As promised part ten of my twisted little tale.

Title: Frustration
Author: Anne H
E-mail: naught_e_blonde⊕
Rating: Starts out pretty tame then hurtles helplessly into NC-17 oblivion
Category: Max/Liz
Spoilers: Not a lot really. Set post destiny.
Disclaimer: Well the song lyrics aren’t mine and like many women I wish I could claim Max Evans as my own but (sob!) alas, I’m only borrowing Max and co for my own twisted pleasure.
Summary: After destiny Max is feeling a little frustrated.
Authors notes: This is my first Roswell fanfic so feedback would be much appreciated. All script in brackets is music, erm, all smut lovers enjoy.

Part ten.

‘Oh holy crap’ thought Liz for the seventh time in the past minute. Lying face down on her bed she wondered what the hell had happened this morning. Her skin ached, her pussy was throbbing and slightly tender, she hadn’t realized teasing Max would be so difficult on her. It was kinda nice though having him go all cave-alien on her, the way he moved was slow and sinuous like a big jungle cat with absolute possession in his eyes. It was what she wanted after all. Jumping up she moved over to the mirror and stood in her panties in front of it to brush her hair. Tying it in a ponytail to keep it out of her face while she slept she felt a delicious shiver run down her spine. She curled back up in bed and remembered the course of the day.

For the rest of the day, everywhere she had went she felt his eyes on her. He was now fully aware of her lack of underwear, the wetness of her thighs since he tore her thong away from her. Sitting at lunch she felt invisible fingers pressing between her lower lips and toying with her clit. Suppressing a moan she searched the crowds for him but was unable to find him. The psychic assault continued as Liz tried to eat her lunch in dignity, her body trembling and fighting release.

Max watched her from a safe distance resisting his silent caresses. She couldn’t keep it up for long. Soon she’d drop right into his lap screaming for his cum. Closing his eyes he took a deep breath and inhaled her scent that was permeated into his clothing. The front of his jeans was damp, a violent reminder of what almost happened. So close. Opening his eyes he slipped an invisible digit inside of Liz feeling for and pressing her g-spot. Her back straightened suddenly then she made a mad dash for the girl’s loo’s with Max in close pursuit. Running desperately into the toilets she flung open the first door that she came to and locked it behind her. Flinging the toilet lid down she sat down, spread her legs and let Max do as he wished.
Max of course was outside the loo’s listening to Liz crying with abandon at his touch. It was so tempting to barge in there and take her when he knew she wouldn’t object. Licking his lips he heard a louder moan and couldn’t help a smile spreading across his face. No he was going to play for a while until she gave up the assumption she could drive him wild, then leave, and get away with it. She would have to come to him.
Liz almost screamed at the touch of Max’s lips on her wet sex, crying loudly at the orgasm shaking her body. He was near. Even through her dazed mind she could feel lust pouring off him. He wanted her badly, and it aroused her beyond belief. Straightening herself up she took a deep breath and headed out the door. She was bearly outside when a hand reached out and trailed down her back setting her skin on fire, her body would recognize that touch anywhere.


Max stalking across his bedroom trying to get her out of his mind.


Max gasping her name as he came hard.


Max describing the sensation of having her riding against him to Michael.


Feeling like she had been punched in the stomach she twirled around to find Max leaning against the wall with a smile upon his face. She would have said he looked completely relaxed except that thought was contradicted by the visible outline of his hard cock and the liquid quality of his eyes. His eyes said he wanted to have her right here, he could eat her alive. With a gasp Liz turned and ran from the statement in those eyes.

The hunter becomes the hunted.