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Title: Say goodbye to yesterday
Author: Babylisou
Disclaimer: I don’t own the personages. Just wished they were sitting right here next to me as I write.
Summary: Take place in an AU. Max doesn’t know Liz. He lives in New York and his parents are in Chicago.
Liz is a nurse and I don’t to say too much. But you have to know that it is inspired from another fics I read. I had to write this fics. I know there is another one I’m writing at the same time. But don’t worry I don’t stop.
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Part 1
This part is a long one even if it’s the first one. Because I couldn’t cut it. It’s too important to introduce the personages.

I was stained, with a role,
In a day not my own,
But as you walked into my life
You showed what needed to be shown
I always knew, what was right
I just didn’t know that I might
Peel away and choose to see
With such a different sight

And I will never see the sky the same way,
And I will learn to say goodbye to yesterday,
And I will never cease to fly if held down,
And I will always reach to high cause I’ve seen,
Cause I’ve seen, Twilight

As the sun shine through it pushes away,
And pushes ahead
It fills the warmth of blue
And leaves a chill instead and
I didn’t know that I could be
So blind to all that is so real
But as illusion dies
I see there is so much to be revealed.

(Vanessa Carlton-Be not Nobody)

Max sped happily on the road that led to the lake. He had never been that happy from all his life. He had everything he wanted and he could have lived like that forever.
But he had other projects. Projects that will give him more and more happiness everyday. He was sure that what he had today, was barely the half he would have in three or four years.
He was out of college, he had the most beautiful girlfriend he could have dream of at his side, and he had his own place for 3 years now. He was sure most of the 20 years old boy hadn’t his chance.

His gaze fell on the little woman sitting beside him on the car. His woman. Blond curls and blue eyes, and the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. Tess Harding was his dream girl for years and now she was him.

“So. What are you gonna do now Max?”
Her angelic voice was hypnotizing him and he had to remind himself to look at the road in front of him.
“Well… I’ve a job, a flat… What do you think about marrying you, having dozen of children and be happily ever after?”

His happiness was contagious and Tess found herself smiling back at him. She slid her knees on the soft cover that lay beneath her and leant toward him, placing a tantalizing hand over his thigh.

“Well, well, well Mr. Evans. Is it a proposition?”
He turned his head, giving her a self-conscious smile. “And if it was?”
She leant even more on his side, her hand running dangerously close from his crotch.
“I’d say yes.” She whispered in his ears.

Max gazed at her blue eyes but was met by a frightened look he had never seen in them. Her gaze was focused on the road in front of him and she cried his name hiding her head on the crook of his neck. Everything that happened next was fast… Too fast. Max heard the honk of a car behind him and all he saw was the truck speeding right in front of his car.
He had no time to think. Everything went blank and he was gone.


When he wake up he first thought it had all been a dream. A really bad dream. He kept his eyes closed and the pain all over his body was suddenly unsupportable. Was it really a dream?

He was suddenly aware of the voice around him. People were crying, saying some incomprehensive words. He couldn’t recall what had happened. All he was thinking was the pain that was coursing on his body.
The whimper that escape his lips was unwilling, but it seemed to alarm the people around him and they seemed to scream ever louder every minutes.

He opened his eyes, trying to stop the throbbing in his head but it was worth with the eyes opened.
Someone was slapping his cheek. “hey. He regains conscious here.”
Another doctors hovered over Max’s head. This entire people were making him dizzy and he could already felt the room spinning around him.
“Can you tell us your name?”

His mouth felt weird but he managed some words.
“Max… Max Evans?”
“Max. Do you know were you are?”
Max didn’t care where he was. He just wanted to know about Tess. He wanted to know if she was ok. His head turned to the side and he saw other people hovering around a body. He could see the blond curls and he knew it was Tess.
“Tess… Tess…”
His voice was shaking and he felt his eyes closing. But he didn’t want to fell asleep. He wanted to know if she was ok.
He felt the metallic taste of blood on his mouth and he knew something was wrong with him. But he had no time to register it; his head fell to the side and his eyes drift closed. He is gone again.

