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Author: Christmas nazi
Catagory: Max & Liz (AU)
Rating: NC-17
Sypnosis: Liz goes on vacation to take a break from her troubled personal life, but ends up falling in love with a mysterious stranger she met in a club. Who knew that fate would bring them together again years later. Life seemed to be perfect, but all perfect things come to an end one way or another.
Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell, or any of the characters, those belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, UPN etc.
Authors note: I thought It'd be fun to write a story incorporating in the pov of Liz, and occasionally Max. I've never done this before, so hopefully it'll make some sense. Oh, and in this story, everyone is human. This is my 2nd fanfic, I had writers block for the 1st one - a roswell fic. So hopefully this will be better - since am writing a dreamer fic.
Please give me some feedback on my progress! I need to know whether its worth continuing.

Part 1

He watched her sway and move as she danced along to the beat of the music, hypnotised by her beauty and elegance. Totally captivated. The strobing multi-coloured lights flashed around the darkened dance floor, but it was hard to miss her.

She spun around and gave him a girly smile, which drove him even more crazy. How can one girl make him feel this way, the way that no other girls can. It was a total mystery, it was like there was a invisible but powerful force in the air, always surrounding them., always pushing and pulling them. And it had begun to happen when he first laid eyes on her earlier that night.

She signalled him over with her right index finger. He obeyed. Transfixed.

Still swaying, she wrapped her arms around his neck, and moved her body close to his, making him sway with her. His hands slid to her waist, where he held her gently in his arms.

He looks deep into her deep brown sparkling eyes, the gateway to her very soul - so full of innocence; so pure and true.

Both swayed to the gentle romantic song that had begun to play. Her head now resting on his shoulder. Both held on to each other in a loving embrace.

'Is it just a dream?' he thought, 'it seems so real...'

He gently moved his hand and ran it through her medium length wavy dark hair - so soft and silky, he could never get tired of touching it.

As if sensing his doubts, she looks up at him, smiles and plants a gentle tingling kiss on his lips. It had been a simple kiss, but to them, it felt like electricity coarsing through their bodies, shivers ran up and down their spines.

And just as soon as it had begun, it ended. She pulls away from him, and rejoins her friends who were now leaving. Stunned, and semi-paralyzed where he was standing, he watched her walk away from him.

'No, I can't just let her get away just like that, I have to see her again' the thought slammed into his head.

He races after her, and grabs her arm before she got to the exit. She spins around to see him staring at her with those deep mysterious eyes of his. When he didn't say anything, she looks at him expectantly.

"Um....." he began to say, trying to find the right words, so he wouldn't make a fool of himself, but he felt like he was going to anyway. "I didn't quite catch your name...." "uh...I was wondering if I could see you again....." he waited for the rejection answer to come, who did he think he was anyway?

Still staring at him, she gave him his answer.

"My name's Liz. Liz Parker. Am here on vacation" I dig around in my purse for pen and paper, and wrote down my number.

"Vacation huh? me too."

I look up at him mid-scribble "yeah? where're you staying?"

"My friends are finding me a place, am staying with them at the moment. I'll know soon."

"Here, feel free to call me, though am not staying very long." I hand him the piece of folded paper.

"Thanks" he says grinning.

I turns to leave, but then faced him again.

"I don't think I caught your name....."

"Its Max, Max Evans"

I nod. "Well, hope to see you again...Max."

I turn, and leave to rejoin my friends waiting for me outside.

Max lets out a deep breath, 'this has to be a dream....' he unfolds the paper, and looks at the phone number she scribbled for him. 'Nope, dosen't seem to be a dream.'

Part 2

"Bye! I had a great time tonight, thanks for inviting me out" I wave to my friends, Maria and Alex and Michael.

"Yeah, bet you had a great time, with that guy you were smooching" said Maria leaning out the window of her Jetta, and making teasing kissy noises. Although I couldn't see it, I was sure my face was growing as red as a tomoto. " saw that huh?" I said getting more embarrassed by the second. "Saw it? Liz, a bomb could've gone off, and you guys would still have been oblivious to it." I saw Alex give me a concerned look, "Its not like you to go kissing a complete stranger Liz, what's gotten into you? and so soon after you for another girl." Great, how was I suppose to explain this to them? "I dunno Alex, its was weird, it was like when I first laid eyes on him, we had this connection...its hard to explain." "Well, just be careful ok sweetie, there's a lot of weirdos out there...axe murderers, serial killers, thieves, rapists, pycho stalkers...." I grab Maria hand to stop her from her listings. "Maria stop. Am sure he's a normal regular person, 'kay? now stop freaking me out." Michael suddenly leaned forward "Oh! before I forget, a friend of mine is in the city for a few weeks, and needs a place to stay. We thought he could bunk with you while he's here. And besides, we don't have any place else, and you're living in the only place we have available. I know we should've asked you first, but would you mind? he's a really nice guy, so you won't have to worry about him doing all the stuff Maria said in her list." I saw Michael give Maria a mischievious grin. "Hahaha, very funny Michael" I gave him a annoyed look. "Its fine...I guess.....he can be my housemate." "Great! I'll let him know he can move in soon." I hug Maria goodnight before they drove off into the night. I slowly started to walk back to the apartment which was near the beach, a chilly sea breeze blew at me, which made me pull my cardy together to keep warm.

I enter the darkened apartment and switched on the light, the light dazzled my eyes, so I switched off the main lights, and turned on the table lamps instead. Much better. The apartment was a cozy place to live in, (ok, it was only one floor, but still nice to live in) a fireplace which was probably ornamental, beige coloured wallpaper with subtle light coloured flower designs lined the walls, confortable sofa - 1 three seater and 2 single ones, tables, chairs, TV along with a DVD, and VCR player, stereo, a small kitchen area, 3 bedrooms - of which 2 were medium, and 1 was large. I took the large one. A medium sized bathroom, everything you would expect in an apartment really. It was nice of Michael and Maria to let me stay here while I was on vacation, they're really great friends. If Maria hadn't landed that gig with music company, well, I guess I'd be living in an expensive hotel right now. Too bad it didn't work out for Maria, that girl deserved to become rich and famous, but at least she bought this house as a reminder of what she had come so near to.

I quickly shower, got changed into my bed clothes - a midriff strappy vest top, and a pair of sweat pants - and went straight to bed. The rest of the unpacking will have to wait till morning, I was too wiped out to do any more work. I got into bed, and felt the nights tension in my body, I was aching, but at least I got to meet that guy.....although I was still crushed about the Kyle situation, my thoughts kept drifting back to that Max guy, there was just something about him..... that was my last thought before I drifted off to dreamland.

Part 3

The next morning I woke up to the sound of someone trying to open the front door, filled with panic I quickly got out of bed, walked over to the fireplace and picked up a poker stick, and walked behind the door making sure I was hidden, and waited for it to open.

The door opened and someone tall, with short dark hair entered. His back turned to me, I seized my chance and wacked him over the head with the poker. He grunted and stumbled forward onto the floor. I held my ground, and gripped the poker in front of me, and pointed the poker towards his still turned back lying on the floor.
"Who are you? what are you doing in my house?!" I demanded. 'Ok, so it wasn't necessarily my house, but I had to say something' I took a step back as he slowly got up to face me. Rubbing the back of his head, he glared at me, then the glare faded to surprise when he saw me. I was equally shocked. "Oh my god! It's you. Er...Max..right? What are you doing here?" He tried to smile, but grimaced in pain instead, 'I guess I did hit him kinda hard.' "Glad you remember me. Now, you wanna put down that weapon so I can explain?" I began lowering the poker, but then the stuff maria said about stalkers, rapists and serial killers came flooding back into my head. I instinctively raised my weapon again. 'I really didn't know who this guy was, and I wasn't about to take any chances' "No offence, but I really don't know anything about you, for all I know, you could be some axe murderer, a thief, or a serial killer....and you could be here breaking and entering for a place to hide out..." He looked at me like I was totally insane, but knew what I meant. (hey a girl alone by herself has to know how to protect herself if needs be.)

He starts to explain. "Ok, first of all, am not breaking and entering, I have a key" he looks around on the floor and finds the key he dropped when I tried to knock him out. "See?"
" did you get the key from?" I was still unsure about him. "Like I said last night when I met you, am here on vacation, and a friend of mine said this was the only place he had available." he grinned at me "Though he never mentioned anything about a roommate" I lowered the poker stick. "This friend of yours, wouldn't happen to go by the name of Michael Guerin would he?" "Yeah, that's the guy. You know him?" I sighed. This was just great. You'd think that Michael would've at least let me know he'd be giving him a key, or that he'd be moving in so early today, and so early in the morning. It was just sooo Michael. Bet he thought it'd be funny to scare the crap outta me. "Uh, yeah, I know him, he's my friend's boyfriend, so I guess that would make him my friend too. Although probably not for long when I get my hands on him for not clearing this up." I put the poker stick back by the fireplace, and Max began carrying his luggages into the house. Could this get any more awkward? I wondered. First I kiss him in a club thinking I'd never see him again, then he turns up on my doorstep, and I tried to kill him since I thought he was some weirdo breaking and entering. The guilt hit me. " sorry I wacked you over the head, then accused you of being some weirdo." He dropped the last bag on the floor. "Hey, its no problem, I can understand why you did it." I walked towards him. "How's your head? maybe I should check that its not bleeding." I walked into the bathroom to get the first aid kit. When I came out again, he was sitting on the stool by the kitchen counter so I could reach. Standing up next to him, my head just about reached his shoulders. I gently ran my fingers through his hair checking for any cuts. I was acutely aware of the same thing he did last night, though not for checking for abrasions.

Part 4

Max sat there, feeling the sensations Liz's gentle hands created as she looked for any cuts, and the way her body shifted about gently as she moved; he longed to hold onto her again, to touch her exposed stomach; his mind was reeling. 'What were the chances of that? that he'd meet the girl that had made such an impact on him last night. Thank you Michael for loaning me this place. This had to be fate. What were the chances that they knew the same person, and was now living together for the next few weeks.'

A sharp cold sensation broke him out of his thoughts. And he gave a little jolt of surprise.

"Sorry. You have some minor swelling, and I just wanted to clean it up." Even her voice was soft and gentle, just like her movements. He settled back down.

"There, all done." She began clearing away. 'So soon?' came his thought in response, good thing he didn't say it out loud.

Liz left the room to put the first aid box back in the bathroom. Max watched her leave, his eyes never leaving her until she turned the corner. "This is going to be some vacation" he said quietly to himself.

Part 5

When I came back out, I found him still sitting where he'd been a minute ago. "Er...since you're staying here, I might as well give you a tour of the place." I showed him around, indicating where everything was. "Here's the bathroom.......bedroom, that large one is where am staying, and you can take your pick between these two" I indicated the medium sized rooms. "Out back here, leads down towards the beach" I slid the glass doors open and stepped out. The cool morning sea breeze brushing against my skin. I felt all tingly. I looked down at myself, 'Oops! I didn't realize I was still in my bed clothes' I looked at Max who was standing next to me "Um, I'd better go get changed into something a little more presentable. Er...why don't you go unpack?" We walked back inside. I quickly got washed, brushed my hair and I went to get changed. I chose a comfortable pair of dark blue jeans, and a white coloured twin set top with small blue and pink flowers embrioded down the front of the hem. Casual, yet nice.

When I came out again, Max was unpacking in the room closet to my room. I stood there by the doorway....admiring him you could say. I couldn't help it. I watched the way his strong muscles in his arms moved as he unloaded his bags, he seemed so perfect, the neatly trimmed dark brown hair, his mysterious brown eyes, and those oh so kiss able memory drifted back to last night......there was definitely a connection between us, but it was kinda out of character of me to go and kiss a total stranger....

As if sensing I was standing there, he turned to face me staring at him. 'Uh oh, busted! Quick Liz think of something fast!'
"You, er...need some help unpacking?" I stammered trying to sound casual, like I'd just been passing and briefly looked in, rather than passed looked in and stared for about 5 minutes. He gave me one of his smiles that could've melted the polar ice caps. "No, am ok, thanks." "Ok then. Would you like some breakfast? or maybe you've already eaten...." I asked. "Breakfast would be great! Thanks! I'll be out soon." He paused for a moment "By the way, you look really nice" I blushed feeling my cheeks grow warm, and looked down at the floor "uh, thanks" I smiled at him then left.

Max came out as I was putting the plates of food on the table.
"Mmmm, smells good" he said as he sat down. "Hope it won't taste too bad" I said joining him at the table, and putting 2 glasses of juice down. I watched him a take a mouthful of pancake. "'s as good as it smells! These are the best pancakes I've ever tasted. Where'd you learn to cook like that?" "My grandma taught me...before she passed away last year." He stops eating and stares at me with those mysterious eyes of his. "Am sorry." "Its ok, I'd like to think that everytime I make pankcakes, she's here with me." (we eat in silence) "Um, about last night..." I began. "I don't usually go around kissing guys I don't know, it was out of character of me to do so....and I thought I'd never see you, am having some issues to deal with, and I guess I wasn't thinking clearly. Am sorry." "Liz, you don't have to explain or apologize " he said putting his hand over my mine. I felt a tingle shoot around my body from his simple touch. "Truth is, when I first saw you, I couldn't take my eyes of you, the way I felt about you, I could never feel the same with another girl in this world, and when you signalled me over to dance....I even thought I was dreaming." he chuckled and shook his head as I started clearing away the dishes and walked over to the sink. "But you don't even know me Max, how can you be sure of what you feel?" He set the empty glasses in the sink and looked at me tenderly. "Because I felt as though I already knew you from a long time ago. Like we had this invisible connection or something" I turned off the taps and froze. 'Uh, what did he just say? connection? what, is he reading my thoughts now?' "Look, Max, um...since we're both here for a vacation and staying as roommates, can we just forget about what happened last night and start fresh? I really don't wanna complicate things between us since we're probably gonna become friends. It wouldn't be wise." I saw the disappointment in his features "Ok, if that's what you want." Uh oh, what have I done?! Ok, damage control time. "Please don't be upset" I gently touched his arm. I saw him force a smile "Its ok, really. We can just be friends. Why don't you go and relax? I'll take care of the dishes." I slowly walked away from him, and back to my room to finish the unpacking. I felt like the most horrible person in the world. Here he was the most wonderful person in the world, and all I did was blow him off. What was I thinking?! what am I doing?! Clearly I wasn't thinking straight. Damn you Kyle for what you did. If we'd still been together, I wouldn't be taken this stupid vacation and feeling the way I am. As I started to unpack, tears started to roll down my cheek; I started to cry uncontrollably.

Part 6

A while later I heard a knock on my door."Yeah?" I replied. "Liz am gonna go out for a while, explore the shops and see whats in this small town, you wanna come?" "No, I er...still have some unpacking to do" In truth I'd finished unpacking about 20 minutes ago. "Well, can I get you anything while am out?" "No." My voice cracked on the last word. "Liz are you ok?" Max asked concerned. "Yeah, am fine. Just go, ok?" "Ok, I'll see you later then." I heard him walk down the hall away from my room. I just couldn't face him right now. Not in the state I was in.


Max stood outside Liz's door, and listened to her answer, it was clear she'd been crying; and it was obvious she didn't wanna see him right now. 'Way to go Max. What a way to go and put her in a position like that. Why the hell you go and say those things? you only added to the problems she was clearly having.' Max walked down the hall, across the house, and out the front door. 'Well, I'll just have to keep out of Liz's way until she's sorted her feelings out. I don't want to give her any more pain than she's already in.'

Max get's into his black coloured jeep, and drives off heading for town.

After driving for about 15 minutes, Max parks his car, and gets out to explore the town.
As he walked, he passes a gift shop with the cutest teddy bears and other ornaments on display near the window. Then a thought came to him. 'I should get something to cheer Liz up, she should have a happy vacation, not a sad one.' He walks in, and within 5 minutes he walks out with a medium sized teddy bear holding a red rose in his paws. 'Hope this cheers Liz up.' After exploring half of the town, it was beginning to get dark. 'Ok, this place is bigger than I thought.'

Max gets into his jeep and heads for home.


