and as far as she could recall he had never mentioned having that kind of ability. Seeing the questioning look he simply shrugged his shoulders and stated. "I guess I have a new power."

That statement brought a smile to both of their faces as Liz wrapped her arms around Max's neck and hugged him tightly to her own body, breathing in his scent as she did so. Finally able to catch her breath, she placed a sweet tender kiss upon his lips. "Your wonderful." She admitted as she took another taste of him, this time allowing the kiss to deepen even more so. Then she pulled back away, looked him straight in the eye and stated firmly. "I don't ever want to see you jumping off a cliff ever again, do you understand me?"

"I promise, no more jumping off the edge of cliff's, if you promise not to fall over the side of one ever again." He joked back, then very seriously he stated. "When I watched you fly over the edge, I thought I lost you. I mean I could still feel you, but I kept waiting to not be able to feel you and I never want to feel that way again. I love you Liz, I can't even imagine my life without you in it. Please, please promise me that you will be careful." His eyes glistening with tears at just the thought of how he had almost lost her.

Looking into his eyes that were full of sadness, Liz immediately went into her apology. "I am so sorry Max, I didn't mean to run away from you earlier. It wasn't you or our child that we created together that I was running from. It was..."

"Nasedo, I know Liz. I know." And he did know and understand exactly what was going through her mind when she had run out of the study. It was then his sister's words about Tess came to his mind and as much as he needed to know the truth if Tess was behind what had almost taken Liz away from him, he was almost scared to ask. "Liz, before you fell over the cliff, what happened?"

Liz looked down feeling guilty, but knew she had to explain. "Tess and I were racing, I knew she was a better rider than me, but I just..I just had to beat her. I know it sounds childish, but I still have insecurities when it comes to Tess and I..."

Max immediately stopped her explanation at that point, he needed Liz to understand Tess was the one that could never meet up to her, not the other way around. "Liz, I love you. Yes, Tess is one of us and she more than likely will always be a part of our lives, but that's where my feelings end for her. She could never compare to you. Your my everything, you mean everything to me. You have nothing to prove or to feel insecure about. I love you and you alone."

His heart felt words made Liz's own tears begin to form. Not out of sadness, but out of pure joy that she knew without a doubt he was speaking the truth. "Oh Max, I love you too. I love you so much." She kissed him once again, but didn't allow Max to deepen the kiss as she knew she needed to finish her tale. "Anyway, I felt the command in the encoding to come back to you, so I started to slow down, but I guess I pulled on the reigns harder than I thought I had and the horse just stopped so suddenly. Next thing I know, I'm flying through the air literally. I'm not even sure how I was able to latch onto that branch, but I did and well, you know the rest of it."

Max felt a mixture of relief and guilt all at once. Relief in the fact that he hadn't been wrong about Tess. That she hadn't been the one to cause him to almost lose Liz. But, with that realization came the guilt. It hadn't been Tess to cause Liz to loose control of her horse, it had been him. Using the encoding hadn't saved her life, he had actually placed her life in jeopardy because he had used it. "I'm so sorry Liz. I didn't mean..." His apology came quickly as he learned the horrible truth.

But, Liz wasn't even going to sit there and listen to Max apologize for saving her life, yet again. "Stop Max. What happened wasn't your fault, it was mine. All you did was safe my life and the life of our child." She stated sincerely as she placed her hand over her stomach in a motherly way. Acknowledging the fact that she was indeed pregnant with Max's child for the first time. "I still can't believe you did that. I mean you actually leaped off a cliff for me." Her mind went back to the moment she had seen him jumping after her, she didn't think she would ever be able to not remember that moment in time. The amount of love he held for her just took her breath away.

Placing his hand on top of hers that laid across her stomach, he whispered softly. "I had no choice, I promised you I would keep you safe and I will honor that promise until my dying breath. We're in this together Liz. I will always keep you and our child safe." He swore to her once again, including his unborn child in his promise of safety as well this time.

A wide smile broke out across Liz's face. "It's true isn't it. I really am pregnant with your child. I always dreamed of having your child, but I never really thought it was a possibility. I mean...I always just assumed because we were..."

"Different." Max finished her sentence for her, knowing exactly what she was trying to say.
"I know. It's amazing when you think about it, but then again everything about you is amazing."

"Everything about us, Max. Everything about us is amazing." Liz leaned over and kissed him so softly that their lips barely brushed against each other. Keeping her lips softly against his, she continued. "I will always love you."

"Not half as much as I love you." He argued, then pressed his lips more firmly against hers to show her exactly what he meant. One arm going around her waist once again to pull her closer as his other hand weave through her hair, to hold her head in place so he could deepen the kiss even more so. The thought of what could have happened still too fresh in their memories and the need to become one with each immediately became unbearable as their hands moved quickly to discard the unwanted clothing that covered their bodies. The passion between the two of them ignited and before either really realized what they were doing, Max and Liz became one. One in body, mind, heart and soul.

They greedily consumed each other's body as their connection roared to life. Their hearts beating in sync with the other one's and their souls entwined together in perfect harmony. There was no hesitations, no uncertainty any more. This was their destiny.

It was over an hour later that they had collapsed into each other's arms, both drained physically from their joining and mentally from the knowledge of how close they had come to losing each other. As they laid in the afterglow of their love making, still joined, arms still wrapped around each other and basking in the feel of their souls still intertwined they fell into a deep sleep nuzzled together on the floor of the ravine.

End Pt18
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Title: Internship
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 19

Snuggling against a warmth of security, Liz nuzzled her face against the hardness of Max's chest. Inhaling his masculine scent and loving the way his body felt under hers. Their bodies were still joined, she was still lying on top of Max, but he didn't even take notice of her weight as it didn't feel heavy to him. In fact just the opposite was true, the feel of Liz over him, completely surrounding him, made him feel loved completely and his body was in no hurry to leave hers or have hers leave his. At her small movements against his chest Max started to stir, but didn't wake as of yet. Liz could feel not only Max beginning to stir, but another part of his body stirring to life while still embedded deep inside of her. The feel of his swelling within her, stirred her own body to life and before she even realized what she was doing her body was moving suggestively over Max's body.

Even in his sleep, his body automatically began to move with hers. His hips moving upward to meet hers as she nuzzled her body downward in a slow, seductive manner. Their body's moved together in sync as if they were made for each other. Placing small kisses upon Max's chest, alternating licking at his nipples making them turn hard and causing Max to moan her name even in sleep. Knowing she had complete control over the situation since Max had yet to wake, but knowing he was living his dreamworld in the world of reality. Liz decided to make sure Max's dream was one wild ride. Not picking up her pace, but making sure her movements were even more seductive than before. Not just moving her hips up and down over his harden member. She twirled her hips around him, using her lower lips to suck him slowly and skillfully as she buried him deeper and deeper inside of her body with each time she lowered her hips.

Max was having the best dream of his life, Liz was making love to him, so slowing, so seductively that it was a thrilling torture of the utmost pleasure. His mind demanding her to continue her torture, willing her to take them to the edge of the ocean and in his dream she was doing exactly what his mind was wanting. Her tongue was snaking out and teasing his nipples, causing his own moans to escape his throat. Needing to show her the same kind of torture his mind demanded her breast be brought to his awaiting mouth.

Keeping their bodies close, but still rolling her body around his shaft. Her mind heard his commands and even in his sleep, his mind commanded her to do to him exactly what she was. So without hesitation, she went with it. Raising her hips ever so slightly only to snuggle back against his seconds later and rotating her hips to give him and her the ultimate pleasure of feeling their body's joined like they were. Ever since their first experience in the den after she had received the encoding, Max hadn't really took advantage of his power over her. He really didn't need to, as his wishes were usually hers. The only exception being was when Robert had been around and then Max's jealously tended to make itself known. But, considering what he could have commanded from her, he really hadn't abused his power over her at all. But, now with Max still asleep his logically side didn't really have the control. His mind was in the dream world, so his mind went where it wanted to go without inhibitions. Unconsciously he allowed the encoding inside of him to make commands that normally he would have tried to suppress so he wouldn't take advantage of Liz.

Hearing the command of his need to taste her breast, Liz volunteered easily to let him have his wish. Moving her upper body so her breast was within his mouth's reach, she teased his lips with her hardening nipple and it only took another swift command on his part for her to push her breast fulling inside his awaiting mouth. He was quick to take hold of it, sucking hard, then lashing her nipple with his tongue causing Liz to moan quietly above him as she continued to rock her hips against his.

The sounds of her soft moan was music to Max's ears in his dream. Only he wanted to hear her moan more. It only took a second for his mind's wants to be transferred to Liz's mind to fulfill and within another second Liz was moaning over and over again. Not only from the demand in Max's mind but because of the explosion of pleasure she was feeling at the feel of Max's mouth upon her breast and the way she was still moving so seductively over the top of him. Knowing in his dream that he had just felt Liz's body respond in orgasmic pleasure, made Max want to make her feel that same pleasure again and quickly. Not only did he want to feel it, he wanted to taste it. Once again his mind gave the command of his wants and once again Liz complied easily. She moved her body up his and was straddling his face, moaning still loudly for his ears to enjoy as his tongue started to work its magic on her feminine folds.

Max's tongue sought out and devoured her sweet nectar that his mind demanded she give him. The demand wasn't a hard one to comply with considering the way Max's tongue and mouth was working their magic on her intimate lower region. Her moans were loud and exotic, only making Max want to hear more of the sounds that his dream angel was giving him. His cock was twitching with need of it's own. Unwilling to give up on his feast, but needing his own pleasure to be fulfilled, his mind sent out an image through the encoding and almost instantly Liz complied.

Keeping her lower lips against his tongue, as his command was adamant about not relinquishing his treat, she turned her body around and within moments of the command her mouth was upon his own engorged flesh. Once he felt his dreamgirl's hot mouth covering his erection, he almost lost it. His hands sought out her nipples as he continued to lick and nip at her sensitive nub. While at the same time his hips were thrusting upward into her slick, wet mouth. Liz was finding it difficult to breath with Max's tongue working vigorously against her and his throbbing cock moving so breathtaking in and out of her mouth. His mind still making commands, for her to suck harder, deep throat him, squeeze his balls and keep up her moans. Which were actually more a vibrating move at this point since her vocal cords were blocked by his male hardness inside of her mouth. His hands squeezing her nipples as his mouth covered her vagina completely and sucked her juices as if he was a starving man.

It didn't take long before they were both cumming in each other's mouths as if they hadn't cummed in years and had held it inside for this one volcanic burst of pleasure. Max's eruption was so grand it almost made Liz choke, but Max's mind refused to allow her to release him. He just kept cumming and cumming as he pumped his hips upward into her mouth.
At the same time, he still refused to allow Liz's pussy to be removed from his as he wanted that taste of her sweet nectar to never end. Keeping her in the same position, he grew hard once again. He was still very much inside his dream world where he had no inhibitions what so ever, so there was no need to hold back. In reality he had always been very subdued when it came to making love with Liz. More times than not, he could have easily kept going without stopping, but he had always held back. Not wanting to hurt Liz, or make her sore from his needs or wants. Now, though was a totally different story. This was just his dream, they were sixty nining it and it felt great. So great, he didn't think he would ever want to stop or at least he wasn't going to stop until he got his fill and then only to ram his rod so far inside of her that she was screaming for him to fill her even more.

Liz had no idea what kind of animal she had released inside of Max, when she had begun her game. Thinking that when he had came so hard and so much, that surely his commands would be satisfied and she would wake him out of his dream world. It was to her surprise when she didn't feel Max begin to relinquish himself from inside of her mouth as the encoding inside of her wouldn't allow her to release him until he wanted it to be. Instead he grew hard as steel almost immediately. After the way he had just exploded, Liz was more than surprised by this, but immediately felt the encoding making it's demands. Her own body had exploded with so much pleasure that she didn't even think she could handle another orgasm to take hold, but soon found how wrong she was in her thinking as Max's mouth continued it's torturous treatment and within minutes she was floating on another wave of blissful pleasure that his tongue had magically caused.

Her loud moan, vibrating against his shaft caused Max to leak some more of his precious seed and it wasn't long until he was shooting another wad of cum down her mouth as she had once again began to deep throat him just as his mind had commanded. When she felt him harden for another round Liz knew she was in trouble. Not that she minded, but she knew just how much Max wasn't in control and she had no idea how she could pull him out of the obvious erotic dream he was currently in. Considering how he had just cummed twice and neither were small amounts and hadn't woken up, Liz wasn't quite sure what would pull him out of his dream and into the real world that she was in.

Without missing a beat, Max swung his dream girl around, moved over her and before Liz had a chance to think twice, Max's harden shaft was embedded deep inside of her. This time her moans were loud before the encoding could even make it's demands from Max's mind. His movements were swift and animalistic as he plunged inside of her at a demanding rate. It wasn't long before she could her his own moans of pleasure and the feel of his warm seed rushing inside of her was too over whelming as the last thing her conscious mind recalled was the rush of stars that flew through her mind as another multiply orgasm reached it's plateau and crashed throughout her own body once again.

His connection to Liz didn't falter him, even in his dream status he had felt something happen to her and his mind immediately woke from it's dream state and when he came to the reality of the real world, it didn't take but a second to realize that the dream he had been having was anything but a dream. In fact his body was still pounding his manhood in and out of one very unconscious Liz. All movements ceased immediately as he pulled Liz into his arms trying to make sense of not only what had happened, but how had it happened. In his dream, Liz had been very slowly and sensually making love to him that was driving him crazy with the need to taste her. Slowly he licked his lips and sure enough the taste of Liz's essence was still upon his lips. In the dream he had been so out of control, driving his tongue to gain more of her juices as he remembered ramming himself inside of her mouth. "OH GOD! Tell me I didn't really do what I think I did." He screamed to himself as he realized just what had happened.

Remembering how vivid his dream felt, he knew in that instant that it hadn't been a dream at all. In fact, it had been very, very real. Knowing how much he had lost his control in his dream, he knew immediately what had happened to Liz. You fucked her until she passed out, you idiot. Max berated himself as he stroked Liz's face and hair in a soothing manner as his healing hands were already moving over her body to ensure that physically he hadn't hurt her or their baby. Just the thought of their baby made Max begin to feel guilty all over again with the way he had man handled her. His hands immediately reached down to her lower stomach where her womb held their baby protectively inside of her and a wave of relief unlike anything he had ever known came over him as his infant son connected back to him and he found everything was just find with their baby. Swearing to himself right then and there that he would never lose that kind of control with Liz ever again.

Feeling a warm hand upon his jaw caused Max to jump slightly in shock. His eyes reverted back to the owner of the hand and he gave her a guilty smile. Just as he was about to ask if she was okay, she stated softly, but sternly. "Don't even think about it."

Raising his eye brows quizzically, he asked. "Do What?"

"Think you hurt me, vow not to lose your control again and feel guilty about the way you take me to such heights of pleasure that I can't help my own body's response." She answered, knowing exactly what was going through Max's mind the minute she had regained concisousness.

"Liz, I am sor..."

"I said DON'T!" She demanded as she moved to sit more on her own while staring deeply into his eyes to let him know she was more than serious about her statement. Softening her tone, she tried to soothe him. "Max, I love you. I love the way you make love to me, rather it's slow, soft and gentle or an animalistic caveman. You make me feel so loved, that nothing you could ever do while making love to me would cause harm to me....Or our baby. Besides I told you once before that I like it when you loose some of that control of yours. Now kiss me breathless because I need a little extra incentive to help you come up with a plan for us to get out of this ravine and back up to our real life. Unless flying is a new power of yours that you haven't told me about either." She joked trying to get him to loosen up on his guilty feelings.

Max smiled sheepishly at her joke. "No, I don't think I'm capable of flight at this time. That doesn't mean you'll stop loving me, when you find out I'm not superman, does it?"

Returning his smile, she shook her head. "After jumping off a cliff to save me, I'm thinking the name superman kind of fits you pretty well. Now about that kiss."

"Hah, the kiss. To give a little incentive to think of a way back to the real world." Liz nodded her head agreeing to his statement and leaned a little closer toward Max for him to fulfill her request. "But, that would mean that I have an intention of getting back to the real world." He stated as he looked her directly in her eyes.

The way he looked at her, Liz couldn't tell if he was serious or not. "M.Max?"

Shrugging his shoulders, Max stated matter of faculty. "The way I see it, this ravine hasn't been that bad so far." He scratched slightly behind his ear as if he was in deep thought for a moment before continuing. "In fact, the more I think about having you all to my self for the rest of my life without any further alien interference is sounding better and better."

"Are You Serious? Max, you can't be serious. What about our family and friends? What about your responsibility to your planet? What about...." Her question was cut off when Max jumped to his feet.

"I don't care! I never asked for that responsibility, for any of that. All I know is you are my family. The child you are carrying inside of you is my family and all the rest of that." Max pointed upward before continuing. "Isn't me, I'm no King. I don't remember my other life or the planet I'm supposedly from. I know this life, I know you and I are meant to be. I knew it the first time I laid eyes on you. You are my family Liz and we have an opportunity here that I think we should consider and not jump right back into what everyone else thinks we should do, but what is right for us." He squatted down next to Liz, bringing his hand up and stroked her cheek softly. "What's right for our child, Liz?"

Liz stared into his eyes, knowing he was serious, but not sure if she agreed or not. Max could see the unknowing look she held in her eyes, so he sat down next to her completely and brought her close to his body. "I'm not saying we should just run away from everything, but I think we shouldn't just rush right back without considering our options here. By now, Tess has probably told everyone what happened and more than likely they will think we are both dead. Now, we can look for a way to get back to our lives or we can start fresh. Just the three of us." He added their unborn child into the equation.

Max made his point, not that he had made his decision, but that he made the point that they did have a choice now. Taking up the debate she stated. "Okay, say we run away from all that." She too pointed upward, before she continued. "Where do we go, how are we going to live? King or no king, alien or no alien, we're still too young to really get any kind of real job to support a family. Not that either of us have any idea what to expect with this pregnancy."

