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TITLE: The Bet
AUTHOR: kiwigirl (jen)
DISCLAMER: I have know affiliation with roswell or the show
AOTHOR'S NOTE: Sorry about the spelling and grammar I'm not very good at all that so if it's that bad Ill stop ok. Be nice this is my first fic
SUMMARY: Max is the most popular boy in school. His girlfriend Tess has just dumped him for another guy


It was Friday school had just finished for the week Max was waiting in the carpark for his friends.

"So Max I herd Tess dumped you?" Michael said as he put his arm around Max's neck and messing with his hiar.
"Yeah she said she's not in to highschool boys anymore and that she has a real man now.
"Wow that's harsh, So two years mean nothing?"Kyle asked
"Apparently not." Max said under his breath. But everyone herd it.
"So who it this new guy any way?" Michael asked
"Don't know some college guy, I don't really care." Max said knowing it wasent ture but he had a reputation to up hold.
"So what you going to do now, I think we need to go out, get drunk and get some action. What do you say?"
Kyle asked geting all excited.
"Nah I'm not really in the mood another time ok."The thougt of going out made Max want to just go and hide.
"Whats the matter Max scard that you've lost your touch with the ladies?" Michael said with a smirk.
"It's not that at all I'm the most popular guy in school I can have any girl I want." Max said now geting angry.
"Yeah prove it."
"What are you talking about Michael."
"A bet Maxwell what do you think.If your so cool prove it."
"what did you have in mind."
"How about this if you can get the girl that I choose to go to the prom with you I'll run the football felid naked if you lose you run naked."
Max sat there thinking about for a while.
"Ok I'll do it but you have to as well. I choose the girl you have to take to the prom."
"Whatever you say Maxwell, you know I will win." Michael said as he started to walk a way.
"Are you going to tell me who this girl is or do I have to guess." Max yelled.
"When I find the girl I'll tell you." Michael yelled back.

On the outher side of school Liz Parker was standing by her locker waiting for her best friends Maria and Alex to come out of band practice. So they could go to work at the crashdown the Restraint her parents owned.Then out of the corner of her eye she saw Tess walking down the heeding right for her.Liz let out a moan knowing what was about to happen.
"Well if it isn't little old Liz Parker, what no friends Liz." Tess said she just love to torment Liz it was so much fun.
"Tess go away and take your pompoms with you."Liz said rolling her eyes.
"Well Liz that's not very nice."
"What do you want Tess?"
"Nothing really just checking your still in the gutter where you belong that's all."
"Good now your finished you can go now."
"Well thats where your wrong Liz I'm not finished but I don't have time right now, you see my new boyfriend is picking me up and I wouldn't want to be late now, Not that you would know anything about that would you ,you can't even get a boyfriend." and with a wave of her hand Tess left.
"God what is with that girl I have nothing to her ever." Liz was muttering to herself when Maria and Alex showed up "Where have you guy's been."
"Man what got your nickers in a Knot." Alex asked.
Alex and Maria sherd a knowing look "Well that explanes a lot." Alex said
"Don't worry about her girlfriend she'll get whats coming to her one day, now let's go to work food wont serve it's self."

Later that night Liz, Maria and Alex where working there shifts it was a typical Friday night the rush started about a houre ago and didn't look to be slowing down anytime soon. Just then the bell over the door leting then know another customer just walked in.

Max,Michael and Kyle walked into the crahdown and made there way over to a booth.
"Man why am I hear." Max asked
"Max stop complaning it's only food it's not like where going to a orgy or anything." Michael added. "Man what is with the servus aroung hear HAY CAN WE GET SERVED NOW." he yelled at Maria.
"Man what is with that guy he thinks he so cool , I'll show him cool when I spit in his food."Maria said
"If looks could kill I think you would have killed him right about now." Liz added "Do you want me to serve them."
"No it's ok, I live to serve."

half a hour later the place was still packed Liz was at the pickup window while Maria was clearing some tables. Liz was on her way to deliver a order when she triped over Maria "Girl watch waht your doing." Maria shouted "Sorry I was'nt looking where I was going. You go ahead and I'll clean this mess up."
at the booth Michael had a thought"Well Max I think I've found your girl." he said while pionting at Liz
"No way not Liz Parker."
"yeah.....whats the mater Max." said Michael now sporting the bigest smile you have ever seen.
"Well if your going to be like that then maybe I'll choose Maria De Luca." Max said with a laugh.
"What, no way thats not fair.'
"too bad Michael you wanted to make this stupid bet now deal with it."
"Wow guys thats like my sister if she got hurt in anyway becuse of you too and this bet my Dad will kick my ass, not to mention her Mom."Kyle said not really the thought of his step sister getting involved with Michael Guerin. The guy was known player and thats with the girls he like's

Well I hope that was good . If it's not just let me know and Ill stop. and I'm always up for suggetions thanks

