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Title: Extreme Measures of Ambiguity
Author: Gorillaz
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of it
Summary: I based it on a x-files episode I saw which I though was intriguing.

This is only my second attempt at writing a fic so please bear with me.

Part 1


“Good morning it is Friday September 8 and you’ve tuned into KROZ Roswells radio station serving all of New Mexico. We’ve got you’re Friday morning trouble spots. There seems to be a car…….”

I wake up in the darkness and see the pale walls that surround me. My eyelids are weak as if I hadn’t opened them in days. As my eyes adjust to the dark ness I see a spider web hanging right above my face. I get up to look around and I notice that I am in a jail cell. What the hell is happening? How did I get here? I feel a slight jolt of pain on my right cheek. Touching it gingerly I notice that there is a slight gash that has almost healed. BuZz! The doors to my cell slide open. A tall man in a guard uniform steps in.

“It’s time,” he says. Another guard enters and they both take my arms and lead me out of the jail cell. I look perplexed at my situation. There has to be some kind of misunderstanding here. As they lead me through the corridors I see us approaching two figures at the end of the hallway. It is a man and a woman. As we get closer I recognize one of them.

“Michael!” I shout. But he seems to just ignore me and talks to the guards beside me.

“The press got word that we we’re taking him out this exit. It’s crazy out there,” Michael assures.

“I think we should postpone the transfer, and wait till the crowd decreases,” says the blonde haired woman.

“Transfer me where?” I ask. But again I am ignored.

“No. They’ll camp out for days. We’re going ahead with it,” replies one of the guards.

“Michael………Michael what’s going on,” I look around confused. The two guards once again take my arms and lead me out to an exit. As they open the doors there are bright flashes from cameras and a huge crowd immediately surrounds us. I continue to look around dazed and confused.

“Mr. Evans….Mr. Evans why did you do it?” asks one of the reporters. I see Michael come and help the guards clear some room.

“Hey…..Hey….Backup….Back up….give him some room. Everyone clear out,” He instructs. As I look into the crowd I spot a familiar face. It’s my father in law.

I call out to him hopefully, “Mr. Parker!”. He just stares at me intently. I see him reach into his jacket and pull something out. It’s a gun.

“Everyone down……there’s a weapon,” yells Michael. But I don’t react in time. I feel stabbing shots of pain in my chest. Everything seems to go into slow motion. The guards wrestle Mr. Parker down. And the blonde woman presses her fingers on my neck.

“Someone call a medic,” She yells out in a low pitch distorted voice. I can feel my heart beat slowing down. ThUmP!…ThUmP!……. ThUmP!…………. ThUmP!………….. ThUmP! I stare at the watched that is fashioned on her hands and watch the time tick forward. Slowly and steadily. As it is halfway through its cycle it suddenly stops. And then starts ticking in the opposite direction. Slowly and steadily. The world darkens again.


My eyes open to darkness again. I look up from where I am lying down and once again see a spider web hanging over me. Wait I just got shot. I quickly plunge my hands into my shirt to check for bullet wounds. But I’m fine. And I’ve returned to the same cell. BuZz! The doors to my cell open. I see Michael and the blonde woman enter.

“Michael……..” I speak. They both have serious looks on their faces. The blonde woman holds up a clear bag with a card in it.

“Do you recognize this……Mr. Evans? Have you seen it before?” She asks. I recognize it as the keycard to my apartment.

“Yes …..I do,” I reply, “Who are you?”

“Don’t start this again…Max,” Michael shouts harshly while pointing a finger in the air. “Just don’t.” I look back shocked.

“Michael what’s happening? What am I doing here? I’m in this cell. I don’t know where I am or how I even got here and everyones acting like…..”

“Dammit….what did I just say…..I swear……. I will not be part of some deranged 11th hour insanity defence,” He looks me in the eyes.

“What?,” I stutter, “Michael you’re not listeni….”

“Look….It’s time to tell the truth,” He shouts. I look him in the eyes bewildered. The blonde woman seems to feel uncomfortable. She once again holds up the bag with the card.

“So you recognize this keycard. Correct?” She stammers.

“Yes…it’s the keycard we use at my apartment building,” I reply, “For all I know it could be mine.”

“It is yours,” she replies, “It was discovered in a dumpster behind a local motel.”

“You tossed it there didn’t you,” voices Michael, “you had just enough time to drive from Hondo to commit the murder.”

“…..Murder…….What Murder?,” I ask.

“Then you tossed the keycard,” Michael continues, “then drove back to Hondo to make it look like you were away the whole time. Am I correct?”

