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Title: Breathe your name
Category: M/L
Disclaimer: This was a challenge from Mia Nora. I don't own Roswell nor anything else mentioned in this story. The character of Erica Parker, however, I did create, but all you need to know is that she is Liz Parker's twin.

Breathe your Name (sixpence none the richer)

it's every day
I'm in this place
I feel this way
I feel the same
it's every day
I'm in this place
I feel this way
I feel the same

is it all inside my head
is it all inside my head
I view the lips
and take my pick
I view my faith
and make a choice
'cause it's nobody else's but mine

- Chapter One -

The humming of the engine stopped as it finally reached its destination. The occupant in the car widened her eyes as she spotted the house. Well, she couldn't call it a house, more like a mansion. It's amazing. The walkway extended from where the limoscene had stopped past the lawn and past the little pond in the front. The lawn circled around the driveway and ended in front of the big arch with the French double doors. There were more than a dozen windows in the front, and there was a certain elegance factor to it.

She reached for her purse that was next to her and hesitantly stepped out when the chauffer opened the door. She almost expected a red carpet waiting for her to walk on. She slowly started walking down the pathway, her sensible shoes making a small click with every step. She straightened her white sweater, and nervously tucked a strand of her dark brown hair behind her ear.

She was so anxious to see her sister. The last time the two of them had been in the same area had been a little over a year. Her sister was busy with the many movie propositions that were offered to her and Liz had been busy renovating the new school.

"Lizzie, you're here!" a voice cried from the entrance of the door. Liz looked up with a genuine smile on her face as her twin sister, Erica Parker came running down the steps, a hard thing to do in high heels. Before Liz could let out a word, her sister was crushed into her, her arms encircled around her neck.

Liz breathed in deeply, memorizing the scent that brought so many childhood memories to mind. Her sister always smelled of strawberries, while Liz herself preferred vanilla. Being around her sister always felt like she was filling something inside of her that she was missing. It always felt like coming home.

She had no idea how much she had missed her sister until she felt the calm wash over her like it always did when she was around Erica. Even though Erica was one of those 'move-and-groove' kinda people, she somehow always made the calm come out in Liz.

It also helped the Liz was older by five minutes. She had a sense of parental protectiveness around Erica. Erica had always been the outgoing sister, the one who was a cheerleader, ran for school elections, had all the boyfriends. Liz had always preferred to remain in the shadows, happy enough with a book to keep her company. They were as different as night and day but that also brought them closer together.

They hugged for a moment longer before Erica pulled back, her eyes crinkling with delight. "God Lizzie, I've missed you so much!" She wrapped her arm around her sister's shoulders and guided her into her house.

As soon as Liz stepped into the huge entryway, her mouth dropped open in awe. "Oh my gosh," she murmured. She had never seen something so extravagant in all her life. The inside of the house didn't even compare to all the magazine pictures of specially designed homes. The front room had a western feel to it, from the tan furniture to the old antiques around the room. "Wow."

She felt a push beside her and snapped out of her stupor to see her sister already heading towards the couch. Someone came up behind her and took her coat and purse and she dutifully followed her sister. She sat on the edge of the couch, and crisscrossed her ankles while her sister sat facing her.

The mood changed immediately as her sister grasped her hand and connected eyes with Liz. Liz was struck with the same deja vu she always got as she got the impression she was glancing into a mirror. A foggy mirror, but a mirror no less. Liz raised a dark eyebrow as she waited for her sister to continue.

"I need to tell you something," her sister announced.

A spike of dread crept into Liz's body as she imagined the millions of possibilities that statement could imply. Could she have cancer? Be moving to a different country? Did she not want to be her sister anymore? No matter how ludicrous the ideas were Liz felt the next thing coming out of Erica's mouth would be monumental.

"I'm going to Rehab."

Liz's eyes popped open as she just stared at her sister. Suddenly, her sister's bright face didn't look so happy. Liz finally saw the red lines running through her sisters eyes and the many wrinkles marring her youthful face. She also felt the way her sister was trembling through their joined hands. How could she have not noticed this sooner?

She was immediately transported back in time to when she first had noticed how her sister liked to drink. At first she had thought that it was natural, after all, they were teenagers and it was a common thing for a teenager to have a few beers.

As soon as she stepped into the smoke filled air, she coughed, trying to grasp some clean air. How could anyone breathe in this place?

Ignoring the looks of the drunken men around her, she followed the sound of high-pitched laughter coming from the bar area. Shaking her head sadly, she watched as her sister downed a drink as people around her cheered her on. Her sister slammed down the shot glass before slapping her hand on the counter, signaling for another drink.

She felt so ashamed of her sister in that moment. Consuming shot glasses of hard liquor while just laughing about it with her friends. Didn't she know that she could die of alcohol poisoning? Or that someone could spike her drink and abuse her? Didn't she know of all the risks? Didn't she even care?

