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Somebody Help Me
written by: guess831
email: pinkpantherrox05⊕
Disclaimer: I own everything there is to own about Roswell including Jason *smiles devilishly*…just kidding…I own nothing but I can keep Jason in my dreams…
Category: I’m a dreaming, stargazing, candy girl but this is mainly a Max/Liz fic but there’s a little bit of everyone else too…all conventional.
Rating: PG13 but maybe more someday…
Summary: It’s junior year in high school for everyone and there are some things you need to know. This is an alternate universe fic but only halfway. The shooting at the CrashDown happened but Liz wasn’t hit, ergo-no evil gerbils and no psychotic shapeshifting asses…yet (maybe). No destiny and the aliens no nothing about where they come from that they didn’t know in the beginning of season one. Max, Michael, and Isabel are aliens and no one else. Still interested…?

Somebody Help Me: Chapter One

Liz sat in her English Literature class watching the three guys in front of her curiously.

Something had always fascinated her about these three guys. Everyone has at least one in their high school; those people who you could just tell had led a bad life that had scarred them deeply and they are having serious issues now--the main trouble-makers. They did drugs, so everyone said, skipped class, and were still wearing all black.

She didn’t think they were creepy or scary, just in need of a positive person in their life who could accept them for who they were and not what they did.

She’d been watching them from afar for at least two years, knowing that something was going to happen and it wasn’t going to be good. Call it intuition, clairvoyant, or just down right crazy, she knew, and she wanted to help them before they made a big mistake.

Lately, her bad feeling about them had been growing into a fear like feeling. She wasn’t afraid for herself as much as she was afraid of what they would do to themselves.

Liz had made up her mind that she was going to talk to at least one of them before the week was over to at least become an acquaintance. She wanted to be all of their friends.

The bell rang loudly, disturbing Liz from her thoughts. She hurried to grab her books and go to lunch.

~In the quad~

“Here she comes,” Maria said as she spotted Liz walking towards their table.

“Hey guys, sorry I’m late. I had to stop by my locker. My new schedule has me in classes with tons of books right before lunch.”

“I can’t believe we’re actually juniors now!” Maria exclaimed. “It seems like only yesterday we were throwing dodge balls at Alex in fourth grade.”

“I’m glad those days are over,” Alex smiled as he picked up his backpack.

“What are you doing Alex?” Liz asked curiously.

“I brought that cd I wanted you to listen to, remember? P.O.D.-satellite?” he asked as he rummaged through his bag.

“Oh right,” Liz said nodding her head. “What’s so special about this one?”

“They’ve got some cool songs and I think you might like them.”

“Cool,” she said reaching across the table to grab the cd from Alex.

“He’s doing it again…” Maria trailed off. Alex and Liz both knew exactly what she was talking about.

Just like Liz was interested in what was going on with the three troublemakers, Maria was always watching Max Evans watch Liz.

“He isn’t watching me Maria, we’ve been over this. Max doesn’t stare at me, you’re just imagining things again,” Liz sighed in frustration. She knew that there was no way Max Evans, the hottest guys on campus, would ever stare at her. There was nothing to stare at. Maria was convinced that he had been in love with her since at least freshman year.

“He stares at you everyday and I’m not the only one who notices, right Alex?” Maria said, swinging her head in Alex direction searching for confirmation.

Alex didn’t watch Max, instead he had the hugest crush on Isabel and watched her watch Max staring at Liz. He was sure that one or two times they even argued about him staring at Liz. It was like Isabel didn’t want him to look at Liz and Maria said that she’d seen arguments between Max and that Michael kid about Liz too. Why didn’t he just ask her out anyway? He obviously wanted to…obvious to everyone but Liz.

“He does stare at you Liz; you’re the only one who hasn’t noticed yet.”

“There are prettier and better girls here than me, he must like one of them,” Liz argued.

“Then why hasn’t he ever had a girlfriend? Why doesn’t he notice any other female but you? He likes you, there’s just something in the way…” Maria explained.

“If he really likes me soo much, then what’s taking him so long? He’s supposedly been looking at me for at least two years now, if not more. What’s holding him back?” Liz asked in firm conviction.

“It might have something to do with Michael and Isabel. I think they’re the only friends he has and I swear they argue about you all the time,” Alex told her with the same conviction. “You know you’ve liked him since fifth grade, so what’s holding you back?”

‘His eyes,’ Liz thought to herself.

~Other side of the quad~

“He stares at her everyday and every moment he can, Michael. I don’t think this is a passing crush. I think he’s serious about her,” Isabel whispered to Michael while keeping an eye on her brother.

“It’ll go away Iz, don’t worry about it,” he told her in annoyance.

“You’ve been saying that since third grade. He’s not getting over it,” she pointed out.

“So what’s the harm in looking? He knows he can’t tell and he’s too scared that she’ll hate him anyway, plus he’s so shy he can’t even talk to her outside of the science room,” he shrugged.

“The harm is that he’s torturing himself with the image of a normal, everyday life with her. He’s making himself crazy and we’re just watching it happen. That’s the harm, Michael. Open your eyes; he’s going to crack one of these days,” Isabel said fully facing him now to point out the seriousness.

“Fine,” Michael grumbled, “I’ll talk to him.”

“And say what? ‘ Stop staring at her because you’re an alien and she’ll hate you for it,’ like the last time? That worked out well,” she shot back sarcastically. Isabel shook her head as she remembered that long drawn out fight between her brothers.

Michael had been blunt and harsh enough to get Max to actually yell. She’d only heard him yell once before and that was when Isabel was going to dream walk Liz and Maria to see what they knew about them. Maria was always string at them but Liz seemed to keep Maria just under enough control to stop her from coming over and saying something to Max.

They were a peculiar group, but it’s not like she had room to talk. Her two brothers were the only friends that she had and that was only because they were aliens like her.

~Far end of the quad away from everyone else~

“Are we sure that we all want to do this?” Tommy asked.

“You’re not chickening out are you man?” asked Jarrod incredulously. “You know they deserve it. They never once tried to understand or even get to know us. They don’t know what it’s like…”

“I’m not chicken I just don’t want to have someone change their mind at the last minute,” Tommy explained. “This is gonna be…” he trailed off.

“Huge,” Shawn finished for him. “It’s gonna be huge. They’ll understand once we make them understand.”

Tommy nodded in agreement and turned to look at the masses out in the quad. To them Tommy and his friends were the troublemakers—the bad boys on campus. They would never know their isolation, or how they were singled out at home as the one to get the beating, or the pressure they were under at school with all the teachers and students judging them by how they look. They would never understand.

As his eyes were sweeping back to his friends, they met someone else’s penetrating stare.

Liz Parker was starting at him. The popular, brainy, only child that was loved to no end was staring at him with this odd look on her face. He held the stare with her refusing to back down until she did something that he didn’t expect. She smiled.

It wasn’t on of those fake smiles but it wasn’t sarcastic either. It actually seemed sincere-almost as if she were saying hello.

Tommy broke the stare awkwardly and turned back to his friends.

The bell signaling that lunch was over rang and true to any other day, Tommy, Jarrod, and Shawn got up, went to the parking lot, and drove away.

~Biology Class~

Liz had bio with Max again. He was sitting a few rows back and a little to the left of her which made it impossible for her to look at him.

She, along with everyone else, was waiting patiently for the bio teacher to tell them their seating chart. She desperately hoped that she was seated with Max again…

Max sat behind Liz and watched the emotions cross her face. He was sitting a few rows back and a little to her left—perfect angle for not getting caught looking at her. He wished that he knew what she was thinking.

Both Liz and Max perked up as the teacher started calling out names.

“Okay class, here is the seating chart. First row, first table-Vikki Delaney and Joshua Andrews. Second row, first table-Pamela Troy and Cody Hughes. Third row, first table-Amy Belle and Anna Blakely.
First row, second table-Robert Rankin and Tabitha Redding. Second row, second table-Elizabeth Parker and Maxwell Evans. Thir….” They had stopped listening.

Max and Liz were seated together again.

‘This is incredible!!’ Liz thought as her face lit up in a smile.

“Liz?” Max asked from their designated table.

“Oh, right…” she blushed.

“Partners again…think it’s destiny?” he asked with a smile.

“Maybe,” she smiled back. ‘But why should I be so lucky?’ he mind spoke.

“Now take out some paper and we’ll start taking notes,” Mr. Clarke told the class.

Somebody Help Me: Chapter Two

Liz was working after school at the CrashDown with Maria like they did any other Monday afternoon.

“I’m telling you, he’s been here since your shift started and he’s been staring at you since he sat down….that’s a good three hours,” Maria tried to convince her.

“Maria, please!” Liz asked sarcastically. “Why would he want to stare at me all day? There’s nothing to stare at…besides, every time I look up, he’s looking somewhere else.”

“Duh Liz, he looks away…I thought you were gonna be valedictorian?” Maria replied.

“Ok, then why would he stare at me all day? Answer that,” Liz demanded, getting tired of the same argument every day about the same thing…person…

“Maybe he wants to take you to his home planet…” Maria breathed under her breath.

“What?” Liz asked confused. Maria never mumbles…it’s a pride thing…

“Nothing, never mind…” she said as she walked over to help some customers.

Liz looked up at Max suddenly just in time to see his head look at the table quickly and his cheeks turn the cutest shade of pink.

‘Was he really looking?’ Liz asked herself.

For some reason, she couldn’t not look at him now because something deep inside of her made her start to think that maybe he had been looking at her all these years. Maybe, if she kept looking, he would look at her again and that would prove it. He would be looking at her…why would anyone want to look at her? She was plain-jane, brainiac Liz Parker. What’s to look at?

Slowly, Max’s head crept up and stared straight into her eyes.

Shock that he had been caught in his eyes reflected the shock in her eyes that he was looking at her.

He smiled shyly, bit the corner of his lip in that nervous way that he does and concentrated on his food.