“Mum. Look. I tell you he moves his hand.”
Voices around him were almost like whispers. He understood what they were saying but his eyes kept close.
He didn’t know how much time he had been in this state. It was like he was conscious of everything around him but he couldn’t open his eyes or communicated with people around him. It was frustrated the first times but he learnt to appreciate the feeling.
He didn’t want to open his eyes anymore; but today, he couldn’t fight it. He needed to open them. He was bored; he wanted to see the world, which had been continuing to turn without him.
He wanted to take his life back.
And the moment he opened his eyes, ever so slowly, carefully, he forgot everything he had heard during the time he was out.
But what he was not expecting, was the life that was waiting for him behind those closed eyelids.


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Part 2
(I correct some little thing in part 1… some mistake I’d made… and I hope this part will help you to understand better and answer some of your questions about Tess… don’t forget that it’s a dreamer fics…)

“Hey Chica! How was the day?”
Liz let herself fell on the couch in the living room of her parents. She hadn’t had the time to change from the white gown the nurse had to wear; but she didn’t care, she was so tired she had almost fell asleep in the bus. All she wanted now was a shower and her good bed.
Or maybe she would simply feel asleep right here.

“Hey Chica!”
Liz jumped startled by Maria’s voice. Slumber was slowly making his way in her body and she suspected she would not be able to make it to her bed.
“Yeah Maria.”

Maria sat beside her best friend, taking her head between her two hands.
“Liz, stayed awake! You’ve a date tonight!”
Liz jumped on her feet. She had forgotten the date. Kyle Valenti had asked her thousand times and she had always been to occupied to even thought about having a date.
But he hadn’t let it down and had kept asking her until last week when she had finally gave up.
It would only be a night after all. Nothing really important.
After that she would be back to her traditional routine which was ‘work, study, work’.
She had been working at the hospital for one years now and she wasn’t ready to give up. She had dreamed of this job since she was out from high school three years ago.
Lots of nurses were jealous of her because she was working and was being paid at barely 20, whereas the oldest nurses she knew hadn’t been paid before 25!
She was a lucky one. In one month she would have finish College and would started a stage. She didn’t know where for now, but she wanted to go away from Chicago. Living with her parents was becoming really stressful.
At 20 she had always a curfew, and she couldn’t bear her father temper anymore. She wanted to be independent, have her own place and live on her own.

It was a sweet dream…


Dr. Stevens looked at the radiography in front of him. He hadn’t expect that. Max Evans had been in a coma for almost 2 months and he hadn’t even expect him to wake up one day. But he was here and he seemed fine.
There was just one problem… His back.

When he had arrived at the hospital, his state was critical. His stomach was hurt in a bad way, and he had contusions that covered all his body from head to toes.
He didn’t even know someone could survive to a trauma like that. But Max Evans had. He was a survival.
The medics who were on the site of the accident have even thought he was dead but he was alive so as his girlfriend… a least for a while.

She hadn’t wore any buckle and had been projected outside of the car, they had tried everything, but the young girl had died almost immediately after her arrival at the hospital.
He didn’t want to be there when his father would tell him the bad new. The boy had asked for her all the time when he had come to see him.
And when he had been sure he would be fine, Max had complain from his back, saying he couldn’t move his legs.

The medics hadn’t really watch his back when he had arrived in ER, he had only be conscious during one minutes and hadn’t had time to tell where he was hurt.
But as he looked to the radiography in front of him today, almost 2 months after the accident, he realized his mistake. He knew it will never change anything. Max would have been in a wheelchair even if they had found this two months ago.
But he didn’t know how he could explain to his parents or even to Max, that he would never be able to walk again.
Max cried was heard by all the hospital hallway.
He couldn’t think it was real. One day his life was perfect. He had all he had dream of. And the other day it was a whole bundle of shit.
Questions started to run in his head: Why him? Why Tess? What had he done? Had he been mean? Why was he alive and not her?
The doctor had tried to answer his question the best he could concerning Tess. Telling him she was alive during the drive to the hospital. She had called for him all the way.
But was it supposed to appease his pain of losing her?
Yes, she was loving him. But didn’t he know that already?
They had proved their love for each other thousand times in the most intimate way, and for this Dr. Stevens and his family, knowing she had called his name before dying was supposed to calm him. It hadn’t save her.
And calling for her wasn’t going to bring her back, he knew that.

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Part 3a.

Max watched the young couple smiling at their newborn baby through the large window of his room. The woman must have been out of the hospital today and it made him want to be at their place even more. Those two seemed so happy. They probably deserved their life… As much as he deserved his.

