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I dunno if you've ever seen this b4 but... also: I wrote this when I was first starting out as a writer so if it sux you know why.

Title: Before I Wake
Formerly titled: Forever Yours In The Deepest Form
Rating: R for strong language
Category: CC mostly M/L
Summary: Liz is stuck in her mind, Will Max save her before its too late? I suck at these so just read on…
Author’s Note: I know I have like a bazillion stories on this mug but I can’t help it when my thoughts just want to be known! LOL Ü I hope you enjoy and read this stuff cuz I enjoyed writing it!


Now I lay me down to sleep,
I Pray the Lord my soul to keep,
If I should die before I wake,
I pray the Lord
My soul to take…

Ch. 1
Let It Be Known

There he was, standing in front of her. Soaking wet, in the cold of winter, from the rain but their discussion heated them both. His eyes were full of anger and distrust. Her eyes were overflowing with tears and unbearable sadness.

“Max… Why can’t you just except it and let it go?” Liz yelled as the rain pasted her hair to her face and back. She cringed at Max’s harsh words.

“Because I know it’s not true! YOU’RE the liar!” He yelled back.

“How can you say that?” Liz cried.

“Because you don’t know what you’re talking about!”

“Even ISABEL agrees with me!” Liz shrieked.

“No! Stop it! Liz stop this! It’s not Tess’ fault that you lost me! You did this on your own! YOU’RE the one that slept with Kyle! YOU’RE the one that can’t except that I’ve moved on! I’m with Tess now! Deal with it Liz Parker!” Max screamed in her face.

Liz stopped dead. She couldn’t believe that the person that screamed in her face only months ago held her in his arms and told her that he’d love her forever.

“Just let it go Liz, you’re never going to have me back… Except it and move on.”

Liz’s eyes poured with tears and her lips trembled with hate and sadness.

“Why are you crying?” Max’s face fell for a second.

“Just, leave me alone.” She whispered walking away.

“No! Not until I know that you’re going to drop this pathetic attempt to regain my love and move on with your life, I want to know that you will leave me and Tess alone.” Max asked intensely.

Liz was silent.

“Answer me Damnit!” Max shook her.

Liz cried out in pain as his grip on her arms was harsh and too much for her fragile state to obtain. She hadn’t eaten in three days and hadn’t drunk anything but one glass of water two days ago, and that was only to get the vomit taste out of her mouth.

“Answer me! Tell me it’s not true!”

“Well it is! And if you’re going to stand there and defend her than,” Liz paused as her world turned fuzzy and dark, “Than you can just go to HELL Max Evans!” Liz screamed in a final rage and collapsed in the street.

“Liz!” Max yelped catching her in his arms as she passed out, “Liz!” He shook her.

“What the fuck did you do to her Maxwell?!” Michael screamed in Max’s face.

“I didn’t do anything! All I did was disagree with her and she…” Max stared at the unconscious body that lay on Maria Deluca’s bed.

“No, you’re lying Max! You did something to her! Tell me Max! Don’t make me ask Isabel to mind walk Liz!” Michael threatened.

“I can’t believe this.” Maria paced back and forth, passed her bed, stealing glances with Michael.
Michael looked at her in sympathy and admiration. Max hurt inside, remembering the looks that used to pass between him and Liz.

“Isabel,” Michael broke the awkward silence, “Go get some cold water for Liz.”

Isabel nodded and quickly left the room.

“C’mon Max, we need to talk.” Michael led Max out of the room to the back yard under the patio.

“Why are we back here?” Max asked curious, staring at the droplets that leaked through the patio roof, it was still raining out.

“She’s a liar Max.” Michael spat.

“Huh? Liz?” Max’s thoughts raced inside his head.

“No, you idiot! Why on earth would Liz ever lie to us?” Michael’s brow rose.

“She lied to me.” Max whispered.

“No, she had to do that. Listen Max, just for once in your life let someone explain something to you without interruptions.” Michael replied sitting down on a lawn chair.

“Be my guest.” Max sat down also.

“Liz never slept with Kyle, she never stopped loving you and she never, ever wanted to hurt you the way she did. She did it to save our asses Max.” Michael took a breath and continued. “I know you must be hella freakin confused at the moment but let me tell you that when Liz and Maria first told me this story well… Let’s just say that you’re taking this very well. Anyways, let’s get down to the truth. Your future self came to Liz from 14 years in the future.” Michael stopped to see how Max would react.

