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Name: Endure To The End
Author: RacyMaria
Category: Max/Liz, and other Conventional Couples
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything pertaining to Roswell.
Rating: NC-17 (Warning. This contains graphic and disturbing images and rape situations. Viewer discretion is advised.)
Summary: All of original couples are together including Kyle and Tess. The original aliens are still aliens. Tess isn’t bad. Season One is intact, Season Two is there but no future Max and etc. Also Tess gives up destiny ideas and falls for Kyle. They have fought the same battles and lived their lives.

(This is my first fanfiction so beware. Also I am an avid fanfic reader so I may have drawn from some stories that I've read. I don't mean to plagiarize. I'm not sure where I'd like this story to go quite yet so any ideas and feedback would be appreciated. Also I did my own proofreading and if anyone would like to help on later installments please email me. racymaria⊕

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(PART 1)
The wind was biting and cold as she drove down the suburban street. Pulling up into the driveway she realized that it was getting to cold to ride her motorcycle while wearing scrubs. She flipped the kickstand out and grabbed her backpack and headed up the steps for the door.

The townhouse was small with a tiny porch and single car garage. It looked to be three stories as you could see basement windows just above the ground.

She reached the door finding it locked and searched through the bag for her keys. Finally finding them she realized that Max must not be home yet. She slid the deadbolt back and felt a rush of warm air as she walked inside.

Dropping her worn leather jacket and backpack she stretched upwards as she headed through the small hall holding a closet and door to a powder bathroom. As she reached the kitchen and family room she went to check for messages on the phone that was attached on the wall to her right. Next to the clock saying it was just after six. Just as she pressed the button she felt hands slide up under her shirt.

She gasped and spun around then relaxed seeing the familiar bronzed face and huge white smile. His hands easily moved upwards the scrubs doing nothing to stop him. She smiled and leaned back against the wall while the messages rolled off.

(Automated voice) Message 1; 10:37 a.m.
“Liz it’s your mom. I haven’t heard from you for a couple days. Just wanted to check in and was wondering how your residency was going. Give me a call back when you have time. Oh, and are you taking those calcium pills I sent you? Never mind you don’t have to tell me but I hope you are. Well, love you sweetie. Bye”

His hands slide higher frustrated with the bra that covered her soft skin.

Message 2; 1:54 p.m.
“Liz, I think Michael forgot our anniversary. If so can I stay the night at your place? There is no way this will blow over soon. Dang, I really need to talk to you about this. Give me a call when you get this. I get done with voice lessons at 5.”

His hand slid to the back and unclasped her bra then moved back to the front and caressed her breasts.

Message 3; 2:05 p.m.
“Liz, its Tess. Kyle is taking me out somewhere nice tonight or so he says. I was wondering if I could borrow that flippy skirt. You know the red one. I think it would go great with what I have in mind. Give me a call and if I don’t here from you I may just come and take it. Hope you don’t mind, you’re the best. Toddles”

As his right hand continued on her breasts his left hand moved downwards and started to untie the drawstring in front.

Message 4; 3:12 p.m.
“Max, it’s Michael. Has Liz mentioned anything about Maria? She’s acting strange, well strange for Maria which is not really unusual but I think something is up. Give me a call. Also I need your advice on that thing I wanted to ask Maria. Should I make a big deal about it or just do it? I’m thinking I should just get it over with and do it today. It would be a nice surprise for our anniversary. Oh and if you want to come by sometime I sliced my hand pretty bad making breakfast this morning. Hurts like hell.”

She laughed then sighed as her pants started to fall and he traced the outer part of her thigh sending her chills.

Message 5; 4:44 p.m.
“Liz, its Tess again. I went ahead and borrowed the skirt. I owe you big time. I left a note on your dresser too. Wish me luck tonight!”

He moved both his hands to her breasts again and she leaned forward to kiss him but he dodged it and laid his hand against her stomach.

Message 6; 5:56 p.m.
“Liz, it’s Max, I won’t be home till late tonight. Maybe even after ten. My boss just got back from vacation and is on a mission to catch up on everything. I know you wanted to have dinner together but we will have to put it off till tomorrow. Love you and very much miss you.”

She tensed then looked into the eyes of the person fondling her. She saw a flicker of worry in his eyes then they went back to normal. She took a deep breath as he removed his hands balancing them on his thighs and said with his husky voice,

“My boss decided to let us leave. He knew we wouldn’t get much done after six with all of us longing to be home.”

