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Title: Stranger from the East
Disclaimer: Don't own them... bla bla bla except for Liz's relatives. Springfield's a fictional town (even though there's maybe a thousand of them in the US).
Summary: Senior Year, Liz's going away for the summer to her Uncle Paul's Ranch. they never met so....

Rating: PG-13, might get R or NC-17 even *wink*

Liz: Please Mom. I don't want to go to Uncle Paul's Ranch. It's my last summer before College. Maria, Alex and I had all this thing planned before us.

Nancy: Oh come on, Liz. You used to love going there. Your cousin Trish misses you and plus, it'll do you good.

Liz: Mom please, I'm begging you: DON'T SEND ME THERE! I'll do whatever you want me to do. I'll work everyday, I'll even give you my tips, JUST DON'T SEND ME THERE!

Nancy: No, Liz. It's final, you're going. Now, go start packing, your bus leaves at 12 tomorrow.


Ok, whatever you're thinking, stop it. I AM NOT A SPOILED BRAT. I just don't want to spend my last summer, and my shortest one by the way, before college in some stupid town in the middle of nowhere (even if that's already where I live.). But you get the point: a summer full spent with hillbillies, country music and line dancing isn't my cup of tea. Plus Maria and Alex can't even come. Oh yeah, major gross point, my cousin Kyle's been hitting on me even since he understood why man and woman are different... YUGHHHHHHH! I have to calm down. I'm strong I'll getting throught it.


Feedbacks would be appreciated *happy* thanks bye!

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To top the fact that I'm going to Nowhereville to spend the worst summer break of my life, my mom made me that the freaking bus. THE BUS!!!!! It's 7 hours from Roswell. It's 7 hours, not on the highway, but in those little backside country beat up roads!!! And I had to sit next to a big fat smelly tobacco chewer... I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm happy to be finally here. Luckily, the bus driver was kind enough to leave me at their door since it was on the way.

I can tell you what's gonna happen. My aunt Mary's going to shriek endlessly about I've grown up since last time. Kyle might grab in a bear hug, all sweaty and might grab my butt over it all. I can see my little cousin James running to me

James: Lizzie!!!

I dropped my bags and caught him as he threw himself at me. I just love my little cousin, he's so funny.

James: Liz! Did you bring gifts for me? Huh? Huh?

Liz : Well I don't know you'll have to help me unpack to know. You're getting bigger everything I see you. You're going to get as big as Kyle.

He ran back to the backyard, yelling that I arrived. From there I could only hear bits and pieces of what was being said.


James (to Kyle) : You know, she said I'm going to get as big as you.

Kyle : Yeah sure thing, little sprout.

Everything's going to fast and everybody's talk at once and suddenly they're all out of my face. There's only Kyle left. I throw him a really mean look.

Kyle: Come on, Parker. Lose the mean look I know you've missed me.

After hesitating, I lost the mean attitude. No matter how much of a stupid jerk he can be, I still love him.

Liz: All right, I've missed you.

Kyle: Now, time for my hug.


I had to run away but each times, he catches up with me and pulls me in that disgusting bear hug.

Liz: URRGGHHH! Kyle, when will you grow up already? This is so disgusting!

Paul: Kyle, leave your cousin alone! And go back to work! There's a lot to do.

Kyle: AY! Captain. Oh and Liz, if you're looking for Trish or gramma, they'Re both out with their 'little friends'.

Kyle ran back to his VTT and went to join the other workers in the fields. Uncle Paul opened his arms to me. He always felt like a second father to me and I guess I was like a second daughter to him. When I was younger, he used to tell me stories about golddiggers, cowboys and our ancestors. He's the only one that know that I hate coming here since I'm 14. Since he's raising horses, the summer of my 14th birthday, he gave me my own horse. He's really too nice.

Paul: So how's my favorite niece?

Liz: Good, and how's my favourite uncle?

Paul: Good, and I imagine you want to see Jerry ?

Liz: I can't lie to you, huh?

Paul: Go on, dinner's at 5. Outside. Don't be late.

Stepping into the stable's always been a good feeling for me. The warmth, the smell of the dried hay made me feel at home. Like two big arms opening to me and taking me in.

Jerry automatically recognized me. He got his big head out of his bucket and greeted me with a sign of the head. I opened his box and stepped in. I started to talk to him, calmly, soothingly, just like my uncle taught me.

Liz: Hey there big guy. Remember me? He nodded once again. Feel like going for a ride cuz I really could use that. You know, bonding like in the old days at the Creek. You'd like that, huh?

"He's a really beautiful stallion, huh?"

I snapped my head back, and for once in my life, I was at lost. No words could get out of my mouth. I just stood there and stared. This tall, gorgeous, SHIRTLESS, dark hair cowboy stood at the door of the box. He had that beige worn Stanston on and his working gloves and worn out jeans too. I could've jumped him right then. I was almost drooling.

"Sorry, didn't mean to startle you."

His voice was so deep that could feel it vibrate through me.

Liz: You... You... You didn't.

Damn words. Just get out!

"Hi, I'm Max Evans."

Max Evans.... Wow!!!!

Liz: Uh, Liz Parker.

I presented my hand forward.

Max: So you're the Liz I've heard so much about. I'd shake your hand but mine's are dirty. You know your family can't stop talking about you.

Liz: They do?