But Max just sat still and waited for Michael to continue, “You and Liz we’re married. Married Maxwell! I guess you guy’s cemented things the night of the concert you were planning to take to take her to. You had a condom in your back pocket. ‘Just in case’, I guess I taught you well Max.” Michael chuckled, “After that night you and Liz were inseparable, and you started to treat Tess really bad, so she left. She left us and we weren’t strong enough to fend for ourselves when Khivar came to attack us. I’m guessing things were really bad at the time of you future self’s arrival because all I know is that Liz cried out when Maria was going to tell me, so Maria just told me that things were really bad alright?”

Michael ran his hands through his hair and continued again, “You, your future self, made Liz do things to make you fall out of love with her, she died inside each time she attempted to try and make you stop loving her. Nothing seemed to work until Liz thought of the one thing that would work… To make you believe that she and Kyle slept together. Future Max was in the bathroom that night you saw them together, he told Liz that if Kyle touched her he’d kill ‘em.” Michael laughed, “Sounds like the Max Evans I know… That’s all I know, and I’ve been keeping it from you for two months with Liz on my ass the whole time, to keep quiet. I’ve noticed that you and Tess have grown closer Maxwell, and if you believe in all that destiny bullshit, then fine, go ahead, but I always think of what you said before. We create our OWN destiny’s Max. And Maria is mine. If you think Tess is yours than fine. Just know that she killed Alex, we all came to that conclusion this morning when Maria gave us Liz’s note. Liz isn’t lying; I’m not sure what the hell is going on with her passing out, but I know that Maria is all bent outta shape about it and as much as I care for Maria, I also can say that I care for Liz too… It crossed my mind at one point that Maria, Alex and I were the only one’s who did. But now Liz has got Isabel, what about you Max? You going to stay with the lying bitch Tess or are you going to follow your heart?” Michael paused, “Either way Maxwell… You’re our king and I’m behind you, but I’ll never follow her. Do you understand what I’m saying here?” Michael asked Max seriously.

Max nodded like a robot.

“Alright, I have to see if Maria and Liz are okay.” Michael rose from his chair and walked inside the house to Maria’s room.

Max sat in the back yard listening to the rain pour. He thought about what Michael just told him, he thought about Tess. Her lying to them all, her killing Alex? How could she?

He needed answers… And he wanted them now.

Max stared at the Valenti house for an hour before he could bring himself to knock on the door.

“Max? Is something wrong? What’s wrong?” Sheriff Valenti interrogated.

“Sheriff, I need to talk to Tess.” Max sighed.

“C’mon in son.” Sheriff Valenti stepped aside, letting Max in.

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Oh how I love you all!!!

JaneLane: I know Max was a butt face but it gets better you'll see!

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A/N: Thanks for the great reviews people! Here is chapter 2! R/R!!!!

Ch. 2
Send Me An Angel

“Lizzie?” Michael whispered into Liz’s ear.

“Michael… I’m scared for her.” Maria shivered, holding herself tight.

“Maria, its gunna be okay…” He turned to Maria, “I know Liz is going to be okay… WE’RE going to be okay.” Michael soothed Maria as he embraced her in his arms.

“Max…” Liz sobbed in her sleep.

“Michael...” Maria quivered in his arms.

Michael squeezed her tighter.

“Michael! Come quick!” Isabel screamed from the living room.

Michael and Maria scrambled to the living room.

“Oh my god!” Maria screamed running away covering her mouth with her hands.

“What the-.” Michael attempted to speak.

“He’s back… My Alex is back! He’s back, he’s back… He’s back… He’s back...” Isabel chanted over and over again rocking the lifeless body of Alex Whitman in her arms.

“Iz…” Michael tried to pull her free from the body.

“Stop it! Stop it! Let go of me! Can’t you see he needs me!” Isabel screamed at Michael, slapping him in the face.

“Isabel stop it!” Michael yelled, slapping her back in the face to snap her out of her trance.

“Oh god!” Isabel sobbed, breaking down in Michael’s arms.

Michael glanced to the still body and watched as it evaporated into thin air.

“What?” Michael asked himself.

Isabel spinned around quickly just in time to see Alex disappear, “NO!” Isabel lunged for him and fell on to the floor.

“Isabel!” Michael tried to catch her mid-fall.

“Alex!” Isabel shrieked.