When Max enters the house, the place was dark and quiet. He walks over to a lamp and switches it on. "Liz? you home?" no reply. Then he thought he'd heard a small sob coming from behind the kitchen counter. He slowly walks over puts Liz's present down, and switches on the kitchen lights, there he sees Liz sitting on the floor, her back against the cupboard. There was blood on the floor and a sharp silver gleaming knife. Panic rushed through him. "Oh my god! Liz! Liz, what happened....." Max grabs a cloth and wraps it around Liz's bleeding arm. Disorientated, Liz tell him. "I was making dinner, I went to get the knife to chop some salad then I...I think I slipped and fell. I saw the blood and just froze, I knew I should've stopped the bleeding instead of just sitting here, but I just couldn't move." Max holds both sides of her face in his hands and wipes Liz's tear stained face. "Its ok Liz, am here now, I'll take care of you." he looks at the cloth which was soaked through with blood, "We'd better get this cleaned and bandaged up. Where do you keep the first aid kit?" " the bathroom, on top of the mirror cabnet." He gets up and leaves. 'I glanced down at the red soaked cloth - which was once white, and tried not to pass out.' Max returns 10 second later; quickly but gently and carefully cleans the wound and bandages it up. "Good thing the cut isn't too deep, so it'll heal soon, but you'll be in some pain for the next week or so." 'Great more pain, not something this girl needs right now.' he thought. "Thanks. I probably would've bled to death if you hadn't come come when you did. I doubt Maria would've been happy with me making a mess of her house" I tried I laugh at my lame joke, but it just wasn't funny, and the reality sunk in - I could've died because of my clumsiness. Max helped me up over to the sofa, and sat me down. "Here, you rest for a while, I'll go clean up and make the rest of our dinner." I looked up at him, he was so caring and sincere. Something that Kyle had lacked, God! what did I ever see in that guy. "Max?" I said in a small voice. He sits down closely next to me. "Yeah? what is it sweetie" The next thing I knew, I'd wrapped my arms around his shoulders, ignoring the pain in my left arm, and buried my face on the side of his neck. "Am soooo sorry Max, I should've been nicer to you right from the start. Am just so messed up right now. My stupid ex-boyfriend dumped me for a bimbo of a cheerleader, said I just wasn't pretty enough compared to her, and that I wasn't his type anymore. God! I went out with that loser for a year; and for what?! I came on this vacation because it was suppose to make it all ok, a break you know? but instead, I ended up bringing you into my sooo very sorry...." I began to sob. I felt his strong arms, one wrapping aound my waist, and the other touching the back of my head, his own head buried into my hair. "Its ok, sshhh......its ok. He doesn't deserve you, and you deserve so much better than him..." "Max...truth is, I really do like you, ever since I saw you in that club, I felt we had this connection like you said, but I was afraid....afraid that I'll get hurt again.....that's why I said we should just be friends, but I like you so much, and it's tearing me up inside by not being with you." I said in a rush. Max responded by holding me even tighter. "Liz, I wanna be with you too, but you might not be thinking straight right now, of what you really want, and I don't wanna take advantage of you in your current state. Why don't you rest for a few days, and clear your head. Then you can properly decide." "Max, I know what I want...." Max put a finger towards my lips, and looked at me so intensely I thought I'd drown in those brown mysterious eyes of his. "Just take a few days to think things through, 'kay?" Wow, a considerate gentleman as well. I nod in response. He gently kissed my forehead before going back towards the kitchen. That song 'Complicated' by Avril Lavigne filled my head. Yup, this is gonna be some vacation.


Throughout dinner, we chatted about what we did in our lives, and shared hilarious stories about our friends. The mood was definitely different, we weren't being awkard around each other anymore, it was lighter, and we laughed, oh we laughed a lot! we were comfortable around each other now that the air has been 'cleared' you could say.

After dinner, we talked for a while longer before I said Goodnight.
"Oh! wait. I have a surprise for you." I watched him get up and pick up a large gift bag. Ok, what surprise? I wondered. "I saw this at a gift shop today, and thought it might cheer you up" he hands me the bag. "Hope you like it." I opened the bag and took out the teddy bear holding a rose. I could feel a huge smile breaking across my face, Ok, so I was practically beaming. "Thank you Max! Its very sweet of you." I gave him a huge hug, and a peck on the cheek. "Goodnight Max." "Sweet dreams Liz." Max watched her leave until she disappeared around the corner. He sits at the table and glances out the glass sliding doors which lead to the beach. The sky was clear and exposed the twinkling distant stars, and the moon was full. Max sits there quietly for awhile longer staring out into the night sky before going to bed himself.

Part 7

I woke up the next morning to the smell of bacon and eggs, and Max was right. My left arm was killing me. I quickly got washed and dressed, then entered the kitchen area. Max was there busy at the stove. "Morning Max. Whatcha cookin'?" He glances over his shoulders towards me. "Just bacon, eggs, and toast. Hope you're hungary." I poured myself a glass of juice and sat down. "Smells good." Max sets the plates of food down, and sits down himself. "How's your arm?" I glanced down at my bandaged arm "You were right, its killing like hell. But, I'll live." "So what are you up to later on?" I asked. "Actually, its what we're up to." "Huh?" What's he talking about? "This is our vacation right?" I simply nodded. "So, since its a vacation, I thought we could go and explore the rest of this town together. Its bigger than it seems, plus there's a theatre, and I thought we could go and catch a movie." "Sure, why not." We finished our breakfast, and set out.

We got into the jeep and Max pulled out and drove us into town. "Get ready for a day of fun Liz." Max said cheerfully.

It was nice just to hang out and have fun again, I'd been so miserable for the past 2 weeks. We went shopping in almost every store, then went to the 7 O'clock movie. When the movie finished, we went to get something to eat, then drove home. I was feeling so happy, not just because I was having a good day, but because I was having fun with a guy I really liked, and its something I won't hide from now. Screw kyle, its his loss. I have to move on with my life.

I was totally exhausted by the time we got home.
"Goodnight Max, I had a great time, its turning out to be a great vacation." Max gives me a shocked look "You're not going to bed now are you? the nights not over yet...." he gave me a mysterious smile, ooh I could just melt right there! "What are you talking about? Look, Max, am really tired, and I just wanna go and get some sleep." I started to head for my room. "Wait! look, just go get washed first, maybe you'll feel less tired, then come out and meet me down the beach." 'The beach? whatever for?' I stood there staring at him. "Ok, fine, I'll be about 15 minutes."


I quickly shower then walked out down the beach to meet Max. He was right, as usual, I did feel less tired. As I walked further down the beach, I noticed 2 blankets on the sand, one was spread out neatly, and the other was folded up onto of it. Max was tending to a small campfire he'd made.

"Max, what are you up to? why are you building a fire in the middle of the beach?" He looks up at me excitedly. "Liz! good you're here, come sit down on the blanket with me. The fire should keep us warm, but I brought an extra blanket for us just in case." I looked around, but it was just us on the beach. I sat down on the blanket, and just stared at Max curiously. So just what else was it that he'd planned for us? "Max, why are we out here? if you wanted to sit round a campfire and tell ghost stories or something, you can just say so. You don't need to keep this secrecy." The sea breeze was chilly, and I sneezed and shivered despite trying to warm up by the fire. Max takes the folded blanket, and opened it up. It was big enough for 2 people. "Well, we could tell ghost stories if you like, but that's not why we're out here." I was starting to get uncomfortable with the secrecy he was hiding from me. "It's not?" "No."Max sits down next to me and wrapped the blanket around us. "You probably don't know this, but tonight's the night you can see the meteor shower." My eyes went wide with wonder. "Really? How do you know?" he smiles at me adoringly "Lets just say that I have an interest in astronomy." "Oh, I didn't know that." I felt Max wrap his strong arms around me to keep the blanket closed so we wouldn't be cold, and sharing body heat at the same time. I lean back against his chest and looked up towards the vast night sky. The night sky has always been a wonder to me, filled with so many twinkling stars, and some don't even exist anymore, since it takes the star's light many light-years just to reach our part of the solar system. "So when does it start?" I asked. "Soon." his answer came in a low husky voice.

5 minute passed before I saw the first streak of fiery light shoot through the sky. "Oh my god! did you see that?!" I shrieked excitedly. Ok, I was probably making a fool out of myself, but so what?! It's not everyday you get to see flying balls of flaming rock across the sky. "Yeah, I saw it." he said looking up towards the sky. "Its really beautiful, isn't it?" I said in wonder. I turned my head away from the sky to face Max, and found him staring down at me. "What?" he just wrapped me tighter in his embrace and smiled. "It's not as beautiful as you though." I felt my cheeks grow warm, good thing it was night, otherwise, he probably would've seen my face glowing bright red like the fiery rocks buring across the night sky.

"Max, you know what you said the other night, about me taking more time to think things through?" he nods. "Well, the way I feel about you, it's still the same." I paused and stared at another shooting star. "I love you Max. These past few days have been great, you've rescued me from the misery I was in, you've been treating me so wonderful and caringly." I looked up to face him again. "I'll understand if you don't feel the same way anymore, or would just prefer to remain friends...." He sat up straighter to face me, both of his hands cupped around the sides of my head. " be with you, to make you happy, to see that golden smile of yours, to take are of you, its all I've ever wanted to do since I first saw you." he paused, then continued. "When I saw you on the floor with the blood and knife, I was so scared that I'd be too late, and that I wouldn't see you again." I felt his fingers gently caressing my hair. A tear rolled down my cheek at the sound of his sweet words. "Max...." he moved his hand to wipe away the tear. "I love you too Liz. And we'll be together...forever. Liz, I love you so very much...." and with that, his head slowly leaned forward, and kissed Liz on the lips. At first gently, then more hungrily as his passion grew and was no longer held back. Liz returned his kisses with the same burning desire.

Part 8

I woke up the next day feeling all giddy and happy. I'd had this most amazing dream. That I'd spent the night with Max on the beach watching the meteor showers, and we'd had the most amazing kissess.....wait hold on a wasn't a really did happen....didn't it? I sat there for a minute rubbing my eys, and tried to fully wake up. Then the events of last night came flooding back. I put a finger towards my lips, and remembered. I looked over to the easy chair in my room, and there was blanket we'd used to keep ourselves warm.

I got out of bed without bothering to get changed from the bed clothes I was wearing - a pair of cream coloured shorts with a matching yellow vest top. I walked down the hall to Max's room. He'd left the door open, and I could see that he was still asleep. He wasn't wearing a shirt, and the covers only covered him from the mid-waist down. Exposing his perfectly chiselled torso. He was so good-looking, so perfect in every way. I stood there in the doorway and watched him sleep. So peaceful....and....was he smiling??! I couldn't help but giggle quietly, Max was smiling in his sleep. Wonder what he's dreaming about. I quietly walked into his room and sat down on the edge of his bed. I looked at him for a moment, then for some weird reason, I wanted to check if he was still breathing. I leaning close and put a finger under his nose, but not quite touching. Small puffs of warm air touched my fingers. Reassured, I started to pull back and turned to get up. Suddenly, I felt someone grab my arm and pulled me back down. I gave a little yelp of surprise.

"Morning, Miss Parker. What were you doing just then?" Lying ontop of Max, his arms securely around me to stop me from getting up again, I tried to come up with an answer, an answer that didn't seem as weird as what I'd just did. "Er...Morning Max. I was just" My head was blank. I gave a small nervous laugh. "I was just checking to see, you were still breathing." He gave me a puzzled look. "Why?" "I dunno, just did." I gave a little shrug. He suddenly flips me under him, pinning me down on the bed with his bare body. He gave me a sexy mischievious grin. "Well, now its my turn. I think I'll start with...." he leans in so close I could feel his breath on my face. "Mouth to mouth" before I could protest, his soft mouth covers mine. Whatever thoughts I had in my head, vanished with every sensation I felt from his kisses. Gentle from time to time, while powerful and hungry in others. His lips went from my mouth over to my cheek, then down my neck. All self control slipped away from me. And all I wanted was him. All I needed in the world was him. I moaned his name on response to his touch. His hips started to rock gently, rubbing against my center. Driving me into ecstasy. I could feel his oncoming desire firming by the moment. His hands roamed under my vest top, and caressed my boiling skin. "Liz..." I heard Max coo in a breathless whisper against my ear "Liz...I want you soo very badly...I can't hide my true feelings from you anymore...I love you so very much...." I could feel his moving hips getting more and more desperate. "Please liz....I wanna make love to come inside you...." moans in pleasure "...but I'll understand if this is too rushed for you...we can stop anytime you want...." My head was spinning and fuzzy, all I could focus on was the sensations he created when he touched my skin, and I was getting wetter and wetter underneath, and aching for him. "No Max....please...don't.. don't ever stop...I want you soo badly..." and with that, he removed my clothing, and whats left of his own. His eyes immediately wandered to my exposed chest, feeling all shy all of a sudden, I began to raise my arms to cover myself, but Max stopped me. He gazed at me lovingly. "No liz. You're the most beautiful girl I've seen in my entire life, don't be shy." I slowly lowered my arms. Next thing I knew, Max had his mouth over left breast and began sucking on it. The sensations drove me wild. I moaned out his name a few times. His hands roamed about my body sending shivers through me. His kisses were tingly and magical as he made his way down my body and up again. He then stares at me with the most intense eyes. Our eyes now locked in a passionate gaze. "Ready?" I nod. And with a forceful thrust, he enters me. I gave a little yelp of surprise even though I knew what he was doing. Max had stopped moving. "Max? why did you stop?" he looked at me intensely "Did I hurt you?" "No" I replied, smiling at him and shook my head. But tears were streaming down my face. He'd broken my barrier, and ok, I was in pain, but it was a pain that was filled with love. After a while, he slowly started to move again, at first slowly, then faster. But it wasn't enough for me. "Max...." moans "Please go faster...." he obeyed, and soon, we were both flying through space into oblivion. It could have been my imagination, but for a few seconds there, I thought I really did see stars.

Part 9

(A few hours later)

I was the first to awaken from my blissful slumber. Even when he was asleep, Max still wrapped me in a protective embrace - probably so that he'll know if I decide to leave his side. I felt as though my life was truly complete now that I've met Max. I stared at him for a while, admiring his features. He had this unique look about him, he was a growing man, yet he still maintained this young boyish look. He looked so innocent when he was sleeping.

Looking at him so peaceful, I just couldn't resist but gently caress his face with my fingers. Down his cheeks, over his nose, eyes and back down to those delicious lips....I leaned in and gave him gentle soft kisses over where I'd just touched. Teasing him even though he was still asleep.
"Max? you awake?....Max?" I whispered close to his ear. He began to stir and awaken. He looks up at me with those puppy dog sleepy brown eyes...ooh! it was so adorbale! he gives me a sleepy smile. "Hey." he rubs his eyes to awaken some more. "Sleep well?" I asked. "Yeah....I had this dream, that I met this most amazing girl on vacation, and...." "Max, that wasn't a dream." I leaned over him and kissed him with all the fiery passion I felt for him, well, he was definitely wide awake now! and returning my kisses with the same intense passion. "Hmmm....dream come true then." I laughed "What are the chances of that huh? you must be one lucky guy." More kisses. "Max am kinda hungry" he rolls over on top of me, our bodies meshing together once more. "Still hungry huh?" he said grinning at me. "No Max, I mean I really am hungry...for food." he pretended to be disappointed. "So, you would rather be with food than with me? aren't I enough to satisfy you?" I started to giggle "Max, you are the yummiest guy there is in this universe, if I ate you, then what else am I gonna eat later on?" we bursted into laughter. "Ok, ok. I'll go get us something to eat. You wait here." Max gets up and puts on a white Terry Cloth robe, then disappears through the door.

I sat there for about 2 minutes waiting for him to return, then decided to see what was taking him so long. I wrapped the white bed sheet around me and got out of bed. I walked to to kitchen and saw Max preparing something on the kitchen table. I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist and lay my head on his back.
"So, what'cha preparing?" he turns around, and with one hand holds my waist pressing it against his, while with the other hand, he lifts a ripe juicy red strawberry up to my mouth. I take a bite. "Mmm...its sweet..." he leans in to kiss me. "Mmm...I think you taste much better, you're much more sweeter."

We carry the large bowl of strawberrys back to the bedroom with us. We sat there in bed playfully feeding each other the juicy sweet fruits, while occasionally mixing in kisses which were equally as sweet.

Right now, I felt as though my life was perfect, everything was going great for me, am moving on with my life, I've found my dream guy. But then, why do I keep getting this feeling that something is going to change? Its a like a subtle nagging feeling that I can feel all over my body, right down to my bones. And the feeling isn't going away. I never told Max about this. How could I? I didn't even understand it.

The next week or so passed without any problems, we were happy and enjoying each others company. Maria and the others soon found out about our relationship - kinda obvious when your all over each other while sitting in a restraraunt! lol. I began to put the nagging uneasy feeling aside. But it would soon come back to haunt me.

Part 10

Ring Ring! Ring Ring!

"Hello? yes, just hold on a minute please."

I walked into the living-room where Max was sitting listening to a CD. "Max, there's someone on the phone for you" I hand him the cordless phone.

"Thanks babe. Hello? yes, this is Max Evans..." I stood there watching Max talking into the phone. I saw the colour drain from his face. Uh oh, something's wrong... "Yes, I'll be back as soon as I can. Thank you."

Max puts down the receiver, and seems to stare into space.

I rush over and sat down next to him "Max? Max whats wrong? who was on the phone?" Max looks at me his eyes glazing over with tears. My heart nearly broke seeing him like this. "That was my mom....she said that my dad had a stroke, and he's in the ICU. The doctors think he won't have very long before....before.." tears streamed down his face, and he couldn't continue. I wrapped my arms around him to comfort him. "Max, am soo sorry. What are you gonna do?" Max looks at me tearfully. I felt my heart tighten. "I have to go back to see him. I have to go back to Roswell." he looks at me with sad eyes. "But I don't wanna leave you Liz..." Tears welled up in my eyes. Roswell, its such a far away place from California. I knew where this was leading. Taking a deep breath, I began to speak the words that would change things for us forever. "Max, I love with so very much, more than you'll ever know, but you have to go to Roswell.You have to go see your dad." Max suddenly straightens up. "Liz, come with me!" I looked at him wide eyed "What?" "Liz, why don't you come with me to Roswell, we can be together then, and I'll be able to see my dad...." I shook my head sadly. It'll never work. "Max I can't. I still have to finish university first, and I still have a few years left. I can't just leave like that. Although I badly want to. To be with you." Tears were streaming down both our faces now. We both stood up and held each other tightly, as if our lives depended on it. The CD was still gently playing in the background. It was a song by Sheryl Crow, called 'I Shall Believe' It was one of my favourite songs. We started swaying to the music. "Don't worry Max, we'll see each other again. You can always come back here and visit me when you're on your next vacation, or when you have some free time." I whispered into his ear, my face still buried in his neck, and his in my hair. He held me tighter. "We'll see each other again." We carried on swaying to the music not daring to let go of each other. It could be the last time we'll ever be this close together again.

TBC!! Please leave me some feedback! what do you think of it so far? *happy*

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Part 11

(3 Years Later )

The rain poured over the busy streets of New York, making a light pitter-patter sound as the droplets of water finally connected to the earth, after its long downfall journey.