Liz smiled to herself. Maybe, just maybe…

~*~later that night~*~

Liz lie awake on her bed in her room listening to the cd that Alex gave to her: POD-Satellite.

He was right; she really did like a lot of their songs and was surprised to find that they were a Christian-Rock-Alternative group. She never thought that those words together would make a true sentence…weren’t they a big oxymoron?

One song in particular stuck out at her. She played it over and over until she fell asleep listening to it and woke up to it the next morning.

~*~ next day at school~*~

“Thanks for meeting me in the library guys, I need to talk to you,” Liz said as she saw Maria and Alex approach. It was almost time for first block and she had a really bad feeling.

“What’s this all about?” Alex asked in confusion.

“I had a horrible feeling that something really bad is gonna happen today. I don’t know what but I know it’s gonna happen today,” she spit out.

“What are you talking about?” Maria asked worrying about her friend.

“You know how I told you that those guys were gonna do something in their life that was gonna change things forever?” she asked.

“You mean the troublemaker talk we had in freshman year?” Alex asked even more bewildered.

“Yeah, that talk. I think they’re gonna do it today and it’s gonna be bad, really bad…” she explained.

“Liz, just calm down. It’s only your nerves getting to you,” Maria soothed. “Everything is gonna be ok, you just gotta trust me.”

“I’ll try to calm down,” Liz complied realizing that she sounded absolutely crazy. Putting her headphones around her neck, she blared the song she had listened to all night on her portable cd player.


“Maxwell, what are we doing?” Michael asked impatiently.

“Just walk with me, I think something’s up,” he answered for the fifth time.

“We’re gonna be late for class,” Isabel whined.

“Just walk with me,” Max begged.

Through Max’s peripheral vision he sees Liz…the person he’s been looking for…but she’s staring wide eyed at something else.


~*~Liz, Alex, and Maria in the library~*~

“So you really like the cd?” Alex asked Liz as he heard it being blared on her cd player.

“Yea, you’ll have to burn me a copy,” she answered as she smiled at him.

“Hey freaks,” Paulie, a football jock-friend of Kyle’s, yelled to the opening school door.

“This again?” Liz asked in despair.

Every morning was the same way. As soon as Tommy, Jarrod, and Shawn walked in the door together, Paulie or one of his equally dumb friends yelled something crude, they exchanged threats, a teacher came along just in time to stop a fight from happening, and the day went on. When were they ever going to learn that fighting and name-calling got them nowhere?

“Shut up jock-strap,” Tommy said as he walked right by his offender.

“What’d you say fag?” Paulie asked in shock. He wasn’t about to be insulted by this thing.

“You heard me…I didn’t stutter,” he replied coolly.

“Take it back, shit-face, before I make you take it back,” Paulie said as him and one of his friends started closer to the ‘troublemakers.’

“Ooo, nice come back,” Jarrod said sarcastically, waving his hands in the air as if he were spooked.

“Shut up, man. This fight ain’t with you,” a third jock stepped up.

“One day, you’re gonna get it…all of you,” Tommy warned.

“Oh yeah? Like when?” Paulie asked with a smile on his face. ‘Could this be any easier?’

“Maybe today,” Jarrod smiled back.

“Really?” Paulie asked, still grinning. “And what’cha gonna do?”

“Maybe,” Tommy started saying as he pulled his hand out of his huge coat pocket, “I’ll just blow your brains out.”

His hand was fully exposed and out of his coat now but there was something in his hand…something silver, shiny…, and pointed at Paulie’s head.

“Is that a…a…gun?” Alex stammered.

“Oh God,” Liz breathed.

“OH MY GOD!!” a girl screamed as Tommy effortlessly pulled the trigger. Blood on the lockers was soon followed by screams echoing in the hallway.

Maria, Alex, and Liz couldn’t move. All they could do was watch in horror as Paulie’s brains splattered on the lockers behind him and Jarrod pulled out two pipe bombs from his coat.

Without a second thought, he lit the bombs and threw them down the hallway.

Suddenly, two explosions sounded. Glass, nails, and screws went flying along with debris from the explosion knocking kids on the ground, cutting their faces and exposed flesh.

Liz, being the closest to the hallway, felt glass and other objects cut into her arms and neck, yet she couldn’t move from her spot.

Her eyes wandered to the door where Shawn was walking through carrying three machine guns, with ammo.

Piercing screams sounded in the school as the three boys fired on their class mates, screaming like furious animals.

Not paying any attention to where they were firing, and not really caring, Tommy started firing in the direction of the Library.

Liz finally regained control over her body and sprung into action. Suddenly she shoved Maria and Alex onto the floor and turned to look at the boy she thought she knew holding a gun. Six people watched helplessly as bullets entered her body and she fell back to the ground.

Max, Isabel, and Michael had stopped walking in the hallway when they heard the first gunshot. They could barely see around the corner, but they could tell that someone was shooting and someone else was shot.

They stood frozen in space, unable to comprehend what they were seeing until Max instinctively looked for Liz.

He turned his head in time to see her push her best friends to the ground and face the oncoming bullets for them.

“NNOOO!!!” Max yelled as he jumped over the library’s small wall and ran to help Liz.

There she was; the love of his life was lying in a pool of her own blood, slight tremors of pain evident as the blood seeped out of her and into the carpet.

Isabel and Michael followed Max wordlessly over the wall, Michael was shielding Maria with his body, and Isabel was holding Alex and Maria both back as Max leaned over Liz and ripped open her shirt.

Liz lay wordlessly on the ground. Nothing registered anymore, not even pain. The world had gone black and the only thing she could hear was the song playing over and over in her cd player that was still around her neck.

Last day of the rest of my life
I wish I would have known cuz I’d of kissed my momma goodbye
I didn’t tell her that I loved her, how much I cared
Or thank my pops for all the talks and all the wisdom he shared
Unaware, I just did what I always do
Everyday the same routine before I head off to school
Who knew that this day wasn’t like the rest?
Instead of taking the test I took two to the chest.
Call me blind, but I didn’t see it coming
Everybody was running but I couldn’t hear nothing except gun blasts
It happened so fast
I didn’t really know this kid though I sat by him in class
Maybe this kid was reaching out for love
Or maybe for a moment he forgot who he was
Or maybe this kid just needed to be hugged
Whatever it was I know it’s because
We are, we are
The youth of the nation
We are, we are
The youth of the nations
Little Suzie, she was only twelve
Living the world with every chance to excel
She hangs with all the boys and hear the stories they tell
She might act kinda proper-no respect for herself
She finds love in all the wrong places
The same situations, just different faces
She hasn’t been ok since her daddy left her
Too bad he never told her she deserved much better
Johnny boy always played the fool
He broke all the rules so you would think he was cool
He was never really one of the guys
No matter how hard he tried
Often thought of suicide
It’s kind hard when you ain’t got no friends
He put his life to and end
They might remember him then
You cross the line and there’s no turning back
Told the world how he felt with the sound of a gap
We are, we are
The youth of the nation
We are, we are
The youth of the nations
Who's to blame for the lives that tragedy claims?
No matter what they say it don't take away the pain
That I feel inside
I'm tired of all the lies
Don't nobody know why
It's the blind leading the blind
Guess that's the way that the story goes
Will ever make sense, somebody's gotta know
There's gotta be more to life than this
There's gotta be more to everything I thought exists
We are, we are
The youth of the nation
We are, we are
The youth of the nations
We are, we are
The youth of the nation
We are, we are
The youth of the nations

Liz could barely hear the song anymore, or was it fading out? The edges of the darkness that enveloped her sight were getting brighter. Someone was saying something…asking her something…begging her. What did they want? Couldn’t they see she was dying? Was she really dying?

“Liz, open your eyes, please! I need you to open your eyes,” Max was pleading with her. “You can’t leave me…you can’t leave Maria and Alex. You have to open your eyes. Liz!”

Everything was fuzzy. What was happening? Who was talking? Is that screaming in the background? Suddenly, a sharp scream echoed in her ears and her eyes jerked open. Air filled her lungs and she started coughing.

What was she choking on? Oh right, blood… Whose blood? Oh right, hers…

“Liz, look at me,” Max commanded.

After he had ripped open her shirt, he was torn to see three holes in her perfect skin. Blood was oozing between his fingers as he tried to get her to hold on just a little longer.

“SHIT!!” he heard behind him followed by a loud screech.

He turned his head for a moment.

Bodies were scattered in the hallway of students and teachers alike.

In an effort to get to her friend, Maria had finally/successfully shoved Michael off her and was trying to scurry to Liz when a stray bullet crashed into her lower leg. She screamed in pain and looked helplessly at her leg.

Max would have watched in horror longer had he not felt Liz gasp and choke underneath his hands.

“Liz please just look into my eyes,” he begged again. “I can help.”

After what seemed like an eternity, her eyes wearily traveled to his and he forced a connection.

Instantly he felt how close she was to letting go, but something was keeping her here…something didn’t want to let her go. In the back of his mind the words ‘unfinished business’ and ‘destiny’ floated around but he had to concentrate on her.

Major injuries: a bullet had broken three of her ribs and one of the shattered bones had stabbed her lung and caused it to fill with blood, another bullet had torn her stomach, pancreas, and caused a minor, yet serious, tear in her spinal tissue, and a third bullet had gone through her abdomen and was lodged next to her liver.

There were minor cuts and bruises all over the place but he didn’t have the time or energy to deal with all of those.

First, he dissolved the bullets and healed her lung and ribcage. Next he slowly healed her stomach and abdomen along with all of the other damaged organs.

Her spine was healed and he noticed that if she had moved at all she would have torn the tissue more and would have never walked again.

Lastly, he scanned her body for any other major problems and the only thing he could find was that she had lost too much blood.

He sped up her heart for a moment and increased the speed in her bone marrow, making blood cells multiply in her veins.

He could feel himself shaking with the effort of keeping the connection open.

