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Title: Phone Fantasy - The Reunion
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Don't own nothin'.
Author's Note: I just wanted to state a couple of sources I used as inspiration: "A Coalminer's Daughter", "Captive Hearts" by Breathless, and all the other author's on this sight who write such beautiful stories. Thank you all.

Liz was antsy. She was wondering how long the stupid aircraft took to taxi to the jetway. Too damn long! She couldn't wait to see Max. It had been a very rough week without him.

The plane finally stopped, and all the passengers got up to gather their belongings to deplane. Liz had her carry-on in a flash and was waiting at the door as the flight
attendant opened it. She was dancing up and down on her toes with anticipation.

As soon as she walked up the jetway and out into the lounge area, she could see Max. His head was just that little bit taller than most, and she recognised him immediately. Liz sidled up to him, and asked in a husky voice, “Miss me?”

Max felt shivers expand down his spine at the timbre in her voice and couldn’t wait to get home. If he made it, he reminded himself. They walked plastered to each other as they made their way down to the baggage claim.

Max suddenly grabbed Liz by the arm and yanked her into a disabled restroom. He quickly latched the door and spun her around. Liz made a soft keening sound in her throat at his look.

She knew that look.

Liz sighed, relaxing with the sheer pleasure of his touch. Max reached out and cupped her face in his hands. He drew her towards him and his strong, sensual lips closed over hers in a kiss that was tender, yet clearly betrayed the depth of passion just simmering below the surface. Liz responded automatically, snaking the hot tip of her tongue between his lips.

Max groaned and wondered how they were gonna make it home before consuming each other. He finally pulled his mouth from hers and nuzzled into her neck, kissing and sucking each delectable inch, making her tingle with excitement. He then took one soft earlobe between his teeth, and nibbled it gently.

Liz cried out. He had not forgotten her erogenous zones, but how could he? Max was her soulmate, and her his. After years of marriage, they knew each other as intimately as they did themselves.

“Liz,” Max moaned, between nibbles. “I can’t.... I... ohh.”

“Max. We have to stop,” Liz breathed. “We have to get my bag.”

“Oh God,” he sighed. “Yeah, we don’t want it taken by Security.”

They pulled themselves apart with reluctance, restraightened their clothing and proceeded down to the baggage claim area. Max grabbed Liz’s bag, and they almost ran out to the car.

Liz jumped in the back, as they were in such a hurry to leave. It was pretty dark outside, and as Max drove out of the carpark and onto the freeway to take them home, Liz reached over the front seat and started to caress Max’s hair. She loved his hair. It was so thick, and silky, and soft... and... and.... she just couldn’t get
enough of it.

“Liz, what do you think you’re doing?” Max asked, in a strained voice.

“You know what I want, Max,” she purred back.

“What?” Max croaked, his voice cracking. The car veered off onto the verge.

When the car was at a stop, Liz ran her hands under Max’s arms and over his chest. All of a sudden, she gripped him tightly and pulled him back over the bench seat.

He laid sprawled in the back area, and then struggled to lie flat. On top of Liz. It was a bit cramped, but Max was too far gone to care. He was clawing at Liz’s top, ripping the buttons open, and she was doing the same.

Her fingernails raked across his chest and nipples, desperately trying to reach the waistband of his pants. She was finally able to wrench it free. She trailed her hand over the bulge in his shorts and Max raggedly sucked his breath in.

“God, Liz. I’m gonna lose it if you don’t stop doing that. But then again, I’m gonna lose it if you stop,” Max chuckled. He then trailed his hands across her shoulders, down her back and to the waist of her pants. He quickly opened them and ran his fingers across her
soaked nickers.

“Oh.... God.... ugh.... Max!”

He quickly moved their clothes out of the way and positioned himself at her entrance. Liz moaned in supplication, and opened herself to receive him.

Max was so close that it only took a couple of thrusts and he was just about over the edge. “Oh, Liz! Oh. My. God!” Each word coinciding with his thrusts into her
tightening passage.

