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Title: Roswell Sivler Shoe Diaries
Author: Me
Disclaimer: Don't own Roswell or Red Shoe Diaries
Rating NC-17. Watch for some language.
Summary: Giggle.

Entry# 1

The Promotion

Max Evans straightened his tie and brushed his fingers through his hair. He was standing in front of Liz Parker’s office door. He had no clue as to why Ms. Parker had called him to her office but he knew it was serious. She was the owner of the company and well respected amongst the business world. She was known for being a tough cookie but she was well liked by her employees. She was fair in her treatment of everyone and never made anyone feel they were lowly workers. If you were called into her office it was for a reason and it was serious. Either you were promoted or fired there were no in betweens. Max checked his clothes one more time before knocking and entering the room. As he walked in he noticed the lights were somewhat dimmed and centered to a particular chair. It struck him like a scene from a move where a prisoner is put in a lighted chair to be tortured. He shook his head and proceeded further into the room.


“Mr. Evans, please have a seat in front of my desk I’ll be right with you.”

Max noticed the seat in question was the seat he noticed as soon as he came into the office. He eyed the seat cautiously as he approached it. Eyes followed his progress to the chair. As he sat down she slowly walked into the room sizing up her prey. Her eyes took in every inch of his physique, causing her to lick her lips as she eyed her next meal. Anyone who saw her would compare her to a black widow eyeing her future mate and meal. When she saw he was seated she made her entrance into the room, the predatory look in her eye disappearing completely. She made her way around the desk to her chair with her business façade in place. She shuffled a few papers around before addressing Max.

“Mr. Evans I’m sure you’re wondering why I called you in here. I won’t waste your time. I’ve had my eye on you for a while and noticed your hard work and the amount of money you have pulled into my company. You have no absences and no latenesses. All your co-workers say nothing but good things about you and your supervisor too. I have no recourse but to offer you a promotion within your division.”

Max was struck speechless. He couldn’t believe what she was saying. Everything that he had worked so hard for was being handed to him on a silver platter. His mouth opened but once again nothing came out.

“I see by your response that you’re shocked about my offer,” Liz said with amusement sparkling in her eyes.

Max blushed from the roots of his hair to his adorably pointed ears. He cleared his throat to speak and save himself further embarrassment.

“I’m sorry Ms. Parker. I’m just shocked about the unexpected news. Thank you so much for this opportunity I don’t know how to thank you.”

Liz stood up slowly and made her way to the front of her desk and next to Max’s chair. She was wearing mid-thigh skirt and white, crisp blouse. As she drew closer Max noticed how much of a looker she really was. He always thought of her as a beauty but even more so now. He could feel his body stirring into arousal. Max quickly crossed his legs to hide his impending embarrassment if he were caught. Liz noticed his movement and swallowed her smile. She leaned against the desk and gazed at Max. Her gaze made Max squirmed a little under her gaze.

“So, Max let me explain a few of the perks that go with the job. You get a new office, of course. But you also get an expense account for personal and business. You get a company car of your choice, three weeks vacation, ten sick days and a 25% increase in pay. Sound good?”

“Sounds excellent, thank you.”

“Good. Now am I forgetting?”

Liz tapped the side of her cheek as if she were in deep thought but she new exactly what she was about to say. She inched her way across the desk until she was standing right in front of Max. She slipped her feet out of her silver heels and took a seat on her desk. She raised her legs and put a foot on each side and spread her legs in front of Max so he had a perfect view and what was underneath. Or better said what wasn’t. NO PANTIES!

“Oh yes, your other perk is you become my love bitch.”

Max’s head snapped up to attention and he saw the feral look of lust in Liz’s eyes. He looked back down to what was being handed to him on a silver platter. Her curls glistening with her feminine wetness and the aroma was raising the heat level in his body. He licked his lips and swallowed hard. He raised his eyes to hers again.

“That’s some perk. What if I choose to pass that one perk?”

Liz looked at him as she lowered her hand in between her legs. She took two fingers and stuck them into her nether lips then pulled them out. She leaned forward and placed her two fingers on Max’s lips rub her juices on his lips.

“That’s completely up to you. But this is a one shot deal.”

With that said she closed her legs and eased off the desk. She started to make her way to her chair when she was whirled back around. Max grabbed her around the waist and brought their bodies slamming into each other. Max’s head dropped to hers and his lips latched on to hers stealing her breath away. Liz was shocked at first at Max’s bold move but then she wrapped her arms around him as their mutual passion took over. At this point they were one. Their faces were completely merged and they needed each other to breathe. Max lowered his hands to the edge of her skirt and eased it up until it was a piece of material around her waist. He eased up on the assault on her lips.

“I didn’t say I didn’t want this perk but I do want to have a taste run... I mean a test run at it first.”

“Of course.”

