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Author: Me aka you (to you) or simply just Elizabeth if that’s easier to follow
Category: M/L of course, M/M, A/I, ya know CC oh btw it’s A/U ( I never knew what that was until one day I actually asked someone)
Rating: I don’t know, it will probably vary and I will tell ya if it gets, ya know “intense”
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing. All characters are from Roswell and belong to Jason Katims and whoever else yadda yadda yadda.
Summary: I wish I knew but I’m sorta just branching off as I go, but I will give you an idea of whats up and stuff ok? Ok well Max, Liz, Maria, Michael, Alex and Isabel all have been friends for a while and hang out like regular teenagers---no aliens! Liz’s point of view. Alex and Isabel are a couple and Maria and Michael are on their off again on again stage and last but certainly not least, Max and Liz don’t know that they like each other, but they do. Oh by the way Liz and Michael are brother and sister, twins actually. And everyone as a forewarning this is my FIRST fanfic. I finally got up the nerve to start one and I got all jumpy and excited at the thought so here goes nothing.

“OMG, he did not say that! I swear to the holy sacred family of monkies that I SPECIFICALLY told him that I did not want that tid bit of info revealed about me. Here he comes. Liz, hold me back,” Maria said as Michael came strolling down the hall accompanied by Max. Insert me swooning right about…….now.

“Hey Liz,” he said in his hunky junky voice. Wait, hold up, did I just say hunky junky? Since when did I start making up my own vocabulary for a guy. Oh right as of right now. “Hey Max,” I said in my Max voice that I developed when I fell for him however many years ago. Of course Maria was referring to the fact that she still sleeps with her old teddy bear, Mr. Pistachio, and the fact that she told Michael not to breath a word of him to anyone, especially Isabel, who he just happened to open his mouth to, was a mistake. Knowing Isabel, she’ll tell everyone in their pow wow and they will never forget about it. I made a grab for her arms as she began to lunge herself at Michael, who looked at her with a smirk on his face.

“Maria, dear Maria, dear dear Maria, dear dear dear Mar-“Michaels attempts to drive her to insanity were cut off by a very flaring nostril looking Maria

“What, Parker?” came her voice from the very tomatoe like face of hers she had at that moment. “Apparently she doesn’t find it funny,” Michael said to himself, apparently not noticing that everyone in the area heard him, including me, but in particular, Maria.
“What did you say?” came Maria, through clench teeth.
‘Oh God its gone to eggplant,’ I thought, referring to her facial color.
“Michael, you KNOW not to mess with me at this time of the month, so don’t even open your smart ass mouth.” Maria basically screamed.
“I say we burn his porn,” Alex said entering the scene with Isabel at his side, finally taking us to a more satisfying topic for Maria.
“Alex, the only reason you say that is so that you can take it and add it to your stash under your mattress,” said Isabel, giving him a big smack on the back.
“Well he started it by taking mine first and how do you know about that?” Alex said, clearly puzzled with how Isabel came across this information. See, for the past 6 months Alex and Michael have been in a full-fledged porn battle, which has left them with a black eye and broken finger. How they got those injuries, I am yet to discover. Anyways, back to the conversation…..
“I looked smart one,” Isabel retorted, clearly questioning her significant other’s intelligence.
“Ah yes, I had forgotten about the fact that you do indeed have eyes,” Alex responded quickly. Here we go again.
“Ya know what everybody, I think that me and Max are going to leave you two couples to argue and go scrape gum off of random desks, okey dokey?” Clearly they were too involved with themselves to notice that we had walked away.

“So how’s life Liz?” That’s my Max, him and his great ability to make conversation, but I love him for it, I do not deny it, well only not to Maria and myself. Of course my name had driven me out of my obsessive mind of mine, that I’m gonna let shine, also like this little light of mine. Then my body began to shake. That’s weird cause I am definitely not moving my body right now, except for my legs that keep me walking in the direction of my locker.
“Liz?” Oh right he is probably trying to draw me out of my self induced haze. Now departing Lizzie Land.
“You rang?” I. Am. So. Fucking. Brilliant. And to think that he has put up with being my best friend for the past like 7 years.
“I asked you if you were gonna go to this coming Pam Troy party next Friday?”
“Uh, uh umm m-maybe, I’m not s-sure,” came stuttering Bob, the Poltergeist that takes over my ability to control my words and tries to ruin my life. “Only if you are going because I’m not sure if the others are.” Nice save me. Although then again I don’t really have to ask them because I know almost for certain that they are indeed attending.
“I’m not so sure if I’m going either, I’m getting kinda sick of her parties.” Of course he is going, he has to go, in fact I think he is doomed to go with Isabel being the persuasive person she is and the fact that they are sister and brother, she will force him to go. UNLESS, hmm…no he wouldn’t….this is Max we are talking about…. then again, Pam has been acting a little slutty around him, and if I were him I would head for the hills and at a great speed…..well desperate times call for desperate measures…….unless he “gets sick”, which we all know is due to his great acting ability.