Max Evans stood by the large glass window in his office gazing out into the busy city below. The rain splashed onto the window making streaks water across the glass.

Max barely noticed. His mind was in a far away place. It was a place in his memory he would visit often, and longed to have it back again. But things have changed, and it was doubtful that it would ever happen again.

"Mr Evans? Mr Evans?" still no answer. "Mr Evans, are you ok?"

"Hmm?" Max finally acknowledged slowly turning around to face the voice.

"Oh, hi Isabel"

"Are you ok? your mind seemed to have wandered to another place for a minute there." she smiled gently at him.

Max looked sheepishly at his secretary as he headed back to sit by his desk."Er...yeah."

"Here is the Rodriguez file you wanted." Isabel handed Max a medium sized file.

"Thanks." Max took the file and started to flip through it.

"Is there anything else you want?"

"No, am ok for now. Thanks Iz."

Isabel excused herself, closed the large double doors behind her, and went back out to finish her work. After she left, Max sat back in his chair and sighed. He opened the top left draw and pulled out a photo. The photo was of a happy smiling couple, it was clear they were completely in love, and gazing happily for the camera.

He gazed longingly at the person in it. If only he could see her again, even for a hold kiss her...even a minute in her presence would suffice.

"Liz..." Max gently grazed his fingers across the photo of Liz smiling up at him. He felt his heart ache for her, even after all these years. "I miss you so much Liz...." he whispered to the picture. He felt tears well up in his eyes. Max took a deep breath, and put the picture back into the draw, and went back to reading over the file.


Alex entered the apartment he shared with Maria; arms full of grocery bags.

"Hey, Maria? you home? if so can I have some help over here please!" Alex quickly walked over to the kitchen and set the bags on the counter just before they all fell out of his arms.

Maria rushed over and steadied the bags from falling onto the floor. She smiled at Alex as she helped him unpack.

"Guess what?" Maria said excitedly.

"What?" Alex stopped mid-taking a carton of juice out the bag and looked at Maria.

"Michael's coming over for a visit. He said he'll be here tomorrow evening. Isn't that great?!" she squealed.

"That's terrific! I haven't seen him for a while. How long's he staying in NY for?"

Maria scrunched up her forhead in thought. "Actually, he didn't say."

Alex returned his attention to the grocery, but not before seeing the mischievous expression on her pretty face.

"Am sure he'll be here for a while, if not am sure I could convince him to stay longer."
Alex could only laugh. Ah, young love, if only he could find someone like that he thought wistfully.

"So how did the meeting go with that music producer?"

Maria beamed at him. She loved it when the subject was music. Music was her life, her soul. (no pun intended!)

"It went great actually! The guy listened to my demo tape, and he loved it!"

Alex suddenly gave her a worried look. "Are you sure he really loved your music? remember what happened last time?"

Yeah, Maria could remember it. As clear as day. She had been singing on stage doing a duet with Jim Valenti, and this women, who was a talent agent, saw her, and offered to make a her a famous rock star. At first, she agreed to use Maria own written songs and music, but it had turned into a sham, and they had really intended to create an image of bubblegum pop princess for her - changing her own music into a dance/pop tune instead. This did not work for Maria, so she went back to her regular life with her friends.

But now, it seems as though fate has given her another musical chance. A chance that may or may not make her a famous musician. Though Maria is now a lot more wiser than when she first started out.

Drifting back to reality she faced Alex. "Yeah, I asked him about it, and made it perfectly clear that if they didn't like my music, then they can just forget about this whole thing. But they insisted that it was the type of music they were looking for, so...."

Alex gave her hand an affectionate squeeze. "Well, I hope things go well for you this time."

"Me too. And hey, who knows, if I become famous, maybe I could employ you as my lead guitarist!"

"Yeah, I'll keep that in mind" Alex said, winking at her.

They both cracked up laughing.


(At the airport the next evening)

"Come on, where is he? he should've been here a half hour ago." Maria muttered to herself impatiently. Then she caught sight of him.

"Alex! come on! there's Michael." Maria pulled Alex on the arm, quickly in the direction of where Michael was looking around for them.

"Michael! you're late." Maria said in an annoyed tone, but giving him a kiss and warm embrace anyway.

"Sorry babe. Baggage collection was atrocious." Michael returned her embrace.

"Hey Alex." Both men shook hands and grinned at each other instead of hugging to each other. They thought it would be more manly to do so.

"Come on, I wanna leave here as soon as we can. Bad plane food, recycled air, the long wait in queues....there's just so much you can take." Michael put one arm around Maria, while he pushed the trolly that contained his luggage's with the other.

The 3 friends walked together out the airport and back to Maria and Alex's apartment.
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Hi everyone, uni work is killing me!! anyway, here's the next part. I'll get another chapter up soon. Just hope it makes sense!! *big* lol. I'll try and explain in a few chapters time.

Part 12

Back at the apartment, Michael's unpacking was quickly finished with the help from Maria.

The 3 of them sat around the large coffee table in front of the fireplace - which was lit to give the room a cosy glowing atmosphere, and to also keep them warm. They were eating a mixture of takeout food. Chinese, and Mexican. They couldn't decide on which one, so they opted to just get both.

They spent the evening laughing and catching up. Telling each other jokes, and just generally enjoying each others company. It had been a while since they all hung out together.

Alex cracked one of his insanely humorous jokes, and Maria bursted out into a fit of laughter. In fact she was rolling on the floor with tears streaming down her face. Just then, the phone rang, and Maria reached up to answer it. She gave a snort of laughter as she went to answer.


"Maria?" inquired the person on the other side.

"Yeah, this is Maria"

"Maria, is me Liz!"

"Oh my god! Liz! How've you been? its been ages since I last spoke to you."

"Maria, its just been 3 weeks. But yeah, ok, I guess that is a long time."

Maria looked over to Michael and Alex and mouthed "It's Liz" and pointed to the phone.

Alex mouthed back "We know." and grinned at Michael.

Maria looked sheepishly at them and turned red in the face, when she realised that in all her excitement, she'd screamed out that it was Liz already.

"Listen Maria, now that you're in NY, I thought I'd come and visit you. I've just finished Uni, and I really need a break. Is that ok with you?"

"Ok? Liz this is fantastic! Michael just came down today, and now you're coming too! So when are you coming anyway?"

"I'll be there in 4 days."

"Ok, we'll pick you up at the airport. See you soon." Maria gently put the receiver back down, and turned to look at her friends with a happy expression on her face. She saw Michael with an amused look plastered across his face.

"What? Michael, what's so amusing?"

"So, Liz is coming to NY huh?"

"Yeah, so? I thought you'd be happy to our friends again."

"No, no, I am, its just...well, things might turn interesting...."

"Michael, stop being cryptic guy and get to the point."

"You's don't know do you?"

"Know what?" asked Alex.

"Remember my friend Max Evans?"

Maria gave a amused laugh. "Yeah, how could I forget, he and Liz were practically joined at the hip when they had that vacation together."

"Well, he works here in NY." Michael saw his friends stare at him.

"Ok, you's have been living in the same city, and you didn't know about it?"

"Michael, we've only been living here for about a month. And besides, NY is a huge city. It'd be about 50/50 chance if we were to bump into each other. And the same would probably apply for Liz too." Alex said.

Maria gave a thoughtful look. "I didn't know that Max came to NY, according to Liz a few years back, he had to go back to Roswell, cos his father was ill."

"Yeah, he did. His father had a chain of companies in different cities. And when he died, well, Max being his only son, he passed the business affairs over to him .I guess he chose to base his main office in NY."

"I thought Liz and Max would've kept in touch with each other. Though Liz hardly ever spoke of the matter. I wonder what went on..." wondered Maria.

"Well, only Liz and Max have the answers to that." Michael went to scoop some noodles onto his plate.

TBC!! feedback please!

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Hi everyone, Ok, I had some writers block coming up with an explaination as to why Max and Liz were apart for so long. If its crap, then please forgive me. But if it makes some kind of sense, then good! :D

I was wondering, can someone make me some fanarts to go with this story? Kinda like a cover type thing. It'd be nice *happy* Thanks in advance! You can e-mail it to me at: pretty_slayer_girl⊕ or PM me with it. I haven't had to chance to use the PM system yet, so not sure if it'll work with images.

Part 13

Max walked down the street on his way to get some morning coffee. His mind was yet again, a few thousand light-years away in space. His didn't even notice the girl walking right in front of him with her head down snuggling against her scarf to keep warm.


They both collided into each other, Max's brief case went flying across the floor, the contents spilling out over the pavement. Max snapped back to reality.

"Oh! am soo very sorry!" said the girl, who immediately bent down to pick up the files and papers.

"No, its ok, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going...." Max bent down to help pick up the rest of his stuff. They both reached for the last file at the same time, and both looked up at each other.

They both froze in place. Locked into an intense stare.

"Liz...." Max couldn't believe it. 'Could it be?'

"Max..." Liz managed to whisper out.

Both couldn't move for about 2 minutes. They couldn't believe it. After all these years, what were the chances of them meeting again? And here in the huge city of NY. And it was the 2nd time that it happened too. The first was when they had met in a club back in California, and thought they would never see each other again when Liz left for the night. Then it turned out that they had to be housemates together, on a vacation that happened so long ago. And now here they were again. It must be fate. Whoever the powers that be were, they seemed to want them together again, and made sure their paths crossed for a 2nd time.

They both slowly got up, and Liz looked away awkwardly, unsure of what to say. Max just kept staring at her. When Liz finally turned to face him again, and caught him staring at her, she thought she'd better say something, since it was obvious that Max wasn't going to.

" are you doing here in NY?"

"Hmm? oh! I er...I work here now. I've been here for about 2 years."

I nodded in response.

"So, what about you? do you live in NY?"

"No, I just got here a few days ago. Am here visitng Maria. She's been given another chance with her music career, and has been staying in the city for a while."

Max's expression came up as surprise. "Maria's here too? I didn't know that."

"Yeah, she lives with Alex as housemates, and Michael came to visit a few days before me."

"Michael's here too? wow! I haven't spoken to him in ages!"

When liz saw Max's smile, her heart gave flutter. Even after all these years, he still ignites my heart on fire.

"So..." Max was unsure of what to say next.

"So..." 'Ok, back to awkward mode again. What else was I suppose to say?'

"Um...listen, I was just about to go get some coffee, you wanna join me?"

I saw the hopefulness in his eyes. Well, I guess one cup of coffee couldn't hurt. Plus, it might give us a chance to catch up....unless if we get stuck in awkward silence mode again.

I gave him a light smile
"Sure, coffee would be great." Yup, he's definitely beaming up at me right now!


(In the coffee shop)

We ordered our drinks, and chose a booth in the corner by the window where it was quieter. He sat across from me. I sat there sipping my hot coffee while taking occasional glaces at Max. God! how he's changed. It might've been that I haven't seen him in about 3 years, but he seemed to look even more gorgeous. Don't get me wrong, he was gorgeous when I first met him, but now there's a...I dunno...he seems more mature. And plus, now he was wearing expensive business suits, which is definitely a new look! and his hair, he's had it cut, and is no longer sporting his bangs.
(Ok, people think how Max looked in the eppy of control, when he first showed up to Kal's party). I could feel my heart beating faster everytime I looked at him.

Max gazed at Liz, and saw her sneaking occasion glances at him as she sipped her coffee.

Even after all these years, she still takes my breath away. Her dark chocolate hair has grown a little longer, and it was pulled back from the sides. Even though its been a few years since we saw each other, she still retained that innocent girlie look on her face. I just wanted to reach over and kiss her with all the passion I still had in my heart for her. But it would be inappropriate to do so right now.

Max cleared his throat.

" long are you satying in NY for?"

"I dunno. I was thinking of maybe opening up my own photography shop or something. Am really into photography, and thought maybe I could sell something. I mean like, everyone keeps saying how good they are and suggested I should open my own business." I shrugged. "If it doesn't work out, then I dunno. I'll probably go back to California or something. But I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. I still have to get a job first, save up for a while. But right now, am on vacation here visiting Maria and the gang, so nothing is definate yet." I smiled at him and continued to sip my coffee. "So, what about you? I thought you were in Roswell..." Max gave me an intense look, I felt my face grow warm, and I felt all tingly under his stare. Why did I just ask that question? I was probably opening a can of worms that I wasn't ready for. "I was. Um....when my dad died..." "Oh! am so sorry!" Way to go Liz, go and bring up the sad past. Max gave me the most sincere of smiles. "When my dad died, I got so depressed. He meant everything to me, and then he was gone, and it was just me and my mom. I went to a very deep dark place. I was like that for a while. Then I'd found out that my dad had left me all his business affairs, and so I had to work hard to take care of that. I barely had time for myself. I'd wanted to call you so badly, to hear your voice of comfort. But when I finally got round to it, they told me that you'd left for a 6 month voluntary course in a different city. I waited till you got back and tried to contact you again. But they said that you no longer went to that university anymore...." I looked sadly at him. "I decided to change courses after I'd experienced that voluntary course. Its how I found my talent and enjoyment in photography." I gave him a smile. Max smiled back at me, then was about to say something but hesitated. He leaned forward on the table and gazed at me.

"" he cleared his throat. "Are you seeing anyone right now?" The coffee went down the wrong way, and I began to cough. Max handed me a tissue. I looked at him awkwardly. 'Ok, maybe coffee wasn't such a good idea.' "Um...yeah, I have a boyfriend; back in California. His name's Jason. He's a nice guy." I saw the disappointment cross Max' face like an eclipse. Oh great. Just terrific. I'd gone and hurt the poor guy again. What's wrong with me! "Max? you ok?" I saw Max force a smile to try and hide his sadness. Too late, I'd already seen it. "Er, yeah, am fine." My heart felt tight like it was being crushed. "So, what about you? do you have a girlfriend? Max gave me a small smile. "No, no-one at the moment."

Max finished the rest of his coffee, then set the cup back down.

"Listen, Liz. I have to get back to the office now, but I'd like to take you out to dinner tonight."

"Max, I don't think..." he cut me off before I could finish.

"Liz, I know. We'll just friends. You know, just hang out, catch up, and possibly have a laugh." he gave a chuckle.

'Well, he did say we were going as friends. And am not exactly betraying Jason. Am just having dinner with a friend...ok, why does that word 'friend' seem to rip my heart up in half everytime I hear it?'

"Sure, dinner would be nice."

"Great! where are you staying at?"

I scribbled down Maria' address and handed it to him. He looked at the address.

"Ok, I'll pick you up at 8."

Max started to put on his coat, but before he left, he turned to face Liz.

"Its nice to see you again Liz." he then began to lean towards her face.

"Its nice to see you too Max." before I knew what was happening, Max leant over and gave me a soft kiss on my cheek. He gave me one last sexy smile, and then left.

I sat there for a while trying to run through the things that had happened that morning. It seemed like a dream. Except it wasn't, and I have a date....wait... can I say date? I mean like, am only having dinner with Max, who's a ...a.....friend....ok, there's that heart crushing feeling again. I've moved on with my life, am dating someone else now. Then why do I still get these weird feelings for Max?

TBC!! :D feedback please! did that explaination make sense?

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I'll let you know (on here) when I've posted it again, and hope that you'll all continue to follow the story through. *happy*
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In the meantime, keep the feedback coming! I love them!
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Ok, here's the next 2 parts for you to enjoy! *happy* feedback please!

Part 14

"Hey Maria, guess who I saw today?" I said as I entered Maria and Alex' apartment. I entered the living room, and... "Oh god! am so sorry, I er...didn't see" I covered my eyes with my hands and turned by back towards them.

Michael and Maria were making-out heavily on the couch.

They both quickly got up, and tried to be a little more presentable by buttoning up their shirts. They both gave embarrassed laughs.

"Its ok Liz. So who was it that you saw today?"

I sat down on the couch and sighed.

"Max Evans."

"Max Evans huh?"

I saw Michael give Maria an arched eye brow look. She returned by giving him a knowing look. What is going on with these two?

Maria walked over to Liz and sat next to her. She gently rubbed her friends back.

"Well, what are the chances of you two meeting in a big city like NY? Me and Alex have been here for a month, and we didn't even know he was in the city until Michael told us the other day. It must be fate for you two."

"Wait a minute. Michael, you knew your friend was in NY, why didn't you tell me when I got here?" Michael just shrugged at me. Yup, typical Michael attitude.

"So how did you to happen to meet again?" yeah, I was wondering how long it would be before Maria would ask for details. I smiled at her. Then told her of what had happened that morning.

"And now, he's picking me up for dinner at 8." I finished.

"Dinner huh?"

"Maria, we're just going as friends. Nothing's gonna happen. And besides, am with Jason now."

Maria simply nodded, then pulled Liz up to her feet.

"Come on Liz, we gotta go and pick you a gorgeous dress to wear." Maria dragged me into the bedroom, while Michael switched on the TV.


Maria rummaged through her wardrobe and pulled out several dresses. "Ok, lets see...hmm...I think this black long strappy dress looks the best." Maria held up the dress in front of me. I don't usually wear long dresses, so it was definitely a new look for me when I looked in the mirror.

"And we can pile your hair up, and leave some whispy strands down the sides." Maria held up Liz' hair to demomstrate the look. "Yup, you'll definitely be knocking Max off his feet when he sees you tonight!"

"Maria." I gave her a pointed look. "We're just friends remember."
"Yes, well, just because you're friends, doesn't mean you can't look nice for the guy. And you're going out to dinner, probably to a really posh and fancy restraraunt. can afford to look even more beautiful. Not that we need to do much work anyway, since you're practically drop-dead gorgeous anyway."