Her eyes were questioning as she looked deep into his eyes and then slightly relaxed again. She scooped up her pants and retied them.

“I’m starving. Is there any of that soup left from yesterday? It would hit the spot.” She said as she wandered towards the kitchen and noticed an open beer bottle on the counter. She froze. Max doesn’t drink beer; he can’t handle alcohol as she found out sophomore year in high school. She turned around and saw him watching her intently.

“Max could you turn on the TV for me, I want to watch the news.”

He didn’t move and continued to watch her. She made a move towards the phone,

“I better call Maria back it sounded urgent.”

He walked towards her standing between her and the phone. Standing between her and the door.

“Max are you feeling all right?”

He smiled as he said, “I just missed you today that’s all.” He made a move towards her and she turned around walking past the counter towards the fridge.

“Have you eaten Max? We could order in Chinese.”

She felt heat right behind her seconds before his body was pressed up against hers. As she tried to move forward she was caught on the side of the counter pressed between it and him. His hands slid up under her shirt again.

“Max, not right now please. I’m really hungry.”

Her voice wavered. He didn’t stop as her shirt moved past her shoulders and was gone along with her bra. She tried to move but was still pinned to the counter. Her body was covered in goosebumps. His hands moved to hold her waist and then rubbed up her back causing the bumps to leave.

He continued around under her arms and caught her breasts in his hands and leaned forward flush against her back. She squirmed trying to get to turn around but he held her there pressing her forward towards the counter.

“Max what are you doing? I said not right now!” Her voice rose but he continued his ministrations. “Max let go.” Her voice wavered and she felt his breath against her ear. “Don’t you wish I was Max?”

She felt faint but threw her body back as hard as she could causing their heads to knock. She heard him curse as she started to scream. His hand reached around and grasped her neck silencing her. She felt a sharp pain in her throat and then his hand let go. She gasped for air and tried to scream again but no sound came.

He started to rise off her body pressed to the counter top and she took the chance to start to turn around. He put his hand up against her head and held it to the counter. Her arm reached back to try and hurt him in some way but she only swung at the air.

He laughed as she flailed and tears coursed down her cheeks hitting the counter top. His other hand grabbed the top of her pants and pulled as they were removed with a resounding rip. He let go of her and stepped back to look at the specimen before her.

She flung herself upwards and was met with a resounding slap to her face. The force slammed her down against the counter her head grazing the side with a stinging sensation. She took in a haggard breath as she felt her panties being ripped off.

(Law Firm of Franklin and Associates)

Max sat at his desk sorting through masses of papers. He was supposed to inform his boss, Thomas Franklin, of the status of all the cases the progressed while Tom was on vacation. He was having trouble concentrating though as his thoughts travel to Liz. She was probably home now and taking a bath, one of her favorite things to do after working at the hospital. He could just picture her body in the water with bubbles and the candlelight shining off the walls and reflecting in the mirror. Shaking his head he tried to clear his thoughts and focus on the task at hand.

Suddenly he clutched his stomach. He felt sick and wondered if it was that tuna sandwich he had earlier. Laughing to himself he knew not to by things from the vending machine but once again he’d forgot to make his lunch and hadn’t had time to go out and pick something up.

He tried to concentrate at the task at hand but something didn’t feel right. He suddenly felt fear wash through his body. He grabbed the phone and dialed by memory Isabel’s phone number. Thoughts ran through his head that she was probably in labor and nervous because Alex was still away on business. The phone rang three times and knowing that the fourth was the machine he started to get up to leave but the ringing stopped.

“Hello?” The voice was groggy and sounded as if the person had just woken up.

“Isabel? Are you alright?” Max was almost shouting into the phone.

“What? Is that you Max? I’m fine; well I was fine until you called. I had just gotten to sleep and it is impossible to find a comfortable position in my current state. Now you had the audacity to wake me up.” She voiced obvious frustration.

“So you aren’t in labor?” Max question.

“What? No, why would you think that? I still have a week till my due date and I wouldn’t think of having this baby until after Alex gets home tomorrow. Are you all right? You sound strange.”

“I just got this feeling of intense fear and thought you were in labor.” Max voiced as he started to calm down feeling stupid for reacting this way.

“Max, don’t worry about me. Mom’s here, well she’s at the store right now, but she’s here and I don’t think we will be seeing action for awhile yet. I have enough people harassing me without you calling all the time. If anything happens I’ll be sure to let you know.” She said as yawn escaped.