Liz didn’t know how much more of this she could take. Max was doing things to her that she had gone without for what seemed forever, even though it was only a week.

Max pulled down one bra strap and exposed her delectable breast. The dark rose tip beckoned him to it, and he couldn’t resist. His lips slowly closed over he nipple, sucking and licking until it could harden no more. Liz was pushed over the edge, exploding in a mass of sensations.

Max felt her slick walls suddenly clamp around him, and he too, was catapulted to the stars, pumping his warm seed deep into her.

Reality slowly descended on the couple. Max first realised that the back door where his feet were rested, was open. Oh, how embarrassing! He then discovered that he hadn’t even undressed Liz. What was she gonna think?

“Max,” she said. “I wanted this as much as you did. Even with the door open,” she laughed.

“Yeah. I guess so,” he acknowledged bashfully.


Once they had gotten back into the front seat, and resumed their journey toward home, Max was wondering what would happen when they got in the door. He knew what he wanted to happen. But what did happen, was another thing entirely.


Max all but dragged Liz up the front porch to the door, all the while nipping and biting any skin that he could see. She was curvy and soft in all the right places, and he couldn’t get enough of her. Her hand suddenly brushed over the front of his pants, and he thought
he’d come there and then, but only the most supreme effort controlled his instinctive response. And they hadn’t even gotten in the door yet.

Liz fumbled for the keys in Max’s pocket, deliberately brushing against his swollen manhood. Max let out an audible groan, and attempted to put more of that control in place. This wasn’t working!

Liz finally had the door open, and Max pushed her backwards through the opening. He slammed the door closed and pressed Liz against it, hard. She did the most incredible things to him, and he just couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. Liz again brushed her
hand over the front of his pants, but this time also cupped his balls. Max could hear a roaring in his ears as he removed her already ripped shirt from her body. He loved the sight of Liz, her long, elegant neck, her perfectly rounded breasts with those dark rose nipples just begging for attention. Her tiny waist, flaring out to her hips, and down her sensual legs. What she did to him. Needing her in the most basic way, Max removed her hand from his body and picked her up, crushing her to him.

Their eyes met, and both of them were starkly aware of where they were. Liz laughed, “We can’t even get to the bedroom.”

“Yeah,” Max breathed. “But, I can’t stop,” he said, as he rocked against her.

“No, don’t stop. Not ever.”

Max slid one had between them, stroking Liz’s midriff and then slowly, oh so slowly, inching his way up to her lace covered breast. Her nipple was hard, and begging for his
attention. She hissed a sharp intake of breath when he rolled it between his finger and thumb, the lace of her bra adding pleasurable friction.

He lowered his head and touched his lips very lightly to hers. Liz couldn’t help sliding her hands around his neck and responding, opening her mouth beneath his and letting him explore her with his tongue.

Max broke the kiss, but only to take one of her hands in his and sucking each finger in turn. Liz gasped, imagining his mouth working on more intimate parts of her body. Her body felt weak and her sex was dripping, and she was shaking with desire.

“God, Liz. I’ve missed you,” Max breathed. “I’ve missed the way you feel in my arms. I’ve missed your voice, your scent - everything. I haven’t been able to concentrate, and I’ve worked until my eyes couldn’t focus anymore. But the minute I closed them, all I
could see was you.”

“Oh, Max,” Liz moaned. It always turned her on when Max told her how much he missed her. “But, enough talk. I want you. Now!”

Max hardened even more at her words, and this galvanised him into motion. He tore at his clothes, ripping his pants open and letting them fall to the floor around his ankles. Max was panting heavily, and Liz couldn’t seem to draw breath either. He ground his
body into hers, using the door as leverage, and rubbed his now throbbing member against her. He licked and nipped along her exposed throat, and deftly removed her bra. Her nipples were like points of fire digging into his chest, and he just had to have a taste. He took one engorged bud into his mouth, and swirled his tongue around the tip. Liz groaned her approval and moved her hands down his abdomen.