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thanks guys for the fb I wasnt going to post this I was so scard that no one would like it so a big tankyou. and sorry about the spelling and grammar

chapter 1

Max was sitting at the kitchen table haveing breakfast pondering what to do about Liz when he turnd around and saw his sister Isabell walking down the hall wearing sweatpants, tank top, sneakers and her hair in a ponytail not what she would normally where on a Saturday "Where are you going?" Max asked while looking Isabel up and down.
"Ever since jessica left school and Tess became head cheerleader she thinks she's like the royalty or somthing she's on a major power trip and has ordered us to have a practice today of all days ,god it's not even a school day."Isable said more that a little pissed about having to go out on a Saturday.
"Yeah she's good like that." Max added
"I know what did you ever see in her anyway , no don't tell me I don't really want to know."
"Is can I talk to you for a minute." Max asked
"Yeah what's wrong?" Isabell asked with concern in her voice.
"Do you know Liz Parker at all?"
"Not really, I only know what Tess has to say and thats not the nicest, why?"
"Because I made this stupid bet with Michael, and now I have to take Liz to the prom or run around the football feild naked. It's not like I can just go up to her and say Hay Liz want to go to porm with me . We haven't really talked for two years."
"Why is that any way you guy's were friends before what happend?"
"Tess" was all Max said.
"Well your not with Tess anymore, what's stoping you from talking now?"
"Nothing I soppose"
"Well there you go , talk to her ,ask her to help up with your homework or sonthing. If you want to get to know her it's not going to hapen unless you make the first move."
"Your right I'll go and talk to her." Max said with a smile
"Dear brother I'm always right."
Isabel said with a grin. "Well I better go before Tess start's having baby'es ." Isabell said while picking up her pompoms and going out the door. "Bye."
"Bye and thanks."

It was 2:40 when Max walked into the Crahdown and sat down at the counter thinking it was as good a time as any to try and talk to Liz.
"Hi what can I get you today?" Liz asked.
"Um can I have a cherry coke and a slice of men and blackberry pie." Max asked nicely
"Ok wont be a minute." Lis said as she turend to go and get his pie and drink.

ten minutes later Max was looking around the restraint there was no one there apart from himself and another couple sitting in a booth.
"So Max can I get you anythig else today?"
"Yeah can I have another drink please?"
"No problem"
"So not very busy today?"Max asked when Liz bought over his drink.
"Not really it will get better at diner time it always does."
five minutes later they were still silent when Max thought to him self this is as good a time as any."So have you got any planes for the rest of the weekend?"
"Not really probly just rent some movie's, what about you any parties to go to?"
"Nah nothing, just sitting at home."
"Ok then" was all liz could think to say.
two long minuites of silence later Liz herd the back door open and close."Well that will be Maria I had better go now. "Bye max."
"Yeah bye Liz Max said with that half smile that he dose so well.
Liz walked out the back with a very confused look on her face
"Girl what's wrong?" Maria asked while looking at Liz's face
"Well that was weird Max just talked to me."
now it was Maria turn to look confused. "What, why would that be weird?"
"Becuse we haven't so much as said two words to each other for about two years now"
"Well he's not going out with Tess now maybe he just want's to mend some broken brides."
"Well it's going to take a lot more that .It's Like we were friends then Tess moved hear and all of a sudden I didn't exist anymore."Liz thinking back to the day that Max started to date Tess and the day she lost her friend.
"Well have you ever thought that maybe he's really sorry about that and want's to rebuild a friendship."
"Well girlfriend stranger things have happend." Maria said while walking though the door to start her shift.

It was Monday morning and Liz was not having a good day, to start with she was late to her first class becuse of her alarm clock didn't work and her mother didn't even think to wake her up. Then she missed the bus. Can this day get ant worse Liz thought to her self when she saw Tess, the girl that has gone out of her way to make Liz's life a living hell to two years was walking down the hall .
"Well, well,well what do we have hear , a little gutter rat.did you even do your hair this morning you look like you just rolled out of bed. I didn't think they let your kind of trash in this school."
"You know for your imfomation Tess" but before she could finsh Tess stoped her .
I don't have time to stand her and talk to the likes of you ,god only knows what this is doing to my reputation." and with a wave of her hand Tes left to go to her next class.
Liz feelt like screaming the school down on her way to her next class man this day just can't get any worse she said under her breath. Well at lest her next class was Bio her favourite

"Well class today I am going to hand out your new projet's . "You will be working with a partner on this one." The teacher said as he handed out the projet to the class. I have all your names in this hat when I call your names can you please rearrange your selfs so you are sitting next to your partner."
Liz's name was the first to be read out. Please let it be Maria or Alex. Liz thought to her self
Liz Parker and Max Evans
"Damn." liz said under her breath
Well now she'll have to talk to me. Max thought
the rest of the class was the teacher going over what he wanted us to do in regards to the project.
"So Liz when do you want to get together? for the project I mean" Max asked
"Um I'm working for the next three nights so would Thursday be ok with you we can work at the crashdown."
"yeah that will be good I'll see you there."
"Ok then thursday." Liz said again
"Yeah , ok well bye Liz."Max said as he turned to leave
"year bye Max."