“You know, If you wanted to be a wonderful brother you could come and relieve some of my backaches and help put me to sleep?” She said with a little laughter in her voice.

“I have to work late tonight and hopefully you will already be asleep by the time I get off, Sorry.” He answered back.

“Well it was worth a shot. I’ll talk to you later. I think I’ll go take a hot bath it might help. Goodnight Max.”

“Night Isabel.”

He hung up the phone but the feeling of fear he had earlier was still lingering. He reasoned with himself on calling Liz but knew he would never be able to focus again on work after talking to her. Sighing he set back to work.

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(Townhouse Kitchen)

She felt his body press hard against hers, pinching her stomach into the counter and then something seeped into her eyes. She cautiously moved a hand to her forehead and felt something sticky. Bringing it away she saw blood on her fingers. She must have cut her head when she hit the counter.

She then felt one of his fingers trail from the top of her spine down to rear. He cupped one cheek and then thrust his groin against her. She felt sick. Her head was spinning and she thought she might throw up. Thinking to herself that might help her situation. He then slid his hand up one thigh tracing circles with his thumb.

She tried to yell, cry out, do anything but her voice was gone. Tears mixed with blood on the counter and she felt more helpless than ever before. She then gasped as she felt something press between her legs. Her thoughts were that he was going to rape her.

This angered her to fury as she once again tried to lift herself off the counter but one of his hands held her firm. She felt his breath against her ear again as he said, “You like this don’t you?”

She twisted her head and glared at him as she spit in his direction. He commented again, “I always thought you’d like it rough. You seem the type.”

She felt something enter her and tried to move upwards away from it but he held her fast. She turned towards him and he was leaning against the counter and her left side. With that position she wondered what he was doing.

Suddenly she felt agonizing pressure inside her. She realized he was forcing something into her. She looked around and saw a condensation circle on the counter a few feet from her head. The beer bottle she thought to herself. That must be it, and he was using as leverage against the counter.

He had it pressed up as far as it would go and then started easing the end of the bottle upwards. She tried to scream to move away from it but nothing would relieve the pain and pressure that was being exerted on her. She felt something cool and realized the bottle was emptying itself inside her. It started running down her legs and she then swung her right leg around catching him in the knee.

He cursed and shoved the bottle up fast and hard causing her feet to leave the floor, her body sliding along the counter. She couldn’t scream out loud so she yelled in her mind.

(Law Firm of Franklin and Associates)

Max jumped out of his chair as he heard clearly in his head screaming. He would know that voice anywhere. Liz was in trouble. He grabbed his keys and ran to his boss’ office telling him that there was an emergency at home. His boss started to ask questions but Max was already running out the door.

He pressed the elevator button but since it didn’t open instantly he felt it was to slow. He ran to the emergency stairs and flew down the eleven flights and ran into the parking garage. He jumped into his car and the tires squealed as he flew onto the city streets. He grabbed his cell phone and dialed his house. It rang four times then the machine picked up.

“Hello (pause and then laughing) you thought we were there didn’t you? Well you’ve now realized the Evan’s, Max and Liz, aren’t home. Please leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you.”

Max heard the beep,

“Liz if you’re there pick up. Liz? Please Liz, pick up the phone. Pick up the damn phone Liz! What’s going on? Are you all right? Don’t worry I’ll be home in a few minutes.”

Max sped through the streets and cursed himself on working so far from home.

(Townhouse Kitchen)

Liz let out a silent sob when she heard Max’s voice on the machine. He was coming home she told herself. She repeated it over and over. Max would be there soon.

The man who had Liz pinned on the counter cursed and removed the bottle from insider her. He flipped her over on the counter and saw the hope in her eyes.

Liz looked at the man before her looking in appearance like her loving husband. She felt weak and then looked him directly in the eye and saw evil. His eyes were nothing like Max’s. She felt relief-knowing Max was coming. He was coming and would look at her with pure love in his eyes.

He lowered his face to hers and told her, “I’m not quite finished yet.”

He then took one hand off her and passed it over his lower half. His pants disappeared and she felt ill. He brought a glowing hand up to her lower stomach and she felt a sharp pain. It seemed like a horrible cramp and then he moved his hand lower and the pain followed downward.

He stopped then pulled her to the edge of the counter with her legs dangling off. With one thrust he impaled himself inside her. Her skin was already purple and bruised from his earlier ministrations and she screamed again inside.