It had been 1 month since he had woken up. 1 month during which he had kept repeating that to him: he deserved what he had.
But he couldn’t find what he had done wrong. Had he been mean? Maybe he was too happy…
It was the only way he had find to accept his condition without falling apart.
The first days had been the worst. Laying on his bed, without moving, barely able to talk. The only distraction he had was his family and friends who came say hello. It had been the first days.
But when he had seen the pitiful look on their faces he had refused any other visit.

Most of them never came back anyway. They were coming once and when they had seen their friend laying on his bed not even able to go to the bathroom by himself, not even able to take a shower by himself, they went away and never came back. They were probably afraid. The reality was hard to see.
But it was even hard to live it.

Max turned back his head to the window as he heard someone entering the room.
“Hey man! How are you doing today?”
He just grunted. Avoiding his friend as much as he could.
Michael was one of those who had came once and had never gone. He was here every morning at 10 and never went away before 6 p.m. when the visits were over.
It had bothered Max the first time. He didn’t want his friend to see him that way. They had done so much together, he was like his brother; they had won the basketball championship in high school, they had made a trip around the US… Thousand of things he would not be able to do anymore.

“Hey Max! I heard you were going out in two days. That’s a news.”
Max grunted again. He was happy that was sure. He had wanted to go back home since he had woken up one month ago.
But he was afraid now. He didn’t want his parents to stay and he fear they forced him to come with them in Chicago. His life, even if it was a different one, was here in New York.
He needed to convince them. And he had two days for that.

“Dr. Stevens. My wife told me you wanted to talk to us. Is that true that you found something for Max? Can he heal?”
Dr. Stevens looked at the father of the young boy he was holding in his heart for months. He had something for Max Evans since the day he had enter the ER doors.
This young man looked so much like his own son. But his hadn’t had the chance that Max had had. He hadn’t survive the crash car he and his wife had been on.
And he knew it was hard for Max. He knew what Max was thinking. He knew Max was blaming himself for what had happen. He would do anything for this young man. And yesterday he had found something. Something that could help him.

“Mr. Evans. How are you today?”
He shook the hand of the man in front of him. Knowing that his smile was giving him. He was too happy for Max and he couldn’t hide it.
“I actually find something Mr. Evans…”
The hopeful looked the couple gave each other was all the reward he needed to fell better every minutes.
“I went to check on the web since I found out for Max’s condition. I didn’t know if I could find something but I needed to try. I saw his face when you tell him for his back, I saw him everyday since this day. And I felt that I needed to do something. You must found that weird but Max is an attaching boy and I couldn’t stay without doing something for him.”
He saw the curious look on their face and knew it was time to tell them.

“Then I search. I didn’t really know what I was looking for, but yesterday I found it. There is this clinic in Sweden which propose cure to regain part of the mobility. They tried the cure on ten people and 5 refund 95% of their capacity. 3 other refund 50%. They were all completely paralyzed from waist to toes… I dare believe that it can work for Max. His spine is only 50% cut. Those person who regained completely, were 70% cut. The others were 95%. The thing is that it is in Sweden. I’ve already asked and they can send me the cure here in New York.”

“Are you saying Max has to stay in the hospital during the cure… Because it’s a really good news, but if it didn’t work, I don’t think Max would be able to accept it… Staying in this room had been so hard for him.”
Dr. Stevens had waited for this reaction from the woman. She had been here for his son since the crash, nights and days, all the service knew the Evans family and their friend Michael.
And when Max had started to give up on life, she had been here all the time. He knew that in three months, she had learnt not to hope. Hope could be good but it could be bad. She had learnt it the hard way.

“Like I said 50% of the person who had had this cure recovered completely. But all patients are different. I can’t assure you that it will work for Max. But if he was my son, I’ll do it… For the fact of staying at the hospital, it can be arrange. Max would have to stay here for the first injections; if his reaction is good, we can envisage that he comes home. But you’ll have to hire someone qualified to inject him the cure, or he would have to come here every day.”

Dr. Stevens eyes the couple in front of him. They were looking at each other and he could see on their faces that they were thinking about it.
It was a great chance for Max. Not all the people could have this opportunity. He was sure it could help him. And most of the time, it was really hard to be sure of anything for a doctor.
But today, he believed in hope.

“We have to talk to Max first, but I think we can take the risk…”


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