"Maria, honestly, am not that gorgeous. Am just about average."

Maria rolled her eyes.

"Liz, you being modest is killing me right now. Just face the facts."

I shook my head and smiled, while Maria continued to help me get ready.

Part 15

Knock knock. Knock knock.

"I'll get it!" Michael shouted, and went to answer the door.

Michael opens the door.

"Hey! Maxwell old buddy ol' pal! haven't seen you in ages!!" Michael engulfs Max in a big bear hug before Max could respond.

"Hey Michael! How you been?" Max pats him on the back.

"How come you didn't tell me you were in the city?"

Michael led Max in to the living room, and motioned for him to sit.

"I was going to, but never got round to calling you. So how's business with Evans Enterprises?"

Max sat down. "Business is good. Its been booming this last year, but there are some problems that need to be taken care of."

Just then, Maria bounced into the room with a huge smile plastered on her face.

"Gentleman, I present to you...." makes a arm motion behind her "Liz Parker."

Liz walked out slowly, feeling shy and awkward in her borrowed dressed, and beautifully made up face and hair.

When Max saw her, his jaw dropped to the floor. He couldn't believe the sight in front of him. A goddess stood before him. He couldn't take his eyes off her as she approached him. The way she gracefully moved in that dress, holding a silk wrap around in her arms. It made him want to take her in his arms and kiss her all over, then making sweet love to her like he did once, so long ago....images filled his head, he started to blush red in the cheeks. He knew he was blushing, he could feel the warmth creeping into his face. He pushed those thoughts and images out of his head.

Maria saw Max' cheeks redden at the sight of Liz, and grinned. Who would've thought, after all these years, he's still got it bad for her.

Max handed Liz a single red rose which he held behind his back earlier on. He watched her gently raise the flower to her nose and inhaled the rosey scent.

"It's beautiful. Thank you." Liz gazed up at him.

"It's not as beautiful as you" Max said leaning in closer.

Liz blushed a crimson red. She realized they were making these sweet exchanges right in front of their friends who were looking at them with amusement.

I walked out slowly when Maria called my name. I felt so awkward in my new dress, and made up style. I was so unused to it. I normally opted for casual, yet nice clothing, but never this dressy. When I saw him....oh dear god! I nearly passed out! Although I tried to remain calm on the outside, inside I was turning to a pool of liquid. Slowly melting under his gaze. Under those mysterious deep amber coloured eyes. Max wore a black suit with a deep red silk shirt. His hair was neatly combed back and lightly gelled. The time I spent with him 3 yers ago came flooding back. His kindness, his sweet personality, his touch, his gentle sweet kisses and caresses.....he handed me a single red rose. I lightly held the rose to my nose and breathed in the scent. I loved roses. I thanked him for it, but then felt my cheeks flush when he told me I was more beautiful.

Maria clapped her hands together. "Ok, well you two better get going otherwise you'll miss your reservation." She bustled them out the door, them waved them goodbye. "Have fun!"
She closed the door, leaned her back on it and faced Michael, giving him a seductive smile. "Ok, since Max and Liz are out having fun, maybe we should do something fun too" she looked at him eagerly and insinuatingly. He got the hint. He took a step towards her, and kissed her hard.


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Part 16

Max walked Liz to his black Porsche, then opened the car door for her. She got in, he closed it, careful not to snag the ends of her dress and quickly ran over to the drivers side and got in himself.

He gaze at the beauty sitting next to him. Liz stared back at him. Something inside them sparked, they both felt it. It ignited like a fireworks. It was the same feeling they had felt 3 years ago when they first met. It was still there between them. Their entwining connection.

"You look amazing tonight Liz."

Liz gave a slight blush. "Well, you look pretty good yourself."

Max slowly tore his gaze away from her and started the engine. Before he drove off, he looked at Liz again.

"Am glad you agreed to have dinner with me. It's been so long. I want us to get to know each other again."

"Well, we can catch up over dinner." Liz gave him a sincere smile.

Max put the car into gear, and drove off to the restaurant.


At the restaurant, Liz and Max laughed and told jokes. They were basically catching up on what they had missed out during those 3 years they were apart. The atmosphere was relaxed and cozy. And Max and Liz felt at ease with each other. It was as though they'd never been apart.

It was a lavish Italien restaurant. Decorated mainly in red, gold, and dark brown colours. The food was absolutely amazing, the service was first class, well, considering it was a high class eating place. There was soft instrumental music playing in the back ground, and candles were lit in the middle of the table. The feeling the place gave off was...romantic. There as no denying it. The vibe filled the air and surrounded the couples who ate at their tables.


After dinner, Max walked Liz out the restaurant, and instead of heading to his car, he gently took her hand and led her to the pier. There were several loud speakers situated around, and classical music gently played in the backgound. Small white lights were strung here and there for decoration.

Liz leaned on the railings and looked out at the sea. She could see the lit tall sky scrapers on the other side It was a clear night, and the moon was full and shone a bright beam over earth, while the stars danced around her.

A gentle breeze blew over Liz' delicate face, and she close her eyes to feel it with her senses. She loved the feeling. She loved being by the sea. It gave her soul an uplifting feeling, and she relished it.

When she opened her eyes again, she found Max staring at her with an amused smile on his lips. And a sparkle in his deep amber eyes.

"What?" asked Liz.

Max remained silent as he took in her beauty, her being, her gentle soul. He reached out with one hand and brushed away some stray hair that had blown across her face. Then gently touched her cheek. 'So soft' he thought.

Liz shivered under his touch. It had nothing to do with the cold breeze.

Max leaned in close to her face.

"Dance with me" he said in a low husky voice that made Liz shiver even more.

In one smooth movement, Max took Liz in his arms, and they began to sway slowly to the music.

Liz put her head on Max' shoulder and closed her eyes enjoying the feeling of being this close to him again. His masculine scent intoxicating her. It felt so right. So perfect.

The music swelled then died down to a gentler tone.

Right now, here in Max' arms, I felt as though I'd died and gone to heaven. His strong arms held me in a warm embrace. His head buried in the side of my hair. It felt good to be this close to him again. To feel him pressed against me. I know I shouldn't be having these thoughts since am already with someone else, but....I just can't seem to help myself. It felt so right.

Max slowly moved his head to face Liz. He gently brushed the side of her face.

"I should get you home."

Lis felt a stab of disappointment in her heart. The night was coming to an end. And she had been enjoying herself so much.

In the car Max and Liz sat in silence as Max drove. Liz badly didn't want the night to end. She enjoyed being in Max' company again. It had been so long, since they'd done that.

"Max, how far away is your apartment from here?"

Max looked startled. "What?"

"Your apartment. I'd like to see it." she looked him directly in the eye.

"Its about another 10 minutes away" he said.

They continued to sit in silence. But in thier minds, it was anything but silent.

I can't believe Liz asked to see my apartment. Liz, in my apartment! What did she have in mind? it's already quite late.....his next thought made the front of his pants start to bulge. Did Liz want to spend the night with him? Wake up Max! Why would she? she already has a boyfriend. Max cursed himself for ever having those thoughts. Boyfriend. He scoffed at the word. What's he got that I don't have? Liz was with me to begin with, and should've remained with me. I should be her boyfriend. Max took a deep breath. Yeah, well Maxwell, things change. Deal with it.

Oh my god! did I really just say that?!! How did I end up asking to see his apartment?! What's come over me?! I can't believe it!! Oh god! he's probably gonna get the wrong idea...better say something quick!

"Max..." Liz began.

"We're here." Max pulled the car over and parked.

Uh oh. Too late. Liz thought.

Liz slowly got out the car, and watched Max walk over to her side. He gave her a smile, then led her up the steps to his front door. He opened it.

"Welcome to cassa de Maxwell" he grinned at her.

Liz laughed at his expression. "You know, most normal people just say home sweet home."

They entered his house. "Yeah well, what's so great about normal?"
Max showed Liz to the living room. She couldn't believe how big his house was! Even though it was large, it was tastefully decorated, and gave a homey atmosphere.

"Uh, would you like a drink?"

Liz sat down on the plush sofa. "Er..water would be fine thanks."

Max disappeared out the room to get her drink.

When he came back, he found her wandering slowly around the room looking at photos, ornaments etc.

"Here's your water."

Liz turned around, she hadn't heard him come in.

"Um, thanks." she took a sip of her water. "Nice place you have here."

Max walked over to her. "My mom decorated it. We've had this house for nearly 10 years. We'd visit NY so much, it was pointless to keep living in hotels. So my parents found this place and decided to buy it."

He paused and gazed at her. "Would you like a tour of the place?"

Liz' eyes lit up "Sure!"

Max showed her the downstairs first. Then ventured upstairs. They entered his bedroom.

Liz had been so amazed by the place she hadn't noticed that it was Max' bedroom she had just entered.

Max just stood in the door way looking at Liz. He definitely noticed. Liz parker was in his room. His bedroom to be exact. Erotic images started to fill his mind, and he felt himself harden. Images of him and Liz in the throes of passion in his king sized bed. Liz screaming out his name. Liz begging him to never stop. Liz to be his again, and not this Jason guy.

Liz had no idea of Max' thoughts. She had her back turned to him and was browsing around the magnificent room.

Max entered the room, and closed the door gently so it clicked without much sound. He locked the door. Then began to walk slowly towards Liz, his eyes full of lust. He couldn't control himself much longer. It had been so long since he was last with her. To be near her, to feel her, to taste her....he felt as though he could jump her any second. But he hung on for control.....just barely.

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Part 17

"Do you love him?"

"What?" Liz was startled by Max' question and spun around to face him.

Max repeated. "Do you love him? your boyfriend?"
"Max why are you asking me that?"

"Liz, just answer the question."

Liz hesitated before answering. "Yes, I love him."

Max was right in front of Liz now, his deep amber eyes gazing down at her, seeing into her very soul. Penetrating her. Liz started to back away, she was worried and uncomfortable with where the current situation might lead. She started to back away nearer to the door. Max slowly following to where ever she moved to. Never taking his eyes off her. He was like a tiger watching his prey. He took off his jacket and threw it over a chair.

" you take me home please? its late, and you probably have work tomorrow."

Her back connected with the door.

Max leaned in close to her. Close enough for Liz to feel his breath on her face, his body pressed with hers. Liz felt all tingly at the feeling of their bodies touching so intimately. She could feel his erection pressed against her lower abdomen.


Max' hands were pressed on either side of the door with Liz trapped in the midde. She tried to reach for the door handle but found it wouldn't open when she turned it. It was locked.

Max leaned in even closer, they were about a centimetre apart.

"Do you still love me?" he whispered to her face, almost touching her lips.

Liz gulped. 'Oh god! what did I get myself into?!!

Her heart pounded loudly in her chest. Adrenaline rushed through her body. Part of her felt excited about the situation she was in, and where it was most likely going to lead to, but another apart of her was terrified. She had never seen Max act like this before, he was usually so sweet and gentle, now the look that filled his eyes was something different, it was more dangerous, something primal, animalistic. And the thought of Jason finding out....he would go ballistic. And she couldn't do that to him...could she?

"Max, things have changed between us. I only love you as a friend now." 'yeah right Liz, as if!'

Max slowly kissed her cheek, moving up and down her face. Liz closed her eyes, and enjoyed the feeling. It was so wrong, but at the same moment, it felt so right.

"Well, we'll see about that Liz...." Max murmured in her ear, then licked the side of her face slowly.

Liz gasped out at the feeling of his wet hot tongue on her skin.

'Am not gonna have any control over myself if he keeps this up!' Liz tried to push him away, but it just made him press himself closer to her.

His hands stroked her bare arms, and playfully moved one of the straps of her dress off her shoulder.

"Max, no...."

Before she could finish, his lips crushed into hers. Kissing her hard and passionately.

Liz tried to struggle, but weakened with every kiss he gave her. All self control and rational think went out the window. All she could focus on was Max, his kisses, and touch.

His hand went up to her hair. He took the pins out, so her hair fell over her shoulders in waves. He ran his fingers through it. 'So silky, just how I remembered it.'

Max started to kiss down Liz' neck. She gasped and moan to the feeling. Liz could feel herself spiraling out of control.


"Liz....I've be .....with you.....for so long...its...been too long.....mmmmm......" Max managed to gasp out.

His hands touched her small slender waist, then moved upwards towards her chest. He cupped her breast through the thin material of her dress, and caressed it. Liz moaned at the feel of his hands touching her so intimately. Then Max slowly removed the other strap off her shoulder letting the dress fall freely around her feet. Exposing Liz. He had a full frontal view of her.

'She's magnificient' he thought with pleasure.

Max bent down towards her chest and took one breast towards his mouth. He heard Liz gasp loudly. It was like music to his ears. He sucked on her nipple, slowly at first, then harder, driving Liz into a frenzy. He then slowly kissed down her body to her flat tummy, then ventured lower. Never breaking a single kiss on her body, Max slowly pulled down Liz' black knickers. Liz stepped out of them. She was completely naked. Max looked up at Liz, her face was all flushed. 'And this is just the beginning' he thought wickedly.

Max kissed her sensitive area, slowly and torturously. His tongue slowly and playfully licking the inside of her, hot and wet. He lifted her leg over his shoulder so he could get a better access of her. Liz moaned and gasped louder and louder. She couldn't take it anymore, she was hanging on a cliff, and soon she would start to free fall .Free falling into a bottomless pit of pleasure. Max could feel her contracting inside, 'It won't be long now' he thought with wicked glee. He continued to dart is tongue faster and harder inside of her. The waves of pleasure washing over Liz was too much. She started to arch towards his head "Max!...please!.....stop......M...Ma......." Max was relentless. He didn't stop. Instead it just fueled him on to go twice as hard and fast. Liz exploded in ecstasy. Her hands tangled in his hair as she pushed his head closer towards her. Max started to lap up all her flowing honey. He just couldn't get enough of her. And he didn't want to waste a single drop. She tasted so good to him. Slightly salty and spicy, with a hint of sweetness, almost strawberry-like flavour. Max relished it.

Max slowly got up and faced Liz' flush face once more. She was breathing heavily. He kissed her lips, and stroked her damp her off her forehead.

"I love you liz....I've always loved you, and always will." he kissed her again with all the passion and love he felt for her in his entire being.

"I love you too Max...." she breathed.

Liz started to undo the buttons on his shirt, then moved her hands up to his shoulders to push it off. She ran her hands over his perfect body. She felt him tremble under her touch. Liz leaned in and gently kissed his chest, then up towards his neck, his face, then found his mouth. While she kissed him, her hands wandered down to his trousers. She quickly undid the button and zip, then pushed it down so his pants and boxers fell in a heap on the floor around Max' ankles.

Liz looked down and gazed wide eyed at max' proud erect member. It was huger than she last remembered. She shivered in anticipation of him being inside of her....moving inside of her.

Max quickly stepped out of his pants, and kicked them aside. His hands snaked around Liz' waist, the down to her buttocks. He have them an effectionate sqeeze, then lifted her up.
Liz wrapped her legs around Max waist, and her arms around his neck for support.

Max carried liz over to the bed, and laid her in the middle. He lay on top of her, kissing her hungrily again. She wiggled under him, and she pushed into his hard erection. Max gasped out at the feeling. Liz saw what she had done, and decided to tease him abit. She wiggled again, and pushed her thigh against his groin area. She giggled at his sensitive moans and gasps. Max felt like he was going to explode after that little act. Enough was enough.

Max parted Liz' legs further apart, then leans in to gaze at Liz' beautiful eyes. Gazed at her for permission to enter her warm dark caverns. Her eyes said it all. Just one simple look that spoke in volumes. Max leaned over and kissed Liz, while at the same time, he entered her. Liz gave a sharp moan at the intrusion. Max froze in place not daring to move. He let her adjust to the feeling of him inside her at her own time.

Liz started to move her hips against his. Max got the hint. He started to move against her, and soon set a rhythm going for them. Liz cried out in pleasure, loving the feeling of what Max was doing to her. Max' moans become louder, as he felt Liz' walls grip his manhood. He moved faster and harder inside of her, never wanting stop. Pound after pound, thrust after thrust, he just kept on going. Their cries mingled together just like their naked bodies.

The pressure that built between them was intense, so intense that they felt like a fiery volcano. And just like a volcano, they both erupted together. Erupting into waves of hot passionate pleasure.

Max lay on top of Liz unmoving. They just lay there panting and trying to get their breath back. Max buried his head in the side of Liz' neck.

"I love you Liz." he kissed her. "No matter how long we're apart, or how far, I'll always love you. Even in death and beyond."

Tears filled Liz eyes. Tears of joy and happiness. Liz rolled Max onto his back, and lay on top him. She gazed at him, her heart pounding. Now that she was with him, and he'd declared his love for her again, that tight feeling in her heart was gone. It was filled with a feeling of relief, happiness and loving passion for him. She wanted to be with him, to spent the rest of her life with him. But Liz was with someone else, no matter what she felt for Max.

Liz rested her head on Max' broad chest and closed her eyes, her heart aching with guilt and confusion.

'What am I suppose to do? I know I want to be with Max, but can I really stand to hurt Jason if I break up with him?'

Max drifted off into a blissful sleep with Liz wrapped in his arms. Liz on the other hand had a fitful night filled with dreams of betrayal, anger and hatred.

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Part 18

Liz woke the next morning with a hammering headache. She didn't get much sleep, and she felt exhausted and drained.

Max shifted from under her, and she gasped as a wave of pleasure washed through her. She whimpered into Max' chest.

"What? what is it?" Max asked waking up slowly, concerned at Liz' gasp, then realised that he was still buried deep within her. And his movement had caused her inner walls to contract on his manhood.