He looked up and saw her tears and laughed. He pulled back and thrust again then again and prided himself with each harsh thrust. She started to sit up and push against his chest and he moved his hands to hold her torso down.

She clawed at his arms, her nails digging in and but he seemed not to notice. His focus was on pounding into her and beads of sweat formed on his forehead. She then felt him swell inside and finally release himself in her. She retched as he laughed again.

Next he waved a hand over her abdomen. It glowed a vivid red and then he released her. He waved his hand over himself and his pants reappeared. She was released but didn’t move, he wasn’t threatening her anymore and the pain she felt was immense.

She then saw him walk towards the back of the house and leave through the back door. She slowly pulled her knees up to her chest and sobbed.

(Inside Max’s Car)

He was speeding, as fast as he could, and prayed no car would hinder his way. As he speed down the exit ramp he felt her scream again. He took the corner running a red light at more than forty miles an hour.

He came to a light with cars backed up and turned into the parking lot of a grocery store and speed though to bypass the light. He turned into their development and knew he was minutes from home. He finally pulled into the driveway next to her bike and ran up the steps three at a time.

“Liz! Liz where are you?” He yelled as he ran into the house. He looked into the family room noticing the open back door then turned and swayed as he saw the sight before him.

She was up on the counter naked with her knees pulled up to her chest. The counter was smeared with blood and he ran to her.

He slowly reached out and touched her and she immediately flinched. Fear was in her eyes. She then looked carefully but steadily into his eyes and relaxed realizing it was her Max.

She let out a silent sob and wrapped her arms around him. Her shoulders were shaking and his shirt rapidly became wet. He trailed a hand down her back and asked,

“Liz, what happened?”

He pried her away from him and looked into her eyes. He saw utter despair. She started to say something but nothing came out.

He looked at her face and saw the gash above her right eye. Blood had traveled into her hair and was beginning to dry. She had a red handprint across her face that was rapidly turning purple. Someone had slapped her. His eyes traveled down and saw stark blue bruises forming against her pale throat. Someone had strangled her. His eyes continued and saw bruises forming around her breasts, along her waist and on her thighs. Someone had touched her where only he is authorized to touch.

She was now sitting on the counter and she watched as his eyes traveled her body. She winced remembering he molesters’ previous stares. Max lightly placed his hands on her thighs and urged her legs apart she resisted then slowly agreed. He looked and gently touched her bruised lips. She flinched, as the pain was extreme.

The enormity of what had happen to his wife was too much. He released his hold on her and began to sob. He cried and slid to the floor with angry images of her abused body tormenting him. He suddenly recollected himself and pulled her into his arms. She gasped for air as he was hurting her and holding her to tight.

Max then asked though tears with anger, “Who did this to you?”

She tried to say something but her voice still wouldn’t cooperate. She placed her hand at her throat and started to cry again. He gently took her hand and placed it against his cheek and put his own hand in its place.

He immediately made a connection and searched out the problem. He realized her vocal chords had been silenced. He sent out waves of warmth and love then began to fix them and when he finished the flashes begun.

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When I originally posted I had some of the next part already written but now I'm questioning which way to go. The main parts of the plot can still be determined and I'm not sure what I want to do. Any advice?
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Max then asked though tears with anger, “Who did this to you?”

She tried to say something but her voice still wouldn’t cooperate. She placed her hand at her throat and started to cry again. He gently took her hand and placed it against his cheek and put his own hand in its place.

He immediately made a connection and searched out the problem. He realized her vocal chords had been silenced. He sent out waves of warmth and love then began to fix them and when he finished the flashes begun.

(Part 2)

Max remembered when they were in high school how exciting it was to get flashes from each other. After awhile they just got used to them and they became less intense.

As Max was connected now with Liz he could feel all her heightened emotions as events in the past and today flew through his mind. The came so quickly he had trouble trying to distinguish them.

Flash: Maria in a beige satin dress smiling, but almost crying, and holding a bouquet of white roses. Turning, Isabel was also there and dressed similarly to Maria but looked frustrated. Max realized this was right before he and Liz were married as he saw a beaming Liz dressed in cascades of white silk with tiny pearls sewn on the gown.

Flash: Liz was up against a wall with a look of content on her face. Max stepped to the side and saw himself caressing Liz. He heard Tess’ voice and then Michael’s. This must have been tonight Max thought.