well it was finally lunch time and Liz was on her way to meet her friends in the quad.
"So how was your morning?" Alex asked Liz as she sat down.
"I had the morning from hell."
"Well it can't be as bad as mine did you see who my partner in Bio is ,Pam Tory , I may as well asked to do the stupid project by myslef. I'll be doing all the work." Alex said very pissed about it all.
"Alex it's not that bad." Maria added
"Well not for you you got good old Steve Brown he's a biger sicence nut that Liz."
"hay which what your saying there Alex or I'll give you a beeting."Liz said with a grin.
"What about you Liz how do you like your partner?" Maria asked with a grin of her own.
"What do you mean by that?" Liz said in a angry tone of voice.
"Nothing I was just asking ,chill out."
"No I will not chill just because I hade a crush on Max two years ago dosen't mean I do now, Ok."
"Slow down I never said it did .I was just asking how you think he'll work on the project, I wasn't trying to get you to have his first born or anything. now it was Maria's turn to get pissed off.
"I'm sorry I've just hade a really bad day." Liz said while looking to the ground.
"So are you going to tell us why you got all defensive about it in the first place." Maria asked.
"No can we just let this go now ."
"Ok babe whatever you say." Maria said

From the outher side of the quad Max sat watching Liz when Michael came over and lighty punched him in the arm "Hay Max what you doing Michael asked while flowing Max's gaze to see what he was looking at when he saw Maria. Not waiting for a answer he said ."I think I'm trouble with this Maria thing Maxwell."
"Why, what do you mean?" max asked confused.
"I mean the girl is imposabale. I tryed to talk to her and she just told me to go away and not to bother her."
"Well you started this Michael if you want too back out the football field is that way." Max said pointing toward the field.
"I know but never in minllion year's did I think you be as mean as to choose Maria your the nice one."
what did you think I was going to make it easy? Anyway if it makes you feel any better I'm having no luck with Liz she wont even talk to me."
That was all the boy's said as they sat there looking at the two girl having lunch

well you have to tell my if that was bad or no ok thanks

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ok guys I have to just say thanks for the fb and that I also live in NewZealand and our school eary is very diffrent we start school in Januray and finsh in November so if I mess up any of date 's or anything don't get upset please

Chapter 3

Thrusday and Liz was sitting in a booth watching Maria and Alex working there shifts waiting for Max to get there so they can start working on the project for Bio. When the bell over the door rang Liz looked up and saw Max walking in carrying his bookbag. Max saw Liz and walked over and sat down across from her."Hi how are you?" Max asked as he was taken his book out of his bag
"Not to bad. You?"
"good,good" Max said so where do you want to start."

An hour later Max and Liz were still studding when Isabel walked into the Crashdown. She saw Max and liz and went and sat down with them."Hay guy's what you doing?"
"We are studding Is what dose it look like. What are you doing hear anyway?" Max asked
"Nothing I was bord at home and there's nothing on TV. So you guy's need any help?"
"No we are fine thanks." Max said while looking at Liz noticing that Liz was a little uneasy with Isabel's presence. He could see why his sister can be a little imtimidating if you don't know her.
"So Liz what are you up to this weekend?" Isabel asked not noticing that Liz was a little uneasy talking to her.
"Um I don't know yet I have to work Saturday morning but after that nothing."
"Well thats great were all going to the lake for the afternoon so why don't you come?"
"What, where are you all going?" Maria asked as sat next to Liz
"I was just saying a group of us were going to the lake and I was just asking Liz if she would like to come. Hay why don't you and Alex come to it will be fun.
"And who will be at this little outing?" Maria asked with a raised eyebrow.
"Just me, Max, Michael, Kyle and Courtney.
"So no Tess then?"
"God know. Why would she be there?"
"Well I thought you guy's were friends." Maria asked
"Not on your life I was only nice to her because Max was dating her and now that she's head cheerleader, well let's just say I have to be nice to her."
"Well when you put it like that it sounds fun so where is everone meeting and at what time?" Maria asked.
"We can pick you and Kyle up and then come hear to meet Liz and Alex. Michael and Cort are meeting us out there. How dose that sound."
"Cool I'll tell Alex to meet us her at one and then he can just follow us out there."
"Ok then cool I'll see you on Saturday." Isabel said before turning her attention to Max "So how long have you guy's got to go?"
Max was about to say another hour when Liz said. "Where about finshed for the night you can go if you want." Liz said
"Great you can give me a ride home." Isabel said
"Liz are you shore? I dont have to go yet."
"No it's fine you go we can talk about this tomorrow at school."
"Ok then." Max said as he started to pack his bag.
Isabel and Max made there way to go when Max stoped and turned around and looked at Liz and said "Bye Liz."
"Bye Max"
As they left Maria was eyeing Liz up and down"What do I have food on my face on somthing?" asked Liz
"You, me and ice cream after closing." And with that maria turned on her heels to go back to work.
Two hours later after Liz helped Maria tidy up Maria came from out the back carrying two bolws of ice ceram and some choc sauce as they sat down Maria asked "So chick what's going with Max? And before you say nothing I saw the look's you were giveing him all night. And if you don't mind me saying so he had a few look's of his own."
"Nothing is going on." Liz said as she started to turn a nice shade of red.
"O my god you like him agian don't you. When did this happen and why didn't you tell me about it." Maria asked as her mind started to work over time.
"I never stoped." Liz said as she ran her hand though her hair.
"WHAT you mean to tell me that you have liked this guy for three years now."
"Yeah. Can I be anymore pathetic." Liz said as tears welled up in her eyes.
"Girl what's wrong?" Maria asked with concern. She didn't like to see her friends cry. "Did he do somthing?"
"No it's just now that Max and Tess have broken and we have to work together I can't help but feel these things.
The feelings have always been there but now they are coming out in full force. I just don't know what to do he can't possibly be interested in me." Liz said now openly crying.
"Liz look at me. Why wouldn't he like you. Your smart, beautiful and have a great sense of hummer. How could he not like you."
"Becuse he's the most popular boy in school. He could have any girl he wanted why would he go out with me?"
"Don't be so shour.I saw the way he was looking at you babe and he is defiantly interested. Come on stop that crying I will have none of that on my watch." Maria said with a smile. And Liz couldn't help but laugh.

