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Liz Parker looked at everyone around her and grinned. She had just been married to the man of her dreams, Max Evans. There had been many ups and downs,but they had managed to pull through. His vows rung in her ears: "I love you Liz. Your the one and only person I love, and I hope you feel the same about me. I know in the past I have hurt you. But, now, I'm going to make that up. From this moment on,I, Max Evans, swear to have and hold you...take care of you, and love you til the day I die."

Max reached over and grabbed Liz's hand. Liz Parker....or now, Liz Evans was so beautiful in his eyes. Perfect in every way. Her big brown doe shaped eyes
glistened in the light through the window. He was surrounded by people he loved. Including Kyle Valenti, the one person who nearly came inbetween their love. But now, their on the road together, and they HAD to get along. Michael was driving the van, Maria was chatting away in Liz's ear about how exciting everything was. Max just had to smile. No matter where they were, or what they were doing, Maria made everything simple for Liz.

Isabel looked out the window and sighed. She told Jesse to stay behind but she missed him terribly. SHe hadn't really opened her heart since Alex, and now that she had for Jesse, and married him.....she was on the road, alone.
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