Michael grabbed her into a tight hug, “It’s okay Iz, it’s okay.”

“No its not! It’s not okay! It’s never going to fucking be okay!” Isabel raved, trying to fight out of Michael’s tight grip.

Michael squeezed her tighter, “What was that! Isabel! Talk to me!”

“I don’t know! I don’t know!” Isabel rocked in his arms.

“How… I don’t get it…” Michael asked himself aloud.

“He visit’s me you know… But this is the first time he’s come to me like this…” Isabel sniffed.
“What do you mean, ‘he visit’s you’?” Michael snuffed.

“I think it’s my imagination, but it feels so real.” Isabel whimpered.

“Shhh, we’ll find out what’s happening.”

“No… You won’t, not in time anyways.” A voice from the corner of the room mumbled.

“Did you say something?” Isabel asked Michael.

“No, did you?” He asked raising his brow.

She shook her head.

Michael shrugged, “C’mon, let’s go check on the girls.”

“Just tell me the truth Tess, you can tell me anything… Right?” Max played cool as he sat on Tess’ bed.

“What are you talking about Max?” Tess blinked in confusion, while she caressed his back.

“Can you like, not do that?” Max sighed, moving away from her grasp, “Don’t play dumb with me Tess.” He stood tall over her.

“Huh? Max… Liz said something to you didn’t she?” Tess replied rolling her eyes.

“No!” Max was quick in defense.

“You’re lying to me Max… What did that lying bitch say about me?” Tess spat.

“Don’t call her that.” Max responded firmly.

“What? A bitch?” Tess smirked, standing up.

“I said don’t call her that!” Max pounced in her face.

“Max, I think you’ve got your priorities mixed up here.” Tess replied with a nervous laugh, taking a step back.

“No… For the first time I’ve got them right.”

“M-max?” Tess hesitated.

“You killed Alex.”

“What?” Tess whimpered.

“I know everything Tess, so just fess up, don’t make me repeat myself.” Max replied cruel.

“What did she say!?” Tess screamed, her voice shaking.

“What’s going on here?” Sheriff Valenti yelled walking in on Max and Tess’ argument.

“Tell him Tess, tell him how you’ve been lying to all of us!” Max roared.

“Hey! Hey! Now calm down and someone explain what the hell is going on here!” Sheriff Valenti shouted, coming up between Max and Tess.

Max scowled at Tess, making her nervous, “What’s the matter Tess? Am I making you feel uncomfortable? Too bad! You made me hurt the only person in the whole damn world that cares for me! I told her that I didn’t love her! I told her I loved you!” Max screamed in Tess’ face.

“You do love me! I’m your wife dammit!” Tess cried out.

“No! I HATE you!” Max shouted even louder than before.

“Max! Stop it!” Valenti yelled trying to push Max out of Tess’ face.

“You don’t know what she did sheriff! She-.”

“Stop it! Stop it! Kyle… Kyle!” Tess screamed out the door.

“Tess?” Kyle ran to her side.

“Kyle stay away from her!” Max yelled taking a step close to him.

“Kyle!” Tess whimpered behind Kyle, seeking refuge in his arms.

Kyle hugged her tightly, “Get away from her Max.” Kyle warned.

“Or what?” Max challenged.

“You know, that’s why nobody likes you Max! Because you think that you’re the shit just because you have extraterrestrial powers! Well you know what?! Without them you’re noting! And you know that! That’s why you make a big deal outta acting like king!” Kyle yelled, “C’mon Tess.”
Kyle escorted her out of the room.

Max turned to Valenti for support, “She killed Alex.”

Sheriff Valenti’s eyes widened.

“Alex is dead. Alex is dead. He’s dead, he’s not in my living room, he is not in my living room. We buried him, he’s gone… He’s gone.” Maria recited to herself, rocking back and forth on the cold floor of the bathroom.

“Maria?” Michael replied sitting on the floor next to her.

“He’s gone, he’s dead…Alex is dead… We buried him… He’s gone!” Maria cried.

“Maria!” Michael grabbed her by the wrists.

“Why? Why Michael? I mean I love you but-but why did this have to happen to us? Why do you have to be what you are? He was innocent! He never would have hurt anyone!”

“I know.” Michael whispered, cringing at her words. If was just normal thing would all be…

“Hold me Michael, I need someone I love… Please don’t ever leave me.” Maria cried in Michael’s arms.

“Never.” He held her tight.