“How about you and me not go to the party because I also like Comrade Max here, am getting a bit annoyed with her parties and how someone always ends up getting puked on in a rather obscene way or pregnant, which we all know that Tess will get drunk and Paul will get puked on or vice versa.” Last time, Paul threw up in Tess’s mouth, although I had the feeling Tess was too drunk to realize what was going on. And as for the pregnant one, you can only guess who got pregnant because rumors were flying left and right about like 5 people. That would indeed be a record. Anyways enough of the parties and back to the planning. But first I must open my locker to get my books


“Aww pee in a jug, I’m gonna be late for class,” I said as I quickly through all my books in for World History.
“Hey, about doing something Friday, that sounds great,” Max called down the hall as students were draining from the hallway to their classes. I flash him a smile and race into Mr. Smith’s room and slyly slide into my seat next to Maria. “Smooth Liz, real smooth,” Maria said quietly, as I took notice that Mr. Smith took notice of my attempt to be unnoticed.

To be continued, depending on if I get feedback so like it or no, tell me, ooo and possibly give me tips and stuff so I have an idea of what to move to.

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**Part 2**

“Liz, I would like to see you after class for a second if you wouldn’t mind,” said Mr. Smith. Oh shit sticks, oh shit sticks there goes my plans with Max Friday night as soon as my mom has to sign that stupid, waste of a tree slip of paper for being tardy. I mean come on, this is like only the 7th time I have been tardy this year and he chooses NOW out of all times to give me a detention. That’s fucking great.

Must work charm, “Sure Mr. Smith,” I say in my super good voice that could get someone out of trying to kill me. I, of course, take advantage of it in times like these, *sigh. That reminds me of the good old days, way back when last week I sweet-talked mom out of doing Michael’s laundry for him, since I think he is old enough to figure out how to work the knobs and twisty thing, not that I can or anything, but he is 2 minutes and 17 seconds older than me, which is quite a large amount of time when you are sitting in World History with Mr. Smith who seems to be droning on and on about something history related. Oops, I guess I should probably take notes. Ok writing utensil….check. World History Notebook….check, ok umm….other stuff, check.

I scribble something down every now and then, although I am not quite sure what I am writing down, just things that stand out.


The bell, Alleluia, we are delivered! Insert me raising my arms to the Heavens, and slowly bring them down as I realize that I am indeed in public and that I still need to talk to Mr. Smith. I slowly make my way to him, hoping that that one stampede scene from Jumangi relives itself in his room and he is trampled by a rabid elephant or some animal of that sort, that assures me he will never walk the same way again. I am not being cruel, it’s just that, well, come one! Who likes getting detentions anyway. Detentions that may ruin my life for the next like month.
“Liz, I have taken into account the amount of tardies you have in this class since the beginning of the 4th quarter of the school year,” Oh f-bomb here it comes…”But you are an outstanding student in this and all your over classes. I understand that it is the first period of the day and you may be running late for school every once in a while,” Yeah right, you probably still have your mom dress you, momma’s boy, you don’t know what it’s like to dress yourself every morning “, So I am giving you a warning, next strike and your out.” What are you, some kind of ump? I mean come on, we all know he’s a middle age man still living with his mom, what does he know about ‘running late.’ Crazy old man, sheesh louise now I’m gonna be late for my next class. That’s just fine and dandy.

I leave the classroom, Maria at my side, she being one of the bestest friends that waited for me during my few moments of hell. And then a thought occurred to me. A week and a few hours from this very moment, I will be spending my time with Max, alone. But it’s not like we have never been alone before, just not in awhile because someone is always with us no matter where we are going.

The next two periods breeze by and finally I make my way to our usual spot for lunch along with Alex who happens to have third hour Geometry with. HA! Some sophomores are sitting in our spot! Silly gooses! I laugh inside my head at them as they scuttle quickly away, since we juniors are not afraid to show our superiority over them. Hear me roar!

In a matter of minutes, the whole gang is gathered around the tree that is entitled to us until the day we leave West Roswell High. Michael and Maria are bickering, no shocker there, Alex and Isabel are sorta cuddling I guess, I am dissecting my ham sandwich. My mom knows that I don’t like ham, only turkey do I eat on my sandwiches. Ah it seems that Michael has grabbed my lunch again. Must talk to him about that, since it has become a regular occurrence in our household.

And Max…is staring at me?! Whoa there! When I say staring I don’t just mean staring; I mean, you know, like looking-into-my-soul staring. And I being the person that I am stare right back. Maybe we are having a staring contest. Must not blink. Ohhhh I need to blink. I blink and look away. He has won the contest, but the weird thing is that he doesn’t turn away. He just keeps staring at me. Maybe he thinks I look hot today…or wait maybe not, Max isn’t that kinda guy that goes just for looks, he needs one of the best personalities to match his. God, he is sooo dreamy. And next hour I got Biology with him and I am his lab partner. Imagine me doing some kind of weird victory dance to all the other girls in school, since they all want him, but I am the lucky one who is best friends with him AND lab partners. In your face Pam Troy. I quickly finish off my lunch and toss it in the garbage. Don’t need to kill a seagull or anything with my trash, not that there are any in Roswell or for that matter New Mexico. I wait up for Max, since we always walk from lunch to bio together. We didn’t really plan it, we just have always walked together to bio. I don’t know its just weird.

To be continued…..