Finally, he collapsed and fell to the left of Liz.

He was so drained.

She opened her eyes once more and turned to face him in amazement and wonder.

Max’s eyes were slowly closing in unconsciousness.

She turned and saw Michael tying a piece of his now torn shirt around Maria’s bleeding shin.

Maria had her upturned face looking straight at Max and Liz in what appeared to be shock and surprise yet an indefinable knowledge.

She looked ahead and saw the three boys that she had been so entranced with surrounded by men in black suits that said SWAT on the back. Almost too quick for her too see, they each put the guns to their teenage heads and killed themselves before they could be taken.

She turned her head more to see Isabel and Alex hovered in a corner looking around wildly in confusion.

When she turned back to look at Max, she noticed another pair of eyes wide in terror and alarm.

Kyle Valenti was crouched under a table, knees to chin, staring at her and Max on the ground and she knew that he had been there the whole time.

Tears rolled down her face as she broke down and rolled into a ball on the floor, holding the nearest body she could find…Max.

The song was 'Youth of the Nation' by POD. Feedback is soo important!!*angel*

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Thanks..I guess... I didn't mean to freak you out-sorry about that-but if you really like it I will post some more.*bounce*

Dia wrote:
Wow that was amazing. These parts were so excellently written. So Kyle saw Max healing Liz? Come back soon, you've already got me hooked!

Yes, Kyle saw Max heal Liz. I thought that this could be a good way for everyone in the show who knew to know without everyone having to be in a life-or-death situation...I mean, there are only so many of those you can take...*happy*
I'm so happy that you like my fic and I love that you're already hooked!! Thank you for reading!!

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OMB, what a horrific episode to start! Thanks for wriitng!

First, what does OMB mean? I know I must sound like a dummy asking that but I've seen it b4, just never explained...*big*
Also, I hope you meant horrific in a good way because I would hate to upset anyone by something I wrote. As I said before though-I didn't mean to freak you out, but if you like the fic I'll keep posting!

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I loved the parts and I can't wait to read more! So please post more soon!

I'll try to post more soon, if not...please don't give up on me*tongue*.

Thank you everyone for the feedback and for the people who rated my story as five stars. I can't tell you how much this all means to me. I love you all for reading my fic and please read more!!

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Anyway, I'm still trying to write chapter three I just don't have it posted yet. I promise I'll hurry though!
Thanks to all of you who wrote me feedback, you have no idea how much you help me.

Hopelessly and Helplessly addicted to Roswell...and loving it!!


P.S.-OMB=oh my buddha! I should have known! Thanks for the info!!

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First I'd like to thank Dia, roswellluver, 4everlover, clueless, Surfgirl02, and rainrose for all the wonderful feedback you all gave. Thank you and please don't hesitate to do it again!!*big*

Now! Here is the next part!!*bounce*

Somebody Help Me: Chapter Three

It had only been a day. Just one day; one moment in time where three of her classmates had been out of their minds.

What had made them do it? What could make anyone…do what they did?

She couldn’t even think the words for what they did. All she could remember was that day—that one moment—playing over and over again in her mind.

~*~Previous day~*~

Liz curled up against Max and started crying. What was going on? What had happened to her and her friends?

Even in his unconsciousness, Max moved to comfort her. His arms slid around her small frame as her emotions went wild.

She could hear her friends’ heavy breathing and Maria’s occasional whimper of pain.

There was a slight rattle that she automatically knew was the shaking of the table that Kyle was hidden under.

This was their junior year in high school. They still had so much to do, to learn, to see. She wasn’t even seventeen yet.

Max shifted next to her, making her eyes seek his.

Slowly they opened with a fog covering his ridiculously gorgeous eyes that she had always noticed before.

“Liz,” he whispered softly.

She blinked and nodded softly. This was about all the communication she could muster at the moment.

“Are you ok?” Max asked at he started to wipe a stray tear away.

At first, she nodded but soon shook her head as she felt her eyes swell in what she knew were more tears to come.

“Shh,” he soothed, “it’s ok now. Everyone’s ok now.”

Never once in all her life had she ever felt so vulnerable. Sure she had been made fun of, joked about, and everyone’s had those bad days where you think this is the end of the world, but nothing could compare to knowing that you died…or would have had someone not miraculously saved you.

“Max? Liz? You guys ok?” Michael asked.

Everything came crashing back to reality.

Slowly, Max and Liz both started to sit up to prove that there was nothing wrong.

Everyone was staring wide-eyed at Liz.

She looked down to see what they saw and nearly passed out. There was so much blood…so much blood and it was all on her shirt along with three companion bullet holes.

“Oh God Liz,” Alex choked out as she gently fingered the hole in her blouse where the bullet obviously went straight through to her abdomen.

Isabel shakily crawled over to her and removed her hands from the bloody shirt.

Liz watched in amazement and silent shock as she gently waved her had over the blouse and it returned back to normal. You couldn’t even tell she had almost died three minutes ago.

Michael didn’t know what to do or think. They had exposed their secret in a high school shooting and he had a bloody, gasping Maria lying on his lap.

“Are you ok?” he whispered almost scared to break the silence that surrounded them.

“My leg hurts like hell,” she answered in the same hushed tone.

“Are you all right?” a man in black shouted at all of the teens. His eyes went to Maria’s leg just before he turned and yelled for another paramedic.

All over the ground where they were and everywhere else there was blood, debris, and bodies of their classmates-some former, some still living.

Three men in white uniforms came quickly to Maria’s aid. Gently, they placed her on a small gurney and wheeled her away.

Alex looked back and forth between Liz and the slowly disappearing Maria. Michael got up and followed Maria before Alex even had a chance to move.

“What happens now?” Isabel asked quietly.

“I think someone should help Kyle,” Liz whispered. “Sounds like he’s gonna go into shock if he doesn’t stop shaking. She turned around to look at her ex boyfriend. He was still shaking so hard that the table was moving over him.

“Kyle?” Alex asked as he started to crawl over to him. “You ok man?”

“You…you…you saw him do it too, right? And her? And…and…and the bl..blood…all the blood,” Kyle shut his eyes.

“It’s ok,” Alex whispered as he reached under the table. “I saw it and its ok. You can come out, I promise.” He felt like he was calling a cat out from under the sofa.

Kyle took a long, deep breath. “Ok,” he whispered meekly.

Slowly, Kyle crawled out from under the protection of the table and joined Alex, Isabel, Max, and Liz in their little circle on the floor.

“Everyone ok?” He whispered again.

“As good as can be expected,” Isabel whispered back.

It was almost like if they spoke any louder, all the shooting would start again. All the noise would come back…all the pain.

~*~Thirty minutes later~*~

They had sat in silence for half an hour until Sheriff Valenti came running through the SWAT team.

“KYLE!!!” he screamed at the top of his lungs. “KYLE!!! WHERE ARE YOU?”

“DAD!!!!” Kyle jumped up from his position on the floor.

Faster than the eye can blink, they were reunited and hugging each others fears away.

“Oh God, son. Are you ok? Are you hurt?” the sheriff asked while looking at his son from a distance.

“I’m fine, I’m fine,” Kyle answered hugging his father again.

“ALEX!!? OH MY GOD!! ALEX!” Mrs. Whitman screamed as she caught sight of her son.

Alex looked at the three remaining people on the floor with him and slowly got up. He held his mom as she cried all over him and his dad wrapped his arms around both of them.

Liz couldn’t hear what they were saying but she knew Alex was crying.

“MAX! ISABEL!!” Diane and Phillip Evans yelled from the door. Diane covered her mouth with her hand as she saw the devastation around her. “MAX! ISABEL!! MICHAEL!!!” Phillip yelled again.

Max and Isabel stood but Max refused to let go of Liz’s hand. Slowly she stood and walked over to the Evans’s with them. She stopped at the Whitman huddle and gave everyone there a reassuring hug that everything was going to be fine.

Isabel ran over to her mother and father almost thinking that if she didn’t get there fast enough they would disappear.

“Oh God! My babies! Are you alright? Are you hurt? Where’s Michael? Is everyone ok? Oh God!” Diane whaled as she reached her arms around her children. Phillip enveloped them as well and together they cried and rejoiced with their family.

Liz stood apart from all the reuniting families and friends. Through what was left of the front doors to her school she could see Amy DeLuca crying and hugging Michael as she watched her only child be hauled into an ambulance.

Her hands went to her face as she started to cry once more. Where was she to go?

Then she remembered. Her parents were leaving right after she left for school. They had to go to Albuquerque for a restaurant owners meeting.

She was all alone.

She started walking to where a familiar face once was. Amy…she needed Amy…or Maria…or anyone…

“Somebody help me?!” she heard being yelled a little to her left.

Slowly she turned her head to see what more could be going on.

On a gurney not too far away from her, one of her classmates was bleeding to death. She had been shot at least once in the stomach and the only paramedic that was by her side seemed to be running out of ideas.

Two more paramedics answered his distress call. “What’s the matter?” one of them asked.

“Her name is Pamela troy and she’s seventeen years old. Two gunshot wounds to the abdomen and she just lost consciousness. Her blood pressure is dropping and I can’t find a pulse anymore,” he answered quickly.

How could someone do that job? How could you sit there and watch people you don’t know bleed to death while hearing them tell you about themselves? It seemed impossible.

“Liz? You ok?” Michael asked as he noticed her standing all alone. “Where’s your family?”

“My mom and dad are driving to Albuquerque right about now. Where’s your dad?” she sniffled through her tears.

“He probably doesn’t care and even if he knew what happened he probably thinks I’m dead anyway,” he answered softly.

“The Evans’s were looking for you inside. At least you have them,” she told him.

“They know I’m ok by now and besides, I can’t leave you here.”

A loud sob escaped Liz’s lips as she threw herself onto Michael. He barely moved from the added weight.

Slowly, he wrapped his arms around her tiny waist and cried with her.