Flash: Liz was in a tiny black bikini lying next to Isabel on a towel by the ocean. Maria was in a yellow suit on Michael’s back. Senior trip to Cozumel right after graduation. Max saw himself with Alex building an intricate sandcastle as Kyle caught a Frisbee into it from Tess.

Flash: Their kitchen with Liz’s back up against the refrigerator. Max was standing with her legs wrapped around him. Isabel had told Liz you have to initiate a house by having sex in every room. They had enjoyed the kitchen especially after that.

Flash: The next scene was also in their kitchen but Liz was being thrown against the counter. She received a bad gash to her forehead as he witnessed her underwear being ripped off.

Flash: Liz’s bedroom in the apartment she shared with Maria and Tess when they first moved out. The room was filled with rose petals and candles. Music was playing and Max saw himself and Liz on her bed. That was the night they had first made love.

Flash: Max felt a burning sensation and he watched the man’s hand glow over Liz’s stomach. He then felt sick as he watched the man rape Liz as she silently cried and clawed against him. He then saw the red glow of her stomach when the man was through.

Max gasped as he pulled himself from Liz severing the connection. He turned and looked into her eyes-only finding despair and agony. He gently pulled her into his arms and smoothed her hair.

“Liz I want to heal the rest of you.”

He looked at her as she began to softly cry in appreciation and love then slowly nodded her head.

Max gently placed his hand over the gash on her forehead and with a glowing hand healed the bruised and damaged tissue while sending warmth and love through their connection. He then moved to her cheek and removed the evidence of that man’s hand across her face. Moving down to her neck he began to softly cry as he healed the bruises along her throat. He then healed the soft skin along her breasts, waist and thighs. Gently he urged her legs apart and cringed again seeing how hurt she was. He placed a warm gentle hand over her sex and removed the indication that someone else had touched her there.

As he finished he looked up at her face and found her asleep. He gently carried her up the stairs and placed her in their bed beneath the duvet cover and slipped in beside her and supported her with loving arms.

Max laid there all night thinking about what happened to his wife. At times his anger was so great that Liz would stir in her sleep feeling the emotions rolling off him. Then he would look at her and remember the flashes and press her tightly against him as he sobbed for her pain.

At one point during the night Max placed a hand over her abdomen. He thought back to when he had done this more than ten years before and healed the bullet hole that had pierced her. In the present he wasn’t sure what he was looking for but as his hand began to glow he was transported.

Max found himself in an empty room. He turned and found himself looking into a mirror. He stepped towards it but realized his reflection didn’t copy his movements. He stopped and watched closely as the reflection started walking steadily towards him.

“Finally I meet the unworthy brat who was made a king.” The man said with distaste. As he came closer Max saw him change appearances almost as if he were morphing.

He went from dark tones to lighter ones. The end result was a man who had blonde hair that could have been considered white. His eyes were a clear blue. His skin was pale, almost translucent. His height was average along with his build. His image gave Max a sense of remembrance and he realized,


The man laughed and came to stop several feet from Max.

“It’s pitiful but satisfying to see you now. You live and consort daily with the dregs of this universe. In fact you had the gall to marry a human and make her your royal soul mate. Of course that made my job much easier. It was very enjoyable too. Humans have intense emotions unlike us that make it more entertaining. If we ever see the need to inhabit this planet they will make very amusing toys.”

Max felt fury inside him like never before. Kivar had raped and abused Liz, his revered wife. He unconsciously raised his hand in an offensive stance. Seeing this Kivar began to laugh.

“Won’t make any difference. This is a dream world. I can’t hurt you just as much as you can’t do a thing to me.”

“This is far from over Kivar. I swear that you will pay and beg Liz’s forgiveness before I kill you.” Max said in fury.

(Laughing) “You always were highly emotional, to much human in you. If you haven’t realized it yet things are now done my way with my terms. Just like now.”

The room that they were in began to spin and fade. Max roared in protest but nothing changed. He then received a flash.

Liz was in a rocking chair nursing a child with white, no blonde hair. She looked up with love in her eyes and was smiling. She continued to rock back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

Max woke in a sweat and turned to see Liz sitting up against the backboard of the bed holding her knees to her chest while rocking back and forth, back and forth.

He reached for her and gently placed her inside the warmth of his arms. She looked up into his eyes and in anguish said,

“I saw it Max. I saw me in the rocking chair. What are we going to do? I don’t want this baby.”