She walked up to her sister who caught sight of her. Her sister jumped off the barstool and practically bounced to her, her bright eyes alive with excitement. "Lizzie!" she cried with a slight slur, "welcome to the party!"

She attempted to grab Liz's hand but Liz pulled her hand away before Erica could pull her along. Her sister almost tripped over her own feet in attempt to regain balance and Liz felt the temptation to help her. But she couldn't, she had to let Erica do this by herself.

"What are you doing Erica?" she demanded, her one hand on her hip while the other was waving around, motioning to the smoky bar.

Erica's dilated pupil's widened even more in shock. "What am I doing? What are you talking about 'Lizbeth!" She pumped her hands into the air, waving energetically to everyone around her. "I'M LIVING!"

The room erupted into cheers as everyone supported Erica. Erica turned back to Liz, her eyebrow arched. Her posture clearly stated 'SEE?'. Liz just shook her head again. "Come on Erica, we're going home."

She grabbed her sister's arm, making an effort to pull her sister out of the bar. Her sister just pulled out of her arm, shaking her head while trying to clear her jumbled thoughts. "What are you saying?" she asked as she squinted through the darkness trying to latch on the image of her twin.

Liz sighed and grabbed her sister's arm again. "Come on Eri," she said. "We're going."

Her sister pouted, her full lips smudged with red lipstick. "I-I don't wanna go," she whimpered. Liz didn't listen as she pulled her sister out of the bar, ignoring the cries of protest. Don't cave, Liz chanted inside her mind. Don't cave.

Once they reached the outside of the small bar, Liz breathed in the first gulp of fresh air in too long. Her sister struggled in her arms, trying to head back into the bar. "No," Liz declared in a loud voice.

Her sister sagged in her arms in defeat and she started to cry all over Liz. Liz wrapped her up in a hug as she tried to open the car door and put her into the passenger seat, all without dropping her.

Her sister blubbered out incoherent mumblings as Liz buckled her seatbelt. She closed the passenger side of the door and walked around the car. She stepped into the car and quickly buckled her seatbelt.

"I hate you!" Erica blurted out. Liz froze, her hand on the ignition switch. After a moment of silence, she started the car, the hum of it drowning out the silence. She pulled out of the parking lot and headed for the freeway, driving home.

Once the car settled at a comfortable speed, Liz spoke. "I'm going to disregard that last comment because I know you don't mean it."

Erica let out a uncontrollable laugh, her body twisting the seatbelt that was settled around her waist. "I *giggle* hate *giggle* yooou!" she cried.

Then she fainted.

"You're going to Rehab," Liz repeated. Of course she knew what rehab was. She had seen it in a million movies. People who were drug dependent went there to get better. She heard of tons of movie stars going there, but her sister? When did she become a drug addict? And why?

"When?" was all that Liz could ask.

Her sister lowered her head, her dull brown hair obscuring her face. "Tomorrow," she mumbled.

Tomorrow. That was so soon. So final. Liz felt a lump in her throat and she swallowed a couple of times in attempt to rid of it. "Ok," she said before she was engulfed into another bone crushing hug. Her sister was holding onto her like she was her lifeline.

Erica pulled back and Liz felt sentimental tears fill her eyes when she saw Erica crying. Liz knew this was no act, no matter how well Erica could act, she could never lie to her sister. It's going to be ok, Liz chided herself. Erica will go to Rehab and get better. This is a good thing. She'll take control of her hectic life and be back to normal in no time.

"There's just one other thing," Erica said as she wiped the tear tracks from under her eyes. Her mascara was smeared but Liz thought she looked more genuine than she ever did before.

"What is it?" Liz asked.

Then her world came to a screeching halt.


"Sir, we're about to land in a couple of minutes."

Wonderful. He couldn't wait to get a good cup of coffee and sleep in a decent bed. He was thinking. . . Beverly Hills Hotel. He pressed enter on his keyboard and waited for the mail he had just written to be sent.

Isabel kept hassling him to come back home and visit Mom. Didn't she realize that he was too busy to do that? It's not like he could just frolic around the country visiting old friends. He did have a company run.

His eye caught on a bright splash of purple and he reached over for the object. His hands settled against a glossy magazine and he looked more closely at the cover. Erica Parker. Who else?

Her long, silky, brown hair fawned over her shoulders and set off the tone of her creamy skin. She was wearing a strapless purple and black dress that didn't openly display her curves, but still showed the very appealing body underneath. The headline underneath stated: Erica Parker; the rise to stardom and why she just can't stop.

She was stunningly beautiful. But, it was probably airbrushed and changed. Besides, she was no different than his other. . .conquests. They were all beautiful, that was a necessity. They were also rich and different in their own way.