“What?…..,” I respond. He opens up a folder and pulls something out. It’s a picture.

“Well maybe this will help you remember,” he shows the photos to me. It’s Liz. But she has a gash on her neck and she’s dead. I pull back in horror. Tears fall from my face and I hold a hand to my mouth. No this is not true. Not Liz. Please not Liz.

“Liz….my wife…this is not happening…this is not happening,” I scream. Michael and the woman back away not sure what to make of the situation. The same tall guard enters my cell once again. But I am too sorrowful to even notice.

“The court van is waiting,” says the guard.


The trip to the court was silent. I stared blankly into space for most of it. My love was taken away from me. Why don’t I remember anything? I am led into the court house in chains. I sit at a table in front of a judge with a blonde haired woman who I assume is my lawyer.

“Ok……dignity that is your strong suit,” She says like we’ve met before. I continue to stare at the ground. “Don’t lower your eyes it makes you look guilty.” How does she appear to know me already?
“Ok we got judge Valenti. Do you know him?”

“You mean Jim?,” I ask.

“Great. First name basis,” She responds.

“All rise,” says the bailiff. I am one of the first ones to rise. “I would like to remind all the members of the gallery to please turn off any electronic devices such as cellular phones and pagers. Hear ye, hear ye. That all who have business before this court in the State of New Mexico draw near and be heard.” I look at the gallery behind me and in the crowd I spot him again. I quickly turn my head in shock.

“Mr. Parker?” I whisper.

“What?” asks my lawyer.

“He shot me?” I reply. Looking confused.

“Who? Your father in Law? What are you talking about?” She asks baffled.

“Court, Department 6-B is now in session,” says the bailiff, “the Honourable Jim Valenti presiding. Thursday, the seventh day of September.”

“Thursday?…….It’s not Thursday” I mumble.

“Shhhhhh,” responds my lawyer.

“It’s Saturday today,” I continue, “Yesterday was Friday and……”

“Today is Thursday,” she assures, “There’s no court on Saturday. You know that Max, do you feel all right?” BaM! BaM! The judge pounds the gavel.

“Case Number 6RTX15: District v. Maxwell Evans,” says judge Valenti, “Charge of first- degree murder.” I wince at the accusation. What am I doing here? I would never murder Liz. That is just the opposite of what would happen. And why is Mr. Parker still here after attempting to kill me yesterday? He should at least be held from my court hearing today. “The defence has requested a hearing on bail.”

“Yes your honor. You’d probably agree, Mr. Evans’ status as a prosecutor makes him a target. We put his life in danger by keeping him in custody.”

“Your honor,” interrupts a man who I assume is the districts attorney, “I have been assured by the Roswell department of corrections that Mr. Evans life is not in danger by being there.”

“Furthermore,” continues my attorney, “Mr.Evans is an outstanding citizen, held high in esteem by all his peers.”

“Your Honor,” interupts the prosecutor again, “with disturbing behaviour, Maxwell Evans brutally stabbed his wife in their own home. He poses a threat to the public and should be denied bail.” He holds up a piece of evidence which looks like a bloody knife. I have to hold my hand to my mouth to keep from vomiting.

“He is no threat to anyone,” replies my lawyer, “He has a child who needs him at home.” Oh my goodness Kara must be so scared right now withoutme or her mom there.

“I’ll tell you why,” he looks over to me, “because her mom isn’t around anymore.” BaM! BaM! The judge warns the prosecutor.

“Mr. Evans,” He says while looking over some papers. I know Jim well. My father and him were good friends. He has to let me go, he knows that I would never do this. “Max, I can't tell you how sorry I am to see you on that side of the aisle. I hope you'll forgive me when I do exactly what you as a prosecutor, would demand. Bail is not granted. However I order Mr. Evans transferred to a more secure facility in the interest of his safety.” Transferred? where have I heard that before.

“I think we should postpone the transfer,
and wait till the crowd decreases”


“No Jim,” I Yell, “I can’t be transferred……don’t transefer me.” I run over to the judge and point towards the gallery. “He’ll kill me.”

“Max,” He warns.

“If today is Thursday and tomorrow is Friday,” I plead, “Then tomorrow he is going to shoot me…….while I’m being transferred.”

“BAILIFF,” Jim yells. Two guards grab my arms and escort me out. I try to struggle free.

“JIM…..,” I shout out to him, “You have to believe me.” I can’t get free from the guards, “It will happen Jim, I’m gonna get killed…….you have to believe me.”


I am taken straight to an interrogation room. I am told to wait until they arrive. After a few minutes I see the door creek open. Michael and the blonde woman enter again.