“Max?” Liz whispered as consciousness touched her slightly.

“Liz? It’s Isabel.” Isabel answered.

“Max!” Liz screamed suddenly, “Oh GOD! Somebody help him! Somebody please! MMMAAAXXX! SOMEBODY!” Liz cried out in her sleep.

“Liz!” Isabel shook her.

“What’s going on?” Michael and Maria ran into the room.

“Lizzie!” Maria rushed to her best friends side.

“Get away from him! Get away!” Liz thrashed around in Maria’s bed.

“Michael! Help me!” Maria cried to Michael as she tried to soothe Liz.

Michael used his powers to calm her. As his hand touched her cheek he was hit with a thousand images that caused him to gasp in disbelief.

“What? What is it!?” Isabel shrieked.

Maria looked to Liz who took a deep breath and fell back into siesta.

“She’s connected to Max.” Michael answered Isabel.

“Huh? How?” Isabel asked.

“He loves her again. They’re connected, but Liz is stuck.” Michael explained.

“What’s wrong with Max then?” Maria whimpered.

“Liz’s seeing the future, something’s going to happen to Max… We have to get to him. Quickly.”

“How do you know all this?” Isabel objected.

“I just do alright?” He snapped.

“Okay…” Isabel backed down hurt.

“Sorry. But Max is in trouble and it’s bad.” Michael exhaled noisily.

“We have to save him.” Isabel replied as a single tear fell.

“After we help Max… I’m gunna get you Alex back… Both of you,” Michael turned from Isabel to Maria, “All of you.” He turned to Liz.

“How?” Isabel cried with hope.

“I saw something in Liz’s visions… The granolith, it can be of use. C’mon, we got to get to Max.”

“What about Liz?” Maria asked.

“She’s coming with us, we’re nothing without her.” Michael carried Liz out to the Jetta.

As we die inside, we grow a little more. Everything happens for a purpose, we just have to find out what it is. God does things for reasons that only he knows will benefit us in the future…

…If I should die,
Before I wake,
Will you know why?
Send me an Angel to love,
I need to feel,
A little piece of Heaven,
Send me an Angel to love,
I’m afraid,
I’ll never get to heaven…
- Garbage, My Lover’s Box

“I need your help Sheriff, your son is in danger.” Max said to Sheriff Valenti.

“I’m with ya Max.” Sheriff Valenti nodded.

“I-I don’t know what to do.” Max admitted.

“Let’s start with my son.” Valenti dipped his hat.

“Good idea. But I don’t know where they went and when we do find them-.”

“He’ll listen to me Max.”

“Okay… My mind is racing!” Max suddenly shouted, “I-I can feel Liz! I can feel her hurting! It hurts!” Max fell to his knees on the floor, clutching his chest and grabbing at his head.

“Max!” The Sheriff shouted.

“She needs me… She’s scared, she’s stuck.” Max cried out.

“Max! Get it together son! What’s happening?” The Sheriff shouted confused.

Max shook his head, “Okay… I’m okay.” Max tried to convince himself, he blinked several times.

“Are you sure?”

“No, but I know the sooner I find Tess and Kyle the sooner I can get to Liz.” Max said honestly.

The Sheriff nodded, “Let’s go.”

“They’re not here.” Michael reported to Maria and Isabel in Maria’s Jetta.

“What do you mean they’re not here!” Isabel shrieked.

“I mean that they’re not here!” Michael barked.

“Oh god, this isn’t happening!” Isabel paced.

“Max.” Liz whimpered in her sleep.

“Liz?” Maria looked to her in hope.

“Max… No, don’t…” Liz murmured, “Max! Watch out Max!” Liz shrieked.

“LIZ!” Maria shook her harshly, “Wake up dammit! I need you!” Maria cried out.

“Maria!” Michael gripped her arms back, away from Liz. “She can’t hear you or see or feel you Maria.” Michael explained to a hysterical Maria.

“I have an idea.” Isabel came out suddenly.

“What? Wait a minute no; what if you get stuck Isabel? No, not another word about it Iz, N. O. No. I mean it Isabel” Michael ordered.

“Don’t play that king card on me Michael, I get enough of it from Max.”

“But we can’t lose anyone else.”

“You won’t… Trust me.” Isabel climbed over the seat next to Liz and leaned beside her.

“Bring her back to me.” Maria whimpered.

“I will.” Isabel closed her eyes and was immediately sucked into Liz’s abyss.

