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Kyle touched Isabel's arm softly which made her jump.
"Are you ok?", he asked.
"Yeah.....just wallowing in self pity if you call that ok"
He hugged her. Isabel somewhat relaxed in his arms. She missed Jesse to death but at least she had some company. Isabel looked over at her brother who was all grins the whole trip. "Well, at least he can be happy", she thought to herself.

Max kept looking at Liz to make sure she was there.
She was finally all his, not Kyle's, not Sean's, but ALL his. She was now Elizabeth Evans....forever. He loved her to death, and always has, since day 1.

"Lizzy?", He said
"Yeah Max?"
"I love you.", he stated simply.

Liz just had to smile. He had told her that a thousand times since they got in the van after the wedding. She kissed him lovingly and he gladly kissed back.

"I love you more Mr.Evans", she said giggling.
"You could never love me more then I love you, Mrs. Evans!"

Just as they were about to start doing that back and forth forever, they heard a growling noise from in front of them so they looked over.

"God!, You two lovebirds can get on my last nerves sometimes.....I gave up my marriage for this, and it DOES NOT help me to see you two laughing, smiling, and who knows what else....jeez....", Isabel let out all her feelings.

"I....I'm sorry Izzy, I didn't know you felt like that", Liz said nervously squeezing Max's hand.

"Well now you do!"

Maria looked at what was going on in shock, then climbed in the front seat with Michael.

"Hey Spaceboy?", She said softly
"What do you want Deluca?", he answered gruffily gripping the steering wheel.

She took a deep breath and started to continue but just then a loud crash was heard, and Michael was flung forward into the glass. Maria screamed as she saw his face covered in blood. When she looked up she saw about 4 other cars smooshed around the van....seemed to her that Michael wasn't paying attention to what he was doing when there were other cars.

Liz heard Maria scream, and looked up at Michael then gulped. Then they heard sirens.

"We can't stay here Evans!", Kyle said
"We have no choice Kyle, somehow I have to heal Michael then we have to leave as soon as possible!"

Once again Kyle was over ruled by Max Evans. He hated that. But, he was "the almighty king of Antar". He just wanted to get away and fast, if the cops found out who they were, and where they were going....then Max,Isabel,and Michael....and maybe even Liz would be brought the White room.

Max hurried up to the front and hurridly tried to heal Michael...but something wouldn't let him. He sighed heavily then pushed Michael's body backwards and got in the front seat himself and drove off.

"Will he be ok Max?", Maria asked

"I don't know Maria....I don't know"
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The group got out to a empty field just as it was starting to get dark, Max and Kyle slowly pulled Michael out of the van and set him on the ground.

"Can you do anything Evans?", Kyle asked.

"I hope so", Max sighed as he tried healing him yet again, but still nothing worked.

"What's wrong with him?!", Maria squeeled.

"Calm down Maria,I'm sure he'll come to sooner or later", Liz tried calming her down.

Maria huffed and crossed her arms and slowly bent down to Michael and stroked his hair softly. She missed him sometimes, but she liked seeing Max and Liz together. They were the only alien-human relationship that lasted. They got married, they seemed like soulmated.Those deep penetatrating eyes and the whole kit and kaboodle. Their relationship was never like fact the complete opposite.

Liz hugged Maria softly and she kinda hugged back as Michael sat up gasping for air making them both fall back.
Max rushed over to his side worried about what had happened to his best friend.

"Are you ok Michael?", Max asked
"Uh...yeah,I think", he said rubbing his head and looked at Maria smiling

"What's that look for Michael?", She asked
"You brought be back, I heard your voice, and you brought me back."

She just smiled and looked down.

"Aww.....see, you have a little love in him", Liz laughed

Maria stuck her toungue out as Max helped Michael up.....Isabel walked off and Kyle followed.

"What's wrong now Iz?", Kyle asked

"'s just, I miss Jesse", she said sadly and looked down.

He hugged her as they hollered for everyone to get back in the van and be prepared for a long drive. They all climbed in the van. Michael in the back with Maria, Isabel laying her head on Kyle and softly crying, he just let her and held her softly. Max and Liz sat in the front, watching for any cops or anyone else that might be looking for them. Then once again....they were back on the road. Waiting to see what happens next.
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The gang was in yet another town and were getting restless. Liz was leaning against Max and Isabel had fallen asleep on Kyle.

"She's so beautiful", Kyle said softly

"You got the hots for my sister Valenti?", Max teased

He blushed but didn't say anything. Max looked at his own angel and grinned. She was perfect in every way.

After a few hours of driving, they pulled over to the side for a little rest.