On the outher side of town Mas was sitting in his room lisning to the raido when Isabel popped her head into Max's room "So you want to talk about it?" Isabel asked as she walked into the room and sat on Max's bed.
"Yeah is that ok?"
"It's fine, what else am I good for." Iasbel said with a smile
Max let out a small laugh and said "I think I really like her Is. I know that I don't really know her that well and Tess and I only broke up a week ago but." Max traled off.
"Well this is a good thing right. So why are you so mopey?"
I don't think she likes me when we are together we only talk about school work and that's it. Max said.
"Have you not learned anything in all the year's you have lived with me?"
"What do you mean?"
"If she's as bad as you say she is Liz probly likes you and dosen't want to say anything stupid. So she says nothing at all.
"Why are women so confusing?"
"That is somthing that you will never know dear brother and don't even try and figgier it out. I am a wonem and even I don't know."
"What if your wrong about Liz?"
"Trust me Max how often am I wrong. Any way you can talk to her on Saturday and find out for your self."
"Yeah thank's for that but the way."
"No problem if I don't help you and Michael with this stupid bet then no one will and I don't really feel the need to to see you two naked. not that the reast of the girl's in school woulden't mind. Isable said with a wink as Max turned three diffenent shade's of red.
"So is that why you asked Maria and Alex to come?"
"Well I was going to ask Maria anyway and as you know you can't have Liz and Maria with out Alex."
"Well that's true." Max said with a grin "Man I can't wait intill Saturday.

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well I was going to update today but I went out last night and a bit too much to drink and don't feel to good at the moment maybe later tonight ill post chapter 4 . thanks for all the fb

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Chapter 4

Saturday came around too soon for Liz she was sitting with Alex waiting for Maria, Isabel, Kyle and Max. The morning had been good as far as work was concerned. God why did I have to say yes to going to the lake. I will just make a total full of my self. Liz thought to her self when she looked up and found her self steering into the most beautiful amber eye's she had ever seen. Why had she never noticed them before Liz asked her self. "Hi everyone. Are we ready to go?" Liz hurd Maria asking. Still looking at max all she could do is nod.
"Well good then. I want to make the most of this sun." Isabel said while thinking that the weather was espely nice today.
"Ok then I'm going with Alex becouse the jeep is geeting rather full we will just follow you guy's out there. Maria said
"Hurry up you two I want to get there today please." Isabel shouted at Max and Liz who had yet to take there eye's off each other.
Broken out of his dase by Isable Max said "Yeah... right....let's go." And with that everone left.
Liz was sitting in the back set of the jeep by her self since Isabel decided to go with Alex and Maria leaving her with Max and Kyle.
In Alex'a car Isabel looked at Maria and asked "so Maria how dose Liz feel about Max?" Isabel asked trying to find out if her brother had any chance.
"Well I could ask you the same thing. How does Max feel about Liz?" Maria asked with a grin.
"Maria I think we are going to be very good friends." Isabel said with a laugh.
"I think you maybe right." Maria said with a smile. she just loved the thought that maybe she could to play cupid for the day.
"Girl's I think they are more than capable to work out there own love lifes." Ales added.
"Well I beg to differ on that one. Have you not being paying atteshion. They like each other alot and are to scard to do anything about it. Did you not see how they were looking at each other before. Why are guy's so clueless?" Maria asked turnind to look at Isabel.
"Bet's me."

At the lake everyone was haveing a good time Isabel was lying in the sun with Maria. All the boy's were in the water trying to see who the bigger man was by beating each other up. Liz and Cort had just come back form the ice cream truck with snow cones for all the girls when they sat down Maria said "Man I wish Alex would put a top on he's to skinny to be going around shirtless."All the girl's laughed when Isabel said "I don't know. I think he's cute."
"You hear that Liz Isabel thinks our Alex is cute."
"I herd I'm a little shocked but I defnily herd." Liz said looking up over to where the boy's were. "Wow it should be illegal to look that good." Liz said looking at Max.
"What was that Liz?" Maria asked sitting up shocked that Liz was being so bold.
"Nothing I never said anything." Liz said relishing that she had said that out loud.
Just then the boy's came runing over and grabbed a girl each and ran back to the water. Michael had Isabel on his shoulder he was about to dump her in the water when he herd her say "Michael if you so much as even think about it I will kick you ass."
At the same time Liz was saying the same thing to Alex. While Maria was shouting to Kyle that he had better sleep with one eye open. And Cort was just begging Max not to dump her in the water.
"Ready boy's?" Michael asked "On my count ONE, TWO, THREE. A big splash and alot off screming was all that could be herd as the boy's were almost rolling on the ground laughing.
"You guy's are in so much trouble." Maria yelled.
"Yeah and what are you going to do blonde?" asked Michael.
"I'm going to kick your ass that's what I'm going to, you had better run."
"I'm not scared of you."
"You should be." Alex said.
Ten minutes later there was a out right war going on with Maria and Michael yelling back and forth to each other.
"Bugger this I didn't come hear the get insalted I'm going for a walk." Maria said before leaving.
Liz, Isabel and Cort share a look betwee themselfs as they saw Michael run off after her.
"Hay slow down there blonde." Michael yelled.
"Go away don't you have somone else to torment?"
"Yeah but thats not as much fun as tormenting you."
Maria turned around with fire in her eye's but before she could sat anything Michael walked ford and forced his lip's on top of her's. A very shocked Maria didn't know what to do when she found herself kissing him back and really likeing it. When they finally brok apart for some much needed air Maria was speechless witch has never hapend before.
"I want you to come with me to tommy's party with me ok." Michael said while looking at Marias swollen lip's.
Maria who had yet to say anything just noded befor pulling Michael's lip's back to her's.