Max: Yeah, I just didn't know you were that beautiful.

OK! I must be completely red by now. It's not every day that I get compliments like that.

Liz: Uh... thanks. I've never seen you around, do you work here?

Max: Yeah, I'm the trainer around here.

Liz: Cool.

Max: So you rode Jerry before?

Liz: Yeah, Uncle Paul gave him to me on my 14th birthday. Jerry's so calm and fast. He's extremely freeing to ride.

Max: Yeah and he's a really special horse, maybe like his owner....


Ok, what was that? I'm never forward with girls. I guess she's just too beautiful, I just can't help myself. Her smile just shines the place up. I feel so much coming from her. I want to touch her face and her hair. I want to have her near. And I know that I could very much fall in love with her.

Liz: Thanks.

Max: Are you staying a long time here?

Liz: Yeah, all summer.

Max: Good.

We just stared at each other. I could look in her eyes forever.

Max: I wish I could stay and talk but I have work to do so..... I'll see you around, Liz.

Liz: Yeah. See you later, Max.


I'm waiting for your feedbacks to post more , gnagna *big**bounce*

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Ok, so I love my family. Yes, even Max... I mean Kyle. If I must start...Max Evans. When I saw him, I could feel the drool coming to my mouth. I have two theories on that, either it's just because he's just a too fine piece of a man or I wanted to kiss him breathlessly. Both theories seems realistic. Let's get serious, I mean, there's a reason for me to feel that attracted to him. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I haven't met a guy
that beautiful. Yes, you heard me, beautiful. Beautiful shouldn't haven't to just to apply to graceful things. And in that case, I apply it to Max Evans. There's no one like him on this planet, I'm sure. I feel like I've known him
forever. I can tell that he's soft, that he doesn't get angry for anything, that his family means more to him than anything. I know that he's a down to
earth guy, that he's passionate about everything he does (interesting...). The only thing stopping us is the fact that I'm 19 and he's 24. Yes, he's 5
years older than me. How do I know? I asked around, the workers of course. I don'T want my family to know that I'm crushing over him. Anyway, I have to
take a shower before supper.

Trish: LIZ!!!!

I turned around and there she was, my cousin Trish. The heartbreaker of Springfield, Colorado. There's this tall guy before her whose trying to follow her steps. Now, I'm in big trouble. Trish knows me so well that's she gonna figure out immediately how I feel about Max. She's going to nag me with this thing for the rest of the summer. She takes me in her arms.

Trish: Liz! I'm sorry I wasn't there to greet you but Van and I kind of got side tracked. Anyway, Liz, this is Van. Van, this is my cousin Liz. He's my new boyfriend. We've together for almost two months.

Liz: The courageous man. Hey, Van.

Van: Hey.

Trish: He doesn't talk much except with me. *she turns to Van* I'm sorry honey but it'S bonding time with my cousin. I'll call you later.

Ok this is rather unconfortable, seeing your cousin trading tonsils with her boyfriend. I think I'll just go inside, I tell her. I can't stand here and watch that.

Trish: Wait, I'm all yours now.

Liz: Good. It was kind of traumatizing, watching you two exchange tonsils. You're going to have to learn to control yourself in front others. You're making us feel pathetic.

Trish: Yeah sure, whatever. Let's go in the hay barn like before.

Liz: Yeah, let'S go.

When Trish and I were younger, we use to go there to talk and play our pretend games. It's quiet and warm. It's always been our hideout.

Trish: Ok, first off, guys. Have you met Max?

Let'S try and play innocent here. I know I'm awful liar but I'll give it a try.

Liz: Hummmm? Max? Oh yeah, Max. Yeah I've met him.

Trish: Did I ever told you that you're an awful liar, Liz? When you lie, try not to turn red. So I take that he did leave you indifferent.

Liz: No normal girl wouldn't be indifferent to him. I could so easily fall for him. He's nice, soft, good-looking and well, you've seen him...

Trish: You saw him without his shirt on?

Liz: Please, I'll need a cold shower. I've never seen someone like him. He's so...

Trish: Greek god like?

Liz: Exactly.

Trish: Admit it, Liz. You just want to sleep with him. Every women in this has that fantasy, even granma.

Liz: YES! NO!...I mean sure there's the fantasy, but I feel more from him. I think we could very well date. I could see myself with him in a couple of years.

Trish: You're serious, aren't you? You're really falling for him? Liz, you're usually the clear headed one. Think about it for two seconds. You're going college in two months. He's going to work in a farm for the rest of his life. You're going to be this famous scientist. This isn't going to work.

Liz: You've always told me to believe in love and now, you're the one telling me that the one guy that I've had feelings for in like, forever, that it wouldn't work with him. Come on, Trish, you know that I don't get blinded by every guy that pass by. Max makes my blood boil and I know something good can come from this. I feel it Trish.

Trish: Then we're gonna make it happen. You know, my dad started this tradition where everybody gathers up for supper on Friday night, all of his team of workers and our family, and guess who'll be there? I know Max and I know that he likes his girls simple which is you. For tonight, you'll have to dress really simple, jeans but a form shaping tshirt but not too much. Oh and your hair loose, you look great with your hair loose. Sit in front of him, no next to him. A little physical contact won't hurt. Now, go take your shower, we've got a guy to catch.

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I'm presently working on a new chapter. You'll get it soon. See ya