"Not to mention how unfair it would be to let our family and friends belief we are dead." Max offered aide to her argument.

"But if we go back, my Dad will probably kill you for getting me pregnant in the first place. Even if he doesn't actually kill you or me for that matter, he will probably forbid me to ever see you again." At her last comment Max, chuckled. "What, you think I'm kidding?"

"I'd like to see your father try to keep me from you. Parent's we'll be able to handle, I'm more afraid of what Maria's going to do to me."

"We'd have to deal with Nasedo on a regular basis. No matter which way you look at it, he will be a part of our child's life if we go back and that is definently something I would love to run away from."

"That's a valid point, even though we know we have the control over him, doesn't change the fact that he would be around in the future to cause some kind of trouble." Max agreed.

"Then there's the evil within aliens, your real mother spoke of. By everyone thinking you died, we could probably live more safely not having to watch over our shoulders every day of our lives thinking the evil aliens have finally found us..."

"Because if we're dead, they won't come looking for us. But, if we go back, our lives would always be filled with the unknown danger of what was to come. Another good point for leaving." Max concluded her sentence for her. "See what I mean about opportunity?"

Giving Max a seductive smile, she softly whispered. "Having you to myself for a lifetime, that's an opportunity all right."

Cupping her face within his hands, he whispered back. "A good leader should take advantage of all his opportunities." With that said their lips came together in a slow, sensual kiss that was full of passion and promises.

End Pt19

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Title: Internship
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 20

After the two of them broke a part, Liz was the first one to admit what both knew the truth to be. For as much as both of them would love to be able to run away, put all the responsibility on someone else's shoulders, it just wasn't them. "It's a nice dream though." She admitted, not actually saying with words that their decision or as Max had put it, their opportunity wasn't exactly a choice, but a dream that maybe someday they could pursue.

"Yeah, it was." Max stated, his voice off in the distance. Knowing he would never have the opportunity to make the dream of living a normal life with Liz a reality. He was what he was and he couldn't run a way from it, but only for a second it was a nice dream to have.
"So, you ready to take a walk with me?" Now that the dream of escape was gone, the reality of having to find a way back was upon his shoulders.

Liz turned her head, looking carefully in both directions, then looked at both sides of the ravine's walls to gauge the best way to proceed. Max followed her gaze and the two of them together came to the same conclusion, no matter which way they went it didn't look like it was going to be a short walk. "Which way do you think would be best?" She finally voiced, already sounding like she was going to dread whatever way they went. It was obvious that the bottom of the ravine wasn't traveled often so either way north or south it was going to be a long trip.

Max watched the way the small brook of water that ran along the ravine in the area that they were currently by traveled southward and that made up his mind. Standing up, he offered Liz his hand. Once they were both fully back in their clothing, the two started walking south along the babbling brook of the ravine hand and hand.

By this time, Tess and Michael had returned to the ranch house and Tess had explained Liz's so called accident to the other's, along with Max's leap of faith after her. It was obvious by the way Tess spoke that she was completely devastated. The only problem was no one knew the true reason why she was so upset. Not because Liz had perished, no the only reason she was so devastated was because Max had followed Liz to an early grave. "They are not dead!"
Nasedo denied, shocking the other teens with his reply.

"You don't understand, I saw them go over the cliff. There is no way either of them could have survived that fall." Tess yelled out, not believing how Nasedo could deny the truth of their deaths for she had witnessed the entire thing. Well, she had planned on at least one of them dying today anyway, but if she hadn't seen Max leap off the edge of the cliff after Liz, she would have probably denied it happening too. But, that was beside the point.

"No, it is you that doesn't understand. I still feel the protective encoding toward both Max and Liz inside of me. If they had perished, I would know." Nasedo stated without any emotion as usual, but his words gave Michael and Isabelle hope that Max and Liz had somehow found a way to cheat death once again. Seeing how Tess still disbelieved him, he turned to her and asked plain and simply. "Do you have the encoding inside of you?" Knowing full well if anything had happened to Liz, the alien encoding would return to the original owner.

Tess gave him an odd look. She hadn't even thought of the encoding returning to her, but once Max had perished she would have assumed the encoding would no longer be in effect. Not even bothering to think about it, she answered smugly. "Max is gone, it doesn't matter."

"You are wrong child, it does matter. If Liz has perished you would feel the encoding inside of you, just as Michael would feel the encoding from Max inside of him." Nasedo responded in his same no emotional tone.

"WHAT?" Both Tess and Michael asked at the exact time. Tess knew she would be the one to take back over the encoding from Liz once Liz Parker no longer lived, but to hear that Michael would be the one gaining Max's was something she refused to even consider.

Nasedo looked at the teens before him. "Michael is Max's second in command, he is the back up plan. So the encoding of the King would then be given to the King's second." He states in a serious tone, but still with no emotion.

Tess and Michael immediately look upon each other in a whole new light, Tess with a look of fear at the thought of what Michael could possibly do with the power of the encoding entrusted to him. Michael with the look of complete and total bewilderment of what to think about the newest piece of news he had just received. Before either of them have time to try to think of the possibility though, Isabelle voiced her opinion. "This is a joke, right?"

Isabelle had heard what Nasedo had said, but how was it even possible. Here she had the power to control Michael, but according to Nasedo if Max was dead Michael would be the King and would now have control over Tess. The alien encoding had to be some kind of sick joke, because she couldn't see any other explanation for it. Before she could ponder any further thought though, Michael chimed in. "It doesn't matter, because I don't have any control." His defeated tone spoke loud and clear to Isabelle. For the past week she had done her best to get back at Michael for all the rude and crude things he had done and said to her over the years. But, hearing the defeated tone in Michael's voice made Isabelle finally realize just what she had done to her friend. Not only was he truly scared to death of her, but he had lost complete and total faith in their friendship. She had never meant to carry out her plan to make Michael feel as uncomfortable around her as she apparently had. Speaking softly and wanting to apologize, Isabelle stated sincerely. "I'm sorry Michael. I'm really sorry."

The anger he felt inside of him at not having any control snapped at Isabelle's words. He immediately lashed out at her. "DON'T! Don't apologize to me, your highness! I trusted you. There aren't many people in this world that I trust, but I trusted you and you...Never mind, I can't be around you any more." With that Michael spun around unable to face Isabelle and whatever hell she was expecting him to do next.

Isabelle dropped her head in defeat, she knew what she was doing was wrong. Until this very moment though she hadn't really realized just how wrong or how bad she had been. Turning back to Nasedo, she asked with tear filled eyes. "Is Max really still alive?"

Nasedo's face was an unemotional mask just as usual. "Both of them are." He stated simply.
"It's time we went and brought them back, Michael will come with me. Isabelle, you and Tess stay here in case they get back on their own." He went over to his desk and pulled out two devices that looked a lot like communication devices, but neither Tess nor Isabelle could honestly say for sure. Handing one to Isabelle, he stated. "If they return press this button." That was all the explanation he gave before he swiftly left the room with Michael hot on his heels, already itching to get as far from Isabelle as possible.

Once they were out of the room, Nasedo started toward the large barn in lieu of heading for the ravine which puzzled Michael. "The ravine's this way." Michael stated a bit on the sarcastic side, he was at the end of his rope and it showed in his voice.

Ignoring Michael's comment, Nasedo continued on his path until he reached the barn door. Pulling it opened, he revealed a small helicopter inside. The older alien didn't even hesitate in using his ability to pull the chopper out of the barn using his powers to do so. Once outside and free from the confines of the barn walls, he quickly got in with Michael following suit. Once Michael was inside the chopper, the blades began to twirl above their heads and Nasedo stated. "Show me the exact spot they went down."

Within just a few minutes Michael and Nasedo were flying down the gully of the ravine southward from the spot Max and Liz had fallen from. With the large light shining in front of them from the chopper, it didn't take all that long to catch up with the two lovers that had only just really begun their journey back. Once they were spotted, Nasedo indicated for Michael to use the radio to communicate to them who they were and within minutes the chopper was on the ground and the two lovers were safely inside the back of the cab. "It's nice to see you Maxwell. Heard you took quite a leap." Michael joked, but everyone could hear how happy he was to have his friends back, safe and sound.

Max could only smile at his friend, with a nod of his head, he returned. "Yeah! Well, something dear to me decided she wanted to learn how to fly on her own." Max joked right back as he squeezed Liz's shoulder that his arm was laying across. He reached his free hand up and patted his long time friend of the shoulder. "It's good to see you too Michael."

There happy reunion didn't get to last long, before Nasedo broke in. "We need to talk."
In his usual unemotional tone, but whatever it was, it was important.

Max and Liz both exchanged a look, both thinking that perhaps they had made the wrong decision about not running away after all. Max didn't reply, he simply nodded his head as if to state Nasedo should continue. "I believe Liz is in danger." Was the next thing Nasedo said.

But the words Liz and danger together were enough to get Max's attention. "What do you mean? In danger from who?"

"From many now that she is with child." Nasedo stated without hesitation.

"WHAT?" This from Michael who still was under the impression that alien hybrids and humans were unable to conceive according to the alien that had just revealed that Liz was indeed pregnant.

Ignoring Michael's outburst, Max concentrated solely on what Nasedo was saying. "I think you need to be more specific in that statement."

"I cannot answer that question at this time your majesty. But, I will do everything in my capability to ensure her and the child's safety." Nasedo had his suspicions, though he didn't want to believe that one of his own charges would endanger the life of Max's unborn child. But, then again he knew Tess didn't know about the unborn child that Liz currently carried in her womb.

"Not to sound rude, but considering what just happened a few hours back, I hope you don't mind me not feeling secure in your capabilities." Max answered honestly, after all Nasedo had been the main reason Liz had taken off to begin with. "If you don't mind, I think I'll take the responsibility to ensure Liz's safety. Along with MY child's safety." Max didn't care how his friends, family or even Liz's parents thought about him or this pregnancy, he was determined to keep Liz and his child safe at all cost. Even if it meant that he would have to be by her side every second of the day to ensure her safety that's what he was planning on doing.

Liz kept silent for the time being, she could tell Max was more than upset with Nasedo and now was not the time for her to voice an opinion. It didn't take a genius to figure out what Max meant by his last statement. Not to mention the way he was holding her so tightly against him. It was as if he was planning on spending every second of his life watching over her. While the idea was somewhat appealing to feel safe and sound in Max's warm, strong arms. It was an unrealistic dream that she knew even Max wouldn't be able to fulfill. But, she held her opinion for the time being. It was one thing to disagree with Max in private, but she was his bonded mate so in front of anyone. Especially in front of Nasedo she would hold her tongue.

The rest of the ride back to the ranch was in silence, while all four occupants had many thoughts running through their individual minds, they kept them to themselves. Once landed, Isabelle and Tess ran out of the house toward Max and Liz. "MAX!" They both shouted at once and even before Isabelle had a chance to throw her arms around her brother to show him how happy she was that he was safe, Tess did. Without any thought to Liz or the others around Tess started to plant kisses everywhere on him at once from his neck to his face. "I was so scared that you were dead. I can't believe you did that." Her emotions were all over the board and her actions shocked Max completely. At first he assumed she was so distraught over the fact that she had been the one that happened to be present when he had taken his leap of faith, but as her actions turned more intimate than that of a concern friend Max was totally taken back by the wave of emotions he felt coming from her. In fact he was so shocked, he had no idea what to do? So instead of pushing her away, he stood their shocked as Tess continued to reign kisses upon his face.

Liz on the other hand watched with wide eyes going wider by the second. At first she didn't think anything much of the way Tess had greeted Max, she felt it was only natural to be happy with the knowledge that Max hadn't actually committed suicide when he had taken a leap off of the cliff before Tess's eyes. But, as she continued to place kisses on Max's face and Max stood there and allowed it, the green eyed monster within her started to see red. Her insecurities regarding Tess was always going to have a spot inside of her no matter what the circumstances and seeing Tess throwing her arms around Max, then kissing him blatingly obvious not caring that she, Max's bonded mate was standing right there next to him was just a little to unnerving to say the least. Wanting to shove Tess away from her man, but at the same time expecting Max to do it any minute just made her get angrier when he didn't by the second.

Isabelle and Michael had both also watched as Tess so openingly displayed affection toward Max. The two of them knew Max well enough to see that he was shocked beyond believe after her initial hug and shocked silent when she began to place kisses on his face. But, what shocked them more was the fact that Max stood there and allowed it to continue and as they seen the hurtful look upon Liz's face they both knew without a doubt Max was going to be in big trouble if he didn't put Tess in her place and do it quickly. Not wanting her brother to be in any more trouble than he undoubtedly already was in, Isabelle stepped up to her brother to give him an easy out. "Hey, you got a hug for your sister?"

To everyone's amazement, Max brought the arm that was currently around Liz up to his sister. In doing so, he let Liz go and kept Tess in his other arm or at least that was how it appeared to the other members standing there. The truth was his movement meant absolutely nothing to Max, it was just the way Isabelle had approached him, his right side was the closest to his sister so he had went to hug her with his right arm, the arm that just happened to be around Liz at the moment. His left arm wasn't actually around Tess, but the way she was still standing so close to him, she had literally placed herself in a position that it looked like he had his arm around her.

Liz's insecurities regarding Tess came to a head instantly the moment Max removed his arm from her in lieu of Tess to give his sister a hug. It was childish for Liz to feel this way. She was the one that Max bonded himself to, she was the one that he had wanted to have the encoding inside of her to complete him to her in every way. She was the one that was currently carrying his child inside of her body. But, she just couldn't help the feelings of not being good enough for Max to take hold. Slowly she backed away from the alien group that was still standing by helicopter and was about to turn away completely from the scene when she bumped into the hard chest of one alien that made her literally sick to her stomach, stopping her escape. Nasedo.

Nasedo had too watched the exchange between Tess and Max with an interesting eye. As he continued to watch the way Tess was being so forward toward Max, his suspicions of his charge grew more. When he saw the way Max's bonded mate began to pull back, like she was going to leave, he stepped up to prevent her from leaving. He still had trouble understanding human emotions and didn't understand why this human girl who held their future inside of her, felt the need to leave the side of her mate, his King. Knowing his King would disapprove of her leaving his side, he had halted her steps just by taking a step in front of her.

Liz felt sick literally to her stomach. She wasn't sure if it was the bond between her and Max that made her feel ill watching another woman wrapped in his arms, or the pregnancy, or simply the fact that everything that had happened in the last few hours were suddenly catching up to her. She supposed it was a little of all three. The sick feeling began to wash over her, the dizziness came next, but Liz refused to let the older alien know how weak she was so she turned back toward the others.

It also didn't go unnoticed by Tess the way Max had used the arm that was around Liz to hug his sister. Granted she had positioned herself so close to Max that he would have had to literally push her away in order to hug his sister, but the fact that he hadn't spoke volumes to Tess. When they had been drawned together due to the encoding, she had felt his attraction toward her. Yes, it had been the encoding, but it wasn't the encoding that made him give her his release. Even though he had already been bonded to Liz at the time, she was still able to cause him to have sexual satisfaction and the way she saw it now was that was all her. Not the encoding, but because he was in fact attracted to her. At least that was what her mind was telling her. It also didn't go unnoticed by Tess how easily Liz began to remove herself from Max just because she was innocently standing extremely close to him.
With that last thought in mind, the wheels began to turn inside her mind once again. In lieu of killing Liz immediately, it might be in her best interest to form a wedge between the two of them first. She knew the best way to get that accomplished was just to play on Liz's weak human emotions. She could see the insecurity Liz felt regarding her and Max's relationship when she was close. Right then and there she decided she was going to become Max's best friend. If little Liz Parker couldn't handle her being close friends with Max, then that was Liz's problem. The more she thought about it, the more her plan seemed like the best choice over all. Then when Liz did have that fateful accident in the near future, she would already be in a position to comfort Max as his best friend. When she saw Nasedo stop Liz from leaving and her turning back toward Max. Then and only then did she finally pull away from Max. Wiping her lipstick off his jaw line, she apologized in the most sincere way. "I'm so sorry Max. I don't know what came over me, it's just that when I saw you jump, I...I thought we had lost both of you and it just really shock me up." She looked over to Liz. "I didn't mean to hog your man, I'm sorry." She let her voice drip with emotion to make the entire scene turn in her advantage.

By this time Liz was standing directly next to Max once again and he replaced his arm around her as if not even realizing that she had stepped away from him to begin with. "Max, I'm really tired." Liz stated sincerely, she was tired and still felt a little ill.

Nodding his head in understanding, he replied. "Okay, let's get you to bed." The two of them began to walk back to the house arm and arm. Tess was fuming at the sight of the two of them together, but kept her facial features from revealing just how upset the sight of the two of them together like that affected her. Instead she smiled at her friends and protector.

"I feel pretty wiped out myself, I think I'm going to hit the hay too." With that said the rest of the them walked back into the ranch home and all went their separate ways to their separate bedrooms. While Nasedo sat up wondering exactly what Tess was doing, he knew she was up to something, he just wasn't exactly sure what it was. One minute he thought he had figured her out, the next she changed his thoughts entirely. One thing was for sure, he was planning on keeping a close eye on her.

End Pt20
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Now as I always saw it, Max always came off as an idiot, especially his actions in S2 & S3. It was like the boy had no clue anytime unless Liz was there to hold his hand. Tess was always seemed a little off to me, as in crazy, nuts, one zillion brain cells short of an idea. Finally Liz, I always saw her as the smart one. The one with the brains to lead them, not Max. So with that in mind let's get on with the story. Here's the next part, hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think.

Title: Internship
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 21

Liz had wanted to ask Max why he had allowed Tess to kiss him like he had and not push her away when they had gotten back to their room, but the more she thought about it the more she realized how childish it sounded. So she kept quiet and sought the relief of comfort in Max's arms as he held her tight throughout the night.