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thanks for the great stuff guys!
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aaaack sorry!

A/N: This chapter is for all you Roswell DREAMERS out there! Thanks to ALL of you who have reviewed as well I appreciate every one! –Don’t you DARE think I don’t! So with out further or do! I give this chapter to you!

This ch. Picks up right where I left off last ch.

OH YEA! I wrote these vows myself *big*

Ch. 3
The Wedding

“Tess where exactly are we going?” Kyle asked Tess as he turned a sharp corner at 80mph in his Mustang, causing her to slide over to him.

“I-I don’t know! I have to think! Everything is just so ruined!” Tess shrieked.

“Listen Tess, if Max is trying to hurt you…”

“I know Kyle. And thank you.” Tess touched his cheek softly.

“I never told you but-.”

“I love you too Kyle.” Tess kissed his cheek.

“Really? Cuz I though you loved Max.”

“I do, but that’s just destiny. What I have with you is so much more real than anything written in a book.” Tess revealed her true feelings for him, yet she still held some in as well.

Kyle smiled, “So how long are we going to be gone?”

“Forever…” Tess whispered.

“Liz?” Isabel walked the inside of Liz’s mind.

Isabel looked around, taking in her scenery. Bright shades of pink and green intertwined into each other where flying across the sky of a million shining stars in the mind of Liz Parker. Every now and then a crackle of purple thunder erupted the atmosphere. The ground was the greenest green Isabel had ever laid her eyes on. The flowers where all pink and white roses blowing in the wind. Tall palm trees towered over Isabel like soldiers watching over Liz’s psyche, which consisted of an orange trunk with baby blue leafs. The wind blew Isabel’s hair in her face, blurring her vision. And she moved to brush it away, one second Isabel was brushing the hair out of her eyes, the next, she was in the middle of an enormous Cathedral. Rows and rows of empty benches, decorated with all different colored flowers and ribbons. The path leading down the middle was a long, baby pink carpet, leading all the way to the front; where the minister to the church would stand. The windows were all pink shaded and sparkling with tiny diamonds.

“Well I Gotta hand it to her,” Isabel dusted her clothes off, feeling a bit dizzy, “The girls got taste.” Isabel admitted.


Isabel spun around to witness a wedding suddenly about to take place with her in the middle of it all. Hundreds of people now accumulated in the dozens of rows that only moments ago where empty. Blushing, Isabel stepped aside and watched for the bride and groom to appear soon. The whole theme color of the wedding was pink and white. Isabel could not help but gawk at all the decorations and trimmings to the wedding. It was simply put… BEAUTIFUL. Then the bride strode out into the middle of the room. It seemed as though she was gliding, floating even, towards the alter. Beautiful music played in Isabel’s ears, causing her smile. The bride was more gorgeous than the entire wedding put together. Her dress was white, of course, but it seemed to glimmer an opal color when the light hit it in a certain way. Diamonds scattered all around the dress, it shimmered. Her veil was lacey and had white roses all around the rim of the head. Her Bouquet was colorful yet tasteful. It consisted of White, dark and light Pink, Red, Orange and Even Yellow roses. All the brides’ maids and grooms were dressed in a similar matter yet the groom’s men were dressed in black and white tuxedos with multi-colored boutonnières. There faces were hardly visible to Isabel because of her far distance from them, they looked happy none of the less. The bride, once at the alter had turned to watch her beloved groom emerge from the crowd of on lookers to her side. Such happiness, love and potential Isabel could sense of the couple.

“Happiness is…” Isabel snapped out of her daze to listen to the groom say his vows aloud,

“Waking up next to you every morning,
Listening to you breath when you’re asleep,
Kissing your sweet lips,
Brushing my finger’s through your beautifully soft hair,
Just being next to you,
No matter where.
Happiness is… gazing into your sweet and soulful eyes,
Losing my self in you each time,
Just breathing the same air,
As you are is enough for me.
You are truly more beautiful than anything in this world…
Or any other, inside and out.
To get to be with you everyday,
From now on,
Is more of a blessing than any love song,
Sometimes… What may be the best thing to do,
May be the hardest thing to do,
And for that reason I’m glad,
That you stood strong when I could not,
When your heart told you I loved you,
When you thought I forgot,
For all the time’s that I’ve hurt you,
And you still believed in us.
And I know deep down inside,
That I really want to be there by your side,
You have accepted me through everything,
Never once did you leave my side.
Now it is my turn,
To care for you, to honor you, and to love you.
In sickness and in health,
Till death do us part.”

