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Title; ‘Your not alone’

Author; Sarah aka Wild_Child_Uk

Rating; R for language.

Summary; Ok this is after EOTW but before the nightmare that is Tess and Max together. This is just a way I dreamed for Liz and Max to get back together and for Max to realise that the whole world isn’t out to get him.

Authors Note; Ok the characters don’t exactly have the same personalities compared to the show. Tess is more nasty is a verbal sense then her actual actions. Isabel is nice!! *Shock Horror* I wrote this ages so don’t hold it against me!

Part 1

‘Well, look it’s the little whore.’ Tess sneered as she pushed past Liz in the hallway of West Roswell High.

‘What did you just call me?’ Liz asked with raised eyebrows as she spun around to face Tess’s retreating figure.
Tess stopped mid step and turned slowly to face her. ‘I called you a whore, why? Did I pronounce it wrong?’
Tess smiled a sickly sweet smile and carried on, ‘If you sleep around Liz then this is the sort of treatment you should expect.’
Tess pouted at Liz’s grave face, ‘Oh poor baby, does the truth hurt?’

‘Shut it Tess, you don’t even know what you are talking about.’ Liz responded quietly but deadly.

Maria pushed past the crowd and came and stood next to her best friend. ‘Come on Chica, lets leave the pathetic little gerbil alone.’ Maria said loudly for everyone to hear as she glared at Tess, she started to push Liz though a gap in the crowd but stopped and turned round to face Tess, ‘Tell me Tess, do you ever wonder why you are always alone, do you think maybe it might reflect on, oh I don’t know, your personality?’

‘Well actually, that’s not entirely true, I have a very close personal friend, I think you might know him Liz.’ Tess paused. ‘Since you’ve changed into quite the little slut Liz, did you ever realise what an animal Max is in the sack? Actually that’s right..... Max never lowered his standards enough for you, now did he?’ Tess smirked at the tears welling up in Liz’s eyes.

Isabel who until that last comment had been silent, but she had had just about enough of the little rat preaching about there so called destinies and her brother. She didn’t know what was going on with Max and Liz but she did know that they were deeply in love.

‘My brother wouldn’t touch you with a ten foot barge pole, now piss off you have already ruined enough lives around here.’ Isabel growled at Tess while standing next to Liz.

‘How dare you speak to me like that.’ Tess replied haultedly, referring to the fact that she was ‘Queen’. ‘You don’t know what is going on with Max anymore, none of you do, because you all betrayed him.’ Tess glared in disgust at them as she pushed through the crowd that had formed to watch the cat fight.


‘You okay Liz?’ Isabel enquired as they walked out to the quad for 5th period lunch.

‘Yea, I’m fine.’ Liz sighed, ‘I just don’t understand how some-one like that is destined to be with Max,’ She continued sadly, ‘How can I let him be with that bitch?’

‘Let him be with her?’ Isabel asked as they sat down at one of the tables.

‘Oh it’s a long story,’ Liz quickly amended as she looked away.

Isabel looked questionably a Maria, who just shrugged her shoulders. ‘Does it have something to do with you fake sleeping with Kyle?’ She asked with raised eyebrows.

Liz’s head snapped up from her food in surprise, ‘What? How did you...?’

‘Please it’s me,’ Isabel interrupted, ‘I know how much you love him, you could never do it. You both have that whole soul-mate look into my eyes thing going on. It’s sickening really.’ Isabel said with a smile.

‘You want it too, huh?’ Maria smirked at Isabel.

‘Oh yea.’ Isabel nodded then laughed slightly.

‘You can’t tell him!’ Liz said urgently.

‘Oh I won’t don’t worry.’

‘Thank you.’ Liz released clearly relieved.

‘You are..’ Isabel stated as if it were nothing.

‘Huh??’ Liz looked up with a look of confusion.

‘If you love him, you won’t let him live the rest of his life with Tess or alone.’ Isabel said sincerely, ‘What we need is a girl’s night, where you tell me all the crap that I just know is behind this....’ Isabel looked up into Liz worried face and smiled. ‘Come on, I’ll even tell you about my ‘betrayal to Max’ which by the way I really do need to talk about with you guys.’

‘I’m in, I love girls night!’ Maria smiled, and looked questionably at Liz.

‘Why not’ Liz smiled and for the first time in what seemed like years relaxed slightly with the knowledge that Isabel would be able to help her.


Continued in next post.

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That night the girls were camped out in Isabel’s room.

‘So what the hell is going on with you and that brother of mine?’ Isabel started.

Liz sighed knowing she wasn’t going to get out of explaining Future Max, so she described everything in as much detail as she could muster.

‘Wow, I had no idea it was that complex! I just thought you were trying to make him follow his destiny or something.’ Isabel cried out with tears in her eyes.

‘Well, what bout you chica, what’s going on?’ Maria pushed Isabel.

Isabel just stared into space for a few minutes then started quietly. ‘It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done... not talking it though with Max, I mean he’s always been there for me, no matter what and then when things get slightly hard I just completely close off.’

‘What Isabel?’ Liz tried.

Isabel frowned slightly as she looked ashamed as she went on to explain Vilondra and her past life. When she finished.

Liz and Maria just looked on in silence.

‘Wow’ Maria finally managed.

‘But Isabel, Whitiker was the enemy, she was probably trying to confuse you and make it easier to try and kill you, she might have even made up the entire thing.’ Liz stared at Isabel willing her to understand, ‘I mean even, if you did, you would never do that to Max this life time, would you?’ Liz asked quietly.

‘No, I would never!’ Isabel exclaimed.

‘That’s all that matters then.’ Liz smiled, then it disappeared, ‘What are we gonna do? About Max I mean.’ Liz continued.

‘I don’t know, I really don’t know.’ Isabel sighed.

An eerie slience fell over the room as they looked on dazed at what there lives had become.

Suddenly Isabel’s head snapped up, she stood quickly and paced over to her bathroom door. She swung it open almost violently as a very shocked Max fell through the door and onto the floor.

‘Hey guys.....’ Max tried with a bright smile, ‘So we all need to talk.’


This is only like a two parter and so I’ll be back soon with the next part. *happy*

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