Initially Max was going to say something, thinking Liz misunderstood the reason he hadn't pushed Tess away. He had felt how emotionally distraught she was and he wanted to be there for her as a friend. He knew she had a rough few days with Robert leaving and all, so when he had felt how emotional she was, he didn't want to add to them by pushing her away just for showing how happy she was that he and Liz were still alive. At least that's what he believed her actions were all about. But, when Liz didn't bring the subject up, he assumed she wasn't upset and her insecurities regarding Tess had finally been put to rest. Thinking it was better not to bring up the fact that for a minute there when Tess's kisses became a little more than friendly that he was suddenly hit with a feeling of sickness. He didn't want Liz to think that he was attracted to Tess in any way and his attraction was what was causing him to feel ill. Truth be known, it was the fact that Tess was making him feel ill because his body was rejecting the way she was pressing so close to him and kissing him. So he kept quiet and found himself more then content with the feel of Liz in his arms. He made a mental note to himself that if Tess made any other further kinds of advancements on him, emotionally upset or not, he would have to let her know her behavior is inappropriate and make sure she understood he was not available.

Sleep came quickly to the two of them as the exhaustion of the day finally took hold on both of them. The next morning, Max wanted to surprise Liz with breakfast in bed. Waking up to the feel of her next to him, was something Max wanted to always cherish. Her being in his arms, nothing in his life felt more right than that to him. Carefully he removed his arms from around her body and managed to slide out of the bed with only a slight moan of protest from Liz. He kissed her forehead, whispered words of love to her and then set out to fix her breakfast.

Upon entering the kitchen, he saw to his dismay that he wasn't alone. Standing in front of the open refrigerator in nothing but a short T-shirt was Tess. Feeling a bit awkward after what had taken place last night, Max was about to turn around and leave when Tess turned her head in his direction. "Morning." She stated cheerfully.

"Uh..Morning, Tess. I didn't expect anyone to be up yet." He stated honestly, still feeling unsure if he should remain in the kitchen alone with Tess. He didn't want to send out the wrong signals, but yet he had thought the two of them had gotten past all their destiny stuff and were on their way to becoming friends. So with that last thought in mind, he stepped more fully into the kitchen.

"Yeah, well I guess old habits die hard. Nasedo always had me up at the crack of dawn it seemed every since I can remember, so..." She left her sentence hanging in the air on purpose remembering their first conversation regarding her up bringing with Nasedo.

Max immediately felt a sense of regret that they had left Tess alone in the pod chamber. His mind wondered how different all of their lives would had been if they had all emerged from their pods at the same time. Would he have felt the same pull toward Liz the moment he had seen her that first day of school or would the encoding he had toward Tess taken root right from the start? As soon as he thought it, he knew it didn't matter any more as it was in the past. Liz was his present and his future. But, being who he was he still felt guilty about leaving Tess to be raised by Nasedo. "I'm sorry." He said softly truly meaning it as he did see Tess as a friend and as a friend he didn't want her to think he didn't care about her.

"Sorry for what?" She asked, knowing he was feeling guilty about her being raised by Nasedo. She knew the kind of person Max was, he was sweet and kind hearted. Someone that let his emotions show easily and she planned on using that to her advantage as often as possible.

"I guess for leaving you to be raised by him. I know it doesn't change things, but I just wanted you to know that I am sorry. I wouldn't have wished that on my worst enemy."

Tess turned around completely to face him. "Max, it's okay. I mean I might not of had the most memorable childhood, but I was safe. He did make sure of that. Besides I've got my real family with me now and that's all that matters to me. Michael, Isabelle and you are my family. I know now that you will all be there for me when I need you, just like I'll be there when you guys need me. Okay?"

Nodding his head in agreement, he stated. "Okay."

She turned back toward the open refrigerator as if still trying to decide on what she wanted to eat for breakfast. She could tell Max was still watching her, so she bent over at the waist to pull out a grapefruit from the crisper. In doing so, her already short T-shirt rode up high enough to expose quite a bit of her legs along with just a tiny bit of her panty line for Max's view to take in. Knowing good and well that he would take a look in her direction prior to adverting his eyes. Not wanting to be too obvious in her plans right from the start she grabbed her piece of fruit and shut the refrigerator door. The moment she turned around, she noticed how Max's eyes were fixed on the floor and she knew without a doubt at that moment that he had taken a good look at her assets. Moving past him to the cupboard to retrieve a plate and silverware, she asked innocently. "So why are you up so early?"

Max had been looking in Tess direction when she had turned back to the refrigerator, so when she had bent over to get something out of the bottom he couldn't help but take in the view that she had unknowing just granted him. It wasn't that he was expecting to see what he was seeing. It simple took him by surprise and the moment he realized what he was doing, he quickly adverted his eyes. Although he belonged strictly to Liz in every sense of the word, his body was still part teenage male body and he wasn't blind. The way Tess acted like nothing happened, led him to believe that she hadn't meant for him to get the view that he had gotten, but he had to admit that Tess did have a nice body. Then the guilt hit him full force for even thinking such a thing when the love of his life, that was currently carrying his child was laying upstairs in their bed still sound a sleep. Remembering the reason he was down in the kitchen to begin with, he answered Tess's question. "I wanted to surprise Liz with breakfast in bed."

Sitting at the table, cutting her grapefruit in half, she nonchalantly replied. "That's sweet." Then proceeded to add a lot of sugar to her fruit as if Max's words didn't effect her in the least.

Max didn't even chance a look in Tess's direction, he already felt guilty that he had even checked her out as it was and didn't want to take any more chances that his human side would betray Liz, if only with his eyes. So he went about his task silently, glad that Tess also seemed content to keep to herself. Wanting to get back to Liz as quickly as possible, he settled for making her some toast and a small bowl of strawberries, along with a glass of milk for the baby. He took the time to transfer a paper napkin into the shape of a swan and added a single white rose on the tray. As soon as he was finished, he picked up the tray and was about to leave when Tess asked one final question. "How did you do it?"

Standing in the doorway, he simply stated. "I discovered a new ability. I'll fill you guys all in later okay?"

Nodding her head, she went back to her fruit. "That's fine, hope Liz enjoys her breakfast."
She added at the last minute wanting to make sure Max felt comfortable around her. If her plan was going to be a success, she needed to make sure Max didn't get too uncomfortable around her or it was going to blow up in her face. No, she couldn't push too fast, she just had to take her time on this one.

"I'm sure she will. I'll talk to you later." With that Max turned and left a very together Tess on the outside, but totally envious one on the inside still sitting at the kitchen table.

As predicted Liz loved her morning surprise, with Max waking her up by running the white rose over her nose, lips and down her chest. Feeling loved and cherished by the way he fed her the strawberries and the way he made her drink every drop of the milk for their baby's well being. She never felt so lucky to have a man that thought of the small things that made her feel special. Breakfast had led to a sensual massage, that led to the most tender love making. By the time Liz and Max were dressed and ready to fill the other's in on Max's new gift, Tess was the last thing on either of their minds. Their commitment and bond to each other just as strong as it ever was.

Meeting the others down in the study, Max explained his new gift to the other's and then gave them a demonstration. They were all obviously impressed with the ability and while they all took the time to try and see if they were able to perform it themselves, none seemed to have the capability. Nasedo made the suggestion that the four pod squaders take the rest of the week they had at the ranch to utilize the time to practice their skills. All of them agreed it would be a good idea, Tess was so hyped with the idea of getting to spend more one on one time with Max, but she was careful to hide her true feelings in front of the others. It helped also knowing that there was still one area that little Lizzy Parker wasn't able to take her place in Max's life. When it came to practicing their abilities, it was simple. She had them and Liz didn't. So no matter who Liz thought she was to Max, she could never really take Tess's place when it came to alien matters. Bonded to Max or not, Liz was human and she wouldn't be able to stand beside Max when it came down to fighting a battle against their enemies. That privilege was hers and hers alone.

Together they agreed to begin their practice session right after lunch. At first Liz joined Max and the others to at least watch and to give Max her support. But, it became clear to Liz why Max and Tess were paired together and Michael with Isabelle. Their individual talents complemented each others and when they joined forces as couples, they were able to enhance their partners abilities. Michael's ability to send out a fierce blast of energy from the palm of his hand seemed more accurate and more forceful when Isabelle joined her energy to Michael by joining their hands. The same with Max's energy field. It got stronger when Tess joined Max by his side and added her energy to his. The longer Liz watched the more she felt uneasy about watching. She knew in her heart, it meant nothing to Max as far as matters of the heart went, but the fact remained Max did need Tess for something that she herself would never be able to help him with and that fact hurt. Their contact had no intimate meaning, there was nothing personal about the way they touched, but it still affected her to witness them together. After about an hour of watching, Liz excused herself. "I'll come with you." Max had said immediately, not wanting to leave Liz alone for a minute, but Liz quickly stopped him.

She knew it was important to all of them to get in as much practice as possible and she knew Max needed to get over the fact that he wasn't going to be able to watch over her twenty-four seven. So instead of allowing him to stop and join her, she simple stated that she was going to just take a quick nap and he might as well stay. Max started to argue the point, when Liz reminded him how important it was for them to be ready for whatever may come their way. "Plus, I don't want to feel responsible for you not being ready because of me. Please Max, stay and practice and don't worry about me."

Knowing Liz was right and also knowing that one of Liz's greatest fears was that she would keep him from fulfilling what he was destined to become. Not wanting to disappoint her, he finally nodded his acceptance. As soon walked into the back of the house, Max went over to where his protector stood. "Nasedo..."

He didn't even have to finish the request, as the protector knew what he was going to ask without even saying the words. "She will be safe, you have my word, your majesty." With that said the older alien retreated in the same footsteps that Liz had taken only moments ago. As much as Max hated the thought of leaving Liz's safety in Nasedo's hands, he was better then leaving her alone.

"He'll keep her safe, Max." Tess stated softly as she gently touched Max's arm to get his attention back on their practice session. "During our years together, that was the only thing I knew for sure. That I was safe and it was because of him that gave me that security."

Remembering her words from just this morning, along with her current statement, Max nodded his understanding and then took Tess's hand in his. "You think we're ready to challenge them yet." Meaning Michael and Isabelle against the two of them. Michael's blast versus Max's energy field.

Knowing Max's gift was relatively new, she honestly answered. "Not yet, but we will be."

Once again nodding his agreement the two went back to their training session. Even Max had to admit that it felt right joining his energy with Tess's. Not right in the sense of being together in a couple sort of way that he shared with Liz because he felt no romantic feelings toward Tess, he did care for as a friend and when she combined her energy with his he could most definitely feel the difference and that's why it had felt right to him. Like a partnership in business that just seemed ideal. Joining forces with Tess felt right in that kind of sense. He hadn't noticed her clinging to him in any way and had even felt comfortable when she had touched his hand to lend her energy to his. So Max didn't even think or suspect any wrong doing on Tess's part.

Tess on the other hand was on cloud nine. She hadn't pushed or done anything that any of the other's would deem inappropriate, but every chance she got to touch Max, she did. It felt good and right in all the sense of the meaning to her. Cursing herself once again for having feelings for a human that made her make a weak decision of giving up her encoding to Max. If it hadn't been for Robert, she would have never given up what was rightfully hers to begin with. Okay so she wasn't really in love with Max, but that didn't matter to Tess. Max was supposed to be with her, not Liz and that's what mattered to Tess. She loved Max as a friend, she respected him and she knew that if she had allowed herself time, she would have fallen in love with her. She was also angry at Nasedo for not stopping her from making the biggest mistake of her life. Her emotions were so irrational, but she just swept it under the rug that they were just stupid human emotions that she shouldn't let get the best of her. After all she wasn't human and neither was Max. No, Max was hers to begin with and she was determined to make sure Max was hers once again.

During the rest of the practice session, Tess made sure whenever she touched Max, it was strictly in a platonic way. She knew Max would never willing betray Liz, so she needed to make sure he remained comfortable around her. As the afternoon went on, she noticed how much more comfortable Max became around her and the two of them joining their energy. She had trouble keeping her gleam inside when Liz had left. It was easy to see that she didn't like the fact that Max was training with her. She could see the human girl was feeling left out, was having doubts and that was all Tess needed for now. To plant the seed of doubt in Liz. Her plan would work beautifully, she just had to be patient.

End Pt21
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I'm guessing by the FB not too many like Tess, I can't understand why. NOT! For those of you who may need to be told. Don't worry, Tess will get hers. She always does! Max, well without Liz to hold his hand, I'm afraid he will never be THAT bright. Let's face, he never was. Anyway thanks for the FB. Here's the next part, hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think.
Title: Internship
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 22

The next few days, Liz chose not to join Max and the others for their practice sessions. She didn't tell Max the real reason of not being able to handle watching him and Tess working so well together and reminding her that she wasn't really meant to be with Max. Instead she kept her true feelings to herself, not wanting to be selfish and not wanting to be the reason that Max wasn't prepared in the future. She did want Max to succeed, she wanted to support him, but she just couldn't watch him with Tess. As petty as it seemed to her, she just couldn't do it. Max didn't treat her any differently, in fact he treated her like a Queen. Max was very attentive to her needs and wants. He showered her with his love on a regular basis. Spoke words of love and commitment to her every chance he got. Not to mention how he would always take the time to touch her stomach and cherished their unborn child with his words and soft strokes upon her flesh.

She also couldn't blame Tess, as it was obvious that Tess hadn't actually done anything out of the ordinary to make Liz's paranoid feelings to have something factual to base them on. Just like Michael and Isabelle practiced together, Tess and Max practiced.
There was no special looks, no inappropriate touching, nothing that Liz could pin point why it disturbed her as much as it did, but that old jealous feeling just wouldn't go away.

Max was clueless to what was happening, as Liz never let her secret insecurities surface. So he had no idea the feelings that Liz was having. He felt absolutely secured with their relationship, he loved Liz so completely with every inch of his body, mind and soul that he didn't even suspect that she was having any doubts or feelings of insecurities regarding their relationship. Besides the fact that she chose not to attend their practice sessions, which she claimed to not attend due to the fact that she didn't want to distract him being the reason. Tess on the other hand hadn't done anything that made him feel uncomfortable about being around her since that night they had arrived back safe and sound after their cliff diving experiences. Their practice sessions became routine and Max felt more and more comfortable being around Tess. Especially now that she had given up on the idea of them having a destiny to be together, or at least that's what he thought. During their practices, Max found himself talking to Tess as they had during the time Nasedo had arranged for them to pursue their destiny.

When Tess had first come to Roswell she had made Max very uncomfortable to be around. He had felt this unwelcome pull toward her that he didn't want nor did he desire to have. Now he understood that pull toward her was the encoding that the two of them had been planted with. But, since Tess had willing giving up her encoding to Liz so the two of them could have the relationship Max had always dreamed about having with Liz. Max no longer felt that uncomfortable being around her. In fact, he started to really get to know Tess and found himself enjoying her company. Just like he had when Nasedo had forced the destiny issue between the two of them. Without the strange encoding, pulling unwanted feelings toward each other. Max was able to just accept Tess as a friend, a very good friend.

No, as far as Max knew, his world was finally perfect. He was bonded to the woman he loved and they were expecting their first child. His sister and Michael finally stopped fighting and the destiny issues were finally laid to rest. He even got a new good friend in Tess. The only problem he could for see was the fact they still had to face their parents regarding Liz's pregnancy. They only had two more days left at the ranch prior to being expected home and Max wanted to take advantage of those two days by spending as much time with Liz as possible. However, Michael was the one that insisted on spending as much time practicing as possible. "We have the opportunity here that we won't have once we get back to Roswell. You can spend all night playing kissy face with Liz, but this is important Maxwell. If you don't want to do it for me, just remember your doing it so you can keep Liz safe one day from your enemies." That last sentence was what finally made Max agree to keep up the practice sessions in lieu of spending the extra time with Liz.

Tess seeing the opportunity to get on Max's side was quick to add. "Life isn't all work Michael, why shouldn't we have some fun too. I say we compromise. I agree we shouldn't take advantage of the time we have to practice, but why don't we cut our practice time down to half. That way we can also enjoy the last two days we have here, having some fun." This statement shocked all three of her fellow pod squaders, as Tess had always been the one to push them to practice and the importance of being prepared for whatever came their way in the future. So for her to pull a 180 on them, took all three of them by surprised. Well, it took by surprise, it just made Max realize how little he knew about Tess and made him all the more determined to get to know her more and more. Max was more then ready to step up and agree with Tess, unknowingly playing right into Tess's plan.

Just as the group was finishing up breakfast and preparing to get ready for a short practice round, the phone rang. Henry answered and immediately stepped into the dining area to retrieve Liz. He had known of the break up between Ms. Hardin and the young man that was currently on the phone for Ms. Parker, so in order to prevent any hurt feelings he requested Liz's presence in the den in lieu of bringing the phone directly to her. Neither Max nor Liz questioned what Henry wanted. They had learned from Nasedo that he kept Henry drugged with another type of drug that he had duplicated from there home world here on Earth to keep Henry in the dark and more willing to serve without question. At first both Max and Liz were extremely upset to hear this piece of news, but their concerns were put to rest when Nasedo assured both of them the drug itself had no lasting effect on the human body once he stopped ingesting it and he was only using it to ensure the groups safety while they were there. "I guess I'll see you at lunch then." Liz stated as she gave Max a lingering kiss before parting ways.

"If you want to join us, we'll be in the pasture past the barn." Max offered, letting her know she was more than welcome to come watch them practice if she wanted to. Once again Liz turned down his offer, stating they would have the rest of the day to spend together after he was finished and then she would more then make up for their time apart. "Okay, I'll see you later." He stated as the four pod squaders made their way to the front door as Liz followed Henry down the hallway to the den. When Liz's back was turned Max made a motion to Nasedo and without hesitation the elder alien bid his King's wishes and walked in Liz's direction. No words needed to be said for Nasedo to understand what Max was requesting. As with all the other times whenever the four pod squaders would tend to their practice sessions, Nasedo always stayed with Liz. Watching and protecting her, without her knowing of course. It was the only way that Max could leave to practice with the others, knowing Liz was being protected, even though it was Nasedo doing the protecting it was his only option.