“Mr. Evans you had an interesting court hearing,” says the woman, “What do you want to talk to us about?”

“Your Michael’s partner right?” I ask. Michael looks irritated as I say this.

“For God sakes it’s Agent Deluca,” He spits, “You met her yesterday.”

“Yesterday?” I ask puzzled.

“Yeah……yesterday……Wednesday,” He replies.

“Are you saying you don’t remember?,” She asks, “What’s the last thing you remember?” I think about it.

“Someone call a medic”


“Being shot by my father in law,” I reply.

“Dammit your wasting our frickin time,” Yells Michael. Michael starts to leave but looks back when I start to speak again.

“Look. I don't know what Happened,” I start, “ But what if it was a premonition? A glimpse of the future. Or something like that I mean………have you heard anything like this before.”

“Mr. Evans,” She asks, “this shooting aside do remember anything before that.” I think. I remember being in a meeting in Hondo.

“Um…I was in Hondo,” I reply, “I remember being in a sentencing hearing for a case I was working on.”

“That was about three days ago,” She looks at me puzzled, “Are you telling me that you don’t remember anything after that. Like the murder of your wife.”

“I don’t,” I reply seriously.

“All of a sudden. You’re chargedged with murder. You wake up one morning and you can't remember a one frickin thing. You haven’t offered one piece of evidence to us,” Michael pauses then continues, “Look Max, as a friend I am willing to listen to you…….but I will not be lied to and lead to believe these preposterous things.” Michael walks out obviously annoyed.

“Your talking to me about my keycard,” I talk to Ms. Deluca, “I'm not lying to you. I’m sitting in jail and don’t remember a thing. But I did not kill Liz.”

“If you really don’t remember anything,” she says seriously, “Then how can you be sure that YOU didn’t kill her.” She leaves the room. I sit back on my chair in shock. How can I be sure that I didn’t do it. How do I conveniently not have my memories between those days? What if they are all right. I have to consider every possibility. Even if I don’t want it to be true.



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Title: Extreme Measures of Ambiguity
Author: Gorillaz
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of it
Summary: I based it on a x-files episode I saw which I though was intriguing.

This is only my second attempt at writing a fic so please bear with me.

Part 2


I am taken back to my cell bunk. Which only gives me time to think. Sudden images fly through my head.

Broken glass flying in the air,
LIZ gasping in fear and pain,
and a bloody knife rising.

I blink back to the present. What the hell was that. How do I remember the murder? Did I do it. It couldn’t have been me. But the facts are right in front of me. I lay back on my bunk. I see the spider web once again. Agitated I get up and rip it apart.


I am sitting in the visitation room. Desperately waiting for her arrival. The door opens and I see her run to me. I open my arms to hug her. I see her nanny Sandy waiting in the corner.

“I missin you so much daddy,” Kara says, “when are you comin home.”

“Oh. See, um... Daddy has some things that he has to do-- very, very important things. That's why I have to be here right now, but then, guess what?,” I smile, “I'll be coming home. Okay Kara.”

“But I want you home now,” I can see tears threatening to fall from her face, “And mommy too.” Oh my God. No one has told her yet. “Grampa said they won’t let you come home.”

I can’t break her heart. She’s too fragile right now. I hug her tighter. “Don’t worry hunny….I’ll be home soon….I promise you.” I look over to Sandy while kissing Kara on the forhead. “How is she holding up?”

“She’s doing good Mr. Evans,” She replies, “But she asks for both of you everyday……no one has gotten the heart to tell her yet.”

“I see,” I reply. “Sandy I need you to get you something for me……I need you to get Kara’s rabbit stuffed animal from her room.”

“Okay Mr. Evans,” She replies. A guard walks in.

“Sorry…time is over now,” he says, “time to go.”

“No I don’t want to go daddy,” she cries while wrapping her arms around my neck.

“Listen hunny,” Tears are also falling from my eyes now. I brush her chestnut brown hair behind her ears like I would do with her mother, “We’ll see each other again……remember what I promised…….but you have to promise me that you will be a good little girl and listen to Sandy. Okay.”

“I pwomise,” She replies as I let the guard take her away. She looks back at me. And I smile back not wanting to let her see me cry. Trying to be strong for her. When she is gone I lean back on the floor and let the tears flow freely.


I am waiting in the interrogation room. The door opens and I see my defence lawyer come in holding the pink stuffed animal I requseted from Kara’s room. She hands me the stuffed animal.

“Why didn’t you mention this to me before the bail hearing,” She asks.

“Because I haven’t even met you before the bail hearing,” I reply. She stares at me confused. I rip open the rabbit and pull something out. “Nanny Cam.”