"So Alex have you got any plan's for tonight?" Isabel asked while she sat down next to him.
"Nah nothing."
"do you want to go to tommy's party with me?"
Alex looked at Isabel and thought to him self did she just aske me out, she was a goddess she could have any guy she wanted. This must be a joke. "With you?"
"Yes with me . Why do you have a problem with that?" Isabel asked with a grin.
"No not at all I would love to go out with you." Damn did I just sat that out loud. Alex thought to himself.
"Well grate you can pick me up at seven then."

Max walked over to where Liz was sitting now she was by herself he can finley ask her to go out to Tommy's party tonight. Man she look's good Max thought to himself.
"do you mind if I sit down?"
'Not at all."
"So have you had a good day so far?" Max asked.
"Yeah it's been fun."
"Good I'm glad your haveing a good time. So do you have ant plans for tonight?" Max asked trying to sound cool.
"Do you want to go to Timmy's partywith me?" Max asked bitting his lip
Liz looked up at Max. Did he just ask her out she thought to her self.
"You don't have to if you dont want to I just."Max was asying when Liz cut him off.
"I would but Maria and I were going to have a girl's night."
Just then a very ravished Maria and Michael came around the couner,
"Sorry about girls night but Marid is going to Tom's party with me." Michael said
"well that is that then." Liz said as she turned toward Max."I would be honed to go with you."
"Cool I can Pick you up if you want?"
"That would be good."

well I know it's only short but I still don't feel the best

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Chapther 5

It was Saturday night andMax was on his way to pick up Liz to go to Tommy's party. Dressed in a grey v-neck t-shirt and dark blue jeans Max all of a sudden felt very under dressed. As Max pulled up to the CrashDown he felt the urge to go home and get changed but soon dismissed the idea when he heard Maria's voice yelling to him to join the group. He saw Isabel at the counter getting drink's for everyone and went over to help carry them.
"Hat Is does my shirt look all right?" Max asked looking down at his top.
It was all Isabel could do to stop laughing. "Man you are as bad as Michael. He asked me the same thing."
"Well I'm glad you find this so funny." Max said grabing three drink's and heeding over to the table.
"So are we all about ready to go?" Michael asked.
"Yeah Isabel answered looking around. "So is everone taken different car's?"
"Well I think Kyle and Cort are going in Kyle's car and we can go in mine, What about you guy's?" Alex asked pointing to Max, Liz, Maria and Michael.
"Well my car's out Dad has taken it off my in till I can pay all the speeding tickets." Michael said still a bit pissed about whole thing. If your a teenage boy with are car thats what you do, Go around tickets.
"Don't worry about that I have my Mom's car." Said Maria
"Grate just what I need my date driving me around."
"Well I have the jeep."
"Ok then we can all meet up at Tommy's then." Isabel said getting up and heading to the door turning around when she got ther she yelled over her shoulder."Behave people." and with a wink to Max they left.