Nasedo stood in the hallway and listened. He was surprised to discover Henry had retrieved Liz for a phone call. Henry had handed Liz the phone, then excused himself from the den, not even paying attention to Nasedo that stood out in the hallway. "Hello...Robert? Yeah, I do...Like what? Okay, I'll be there...No, DON'T...I'll be there in thirty minutes... Okay, yes thirty minutes...Thanks Robert." Liz hung up the phone totally unprepared for what she had just heard. Once she had found out about the drug Nasedo had given her to drive her body to want to mate with Max, she had been so upset with Nasedo, then she had found out about being pregnant. The accident at the ravine had happened next and her giving a part of the fruit to Robert for him to analyze had completed slipped from her mind. Now Robert had just called and stated he found something strange out about the substance that was in the fruit. Liz, of course, knew what it was, but Robert had stated he wanted to tell her in person versus over the phone, Liz had hesitated. When Robert had stated it was okay, she didn't need to come, instead he would discuss it with the professor himself. Liz had screamed out immediately. "No, DON'T!" Then calming her voice down, she quickly stated she would be at the lab in thirty minutes. She had to get the drug back and destroy all the evidence as the drug itself was not of this Earth and Liz feared by giving Robert a sample of it to analyze she may have put Max and the other's life endanger. She made a quick decision and went to locate Max. She needed to tell him what had happened and where she was going. She knew he was constantly worried about her and their baby so she didn't want to make him wonder where she was. Quickly, she ran from the den and told Henry to bring the car around. Then she ran toward the barn, knowing she would be interrupting their practice session, but also knowing this was a crisis that Max needed to be aware of.

Since they had been practicing most of the week on strengthening Max's shield and Max felt pretty confident that he could withhold an energy blast even from Michael, he suggested it was time to put his shield through a series of tests. First he had asked Isabelle to throw a blast at him, then Tess and finally Michael. Michael had held back some of his power, not really wanting to harm Max in case his energy shield didn't hold against his full power. After his shield absorbed the blast successfully, Tess joined Max. "Okay, Michael. Give us your best shot." She yelled out, then stood close to Max and laid her hand upon his, letting her own energy be transferred into Max and allowing his shield to become more powerful. Tess had all the confidence in the world that their combined energy would sustain a full blast from even Michael.

"Just remember, you asked for it." Michael yelled back, he aimed his blast to the right of the two of them just in case Max's shield didn't hold. Not that he didn't have confidence in Max's ability, it was that he just had that much confidence in his own ability. As soon as Max raised his shield, Michael let his power build and then released a burst of power that even he was amazed at. Isabelle held her breath as she watched the power of Michael's energy blast being absorbed by Max's shield. Once Max release his shield, did Isabelle release her breath.

Tess was so wrapped up in the moment she immediately threw her arms around Max's neck, shouting out excitedly. "You Did It! You Did It!"

Liz had missed the actual blast from Michael, but appeared in the barn doorway in time to see Tess's reaction. It was Max's next action that caused the most pain in her heart though. Max had also been caught up in the moment of victory. His arms went around Tess's waist as he lifted her off the ground and swung her around. Before placing her back on the ground, looking Tess directly in the eye and stated sincerely. "No, Tess. WE did it!" Max didn't noticed Liz standing in the barn's doorway and neither did he see Liz turn back into the barn and walk away. If Liz would have stayed, she would have heard Max's next words and not been so hurt. "I can't wait to tell Liz, I wish she would have seen it." He had meant what he had said also. He had wished Liz had been there to see it, to be proud of him so he could have showed her that he would be capable of protecting her and their baby.
But, he knew he would have to settle for telling her at lunch time and knew she would be happy for him.

Once Liz had requested Henry to bring the car around, Nasedo didn't even hesitate on what he was going to do. He quickly jotted a small note and waiting in the vehicle to accompany Liz on her journey. Unwilling to disobey his King's order and also needing to fulfill his own need to protect not only Liz, but the baby she carried also. The note left on the dining room table, simple stated. "Liz needed to run an errand in town, she will be kept safe."

"What the hell are you doing in here?" Liz had asked the moment she returned to the car. Her eyes were heavy with tears and at the moment she had no desire to sit in a car with the one alien that would be only too happy to see Tess and Max be together. Her emotions were over loaded as it was by seeing the exchange go down between Tess and Max, she just wanted to be alone.

"I will be accompanying you." Nasedo replied in his usual nonemotional voice. He had already shape shifted back into Professor Stein and although he had only heard one side of the conversation, it was enough to know that like it or not Liz was going to need his help.

Liz was ready to argue, to shout to the heavens for all aliens to leave her the hell alone, but she knew she couldn't. She was too upset to confront Max and she had no desire to go back and watch him have his arms around HER. Just the thought of it again was making her feel ill. Then there was the matter of the alien sex drug and Robert she knew had to be dealt with so no matter how much she hated the idea of Nasedo joining her, she knew she didn't really have a choice. "Fine! But, don't talk to me. You got that?" Without a word, Nasedo simply acknowledged her request with a nod, then turned back around to face the front window as Liz climbed into the back seat and the two of them were off.

Although Max hadn't seen Liz in his victory dance, Tess had and she couldn't have planned her nemesis's timing any better if she had tried to set the entire scene up herself. Of course, she hadn't, but that didn't matter. What mattered was there was another rip in the fabric of Max and Liz's foundation of their relationship. She knew she was no where near tearing the two of them apart from each other, but with each little rip, she got closer to her plan.

End Pt22

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Thanks so much for the FB, it means so much. Yes, I agree that Tess needs to get what's coming to her and don't worry she will. But, in the mean time here is the new part. Hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think.

Title: Internship
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 23

By the time lunch came around, Max was starving. Not just for food, but with the need to hold Liz, feel her softness beneath him, to taste her sweetness. He had gotten so excited about his accomplishments during their practice session, his body was on a high. A high he wanted to share with the love of his life. 'Just admit it to yourself, your down right horny.' Max finally admitted to himself and he couldn't wait to wrap his arms around Liz. As soon as he walked into the house, he ran to their bedroom in hope to catch Liz still in bed. The past few days, Liz had taken the time to rest during their practice sessions. Which was the main reason Max never insisted on needing her with him, while he practiced. He knew in her condition, extra rest was needed, so he hadn't objected to her staying inside the ranch when the rest of them had practiced. But, to his dismay she wasn't in their room. He could feel his body wanting it's relief, to revel in the feel of Liz surrounding him. He ran back down the stairs and started his search for his love. During the past few weeks, his body was constantly in a state of arousal because of Liz. He didn't know how much was due to the fact that they were bonded, the alien encoding that drew him to Liz or the fact that part of him was a human teenage boy that had discovered the pleasure of sex and was constantly wanting more. He suspected it was a little of all three.

He continued his search until he came across the note lying on the dining room table. 'Damn.' Max thought to himself, the note itself didn't say what kind of errands Liz needed to run, but he suspected she would be back soon and the fact that Nasedo was with her, made him relax about the situation.

Tess and Isabelle came into the dining room just as Max finished reading the note from Nasedo. "What's up?" His sister asked as the two female hybrids walked in to see Max standing there.

Taking the note and shoving it in his pocket, Max stated simply. "Nothing, just hanging."

Tess took note of the fact that Liz wasn't around. Usually the moment they finished their practices, Max would seek Liz out and the two of them would be joined at the hip for the rest of the day. Remembering the look upon Liz's face earlier when she had walked in on Max putting his arms around her, she wondered if there was problems in paradise finally. "So, where's Liz?" She asked nonchalantly.

"She and Nasedo went to run an errand. They should be back soon." Max answered, trying to keep the frustration out of his voice, but doing an awful job.

Tess and Isabelle threw each other a look. Both heard the way Max had answered to Liz's whereabouts. "We're going to take a quick deep in the pool to cool off, want to join us?" Tess asked, not sure if Max would or not, but she took the chance just in case.

Thinking a deep in the pool might be just what he needed to calm his body down a little, at least until Liz got back from her errands. "Yeah, that's sounds refreshing. I'll meet you guys there in a few minutes." In realty Max hoped that Liz would come back to the ranch so he could spend the afternoon with her, but as he slowly got into his swim trunks and slowly made his way down to the pool. It became apparent that Liz was going to be gone a little longer than he initially thought. His body ached for her, the loneliness he felt inside was actually starting to become more and more noticeable and for the first time Max feared what was going to happen when they returned back to Roswell. Trying to calm himself down, he figured he might as well go ahead and go swimming to keep his mind occupied with something while he waited for her to return. Not to mention he needed the cool water to help control another part of his body until Liz returned.

Once outside, he didn't even pay attention to his sister or to Tess who were both lounging on the chairs by the pool. He simply threw his towel to the ground and jumped wildly into the refreshing water causing a splash to spray over the two unsuspected girls. Liz not being around had put a damper on his initial plans for the afternoon, but he was still feeling good after the practice session. Being in a frisky mood, he immediately swam over to the side of the pool where the two girls were still complaining about his initial splash and splashed the two of them all over again. Laughing at the way both girl's were shocked over his playfulness. Besides the times he was with Liz, Max had always kept his I'm in control face on, even with his sister it had been a very long time since he let himself go and just act normal.

Needless to say, Max's actions were not going to be let go without retaliation from the two girls, who gave each other a knowing look and then were off for blood. They both jumped into the pool and the splash fight was on. Michael had heard the laughter and soon he too joined in the fun. The guys overpowered the girl's easily when it came time for the dunking, but neither girl was about to give up without a fight. Their playtime was just four friends enjoying each other company. There was no sexual vibes, just normal fun and it felt good to all four of them to let loose after the past month of dealing with all the alienness that was inside of them. Isabelle couldn't resist using the encoding to demand Michael allow her to dunk him when she became frustrated about not being able to do it on her own, but as soon as she did it, Michael quickly retaliated back. Then the two girl's joined forces to divide and conquer. They attacked Michael first, then Max. Using their combined strengths to help them win the battle of the sexes.

After a while the girl's decided they had enough fun playing in the pool and Isabelle decided she wanted to take a shower to wash out the chlorine prior to lunch and excused herself. Tess decided to lounge for a little longer to work on her tan and the two guys continued to play around in the pool. Splashing each other, challenging the other to races. Finally Michael admitted defeat when Max beat him in the final race of the day. "I'm hungry." He stated, then offered. "Anyone else want something." Max was going to say he would wait for Liz, but his hunger got the best of him and he went to join his friend. Tess declined the offer and remained lounging by the pool. Once in the kitchen Michael quickly started making a sandwich for both Max and himself. Looking out at the pool he noticed how Tess had undid her back strap of her bikini top. "Man, she has a nice set." He commented, it was just a normal guy comment.

Max looked out the window and saw what Michael was referring to. "Michael, that's not a very nice thing to say."

"Oh don't give me that, holier than thou bullshit. It's not like I was saying I was attracted to Tess or anything. I was just making an observation. We are guys you know. We are allowed to at least look." Michael defended his comment, he truly hadn't meant to say it out loud, but once he had, he felt the need to defend his comment.

"Yeah, well there's only one set that does it for me." Max replied back, but he hadn't taken his eyes off of where Tess was currently laying. She had a book in her hand now and was laying on her stomach with her top exposed to both boys as she was up on her elbows. With her top undone, the bikini barely covered her more than well endowed assets.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know, your a one woman guy. But, come on Maxwell, admit it. Tess has a nice set of tits." Now Michael was just goading his friend to make him feel uncomfortable. He knew Max didn't have any feelings toward the blond alien, but he liked giving his friend a hard time. Especially after the way Max had kicked his ass in just about everything they had done this morning. His ego needed a little boost and getting Max riled up was the best way to pay him back in Michael's book.

"Michael! Knock it off." Max demanded, feeling a little like a voyeur still looking at Tess's almost exposed chest. Feeling embarrassed beyond belief at his friends comments.

Loving the way he was making Max squirm, Michael continued just to get his friend more riled. "Hey, I'm not saying anything that isn't true. Come on, admit it. I know where your heart belongs, but I want you to admit Tess's tits are nice to look at."

"Michael, do I have to remind you that I'm bonded to Liz. I don't care what Tess's tits look like. Liz's are more than enough to please me so just drop it okay." Max stated sincerely, but his eyes still remained on Tess's upper body.

"Geesh Max, it's not like I'm daring you to go jump Tess or anything. I was just making a comment on her tits. Besides, you can deny it for whatever reason you want, but the fact remains your still looking at them." That fact hadn't escaped Michael and he just had to get that one last dig in before he left his friend standing flushed with embarrassment in the kitchen.

Just as Max was about to walk away, Tess looked up and Max immediately stepped behind the wall hoping that Tess hadn't seen him looking at her. Of course she had and she was thrilled to her toes at the knowledge that once again Max was checking out her body. Wanting to use it to her advantage, she decided to take it one step further. She removed her bikini top completely, acting like she didn't know anyone else was around.

Max took a chance to look back out the window to make sure Tess hadn't seen him. His eyes were just in time to see Tess remove her top and he was treated to a full view of her assets. Knowing it was wrong, but remembering what Michael had just said, there was nothing wrong with looking. Just as long as he didn't touch, so he stood and took in a good look at Tess's assets. When he felt his body beginning to respond, the guilt swept over him and he immediately walked away from the window. He hadn't actually expected his body to respond to seeing Tess or any other woman for that matter. He was bonded to Liz, he loved Liz completely and was completely satisfied with his relationship with Liz. Cursing the human side of his body to respond like it had in a normal male hormone response, he returned to his room to wait for his Liz to come back. His guilt, along with the loneliness of being away from Liz was starting to get to him. His body was beginning to feel ill and he began to worry that something had happened to Liz.

On the way to the lab, Liz finally filled Nasedo in on what she was doing and why. Nasedo's need to protect his charges was on full force and he was once again amazed at the way the human girl that was bonded to his King came up with a good plan to get all the evidence that would endanger the hybrids and himself from being revealed. The plan went off without any problems. Robert was none the wiser when Liz showed up at the lab accompanied with Professor Stein. In fact when the Professor told Robert, what he had given Liz to figure out was an experimental drug not yet on the market, Robert fell for it easily. Once they retrieved the evidence Liz headed back to the vehicle with Nasedo promising he would be along as soon as he was able to make sure there was nothing left in the computer system to trace the drug at all to any of them.

What Liz didn't know was that Nasedo also to take the opportunity to revenge his charges feelings toward the man that had caused Tess her pain. He also didn't want to take the chance the man known as Robert would try to come between his King and his King's bonded mate anytime in the future. He had intended to take care of Robert after the teen's returned to Roswell, but since the opportunity arrived he decided to just take care of the loose end while he was there. Robert never even knew what hit him, darkness came quick and Nasedo was on his way back to the car to tend to Liz in a matter of minutes.

The thirty minute drive there and back to the ranch was just what Liz needed to get herself together. She knew she had let her emotions get the best of her. Her own stupid insecurities were just that, her insecurities. Now that she had time to think about it, she realized that if she had approached Max and Tess, she would have found out that it was nothing. The more she thought about it, the more she realized she was being foolish in her thoughts and then she felt guilty about not trusting Max. She swore the moment she got back to the ranch, that was it. No more insecurities, no more feeling jealous over something that just wasn't there. No, Max was hers in every way. It was just plain stupid to even think about anything going on between Max and Tess. Once she got back she was planning on showering Max with enough love that he would never even think twice about their relationship. She was a woman on a mission, a mission to see her man and let him know that he was hers and hers alone. She was tired of playing the victim, she wasn't weak and she sure never backed away from a fight in her entire life until Tess showed up in town. With more determination then ever, Liz leaned forward from the back seat and spoke with conviction. "Speed up, Max needs me."

Nasedo didn't even hesitate to comply with her command, he simply pushed the accelerator down more firmly and drove back in the direction of the ranch.

End Pt23

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I guess I'm stirring things up with showing Max is still part human. Of course, he never did show that he was a smart human, but don't worry, he has Liz to make him be a better person. Once again, I will acknowledge that Tess will get hers before this story is over and done with.
For now though, here is the next part. Hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think.

Title: Internship
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 24

Max felt her presence before she even a had chance to open the front door of the ranch. He took the steps two at a time to get to her and by the time she walked through the door, she was engulfed within two strong arms. "Where. *kiss* Did you? *kiss* GO!" He could barely get out his question, his need to kiss her, to hold her. His hands began rubbing up and down her back as his lips continued to kiss her. God he hadn't even realized how much he had missed her until she was safely back in his arms. He kissed her deeply, passionately until the need for air arose.

Trying to catch her breath after Max's attack, Liz finally tried to answer his question. "I went to the lab to see Robert..." She knew Max was more then likely going to be upset once he heard where she had gone to, but she didn't want to lie or keep anything from Max. The only thing was Max stopped her explanation before she had a chance to explain exactly why she had gone to see Robert.

Pulling back he gave her a stern look. "WHAT?" He couldn't believe what he had just heard. Liz had gone to see Robert. Robert, of all people and hadn't even bothered to tell him where she was going before she had left.

Knowing Max was taking it wrong, she immediately jumped to her own defense. "He called right as you were leaving to practice and..."

"You should have told me." Max stated sternly, not letting Liz finish her explanation.

Liz knew Max was going to be upset by what she had done, but what she had done was for him. So she tried to explain one more time. "Max.."

She barely got his name out, when Max pulled her roughly back into his arms. "MINE!" Max's jealousy over Robert and who Robert was supposed to be took over. He hardly heard anything except for the fact that Liz had gone to see Robert. That was enough for the possessiveness he felt toward Liz to take off and without even thinking first, he had just reacted.

Liz was shocked to say the least by Max's behavior. After all the only reason she didn't tell him prior to leaving, which she had originally thought to do. Was because he had been too preoccupied holding Tess in his arms. Remembering that, Liz's anger took hold and she reacted back. She pushed Max away and yelled. "I Would Have, If You AND TESS Hadn't Been All Over EACH OTHER!"