They eased their way to the floor. Max laid Liz on the carpeted ground. He fanned her hair out and rested his hands on her shoulders. He then eased his hands down her front lightly rubbing her breast on the way his hands grasped her shirt and tore it open buttons flying everywhere. Underneath she was wearing a camisole that was shredded just as quickly as the shirt. The aggressiveness Max was showing Liz was making her even wetter than before. Her nipples were hard and ready for his lips to grasp. Max lowered his head and licked the valley in between her breast causing Liz to whimper. He then nipped at the tender skin under her breast bringing more torture to Liz as well as pleasure. He finally took he nipple into his mouth and sucked on it. He bit it softly then licked it. He did the same with the other before he started to move down. Before he reached the triangular patch he was aiming for Liz stopped him by his tie.

“Not so fast. I’m almost completely naked and your still wearing clothes.’

Max smiled as he read the intent in her eyes. He kissed her again as she grabbed onto his shirt and yanked it open making more buttons fly. But she didn’t stop there she grabbed his pants and yanked them open. She wanted her beefcake all naked for her to look at and touch. Max not to be out done grabbed a pair of scissors and cut off her skirt. They were both breathing hard but completely naked. Max eased back to the floor. He grabbed a pillow from the sofa and placed it under her head. He then started to stroke her entire body bring her body to passionate heights. Liz moaned under Max’s touch craving for more. His hands had a rough feel to them but so gentle at the same time. She felt so complete with his touch. Max’s hand traveled down her body until they reached the apex between her thighs. Liz almost had an orgasm at his touch. Max let his fingers do the walking as they parted her wet lips and inserted themselves into her. With his other hand he combed his fingers through her hair as he watched the ecstasy on her as his fingers played with her lower region. He leaned down and placed kisses all over her face before thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She latched onto it and suck on it for all that she was worth. She grabbed his head with both her hands to prolong the kiss as his fingers kept thrusting into her. Max broke the kiss and latched his lips onto her breast. Liz was on fire. The assault Max was giving her body was the best that she ever felt and she never wanted it to stop. She was about to come when Max pulled out his hands. Liz let out a scream of pure frustration. Max smiled as his body covered hers and he grabbed her legs and wrapped them around his waist. He inserted his engorged groin at her opening, teasing her with his tip. This frustrated Liz even more as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She leaned her face into his and whispered the words that would be Max’s undoing.

“Max Evans fuck me now or get fired!”

“You’re the boss.”

Max thrust himself deep into Liz’s body.

“Yes!” Liz shouted.

Max pumped into Liz hitting her spot over and over making her scream his name like no other. Liz’s vaginal walls grasped Max groin like a glove to a hand. The heat in the room could melt butter and ice cream. Some how Liz managed to flip their positions and she was on top.

“I can’t have all the pleasure. So, my wonderful fuck stud, I do believe that I’m going to ride you into oblivion.”

She threw her head back and started to ride Max, driving him crazy with pleasure. Beads of sweat mingled from both bodies as their passions and lust grew and grew. When it got to be too much for Max he leaned up and grabbed Liz flipping their positions once again. He threw her legs up for better penetration and thrust wildly into her while rubbing her bundle of nerves in between her legs. They dove off of the cliff together in the see of orgasms and fulfillment. Max thrust into one last time as he emptied his love seed into her. Her vaginal walls constricted as they milked him of every last drop. Max lowered her legs and let his body drop on top of her. Their breaths mingled and they gave each other little kisses as they tried to catch their breath. Max moved so he was behind her with his arms wrapped around her body. He placed kisses on her neck. Liz stroked the arms that were wrapped around her body and made her feel warm in a world that made her feel cold. She didn’t want to leave this place at the moment. Max placed a loving kiss on her head.

“I love you.”

Liz smiled as she turned to face him.

“I love you too. But next time lets do this on the sofa because rug burns are kind a difficult to explain to my husband. He tends to be very possessive of me. And if I have marks I can’t explain he gets very jealous.”

“Why Miss Parker are you a married woman?”

“Did I forget to mention that?”

“Yes, you did. Now if your husband decided to come in and surprise you what would I do with myself?”

“That’s true. He’s kind of built and very muscular. To say the least he’s a great fuck too.”

“So glad to hear my wife thinks I’m a great fuck.”

Liz giggled as she extracted herself from her husband’s arms.

“If you weren’t these little games of ours would not be happening. But my husband is also a wild man”

“What do you mean?”

Liz picked up her skirt and turned to her husband.

“You are so lucky I love you or else you would be in trouble Mister. I loved that skirt. But I love you more.”

Max got up and walked over to his wife. He wrapped his arms around his wife.

“Don’t worry I’ll buy you another. After all we own two companies, so I think we can afford to replace a piece of material.”

“True. So now that we christened the office, what say we christen the bathroom…”

TBC???? In another entry? Please do tell me if you liked it or not.

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