Max sucked in his breath. He couldn’t take it any more. He pulled her pants and knickers down her legs, slipping between her wet lips, and rubbing along her folds to
coat himself in her juices. Grabbing her around her hips, he lifted Liz up and onto him, slipping into her in one long thrust.

“Oh, God,” Liz mumbled against his lips. The hot tip of her tongue slipped into his mouth, mimicking the more intimate coupling below. Max pulled back and plunged into her again, and again.

The door pounded behind Liz’s back as Max thrust into her. He could feel his balls tightening already, and he tried to think of something else. Ice-cream. Cold, cold
ice-cream. But ice-cream was slippery, and didn’t stay cold all that long, and the last time they’d had ice-cream, they’d.... oh, no, that wasn’t a very good idea.

Liz groaned against his lips, and Max was lost. He thrust harder and faster into her. Her head fell back against the door, and he kissed fire down her exposed throat. She quivered around him, and he tried to hold on a little longer, but with her inner walls constricting around his sex, the breath was rushing from his lungs with each thrust.

A cry suddenly burst from Liz, taking her over the edge. She clenched his butt and Max exploded into her, riding out his own orgasm.

Suddenly his legs wouldn’t hold him anymore, and he collapsed onto the floor. Liz fell on top of him and she started giggling. “I can’t believe we couldn’t even get to the bedroom,” she laughed.

“Yeah. You take my breath away,” Max responded. He slowly kissed his way down her chest to a puckered nipple, licking the sweat away.

“Take me to bed, Max.” It was more of a plea than a command. He nodded and slowly disengaged himself and pulling his pants up in the process. He hauled her up off the floor, and taking her hand, and lead her to their bedroom.

As they walked through the door, Max spun her around and pulled her back into his arms. He let his hands drift down over her chin, surrounding her throat for a second, then he cupped her breasts, pushing them up and together to deepen her cleavage.

“God, I love you so much,” he told her, his voice husky. He bent his head to nuzzle her breasts, and she couldn’t help lifting her ribcage, inviting him to taste her. She felt him smile against her skin, and then trace the curve of her breasts with his lips, exploring her.

She shivered as he ignored her hardening nipples, and as if he could read her mind, he took one hard rosy tip into his mouth, sucking gently.

“Just like the first time,” he murmured against her skin. “I could hardly wait to touch you, and now that I know what it’s like, it’s even harder to stop.”

“Then don’t,” Liz whispered again.

He shook his head. “I’m not going to rush this again. I want to enjoy every second, and make it last.” He dropped to his knees, and slowly slid her pants and knickers all the way off. Liz closed her eyes, remembering how he’d done that many times before. Her body remembered this all too well. How it felt when he pushed her pants down, breathing on her, how good it was when he parted her folds, teasing her, then bent his head and drew his tongue along the full length of her lower lips. She could almost feel him tonguing her
clitoris, nipping and licking and sucking.

When he did nothing of the sort, she realised he wasn’t even touching her. She opened her eyes. “Max?”

He smiled, tracing her lower lips with the tip of his finger. “I was just watching you. The expression on your face, just then - you looked like an angel. A fallen angel.”

She flushed deeply. “I -”

He stood up and pulled her into his arms, holding her close. “I know. It’s like that for me too.” He kissed her lightly on the mouth. “I think it’s your turn,” he murmured huskily.

“My turn?” she asked, her mind too befuddled and her body too aroused to think straight.

“To undress me,” he said softly, taking her hands and drawing them to the open flaps of his shirt.

A smile curved her lips. Slowly, she removed his shirt, then equally slowly, she pushed his pants down, revealing his underwear, then curled her fingers round his manhood through the soft cotton. He took a sharp intake of breath as she began to very gently rub him. He dipped his head to kiss her, his tongue pushing into her mouth and his hands coming up to fondle her breast, echoing the movements of her fingers on him.

She pulled back, giving him a mischievous look, then dropped to her knees. She nuzzled his groin, tracing the outline of his member with the tip of her nose, and he groaned, “Liz. Please, don’t tease me.”