Neither were thinking, both their insecurities came bubbling out. Max's insecurities when it came to Robert and Liz's insecurities when it came to Tess. "This has nothing to do with Tess and me! This is about you and Robert! And the way you felt the need to sneak off and see him behind my back!" Max shouted back.

"How Dare YOU?" Here she had seen with her own two eyes the way Max had his arms around Tess and he had the nerve to accuse her of sneaking off behind his back. "I can't be around you right now when your like this." She turned her back and began to storm off, when she felt it. Max's mind commanding her's, the encoding inside of her demanding her to prove her love to him. Demanding that she show him, she is his and his alone. She turned back around automatically as her mind responded to his demand. She wanted to yell and scream at him for the way he had spoken to her. She wanted to get away from him until they both had time to calm down. The last thing she wanted to do was any form of sexual acts with him or for him. But, her lips were on his neck, his chest. Kissing and licking her way down his stomach.

As she knelt before him, he lifted her head by placing a finger under her chin. Looking down at her with a smug smirk upon his face and stated coldly. "Mine."

Liz had never seen Max's eyes look so cold and she couldn't believe what his mind was demanding of her to prove her love to him. This wasn't love, this was the first time since she had accepted the encoding that she felt violated by it, by Max. Defiantly she looked right back into his eyes that had turned cold and stated. "Not if you make me do this." Then she dipped her tongue inside his belly button as her hands began to undo his top button of his jeans. Unable to fight against the encoding or fight against the demand Max's mind had commanded. Tears were forming in her eyes as she unzipped his jeans.

Max's mind wasn't thinking clearly, all he knew was that he had to have proof of Liz's love and having her satisfy him was the only thing his mind could process. That was until her words sank into his brain, they were like a cold bucket of ice water that was dumped upon his head and the rage of jealousy that he had been feeling snapped him out of his rage. Realizing what he was doing to her, he quickly knelt down to her level and pulled her back into his arms. "Oh God, Liz. I'm so sorry. Please, I don't know what I was thinking. Please forgive me." Tears formed in his eyes as he finally realized exactly what he was doing and what he had almost forced her to do.

Liz stayed completely still in Max's arms, she was still in such a state of shock that Max of all people had made her feel so violated, so abused. She now understood what Tess must have felt like. She wanted to scream at the injustice that the stupid alien encoding ever even existed. When she had accepted the encoding, never once did she think that Max would ever use it to such an extent. She trusted Max completely with her life, her body, her soul and her mind. She felt it was time to set the record straight and she needed to make sure Max understood exactly what she was feeling. "Max, I think we need to talk. About Robert, about Tess, about a lot of things."

Realization hit Max in that instant, it wasn't just him that had insecurities about Robert. But, remembering how Liz had yelled about him and Tess being in each other's arms earlier it made him realize Liz also still had her own insecurities regarding Tess. Wanting to reassure her immediately and put her mind at ease. "Liz, it wasn't what you think. I mean what you saw earlier, with Tess and me." He explained his victory with his shield against Michael's blast and how he had just been extremely excited, caught up in the moment. "I wanted to share it with you, I came to look for you immediately after that. I wanted you to be proud of me. Tess is my friend, nothing more. Just like Alex is your friend. You are the one I love, the one I chose to bond to, the one I want to marry and spend the rest of my life with. Your the one that is having my child. I love you, Liz. Only you." His words came from his heart, spoken with the love that he held for her.

Not only were his words of love heard, but with their connection opening between them as Max continued to hold her. She could feel his unconditional love for her flow from him to her and all insecurities regarding her relationship stopped. "Oh Max." Liz whispered against his chest as she wrapped her arms around his waist. They still had so much to talk about, but at that moment she was just so happy to have her Max back.

Looking around Max noticed for the first time that Nasedo was standing watching the two of them and everything that had taken place. Guilt swam over him as he thought back to what he had almost made Liz do without even thinking of where they were or who was around. Not to mention the way he had spoken to her in front of someone else, especially Nasedo. Taken note that Max had noticed him, he spoke up. "Your majesty, your problem has been dealt with." That was all he had said, then turned and left the two of them standing alone in the hallway.

Liz turned back to see Nasedo walking down the hallway. She too had forgotten all about him until she had heard his voice. Turning back to Max, she asked. "What problem is he talking about?" She thought he might have been referring to the drug situation, but the way he spoke told her it was something else, so she asked to see if Max understood what he was saying.

Shrugging his shoulders as he had no clue as to what Nasedo was referring to. "I don't know." He reached behind him and took Liz's hands in his. "Come on, let's go upstairs. I think it's time we talked privately."

Liz nodded her head in agreement and let Max guide her up the stairs into their room. As much as the two of them loved each other, it was still obvious to both of them that they were far from feeling secure with their relationship. It was time to set the record straight. Once they were behind closed doors, Max spoke up first. "Liz, I do owe you an apology for what I did down there. No matter how I felt, how insecure I was about Robert, I never should have taken advantage of the encoding like I did. I truly am sorry and I promise never ever will I use the encoding if things ever get heated between the two of us again. Can you forgive me and my stupidity?"

She looked him right in the eye to make sure he understood she meant what she was going to tell him. "Your right, you were wrong to use your power of the encoding over me like that. I love you Max and I trusted you completely. I accepted the encoding because of that love and trust. But, what happened downstairs, can't happen again. I won't live with that kind of abuse in my life. Bonded or not, I won't."

"Liz, I..." She quickly placed a finger upon his lips to stop him from apologizing further.

"I know your sorry Max and I do forgive you, I just need you to understand how strongly I feel about this. Women all across this country are abused daily by their boyfriends and their husbands. They are beaten and battered and they willing accept the apology after the fact. Only to find themselves suffering the abuse again another day. You have a power over me, this encoding we share. If used wrong it can be just as devastating to me, the same kind of devastation as if you were to beat me with your bare hands. I know you didn't mean what you did, I know your sorry. But, I need you to understand that I won't willing accept an apology the next time you abuse it. I'd rather die, then live a life of a battered woman. As much as I love you, I will leave you. Do you understand?"

Lowering his body down on one knee, he took her hand gently in his. "I do Liz and I am sorry. I vow to you right here and right now with my life, I will never abuse you or take advantage of you with the encoding again." He wrapped his arms around her waist as he laid his head against her stomach. "I love you so much Liz. I'll die myself if I ever hurt you in that way again. I'm so sorry."

Placing her hands on his head, she softly stroked his hair and held him tightly against her. It was a symbol of forgiveness and a vow of her love to him at the same time. "I think we've covered the hard part, but I think we also need to talk about Robert." Until the incident down stairs, Liz really hadn't known how upset Robert made Max. She had assumed Max's jealousy regarding Robert was gone, but Liz understood now that Max still had doubts. Doubts that she intended to squash as of this moment. Tess was her problem, it was obvious Max still didn't have feelings toward Tess, so she just needed to get over her own jealousy.

Max rose back to his feet and turned his back to Liz for a moment to recompose himself. After a minute he turned back to her and asked her to sit on the bed. Once she was situated, he began. "I think it's just the thought of who Robert is or who he was supposed to be to you that won't let me get past the thought of you someday regretting that I came into your life. I guess somewhere in the back of my mind, I keep thinking you'll want to follow the destiny you should have had if I hadn't come to Earth. Robert being that destiny and it scares me." Max stated, admitting his true insecurities to Liz finally, then asked. "Why did you go see Robert?" Earlier he had been so filled with the thought of Liz and Robert together, that he hadn't let her explain why she had gone in the first place. Now that he was more collected, he was willing to listen to her explanation.

'Tess scares me the same way.' Liz thought to herself, but right now it was time to deal with Robert and Max's insecurities regarding him. "Max, I went to the lab to get the sample back that I had given Robert. The apple slice that contained the drug. I had forgotten all about giving him a sample, with finding out about the pregnancy, our cliff diving experience and when he had called, I felt the need to protect you. After all it was my fault he obtained the alien drug to begin with, so I went."

"God, you are so amazing." He stated as he stood back up and wrapped his arms around her. "I just wish you would have told me where you were going."

Liz could hear between the lines in his words. As much as Max was trying to understand why she felt the need to go by herself, he still had a problem with where she went because of who she had gone to see. She decided that it was time, Max understood what she her feelings regarding Robert are. "Max, I'm not attracted to Robert. I have no desire toward him at all." She stated wanting to ease his worried mind.

"Not at all?"

"No, although I've spent some time with Robert, I really don't know him at all. I can honestly tell you that I have absolutely no feelings for Robert one way or the other. I mean he seemed pleasant, but I can't even say we're even friends. I know what Nasedo and Tess said, that he would have been who I would have married and spent my life with if you hadn't come into my life. But, the fact is, I honestly didn't feel anything for him."

"So you weren't attracted to him at all?" This is the one question that Max feared to ask, but he just had to know the answer to.

Giving him a small smile, she honestly answered. "No, not romantically at all."

"Not at all?" He reasked again, he was wearing his heart on his sleeve and even if Liz wasn't completely connected to Max, she could still know what he was feeling.

Rolling her eyes, she decided to be as honest with him as possible. "Okay, to be honest, yes, I did find him to be attractive. He is handsome, but that doesn't mean I'm attracted to him. I've seen lots of handsome men before, because there are many beautiful people in this world, but that doesn't mean I will be attracted to them. Nor does it mean that I'd be willing to risk us for something as trivial as skin deep attraction."

"It's the okay to look, but not touch policy, right?" Max stated more than asked, remembering his conversation with Michael in the kitchen from earlier. Not that he liked to admit that Liz found other people, especially other men attractive. But, he had to admit she was correct in her statement, there were many attractive individual's on this planet. He then thought about what happened earlier when he had been looking at Tess.

Giving him a questioning look, she asked. "Look, but not touch?"

Shaking his head in dismissal. "Just something Michael said earlier. That there wasn't any harm in looking, just as long as you didn't touch."

"Or oogling in front of your better half." Liz added with a giggle, but when she the questioning look from Max for her to explain, she did. "Let's say you're walking down the street and this very attractive female passes by, that's well endowed shall we say and has on a very low cut shirt on. Now if you were with a guy friend, say Michael. I can see Michael making a comment to you under his breath, even turning his head to get a double look. I can even see you letting your eyes get an eyeful maybe even doing the double look thing, but I don't see you as the kind of guy to make a comment. Now, take the same situation and you're walking down the same street with me and the same female passes in the same low cut shirt. Would you act the same way, take in the eyeful or even do the double look at another female while I'm with you. No, you wouldn't because you know that would offend me." Stopping to look Max in the eye, she asked quickly. "You do know that would offend me, right?"

Letting out a small laugh, Max nodded. "Yeah and I don't plan on oogling any member of the opposite sex in front of you." Max quickly reassured her. He thought about telling her what had happened earlier, but before he could get the nerve up she continued.

Nodding her head in acceptance. "Good, that's good. Anyway, the point is you might look because the female was attractive when with the guys, and I would almost expect it, but on the other hand that doesn't mean I would be okay with it if I was around and you did it in front of me. And that definitely doesn't mean you could approach the female with the intent to do more then look. Not to mention that I wouldn't expect you to come home and tell me all about this babe that you and Michael had seen walking down the street. I mean that would also be offensive. Just the same as I may see a good looking man, but that doesn't mean I would be attracted to him, nor would I want to hurt your feelings by admitting I thought another man had a nice ass. Because I love you and you are the only man I'll ever love or want to be loved by."

"I guess I would be a jerk if I said I didn't want you checking out another guy's assets. Just like I don't want to do a double look at another female's. I thought with the encoding we wouldn't be attracted to anyone else except each other." Max was basically thinking out loud. He hated the idea that he thought Tess had a nice pair, that seeing them had caused a reaction in his lower anatomy. So without revealing the reason he knew he could count on Liz to explain it to him. Liz's mind seemed to be the better problem solver out of the two of them and Max needed to figure this out.

Liz couldn't help but laugh at Max's comment. "Max, if the encoding prevented us from being attracted to someone else, I doubt very seriously that we would standing here like this right now. That would have meant that you would have only had eyes for Tess and you would have never even glanced in my direction. It isn't the encoding, it's our bonding that prevents us from being with anyone else physically."

Nodding his head sheepishly as it came clear to him what she was saying and how stupid he had been that he had even said what he had. "So, I guess it's back to that look, but no touch policy again."

"Or oogling..."

"Or bragging about other attractive individuals we may see walking down the street."

"Exactly." Liz finished the subject at that, but Max still felt guilty and still felt that he should say something to Liz regarding what had happened earlier. He didn't want to keep any secrets from her, but the more he thought about it. The more he realized that by saying he had a reaction to seeing Tess's breasts, it may relieve his own guilt. But, it would serve no purpose but to hurt Liz and that was unacceptable to Max. So he kept his mouth closed. Figuring it was just a one time occurrence and more than likely wouldn't happen again anyway. Liz more then satisfied him in every meaning of the word. No, he wouldn't say anything now, he decided right then and there that he would never allow himself to be in a situation that made him have a reaction to another female. It just wasn't worth the guilt.

End Pt24
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Well, we have one more important conversation to get through and then the fun can begin. Thanks for the FB, I know parts of this story have been hard for some to read, but I'm happy to see that some are sticking with it.
Anyway, here is the next part. Hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think.

Title: Internship
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 25

The two of them held on to each other for a few more minutes before Max finally pulled away just enough to force her to look into his eyes. They had discussed how he had abused the encoding they shared, they had discussed his insecurities regarding Robert, but there was one more issue that truly needed to be discussed, Tess. He knew emotionally he had absolutely no feelings other then friendship toward Tess. Yes, she was attractive. Yes, he would admit to himself that she had a decent body and yes, even Max had to admit the male inside of him had a reaction to seeing her naked upper body. But, she wasn't who he loved. She wasn't who he wanted and he definitely would not be pursuing any further kind of physical relationship with her. Liz and only Liz was the only person he wanted to share his life with. The one he loved completely in his heart, in his soul, with his mind and body.

While his physical body did have a reaction to seeing Tess's assets, just a simple look from Liz could make him lose complete control. The sound of her voice sent his entire being into a frenzy of want and need. Not to mention the way she made every nerve ending stand at attention when she barely touched him. Max had no doubt in his mind, what so ever that Liz was the one he was meant to be with. No matter who he had been in his previous life or who he had originally been predestined to be with, Liz was the only one he could ever be with.
Would ever want to be with and he wanted to make sure she knew that.

He knew Liz had a lot of insecurities regarding Tess when they had first discovered their so called destinies. But, he had assumed once they had bonded and she had accepted the encoding from Tess, that she had finally laid her insecurities regarding Tess aside. That she finally understood what Max had also known in his heart. She was the one, the only one that would ever complete him. Now was the time that he made sure she understood exactly what she would always mean to him. "Liz, I think it's time we talk about Tess. I mean really talk about her."

Liz lowered her eyes, not sure if she could really even begin to express her feelings regarding the blond hybrid. But, Max was determined not to let things go unsaid any longer. Now that he understood she still held doubts regarding Tess, it was time to set the record straight. Lifting her chin softly with his fingers to force her to look at him, he began again. "I love you. Only YOU! You are the one I want to spend today with, tomorrow and the next fifty years plus with. I want to marry you, I want to shout it to the heavens that you are mine and I will never ever have one regret about anything for the rest of my life as long as your by my side. You are going to be the mother of my child and our future children. I cherish ever moment you give me the honor to spend with you and I until my dying breath you will be the only one that will ever own my heart."

Tears formed in her eyes at his heart felt words, words that left her almost speechless. As he hadn't just spoken the words from his heart, he had opened their connection between the two of them and allowed her to feel all that he was feeling. "Oh Max!" She whispered softly, his emotions, his love for her wrapping around her like a warm security blanket. She felt foolish about having doubts about the two of them. His love for her poured through her system, letting her know without any doubts that his words were spoken in truth.

"I'm sorry, I should have been more aware of the fact that you still had some doubts when it came to Tess. Just like I had doubts when it comes to Robert. Let's promise each other here and now, if either of us get these feelings again that we talk to each other and not let our insecurities get the better of us. I think it's important that we be honest with our feelings and not keep things inside where they will continue to fester until it begins to come between us."

Liz nodded her head in agreement, he was right. If they had been up front and honest with each other with their insecurities about both Tess and Robert, what had happened down stairs would have never happened. If she hadn't felt so insecure about Tess, then she wouldn't have been so upset seeing the two of them in an embrace and would have told Max where she was going and why. If she had, then he wouldn't have been so upset about the fact that she had gone to see Robert in the first place. His own insecurities wouldn't have surfaced and caused the jealousy reaction it had. Of course, she wasn't going to excuse his behavior for what he had done, but it was a fact that if she had been up front with him to begin with, the entire situation probably would have never happened. "Okay, I promise."

"Good, now talk to me Liz. Tell me what I can do to make you understand that Tess could never be you, that she could never take your place?" Max asked hoping that if he discovered why she felt the way she did or if there was something he had done to make her feel like she did. He could make sure not to do it again.

Pulling away, Liz turned her back to Max unable to face him while she admitted her biggest fear. "I guess that's the root of the problem Max. You say Tess could never take my place, but in reality I can never really take her place."

"Liz, I..."

Holding her hand up to stop him from denying what she knew to be the truth. Now that she had started she knew she needed to get this out. "Please, let me explain. I have no doubts that you love me Max and I truly believe you know how much I love you. We are bonded and yes, I'm the one who now has the encoding that forced a pull between you and Tess, but I'll never truly replace Tess, not really. She's one of you, like you. She'll always have that and there's nothing neither I nor you can do about it. The four of you, Michael, Isabelle, Tess and you are a unit. A unit that needs the four of you together to accomplish what someday you'll need to accomplish. You're paired with Tess in that unit, to complete it successfully and bring your powers to the ultimate best they can be and no matter how much I want to deny it, it hurts that I will never be the one to stand by your side and help you when you need it the most." Tears were running down her cheeks now that she finally had the nerve to admit out loud to Max, what had been eating at her for so long now. It was like being back at the pod chamber that day they had discovered their destinies when Max had stated, how it was just the four of them now.

