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Title: Destroyed
Rating: NC 17
Author: RacyMaria
Disclaimer: I don't not own anything partaining to Roswell.
Warning: This contains graphic and destrubing images and rape situations. Viewer discretion is advised.
Summary: Years later Max and Liz are married. Alex and Isabel are married. Maria and Michael do what they do. Liz is doing her residency at a hospital. Max is a practicing lawyer. Something happens and the group works together to win.

(Part 1)
The wind was biting and cold as she drove down the suburban street. Pulling up into the driveway she realized that it was getting to cold to ride her motorcycle while wearing scrubs. She flipped the kickstand out and grabbed her backpack and headed up the steps for the door.

The townhouse was small with a tiny porch and single car garage. It looked to be three stories as you could see basement windows just above the ground.

She reached the door finding it locked and searched through the bag for her keys. Finally finding them she realized that Max must not be home yet. She slid the deadbolt back and felt a rush of warm air as she walked inside.

Dropping her worn leather jacket and backpack she stretched upwards as she headed through the small hall holding a closet and door to a powder bathroom. As she reached the kitchen and family room she went to check for messages on the phone that was attached on the wall to her right. Next to the clock saying it was just after six. Just as she pressed the button she felt hands slide up under her shirt.

She gasped and spun around then relaxed seeing the familiar bronzed face and huge white smile. His hands easily moved upwards the scrubs doing nothing to stop him. She smiled and leaned back against the wall while the messages rolled off.

(Automated voice) Message 1; 10:37 a.m.
“Liz it’s your mom. I haven’t heard from you for a couple days. Just wanted to check in and was wondering how your residency was going. Give me a call back when you have time. Oh, and are you taking those calcium pills I sent you? Never mind you don’t have to tell me but I hope you are. Well, love you sweetie. Bye”

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He immediately made a connection and searched out the problem. He realized her vocal chords had been silenced. He sent out waves of warmth and love then began to fix them and when he finished the flashes begun.

Pleasure at Max’s ministrations when first walking in the door.

Distrust at Max’s excuse of the phone message and then seeing the beer bottle.

Frustration when Max won’t let her go.

Complete panic knowing it wasn’t Max.

Max tried to comprehend everything that was going through his head but Liz’s feelings were so strong that they stuck out more than anything that was happening. The flashes that followed were numbing.

Agony of the amount of pain the man was putting Liz through.

Max kept getting flashes of pain over and over till he couldn’t take anymore.

Then the man put his hand over Liz and Max was pulled inside her seeing what he was doing. The man was changing what cycle she was in and Max realized that the man left her body ready to become pregnant.

Max yelled as he pulled himself away from Liz breaking the trance he had been in. He looked at her and saw her crushed face. Max brought her gently into his embrace and stroked her hair in a soothing manner. He then told her,

“Liz I need to see something. I promise I won’t hurt you all right?”

Liz let out a raspy sigh and nodded.

Max took his hand and placed it over her stomach. He sent waves of warmth into her body and searched for what he hoped wasn’t there. Suddenly a force took him and pain racked his body. Before he could withdraw himself he saw the child that had been formed and knew now who had abused and raped his wife, Kivar.

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Max then asked though tears with anger, “Who did this to you?”

She tried to say something but her voice still wouldn’t cooperate. She placed her hand at her throat and started to cry again. He gently took her hand and placed it against his cheek and put his own hand in its place.

He immediately made a connection and searched out the problem. He realized her vocal chords had been silenced. He sent out waves of warmth and love then began to fix them and when he finished the flashes begun.

(Part 2)

Max remembered when they were in high school how exciting it was to get flashes from each other. After awhile they just got used to them and they became less intense.

As Max was connected now with Liz he could feel all her heightened emotions as events in the past and today flew through his mind. The came so quickly he had trouble trying to distinguish them.

Flash: Maria in a beige satin dress smiling, but almost crying, and holding a bouquet of white roses. Turning, Isabel was also there and dressed similarly to Maria but looked frustrated. Max realized this was right before he and Liz were married as he saw a beaming Liz dressed in cascades of white silk with tiny pearls sewn on the gown.

Flash: Liz was up against a wall with a look of content on her face. Max stepped to the side and saw himself caressing Liz. He heard Tess’ voice and then Michael’s. This must have been tonight Max thought.