The realization hit Max like a sledgehammer. Liz was pregnant with Kivar’s baby. He had made sure it would happen prior to raping her. The anguish he felt was drowning him, he pulled her head down to his chest as he began to sob. He held her in his arms till she fell asleep again wondering what they would have to face the next morning.

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Max woke up as the sun hit his eyes and he reached for Liz. Not finding her, he got out of bed wondering why he was still in his shirt and tie from work the day before. He then heard singing and went towards the bathroom and saw Liz in the shower. He quickly stripped and walked over to join her.

She was massaging the shampoo into her hair as he stepped in behind her and whispered in a deep voice,

“Can I do that for you?”

“Thought you’d never ask” she bantered back with a smile.

He slowly rubbed her scalp, the scent of flowers reaching his nose. He turned her towards him and put his finger under her chin, tilting her head back. The shower stream washed the bubbles out of her hair.

She then grabbed a bar of soap and built a strong lather and rubbed it up and down Max’s chest. Moving around behind him she went massaged his back and lowered herself to his rear, down his legs and then she crawled around to the front moving back up and taking his sex into her hand.

Max sucked in a quick breath and scooped her up under her arms and pressed her up against the wall. He slowly moved in and brushed his lips against hers. Her tongue darted out and slowly painted back across his. He opened his mouth in response and she swept hers in to taste him. They fought a sweet battle and eventually Max gave up and moved down to her neck.

For a brief second he thought he saw bruises there but blinking a few times they disappeared. He slowly sucked the soft sweet skin he found there as her hands tangled with the hair on the back of his neck. She turned her head and laid it on his shoulder and traced her tongue around his ear.

“Max make love to me.”

His heartbeat quickened and he reclaimed her lips thrusting his tongue into her mouth mimicking what their bodies would soon follow with. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist. In one stroke he took her and contentedly sighed as he finally felt at home. He started slowly while ministering to her breasts with his hands.

She rotated her hips and tried to accelerate his speed. He relinquished his hold of her chest and moved to hold her hips slowing them to an agonizing pace. She frowned in protest and he joyfully laughed. Knowing her frustration he began to move faster. She matched him precisely and soon they were frantic to find relief. His name crossed her lips as her body grew taunt in orgasm. Feeling her tighten around him he exploded into her and with effort held her now limp body.

As their breathing and hearts resumed normal rate smiles crossed their lips. They finished their shower and dressed. Max went down to the kitchen to make coffee and noticed red stains on the counter. A beer bottle was lying on the ground and Liz’s clothes were in shreds on the floor. He searched his memory and couldn’t remember any of the events from last night.

Laughing he threw the bottle away and removed the stains with a swipe of his hand. Liz joined him and they drank coffee while sharing the newspaper.

“Liz, what did we end up doing last night?”

“All I know is I woke up extremely refreshed” Liz retorted with a suspecting gleam in her eye.

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Well I decided to take a certain course in this story. The next part kind of side tracks the main issue but is important in the story. If you see any mistakes let me know so I can fix them. Hope you enjoy.

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Thank You very much Eccentric One.

I don't know some of the little details that go on here. Any other pointers or advice are very welcome!

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All right I have the next part written and I started on part four. I should be posting part three later on today once I proofread and etc.

Just for a disclaimer, I don't know many details of some of the things I'm writing about. For example with Max as a lawyer, my knowledge extends to the couple of John Grishams I read and some episodes of Law and Order. Same thing with Liz. I watched ER for a couple of seasons but no real knowledge of medical jargon and process of becoming a doctor. This next part includes a birth and while I have attend two I claim no expertise. Once again just a friendly disclaimer.

If you do want to notify me of mistakes or possible things I could fix I'm all for it.

Also if I’m not being clear in areas of the story and you don’t understand something I want to know. I’m trying the best I can and once again it’s a first attempt *happy*

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“Liz, what did we end up doing last night?” Max inquired.

“All I know is I woke up extremely refreshed,” Liz retorted with a suspecting gleam in her eye.

(Part 3)

Liz headed off to the hospital while Max returned to work but he didn’t stay very long because the anxiously anticipated birth of baby Whitman was imminent.

(Law Firm of Franklin and Associates)

Max was at his desk when his boss, Tom Franklin, strode in.

“Is everything all right Max? You gave me quite a scare running off last night.”

Max’s face betrayed is confusion but quickly masked it.