“And who was it that got me all hot and bothered, then sat back to watch?” she reminded him.

“All right, we’re even, but if you don’t do something soon, I’m going to have to help you. I can’t wait much longer -” His sentence was cut short with a gasp as she pulled his underwear down and took the tip of him in her mouth. She curled her fingers around his shaft, lapping at him gently. His fingers tangled in her hair, urging her on.

She stopped and gave him a lazy grin, and finished undressing him. When her task was complete, she rocked back on her haunches, looking up at him. His body really was beautiful. The muscles were all toned and sculpted through sheer hard work, rather than
from at the gym. His cock rose from the cloud of hair at his groin, the tip swollen and glistening with a mixture of his arousal and her saliva.

“Liz. I can’t wait any more. I need you. Now,” echoing her earlier statement.


“Sh.” He pulled her up against him and dipped his head to kiss her. “Don’t think, just feel.” He stroked her breasts, teasing the hard rosy tips as he walked them back toward their bed. As they tumbled onto the matress, his hand drifted down over her abdomen.
Automatically, her legs parted and he cupped her delta, letting his fingers spread along her hot moist fissure. He pressed down, and she shivered, parting her legs still wider. He used his fingers to part her labia, then stroked her with another. He repeated the action
again and again, lightly brushing her clitoris each time, until she was quivering. He pushed his middle finger into her and using the ball of his thumb, he continued to
stimulate her clitoris. He added a second finger, and a third, moving them rhythmically in and out. Liz pushed her head back against the pillows, whimpering, as her climax splintered through her making her whole body shudder.

He smiled, and bent to his head to her lower lips, exploring her thoroughly with his tongue. Then he raised his head again and knelt between her thighs, fitting the tip of himself against her sex. Very, very slowly, he eased himself into her. Liz moaned and wrapped her legs around his waist pushing up to meet him.

“You feel so good,” he murmured. “So fucking good.”

Max hardly ever used that sort of language, so Liz knew that he was so very close to losing it.

“So do you,” she admitted huskily, tightening her internal muscles around him.

He rubbed his nose affectionately against hers, then began to thrust. He moved his lower body in circles at the same time, constantly changing the angle of his penetration to give her more pleasure. Liz found herself growing more and more aroused. Just when she thought that she was on the brink of climax, he changed his rhythm or his pace, bringing her back from the edge and yet keeping her at a high pitch of pleasure.

Just when she thought she couldn’t take any more, she felt him throbbing deep inside her, pushing her to her own release. When she came, she virtually saw stars and the aftershocks seemed to last forever, little ripples of pleasure that ran the full length of her sex and tightened around his softening member.

Finally, he slipped from her, and rolled onto his back, pulling her into the circle of his arms so that her head rested on his shoulder. He lightly pecked the top of her head, and they drifted off into sated oblivion.


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Thanx for all the wonderful feedback! In answer to a couple of people, here is the link to the first two bits.


Hope this works!!!

This IS to be continued..... hopefully by the end of the week.

Thanx again!*bounce*
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Okay, here's the final bit! You guys have been great, hope you enjoy!

Dedicated to J. Oh the inspiration, girl!

Liz awoke slowly and moved her arm over to touch Max. She reached out and touched bare sheets. Max wasn’t in bed. Now where could he be?

“Max, where are you?” called Liz, in a sleep husky voice.

“Stay right there sweetheart. Don’t move, I’ll be right back,” he called out.

It sounded like he was in the kitchen. She could hear glasses tinkling, and the fridge opening and closing. Now, what the hell was he doing?

Liz could hear Max shuffling along the hallway outside their bedroom. “I thought you might like to enjoy yourself, as well as have some nourishment,” he said, as he walked through the door. “After all, we have been doing alot of exercise.”

Liz laughed. “And what exactly did you have in mind?” she asked.

He grinned in a self depreciating way. “I thought you’d never ask.” He placed the platter on the bedside table. Liz could see that it had champagne and strawberries on it. Her favourite. Now, this could be interesting.