Everyone arrived safely at the party and it was in full swing when Max and Liz got there. Walking into the house Liz saw Maria dancing with a not very pleased Michael.
"Hay I'm going to dance with Maria and give Michael a break." Liz said yelling over the music.
"Ok do you want me to come with you?" Max asked not wanting to leave her side.
"No it's ok."
"Do you want me to get you a drink or anything then?"
"Year that would be good thank you."
"Cool what do you want?"
"I"ll just have a beer."
Max gave Liz a strange look. Liz didn't look the type to drink Max thought to him self. "Are you shore?"
"Yes Max it's not like I have never had a beer before." liz said laughing at the look at Max's face.
"ok then I'll be right over there when you want your drink." Max said with a smile
"Alright I'll be on the dance floor with Maria." Liz said pointing to where Maria was. Turning around walking to where Maria was she found a very relived Michael. Excused Michael was orded to go and get Maria a drink not that he minded anything to get out of dancing. Max and Michael sat there watching the girls dance and talking when Max saw Tess walk in.
"Grate just what I need and I was having a good night to." Max said pointing to Tess.
"Just pretend she's not even hear."
"Well let the party begin." Tess yelled with her arm's up in the air walking to the dance floor. She stoped when she saw Liz. "And what the fuck do you think your doing hear." Tess yelled.
"She's with me." Max said walking up behind Tess.
"Well I see you like my off cut's Liz putty you can't get one that's not used."
By this time Michael had moved behind Maria.
"Someone had better stop me before I lay the smackdown on her ass. Maria yelled as a warning.
"That wont be necessary Maria thankyou." Liz said looking at Maria.
"What can't you defend your self Liz? Have to get you friend to do it for you."
"That is it I have had it." Maria said lunging at Tess she was going to rip her hair out. NO one talk's to Liz that way and got away with it.
"Hold on there blonde. She's no worth it." Michael said grabing Maria around the wast.
"I see your slumming it as well Michael."
"Let me at her, I can take the bitch down."maria said now even more pissed that befor if that was even possible.
"I'm shore you can but I'm not in the mood to scrape shit of the floor. Next time I promise."
Tess now turning her atteshion to Max said."Max I am very disappointed with you. You go from me to her am I that hard to replace."
"I though it was a good improvement. I was in the gutter but now I'm in a garden."
By this time the party had stoped and where now watching Max and Tess
"You really have no idea about real class do you Max. Look at your self and what you are with. Tess said pointing to Liz.
"Well it seams that I have alot more class than you do at the moment. Look at your self Tess your a mess. Go tidy youself up.
"Watch yourself Max Saen is hear and he will be more that happy to kick your ass in frount of all these people."
What do you mean him." Max said looking at Sean. "Yeah I'm really scared of him, He's so drunk he can't even stand, real winer you got yourself there.
By this stage Isabel and Alex had mad there way to the frount of the croud.Tess looked up and saw Isabel holding hands with Alex and got even more angry and with venom in her voice said. "And I'll talk to you on Monday." then forcing her way past Alex she was gone.
"What did I do?" Isabel asked a bit confused.
"Nothing sje's angry with me." Maz said turning to Liz. "Do you want to go outside.
"Yes please Liz said almost in tears and not wanting everybody to see her cry.
Max grabed Liz's hand and started to walk there way though the crowd. Once out side Liz sat with her feet in the water while Max sat beside her with his leg's crossed. They sat in silence intill Max said "Sorry about that I had no idea that was ging to happen."
"Don't worry about it she's always like that."
Max looked at Liz surprised. "Really?"
"Yeah worse somtimes."
"O my god I had no idea I'm sorry."
"It's not your fault Max."
"But I should have knowing somthing I went out with the bitch for two years."
"Don't worry about it Max the first few times it upset me now I'm just used to it." Liz said looking up to find max looking right at her.
lifting his hand to Liz's cheek brushing away a tear. "You shoudn't have to get used to it." Max said leaning down to kiss Liz, But before his lip's touched her's they heard Isabel.
"Hay guy's are you out hear?"
"Over hear." Max and Liz said at the same time.
"Well we're all going to go now. This isnent much fun now that Tess is hear and Maria is about to kill her.
"So what are you going to do now then?" Max asked.
"Alex and I have some other plans" Isabel said with a wink.
"Right so what are michael and Maria doing then?"
"They already left. Maria said she was sorry about not saying good bye but thought you were in good hands And that she will see you tomorrow." Said isabel looking at Liz.
"Yeah she is in good hands." Max said reaching for Lis's hand. "Well I guess I will see you later then."
"Yeah I better go Alex is waiting in the car. Bye guy's don't do anything I wouldn't do ."
"Well thats not alot then." Max said with a smile.
"You know what I mean. Anyway better go bye guys." she said runing off to the car
Turning back to Liz. "Sorry about her she's ......Well she's Isabel."
"Thats ok." Liz said now laughing.
"So do you want to get out of hear?"
Yeah that would be good."

Helping Liz into the jeep Max asked "So what do you want to do?"
"I don't know what ever." Liz thought. What ever was good as long as it was with Max.
"Ok I know a place that is nice and quite so we can talk some more."

Five minutes later thet were satting in the carpark of the park .
"What are we doing hear?" Liz asked.
"Well it's nice and quite no one will be around so we can talk. If you don't want to we can go if you want?"
"NO this is good."
"Ok then." Max said getting out of the jeep and walking over to Liz's door taking her hand in his they walked down the parth.
After about five minutes of walking Liz asked "Did you love her?"
Max stoped walking at look at Liz before saying. "I thought I did but now I know I didn't."
"Why do you know now what has changed?"
"Well I should think that was pretty clear." Max said looking into Liz's eye's
Liz was shocked at first then found her self melting in Max's arms as he pulled her up close to him. He's about to kiss me Liz thought to her self now getting buttflys in her stomach. But before there lip's meat they were interruped by Michael, Maria, Isabel and Alex walking around the courner.
"Hay guy's look who we found it look's like we all had the same idea."
You know Isabel you have the worse timing you know that." Max said as he pulled away from Liz looking at the outher two couples.
Tell me about it Max heard Michael say before he was hit in thr rib's by Maria.
"Well I just got a call from Kyle and the party is now dead so they will be her soon."
Great Max thought all he wanted was to be alone with Liz.
"Come on guy's let's go over to the swings." Maria said.

A while later everyone was in the carpark sayiny ther good byes for the night .
"So do you want me to take you home it's getting late?"
"Yeah I have to work early tomorrow."
"Ok then hope in." Max said a little disappointed.