"Oh..." Max shifted his weight again, and Liz moaned out in pleasure.

Max moved more and more, gently thrusting deep within her. Teasing her. Driving her into ecstasy. Liz tried to move away, but Max had his arms wrapped tightly around her so she was locked in his grip. Liz had no strength to fight, and gave in the pleasure that crashed through her over and over again.

Max lifted Liz' face to meet his. She was flushed red, but there was something else in her expression..... 'sadness?' Max thought.

"Liz what's wrong?" It killed him to see her unhappy.

"" Liz got off Max and sat beside him on the bed. She looked at him, it took her breath away even with his morning rumpled hair just woken up look. In fact, he look out of this world sexy!

"Max, I feel really confused right now. I love you, and want to be with you.... but I already have a boyfriend who I adore. I don't know if I could just leave him. He would be so crushed.

It was Max' turn to look sad. But he understood Liz' situation and how she felt.

"It's ok Liz, I don't expect you to leave him and come back to me just because we met again.
You have a new life now. I can understand that." It pained him to say these thing, all he wanted to do was be with Liz for the rest of his life. Nothing else matter except for Liz. Not money, not power. Just plain and simple beautiful Liz.

Liz lay back down on the bed, and leaned her head on Max' shoulder and snuggled up close to him. She breathed him in. Enjoying their closeness.

"Max, am torn about what to do. I want to be with you, but Jason'll get hurt. But if I stay with Jason, I'll be missing you...." a tear rolled down her cheek and onto Max. He wiped away the wetness on her cheek and looked at her with the most tender eyes.

"Liz, maybe you should take some time to think about what's best for you. About what you really want. But know this, I'll always love you no matter what you decide" he kissed her tenderly on her forehead.

"I love you too Max."

They lay there in each others arms for another 10 minutes before Liz started to get up.

"I'd better get going. Maria'll be wondering where I am" Liz got off the bed and started to look for her clothes.

Max got up also. "I'll take you home."

After they got dressed, and ate breakfast, Max dropped Liz off at Maria's. He walked her all the way to her front door.

"I'll see you soon Liz." he kissed her on her lips, smiled, then left.

Liz stood on the spot looking after Max until he disappeared into the elevator. She sighed, then opened the door to the apartment.


Maria was sitting on the couch drinking coffee. She looked towards the door when it opened.

"Liz! you're home. So I take it, your date with Max went well?" she wiggled her eyebrows at Liz.

Liz sat down next to Maria and sighed.

"Yeah, it went...very well."

Maria heard the sadness in Liz' voice. "Liz what's wrong?"

"Maria, I feel so confused right now. I love my boyfriend, but after last night with Max..." her cheeks blushed red. "Um....well, lets just say that I still have feelings for Max."

Maria nodded in sympathy.

"And I don't wanna hurt them both. If I leave Max, he'll be crushed since he's told me how much he still loves me, even after all these years. And if I leave Jason, he'll be crushed too. Plus he's gonna want an explanation.And if he ever found out about what happened between me and Max.....he's gonna be disappointed and angry at me. Plus, I don't know if I can live with the guilt of that betrayal."

Maria gave liz a comforting hug.

"Liz, I think you really need to think about yourself here. I know it sounds selfish, but for the long term, it's gonna be you who'll either suffer in misery, or be happy with the one you love. I think you should take some time to think things through. Reflect on what you really want, rather than on what's the right thing to do."

Liz gave Maria a small smile. "You sound like a agony aunt."

Maria laughed, "Well, I don't wanna see my friends suffer."

"Thank god Jason's not here right now. I don't know if I can face him yet."

Ring Ring Ring Ring

Maria leant over to the small table to answer the phone.

"Hello? yeah, just hold on a minute"

Maria covers the mouth piece as she hands the phone over to Liz. her expression slightly pale.

"It's Jason."

Liz face went white. 'Oh god! noo! why is he calling me now? I'll probably end up babbling and spilling everything out to him!'

Liz took the phone with shaky hands, and tried to maintain a calm regular voice as she spoke.

"Hi Jason. How's it going?"

"It's going good! Liz listen, I really missed you, so I thought I'd take a few days off to come visit you. My boss already agreed to let me off work, so is that ok with you?"

"Um, sure, that's great Jase" her voice nearly cracked on the answer. 'what else am I suppose to say? no, you can't come visit me?'

"Liz are you ok? you sound a bit funny"

Liz cleared her throat. "Yeah am fine, I must be getting cold or something. Um, so when do you arrive?"

"Tomorrow, late evening, about 9-ish."

"Do you have a place to stay? cos I don't think Maria would mind one more guest stayed at her place." she looked at Maria.

"No, its ok. I have a hotel included with the flight."

"Ok, well, I'll meet you at the airport tomorrow."

"Ok, I love you Liz, and I can't wait to see you again."

"love you to Jase."

"Bye sweetie"

They both hung up.

Liz put the receiver down, and sat down on the couch with her head buried in her hands.

"Maria, Jason's coming to NY tomorrow evening. Why does my life have to be so damn complicated!" Liz gave out a frustrated cry.

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Part 19

"Jason over here!" Liz waved.

Jason spotted Liz waiting for him outside the gates in the airport, and rushed over to her. He took her in his embrace and kiss her passionately.

"I missed you so much" he breathed.

"I missed you too." She looked at his luggage. "Come on, you must be tired from your flight, which hotel are you staying at?"

"The Miramar"

Together they headed out the airport.


At the hotel room.

"Thanks for the help" Jason gave the bellhop a tip, who then left closing the door behind him.

"So, do you need any help unpacking?" Liz glanced up at Jason.

Jason strolled over to her and wrapped her up in his arms. "Packing can wait, I was thinking of something a little more less boring." he gave her a sexy grin. Liz immediately pictured Max' sexy grin that drove her wild. Liz pushed that picture out of her head.

"Hmm, really? and what exactly was it that you had in mind?" Liz gave him the innocent answer and look, but knew exactly what he had in mind.

"Well..."he kissed her cheek, then took her lips in his. "let me..." more kisses "show you...."

Liz melted into his kisses. Jason slowly undressed Liz, then himself. He carried her over to the bed and laid her down. After half an hour of foreplay, he entered Liz, he moved easily in and out of her, driving Liz to the brink of ecstasy. They moaned and cried out in pleasure.

"Arrhhh.....mmmm....uhhh....Ma....." Liz suddenly stoppped herself before she could finish the word. 'oh my god! I nearly moaned out Max' name! here I am making love to my boyfriend, and I nearly cry out max' name!'

Jason didn't seem to notice her almost mistake. He was already over the edge of the abyss.

Jason lay on top of Liz for a while, then looked into her beautiful brown eyes. "I love you Liz." he kissed her again before he rolled off her, and pulled her next to him, so she was spooned against him. He snuggled into her neck, and fell asleep.

Liz couldn't sleep, her mind was a blur. She gazed out the window. There was a full moon shining directly into the room. She gazed at the bright moon, it gave such a wonderful contrast against the dark night sky. Her mind started to drift.....drifting back to Max..... 'I wonder what he's doing right now.... '


Across the other side of NY, Max was lying on his bed. He couldn't sleep either. He saw the bright moon beaming down on him. He gazed at it. His mind wandered back to the night when he and Liz had watched the meteor shower together on the beach 3 years ago. That was the night she had told him that she had wanted to be with him, that she loved him. That was the happiest day of his life. 'How did things change so much?' his heart still ached for her; even more so now than before, now that they'd slept together again. He wanted her back. Boyfriend or no boyfriend, he wanted her back. She was like no other girl he had met. Sure he had dated some girls when he moved to NY, but he kept unconsciously comparing them to Liz. No other girl seem to be right for him. In his heart, he felt this strong connection or bond when he was with Liz. She was his soul mate, the love of his life. And he was gonna get her back.

Part 20

Maria had invited all her friends over for dinner. She thought it'd be good for everyone to see each other again under the same roof. Plus, it'd give Liz a chance to see and decide who she really wanted to be with. Ok, cruel to have them both in the same room with Liz, but the poor girl needs to decide who she wants to be with and soon. She'd been so miserable the past 2 days, she'd probably have a breakdown soon. It destroyed Maria to see her best friend like that.

They all say around the neatly decorated dining table, 2 candles burned in the center, and the food was laid around it. The lights had been dimmed, so it created a warm cozy atmosphere. Maria was good at doing things like that. Especially the situation Liz was currently in, she definitely needed a relaxed atmosphere.

Maria sat on the end of the table next to Michael, Michael sat next to Max. Max sat directly infront of Liz, Liz was sitting next to Jason. And Alex sat on the end of the table facing Maria.

Jason chatted away with the group, oblivious to what had been going on. The group was slightly awkward, but hid it well with casual friendly conversations.

"So, Max, what do you do for a living?" enquired Jason.

'So this is the guy that Liz is dating?' Max thought.

"I work for my father' company. I do all kinds of things. Stock market, real-estate work, among other things."

"Interesting" Jason mused.

"So, Jason, what do you do?"

"Am a lawyer"

'A lawyer? god this guy must be so boring!' "So what kind of law do you deal with?"

"I deal with conveyancing"

They continued to chat for a while before Liz excused herself from the table, and went into the kitchen to put her plate in the sink. Max followed her in a minute later.

Liz leaned on the counter, and rubbed her temples. She was feeling the strain of the night. Maria really shouldn't have held this dinner party. It was hard sitting at the same table with Max and Jason being there. Plus, everyone knew what was going on except for Jason. It seemed so unfair on him.

Liz had been so caught up in her thoughts, she didn't hear Max enter and put his plates down.
He walked up behind her and slipped his arms around her slim waist.

"You ok Liz?" he murmured in her ear.

Liz jumped in surprise. "Max! wha..." she realized his arms were around her waist, she moved away from him. "Am fine." Max moved close to Liz again. "So, that's the guy your seeing huh?" Liz looked up at him. "Yeah. And I don't think you should stand so close. He could walk in any minute." Max ingored her statement, and slowly ran his hand through her silky wavy hair. "I've missed you. I keep about about us and the other night..." Liz blushed a crimson red.

Just then, Jason walked in the kitchen. Max quickly pulled his hands away from Liz, and took a step back.

Jason stood there looking at the two of them. "Liz, you ok? you seem kinda flushed" he eyed Max suspiciously. Max just gave him a small innocent smile. "Am just feeling a bit unwell, maybe its that flu thing." Jason rushed over to her and put his arms around her. "You should go sit down. Liz saw Max' hurt expression before Jason guided her out the room.

TBC!! feedback please!!
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Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates, just to let you know, I've started writing another dreamer fanfic. It's titled: Belle d'amour go read that too, and let me know what you think of it!!

Thanks for all the feedback, and bumps. Its appreciated. Ok, this weeks chapter *happy*

Part 21

For the next 2 days, Liz spent her time with Jason. But the more time she spent with him, the more she seemed to miss Max. 'Oh this is not good. I can't take this anymore. Am gonna have to break up with Jason. What the hell am I gonna tell him? I'll just have to try and find the right time before I do.'

Jason could sense something was going on. Liz had been so distant the last 2 days. The way she and that Max guy acted together....wait a Liz having an affair with him? She couldn't possibly....could she? Jason looked over at Liz. Her expression was haunting and empty. It was as though she's had a lot on her mind, and it was not due to the flu that she said she was getting. Sitting on the park bench with Liz, he gazed at the passing people.

"Liz..." Jason began gently. "Is there something you wanna tell me, or talk to me about?"

Liz looked up at him, sadness in her eyes. She shook her head. ""

"Liz, for these past few days since I've been here, you've changed, you seem different. We used to be so happy together, and now...." he took a deep breath.

A tear rolled down Liz' cheek. 'Oh god, he's gonna hate me for what am about to do.'

"Jason, I don't think we should see each other anymore." she didn't meet his eyes. She couldn't look at him.

"What? what did you....just say?" he thought he heard it wrong.

Liz repeated. "I don't think we should see each other anymore....I wanna break up." another tear rolled down her cheek, and she quickly wiped it away.

Jason grabbed her hand, and pulled her to face him. "Liz why? did I do something wrong? what's made you decide this?" he pleaded her for an answer to this horrible nightmare.

Liz took a deep breath, but her voice was shaky. "Jason, its not you, it me. I've...changed. I don't feel the same way about you the way I did when we first met."

The next thing that Jason said startled Liz. "Liz are you having an affair with Max Evans?" he choked out.

'Oh shit! he knows! he knows!'

"Liz please don't lie to me. I've seen the way you two act around each other. You're hiding something." he looked at her with tender eyes. "Is he the reason you're breaking up with me?"

Tears started to flow down Liz' cheeks. 'Well, I guess he found his explaination.'

"Am so sorry Jason..." Liz could see the pain in his eyes and features.

Jason sighed and looked at the passing people again.

"Liz, did you sleep with him? while you were still with me?" Liz could feel her betrayal ripping a hole in her heart.

She nodded. She couldn't hide it from him any longer, though she was to regret it.

Tears started to stream down Jason's face. "How could you Liz? I loved you with all my heart, and this is how you repay me...."

"Jason am sooo sorry...."

"No Liz, your not sorry, if you were, you wouldn't have betrayed me like this. I thought you loved me, but I guess I was wrong. I misjudged you." he started to get up to leave.

"No, it's not true! I you!" Liz pleaded.

Anger and hatred flashed in his eyes.

"Liz, no-one has ever hurt me the way you have just done today. I'll never forget this. Never." he seethed.

And with that, he walked off, leaving Liz staring at his back. Tears streamed down her face blurring her vision.

"Am so sorry Jason, I truly am....please forgive me." she whispered to herself, but she knew Jason would never forgive her, not even on the day he died.

Liz sat there for another 2 hours. Numb. She couldn't move. She just sat there on the bench with her raging emotions. She couldn't stop thinking about what had just happened 2 hours previously. Tears continued to flow down her cheeks. People who passed her asked her if she was ok, but she'd just ingored them, and they'd walk on wondering why the brunette was in tears.

There was only one person in the world that could make her feel better again.

"Max...I have to see Max!"

Liz got up, ran out the park and hailed a cab. 'God! I hope he's home.'

After a 15 minute ride, Liz paid the driver and got out the cab. She ran up the porch steps and rang the doorbell. "Please Max, please be home!"

Liz rang the doorbell a few more times. No-one answered. Max wasn't home.

Liz sighed and sat on the step, and leaned her head against the huge pillar beam. 'He must be working late today' she thought. Liz felt exhausted. She had been feeling that for the past week or so. But after all the crying she'd done, she felt like she could go to sleep and never wake up again. Liz closed her eyes, and soon, drifted off to sleep.

TBC!! feedback please! *happy*

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moonieADT originally wrote:
Liz is pregers ....? Just a wild guess..If so Max better be the dad ....

Im in suspense here .. hurry back and post more damn it! *wink*

Maybe she is, maybe she's not. hehe, you'll just have to wait and see! *big*

Just wondering, what made you think Liz Might be pregnant?
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moonieADT originally wrote:
Liz felt exhausted. She had been feeling that for the past week or so.

Same thing happened to my wife....

It just set of alarms ringing ... (had a few scares *wink*)

Great story .. kind a real life-ish...

Really? lol, I had no idea when I wrote that!

You really think it's real life-ish? well, I must be doing something right in my writing them!

Thanks for the feedback!

Oh! I was wondering, on the signiture, how do you link it to your other fics? am trying to do that, but it keeps saying am over 225 characters or something. But I've noticed, that yours and some other peoples are linked.

Can you tell me how to link it?

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Hi everyone, thanks for the feedback, its appreciated! love the bumpers too!

hehe, let max and liz be together, if only life was that easy. Plus, it'll be a boring story which would have to end soon if it as like that.

Nah, I have other plans for them! *sniggers evilly* ahem!....anyhoo, back to todays chapter! *big*

Part 22

When Max got out his car and headed for the steps, he was shocked to see Liz on his doorstep asleep. She looked pale and drained. He ran up to her and crouched down so he could look at her properly.

He gently touched her cheek. "Liz?" God she felt so cold! and it was nightfall, the temperature had dipped at least 6 degrees. 'Why is Liz here? she'd freeze to death by sitting out here.' "Liz? Liz wake up." He shook her a little. "Liz..." Liz began to stir, and shivered. She opened her eyes, and locked gazes with the most intense eyes she'd ever seen.
"Max...where...where you?" She shivered again, and her teeth chatted while she spoke. "I..w....was...w...waiting for you....for..a...ages....." Max quickly took off his jacket and pulled it over Liz. "Sorry, I had a long meeting." he pulled Liz up. "Liz, why are you sitting out here in the cold?" Liz stared at him, then recalled the afternoon she'd had, and tears rolled down her cheeks once more. It crushed his heart to see her like this. "Come on. We have to get you warmed up first, then you can tell me about it." He opened the door, and with his arms around Liz to keep her warm, lead her inside his house.

Liz sat on the couch and waited for Max to return from the kitchen with a steaming hot cup of chocolate. She still felt deathly cold. Her hands shook as she took a sip from her cup.


Max took the drink off her before she spilled the hot liquid. "Come on, we have to get you warmed up."

He lead her upstairs to his room. Memories of their passionate night flashed into their heads.
Right now, it wasn't about sex. If Liz didn't warm up soon, she'd probably catch pneumonia.

Max put down her drink on the bedside table, and lead Liz over by the bed. He began stripping off his clothes, much to the shock and amusement of Liz. All he wore was his boxers. He came over to her and took her in his embrace.

"We need to share our body heat. It's the only way you'll get warm fast enough." he whispered in her ear.