Max was at a lost for words at Liz's admission. It was the last thing he had thought of, but now that she had said it, he realized how true her words were. It wasn't like he could deny them. The four of them had been sent here as a unit, in that unit he was paired with Tess and when he combined his powers with Tess he had felt how much her energy lent to his and the way his own powers increased because of Tess. As much as he wanted to take her in his arms and reassure her that she was the one he needed by his side, it would only be her. He couldn't, because as usual Lis was right. If they ever got into a situation where he had to take a stand against their enemies, he knew he would need Tess's energy to combine with his in order to have the best chance to survive a battle against the unknown. Finally knowing he needed to say something, he stated the only thing he could think to say. "I'm sorry, I wish that wasn't true Liz. I wish I was normal, that I didn't have to worry about being who I am, but I'm not normal. Tess, Michael, Isabelle and I may form a strong unit, but please don't think that my being a part of that unit takes away from the way I feel for you. Besides, if anything ever should happen, I'm kind of glad you wouldn't have to be in the middle of it. It might sound like I'm being selfish, but I like the thought of my future wife and the future mother of my children safe and sound away from any battle in lieu of being in the middle of it with me." Those words were meant to be a slight joke to take the edge of the conversation, but he had never meant anything more serious in his life. The last thing he would ever want would to put Liz in danger.

Liz turned back to face Max and the two of them held each other with their eyes. With just their gazes locked onto each other, they knew. This was one fact that neither could change and as much as Max knew it hurt Liz, he didn't want it changed because of his concern for Liz's safety. Whereas, Liz knew this was one insecurity that she would have to learn to accept, as much as it hurt. It was the truth, but she did feel better now that Max knew. At least with him knowing, it seemed to take away some of the hurt. Not all of it, but at least some. Finally it was Max that broke the silence once again. "Is there anything else?" He questioned, although he was pretty sure there was more. He briefly wondered if Liz knew about the way his body had responded to Tess. He prayed she didn't, because it wasn't something he had expected to happen, nor wanted to happen, but before she even opened her mouth, he already knew what she was going to say.

Holding his eyes, she asked the same question he had asked her regarding Robert. "Are you attracted to Tess?"

Avoiding her question he responded. "Liz, your the one I love, not Tess."

Seeing through his words, she asked again. "Max, that's not what I asked and I want you to be honest with me. Are you attracted to Tess?"

Now it was Max's turn to lower his eyes in shame. He knew he had to be honest with her, she deserved that much. But, how could he tell her the truth and look her in the eye knowing when he answered her question, he was going to hurt her. "Liz, I...I...Not emotionally, but just like you stated how you thought Robert was attractive in appearance, it's sort of like that, but I..."

Closing the distance between them, Liz quickly placed a finger to his mouth to stop him from continuing. She didn't want him to make excuses, she didn't want to hear that he was sorry for his attraction to Tess. In fact, Liz admitted to herself that Tess was an attractive individual. Even though it hurt knowing Max was attracted to her, she was glad that he was at least finally admitting it and being honest to her. "I understand." She stated softly as she removed her finger. "I guess I already knew the answer to that question before I asked it, I just needed to hear you admit it honestly to me."

Wanting to reassure her immediately he quickly took advantage of her closeness and pulled her flush against his body. "But, you're the one that I crave physically and emotionally."
Slowly he dipped his head toward her lips. The kiss was soft and tender, but filled with emotion. In fact they were both in such an emotional state that their connection flared brightly almost immediately. And the flashes came quick, a serious of them together at different times in their relationship ran through their minds. But, along with those wonderful flashes, Liz got one that she wasn't prepared to see. Max standing in the kitchen looking out the window. Then the flash was of him watching Tess as she revealed herself to him. Then she felt what his reaction had been physically.

Breaking off the kiss, they locked eyes once again. Liz in shock, Max in total bliss at having Liz in his arms again. Not even realizing that she had seen what had taken place earlier. Unsure what to say or think, she stood still in front of him. She had assumed because of their bond, Max wouldn't react to another female. She only thought that what had happened between Max and Tess during their week a part was do to the encoding forcing it upon the two of them. She knew for a fact how Max's body had reacted to having been with Tess in a physical manner and suddenly the old saying of you can look, but not touch didn't seem so okay with her. Because now more then ever Liz knew the truth, Max didn't just find Tess attracted, she turned him on physically as well.

Max was completely in the dark regarding Liz's new found knowledge and when he bent his head to kiss her once again, he was stunned when Liz turned her head in lieu of allowing their lips to meet. "Liz?" He questioned, still not getting it.

"I saw you." Was her only response.

"Saw me?" He questioned, he had also received flashes through their connection of their time spent together, but he hadn't seen the last flash that she had received.

"You were in the kitchen." She explained without going into any further details. But, no further details were needed since Max already understood what she saw. The guilty look that swam over his face told Liz what she had seen wasn't just something from her imagination, it was real. Now faced with a whole knew ball game, she had to think.

"God, Liz. I'm so sorry, I can explain..." Max immediately went into an apology. He knew he should have been up front and honest with her. But, Liz wasn't ready to hear yet another apology from Max. The day so far had just been too emotional already, she felt drained of energy and at the moment she just needed a few minutes to herself. She didn't want to jump to conclusions, she didn't want to explode without knowing all the facts, she knew they needed to talk about it and sort it out. But, at the moment she needed a few minutes to regroup her emotions before she said or did anything she might regret later.

So instead of letting Max continue she quickly shook her head and pulled away from his arms.
"Max, I need a minute. Please, just...I...Please." She was so drained, so unsure what she felt at the moment. Seeing Max wanting to try to explain and knowing he was going to want to apologize again, she finally found her voice. "I know we need to talk about this, but I just, could you just give me a few minutes." Her voice was soft and Max could hear the hurt in her voice.

Max wanted to explain so badly, he felt so guilty about hurting Liz like he had. It was almost as bad as when he had betrayed her with Tess a few weeks back. At least then he had the encoding to blame for his behavior. Even though he hadn't done anything physically with Tess, just the idea that he got aroused by seeing her made it almost as bad. Because this time he had nothing to place the blame on his actions except himself alone. Although he wanted to apologize for his behavior, he wasn't about to deny her request. The fact that she wasn't running out the door made the entire exchange bearable. Keeping his mouth closed he nodded his head. "Okay." He stated, before he started toward the bedroom door to give her a the time she needed.

To his surprise though, Liz called out his name before he even got close to the door. He instantly turned back to her. "I don't want you to leave." She requested once he turned to face her again. It was the truth, she didn't want Max to leave, she still wasn't ready to continue their discussion of Tess and Max's attraction to her. But, at the same time she didn't want Max to leave. No matter what, she still loved him. She had already told him prior to even having the encoding transferred from Tess to herself that she wasn't going to give him up or their relationship up without a fight. She meant those words then and she still meant them now. Yes, Max may have an attraction toward Tess, but she knew for a fact that he loved her. Now she needed to decide what she was going to do with this newly acquired information. "I'm going to go downstairs and get a drink, then I'm going to take a nice warm bath to think and then we'll talk if that's okay with you. I just need..."

"A few minutes." Max finished her sentence for her, understanding what she was saying. She wasn't giving up on them. Even though he couldn't believe it, she just really needed a few minutes to think and Max was more than willing to give her the time she needed. "I'll wait, take as long as you need."

Liz gave him a small smile, wanting to ease his mind somewhat. Then moved past him to retrieve her drink to help her relax while she took her bath. Before she was out the door, Max quickly stated. "I do love you, Liz."

At the doorway, she turned back to face him. "I know you do and I love you too just as much." With that said she closed the bedroom door leaving Max still standing in their room.

End Pt25

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Well, I think I can safely say everyone agrees that Liz is the true brains in this operation. Now, hopefully I've written her using those brains a little better. Thanks for the FB, as controversal as this story has become I can understand the good and the bad. Anyway here is the next part. Hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think.

Title: Internship
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 26

Liz walked into the kitchen to grab a cold glass of juice to sip on while she took her bath and thought about everything that had transpired. Her eyes automatically sought out the window, the window that just happen to look out upon the pool area. Tears started to form, but she quickly wiped them away. It meant nothing, Max loves her, not Tess. She kept telling herself. Not able to stop herself, she stepped through the doorway and stepped over to the chair that Tess had laid on earlier. She had no idea why, but she just couldn't shake the feeling all was not right. Laying her hand upon the chair, the flash came instantly.


Tess looking toward the window and seeing Max looking out. Knowing she had the audience she wanted to have, lowering her top completely to give Max a full show and thrilled knowing he was still watching her.

*End Flash*

Pulling her hand away, anger took over. "THAT BITCH!" Liz screamed out to no one but herself. Tess had manipulated the entire thing. It still didn't take the hurt away due to the fact that Max had been attracted enough to Tess to react, but at least she knew now that it wasn't all Max. Tess had manipulated the situation to suit her needs. She wanted Max to look at her, she knew he was watching and she made sure she gave him enough view to keep him watching. Up until this point, Liz had believed it was just her own insecurities that were causing her to have these feelings. Now she realized, her gut instinct had been right all along. Tess wanted Max back. The question was, just how far would she go to get Max.

Her first instinct was to go to Tess's room, grab her dirty blond locks and proceed to punch her lights out with a warning to stay away from her man. But, that wasn't her, as great as a fantasy that would be. Liz knew that just wasn't her. No, she needed to think this through. She wasn't like Michael that went flying off the handle before she thought things through. She was one that made plans, thought logically and right now she needed to get answers and then if nothing else, punching Tess's lights out could always be an option.

Heading back to the kitchen she grabbed her juice and went back to her room for her bath. She didn't go through Max's room to their adjoining bathroom, she went into the room she had originally been given. When she opened the door to the bathroom, she couldn't help but smile at what Max had done. The bathroom was filled with candles bathing it in a soft glow of candle light. The tub was already filled and her aroma bubble bath filled the air with a relaxing scent. Soft music was playing from the CD player he had obviously brought in for her listening pleasure.

She set her glass of juice down and removed her clothing. Stepping into the tub, she let the atmosphere relax her body and allow her mind to relax so she could think more clearly on the situation at hand. Going over the facts in her mind slowly. Her and Max were bonded, so even when Tess had the encoding Max's body rejected Tess even though his mind forced him to be with her. Now, not only were Max and her bonded, but she also had the encoding that drew Max to her in lieu of Tess. Tess willing had given up the encoding, but why. Nasedo had said the encoding would not be able to be transferred unless all parties agreed to it or it wouldn't take. So Tess had to have agreed to the transfer. Why would Tess give up the encoding for Max to be drawn to her if she still wanted Max? That was the question that just didn't make any sense to Liz. Now that she had the encoding inside of her, she knew how powerful it could be. If Tess had still wanted Max, then she could have kept the encoding and forced Max to continue to be drawn to her. As much as Liz trusted Max, she had to admit, if Tess had kept the encoding, no matter how hard Max fought against it. One day he would have eventually given in and been with Tess. Not just oral pleasure, but he would have been with her in the most intimate way a man and a woman could be together. If that's what Tess really wanted, then why did she give up the encoding to begin with?

Thinking back to the time when the transferred occurred, Liz strained her mind to find a logical answer. What changed from then to now? Robert! Tess was in love with Robert and wanted to be with him, not Max. But, Robert had broken things off with Tess since the transfer of the encoding. That had to be it, since Tess no longer had Robert she went back to what she always believed, always had been told. Max belonged to her, Max was her destined mate. It made sense.

Now that she had an answer to one question, she continued to soak in the tub, relaxing and thinking logically. Liz knew Max thought Tess was attractive, that was a fact. His body had responded to seeing Tess's. But, was that all there was to this? Just an attraction or was there more. Tess was a member of the four square, she was paired with Max. Was the attraction Max felt toward Tess more than just a more physical one or was he drawn to her even though she no longer had the encoding? That was the true question that Liz needed to figure out and it wasn't a question Liz was sure she wanted to find out the answer. But, as hard as it was and as much as it could hurt, she knew she needed the answer. She wasn't willing to share Max, that much she knew for a fact. It was one thing to be attracted to another a stranger walking down the street or to have an attraction to someone famous, like a TV or movie star or a rock star. How many nights had her and Maria had a fantasy discussion over Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise? But, Tess wasn't a celebrity, she wasn't just an attractive girl walking down the street. She was someone that would always be a part of Max's life due to their other worldly status.

She wanted to trust Max, she wanted to trust in their love to each other, but if Tess really wanted Max back and she knew it wasn't beneath Tess to play dirty like she had earlier to get what she wanted, but how far would Tess go? That was another question that needed to be answered. If Tess thought she could get Max back due to his physical attraction to her, then what else would she be willing to do? Max and her were bonded, his body would reject a joining to another. But, could the bonding be broken? She had thought the bonding between her and Max was permanent, until death do us part and all that. The light bulb went off in her mind instantly. Sitting up in the tub, she whispered out. "Oh My God!" Was it possible? Could she really go that far? Every question she asked herself, she only came up with one answer to all of them. YES!

Max had been sitting in their room, sitting and waiting. He could feel Liz's presence's in the bathroom. He knew she wanted time and he wasn't going to take that away from her. He was going to wait until she was ready and when she was, he would be ready to shower her with all the love he could. Proving to her once and for all that it was her that he wanted. It was her that he loved and only her. A wave of distressed came over him and he knew instantly that it was Liz. Without hesitation he ran into the bathroom. "Liz?" She had tears in her eyes and he could see her literally shaking. Kneeling down beside the tub, he asked. "Liz, what is it?"

Turning tear filled eyes at the love of her life, she whispered. "She wants me dead."

Fear ran through Max's veins at just the thought of Liz dying. He had saved her life twice now. Risking everything to ensure Liz's safety, from exposing himself and risking the lives of both Isabelle and Michael in doing so when he healed her from a fatal gun shot wound in her parent's cafe. Then again literally jumping off a cliff, unwilling to allow her die alone. No, the thought of losing Liz was just unacceptable to Max. Grabbing her arms and pulling her into his body, not caring how soaked his clothes became, Liz was his priority.
"Who, Liz? Tell me!"

Liz squeezed her arms around Max's waist. She wanted to bury herself in the warmth and safety of his arms. She wasn't sure if she should say something to Max or not. Yes, Max was always Mr. I'm in Control. Unless it came to her, then he had a tendency to act before thinking. And right now they both needed to be calm and logical. The last thing she needed was Max going off the deep end before they obtained the vital information they would need before she jumped to a conclusion. Pulling away just slightly she looked up at Max and asked. "What would happen if I died?"

"Liz, you ARE NOT going to die. I won't let anything happen to you, I swear. I'd..."

Cutting him off before he could say what she already knew he would, he would die before he would let anything happen to her. She quickly stated. "That's not what I asked, I need to know. What would happen if I died? Would you die too because of the bonding we share? What about the encoding would that die along with me? Max, I know you don't want to think about it, but it's important. I need to know, what would happen if I died?"

Max wanted to argue the point that he wasn't about to let anything happen to her, she wasn't going to die and that was the end of the story. But, looking in her eyes, he could see it was important, the answers to these questions were important for her to know. Shaking his head slightly, feeling inadequate in the lack of knowledge that she so desperately wanted him to answer. "I don't know Liz. I wish I did, but I don't." He answered her honestly.

Already starting to stand, not caring that she was naked, dripping wet and Max was staring at her like she had grown a second head by her behavior. She needed answers and she needed them now. "We need to find out."

"Liz, calm down. Your not making any sense. First off who wants you dead and what's with all the questions behind what would happen if you were to die?" Max was about to explode with nervous tension. Her words were scaring the crap out of him and all he wanted to do was pull her into his arms and protect her from the world. It also didn't help matters that she was standing there completely naked and his body was beginning to stir to life at the sight of her.

Stopping her movements she looked at Max and realized how her behavior was having such a strong impact on him. She could also see his eyes roaming over her body, turning darker with desire. Her own body responding in kind, but knowing now was not the time to act on desires and wants and needs. Now they needed to find answers, important answers. If what she was thinking was true, her life and the life of their unborn child inside of her womb was in very serious danger. Reaching over for a towel she quickly wrapped it around her body hoping by covering her body she would lift the spell of lust that was beginning to consume both of them. Turning his body away from her, she commanded. "Go find Nasedo, please Max. This IS important." She gave him a slight nudge toward the bathroom door then quickly walked back into her bedroom trying to get a grip on her own emotions.

Once he was out in the hallway, Max's mind began to clear again. He wanted to smack himself for his selfish needs. Here Liz was obviously distressed over something and all he could think of was thrusting deep inside of her. Shaking his head once again, he set his mind at the task at hand. It wasn't hard to find Nasedo, he seemed to be either in the lab or in the study almost all the time. As assumed, he found him sitting in the study. "We need to talk." He stated in a commanding tone, leaving no room for the shape shifter to say no.

Nasedo nodded his head for his King to continue. "What can I do for you?"

"I need to ask you something and I expect an honest answer from you." Once again receiving a nod from Nasedo, Max continued. "Liz and I are bonded and Liz now has the alien encoding inside of her, but what would happen if she were to..Uh..if something were to..." Max couldn't even bring himself to say the words. He refused to even think it, let alone say it. But, he knew it was important to Liz, so he had to try. Thankfully Nasedo seemed to pick up on what he was asking and answered before he had to actually ask the question.

"You want to know what happens in event that one of you perish." This time it was Max that nodded his response. "Our people bond for life, if one of the individual's dies the bond is broken. Many bonded mates do not survive this as they cannot bare the thought of living without the other." Seeing the look of relief on his young charges face, Nasedo quickly added. "You would survive the death of your bonded mate." His tone so unemotional it sickened Max.

"Why? I mean, how can you be so sure?" Just the idea of losing Liz, made Max want hurl. The love he held for Liz was beyond anything he could ever imagine. He could easily see himself dying of a broken heart if anything were to happen to Liz. So why did Nasedo seem so sure that he would be one to survive if the unthinkable happened.