Max pulled up to the side ally of the CrahDown and got out walking Liz to the side door. "So what time are you fnishing work tomorrow?"
"About three."
"Do you want to go out to diner or a movie or somthing after that?" Max asked looking at his feet.
"Yeah that would be good."
"Ok then I will see you tomorrow then." Max said as he leand down and gave Liz a kiss on the cheek.
"Alright then I will see you tomorrow then." Liz said turning to go in side looking a little confused. Why didn't he kiss me I was shore he was going to at the park and the party maybe I got it all wrong and he was just being a good friend Liz thought to her self as she made her way up to her room. Not tired Liz went on to her balcony to think. Sitting on one of her lawn chars she heard someone climbing the frie escape. Moveing to see who it was she saw Max.
"Max what are you doing hear I thought you went home?"
"Well I was going to but I coulden't go home with out saying good night." Max said walking closer to Liz taken her face in his hand's and kissing her gently easing her lip's open with his tongue to deepen the kiss. Pulling away after abouy a minute."Thats better well I will see you tomorrow then Liz." then turning aroung and going back down the ladder. Leaving a very suprised Liz.

Now if Max was to take you to a park would you say why are we hear.

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Sorry guys I have been to busy reading everyone else's story's I forgot about my own
Any I'm going away this weekend to see pink and the next part will be on monday

Also if anyone has any seggestions on how I could make this story better I would love to hear them. I think the story line is good but is the way I wright it I think it could be better

thanks all for reading A_Charmed_one, Emotions23, Shama, Roswellluver, salonica, sweetygurl, Chris Hargensen, clueless, the better twin, Jbehrbabe, Elc, BronWen, Angel eyes, LPorter, anonymousarfan, dreamforever88, Angelic, Qtygirl411, TD DreamerBehr, Roswell_Freak, LizParkerrj, Lady_without_a_clue, qt4167013, behrstars, StRaWbEhRyKiSsEs.

thanks Jen
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chapter 6

Liz work up early on Sunday with the biggest smile you had ever seen on her face. Wow, I kissed Max Evans.She coulden't help but get excited at the thought of there date that night. I wonder what we will do where we will go.
"Hi Liz did you have a good night last night?" Maria asked breaking Liz out of her dazes.
"Maria I had the best night of my life." Liz said looking of into space.
"Do you want to tell me why or do I have to guess?"
Looking at Maria strat in the eye Liz said "He kissed me Maria, not just a little kiss on the cheek well he did that to but a real kiss. The best looking guy in school kissed me.
"Good for you Liz. I know you have waited a long time for Max to look at you and now he has, well let's just say it's nice to see a smile on your face for once."
"Maria he has the beas lips in the would. It was the best kiss I have ever had." Liz said in a dream.
"Chick you don't really have alot to compeer it to now do you." Maria added knowing Liz had only kissed two other guy's before.
"True." Liz thought out loud."Anyway what about your night did you have a good time." Liz asked with a wink
"Girlfriend let me tell you. That boy can kiss like theres no tomorrow. and he can talk to when you get to know him a little beter. Who would have thought." Maria said waving her hands in the air.
"Condsidring your the one that always say he's nothing but a dumb jock."
"I couldent be more wrong about that one. He really sweet when you get him away from his friends."
"Girl's this food wont serve it's self you know." Liz Dad yelled though the door.
"Well we had beter get to work we can talk about this to night girl's night since it didn't hapen last night ok." Maria said.
"I can't I have another date with Max."
"Really?" Maria asked with a rased eyebrow.
"Yes really, now we had beter get to work before we get fired." Liz said with a laugh.

10:30 Liz stoped and looked at the clock. "could this day get any longer?"
"I know what you mean I have had the worst day ever. Man I hate people." Maria said as she came to stand next to Liz.
"No you don't. Any way what are you going to do tonight now?"
"I think I can find somthing or someone to keep me bussy." Maria said with a grin.
Liz was just about to say sonthing when the bell over the door rang and Max walked in.
"Well if it is'nt lover boy now."
"Maria shut up he might hear you." Liz said blushing
"Oh look Liz is in love." Maria said teasing her friend.
"I am not. Now shut up." Liz said as she gave Maria a smack on the arm.
"Why don't you go on your break now I'll cover your tabels." Maria said laughing.
"Thanks." Liz said as she went to walk over to Max's booth.
"Your a little early." Liz told Max with a smile
Yeah just a little. About to night I was wondring if I could pick you up about five ...It's just it might take a while to get there."
"Yeah thats fine. Why where are we going?"
"you'll see."
"Thats not fear, How will I know what to wear if I don't know where we are going.''
"Don't worry about it you look good no matter what you wear."
"Thanks." Liz said bluhsing.
"Ok then I will see you at five. Max said as he got up from his seat.
"Yeah that will be good." Liz said as she also got up.
"Ok." Max added as he bent over and gave liz a quck kiss on the lip's before he left.
"Maria did Max just kiss me in frount of everone." Liz asked as Maria came and stood beside her.
"That he did, He just told the hole school to you two are now a couple or as good as."
"What......What do you mean by that."
"Look around you Liz everyone her gose to our school and they all saw it. The gossip mill will be going crasy with this one."
"Do you really think thats what the kiss ment that we are now a couple now?"
"Well theres nothing like a bit of PDA to tell the would he likes you."
"So are we like boyfriend, girlfriend now?" Liz asked a bit confused.
"I guess you will find out tonight."