Flash: Liz was in a tiny black bikini lying next to Isabel on a towel by the ocean. Maria was in a yellow suit on Michael’s back. Senior trip to Cozumel right after graduation. Max saw himself with Alex building an intricate sandcastle as Kyle caught a Frisbee into it from Tess.

Flash: Their kitchen with Liz’s back up against the refrigerator. Max was standing with her legs wrapped around him. Isabel had told Liz you have to initiate a house by having sex in every room. They had enjoyed the kitchen especially after that.

Flash: The next scene was also in their kitchen but Liz was being thrown against the counter. She received a bad gash to her forehead as he witnessed her underwear being ripped off.

Flash: Liz’s bedroom in the apartment she shared with Maria and Tess when they first moved out. The room was filled with rose petals and candles. Music was playing and Max saw himself and Liz on her bed. That was the night they had first made love.

Flash: Max felt a burning sensation and he watched the man’s hand glow over Liz’s stomach. He then felt sick as he watched the man rape Liz as she silently cried and clawed against him. He then saw the red glow of her stomach when the man was through.

Max gasped as he pulled himself from Liz severing the connection. He turned and looked into her eyes-only finding despair and agony. He gently pulled her into his arms and smoothed her hair.

“Liz I want to heal the rest of you.”

He looked at her as she began to softly cry in appreciation and love then slowly nodded her head.

Max gently placed his hand over the gash on her forehead and with a glowing hand healed the bruised and damaged tissue while sending warmth and love through their connection. He then moved to her cheek and removed the evidence of that man’s hand across her face. Moving down to her neck he began to softly cry as he healed the bruises along her throat. He then healed the soft skin along her breasts, waist and thighs. Gently he urged her legs apart and cringed again seeing how hurt she was. He placed a warm gentle hand over her sex and removed the indication that someone else had touched her there.

As he finished he looked up at her face and found her asleep. He gently carried her up the stairs and placed her in their bed beneath the duvet cover and slipped in beside her and supported her with loving arms.

Max laid there all night thinking about what happened to his wife. At times his anger was so great that Liz would stir in her sleep feeling the emotions rolling off him. Then he would look at her and remember the flashes and press her tightly against him as he sobbed for her pain.

At one point during the night Max placed a hand over her abdomen. He thought back to when he had done this more than ten years before and healed the bullet hole that had pierced her. In the present he wasn’t sure what he was looking for but as his hand began to glow he was transported.

Max found himself in an empty room. He turned and found himself looking into a mirror. He stepped towards it but realized his reflection didn’t copy his movements. He stopped and watched closely as the reflection started walking steadily towards him.

“Finally I meet the unworthy brat who was made a king.” The man said with distaste. As he came closer Max saw him change appearances almost as if he were morphing.

He went from dark tones to lighter ones. The end result was a man who had blonde hair that could have been considered white. His eyes were a clear blue. His skin was pale, almost translucent. His height was average along with his build. His image gave Max a sense of remembrance and he realized,


The man laughed and came to stop several feet from Max.

“It’s pitiful but satisfying to see you now. You live and consort daily with the dregs of this universe. In fact you had the gall to marry a human and make her your royal soul mate. Of course that made my job much easier. It was very enjoyable too. Humans have intense emotions unlike us that make it more entertaining. If we ever see the need to inhabit this planet they will make very amusing toys.”

Max felt fury inside him like never before. Kivar had raped and abused Liz, his revered wife. He unconsciously raised his hand in and offensive stance. Seeing this Kivar began to laugh.

“Won’t make any difference. This is a dream world. I can’t hurt you just as much as you can’t do a thing to me.”

“This is far from over Kivar. I swear that you will pay and beg Liz’s forgiveness before I kill you.” Max said in fury.

(Laughing) “You always were highly emotional, to much human in you. If you haven’t realized it yet things are now done my way with my terms. Just like now.”

The room that they were in began to spin and fade. Max roared in protest but nothing changed. He then received a flash.

Liz was in a rocking chair nursing a child with white, no blonde hair. She looked up with love in her eyes and was smiling. She continued to rock back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

Max woke in a sweat and turned to see Liz sitting up against the backboard of the bed holding her knees to her chest while rocking back and forth, back and forth.

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Hey everyone. Sorry for the mix up. The posts I did on the testing forum we just that, a test. I just used part of a story I was working on. If you are interested in this story I retitled it: Endure to the End.

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