Liz slowly nodded, and Max stripped her down until she was only wearing her underwear.
He pulled the covers back on the bed and let Liz get in first before climbing in himself. He pulled Liz on top of him, and the covers over them. Liz shivered at the cold, but also at the feeling of being on skin contact with Max. Max wrapped his arms around her, and Liz snuggled against his neck. It felt so good to be in his warm embrace again. It felt so right.

They both lay there for a while in silence while Liz began to slowly warm up. Liz slowly say up, and leaned on the headboard. She reached for her warm drink, and drank about half. Max just watched her.

"Feel better?"

Liz nodded.

"Now, you want to tell me about it?"

Liz looked up at him, sadness deep in her eyes.

"I broke up with Jason this afternoon. He hates me so much!" tears streamed down her face.

"I guess I deserve it though. And, he knew about....about us." Liz took a deep breath. "He asked if we'd slept together while I was still with him."

Max gently brushed a strand of hair off her forehead. "What did you tell him?"

Liz looked at him, eyes filled with regret. "The truth. Why didn't I just lie about it? maybe it would've saved him so much pain he's suffering right now."

Max just held her tighter. "What's done is done Liz, you can't change the past. You only have the future to look forward to now."

Liz took a deep sigh. "I know. I know. But it just really hurts you know?"

Max kissed her tenderly on her forehead. "I know, but the pain will pass."

"You know, I feel like I've been through the wringer this past week. All these just...I just feel really tired you know?"

Liz snuggled into Max, and laid her head on his chest listening to his heart beat.

"Well, then you should get some proper rest."

Liz didn't hear what Max said. She was already in a deep sleep.

TBC!! feedback please!
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Hi everyone, thanks for the feedback. I've been really busy with school, and hence the lack of updates here. I'll try and get a chapter up sometimes this week. *happy* just be patient with me.

Btw, thanks to dreamerlitten who made me my wonderful banner. I was wondering, how can I make it smaller in size?

I usually type in the size of the width and height just after the pic addy, but it dosen't seem to be working here. Can someone help? I want you all to see my wonderful new banner!!

See you's all later! *wink*
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Hi everyone, Ok, I was gonna leave this till a it later on in the week, but I figured you guys have been waiting long enough for the next part. so here it is. *happy*

Part 23

Liz woke the next morning feeling more refreshed and relaxed than she had in the previous week. She turned her head to see Max gazing down at her. 'how long's he been awake for?' Liz wondered.

"Morning" Max said huskily.

"Morning Max. How long have you been awake?"

"A while. I didn't want to wake you, but I couldn't stop gazing at your sleeping form. You look like an angel when you sleep. Did you know that?"

Liz could feel herself blush.

"Max, that's really mushy stuff to say in the morning."

Max gazed at Liz, and smiled. "You look amazing this morning."

Liz smiled at him. "Yeah well, I feel amazing. Well, better than I did in the past week. Its like this big rain cloud just moved away from me. I feel...lighter."

Max gently caressed her face. "I guess you made the right decision then."

Liz was silent in thought for a moment. "Yeah, I guess I did."

Max bent over for a morning kiss, but Liz stopped him with her finger gently placed on his lips.

"Kiss later, brush teeth first."

Max groaned at her resistance. "Liz, please! just one kiss...."

"No Max." Liz said giggling, and got up off the bed and headed into the bathroom.

Max eagerly followed her in.


Liz and Max started to brush their teeth over the wide sink.

"So what do you have planned for today?" Liz managed to mumble out.

Max spat into the sink and rinsed his mouth. "Well, I was thinking of taking the day off work, and spending it with you."

Liz rinsed her mouth and dabbed it try with a towel. "Max should you really miss work for me? we can always spend time when you get off work."

Max reached over and pulled her waist to meet his body. "Am the boss of the company, and if I decide to take the day off work, well...its not like anyone can stop me." he grinned at her.

"Ok, so now that we have the day to ourselves, what you do have in mind Mr Evans?" Liz starting leaning in close to Max.

"Well, for starters, how about that morning kiss?" Max tilted his head and gently touched Liz lips with his, then his kisses grew more and more passionate. Soon they were both left gasping for air. "Wow! I should wake up more often with you in the mornings" Liz teased.

Max just gave her one of his sexy grins. "Time for the first course..."

Before Liz could respond, Max pulled down his boxers and pulled Liz into the shower with him. He turned on the shower and let the warm water spray over them.

Max' mouth crushed over Liz', his hands roaming over her body. His hand came into contact with Liz' underwear, an obstruction. Well, that can be remedied easily. Max unclasped her bra, and pulled it off her shoulders, never breaking the kiss. He heard Liz moan at his actions.
He kissed down her neck, then down her body, finally reaching her knickers, and pulled them off in one swift move. He kissed her flat stomach, then worked upwards over her breasts. Liz gasped and moaned at the sensations Max was currently giving her. He reached her mouth once more and devoured her lips hungrily. Max pushed Liz up against the wall, his body pinning her there with his weight. His hips started to grind gently against her pelvis. Liz couldn't take it anymore, the sensations running through her was like torture, the ache below was begging for release. Yet Max continued his torturously slow movements.

"Max...please!...." Liz begged.

Max decided to play innocent, and smiled at her instead. "Please what?"

"Maaxx....." Liz whimpered into his shoulder. "Noooo....aah...tea....teasing" she panted out.

Ok, enough fooling around, in truth Max was on the edge of exploding himself if he didn't enter her, but he held on for a little longer to tease Liz. Now he gently slid into her warm slick caverns which was eagerly waiting for him. Liz cried out as he felt him enter her.... finally. She was in heaven. Max set a rythem going for them, and they both panted and moan out each others name, and whispered sweet words of love to each other. Liz wrapped her legs around Max' waist as he lifted her up to get better access of her.

"Maaaxx...harder...pleassse....." Liz managed to gasp out.

Max slammed into her, over and over into wall like there was no tomorrow. The pressure was builting, the feelings were intense and super charged. Then.....explosions and fireworks were created. Max and Liz gasped out at their release. They didn't move for a while, still trying to get their breaths back, then Max leaned into Liz and gave her a sweet passionate kiss.

"I love you Liz Parker, always have and always will. Am glad your back with me again. I'll never ever let you go again."

He kissed her again.

"I love you too Max."

Max turned off the shower and grabbed a large towel off the rack to dry them both off.

"So, what do you wanna do for the rest of the day?" Liz asked, while towel drying her hair.

Max gave her a mischievous look. "Well, I thought we could go back to bed...."

Liz threw her wet towel at him. It landed over his head. He pulled it over which created a spiky look in his hair. Liz giggled at the sight of him.

"What?" Max asked puzzled.

"Love the the new look Max."

He turned to look in the large mirror, his hair was sticking out in numerous places. He began to combed through his hair with his fingers.

Liz walked up behind him and placed her arms over his shoulders.

"Aww, Maxie don't like the new look?" she kissed him on the side of the cheek. "Shame, that spikey wet look really turns me on...." Max quickly began to mess up his hair again, and spun to face Liz, pulling her into his arms. " I turn you on right now?" he whispered huskily. Liz nodded and kissed him. He returned her kiss with passion. Just when he was getting into it, Liz pulled away from him.

"Come on, we can go have picnic lunch, then go to the movies a bit later on." Liz gave him a flirty smile.

Max sighed. "Ok, ok, you win. We'll go enjoy our day outdoors today."

Liz headed out the room to get changed.

TBC!! feedback please!

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Ok, am back with another chapter. Enjoy!

Part 24

2 hours later

"So where do you want to have our picnic?" Max asked as he and Liz walked down the streets of NY. He was carrying a picnic basket.

Max spotted a nice spot in the park across the road by some group of trees; there were some benches available for them to sit on.

"Hey Liz, how about over there? by those trees?"

Liz glanced over in the direction Max was indicating to. Her heart tightened when she saw the spot. Liz stood there staring, she couldn't move. Max noticed Liz' change in behaviour.

"Liz? Liz what's wrong?" he placed his hands on her shoulder concerned.

"" I could feel tears welling in my eyes as memories flooded back to me. I wanted to run away from the place as fast as I could, but my feet just weren't co-operating with my brain. Damn them! I saw Max' worried expression, he had no idea.

"Um, Max, could we eat someplace else? its just's..." I took a deep breath "That's the spot where I broke up with Jason yesterday."

Max pulled Liz into a comforting hug. "Am sorry, I had no idea..."

"No, it's ok Max, you didn't know."

With his arm around Liz' shoulders, Max lead liz away to another different area.

"I know this really beautiful spot where we could have our lunch. You'll love it." Max tried to get Liz to cheer up and forget about sadness in the past. Liz gave him a small smile.

Max lead Liz to a different park, through the trees, and out into a clearing where there was a lake.

I looked at our new surroundings, and gazed at the beautiful lake in front of me. It was shimmering under the rays of the sun. The day wasn't too warm, but it was comfortable enough to enjoy a picnic and take in the scenery.

Max laid out a blanket on the ground under a willow tree, he then proceeded to take the food out the basket and laid them out on the blanket.

Max sat with his back to the tree, and Liz lay back on his chest. They had the perfect view of the lake in front of them. Plus the branches from the willow provided some shade from the hazy sun.

"This is a beautiful place Max."

I forked up a strawberry and fed him it.

"Mmm, I used to come here a lot to think. It has that calming effect on me." Max replied while he munched the fruit.

"Think about what?" Liz turned her head up to look at him.

Max was silent for a moment before replying.



"Yeah, I came here regularly to think about you, the relationship we had, and how wrong it went when we didn't see each again for 3 years. I've always wondered what you were doing in life, where you were, if we were ever going to meet again. I'd missed you so badly that I kinda blamed myself for losing you. I should've tried to contact you again sooner.....before you went away...."

Liz sat up and looked deeply into his eyes.

"But Max, you didn't lose me. We're together now." She kissed him lovingly.

"Liz, please promise you'll never leave me, I love you beyond what words can describe, and I don't know what I'll do if you're gone again."

"Max, don't worry. I love you too, and I promise to always be with you. Loving you, caring for you, until the day I die."

Max pulled Liz close and kissed her with all the love and passion he felt for her in his entire being and soul.


Later that evening after the movie, Max and Liz walked out the theatre arms wrapped around each other to keep warm. Suddenly Liz stopped walking and looked around the dark streets.

"Liz? what's wrong?"

I had this strangest sensation, like I was being watched, you know like the feeling of eyes at the back of the head feeling. I looked around the crowds, but didn't spot anyone I know. The street and shop lights didn't help too much, it might've been better if it was day time.

"Um...nothing...I...I uh....its nothing. Probably just my overactive imagination."

"You're sure?"

"Max I'm fine. Lets go home."

In truth, I wasn't fine. That being watched feeling wasn't going away. I snuggled closer to Max for comfort, it did little to ease the feeling.

Hidden in the shadows of the trees, the dark figure watched Max and Liz leave the theatre and walking away. The girl had stopped and surveyed the place as if she could 'sense' something. But decided it was her imagination playing tricks no less. They continued to walk away wrapped in each others arms.

The dark figure continued to watch them until they disappeared from sight.

TBC!! Thought I'd make things interesting again *wink* Feedback please!!
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Um...just wondering, can anyone actually view my first page?

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Does anyone know what it means, or how I can fix it? *sad*
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HI everyone, well FINALLY all my deadlines are met, and I'm on my xmas hols! woohoo!! *big* yeah, after 20 hours straight of trying to complete all the work, I got lazy, and couldn't be bothered to write, but....well, I've had a few days off, and here's 3 new chapters!! *happy*

Part 25

Over the next week, Liz divided her time between Max and her friends. Sometimes they'd all hang out together or have dinner. But most of the time, they lead their separate lives.

Maria had taken Liz christmas shopping in all the most expensive shops possible. Bloomingdales, Macys. Maria had insisted that they had better quality stuff there, and that she could afford it now.

"Maria, please don't let this fame stuff go to your head. You're just starting out, and if you're not careful, you could lose all you earn before you know what's hit you."

"Liz, I am careful, but its christmas, it's tradition that we splurge a little." Maria said grinning at Liz.

Liz could only shake her head and smile. Maria was such a shopperholic.

Liz' smile disappeared when she felt the feeling of being watched again.

"Liz? Liz what's wrong?"

"Um...." I looked at the other people around me, I couldn't see anyone I knew and I couldn't see anyone looking or remotely staring at me, but why was that feeling there again? Should I tell Maria about it? she'll probably think its my imagination.....

"Um...its probably my imagination, but if I tell you, will you promise not to laugh at me?"

Maria nodded concerned.

"I feel like someone is watching me, but I can't see who it is, I just get this tingly feeling of being watched. And its not the first time its happened either. It happened last week after the movies with Max."

Maria took a step closer to Liz protectively, and surveyed around as she spoke.

"Liz, if this isn't the first time its happened, then I doubt its your imagination. Have you told Max about this?"

"No. I didn't think it was that big a deal, and it hasn't happened again until now. I thought it was my brain playing tricks on me."

"Liz, maybe we should go to the police..."

"And tell them what Maria? that some invisible person is stalking me? we have no proof, just my wacked out senses."

"Liz, you HAVE to tell Max about this. I know he'll be worried, but at least he can protect you. I doubt he would forgive himself if anything happened to you."

Liz nodded. "Ok, I'll tell him tomorrow. He's cooking, can you believe it?"

Maria eyes went wide. "Max can cook? you are one lucky girl." she said grinning.

"Well, he's improving. But the food really isn't half bad!"

Maria thought for a moment "Maybe Michael can get cooking tips off him, that way, I won't have to cook all the time, he can serve me!"

Liz laughed. "I doubt Michael would be happy about that. Learning to cook from another guy. But hey, maybe. You'll never know, he might wanna impress you or something one day."

"Yeah, in my dreams Liz."

Liz looked around again.

"Hey, Maria, that being watched feeling is gone. Maybe we should hurry with our shopping before it returns."

Maria agreed, and they quickly tried to make the shopping trip fun once more.

Part 26

When they got home, they found Michael and Alex sitting on the couch watching sports.

"Hey, you girls are home early. Thought you won't be back for at least another 3 hours." Alex called to them as they took off their coats.

Maria spoke quietly to Liz. "They don't know either do they?" Liz shook her head. "Liz you have to tell them. This could be serious."

Liz and Maria walked and sat down on the sofa. Maria turned off the tv.

"Hey! I was watching that!" cried Michael.

"Guys, we have something to tell you, and it could be serious."

She had their attention now.

"The reason we're home earlier than we normally would've been is because Liz thinks she's being stalked. So we decided not to stay out too long."

Both Alex and Michael turned to face Liz.

"Are you sure? when did it happen? are you ok?" Alex rushed on.

"Alex, calm down. I'm fine. At first I thought it was my head playing tricks on me when it happened last week after the movies with Max. I felt strongly the feeling of being watched. It didn't happen again until earlier on when me and Maria were shopping."

"Maybe we should call the police." Alex reached for the phone.

"We can't Alex. We don't have any idea if someone is actually stalking Liz, but she just gets these gut feelings."

"Look, the reason we're telling you this is just incase someone knows where she lives and comes knocking on our door, or if Liz is out with us next time, we can be aware of any dangers to her."


Maria suddenly perked up. "Hey, you don't think it could be your ex-boyfriend do you? I mean like, you did dump him to be with Max."

They gave Liz a worried look.

"No, he's probably back in California by now. There's no reason for him to stay here anymore. And he doesn't seem like the psycho stalking type."


Michael scrubbed his face with both hands. "Does Max know about this?"

"No. I'll tell him tomorrow over dinner."

Alex handed Liz the phone. "Why don't you call him to let him know now?"

"Alex, he's at work, and I don't wanna disturb him. And besides, I'm sure one day won't make a difference. I'm not going out again tonight. So I'll be safe. Plus you guys are here with me."

"Ok, Liz. You win. But you must tell Max ASAP." Alex gave Liz a comforting hug. He couldn't imagine anything bad happening to his buddy from childhood.

"Well, we can call for a pizza later on, and eat in." Michael reached for the remote, and switched on the TV. He acted normal, they all did, but in truth, they were all scared and worried for Liz.

Part 27

Later that eveing

Maria put the phone down.

"Pizza guy said he'd be here in about half an hour."

She walked into the kitchen to make herself a drink. When she walked out, she shook her head in dismay.

"Do you guys HAVE to watch sport ALL evening? Can't we watch something else?"

"Something else like what?" Michael answered without turning around.

"I dunno, a movie or something." Maria plopped down on the couch beside Liz.

"Just give us five more minutes...." Michael continued in a distant voice.

Maria sighed and leant back on the couch. She glanced at Liz. She had a faraway look on her face.

"Liz?" No answer. "Liz?!" Maria gave her a light shove on the shoulder.

"Hmm? what? is the pizza here?"

Maria looked at her concerned. "No Liz, pizza's not due for another half hour. What's wrong? you seemed to have spaced out for a while."

"Its nothing. I'm fine, must've been day dreaming" Liz tried to give Maria a reassuring smile, but failed to convince. Nothing could get past Maria.

"Liz, stop lying. You're worried about the stalker person aren't you?"

Liz was silent. Her face told her best friend everything. She looks down meekly at her hands.

"Maria, I'm really scared. What if it gets worse? its watching now, but what next?"

Maria gave Liz a comforting hug.

"Its ok, it'll be ok. We'll work it out together. Even if we don't have any proof, maybe we should go to the police anyway. We'll just tell them that you think someone is stalking you, and maybe they'll get someone to look in to it."

Liz thought for a moment, then nodded. "We'll give that a try. Plus it might put my mind at ease a little." she smiled at Maria. A real smile this time. She relaxed a little.