Together they cried over their friends, school members, what they had been through, but most of all, they cried because they knew they were alone.

Michael and Liz had held each other for quite a while until they couldn’t even think anymore.

Exhaustion filled their bodies, minds, and souls. They could barely stand on their own.

“Michael?” Liz whispered softly into his sleeve.

“Yeah?” he answered just as softly.

“Can you take me home?” she asked him. Just having to ask nearly made her want to cry all over again but she was just too tired.

“Sure, I’ll just be right back,” he answered as she slid away from her and walked over to where the Evans’s were starting to walk over to Diane’s van.

“Hey Max!” he yelled just as he was about to get in with his parents and sister.

“Yeah?” he asked semi-jogging over to Michael.

“I need to borrow your keys so I can take Liz home,” he explained.

“Where are the Parkers?” Max asked as he dug in his jeans pocket.

“On their way to Albuquerque. They’ve got at least three more hours till they get there, then we have to wait for them to call because she doesn’t have the number and then it’s a good four hours to drive back. She’s all alone man,” Michael answered as he took the keys from Max’s open palm.

Max’s eyes filled with sorrow, pity, and pain. He didn’t know what he’d be doing if he didn’t have his parents here to help him.

“I’ll call as soon as I drop her off, ok?” Michael asked.

“Yeah, yeah,” Max answered. Just before he turned to go back to the van, Max quickly wrapped Michael in a rare yet meaningful hug.

“Drive safe,” Max said as he pulled away.

“I will.”

Slowly Max got into his parents van and shut the door behind him. Michael could see that he was explaining what was said and exchanged.

Diane, in the passenger’s seat, covered her mouth with her hand and turned to her window. She looked at Michael and tears welled up in her eyes. ‘You alright?’ she mouthed.

He nodded and smiled at her quickly.

She nodded back at him and he knew exactly what she was trying to convey. If he ever needed anything, he knew where to turn.

Liz was right. At least he has the Evans’s.

He watched as the van drove off into the distance and then turned and jogged back to where he had left Liz.

She wasn’t there. Quickly he scanned the area around him and noticed her sitting alone on a park bench with her arms wrapped all the way around her body and her knees tucked up to her chest.

He quickly walked over to her. “You ready?”

“Who wouldn’t be?” she asked as she unfolded herself and stood up. “I can’t wait to leave this place.”

“You can say that again,” he answered as he wrapped an assuring arm around her shoulders and walked her to Max’s jeep.

~*~At the Parkers residence~*~

The drive to her house had been entirely too long for her.

When he parked the jeep she almost ran to her apartment upstairs but that would take too much effort and she felt soo tired….so sleepy.

As she started the weary trek up the stairs to her home, Michael stood awkwardly at the bottom.

“You can come up if you want,” she called behind her when she didn’t hear his footsteps.

Soon she heard his slow, heavy steps following hers.

They reached the door and she could have cried right there.

When she stopped Michael asked her what was wrong.

“My keys,” she started, “my keys are in my backpack at school, and the door is locked.” She could feel the film of unshed tears fill her eyes as she turned back to him.

Slowly, he reached behind her to the doorknob and waited until he heard that infamous click.

She watched, wide-eyed as he turned to knob to her home and opened the door.

“You’ve got to be my guardian angels,” she whispered.

“Who?” Michael asked in confusion.

“You, Max, and Isabel. You’ve all saved me in one way or another today,” she answered back with a look akin to awe and shock filling her eyes as she stared at him in wonder.

“No big,” he shrugged as he followed her into her house.

It looked homey, nothing like his trailer park. It was clean but not too clean—like the people who lived here would always welcome anyone who wished to enter.

Where he lived, there were beer bottles, trash, and dirty clothes anywhere your eyes could see. No one could ever feel comfortable much less welcomed.

“Nice place,” he told her as he looked around.

“Thanks,” she smiled. Her smile was disrupted by a yawn as another wave of tiredness swept over her.

Being the contagious things that they are, Michael yawned as well.

“God,” Liz sighed. “It’s not even nine thirty yet but this day seems to have gone on forever.”

Michael nodded in agreement. “I promised Max I would call as soon as I got you home. Could you tell me where the phone is?”

“Sure, it’s on the wall in the kitchen,” she answered as she pointed to her left.

“Thanks,” he nodded as he left the room.

Liz walked the other direction as she headed for her bathroom.

As she looked in the mirror, she didn’t recognize her own face.

What wasn’t covered in dried blood that came from all the scrapes and cuts on her face, was tear stained and bruised.

Quickly, she turned on the warm water and cupped her hands under the faucet. The water stung her face where some cuts were still open, but she washed all the grime off anyway.

“Liz?” she heard Michael call.

“I’m in here,” she answered. “I’m in my bathroom.”

Michael followed where her voice was coming from and found her walking out of her bedroom, a towel covering her face.

“Max and them got home safely and the Evans’s wanted both of us to know that we could stay over at their house if we wanted.

Liz removed the towel and stared down at it in semi-shock. She was still bleeding from one of her cuts.

“That’s so nice of them to say that, especially since they don’t know me or anything,” Liz told him. “I think I’m gonna stay here for when my parents call though.”

“I can’t leave you alone,” Michael stated firmly.

“Of course you can,” Liz told him back. “You don’t have to stay here with me.”

“Yeah, I really do,” he nodded stubbornly. “For two reasons really.”

“What’s that?” she asked.

“One, you shouldn’t be alone right now and two, I don’t think I can be alone long enough to drive all the way across town to the Evans’s,” he answered honestly. There was another reason but he couldn’t tell her. Max had made him promise not to leave her alone, but she didn’t need to know that.

“Well, umm…” Liz started. “Do you wanna take a shower and wash up? You can wear some of my dad’s clothes,” she offered.

“I would really love to wash all this off of me,” he nodded.

She pointed him to her shower and showed him where the towels were.

“Just, umm…leave you clothes in front of the bathroom door and I’ll have some clean one’s for you on my bed when you get out,” she explained.

“Thank you…for everything.” Michael leaned in and hugged her.

“No big,” she smiled as she used his own phrase.

He smiled as he walked into her bathroom and shut the door. He started thinking about how different everything was. Usually, he would never take any offer of help from anyone much less Liz Parker, but now he couldn’t help but be helped and help her.

“I guess a high school shooting and exposure will do that to ya,” Michael said to himself.

Liz walked into her parents’ room and opened their closet doors. She pulled out a pair of her dad’s blue jeans and an old t-shirt.

Quietly, she crept back into her room and laid the clothes on her bed. She turned toward the door and noticed Michael had folded his clothes in a neat pile in front of the door.

She picked them up and took them to the laundry room.

After she started the wash, she sat in her living room and let her mind race.

~*~Evans residence~*~

Max hung up the phone with no doubt that Michael wouldn’t leave without Liz right there with him.

He walked back to his family room and found them all in the same position they were in before he left.

His sister was laying on the couch, curled up with her head on their mom’s lap. Diane was stroking her hair.

Isabel’s legs were in their dad’s lap and he was gently rubbed her calf.

Phillip’s other arm was laying across the back of the couch where Max was.

Max sat back down and his dad’s arm wrapped his arm around his shoulder. Gently, he laid his head on Phillip’s shoulder and closed his eyes.

~*~Whitman household~*~

Alex was just getting out of the shower.

He couldn’t stand having blood, and dust, and filth all over him.

After he dried himself off, he put on some fresh clothes and went back downstairs to his parents.

His mom was making food like she always did when she didn’t know what to do and his dad was watching the Roswell News to be updated on what was going on at the high school.

Alex sat down beside him and listened as best he could without crying.

“…can see the devastation struck everyone as parents found their children, (the television lit up with scenes of parents running around frantically and finally finding their son or daughter and hugging them close, and other parents who collapsed in a heap of crying masses as they discovered their children no longer with us) and some students who could only find each other…(again the tv was alight with pictures but one picture stayed the longest. A clip of a young man and woman who were clutching on to each other and crying at what was going on around them)

“Jesus,” Alex whispered. “That’s Michael and Liz…” He couldn’t help the few tears that slid out of the corners of his eyes as he watched them embrace.

~*~Valenti household~*~

Kyle and Jim sat wordlessly in front of their television set as they watched replay after replay of what happened on the news.

Tears cascaded down both their faces as the realizations of how they could have lost the only meaningful person in their lives was replayed over and over again.

~*~Roswell Hospital~*~

“Miss DeLuca, we need you to calm down!” a nurse yelled over Amy.

“Don’t tell me to calm down! You calm down!! Just let me see Maria!! I need to see her!” she yelled at the top of her lungs.

“Miss DeLuca?” a doctor asked from behind. “Miss DeLuca?”

“What? Is she ok?” Amy asked as she ran to this doctor.

“She’s fine,” he smiled at her.

“Oh, thank God. Can I see her?” she asked in relief.

“She’s sleeping right now. She lost a lot of blood and if whoever tied the makeshift tourniquet hadn’t done so, she might no have been with us through the ambulance ride. She’ll be fine in a couple of days,” he explained to her as he showed her to Maria’s room.

“Oh, my baby,” Amy whispered as she ran over to Maria’s bedside. “Oh, my baby.”

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Well here it is...what you've been waiting for...

Somebody Help Me: Chapter Four

Take a scientist’s mind and a miracle, mix them in a bowl and you’ll have one hell of a headache in no time.

This is what Liz’s mind was trying to wrap itself around.

Three of her classmates, the three she had been watching and trying to help, had killed her. She had died and they had killed her.

Max Evans had saved her life. She had died and he healed her.

How? Why? She didn’t know.

Her mind could come up with a million possible theories but she knew that asking was her only option. What was she supposed to say? ‘Hi, I know you saved my life and I should be eternally grateful, and I am, but would you mind telling me how you did it because it’s really freaking me out?’ Yeah, that would be just fine.