There was Samantha, she was the one who helped his reputation the most. The redhead and him arm-in-arm made striking companions. She was completely charming and could talk her way out of anything. Too bad he got so bored with her, otherwise he would have kept her around longer. Then there was Kristen, with her connections. The woman practically knew everyone.

Still, it would be interesting to meet this. . .Erica Parker. To see if her beauty on paper matched her beauty in real life. He was going to be in the same area as she was. And it couldn't hurt his career.

His eyes scanned the picture again, memorizing her soft, full pink lips, to her astounding cheekbones, then to her dark chocolate brown eyes. She did have beautiful eyes. So dark, and lovely. His heartbeat sped up as he imagined the way it would feel to stare into eyes like that. To feel them staring back at you, dark and intense. So passionate and powerful.

He folded the magazine up and put it into his expensive Italian leather briefcase. He could think about her later, right now he had to call Michael back about his next appointments. He needed to reschedule his appointment with Claire, and move his appointment with. . .

Whatever, he could get Michael to deal with it. That was his job after all. Being the owner of the MEvans company, he had about a thousand employees to control. He was one of the top talent agent's.

He felt the turbulence underneath him and griped the handles of his seat. God, he couldn't wait to get home and see Tess. He just needed someone to keep him company for a couple of minutes. And with Tess, it wouldn't take any longer than that.

Tess wasn't the woman he always wanted around him. But she was available and being him and traveling around all the time, available was all he could get. His mind traveled back to the eyes of Erica Parker. They were so different from Tess's. While Tess's were clear and blue, Erica's were dark and brown.

He needed to stop thinking. All he needed right now was a cup of Starbucks coffee and a nice, comfortable room to collapse in.

At least until he got around the meeting the one and only Erica Parker.


They sat silently at the dinner table, the only noise the consistent clicking of the utensils against the china. They avoided each other's eyes, and only focused on the food before them.



"But, just-."


"Only for a little-."


Erica leaned back with a huff, a small pout on her face. Her forehead was crinkled in thought before her face cleared and she immediately sat up straight. "Liz, what if-."


Erica got out of her chair and actually knelt besides Liz. Liz just looked at her suspiciously from the corner of her eye. Erica's hands were held together like she was a in prayer and she gave her best puppy dog eyes to Liz.

"Please Liz."

"God Erica, no, so stop asking. No I will not come to your place for a month. No I will not change my appearance, and HELL NO, I will not pretend to be you for a month!"

"Come on Liz, it's not like you'll miss much in the capital-of-all-that-is-boring-Roswell. People can't know I'm going to rehab! They just can't! It'll destroy my reputation and my career."

Liz looked thoughtfully at Erica for a second as she patted her mouth with the white linen napkin., "Well, when you put it like that. . .," setting the napkin down, she turned to her sister, "No."

Erica threw her hands up in frustration and climbed off her seat on the floor. She got back in her own seat and began pushing the food around with her fork. "Fine," she mumbled under her breath. "Don't help your sister, your only sister. Don't care that she's going through an emotional crisis. Don't care that millions of her fans will be crushed because her own flesh and blood won't help her."

Liz rolled her eyes at her sister's antics. She always threw hissy fits. It was nice to know something's never change, Liz thought wryly.

The dinner plates were taken away and dessert was brought out. Liz started to spoon her ice cream as Erica just stared at the tablecloth, not speaking a word.

"Oh, mint," Liz said to break the intense silence. Erica just huffed in disbelief and crossed her slender arms over her chest.

Liz set down her fork with a clack. God, her sister was so. . . infuriating. Completely annoying. She just wanted to scream at her and tell her to grow up.

Erica seemed to come to a decision as she got up and walked towards the swinging door. She paused, but didn't turn around. "Fine. You don't have to do it. I don't care anyways. It was a completely stupid idea and I apologize."

She stepped through the door and Liz watched as the swinging slowed down. With a smirk on her face she counted to herself. 5. . . 4. . . 3. . . 2. . . 1. . .

Erica burst through the door and threw herself at Liz, her arms around her waist and her head in her lap. "Please, please, please, please, please, please. . . .". Liz groaned as Erica kept repeating please. If she said it one more time, Liz would-


"FINE!" Liz yelled.

Erica jumped up, a brilliant smile lighting up her whole face. She rained kisses on both sides of Liz's face and uttered, "Thanks," over and over again.

With an excited shriek, she jumped up and ran towards the door. "I'm going to go make the plans, oh my god. We have the get you a manicure, a pedicure, a haircut, we have to call my personal assistance. . .". She let out another shriek. "You are my favorite sister ever!"

Then she left.

Liz was exhausted. She collapsed against the back of the chair. "I'm your only sister," she called out. What had she gotten herself into?


TBC. . . .

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