Teary eyed and slightly blushing, Isabel sniffed. It was so wonderful how the groom’s words seemed to sound like a poem with expressed emotion. Isabel wished she had a tissue, as she listened in on the bride…

“ I love you.
I’ve loved since the first day I met you.
You were so quiet and shy,
And maybe that was why,
I was so infatuated with you.
I’ve never felt a touch like yours,
Never seen the way the stars can soar.
Never been so frightened yet so happy at once,
I tried to let you go,
And yet we continued to grow.
I look at you and I see love,
And for that I thank the lord up above,
For brining you to me,
For letting me live a happy ending to such a sad beginning,
I call on you when I need you,
And you never halted or paused to come,
You are truly my number one,
Love so grand,
How could no one ever possibly understand?
Why I never truly let go,
When I was told by you to do so.
You didn’t believe my lie to you,
The one that tore me up inside to tell,
But you knew me all to well,
You knew I’d never hurt you unless I had to so.
And if God would send his angels tonight,
To take me away from this world,
I know that I was loved greatly,
And that, that love was from you.
And now that I’ll get to spend my life with you,
I know that it will be the best life any woman could have,
To get the love from a man that loves her just as much as she loves him,
Nothing can stand in our way now,
Not now, not ever,
We’ve made it this far through everything that’s happened.
And we’ll make it through anything that God has in stored,
Because I’ll never leave your side, you’re the only man I’ll ever truly adore.”

“I love you Liz.” The groom replied lifting the bride’s veil.

“I love you Max.” The bride smiled as they exchanged rings.

“You may now kiss the bride.” The preacher announced as the couple moved in close.

Isabel was dumbfounded. It had occurred to her that Liz would intentionally dream of her wedding day, especially with Max. But at this state of mind, Liz had no control over anything in her mind. It was her ‘alien side’, no wonder it was making her a little dizzy. The side that Max had changed the day Liz Parker died and he had brought her back to the living. That meant that it was what would ‘really’ happen. It was incredible. Liz Parker was physic and she had no idea! Yet now that things have changed, WAS it actually real now?


“This is taking WAY too long.” Maria sulked, fear in her glistening tear filled eyes.

Michael grabbed her into a tight hug as they sat in the front seat and stared at the two girls who looked as though they were asleep but in reality were fighting for their lives, “I know, it’s all right. I can feel it okay?” Michael lied he had no idea what the hell was going on. But to see Maria’s face brighten for even a fraction of a second was worth it. They’d be fine, they would always be fine. Everything was… Fine.

“I pray your lie is right Michael.” Maria panted with no emotion, she was beginning to feel hollow, without Liz, there simply was no Maria.

Michael let a small side smile leak through his hard exterior shield of non-emotions, she knew him like the back of hand. She seemed to know him more than he himself, and that scared him, terribly. But he loved it too.

Maria was slipping into severe apprehension of never being able to see her best friend Liz again, Liz had been saved more times than Maria could count with her fingers. Would this be the last? Or was the last already taken up and this was it? This was the end of Elizabeth Claudia Parker.

“No.” Maria awoke from her daze, sitting up.

“Maria?” Michael’s voice was full of worry.

“I have to do something… Anything Michael! I HAVE to!” She shouted, balling her hands into tight fists, making Michael Guerin nervous of his girlfriend.

“Maria… C’mere.” He held out his arms for an embrace.

“No.” Maria spat.

“Huh?” Michaela asked dumb.

“No, I’m not gunna let you hug me and kiss me and tell me everything is going to be alright! Because what if it’s not?! What if I never see Liz again! That is the worst pain and torture in the world! I can’t lose another friend! I just can’t! I will not let this happen again!” Maria broke out into sobs, covering her face in her hands.

“Maria… Look at me.” Michael replied taking her small, gentle sad face in his big, strong and loving hands.

She looked up into his eyes, while a few sad tears fell from hers.

“I love you Maria DeLuca, and I don’t lie when I say this.” Michael kissed the tip of her small button nose.

Maria sniffed and smiled, “I love you too.”

“That’s my gurl.”

A/N:how was that?

posted on 5-Dec-2002 7:49:01 PM by JBehrsGurl
awww you guys are so sweet! Wow I didn't even know anyone still cared about this fic!