“Everything turned out fine. I just had a few things to take care of.” Max responded with an accompanying nod.

“Good. If you have time I’d still like to go over the appeal for the Rider case. Oh and someone left a message for you with my secretary. She seemed annoyed that she’s taking your messages now too.” Tom walked of laughing to himself.

Max followed Tom out of his department and stopped at the large desk before Tom’s office.

“I heard you have a message for Max Evans? Sorry about the mix up.” Max offered.

“You have your own secretary Mr. Evans. It’s a waste of my time and yours if you don’t utilize her.” She replied with a glare and nasal tone.

“Thanks, make it a good one!” Max retorted cheerfully as he glanced at the paper. He jerked to a stop suddenly and ran back to her desk.

“Excuse me, when did you get this message? Can you tell Tom I’ll be out the rest of the day? I’ll give him a call later.” Max blurted out before running off and leaving behind an extremely irked secretary.

Max had a sense of deja vu as he once again bypassed the elevator in exchange for the stairs. Then squealing his tires and speeding through the city. His sister was having a baby.

He reached the freeway and pulled out his cell phone. Liz answered immediately and reassured him that everything was going fine and so far no complications or unexplainable occurrences. Liz was fortunate enough to work in the obstetrics department in the same hospital that Isabel was to have her baby in.


Max arrived to a group of excited, nervous and worried friends. Tess and Kyle were watching a game on the television in the waiting room and Michael and Maria were uncharacteristically not bickering and calm. Max started walking to the desk when he noticed a pretty girl in a white coat.

“Hello handsome. Want to go on a walk with me?” Liz asked him with a smirk.

“I’d love to. Just don’t tell my wife, I think she works around here.” Max bantered back.

They quickly made their way into the delivery room and Max found a frustrated Isabel and giddy but nervous Alex. Max quickly went to Isabel and kissed her forehead.

“How are you doing?” Max inquired.

“How do you have the nerve to ask me that? You have no idea what this is like and will never completely understand so why don’t you go…” Isabel began but paused as she clutched her lower stomach with one hand and Alex’s hand with another as a contraction took hold. She began to yell and Max decided to back up a little bit and give them room.

His mother came up and hugged him excited beyond words.

“I know Isabel will do just fine. My mother always said wide hips make giving birth very easy. She may not admit it but her hips are ample. The boys always like that too. Oh but Liz is darling being so petite. She may have a hard time giving birth though.” Max’s mom rambled on while Max just nodded and smiled. The image of Liz being pregnant was making him ecstatic.

Flash: Liz breastfeeding a blonde baby in a rocking chair. She was smiling as she rocked back and forth, back and forth.

Max shook his head and tried to will the uneasy feeling to go away. He looked up to Isabel again as a nurse approached her with ice chips.

“Wow, I thought I’d have a baby before the ice chips arrived. I know it’s such a difficult process and all. Taking a cup and pressing the button. Hmmm you should get an award for doing it.” Isabel was definitely in pain and nervous so she decided to take it out on anyone around her. The nurse scurried off as Isabel rolled her eyes.

“Isabel? I’m going to see how dilated you are now if that’s all right?” Liz worriedly asked. The wrath of the ice queen was being extended to all today. Isabel just nodded though resolute to get it over with and knew Liz was a means to an end.

“Well, congratulations Isabel you are dilated ten centimeters and done with stage one. Whenever you are ready you can begin to push.” Liz informed with a smile.

Liz looked over at Max and smiled and noticed that his mom was already crying. Max came by and kissed Liz informing her he was going to wait outside with the others.

“All right Liz lets do it. Enough pretty eyes at Max, I want this baby out.” Isabel said in determination.

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(Waiting Room)

Max wandered in but made sure he was close enough that if anything unusual went on he could be there quickly without getting detained. He pulled out his cell phone and talked to Tom explaining the situation. Tom laughed about the many family situations he is always in.

When he finished on the phone he noticed that Maria had a special glow and Michael was smiling an unusual amount.

“Max we’re engaged! Look at this ring isn’t it beautiful! Michael made it himself just like you did with Liz’s. Mines a heart shaped diamond though. It’s huge! Mom is going to go crazy when she sees it. You better tell her some kind of excuse on where the money turned up because she is worried enough about me all ready. I’m happy teaching choir and drama at the high school. She’s worried though because you don’t have an established career. Max, are you sure you can’t get him a paralegal job at Franklin? He could handle it easily with his mojo powers.”