Just then, there was a knock at the door.

"Oh! must be the pizza guy.....wait, didn't you say he was gonna be half an hour?" Liz asked Maria and looked at the door puzzled.

"Yeah, that's what he said. Maybe he's got most of his deliveries done, and that's why he's early."

The knock came again a bit more harder.

Liz looked for her purse. "Hey, has anyone seen my purse?"

They all looked around them.

"Oops! sorry Liz, I didn't realize it was there." Alex said sheepishly handing over Liz's squashed purse he's been leaning on.

Liz grabbed the purse and gave him an annoyed look. She headed for the door while rummaging through her bag for money.

The knock came again more harder and forceful.

"Ok! ok! I'm coming!"

Liz opened the door and froze. The smell nearly knocking her sick.

She looked at the person standing there glaring at her.

'Ok, definitely not the pizza guy.'

TBC!! *wink* So, what do you think? We're getting to the exciting part!!

You know, I woke up one morning, and for some reason really wanted to watch lonely hearts. Course that can't happen since its a fanfic, plus its not finished yet. Aren't I nuts?! lol *big*

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Hi everyone, thanks for the fedback and bumps. I've just finished writing this part, and couldn't wait to share it with you! I was nearly in tears writing this *sad* Let me know what you think!

Part 28

"J..Jason...wh...what are you...d..doing here?" I managed to stutter out through my shock. He's suppose to be in California, why is he still here? and god! he looks so angry and pissed! What the hell happened to him? he's a mess! his clothes are crumpled and dirty. There must've been a weeks worth of stubble on his face. His hair's a mess.....and my god! he totally reeks!! Its the smell of alcohol and unwashed sweat....Uh...I think am gonna throw up right here on ths spot!

Jason leaned on the door frame as Liz took a step back from him. He held a bottle of whisky in one hand. He gave Liz a leering look. Then sneered at her.

"What? you not happy to see me now?"

"No.....yes...I...I thought you went back to California after we...."

"After you dumped me for that FUCKING LOSER!!" He yelled at her.

Maria and the gang knew something was badly wrong, they rushed to Liz' side to see what the problem was, and was surprised to see a dishevelled Jason standing there taking occasion swigs from his bottle and yelling at Liz.

Jason looked at the gang who had just rushed to the door. "Oh look, the whole bloody gang is here. You guys probably knew all along that Liz was cheating on me, and you didn't even bother telling me about it."

Jason takes a swig from his bottle, dribbling some of the liquid down the sides of his mouth and onto his shirt.

Liz cringed.

"" Jason hiccups. "Is he here?"

"Is who here?" Maria walked next to Liz and put a protective arm around her shoulders.

"Max fucking Evans!! Who do you think?!"

Michael stepped forward in a face-off with Jason. "Right, that's enough. Maybe you should leave now." Michael reached out to push Jason away from the door, but Jason slapped his hand away.

"He's here isn't he? that's why you're pushing me to leave." Jason craned his neck to look inside the apartment. "MAX!! MAX!! GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE AND FACE ME LIKE A MAN!! YOU SON OF A BITCH!!"

"Jason please calm down! Max isn't here!" Liz pleaded.

Jason glared at her, eyes full of drunken hatred.

"Yoooou...." his voice slurred. "Yooou back stabbing bitch! I loved you, I did everything for you, and you go and fuck with the first loser you come across behind my back!!"

Liz shrank back into the room at his words. She was terrified of him now. He wasn't the Jason she once knew and loved. No. This was someone else all together. And this change in person happened because of her. Because she broke up with him. Betrayed him.It's all my fault!

"Do you have any idea what you did to me that day? you killed me Liz! You ripped out my heart and stomped all over it! You thought I'd just forgive and forget and go back to California and forget about you. Well you're wrong Liz."

He threw his bottle across the wall.

They all jumped in surprise
The bottle connected with the solid wall and shattered into a hundred pieces of broken glass.

While Jason was talking to Liz, Michael slowly walked over to the phone. He was gonna call the police; this was getting out of control. He didn't make it to the phone before he heard Jason yell, female voices gasping in fear, and Alex stating his worst fear.

Jason was beyond self control or knowledge of what he was doing. The alcohol fuelled him on with his added hatred for Liz.

"I've watch you two make happy with each other, going out to movies and getting on with your happy lives like nothing has ever happened with me. Bet you didn't even feel sad when you dumped me. You heartless bitch!"

Liz stood in utter shock and terror.

"Oh my god! It was were the one who's been watching me."

Jason ignored her realization and continued.

"And now you gonna pay for what you did to me. Feel the pain that I went through."

And with that, his hand reached behind his shirt and pulled out a gun which had been tucked into the waistband of his jeans.

Maria and Liz gasped in terror at the sight before them. Alex stared in horror.

"Oh my god! he's got a gun!"

Part 29

The next moments that happened seemed to passed in slow motion

Michael heard what Alex had just yelled out. He looked up to see Jason aim a 9mm at Liz and Maria. Instinct took over him. The next thing he knew, he had jumped over the couch and was tackling Jason to the ground and wrestling to take the gun from him. Alex quickly joined in to help. Punches were thrown, swearing and shouting could be heard. It was a blur.

Jason seemed to be mightily strong, Michael thought. Even with Alex helping him, throwing punches and trying to restrain Jason while making a desperate grab for the gun. Jason didn't seem to notice pain. Probably from the god knows how much alcohol he's been consuming.
Michael knew he needed back up and fast.

"Maria!! Phone! Cops!" Maria stood as still as a statue frozen in terror. "NOW!!" He yelled at her throughout the chaos. She seemed to register, reluctantly leaving Liz' side, who was also frozen in terror, she and ran to the phone. She was about to pick it up but a shot rang out and shattered the lamp next to the phone. She yelped in surprise as the ceramic lamp shattered near her hand. Another two shot rang out through the struggle between the three men. One bullet shattered the plaster on the wall, the impact making Maria wince.....but where did the other one go?

She looked at the guys wrestling on the floor, they looked exhausted from the struggle. But they were still moving, which meant they weren't hurt...she hoped. She looked by the couch....where had Liz gone? she was standing there a minute ago....

Maria could feel bile rising to her throat and she felt faint from the fear that was consuming her. She rushed over behind the couch to find Liz lying there in a pool of her own crimson red blood.

"Oh god! nononononononono....." Maria bend down to check her friend. She was alarmingly cold, and unmoving. She saw where the blood was flowing from, it came from the center of her stomach. The bullet had hit her.

"Oh god! Liz! please wake up! please don't die!!" Maria was sobbing in hysterics. She could feel her friend slipping away from her. She turned to the guys and yelled.


She got there attention. What they saw made their blood run cold. Forgetting about Jason for the moment, they rushed to Maria and a dying Liz'side. Alex checked her pulse.

"She's very weak. We have to get her to the hospital NOW!"

"I'll call for an ambulance...." Maria began getting up.

"No! there's no time! she'll be dead by the time they get here." Alex lifted up Liz in his arms. She seemed surprisingly lighter than usual. That worried him.

Michael grabbed Maria's bag on the side table, and searched for her car keys.

"We'll take the car."

They all turned to leave. Jason was no longer there. He was gone.


Liz's POV

Liz felt something hit her in the stomach. The next thing she knew she was on the floor.

Why am I on the floor? and....OH GOD THE PAIN!!! I felt a indescribable pain in my stomach. I couldn't focus on anything else. I seemed to be losing my focus on the ceiling. Blackness was closing in around my eyes. I felt cold...really cold. Did I leave the window open again? What's happening to me? why am I so cold?

Maria? what's she saying? why are her words all blurry? I tried to move my head, but it felt heavy, I couldn't move anything else as that caused me even more pain. Maybe all this is some horrible nightmare. Ok Liz, time to wake up.

Alex? is that you? I felt someone pick me up. Why am I being carried? What's happening? dumbass brain wouldn't let me think. Am I drunk? is that why am being carried? have I passed out? no if I had passed out, I won't be able to think at all. Though it's not making much sense right now.

The darkness is closing in on me even more. I'm so awfully tired. I still have to meet Max tomorrow, maybe I'll take a nap now, I'll need my energy. Maybe the pain will also go away if I sleep. Ok darkness, you win.

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wow! behrobsession, you read fast!! *tongue* I'll have the next part up soon, hopefully. Its not written out yet.
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Nope, Max is all human in this fic. Alternate Universe remember? I think I've stated that in the authours note in the beginning, or didn't I? I can't remember! But no, no alien healing powers either.

I have most of the story all mapped and planned out, so don't worry. *happy*
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hehe, updates are great aren't they?! lol. It's a good thing I love writing. Well, its not much of a chapter, but here it is anyway. Am trying to keep this story as exciting as possible incase you guys fall asleep and never return to read again. *wink**tongue*

Part 30

In the car, Michael was driving, Maria sat next to him in the passenger seat while Alex held Liz in his arms at the back.

"Oh god! I can't belive this is happening!" wailed Maria.

Michael dug into his pocket and pulled out a cell phone. He handed it to Maria.

"Maria, call Max now! Speed-dial his name in the address book."

Maria took the phone with shaky hands and fumbled with the keypad. She tried the house. No answer. He must be working late. She tried his office and after a couple of rings was greeted by a female voice.

"Evan Enterprises, Isabel speaking, how may I help you?"

Maria shot up when she heard the voice, and that she'd finally gotten through.

"Isabel! It's Maria speaking, please put Max on the phone NOW!"

"Am sorry, Mr Evans is in a meeting right now, can I ask he call you back?"

Maria was getting angry and fustrated.

"Isabel, its an emergency!! I'm sure Mr Evans would like to know about it!!" she yelled into the receiver.

"Ok, just one moment please."

While Maria waited for Max to come on the line, she turned herself to look in the back seat. Alex had taken his shirt off and pressed it onto Liz' wound. It hardly made any difference as it was soaked through with blood.

Alex looked at her with teary eyes. "She's so cold and still."

Maria took on of Liz' hands in her own. Her warm hands contrasted greatly against Liz' freezing cold ones. She couldn't take it anymore.

"Michael are we there yet?!!"

Her sudden outburst at Michael made him swerve slightly on the road. He looked at her with irritation.

"Maria! quite yelling! we wanna be alive to get to the hospital!"

At that, she slienced. Michael took a deep breath. "We're about 2 minutes away."

Just then Maria heard a voice on the phone she was still clutching.

"Oh! Max!"

"Maria, Isabel said there was an emergency, what's going on?" Max asked concern etched in his voice.

"Max, there's been an accident, well, no, not an accident....." Maria started to histerically babble."

"Maria! calm down!"

Maria took a deep breath before she spoke.

"Max, you'd better get down to County Memorial right now cos Liz' been shot..."


Maria pulled the phone away from her ear from max' explosive reply. Alex and Michael heard it too.

"It was Jason...he...."

Max cut her off. "I'll be there soon. Are you there now?"

"We're right outside the entrance now...Hello? hello?!"

She glanced at Michael. "He hung up on me. He said he'd be here soon."

Once the car stopped, they all rushed out. Alex carrying Liz in his arms screamed for a doctor, and that Liz had been shot.

Doctors and nurses rushed out pushing a gurney and helped Alex place her on the bed. They strapped her in so she wouldn't fall off.

They all rushed back inside the hospital and Alex, Maria and Micahel tried to follow them into the ER, but was stopped by a nurse.

"Am sorry, you're gonna have to wait out here. The doctor will be with you shortly." And with that, she left to help her collegues, closing the door in their faces.

There was nothing they could do now. Liz' life was in the hands of the doctors. All they could do now was sit, wait, and pray that she lived.

So, what do you think? good bad, boring? what do you think will happen? *wink*

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NATEVANS originally wrote:
not boring. this is what happens next... max checks on liz because she is alive... does the mushy love you stuff. then max alex and micheal go a looking for jason and be the shit out of him before he goes to jail. then they all go back to stay with liz and more mushy stuff. and it needs to be posted soon. thank you for your time.

lol! you're funny!! Um, yeah, could be an idea.....

Actually, I've got something more dramtic planned for them. You'll probably hate me for it. *sad* I'll let you in on a little tidbit.....I want Jason and Max to meet, and then all hell breaks loose! How's that?! for a storyline? hehe, plus lots of other amazing stuff is gonna happen. I haven't written it yet, but you know, dinners, shopping etc.

BUT, I'll try and get something written when I have some spare time *happy* ok?

Thanks for the patience *happy*
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Ok, its christmas day, here's a prezzy - the next chapter! its nothing much, but hope you like. I've nearly finish writing the chatper that follows this. Would've done it sooner so I could give you a double treat, but hey, it is christmas after all *happy* Enjoy!

Part 31

30 minutes later

Max was frantic now. After hearing Maria announce that Liz had been shot, he'd gone into frantic mode. He had to get to Liz. He'd already broken about 3 red light stop rules, but he didn't care, his mind was on his beloved Liz. He prayed that nothing bad will happen. But he knew for sure he had to get to the hosptial to see her, and find out what had happened. His erratic driving nearly caused a head on collision with another car, but he'd swerved just in time. His heart pounded loudly in his ears, the adrenaline rushing through his body. He knew he had to calm down, otherwise he'd be joining Liz in the ER, rather than seeing her. So he slowed down a little.

Max pulled to a stop outside the hospital and saw Maria' car packed outside. He rushed out and ran sraight to the reception desk.

"A Liz Parker was brought in earlier on, where is she now?"

The nurse tapped on her keyboard checking for information. Max wanted to scream at her to hurry up, but decided against it. It would only slow things down.

"Ah, Parker...yes, she's in the ER right now on the second floor."

Max was already running down the hall. He opted to take the stairs rather than the lift. He would be quicker by foot.

When he got to the second floor, he saw Maria sitting on the bench looking numb, while Michael was pacing back and forth, his hands rubbing his face.

"Michael!" Max ran to meet his friends.

"Maxwell!" Michael rushed to his friend and met him halfway and engulfed him in a hug.
"You finally got here."

Max stood straight and looked at his friends with a distraught face.

"What happened? what's happening to Liz now?"

Maria looked up at him with teary swollen eyes. "She's still in the ER. They've been in there for ages.....I just hope...hope...." she couldn't say anymore. More tears roled down her cheeks.

Max sat next to her and gave her a comforting hug. "She'll be ok Maria. She's a fighter, she's strong. She'll be ok." The statement was only half for Maria. The other half was really Max trying to convince himself that Liz would be ok and pull through.

Max suddenly pulled away from his friend and looked at both of them with a serious face.

"What happened? how did Liz get shot in the first place?"

Michael sighed and slumped against the wall.

"It was Jason. He came back like a drunk loon, he blamed Liz for dumping him, for hurting him, and I guess he wanted revenge. He was mightily pissed off, and the alcohol really didn't help things. He'd hidden a gun behind his back, probably tucked on the belt of his pants, hidden by his shirt. We didn't know."

Michael looked at Max. He had gleaming fire in his eyes. Michael decided to continue. There as no going back now.

"I went to call the cops cos things were getting out of control, I never made it to the phone when I saw him pointing the gun at Liz and Maria."

Maria shivered at the memory ansd wrapped her arms around herself as if to keep warm.

"The next thing I knew I was tackling him on the ground, joined by Alex. We were struggling to get the gun when it went off. A few shots were fired, but I think they hit the wall, but the last shot must've......" he trailed off.

Max got up and slammed his fist against the wall. It created a dent. He didn't care. He was seething with hatred, so powerful he thought it would consume him right on the spot.

"If I ever see that son of a bitch, or get my hands on him....."

Max didn't need to finish the sentence. They all knew what would happen. If Max ever saw Jason, he would pay for what he did. And it won't be in the financial way.

"Where's Alex?" Max suddenly asked.

"Oh, sorry man, forgot to tell you. Don't worry, Alex is fine. He just went home to get change, he was carrying Liz when she was....well, he had to go clean up."

They had been sitting outside the ER for over an hour, and still no-one told them what was happening. All they were being told was "the doctor will see you shortly." It was like a broken record on repeat. It drove them insane hearing it every time they asked.

TBC!! feedback please!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my readers!! *angel*
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All in good time my friend....*angel*
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HI everyone!

Hope you've all had a great christmas, and New year is coming up, so hopefully it will be as equally as good.

Am so glad you all still enjoy reading the story, what after 30 long chapters?! lol *tongue* anyway, being christmas and new years coming up, I won't be home much, lots of family and friends to see, dinners, plus all the sales are going on down town, etc.... so I just wanted to let you know that I won't be able to post a new chapter until at least sometime in January.

But once things settle down abit, and get back to normal, I'll try and write again *happy* Ok?

Um...Ok, I know the story sound really bleak at the moment, and it'll get worse *ducks under table* but I swear it will get better!!!

As for all the unanswered questions such as police etc, I will try and fit all that in and explain it. I just don't have time right now *sad*

Well, see you all soon!

Suzanne *angel*
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HI everyone! Ok, I have just a little time on my hands, so thought I'd finish writing the chapter I'd started on. Consider it a New Years present. Nice looooooong chapter! *wink*

Um....after you read it.......PLEASE DON'T HATE ME!!!! PLEEEAAASEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Part 32

2 hours later

Maria was asleep. Her head lying on Michael's lap. She had been continuously crying her eyes out, and exhaustion had finally taken over. Max sat slumped on the bench opposite them. His face was a mask of a broken man.

"Hey Maxwell, she'll be ok. She'll pull through."

Max looked up at his friend and bent forward, leaning his elbows on his knees and rubbing his tired face.

"Michael, I really don't know what am gonna do if I lose her....she means everything to me. I lost her for 3 years, but fate decided to bring us back again. You don't think they'd be that cruel and take her away from me again do you?"