Michael walked out of her bedroom looking extremely uncomfortable. She’d be uncomfortable too. Never in a million years did she think that Michael Guerin would ever be in her father’s clothes. She’d never even had a real conversation with him before.

Now was as good a time as any.

“What happened?” she asked him suddenly.

Michael was so startled at the abrupt ending of the silence, he literally jumped.

“I…um…what?” he sputtered.

“I know I was shot. I felt…I know, ok. Then he…well, I don’t know what he did. That’s what I want to know. What did he do? What happened?” All logical reasoning for what occurred in her high school’s library flew out of her mind as she uttered her thoughts aloud.

“I…I don’t think I would be the best person to tell you,” he explained. Blurting out that he was an alien was an urge he had long ago repressed and he wasn’t sure if he was strong enough to break his own set of rules. “Max…Maxwell should tell you.”

“What about the others? Maria and Alex and Kyle. Will he tell them too?” she asked.

“Umm…I guess he’ll have to, won’t he? They all saw. Everyone saw.”

Silence took over the room as thoughts circled over head.

“Was it on the news?” he asked abruptly.

“I didn’t look,” she replied monotonously. “I didn’t even think…”

Slowly she reached for the remote that was beside her on the couch. Did she really want to see this? Could she see this? Of course it was on the news. It’ll be on the news for a long time. Things like this are not forgotten. Things like this will never be forgotten.

She wished she could forget.

Wishing gets you nowhere.

The tv turned on and slowly the picture became visible and bright. She turned up the volume to fill the quiet room.

She didn’t even have to change the channel. What she was looking for was staring her in the face.

“…umber of deaths is still unknown as police and paramedics are still searching for people in the building. Most of the people here are still in shock. How could such a small, contented town be struck with such horror? Ken and Gloria, back to you…”

The small box was alight with pictures, moments, that were and are forever burned in the two teenagers’ minds. One moment that was displayed on the screen in particular.

Two teens, a boy and a girl, holding each other, consoling each other, outside their tragedy’s setting. The two teens were crying and clinging with all that they had. Michael and Liz were immortalized on the television forever, stuck in their embrace of loneliness, shock, and fear.

In a moment of surprise and panic, Liz’s finger moved on its own and changed the channel.

She blinked in surprise and knowledge as the same story was being told by different people on this different station.

The channel changed again.

The story stayed the same. The same moments, the same words.

Again, the channel changed.

She couldn’t escape it. Everywhere, anywhere, there it was. The moments she didn’t want to face, the fear she didn’t want to feel, the questions she didn’t want to think, all reverberating in her mind.

She turned off the television.

“I uh…” Liz trailed off.

“Yeah,” he broke in. “Sorry.”

“It’s…ok…” she answered. “Oh God. I should go to the hospital.”

“What? What’s the matter?” Michael asked in panic. Had Max missed something? Was she ok?

“Maria. She’d be at the hospital. I totally forgot,” she answered as she stood up from the couch. “I need to go see if she’s ok.”

“Oh,” Michael remembered suddenly. “Right. I forgot too. I’ll take you to go see her.”

Together they walked to the door, they’re thoughts trying to grasp what they were doing.

To the hospital. See Maria. In the hospital.

It was too odd, too surreal. She shouldn’t be there. Liz should be there.

She was shot. She died and they had killed her. She had died and Max had brought her back.


Not thinking about this.

Can’t think about this.

Let’s go see Maria.

~*~Roswell Memorial Hospital~*~

By the time Liz and Michael had showed up, Alex was already there. He had been there right after he watched the news with his dad.

Not going to think about the news.

“Alex!” Liz yelled as she sprinted towards her friend, her rock.

Quickly they enveloped each other in a tight hug, making sure the other one was real, was fine, was there.

“God Liz,” he breathed heavily. “Are you…how are you?”

Liz slowly, confusedly answered. “I’m…I’m fine. I don’t know how…but…but I’m fine Alex…”

Nodding quickly and needing a subject change he turned his head towards Michael. “How about you? You ok man?”

“Uh…as to be expected…I guess…” How in the hell was he supposed to answer that? No, I’m not ok. My school was just terrorized from the inside out and the one thing that I’ve been trying to hide all of my life in fear was just exposed. I’m just dandy.

“Yeah…I know what you mean…” Alex trailed off.

“How’s Maria? Is she going to be ok?” Liz interjected.

“Oh, right. Yeah. She’s gonna be ok. The um…doctor guy…he uh…told Amy that if Michael here hadn’t have done what he did then she might have… she could have…” Was he supposed to be able to finish that sentence? Could he? He couldn’t even finish the thought.

“Oh my God,” Liz whispered as tears filled her wide eyes.

The three teens stood silently, each reliving the moments that would haunt them for so long.


Suddenly, there was an Amy DeLuca attaching herself onto Liz and hugging her.

“Are you ok? Where are your parents? Are you alright?” she babbled endlessly.

In a moment of panic one could always count on Amy DeLuca to be the one talking.

“I’m fine, really. I’m ok. My uh…parents are driving to Albuquerque right now…I haven’t um…been able to talk to them…yet…” she breathed slowly, hoping her parents would just show up, ready to hold her and keep her safe from the nightmares she was sure to have.

“Oh, my poor baby. You shouldn’t be alone…you could um…stay with me,” Amy offered. There was absolutely no way that one of the three kids she loved the most in the whole world was going to be alone to deal with this. No way if she could help it.

“Oh don’t worry Ms. DeLuca. I’ll be ok,” Liz reassured. “My parents will call and drive back.”

There was a pause from both women as they contemplated this thought.

Just as Amy was about to insist that the young girl stay with her, Liz spoke again.

“Besides, I haven’t been alone. Michael hasn’t left my side the whole time,” Liz said as she nodded in the other boy’s direction. “He’s the one who…tied the shirt around Maria’s leg…”

Michael stood uncomfortably, staring in shock and a small feeling of being left out.

Sooner than he could blink, Amy was now attached to him, sobbing on his shoulder incoherent words that no alien or human could decipher.

Slower than anything with reactions, Michael cautiously made his arms gravitate around the shaking woman into an uncomfortable hug. He stared at Liz and Alex as if asking what he should do as he jerkily patted her back.

The other two teens simply walked over and tried to soothe the older mother, slowly rubbing her back and trying to get her to relinquish the Michael she had obtained.

Amy’s words were spaced by her sobs but were now becoming understandable as she pulled away from Michael but continued to hug him.

“Can’t… thank… enough…you…you…saved…my…Maria……thank…”

“Umm…you’re uh…welcome?” he answered. What was he supposed to say? ‘Sure thing, next time you’re in a shooting, I’ll be there to rip my shirt to pieces.’

That might not go over too well.

The four people jumped in unison as a cell phone rang.

Michael reached into his jeans and fished out his cell phone.

It was a Christmas present from Max and Isabel last year. ‘Just in case you get into trouble or we get into trouble’ had been the premise.

It’s usually off. Half the time he didn’t even carry it, but today he just knew he was bound to get a call.

“Uh…hello?” he answered slowly.

“Um…the hospital to uh…check on Maria……yeah, she’s ok…she’ll be ok…yeah…yeah…sure…see you later man…”

Slowly, uncomprehendingly Michael ended his conversation.

“That was umm…Maxwell… He uh…he’s on his way here and um…his parents are coming along with Isabel,” he told the three people still half-way recovering from the ring.

Amy was a little confused. Who were these people and why hadn’t she heard their names before?

She quickly brushed it off. Maria needed her to help her not interrogate her about friends.

No one really knew what to say as they all just stood in the hospital, each person with the same thought.

This shouldn’t have happened.

~*~Evans’ household~*~

Guilt wracked Max’s body and mind as he thought of Maria lying on a hospital bed.

He should have healed her too. He should have helped her like he helped Liz.

Slowly he walked back into the family room where is parents and sister were.

“He’s at the umm…hospital to check on Maria…” Max said as he re-entered the room.

“Is she gonna be ok?” Isabel and Diane asked in unison.

“Yeah…she’s gonna be ok…or umm… that’s what Michael said,” Max answered as he rubbed his hands over his face.

He had never felt more exhausted in his life.

“Do you want to go up there son?” Philip asked as he watched Max wearily thinking on his next move.

“Yeah, I…yeah dad…” Max answered, not able to put his thoughts into words.

“I’d like to go too,” Isabel piped in.

It wasn’t too often that she wanted to go to hospitals. She barely even knew Maria, but Michael was there and so was Liz. That meant that they needed to go.

Surprisingly, she wanted to go. If for nothing else, just to make sure that the perky face of Maria DeLuca wouldn’t just be a memory.

“We’ll all go,” Diane pitched in.

She couldn’t leave her babies now. Not after what had happened. They were going to stand by each other from now on.

Slowly, the family made their way back to the van and onward to the hospital.

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Now, on with the story!

Somebody Help Me: Chapter Five

~*~Valenti’s residence~*~

After much convincing, Kyle had persuaded his father to go back to work.

“There are lots of other people who need help right now,” he had argued. “Really dad, I’m fine.”


He’s not fine.

He just saw his ex-girlfriend get shot multiple times and Max Evans, the weakling that him and his jock friends always picked on and beat up, Max Evans healed her. He had glowing hands. He healed her right in front of Kyle’s eyes. How would you be?

Yeah…I thought so.

As if that wasn’t enough, the most popular girl in school, Isabel, Max’s sister, had waved a glowing hand over Liz’s bloody, torn shirt and “fixed” it so it looked like nothing happened.

Million’s of thoughts swirled in Kyle’s head all at once.

Now, he knows that he’s no genius and he often has problems passing remedial math classes but glowing hands and healing gunshot wounds wasn’t normal was it? Surely this kind of stuff didn’t happen everyday and he’s just so dense that he missed it.

No. It definitely wasn’t normal.

So now Kyle’s in a bind. He’s not really sure if he saw a miracle or a freak show and he’s still not sure if he saw it at all.