"The two of you are strongly connected, I will not deny that. You may wish to die, but you will not be able to, it is not in your genetics."

Now Max was getting down right pissed at the way Nasedo spoke. "What the hell is that supposed to mean, it's not in my genetics?"

"You are of royal blood, no matter how strong your connection is to your bonded mate, you are also connected to the royal house of Antar. As much as you may want to die, you won't. You have responsibilities to more than just your bonded mate." Nasedo still had issues having to explain the simplest of things to his King. It was disturbing in a way as he was not a teaching, he was a protector. It was not his job to teach them, it was not his fault the instructors were weak and killed upon impact of the crash.

Not liking it, but understanding what Nasedo was saying, he then asked. "What about Liz? If I were to die, what would happen to her?" He was almost scared to hear the answer, but he had come this far, he needed to know.

"She is not of royal blood." Was the only answer Nasedo provided, but it was enough to know what he was saying. Because of their bond together was so strong, the probability of her surviving his death was little. Hating himself now more then ever, knowing what he had done to Liz's life.

"Oh God, what have I done?" Max whispered to himself, even though Nasedo had heard his words. Remembering Liz's other question, Max asked. "What about the encoding? If Liz were to...What happens to it?"

"The encoding is transferred back to the original intended mate." His answer short and simple, but bile rose in Max's throat as he now understood what was freaking Liz out earlier and why she felt it was so important to get the answers she was seeking. If he died, Liz would die because of their strong bond. But, if Liz were to perish. Not only would he be unable to die even if he wished it, Tess would once again be the owner of the encoding. Remembering Liz's words from earlier, "She wants me dead." Max now understood what Liz was saying, but could that be true. Tess didn't want him, she gave up the encoding to Liz because she didn't want him. Not really, so why was Liz so freaked out. Maybe she was just reading into things because of what happened earlier. So far, Tess hadn't done anything that could be taken wrong in any way. He was the one that was having a reaction to her, hell she didn't even know he was looking at her. So, why was Liz thinking Tess wanted to kill her. No, that couldn't be it, Max wasn't sure what it was, but he was going to find out and he was going to find out right now.

This time it was Max that was on a mission, he stormed out of the study. He needed to find Tess and find out for himself once and for all what the hell was going on.

End Pt26

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Thanks for the FB and the bumps. I had lost the thread and wasn't able to post an update so I appreciate the bumps big time!!! Now I realize a lot of you aren't too happy with this Max, but let's be honest here. Max in S1 showed emotions, feelings and seemed to have some semblance of intelligence. But, throughout S2 & S3, the Max from S1 seemed to lose all of those qualities. Especially his use of his human brain. Facing the facts of what happened in the show, there can be arguments for Max's behavior. But, there isn't really any excuses I can accept for what he did. I found my soulmate in life and there would be no way he would do half the things Max did to Liz. So while I have written several other stories protraying Max the way I would have wished he would have turned out. This story is my way to rant against what he did. I know some will agree, some will not. But, dreamers don't worry, Max has Liz to think for him in this story and she's smart enough for both of them. I guess rewatching TLV last night brought all those feelings back. I mean telling Liz she was the one and then kissing Tess just a few minutes later - Gag Me Now! Maybe that's were I got the idea of the encoding to begin with, who knows. Anyway enough of my rant. Here is the next part, hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think.

Title: Internship
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 27

He was frustrated, angry and definitely not thinking clearly. Thoughts of the possibility of Liz being taken away from him in such a permanent way was just too much to even think.
He made his way swiftly to Tess's room, not sure what he was going to say once he got there, but knowing he had to make it right. Had to make her understand, the two of them were not meant to be. There was only person for him, one person he would ever love and want to have his love returned. Once at her door, he knocked once and opened the door not bothering to wait for an invitation into her room. He was on a mission, a mission that was halted by the sight before him. Standing next to her dresser in nothing but a thong was Tess herself.
"I'm sor..I'll just." Max started to back out of the room, but Tess turned to face him and Max froze.

"It's okay Max, I trust you with my life, I think I can trust you with my body. Besides, you've seen me before remember." She stated softly, her voice taking a tone that implied she was more than okay with him looking at her body.

Seeing her naked, had made Max freeze momentarily, but then the reason he had come to her room to begin with brought his head out of the haze it seemed to be in. "We need to talk Tess, let me know when your ready, then we can begin." He swiftly moved to go back out the door, opening it wide once again to go back out.

To his dismay though his good intentions backfired, when standing just on the other side of the door was Liz. Once again Max froze.

Liz had gone to confront Tess herself while Max had left to talk to Nasedo. She had just wanted to field the girl out, try to see if what she was thinking was a possibility. She knew far too well the risk of showing her cards to Tess and she was not about to under estimate her this time. The stakes were too high, it wasn't just herself she had to think for now. The child, her child, her and Max's child that she carried inside of her had to take priority. Knowing Tess wouldn't come right out and tell her if her suspicions were correct, but knowing she had to at least try to find a way to see past the act that Tess was perfecting to hilt.

Once she got to Tess's room though, she didn't even have time to knock as the door flung open, but instead of coming face to face with Tess when the door opened, it was Max. Not only was Max coming out of Tess's room, Tess herself stood inside the room revealing herself with a demur look upon her face. Max stood there looking completely flushed and out of breath. Of course, Liz didn't know that only moments before he had literally sprinted to Tess's room to get answers for Liz. His shirt was untucked and hung in a disarray manner on his body. In those few seconds it didn't dawn on Liz, the reason his attire was in the condition it was in, was due mainly from her when he had tried to soothe her as she had gotten out of the bathtub. And the look of guilt that was plastered on his face. Due more from the embarrassment of being caught in the situation to begin with, but at the moment Liz didn't know this.

Max stood there for just those few seconds, sure any moment Liz was going to turn and run. Sure that she would jump to the wrong conclusion and sure he would be begging on his hands and knees for forgiveness if that was what it would take to make her understand. But, to his surprise, Liz didn't turn to leave, she didn't run away. No, instead of doing everything he was sure she was about to do, she did the one thing he never thought she would do. She fought for him, for them and for their future together.

Taking in the sight before her for those seconds, Liz knew her future hung in the balance. She had two choices, one run away and allow Tess to have another victory or fight for what was hers. Her mind processed those two options for only those few seconds, before she knew what she had to do. Shoving her way past a very shocked and still frozen in place Max, Liz stormed right over to where Tess was standing. Her hand reached out and Max thought for sure she was going to slap Tess, but once again proving him wrong. She reached over and grabbed a shirt that was lying on the dresser that Tess happened to be standing by and flung it at her. Hitting her squarely in the chest. "For God's sake, put some fucking clothes on." Steam was pouring out of Liz's ears at the way Tess stood there half naked in front of her Max. She had let her own insecurities rule over her judgment to last a life time, but she swore at this moment in time, no more. Max bonded himself to her, Max willing transferred the encoding to her, but most importantly. Max loved her, completely in mind, body and soul. With those thoughts flowing through her mind, she was determined to put Tess in her place once and for all. "I want you to listen and listen real good, Max and I are bonded Tess. BONDED! So I would appreciate it if you would make sure when you are around MY bonded mate that you and your assets are well covered from this day forward. Am I making myself clear?"

Max had ever seen Liz so determined and full of fight in his life. But, Tess wasn't about to let go now. She had come too far and nothing Liz would say or do was about to stop her now. In fact this whole situation was almost too perfect, she couldn't have set this scene up better herself if she had tried. Now all she had to do was play the victim here once again and another wedge of doubt would be planted. "Excuse me! But, I am in MY room. If you two have a problem with me dressing in my own room, then that's your problem. It's not like I asked YOUR bonded mate to walk into my room." Her voice took on an innocent tone. Her words spoke the truth, even though she was happy about the situation, she wasn't about to play into Liz's hands. Instead she turned the tables back on her.

Liz's first instinct was to reach out and slap her, but she knew she couldn't. She had no proof, nothing to go on except her gut instincts. Instincts she considered to be a pretty good judge of situations and right now her instincts were telling her no matter how much she wanted to scream at Tess, she couldn't. Not until she was certain her gut instincts were correct.

During the exchange between the two women Max had stood awkwardly, but the minute Tess started to defend herself against Liz, Max immediately came to Liz's defense. It didn't matter if Tess spoke the truth, he had in fact barged into her room basically unannounced.
The fact was he could see Tess's words stung at Liz's heart and that was enough for him to take action. "Stop It, Tess! Liz and I will be in the study when you've finished dressing properly, we would like a word from you." With that he walked over to Liz, took her arm gently in his and led her out of Tess's room.

Once out in the hallway, Max immediately begun his apology. "Liz, I'm sorry, I should have come and told you what I found out from Nasedo first...."

Not needing to hear his apology, she already figured out that what she had walked in on was some misunderstanding on her part. Before today, a misunderstanding like that would have sent her running away, but that was before. Now it was time to fight for what she wanted, what was hers to fight for, Max. She quickly interrupted him and asked. "What did you find out from Nasedo?"

Unsure how she was going to take the news, but unwilling to keep anything from her any longer. Keeping secrets, had done nothing but lead them to misunderstandings. He had seen how Liz stood her ground against Tess and fought for their relationship, he wasn't about to not help her in her battle for each other. So as they walked to the study, Max filled Liz in on what he had learned. About how the bonding lasted a life time or until one of them passed away. About what would more then likely happen to her if he was the one to die first and how that would effect her. Then he told her about his royal genetics that would prevent his own body from perishing at the lost of his bonded mate. He also filled her in about the encoding and how Tess would once again regain the encoding since she was the original host of it.

Liz's heart went out to Max as he spoke of what would happen in the event of their deaths, she couldn't even imagine trying to live without him in hers and to know that even though he would probably want to die just as she would, he wouldn't be able to because of another alien encoding of sorts inside of him. Then when he got around to explaining what would happen to the encoding she was the current holder of, her blood ran cold. The pieces of the puzzle were starting to fit more clearly. But, would Tess really be able to kill her? Her mind raced over the night of their cliff incident and the way Tess behaved after their rescue. Everyone assumed she was just simply relieved to see Max again, but the more Liz thought about it... No, it couldn't be, she couldn't have. But, inside, her gut was telling her it was possible. Had Tess tried to murder her? Thinking back, how her horse had come to such a complete stop so suddenly, then how the rope had simply given way. The more she thought about it, the more she realized how easy it would have been for Tess to manipulate the situation. But, the one thing Tess hadn't counted on, was Max's over powering feelings of love for her. His protectiveness for her and Liz would bet a million dollars if she had one. That Tess definitely didn't expect Max to jump off that cliff after her. The only problem was, how could she prove it. It was one thing to put the pieces of the puzzle together and know in her gut what the truth was. It was an entirely different story to excuse someone, even Tess for something so unbelievable without proof first.

Liz had stood quietly while she let her mind think, but the silence was killing Max. Finally not able to take another second, he whispered not wanting to disturb her, but needing to. "Liz?" He had to know what she was thinking, if she regretted what she had gotten herself into when they had made love that first time. Binding them together in such a permanent manner.

Liz was still trying to come up with a way to prove that Tess had in fact tried to kill her. She couldn't accuse her without any, that she knew for sure. Tess was part of the four square, Max needed her to accomplish whatever it was that he needed to accomplish for his home planet and she sure in the hell wasn't about to deny him at least that part of his destiny. One thing Liz did know for sure, if Tess had in deed tried to kill her. What would prevent Tess from trying to kill her again? She, herself had to admit that Tess could very easily do a mind warp on her. Make her believe something was or wasn't there. Like walking out in front of speeding car and her not even see it. The possibilities were endless when it came to Tess's mind warpping abilities. What the worst part was, there would be nothing, not even Max could do to prevent a mind warp and they had no way to tell when the mind warp was happening. Fear raced through Liz's blood, the more she thought about it, the more scarier the reality of her situation was.

After a few more minutes of Liz not saying anything, Max was starting to get very nervous as the silence in the room grew more and more eerie. Then he felt it, the fear. Fear, that was growing at an alarming rate and it was more than clear who that fear was coming from. Taking a hold of her shoulders, Max shook Liz slightly to get her attention. "Liz, what is it? Talk to me, please Liz. Tell me what's going on?"

Having Max shaking her, brought Liz out of her deep thoughts. "Oh God, Max. I don't have any proof, but what if I'm right? You can't stop it! I won't even know it's happening until it's too late!" Liz was rambling, her own thoughts now being spoken out loud, but without any true description of what she was actually talking about.

In fact she was so vague in what she was saying, Max was totally lost at what she was actually trying to say. He could tell whatever was going on in her mind was scaring her, but he needed to get her to calm down in order for her to give him more information then just the ramblings she was currently. The way she was carrying on, she almost reminded him of Maria. What doe Michael do to get Maria to calm down? He thought and the light bulb went off. Without any further thought, Max's lips swooped down and captured Liz's. Cutting off her ramblings in mid sentence. The kiss was heated and full of passion. He opened their connection to allow her to feel his love for her. Hoping to give her a calming sense of peace that he always felt when she did that for him. But, as the connection opened, it opened both ways and Max was bombarded with all the thoughts and feelings that Liz's mind had been currently battling.

Pulling away wide eyed from the shock as the reality as Liz's fears were exposed to him. This time it was Max that was the one that started to rambling. Not of fear, but one of anger. "That BITCH! How could she? We trusted her! I actually started to believe we could be friends. God!"

This time it was Liz that shook Max to get his attention, but when that didn't work she too pulled a Michael. Halting Max's words with her own lips, just like he had done only a moment before for her. Her kiss was tender, loving and had the effect she was going for. By the time they parted, they were both filled with so much emotions, they just stood and held each other in a tight embrace. Both not sure how to proceed next as both understood there was no actual proof. "Max, you saw didn't you?" She asked knowing that he now knew where her thoughts had been and what she was feeling, but still needing to ask.

Nodding his head, the kiss they shared making him calm considerably. "Yeah, I did." He pulled her into a tight embrace, running one hand through her hair as his other hand soothed her by rubbing small circles around her back. Her head laid upon his chest and the feeling of safety and securities that she always felt when she was in Max's arms swam through her body. "I won't let anything happen to you Liz. I swear on my life, I'll always be there for you and our child."

Lifting her head to look into his eyes, she stated the obvious. "Max, if it's true, we both know there wouldn't be any way to stop her. I just wish I had some kind of proof, some way of knowing if what I'm feeling is true or not."

"I know, but how?" He didn't doubt Liz's feelings, in fact her feelings were usually right on the money. The only problem was having the proof to confirm her instincts.

Pondering Max's question, letting her mind think logically. Finally coming up with an idea, she asked. "Can you connect with her?" Thinking if Max got close enough, that maybe he could see the truth inside of her. Knowing through a connection, no matter how much you wanted to hide the truth, you couldn't.

Shaking his head, he took a step away and began to pace. "I can't Liz. Not the kind of connection that I would need to see the truth. At least, not without her knowing what I was doing." He felt defeated, unworthy of being able to provide protection to the love of his life and to his child that she was carrying.

She could see how distraught Max was feeling over this, she was feeling the same way. The not knowing was almost worst then knowing for sure. If they knew one way or another then maybe they would have a chance to fight. But, as it stood right now they were stuck. Every fiber in her soul was telling her not to trust Tess. But, was it because of her own jealously and her own insecurities that were causing her to think this way or was it true.
Tess was a threat to her and not just to get Max away from her. A threat to her life and to the life of her child's. "What about when you practice in the four square? Don't you two connect then?" They needed answers and like it or not Max was the only one with the power to obtain those answers.

"It's not the same kind of connection. Although we are connecting mentally, it's more of a combining our strengths, then a mental connection to see what the other is thinking or feeling." Max admitted, knowing how important it was for them to find the truth, but only knowing one way to get close enough to Tess to gain full access to her inner most thoughts and that way was just not possible.

"And there's no way to connect with her without her knowing?" Asking just to make sure even though she was pretty sure she already knew the answer to that one.

"NO!" Came his immediate response. A response that came out way to quick and Liz immediately knew he was holding back.

"Max, what is it?" She encouraged him to tell her the truth, she needed answers. They needed answers and if he knew a way to get them, then he was just going to have to do it. Period, end of story.

Turning his back to her, not able to face her. Knowing she knew he was keeping a way to connect to Tess from her, but unwilling to even attempt the only other way he could think it could possible work. "Liz, there is a way, but I won't even consider it, so just forget about it."

Hope rising inside of her, if there was a way, she had to know. "Tell me." She stated quietly hoping he would cave and just give her the information she requested. With the shake of his head, she spoke louder. "Tell ME! Come on Max, if you know some way to connect with Tess, then you've got to do it."

Turning back around to face her, he spoke quietly. "There are only a few ways I know how to make that kind of connection. One is when I heal and the other is...Is physical." He finally got out that last part and waited for the ax to drop.

"You mean physical, physical. Like..." Nodding his head, then letting it drop in defeat once again. "We're talking just kissing, right?"

Max's head shot up at what she was implying. "Liz, NO! I won't, I can't do that to you." He could see her mind spinning and he wanted to stop the direction her mind was taking right off the bat. "Besides my body won't allow me to get close to anyone else without a reaction, so just stop whatever it is that your thinking. It's physically impossible."

Liz knew their time was running out, Tess would be there any moment. So whatever they were going to do or say they needed to come up with it pretty quick. "Well, we've got to try something. If she wants me dead there isn't much either of us will be able to do to stop her, if we don't come up with something and quick. So if you have any other ideas then I'd love to hear them."

Hearing Liz talk about her death started Max's mind thinking harder then he had ever thought before. "Dreamwalking." He finally stated.


"I could have Isabelle dreamwalk Tess. She could feel her out and see what she's at least thinking about in her subconscious."