Max sat down on the bed, reached over to the bottle and poured two glasses. Next, he selected one of the strawberries, dipped it in the champagne and slipped it into her mouth. “You are talking way too much, Liz.”

She ate the fruit and Max took her silence as permission to proceed. He slowly pushed her back onto the bed and took two more of the berries. Now what was he thinking of doing with those, Liz thought.

She soon found out as he squished one on each nipple, and then ate them off, licking and sucking them and the juice off her skin.

“Perfect. The only thing missing is the cream,’ he murmured against her ear. The way his breath fanned against her skin made her close her eyes with pleasure.

“Really?” she teased.

“Really. And I have just the thing in mind.” He pulled the sheet the rest of the way off her. “That’s better,” he said, stroking her inner thighs.

“Your hair. Your beautiful long, hair,” he murmured. Hair which she had wrapped around his cock on more than one occasion, and by the tremor in his body, Liz knew thathe remembered it too. He then squashed another strawberry over her breasts, licking off the juice.

“You’re gonna get the sheets all sticky, if you keep doing that,” she pointed out.

“What are washing machines for?” he parried, repeating the action and deliberately spilling drops of red juice on the white satin.

“Don’t I get to eat any?”

He smiled, popping a fruit into her mouth, then shifted so that he was kneeling between her thighs. “What we need is some cream,” he repeated.

“What are fridges for?” she teased, twisting his words from earlier.

“Chilling beer and wine, oh, and champagne,” he added, giving her a mischievous look. “I already told you I have something in mind.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yeah,” he said, his voice soft and velvety. He lifted her left leg, drawing her foot up to his mouth. Liz closed her eyes, relaxing against the satin sheets. She loved these sheets, and Max had gone all out to make sure she remembered too. She loved it when Max did this. When he paid attention to every bare inch of skin, arousing her thoroughly with his mouth. She shivered when he sucked in each of her toes and moved up to caress the arch of her foot, then her ankles.

His mouth moved slowly up her leg, lingering at the sensitive crease behind her knee. As he reached her inner thigh, Liz had to force herself not to give him a helping hand and start rubbing herself. She moaned slightly as he bypassed her most sensitive area and
started down her other leg, moving slowly.

By the time he’d reached her toes, Liz felt like jelly. She made no protest as Max gently bent her knees and set her feet flat on the mattress, widening her thighs to give him a better view of her.

“Do you know good you look like that?” he asked huskily. “Nothing to distract me from the beauty of your body. The way you curve, and your warm, soft sex. I just know what it’s going to feel like against my fingers, against my mouth, and against me!”

“Promises, promises,” she said lazily.

“You better believe it.” Just to prove it, he eased his hand between her thighs to cup her intimately. Liz gave a sigh of pleasure as he parted her folds with his middle finger, curling and straightening it to rub against her clitoris. He repeated the action again and again, until Liz pushed against him. He then inserted the tip of his finger into her.

“Don’t tease,” she warned huskily.

“Would I? Remember I told you that I was going to make you tell me that you were turned on by my fantasy?”

“I remember.”

“So, were you?” He pushed his finger so slowly into her that Liz thought she would die with pleasure. He withdrew almost completely, then sank in again. As Liz started to buck against him, he added a second finger, and a third. “Liz?” he asked, so quietly she could barely hear him.

“Max! Please don’t stop, God I need... I need...”

“Tell me, Liz,” Max crooned.

“Okay. It turned me on. Now, please don’t stop!” Liz screamed.

He quickened his pace, and she moaned aloud with pleasure. He rotated the pad of his thumb on her clitoris, and suddenly her muscles contracted, her breasts swelling and a familiar rosy hue covered her face and neck.

He smiled tenderly at her as her internal muscles spasmed hard around his fingers. “Better?”

“Better,” she agreed, her voice tones lower than usual. “But that was dirty pool, sweetheart.”

“Yes, it was,” he agreed. He removed his fingers and picked up another strawberry, rubbing it across her sex before eating it. Then he pushed another fruit completely inside her, sucking it out. Liz quivered as she felt the bulbous fruit stretching the narrowest part
of her. What Max was doing felt divine.