‘It was a stressful, crazy moment,’ he thought to himself. ‘People see crazy things when they’re stressed out…maybe…she was never even shot…yeah. Yeah. What was I thinking? Max Evans healed Liz Parker from gunshot wounds...I must be nuts.’

But then his mind wanders back to that moment not too long ago. That instant where Liz was shot and Max healed her. He tried to reason out that he had made that all up, that none of it really happened. Something caught his attention though.

If it never really happened…why was there blood on the carpet?

He remembered so clearly, so vividly. A dark, large stain where Liz had been lying. Blood where it had seeped into the library’s carpet. Such a big stain…must have been a lot of blood…too much to have just come from minor cuts and scrapes.

Ok, now he had to know what was going on. He had to go see Liz.

Hurriedly, Kyle ran out to his Mustang and sped over to the CrashDown Café.

~*~Roswell Memorial Hospital~*~

The Evans family silently made their way to the hospital doors. No one was speaking. No one needed to. It was obvious what they were all thinking.

Is this really happening? How could this be happening?

Max had never liked hospitals. Too many doctors, too many tests. Too many ways for his secret to be exposed. Too many reminders of the cold, hard facts that he tried to ignore in order to lead a semi-normal life.

He’d never been to hospital before. Ever. Not a whole lot of people can say that. Most people have been at least once to be born. Not him.

Not Max Evans because Max Evans wasn’t born. He was hatched.

Him, his sister, and the closest thing he’d ever come to having a brother had all hatched from their gelatinous pods when they were around six years old. Actually, if you were really counting, they all came out when they were roughly thirty-six years old. But they didn’t like to think about that.

It’s not what you’d call a happy thought.

His sister, Isabel, had never been fond of hospitals either. She was afraid of them actually.

Like him, she had never been in one either but she had watched enough reality television shows to know that this was a dangerous place for her. This place could destroy her.

This place could exterminate her.

Again, she didn’t really like to think about that. It’s not a happy thought.

It’s not a normal thought.

Who were they to act like they were abnormal? They were only aliens.

Even with all of these emotional boulders to heave out of the way, Max and Isabel Evans found themselves almost hurrying to get through the doors and on the inside.

Ironic how one moment can change everything that’s important to you.

Funny how watching someone you didn’t talk to and weren’t friends with get filled with bullets could change your perspective.

And that’s exactly what it did.

This wasn’t about them anymore. It was about Maria. It was about Liz and Alex and Kyle and anyone else who may have seen what really went on in that library. It wasn’t about being aliens anymore.

It’s about telling the truth.

It’s about exposure.

And now there’s nothing left to do but expose yourself.

So, silently the Evans twins and their adoptive parents walked through the doors that had frightened them so much throughout the years of their short lives and there was no turning back.

There is no more hiding behind a tree.

No more half truths and complete detachment.

Now they had to come out from behind their trees, tell the whole truth, and depend on someone else for their safety from now on.

Around the corner and into the waiting area.

Three shaken parents met and greeted each other and started an immediate friendship. Everyone needs someone to hold on to in times of crisis.

A few meters away a group of five teenagers stood in a circular position, eying each other apprehensively yet acceptingly.

After all, everyone needs someone to hold on to in a time of crisis. Let’s just hope these teens aren’t left reaching.

~*~Hospital Room 831~*~

Maria sat groggily on her bed, drugs pumping through her veins making her thinking seem thick and wet.

Her mom had left not too long ago saying that her friends were going to come see her one at a time because she needed her rest.

One at a time? Did they really think that Liz and Alex were going to cause that much of a ruckus?

The biggest commotion that Alex and Liz ever made in public was when Liz beat Alex once in a game of dodge-ball and he simply refused to accept it.

“She cheated!” he had exclaimed to anyone within hearing distance.

Liz, in an uproar for being accused of cheating for the first time in her entire life, loudly explained to Alex that it was DODGE-BALL. There’s not a way that you can cheat. You throw the ball, they move. Apparently he just didn’t move fast enough. Apparently, she was just better.

Man had that been an argument.

Slowly, her hospital room door creaked open and Liz’s brunette head poked through the crack.

Her hospital room door. That’s a phrase you don’t want to get used to.

Slowly, Liz made her way to her best friend’s side and sat gently on her hospital bed.

Her hospital bed.

Another one of those phrases you wish you’d never have to use.

“How are you?” Liz said softly, guiltily.

“I’m…keen peachy….you?” Maria answered slowly, her eyelids slowly opening and closing.

“I’m fine. I’m really ok,” she answered, her head bobbing slightly.

“That Evans…does good work then...huh…?” Maria said as she smiled slightly.

Liz’s head snapped up almost involuntarily.

“Oh…sniff some oil…I was there…I know what I saw,” the blonde replied to her friend’s reaction to her words.

“I know. It’s just…a lot to take in, you know. It’s a lot for me to try to comprehend much less have someone else talk to me about it. I can’t pretend that I was hallucinating,” Liz tried to rationalize.

“Maria…I just…I can’t help but feel guilty. I mean, he could’ve…healed…you instead and you wouldn’t be here. I guess, I guess I’m just trying to say I’m sorry,” Liz blurted out.

“Shut up,” Maria said flatly.

“What?” Liz asked, a little more than surprised.

“If Max had healed me I would be down a friend and I’d rather be here than you six feet under. Besides…it takes too long to break in a new best friend…” Maria smiled.

Liz nodded and smiled slightly herself. Maria always knew just what to say to make her feel better about herself. You just have to love those best friends.

“Well…I promised Alex that I wouldn’t be too long so he could come talk to you,” Liz explained. No ‘thank you’s were needed. She already knew.

“Did you need anything? I could get you…”

“Just get some rest…you look like…crap,” Maria said as she ever so lightly pushed Liz’s arm.

Liz smiled a bit more. “Thanks.”

Slowly, Liz got up from her place at Maria’s side and gently hugged her friend goodbye before heading out the door.

The door didn’t even have time to shut again when Alex walked in and made his way exactly where Liz had just been.

“God Maria…” he whispered as his eyes traced the IV’s flowing in and out of her.

“And here I was…thinking I’m a mere mortal…when I’m suddenly informed…low and behold…I’m God Maria…” she replied. “If you don’t mind…I’ll change my title to Goddess.”

Alex’s cunning wit failed him as he watched her clouded eyes drift open and shut lazily.

“Are you ok?” he asked worriedly.

“I’m dandy…but you…you look like you just…got whipped at dodge-ball again…” she whispered.

“She didn’t beat me! She obviously cheated!!” he automatically retorted.

Apparently the fight continues.

“Wait…that’s not the point…” he said shaking his head lightly.

“Do you have a point Alex? I always saw you…as a rounded figure myself…”

“Maria. Are you ok?” he asked sternly, seriously.

“Alex. I’m ok,” she answered just as serious.

“Ok,” he said as his body visibly relaxed a little. “You had me worried.”

“I can tell,” she told him, her index finger raising slightly to point at his neck. “That vein in your neck was doing the poppy-outie thing again…”

Unconsciously, Alex’s hand went up and rubbed the spot that he knew she was speaking of.

“Why didn’t they let you and Liz see me together? You’re…only two people…” she asked as the room fell into a comfortable silence.

“Oh…uhm…Max and Isabel Evans and that Michael Guerin guy are here too…” Alex answered.


“What?” she asked.

Those drugs must be working over time.

“Yeah…they wanted to make sure you were ok…that we were all ok…”


“You look like you could use your rest so…I’m just gonna…. “

He let his sentence trail off as he slid off the hospital bed and hugged his friend goodbye.


“You get better DeLuca,” he warned as he walked out of her room.

Her hospital room door made a deafening click as the door shut behind him and she was left alone again.



Her mind was trying to race through its drugged cloudiness and figure out what was going on.

Max, Isabel, and Michael were all here to see her? To make sure that she was ok?

The door made its infamous creaking noise again that signaled her that someone else was coming in her room.

She looked in its general direction and was surprised to find a stiff Max Evans staring back at her.


Now she got it.

He’s scared.

Nothing like this has ever happened to him before and he’s reaching out.

Maria had read all about this in her many horoscope related books.

He needs a friend and she already knows his secret.


“Hi,” he spoke quietly, still standing at the door uncomfortably.

“You can come in…I had my rabies shot while I was here…so it won’t matter if…I bite you or something…” she offered.

This is my olive branch. Take it or leave it.

He nodded slightly, still uncomfortable but coping.

“Yeah…sorry…I just…” he stammered.

“It’s ok Max…” she interrupted.

“What?” he asked curiously.

“I’ve known you were different for a while…” she answered.


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I never ever ever imagined that I would ever get this much feed back! Thank you guys so much!! Oh my god! I swear... I read all of your feedbacks and you all made me so hyper and spastic that I fell out of my chair and jumped up and was clapping and making a complete idiot out of myself! Plus it's like 12:12 am where I am so I was dead tired when I started reading and now I couldn't go to sleep if you paid me! Thank you thank you thank you so much!!! THANK YOU!!!

So here's the part where I answer some feedback without giving up too terribly much right? right...

LPorter: Thanks so much for reading! I'm so happy I got you hooked on just one chapter! I'll try my hardest to write more soon, I swear!

roswellluver: Thanks for the feedback! I was hoping that Maria knowing would be a surprise!

frenchkiss70: Maria already knew! I told you all in the beginning that she watched Max and them... hehe.. keep reading my fic and I'll tell all in the next chapter! If you think you were surprised, just think of Max! Glad that you like my writing. Thanks for the feedback!

cybrwench:*stares at monitor in awe* I made someone stare at their monitor in awe... holy begeezus! Thank yoy so much! You have no idea how much feedback means to me!