“You should’ve talked to me about this before Max,” She says, “I don’t know if this is a good idea.”

“This tape has the murder on it of course it’s a good idea,” I reply as I rewind the Cam.

“You do know that whatever is on that,” She says, “I have to share with the prosecution.”

“You think I’m guilty,” I ask. I wave her off before she can answer. I see the Cam rewinding in slow motion. I see the police come in. “This must be the murder investigation……when did the murder occur?”

“The report has the Police arriving at your apartment at 6:20AM Monday morning. Your key card was used at 4:17,” She replies.

“So the killer is somewhere in between,” I point out. Now we are both looking at he cam.

“There’s your wife,” She says. I swallow at the sight of her.

“We must have missed something then,” I rewind the tape then pause it when I see a figure enter the doorway.

“Max….that’s you,” She says shocked. I continue to stare at the image of myself.


I open my eyes to the darkness again and I know it is morning. I gingerly touch my face to check on my cut but its gone. It must’ve healed when I didn’t notice. I look up and once again see the spider web over my head. Dammit I should’ve killed the spider along with the web. BuZz! The doors to my cell open and I see a tall guard come in. I’m not going to be transferred. My premonition could be right.

“I’m not going,” I say confidently.

“What?” He asks baffled.

“I told you,” I reply, “If I get transferred today…..I get shot……it’s not going to happen.”

“We don’t plan on transferring you,” He responds, “Your lawyers want to see you.” He grabs my arm and I am led back into the interrogation room. There I see my lawyer waiting for me with someone I recognize.

“Hey Max, how are you holding up,” Alex says while we hug each other. Alex and I go way back. We went to law school together.

“I’ve had better days,” I reply.

“We’re gonna get you free Max….don’t worry Max,” Alex looks over to my lawyer beside him and says, “I’ve got one of the best defense lawyers for you………I’d like you to meet…”

“We’ve met already,” I reply while looking over to her, “About the tape….I don’t think we should turn it in yet….of course I showed you it to try to clear my name”

“I’m sorry,” She looks at me confused, “I don’t think we’ve met yet……my name is Tess…..Tess Harding.” What? I look at her confused.

“What tape are you talking about,” asks Alex.

“The nanny cam tape,” I reply, “That’s why you guys are here. RIGHT?”

“No….I came here to introduce you to your defense lawyer,” replies.

“But we met yesterday at my bail hearing…….remember,” I says befuddled.

“But Max,” Alex voices, “You’re bail hearing is set for tomorrow.”

“Wait……what day is this,” I ask, “What day of the week?”

“It’s Wednesday,” Tess replies, “September 6.”

“But……,” I stutter, “yesterday you told me it was Thursday.” I sit back and run my hands through my hair. Alex looks concerned for me.

“Max…..I think you should see someone,” He instructs, “I know you’re under a lot of stress right now.” He looks me in the eyes, “We can have you out by tomorrow morning….their case is weak… evidence to link you to the crime.”

“Plus…” interrupts Tess, “they don’t have the keycard that was used to open the door.”

“Keycard?,” I take a sharp intake of breath.

“without it they’ve got nothing,” She continues.


I am walking through the prison exercise yard. I see someone staring at me intently. He looks to be Hispanic. A young male walks up to me.

“Somebody likes you,” he teases me. I look at him. “I’m jus kiddin, why you don’t have any sense of humor……..counsellor.” He seems to know me.

“Do I know you?” I ask.

“You sure as hell don’t know me,” he replies, “But you’re the one who put me here.” That’s when I recognize the delinquent.

“I remember……possession with intent,” I say, “A concealed weapon.”

“The concealed weapon was a pipe wrench. I was on my way to my child mother’s house to fix her sink but I told you all that! It Added six months to my sentence, man. You remember my name?” He stares at me.

“No I don’t,” I look away, “All I needed to know was that you broke the law.”

“Break the law,” He smirks, “well then I guess that makes you a wife killer.” I turn to him angrily but I stop myself from doing anything. He starts to laugh but I walk away before I do anything I’ll regret. As I walk past the basketball courts I accidentally slip and knock over a table where a a bunch of guys are playing cards.

“What the hell,” a big guy with a goatee yells, “Pick them up.” I reluctantly bend down to pick them up not wanting to cause trouble. As I do this I see that same hispanic man come up to me. I see him holding a sharp metal object in his hands. Time goes into slow motion again. But before I can react he slashes across the face and runs. I now have a big gash on my right cheek. As I see his hand I notice a tattoo of a spider web on it which disturbingly fascinates me. I scream on the ground in pain.


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