Michael pulled her face to his and gave her a deep kiss silencing her into a sigh.

“So you actually did it Michael. Did you go the romantic way or just get it over with like you planned?” Max said with a laugh.

“Well she was freaking out yesterday and when I walked in the door gave me a speech on romance and important events. Apparently, she thought I forgot our anniversary. She was running around the place determined to leave. I think she was going to stay with you guys, anyway she found the box where I’d hidden it in the kitchen. I never thought she go in there. I proposed and she said yes and we had a pretty fun night. Didn’t have to take her to dinner or anything. She was interested in something else entirely.” Michael said with a smile.

They talked and eventually got Kyle and Tess to join in the conversation. Max’s dad came rushing in worried he’d missed it all. Max reminded his dad that it could take up to two hours.

(Delivery Room)

“Isabel the baby’s crowning and has a full head of dark hair. Give me a few more pushes and then you’ll have the hard part all done.” Liz told her.

Isabel looked up to Alex with tears in her eyes. “This is so hard I don’t think I can.” She said with a sob.

Alex kissed her replying, “Isabel you are the strongest person I know. I love you and can’t wait to hold our son.”

Frustrated she threw her head back, “Alex Whitman. We don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl and the fact you think you know really riles.” Isabel stopped as a contraction came.

“Come on Isabel! Push!” Liz and Alex cheered her on.

With and agonized groan she gave all she had. She was rewarded with a cheer from Liz as the head appeared. Liz rotated the baby and with a few more pushes the shoulders emerged revealing a baby girl.

As Liz took care of Isabel, the nurses with Diane’s help (Isabel’s mom) weighted and wiped off the baby, then turned her over to Isabel and Alex. Someone informed Max and Phillip, Max’s dad, and tears and smiles were abundant.

“I knew it was going to be a girl.” Alex informed everyone proudly.

“What! I told you the entire time that we didn’t know and you kept insisting” Alex then silenced Isabel with a kiss.

Eventually, everyone filed in and gave their compliments to the parents and praised Isabel especially.

“So do you know what you are going to name her?” Liz asked Isabel and Alex.

They looked at each other and Isabel nudged Alex encouraging him to tell everyone.

“We decided on Mirella Diane Whitman.” Alex proudly pronounced.

Diane started to cry, causing Isabel to cry and with their connection Mirella, or Ella, began to cry.

Eventually Liz sent everyone away insisting Isabel should rest and Liz followed Ella to the nursery making sure nothing strange happened and no physical tests were done on her.

(Waiting Room)

Kyle and Tess left for their respective jobs and Maria took Michael declaring they needed to finish up some anniversary business.

Max was left sitting with his parents and got into an interesting discussion with his mom.

“It’s so nice seeing one of my children start a family. Isabel told me her life felt full now that she has a child. I hope I get to know all of my grandchildren while I’m young enough to enjoy it. Have you and Liz discussed having children yet? I am going to spoil Ella so much. I’m sure Isabel will to though.” Diane slid the question in and kept talking.

“Mom, we have talked about this before. Liz wants children but she wants to be a devoted mother and she can’t do that while in school and working. We will wait till the time is right for us.” Max retorted.

Phillip just sat back smiling. He knew that nothing Max could say would be a good enough excuse for Diane to not get more grandchildren. Especially now that she has had a small taste of being a grandparent.

“Max. You need to be firm with her. There is no need for her to work and to continue in school. She has proven all ready that she is very intelligent and can accomplish what she puts her mind to. She should focus on a family. You have been married for almost ten years. We got you and Isabel before we had been married that long and you were both adopted!” As Diane went on Liz walked up and smiled to herself.

“Diane, I think you are right. Max, I think you should try and get me pregnant.” Liz said with a smile on her face.

Phillip started laughing and Diane and Max turned beet red. Diane commented quickly that she and Phillip should go and get something to eat. As they scurried off hurriedly Max wondered if his mother thought they would try right then and there.

Many balloons, flowers and pictures later Liz and Max walked out of the hospital arm in arm. They decided Max would take Liz home and she could get her bike another day. They reached the car and got in with Max pulling out.

“Liz? Were you serious about earlier? Do you really want to try to have a baby?” Max asked in earnest. The image of Liz pregnant gave him butterflies in his stomach and he was almost as anxious as his mother.

“Yes, I think I do want a baby.” Liz stated determinedly.

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