Dream Seeker: Thank you for calling me talented! ALL OF YOU!! It means a lot.. really it does. I always read stories like that..where you get sucked in and you're actually in the writers little world of what's going on. I really wished I could do that somehow and now that you've just said that.. I almost want to cry. Thank you so much. Really...I don't even have the words... I always wanted a better Michael/Liz friendship than was in the show. I think they would have been really good friends but..then again... a lot A LOT of things would have been different in the show if I had any say whatsoever! ;) Oh..and there was some definite oil sniffing on Maria's part.. we just came in after that... hehe...

cglenn: Thank you so much! I really will try to post more soon!!

Dream Seeker: Thanks for the bumpage! I still can't believe that I'm bump worthy! AHH!! *happy little dance*

frances: You are one of my favorite feedbackers! What you write hits me really hard because I honestly didn't expect anyone to like this fic at all..and then there was you and a few other people who liked it but you left me this really nice and really really 'make me feel wonderful' feedback and I'm left sitting there in awe that I could do that to someone. So thank you! I promise I won't ever think that what I write is bad ever again!! Thank you so much! *cyber hug cuz I can't reach from texas to canada*

Dream Seeker: You keep bumping me!! THANK YOU!!! I'll try to update more! I really will!

Dream Seeker: WOW! Having someone like my story so much that they're bumping just!! Thank you so much!

Ok..I think that's it and I'll try to update sometime on maybe Thursday or Friday!

Love you all for the feedback!!!! Thank


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ermm..hehe.. only one person will know what this is all about ... sorry...

HI PATTY-RISHA!! E-mail me what you think cuz I'm dying to know!!!

Love ya lots,
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Hey it's me again! We had a free day on the internet in one of my classes so I did a shameless bump for myself..hehe...

First off,

DreamSeeker: Thank you so much for all the bumps! It's totally fine that you didn't bump me because your sister came home from college and you had fun! I wish my sister would come back from college so we could goof off again but she's down there until (I think) she lets out for school :( so HAVE FUN WHEN YOU CAN!! Thanks again for the bump-age! what you've all been waiting for...

Somebody Help Me: Chapter Six

~*~Kyle in his car~*~

It’s damn good his dad is the sheriff of this small town or else Kyle Valenti would have been pulled over long ago for breaking nearly every single law when driving a vehicle.

Nothing was going to stop him from talking to Liz. Zilch. Nada.

Not even Buddha himself could prevent Kyle from getting to the Parker’s now.

He was a man on a mission.

A pretty important one.

“Finding out whether you’re crazy or not…that’s ranking about a 10.0 on my ‘Need-to-know-o-meter’,” Kyle mumbled to himself.

Finally, after what seemed like hours but was mere minutes to anyone not contemplating being institutionalized, Kyle arrived at the CrashDown.

“Ok…the door’s locked…” he explained to himself as he repeatedly tried to open the door with no success.

Knowing that it was still locked didn’t prevent him from trying one last time to see if it was opened.

“Now that we’ve established that the front door is locked,” he said loudly to no one, “WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO DO???”

A light bulb.


An idea.

Maybe he should use her balcony.

“Maybe I’ll use her balcony…”

Quickly, Kyle ran around the rather small café and down the ally where he knew Liz’s balcony was.

You don’t date Liz and not know all about her. It’s like she has no secrets…no reason to hide anything.

Well…she used to…maybe not so much anymore…

“Then again, I could just be a regular loon. After all, how many sane people are talking to themselves and climbing up their ex-girlfriend’s balcony to find out whether they were shot and miraculously healed?”

Slowly he climbed up the nearly rusted rungs to her bedroom.

“Yeah…I’m psycho…that’s great…”

~*~Back in room 831~*~


Maria watched in a mix of humor and horror as Max fell out of his seat and landed on the floor.

“Are you ok?”

Ignoring her question completely, Max started to slowly and uncoordinatedly get up from his new home on the cold hospital tile.

“You…you…what?” he stuttered uncontrollably. “I’m…not different…what? Why would you…what??”

“Yes you are,” Maria answered him in her ‘defiant-I-know-all-and-am-all’ voice. There’s really no matching that voice.

“No…what? How would you…why would you?” he continued to struggle with his new found speech impediment.

“For one…there was the whole…school…library thing…with my best friend…and you…I was there, remember?” she reminded him slowly.

This wasn’t turning out as expected.

Slowly Max was able to extract himself from the floor.

“Right…you were…and yeah…but how have you known for a while?” he asked still in a state of semi-shock.

He had been dreading this moment for all of his life; where he would be confronted about being different.

Where someone else would know about him being an alien…a freak.

This is the part where Maria gets embarrassed.

What was she supposed to say? ‘I’ve been watching you for years Max Evans, I’ve been watching you watch my best friend…dun-dun-dun.’

That’s a bit overdramatic don’t you think?

Where to begin, where to begin?

Obvious choice, the beginning of course; hence the term ‘begin’.

Obvious question now, where’s the beginning?

“Um…you see…Liz has…had this thing…this whole big thing where she would watch Tommy and Jarrod and Shawn…she watched them everyday and I could never figure out why. Why would she even care about what they were doing and thinking? How could any group of people be that interesting?

“Then one day, I noticed you…and your sister and that Michael guy. You were staring at Liz…you know…staring. Not in that whole ‘I’m staring because I’m spacing out and there’s nothing better to do’ kind of way but that…that whole ‘I’m staring at you because I think you’re the most beautiful thing in the whole world’ type of way…and then that Michael guy like snapped you out of it and all three of you were arguing. I could have sworn it was about Liz…so I watched.

“What could be so wrong about you liking my best friend? So I watched. We would have been in I think eighth grade when this whole ‘Liz is staring at the bad boys’ and ‘I’m staring at you staring at her’ fiasco started. I wouldn’t find out what was so wrong about you liking Liz until the very end of ninth grade.

“I was walking down the hall after school and I heard some people in the band room…I heard you and Isabel and Michael. They were telling you that you couldn’t tell her, that no one could know. That your lives depended on it. We were only in ninth grade. What could be that important? So I listened. You kept saying that you weren’t going to tell her, that no one would ever tell her…but…you trusted her. Out of everyone, you knew that she wouldn’t tell.

“And that’s when I found out. Michael started getting annoyed…you could just tell by the way his voice got kind of harsh yet quiet all at once. And he said, “Oh and how’re you going to break the news to her Maxwell? Just walk up to her and say, “Hi, Liz. I’m an alien from the ’47 crash but that’s ok because I’ve been staring at you since the third grade, would you be my girlfriend?”

Color Max surprised.

He remembered that day well.

That was the day that him and Michael had gotten into their biggest argument ever. Michael had been hurtful…but he had been honest too. That’s what hurt Max the most, he couldn’t deny it.

“So you…you…” he stuttered.

Apparently this impediment wasn’t going away any time soon.

“So I ran,” Maria answered slowly.

“I was scared. I was sure you were lying…but there was something…just something about the way he said it…and I got scared.”

Max gathered himself enough to sit back down on the uncomfortable hospital chair to listen to the rest of her story unfold.

“I ran home so fast…My mom thought I was having a breakdown…well…that and she thought I was getting addicted to Cedar Oil. I practically inhaled a bottle of it before I could even think straight,” she remembered, almost laughingly.

“I still didn’t believe you but…I watched anyway. Only now, I knew what I was looking for. Anything unusual…anything that you said or did or could have possibly said or done, I was watching. I could now understand why Liz always watched those guys. She just knew…something…something was different…something was going to go wrong. So I watched all of you…and saw some pretty alien stuff…” she ended, not really knowing what to do or say now that her secrets were spilled out on the table.

“Why…why didn’t you tell anybody?” Max asked suddenly after the room had fallen to contemplative silence.

“I almost did…but…I kept thinking about that day in the band room. How you all seemed to think that your lives depended on it. And the more I got to thinking about it, the more I realized that your lives do depend on it…and then they depended on me,” Maria thought out slowly.

This was a lot more complicated than she originally thought.

I mean, you find out this big secret and it’s a lot to take in but you do and you get over it. But, as long as that secret is a secret, it starts to grow. It gets bigger, more detailed. More complicated.

The more complicated it gets, the harder it is to tell and right now she had no idea how any of them were going to have a normal conversation ever again.

It all seemed so complicated now.

Max sat at the edge of his chair in a state of shock and relief.

‘She knows!’ his mind screamed at him. ‘Run!!’

But then there was another part of him, a quieter part.

‘She knows,’ it whispered in a shocking whisper, ‘she knows and she’s not running away.’

There were millions of other voices and millions of other thoughts but only one escaped Max’s lips as he looked up into the big eyes of his new-found savior.

“Thank you.”

~*~Hospital Lobby~*~

So there they all stood.

Alex, Liz, Michael, and Isabel in a small semi-circle in the waiting room of the Roswell Memorial Hospital.

Not exactly the setting you would expect to find these particular kids in…heck. You wouldn’t even expect these kids to be hanging out together, much less in a hospital.

“So…” Isabel sighed.

She had never been one for uncomfortable silences.

“Yeah…” Alex piped up. Although, now that he thought about it, he’s really not sure why he said anything at all.

Michael just wanted to get the hell out of there.

This was the last place he wanted to be.

Hospitals… He gave an involuntary shudder but managed to pass it off as a shiver.

Hospitals were always cold anyway.

Liz’s mind was just a whirlpool of thoughts.

What had happened at the school? What were Maria and Max talking about anyway? Was he telling her? Was he healing her too? Could he do that in a hospital? Oh my God, what happens if he gets caught?

Ok…one at a time.

“What happened?” Liz asked suddenly, breaking the silence barrier that had started to suffocate the group of teens around her.

“What?” Isabel asked in half shock, half confusion.

“The library…I mean…I know Michael said that Max should probably be the one to tell but…” she trailed off not knowing how to complete her thought anymore.

“I uhh…” Isabel thought in a panic. Her first instinct, of course, was to lie. She had been doing it her whole life. It was a built in instinct now.

But this was too big to lie about.

This was too much to cover up.