He ate a second fruit the same way, pushing it inside her and sucking it out, then squashed the third over her clitoris, sucking it from the hard nub of flesh. “Strawberries and cream. Just how I like it,” he murmured.

“Oh, Max,” Liz was torn between laughing and moaning with delight and he pushed another fruit into her. “I read about someone doing that with asparagus, once. I thought it sounded rather gross. Too hot, not to mention green and thin.”

Max laughed. “Whereas strawberries... they’re the right colour and almost the right shape.”

“Yeah,” she agreed.

“Come a bit closer,” he invited. “See for yourself.” He knelt down between her thighs and flattened the fruit on the tip of his cock, then tilted his head to one side, looking hopeful.

She smiled. “If you want me to suck your cock, Max, all you have to do is ask.”

He fluttered his ridiculously long eyelashes. “Pretty please with sugar on top?”

“Pretty cock with strawberries on in,” she quipped. In one lithe movement, she had pushed him onto his side, over on his back, and was kneeling at the side of his body. She pushed her hair back, bent down and licked the fruit from him.

“Oh, God,” he groaned as she sucked him, taking just the tip of his cock into her mouth and licking the sensitive underside. When she curled her fingers round his shaft and began to rub him, in direct counterpoint to her mouth, Max squeezed his eyes shut and hoped that he could last a little longer.

She continued to suck until he was nearly at the point of no return, then sat back and squeezed just below the tip of his cock, delaying his climax. “Now, now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves,” she murmured.

“Witch,” he growled, pushing her back onto the mattress with mock fierceness. She laughed as he parted her thighs, then wrapped her legs around his waist, tipping her body towards him. Max fitted the tip of his manhood against her opening and eased in.

Liz arched up towards him as he began to thrust. She shivered as his tongue slid into her mouth, echoing the way his cock pushed into her. She closed her eyes, moaning into his mouth and tangled her fingers in his hair, massaging his scalp to urge him on.

They moved in perfect harmony together, she pushing up as he thrust down, and moving away from him as he withdrew. Their movements increased the friction to give them greater pleasure. She bucked and writhed beneath him. He slid one hand between their bodies so that he could rub the pad of his thumb over her clitoris.

Pleasure exploded through her as he played with the little nub of flesh, alternately circling it and rubbing it back and forth, varying the pace and pressure until she was driven crazy with desire. All the time they kissed. Her mouth, with his tongue probing deeply, or his throat, taking tiny nips at his skin to arouse him still further.

She’d almost forgotten how skilled he was, how well he knew her body. Everything he did drove her to fever pitch.

In one fluid movement, Max withdrew, flipped her over onto her stomach, guided her to her hands and knees and pushed his cock back into her sex, filling her to the hilt. He pressed down gently on her shoulders, so that she dipped her face to the satin covered mattress. The angle allowed him deeper penetration, setting up a rapid pace that had her at the brink of climax within seconds. Just as she thought she could take no more, he moved his thumb against her clitoris again.

“Oh, God,” she moaned, her voice muffled by the sheets, as her flesh throbbed beneath him. Max paced his thrusts with the way his thumb moved against her. Liz almost howled in pleasure as she felt his balls slapping against her, sensitising her sex even further.

He didn’t let up the pace, but added more to their pleasure by snaking his other hand around her waist and sliding it up her midriff to caress her breasts, pulling gently at the rosy peaks of her nipples.

Liz exploded, and only when her whole body was shaking did Max release his own control, pumping into her and pressing his cheek to her back. They remained locked
together until their heartbeats had slowed to normal. Then, Max slowly withdrew and flopped on his back beside her, pulling her into the curve of his body and curling his arm around her.

“I love you, Mrs Evans,” Max whispered.

“And I love you. So much, Mr Evans,” Liz whispered back.

Her mind filled with the sound of his breathing as they drifted back to sleep. After all, tomorrow was another day.

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