"So, Maria, are you and Michael together again or what?", asked Liz

"I don't know, are we?", Maria asked Michael

He just shrugged and looked out the window. They all sighed. Liz looked at Max who seemed to be deep in thought.

"What are you up to Mr.Evans?", Liz asked
"You'll see soon enough,'ll see"

She just shrugged and moved over to Isabel.

"So, how's it going Isabel? You seemed out of it every since the wedding."

"I dunno's just weird. You and Max get to have the time of your life, being together....side by side, all the time....while Jesse is a million miles away, no where near touching distance", she looked down and started crying.

Liz had never seen Isabel break down like that. Isabel was always the Ice Queen. In charge, in demand and strong. But since she had to leave Jesse behind, she had let a huge wall down, and had let everyone in for once.

She reached over and hugged her new sister in law as she cried. She liked this new Isabel and new that it would be weird being a family out on the road, but, at least they were family. And that's something.
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"Man,I'm bored", complained Kyle
"Get over it Valenti", Michael said

He rolled his eyes and looked out the window. Since Isabel and Liz started talking, he didn't have to worry about "picking up the pieces". Liz in a way had a new sister. And a new husband on top of that. She was on a roll! Liz always wanted someone to care for and who cared about her, she got Max. She wanted a sister, Maria was close, but just not a sister. Isabel some what filling that void. And maybe with a little luck Liz can make Isabel feel better again.

Max looked around at everyone and sighed. They had been in the van for almost 48 hours. They hadn't seen much civilization. A few cars here and there. People walking, some jogging. Running from what, who knows. But his life was now out in the middle of no where on wheels. He could have had anything. But the FBI had got on their heels, they had to leave Roswell, and their family.

Liz crawled back over to Max and grabbed his hand. He kinda smiled and looked a little sad.

"What's wrong?", she asked
"Nothing, just thinking about home", he answered

She nodded and cuddled up to him and closed her eyes. As she fell asleep she dreamed of being a little girl and playing with Alex and Maria. Seeing Max that first day. And then their wedding day. She never quite thought that her wedding would be like that. But it was still perfect. She had one of her best friends there and in a way felt Alex there, smiling one of those approving smiles. She smiled in her sleep and Max held her closer.

Maria looked at them and then at Michael. They never would be like that. "Oh well, maybe it's just not meant to be", she thought.

Then Michael turned on the radio, much to everyone's complaining.

"Either deal with it or get out and walk!", he yelled at their grumbles....Liz stirred

"Michael, shut-up! Liz is sleeping", Max yelled in a whisper.

He rolled his eyes and kept driving. Nothing to say to anyone or anything. Nothing to look at but the road. He just didn't feel like driving. Couldn't switch at the there he was,Michael Guerin, being told what to do and not being able to do a thing about it.

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"What do you think might of happened if we stayed in Roswell?", Isabel asked

"Oh, I dunno....we might of all been put under the scopes and probed until we die", Kyle answered

She shivered and looked at Max and Liz. Once again they were sharing in eachother's glory. She had to get used to the idea of Liz being her "sister", she tried bonding, Liz did anyways....she'll eventually let her in....eventually.

"What do you think my father did when he revieved my journal in the mail?", Liz asked

Max kinda laughed "Knowing how your father was about me, I bet he probably had a little fit until he accepted it"

She laughed and soon they all were. What they needed. A nice long, heart wrenching laugh, to break all the silence. Most of the trip seemed to be in silence...unless you counted the occasional grunt from Michael. But other then that, it was quiet. As soon as they got their giggles out the girls started talking about something else and laughes some more, the guys groaned. The more they talked and laughed...the more of a headache they would get.

"Girls,can you keep it quiet please? I'm trying to drive here!", Michael asked
"Sorry", they all answered in unison
He sighed and looked at Max. "Women", Michael mummbled

Max laughed "Yeah, but, you know, you still love them".

He nodded and smiled at Maria, well, laughing wasn't so bad, right?

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After the girls had settled, everyone was bored. So, one of them decided to start up a game.

"What kind of game?", asked Max
" about name off the license plates?", Kyle suggested.

Everyone else groaned. Of all the games in the world, he had to say THAT one! Maria leaned back and rolled her eyes. Liz just sighed and shrugged.

"It's better then nothing, right?", Michael asked

They rolled their eyes and gave in. They read of license plates from all over the place. From Texas, to Ohio and on and on. Isabel yawned and Kyle put his arm around her shoulder and she gladly leaned against him. The last thing she heard was someone call out "Nebraska".

Kyle kissed her forehead as she dozed off. By this time, Liz was leaning on Max and he was holding onto her. He loved how she looked when she sleeped. "I love you Liz", he whispered as he too fell asleep.

P.S- Sorry so short, was kinda in a rush! Sorry

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