“Let’s just say…we’re…we’re not from around here…” Isabel said in a whispered hush.

“What do you mean? You’re not from Roswell?” Alex asked curiously. “Because…I think everyone pretty much remembers the day you moved here so…”

“No Whitman…not just Roswell…” Michael interrupted a bit agitatedly.

“Then where…” Liz asked quietly. Somehow, she just knew that this was one of those conversations that was meant to be quiet.

Isabel, not knowing what else to say or do, simply pointed a slow index finger in the air above their heads.

Liz stared between Michael and Isabel in a mixture of awe and shock.

Are they angels??

Alex looked at Isabel’s hand curiously and wondered why being from up north was such a big deal but if they didn’t want to talk about it, who was he to force them?

Once again the teens fell into a silence.

“So…” Isabel said as she retracted her finger and placed her hand back at its rightful position at her side.

“Yeah…” Alex added, once again wondering why he had even spoken at all.


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Hey ppls!! Sorry! I really really meant to update yesterday but I had a poetry project due today and half of it was deleted off my computer at like midnight so I had to stay up and I didnt get to post!! I'm really really sorry!! please don't leave my fic!?!?!
I'll try my hardest and hardest to post today or tomorrow!!!!!!!
I love all you guys,
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Sending {HUGS} back to frances...

sorry guys... I know I promised to update yesterday at the latest but... one of my friend's grandparents died and I didn't get a chance to do anything... I didn't know his grandparent but..he was really broken up about it... sorry to make ya'll wait...I'll try to update sometime soon but don't be too surprised if it's like on tuesday or something...

thanks for the luck on the poetry project..I think it helped...she wants to publish one of my poems called 'Heroes'... I didn't even think it was that good...

sorry again to make all of you wait..but ... he really needs me...

love ya'll lots,

posted on 19-Feb-2003 4:22:29 PM by guess831

Ok...I'm posting when I get home today, I promise!! Thank all of you so much for all of your support, you really have no idea what it means to me!
My friend is doing better thanks and I really do appreciate all of you being so nice about me being late about updating.

Just so I can be spastic and proud for once, I MADE A 98 ON MY POETRY PROJECT!!! The highest grade out of 254 students!!! AND she wants to publish FOUR of my poems! Not just one! She told me that I have a true talent for writing! Ha..go figure...the same thing all of you have been telling me! Thank you so much!!!!

frances, you are the best cyber friend a girl could have!! {HUGS} !!

yo, DreamSeeker!! Yeah I missed you! I was all "where's my daily bumper?" It was funny... I'm glad your back...and your mouse broke... the mouse? seriously? strange...

I'll write the rest of my feedbackers back when I get home... hehe.. right now I'm in shool and we're not supposed to be on the internet... haha... no one can keep me from my roswell board... *happy*

btw: I will ba having all of this fic of mine transferred over to the new board and I will also quote every feedback I've gotten because it just means so much to me!!!
Love all you guys,

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Ok ok ok! I'm updating! Go me!! But first...on with answering feedback!!

roswellluver: Hey thanks for reading!! And double thanks for the feedback!!

frances:'s official. You're my favorite Canadian! I love every single bit of feedback I get from you!!!! Thank you so much for reading my fic and for being a friend to really don't have to do either but you do so THANK YOU!!!! {hugs} yeah..that's right... a hug from texas to canada! It's a big hug!! *big*

frenchkiss70: don't worry about missing an update! Completely understandable!! I just wanna thank you for reading and then typing me back! Means a lot! ...and yeah..Alex isn't really getting it... hehe... *tongue*

Dream Seeker: Bah!! I can't believe you would let your mouse get broken like that! I'm just kidding! Thank you for bumping my fic the way you do and thank you for the kind words.*happy*

LIzZiEsTaR: Hey! Thanks for reading my fic and your nice words about my poetry! I love it when I get feedback! Thank you!!

One last big thanks to all of you for giving me feedback! You guys are a really really good confidence booster!

Now, on with the unusual...

Somebody Help Me: Chapter Seven

*~*Inside Liz’s bedroom*~*

“LIZ!!” Kyle yelled as he broke into/fell into Liz’s bedroom.

He heard his voice echoing through her home and not-so-graciously stumbled to his feet and made his way to her door and into the hall.

“LIZ! IT’S KYLE!!” he yelled once more.

After THREE walk-throughs of her small but humble apartment, Kyle used his sharp as a tack detective skills to figure out that she was indeed not at home.

Good thing his dad is the Sheriff. That could have been a real thinker.

“God…where is she?” Kyle whispered to himself in her living room.

His desperation was eating him alive and without the reasoning of Liz Parker’s mind anywhere in the near future, Kyle’s mind raced with a frenzy of confusion and thoughts even Liz Parker wouldn’t be able to decipher.

~*~Hospital Room 831*~*

“Thank you,” Max said again just to be sure Maria got the message.

“For what?” she asked a bit confusedly. “I didn’t do anything anyone else wouldn’t have done.”

“Yes you did…” Max whispered.

So this is what’s so great about Maria. He had watched Liz and in doing so, had seen Maria. What made Maria such a good friend? What was so special about her? And now he knows.

When you really need Maria, she’s there no matter what. When you have a secret, she’s the one who’ll never tell. When you’re in a pickle, she’s the one in your corner.

Maria is the epitome of a good friend…a good person.

As Max’s mind reached this conclusion, he mildly registered that Maria’s eyes were blinking slower and slower each time and each time seeming to struggle with the opening part of the process.

“Thank you Maria…but I think you should get your rest now so…” he said as he slowly rose to his feet, his coordination and calm returning along with a sense of comfort he never thought he’d find.

“You’re welcome……Max……” she responded after he was already at the door. Quickly, she drifted off into her medicated sleep.

Slowly, silently, Max crept out of Maria’s hospital room and started back to the lobby where another terrifying string of moments were waiting for him.

He was going to have to tell Liz.

A stab of fear shot through him as the realization of what he was going to have to do hit him for the first time.

He was going to have to tell Liz.

His heart stopped and, in a flurry of life, started again but was now going twice its normal speed.

He was going to have to tell Liz.

Oh God.

*~*Hospital Lobby*~*

Isabel was ready to sing a hymn book of praises when she saw Max coming down the hallway.

Her savior.

Not that Liz and Alex were bad company but…things were so…stressed… She wasn’t ready to take this yet.

Not yet.

“Max,” she breathed in relief.

Liz and Alex spun around to see him walking toward this little group of teens.

Slowly he reentered the group and took his place between Michael and Isabel…the same place he had always been.

Much to Isabel’s dismay, even with her brother here the silence ensued. The only difference was that now, there were five uncomfortable people instead of four.

“So…” Isabel repeated for the third time. She was really starting to wish she had a different conversation starter.

“What did you and Maria talk about?” Alex asked just to have something to say.

Ok, we all know Isabel wanted the silence to end but she would rather everyone stay quiet than have to hear her brother explain what they were in a crowded hospital…she hated hospitals…and crowds.

“I was just…asking her what she saw…and how she was and…if she was ok…” Max answered slowly.

Was he supposed to tell them the truth now? Was he supposed to let them in on everything from now on? What was he supposed to do?

“What did she say?” Michael asked before any of Max’s thoughts were answered.

“She said she’d be fine,” he answered automatically, hoping that was enough to satisfy Michael.

“No Maxwell…what did she say about what she saw?” Michael tried again.

No point in being secretive now. Everyone here knew anyway. Everyone here wanted to know too.

“She uhh…” Max slowly started to answer. “She uhh…she already knew…”

“WHAT?!” Michael, Isabel, and Liz asked in unison.

‘She knew?’ Michael thought. ‘How did she know? Was she spying on them? Were they really that bad at hiding it? She knew?’

Isabel thought she heard him wrong. Maria couldn’t have known. They were so careful. They were so secretive. There’s no way that Maria could have known…unless…she was watching them…oh God…she was watching them…

Liz just couldn’t believe it. Maria knew. Her best friend knew and didn’t tell her. Her best friend already knew and never once said anything about it. How could Maria keep such a secret?

Alex just stood and watched. Apparently none of their answers were going to be answered here, so why ask questions. They had a whole lifetime to figure out what was going on. Right now he just wanted it to be over with.

“She knew,” Max repeated.

“Let’s get out of here,” Alex said before anyone could respond. He only wanted to hear this once.

“What?” Isabel and Michael repeated for what seemed like the millionth time.

These people really need some new lines.

“It’s really obvious that whatever you’re going to tell us, you can’t say it here so let’s get out of here and get this over with. I’m tired, my best friend’s in the hospital, and my school was just shot up. I really want to get this over with,” Alex explained as he ran a weary hand over his eyes and tried to shake the tiredness off of himself.

Max exchanged a nervous glance with his two best friends, not that they knew what to do anyway.

As his eyes started their slow shift back to Alex’s they met a surprise…Liz was staring right at him. She was looking right into his eyes with…what was that…was that hope? Anxiousness? What was that?

“Sure…” Max sighed. “Let’s go somewhere.”

If it’s even possible, the group of teens relaxed and tensed up all at once.

Max could literally feel his heart beneath his chest; pounding, stopping, stuttering, pounding…

He was about to tell the love of his life that he was an alien.

Isabel couldn’t be more alert if she drank half a gallon of coffee.

She was about to admit that she was different when she tried her whole life to fit in.

Michael…was unbelievably passive. Unbelieving…uncomprehending of what was about to happen.

He was about to break every single rule he ever set for himself as the only means of existing.

Liz tried with all her might not to smile.

She was finally going to get some answers…maybe even some solid conclusions.

Alex simply resigned himself to maybe an hour of talking.

He was going to get to go home soon.

Or so he thought…little does he know, it takes a really long time to explain about being an alien.

Silly Alex, didn’t he know, government conspiracies and aliens with no clue would be taking up lots of his time from now until…well…forever.

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