I know it is not very long but I'm working on the next part and it should be out in the next day or so

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tomorrow I will post tomorrow it's just I have had the day from hell and it's not getting any beter so all going well I should see you all hear tomorrow same bat time sane bat channel.


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tomorrow I will post tomorrow it''s just I have had the day from hell and it''s not getting any beter so all going well I should see you all hear tomorrow same bat time same bat channel.


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Chapter 7

"Isabel." Max yelled as he ran in the door. He had just got home from seeing Liz and he had a lot to do before he had to pick her up.
"Isabel." He yelled again.
"WHAT, what do you want?" Isabel asked a bit pissed at the way Max yelled at her.
"Is, thank god your home I so need your help. I have just done the most stupid thing in the would." Max was saying as he ran his hand though his hair and pacing around the kitchen.
"What have you done Max? It can't be that bad." Said Isabel as she rolled her eye's.
"Well I was going to take Liz out tonight, you know dinner and a movie, and then I went and messed it up by saying I had a big surprise pland. Why did I have to go and do that. It's not like dinner and a movie would have been that bad right?" Max asked as he stoped and looked at his sister. who was now laughing almost rolling on the floor. "Is you have to help me I can't do this by myself." Max said now begging.
"Ok...ok I'll help you ok, so what do you need to be done?"
"Well I need all the christmas lights you can find , a table, a nice table cloth,the gazbeo....."
"Ok I get it you want to have a nice romantic dinner."
"Yes can you help me I will love you forever, please." Max said now looking at Isabel with the biggest puppey dog eye's you had ever seen.
Isabel rolled her eye's once more before saying. "I said I would help you. and anyway you already love me. So where do you want to do this?"
"I was thinking the desert or maybe the lake, what do you think?"
Isabel thought for a moment. "I think the desert, that way know one will bother you and you can go star gazing after diner and all girls like to do that....Well all the one's I know ant way."
"What if she dosn't like it.
"She will love it, trust me ok. Well first off you need to go to the garage and try and find the gazebo and then find all the christmas light's .... I think their in the speer room some where. You go and do that and I'll take care of all the rest."
"Thank's Is. I really do love you, you know that right?"
"Yeah I know. Well you better hurry we don't have much time. Alex will be her to pick me up at 4 so I want to be home by 3 ok."
"Ok I'll just go and start then.

4:43 and Liz was runing around like a chicken with it's head cut off. "Maria I'm going to be late he will be her soon and I still don't know what to weir what am I going to do?"
"Relaxgirl let old ant Maria help you. you go and sit down and I'll find you somthing to weir ok."
"But I don't even know where we are going."
"How about this?" Maria said pulling out a nice blue dress. "It has everything you need It's tight but not to tight and it's a great colour. you can weir your new boots with it."
"Well, it will have to do." Liz said just as her mom came into her room.
"Liz, Max is here."
"Ok mom I'll be there in a sec."

"Have I told you that you look grate tonight .......not that you don't every night .....I mean not every night I don't even know what you look like at night most nights ..." It was at this point that Max stoped with the sound of laughing.
I'm sorry it just....." but before Liz could finsh another round laughter came out.
"It's ok, That's what I live for. To be the butt of everyone's jokes."
'I'm sorry." Liz said with smile.
"Any way you do."
"Do what?"
"Look good."
"Thanks." Liz said feeling her cheeks getting red."So where are we going?"
"I'm not telling."
the rest of the car ride was a silent one nether talked. well this might just be the night from hell Liz thought to her self .
"Where hear." Max said as he parked the jeep.
"Max we are in the middle of knowhere. and it's dark."
"Yes I know that, come on it's around here." Max said grabing Liz hand.

"Wow Max this is....."
"You like it?"
"Max I love it how did you do all this." Liz asked as she looked at the everything before her.
"Isabel helped
"I don't deserve any of this."
"Liz you deserve only the best. I know we haven't talked very much in the past two years but I want you to know your special Liz and don't let any one tell you different. Now let's eat.
Diner was grate they talked about school, work, what they where going to do when they left school, everything and anything they could think of.
"So Liz would you like to dance?" Max asked as he got up from the table and held out his hand.
"Max there's no music."
"Hang on." Max said as he walked over to the radio and pushed play. Everything by lifehouse started to play as Max took liz in his arm's and started to move to the slow bet.
"You know Max this is going to be hard to beat you really out did your self."
"You know I was just thinking that." Max said with a grin
"This has been one of the best night of my life.....I just thought you should know that."
With out sating a word Max stoped dancing and bent down to do somthing he had wanted to do all night. Max pushed his lips on to her's opening his mouth to deepen the kiss Liz let her hands roam over his back. feeling his mussels move under his shirt was almost to much for Liz to take. Just then they puled apart for some much needed air
"Max what dose all this mean......the kiss today ....all this tonight?"
Well Liz let's just say I'm no longer single, Is that all right with you?"
"That's fine now shut up and kiss me."

well I know I'm late with this part but my day from hell turned into the week from hell sorry about that

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self bumping