Michael saw Max had tears in his eyes. It killed him to see his friend like this.

"Look, they've been in there for ages now, so obviously they're fighting to heal her. At least they didn't come out 5 minutes after she went in, cos that would've indicated the end. But it hasn't happened, and it won't. They'll save her Max."

Max gave Michael a small smile. He really hoped they will.

Another 15 minutes passed before the ER doors opened and doctors and nurses poured out the doors wheeling an unconscious Liz out.

Max jumped up and ran torwards them. He saw Liz lying there. She was deathly pale and unmoving. he bent over and touched her face as they wheeled her along.

"Liz? Liz can you hear me? Its me Max."

No reposnse. Tears streamed down Max' face.

"Max!" Michael called as the doctor came out to greet them with the news.

Max ran back to him. He gripped the doctors shoulders in panic.

"What happened? Is she ok? Is she....she wasn't"

Maria now awake and alert gently touched Max' arm.

"Max, let him speak."

Max slowly released his grip on the doctor.


"Its quite all right. I'm doctor Carter. Are you friends or family of the patient?"

"We're friends, I'm Maria, this is Michael and Max."

The docter acknowledged them before continuing.

"Myself and my colleagues have worked hard to save her. The bullet was imbedded deeply inside her stomach, there was a lot of internal bleeding, things did get a bit complicated for a while, but we managed to remove the bullet without causing any further damage. That's the good news."

Dr Carter hated telling the bad news to patients friends or family, but it came with the job, and they had to know.

"The bad news is, she's extremely weak due to the blood loss, and unfortunately, she's fallen into a coma. She's not out of the woods yet. The next 12 hours will be critical."

"Oh god!" Maria crumpled into tears again and buried her head into Michael's shoulder.

Max face went pale. "Coma?" he repeated again in a small voice. "She will wake up right?"

Dr Carter sighed.

"Well, she could wake up tomorrow, a week later a month, a year....its hard to say. All coma patients are different."

Max felt as though he was suffocating from the inside. "That is if she makes it through the next few hours...." he trailed off.

Dr Carter tried to give them comforting facts.

"She's made it this far, she's a fighter, and am sure she'll continue to fight for her life."

Max at that moment had to see Liz, to feel her, to know she's still alive and not dead.

"Can I see her?"

The doctor hesitated, but saw the desperation in Max's eyes. In all their eyes.

"Only one visitor is allowed am afraid. We can't have the patient being upset or traumatised anymore."

Max looked back at his friends. They understood.

"It's ok Max, you go. We can see her another time." Max thanks them greatfully with his eyes.

They all followed the doctor to Liz's room. Michael and Maria stayed outside and looked through the glass window while Max went in.

"You can only stay for 2 minutes, then you have to let her rest."

"Ok, thank you doctor." Max said absently. His eyes were fixed on Liz's small form lying on the bed. Liz seemed so small and tiny in the bed. So fragile, like if the bed sunk, she would be swallowed up in it. She looked pale and ashen. Tubes were in Liz' mouth to help her breathe since she was so weak. The only thing that indicated that she was still alive was the steady beep from the heart monitor, and the rise and fall of the respirator compressing together. That was some comfort to Max.

Max sat down beside the bed and gently caressed Liz' cheek.

"Liz? Liz can you hear me?" Max choked back a sob. "Liz, if you can hear me, please don't leave me, come back to me. Fight Liz, you have to fight." Max held Liz's hand to his lips and gently kissed it. He sobs, tears coursing down his cheek, he held her hand to his forehead. "Please don't leave Liz. I love you, I love you so much its beyond what words can describe."

The sound of the steady beep from the heart monitor and respirator pump was the only sound that answered Max in the room. A comforting, yet disheartening sound.

Max stayed with Liz for another 5 minutes. There was no change. After a while Max decided to leave Liz to rest.

"I have to go now, but I'll be back soon. You get some rest ok?" he got up from the chair, bend down and kissed her forehead. "I love you."

And with that, he left closing the door gently behind him.


7 hours later

Michael Maria and Alex had gone to the cafeteria to get something to eat and to give Max some peace to sleep. While there, they discussed about telling the police what happened.

"But we don't even know where Jason went." said Maria.

"Maybe if we give them enough details, they'll get an idea of what he looks like, make a drawing of him, then send people out to look for him." Alex put in.

"What if he comes back?" Maria looked at Michael her voice filled with worry.

Michael nodded to acknowledge her.

"I'll go call the police now, I saw some phones down hall. I'll be right back." he got up and left.

Michael was talking into the phone when out of the corner of his eye, he thought he saw someone familiar, but it was only for an instant. Michael went back to talking on the phone.

Max was asleep on the bench outside Liz's room. Fitful dreams haunted his sleep, but he could not wake.....did not know.......never saw......


"Hi, I believe a Miss Elizabeth Parker was brought in earlier on?" he asked the receptionist.

"Yes, she's been moved to room 205 on the second floor. Visiting hours are almost over though." the receptionist said.

"It's ok, I won't take very long. Just a quick visit." he signed the visitors sheet, then smiled charmingly at her, then walked down the hall making his way to room 205.

The receptionist bent over the counter and let her gaze follow the stranger walking down the hall towards the lifts. There was something slightly 'off' about him. She could feel it in her bones. He looked as though he had haphazardly tried to clean himself up, and it could have been her imagination, but she could've swore she smelt the slightest wift of alcohol coming off him. But she wouldn't allow herself to judge other people based on their appearance. Appearances can be deceiving. 'No, it'll be ok.' she thought to herself. She sat back down and continued with her work.


He walked towards room 205. He saw Max asleep on the bench outside the room. He barely glanced at him as he open the door to Liz' room and walked in.

He stood there by the bed looking at her fragile form lying on the bed.

"Liz?" no answer except the beeping from the machines. "Liz, I know you can hear me." his hand gently brushed her cheek. "I'm sorry Liz, I'm so very sorry....." he voice was shaky. "I didn't mean for this to happen, but you got me so mad....." his voice changed from shaky to stone cold and angry. "You brought this on yourself, you know that? It's your own fault!"

He never heard the other person enter the room.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!!" the voice bellowed. He spun around to meet the voice.


Max finally broke free of his haunted dreams. He rubbed his face and sighed trying to get his thoughts together again.

Max looked up and saw the door to Liz room slightly ajar.

"I could've swore I closed that when I came out..." he mumbled to himself. He got up slowly and walked towards the door. As he passed the glass window he saw a figure standing by the bed. He didn't look like a doctor or a nurse. Max spung the door open and looked at the figure. He knew who it was - even from the back. Anger boiled and spilled over.



Jason turned around to be faced with a furious Max.

"Max, I....I'm sorry!! I didn't mean for this to happen to Liz....."

"GET AWAY FROM HER!!!" Max roared. He didn't care that he was in a hospital, and that he should be quiet. He didn't care about the other patients. All his anger and raging hot fury was directed at Jason.

"I was drunk and...." Jason never saw it coming. The next thing he knew he was on the floor lying on his back feeling pain on his face. He tried to defend himself, but it was useless. Since defending himself was useless, he just kept on apologizing to no one in particular, mere mumbled speeches that just kept coming out of his mouth.

Jason was like a punch bag to Max, he just kept landing hard punches to his face. All his anger and hatred of what he had done to Liz was focused on one target.

Jason's face was bruised and blooded. Max didn't care. He continued to lunge for Jason even when Alex and Michael pulled him off and tried to retrain him.


"Max calm down!! The police are here, let them deal with it!"

Through his blinded fury, Max couldn't tell whether it was Alex or Michael who had spoken to him.

Max watched as the police came in and easily handcuffed a semi conscious Jason.


Throughout their fighting and screaming, no one noticed the tears that slid down Liz' temples and onto the pillow.

The heart monitor gave a couple of irregular beeps before a monotone continuous beep echoed throughout the room, and everyone fell silent.

Liz's heart had stopped.

TBC!!!! Know you know why I asked at the beginning not to hate me. *shy* Um...but you are entitled to though. So what do you think will happen now? See, I told you I would make it....dramatic!!! on the edge of your seats yet? Just to let you know, a character mentioned at the beginning will make an appearance *wink*
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Hey guys, I know its been a while since I updated this story, kinda hard when you're writing for 3 different stories.

I know it seems like a really bleak story right now, in a max and liz point of view, but do not dispair, it is 100% DREAMER INSURED ENDING!!! *happy*

Trust me, I'd never try to have a sad ending. *angel*That only happens when am all out of ideas, well that, and writers block. BUT, I know where ths story is going, I can SEE it in my head. You'll like it *wink*

P.S please don't be scared by this next part. And if you eating, DON'T! can get kinda queasy with the blood....

Part 33

The rain drizzled over him, but he didn't care. He stood on a grassy field watching the scene unfold before him. People he knew, people he didn't know, but one thing was the same though. They were all dressed in black. They had that grim look on their face, they were crying. The were murmuring softly among themselves. "She was so young. Poor Elizabeth.....such a shame.....what a tragedy.....

They were gathered around an open grave. A brown coffin was being lowered into the ground. People said their goodbyes, they threw the earth into the grave. Max walked over and stood at the edge of the grave. He kissed the single red rose he held and gently threw on top of the coffin. "Goodbye Liz. My beloved."

He walked away from the people and stood in his earlier spot, watching them again. Tears streaming down his cheeks.

"Max!" a female voice called to him from far behind him. It strangely sounded familiar.

"Max!" she called again.

Max turned around just in time to have Liz throw herself at him wrapping her arms around him, and burying her head in his neck. He stood there shocked. He gently caressed the back of her soft silky hair.

"Liz...." he couldn't believe it. "Liz...I thought....I thought...." still embraced in their hug, he turned them around so he saw the scene before them still unfolding. The people were now shovelling the earth into the hole. Liz turned to see what Max was looking at. She looked up at him and caressed his cheeks, then gently placed a kiss on his lips.

"Don't worry about that Max. Just remember I'll always love you......even in death."

With that last word and a girly giggle, she turned and ran down the hill the way she came. Max called after her, he ran after her, but it was no use. Soon she disappeared from his vision.

"LIZ!!" he looked around trying to find her. Trying to see where she went.

"LIZ!! Please come back!.....please....." he sank down on his knees and wept. His tears which fell to the ground created red roses to quickly spring up, but soon, he watched them turn to blood. It seeped away into the ground again.

He looked at the scene taking place not far behind them. The people were leaving now.

The sky was starting to get awfully dark.

TBC!! Well? what do you think? feedback please! *angel*
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Part 34

Max woke up with a start. His stomach churned from the sight of blood in his dream. He heaved, but only air came out. He sat back, leaned against the wall, closed his eyes and sighed. Thank god it had only been a dream.

Max opened his eyes and looked into the glass window in front of him. He stood up, walked over and pressed his face to the wondow and gazed into Liz's room.

The doctors had been able to restart her heart, but she was still in a coma. She looked even more fragile than she had been earlier on. Max prayed to god that she'd pull through. As he gazed at her lying on the bed, the fairy tale of sleeping beauty came into his mind. A beautiful princess who had fallen under the spell of a wicked sorceress, and was doomed to sleep for all eternity until a prince could come and wake her with a kiss. Then they would all live happily ever after. Max wanted to be that prince, if he could do anything to wake his princess Liz up, then he would do it. He would go to the ends of the earth for her.

Michael, Maria and Alex had gone down to the police station to give their eye witness accounts on Jason. Max stayed behind to watch over Liz.

The doctor hadn't allowed him or anyone else to go in and visit her yet. She was in a critical condition, and mustn't be put through anymore trauma than she had already suffered.

Max wanted so desperately to go in and sit next to her, hold her hand and comfort her. But for the time being, he'd have to seetle for watching her through the glass window.

The doctor came round on a regular basis to check on her condition, but there was no change.

"Don't lose hope Max. She'll pull through. I'll be allowing her visitors over the next few days. The best thing you can do to is talk to her. 70% of coma patients wake up when they hear familiar voices such as friends or family."

"Thank you doctor."

Max turned back to look through the window. If talking would bring her back, then he would talk non-stop until he had no voice left.

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~*Authors Note*~ ~*Authors Note*~

Hi everyone!

Ok, first off, I'd like to thanks everyone for the constant feedback, you have not idea how much I appreciate them! I LOVE reading each and everyone of your comments *happy*

Secondly, I know its been a while since I've put up another chapter, but due to trying to write for my other fic, and evil Uni work I get every week, its really time consuming.

BUT rest assured, I am about half way through typing up the next chapter for this story. I'll try and get it done and put up by sometime next week if possible.

Oh and another thing, it is dreamer assured. Don't worry, *wink* I promised you that, and you will get it.

Please just be patient with me *happy*

Luv 'n' hugz


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Hi loyal readers! I'm baaack! lol. Well, I've gotten through most of my uni work. It's really weird, our assignments are to do with 'do dragons still exist?' and UFOs....go figure, and am a business studies student! Too bad its not about roswell. :(

Anyway, on with the next chapter! Hope you like!

Part 35

Liz's Point of View

Liz found herself in a long dark tunnel.

Ok, where am I? I look around, but all I see is blackness. I really hate the dark.

"Hello?! is there anyone here?!"

I receive no answer. Ok, please don't let me be in a train tunnel! That would never work well if a train decided to come. I also hate dark tunnels, you never know what's going to come your way.

Ok, well, I can't stand here all day. I decide to walk ahead of me, its not like I have a map and know where to go.

I walk and walk and seems like hours! God! where the hell am I?! I'm Getting scared that I'd be stuck here forever, I began to run. Maybe if I run, I'll get to what I'm hoping will be an opening faster than if I walk.

I see a spot of light in the far distance, my hopes rise ever so slightly. Is that an opening to this dank place?

I begin to run faster and faster trying to reach the light, but for some reason, I can never seem to reach it. Though the light did shine a little bit brighter.

I run for what must've been hours. My legs are so tired I think they would break. How long is this tunnel? Maybe the light is just a mirage? I'll probably never get to it even if I kept running towards it forever. Now there' s a depressing thought.

I continued to run until I could run no more. I stand there looking at the light in front of near, yet so far away.

I could feel tears welling up in my eyes, soon they were flowing down my cheeks. I really don't want to stay here. Exhausted and alone, I sit on the very spot of where I stood. Ok, I need to rest, and I need to come up with a plan.

The plan never came. My mind came to a blank. All I could think of how I was probably going to die here, I'll never see any of my friends or family again. I'll never see Max again.

More fresh tears glided down my cheeks.

I lay down on the hard cold floor, and curled into a foetus position wrapping my arms around my body.

I closed my eyes as I tried to stop the flow of fear and tears that course through me. It's no use, I seem to have opened a floodgate.



Throughout their fighting and screaming, no one noticed the tears that slid down Liz' temples and onto the pillow.

The heart monitor gave a couple of irregular beeps before a monotone continuous beep echoed throughout the room, and everyone fell silent.

Liz's heart had stopped.


"Honeybear?" a gently voice called. "Honeybear, you have to wake up."

I begin to stir at the sound of the voice which sounded very familiar, but not one I heard in a while. I slowly opened my eyes and gazed at the face bending over me.

"Grandma Claudia!" I threw my arms around her and hugged her tight. Finally! am not alone in this miserable place. "Grandma, are you real? are you really here?" I could feel her stroking the back of my head. It's such a comforting feel. She seemed to have an golden etheral light radiating off her. Just like an angel. It made my surrounding area just a little bit brighter.

"Yes. But I can't stay for long, and neither can you. Not here. Not in this place."

"Where are we? I tried to follow the light to get out, but I couldn't reach it. There's no way out of here."

Grandma Claudia pulls away from me and holds my shoulders.

"We are in the tunnel of limbo. Its a place between the world of the living and the dead. What you.....your in here will determine what happens to you in the world of the living. Liz, you mustn't sleep or rest in here. If you do, it's like your soul is breaking away from your body. If you stay that way for too long, you will die in the world of the living. I woke you up just in time."

"If we're not suppose to be here, how do we get out?"

Grandma looked so sad. Why?

"Liz, honey, YOU have to get out of here. It's not your time yet. That was why you couldn't reach the light."

"I don't understand, why can't you come with me?"

"Liz, I came here as a guide to help you. I can't go with you because I have already left the world of the living. Remember what happened? it was my time."

Tears were threatening to spill out my eyes again. This was just too much! I hugged her tightly again.

"No! I want to stay with you! I've missed you so much! Please don't leave me." Tears flowed down my cheeks once more.

"Sweetie, you can't stay here with me. Liz, you have to be brave. Be brave for me. You will get through this. Can you do that?"

I nodded sadly.

Grandma Claudia took Liz's hand and walked with her back down the tunnel the way Liz came, the glow that surrounded Claudia provided them the light to see.

After a while, they came to a stop.


"Liz, honey, I can't go any further with you, this is where you will have to brave it alone."

"But...grandma....we're still in the middle of nowhere, there no exit." I looked at her filled with worry and confusion. Strangely though, she just smiled at me.

"My dear sweet Lizzie."

Her hand reached up and touched my cheek, I could feel her love go through me.

"The only way out of here is if you look deep within your heart, listen and feel it, listen to what it is trying to tell you, it will be your guide to the world of the living. Think of the people you love, who you care about. It will light your way."

"Grandma, please don't leave me!" She gave me a final hug before fading away slowly in my arms, her voice an echo to my ears.

"Let your heart guide you. Think of the people you love."


"Ok, I can do this. I just wish it wasn't so dim in here." I began to walk up the tunnel "Let your heart be your guide. Ok, here goes nothing!"

TBC!! So, will liz make it out of there? or will she be stuck in the tunnel of limbo for all eternity?