Thinking about it, it was a good suggestion. But, there was only one problem. They couldn't approach this with Isabelle without having some proof. If she was wrong, she would cause a rip between the two female aliens for no reason and Liz didn't want that on her conscious. "Or you could do it." Seeing the look of confusion on his face, she added. "That way we wouldn't have to involve either Michael or Isabelle. At least not until we had the proof needed anyway."

"Dreamwalking is Isabelle's gift, not mine." He reminded her quickly, not wanting to even think about what had almost happened the last time he had visited Tess's dream. He also didn't like the idea that in the dream world, his physical body didn't exist, eliminating the physical effects of his bonding to Liz. He knew Tess no longer had the encoding inside of her, but he didn't want to even think about taking any unnecessary chances.

Before Liz could argue her point any further, Tess stepped into the room and their conversation was temporarily put on hold. "So, what did you want to talk to me about?"

End Pt27

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Title: Internship
For Disclaimer & Summary see Pt1

Part 28

Upon hearing Tess's question, Liz and Max both knew their time of discussion was at an end.
Thinking on her feet, Liz turned toward Tess. "Tess, there's something that Max and I would like to ask you." Max stood silently, not sure where Liz was going to go with her line of questioning, but knowing he trusted her completely and would stand behind anything she would come up with.

Tess too wasn't sure what Liz or Max wanted, but she needed to play her cards carefully right now. The way Max had jumped to Liz's defense so quickly upstairs in her room made it obvious to her that she had a long way to go to gain Max's trust. But, she was patient and she knew one day that quality would pay off in the long run. "You guys can ask me anything." Then thinking she needed to keep up her pretense as friends, she added. "I hope our misunderstanding upstairs made either of you uncomfortable in thinking you couldn't ask me something."

Knowing they needed to keep Tess unaware of their suspicions as of yet, Max stated. "It was a misunderstanding on both of our parts Tess. Let's just leave it at that and move on." He then looked over to Liz for her to continue.

Thinking on her feet literally, she could tell Max didn't have any ideas of how they could proceed by the way he was looking at her for the answers. So knowing it was going to be up to her to get the information, she continued. "Actually it's more of a request."

"Okay, what is it?" Tess still didn't know where they were going with this so she still played the best friend role.

"When you and Max connect together in the four square, you two seemed to really compliment each other's powers quite a bit. And the way you're able to enhance Max's powers is quite amazing in itself. Through our connection as a bonded couple, we are also able to enhance each other's best qualities. So, basically we were wondering, if the three of us combined efforts, what would happen?" Max gave Liz a knowing smile, once again amazed at the way her mind worked when she had finished.

It was a simple plan and a plan that just might be able to work, now it was up to Tess. From the look of surprise on Tess's face, they both could tell she was struggling with what was being asked. If she didn't do it, then they would know something was up because she wouldn't want to share that part of Max she still had without Liz. On the other hand if she did agree to allow Liz into their connection. Max could keep Tess's mind occupied enough so Liz could make the connection needed to get the answers without Tess even realizing what was happening until it was too late. Silence hung in the room for a few more seconds, while Tess continued an internal debate. Finally knowing she had to say something, Tess asked. "How would we go about it? I mean it's not like Liz and I are connected in anyway."

Max stepped closer to Tess, pulling Liz with him as he did so. Once Liz had made her request, Max caught on to what she planned easily. He also understood it was going to be up to him to make the connection between the two girls. "But, I'm connected to both of you." He stated confidently. "The two of us can connect just like we do during practice, then once we're connected, Liz can connect to me." He didn't add that since he would already be connected to Tess, Liz would automatically be connected to Tess as well. It was such a simple plan.

"And by doing so, I should be able to enhance Max's power the same as you do only in a different way. We both feel it's at least worth a try, so if the time does come when we need as much power as possible it would be good to be prepared." Liz added, emphasizing on the part of needing as much power as possible in hopes that would hook Tess into believing the reason for the connection. Liz knew it was possible that her idea wouldn't work, but she was able to connect with Nasedo when he had disguised himself as Max to see inside his mind. At this point she was willing to at least try to get inside Tess's mind.

Tess still wasn't sure if the two of them were being completely up front with why they wanted to try this, but she knew how happy Max had become when he had been able to defeat Michael's attempts this morning. She liked the idea that it was her that had helped him feel that kind joy and not Liz. Besides she had trained her mind so well, for so long that even with them connecting to enhance their powers she could keep Max from connecting too deeply and finding anything incriminating against her. With that last thought, she nodded her consent. "Okay, when do you want to try it?"

Raising his head, he took another step in Tess's direction. "Since we only have one more day here, I say we should try it now with the three of us and then if it works we can get Michael and Isabelle." With Tess's nod, Max let go of Liz's hand and moved to stand directly in front of Tess. He wanted to be completely connected to Tess prior to Liz coming into the connection, so he could form as deep a connection as possible with Tess. Thus, allowing Liz a better chance to penetrate into Tess's mind more thoroughly. Max turned to Liz to make sure she was okay with what he had stated and with her encouraging nod, he turned back to Tess and reached for her hands.

Tess accepted his hands in hers and the two of them concentrated in forming a connection. It always amazed Max how he felt an instant connection with Liz whenever they would touch, but with Tess, it always took a few minutes for the connection to form completely. He was just about in when he was suddenly jerked away from Tess. Blinking his eyes to see what had caused him to be pulled away from Tess the way he had only to see Liz's eyes staring deeply into his. "I can't Max. I can't do it! I've tried to understand, but I..I can't." Liz stuttered out and then ran out of the room.

Max stood there in shock, what the hell had just happened? He wondered as he looked at Tess who only shrugged her own shoulders with the same look of bewilderment on her face. "Trouble in paradise?" She questioned.

"Tess, not now, please. I..I'm going to..uh.." He stood frozen for a minute, finding it difficult to pull himself away. Every inch of his essence from his mind to his soul to his heart wanted to run after Liz. But, instead of doing just that, he stood there.

Waving her hand in the air, she faked a smile. "Yeah, I guess you should." With that Max ran out of the study to go find Liz. He had no idea what had just happened, but he knew something had. He needed to find Liz and he needed to find her quick. Confused wasn't even the word to describe what he had just felt. Tess didn't have the encoding inside of her any more, Liz did. So why hadn't he been able to pull away from Tess. It was like when she first had arrived in Roswell. He had thought it had been because of the encoding once he had found out about it, but now he wasn't sure and that scared him more than anything else. Was he really that attracted to Tess? NO! His mind screamed, there was something going on. He didn't know what, but the one thing he knew for sure was, he needed to get to Liz.

He ran back to their room, knowing instantly where she was. As soon as he walked into the bedroom and shut the door, Liz was in his arms and her lips were upon his. Now Max was totally at a lost as to what to think. Pulling away after her initial kiss, Liz whispered. "I'm sorry to throw you for a loop like that, but as soon as you started to connect with her I realized how bad of an idea it was."

"Bad? Liz, it was a good plan. Why are you thinking it wasn't?" Max was feeling better knowing Liz wasn't really mad, but just pretending to get away from Tess. It didn't mean he wasn't still at a lost as to why she thought her plan wasn't a good one or why he hadn't been able to pull himself away from Tess immediately like he had wanted to.

"Don't you see Max, if you connect with her, she connects to you." Liz tried to explain.

"Liz, I told you already, it's not the same kind of connection." He wanted to tell her what had happened, but he also needed to find out why she felt the need to pull him away like she had.

"Yeah, to you it's not. But, what if you can't see inside of Tess because she knows how to block you out. Have you ever tried to connect with someone and not let them see what your feeling or thinking?" She explained further what she was trying to say.

Seeing the way Max was looking, she could tell he hadn't thought of that. Hell, she hadn't thought of that until Max had started to connect with Tess down stairs. "Okay, what now?"
Max asked and Liz could hear the frustration in his own voice.

Hell, she was becoming frustrated. She wanted to confront Tess and make her pay so desperately, but at the same time knew it wasn't going to happen until they knew for sure Tess had actually done anything wrong. As much as her gut was telling her she was right about this, they had to be sure. "Could you just hold me? I really need you right now."
She hugged her body closer to Max's, knowing how safe and loved only he could make her feel.

Max obliged with her request easily. Holding Liz in his arms felt so natural to him. It was the one thing in his life he knew without any doubts that this was the one thing he did do correct with his life. To love her, to cherish her completely. Even before the encoding in his mind began to process the draw it made him feel toward her, his body and heart were a step ahead of him. Arms, bodies and mouths moved in sync with each other. Everytime she touched him, kissed him and allowed him the pleasure of making love to her it literally amazed him. He knew he didn't deserve her. He knew he would never be good enough for her, but for some unknown reason she was here, with him. As his lips moved tenderly over hers and they walked the few steps toward the bed. Max swore he would do everything in his power to make sure she didn't regret being with him.

Before they made it to the bed though, Liz pulled back with a questioning look. "What? What's wrong?" She could feel his conflict, she knew he was hiding something and when Max hung his head, she knew it wasn't something she wasn't going to like.

As soon as Liz pulled away, Max knew she could tell something was up and then when she questioned him, he had no idea how to explain what he had experienced down stairs. "Liz, something happened after you left." He started, slowly beginning to pace in front of her.
"As soon as you left, my first instinct was to run after you, but I couldn't."

"What do you mean you couldn't?" Now it was Liz who was confused by what Max was saying.

Liz something is happening and I don't have any control over it. Earlier, when I was in the kitchen and Tess was outside, that wasn't me. I've never been one to be..uh..enticed to look at women. I mean, you know how we were talking about the look but don't touch thing. Well, that's not me. I wouldn't care less if a beautiful woman was naked in front of me if she wasn't you. Even at school, I've had girl's flirt with me. I mean I'm not stupid, I know what's going on, but it never has effected to me. I never even paid attention to any of it or them. But, today I felt like I didn't have any control over what I was doing. At least until I..uh..I.."

"Had a reaction." Liz helped him along, she could see how upset he was, but she wanted to get to the bottom of this just as much as he did. As hard as this was for her to hear, she encouraged him to continue while she listened.

Nodding his head, he continued. "Right, anyway again this afternoon in Tess's room. The minute I walked into her room and seen the way she was dressed or wasn't dressed I should say. I wanted to turn around and leave, but I couldn't. At least not the minute I wanted to."

"Are you saying your feeling a pull toward Tess?" Now Liz was truly concern as she now had the encoding inside of her so if Max still felt a pull toward Tess, that would mean he was really attracted to her.

"NO! I mean yes, but no. It's like when she first came to Roswell. I felt drawn to her, but it wasn't just an attraction. When we found out about the encoding, I figured that's what it was, but..." He left his sentence hanging, unsure what he was trying to say.

"But, now I have the encoding, so this pull you have toward Tess isn't because of the encoding." Liz finished his line of thoughts for him once again.

Nodding his head as it hung in shame and guilt. He remembered having this same type of conversation with Michael when he had kissed Tess the first time. Remembering how Michael hadn't listened to what he was trying to tell him then, made him nervous that Liz wouldn't understand either. No matter how much they had joked about the look don't touch theory, he knew it never mattered to him, because he had never been effected by another woman. Liz was the only person he had ever had eyes for. That was until Tess had come to Roswell. He chanced a glance in her direction, he knew he was going to see the hurt and pain in her eyes at his admission. But, once again to his amazement all he saw was love and understanding. Blowing his mind at how it was possible that she wasn't screaming at him right about now. He had betrayed her trust in him time and time again with the same person. Had been literally unfaithful to her. Seduced her into a bonding relationship with him that would ensure she was his forever and if he died she would also follow him into the unknown world of death. Transferred an alien encoding within her mind to do his bidding and to top it off he had successfully gotten her pregnant at the age of sixteen. But, all her eyes showed was an undying faith in him that he was finding it hard to comprehend. "How can you look at me like that?" He asked, thanking the Gods for her, but uncertain how it was even possible.
She gave him a smile reassuring smile before answering him. "It's easy, I love you and I have faith in us." It was so simple, so easy, so natural the words just came out.

He was back at her side immediately, taking her into his arms and hugging her tightly against him. "God, Liz. I love you so much, I don't want this, any of this. Please, help me." He begged not only for her help, but for forgiveness, for understanding as his tears slowly ran down his face. He felt so unworthy of her, yet he could feel her love for him and it was such a powerful feeling it literally brought him down to his knees in front of her as he sobbed into her stomach. "Help me." He pleaded one final time.

Liz stood there and held his head, stroking his hair to give him the comfort he needed. When Max had first started admitting to her what was happening to him, she had first felt her own insecurities regarding Tess taking control. But, as she listened to what he was saying, she knew without any doubts. What was happening to Max, wasn't something he wanted, but it was something that was happening to him and that's when she realized what it could be. Lifting his chin so he would look up into her eyes as she knelt down to be more even with him. "Max, I need to ask you something and I need you to be as honest with me as possible." He nodded his head, but didn't say anything as he waited for her question. "Do you have any feelings for Tess in any romantic way? Lust or love? Anything?" This was the important question, she had to hear his answer and prayed he would be honest with her.

Knowing he owed her the truth, he wanted to look down and not see her eyes when he answered, but she had a firm grip still on his chin. He just couldn't get into words the way he felt when he looked at Tess sometimes. It didn't happen often, actually it hadn't really happened since Tess first came to Roswell and then since Liz had the encoding he never felt the pull to be with Tess again until today. Now he wasn't sure what to think. It was even more difficult to be in Liz's arms and confess that it was possible that he did lust after Tess. How was he supposed to admit that to the woman he loved more than anything in this world or any other? Shaking his head. "I can't."

Liz knew what Max was saying with just those two words. He didn't want to hurt her, but she knew as hard as this was for her to hear, she had to. "Max, do you love her?"

"NO!" His response was immediate without hesitation and full of confidence that there was no doubt between either of them that he was speaking the truth.

Liz let out a deep sigh of relief with his response. That was the hardest thing she had ever had to ask. Now, she needed to keep going. "Do you want to be with her?"

"No, yes, I mean NO!" God he hated himself right now, but he had to be honest with her. "Liz, I don't want Tess. I never have, it's just sometimes I can feel myself being drawn to want to be with her. It's like with the encoding, but not the same." He knew what he must sound like to her and the guilt he felt swam in his blood at lightning speed.

"Do you feel the need to be with her often?" Liz had moved her emotions to the back of her mind, she needed to find out what was happening to Max. It was obvious what ever it was, he didn't want it to happen, but it was happening. The problem was she wasn't sure what it was. So instead of allowing her emotions to rule her, she used her mind trying to figure out what was going on.

"NO, Liz. You've got to believe me, I haven't had these feelings at all since she first arrived in Roswell. Today was the first day it had happened again, but it happened three different times today. In the kitchen, in Tess's room and now down stairs." He admitted, but tighten his grip around Liz. Afraid if he would loosen it or let her go she would leave him and he couldn't even begin to bare the thought of losing her. Even if he didn't deserve her, she was still his life line. As selfish as it was to think that, he knew it was true.

Liz thought for a minute, was it a possibility? This could be the proof they had been looking for all along. "Max, this is important. I need you to tell me exactly how you felt when you got these feelings?"

Now it was Max that could clearly see the wheels spinning in Liz's mind. For the first time that day, hope began to rise within him. "After you left and I was in the study alone with Tess, my first thought was to turn and run after you. But, I couldn't. I just stood there frozen for a few seconds and I could feel myself being drawn to want to be with Tess. All I could think about was getting to you, but I stood there looking at Tess."

"And what made you able to leave?"

Shrugging his shoulders. "I don't know. One minute I couldn't pull myself away from her, even though I said out loud that I needed to go. Next thing I know, Tess is telling me to go and I'm running through the house to get here to you."

"Tess told you to go?" It wasn't a statement, but a question. With a nod of his head, Liz continued. "What about in the kitchen?"

Taking a deep breath, he answered her once again as honestly as he could. Explaining how he didn't want to look, but once he had he couldn't stop. Even after Michael teased him about it, he wasn't able to take his eyes away from Tess's body. He went on to explain how he felt drawn to want her, even though he didn't really want her. Then when his body began to react, how it made him feel ill because he had a reaction to someone that wasn't her. The ill feeling that had taken over at his reaction was what allowed him to finally tear his eyes away and seek refuge here in their room. "So it was our physical bonding that tore me away from her. Honestly, if my body hadn't become ill when I had gotten an erection, I don't know if I would have turned away when I had."

She could hear the guilt in his voice at his admission, but it only seemed to add to her growing suspicion. "It's okay Max." She stated to reassure him, she was still here and she wasn't about to go any where, anytime soon. "Tell me about the bedroom."

"When I found out from Nasedo what would happen if something were to happen to me or what would happen to the encoding if something happened to you, I just saw red. I was so angry, I wasn't even thinking straight. I already had suspicions of Tess because of our discussion and I wanted to make sure she understood that no matter what, I would never be with her. I only loved you and only wanted to be with you. So I went to her room, I knocked once before I rushed in. As she turned toward me I froze. Something inside of me wanted to go to her, was drawing me to want her."

"But, you were able to turn around and open the door, why? Did you have another..reaction to her?"

Shaking his head quickly, he replied. "No, my mind started to remember why I had come to Tess's room to start with and it was as if my mind snapped out of whatever it was that was pulling me to want Tess. That's when I told her I'd talk to her when she was decent and I went for the door. You know the rest from there."

"You said it was like your mind snapped out of whatever it was that was pulling you to want Tess, right?" The gleam in Liz's eyes didn't go unnoticed by Max and he knew she was on to something.

"Yeah, that's exactly what it felt like."

Liz was now smiling brightly at him. "Max, don't you see. This is the proof we need." The questioning look Max gave her, made her smile even more. For a leader of his planet, he could be quite dense sometimes, but she loved him completely. "She's mind warpping you Max.
You said it yourself. You feel like something was controlling you, willing you against your will to be drawn to her, to want her even when you don't want to. That's what her power is to make you see things that aren't there. Instead of making you see things, she's making you feel things. Oh My God, Max! This is it, this is how were going to bust her ass once and for all."

End Pt28